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Thrill, fear, excitement and terror all course through Chan’s body. He really did it, he really stole from somebody for the first time. He finally feels alive for once in years, truthfully, and it feels so good because he’s been entirely numb for the past months.

Things are tough at home. They’re not making enough to cover all bills and he can see how the stress is taking a toll on his parents. He’s worried about their drinking habits and mood swings and Chan knows that they’re good people, they’re just in a bad spot. He doesn’t want his siblings to see how things aren’t going so well, and so Chan’s been doing his best to provide as much as he can.

It’s gotten a bit better honestly, and he’s extremely relieved, but it takes all of the money he earns, leaving none for himself. And a young man of his age wants to have money for himself, wants to go out and wants to buy stuff, but he doesn’t really have time for a second job, and so… He’s resorted to shadier stuff.

It started off as him selling pics to random old desperate closeted gay guys, then he started sending them videos for money too. Then it escalated to physical stuff, getting payed to get his dick sucked at the back of some bars that his friends dragged him to and finding other random pathetic guys to do stuff. It was a lot easier than he thought it would be, and soon enough he started going down this spiral.

He’s a whore, essentially, and it’s weird for him to think about. And if he’s being truthful, he hates the way it makes him feel. There’s just this nastiness constantly following him around, a nagging at the back of his head telling him that he’s dirty and that he’s worth less because of what he does. Every time he buys new shoes or new games or anything, really, there’s always this reminder of where he got the money from, and he can never truly fully be happy about it.

He can’t stop though. He still wants that money and it’s just so easy to take it from these dudes. He wonders how the girls he fools around with would feel if they knew what he was doing in his spare time. He wonders how they’d feel if they knew where he really gets the money to buy them their coffee from.

But all of his business had been innocent enough. Once again, just desperate guys who kept telling Chan about how attractive he is, which definitely did help feed his ego as well. It wasn’t up until he met Jisung that he realized he might’ve gotten himself into something that he shouldn’t have.

He’s seen Jisung around campus before, but didn’t really know all that much about him. He remembers him from one of his classes two semesters back and he remembers thinking that he was hot, so that’s why he would notice him on campus whenever they’d cross paths. But they had never spoken before, and Chan wasn’t expecting to speak to him. He was kind of intimidating after all, definitely a bad boy type, unlike Chan.

Jisung has dark blue hair, wears expensive clothing, has shiny jewelry all over, and has tattoos on his knuckles. Well, that’s what he looks like now. When Chan had first seen him, he still had this aura around him but was nowhere near as flashy.

A short while ago, he saw Jisung talking to one of his classmates that he sits next to and jokes around with. After he left, he approached his classmate and asked about Jisung, mentioning that he had a class with him at some point.

“Yeah Jisung dropped out a while ago. He runs his own business so there’s no use for him to go to uni anymore. He’s still got things to take care of around campus though so he stops by to say hi to me some time,” he classmate had explained.

Curious to learn more about the mysterious man, Chan innocently asked, “What kind of business does he run?”

His classmate only smirked and answered, “Oh, you know… just a small café of sorts.”

With that, Chan knew there was definitely something fishy going on, but with the look he was getting, he knew not to ask any further questions. It didn’t stop him from thinking about it though, wondering what was truly going on in whatever “café” Jisung runs. And he wondered about the man himself as well, what kind of person he is, what kind of things he does… It didn’t help that he was attractive.

Thoughts of Jisung eventually disappeared with a lack of any encounters. He had finally managed to get the mysterious blue haired man out of his head when he encountered him again, and in quite the unfortunate way.

He was over at this guy’s place, one that he’s done stuff with before. He has a lot of money and was willing to pay Chan handsomely, so how could Chan say no? His condo is very nice too and Chan had made sure to make himself look prettier just for him, because he knows the guy likes it. He’s more into the androgynous type, and although Chan is not really all that feminine, he doesn’t mind playing it up to get just a bit more cash.

