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When In Paris...

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Jimin sighed as he turned off his shower, already feeling twinges of exhaustion in his veins as he was still jet-lagged. He’d been dodging people who might recognize him most of the time he’d been in Paris, but tonight, he was going to put it out of his head and go out to have a little good old-fashioned fun. He’d heard about an underground club where the drinks were good and the people were beautiful, both things Jimin found very much to his taste.


He planned his outfit carefully, since, to be completely truthful, he was hoping to get laid tonight. It was one of his favorite ways to relieve stress, and he was in Paris, so why not indulge and spoil himself a bit? He smiled as he stepped out of the shower and dried off, not bothering to wrap himself in a towel as he padded over to the wardrobe in his hotel room, and gave his underwear only a cursory glance as he reached for his favorite skinny jeans and the new black silk button-down he bought that day.


Before he got dressed, however, he got on all fours on his bed and worked himself open with three of his fingers, whining and moaning quietly as he imagined a sexy stranger doing it instead, and stopped himself just before he could cum. He pouted at the loss but immediately replaced it with his favorite plug, which was three and a half inches wide at its widest point and had a blue jewel on the end. He breathed deeply as he got used to the stretch, and finally, he stood on somewhat shaky legs to get dressed.


The jeans were a medium wash, and they were worn in enough to be comfortable while still molding perfectly around his toned, thick thighs and ass. He put them on easily enough, feeling a little thrill when the rough material rubbed against his bare, smooth skin. Next came his shirt, which he’d tried on at the Gucci store and was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a bit sheer under the right lighting. His dark nipples and the tattoo on his ribcage showed through the fabric, and in his mind, that was just an added bonus.


Of course, his look wouldn’t be complete without his Chelsea boots, which had become somewhat famous on Twitter, but the fandom didn’t know exactly how much they helped Jimin get laid, whether he was on the giving or receiving end. He slipped them onto his feet following a pair of socks (he couldn’t have his boots getting smelly, after all) then sauntered back into the bathroom to fix his hair and makeup. He didn’t get too elaborate; his dark hair was styled with just enough gel so that it sat sexily tousled on top of his head, and his makeup was simple, only smokey eyes and a bit of lip balm that plumped up his lips and made them smell like cherries.


He didn’t really need his lips to be any more full, but he’d learned from a friend if he could draw more attention to his lips, he had a better chance of finding either a gorgeous person to fuck him into the mattress, or a pliant person to fuck against the nearest flat surface.


Tonight though, if he was being completely honest, he needed to be fucked. He craved the feeling of a thick cock splitting him open and making him cum until he passed out from the sheer pleasure he felt. Taking one last look in the mirror as he slipped his phone and key card into his pocket, he deemed his appearance perfectly fuckable and smirked at his reflection before shutting off the lights and leaving the room.


Jimin idly scrolled through Twitter as he rode the underground train that would drop him off about a block from his destination. He saw multiple posts from fans saying they missed this member or that member, and BTS as a whole, and they warmed his heart. They also wished the members well on their vacation, and he smiled to himself before glancing up to see the train was slowing to a stop. He genuinely loved their fans, and he made a note to tweet later to let them know he missed them, too.


For now, though, he hopped off the train, his phone going back into his pocket, and walked down the sidewalk. The heels on his boots clicked softly on the pavement and he breathed in the warm night air, letting it fill his lungs until he felt dizzy and had to exhale. 


The club itself wasn’t extravagant and didn’t exactly stand out, but Jimin knew he had the right place based on the low boom of bass-filled music coming from the building and the sight of a few scantily clad women walking towards the entrance, gesturing with their hands and chattering excitedly in French. Jimin walked in a few steps behind them, keeping a respectable distance, and flashed his ID to the bouncer, whose eyes widened as he waved Jimin through with a quiet “I love your music” in heavily accented English. Jimin smiled and thanked him, then he immediately made his way over to the bar.


