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Of Spells and Love Bites

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Jungkook thinks that the fog creeping along the forest floor should be feeling cold against his skin, yet all he can feel is the heat radiating from his body. Sometimes, the burning in his throat hurts so much, it feels as if he will turn to ashes from the inside out.

He isn't sure how long it has been since he last fed, but he thinks that it was sometime along the second week that he lost count of how many days had already gone by. That could have been yesterday or a week ago; he isn't sure but he hopes he has at least crossed the month mark this time.

Maybe it would feel less terrifying when he loses control again if he knows longer time has passed since the last time he woke up from his haze with a cold body in his arms

"It's okay," he breathes in the cold air.
"You can do this," he breathes out.
"You have held on for longer" inhale.
"It's okay" exhale.

It's in his next breath that Jungkook feels his body lock up, nostrils flaring as he feels the scent of a human filling up his lungs.

His body starts shaking as he struggles, fighting his instinct, fighting his burning pain, but he can't stop it, he knows he can't. And it hurts, hurts so bad and if he just follows that scent, he knows it's going to stop the burn.

He knows he will regret it, he knows it's going to hurt in a different way after, but he can feel the blood trickling from where his fangs cut into his lip, he can see his vision sharpen, his muscles tense.

All it takes one more inhale and his mind goes blank.


Sanguinaria canadensis, common name being Bloodroot, is a pesky little plant, known for when fresh, its root contains a deep red juice that looks eerily like blood, hence its name. When steeped in small amounts, it's a powerful expectorant, in larger quantities, it is a strong sedative, and overdosing on it causes death. When used for spells, it draws in love and protection, although not as much as red roses.

Taehyung angrily stomps through the thick woods, cursing said plant to all 7 levels of hell. Thanks to Hoseok managing to catch a deadly virus while frolicking through the amazon forest, leaving him wheezing and coughing until he can't breath and Seokjin enjoying his eighth honeymoon somewhere in Europe, he's now solely responsible for healing Hoseok.

Honestly, it all wouldn't be such a hassle if his plant would stop being a whiny bitch and let him extract the root, but it has been pouting since last summer when Namjoon managed to knock it over, and now it's refusing to help him, turning the liquid inside the roots dry the moment he snips it from its body.

Taehyung supposes he understands her anger, but because of it, he's now stumbling through a forest somewhere in Northeastern America, mid October where everything seems to be frozen over but not quite winter yet, looking for a replacement Bloodroot.

The locator spell had given him a two mile radius to four plants, so in theory he should have come across one at least once by now, but it has been more than an hour and the sun had already started to rise and he just wants to go home.

At this point, Taehyung is expecting everything to continue to go wrong, so he is not necessarily surprised when he feels a shiver run up his spine, alerting him of danger. Before he can react, he feels something slam into him, knocking his body into the ground. Hands grip forcefully into his hair, yanking his head back, forcing a pained hiss to escape his lips.

Opening his eyes he comes face to face with a trembling boy, long shaggy hair like a halo around soft features and blood red eyes. He feels the boy shake, tremors snaking through body and he harshly breathes, red eyes zoned into his neck.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry" the boy whispers, words slurred through fangs. Clearly the little vampire is thirsty, it doesn't take a genius to know that. Taehyung supposes that while feeding a vampire wasn't part of the plan, it's not like he has much choice now. Before he can voice his consent, the boy strikes, sinking his fangs into his neck.

Fuck it hurts, Taehyung whimpers trying to relax. He hasn't felt that much pain while feeding a vamp since the times he used to feed a newly turned Jimin who didn't know how to use his fangs.

Trying to breath gently to relax into the bite, Taehyung hears little whimpers coming from the tense boy currently sucking from his neck like his life depended on it. He supposed it does, but it doesn't explain the whimpers, or the hot trail of what he assumes is tears soaking his skin.

Judging by the length of his fangs, he isn't a newborn vampire, and although the bite hurt, at this point the vampire should be pliable and relaxed into the feeding, so Taehyung doesn't understand why the boy grips his hair so forcefully, why the legs wrapped around his waist still trembles, and why the boy gasps little sobs between forceful sucks.

He moves his hands towards the boy, gently combing through the knots in his hair, whispering nonsensical words, trying to calm the poor boy down. Slowly he feels the trembles stop, and although he can still feel the tears running down his neck, at least the choked sobs and whimpers had stopped. Starting to feel lightheaded, he slowly relaxes his head back against the ground, feeling the hand gripping hair relax.

Looking to the side, he sees a little bush with big green leaves and white flowers with yellow centers. He huffs out a laugh, still gently petting the boys hair. Taehyung supposes he should thank the baby vamp when he is done, because if he hadn't been tackled to the ground, he would have just walked by the stupid plant he was looking for.

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The first thing Jungkook feels when his mind starts clearing is gentle fingers moving through his hair, up and down, occasionally stopping to gently scratch at his scalp. There's a soft humming noise, no discernible rhythm, but low and soothing.

Dazed and confused, he tries to understand who or what could be touching him in such a gentle manner, which is when he realizes the person he is drinking from is still alive. He feels a whimper crawling up his throat as he tries to force his body to let go, for his mouth to unlatch but he's *still* so thirsty and it feels so good to be drinking and he just can't let go.

Jungkook doesn't understand why he can still hear a steady heartbeat, or why the steady flow of blood still poured into his mouth. He can feel his hands clutching harshly at the person, and he doesn't want to kill them. He needs to stop, he needs to stop now, he can't kill them now, he has never come out of a haze to the human being alive he just has to st-

"Hey, ouch, hey hey, shhhhh, relax baby vamp you're okay, you're going to hurt me if you keep struggling just calm down okay?"

Jungkook stills at the low voice, body almost instantly relaxing as the person's hand continues to thread through his hair and rub his back. He can feel his jaw muscle slowly unlocking, his urge to continue drinking slowing down, the force of his suck becoming more gentle and his whimpers more noticeable.

Opening his eyes, he attempts to inhale, and tries to let go of the boy's neck, concentrating on the smell of the wet dirt they are laying on, and the feel of the hand on his lower back.

"Hey baby vamp, it's alright, you can't really hurt me, but to be honest this ground isn't the best for someone who has a grown man laying their entire weight on them, so if we could relocate I would much appreciate it."
Jungkook giggles at the outrageous comment. How can he be concerned about his back when he has someone like him currently attached to their neck.

He finally feels the muscles on his neck relax, and his jaw unlocks, allowing him to pull back. Before he can understand his actions, he flings himself back, slamming against a tree across from the person he attacked. He hears a low groan as the boy stretches, hand going towards his neck, lifting up his blood smeared hand towards his face, frowning before he starts speaking again

"Hey baby vamp, who taught you manners? After jumping me you should at least use common courtesy and close the bite"

Jungkook frowns, confused at the request
"U-um close the bite?" He says, voice rough from disuse.

The boy slowly sits up, one hand back on his neck, the other supporting his weight behind him
"Well yes, how do you expect me to stop bleeding? Come here, lick."

What? He widens his eyes, confused.

The boy's frown deepens, pushing his eyebrows together in worry.
"Yes? How don't you know that? Are you actually a fledgling? I thought you were older, but I guess I was wrong. Yes, you lick the wound baby vamp. Now that you're full, your saliva should contain coagulant and healing properties to close the bite."

Jungkook startles, body going rigid. He can't let himself go close to the boy, what if his thirst makes a comeback? He can't risk attacking the boy again, there is absolutely no way he would survive another attack, Jungkook honestly doesn't even know how he made it through the first time.

"W-what if I hurt you?" He stutters, words mumbled as he struggles to form coherent sentences after not speaking to someone else for so long.

The boy's frown softens, melting into a kind look.
"Awe baby vamp it's okay" he says gently "even if you needed to feed again, in the worst case scenario I would faint for a bit as my body recharged. Most likely I'll only get dizzy and sleepy. Now come here please, close the wound and I'll show you why you can't drain me"

Slowly, Jungkook moved towards the boy, weary of his movements, fearing that the boy would be scared of him. As he got closer, he could smell the rich scent of his blood better, tempting and so sweet, yet for some reason he felt no urge to bite again. If he ignored the mild tingling on his fangs from being so close to an open wound, he actually felt full. He didn't understand why though, usually feeding from one human barely made his thirst tolerable, so why is he satisfied?

Awkwardly leaning towards the boy, he gently ran the flat of his tongue against the wound, tasting the blood again. Now his mind wasn't blanketed in the haze of blood lust, he could appreciate the light and sweet taste of the boy's blood. Almost refreshing and soothing on his tongue. Holding back a hum of appreciation, he scrambles back before his body could get any more ideas and he latched on him again. He looked up and faced the boy, who seemed to be holding back a grin.

"See? All better. Say baby vamp, you got a name? I'm Kim Taehyung." He says, smiling towards Jungkook as if they were exchanging pleasantries in a coffee shop, not in a cold forest in the middle of nowhere while suffering from blood loss.

"Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook" he finally says, barely above a whisper, eyes wide and confused.

At his answer, Taehyung grins, as if he had just learned something valuable. He tugs down the collar of his shirt, opposite side to where Jungkook bit him. There running along the bottom part of his collarbone Jungkook could see a grey tattoo made of 4 symbols, each consisting of simple lines criss crossing each other.

Taping the first symbol with his pointer finger he starts explaining.

"Ever heard of Vikings, Jungkookie?"
He nods, a small jerk of his head, distracted by the sudden use of a nickname.
"See those over here are Norse runes. They make up a blood spell I had done a while ago when my best friend was turned so I could feed him."

Jungkook stares at the symbols, surprised at learning that Taehyung had fed other vampires before him and somehow still survived.

He taps the first symbol again, continuing his explanation.
"This little guy right here is called Fehu, the rune for wealth and abundance,"
Tapping the next symbol he continues,
"Next here is Gebo for relationship, sacrifices and exchanges. This one is Nauthiz, for endurance and survival, and followed by the last one, probably the most important one, Algix, for protection."

He looks up at Jungkook to see if he was paying attention, finding him enthralled by the explanation of something magical. Sure he is technically a magic being himself, but he had no idea any of this existed until he literally became a vampire and grew fangs. Seeming satisfied with what he saw in Jungkook's expression, he continued, using hand gestures to explain the process.

"See, those babies here were tattooed on me by a Shaman who, last I checked was somewhere in northern Asia studying the effects of altitude in relocation spells. Anyways we used an ink made out of Hawthorn, Cayenne and Maidenhair, a tiny little drop of a vampire's blood, and then all bound together with iron"

Seeing the confusion on Jungkook's face at all the rambled information thrown at him, he backtracks a bit.
"All of those herbs have anticoagulant properties that makes both my blood flow easier and faster but also promotes rapid regeneration of my red blood cells, at about 10x faster than most humans. Throw it all together with some iron under the full moon, tattoo it over my subclavian vein, you know, one of the big arteries connected to my heart, and boom, magic."
He finishes with a little handle wiggle, mimicking an explosion in a silly way.

Giggling at whatever expression Jungkook is making (probably a bewildered look) he reaches next to him where a small bag laid, instantly by throwing it at Jungkook. Catching it out of pure reflex, he stares it and then at Taehyung, confusion written all over his features.

Letting out another giggle at the wide eyed stare, he motions towards the bag,
"As a thanks for letting you basically suck me dry, you're going to help me out here, because honestly baby vamp, you are a bottomless pit and all I want to do right now is take a solid 3-day long nap."

Taehyung watches the skittish vampire fight with the Bloodroot, trying to clear off the dirt from the roots, avoiding breaking them just like he had instructed him to do. Not that coming in contact with the root sap would harm a vampire, but it would definitely stain his hands red.

"Say Jungkookie, how old are you?"
The boy stops and frowns for a second, struggling to find an answer.

"22 I think? I don't know for sure, things are still a little blurry" he answered in a soft voice, with a cute little lisp caused by his still protruding fangs.

"Sorry baby vamp, I meant to ask as in how long has it been since you were turned. I know it can be a sensitive question to vampires, but you're confusing me. The length of your fangs shows that you're at least a year old, but the fact you still have not retracted them despite feeding is usually something that only happens in the first few weeks after turning."
The boy stops again, eyebrows scrunched together even more.

"I um. I don't know. I think the last time I passed by a city and had fed enough to be able to find out the date was about a year after I turned . I don't know how long it has it been since then but I guess at least a few months." He says, voice becoming quieter as he continued his sentence, to the point where Taehyung almost hear his last words.

More than a whole year? Fed enough? Clear headed? Taehyung thought confused, things were not adding up. Jungkook seemed to act like a Pureblood child who just got his fangs, but he has obviously been turned into a vampire and not born as one since he remembers being human.
Staring at the boy, he asks another question.
"Who's your sire baby vamp? Who turned you?"

Jungkook finishes freeing the Bloodroot, settling it gently into the bag.
" I don't know. The first time I saw her was when she attacked me. When I woke up, she was gone, and I never saw her after that." He says, tone tinged with slight frustration at what Taehyung assumes to be his inability to give a proper answer.

"You mean you have been on your own since you woke up Jungkookie?" He asks, sitting up straighter at the new information.


Okay that does explain how he doesn't know how to retract his fangs or how to properly close the bite after feeding. It also explains how he found the boy in the middle of the woods in unkempt baggy clothes and matted hair. How can a sire do that? They know the council would punish them for leaving a fledgling on their own. Especially one who can't even seem to understand his thirst, leaving it to the point where he attacked Taehyung like a starving animal instead of feeding when he feels thirsty.

"Hold up Jungkook, since you didn't know how to heal my bite, have you been leaving your prey bleeding on their own after you fed on them?" He asks, trying to sound non-judgmental since he knows his sire didn't even stick around long enough to teach him that. Taehyung wonders how the boy even understood his transformation, but before he could express his curiosity, he sees the boy freeze up completely, bright red eyes full of so much pain and guilt that had him gasping for air

Eyes becoming glossy with unshed tears, the boy looks down towards his hands, only to be met with the red stain from a broken root that seems to trigger Jungkook's body starts trembling, small choked sobs escaping his mouth as he starts crying. Taehyung immediately jumps up to his feet, ignoring the black spots swarming in his vision. He stays still, one hand stretched towards Jungkook, unsure if it would be okay to touch him, but unable to keep himself from trying to console the boy who was clearly in pain.

" I-I I can't" he forces out between sobs, "I can't stop. There was never a need to close a bleeding wound when there was no blood left"

Ah. Shit. This is worse than what Taehyung had though. Trying to gently ease forward as to not startle the boy, he tries to comfort him.
"Jungkookie can I hug you? Please? I promise you won't hurt me." He asks in a whisper, trying to not set the boy off even more. Without even looking up Jungkook gives an almost unperceivable nod, and Taehyung takes that as his consent and closes the gap between them, gently moving him into a soft embrace, hands once again combing through his hair in hope that it would soothe him again.

"Hey baby vamp, last question and I swear we don't ever have to talk about this again, but it's important for me to know,"
Jungkook lifts his head from where he was leaning on Taehyung's shoulder, meeting his eyes for the first time since he started crying.

After gaining his attention, he tries to ask with a soft voice,
"Do you remember the color of your sire's eyes?"
With shoulders shaking, eyes still filled with tears, he answers harshly, almost angry, features twisting into a sickeningly mix of pain and hate that should have no place in such soft features.

" Silver. They were so bright that everytime I close my eyes, it's all I can see"
Well. That definitely explains everything. Taehyung is currently holding a pureblood's fledgling in his arms, and while he isn't exactly sure how he is going to explain to Yoongi that he is planning on housing a Beserk Vampire, one thing that he is sure of is that he is not leaving Jungkook behind

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Jungkook wonders if he maybe saved someone important in his past life, or if those times he donated to the homeless shelter accumulated enough good karma for him to deserve to be currently embraced by such a caring soul.

He knows how the world works, you always reap what you sow, and with how many lives he has ended, Jungkook doesn't believe he deserves the angel gently scraping his fingernails down his scalp, telling him silly story about people he doesn't know, but seem to be as nice as Taehyung is.

He doesn't understand why Taehyung seems to completely ignore his confession, he doesn't understand why he deserves this comfort when he has lost count of how many people he has killed.

It's soothing, the low tone of Taehyung's voice, how he gently sways side so side. Slowly his sobs subside, and he is only left with subtle hiccups in his breathing.

Being surrounded by Taehyung's scent seems to make Jungkook's body melt, relaxing him at every breath he takes. He thinks that the scent matches what he has seen of Taehyung's personality, it's like he is surrounded by a sweet and refreshing breeze, that makes you want to giggle, almost like a fresh sweet strawberry and the coolness of mint. Yet it has a somewhat musky undertone, like the smell of wet soil during a rainy afternoon, that comforts and pulls you into a sleepy complacent haze.

Jungkook supposes that's why his heart almost stops when he is startled by Taehyung suddenly pulling back from the embrace and letting out a long list of expletives that would have made a sailor blush.

"Oh my god, they are going to kill me. They are positively going to string me up over a cliff and leave me to die. Jungkookie we have to go right now or else I will have two very angry vampires chasing me down through 7 levels of hell for letting their precious sunshine suffer for so long"

Wait. Go? Where?

Taehyung doesn't stop, picking up the bag that was dropped during his small breakdown, digging through the smaller pockets in a hurried manner.

"Okay okay, listen I would love to gently ease you into this, but between finding our way out of this forest, which by the way do you know where we are?" Not expecting an answer he continues,

"And then finding an airport, creating you a passport and doing an overnight flight back home, I would end up having a whole torture chamber set up in my living room just waiting for me. Aha! Yes this!"
Pulling out a green pouch, taehyung heaves his bag on, turning towards him,

"Okay so this is probably going to feel a little disorienting, think of when you get up from the couch real fast after a 5 hour anime marathon and everything goes black for a second and your head feels light and dizzy,"

Okay, specific but Jungkook believes he should be able to handle that with no problem. Except he doesn't even know what is going on, and maybe he should focus on that, but before he can even voice his question, Taehyung turns around, and throws the bag in the air and claps once.

That seems to cause a reaction because right after that he hears a pop and the bag bursts open, raining down a smoky black powder that glitters against the soft sunlight.

However, instead of falling and dispersing, the powder seems to vibrate and shift, becoming cloudier and darker, forming a smoky archway.

Turning back towards him, Taehyung outright laughs at his shocked and bewildered expression. Without giving him time to think, Taehyung grabs his hand and drags a wide eyed Jungkook through the smoke.


So far, Taehyung hasn't done anything to make Jungkook believe that he would intentionally harm him, but suddenly he starts doubting that as the smoke covers his body.

It's hard to explain what he feels, but it is as if every atom in his body shrunk and expanded at the same time, twisting his insides around at a dizzying speed.

Just as fast as the smoke covered his body, it dispersed, leaving his body without any support and he wobbles on his feet.

Jungkook also didn't think that Taehyung would be the type to lie, but as he feels his head spin, he questions the fact.

He doesn't know if vampires can in fact puke, but the nausea is so intense that he drops down to a crouch with a pitiful moan.

"I thought you said it would make me feel just a little dizzy" he whimpers through heavy breaths trying to keep himself together. He hears a tinkling laugh amidst a lot of clattering and loud footsteps.

"Sorry baby vamp, some people react a lot worse to shadow travel. Don't worry though, vampires usually don't have a gag reflex due to their need to be able to swallow large quantities of blood in one go, so it is pretty unlikely that you'll actually vomit."

He hears Taehyung stop his movement, as if pondering something.
"I don't want to test that theory though, so avoid lifting your head too fast because blood doesn't wash off of the stone flooring very well."

Focusing on Taehyung's melodic voice, and not on his revolting stomach, Jungkook finds the nausea slowly dissipating, until he finally feels that it is safe enough to open his eyes and lift his head.

He is then met with the most strange yet somewhat charming sight he has ever seen.

They are, in what he supposes
is a kitchen, since he spots a sink, cabinets and a stove. The unusual thing though, is the raw stone flooring, the rustic setting of a table and chairs, and plants in every possible (and somewhat impossible) corner.

He sees bundles of herbs strung from the ceiling, on the windowsill and scattered across the countertops. There are woven baskets hanging from hooks on the support beams across the ceiling with hanging plants drooping from the sides. He even recognizes some of them from distant memories from his childhood, like the spider plant hanging from the edge of the doorway.

So enthralled by the cozy atmosphere the room gives, it takes him a moment to process the low mumbles and clattering noises coming from the other end of the kitchen.

Spotting Taehyung, Jungkook sees him surrounded by floating jars, bundles of herbs and small containers, tinkering over something on a long table in front of a wide open window.

There's a soft purple shine surrounding Taehyung, moving as if they were tiny fairies dancing with the breeze around him, sometimes twirling around the levitating objects, and other times just simply ruffling his light green locks.

Jungkook feels as if he is frozen, enthralled by the scene before him, eyes fixed on Taehyung as he moves around fluidly, like he was the magic itself, not just someone who could wield it.

"Shouldn't witches have cauldrons?" He blurts out without stopping to think, trying to break whatever spell he must have been under. He feels his cheeks heat up, embarrassed over his little outburst as Taehyung giggles.

"Some of us have evolved a bit Jungkookie, a regular pot works just as well," he says, then proceeds to look back at Jungkook with a little smirk, shifting to the side to show him a small black cauldron that was previously hidden by his body.
"Lucky for you though, I am a sucker for the classic look."

Pouring the contents of said cauldron through a strainer placed above a big mug, he yells out a loud "hyung", before placing it back down on the table, and waving his hand around, causing all the floating objects settle back down in their designated spot.

Jungkook suddenly feels something wet slide down his lower lip. Catching the stray drop before it falls, he sees that the back of hand is now stained red and realizes his fangs must have cut his lip once again.

Numb to the feeling of his sharp fangs, he stands up from his previous crouch and moves towards the sink to rinse it off. Just as he approaches the sink, he feels a sudden presence in the room, sending a foreboding shiver down his spine.

He spins around and before he can even process his actions, he hears a crash and feels his back hit the wall, heart slamming painfully against his ribcage as he stares into bright silver eyes from across the room.

Fighting to slow downing his breath, Jungkook hears Taehyung curse, briskly crossing the room and placing himself in front of him, blocking the eye contact between him and the vampire.

"Hey baby vamp look at me," Taehyung says, gently placing two fingers under his chin and guiding his face up until he has eye contact with Jungkook.

"Good, now listen to me, Yoongi hyung won't hurt you okay? He's a tiny soft marshmallow kitten who likes to nap in the couch curled up in a tiny ball. He's harmless I promise, just try to breathe slowly okay?" He continues, still gazing into Jungkook's eyes.

