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A One Man Show

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The magazine doesn’t catch Shouta’s attention at first, when he comes home from his patrol at four in the morning. He has an hour and change before Hizashi will be back from his radio show, so he takes his time, cleaning up and getting ready for sleep. Normally he’d just sleep and shower when he wakes up, but he wants Hizashi to come home and cuddle with him- and perhaps a little more, when they wake up tangled together under the covers. The last time he went to bed filthy after a mission, he woke up to find Hizashi on the couch, pouting about the mess. He learned his lesson that time.

He doesn’t bother pulling on clothes as he lies on the bed, eyes gravitating to the magazine as he rubs a towel over his damp hair. He pulls it closer as he gets comfortable, his breath hitching as he catches sight of Hizashi on the front cover, clad in some tight jeans and a strange, torn-up shirt. Some sort of fashion thing, probably. But he can admit Hizashi looks good.

Then again, his husband always looks good, a fact that Shouta keenly aware of regardless of whether he’s in his silly banana-print pajama bottoms or tight black leather. He flips through the magazine idly, passing over unrelated ads until he finds a new picture of Hizashi in a fitted navy suit, one leg tucked boyishly behind the other and a hand resting in his pocket. They’ve even replaced his usual bulky red glasses with a sleek silver pair that’s more metal than plastic.

It’s not as though Hizashi doesn’t dress up, but there’s something about the way he holds himself when he wears a suit, the casual power in the set of his shoulders, the wry smile in his eyes, that makes Shouta’s throat click dryly when he tries to swallow. He finds his eyes drifting up and down Hizashi’s body, taking in the way the clothing hangs off of him- he’s reminded of a conversation they had, where Hizashi admitted that they usually pin things in the back to make them fit so tightly, but even if that’s the case it still looks good. His broad shoulders and long, thin legs are accentuated perfectly.

The next page almost gives him whiplash, with Hizashi giving a coy look over his shoulder as he removes his pants, the brand name of some underwear company in clear view on the band. His small ass is front and center, pert and perky and looking cute in the colorful undies they chose. He saves the page with his thumb and quickly looks back at the front page of the magazine, sighing in relief when he notes it’s a fashion magazine- he isn’t sure how he’d feel about finding Hizashi doing a naked photoshoot without telling him first. Not that he would ever worry about it- Hizashi is the type to excitedly tell him everything, and something like that would have him playing on Shouta’s jealous streak to get a good fuck or two.

Sure enough, the Hizashi on the next page greets him not with his lean, naked body, but rather an unbuttoned dress shirt and loosened tie. He pulls it away from his neck, biting his lip and staring at the reader with half-lidded eyes - the same way he does whenever Shouta kisses the inside of his thigh. Was that what Hizashi thought about while he did the shoot, Shouta wonders. Did he have to recall the feeling of his hands on him, Shouta’s lips ghosting over his skin, in order to so perfectly recreate that sultry expression?

Shouta is grateful for his own foresight as he reaches down to his exposed erection and squeezes.

He isn’t even entirely sure what Hizashi is advertising on the next few pages -- it could be anything from the expensive looking watch on his wrist to the thick, well-made boots on his feet. Hell, it could even be an ad for cologne, but Shouta is too focused on his husband’s figure to pay attention to brand names. In his eyes, there’s only Hizashi -- his long legs in tight pants, the usual dark blond hair of his chest waxed to show off his smooth pectorals in a low cut top, the flash of white teeth biting down on a leather glove to pull it off.

It isn’t long before he’s singled out a few of his favorite pictures to flip between while he strokes himself off. His eyes dart between all the details he loves so much, always coming back to Hizashi’s face and taking in the expressions the camera has captured so perfectly. Sultry, teasing, coy, confident- they all stare back at him, filling him with heated desire as he imagines Hizashi’s hand is on his cock, just watching as Shouta falls apart under his mesmerizing stare. He wants Hizashi to look at him like that. He wants Hizashi to touch him like this. He wants Hizashi, just Hizashi, as he moans Hizashi’s name while stroking himself off.

He finds himself lingering on a picture that has Hizashi looking up at the camera, his eyes lidded as he smirks like he’s done something naughty and gotten away with it. His pose is relaxed and cocky, and Shouta finds himself wishing he could wipe that look off of Hizashi’s face. He bites his lip as he thinks about fucking that soft mouth of his, imagining the way Hizashi’s eyes will fill with lust and surprise as Shouta thrusts in and out, telling him how naughty he’s been. He can imagine how Hizashi will shiver, how desperate he will be to please Shouta, moaning and drooling around his cock- with that thought Shouta comes, grunting as he spills across the magazine page. His cum covers Hizashi’s perfect face, but it doesn’t twist in pleasure like the real thing, still frozen in it’s smirk.

