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Yagi reached for his phone, oblivious to Aizawa’s lidded, irritated stare. The peace of the staff room had been shattered by All Might’s sudden yelling and, to both Aizawa’s amazement and disgust, Yagi was still unaware of how annoying his various loud ringtones were.

It was a message from you, Yagi noted brightly, swiping it open.

‘What time are you done tonight?’

A hum of appreciation echoed across his very being. You were thinking of him and he loved that! And you had asked a very good question – what time was he going home? He glanced at the clock before eyes settled on the untouched stack of reports sitting beside his computer.

An assignment he was supposed to have finished grading almost two weeks ago.

His shoulders slumped as he slowly and carefully wrote back a reply.

‘I will be working late tonight, I am sorry :-(’

You didn’t respond right away. Guilt was starting to creep into his mind, grappling with his rigid sense of duty. He wanted to go home to you but…

He had work to do.

And he couldn’t put it off any longer.


“All Might,” Aizawa said sharply.

“Oh!” He winced as he turned his phone to silent, muttering his apologies at the glaring man at having forgotten the hanging office request – to keep his phone on vibrate.

Ah, it was another message from you. Hopefully you weren’t too displeased with him.

All you had sent was one of those sad face ‘mo-jos’ in response.

He frowned.

How was he supposed to reply to that?

Before he could put his fingers on his phone keyboard, you had sent another message.

‘I miss you!’

Well that made him feel tremendously better, that warmth flooding his soul again at having someone not just thinking about him, but also missing him. He would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the feeling at being pined for.

Then came the picture.

It was a someone in purple lingerie laying on a bed.


It was you in purple lingerie laying on a bed.

Panic gripped him and he clutched his phone to his chest, a knee-jerk reaction to hide the screen from non-existing curious gazes. He was desperately trying to curb the blood drooling out the corners of his mouth, face burning red. He could feel the eyes of the world boring into him.

Aghast that he had been sent such a lecherous image.

But there was only Aizawa, who was far too consumed in his work to care about what Yagi was doing across the room. The blond was alternating his attention between his tablet, computer and cellphone.

Yagi felt his heart drop when the phone vibrated in his hand again. But something else was creeping in his head. That something was demanding he take a peek at what else you had sent.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he carefully tilted his phone toward his face.


With a jolt, he hid the screen of the phone once more. Sweat was forming at the back of his neck, everything felt a little too hot. He needed… to go to the bathroom.

He could feel his phone was still going off.

Quickly he jumped to his feet, the suddenness causing Aizawa to freeze.

“Just going to… go to the bathroom!” Yagi chirped, stiffly walking to the door, phone still vibrating. 

Aizawa closed his eyes and inhaled deeply.

Once the door clicked shut behind him, Yagi’s pace quickened considerably. He was scrolling through the collection of photos you had sent, eyes darting around in concern though the students had all left the building hours ago.

Oh goodness, the pictures.

You with your breasts free. You running your hands across your breasts. Fingers tugging nipples. Hands over your panties. You smiling. Hands touching your underwear. Hands traveling beneath your underwear…

He slammed the door of the bathroom shut with more force than was necessary, leaning against it as he clumsily worked to lock it.

Attempting to swallow with a bone-dry mouth, he was back to looking at his phone. 

Hands traveling beneath your underwear. Hands pulling the crotch aside. Fingers spreading. Fingers disappearing…

You were going to kill him, he thought helplessly, all too aware of the growing strain in his groin. You had never done this to him before and, honestly, didn’t know how to take it.

He didn’t know what to do!

A vibration.

A message.

And to his horrified arousal, it was a video.

With a shaking hand, he clicked on the file only to squeak and shove his phone into his pocket when the sound started up. Of course, that only made things worse. The clip was still playing and he dug back into his pants, face on fire, as he listened to the rapid movement of slickness and low, breathy whimpers.


He was about to toss his phone into the toilet just to get the sound to stop, terrified that it was too loud and was carrying outside the room and there would be a crowd of people standing at the door, listening in, and the tabloids and talk shows would all be talking about All Might the pervert–

His thumb brushed against a familiar side-button and, a half-second later, there was silence. 

Well, not really. He could hear his heavy breathing joined by the loud thumping of his heart.