"I resent that Taehyungie,"
Jungkook startles again at the raspy voice coming from across the room, tensing even more.

"It takes a lot of courage to insult me after you took a whole century just to find a flower and left me here with a grumpy, sick Hobi and a distraught Jimin."

Taehyung scoffs, moving his hand from under his chin to place it behind his neck, gently laying his hand across his nape and slowly drawing circles with his thumb.
"Oh please hyungie, I'm pretty sure they both napped the entire time while you were the one pacing the floor as if Hobi was on his deathbed. Hyung can't even die from that."

Then taking a little step back and lowering his voice a bit, he looks at Jungkook and asks if he is okay.

"Uh h-his um," Jungkook stutters through his still fast breathing, trying to relax enough to speak.
"His eyes are silver" he finally manages to get out after a couple of seconds.

"Ah" Taehyung breathes out, "that makes sense. It's okay to be scared baby vamp, but I pinky promise hyung is harmless"

He then turns, looking at the other vampire, seeming to have a conversation entirely made out of facial expressions.
The other vampire shakes his head, the corners of his lips twitching as if he was trying not to smile. He then faces Jungkook, bright eyes focused on him once again.

"Hey little vamp, I take it you don't like us Purebloods" he says lightly. Flinching at being spoken to, he feels his fangs harshly press against his lip, once again reopening the never healing wound.

Frowning at that, the vampire starts walking towards him with measured steps. Heart rate picking up once again, he latches onto Taehyung's arm, barely noting his actions, sharp nails sinking into soft skin. Jungkook feels Taehyung grab his arm back, giving it a gentle squeeze in support.

Approaching him, Yoongi gently places his open palms against the side of Jungkook's face, thumb resting just above his upper lip, sliding it until he feels his fangs. He then gently presses up, digging his thumbs into Jungkook's gums, causing a slight burning sensation followed by the weird feeling of his fangs retracting.

Yoongi then pats his face, turns around, and walks towards Taehyung's work table.

"That probably didn't feel very nice since I forced them to retract, but now it should at least keep you from cutting your lip until your next feeding," The Vampire throws his words over his shoulder casually, picking up the mug with whatever concoction Taehyung had created and moving towards the doorway.

He stops right before crossing, turning back towards Jungkook.
"If you want to learn to retract them by choice, have Taehyungie bring you to me."

He then disappears around the doorway, leaving a wide eyed Jungkook staring at the spot he was just standing in.

Raising a still trembling hand towards his mouth, Jungkook feels the level ends of his teeth, and after struggling with his fangs for so long, it almost feels odd to not have them out.

Jungkook looks up towards Taehyung, seeing his soft expression and gentle smile. He slowly pries Jungkook's grip from his arm, moving down to clasp their hands together and starts tugging him towards the doorway.

"I would love to show you the house and have you meet all the hyungs, but I'm about to drop right here and take a nap on the floor if I don't get in my bed right about now." Taehyung says as they walk through a brightly lit hallway, going past a couple of doors, some shut and some open.

Stopping at the end of the hallway in front of two wide doors, he picks the one to the left, dragging him inside of what it looks like a bedroom. Letting go of Jungkook's hand,he moves towards another door at the side of the room, crouching in front of a cabinet, pulling out a some fluffy towels. Then turning back towards Jungkook, he brings his hands together and smiles widely at him.

"The bathroom is here if you want to take a shower and there is some basic toiletries in the cabinet under the sink. Feel free to use whatever you want, and I'll bring back some clothes for you." He stops frowning a little.

"You're welcome to go wherever you wish, just be aware there are 3 other people currently in the house, and while they are all harmless, I don't want you to get caught unprepared again." Taehyung says through half closed eyes,

"I would really like to have a talk with you now, but honestly I am so tired right now that my brain feels mushy, thanks to a little hungry vampire I know " He says grinning again and walking towards the door.

"My bedroom is the set of doors right next to this one, I'll probably be a little unresponsive for the next couple hours, but if you need me don't hesitate to come in."

Taehyung then gives him a little wave and closes the door, leaving Jungkook alone in the room.

Working through the multiple questions running in his mind, he slowly spins around, taking in the room.

Much like the parts of the house Jungkook has seen so far, it is brightly lit, with high windows framing most of the walls. It's a very simple room, a bed centered against the wall with soft blue sheets and a fur blanket over it and a small table and lamp next to it.

The floor is covered in a plush grey carpet, and there are ferns hanging from the beams across the ceiling. There are also little lamps hanging between the ferns, giving the room a cozy feel.

Taking a deep breath he heads towards the bathroom, and when he enters he has to stop and stare.
While small, the bathroom is by far the most unique one Jungkook has ever seen.

Below a window sits a clawfoot tub, surrounded by potted plants and hanging ivys. The floor is made up of rolled river stones, little green moss sprinkled in the gaps. Next to the tub is a small sink, with vines climbing the wall behind it, surrounding a mirror.

Surprising himself, Jungkook feels a giggle escaped his lips, excited at the prospect of a bath in such a quaint little place, forgetting about his confusing situation.

Rummaging under the sink, he finds labeled jars filled with salts and herbs, some even full of flowers.
Picking one labeled as Amber Blossoms, he opens it, sniffing the contents, becoming instantly enamoured with the scent. It smelled floral but soft and creamy with a woody undertone. Very gentle and comforting.

Humming quietly under his breath, Jungkook closes the cabinet and sets the tub to fill up with water at the hottest temperature he could tolerate. While he waits, he strips, and giggles at the ticklish feeling of the moss under his feet.

Picking up the jar, he pours it into the tub, watching the salt fizzle, and white flower blossoms with peach colored tips slowly float up. Shutting off the water, he climbs into the tub, slowly lowering himself into the hot water, and leaning his head back against the edge.
Inhaling the fragrant steam, he feels all his muscles melt against the tub, small noises of pleasure escaping his lips.

He still doesn't understand why he is here, or why the charming little witch is being so nice to him, but the warm water and the soft steam lulls him into a peaceful state, quieting the voice in his head for the first time since he became a vampire.


More often than not, Taehyung believes that the biggest issues with sharing the house with others is the lack of space boundaries.

Or maybe that's just a Jimin thing, which would explain why only hours after he passed out in his bed, Taehyung is being harshly woken up by a child jumping on him.

Groaning at his throbbing head, Taehyung cracks his eyes open, and instantly regrets it as he comes face to face with a smiling Jimin straddling his belly.

"Ever heard of knocking" he mumbles out, voice raspy, ignoring the obvious fact that Jimin, in fact, has probably never knocked before entering a room, and burning himself deeper into his blankets.

Rolling his eyes so harshly that Taehyung thinks it must have hurt, Jimin just bounces again, trying to get Taehyung's attention.

"Who even knocks anymore Tae, I have seen you in every situation possible, nothing phases me, and I know everything about you." He then frowns playfully, staring Taehyung down.

"Except, how come I had to learn from Hyungie that you adopted a baby vampire!" He starts pouting sadly, as if he had been deeply wounded by someone.

"Hyungie wouldn't let me sneak into his room, but he didn't even know the little vamp's name so how am I supposed to stay quiet when this is the most exciting thing you have done in years!" He continues excitedly, ignoring Taehyung's angry stare.

"Chim, I fed a starving Berserk Vampire, you of all people should know how exhausting this is, please let me sleep some more." Taehyung whines, harshly rubbing his eyes. It's not that he would die if he were to get up, but he's too comfortable for that. Jimin then grabs his shoulders and starts shaking it, clearly refusing to drop his request regardless of Taehyung's need to rest.

"I'm not leaving you alone until I get to meet the little vamp, and if you don't come with me, I will go tell Hobi of our new nest mate, and there will be nothing stopping him from knocking down his door and smothering him with love" Jimin threatens Taehyung, poking a finger into his chest with every word.

Taehyung supposes that even though Hoseok would have nothing but pure intentions being the absolute loving sunshine he is, the skittish vampire would most likely become terrified when faced with a quite literally glowing with excitement person invading his personal space.

Realizing that he has no choice but to get up, knowing Jimin always follows through with his threats, he resigns himself to know he will have to get up. Mumbling an "okay okay I'll get up", Taehyung pushes his adorably annoying alarm clock to the side, feeling the bed shift as jimin settles next to him.

Stretching out his body, he takes catalogue of his sore muscles and tingly fingertips, feeling his chest burn where his tattoo lies as it pushes his body to regenerate all the blood he lost. Getting pulled under the siren's call of his blanket, he feels himself settling back down the pillow, limbs relaxing without his permission.

Before he loses consciousness though, he suddenly feels the world turn as his body is aggressively shoved off the bed, feeling weightless for a second before smashing against the floor. Groaning loudly over his now bruised butt and sore back, he hears a loud and possibly evil laugh and feels Jimin stepping over him, followed by his receding footsteps.

Lifting his head, he sees Jimin standing by the door, arms crossed in what could have been an intimidating pose if he wasn't wearing a soft fuzzy yellow sweater over loose sweatpants and little ducky slippers. He informs Taehyung that he will graciously allow some time to shower, but if he's not out there within 10 minutes, he's unleashing Hobi on the poor unsuspecting boy.

Dropping his head back against the floor in mock despair, and regretting said action instantly, he feels a soft tickling sensation against his cheek. Opening his eyes, he sees one of the vines from the spider plant on his bedside table gently rubbing against his face. He's about to thank her for providing comfort over his horrible situation, when he feels a little tinkling giggle in his mind.

Ah yes of course she should side with Jimin, he forgot how mischievous the spider plants are, always thriving under more chaotic energies. He scoffs, sitting up and facing the potted plant.

"You are so lucky that you still aren't fully healed, and needs to be taken care of," he pouts at the plant, fake hurt over her betrayal,
"or I'd send you right off to Yoongi's room, and I'd see how much you would laugh when the only energy in the air is lethargy, and the closest thing to sunshine you get is when Hobi goes in the room."

Taehyung sees a little tremor pass through the plant, little leaves curling up into itself. Seeing that she has been properly chastised, he then gently run his fingers through the little bundle of leaves, to be sure she knew he wasn't serious.

It's not that his plants would ever hate him, but he thinks that being woken up in the middle of the night with little leaves tickling his nose until he can't stop sneezing is not necessarily fun. Trust him, it's not the first time he's had a pouty plant disturb his sleep, and he rather not deal with that again.

Realizing he has wasted precious time arguing with his plant, a common occurrence in his life, he heads towards the shower, hoping that if Jimin at least hears the running water, he would be less inclined to go get Hobi.

Finishing his shower in record time, he stumbles through getting dressed and rushes out the door, only to find Jimin sitting against the wall immersed in a game of Candy Crush. Leave it to Jimin to be so easily entertained and forget his own threats. Poking Jimin in the thigh with his foot, Taehyung sees him startle a bit, then promptly jumps up to his feet and facing Taehyung with barely contained excitement.

"Took you long enough Tae."
Jimin says and Taehyung rolls his eyes, knowing that he barely went past the 10 minute limit. Heading towards the guest room's door, he pauses and faces Jimin before knocking.

"I know you're excited but I don't know exactly what a shitty time he has been through, and he seems to be terrified of other vampires. Even though you're not a Pureblood, I don't want to make him more scared then he already is, so can you make sure to be gentle?" Taehyung asks, knowing Jimin would never want to make someone feel uncomfortable, never mind scared. He sees Jimin's face turn serious, dropping the child like excited grin.

"Hyungie told me about their interaction, and while I'm super excited to meet him, I'm more worried than anything else. So I'll be careful don't worry." Jimin says, then promptly gives him a shit eating grin.
"Look at you Tae, when did you become so protective over someone? It's like my baby is growing up right in front of me."

Rolling his eyes again and forcing down his smile over Jimin's dramatic antics, he turns and gently knocks on the door. Taehyung knows he would have felt if Jungkook had left and crossed the wards, even if they were done by Jin he still is very connected to the house, but it doesn't make him any less anxious, so upon hearing no response, he gently eases the door open to see if he was still there.

The sight that greets him has him immediately forcing his mouth closed before a probably not very manly squeal came rushing out. Honestly, Taehyung has never felt the need to cry over cute things, but he may or may not be slightly tearing up over the overload of adorableness that is coming from the bed.

Curled up around a pillow pressed against his chest, Jungkook seemed to be sleeping peacefully, soft hair spread out against another pillow, lips parted slightly. Taehyung can feel the slight vibration in the air from the plants in the room sensing such pure energy from the boy.

Before he can lose the battle against his instinct to go tuck the blanket around the vampire, he hears a strangled noise and sees that Jimin had shimmied his upper body under Taehyung's arm to catch a look, probably becoming curious as to why he was still peeking into the room. Taehyung can see Jimin's body practically vibrating as he goes through the same struggle Taehyung just went through. Grasping Jimin in a gentle chokehold, he tugs the overwhelmed vampire out of the doorway before he loses his battle and jumps into the bed to cuddle the sleeping boy. Closing the door as gentle as possible, he lets go of Jimin and sees him start to frantically pace.

"Oh my God Tae did you see that. Did you actually see that, I'm going to scream, that is the softest and cutest thing I have ever seen? I need to go give him all of my love and squish his cheeks. Tae can I please go squish his cheeks, I'll be fast I promise, he won't even feel I just, oh my god." Taehyung laughs at Jimin's meltdown, but agrees nevertheless. He didn't notice earlier due to his sheer exhaustion and the rumpled, dirty state the vampire was in, but he really is cute.

"No you cannot, let the poor thing nap, I don't want him to suffer the same fate I did." He tells Jimin, turning to walk down the hallway.
"What you can do is get Yoongi Hyung for me. I'm going to head to the kitchen but I feel that a discussion is necessary."

Breezing past him, he hears Jimin mutter something about how the only discussion they are having is how Jimin is going to adopt the vampire.
Laughing again, he heads towards the kitchen, hoping he can find something with enough caffeine to help him make it through the conversation they are about to have.

Frowning at his cabinet, he makes a mental note to order some more matcha to make his usual "I need to wake up" tea mix, since it looks like Namjoon must have gone through one of his "I need to stay awake for 4 days straight and research" and used up most of his caffeine filled herbs. Pulling out a mug, he proceeds to pull out jars, expertly finding the right amounts to make the tea both strong but tolerable. It's not that dried strawberry bits need to go into his tea, but he is really exhausted and he wants to at least drink something that tastes good.

Forgoing normal ways to heat up water, he waves his finger in a circular motion until the water bubbles. He usually doesn't use magic for everything, but honestly, he deserves this commodity after his long day. Shuffling towards the table, he drops down into a chair, placing his tea on the table to step, and promptly laying his head on his arm.

Before he can fall asleep though, he hears footsteps approaching, and the loud voice of Jimin, probably still whining over Jungkook.

"But Hyungie, you don't get it, his cheek was squished against the pillow making his nose scrunch up and I just wanted to snuggle him up and never let him go" Jimin says, squishing his face together trying to imitate Jungkook's sleeping face.

Taehyung giggles, he knows Jimin, so he knows that Yoongi, or Taehyung for the matter, won't be having any peace until Jimin gets what he wants. Taehyung can't blame him though, the whole thing was seriously adorable.

Yoongi sits across Taehyung, promptly pulling Jimin into his lap, hoping to placate the exited vampire. He then faces Taehyung, face serious.
Ah yes, here comes the part he was not ready for. He does hope Jimin will be helpful at least, since everyone knows how soft Yoongi is for Jimin.

"So Tae, how come we have a Beserk Vampire sleeping in our guest room? Last I checked, they have been banned outside of special circumstances approved by the council for almost 80 years, and there hasn't been a special circumstance in about 30 years." Yoongi starts, getting straight to the point as always.

Taehyung sighs, and starts from the beginning, explaining how he met the baby vampire.

"The thing is," he says after finishing telling them the story, watching the matching frown on their faces. " I don't know a lot about the circumstances, all I got is that he's been alone since turning, and that he obviously had been starving himself in order to not kill people."

Jimin sighs, laying his head on Yoongi's shoulder.
"How can a sire leave his fledgling like that?" He says in a sad voice.
"Noona would have cried hearing something like that. Sometimes I feel that she's mad at herself for dying and leaving me even though it wasn't her choice, so I don't understand how that boy was left alone for more than a year."

Gently patting Jimin's back, Yoongi speaks for the first time since Taehyung started the story.
"I need to talk to him as soon as possible so I can get enough information to the council to propose a hunt. We can't have a Pureblood running around creating a fledgling and then leaving. Not only is it against the accords, but if his sire already created one fledgling against the law, then what's stopping them from creating more?".

Taehyung freezes, fear washing over him.
"Hyung you can't bring this to the council, we can't have them executing the poor boy because of something he did not want to become. And, um, to be completely honest," he continues, feeling guilty, " I don't think I can handle feeding him. Sure it wouldn't kill me, but it has been about 8 hours since he fed, and my tattoo is still burning, and I still can't feel the tips of my fingers.
That only happened the first week after Jimin turned, and I was basically stuck in bed the entire time. I would be happy to feed him until he bonded with someone, but I'm pretty sure he drained about 3 or 4 people worth of blood out of me, and even I can't handle that 3 times a day."

Yoongi stops, trying to think of a solution.
"You said he was starving when he attacked you, right?" Jimin pipes in, "I'm assuming that for a regular feeding, given he has been feeding regularly, he shouldn't need to drink that much."

Yoongi hums in agreement, continuing Jimin's train of thought.
"He's right" he stops to give Jimin a little smile, in which the later returns gladly. " given he's not starving, the amount needed should be a lot less. Plus his body seems to still be at a fledgling stage due to the lack of proper feeding, so it should eventually even out, and he will most likely either drop a feeding, or just do a handful of smaller ones instead of 3 big ones." Yoogi then focus intensely Taehyung .

"I'm in no way forcing you or trying to guilt you into being a feeder for the little vampire," he says, sounding a little worried. "I'm sure that I hold enough sway in the council with Jin Hyung, Joon and Hobi backing me up to at least get a temporary exception to try to find him a feeder. And of course given the circumstances of his change and having a set feeder, there shouldn't be any problem in letting him live."

Taehyung lets out a breath he had been holding since he finished speaking.
"No no Hyung, I had every intention on letting him feed on me when I chose to bring him home." He says, feeling lighter and less guilty, "I just didn't realize the toll it took on me until now, but you're right. Plus now that I'm thinking, if I strengthen my tattoo with his blood, I would be able to feed him even if he stayed as thirsty as he is now."

Taehyung stands up, and finishes his tea, already making plans in his head.
"I'll go wake up the baby vamp now, and we can talk to him to get whatever information you need, and I'll offer him to stay and to have him feed from me for the foreseeable future. "

He then starts walking towards the doorway,
"But after that," he pauses, looking back, "I am going to go back to bed, and I don't care if the entire house is burning, I'm going to sleep until at least tomorrow morning even if it's the last thing I do.

Heading out in the hallway, Taehyung feels a little sad at the prospect of disturbing Jungkook's sleep, but at least now he will have a solid excuse to squish those soft cheeks.


"Hyung," Jimin says after Taehyung leaves the kitchen, pulling Yoongi from his thoughts.
He then points towards a corner of the room, where a broken potted plant lays on the floor,
"Should we tell Tae someone knocked over his Bloodroot again?"

Yoongi looks at the scattered pieces of the broken pot, a similar view of a few months ago when Namjoon had knocked it over.
"Nope." He says, shaking his head.

"But Hyungie," Jimin whines, "he pouted and yelled at everyone for days. I thought I was never going to hear the end of it, let me just fix it up real fast before he notices it."

Yoongi thinks back to the scene earlier in the day, where in fear, the little vampire knocked over the plant, and Taehyung didn't even notice it as he rushed to calm Jungkook down.

"Oh trust me baby," he smiles knowingly. "Taehyungie won't throw a hissy for this time, you will see."

Chapter Text

Before turning, Jungkook had very little experience with casual skinship. Growing up in his uncle's house, he was rarely hugged or cuddled, and even then the only time being when meeting other family members to show them how close they were.

It's not that Jungkook was mistreated or anything like that, he is sure his aunt and uncle loved him in whatever way they can love, but the couple never wanted children to begin with, so when they were pressured into taking Jungkook in, neither of them seemed to know how to handle a child.

Once he turned of age and left for university, he mostly kept to himself. While he knew he craved the skinship and emotional connection he never got, he didn't quite know how to enjoy the touch of others outside of sex, or when drunk enough to let his friends drape their arms around his neck.

Which is why his first instinct when he was awoken by fingers gently combing through his hair was to pull back. Before he could though, he seemed to process the scent enveloping him, and his body instantly melted against the bed, Taehyung's soft scent acting as a tranquilizer. The fingers in his hair paused for a second as if expecting Jungkook to move away, but once Taehyung saw him relax, he continued his ministrations, gently combing his hair, occasionally pausing to run his fingernails against his scalp.

Opening his eyes, he sees Taehyung sitting on the bed next to him, hair a darker shade of blue than before, skin glowing against the soft sunset colors coming in from the wide window behind him.

"Baby vamp," Taehyung says softly, almost whispering, hand still in his hair "you looked so comfortable sleeping, but we have to have a little talk before you get thirsty again"

Jungkook was so used to a much stronger feeling of thirst that he had not noticed the burn in his throat had returned until Taehyung mentioned it, making him aware of his dry mouth and tingly gums. Jungkook feels his eyes flicker towards Taehyung's neck, where an angry red puncture wound sits surrounded by a mass of purples and blues from how aggressively he must have sucked when he attacked Taehyung.

As if triggered by the view of the wound and what it meant, he suddenly feels his fangs burst through his gums, nicking his lower lip. Terrified by his body's reaction, he slaps a hand over his mouth and jumps backwards, managing to slip off the bed and go tumbling down the other side onto the floor. He hears a giggle and looks up at Taehyung leaning over the bedside, staring down at him.

"It looks like I'm not the only one becoming rudely acquainted with the floor today. Nasty way to wake up huh?" Taehyung says, a little silly smile punctuating his words.

"Don't worry though, I'm not offended or scared by your little fangs baby vamp, so why don't you come up here where it's comfy?" He continues offering Jungkook his hand.

Slightly offended at the jab towards his fangs (not that Jungkook understood why he was offended as he's never even paid attention to the size of his fangs), he grasps Taehyung's outstretched hand and lets himself be pulled up, gingerly settling down on the bed, as far as he can from where Taehyung was kneeling.

Rolling his eyes, Taehyung just sits back down carelessly, apparently having no sense of self preservation, scooting closer to Jungkook as if he wasn't a vampire who just showed clear signs of preying on Taehyung.