He tosses the magazine to the side for a moment, catching his breath as he gently fondles his softening length. He’s made a mess of his fingers too, and will have to get up and wash them if he doesn’t want to soil the sheets. His thoughts are interrupted by a gentle cough from the doorway, and he whips his head around to find Hizashi watching him from the darkness, a sheepish look on his face.

“Ah, sorry Shouchan, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Hizashi says as he steps forward, becoming illuminated by the bedside lamp.

Shouta finds his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, too hazy and surprised to find any words.

“I thought of joining you, but by the time I made up my mind, you were already done!” Hizashi laughs, sitting on the edge of the bed. He idly reaches for the magazine while he talks, while Shouta watches with a growing feeling of embarrassment. “What were you looking at, anyways? You never said you liked magazines for this sort of thing. Is it one of my old ones? Is...oh.”

Hizashi blinks as he takes in the sight of his interview magazine, the pages wet with cum and starting to stain. His expression of surprise slowly morphs into a teasing smile, his mouth hanging open as he grins with all his teeth. Shouta pouts and glares, as if he can wipe that look off his husband’s face with force of will alone.

“Don’t even start.”

“Oh my god, Shouchan, this is just so precious! Did you miss me that much? I’m so honored!”

“Shut up.”

“Aw, I’d totally love to, but it looks like the cock I want to shove into my mouth is done for the night, so I guess I’ll have to keep talking to keep it busy. Isn’t that a shame?”

Hizashi shrieks with laughter as Shouta pounces, trying to wipe his hand on Hizashi’s face while he squirms. Shouta thinks maybe, as they laugh and eventually go about tidying up for bed, that that’s the end of it.

It isn’t.

An entire month passes before it comes up again, and Hizashi, the sly bastard, doesn’t make it obvious at first.

“Oh, that show Nem and I guest starred on is starting soon!” he says excitedly, glancing at the clock. At Shouta’s questioning grunt, he rolls his eyes and reaches for the remote. “C’mon, Shouta, you remember! I told you like, three weeks ago? We got invited to sit in on some late night talk show. One of those where you just have a drink with the host and shoot the shit.”

Shouta only somewhat recalls the conversation, but in his defense, Hizashi had been pretty vague about the entire thing.

There’s a few minutes before the hour strikes, so they sit through commercials while Hizashi rambles about his day. At eleven on the dot, the show’s opening theme begins to play and Shouta is shushed even though he hadn’t even been speaking.

The show isn’t one Shouta recognizes, and neither is the host, but then again he’s never paid much attention to television. He shrugs it off and settles back against the cushions, watching boredly as the host goes through introductions. Hizashi’s hand settles on his leg just above his knee and squeezes, eyes wide and excited as he whispers, “Are you paying attention?”

“There’s literally nothing else for me to-”


He sighs, rolling in his eyes in exasperation. Filming must have gone really well for his husband to be this excited about it. He settles in and starts to pay attention to what they’re saying, shifting to get comfortable as Hizashi’s hand starts to move in a calming circle, a soft gesture that has Shouta smiling despite the host’s annoying laugh.

“Haha, I hear ya, Midnight! Lord knows I have my share of shitty exes and disastrous dates under my belt, but what about your friend Mic here? I can call you Mic, right? I can call you Present if you like, since you’re such a gift, but it's a mouthful!”

“Mic is fine!” Hizashi laughs as the laugh track plays, and Shouta focuses on his smile while he keeps back a grimace at the host’s bad joke. The camera pans over to a close up of Hizashi now that he’s joined the conversation, and the screen switches between faces for a moment as the host repeats himself.

“So, any good stories about old flings you got for us? For such a visible hero in the mass media you haven’t got as much dirt in the tabloids as I would have expected! C’mon, give us a little dirt for our garden, man!”

“Sure, sure! Just let me think… ah, I know one! No names, but I used to date this brunette…”

Shouta’s stomach slowly starts to twist as Hizashi goes on about an old fling with a fond note in his voice, already starting to realize just why Hizashi was so excited for this episode. Hizashi’s hand has migrated up his thigh, and he sucks in a deep breath when he feels Hizashi exhale against his neck. He tries to turn his head, but Hizashi tsk’s and grabs his chin, keeping him looking forward at the television.

