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The Beast Of The Forest

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In the middle of a vast forest lies a nearly forgotten village, so old, even the elders of the inhabitants can not remember how their ancestors once got here, the origin not written down in any of the history books found in their library. Completely surrounded by trees and cut off from any other form of civilisation, the villagers founded their society, making the best of the resources they can have. With a growing history and an even faster growing population, the people managed to create a small town it is worth living in. In theory, they have everything they need in this little world belonging just to them, all controlled by the chosen mayor. He is fairly new in this position, considering the old mayor resigning just three years ago because of his advanced age. He was a good leader, but a few hundred years from now, people will barley remember him any more, seeing that he didn't bring out any major accomplishments for the village. People will still know his name though, but not because of who he was, but his great-grandfather. His great-grandfather was mayor once too, and till this day worshipped as one of the best. He was the one who divided the village into five districts.


District number one is in the middle of the village, right where the house of the mayor and the great square can be found. Nowadays the square and the small wooden stage in the centre of it are used for the weekly market and a few shows performed by young students or sometimes for announcements or celebrations. Originally though, the stage was build as a gallows to deal with people disobeying any rules of the village, but it's been a long time since the last man was killed on it. Officially the law still has a death penalty established for the worst criminals, but since seventy four years ago a court was introduced into town, nothing so bad has ever happened that someone had to be executed because of their actions.


The courthouse, together with a school, a hospital, a police station, the library, a church and buildings of similar use are put together into the second district. It is surrounding district number one like a belt, protecting the main part of the village.


District number three is relatively close to the second one, but not as put together. It's the district where the villagers are living. Houses and houses next to each other or a bit separated, depending on what the house owner likes. Nevertheless, except for the mayor and his closest relatives and employees, who live in the house in district one, all the others are living in district three. Not having a lot of possibilities of single families or workers to come to great fortune, all people share the same life, the same income, making it worthless to separate the town into a rich and a poor part. This being a bit sad, knowing one could never have a better life, no matter how hard you work, it also brings a positive effect, seeing that there are no homeless people and no poverty in the village. At least not more poverty as all the inhabitants are sharing, seeing that indeed all of them have to work hard to survive.


Most of them are working on farms to provide the food for the village as good as they can, depending on the season and the weather. Those farms, either of plants or animals are put into district four. Probably the biggest of the ring like districts, considering their purpose. And where the districts before were connecting to the others, district four is a bit further away from the third one, just so that people don't get distributed in the nights by animal noises and smells coming over. Also the range of the fourth district is having the positive effect of it separating the parts where the villagers are living from the forest and district five.


District five forms the last and outer ring of the village connecting it to the forest. Here one can find guards patrolling and young men getting trained to become soldiers. And all of that because of the forest.



The forest. Enormous and impenetrably.

If it wouldn't be for these woods, the citizens of the village would have left a long time ago, but everyone who steps foot into the forest gets relentlessly murdered. Murdered by the beast of the forest. Murdered by what they call, simply, but not less frightening: V.



Jungkook, a young villager, had his very own connection to the feared upon forest.


When he was six years old he got into a bad argument with his mother. Not thinking straight and just wanting to get away form her, he ran right into the forest, hearing the screams of some soldiers behind him, but not caring. He is too angry, too stubborn to turn around. He just wants to be alone and sulk. They can yell after him all they want, he won't turn around.


At one point, when his legs already started hurting from running, the screams not longer be heard, he came to a small stream and decided to sit down on a big stone and take a rest. With one hand resting under his chin, a pout on his face, he aimlessly started kicking small stones into the water.

His anger slowly starts dissolving when he can hear his fathers voice in the distant. He looks up and there he can see the older man, “Daddy?” he asks, a bit confused why this seems like such a rare situation. It's strange seeing his father here, in the middle of the forest, but Jungkook can't quite seem to catch on why he never saw his father surrounded by so much green before.


His father is frantically running towards him, pushing back leaves from each of his sides as they get into his way. Jungkook is not moving and just waiting for his dad to come closer, he is still confused about why his father is making such a big deal out of him running away. He was just sulking for a bit in the forest, it's not like he would have never come back.


His father is only a few feet away from him and Jungkook already makes up some apologies inside his head, when a long tongue is licking over his cheek.


Jungkook's breathing stops. His eyes, now big and wide, are still looking at his father, who has a horrified look on his face, not daring to move. A cold shiver runs down his spine and Jungkook starts shaking lightly when he slowly, as his body doesn't allow him any greater action in his fear stated condition, turns around.