"Relax baby vamp, it only looks bad, I can't even feel it anymore, the wound will probably be gone by tomorrow. Perks of the blood spell." He taps on his neck as to prove a point. "Besides I'm here to offer you to feed anyways."

Jungkook's eyes widen at that, surprised at the offer. He expected the talk to be about being told to leave, or finally facing repercussions for biting Taehyung, not to be offered to feed from him again. Catching his bewildered expression, Taehyung begins talking again.

" I'm assuming you don't understand much about the non-mundane society right?" At his nod he continues,

"Well to make a super boring story short, we have a supernatural Council made up of a representative of each species, and they make up rules to keep us safe, pass trials, and maintain the balance between us and the hunters. And according to one of our laws, your type of vampires aren't supposed to exist without explicit consent from the Council. It's not that you are hated or anything like that baby vamp, it's just that…" Taehyung pauses then, trying to come up with the best way to explain it to Jungkook.

"It's just that you are a bit dangerous little one, I'm sure you understand that," Jungkook flinches at that, looking down at his lap, guilt rising up once again.

"I'm not that well versed in the specifics of vampires, Yoongi Hyung, the vampire you met earlier, can probably explain it a lot better than I can, but it's definitely not your fault that you can't control your thirst, you are what we call a Beserk Vampire, or a Pureblood Fledgling. The best way that I can explain is that you have the same capabilities as a Pureblood, but because you were once human, your body burns through the blood a lot faster and requires bigger amounts to make up for your capabilities. Following me so far baby vamp?"

Jungkook feels his world tilt upside down. He's struggling to process what he was told, unsure whether to be relieved or not that his bloodthirst isn't because of him, but because of who turned him. He feels as if he should be less guilty, but he can't get the feeling of the cold lifeless body in his arms, or the last faint beats of someone's heart out of his head.

He feels Taehyung gently pry his hands apart, holding them with a strong grip. Jungkook looks up and is shocked to see Taehyung looking at him, eyes slightly glossy with unshed tears.

"I am sorry Jungkookie, I think it just really hit me with what you must have gone through and I promise I'm not trying to make you feel guilty in any way or form and whatever you were forced to do after you turned will never be your fault okay?" Taehyung sniffs a little and starts drawing circles on the palms of Jungkook's hand and looks into his eyes to show that he meant every word he said.

"I just want you to know all your options and understand them okay?" Jungkook nods automatically, still reeling from Taehyung's reaction.

"Okay so, back to storytime yeah? Per council laws, you aren't allowed to exist unless you have a guaranteed blood supply or, preferably even, bonded to someone who can provide the blood you need without harming anyone. I talked to Hyung, and he said that if you want, we can petition to the council and they would help you find donors until you bond with someone. Between Jinnie and Yoongi Hyung's Council seats, we can guarantee your safety regardless of what you choose, unless you refuse to take a donor." Taehyung pauses before continuing and lets Jungkook process the information.

"What I would like to offer to you, is both a place as a guest in our nest, and to be your donor until you find someone else of your choice. I want you to know that you're free to leave at anytime you want, we are in no way keeping you prisoner, however if you leave without a donor we have to alert the council for the safety of both the mundane people and the hidden structure of our society. You still would not be in any danger if that's your choice, but the Council would need to bring you in to keep an eye on you until you find a donor, and regardless of the choice you make, we would still make sure you are safe at all times."

Before Taehyung can continue, they hear a knock on the door, and a bright blonde boy peeks in, flashing a blinding smile that turns his eyes into little crescents.

Thanks to being both overwhelmed by the conversation and at the intrusion of a new person, Jungkook clenches his hands, digging his nails into the soft flesh of Taehyung's hand. Hearing a small pained hiss, he yanks his hands back from Taehyung's grasp, mortified at hurting the witch yet again.

Taehyung just smiles at him, and gently taps under Jungkook's chin with his pointer and middle finger as a "it's okay" gesture, and turns towards the smiling boy who had been silently watching their interaction.

"Hey Chimie, what's up?" Taehyung asks. The boy huffs out, and transforms his smile into a cranky pout.

"Hobi is awake but Hyungie won't let him get up until you check him over. I was going to wait until you came out, but they are arguing now, and last time Hobi got upset, I was cleaning sparky dust off of our room for weeks." He then turns towards Jungkook, smiling brightly once again.

"Hi Jungkookie, I'm Park Jimin, Taehyungie's best friend and favorite nestmate," Taehyung lets out a little amused scoff at that,
"Sorry that I have to steal Taehyungie, but Fairies are nasty little things when angry."

Jungkook feels Taehyung let out a little shudder at that, as if remembering something he did not want to.

"Yeah okay Chim, I think my plants would never forgive me if Hobi pouted again, a week under cloudy skies was enough to last me a lifetime. Tell them I'll be right there."
Jimin smiles again, gives a little wave and leaves, closing the door behind him.

"Sorry about the overload of information," Taehyung says, turning back to face him.
"I have to go check out Hyung before someone ends up upset, but it works out fine because I want to give you time to think through things anyways."

He places his hands gently on Jungkook's face, just like how the other vampire had done to him earlier.

"I think this is how Hyung did it earlier, so I'm sorry if I'm not right,"
Taehyung says, then adds pressure against his fangs, forcing them to retreat, then gently swiping the blood from his cut lip with his thumb.

He then gets up, taps Jungkook under the chin again, and heads towards the door. Grasping the door handle he stops and looks back at Jungkook, giving him a big smile.

"Come find me if you have any questions, I will either be in the kitchen or in my room, it shouldn't be too hard for you to find and if you decide to leave, still stop to see me okay? I want you to feed at least once before you leave." And with that he leaves Jungkook stunned and overloaded with information.

Jungkook sits there for a while, processing the information he was given. He didn't even know where to start. Does he work through the fact that there are different kinds of vampires first, or the fact he happens to be the dangerous kind? Or does he process the existence of a supernatural Council? Actually shouldn't he be surprised that Fairies exist? To be honest he kind of wants to meet one.

Woah,hold up, he did actually meet a witch too, his 14 year old Harry Potter loving self would be ecstatic if he knew they existed.

Taking a deep breath and trying to focus on important things, he catches traces of Taehyung's lingering scent, instantly remind him that he was in fact still thirsty.

Jungkook doesn't understand why Taehyung would offer to feed him casually like he wouldn't be risking himself every time. From what he understands, either way he must have a donor for the council to let him exist, and the easiest answer would be to accept Taehyung's offer.

But even though Taehyung says he can't be drained by Jungkook's thirst, he still slept for hours and looked exhausted. And honestly what does Taehyung gain from feeding him? Why would he even offer in the first place, he don't even know him.
It's not that Jungkook wants to keep starving himself, or wants to kill others, but he is so scared that he might end up making Taehyung's life hard after all the good he has shown Jungkook.

He stays thinking things over for a while, long enough for the sun to finish setting and for darkness to cover the room.
He feels that at this point, he needs more answers before he makes his choice, so he decides to head out to find Taehyung.

On his way out, he stares longingly at the bathroom, wondering if he ends up leaving, will they let him enjoy the bath one last time?

Stepping out into the hallway, he notices that the lack of the moon makes everything dark, so relying on his sense of smell to guide him, he takes a deep breath and tries to pick out Taehyung's scent out of the mix.

Surprisingly enough, despite other heavy scents in the air, he finds it easy to pinpoint the breezy and warm smell of Taehyung's scent.

Jungkook thinks that the best way to explain how Taehyung smells is that his scent is the color purple. Both light and dark, a combination of cold blue and hot red. Letting his instincts take over, he finds himself tracking Taehyung to the kitchen, where he hears loud voices arguing.

Peeking over the threshold, he sees Taehyung kneeling in front of a broken potted plant, and the two boys he met today sitting at the table, looking at Taehyung with an unreadable expression.

"It's been MONTHS" Taehyung exclaims, deep voice taking an almost angry tone.
"Months Hyung, months and she is still mad at me. I had to go prancing in a North American forest at 5 am because she refused to cooperate since I apparently let her be knocked over by Joon, only to come back to her on the floor again. Honestly I'm just glad she doesn't have vines or she would strangle me in my sleep"

The boys at the table share a look, then Yoongi looks up at Jungkook, staring at him and smirking.
"Ah but Taehyung-ah, your little vampire was the one who knocked it over earlier when he got spooked, shouldn't you be yelling at him instead?"

Jungkook startles at that. Great one more thing added to the "Jungkook keeps hurting Taehyung" list.

"Oh" Taehyung says more subdued, hands still busy fixing the plant.
"Can't really be mad at him, he'll probably think I hate him and that he's the worst."

Well he's not wrong.

"It's okay, I'll figure something out, she can't stay angry at me forever."
Suddenly Jimin starts laughing out loud, body going limp against Yoongi's lap, laughing so hard that his entire frame was shaking. Yoongi then just winks at Jungkook, mutters something under his breath, and giggles along with the hysterical boy.


"Whipped" Taehyung hears coming from the hysterical couple, and he huffs, planning on denying it, but trying to come up with an excuse and failing entirely.

Muttering under his breath about rude and teasing nestmates, and how they don't deserve him, Taehyung finishes sweeping up the dirty, and turns around to place the broom away. He almost jumps when he notices Jungkook at the doorway, staring wide eyed at the still giggling couple.

"Ignore those clowns baby vamp, they just exist to make my life miserable." Taehyung says, ignoring the protest coming from the still laughing couple. Eyeing Jungkook's uncomfortable stance by the door, Taehyung gives him a smile, and offers Jungkook to come sit at the table.

He sees the vampire warrily approach the table, eyes glued to Yoongi's. Noticing the vampire's fear, Yoongi blinks, and a soft brown covers the bright silver of his eyes, making his gaze a lot less intimidating.

Jungkook startles, promptly looking at Taehyung as if he had the answer. He sees Yoongi roll his eyes, and turns back towards the vampire.

"I can't keep them neutral for too long, but I figured you would be more comfortable this way" yoongi says, gaining Jungkook's attention.

Turning and rummaging through his cabinets for the proper ingredients for a recovery potion, Taehyung listens to their conversation hoping Yoongi could make Jungkook comfortable enough without having to intervene.

"Can I do that?" Jungkook whispers, curiosity seeming to overshadow his initial fear.

"Humm," Yoongi says, thinking of the answer. "Usually no, you'd have to have a steady diet of a Pureblood's blood to be able to get this little perk, but even then it requires a lot of concentration. Purebloods and their fledglings are too much of a "vampire" to manage to pass as a regular human like Jiminie here."

"Rude Hyungie, I didn't see you complaining about my lesser status as a vampire last time I bit you" Jimin cuts in, forcing a small blush on Yoongi's face, never the type of person to be comfortable with the way Jimin is so open with their grand sexual exploits.

Pinching his waist in retaliation, Yoongi causes Jimin to flail around, dropping from his lap into a pouty heap on the floor. Standing up and huffing, he exclaims that he is going to go check up on Hobi in the shower, because "at least someone appreciates me and my fangs", leaving Taehyung cackling and a still embarrassed Yoongi behind.

Clearing his throat and turning back to Jungkook, who seems to be holding back a smile, he continues his explanation.

"Right so um, no unless you drink from a Pureblood, your eyes will stay red at all times, same with mine staying silver."
Jungkook then leans forward a bit, resting his forearm on the table, engrossed by the new things he was learning.

"Why is he different then?" He asks, still shy but voice raising to a more normal volume as his need for knowledge quieting his wariness of the Pureblood.

"Right so, it's because of the vampire hierarchy" Yoongi answers, settling back more comfortably into his chair.

"Us Purebloods were the original vampires, first documented appearances dating back to early civilizations. How we came into existence is unknown, but Jin-Hyung is sure there the theory where a Hedge Witch brought another witch back to life, and thus creating the first vampire is the right one. I personally think it's because he wants to feel special but that's beside the point. Either way, to balance out the gifts we have as Purebloods, such as immortality, we were cursed to rely on blood drinking. We are able to reproduce and create new purebloods, while we are probably "less" than the originals, we still maintain our place in the "top tier" of the hierarchy." He stops to gauge Jungkook's reaction, and nodding at the boys undivided attention.

"By giving our immortality gift to a human, we create the Berserker Vampire. Tae mentioned that he told you a bit about it, but because you were once human, your body isn't made to hold our power, so it requires more energy in the form of blood to keep you alive. Unfortunately with immortality comes the inability to die, so if you don't drink, your body will force you to go in a haze to feed, which is why our fledglings aren't allowed to exist unless the council allows it.
The last vampire, whom some argue are the weakest, but you've met Jimin and I'm sure you can see how that's a lie, is the ones at the "bottom tier" of the hierarchy. They are the "normal" vampires, ones who are turned by either a Berserker or a regular vampire. Physically speaking they are less strong than us, but still have all of the perks that we do, have a lesser sensitivity to the sun, and can pass as humans since their eyes only glow when thirsty or with high emotions. Don't ever remind Jimin of his place in the hierarchy by the way, or you will find yourself dismembered at the bottom of a lake before you can even blink."

Taehyung sets down his cauldron to steep, sneaking a peek at Jungkook, who seems to be entranced by Yoongi's monologue, eyes so wide that he resembled a startled deer.

"Woah" Jungkook breathes out. Taehyung can practically see the gears turning in his head, processing all the information.
Plopping down into a chair, he faces Jungkook

"He explains it a lot better, doesn't he?"
Jungkook nods, turning towards Taehyung, frowning slightly, as if he was trying to figure out how to word something.

"If we are so dangerous" he finally says, avoiding Taehyung's eyes, "why did you offer to feed me? Wouldn't it make more sense to get rid of me to avoid any risks to both you and all the humans I can kill?"

Taehyung startles at that. He expected Jungkook to ask why he offered, but not to assume the easier path would be to kill him. Before he can open his mouth, Yoongi starts speaking again, with that faraway voice of his that only means he is thinking of memories better left buried.

"My older brother was the nicest person you could ever meet, he loved fiercely and cared for everyone, even those who did not deserve his love. He was killed in an act of jealousy, and in my anger I massacred an entire clan. I should be the one with control yet I let my rage consume me for an act of revenge, where you fought something you could not control to the point of pain so fierce I cannot imagine it. I am just as dangerous as you, so with your logic little one, shouldn't I also be put to death?"

Flinching at the memories and grasping his neck, Taehyung forces the thoughts down, not wanting to remember the repercussions of Yoongi's brother's death. He looks at Jungkook's expression, something of a cross between anger and sadness. Yoongi continues with voice more gentle than before,

"If Tae hadn't offered, I would have. So would have Jimin. Hell, I can guarantee you that Hobi will lose his shit when he meets you, so be prepared to be adopted. I have met many Pureblood Fledglings before with my time with the Council, and you're the first I've ever met to control your thirst in the way I have been told you have done so far, so don't think your life is less valuable because of the things you have done that weren't by choice." Jimin, who seems to have snuck into the kitchen, slowly winds his arms around Yoongi, resting his chin on Yoongi's shoulder.

"Don't be worried about Tae, he fed me for years before I bonded, he knows exactly what he's walking into."

Taehyung watches the emotions that seems to be flicking through Jungkook's face as he process their words, sometimes it's a sadness so intense that it hurts Taehyung, other times a pain so deep that its palpable, but in the end it settles into this look that is part relief, part hope, and part fear.

Out of nowhere, Jungkook jumps up, bending down into a bow so deep that if Taehyung had attempted it, he would have lost his balance.

"I haven't said it yet, but I'm sorry for attacking you. Anyone else would have died and I hope you can forgive me. I really don't understand why you are willing to do this for me, or why you all have been so nice, but I really don't want to hurt anyone else, and I don't want to hurt anymore, so thank you. Just please, don't let me hurt you okay? I don't think I could handle adding you to my list of sins."

Wide eyed at the apology, Taehyung looks over at the couple sitting by the table, not quite believing what he just heard. Yoongi seems to be holding back a sniffling Jimin, so before Jungkook is attacked by a crying vampire, he gently places his hands on Jungkook's shoulders, tugging him up.

Before Jungkook can react, Taehyung wraps his arms around him in a soul crushing hug, first feeling Jungkook stiffen but then slowly melt into the hug.

"I swear baby vamp, you're going to make me cry. Of course I forgive you, I was never mad." Looking out the window over Jungkook's shoulder at the dark sky, he smiles.

"And would you look at that, it's even a new moon today, perfect time for new decisions and new beginnings. Don't worry Jungkookie, everything is going to work out just fine."

Taehyung steps back a bit, tapping under Jungkook's chin until their eyes met, but before he can continue his "please let us all drown you in love" speech, they hear a loud crash through the door,

"I'm here and I'm queer ladies and gentlemen, what did I miss?" Hobi's loud voice cuts through the emotionally charged atmosphere.

His eyes zeroes in on Jungkook, currently staring with an open mouth at the rambunctious fairy, and letting out an ear splitting shriek, Hoseok's wings burst through his back in unabashed excitement, golden glitter showering his surroundings.

Before they can react, Taehyung is shoved off of Jungkook as the fairy throws himself at the poor boy, yelling out unintelligible words of excitement.

"Did you forget to mention Jungkook to Hobi, Jimin?"
Giving him a smirk, Jimin just laughs at Jungkook's misfortune.

"Oh my Sunlight, Jungkookie, you are so cute! I can feel your energy and it's so pure that I'm drowning!"

Dragging the bewildered boy to the chair, Hoseok props himself on Jungkook, wrapping his arms around his neck in an almost chokehold.

"Yoongi, Jimin!" Hobi yells out, sings fluttering behind him in unabashed happiness.
"I hope you are all ready for parenthood, because this is my new son."

They just laugh at him, expecting nothing different from their resident drama queen.

Facing the still shocked vampire, Taehyung asks if he is okay, planning on fighting a fairy if the need arose.

"Um. Yes I'm okay." Jungkook answers with a little overwhelmed stutter.
"It's okay uh, he smells really nice".

Realizing what he said, Jungkook instantly freezes and blushes, only turning even more red at the outburst of laughter following his confession.

Leaving Jungkook to suffer through Hoseok's smothering affection and Jimin's explanation that all fairies smell good to vampires because they are their polar opposites due to coming into existence from the birth of humans, where vampires come from the death of one, Taehyung turns to dig through his counter, trying to find his forgotten cellphone in the cluttered workspace.

Just as he picks it up, he sees the screen lit up with a phone call from none other then "favorite witch brother".
Rolling his eyes at the contact name, he picks up the call.

"Hyung when will you ever let me call you? Just because you can sense I need to talk to you, doesn't mean you need to one up me and call first"
He hears a low giggle float through the phone, and Taehyung notices that Namjoon must have used Jin's phone to call him.

"Hyung said you needed to talk to me Tae-ah. I was going to wait for you to call, but you know hyung."

Taehyung props his phone on his shoulder, hearing a muffled "hey" and the sound of something being thrown. While Namjoon curses loudly at Jin, he finishes up his potion, pouring the unappetizing green liquid into a bottle, already not excited to drink it. Nothing nastier than a recovery potion.

"Sorry about that Tae, Hyung can't seem to take a joke" Namjoon says, and although his words seem mean, it's nothing short than overwhelmly fond.

"Please Hyung, keep me out of you guy's gross foreplay."
Laughing at that, Namjoon asks what Taehyung needs from him.

"Listen, to make a super long story short, we may or may not have adopted a Berserk Vampire, and I need you to get in contact with Dragon so he can redo my tattoo."

At that, Taehyung can hear Jin's voice asking questions, and the sound of a scuffle as Jin attempts to take the phone, followed by loud swearing as Taehyung assume Namjoon must have locked Jin out of range of the phone with a fire circle.

"I'm just going to ignore your lackluster explanation and move on. Last I checked Dragon was somewhere in the Alps mountain range, but that was almost a year ago. I'm going to have to run through an extensive list of acquaintances, might take me at least a week to find him."

Frowning at that, he resigns himself to a bed rest filled future. Shit, he just got Jungkook convinced he will be okay to feed from, Taehyung bets he will feel guilty over it.

"Okay Hyung, we will make do until then."

He turns back around towards the group at the table, where Yoongi sits resigned as Hobi and Jimin argue over something probably stupid.

Jungkook on the other hand, seems to be entirely focused on Taehyung's movements, almost unconsciously. Seeing that Taehyung noticed him, Jungkook tenses up, only to have Hobi gently pat his cheek without even stopping his argument.

Smiling at the boy, he focus back to the call.
"Have Hyung call Jimin, I'm sure he's currently cursing us to all hells for keeping him from this." At Namjoon's laugh he continues,
"I'd love to be the one to explain, but I'm sure Jimin and Hobi will have a blast telling Jin about their new adopted son. Besides, I apparently have a thirsty vampire to convince that it's okay to bite."

Hanging up, he claps his hands together, getting the attention of the still arguing group.

"Alright baby vamp, let's work on your biting skills before I go to sleep."

Looking at the gleeful stares coming from the trio, and the wide eyed stare from Jungkook, Taehyung thinks that maybe he won't be going to bed anytime soon.

Chapter Text


Fear shows itself differently on every individual.

When faced with fear, Jimin becomes fiercely over protective, swallowing down his worries and throwing himself in front of danger to protect others.

Taehyung, on the other hand, becomes angry. There isn't much that scares him, but when overwhelmed with fear, Taehyung becomes inexplicably angry, facing his fear head on even if he just wants to hide.

Fear on Jungkook looks a whole lot like guilt and sadness. He seems to curl into himself, as if he could make himself small enough he can hide from what scares him.

That's how he looks now, curled up behind Hobi, hands grasping the edges of the chair like his life depended on it.

Regretting the way he said it, Taehyung tries to come up with a way to make the idea less scary for the vampire, but coming up with nothing, he sits down on one of the chairs surrounding the table and turns to face Yoongi, hoping for some help. He stares back in a "your vampire, you fix it" way and when Taehyung just flashes him puppy eyes he sighs and turns towards Jungkook.

"Would it make it easier if I was here to make sure you don't go too far?" Yoongi ends up saying, hoping that would help things along, but also kind of hoping Taehyung could figure this out on his own. Sue him, he's tired.

"Can you stop me if I hurt him?" Jungkook ends up asking, still curled up behind Hoseok, who seems to be proud of being the one Jungkook seems to be seeking comfort from, even if it's unintentional.

Yoongi turns towards Taehyung, eyes melting back into their bright silver. Over the years of being together as nestmates, they have learned how to read each other easily, silently communicating, so when Yoongi gently taps his sharp nails against the wooden table, giving him a "are you good with anything I might have to do" look, Taehyung finds himself tensing, but still giving him a nod of confirmation.