“No, no, keep watching. The longer you watch the better this will be, I promise. Be good for me, huh?”

Shouta swallows, eyes returning to the screen to see Hizashi rubbing at his nose with a bashful look on his face. What were they saying now?

“Wow, Mic! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re still sweet on the guy.”

“Ahaha, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but there were some things about him that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.”

The giggle Hizashi lets out is almost identical to the one he lets out on tv, coy and impish at once, the laugh of a man who knows he’s said something he probably shouldn’t have.

Shouta doesn’t realize he’s grinding his teeth until Hizashi playfully bites at his cheek. He forces his jaw to relax. The circles on his leg have started drifting higher up his thigh, still slow, still outwardly soothing, but they’re just kindling being thrown on the fire that’s slowly starting to burn in his gut.

“Oh man, I bet! I hate to put ya on the spot, Mikey boy, but I gotta ask - was he, y’know?”

“Was he what?”

“He’s gonna make me say it, isn’t he, folks? C’mon, Mic! Was he the biggest? The best? The one that got away?”

“Hizashi,” Shouta grinds out. There’s another titter and then the shifting of the couch cushions. He’s dying to turn his head, but he can’t tear his eyes away from the Hizashi on screen who is smirking into his beer, giving the camera a knowing look before answering.

“That’s a loaded question, my friend. All I can say is that he certainly had loaded answers, if you catch my drift.”

The statement is punctuated with a soft pressure against his crotch. He gasps, eyes darting down to find Hizashi kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, nose pressed against Shouta’s clothed cock. He turns his head, peering up at Shouta through fine blond lashes and winks just before nuzzling him with his cheek, smiling when Shouta’s cock stirs beneath the attention.

“What did I say earlier, Shouta?” Hizashi asks in a teasing tone, punctuating Shouta’s name with a pinch to his ankle. Shouta hisses and looks back up at the television, his belly tingling with desire and possessiveness.

“A handsome- or would you prefer pretty- guy like you wouldn’t have just one fling though, would you?”

“Oh, no, he was far from the first or the last, though we parted on good terms. With how busy I was, and am, I tended to go for more temporary arrangements, with some help from my good friend over here.”

“You know I’m the best wingman!” Nemuri giggles and flips her hair, somehow managing to make her boobs jiggle with the motion. The host is very impressed, while Hizashi just looks at the camera with a smirk. “If you come out with me, you’re going to get laid. Even if I have to be the one to do it.”

“So, when can we go bar hopping?” The host says, leaning in close and wiggling his eyebrows while another laugh track plays. “I need a lot of help with my game.”

“Are you kidding? You don’t need help, you’re rich! Anyways, Mic, be a dear and tell us about that one dark haired fellow I helped you bag that one night a few years ago? Tall, dark and handsome? The action-movie looking guy, with the-”

“The nipple piercings? Yeah, that was a night to remember. Almost convinced me to go and get mine done, among other things.”

Hizashi punctuates the statement by widening his stance, making it look casual, as if he’s just getting comfortable, but Shouta understands the innuendo in the action. The man had a pierced dick too. He’s proven right as Hizashi continues, and the camera pans back up.

“I get a lot of practice with my mouth on the job, but this was definitely a bit of a tongue twister for me! But hey, it’s fun learning something new, isn’t it? And he was very patient- I think he had a thing for virgins, so I played it up, acting all shy. He ate it up like a starving cat in a butcher shop.”

“Well, I’d say you were getting some meat too, huh?”

Shouta barely hears the laugh track after the host’s newest cringe worthy joke, his mind conjuring up the image of Hizashi eagerly sucking on a cock that isn’t his, tongue probing at a piercing as he moans the way Shouta loves to hear. His nails dig into his palms. The sting has him taking a deep breath, refocusing on the program just in time to hear Hizashi saying something.

“...well, I’ve never been much of a praying man, but I’m a sucker for a guy who can get me on my knees, ya dig?”

The hosts laughs loudly, too fucking loudly, an obnoxious guffaw that has Shouta grinding his teeth once again.

The pressure on his crotch warms. When Shouta glances down, he finds Hizashi has begun mouthing him through his sweatpants, soaking the material with his saliva.

Something about the sight of him there, on his knees being the biggest tease in the world, while the Hizashi on tv brags about sucking another man’s cock sets him off and the embers that had been simmering just under his skin flare up into a roaring fire.

