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And She, Waits For You

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And She, Waits For You

Chapter 100 - Epilogue

Two & A Bit Months Later – Wednesday 23rd September - somewhere in Paris, France

Chloe opened the hotel room door to a nice-looking French man delivering the breakfast she’d ordered.

“Votre petit déjeuner moiselle,” he spoke in crisp French, presenting the trolley with 2 covered dishes as Chloe let him inside the room to leave the dishes on the table.

“Merci…pouvez-vous le…mettre sur la table?” Chloe stuttered out, squinting her eyes like that was going to help her remember the foreign language she’d spent weeks trying to learn as much as possible.

As he placed the dishes on the table, the guy paused as he noticed Chloe had a naked brunette woman in her bed who was only covered from the hips down by the bed sheet and was sleeping face down on the bed.

“I tired her out last night,” Chloe admitted, unable to resist smirking at Elly, then realized he didn’t understand her, “Je l’ai…fatiguée hier soir.”

“Espérons qu’elle récupère pour breakdfast,” he uttered.

After a few seconds translating in her head, Chloe smirked even more, “I’m hoping she recovers for another day together not just for breakfast,” then again catching herself, deciding instead to tell him, “Ma femme est…parfaitement…content pour le reste de notre lune de miel. Merci, au revoir.”

Escorting him out of the room politely, Chloe closed the door behind her. Turning back to walk over to the bed, she slipped out of her dressing gown, then crawled back into bed. Chloe pressed her naked body on Elly’s back, linking their left hands together, running her right hand up and down Elly’s side as she kissed her lips against Elly’s jawline and neck, “Time to get up, my love.”

Elly rustled in her sleep but didn’t open her eyes.

“I ordered us breakfast, Elly. You’d be impressed, I don’t think I made an ass out of myself speaking French this time,” Chloe tried encouraging the brunette to awake from her sleep.

“Mmm,” Elly mumbled, “Proud of you.”

Chloe persisted kissing Elly’s neck, “The nice little French man was surprised I had a naked you in my bed.”

Elly squeezed their left hands together, continuing to mumble, “Mmm more of that kissing and laying your naked body on me…I might be convinced of waking.”

Chloe smiled at Elly, as she pressed her chest harder to Elly’s back, teasing Elly with the feeling of her breasts against her, “He was worried I tired you out and you wouldn’t recover for breakfast.”

“Mmm,” Elly whispered again, “What’d you say back?”

Chloe looked over at their intertwined left hands, grinning happily, “That I hope you recover for another day together…and that my wife is perfectly content for the rest of our honeymoon.”

Elly shifted her face to flip to the other side, looking at the wedding bands on their fingers that were intertwined, “So content you tired me out and will continue to do so every night of our honeymoon, wifey.”

“You sure it isn’t just the jetlag?” Chloe asked, continuing to kiss her lips across Elly’s neck.

Elly giggled as she shook her head, “We’ve been in Paris for four days, we got over the jetlag in the first couple days which is why our actual honeymoon portion of our honeymoon only begun last night. My wifey definitely tired me out with the love making.”

Chloe lifted herself gently as Elly finally rolled over to face her, then hovered softly over her before Elly settled under her and pulled her forwards into a kiss. Elly then re-linked their left hands across her chest, resting their hands on her shoulder, smiling as their wedding bands clinked together gently.

Chloe smiled down at Elly, “This was the best way to plan our honeymoon, wasn’t it? A few days to get over jetlag then three whole days to ourselves…? Well not quite to ourselves.”

Elly ran her hand through Chloe’s hair, “Have you heard from our boys, yet?”

Chloe nodded, “Text from Hendrix, he’s survived the night with Elliot. They’re both fine.”

“Should we go check on them?” Elly asked quickly.

“No, we do not need to check on them. They’re on the floor above us, we’re only allowed to see them if there’s an emergency. Hendrix has plenty of milk and nappies for Elliot. You agreed I’d have you all to myself in this bed for three full days before we’d move back to the adjoining rooms upstairs to spend the rest of the week doing the family holiday thing with our boys,” Chloe pouted her lips at her wife.

“I miss them,” Elly pouted back.