In front of him is a monster, so close everything Jungkook can see is his face. A horrendous red brown face with black long eyes is staring back at him.


Jungkook would have wanted to stare some more, but this must have been the moment his body decided to kick in his flight instinct, as he turns around again quickly, trying to get away from the unknown being.


He doesn't come fast as he stumbles over a stone and falls right into the small stream he was sitting at before, scratching up his knee and having some of his blood drip into the water.


But Jungkook is quick to jump back up onto his feet, no time to cry over some blood. His father is close enough to him by now to grab his son by his wrist to pull him further away from the monster.


They make it two steps before Jungkook falls down again. This time though, it's not his own fault. Claws ripped along the skin of his lower leg and the boy lets out a pain struck scream, still holding on to his father.


The man lets go of his sons wrist to jump right at the creature, pushing it off of Jungkook.


All Jungkook sees is the sinister mask, white fur, long fingernails and blood.


So much blood.


Then his father yells, “Jungkook! Run!”


And that's what the young boy does. As quick as his small legs can carry him, he hurries, a bit unsure about the right way, out of the forest, where is mother, older brother and a few soldiers are already waiting.


He is a crying mess when he throws himself into his mother's arms.




As the minutes pass, they all continue staring into the forest, fear visible in their tear filled eyes. But the father and husband never comes back out of the forest.


It's the day that Jungkook decided to never step foot back into the woods.





A few years later, Jungkook has become a handsome young man of the age of 19 by now, he and his best friend Jimin are carrying some water from one of the stone wells back to their houses. It's not an uncommon task for either of the boys as they both choose the road of becoming a nurse rather than the one of a soldier.


They call it a tradition, but obligation would be the better fitting term, at least Jungkook thinks so. After you turn sixteen, everyone has to serve the village by either getting trained as a soldier in the fifth district, getting schooled as a field worker or learning how to tend to sick and injured people. Of course there are exceptions, but if your father isn't a priest or a baker himself, everyone should do good by sticking to the 'tradition'.


Jungkook doesn't mind though. He is happy learning about helping people, treating people and as long as he doesn't have to get to close to the forest, he can't complain about his job.


Especially when seeing how everyone who comes back from the forest is close to death...or, well, doesn't come back.


It's been years since the villagers have been trying to break out, maybe kill the beast, and have the whole population start a new life with less restricted resources. But so far it doesn't seem they even stand a chance.


The reason for that is V. Every soldier who makes it out of the forest alive tells worse stories about the beast. Some say he has long dark horns, others say that his teeth are sharp and white, and yet others talk about his long black nails. But on thing, they can all agree on, is that V is entirely deathly.


Not that Jungkook wouldn't know that already.



“Your brother will be send out tomorrow again, right?” Jimin asks Jungkook as they tip the buckets filled with water out.


“Hmm,” Jungkook nods, he doesn't like to speak about, would wish that his brother would have chosen another path as well.


But that was never an option, since the day their father died in the forest, his brother, eleven at that time, it was clear to him that he wanted to get revenge for their loss by killing the beast.


“Ahh, don't worry, your brother is strong,” Jimin tries to reassure him, but they all know that no one is as strong as the monster inside that forest.


Jungkook couldn't deal with loosing another person to the beast. First his dad, then his mum, who might not be dead, but started hating Jungkook so much after the incident when he was six, that Jungkook can easily count her as a loss, and sooner or later his brother. He is just glad that Jimin is not out training in district five.




The following evening Jungkook finds himself at the edge of district three. He is not about to get any closer towards the forest than necessary, waiting for his brother and his corps to arrive back from the woods.


They went into the dangerous place with eight soldiers, two come back.


The two are heavenly wounded, but Jungkook still has a tear of relief slipping out his eyes, when he sees that one of those two is his brother.


Jungkook himself tends the second soldier, as he is the one who needs treatment more urgently. He has a lot of open wounds who need attention, and Jungkook just takes out a needle to stitch him up, when the guy is throwing himself at Jungkook.


And then all is happening very fast. The dude bites into his arm, Jungkook and him stumbling to the ground and Jungkook lets out a scream of pain, soldiers coming run into the room and harshly taking the mad man away. The guy is not letting himself be manhandled easily as he howls loudly and tries to bite some of the others. The next second someone points a gun at him and Jungkook has just enough time to look away before a shot can be heard and then the sound of a body crashing into the floor.



The wound on Jungkook's arm is hurting, even after putting some herbals onto it, the pain just doesn't seem to fade at all, but this is not the young mans biggest concern right now.


He can hear the others talking about the situation, about him.


“He bit him.”