So on that day he showed up with his curly brown locks disheveled and falling down the sides of his face, some eyeliner, a bit of eye shadow and a bit of lip tint, tight ripped black pants and a black button up that exposed his chest just enough for it to be slutty, all with a dainty necklace that fell against his chest to top it off. He felt hot.

And the guy told him so too, over and over again when Chan was on his knees between the man’s spread legs, taking his cock into his mouth and staring up at him cutely, batting his eyelashes as he exaggerated some slurping and gagging noises. He could feel that he was just about to cum when suddenly the door to the room slammed open.

Chan had jolted so hard that he was scared he almost bit the dude’s dick off, but luckily he did not. With his mouth open in surprise, he turned around and met eyes with none other than Jisung, who was angrily looking over at the man above him. Then, he scoffed and looked down at Chan. Chan had never felt so embarrassed before, with spit dribbling down his chin and runny makeup. It’s one thing to be a whore, then it’s another thing to have somebody you vaguely know stare at you looking exactly like one, looking pathetic on your knees for some man. And Chan is a man too, so the shame of being in this kind of position as a man only added onto his embarrassment.

Jisung didn’t seem to give a shit about what he had walked into. “So this is what you’re doing instead of the shit I told you to?” He walked up to them and pushed Chan out of the way, like he’s some sort of object. Chan just quietly took it, fear manifesting in his body at the sight of how angry Jisung seemed to be. He felt like he did something wrong, even though he obviously has nothing to do with whatever is going on.

“Put your dick back into your fucking pants and go pick up the stock I told you to. When I tell you to do something, you don’t do it later, you do it the second I tell you to. Disrespect me again and see what happens to your girl,” Jisung snarled. Then, he turned to Chan and gave him this look, scanning him from top to bottom. “You, stand up and follow me.”

Chan has no idea why he followed Jisung’s order; there was nothing forcing him to other than the commanding tone in his voice. But he did nonetheless, and next thing he knew, he was being taken to some sort of office at the back of Jisung’s café after a short and silent car ride. He thought he was going to get taken to some abandoned warehouse and shot or something, which thankfully didn’t happen.

The café seemed normal enough, only slightly edgy but otherwise fine. The office too, and Chan had almost believed that there was no shady business involved until he remembered the whole encounter that got him here in the first place.

Jisung had him sit down and asked. “What’s your name? You seem familiar.”

Chan hesitated about whether or not he should lie, but his mouth moved before he could finish thinking and he answered, “Chan.” When Jisung still seemed confused, he added, “We had a class together at some point, I’m pretty sure…”

The other man only hummed, still staring. “Alright Chan. I’m not going to beat around the bush. I know you were in there sucking that faggot’s dick for money. You’re really pretty though, too pretty to be getting off some loser like him. Come suck me off right now and I’ll pay you better than he does.”

And how could Chan say no? He doubts that Jisung was really giving him the choice anyway. It was embarrassing to quietly stand up and make his way to the other side of the desk, where Jisung undid his pants and comfortably spread his legs open. Chan shakily got down on his knees again and got to work. Jisung didn’t shy from pulling on his hair and calling him dirty names, but Chan hates to admit that it turned him on far too much.

He came on Chan’s face, adding to its dirtiness, then demanded Chan’s number before even allowing him to wipe his face. Once again, Chan had felt less than human when he obeyed Jisung, still on his knees and face so filthy. But it ended up being worth it when he saw how much cash Jisung was giving him for it, and suddenly Chan was more than ready to get down on his knees for this man again.

Surely enough, that’s exactly what happened. Jisung would contact him over and over again and had Chan suck him off or jerk him off, or sometimes he would just have Chan make out with him. Each time, Chan was paid so well that he tricked himself into thinking that he actually liked Jisung. But he didn’t really know him. He still had no idea what Jisung really did for a living, though he was fairly sure that it wasn’t legal. Chan wouldn’t ask him any questions, and Jisung would mind his own business as well.

