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Ode to Dust

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“Ode to Dust”
You and I have so much in common,
We are both insignificant when all alone
Small as you are, everything starts from you
One touch can make my eyes drop some dew.
First thing in the morning you are what I see
Illuminated by the morning sun, I see you swirl and twirl
You are my companion by day and by night
Never really leaving my side even if I wish with all my might.
Once I wondered where everything started
But then I discovered you and said how could I not know
Your power is unmeasurable worthy of awe
You are high as the sky, wide as the land, and deep like an ocean.
The Earth came to be, with you and heat by your side
The Moon was birthed on a ring of dust and pulls such strong tides
Stars formed like Pheonixes from the ash
But great as they might they'll soon crumble and turn to trash.
Many hated you but I love you so
I ran, walk, and jump barefooted accumulating so much of you
Grinning like an idiot, scolded when I told them no
Face that was once bare now smudged with dirt.
You covered me like a second skin
I welcomed you like one would with a kin
You make me sneeze
And I'll find some ease
You and I will never part
Even if my mind will soon depart
Soon my body will collapse
My memory will have some lapse
Even so you were by my side
Through the funeral and after the rite
You never hated me even though I forgot
Soon enough you are all that I got.