Well, Taehyung better prepare himself, because nothing good ever comes out to letting Yoongi do whatever he needs.

"Little vamp, are you okay with a little hands on demonstration? There won't be any side effects I promise."
Yoongi says, smirking when he gets a nod of consent from Jungkook.

Freaking Purebloods and their excitement over displaying their dominance, you'd think they were wolves, not bloodsucking creatures.

Before he can rethink his poor life decisions, Yoongi stands up and places himself behind Taehyung, who is still sitting down on the chair, trying not to show how nervous he is.

It's not that he is scared, he just feels like this isn't the greatest idea ever, he is pretty sure of what Yoongi is planning, and he knows the best way to get Jungkook to not be afraid to feed from him is to show him that they can stop him, but if Yoongi misses catching him, Jungkook will end up feeling worse by the end of it.

Taehyung feels Yoongi placing a hand under his jaw, startling him out of his thoughts, slowly tilting his head so his neck is bared. He can see Jungkook tensing, knuckles white from his harsh grip on the edge of the chair, eyes glued to the steady beat of the vein in Taehyung's neck.

Without much preamble, Yoongi gently sinks his nails on the soft skin under Taehyung's jaw, sliding down an inch or so to cause a small wound to form, a small drop of blood instantly oozing out. Before Taehyung can even flinch at the small sting, he hears the crashing sound of a chair being thrown back, a startled yelp from Hobi, and suddenly he has a lapful of a frenzied vampired, fangs a mere centimeter away from his neck.

Taehyung can feel the harsh puffs of warm air bathing his skin from Jungkook's accelerated breathing as he is forced to submit by Yoongi's hands gripping the back of his neck, claws sunk in deeply. Feeling a little frazzled at being reminded again of how fast vampires can move, Taehyung gently moves his hand up, and places his palm flat against Jungkook's mouth, thumb and forefinger aligned with his cheekbones. Adding pressure, he slowly pushes the vampire's face from his neck, until he's far enough that Taehyung can see his face, wide eyes slightly glazed, muscles locked in place.

Yoongi reaches around Taehyung with his free hand, licking his thumb and running it over the small cut on his neck to close it, then makes a disgusted noise when he cleans the blood off his finger, like the taste offended him.

Which probably did since he was mated, but he didn't need to be rude about it.

Yoongi taps Taehyung on the shoulder once, warning him, and he braces himself as Yoongi let's go of Jungkook's neck. Immediately the vampire slumps down, body pliant with the submission, full falling into Taehyung's lap.

Yoongi helps Taehyung slide Jungkook down toward the floor, head resting on his lap so that the vampire is at a safe distance away from taehyung's neck in case he loses his control again.

Taehyung gently runs his fingers through the now clean hair, humming softly at the how silky it felt.

Less than a minute later, he feels Jungkook inhale harshly and lift up his head, eyes clear again, stunned.

"Wha-what was that?" He lisps through his still lowered fangs, eyes fluctuating between Yoongi and Taehyung.

"That was submission little vamp, a nifty little trick that uses pressure points in the neck to block instincts, causing the vampire to stop. Works at most for a whole minute and only a few selected people know how to do it, but it is highly effective. Feels weird doesn't it?" Yoongi says, keeping a close eye on the vampire's movement, in case he reacts badly to it.

"It felt like my mind went blank. I couldn't even think" Jungkook mumbles, gently shaking his head to clear it.

"Why did you place your hand on my mouth?" He then asks Taehyung, whose a little surprised that Jungkook even noticed that through the haze.

"Uh, it's just a step for it? Um it like blocks your breathing and adds pressure to your fangs, helping to shut off your senses for the submission to work. You have to do both steps or the vampire can pull back and resume attacking before you can manage to subdue the instincts. Yoongi could have done both but this way you can see I also know how to do it." Taehyung ends up rambling a bit, a little bit less knowledgeable about how it works as he was just taught how to do it, not why, but wanting to explain it himself since Jungkook had directed the question to him.

Noticing that he is still gripping the boys hair, he pulls his hand back, eyeing Jungkook's reaction.
Instead of being mad at the forced submission, he seems to relax a bit, like he is comforted by the thought that he could be stopped at any time.

Taking this as a good thing, Taehyung says that they need to work on feeding now so he can go to sleep, still feeling exhausted the earlier blood loss and all the magic he had to do.

That seems to make Jungkook tense again, although a lot less than before.

"Can I uhm, bite your wrist instead?"
Jungkook mumbles, avoiding eye contact prompting Taehyung to frown, confused at the request since vampires usually like the neck better

"I mean, you can, just the blood flow is a lot slower that way. Why? I don't mind you biting my neck."

"I just," Jungkook starts, seeming to struggle for the correct words to express his reasoning,
"I just don't want to be above you, I don't want you to feel like I'm holding you down and forcing you to do this"

Have you ever felt like you are melting? Because Taehyung might as well be a little puddle of fondness because that is the nicest thing ever.
The vampire was just forced into submission while thirsty, and his main concern is whether or not he will make Taehyung uncomfortable.

He hears choked off noises coming from the other side of the table, probably Jimin or Hoseok (or both) cooing over the vampire but trying not to be obvious and all Taehyung can do is agree with them because same.

"Baby vamp, I don't feel like that," Taehyung starts, avoiding looking at the couple currently clinging to each other so he doesn't lose his composure and join their cooing party.

"You can use my wrist if it makes you more comfortable, but whatever works for you works for me. Remember I was the one who offered okay?"

Jungkook nods then looks up expectantly, bright red eyes wide open. Taehyung offers his arm to him, settling back against the chair as Jungkook gingerly grasps his forearm.

He can see that Jungkook is struggling, fighting what must be a strong urge to bite. He tears his eyes away, but instead of looking at Taehyung, he locks onto Yoongi, almost in a pleading manner.

Yoongi just walks around the chair, kneeling next to Jungkook, who seems to be surprisingly comfortable sitting criss cross on the ground, resting his arms on Taehyung's leg.

"First step is to numb the area you are going to bite," Yoongi starts off without any preamble,
"There's two ways to do that. While your fangs are out, your saliva contains numbing agents in the form of venom, so all you have to do is get said venom in the bloodstream. In theory you could just lick the skin and eventually it would be absorbed, but we want to move things along faster. The first way is to gently scrape your fang or your nail against the spot to break the skin, and lick it. It does take a little longer to spread since it's a small wound, plus the idea is to make it not hurt them, so making a bigger wound defeats the purpose. Since you're probably struggling to control yourself, I suggest the faster way. Basically just latch on and suck a hickey into his skin. It brings all those tiny blood vessels to the surface, and the pressure makes them burst, leaving the blood right under the surface, absorbing the venom almost instantly."

Taehyung suddenly is glad that Jungkook had decided to use his wrist instead, he had forgotten about that little detail, which was why when he used to feed Jimin, they also used his wrist, to avoid awkward situations no two friends should be in.

Taehyung feels Yoongi grab his wrist, turning it slightly and tapping about halfway up his forearm.
"The main artery in the arm is easier to get to from here," Yoongi points to the edge of Taehyung's forearm "not at the wrist, which is where most would assume is the best spot. Now go on, you got this".

Yoongi then stands up and settles himself behind Taehyung's chair again, knowing he will probably have to steady Taehyung up at some point since he is still drained from the ridiculous amount of blood the vampire took in his starving haze.

Jungkook seems to be struggling, holding Taehyung's arm tightly, and he has to focus on not flinching at Jungkook's nails digging into his skin.

Seeming to lose the battle with himself, Jungkook latches on his wrist, sucking harshly. Taehyung can almost instantly feel the tingly feeling of his arm becoming numb, but Jungkook can't seem to hold himself back long enough, so he pulls his head back, eyes closed, and clamps down on Taehyung's arm.

Try as he might, Taehyung ends up flinching. It's not that it hurt that bad, it didn't, but since his arm wasn't fully numb, he couldn't control his reaction, but luckily Jungkook seemed distracted enough not to notice.

He tries to relax back into the chair, but before he can, the venom seems to reach his brain and he is flooded with pain endorphins.

Fuck, he forgot about that part, Jungkook is still terrified of feeding, so of course his venom will trigger pain.

He tries to hold back the whimper that crawls out of his throat, but his arm feels like it is on fire.

At the sound of his distress, Jungkook tenses up, letting out little whimpers of his own, trying to force himself out of the bite.

That only causes Taehyung to feel more pain, Jungkook's fear and struggle pumping more venom in his bloodstream, so he reaches with his free hand to tangle into Jungkook's hair, gently smoothing down the locks.

Slowly Jungkook seems to relax, and the burning on Taehyung's arm seems to subside a bit.

It never leaves completely, but it becomes a distance feeling as Taehyung starts feeling lightheaded.
He feels his head slump back against the back of the chair, but before he can hit the wood, Yoongi's hand is there to act as a cushion. His limbs go numb and he feels Yoongi grip his shoulders harshly.

When the light seems to be twisting and swaying and the plants making a dancing mosaic in the ceiling, he decides it's better to close his eyes.

Every sound seems to be muffled, like he is underwater, noises seeming to come from far away.
Taehyung hears a sweet sounding voice asking what's wrong with him, tone dripping with fear, and a raspy voice, that if he focuses hard enough he can identify as Yoongi, saying that it's okay, it's because his tattoo isn't quite up for the job but he will be fine, but that Jungkook should help him to his bedroom.

Next thing he knows he feels weightless, like his body is swaying gently on a swing, warmth radiating from whatever he is leaning on.

The last thing he registers is being gently place on a bed, a fluttering touch on his forehead that he might just have imagined, then nothing else.


The first thing Jungkook thinks of when he is woken up by the sunlight making his skin tingle, is that he could suffocate in Taehyung's scent and be okay with it.

It doesn't smell like anything that he loves in particular, but so far in his experience, it has only brought him the comfort of a warm hug, a soothing end to his thirst, or the feeling of coming home after a long day. Burying his face deeper into the pillow, he inhales the warm strawberry-like scent, sweet and breezy, feeling himself slip back into sleep regardless of the bothersome feeling of being in direct sunlight.

Hold on.

Why does his pillow smell like Taehyung?

Opening his eyes, he comes face to face with a smiling Taehyung, features soft and swollen with sleep, hair still pale mint as the night before, although it seemed to be a little darker.

Startled, he jumps back, almost falling off the bed again.

Right, Jungkook must have fallen asleep by accident.

Looking at a giggling Taehyung, he feels the need to explain himself.
"Right, sorry, I promise I wasn't being a creep or anything," he says, words tumbling out of his mouth in his hurry to correct the situation

"I just ... was really worried, and I think I fell asleep at some point" Jungkook finishes, fighting the blush climbing up his cheeks.

Taehyung stops giggling, smiling softly at Jungkook.
"It's all good Jungkookie, should have warned you last night that this was likely to happen, but I'll be fine." Says Taehyung, voice raspy and deep with sleep.

He then shifts eyeing his bedside table, making a face at a bottle placed there.

"Jimin-ssi left that here last night, said that I should get you to drink it, even if it's by force." Jungkook says, hoping it won't come to that since he does not want to force Taehyung to do anything.

Taehyung looks back at him, eyes wide, bottom lip jutting out into the most pitiful pouty look Jungkook has ever seen, making him feel the extreme urge to fix whatever it is that's making Taehyung sad.

Jungkook eyes the bottle, debating whether or not it would be beneficial if he just chucked the bottle out of the room as hard as he can.

Taehyung's pout turns into a smile, giggles tumbling out of his lips as he reaches over and picks up said offending bottle. Frowning once again, he tips the bottle back into his mouth, swallowing the contents down in once go.

The expression Taehyung has once he pulls the bottle away from his mouth has Jungkook biting his cheek to keep in his laughter.

Taehyung looked like he had drunk the most disgusting thing to ever exist, eyes shut tightly, eyebrows knit close together, hand covering his mouth, trying to prevent the little whimpers that seem to escape either way.

"That tastes exactly like despair." Taehyung mumbles, eyes still shut.

"Kookieeee" he then whines, turning to look at Jungkook, earlier pout seeming to make a comeback, now laced with disgust. "Can you please get me something to drink from the kitchen?"

What is Jungkook supposed to say when faced with that pout? No? Jumping up, he runs out the door, sneaking into the kitchen and pulling a water bottle from the fridge.
Slipping back into the room, he hands Taehyung the bottle, and settles at the end of the bed, watching him drink it like a dying man, observing every action.

"Woah" Jungkook says without meaning to. Taehyung hums in question, head tilted to the side, mouth still full of water. Flushing again, Jungkook looks down.

"Your hair is darker again" he says quietly. And it is darker, it seems like the roots had taken on a deeper shade of teal, while the tips were still the pale mint as of before.

"Ahhh," Taehyung says, discarding the empty bottle on a little trash contained under his bedside table.

"My hair is my witch mark; its tied to my magic levels. The darker color it is, the stronger I feel. This nasty swamp water I was just forced to drink is a recovery potion, so it bumps up my energy levels, and thus, making my hair darker. You should see Jin Hyung's hair though, it looks like a swirling galaxy."


Taehyung then jumps up from the bed, stretching his body with a loud groan, then walks towards a door that Jungkook assumes is a bathroom.

While Taehyung is in there, Jungkook takes a moment to look around, just now noticing the bedroom as he was too worried last night to pay attention to.

Much similar to Jungkook's own room, there seemed to be plants draped in every corner of the much bigger room. It looked well lived in, some clothes thrown in a chair on the corner, shoes laying haphazardly on the soft carpet.

Next to the high window there was a little futon, piled high with pillows and blankets. Against one of the walls, a table surrounded by shelves had all kinds of stones, herbs, plants, and candles strewn around, some of said candles even lit, despite Jungkook being sure they weren't last night.

However what Jungkook liked the most was the big bed he was sitting on. Much bigger than his own, it was covered with all kinds of soft pillows and blankets, yet the coolest part was the canopy above the bed, soft curtain like fabrics draping from each corner, and vines twisting and turning around the supporting beams, and strategically grown over them to create a green "roof" to the canopy.

"So Jungkookie," Taehyung yells out from the bathroom, over the sound of running water,
"While the potion is making me feel like I could wrestle a bear, I need to go settle some stuff with Jiminie at the store since I'll be a little out of commission until we get my tattoo redone." Stepping out while drying his face, Taehyung starts walking towards Jungkook.

"While I'm gone, I'm going to have Hobi Hyung show you the house, but feel free to do whatever you afterward." He then pauses standing over Jungkook, pointer finger pressed over his chest.

"And come find me anytime you're thirsty" Taehyung continues, tapping Jungkook with his finger harshly to emphasize his words
"None of that self sacrificing bullshit, we both know I can handle it." He finishes, plopping himself down next to Jungkook. "I won't pass out again, I swear, that only happened because I was exhausted from the first feeding and all the magic I did yesterday."

Shoving his arm at Jungkook, he then spits out a determined "now drink", and stares Jungkook down.

Funny enough, Jungkook hadn't felt his thirst until presented with the option to drink. He must have been so used to a much harsher burning feelings of thirst that the little tingle in the back of his throat did not even register in his mind.

He feels his gums itch, his fangs sliding down without permission, though he still thinks it's progress, since even though they came out automatically, he still managed to get them to go away on his own after laying Taehyung down in his bed last night.

Gently grasping Taehyung's arm, Jungkook looks up, determined to make sure Taehyung was okay with it. Faced with nothing but a gentle smile, he takes a deep breath trying to calm down his racing heart, and then leans down and latches onto Taehyung's forearm.

He's kind of glad that his hair is so long, because it hides his cheeks that are probably bright red, the fact he needs to suck a hickey into Taehyung's skin seems to be a lot bigger of a deal now since he isn't hazy from thirst.

He spoke too soon about his clear head though, because as the little blood vessels burst under Taehyung's skin, the scent of blood attacks him, making the burn in his throat double, and the urge to bite becomes unbearable.

Whimpering at the feeling, heart racing as he feels his control slip, he sinks down, fangs piercing the skin, then pulling back lightly and latching back on forcefully.

The taste bursts through his mouth, soothing the burn, but instead of relief, the usual anxiety wrecks his body, and he feels his limbs tremble, the image of lifeless eyes crowding his brain.

Feeling Taehyung tense, he tries to pull back, Jungkook knows it's hurting him, but just like always, he can't unlock his jaw, can't pull back, can't stop, can't let them live, can't-

"Hey, relax baby vamp, the more anxious you get, the more it hurts" Taehyung's soothing voice crashes through the panic, fingers once again gently scratching his head.

He feels his body relax, and although he can't shut off his fear, he tries to force it back, which in turn seems to reward Jungkook with Taehyung's relieved sigh.

A lot earlier than expected, he feels his jaw unlock, so not wanting to make Taehyung pass out again, he gathers all his self control and pulls back, fighting back the want to keep drinking the sweet blood, then leans in again to close the wound.

"Good job Jungkookie," He hears Taehyung's voice, still working on keeping his body still and not jumping Taehyung again, eyes lowered to his lap, where he still has Taehyung's arm in his grip.
"You did great with your fear, it helps a lot when you control it."

"Why does it hurt you?" Jungkook asks through shallow breaths.

Taehyung taps gently under his chin, forcing him to look up,
"The same venom that numbs the bite also forces the brain to release specific endorphins, that are related to your emotions." He says, laying his hand back down over Jungkook's, that are still grasping his arm.

"Your fear, anger, anxiety or any negative emotion makes my brain flooded with pain receptors, making it feel like my skin is burning. When you learn how to relax and not be afraid to bite, you will make me feel sleepy and relaxed. Kind of like the feeling of laying on a tub of warm water after a long day."

Taehyung then slides his arm free from Jungkook's grasp, turning to grab his hand and tugging Jungkook up with him as he stands.

"Come on Jungkookie, I want to get things done so I can nap." He says with a smile.

Taehyung then drags Jungkook down the hallway, stopping before the kitchen and going up a stairwell. Tugging Jungkook down a similar hallway, he stops in front of a door and before he can even knock, an excited Jimin jumps out, big smile in place.

"Taehyungie, I had a feeling you'd come find me!" He exclaims, throwing his body on Taehyung, forcing him to let go of Jungkook's hand, making him feel oddly disappointed.

He hears a giggle come from inside the bedroom, and suddenly Jungkook has his arms full of glitter and an excitable fairy.

"Jungkookie!" Hoseok screams, latching on to his side, clearly prepared to not let go anytime soon.

Taehyung giggles at them, telling Hoseok that he has the honor of showing Jungkook their house, and with an excited laugh, Hoseok just drags Jungkook off into said house tour.

Pausing to explain every so often, Hoseok spends the next hour or so telling him about how the house has 5 bedrooms, and that it used to be 6, but once Hoseok moved into the bedroom he shares with his mates, they turned his old bedroom into Namjoon and Jin's workroom, and the 5th bedroom is Yoongi's personal room for when he needs to fulfill his antisocial vampire aesthetic.

Both their bedrooms and Namjoon and Jin's rooms are upstairs, and downstairs on the left end is Jungkook and Taehyung's bedrooms, with the kitchen in the center, and their den in the other end.

Jungkook is amazed at the weird shape the house is, almost like a C shape, with high one-way view windows in every room, and a beautiful garden like area in the center. Also looking out of the kitchen window he sees a huge structure, almost the size of the house itself, which according to Hoseok is Taehyung's greenhouse and that no one is allowed to go there without his permission as not all plants were nice.

While they did not enter Namjoon and Jin's rooms, he could tell from what he saw that each of the rooms in the house had specific aesthetics to it to match their owners. Taehyung's room, much similar to his was covered in plants, and the kitchen follows the suit, seeming to be Taehyung's main workspace.

Yoongi's personal room made Jungkook think of a stereotypical vampire movie, black shades, black blankets, black carpet, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the trio's room seemed to be nothing less than a cozy bright, well lived in bedroom. Funny enough, the owner of the gothic room seemed to be quite content napping in the pastel blankets.

Now, their living room/game area had Jungkook's inner college boy screaming. The room was big, taking up most of the right wing of the house. On one side a long couch was set in front of a huge tv, all kinds of gaming consoles, games and movies lining the shelf around it, and the floor seems to dip down into a huge fluffy mattress level with the ground, with pillows and blankets strewn around.

On the other side, different game tables were set up in front of a small bar.

It was basically Jungkook's pre vampire era wet dream.

Before he could dive face first into the couch, he hears a laugh coming from the door, and he turns to see Taehyung and Jimin smiling faces.

"Hyungie wants us Hobi," Jimin says between giggles, still hanging off of Taehyung, both staring at Jungkook's amazed stare as he continued to look around the room.
Hoseok doesn't hesitate to hop over, throwing himself at the giggling duo.

"Thank you for showing me around Hoseok-ssi." Jungkook says, wanting to show his appreciation at the bubbly fairy for giving him the house tour, but as he finishes his sentence, Hoseok gives out a wounded yelp, clutching Taehyung dramatically.

"Taehyungie your little vampire is being mean to me. Jungkookie you take that back right now!" He wails out, pouty look stabbing right through Jungkook.

He looks at Taehyung, wondering what he did wrong to somehow manage to insult the embodiment of sunshine.

Instead of being helpful, Taehyung just joins Jimin in laughing hysterically at his problem.

"He's just" Taehyung says after a solid minute of giggles, still stopping between the sentence to laugh some more. "He's just offended you didn't call him Hyung."

"Of course I am!" Hoseok says , stalking over towards Jungkook, grabbing his cheeks and squishing them together between his palms.

"Hyung, Jungkookie, Hobi Hyung."
He then pats Jungkook's cheeks, and drags a still laughing Jimin out of the room.

Bewildered, Jungkook looks at Taehyung, only for him to dissolve into louder giggles, clutching his chest.

"You look like a scared bunny Jungkookie, all wide eyed and confused"

Leaning against the doorframe, once he was done, Taehyung points to the tv corner.
"Planning on playing games?"

Jungkook eyes the couch longingly, seeing his immediate future consisting of never leaving with said place.

"Can I?" He asks, turning back towards Taehyung, who just frowns.
"I thought we made it clear you're free to do whatever, so hang out here as much as you'd like. I'm going to go take a nap now, if you're staying here, please have fun!" Taehyung says, pulling himself off the doorframe to head out.

"I um, want to take a bath first," Jungkook says, moving to follow Taehyung out of the room, feeling excited over another bubble bath, and a gaming marathon.