However, things didn’t stay like that for long. Chan could tell that Jisung had grown fond of him in some way or another, and Chan hadn’t bothered selling himself to anyone else when Jisung would pay him so well. Jisung started talking to him, learning more about Chan’s life and his situation at home and he would tell Chan some stuff too. Chan was not very surprised to find out that Jisung is a gang leader, but he was very shocked when he heard the man giggle for the first time.

It’s surreal to see someone as scary as Jisung be… cute. Human, even, because he would show some emotions. The more Chan learned about him, the more he realized that Jisung is kind of a dork in a way. He seriously wonders how Jisung managed to get himself into the position that he’s in, but he still knows better than to ask any questions.

But to start seeing Jisung as more human was a mistake. Chan has no idea what he was thinking, has no idea how he fooled himself into developing some sort of attachment to the younger man. Jisung does what he does for a reason. People obey him and listen to him for a reason. He’s powerful and knows exactly what to do in order to get his way and to gain more money, basically.

So you can imagine how hurt Chan felt when he found out what Jisung was planning for him.

For the first time ever, Chan had let a man fuck him in the ass, and that man was none other than Jisung. He was anxious and afraid and almost didn’t want to do it, but he figured that if he would allow anyone to fuck him, it would be Jisung. Needless to say, it was a big new experience for him, and with the way he had fooled himself into thinking that Jisung must have cared about him at least a tiny bit, he even enjoyed himself.

Nothing compares to the warmth he felt after they both came, lying in Jisung’s lavish bed pressed together. He felt content and blissed out and enjoyed the way Jisung’s fingers were running soothingly through his hair. That’s as far as it went though, because it all got ruined for him so quickly.

“You know, Channie,” the younger started while whispering into his ear. “Your body can be put to good use. I know I’m not the only one who would be willing to pay lots of money to fuck you.”

Chan was confused. Why would Jisung want other people to fuck Chan when he could have him all to himself? “What do you mean?” he asked naively, making Jisung chuckle.

“I’m saying that I know some people who want to fuck you. I think you should let me find you clients who pay well just so that you can make more money. Of course, I’ll take a cut since I’m the one bringing them in, but I doubt you’d have to continue going to uni with the amount of money you could make,“ explained Jisung.

Oh, so he wants to be Chan’s pimp, essentially. When Chan understood that, he hates to admit that his heart kind of broke; Jisung does not care about Chan after all, he only cares about Chan’s body. Even worse, he cares about the money he can make off Chan’s body. Just the thought of that made Chan nauseous.

He was absolutely not going to do that. Chan is not going to get involved in this sort of stuff, and he doesn’t want Jisung to make money off his back like that. He’d be better off to just leave with what Jisung has already given him and completely stop selling himself. He’s got enough money to last him for a good while now anyway. And yeah, it hurts that Jisung doesn’t actually want him, but he knows that he should get away from the man as soon as he can. He doesn’t want to be sucked into something that he’ll never get himself out of.

Mustering up as much confidence that he could, for the first time ever, Chan had refused Jisung. “No, I don’t think I want to…” And he could immediately tell that Jisung was displeased.

Jisung tried not to let it show though; he simply kissed Chan’s neck and said, “Just think about it, yeah? You’d be better off that way.” Chan didn’t fall for his lie.

He waited until Jisung fell asleep, then pried himself out of his arms and out of his bed. His ass definitely hurt, completely unused to the feeling of getting fucked, but he didn’t let that slow him down. He cleaned himself up a bit then got dressed. He was going to leave and hopefully never come back, but something caught his attention. On Jisung’s bedside table, something was glinting in the moonlight which was pouring in from outside. He silently walked towards it, unknowingly mesmerized, and stared down at the Rolex on the table.

Chan cannot explain what possessed him, but he took the watch and stuffed it into his pocket. His mind was telling him that it was okay, that Jisung owns other ones and can buy new ones, that it’s not a big deal if he takes it. Maybe Jisung wouldn’t even notice or care. Either way, he took it. It could have been because Chan had always envied Jisung for it, or it could be because he wanted the thrill of taking something that wasn’t his. Either way, he had done it, and once he made it back home, there was no turning back.