His hand fists in Hizashi’s hair, blond locks spilling out between the gaps in his fingers. Hizashi is grinning as his head is yanked upwards so they can lock eyes.

“Shou, baby, I-”

“Shut up.” His other hand is tugging his pants and underwear down, exposing his leaking cock to the air. It twitches, and Hizashi licks his lips.

“Since you clearly love sucking dick so much that you feel the need to brag about it on tv,” he hisses, pressing the angry red head of his cock to Hizashi’s lips, “get to it.”

Hizashi opens his mouth to reply - no doubt something sassy judging by the mischief twinkling in his eye - but Shouta cuts him off before he can start, stuffing his mouth full of cock in one smooth thrust.

The way Hizashi groans, eyes rolling back a little as Shouta starts to fuck his mouth, is nothing short of obscene.

He tightens his grip on Hizashi’s hair, pulling Hizashi with him as he sits back on the couch, using Hizashi like a toy as he pulls and pushes him on his cock. He bites his bottom lip as Hizashi starts to swirl his tongue, coating Shouta’s cock with drool, his lips sliding easily along his hard length. Shouta spreads his legs further, urging Hizashi to take him deeper as Hizashi’s voice distracts him again.

“I’ve learned plenty of techniques over the years, but I gotta say the best thing is still when I finally learned how to suppress my gag reflex. You should have seen the look on this one guy’s face when I took him down in one go-!”

Shouta shoves Hizashi down until his nose is pressing against Shouta’s dark curls and he can feel Hizashi’s tongue grazing his perineum. Hizashi swallows him as easily as water, his eyes closed in a blissed-out expression as he breathes through his nose and tightens his throat, making Shouta grunt with pleasure.

“Well, this kind of turned into me talking about my mouth, huh? But I gotta say, it’s usually everyone’s favorite feature once they get to know me! Can anyone guess what my favorite feature is?” Hizashi laughs on screen, while the Hizashi in his lap moans around Shouta’s cock, reminding him to pull back.

So he pulls Hizashi back, just far enough that only the tip of his cock is still in Hizashi’s mouth, sitting heavy on Hizashi’s tongue. He can feel Hizashi pressing at the slit, tasting him, probably aching for more, aching to have Shouta cum in his mouth until he’s forced to swallow.

“Your favorite feature is my cock, because you’ve never had one as good as this.” Shouta proclaims, meeting Hizashi’s desperate gaze as he angles Hizashi’s head just right. His free hand comes down to caress Hizashi’s jaw, starting gentle before gripping him tight. “So show me how much you love it”

Hizashi’s resulting moan as he swallows Shouta down again drowns out the dialogue coming out of the tv.

In fact, Shouta can’t be bothered with the television at all anymore, not when there’s better things to focus on - like the wet sound of Hizashi’s mouth working his cock, sloppy and quick in a way that speaks just as much to Hizashi’s growing desperation as Shouta’s own. Or the way Hizashi’s lashes flutter on every downstroke. Or the vibrations of his satisfied hums whenever his nose brushes Shouta’s pubic hair.

Hizashi’s hands aren’t idle; they dance up Shouta’s thighs, fingertips skating over quivering muscle. While one hand stops to massage the soft meat of his inner thigh, the other drifts up higher, fondling at Shouta’s soft belly and softer curls, his long fingers splaying out and laying claim. Like this he can feel Shouta’s stomach tense as he nears his release, abdomen tightening as his breath quickens.

Hizashi’s bucking into the empty air now, desperate and clearly wanting. He sucks hard, hollowing his cheeks and pressing the tip of his tongue to Shouta’s leaking slit. Shouta tightens his grip on the blond’s hair.

“Fuck, Hizashi,” he whispers, the expletive little more than a hot puff of air. His husband’s name though? That’s downright moaned. He rocks his hips into Hizashi’s eager mouth, feeling Hizashi’s tongue, hearing Hizashi’s whimpers. Back on the screen, Present Mic is still droning on, but all that matters now is Hizashi, Hizashi, Hizashi. Anyone can watch Mic, but nobody can see Hizashi, especially not like this, not the way he is now on his knees for Shouta.