Taehyung just smiles, walking out into the hallway towards their rooms.
Reaching his door, he opens it, but ends up stumbling a bit, grabbing onto the frame to keep himself from falling.

Jungkook starts moving forward to help him, but stops when he sees the color bleed out of Taehyung's hair, turning it back to the pale mint Jungkook has grown to hate.

Before he can react though, Taehyung straightens up, turns his head to face Jungkook and gives him a big smile.

"Have fun Jungkookie!" He says in a cheery voice, then walks into his bedroom, closing the door and leaving Jungkook standing out in the hallway, struggling with his guilt.

Chapter Text

Ten days.
It took Namjoon ten whole days to find Dragon, and the fucker was on some spiritually enlightening camping trip only three hours away from their nest.

To say Taehyung was a little bit angry was an understatement. It's not like it was Namjoon's fault, the Dragon was notorious for going off grid, but it's almost insulting that he was so close to them all this time, while Taehyung was virtually tied to his bed.

It's not that napping all day long was such a crappy thing to do, if anything Taehyung enjoyed his mini vacation, but Jungkook had been hiding and Taehyung is ready to break down the door to his room and force Jungkook to tell him what's wrong, but unfortunately he was so dizzy and exhausted all the time that he couldn't.

Taehyung had been so thrilled to have seen Jungkook loving their nest, his pretty doe eyes wide open examining every corner of the den with unfiltered excitement.

It made Taehyung relax, hoping that until he had enough energy to help break Jungkook out of his lonely shell, the fact he was excited to be in the nest would keep him happy until then.

Except the complete opposite happened and it left Taehyung upset yet unable to fix it.

Their routine had been very simple for the past ten days. Taehyung would wake up alone and force the devil's juice down his throat so he'd have enough energy to get through the day.

He would first burst into Jungkook's room, finding him curled up underneath the blankets asleep, and while at first Taehyung couldn't help but coo at the adorable sight, he slowly became more worried as Jungkook seemed to never be comfortable enough in his bed, frown permanently etched into his sleeping face, the dark bags that used to decorate under his eyes when he first met the vampire slowly returned full force.

The only positive of the situation was that on those early morning feedings, Jungkook was sleepy and pliant, often barely registering that Taehyung was there, and while it hurt a bit, that bite was the least painful of all.

He often wanted to drag Jungkook with him after that, but the boy would just snuggle back down into his bed, and Taehyung was too worried about his obvious need for sleep to push it.

Unfortunately he had no choice but to go to the shop. With Jin gone, it was left for him to run it, and while Jimin and Hobi were excellent salesmen, they couldn't exactly make any orders for specific spells, or replace the sold potions.

As much as Taehyung was well known for his potions, there was only so far the recovery potion could carry him and his overworked body, so by lunch time, either one of the sunshine duo would drag him back to the house, force feed him something and drop him on his bed, where he would promptly pass out until his alarm went off around sunset.

To an extent, Taehyung was kind of glad Jungkook refused to feed throughout the day too, and while he knows the vampire is probably in pain by the time Taehyung gets to him at night, but he also knows that he most likely wouldn't be able to get out of bed, even with the potion, if he had pressured Jungkook to take the midday feeding.

But the drawback from it is that when he does go feed Jungkook at night, the poor vampire is a little desperate, so he can't try to force him to talk or interact before feeding, and once he is done, Taehyung is on the verge of passing out.

And for those feedings, Taehyung makes sure to drag Jungkook to his room, knowing that after he would be too exhausted to go back on his own, and that he hoped that along with him, Jungkook too would fall asleep like the first night and maybe give him a chance to try to talk to the boy, but while Taehyung often feels his presence in his sleepy haze for a while, he still wakes up alone the next morning.

The rest of the Hyungs too tried to get Jungkook to come out of his room, but between his shy nature and whatever that was making him upset, Jungkook would always politely decline their offers.

Taehyung figures that if given the time, the sunshine duo would manage to break him out of his brooding mood, but they were busy running the store and not to mention fretting over their own broody vampire who was currently chasing down Jungkook's maker, and not getting anywhere.

The only time they managed to drag Jungkook out of the room, maybe two or three days after the house tour, was when Yoongi forced Taehyung out of the store early and made Jungkook talk about his turning.

Taehyung feels his chest burn at the thought, he can still feel the way Jungkook's voice went quiet and his eyes a little lost when he retold how he turned. They didn't force him to speak, but Jungkook knew he needed to give them all the information he could so they could find his maker and hopefully avoid any more cases like him, but that doesn't mean it had been easy for the poor boy.

"What has you frowning this hard Taehyungie?" Jiming says, startling him out of his thoughts.

Leaning his head on his hands, Taehyung just sighs.

"Ah" Jimin answers, sitting on the table, and gently patting Taehyung's hair.
"We are worried about him too, but with the mess that's going on, we barely have time for ourselves, never mind to try to figure Jungkookie out. Last night when Hyungie came by to feed, he told us that Jin Hyung got called back too, and that he's been raising hell at the Council ever since."

"I wasn't even thinking about that, but thanks for the reminder, now I am even more stressed." Taehyung whines. "Honestly I'm still fixated on how Jungkook telling us about how he got turned, and he didn't even talk about his year alone in detail. I don't think I want to hear it to be honest, I'm not even a vampire, let alone a Pureblood fledgling, and just the thought of being left alone like that makes my heart hurt." Taehyung continues sadly, face still buried in his hands.

"Hyungie hasn't said anything to us" Hoseok pipes in from the doorway, probably sensing Taehyung's bad mood and promptly feeling the need to comfort him.
"He just shows up, feeds, rants about the council and goes back. The most update we've had is that they put in a team on the case and that he is supposed to be on the lead since he's the only one who has somewhat of an inkling of what Jungkook's maker smells like."

It's a known fact that a turned vampire will always carry a faint trace of their maker's scent, but only Purebloods have a strong enough sense of smell to catch it, and with their overprotective feeling over Jungkook has all of them mutually agreeing that they will not present Jungkook to the council until they feel that he isn't going to fear they were double crossing him, so it leaves Yoongi as the only Pureblood who knows what the maker smells like.

While there isn't a lot of Purebloods as it isn't easy for them to reproduce, finding just one specific vampire is still like trying to find a needle in a haystack, especially with the fact that they need to search outside of the country, but thankfully Purebloods tend to carry their original family scent, so it's always a matter of connecting the dots, or in this case, connecting the vampires.

Lifting his head up, Taehyung starts recounting their conversation with Jungkook to Jimin and Hoseok, both whom seemed to be curious but also apprehensive to hear about the vampire's horrible turning.

Apparently the boy was a 3rd year Fine Arts major, on an overseas scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago, a fact that has Taehyung itching to get the boy a sketchbook, having always been a lover of art in any form, and always arguing that magic counted as an art form.

It also did explain why Taehyung found Jungkook all the way in the North Eastern coast of the US.

He said that he doesn't remember much of the night itself, but he was out with a couple of friends enjoying their last night out before the midterm season started when he was approached by a very beautiful girl, about his age, maybe a little younger. From what she told him, she was visiting a friend overseas but missed home a lot, so she took the opportunity to talk to someone who spoke Korean as well.

Jungkook too felt excited to also be speaking Korean again after stumbling through English for so long. He was a few drinks in already and a little hazy from it, so his judgement wasn't the best, but she seemed so nice, so what would be the harm in talking for a bit?

A few more drinks in and she started complained about feeling sick, whining over a low alcohol tolerance, and later on Jungkook would realize she hadn't even touched her drink, but a little drunk himself, he just helped her over to the bathroom, not wanting to leave a seemingly drunk girl on her own.

Except, one second he was half carrying her to one of the stalls, and the next she had him pinned against the wall, eyes bright silver.

He screamed when she bit him, it felt like lava was being poured into his veins, the feeling did not stop even after he felt his body go limp, sliding down the wall, clearly almost drained, and all she did was to cover his mouth sohis screams wouldn't be heard.

Once she decided he was drained enough, toying at the edge of death, she let go of his neck, and straddling him, she forced her blood down his throat. The last thing he remembered was her silver eyes staring down at him as she grabbed his neck and snapped it.

At that point Jungkook had stopped talking, everything up until then had been just one big word vomit, all jumbled up and messy, whispered out through hiccups breaths and shaking frame.

He had then stood up, and with a voice void of any emotions, just said that once he woke up, he was covered in blood holding the dead body of the bartender that was serving them earlier, other bodies strewn around the room, and that he had been on the run ever since.

When Taehyung had followed after him, offering comfort, Jungkook had just shook his head, refusing to even feed, and pushed Taehyung out of his room.

In the following days, he had acted like the conversation never happened, but that's when his sleeping seemed to start becoming affected, and the dark bags under his eyes became a permanent addition to his features.

Finishing the story, Taehyung tries to shake the horrible images of Jungkook's sad eyes as he told his story, and looks over at Jimin who was clutching Hoseok's shirt like a lifeline, eyes glassy, probably remembering the pain of his own turning.

He is startled out of the morose mood by the loud notification noise from his phone. Looking down at the address Namjoon sent him, he stands up determined.

He's not letting Jungkook hide anymore, and like hell he's letting Jungkook feel whatever horrible thing that has him hiding.

He's going to fix this.

But first, they need to go find a Dragon.


At this point, Jungkook is used to being startled out of sleep, body soaked in sweat, and the last flashes of his nightmare clouding his vision.

However, he is not used to being startled out of sleep by the door to his bedroom being slammed open forcefully by an energized teal haired demon.

"Jungkookie get dressed, we are going on an adventure!" Taehyung exclaims loudly, pulling the blankets off of a wide eyed confused vampire.

Jungkook tries to make sense of the situation, mind hazy and still mostly asleep, which is why he misses the fixated stare Taehyung seems to be giving him.

"Damn baby vamp, didn't know that the immortality gift came with perks, because wow, those thighs are something for sure"

Jungkook startles, looking down at his boxer clad legs, the baggy shirt he wore to bed had ridden up to his waist, and he feels his face instantly flushing.

Damn him and his weird need to strip during the night, something that used to drive his roommates insane.

"Uh no, they were like this before turning." He says, surprising both himself and Taehyung. Flushing even more, he rushes to stand up, putting on the pair of sweatpants that he had worn to bed, that just as he had assumed, had been taken off at some point during the night.

"Oh yeah okay." Taehyung says, clearing his throat and switching the topic,
"Anyways, um, finish getting dressed and come meet me in the kitchen, we have a dragon to chase"

With that he turns and leaves, pausing to yell out he has no choice in the matter, then leaving Jungkook still slightly flushed, and definitely confused.

I mean, he is pretty sure dragons shouldn't be a thing, or everyone would know of their existence, as its would be pretty hard to hide an entire freaking dragon.

Rushing through getting ready, he pulls on a baggy long sleeve shirt over a pair of loose jeans, aware of the blazing sun outside, aiming to try to minimize his sensitive skin from coming in contact with the sunshine.

He's kind of glad all the clothes that Taehyung left him were baggy, it did help with the whole hiding from the sun deal.

Plus, no one needed to know that Jungkook enjoyed being surrounded by the faint scent that still clung to the clothes.

Not his fault Taehyung's scent was so soothing.

He peeks over towards the mirror, seeing his hair a wild mess, strands sticking up in every way. Unsure how to even deal with it, he digs through the cabinet under the sink, finding a hair tie, and attempts to tie his hair up.

Turns out he has no idea how girls do this, it seems that every time he thinks he caught all the strands, another one comes sliding out of the messy knot on top of his head.

Damn, he really needs a haircut.

Somewhat satisfied with his hair at least being pulled away from his face, although clearly lacking finesse and maybe a little too tight, he makes his way towards the kitchen, finding Taehyung rummaging through cabinets, humming quietly.

Hearing Jungkook walk in, Taehyung turns towards him, and promptly breaks into giggles.

"No no Jungkookie, here let me help." Taehyung says, stalking over towards Jungkook, and pushing well into his personal space as he reaches around him and pulls the hair tie off of Jungkook's hair.

Jungkook frowns, he worked hard on it, but it immediately disappears as Taehyung runs his fingers through his hair, tugging out the knots, and twisting it into a loose bun half way up his head.

"There, much better," he says, gently patting his head and turning back towards the bag he was filling with random jars and containers, leaving Jungkook still a little shocked, and surrounded by his fading scent.

Jungkook wants to pout but at the same time, he did get all the hair into the bun, and it isn't as tight as he originally did it, so he is happy about that at least.

"How did you do that so fast?" He asks, honestly a little jealous that Taehyung succeeded into pulling his hair up when Jungkook struggled for almost 5 minutes and somehow still clearly failed.

"I went through a long hair phase, your pretty locks doesn't even come close to how long mine was." he says giggling, pulling out a somewhat familiar black bag from a drawer

Oh no. Hell no.

Despite the fact that Jungkook always enjoys listening to Taehyung talk, he feels himself 100% fixated on the little black bag instead of Taehyung's story about his long hair.

Any other day the story would have Jungkook excited to learn more about the witch, but no way in hell Taehyung is forcing him to cross through that glittering portal again.
Jungkook just now needs to figure out a way to voice his concern.

".....and then Jimin decided he was sick of it and cut it all off while I was black out drunk at the New Year's party. Talk about starting the millennium by waking up with a butchered haircut"
Taehyung then throws the backpack on and walks over towards Jungkook, still continuing his story like Jungkook wasn't currently having a mini internal meltdown.

In his defense, he doesn't think feeling his entire body breakdown to a molecular level and be put back together within seconds is the best way to travel.

He's broken out of his inner freak out by Taehyung tapping him under his chin, grabbing his attention.

"You okay there baby vamp?" Taehyung says, eyebrows pinched in a frown. It makes Jungkook wonder if Taehyung just has a built in freak out detector when it comes to him, since he always seems to catch on to Jungkook's mood. Probably a witch thing.

"I uh," Jungkook starts eloquently as always, wanting to not be rude but absolutely refusing to even consider the portal. "Can we not use that?"

Taehyung looks down at the pouch on his hand, mildly confused as to why Jungkook wouldn't want to. Then it seems to click and he remembers the poor vampire doubled over on his kitchen floor wishing for a quick death after traveling through the portal.

"But Jungkookie, it's so much faster this way. It's the wonders of modern magic!" He whines cutely, making Jungkook melt a little bit when faced with Taehyung's pouty lips and wide eyed stare, but he still refuses to relent.

He does try a different strategy though.

"Um… please? I really don't like it, it makes my insides twist." Jungkook says through his own pout, tilting his head to the side a bit and using Taehyung's own weapon against him.

Jungkook's best friend back in his college used to say he could probably get away with robbing a bank as soon as he flashed his wide eyed pout at the officer arresting him.

Taehyung looks back at him with a shocked look, mouth open in a little o shape.

And despite the fact he didn't think the trick would work on Taehyung, it was how about 20 minutes later Jungkook finds himself driving down a dirt road,Taehyung leaning against the window fast asleep, some sort of piano medley playing from his phone connected to the car speakers.

Honestly, Jungkook is kind of surprised Taehyung relented so fast, yelling out to Hoseok that he was borrowing the car, and dragging Jungkook out to a shiny car parked in a connected garage.

The only catch was that Jungkook had to drive though, which posed no problem for him as he used to love driving before turning.

It definitely wasn't a problem at first anyways, but about an hour and a half into driving, Taehyung's scent seemed to have spread to every inch of the car, making Jungkook's throat burn.

Usually the soft smell did nothing but calm him down, but he supposes that with how often he has been feeding, his body isn't used to going so long without drinking anymore, so the tempting golden skin of Taehyung's throat exposed by the angle he was resting his head has Jungkook gripping the steering wheel so tight he can feel the plastic crack.

He ends up opening the window, hoping that maybe by diluting the scent with the crisp winter air he can control his thirst better, but that only makes Taehyung shiver and shift uncomfortably in his sleep, so he quickly backtracks on that idea.

Two and a half hours in, Jungkook's fangs are digging harshly into his lower lip, and he's cursing Taehyung's need to wear loose baggy clothes to all Hells.

Seriously what is the need for a shirt so big that the stretched out collar slips down so far he can see Taehyung's collarbones? Thanks to the glow of the sun, he can practically see the veins under the skin, and it just makes it all so much harder.

Jungkook is used to the burn, he knows he isn't anywhere near his limit, and won't be losing his control anytime soon but when the gps informs him that they only have 30 minutes left into the drive, he thanks whatever God is out there for it.

He does make a mental note to ask Taehyung about that. Who knows, with all of the supernatural beings he's met so far, maybe there is a god too.

He frowns as he pulls into some sort of lodge area, humans walking in and out of cute little cabins, with different trails seeming to lead up the mountain behind it.

Gently poking Taehyung awake, he stresses over the thought of walking into a crowd of humans, how their scent will only make his burning throat feel worse.

He's gotten used to a place where only Taehyung's scent makes him thirsty, not somewhere where he feels like he's walking into a whole buffet.

Taehyung stretches out, face all swollen with sleep and eyes barely open, whining about needing to go back to sleep.

All of that doesn't keep him from noticing Jungkook's inner freak out again, although he supposes with his fangs out in the open, it's more of an outer freak out.

Taehyung frowns at Jungkook, and instantly starts digging through his bag and pulling out a simple black facemask. He then gently blows on the mask, the same little purple sparkles that had surrounded Taehyung last time Jungkook had seen him work some sort of magic now covered the mask.

"Here you go Jungkookie, it should filter out all scents so you don't get overwhelmed. It's only got about an hour lifespan though, so let's hustle, we still have a whole hike to go through."

Jungkook just shakes his head in disbelief while putting on the mask.
Where was this an hour ago when all he wanted was to bury his face on Taehyung's neck and never let go?

Taehyung was right though, the mask did a good job, and without the scents making his brain go haywire, it was really easy for him to calm down his urges.

Unfortunately his fangs still refused to retract. At this point his mind must be associating Taehyung with feeding time, and he's definitely a little thirsty, so the little control he has over his fangs is gone.

It is for sure a lot easier to handle the afternoon time until he can feed before bed when he isn't around Taehyung.

About 10 minutes into the hike, Jungkook can hear Taehyung's labored breathing, and he's covered in sweat, face pale and hair so light colored it only has a small hint of mint color on the tips.

Usually at this time Jungkook knows that Taehyung is sleeping, the potion already ineffective, and while the nap in the car probably helped, the hike didn't.

He feels a little guilty now, he had been so focused on avoiding the portal that he didn't think of how it would have affected Taehyung, but he doesn't know how to fix the current situation.

He doesn't have to worry long though, because suddenly Taehyung drapes his body over Jungkook, throwing his arms around Jungkook's neck and leaning heavily against him, forcing Jungkook to stop walking.

"Jungkookie, be a big boy and carry me, I'm 100% dying. Can you believe people do this for fun? What kind of masochist enjoys this?"
Taehyung whines, and just fully rests his weight on Jungkook as the vampire promptly leans down, wrapping his legs around Jungkook's waist.

Jungkook supposes the perks of being a vampire is that he can do something like this, which he is positive he wouldn't be able to do had he still been a human, and he feels a little less guilty now that he can be of some help.

He feels Taehyung wiggling around trying to get comfortable, forcing Jungkook to grab his thighs tightly to keep him from falling, a fact Jungkook aims to ignore, then he just lays his head on the crook of Jungkook's neck, and only a few steps later Jungkook feels Taehyung body relax, even breaths tickling him as the witch clearly falls asleep.

Jungkook really hopes that whoever this dragon is can make sure Taehyung starts feeling better, the guilt has been eating Jungkook alive, but his thirst keeps him stuck at the house, the blinding fear of being in pain again overriding his guilt over exhausting Taehyung.
And this fact has him feeling even guiltier, a brutal never ending cycle.

A little way up the trail, he feels Taehyung suddenly stiffen, body going rigid as he startles awake, catching Jungkook by surprise and almost making them fall. He slides down Jungkook's back and instantly drags him a few steps behind and stops, crossing his arms as he looks around attentively.

"We freaking crossed the barrier without me announcing our arrival, so now we just pray Hyung looks before he attacks or we are about to become two little piles of ashes." Taehyung says, voice tight with worry.

It has Jungkook instantly stepping closer to Taehyung, instinct going crazy as he becomes aware of whatever danger they are in.

However just as Taehyung is whining about how Jungkook shouldn't have let him fall asleep, he sees a pink, screeching blur run by him and tackling Taehyung, causing both beings to crash on the ground.

Jungkook reacts out of pure instinct, forcefully grabbing the body off of Taehyung, smashing them to the ground, digging his claws harshly into their neck.

Jungkook's vision is red, and he can both hear every detailed sound around them, but he also feels that his ears are clogged, only being able to focus on the heartbeat of the person pinned below him.

"....kook, Jungkook. Let her go Jungkookie, she's not a threat." He finally hears through the sound of blood rushing, and feels Taehyung's hands gently caressing his neck, then pausing and slowly adding pressure, nails digging on his skin, as a warning that if Jungkook doesn't control himself, he will be forced to dig deeper and force him to submit again.

But before it got that far, a tinkling giggle breaks through Jungkook's haze, soft and airy, and it forces Jungkook to focus on the being underneath him.

He comes face to face with a little girl, big wide blue eyes, bright pink hair and little iridescent scales lining her neck.

He feels himself jump back, horrified at attacking a little kid. He can feel his heart racing, and his breathing increase as he realizes that he could have hurt a little kid, and wow Jungkook you thought you were bad before huh?

Except said little pink girl just stands up and giggles again, dusts her little dress and skips towards another person who was standing by a tree, seeming to have observed the entire interaction. She jumps up on the person, using little reptile-like wings to propel her jump, instantly winding her hands around the person's neck.

"Chichi chichi! Did you see! Did you see how good he protected Taehyungie? He moved so fast Chichi!" She exclaims in a high pitched voice.

Jungkook can now focus enough to notice the man, presumably the little girl's father, whose body also seems to be covered with the same iridescent scales, however being fiery red instead of pink.

Taehyung meanwhile just continues gently petting the back of Jungkook's neck, both as a precaution and to comfort him, and watches the interaction between the two beings with an amused expression.

"I see that baby. You took that tackle really good too, Otosan is very proud of you, I saw how you tucked your wings just right so they wouldn't get hurt."
The man (being?) coos at his little girl in a heavily accented Korean, flashing a sharp toothed smile at her obvious excitement over being praised.

Taehyung just smiles at them, then turns to Jungkook, a questioning look on his face.
Still wide eyed, Jungkook just nods at him, and let's Taehyung pull him to his feet, starting the introductions.