And now here he is, sitting in his bed at 4 in the morning, staring at the expensive watch in his hand, fascinated by the way it shines. It’s crazy, but it really feels like there’s some sort of surreal aura to it, almost like it’s otherworldly. In a way, it is. It comes from a world that he knows he’ll never get to: the world of the rich. He’d love to keep it and wear it, but that’s an obviously stupid idea considering that Jisung would then easily find out where it is. So he’s going to sell it as fast as he can, and yeah. With that, he’ll end his life of shady business. He’ll stop selling himself and stop seeing Jisung. He’ll just go back to being a normal student, except he’s going to have some spare cash.

He tries to calm his anxiety. It’ll be fine, he’ll be fine. He still does feel like maybe he shouldn’t have taken the Rolex, but he’s sure he’ll live.



Chan wakes up in the morning feeling horrible. He didn’t get very much sleep and his body feels incredibly sore. The first thing he does is check his phone, and he sees a few text messages from Jisung. Having forgotten what exactly had happened last night, he opens them.


Jisung - 10:32AM

why’d you leave last night wtf

Jisung - 11:26AM

come over as soon as you see this.


Chan groans. He’s definitely not in the mood to go anywhere right now and memories of last night finally come back to him. Yeah, no. Chan doesn’t want anything to do with Jisung anymore, but he has no idea how he’s supposed to tell him. He thinks about it for a bit, but then decides to fall back asleep in order to avoid his problems.

When he wakes up later in the afternoon, he continues to avoid answering the other man. He goes to do some homework he’s been putting off, spends some time watching dumb videos, then works on some music that he’s been trying to produce lately. Before he notices it, it’s already 7PM and he’s still not answered Jisung. This is the first time he’s ignored him like this, and he’s surprised that he hasn’t heard anything else from the man.

But when it starts nearing 8PM, he receives another message. It takes him a lot of courage to finally open it, his anxiety and fear getting in the way, and his stomach drops when he does.


Jisung – 7:54PM

If you dont bring your fucking whore ass over here im going to send all of your friends and family the pics I took of u being a nasty slut covered in my cum. dont fucking test me


Chan swallows. He doesn’t really have a choice, does he? He doesn’t even know if he’ll be able to tell Jisung that he no longer wants to do any of this. What if Jisung sends out those pics of him if he does? He should have known better than to continue engaging with the man, should have known when to stop… Now it’s too late. What if Chan ends up getting sucked into that terrible life of prostitution that Jisung has planned out for him? That’s just not who he wants to be.

Reluctantly, Chan texts Jisung back to let him know that he’s on the way, gets dressed with minimal effort and leaves. When he gets to Jisung’s place, he sees the man standing outside, arms crossed and waiting for him. He swallows and approaches. Jisung doesn’t greet him or anything, just points to his car and tells Chan to get in.

This doesn’t seem good. What if Jisung already got him some clients or something and is taking Chan there? He really doesn’t want to, but the look on Jisung’s face tells him that there’s no way he can disobey. So Chan gets in and tries to calm his heart down during the silent ride. The tension in the air is thick and he knows that he must be in trouble. Shit, what if Jisung already figured out that Chan took his watch? Is this what it’s about? But then where is he taking him?

The ride is long and excruciating. Jisung doesn’t even bother turning any music on to fill the air, simply allowing all sorts of thoughts to chaotically bounce around Chan’s head. After what felt like hours, but couldn’t have been longer than just half of one, they arrive at a house on the outskirts of the city. It’s rather isolated, with all the houses being placed further apart. Something bad is definitely going to happen to Chan in here and, to his misfortune, he starts shaking from fear.

Jisung notices it and laughs. “Are you scared, princess?” he asks mockingly. “What are you scared of? It’s just me. Nobody else is in there,” he tries to reassure, but that somehow doesn’t make Chan feel all that better. The tone in the younger man’s voice is cold and emotionless, contrasting the almost warm-like tone that he used to have with Chan just a short while ago.