He got some stares, but that was to be expected, as he had one of the most recognizable faces in the world. He silently prayed no crazed fans would bother him as he ordered a beer and winked at the bartender. The man behind the counter smiled as he handed him a bottle of their most popular brew, his fingers brushing against Jimin’s momentarily before he turned his attention to a young woman a few feet away.


Jimin decided that was a perfect time to make his way to the dance floor. Ironically, Singularity was playing, and he wondered if whatever DJ was hidden in one of the corners had seen him come in and started playing it for his sake. Whatever the case, he was grateful, as it gave him ample opportunity to roll his hips slowly to the beat of the music and take on a look in his eyes that said ‘fuck me’.


Beer in hand, he sidled to an empty spot that allowed him just enough room to squeeze between a few other patrons. He’d watched Taehyung do the Singularity choreography multiple times, but in this kind of setting, he moved in perfect rhythm with the sensual beat. The lyrics were meaningful and sad, but chances were none of the people around him were paying attention to that. He rolled his hips as if he was riding someone’s dick, and it felt like seconds later that a pair of strong hands had wrapped themselves around his hips and a mouth pressed against his ear murmuring “Hey, cutie.”


Jimin bit his lip and turned his head enough to look at the man through his eyelashes, his eyes half-lidded as he pressed back against him suggestively. The man chuckled and ran his fingertips up and down Jimin’s sides, eliciting a shiver from the shorter which he tried to hide by taking a sip of his beer. The song ended after a moment, and Jimin felt like someone was watching him as it rolled into the next, a strings-driven, bass-heavy beat that he didn’t recognize. 


He danced slowly to it, pressed tightly against the man behind him and rolling his hips just right, as he glanced quickly around the club, not finding who was watching him at first. Then, he caught a glance of a tall, handsome, muscular man in his peripheral vision, with dark, shaggy hair and piercing blue eyes. Before Jimin could get a better look, however, the man who had been watching him was tugged away by a small, dainty hand belonging to a woman with pale skin and pale blonde hair. Jimin sighed inwardly and turned around to face the man dancing with him, smiling sweetly up at him and wrapping his arms around his neck.


The man leaned in to kiss him, and Jimin easily dodged it by tilting his head so the man’s lips brushed against his skin. He let out a little moan to show that’s exactly what he wanted, and he clutched the man’s shoulders as he saw the same man before in the corner of his eye again, wrapped around the same pretty blonde but staring him down with a purpose.


Jimin had to think quickly. The man watching him clearly wanted him, but he didn’t want to disappoint the man he was dancing with because, of course, he was far too nice for that. Luckily, he didn’t have to do anything, because the man extricated himself from the woman hanging all over him with what looked like a stern look, and the woman flipped her hair and stomped away. He didn’t pay her any mind, though, as the song rolled into something that Jimin definitely recognized. He hatched a plan.


Jimin’s tongue slid across his plump lips as he gently pulled away from the other man and instantly launched into the choreography for Park JiYoon’s song, Coming Of Age Ceremony, and all eyes were on him. The patrons all cleared a space for him, and the man that was dancing on him held his drink. Jimin didn’t pay attention, however, because he wasn’t about to drink it after someone else’s hands were on it, and the tall, muscular man’s gaze had turned lustful. Jimin watched as he confidently sauntered towards him until he was about a foot away.


He decided to do something incredibly bold.


At the point in the song where he would take off his jacket, he slowly unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off of his shoulders. The people watching him were silent as he finished off the dance, his skin appearing luminous under the lights of the club as his chest and shoulders rose and fell with each breath he took. Before he could make another move, the man easily bent to pick Jimin’s shirt up off of the floor, dusting it off slightly as he closed the distance between them.


“I believe you dropped this.” He spoke with a deep voice and a British accent, and Jimin swore his cock twitched just from the sound of his low timbre.


