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False God

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You always receive bad news at the worst times and when everything is going great. When everything is all rainbows and sunshine. Even in Gotham, people have their good days, years even, until a bullet stops the clock. Your entire world shatters around you while your heart is beating hard and fast.

My life has been wonderful. Even with my father being a no show and being a young meta. It's just been my mom and me. Sure we've struggled, but we've endured and come out with a few scratches. She's my whole world and I'm hers. Mom is an ER nurse, so we are quiet literally two passing ships. She's there when she can be and feels guilty when she can't.

She's the reason why I became a (sort of) vigilante. I say sort of because I stuck to my small world of a burrow in Gotham. I'm not doing it because of the lack of police, they do their job. But after my mother was robbed and pistol whipped on her way home I didn't know what else to do. I wanted to keep her safe. What's that saying? Safety in numbers? I think so. She nearly broke a blood vessel when I showed up after her first night back at 3 AM to walk home with her. It was kind of funny.

So I did the next best thing I could think of. I dressed up in all black with torn jeans, a tank top with jacket, gloves (entire gloves, not the fingerless ones) and my hair pulled up. It took forever to find a mask, but I DIYed the shit out of a masquerade mask. I walked her home every night ( without her knowing it was me obviously) and stayed out a little longer. I was confident she wouldn't check on me when she got home and thank god for that. Two long ass talks in a month about how she's supposed to take care of me, not the other way around, was not ideal. Funny. But not fun.

I somehow ended up pouring myself into my neighborhood. We didn't live in the ghetto, but it wasn't uptown either. We are in the middle, being ruined by both. The cops were ( and still are) overwhelmed by the smell petty crimes and they're spread too thin protecting those who have money and power. After saving a woman and seeing her grateful smile I was hooked. I liked saving people and developing a relationship with the people. I bet Batman has never been offered free pastrami sandwiches and curly fries. 

Batman. The Night Crusader. The Great Detective. I wasn't even on his radar until I "accidently" used my powers to stop a speeding car with The Joker in it. He was going to mow pedestrians downs who were justing crossing the street and minding their business. I did the only logical thing. I telepathically lifted the car up in the air and kept the bad guys locked inside. When I looked down Batman and Robin were on the ground staring up. They both looked serious with matching frowns and scowls. Then Robin cracked a smile and I knew everything was going to be okay. 

I just wished it had stayed that way.