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Once and for all

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"I really love people who are getting married for the third time, everyone is so relaxed," William said as he walked the far edge of the pool, looking carefully at the guests who assumed their seats waiting for the start of the ceremony so they could see the happiness of the happy couple eyes. Everyone knew what would happen thanks to the meticulous programs William put together. It was the bride's Eve Littles who remarried for the third time and the groom for the fifth time. Their marriage does not seem to have a bright future or a particularly long one, but this is probably the third time I like. The couple had met at a golf club for the socialite. The bride was recently divorced from a banker and he was recently a widow after the wife died in a car accident on her way home from the airport after a trip from the Maldives. Their relationship had started off strong with a shared passion for money, Eve Little's soon-to-be new real husband was an engineer and had no small bank account. During their first meeting with them for almost nine months, they had been so excited and in love they were looking forward to getting married and sharing a future with each other but over time they disappeared the impression of them openly talking about small things like table seating or catering company, but in front of all about money. And they will probably barely make it through the first year before the divorce, not many of our clients will always have something between them who have seen so much in love before and usually things like money or business side by side."I think we should specialize in such weddings," William interrupted my thoughts."There are not enough exceptions and it would be a waste of your talent without the young nervous brides." Said my mother as realistic as ever. I pick up the phone and quickly turn off the sound so I don't forget it then, it had happened once before and everyone was watching me while a melodic melody was playing in the hall which had turned out to be Jilly who was bored and forgot that I was working . "That's true," said William self-indulgently as his gaze aimed at a man with tight-fitting costume and seemingly well-trained with well-styled dark hair walking toward the front rows of chairs, but eventually a woman in green dress forged her swollen pregnant belly and brought the man to their places a few rows further back. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding while William turned to us."I have talked to Bee she has confirmed the time at Monday's meeting" he said quickly. "William!" Mother exclaimed. "You know I hate fast weddings," she said with distaste. "But it's not until September it's only July," he replied calmly."Late July", Mom emphasized. "It could have happened if it was the third marriage but they are not and it is the wedding of the society and a lot of work," said mother excited by the thought of it."Natalie you forget we have a big budget," he said encouragingly and persuasively at the same time."But you can't put a price on mental health" "They would if they could," he said with an added smile aimed at a passing guest to the wedding party. I never understood how they managed to get an added smile that was so believable, it's like a clever liar I thought slowly. We are all liars." Show time" William broke out after a while of silence and lies to smiles. And mom stretched herself before she went along with her thoughts and plans to have a successful evening."You are right. Louna do you take BRR? ”But she turned on his heel and went to her position for the ceremony without expecting an answer from me. The BRR-Back row on the right was my usual position, I kept an eye on the entrance in case anyone should get themselves thrown out before the ceremony is over to get to the reception first. I never understood what was so good about the reception, it was probably to get to the buffer first.We had all our information and our usual placement was: Mom sent in the wedding party, I followed them with their eyes as it went towards the altar and William at the front, he would intervene if anyone fainted, forgot their promises or dropped the rings. He also kept an eye on the ring bearer and the flower girls in case they would become impatient or behave badly. So far, all those things had happened at the same time at a wedding, which now goes by the name "The disaster". I picked up the phone again to check that the sound was off (which it still was). From my seat at the back, I could see the small event with the teeming guests who were expecting to see the happy couple. William had been right it had been easy to plan the wedding, it had taken nine months but it was simple with pure colors, it was classic. Cream colored ribbons were at each place for the guests and simple flower arrangements of pink lilies and hydrangeas in light colors. The couple had no special wishes for the wedding more than it would be held in the local Country Club, the club arranging the food (three course and buffet) which they also arranged with the torta (a large torta with white marzipan and chocolate roses) we arranged the DJ . Everything had gone well so far. But despite the beautiful weddings that the bride became very happy with, she was the happiest that the oldest daughter a few weeks earlier got engaged and announced that she too wanted a "Barret" wedding. In normal cases, my mom would have been over happy to get another customer for her was to take two flies in one fell swoop, but the problem was that she would get married in early September which meant working fast and everything needed happen now!

I sat down in my seat and politely nodded at the couple a few chairs away from me, they looked happy in their early 30s, the man in a suit and the woman in a brilliant yellow pantsuit.It was only a quarter of an hour before the ceremony was to begin and the first group message from mum buzzed into her cellphone:
"People on their way to the pole
"With those few words, William was on his way like a flash away behind a figure-cut bush dressed in light trails, he managed to re-shoot a middle-aged woman with two children, all in bathing suits, and then showed them back to the sign with clear black letters "area turned off at because of a wedding ”.Twelve minutes later everyone was in place, the organ music would start the bridal march and everything would start, and everything would go as planned. But instead of organ music, my cellphone buzzed instead."BS away before entry" What the hell did they mean?I saw that William had also got the mess because he was looking at me with inquiring eyes and the cellphone in his hand."What?" I wrote in response while the man in front of me checked the clock.“Come here now!” Was all I got in response, but I didn't even read the entire message before I left. Do not run, do not run, I tried to remind myself while trying to move as fast as possible without running, to run only stress the guests, but it is so difficult. When I arrived at the reception stood the entire bridal party (a weeping ring bearer, two flower girls who in bright pink Princess similar dresses with a big bow on their back who looked extremely bored and began to get impatient. And behind them the marshal and the bridesmaids with their white flower bouquets and Next to them stood Eve Little, radiantly beautiful with a simple white dress with yellow details along with her daughter Bee.) and everyone was talking in mouths to each other."... must be sure that everyone is in order for us to do our job properly" was the first thing I heard when I arrived."I understand that," Eve answered my mother, while Bee was standing with her phone glued to her ear and looked around the room. "But he was right here!" Bee told me as I understood what was happening. "Maybe you can check it out?"I looked at my mom who said, "Do as she says go and look out there!" "Who should I look for?" I asked "Everyone is here." What I knew for the guest list was one of my tasks. The night before the wedding, I sat up and compiled the list of the bridal party with families, contact information suppliers we hired and a schedule that stretched from the guests arrived that we left from here. But now before they even begin, my perfect schedule has been completely disrupted."Ambrose" Eve said it was obvious. "Who?" How on earth am I supposed to know who this Ambrose is. "My brother," Bee said to me as she moved her bouquet of white roses and lilies to the other hand. She was a young woman with blond hair cut in a modern short hairstyle where the tops were lured, tanned skin and white teeth. She was so perfect that I should be annoyed if she hadn't been so nice. “At first he wouldn't come, but now he's here. Tall, blonde like me. He is probably talking to a girl. If it becomes necessary, you have my permission to slap him. "So remember, bra means the bride's son."I'll fix it" I said to Mom and walked to the front door.