“You think he will turn crazy, too?”


“There is a chance.”


“But there is also a chance that he won't.”


“Listen, he is just one guy, we loose five kids like him every day in the forest, one more won't hurt anyone.”


“I think he is right. It would be a waste of soldiers to have someone watch over him and we clearly can't leave him without any supervision wandering inside the village.”


“So it's decided?”


“But who should do it?”


“Let his brother do it.”


“Wow, wait a second, man, isn't that too cruel? Jeon is a good guy.”


“But he brought back the diseased guy, should have just left him in the forest.”


“Yeah, but-”


Jungkook heard enough. As quietly as he can he sneaks out of the hospital and through the darkness of the village, only a few lanterns guiding him his way.


There is not much he could do right now. Say goodbye to his mum? Jimin? His mum might not even care, Jimin would cry too much.


So his decision is simple.



Jungkook just finds himself at the edge of the fourth district. He takes another deep breath before taking a step onto the sand ground. The last time he's been in district five was when he was six. But his decision is simple.


He goes even closer towards the forest, he made sure none of the soldiers are watching this part at the moment, they are just not enough to guide every quarter at all times.


“Jungkook!” A yell comes from behind him and as he turns around, Jimin comes running towards him.


“What are you doing?”


Jungkook sends him a small smile, but by the tears that are already running down Jimin's face, the boy must already know about his choice.


“There is really nothing I can do, Jimin, they want me dead, so I'm going into the forest. I'd rather be killed by some beast than by my own brother...and also, this way it will be my decision. It's that simple.”


“Please don't.” Jimin sobs, but both boys know that it has to end this way. Jungkook doesn't say anything else and Jimin crashes himself onto the younger into one last, messy hug.


When they pull apart, Jimin is still crying heavenly, but Jungkook can't find himself to do the same. It's seems to unreal to him, that he can't bring himself to truly understand his next actions. And maybe it will be better this way.


He pushes Jimin further away and then he turns around and walks into the forest.





This is how Jungkook finds himself wandering through the dark forest. He can barley see where he is going, sometimes stumbling over a stone or a root. But that's not what is having him shaking in fear. Every sound he hears has him turning heads, afraid to be faced by V. But it never shows up.


After Jungkook walked so deep into the forest, the lights from the village vanished from his sight a long time ago, Jungkook decided to sit down. There is not much he can do than wait for his death. He leans his back against a tree, pulls his legs up to his chest and holds them there with his arms. He makes himself as small as possible and if a few tears slip out of his eyes, nobody is there to witness.


He continues sitting in one place for minutes, maybe hours, but still nothing happens. No one, nothing, is attacking him. The wound on his arm is still hurting, but that's as much as his physical discomfort goes.


And without a further care, at one point Jungkook falls asleep.





A rustling sound is what wakes Jungkook up the next day. He slowly opens his eyes, the sunlight hitting his eyes so brightly, Jungkook can barley remember it ever being so radiant. His back hurts and he starts moving his body a bit, he really fell asleep while sitting against a hard tree.


Then he hears another rustling sound and all of a sudden everything comes back to him.


He is in the cursed forest.


Jungkook quickly stands up, his legs a bit shaky from the unpleasant sleeping position he spend the night in. But that's not of importance right now, what comes as truly shocking to him is that he is still alive. He made it trough a whole night without the beast attacking him.


Suddenly Jungkook hears another noise from behind him and he spins around quickly, but again, there is nothing, when he turns his back around, panic rises inside him.


There, only a few meters away from him, is the monster, sitting in a crouching position, looking right at him.


It has somewhat a human body, expect that where his head is supposed to be is a brownish mask with some red and white painting over it, only two small slits for eyes and no mouth? Jungkook wonders.


But other then that? He has a very human like body. Even his hair, a blondish colour, is not completely unheard of in the human world.


His upper body, naked with only two red (blood?) handprints over his muscled chest and a white fur hanging from his shoulders down to his thighs. A necklace of what seems to be small long bones is hanging around his neck and a floral like dark green tattoo is gracing his left arm. His lower parts are hidden by nothing but a leather loincloth.




Jungkook is still staring in a mix of shock and awe when the figure is slowly lifting itself up, taking a step closer towards the village boy.


Jungkook doesn't know what to do, how to act. Even if he would be able to get out of his shock like state, it wouldn't make much sense running away, knowing from not only stories but first hand experience that the creature is way too fast for him to ever run from.


So he just stands there, looking at the so called beast, at V, when it comes closer and closer to him, until it is standing right in front of Jungkook.