"Junkookie meet Dragon and his cute little daughter Ryoko-chan, both awesome Japanase descent Dragon Shifters. Hyung here-"

"Stop with the Korean honorifics Taehyung," the guy interrupts, smiling despite the rude inflection to his words.

"Never," Taehyung continues, ignoring his request with a little hand wiggle.
"Anyways Hyung here is amazing with blood contracts and he's the one who made mine and Jiminie's blood bond, so hopefully we can tweak it a bit so I stop being a member of the walking dead."

Jungkook bows to the guy in greeting, and receives a nod in return.

Smiling widely and showing sharp teeth, Dragon just stares Jungkook down, eyes blazing red.
"So Jungkook, have you ever fought a full sized dragon? Seems like I owe you one for tackling my baby girl."

That has Jungkook's heart speeding up again, because no, he has not in fact fought a full sized dragon before, and is absolutely terrified of the prospect.

Just as he's planning out his last wishes, a little sad that he still hasn't gotten to play in the nest's den, the little girl lets out a growl, and pokes a sharp claw in the soft skin of his father's cheek, above a cluster of scales that framed his jaw.

" Chichi, you will not eat the vampire, he was protecting my favorite person ever. Besides, he can't even break through my scales, so stop being mean and say sorry."
Taehyung starts laughing loudly at that, going over to pinch the little girl's cheeks, watching her breakdown into soft little giggles.

"You tell him Koko, we all know you're a big scary dragon who could eat Jungkookie in one bite if you wanted too, so Otosan doesn't have to play the bad guy."
She smiles again, sharp little teeth poking out, clearly proud of her abilities.

Dragon just says a simple "sorry" once his daughter pokes him again, and shoots Jungkook a wink that has shivers running up his spine.

"Okay Hyung, " Taehyung says, walking back towards Jungkook and dragging him towards the path again, "Let's get this over with, I'm tired of being tired, you can play chase with Jungkookie after."

Ah yes because that definitely helps Jungkook to not be worried about willingly walking into his imminent death.

Jungkook sighs, and follows Taehyung, wondering what the hell he got himself into.

Chapter Text

During his time overseas, Jungkook saw a lot of luxurious things. Being enrolled in a prestigious art school meant that he constantly saw the other students show off with lavish parties, unnecessary vacations and expensive cars. To them, the brand of your shoes mattered more than the critique of their latest work.

It's not that every single student was like that, a lot of them did love being at school and learning how to improve their art under the professional eye of highly skilled artists. Unfortunately though, the Art world is a lot more about who knows who, and who can afford to be there than having actual skill, so to be the top dog in the school meant having the most money.

As a scholarship student, Jungkook blended in with the walls and just focused on learning whatever he could while he was still there, his art always being more important to him than whether or not he mingled with rich gallery owners. He always felt that it did not matter if his art made it out into the world, that others knew his name. For him all it mattered was what he could make given the right tools.

Jungkook created new worlds with his drawings, painted the raw emotions dragged out of his soul and immortalized memories in forms of pictures because he loved it. Jungkook loved the feeling of the brush against a canvas, the dark smudges of graphite staining his fingers black and the soft shutter sound of his camera, so getting the validation for strangers wasn't what he needed for his art.

It isn't to say that Jungkook couldn't have had a part in the socialite wars, he had a well off trust fund set up by his parents for him before they died, and after turning eighteen he had full rights over it, but he just did not want to. He felt that it was better to just let it be, use it only when necessary, and focus on his art.

And that was exactly how everything had worked out for him for about 5 months into his first year, moving like a shadow in the school, throwing himself into his art for hours on end, and taking occasional gaming breaks. Until of course, the cursed paint incident that led him to be adopted by his scary little dorm mate and her top of the social pyramid girlfriend.

From then on, and up until he was turned, Jungkook was forced by his friend to join them in all the lavish and rich activities he had previously avoided. He didn't exactly go willing, and oftentimes blatantly ignored his friend, but hurricane Delilah (as he so fondly called his dorm mate) and her group of equally as eccentric friends never let him hide away for long.

So yes, Jungkook did see a lot of luxurious things. He was dragged to parties in mansions, vacations across the continent and met people whose car cost more than he would make in a lifetime.

That didn't mean that he wasn't currently eyeing the shifter's cabin in wonder. Calling it a cabin honestly felt inferior, it was at least a mini mansion.

Sure he had expected the cabins to be extravagant after seeing the opulent entrance of the lodge where they had parked the car; but this is definitely above what he expected.

He wonders what makes those supernatural beings so rich, if being something other than human automatically meant money, because Taehyung's house was also ridiculously fancy.

Honestly, even Delilah would have been awed if she was here, and that girl had enough money to have a trip to Paris be a biweekly occurrence.

The outside of the cabin was beyond beautiful, a western style two story building with a high roof, multiple wide windows and made out of light colored raw wooden boards. To enhance whatever aesthetic they were aiming for, small little fairy lights wrapped around the windowsills and edge of the roof. All Jungkook could think of was something out of a winter wonderland movie, even if it was missing all the snow.

Inside was even more extravagant, and while they had only entered the living room area so far, Jungkook still stood by the doorway eyeing the room in awe.

One of the walls was completely made out of clear glass divided into wide windows looking out into the mountain they had just climbed, the view rivaling something out of a magazine. Leather couches sat in the center area surrounding a glass table, facing an open style fireplace, and an indoor balcony wrapped around above them; with doorways that probably led to the bedrooms on the second floor.

Jungkook suddenly hears Taehyung's loud laugh, and it breaks him out of his wide eyed admiration and possibly a small amount of envy. Focusing on the witch, he sees Taehyung placing all the containers he had packed in his bag earlier on the glass table while happily talking with Dragon, clearly the type of conversation you have when reuniting with an old friend that involved jokes and storytelling.

He listens quietly to Taehyung's low and excited voice recounting an accident with Hoseok and small forest fire. Honestly, all the things he has seen and heard ever since first meeting the witch in the woods has him wondering how Taehyung has managed to cram so many achievements and adventures in his life when he seems to barely be any older than Jungkook.

He suddenly feels something tugging his shirt, startling him out of his obvious eavesdropping. Looking down he sees the little girl, Ryoko, wide eyes looking up at him expectantly.

Jungkook crouches down to face the little girl at eye level, giving her his attention. He did always love little kids and how they view things, sometimes wishing he could still have that kind of belief in the goodness of the world.

Jungkook smiles softly, and curiosity getting the best of him, he looks at her interesting features, scales climbing up her neck and bright pink hair in wonder.

"Where did your little fangs go Vampire-chan?" She says in her high pitched voice, pointing at her own sharp fangs to show how hers are still visible.

Jungkook frowns, somehow offended at the little comment, and how it is not the first time this has happened, making him wonder why he is bothered by something so trivial.

Making a mental note to ask Taehyung about that, he focuses back on Ryoko.
"I put them away pretty girl, I only need them out for when I'm thirsty." He answers, though he thinks that his fangs have a mind of their own and sometimes pop out despite him not being thirsty.

Ryoko frowns at that, for some reason seeming offended that his fangs are not out.
"Can I see them?" She asks, bringing her little clawed pointer finger to poke at Jungkook's top lip.
"I've never met a vampire and I want to know if they are sharp like mine!"

Before allowing that, Jungkook turns to look at Taehyung and Ryoko's father, wanting to make sure he isn't crossing some boundaries he shouldn't with the little girl.

He really, really does not want to become a dragon's afternoon snack.

Seeming to sense Jungkook's gaze, Taehyung looks at him, instantly giving him a soft, full smile after noting his current predicament with the little dragon girl repetitively poking his cheek with her sharp claw, then promptly focusing back down towards whatever he was doing with a little clay container.

Taking that as a permission to continue interacting with the girl, Jungkook says yes to showing her his fangs, which promptly earns him a lap full of a giggling child, the surprise attack making him lose his balance and fall back onto the ground with a startled yelp.

Jungkook hears Taehyung's loud laugh, and he looks over at the giggling witch, only to notice that Ryoko's dad was holding back a smile at his daughter's excitement and clear lack of personal boundaries.

She's adorable though, so he supposes it's okay.

Jungkook settles down into the floor more comfortably, leaning his back against the wall next to the doorway he was originally standing in. Ryoko just makes herself comfortable in his lap.

Since he is still working on controlling his fangs, he chooses the easiest way to provoke this fangs to slide down, and focuses on his thirst, the burning feeling that has been climbing up his throat ever since Taehyung burst into his room earlier today.

Suddenly he feels the wanting feeling that he had been fighting all day cloud his thoughts, making his vision hyperfocus on the pretty witch, his soft scent becoming prominent once again, smothering him and making his muscles lock up, ready to sprint across the room and latch onto Taehyung until the burning stops.

Inhaling sharply, Jungkook reigns in his instinct with a little difficulty, forcing his body to relax because he really did not want to scare the child patiently sitting on his lap.

Funny enough, even though he has been able to distinguish both shifter's scents, neither of them smelled like prey, so he feels that it's safe to focus on Ryoko's bright and spicy cinnamon like scent to cover Taehyung's tempting scent that overwhelmed him again.

At this point he isn't sure if the reason why he doesn't feel the urge to drink from the dragons is because his mind is so used to having Taehyung as his prey, or if it is because the dragons are higher up in the food chain and their blood isn't meant to be vampire food, but either way he is glad he isn't trying to bite a kid.

He finally manages to focus back on Ryoko, her expressive eyes set on Jungkook's face, showing a lot of patience for someone so young as Jungkook struggled to pull himself together.

He opens his mouth, pulling his lips back in a mock snarl, fangs on display, earning a huge smile from the child, and it may or may not have made his heart melt a little bit.

"Can I touch it please? I want to see if it's sharper than mine! Did you know Chichi's fangs can even break through scales? Mine can't yet but Okachan says that once I'm bigger they will get super sharp too!"
Ryoko rambles on in one breath, words stumbling out thanks to her excitement.

Jungkook feels his lips twitch into a small smile, cooing internally at how cute she is.

Okay maybe his heart is melting, sue him, she's just so freaking cute, excited about something as simple as Jungkook's fangs, like she isn't some sort of extraordinary supernatural being herself with actual wings.

He thinks he hasn't felt this kind of peace since before he turned. If he's honest, maybe not even then, but how can any kind of darkness he constantly carries compete with bright sparkling eyes filled with innocent wonder? Jungkook thinks that in that moment, it's okay to forget about everything for a little bit and just enjoy playing with the little girl.

"Humm…. I don't know Ryoko-chan." Jungkook answers, fake frown in place. He sees her instantly start pouting and he has to force himself not to break character. Her pout could rival Taehyung's anyday, and that is saying something.

"How about this, I'll let you touch my fangs, but only if you listen to my two conditions."
She nods instantly, pout long forgotten in exchange for returning to the excited state of getting what she wants.

"Here's the deal" Jungkook says, gently booping the tip of her nose.

"I'll let you see how sharp my fangs are, but in exchange, I want to touch the scales on your hand to see how they feel like since I've never met a dragon before. And" he adds quickly, grasping Ryoko's fast moving hands before they reached his mouth
"You let me call you Koko just like Taehyung Hyung does!"

Ryoko pulls her arm back, cute little pout back in place, excitement forgotten.

"That's not fair, you get two things and I only get one." She whines, little scaled arms crossed in front of her chest, clearly upset over the unfairness of his request.

She perks up suddenly, seeming to solve the dilemma.

"I'm calling you Kookie then!"
Jungkook smiles, pleased at the little nickname, and just tells Ryoko to be careful so she doesn't hurt herself. She just giggles at that.

"Don't be worried Kookie, I'm super awesome because only other dragons can break through my scales, so you can't hurt me." She says, reaching up to lightly tap her claw against one of his fang.

Jungkook can definitely say it's a weird feeling, the little tap vibrating up his fang and into his jaw. She then turns her finger over and gently presses up into his fang, sliding slightly over one of the tiny scales that adorn the tip of her finger.

Satisfied with her experiment, she smiles and pulls her hand back, flipping it over and hovering it eye level with Jungkook, ready to uphold her end of the bargain.

Curiosity turning into excitement, Jungkook gently grabs her hand, lightly tracing the scales on the back, feeling the cool and smooth surface. He can tell they seem to be slightly flexible to allow the movement, not as hard as he expected them to be, but still hard enough that he feels the edge of one of the scale nip his finger, not sharp enough to cut, but to still sting a bit.

He's startled out of his admiration as Ryoko jumps up from his lap, squealing loudly. She runs towards the staircase behind them, and throws herself in the arms of a tall lady.

Jungkook can tell right away that this lady is Ryoko's mother, the little girl looks exactly like her, with the exception of being covered in iridescent white scales instead of pink, and an equally as snowy colored hair.

She bends down and picks up Ryoko, who promptly starts talking about "Kookie" and how his fangs were actually sharper then she thought.


Her mom just smiles at the little girl, full of obvious affection. She then sends Jungkook a small smile, and turns, carrying the still excited little girl up the staircase.

Jungkook settles back against the wall, smiling softly. Sure he's still thirsty, it's hard not to feel it now that Ryoko is gone and he's once again surrounded by Taehyung's scent, but the interaction he had with the kid still has him in a good mood.

Well, good things obviously never seem to last for Jungkook because suddenly he's struck with a crawling feeling up his spine. Less than a second after the feeling hit him, Taehyung's usually soft and sweet scent becomes almost sour, clogging up Jungkook's sinuses and spiking up his adrenaline.

If Jungkook wasn't currently staring at Taehyung's weirdly blank expression, he would assume the witch was currently facing his imminent death.

Unconsciously, Jungkook moves towards the table, instincts going haywire with the need to protect Taehyung from whatever is causing him to smell of fear.

Jungkook isn't sure how he knows Taehyung is afraid of something, or how he could smell the emotion coming from Taehyung's scent, but even if his instincts were not screaming at him to fix whatever was wrong, Jungkook thinks he would want to protect Taehyung in any situation.

He quietly walks towards Taehyung, ready to fight even a dragon if he has to.


Listen okay, Taehyung knows its dumb.
He's aware that as someone who has fed multiple vampires, is in fact currently a walking blood bag for one, he should not be afraid of things puncturing his skin.

Yet as he sees Dragon pull on his disposable gloves, cleaning out the table and pulling out the tattoo gun, Taehyung feels the inexplicable need to fucking bolt.

He's pretty sure he had Namjoon hypnotize him last time he came this close to a tattoo gun, so currently being sound of mind has him digging his nails sharply into his palms.

It's just so freaking stupid. He literally went through a punk rock phase and had multiple piercings (even kept some from those times), has Jungkook bite him at least twice daily, but the thought of those tiny needles piercing his skin is making his skin crawl.

Out of nowhere, he feels a hand settle on his shoulder, and turning, he sees a frowning Jungkook, eyes bright red and fangs on display.

"Are you okay?" Jungkook asks when Taehyung meets his eyes.

"I'm fine," he snaps back a little harsher than he intended, drawing back into himself. Taehyung doesn't want Jungkook to feel even more guilty just because he can't get a freaking grip on his stupid emotions.

"No you're not, I can smell your fear" Jungkook pushes on, in an unexpected act of defiance, completely different from his usual quiet and shy demeanor.

Taehyung pauses his internal freak out and focuses on Jungkook, taking note of his dilated pupils and tense crouch.

"You can smell his fear?" Dragon pipes in, unfortunately reminding Taehyung of his current dilemma.

Once again in an unexpected manner, Jungkook shifts slightly, seemly to come into a protective stance between Taehyung and Dragon.

"Um…. yeah" Jungkook lisps out through his fangs, looking like he was struggling with holding himself still.

Dragon frowns at that, pausing his work to give Taehyung a meaningful look that goes unresponded because fuck, he's done getting his work table set up and he's reaching for Taehyung and suddenly he can't fucking breathe and-

A breathy growling noise startles Taehyung out of his panic, leaving him wide eyed staring at an equally shocked Jungkook

He can see Jungkook start to freak out, although in his defence he did growl at a Dragon, Taehyung would also be worried if it had been him.

Their wide eyed stare is broken by a gruff laugh, loud and raspy, and Taehyung sees Dragon leaning back, laughing hysterically.

"Calm down little kyūketsuki," he speaks between bouts of rough giggles,
"Taehyungie here is just so scared of needles."

Taehyung feels himself flush, embarrassed at his stupid fear, but he sees Jungkook's body deflate out of his defensive stance, so he supposes he can handle being embarrassed if it makes Jungkook feel better.

"You sure he's not your guard dog Tae? That's the second time he's jumped in your defence." Dragon says once he's done laughing. Taehyung really doesn't think his fear is that funny to be honest, and he can feel himself getting a little annoyed at the still smirking shifter.

"Don't worry my favorite little witch, I'm not laughing at your fear. Do please call me when u realize what I'm laughing about though, I want to be able to laugh at you again." Dragon says, standing up and dragging the table closer to the couch.

"Now Tae, text the smiley vampire and ask what it's taking him so long to get here. And you Mr. guard dog, sit down at the end of the couch."
He says in a way that allows for no argument, a still shocked Jungkook scurrying up to follow the orders in a robotic manner.

Before Taehyung can pull out his phone, he feels a shift in the air less than a second after a portal pops up in the center of the living room, a disgruntled looking Jimin slipping through it.

"Ugh Tae, Hyungie is being a cranky butt again and I'm SO glad you called me." He yells out dramatically, flopping onto the empty couch.

"Don't start with your whiney drama Smiley, come here and bleed into this bowl. And you Tae, lay down on the couch, head on your guard dog's lap, and no exceptions allowed" Dragon commands, stopping Jimin's rant and shushing Taehyung before he can even start complaining about the situation.

"Oh and unbutton the shirt." He continues, without even looking up from squeezing Jimin's finger over the bowl, said vampire scrunching up his face in a struggle to hold back his giggles.

Fucking traitor.

It's not that Taehyung is worried about taking his shirt off, or even laying on Jungkook's lap, I mean he's a green witch, one with nature, nudity is a normal thing that is part of who he is.

Except Jungkook is staring at him wide eyed with a complete shook look on his face that has even Taehyung feeling a little embarrassed. Leave it to the shy bunny to manage to rub off some of his awkwardness even on someone as free spirited as Taehyung.

Shaking his head, he finishes unbuttoning his shirt and flops down on the couch, head laying on Jungkook's pretty solid thighs.

He starts feeling the panic wind up his body again, so he throws his arm over his eyes, hoping that maybe if he doesn't see the dragon currently snapping a pair of fresh gloves on, he won't panic.

It doesn't work obviously because he can feel small tremors run up his legs and he really doesn't want to be here.

It startles him when he feels fingers carding through his hair, and he peeks over his arm to see Jungkook staring down at him.

They hold eye contact for a while, Jungkook's finger still running through his hair, soft and calming. It has Taehyung smiling softly at this mirror image of past events, where Taehyung is usually the one offering comfort.

He feels the couch dip next to him, and a soft hand grasps his free hand. Taehyung looks down to see a smirking Jimin resting his chin on the edge of the couch, body curled up on the floor. Even though Jimin still looks ready to poke fun at Taehyung's situation, he still gently runs his thumb across the back of Taehyung's hand in a reassuring way.

"Ready Taehyung?" Dragon says, sitting in the stool by the couch.

Taehyung just closes his eyes again, failing spectacularly at trying to keep focused on Jimin and Jungkook's gentle touches, the noise of the tattoo gun forcing little whimpers go escape past his clenched jaw.

He can hear voices, he thinks Jungkook is asking something, and Jimin answers him, but he can't process the words, his heartbeat loud in his ears, can only feel the stinging sensation of the needle scraping across his skin.

"Taehyungie." Jimin's voice breaks through the thundering noise in his ears, and Taehyung hums in response, trying to focus on Jimin's soft, melodic voice.

"Jungkookie here wants to know how the bond works, why don't you explain it to him? You know it better than I do." He says gently, still rubbing Taehyung's hand.

"Um. Okay." Taehyung croaks out, trying to unclench his jaw.

"T-the bond is more than just upping blood production" he stutters a bit, eyes still closed.
"It goes above that by tailoring the needs to a specific vampire, almost like the vampire and their consort blood bond. It doesn't mimic the feelings and closeness of the bond, it just makes the prey's body in tune with the vampire's needs, because there's no need for someone to mass produce enough to feed a Berserk vampire when they are feeding a regular one."

Feeling himself get into the explanation, he cracks his eyes open, and sees Jungkook's excited expression, seeming so into Taehyung's monologue, and he remembers that Jungkook has almost no exposure to supernatural things, so it must be fun to learn.

"My bond is with Jimin," he continues, a little endeared by Jungkook's adorable expression,
"so Dragon has to first tattoo over it, starting at the last rune working towards the first one, making sure to use Jimin's blood to break the bond, while at the same time already reinforcing the special ink that boost the blood production. Once that's over he's going to do the same thing, but starting at the first rune, with your blood this time to seal the bond between us."

Taehyung is actually surprised when Dragon speaks up, asking Jungkook for his hand. He got so immersed into explaining the bond that he didn't even notice Dragon had finished the first part. He sees Jungkook flinch a bit at the dragon's claw piercing his finger tip, but also finds it comforting that Jungkook chose to use his other hand so he can continue playing with Taehyung's hair, something he hasn't stopped doing the entire time.

Dragon leans over him again, but before he can panic again, Jimin speaks up

"Awe Taehyungie, you aren't my little blood bag anymore"

Taehyung snorts at that, leave it to Jimin to be a brat.

"First off, I'm twice your size, I'm not a little anything, unlike you- "


"- and second, I was never yours, you damn bloodsucker."

Dragon chuckles at their bickering, who always says he can't stand Jimin and Taehyung in the same room, but still endeared by their antics.

"Uh…." Taehyung hears Jungkook mumble from above him, brows furrowed and voice a little clipped, the closest to angry Taehyung has seen
"What does Jimin Hyung mean about you being his? Does that mean I uh…. am going to own you?"

Jimin promptly starts laughing, and Taehyung fights to hold back his smile.

"Awe baby vamp, you don't want me to be your own personal slave? What a shame." Taehyung jokes, and Jungkook sputters out, stumbling over his words and making no sense.


"No don't worry Jungkook, Jimin is just making fun of me cuz me and Jin Hyung based this bond spell off of the real blood bond." He says after he's done laughing at Jungkook's little freak out, his cheeks still bright red.