Jimin smiled and bit his lip as he took it from his gentle grip with his dainty fingers. “Thank you.” He spoke in English, immediately putting from his mind any insecurities about his accent. He held his shirt at his side, not bothering to put it back on.


“You’re welcome. I’m Adam, by the way.” He held his hand out, and Jimin took it, in awe of the difference in the size of their hands.


“I’m Jimin. I don’t speak English very good, please forgive me.” He spoke slowly, looking up at Adam through his eyelashes.


“It’s alright, Jimin.” Adam smirked, and Jimin reveled in the way his own name rolled off of his tongue. “You know, I’m pretty damn sure what you’re here for doesn’t require very much talking at all. Am I right?”


“Yes.” Jimin boldly curled one hand around the back of Adam’s neck and drew him closer so he could murmur right into his ear “I want someone to fuck me…”


“Oh really now?” Adam chuckled, wrapping one hand around Jimin’s bare waist to draw him closer. “You should come with me, then. But only if you want to.” He clearly didn’t want to force Jimin into something he didn’t want, which the shorter found endearing. “I saw you dancing with someone else earlier. Would you rather have him?”


“No.” Jimin’s answer was immediate. “I want to come with you. Please.”


“I was hoping you would say that.” Adam smirked and leaned in close, his eyebrows raised in a silent question, and Jimin nodded a second before their lips met in a slow, heated kiss. Jimin wrapped both arms around his neck and flicked his tongue against the taller’s lips, going pliant in his grip and rolling his hips against his. Adam groaned softly and slowly broke their kiss. “We should get out of here, yeah?”


“Yes, please.” Jimin bit his lip and, remembering he was going outside, quickly shrugged his shirt back on and buttoned it up halfway. He took Adam’s hand, and the taller lead him out through the front entrance.


“I have a flat nearby. Is that alright?”


“Like an apartment?” Jimin asked, his head tilted to the side.


“Yes.” Adam smiled, clearly finding Jimin’s confusion endearing. “It’s a short walk from here.”


“Okay!” Jimin agreed immediately. “My hotel is far from here, and I don’t want to wait.” Boldly, he bit his lip and hooked his fingers in the collar of Adam’s t-shirt and dragged him down for another kiss, which the taller man reciprocated as he grabbed Jimin’s plump ass to pull him closer.


“Damn, Jimin.” Adam pulled away slowly but didn’t let go of Jimin. “If you keep doing that, we won’t make it to my flat and I’ll have to pull you to a private corner to fuck you instead.”


Jimin giggled and bit his lip. “We should go, then.”


Adam was right; it took them just a couple of minutes to walk to his apartment. The second they were in the door, Jimin removed his shirt again, undoing the buttons teasingly slowly, before daintily laying the garment over the armrest of the couch. Adam licked his lips and gripped Jimin’s bare waist so he could walk him backwards into his bedroom, stopping when they reached the bed. Jimin gasped when he felt the backs of his knees hit the mattress, and Adam pressed closer to him, the hardening bulge in his pants obvious. “This is what you’ve been doing to me ever since the second I saw you,” he murmured as he pressed kisses to Jimin’s heated skin. “I want you, Jimin.”


“Then take me.” Jimin rolled his hips against the taller man’s, soft little whimpers tumbling from his lips. 


They pulled away and Adam lay on his back, pulling Jimin down to straddle his hips. “First, I want you to show me what you can do with those hips. Give me a bit of a private show.” He slapped Jimin’s ass through his jeans, making him moan from the contact. Wordlessly, Jimin began to roll his hips in precise, sensual movements, showing off his years of training as a dancer, and braced his hands on Adam’s chest to give him better leverage. His ass pressed right against the other man’s bulge each time his hips rolled back, eliciting a pleased moan from him that made Jimin feel hazy with lust and want.


Jimin kept his movements slow and precise, gradually grinding down harder, his breaths escaping his parted lips in needy little pants and his cock straining against his jeans. The plug in his ass pressed insistently against his prostate, too, making him groan and move his hips faster to get more stimulation.


