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Once and for all

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The stairs up to the apartment are slippery under the heels and I'm close to trilla backwards several times, when I run up for the Satan's stairs, the feeling slips up for the thighs and I curse myself for putting on me the damn dress. After I have run five floors I see my numer, 108, I'm fiddeting with the keys to find the right. I literally fall into the small space and start to undress on the way to the room without bothering me to close the front door. When I reach my room I am in my underwear and I throw off my heels somewhere in the room, I'm looking through high after high with clothes until I find something appropriate to wear me that can weigh up against that I was late. I throw on me a blue playsuite with small deli Kata Flowers as I know my mom appreciates after I had on it at an engagement party that went very well, so good that we were recommended to the future bride's best friend who was going to marry this summer it was the wedding we were going to discuss at the meeting. I can already hear her apply voice scold me out to come late which gives me the motivation to run down the stairs and out on the street barefoot with my sandals in hand. I stumble over cobblestones while I try to get on the sand, my toes get stuck in the straps and I get strange looks from the early morning families of young children who were on their way to the park.
I run along the streets and happened to push an older lady who shouted incomprehensible things in a language I did not understand but it was probably not something nice. I have see the familiar store window with a mannequin with the most expensive wedding dress we could get your hands on with packages wrapped with baby blue wrapping paper around just before I think I'll faint.

Inside the store it is cool and my skin is protected from the blazing sun, I expected a scoling as soon as I come before the door but to my surprise comes again.
"Mom!" I cry into the empty room of the super-visor. Mom! William! "I try but nobody will, no one screams as a response back.
"Mom I..." I start shouting again but will be interrupted by my mother who is a short and slender woman always as neatly dressed and today was no exception, a gray trouser suit, set up blond hair and her beloved pearl necklace.
"You don't have to scream your heart, I hear you good and well just like everyone else here does," she said with an appropriated nice voice and a stiff smile, her voice and smile had for those who didn't know her seemed hot and well-coming was just a façade. She put her arm about me while giving me the evil eye which gave me chills. She leather me into her office where we receive clients, on one side of the table, I can see William talking to the clients sitting with the backs of the door he probably pulls some joke that in fact was not at all fun because he gives us an eased smile when I walk inside the room.
"Louna du mins Mrs. Little or should I say Mrs. Smith and future Mrs. Lee" said mom with the same glued-on smile as before while she leads me toward a chair at the edge of the desk. Mrs. Smith as Hin was now a famous mother several times about how successful her wedding had become and how excited Bree was at getting to experience her very own Natalie Barret wedding. Bree sat alongside his mother with a smile that man can see is genuine, she seemed to think she had found her true love but it believes all young brides who come here.