Shouta’s voice cracks on the next cry of his husband’s name - the sound is beautiful, broken, and it makes Hizashi shiver as Shouta spills down his throat. Hizashi swallows it all, still licking at Shouta as he starts to soften in his mouth, desperate for more as his own cock aches. Shouta idly considers letting Hizashi stay there and warm his cock for the rest of the show, but the idea is ruined as the credits start to roll. Maybe if there’s a next time…

“Do you want to cum with my cock in your mouth?” Shouta asks, voice still breathless as he stares down at Hizashi’s red face. Hizashi sucks in a deep breath through his nose and nods, bobbing on Shouta’s cock and making him shiver.

“Go on, then. Touch yourself. If you can’t come before I’m hard again, you’re going to have to wait while you service me.”

Hizashi whines at the idea, clearly enjoying the thought as he pants around Shouta’s heavy cock. Shouta knows he won’t be ready any time soon, but Hizashi still takes his time, playing into the idea as he moans desperately, the taste of cum still lingering on his tongue. He cums into his own hand as he finally slips off Shouta’s cock, his face pressing against Shouta’s thigh as he whimpers, shaking from his release. His hot breath ghosts along Shouta’s skin and makes it tingle, tickling at Shouta’s sensitive cock.

Shouta resists the urge to shiver by leaning down to grab Hizashi’s face, gently cradling it in his hands as Hizashi comes down from the high of his orgasm. He’s always been affected by his more, looking so blissed out for minutes afterwards as he slowly comes back to his senses.
Shouta lets him suck on his fingers while stroking his hair, frowning at how loud the commercials sound in their quiet apartment. He doesn’t want to hear this right now.

“Hizashi, let’s go wash up.” he suggests, pulling his fingers out of Hizashi’s mouth and tapping his cheek. Hizashi whines and looks up at Shouta with puppy-dog eyes, clearly wanting to stay for a little longer.

“C’mon, we’re filthy, and these commercials are annoying. Let’s go get comfortable in bed.”

It takes some coaxing, but the promise of cuddles is too enticing for a post-coital Hizashi to resist, so after some much needed clean-up, they find themselves curled up in bed. Hizashi wastes no time pressing himself closer, winding their legs together and resting his head on Shouta’s chest.

It’s probably because he’s that close that he can feel the lingering tension in Shouta’s body.

“Hey,” he says softly, turning so he can look up at Shouta. “I’m a little disappointed you didn’t watch to the end.”

“I saw enough,” Shouta says stiffly. Now that the heat of the moment has died down, he doesn’t really want to think about what other sorts of things his husband might have said about other men. The jealousy stings a lot more without the fog of lust.

Hizashi pouts, rolling onto his back with a dramatic sigh. “No, you didn’t,” he insists. “You missed out on a lot.”

He grabs Shouta’s arm - the one behind his shoulders - and tugs it around him in a half-hug. Shouta can’t help but huff a little and tuck the blond in close against his side, the way he clearly wants to be held.

“What else was there then?” Shouta asks, mostly because he has a feeling Hizashi will tell him anyway. Might as well get it over with now.

Hizashi hums happily, smiling up at the ceiling. Shouta watches his face as he speaks.

“You missed the veeeery end, when I finally caved and told them who was the absolute best partner I’ve ever had. I didn’t name any names, but Nemuri knew exactly who I was referring to.”

His eyes soften, crinkling at the corners before he glances over at Shouta.

“I told them how I was lucky enough to marry the guy, too. And that I get to have him to myself as much as I want. I get all the kisses and fun times, but I also get to cuddle him afterwards and fall asleep with him and wake up with him the next morning.”

“Yeah?” Shouta says, smiling down at him as his body starts to relax. Hizashi’s gentle hands help with that too.

Hizashi beams. “Yeah! I really love him a lot, you know. So even though I’m disappointed in him for missing out on my super sweet message on TV, I forgive him because I love him that much.”

“He sounds like a lucky guy.”

“Oh, he is,” Hizashi says flippantly, making them both laugh. Shouta presses a fond kiss to his temple, wrapping him up in a tight embrace that Hizashi returns with gusto. It fills Shouta’s chest with a warm, heady satisfaction to know that Hizashi is proud to tell everyone that Shouta is the best he’s had even after recounting his past flings. Maybe he’ll always be a bit jealous, but now he knows it can be something they enjoy together, instead of something to tear them apart.

“I love you, Shouta.” Hizashi says, voice muffled as he presses his face to Shouta’s chest. His grip tightens, showing Shouta he’s just as possessive in his own way, and Shouta finally feels the rest of his tension drain away as he buries his face in Hizashi’s messy hair, whispering his reply so only Hizashi would ever hear it.

I love you too.