"When we created this a while back, we wanted it to be more tailored to specific vampires, but without the heavy chains connected to blood bond between vampires and consorts. Not that those are bad, they aren't, and neither do they make the consort a slave, it just requires a lot of trust between the individuals, and you can't get rid of it.
Plus, bonded consorts's blood tastes disgusting to other vampires, so you wouldn't have been able to feed from me if Jiminie and I were bonded like that. Don't worry, you could walk away from this anytime and it wouldn't affect either of us.

Before he can continue his monologue, Dragon pulls the tattoo gun away from his skin, exclaiming an exhausted "done", drained by the energy used to shape the bond, and Taehyung suddenly feels a burning sensation across his chest, spreading out across every corner of his body.

It doesn't hurt per say, it's like the feeling of having a sore muscle rubbed, a kind of pleasurable pain. He can feel his sore limbs relax, and the excruciating exhaustion that had stuck to him like glue ever since Jungkook's first feeding suddenly evaporate with a full body shiver, leaving his skin tingling.

He may or may not have whimpered at that, that's completely debatable and he will refuse to admit to it if asked.

Taehyung can finally feel his magic dancing in his veins again, a feeling so familiar and sorely missed the past few weeks.

He opens his eyes, and is met with a mystified Jungkook, staring intently at him.

"Your hair is blue." Jungkook says before Taehyung can use his newly replenished energy to worry about him.

"Ah. Yeah, that's my witches mark; it fades with exhaustion and lack of magical energy, that's why you haven't seen it like this yet." He answers, standing up and stretching his limbs, feeling the need to run in the woods now that he can feel the flora around him again.

Fuck he missed that a lot, the little tingly sensation at the back of his head from the plant's "emotions".

"It will also change colors if our Taehyungie feels strong enough emotions, but it's sadly so rare."

Taehyung scoffs,
"What kind of best friend goes around spewing secrets like that huh?"

That just earns him an eye roll, and grumbled whine, probably Jimin once again saying that emotions are weakness.

Taehyung knows they aren't, well now he does anyways, it wasn't always like that, but he's still uncomfortable with his emotions put on display like that, so he's learned over the years how to control the color changes.
For the most part anyways, sometimes he can't control it, to Jimin's delight.

He called Taehyung bubblegum witch for a whole year after he got caught by surprise and got flustered, making his hair flash bright pink for a moment.

Excited to go home and catch up on all he has not been able to do, Taehyung plops down next to Jungkook, whose eyes had followed him as he pranced around the room, maybe a little high on the flood of energy.

He thrusts his arm in front of Jungkook's face, startling the boy.

"Here you go baby vamp, let's see if the bond worked, because I need to get home and spend some of this energy before I burst."

Jungkook seems hesitant at first, like he always is, but a little more than usual. Before he can start a rant about how it's going to be fine and that he was just joking, because obviously the bond worked or he wouldn't be currently bouncing out of his skin, he notices Jungkook look around, eyes settling on the two boys cleaning up the table.

Well, Dragon is cleaning up the supplies, Jimin is just playing his favorite game: how far he can push before Hyung threatens him.

Seeing that they are distracted, Jungkook seems to relax a bit, and take Taehyung's arm between his hands, leaning down almost instantly.

The poor vampire must have been very thirsty, because he barely makes it past a gently nuzzle across his skin before he bites down.

Usually Taehyung is good at hiding his pain when being bitten by Jungkook, but with his skin still sensitive with the overflow of energy, he can't hold back the flinch, and the pained, choked noise that escapes his lips.

He sighs in defeat as he feels Jungkook freeze almost instantly at the noise, and as if on cue, the burning intensifies and Taehyung regrets not waiting before feeding Jungkook, so he wouldn't have flinched and ruined the small progress they had finally made.

"Do you need me to pull him off Taehyung?" He hears Dragon say, seeming to have turned to watch them when he heard Taehyung's noise of pain.

"No it's fine hyung, we are working on it, I'm just extra sensitive from the burst of energy after running on empty for so long." Taehyung answers, trying to relax his body, but failing despite the little whimpers of distress he hears from the vampire.

"Besides Hyung," he continues as he manages to tangle his hand on Jungkook's hair, feeling the vampire's body instantly relax.
"My pain kink is thriving."

He hears Jimin break into giggles, and Dragon just shakes his head in disappointment while clearly holding back his smile, but what sends him into his own fit of giggles is Jungkook pulling back from his arm, coughing and spluttering at Taehyung's comment.

When he catches his breath, Jungkook leans back on Taehyung's arm, which had been steadily dripping blood, but instead of drinking again, he just licks the wound closed.

" Are you sure you're done baby vamp?" Taehyung asks as he steals a towel from the table to wipe up the blood from his arm.

"I'm not thirsty anymore? " Jungkook answers in a questioning manner, as if he can't understand the feeling, and Taehyung cracks a smile at his bewildered expression.

He goes to stand up when Jungkook speaks up again.
"Your hair is blue."

"Yeah we have established that already Jungkook." Taehyung comments, confused at what the boy was trying to express.

"And I'm full" he says again, acting shocked.

Ah, Tahyung understands now, Jungkook doesn't understand how he got to feed until full, and have it not weaken Taehyung, since his hair was still bright blue.

"See Jungkookie, I told you it was going to be fine once we fixed the tattoo!"

And for a second Jungkook just stares at him, processing this information, and when it seems to click, he lets out a huge gasping breath, face breaking into a wide smile for the first time since Taehyung has met him.

And Taehyung? Taehyung just freezes.

It's like a small galaxy explodes in his eyes a split second before he smiles, coloring his usual bright red pupils a darker, almost black shade speckled with glittering stars.

His nose scrunches up as his mouth splits into a grin, forcing his starry eyes into little crescents, overbite making him seem like a bunny, portraying such a beautiful innocence.

And Taehyung just feels a gentle warmth spread from a spot underneath his ribcage, and before he knows it, he's smiling too.

Chapter Text

There's something wild about a fully energized Taehyung and it has Jungkook a little enthralled.

It's almost like Jungkook can feel the air around Taehyung crackling with energy as he bounces around the path back to the car, only stopping occasionally to run his hand across the bark of a tree, or examine a little bush hidden by a rock.

Jimin seems to be just as enchanted as Jungkook, watching Taehyung with a soft smile as he runs on a tangent about how the old oak tree they just passed was still upset humans built a path past his roots.

"Oh I missed my wild Taehyung" Jimin whispers to Jungkook, as said boy scampers past people and plops his body down on the hood of their car to stare up at the sky, bright blue hair fanning around his head like a halo.

"Is he always like this?" Jungkook asks,

"Oh no," Jimin answers as they continue walking, "it's much worse actually. Taehyungie is extremely in tune with nature, and he's just as unpredictable and wild. Right now he's just a little excited to be able to feel his magic again, you should see him during a full moon, we usually avoid him then for a reason."

If this is a 'just a little excited" Taehyung, Jungkook wonders what kind of mischief the little witch is capable of when fully excited.

They settle in for the drive, Jungkook in the back seat while Taehyung drove and Jimin sat next to him. Although a little sleepy from being full, Jungkook just enjoys watching Jimin and Taehyung bicker like old friends.

He can tell their bond is something unique and full of love. It shows in the way Jimin seems to exude relief from watching Taehyung's antics after said witch was bed bound for almost two weeks, and in the way Taehyung had kept his blood bond with Jimin despite not being needed anymore.

This train of thought has Jungkook becoming curious again, wondering how their blood bond came to be, if Taehyung just enjoys helping vampires or if they knew each other before that.

During a lull in their conversation, Jungkook voices his question, a little shy and worried they would take offence, but instantly soothed as Taehyung smiles at Jimin, and said vampire leans between both seats to face Jungkook.

"Ah Jungkookie, Taetae here created the bond because he felt like he owned me something just because I loved him."

This prompts an over exaggerated eye roll from Taehyung, and a smack from Jimin because he should focus on driving so they don't crash.

Jungkook just settles back against the seat more comfortably, enjoying the story being told between giggles, pokes and eye rolls, highlighting the love and sacrifices both boys were willing to make for one another.


Taehyung is 5 and crying quietly against the blanket. His skin still hurts from the burns and even though the pretty hedge witch who claims to be his uncle says he's safe now, he's still terrified.

The walls of the infirmary room of the council are stark white, so much contrast to the rooms of his coven.
Or what had been his coven anyways.

He feels so lonely, his uncle is the only person who doesn't tiptoe around him, but he's gone so often arguing with the council, and everyone else seems to be so wary of him.

It's not his fault that the tendrils of dark magic are still stuck to his skin despite his white magic nature.

It's not his fault they wanted him to do all those mean things, he didn't want to, why can't they understand that?

Aren't white magic users supposed to be nice? Isn't their nature to be understanding and forgiving?

"Why are you crying?"
A soft voice startles Taehyung, and he sees a little chubby boy peering over the doorway, a small white snake coiled around his wrist and small hands.

Taehyung just buries himself deeper into blankets, fearing the kid despite knowing that he probably won't be mean to him like the kids from his coven.

Not his coven anymore, he reminds himself.

The boy steps into the room, and starts speaking again.
"Jin-Jin Hyungie said I should come visit someone special here. Are you the special someone? My name is Jiminie and I'm 5, what about you?"

And his voice is so cute and soft, and Taehyung doesn't think that someone who looks so nice could be anything but good, so he pulls the blanket back.

"I'm Taehyung." He whispers. " am not special tho."

Jiminie seems to frown at that.

"Sure you are. Hyungie says everyone is special in their own way even if it doesn't seem like it."

Taehyung smiles a little bit at that. His uncle bad said something similar to him after the first time he lost control, telling him that he's still good even if it doesn't seem like it.

Jiminie sees the smile, and steps forward into the room, but before he can get more than a few steps in, Taehyung scrambles back up against the headboard, heart beating fiercely against his chest.

He can feel it all over again, the syrupy feeling of dark magic crawling into his lungs everytime he failed to do what she told him.

"You're a dark witch" he yells out, hands clutching his throat at the ghost feeling of not being able to breath.

Taehyung can feel his eyes filling up with tears, he's so scared again. His uncle said he was safe here so why is there a dark witch near him? Why can't they leave him alone, he doesn't want to hurt people, and he's scared, he's scared and he can feel the vines slipping out of his skin and he doesn't want to hurt him but he's going to if he doesn't go away and-

And the little boy bursts into hysterical tears, body crumbling down into the ground shaking with heavy sobs.

"I-m I'm n-not mean" he whimpers out "I- I promise, I'm not going to h-hurt you"

Taehyung feels his chest hurt. He's still scared but he can breath again and the little boy is crying so much and he's saying he's going to leave.

Taehyung now feels bad because he's not mean either but everyone thinks he's mean, and maybe the little boy with the snake isn't mean too just like him.

"Wait" he yells out as Jiminie turns to leave the room, shoulders still shaking.

He stops and turns, tears still cascading down his chubby cheeks.

"I'm s-sorry" Taehyung stutters out. "I just got a little scared, I didn't mean to make you sad."

The tears then to slow down a bit, but Taehyung can still tell that Jiminie is still really upset. He looks down at the little snake now curled around the boy's neck like a necklace.

"I think your snake is pretty." He says, and Jiminie opens his eyes wide, little fingers instantly going up to clutch at the snake.

"Really? Everyone is scared of her" comes an answer in a voice filled with timid hope.

"Really really, I think her skin is pretty. Can I pet her?" Taehyung says and Jiminie breaks out into a smile so big that it forces his eyes shut.

He bounces over to the bed, tripping over his feet in excitement.

"Yes yes!" He yells. " she loves being pet. Here TaeTae." And he puts the little snake on Taehyung's lap.

The scales feel cool and soft under the tips of his fingers, and the snake just curls up around his hand seeking warmth. Taehyung can hear a tinkling hum in his head from the little snake, like a little stamp of approval and it makes him feel a little giddy inside.

"Awe she likes you tae tae! That means we have to be best friends forever now!" Jiminie exclaims, seeming to also have heard the snake.

Taehyung smiles,


Jimin is 10 and he can feel the poorly hidden whispers from the kids at the other table like they were physical knives stabbing him.

He hates when he has to be alone. It's not like they don't do it when Taehyung is around, but it feels like it hurts less that way.

He's startled when a plate is dropped in front of him, and he looks up to see Taehyung with a frown on his face.

"What did we ever do to them?" Taehyung murmurs, curling into himself.

He always seems to be more affected then Jimin when someone talks about them, and it makes Jimin furious because unlike him, Taehyung doesn't have a drop of dark magic in him.

He wonders sometimes if Taehyung's life would be easier if he stopped being his friend, then maybe people would look past his origin and realize that Taehyung has the purest soul to ever exist.

"Don't worry Taetae, you're obviously better than them, they are just jealous of how good you are.

Taehyung just rolls his eyes at him, still slouching but at least the frown is gone.

"Says my little vegetarian baby who cried the first time he ate a burger because the poor cows doesn't deserve death just so you can eat. If anyone here is that good, it's you because I still love bacon."

Jimin just pouts at him.
"You're right, you are evil Taetae, devouring defenseless animals who did nothing to you."

Taehyung just giggles, waving his chicken wing in front of Jimin like a weapon, forcing him to back away with a disgusted face.

Jimin is reminded then why it's so much easier when Taehyung is around.


Taehyung is 15 and everything burns. He's trapped on an endless loop of fear, his mother's laughter ringing in his ears calling him a pathetic little witch.

The thorn covered vines surround him in a cocoon, and he knows he will be in trouble because he can feel them spread across the room, ripping through walls and knocking over furniture.

He's sorry he lost control again, but he's not sorry he hurt them because they deserved it, and that is what he's afraid of.

He can hear people speaking, Jin-hyung trying to call out to him to let the vines go before it destroys the whole wing, not just the classroom, and Jimin yelling in the background, trying to get inside the room.

But he can't because he's scared and he's a monster and he's just going to hurt them again if he leaves and this is the only way they are safe.

"Taetae?" He hears Jimin's voice, coming from a lot closer than earlier.
"Can I go inside too?"

And despite his fears, the vines seem to unfurl on their own, opening a gap in front of him and letting Jimin sneak inside, promptly closing up afterwards.

With the small light coming through the gaps, he can see tiny scrapes across Jimin's skin, probably from climbing through the thorns to get to him.

Taehyung whimpers, he's hurting Jimin again and it's all his fault.

"Oh my baby, it's okay no one is blaming you." Jimin says as he wraps his arms around Taehyung.

"They had Ae-ra, and they were going to kill her, and if they killed her I would die too Taehyungie. You saved me and you saved her, and I love you for it."

Taehyung starts crying at that, because he loves Jimin so much and he doesn't know what he would do without him and he could have lost him today.

He can feel the vines slowly uncoiling and crawling back into him, until the only ones that are left are the ones coming out of his feet and into the ground, attaching him to the spot.

Jimin is still hugging him tightly, and with the vines gone, Ae-ra gently slither into the hug, wrapping her body around both boys.

"Taehyungie, you're okay now."
Jin says, crouching down next to the boys.

Taehyung lifts his head up and sees Jin smiling softly at him. Namjoon appears next to them with a little pop, and after whispering something to Jin, he turns and places his hands on Taehyung's hair, patting it gently.

"Hyung, don't set Tae's hair on fire again please." Jimin says, and Namjoon sputters out an offended (and still somewhat guilty) noise.

Taehyung giggles at them, and the vines trapping him to the ground finally releases him.

He's okay now, and even if he sometimes can be a monster, he's still good because if he wasn't, he wouldn't be loved by those amazing people.


Jimin is 23 when he gets a phone call that is the beginning of the end.

"Jimin. I need help, Jimin.
She's chasing me, and I'm - ah- tired
I-ouch shit- I can feel her, she's going to catch-"
"End of new messages. To listen to your messages press 1. To erase this message, press 2-"


Jimin stares at his phone, the screen showing 15 missed calls all within the past 20 minutes, and that chilling message still replaying in his head.

Think Jimin, you got this, you gotta find Taehyung, he can't be that far, he was only supposed to run to the store.

He closes his phone and snaps his fingers, and almost instantly he felt something cold slither up his leg, climbing up his body until it's wrapped around his neck.

Ae-ra settles herself snugly, little forked tongue flicking against his cheek.

There is always something disgusting about reaching into his magic, a dark, sticky tar that glues itself to his skin and leaves him nauseous for days.

He much rather work with the magic around him, the clear and pure magic that nature has to offer, but for Taehyung he's willing to do anything.

Jimin can feel the slithering tendrils escape his body, similar to when his familiar climbs on him, but slimier. They gather in front of him, circling around until a door forms, and Jimin steps through it.

He doesn't have time to feel disgusted for passing through the portal, nor does he have time to think things through, because Taehyung is pressed to the wall of the alleyway with a vampire stuck to his neck.

Jimin only reacts, and floods the bond with his familiar, pushing his magic out with a singular thought of -protect-.

Ae-ra responds instantly, morphing into a much bigger form, fangs dripping with poisonous venom. She latches onto the vampire's neck, and with a gurgling scream, the vampire let's go of Taehyung, and Ae-ra throws her across the alley.

Taehyung slumps down to the ground, blood pouring from his neck, eyes barely open. Jimin franctly tries to stop the bleeding, hands moving swiftly, pouring whatever energy he has left into healing Taehyung.

Except he doesn't quite manage it, because before he's done, he is yanked back and thrown against a wall.

Jimin feels his head slam against the brick, and his vision goes black. Somewhere in his fuzzy subconscious, he hears a loud cracking noise, feels his body set on fire seconds before it goes numb.

He feels only his heart beat from there on. With every thump comes a snippet from the real world.


Is that Taehyung screaming?
At least he's still alive.


There are bloody tears running down her face and he thinks she's grabbing him but he can't feel it.


His eyes are like molten silver, and it's so pretty against his pale skin.


There's something shoved against his mouth but he can't swallow it and now he can't breathe properly.


The boy's hands are gentle on his face at first, but then they are no longer are and they are gripping his neck.


And then?
And then there's nothing else but black.


Taehyung is 24 and he can hear Jimin crying again.

He sneaks out of his room, and just like every night, he finds Yoongi sitting by the door to Jimin's room.

"Why don't you just go in?" Taehyung asks, sick of their situation, sick of hearing Jimin's pain but unable to fix it.

"Well, he hates me. I'm sure he wouldn't want me to comfort him." Comes the raspy voice, dripping with guilt.
"I would hate me too. I stole Ae-ra from him, and now I have to force him to drink from humans so he doesn't waste away"

"No you didn't and you know that. He was dying Yoongi, and he would have lost Ae-ra either way. At least this way he's alive, even if vampires can't have familiars" Taehyung says, hand on the door knob, ready to walk into Jimin's room.

"Don't think he feels the same way." Yoongi says as he gets up, walking down the dark hallway.

He pauses for a second.
"Tell him I'm sorry."

Inside the room, Taehyung finds Jimin buried in his blanket, his sobs already dying down to quiet little whimpers.

"Go away Tae Tae. I'm really thirsty and I don't want to hurt you."

Taehyung just ignores him, and crawls into the bed, pulling the little bundle tight against his chest. The action just makes Jimin's tears overflow again and he starts mumbling.

"H-he just forced me Taehyugie. He won't let me starve why won't he let me starve? I don't want to hurt them, they don't want me to bite them"

Taehyung flinches as he remembers the scene. Yoongi had become desperate, Jimin had refused to feed for days, and before he lost it and accidentally killed someone, Yoongi had grabbed Jimin by the neck and forced him onto the feeder, triggering his instincts to feed despite his morals.

The girl had screamed as Jimin fought with himself and Yoongi, clearly flooded with pain endorphins.

That definitely had not been one of Yoongi's finer moments, but Taehyung can understand where he's coming from. He wouldn't want to watch the last link to his family wither away.

Nor does he want Jimin to starve.

"Jiminie you have to drink. They are willing to feed you. I know you don't want to but please? I can't have you die Jiminie, I already saw that once and I can't handle it again."

But Jimin just whimpers and buries himself deeper into the blankets, little sobs occasionally breaking out until he finally falls asleep.

Taehyung can't watch his brother continue suffering. He knows the loss of Ae-ra as his familiar broke him, and despite the fact she still occasionally shows up, Jimin is still suffering. He knows what it feels like to be separated from their familiar, it's like missing a part of your soul.

Taehyung climbs out of the bed quietly, and heads down the hallway towards Seokjin.
He has an idea, and hopefully with it they can give Jimin a better way to live.

Because Jimin was the reason he learned how to live outside of pain, and he refuses to not do the same for him.


".....I don't think I'm never not going to miss Ae-ra," Jimin says as they pull up the driveway towards their house.
"I lost a piece of myself that night, and it's like a hollow pain in my chest, but it has been long enough now that the pain is dull. It's just a cherished memory now and whenever she comes by I'm just happy that despite not having a human link anymore, she still manages to bypass her animal instinct to still remember me."

Jungkook sniffs a little bit, casually wiping a few stray tears.

It's not his fault he's a little emotional, things like this always makes him cry.

Taehyung looks at him through the rearview mirror, instantly frowning

"Jimin you made him cry."

Said vampire turns back towards Jungkook, reaching over to pinch his cheeks like he was a little kid.
Jungkook twists away from his reach, but blushes a little bit at being caught.

" Aww don't worry you baby. With Taehyungie forming the blood bond for me, I learned how to cope with being a blood drinker. Plus, if I hadn't had to be turned, I would have never met Hyungie or Hoseokie, and they are the light of my life."

"That so rude, I thought I was the light of your life! I was the one who willingly fed your grumpy fledgling ass until you guys found Hobi!" Taehyung whines, but before Jimin can answer, they pull up to the entrance of the house.

That's on fire.

Yup, Jungkook thinks, that's definitely flames flowing out of the windows by the main entrance.

They pile out of the car, just in time to see someone walk out of the flaming doorway, surrounded by fire.

The man, (Jungkook assumes is a man anyways), is on fire himself, walking down the steps as if it's no big deal.

He's covered in black marks, flowing from his pitch black hands to the center of his naked chest.

And wow, in any other circumstances, Jungkook would have sat in awed wonder at the being with eyes glowing like amber.

Before he can continue staring, Taehyung steps in front of him, and yells out.


Lifting his hands up, Taehyung seems to use his magic as water droplets rise from the ground and plants surrounding them, and promptly gathers over the man on fire, and drops over him.

Now soaking wet and slightly dejected looking, the man, whom he assumes is Namjoon, looks a lot less awe inspiring than before.

Jimin comes up next to them, somehow having acquired a fairy in the meantime as he now has a giggling Hoseok clinging to him.
"Hyung, what did you do this time?"

Namjoon smiles sheepishly, but before he can say anything, someone else materializes next to him in a puff of glittering sparkles.