They exit the car and make their way into the house. There’s barely anything inside. It’s just lifeless and empty, only adding to the unsettling feeling in Chan’s chest. His mind starts screaming at him, telling him to get out and run, but run where? There’s no way he can just escape without Jisung noticing, no way he could just steal the car because the keys are on Jisung. What if he ran out and hid somewhere until Jisung got tired of searching for him? But there didn’t seem to be anywhere for him to hide outside…

Jisung opens the door to the basement and motions for Chan to go first. The older man looks at him hesitantly, fear probably evident in his eyes, and Jisung laughs at him again. He manages to force himself to go down the stairs. It’s dark and there are no windows, but then Jisung opens the light from behind him.

It’s empty down here too, save for a few exceptions. There’s a sad, dirty looking mattress on the floor, an old empty desk with dust collecting on the top, a drawer, an ugly couch, and what appears to be some sort of safe. “What is this?” Chan asks weakly.

“This,” starts Jisung, approaching Chan and sliding a hand down his back, “is where I come to do all sorts of illegal shit without having the stress of getting caught. Like hard drugs, for example. I like to take people down here and show them a good time.”

“Is that why you brought me here? To do drugs?” asks Chan, turning to stare at the younger man.

“No,” answers Jisung dryly. “I’m here to teach you a lesson.”

Chan suddenly feels like he can’t breathe, throat constricting and heart racing. “What do you mean?” he chokes out.

Jisung sighs. “I’m not stupid, Channie.” He walks over to the desk and opens one of the drawers, pulling out what appears to be a pair of handcuffs. Chan almost laughs in disbelief. “You think I can’t tell that you’re planning to get away from me? Hm? Sneaking away in the middle of the night, ignoring my texts, stealing my fucking Rolex. That shit is worth more than your life, cunt.” Chan cringes at the harshness in his words.

“I-“ he stammers, unable to find the right words. “I wasn’t… that’s not…” But he can’t figure out what to say to make Jisung less angry.

Jisung walks up to him with the handcuffs and silently commands Chan to turn around. “Be a good whore and maybe I’ll go easy on you.” The older man tries his best to not tear up and does as he’s told, feeling the coolness of the cuffs against his flesh as Jisung secures them around his wrists. “On your knees,” Jisung orders.

Chan obeys, then Jisung goes to open the safe in the room. Chan watches intently, curious and afraid of what he might have in there. His blood runs cold when Jisung takes out a gun. “Wait-“

“Shut up,” says the younger sternly. “This thing is loaded, so you better be obedient.”

Chan can’t help but tear up at this point, paralyzed by the utter fear he’s experiencing. Jisung wouldn’t kill him, right? He wouldn’t, he’s just doing this to scare Chan. The amused smirk on Jisung’s face confirms that the younger is indeed enjoying his terror.

He walks up to Chan and starts petting his head, as if he’s trying to soothe him. Chan can tell that it’s not actually meant to be soothing. Jisung presses Chan’s face against his crotch, like he’s asking for Chan to start sucking him off, but before the older can even process anything, a blunt force hits the side of his head and makes his vision turn white for a second. Chan recoils from the shock, nearly falling onto the ground if it weren’t for Jisung’s grip on his hair. His ears are ringing and the pain courses sharply throughout his body, rendering him confused and panicked.

Then, Jisung hits him on the head again, a bit less strongly, but enough for it to still disorient Chan. Then he hits him again, and Chan can’t stop himself from whimpering in pain at the abuse. “Stop,” he cries out pathetically. “Please.”

Chan expects another blow to the head, scrunching his face up in anticipation, when Jisung pushes him down against the mattress on the floor. He looks up and stares into Jisung’s cold yet aroused eyes. He can’t describe how it makes him feel. Oh, no wait, yes he can. It makes him feel like some sort of prey. He feels like Jisung might just start devouring him alive. 

“Open your mouth,” Jisung says softly, pressing the barrel of the gun to Chan’s lips. The older man does so and allows the cold metal to enter his mouth. It tastes gross and he wonders if anything disgusting has touched this gun before.