"I'm here! I'm here! "exclaimed it when the door struck up to the office. And I wished I could say I surprised but it's me not, Ambrose Little is in the door skinned like that it was he who ran all the way here in his hand he has a greasy paper bag that I suspect comes from the coffee further down the street. Bree turns red in the face of seeing his brother and immediately sets himself up and stretches up in its full length.
"You just couldn't get in time for this, I asked you for one thing! Come on time or do not come at all! "she exclaims before the tears begin to drain down her rosy cheeks. She joins the chair with her hands beaten for her face, her shoulders shaking and she trembling. At the door stands Ambrose as the firsttime, why does he not apologize for being late is not rocket research but perhaps he is one who can not handle emotions, but it is still no excuse. Her sobbing it is over time quieter and it's like time stays up until William stretches a handkerchief against the Bee and she gives him a embarrassed smile.
"I'm sorry. It... It must be the nerves. I just didn't know it would be so hard to marry. " Stakar's Little Bee, she thought that a wedding would be simple but she had so wrong and she doesn't even have to do anything she comes at the meeting and it was they after that she can go back to the spa to cure the stress that comes with the wedding. In any case, she avoids all the work that comes with a wedding. But it is apparently only me who thinks so for William gave a compassiliate smile and mom smiles a warm smile against her such a smile that one is commonly reserved for her daughter.
"There is no danger, the bathroom is at the bottom of the corridor if you want to freshen up," said mom with the same warm smile, such a smile I never received. Bee excuse itself quickly and stood up from the chair, on the road through the door, she pushes to the rag see in the chest with his shoulder. Mrs. Smith gives him a tired look before she directed an apologetic smile against her mother, mom smiles at her with a neat business smile and as if they telepathic had agreed to an agreement says mom. "So that he starts right away works well".
"Yes it will be excellently good or how Ambrose" responds Mrs. Smith and points to the chair next to him. Ambrose looks just as lost out as I know myself but he still sits down on the chair at his mother without any self-contently smile.
"Good then you can start working now with immediate effect" what came out of my mother's mouth choked me so I thought I would fall out of the chair but what she says but what comes afterwards is like an excerpt from my worst nightmare. "Louna can help you with what is needed and show you how things were shot here around" what flew out of her lips leaves me speechless she never hires anyone without having a complete back round and never does anything impulsively, in the usual case I had immediately Begun to protest but this leaves me totally speechless. But it seems to have the opposite effect on Ambrose which has now returned its complacent grin.
"But... But... " I try but can look at my mum's rock hard glance that there is no point in opposing or protesting this time around, I turn to William for support but are greeted by his grin. I can never have someone on my side.
Already standing up next to his chair seems to expect me so I do not seem to have much to the choice. I rise up and take up my bag from the floor at my own pace (which is currently quite slow) before I go to the door and nod to Ambrose to follow me which he To my surprise obediently do.
"Oh Ambrose! Don't forget your sister decides! Now that I go off on my honeymoon. " I don't even have to turn around to know that Mrs. Smith directed the last to my mother because I can hear her excited voice talking about her journey.

In the middle of the corridor we meet Bree who seems to have accumulated after his small collapse though she still had black klet under the swollen eyes.
And, after I explained our complex and fully functioning system and work schedule, I hope someone will come up to me and say that it's a joke like in the hidden camera. But nobody jumps forward with a camera with a laugh even how much I hope it will happen. I turn to him in the hope that he will say something that he does not care and just should go his way but he does not but look at me with strange gaze which just makes me angry.
"Do you even listen?" I ask cross and to my surprise he replies "Everyone does his job, no more or less" it turns out that he might have something behind the pannbenet anyway.

Just. So you can start by folding programs to a wedding held next weekend for future couple Mr and Mrs. Palmer "He can in any case not spoil it or? For any idiot, the fabric can fold together the paper. He sits calmly and quietly in the conference room at a high unfolded paper, I can see him sitting and piling with the paperwork while I sit down on a chair across from him. In silence, only paper is folded, it may not be bad after all, as to sit babysitter as I do sometimes for Mrs. Jones who, five months ago, became a widow and single mother of four young children. But my hopes are crushed when I hear him sigh and lean on the backrest and then what I was afraid of. "So what happened yesterday at the party?" That was the only question I didn't want to hear I was yet seed embarrassed all over the event. I remember the tattooed guy who kissed me and how he is there asking about dancing, he pulls me with him and then everything was black. I remember how the world spun and how my eyelids felt like they were made of lead.
When I do not answer in the hope that he will forget what he asks, he continues instead: "You know he type is awkward on you." And I realize that I cannot ignore him anymore but must face reality.
"Were they the ones he did?" I ask vaguely in the hope that we can only forget everything but he does not seem to give with him.
"Yes they were, he actually stuck you and if you need to do it, you do something wrong" and I just nod to the answer.
"What do you do wrong?" asks a shrill voice from the door and both I and Ambrose jumps to, I don't know if it's to my rescue or not that Jill comes in through the door in an over-size shirt and fake branded handbag with glasses deferred on her head.
"Nothing" I quickly quit the conversation before Ambrose has time to say something more.
"Why are you here?" I tell you quickly to change the topic of conversation and her entire facial expression changes like she just came up with something important.
"It's an emergency, I need her help now," she horried, and I now realise that she was not a rescue at all.
"I work" I simply say in response because I have no desire to take care of her "emergency", but I look at her that I will not have so much to choice.
"But you always work and I bet that Mrs. B does not mind that I borrow you for a few hours... Or the rest of the day "and I was right I have no choice.
She comes up to my chair and literally pulls me out of the room to get with me for with Jill, it's never a real emergency situation.