It's only a bit bigger than Jungkook himself, so when he is looking at the others face and at those dark slits, he had thought to be the monsters eyes, he can actually make out two beautiful brown eyes from behind them, looking right at Jungkook.


They continue to stare at each other for a bit longer, Jungkook marvelling at the beasts unexpected beauty. For a moment he forgets everything around him, forgets that this person has killed so many people of his village. He feels like he is in a different world, with no one else but the two of them surrounded with what could only be described as a paradisal nature.


Jungkook is in such a daze, he is taken by surprise when the beast grabs his arm in a speed, even if Jungkook would have been prepared for it, there would have been nothing he could have done to prevent it.


All he can think now, as the monster is gripping his arm tightly, already hurting him with just this grasp, that this is the end. This is how he will die.


So Jungkook closes his eyes in fear, accepting his fate as this is why he came into the forest in the beginning.


But then something else happens, instead of ripping his arm off, biting into his skin, or whatever else he expected the beast to do, it just rubs over his wound on his arm. Jungkook can't but hiss at the feeling, opening his eyes up again to be met by the piercing gaze of the other again.


This time, their eye contact doesn't last for long, as the creature turns around, never letting go of his arm, and pulling Jungkook behind him further into the forest. He is hurrying through the woods in such a fast pace, Jungkook is more stumbling behind him than actually walking, but with the strong grip on his arm, there is nothing he can do then follow V.


Jungkook gets pulled like this for what can't be more than five minutes, when they reach a huge tree with a huge hole in the lower side, creating a kind of den in which Jungkook can immediately make out some furs and bones lying inside.


This must be the creatures home or nest or whatever. But why did it bring him here?


The beast lets go of his arm to hurry inside the den and seemingly looking around for something. Jungkook can't do anything but just watch his actions, he is still to afraid of even trying to run away. All he can think of his how the monster must have had a good reason to bring him here. Is it to keep him as a snack for some future craving? All he wanted was quick death, was that too much to ask for?




When the creature comes back out of the tree cave, he is holding some kind of plants in his hands and as he steps closer to Jungkook, he lifts up what was only a mask, as the scared boy has already figured, which doesn't mean he was prepared for what he sees now.


Underneath the mask, which is now resting on the top of the others head, was hidden the face of a man. A really attractive man at that. His face is still painted with red and black around his eyes, making him look a bit dirty, a bit wild, but so hot. And Jungkook can't believe he has those kind of thoughts about the man, because he really doesn't seem like a real monster, who killed hundreds of soldiers.


His eyes stare right into Jungkooks soul as he takes the dark green leaves into his mouth to chew on them, stepping back into the others personal space, before spitting them out and into his hand.


He takes Jungkooks injured arm again and puts the chewed up greens directly onto his wound making the boy hiss in pain again, which earns V to look back into his eyes again with a glare. That gets Jungkook to shut up immediately and just endure the small pain.


V works the plant mix into his wound for a few seconds before he lets go of Jungkook all together. Jungkook watches as the other pulls down his mask again, before jumping at a tree nearby and climbing it up in what seem no struggle at all and before Jungkook can really fathom what just happened, the other is gone and he is left alone.




Jungkook is not sure what he is supposed to do now, he waits for a few minutes, not daring to move, but the other never comes back. So he takes a loser look around.


The forest is really beautiful. There are different colours of green everywhere making Jungkook hate the browns and greys of the village, a small stream right next to him with light blue water glistening in the sun. He forgot that he saw that before, forgot that water can occur naturally and not just in a well. The air seems so much fresher here. He takes a deep breath. It even smells better. That all shouldn't be confusing to him, seeing as the village is entirely build on a dirt ground, with no plants around, no nature around, but still, Jungkook wouldn't have thought of the forest being this breathtaking. This amazing.


And maybe, he thinks, just maybe, it's not that bad that he is here right now. He might die soon, but for now, he gets to enjoy this magical place when even a life long stay inside the village wouldn't have made him this happy.


With a smile on his face Jungkook walks closer to the stream. He gets down on his knees and puts his hands into the water. It's cold! He starts laughing lightly.


He takes his hands back out of the water and turns around again, his gaze landing on the nest of the so called beast.


He takes a step closer towards it. Inside are a few different coloured furs like he saw before, but some other things. There are bones, sure, but also different kinds of..shells? Jungkook only read about those in books before. He thinks about taking one into his hand, but he doesn't dare to get into the den.


There is other stuff as well, some leaves, flowers in so many colours, a few feathers a bit of cloth lying in the back. Jungkook really wants to inspect it further, but he decides against it and goes further away from the den again. V hasn't hurt him so far, he is not going to provoke him into doing so.