“You’ll miss me and my naked body more if you go and check on them. It’s three days and then we can go see them. Til then I want my wifey all to myself,” Chloe giggled.

“True, I will miss you more,” Elly admitted, “Did we really get married?”

“No, it was all just this crazy dream you made up and whilst you will wake up naked in bed with me, you won’t do so on our honeymoon in Paris where you always dreamed of visiting,” Chloe fibbed.

“Liar,” Elly giggled, “We did get married cause I remember how beautiful you looked walking down the aisle to me.”

“I’m surprised you noticed me with the Brennan brothers brigade taking the flipping limelight to walk me down the aisle. I knew it was a disaster asking the three of them to choose who got the honours,” Chloe grumbled.

Elly nodded, “Well, yeah, when they choose it to be all three of them, serves you right for not choosing. My baby looked adorable with Mark and Aaron on either side of her. Who can forget Tyler flying in for four hours to hold the train of your dress behind you down the aisle and then dance with you once at the reception before going back home to look after your mum? It was so good seeing Paige again with Mark. I can’t believe they beat us down the freaking aisle last month! Bet they’ll be expecting before we even know it. I’m so glad Bea talked me into walking down the aisle first cause seeing the Brennan brothers brigade and you walking down the aisle was hilarious…and also most endearing cause I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

“I think that’s your way of saying you loved our wedding and you love your wifey,” Chloe settled.

Elly pecked Chloe on the lips, “Very much so. You are my wifey ‘til death do us part, baby.”

Chloe suddenly whimpered in sadness.

“Too soon?” Elly realized.

Chloe nodded, then leant down and captured Elly’s lips deeply for a moment, “Don’t you ever die or fake die on me again. You’re not allowed to leave me until we’re grey and old like in our 90’s minimum!”

“To be fair, I didn’t fake die on you, my death was just faked by your asshat of an ex-boyfriend in an attempt to win you back,” Elly countered, “But, yes, neither of us will leave one another until we’re dying in one another’s arms in our 90’s. We’ll have our boys there too and their families. No other way to go out of this world.”

Chloe rested her head on her wife’s shoulder, deciding to put Pierce out of her mind for good since he’d been jailed, “I miss our boys.”

Elly giggled at the blonde, “Oh, don’t you start. Wasn’t it you telling me we’re not allowed to see Hendrix or Elliot for three whole days until we check out of our honeymoon suite and back into the room upstairs adjoining our boys?”

“Yes, but I still miss them,” Chloe grumbled, “Who’d have thought this time last year that within a year we’d be married and raising two sons? A teenager and an infant.”

“Not me, as much as I hoped I’d find a way to tell you I love you and that you’d love me back still, I never thought you’d be willing to raise my son with me and be his mum too. Let alone that we’d have Hendrix wanting to be part of our family…but after everything we’ve been through…we made it through together and we are gonna be married and happy for the rest of our long lives,” Elly promised.

“We did and we will,” Chloe promised back, “We waited so long for everything to fall into place for us and our family, didn’t we?”

“That we did,” Elly whispered, before kissing Chloe once more, “But the best part of it now is that there’s no more waiting for anything for us to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Mmm, no more waiting,” Chloe repeated, before grinning, “Good cause I’m starving and can’t wait for breakfast anymore.”

As Chloe released her grip on her wife, untangled herself, slipped off the bed then placed her dressing gown back on before going over to the table to grab the plates of breakfast, then juggling them as she brought them and the cutlery back to the bed, handing one to Elly, before juggling the other getting back into bed.

Elly wrapped her arm around Chloe’s shoulder, smiling when her wife nuzzled her face against Elly’s neck, “Y’know, I wasn’t talking about breakfast when I said there’s no more waiting for us to be together, baby.”

Chloe giggled, “Oh, I know but you also know me with breakfast…love it almost as much as my family.”

Elly pressed her lips to Chloe’s cheek, “That I do. But after breakfast…two and a half more days in this bed before we see our boys again and enjoy the family part of our honeymoon…no more waiting to be with you.”

Chloe smiled with contentment, “Plus d’attente jamais.”

After a moment to translate, Elly pressed her lips to Chloe’s, “Exactly. No more waiting ever.”

The End