A jittery hand landed on his face, brushing longs bangs away from his eyes.

And then he was looking back at the screen.

Because he couldn’t help himself.

Replaying the video, he watched those lovely fingers of yours dancing across your sex before plunging in. And you had called his name. Goodness, he wished he could listen to the sound. He wanted to hear his name on your lips.

A slight whine was trapped in his nose when your homemade film ended far too quickly. His thoughts flittered between you, sex, his growing arousal, society, arousal, you–

But what about work?

He was defeated. He wanted nothing more than to dash to your place to be with you. To touch you.

But he couldn’t.

And then, you were calling.

“Toshi!” You said brightly when he answered the call with a weak ‘hello.’ “How’s work? I sent you a text, have you had a chance to take a look at it?”

You were talking so nonchalantly – it struck him that you were being coy on purpose. In case he hadn’t seen the surprises you had left for him. 

“Yes,” he said with a tightness in his voice that made you giggle, the pretense falling away at hearing the state he was in.

“Did you like them?”

“You can’t do these things when I’m at work.” 

“Why? I thought it was a nice little surprise for you. A pick-me-up! Something different.”

Another whimper. 

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to concentrate now,” he admitted to your delight, sending you into another round of soft giggles.

“Ah, so you did like it.”

“I did,” he said. With a sigh, he looked down at his body. “Maybe a little too much.”

You hummed at that admission, the sound sending a wave of warmth traveling across Yagi’s chest. 

“What suit are you wearing today?” you asked. “I want to picture you.”

“The y-yellow one.”

“Ohhh, my favorite,” you purred before devolving into a sigh and Yagi could only imagine what you were doing. 

He felt his cock twitch.

“What brought this on today?” He adjusted the front of his pants, willing his… excitement to die down. 

“Like I said, just wanted to send you a little pick-me-up.” You paused. “And I miss you. Haven’t seen you for a couple of days.”

Couple of days?

It was actually closer to two weeks, Yagi realized with a wince. Between hero work and school…

Had it really been two weeks?

“This weekend I think I’m free–”

“Oh Toshi baby, I don’t think I can wait until the weekend,” you replied with an unseen grin. But he could hear it plain as day in your voice. “Come over tonight.”

“I’m working pretty late–” he tried to explain but you interrupted him before he could continue. You were trying something new, demanding his attention instead of begging for it.

“Thinking of you has gotten me all kinds of worked up.” You were using the soft voice that drove him crazy. “Problem is, I haven’t finished. I’m waiting for you, Toshi. I need you.”

I need you.

Another lurch down south.


“See you in a bit, Toshi.”

You hung up before he could protest more, surprised by how assured you were. He stared at his phone, willpower chipping away. 

Waiting for him? 

After calming down and allowing the stiffness in his dress pants to fade, an exhausted Yagi returned to the staff room. Aizawa looked up, watching the lean man slide the door close with much more restraint than earlier, settling into his seat with a soft sigh.

Aizawa glanced at the time – they were broaching seven o’clock. The only reason he stuck around so late was because he was patrolling later. He wasn’t sure of Yagi’s excuse.

“You should go home,” he found himself saying to the older gentleman, refusing to look up from his computer. He heard shuffling from Yagi’s side of the room.

“I have a lot of work to get through, Aizawa-kun,” Yagi said, his usual cheeriness there but it sounded hollow. “I need to finish it.”

“Overworking yourself is irrational,” he said. “It will only harm your obligations as a teacher and as a hero. Go home. Finish your grading over the weekend.”


“Don’t be stupid, All Might.” Yagi was looking over to the eraser hero, mildly surprised when two tired eyes met his. “Go home.”

He held his gaze for a few seconds, slightly bewildered by Aizawa’s concern. But he found himself nodding, sharing a friendly smile with him. 

“Thank you, Aizawa-kun,” Yagi said as he stood, packing up his station. Aizawa scoffed, rolling his eyes over the unnecessary and underserved thanks. 

He softly called out his goodbyes to his uncaring co-worker before long legs were briskly carrying out of the building and off school grounds.

Yagi should have headed home to rest. To grab some dinner. Maybe get work done in the comfort of his home office.

But he wasn’t going to do any of that. He was going somewhere far better.

He was going to you.