“God, you’re gorgeous, Jimin. I can’t wait to fuck you.” Adam spoke softly, his voice strained as his hands moved to grip Jimin’s thighs. The shorter stopped moving, and he stood perhaps a bit too quickly because he wobbled as he stood up next to the bed.


“You don’t have to wait.” Jimin licked his lips as he turned so his back was facing Adam and deftly unzipped his jeans then pulled them down, arching his back so his ass looked even more plump when he pulled his jeans down to expose it and the base of the plug nestled in between his cheeks.


Adam didn’t say anything as he stood up, shedding his own pants and underwear, and turned Jimin around to face him with a smirk. The shorter’s jaw dropped as he fully drank in the taller’s caramel skin, his muscles rippling under his skin every time he moved, his six-pack abs that Jimin found himself really wanting to lick, and thick, muscular legs with his half-hard cock nestled amongst a well-trimmed patch of dark pubic hair.


Jimin delicately sank to his knees, the gentle impact of his shins on the carpet barely making any noise, and inched closer until he could wrap his small hand around Adam’s length to guide the head to his waiting lips. He sucked gently on the tip and gave it kitten licks, his free hand splayed on Adam’s thigh as he gazed up at him. 


“Come on,” Adam taunted, his voice lowered an octave, “I know you can do better than that, Jimin.” He carded his fingers through Jimin’s hair and tugged gently, making him moan and sink down further onto the taller’s cock until it touched the back of his throat. Years of practice had made his gag reflex relatively nonexistent, so he was able to swallow around the head easily and hold his position, nose buried in his pubic hair that smelled like soap and sweat. Jimin moved his head back a bit and inhaled shallowly through his nose, then he sank all the way back down and purposely swallowed again while he waited for Adam’s hand in his hair to guide his next move.


The taller exhaled sharply through his nose when Jimin swallowed around his cock, and he pulled Jimin off of his cock and held him in place until he heard him take a deep breath. “Your mouth was made for sucking cock.” Adam licked his lips and guided Jimin’s head down again until he swallowed around his tip and hummed softly, just to send vibrations up his shaft. Adam released his hair to grip the edge of the mattress and he started bobbing his head back and forth, his tongue running along the thick vein on the underside of his shaft. He braced one hand on the taller’s thigh while the other wrapped around his own cock.


It wasn’t long before they both grew too desperate to continue on like this. Jimin stood up, his lips slick with saliva and precum, and Adam gripped him by the back of his neck and brought him close for a filthy kiss that was mostly tongue. “Get on the bed.” He murmured against his lips before releasing him. Jimin lay down on his stomach, his back arched as he rested on his elbows and looked back at Adam with a coy little smile. Before the taller could make another move, Jimin reached behind him and slowly eased the plug out of his own ass, his lips parting in a sweet, high whine as his eyes stayed locked on Adam’s.


The taller didn’t say another word as he rummaged through the drawer in his nightstand for a moment before taking out a half-full bottle of lube and a condom, which he easily rolled onto his length with a quiet moan. He climbed onto the bed, his thighs on either side of Jimin’s, and lubed up his cock with a soft groan. Jimin watched and waited in anticipation, and he bit his lip when the blunt head of Adam’s cock pushed against his sensitive rim. “Ready?” he asked softly.


Jimin nodded and whimpered out a heavily accented “Please fuck me now”, and Adam slowly rolled his hips forward. Jimin was thankful that his plug had stretched him out so well because the taller was thicker than he’d expected. It stretched him perfectly, and he let out a series of soft, broken moans as he felt every inch sliding into him. When Adam’s hips were pressed against his ass, he kissed the back of his neck and stayed still for only a moment. “F-full--” Jimin gasped out. It was the only thing he could manage to say.


Adam smirked and adjusted slightly so his hands were braced on either side of Jimin’s torso and rolled his hips once, pulling halfway out and slowly thrusting back in, before asking in a low murmur “Do you want me to go fast or slow?”