"Namjoon, what the hell? I've been gone for literally 5 minutes." The man says, and despite the current events, Jungkook is mesmerized by his hair. Sure the man is ridiculously beautiful, but his hair seems to swirl like a galaxy, pinks, blues and purples with little white sparkles in between, almost like it is alive.

Said man walks up the steps towards the fire. Once reaching the doorway, he draws a symbol in the air that seems to glow red for a second before sucking in all of the flames, leaving everything back to normal like it wasn't just on fire mere moments ago.

"I'm sorry hyung, I got caught by a surprise sneeze, and next thing I know the room is on fire." Namjoon says, a blush staining his cheeks.

The man just pets Namjoon's head fondly, and turns back towards their group of spectators, everyone except Jungkook seemingly almost bored at the situation, like this is a normal occurrence.

Walking towards a still bewildered Jungkook in a regal manner, the man stops right in front of him and just grabs his face between his hands, completely disregarding personal space.

"Hum. You look like a startled bunny, not the scary Berserker vampire that everyone is talking about" letting go of Jungkook's face and stepping back, the man just smiles.

"I'm Kim Seokjin, the best Hedge Witch to ever exist, and also obviously the most handsome.
And that wet demon over there is my familiar and partner for life Kim Namjoon. Don't worry, he's harmless."

Turning around, Seokjin just waves his hand in the air, as if expecting them to follow, and walks back inside the house.

"Now let's go inside, I need to know all about how we adopted a baby vampire."

Taehyung giggles next to him, and taps Jungkook's chin lightly as he starts walking in too.

"Welcome to the family Kookie."

Chapter Text


"Well, this version of the story is a lot better than what Yoongi told me" Jin says after Taehyung finishes telling him about all that had happened ever since he found Jungkook in the woods.

They had settled in the living room once Namjoon's small house fire had been taken care of and Jin had promptly ordered Taehyung to sit and tell him all the details. That request was met with a lot of whining from Taehyung's part, which in his defence, he could finally feel the nature around him again and wanted nothing but to go outside and enjoy it, but unfortunately no one could go against a determined Jin when he wanted something.

So Taehyung had spent at least a half hour retelling all that had happened in the last few weeks while fighting to ignore the itch under his skin that demanded attention.
It probably didn't help that the full moon was only a week away and his magic was screaming at him to join the nature surrounding them.

Jin sits there for a moment, processing all the information as his hair swirls around him with the force of his thoughts. While waiting, Taehyung sneaks a peak at the vampire sitting next to him as a distraction for the ever growing need to run.

He sees Jungkook bouncing between staring at Jin's magic constantly fluttering around him and the small sparks of fire occasionally bursting out of Namjoon's skin as he reads a book perched on an armchair.

He smiles at Jungkook's unfiltered curiosity and wonders what must be like to get to see the supernatural world for the first time.

Seeming to have reached a conclusion, Jin starts speaking again,
"So, I'll have to speak with Yoongi first but from what I gathered, I have a few theo-"

"Hyung." Taehyung interrupts Jin with a whine, the force of his need to run overpowering the want to listen to Jin's thoughts.

His desperation must have cut through Jin's thoughts as he stops to look a Taehyung properly for the first time since sitting down.

Taehyung knows what the witch must be seeing on him, his hair glowing almost a neon blue, his magic running across his skin like purple statistic and the vines that had materialized across his arms and hands attempting to take root on the edge of the table that Taehyung had been grabbing forcefully this entire time.

It takes Jin less then a second to get what's going on -as a witch he understands the pull of magic- and all he says is a " we will talk tomorrow".

Taking that as a permission to go, Taehyung scrambles up and takes off running across the room and tumbles out of the door.

He has enough mind to worry for Jungkook for a second, he had seen the worried look Jungkook had sent him when he heard him interrupt Jin, but that's instantly overtaken by the pull of the woods.

Taehyung stops to yank his shoes off and the contact of his bare feet on the soft grass sends shivers up his spine.

With every step on the bare ground a small burst of purple light explodes from the contact and in no time Taehyung is running past the greenhouse and into the woods behind it.

It's like he becomes alive again, every dulled sense from the past weeks heightening again and all Taehyung can feel is the burst of innocent wonder and love leaking out of every plant he touches.

It seeps into his skin and floods his soul with unfiltered happiness and all he can do is laugh out loud.

Much like how it happens when he's under the full moon pull, Taehyung doesn't know how long he spends running through the woods, often stopping to hug a tree or caress the petals of a night blooming flower, all he knows is that he surely missed feeling the world around him.

Eventually he finds himself lying in the center of a meadow listening to the twinkling soft whispers of the Eolleji flowers that dominated the area.

They are soft little lilac flowers that hang down from the stems, with unique petals that seems to defy gravity by curving up towards the stem instead of drooping down.

The itch under his skin and the uncontrollable urge to run through the forest had dissipated, but Taehyung still felt the need to be connected to nature for a while longer.

He feels a soft breeze move through the meadow, making the flowers sway gently. Due to the movement, he spots a small flash of white that had been originally hidden by the sea of lilac flowers.

Taehyung rolls over and softly touches the white flowers, a pleased smile breaking across his face.

While the lilac eolloji represents friendship and protection, the rare white ones bring on a burst of luck to those who find them.

His first urge is to kindly ask the small cluster if they would be willing to allow Taehyung to relocate then into his greenhouse but before he can voice his question a little shudder runs through the plant and a small blossom falls from the stem and lands in his outstretched palm.

Taehyung can feel the intention radiating from the flower and while yes he would love to take the cluster to the greenhouse, he knows to respect their wishes so he just tucks the flower gently into his hair, leaving the little bush hidden among the other flowers.

The sky is already turning a light shade of blue by the time Taehyung makes his way back home and even though he was awake all night, he feels nothing but refreshed and energized.

Sneaking into the dark and quiet house he feels little tendrils of guilt crawl across his body as he remembers how he left his vampire alone with Jin.

While he knows Jin would never harm Jungkook, Taehyung knows how he can be skittish around new people.

As quietly as he can, Taehyung cracks Jungkook's door open, peeking in and sees a bundle in the middle of the bed.

He steps inside quietly and sits gently on the edge of the bed, holding back a giggle at what he sees.
Or rather what he -can't- see as the only thing peeking out of the blanket bundle is the top of the vampire's head and his hair fanned out on the pillow.

Taehyung runs his fingers through the silky locks and gently calls out to the sleeping boy. Despite his attempts, Jungkook seems to be deep asleep but just as Taehyung plans to give up, the bundle finally moves and a still closed eyed vampire peeks from under the blankets.

"T'hyungie?" Jungkook asks, voice thick with sleep and cheeks marked with creases from the blankets.

Taehyung struggles for a second to not coo at the sight.

"Hi kook," he whispers, "sorry I left without feeding you last night"

" 'Tis okay" Jungkook mumbles out, unconsciously shifting closer towards Taehyung

"I'm going to be gone all day dealing with some things with Jin hyung at the shop" he continues, fingers still carding through the sleepy vampire's hair. "So let me feed you before I go okay?"

That seems to catch Jungkook's attention, fangs automatically coming out at the prospect of a feeding.

Taehyung holds out his arm, expecting the vampire to at least sit up, but instead he just slides up a bit, taking hold of Taehyung's arm and settling his head on his thigh, eyes still closed.

Normally when Taehyung came by in the mornings to feed Jungkook, his thirst would startle him awake as soon as Taehyung was near the bed, and while still sleepy, Jungkook would still be alert enough to be aware of his actions.

Which is why Taehyung is unsure how to react as Jungkook gently nuzzles the skin of his inner arm and give tiny licks at the area he plans to bite.

It's so different from Jungkook's usual struggle when it came to feeding, always barely restraining himself during the numbing process, keeping his body stiff as if he was ready to bolt at any second.

When Jungkook finally bites him, Taehyung expects the burning fire to spread across his skin as always, but instead nothing but a gentle warmth flows through his limbs and has him collapsing back against the headboard of the bed as a content and sleepy feeling overwhelms him.

He vaguely remembers the times when he used to feed Jimin and once he had learned control, the bites always felt soft and warm, often making him sleepy but nothing to this extent that has him sighing softly at the feeling of unadulterated comfort numbing his body.

Taehyung almost doesn't feel when Jungkook pulls off and closes the wound, but as the warm sensation slowly dissipates and he gains control of his limbs again he finally feels the soft weight still resting on his lap

He isn't too sure how long he lays there, letting Jungkook's soft snores fill the quiet room as he slowly puts his thoughts together.

Taehyung really hopes that this is a turning point for the feedings, that now that Jungkook can feed until he's satisfied without repercussions will help him stop feeling so scared.

He lays there until he feels one of the ferns that is hanging from the ceiling whisper quietly of Jin's magic searching for him and decides that despite how comfortable he is, it's time to go face the world again.

He slips Jungkook's head gently from his lap, giggling at how the vampire did not even stir and tucks the blankets around him.

Taehyung pauses for a second before leaving, pulling the little blossom from his hair and placing it on the bedside table. Gently he twirls his finger and blows the little purple mist over the flower so that it stays fresh until it isn't needed anymore.

He stumbles a bit as he walks out of the room, limbs still somewhat numb from the vampire's endorphins, and almost had a heart attack at the high pitched laughter breaking through the silent hallway.

Taehyung finds the source of his jumpscare leaning against the wall and frowns at Seokjin, but that only seems to fuel whatever has the witch hysterical so with a huff, he turns and makes his way towards the kitchen, ready to ignore his hyung in the pursue to fill his growling stomach.

Sure the tattoo bond helps him with keeping up with the feedings but that doesn't mean he doesn't get super hungry after.

Jin watches him prance around the kitchen in search of food with a mischievous smirk in place and Taehyung doesn't have to wait too long to find out what was the cause.

"You came out of the room looking like you got the best suck of your life."

Taehyung rolls his eyes and ignores the small blush fighting to break out across his cheeks. He always expects the worst from Jin and yet somehow the witch always surprises him.

"Aren't you too old to be making middle schooler level jokes hyung?"

Jin makes a tsking sound, always offended at the insinuation of his age and swipes a strawberry off of Taehyung's plate in retaliation.
"Can't a hyung not be interested in his favorite little dongsaeng's sex life?"

"Absolutely not hyung, that's just creepy." Taehyung answers without any malice, knowing Jin is only teasing him. "Besides the only sucking that is happening is of my blood, I was just caught by surprise today because Jungkook managed to bite me without flooding me with pain endorphins."

Jin just keeps throwing innuendos at Taehyung, getting nothing but glares as response as Taehyung finishes eating.

Once he was done with his breakfast, Taehyung heads out into the hallway towards the wooden door nestled down a few steps by the entrance to the living room, a colorful dial set next to it with four different colors.

Flipping it to red, Taehyung opens the door into the quaint little backroom of their store, situated smack in the center of Seoul's Supernatural district.

Jimin loves to make fun of Taehyung for his lack of creativity creating their portal but in his defense Howl's Moving Castle is a masterpiece -a movie worth of an Oscar- and Howl is an obvious sexy genius for creating a multidimensional doorway to save space and traveling time.

He feels at home here in their store, surrounded by the smell of drying herbs by the big window, and the twinkly chime of the beaded curtain that separates the back room from the actual store.

He waits for the sounds of Jin opening up the place but is instead met with silence, something that's completely out of the norm.

He turns from his work table and sees Jin frowning at him, worried lines marring his otherwise flawless complexion.

"What's wrong hyung?" He asks, feeling the fluttering of his magic heighten in apprehension. Jin walks over and sits down at the table, his Serious Business face in place of his usual lighthearted grin.

"So I have some not great news from the Council," Jin starts, fingers drumming quietly against his thigh.
"I didn't want to say anything in front of your little fledgling as to not scare him, but there's a possibility of the Council placing him in a holding cell until this whole deal blows over."

"Why would they do that?" Taehyung says a little more aggressive than expected. He takes a deep breath to calm down before he continues. "Jungkook has been nothing but good the past few weeks, not to mention he shows extreme restraint skills despite being a Pureblood fledgling and I've taken over as his personal blood bag so why in the world would they arrest him?"

Jin looks mildly shocked at Taehyung's outburst, as if he wasn't expecting the witch to have such a protective stance over a vampire he met not too long ago. Taehyung notices the look and flushes a bit, but thankfully Jin chooses to ignore it and continues.

"We trailed back his steps in hope to learn more about his Sire, but instead of information on her, we came across 5 separate massacres across Northern America. The first one was in a club near his University in Chicago, followed by two cities in Michigan, a small town across the border into Canada and the last one in New York City. It was an absolute bloodbath in each place, leaving more than a hundred humans dead. We are assuming he must have run away after every blood haze, which is why you eventually found him in New Hampshire."

Jin then pauses, giving Taehyung time to digest this information. He supposes he should feel scared of what Jungkook is capable, but instead he just feels angry at the monster that left the boy to fend for himself, causing all of those deaths and the guilty conscious that Jungkook will forever carry.

Jin throws an arm around Taehyung in comfort, never being able to stand anyone around him being anything but happy before continuing.

"While we know the circumstances of why it happened, the law is still the law and Jungkook is deemed dangerous both to humans and to the hidden structure of our world, which is why I am here. It was a toss up between me and Yoongi but in the end with him being a Pureblood and being able to sniff out the Sire, I was the one sent to be Jungkook's guard and report his every move to the council."

"You don't believe Jungkookie is dangerous, do you Hyung?" Taehyung asks in a small voice, both angry and upset at their current situation.

Jin laughs out loud at that, as if the thought of their little bunny looking vampire being scary is the funniest thing in the world.

"Of course not Taehyungie, even if I hadn't met him I wouldn't think he was dangerous because I know you would never put our nest in a situation where one of us could be harmed."

Taehyung hums in appreciation, basking under Jin's trust. No matter how long it has been, he will always feel the need to hear Jin's approval.

"So what's the plan then?" He asks, already thinking through all the ways they will need to act to appease the Council.

"Honestly," Jin answers, "other then making sure Jungkook doesn't go Berserker, there's nothing we have to do, it's all up to Yoongi. Which speaking of, he is fairly confident in finding the sire and when they do, we can pin all the blame on her and the baby vamp should walk out free."

"He'll still have to be part of the trial won't he?"

Jin sighs. "Unfortunately yes. Purebloods are an almost extinct breed, it takes a lot to sentence one to death and it's going to be heavily swayed by Jungkook's testimony."

It's Taehyung's turn to sigh. "I guess I'll have to tell him then."

Standing up, Jin just softly pats his hair and moves on to open up the shop, leaving Taehyung to think things through.

And he does think. He mulls over how to tell things to Jungkook in the course of the next few days. It's not that he feels the need to hide things from the vampire, but it feels like they would take a bunch of steps back from the positive progress.

Speaking of, Jungkook seems to finally become more comfortable with the feedings and even though Taehyung has not felt that sleepy peace from that early morning feeding again, the burning pain is nowhere near as painful as it was before. He thinks is due to being able to fully feed him and not letting the vampire became thirsty to the point of being desperate to feed.

Jungkook seems to be still hung up on his fear of hurting him despite being proven that he won't and Taehyung thinks that's just the vampire's guilt over having to hurt him every time he feeds. That guilt then stresses him out, causing him to then make the bite painful. It's basically a never ending cycle and Taehyung isn't sure how to fix it.

He tries his best to spend as much time as he can with Jungkook, hoping that maybe if he becomes more comfortable with Taehyung his fears will lessen. Plus with Jimin and Hobi having left to join Yoongi, he didn't want to leave the boy alone to brood over things he can't control.

Not that hanging out with Jungkook is a hard thing for Taehyung to do because despite his shy manner, the boy is a lot of fun to be around.

They spend a lot of time in the den playing video games and watching movies, finding that they have a lot in common.

While Taehyung doesn't spend a lot of time catching up with what's current in the human world, Jungkook clearly did before turning. The vampire is always excited to find out that a sequel to a movie came out, or new DLCs are available for his favorite game.

Taehyung also finds out about how competitive Jungkook is, always pouting anytime his accelerated senses makes him mess up due to not being quite used to them.

"Hyung, this is not fair!" Jungkook had whined during one of their Mario Kart races. "What's the point of having all those cool vampire powers if I keep losing?"

"Well Jungkookie, maybe I'm just better than you."

That had seemed to make him pout even harder and Taehyung was forced to endure ten more rounds before Jungkook had finally gotten the hang of not pressing the buttons too fast and finally won.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though, Jungkook still became very shy and withdrawn around the other Hyungs. He also never asked to feed, always waiting for Taehyung to offer and often saying that he isn't thirsty, earning a glare from Taehyung until he took the offered wrist.

It was still progress though, so Taehyung couldn't be upset at their baby steps.

Despite his attempts to ignore the problem at hand, about a day prior to the full moon Jin cornered him in the store and informed him that Yoongi would be coming by with new information the next morning, which meant he had no choice but to talk to Jungkook about the possibility of imprisonment and the definitive future of being present in a trial against his Sire.

Which brought him to his current situation, pacing inside his room trying to figure out how to break the news to the baby vamp without making him feel even more guilty.

It probably didn't help that the moon was almost full and the urge to run into the woods was already present, making him more antsy than usual.

After another round of stressed pacing, he decides at that point to just go with the flow and walks across the hall to knock on Jungkook's door.

Said person opens the door and Taehyung is met with a wet haired vampire and the strong scent of peach blossoms and honey milk.

He has noticed that Jungkook is always smelling of one of his bath mixes, as if he's having fun trying all of them out but seems to always come back to the Amber Blossom one.

The scent is fitting for Jungkook -soft and warm- and Taehyung makes a mental note to make sure to add the bath mix to his to do list before the vampire runs out.

Jungkook steps to the side allowing Taehyung in and he flops down on the bed carelessly, patting the spot next to him.

"Hey Jungkookie, your meal has arrived"

Jungkook frowns at that and as always settles on the floor by the bed instead of next to Taehyung. "Not funny hyung."

Taehyung just rolls his eyes, pokes Jungkook on the side and is rewarded with a little soft smile.

After a whole week he had finally given up on attempting to get Jungkook to be comfortable while feeding, as the vampire prefered to be "lower" than him as according to Jungkook it helped him feel more in control of his instincts.

He drops his arm towards Jungkook and settles himself more comfortably on the pillows.

It's almost a practiced routine at this point, how Jungkook always holds his arm gently in a loose grip and gently sucks on the skin, barely hard enough to leave a mark for more than a few minutes after he was done.

The bite itself doesn't hurt anymore, Taehyung merely feels the pressure of Jungkook's teeth in his skin and the warmth of his mouth, but just like clockwork, seconds after the burning sensation runs up his arm and into his chest.

He thinks he's gotten used to it at this point and while the burn isn't necessarily fun, Taehyung knows it could still be much worse than this so he just tries to control his breathing and relaxes against the bed.

Thanks to the constant feeding, Jungkook doesn't need as much time as he used to, so no more than a few minutes later he is closing up the wound and laying his head against the bed.

"Thank you hyung."

The little whisper startles Taehyung, whose eyes open up to stare at the vampire.

He feels a smile blooming across his face, the burning sensation from the bite dissipating into a warm pressure across his chest.

He pets Jungkook's still wet hair, messing it up and resulting in an affronted yelp from said vampire.

"Anytime baby vamp." Taehyung says, then sighs as he remembers the other reason why he's here.
"Come sit up here Jungkookie, I need to tell you something."

Jungkook gives him a wide eyed stare before Taehyung rushes to assure him that nothing is wrong and he finally moves to sit on the bed next to the witch.

So Taehyung explains everything as calmly as he could, glossing over the small detail of Jungkook's body count, not wanting to give that information to the boy to feel guilty over.

"Listen," he says as he finishes up, "Jin Hyung has no doubt that you're not dangerous and no one in the council seems to be ready to jump into throwing you in a holding cell when you've showed us nothing but restraint and acceptance. Plus, Yoongi Hyung is supposed to come by tomorrow with good news, so please don't feel bad okay?"

That only has Jungkook giving Taehyung a small nod, his arms holding on to his legs tightly as he sits on the bed all curled up.

Taehyung doesn't know what to do but to offer him silent comfort as Jungkook comes to terms with everything, so he slides over next to him and wraps his arms around the vampire.

At first, Jungkook is tense, but eventually he leans his head on the witch's shoulder. After a while Jungkook's breathing soften and Taehyung slides out of the embrace, settling the boy down and pulling the blanket over him.

Taehyung is already reaching for the doorknob, having already flicked the lights off when he hears a whisper so low he almost misses it.

"I deserve to be punished."

He freezes on the doorway, feeling anger take over his mind.

"You only deserve everything good in the world Jungkook" he says fiercely, magic crackling around him in fiery purple bursts. "We are going to find the bitch that sired you and I'm going to end her myself."

A sniffle is the only sound Taehyung hears before Jungkook mumbles a soft thank you and burrows deeper into the blankets.

It takes a while for Taehyung to finally calm down that night, anger still coursing through his blood.

It's probably somewhere around 3 am, Taehyung having finally fallen into a restless sleep a few hours before when he wakes up with vines wrapped around his arms and legs.

He can feel the ferns that hang above his bed canopy but instead of their soft murmurs, a bursting scream rushes through his head.

Taehyung can tell that those emotions aren't coming from the plants themselves since they are beings who cannot feel things to that strength, but from someone else in the house.

It's like a vibrating fear pounding into his brain and down his limbs, making his breath come out in short painful gasps.

It takes him a bit to untangle his feelings (and limbs) from the plants and when he finally does, he jumps up and rushes out into the hallway.

Taehyung can hear whimpers and muffled screams coming from across the hall and he wastes no time in bursting into Jungkook's room, prepared to fight if necessary.

Instead of danger, Taehyung walks into a heartbreaking scene. Curled up in the center of the bed with blankets shoved off to the side, Jungkook lays trapped in a nightmare

Taehyung wastes no time rushing over to the bed, climbing over to the boy and attempting to wake him up. It takes a lot of sweet words and gentle grip across the vampire's shoulder to finally wake him up.

Jungkook whimpers and grabs on to Taehyung's arms, sharp nails sinking into his skin as an ugly sob tears from the boy's mouth.

Taehyung instinctually pulls Jungkook into his lap, hugs him tightly and combs through his sweaty hair, murmuring soft words until the heart wrenching sobs turns into quiet whimpers.

It takes a while, but after a soft confession and more tears, Jungkook eventually falls back asleep. Taehyung can't find the will to move away, he refuses to leave the hurt boy on his own, so he just hugs Jungkook closer and falls asleep.