Jisung isn’t gentle when he fucks Chan’s mouth with it, pushing it in deep and making him gag and choke, making it hit against the back of his throat and not giving Chan a break to stop any of his spit from dribbling down his chin. He feels extremely used and humiliated, but most of all he feels defeated. He can’t do anything but take whatever Jisung is going to give him right now, and all he can think about is how he shouldn’t have gotten himself here in the first place.

After a while, seemingly until Jisung gets bored of playing with Chan’s mouth, the younger starts undoing Chan’s pants and shoves them down along with his boxers. Chan feels his dick being exposed to the cool air, flaccid and vulnerable. He doesn’t want Jisung to touch him or even look at him, but he can’t fight back when his legs get spread open, putting everything on display. Jisung chuckles a bit and takes the spit covered gun, pressing it against Chan’s hole.

Realization flashes through Chan’s mind and he immediately tries to crawl away with it. “Wait, what are you doing?” he asks, panicked, as if he doesn’t already know the answer. “Don’t...”

“Stop moving,” growls Jisung. Chan swallows and tries to still his body despite how uncomfortable he’s growing.

The pressure against his entrance increases and he feels himself wincing in anticipation. His saliva certainly is not enough lube for the gun to slide in smoothly, and he’s scared of what the metal might do to his insides. Not to mention it’s going to hurt like a bitch. He still hasn’t recovered from when he let Jisung fuck him yesterday.

“Unclench, you fucking whore,” spits Jisung. “I thought I fucked you open enough last night. How many dicks do you think you gotta take until your ass turns into a pussy?” Chan has no idea what to answer that, only feeling humiliation crawling up his skin.

He takes in deep breaths and tries to relax himself, not keen on trying to make Jisung any angrier. When the gun actually starts to push inside of him, Chan has to bite down on his lip in order to not allow any pathetic sounds to escape. The last thing he wants is for Jisung to make fun of that. It doesn’t work very well though, the gun being more uncomfortable than he thought it would be. He would have thought that it wouldn’t be so bad considering that it’s thinner than Jisung’s dick, but it kind of just hurts more with how rigid it is.

“Spread your legs open wider and put on a show for me,” says Jisung, casually starting to push the gun in and out of Chan. “I want you to show me how bad you don’t want me to kill you right now, how bad you wanna be my little whore to use and sell, yeah?”

Chan does not want any of that second part, but he wants to be dead even less. He does spread his legs wider and raises his hips, making it seem as though he’s asking for the gun to fuck him deeper. “Feels good,” he pants, then adds some extra moans just in case.

Jisung smirks. Chan can’t tell why exactly he’s smirking, but it doesn’t matter. As long as he does whatever Jisung wants him to do, he’s good. “You like the way my gun feels in your ass? It’s worth more than your life too,” he insults. “In fact, any single little object I own is worth more than you. You’re nothing but a fucking cocksleeve at this point, so dispensable.”

Chan whines at those words. He’s not sure if it’s because they hurt him or if it’s because they turn him on, and he doesn’t think it really matters anymore at this point. His mind is a mess and he’s only trying to make sure that he makes it out of there alive.

Jisung takes the gun out of Chan’s ass and brings it to the older man’s head instead. Chan stills completely as Jisung switches to sitting next to his face. He hits Chan’s head lightly with the barrel and says, “Suck me off. If you do a good job, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Secret? That could be anything. Chan isn’t really sure if he actually wants to know what that secret is, but he’s gonna have to blow Jisung either way. “With pleasure,” he answers, trying to seem enthusiastic, though Jisung can probably see through him.

He undoes the younger man’s pants and frees his dick from his underwear, immediately spitting on it and getting to work. He licks up and down the shaft a few times before eventually wrapping his lips around the tip.

“Fuck,” Jisung curses. “Your lips really were made to make money, huh? No way you could have had those and not put them to good use. All nice and plump and pretty. Bet you like sucking cock too.”  Chan hates to admit that he does.

The barrel of the gun is pressed against the side of Chan’s head as he does his best to pleasure Jisung. It stresses him out that the younger won’t just put it down; he’d feel a lot more at ease if he did.

