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I Was Just Passing

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Even a cat may look at a king, the saying goes and,
Knowing cats (even those tasked as mousers),
One may imagine that such felines judge their masters.

I couldn't say, me, though on that fine afternoon,
I did have myself a moment. "Good Lord," said I,
As I espied in the distance, the Highflyer captained,

Or so it seemed, by a familiar figure. The spark
In my pipe went out just as the spark under my own
Waistcoat felt a chilling lack of fire here. There,

However, the fire burned black: black in the frothing
Quad of horses whipped past their usual frantic
Run, black in the tophat, greatcoat and searing glance.

I knew the voice crying, "Whoa!" of old, though
It had been long unheard in Halifax--perhaps
For the better, I wondered? Little time availed me

To consider it as the highflier came to shuddering
Halt before me. The other driver was helped down
As she gave explanation of his sudden accident and

Directions for his care. "Lucky you were there," said I,
"To step in." She sneered, "No one else rose
To the occasion." The one man who stepped up

To her then, calling it a reckless undertaking, well,
Surely he should have known better? She stepped
In his shadow, looked him in the eye. "All were given

The opportunity to alight and walk." We from Shibden
Know better than to do ought else than obey, follow:
However much sweat and consternation follow thereafter.