“Fast, please fast-” Jimin was momentarily proud of himself for being able to communicate with Adam, as limited as his knowledge of the English language was, but his thoughts were cut off when Adam suddenly started up a rhythm of fast, shallow thrusts. There was so much lube that it made obscene wet noises with every movement either of them made.


Jimin was soon beyond the point of being able to speak, and he could only moan as Adam powered into him over and over, without mercy, his hips slapping wetly against Jimin’s ass. When the taller’s cock jabbed his prostate, Jimin moaned louder and his whole body gave a jolt as a shiver ran up his spine. “T-there please!” He slurred, and Adam grunted as he obliged, angling his hips until every thrust hit Jimin’s prostate.


The shorter’s vision blurred as he desperately clutched the sheets, and Adam kept up the same rhythm until they both lost track of time and sweat was covering their bodies in a thin sheen. Jimin’s voice became hoarse from how loudly and often he was moaning, but he met Adam’s every thrust with vigor as they both chased their release. Jimin was in the perfect position to keep his sensitive cock off of the bed, but one particularly hard thrust made him lose his balance so he was lying flat on his stomach. “A-ah!” He moaned wordlessly as his cock, trapped between his stomach and the bed, now rubbed insistently against the sheets. 


“That’s it Jimin, that’s it.” Adam groaned against the back of Jimin’s neck as the shorter clenched around his cock. After that, the only sounds in the room were the lewd, obscene squelching of their fucking, and their moans that escalated in volume in pitch. They both wanted it to last longer, but the thrill of fucking a stranger combined with how good it felt had them both on the edge before long.


“I’m-!” Jimin shouted, his sentence cut off with a choked whine when Adam’s cock brushed against his prostate just right, which made him cum all over the sheets. He moaned helplessly as Adam’s thrusts sped up and got more erratic, and Jimin encouraged him by rolling his hips, even as he was edged closer and closer to oversensitivity. “Feels so good!” He clenched like a vice around the taller’s cock and let out a moan that was deep and raspy, and it finally pushed Adam over the edge. He snapped his hips against Jimin’s ass one more time before his cum started filling the condom, and he let out a choked moan as he went still and breathed heavily against Jimin’s neck.


It took a few minutes of the two men breathing quietly and regaining their strength before Adam could roll off of Jimin and Jimin could roll onto his side to get out of the mess his cum had made. It felt tacky and was drying on his skin, but he didn’t care, because he’d cum harder than he had in a long time. He merely stared at Adam with a lopsided smile, and Adam gazed down at him and winked. “I’ll get a towel to clean you up,” the taller offered, and then he got up so he could dispose of the condom and retrieve a warm, damp towel from the bathroom.


Jimin soon found that he couldn’t move, and he smiled to himself. Yeah, he had definitely needed this, even if it resulted in his lower body feeling numb. Adam came back a moment later and wiped down the front of Jimin’s body, being careful around his sensitive cock, and then leaned down to kiss him. “Let me change the sheets, alright? Then we can sleep, and I’ll take you back to your place tomorrow.”


“Okay, but I can’t move.” Jimin giggled despite himself, and Adam smirked, clearly pleased, as he picked Jimin up and set him in the armchair by his bedroom window. He looked out at the night sky and the twinkling Paris lights, getting lost in the view as Adam changed the sheets, and then the taller came and picked him up again and laid him down. “Thank you.” He smiled sweetly, and Adam returned it as he settled next to him.


“No, thank you , you little minx.” He winked, and Jimin giggled. Adam turned off the lamp next to the bed and scooted closer so he could hold Jimin against him and stroke his hair while the two of them talked late into the night before finally falling asleep.


The next morning, they both felt like they just had to have a repeat of last night before Adam finally let Jimin go back to his hotel with a slight limp in his step and a smile on his face. He wondered if he was going to see the tall, gorgeous man again that night.