The older man takes more and more of Jisung’s cock in his mouth, up until it’s pressing against the back of his throat, and then some more. He feels himself drooling and struggling to breathe, holding back his gagging as much as he can. When he can’t handle it anymore, he pulls off and gasps for air. Jisung hits him with the gun and Chan presses his mouth back against the cock to continue giving it attention.

“I know why you do what you do, Channie,” starts Jisung, sounding calm, as if he’s not getting his dick sucked right now. “You need money, yeah?” Chan can’t answer him properly, only humming in agreement. “It’s because your parents aren’t making enough, so you’re helping out. Is that right?” Chan hums again. “Wanna know why your parents aren’t able to cover all your bills?”

How would Jisung know that? Where is he getting at? Chan pauses his actions to look up at the man confusedly. Jisung laughs at the innocent look on his face, and Chan feels humiliated because he obviously knows something Chan doesn’t.

“Cause your dad loves buying whores from us and your mom loves coke,” Jisung states plainly. “Now finish sucking me off, fag.” He slaps Chan’s face when Chan only blankly stares at him, forcing the older man to go back to slobbering over his dick.

But Chan can’t focus on that right now. That can’t be for real. Jisung can’t be serious about what he just said. How would he even know that? Can he? There’s probably ways… It’s too much for Chan to think about right now, and a cold wave of fear runs through him when he hears the sound of the gun cocking above him.

Chan immediately looks up at Jisung, terrorized. “Please,” he chokes out. “Please, please, please. I’m sorry.” Jisung has a calm smile on his face, clearly enjoying himself. He grabs Chan by the hair and presses him back against his dick, gun against his head.

“Finish the job. I’m not going to repeat it another time,” he orders sternly. Chan breaks out into a sob as he attempts to do as Jisung asks him. “Your parents owe a lot of money you know. Would be a shame if anything happened to their son, wouldn’t it? Considering how much money his tight little ass brings in.”

While Chan whimpers around Jisung’s length, the younger man simply groans in pleasure, roughly tugging on Chan’s curls. At this point, Chan can’t really properly suck him off anymore, too afraid and confused, so Jisung settles on fucking his mouth himself.

And when he finally cums, he does so in Chan’s mouth. Chan gets pulled back by the hair, then commanded to open his mouth wide. Jisung’s cum drips down his chin while the younger brings the gun to his face, inserting the barrel between his lips.

Time freezes for Chan. He’s never felt fear this strong, thick and tangible in his life. Air has never tasted sharper, and silence has never been more deafening. He doesn’t get the time to think back on his life, to think about his parents or siblings. He doesn’t get time to think about his friends or that girl he kinda liked that he forgot to text back. He doesn’t get to feel regret or shame, he doesn’t get to do anything, because in less than a split second, Jisung pulls the trigger and everything turns blank.




Truthfully, Jisung hadn’t planned to kill him. He really, really hadn’t. Killing someone only meant trouble, and it just wasn’t worth killing Chan. But something had simply taken over him. It was some sort of hunger, desire for power, all mixed in with arousal that had clouded his mind, and in that split moment he said ‘fuck it’ and just did it. All it took was for him to pull that trigger. He could probably get away with it, but damn if it’s not going to be a pain in the ass.

Something deep inside of Jisung, very deep inside of Jisung, feels guilty. He lied to Chan about his parents; in reality, he had no idea about them at all, he just thought it’d be funny to see Chan’s reaction. Bottom line is, Chan was very much an innocent guy, but just like Jisung himself, he had fallen victim to the system that keeps stealing money from people like them. Well, that’s not really the case for Jisung anymore, now is it?

He laughs to himself dryly. Yeah, he’s got money now, but it obviously cost him his humanity. How cliché. He should have seen this coming. Instead, all he sees now is Chan’s bloodied head and limp body lying against the dirty mattress, and Jisung almost finds it sad that the only real emotion he feels is irritation at the thought of having to clean this shit up.