He is not quite sure why he is still alive in the first place. Is this really the V they all fear in the village?


It's seems wrong.



Jungkook then, unsure of what to with himself, as he doesn't want to go wander off into the forest for the same reason, he is not stepping into the others den, pure fear.


So instead Jungkook spends the day lingering around the small clearing, touching some plants, smelling some, playing a bit with the water, at one point he even took of his shoes to put his feet inside. This is such a crazy feeling!




Dusk is slowly approaching and Jungkook is currently trying to pile as many small rocks he fishes out of the stream on top of each other when he can hear a sound behind him. When he turns around, V is standing there and Jungkook is on high alert again, letting the last pebble slip out of his hand as he rises to a standing position himself.


V takes of his mask completely to put it into his little housing, before taking off his white fur and bone necklace as well, leaving him in nothing but some colours, dirt and a leather loath and Jungkook suddenly is highly aware of the others nakedness and averts his eyes from him.


But then V is coming over to him and with a swift motion grabs his arm once again, bring it down towards the stream and putting water over the herbal clothed wound. Jungkook can only watch as V is rubbing over his wound again, rinsing the natural mixture off of him, but this time is doesn't hurt as much.

When all of the plants are washed away Jungkook realizes with big eyes, that his former flesh wound is nothing more than a small scrape. “What..?” He asks more to himself, confused about the outcome.


But before he can wonder more about his healed injury, he once again gets pulled by his arm, this time into the den.


When V lets go of him, he stands there a bit awkwardly not knowing what to do while V himself sits down on a big brown fur. They lock eyes and V points to another fur next to his and Jungkook hesitantly lowers himself to sit down on it, looking at V in question. But the other doesn't seem to realize Jungkooks internal struggle as V just lies himself down.


And..what? What is happening? Are they really just going to sleep? Next to each other?


Jungkook carefully lies down and turns his eyes over to the other who actually has closed his eyes sleeping?


Jungkook doesn't know if he can do the same. But he has to admit, that lying on a fur is a much better sleeping proposition than sitting upright against a tree like he did the night prior. So he closes his eyes in search for sleep. There is nothing much he can do anyway.




But Jungkook doesn't find sleep. To his own surprise though, it's not because a murderous monster is lying next to him, but because the nights in the forest seem to get very cold.


Jungkook puts his arms around himself trying to make himself as small as possible as he is shaking heavenly. He is only wearing a thin sweatshirt and some pants, which do nothing to stop the cold from grazing his body. He knows that the man next to him is wearing way less, but he doesn't seem to be freezing at all.


Actually, Jungkook thinks as his teeth start chattering and he lets out small puffs of air, it's kind of funny, isn't it? How he was so afraid of the monster killing him, when it's gonna be the night, that does it for him.


He is shaking vigorously when he opens his eyes to be taken aback when he locks eyes with the sharp ones of V.


But there is nothing Jungkook can do at this point, survival instincts having taking over. His eyes close again as he holds himself and his breathing is slowly fading out.


But then the other is grabbing him harshly by his hips and Jungkook finds himself wondering if the other will kill him now out of pity.


What he didn't expect though, is V pulling him close to his body and engaging him in a hug. And fuck, he is warm, like really warm. Jungkook can't but snuggle closer into the others chest. And of course that guy doesn't need more than an open hole in a tree, when he is radiating such a strong heat just by himself.


Jungkooks breathing slowly gets back to normal as he takes up as much of the others body heat as he can, two strong arms holding him close and warm from the back. Before he knows it, he falls asleep.





When Jungkook wakes up the next morning, he is still inside the den, the white fur V was wearing around himself the day prior working as a blanket on top of him, but the other no where to been seen.


Jungkook slowly sits up.


He is still alive, that he knows (and doesn't understand).


The 'monster' did not only not kill him, it healed his wound and protected him from the cold.



Jungkook stands up and takes a step out of the den. Again he is taken aback by the beauty of the forest. He can hear birds singing and the water flowing. How did he ever live without having experienced this?


He just takes another step forward when seemingly out of nowhere V comes falling from above right in front of him, once again, too close. Jungkook lets out a short shrill yelp of surprise as he takes a step back. “Don't scare me like this!”


Yeah, because that makes sense to say to a monster. But V just tilts his head.


Jungkook then takes in the others appearance. Today he is not wearing the fur cape as Jungkook was using it as a blanket. The mask is once again on top of his head, showcasing his blond hair. It makes a nice contrast to his tan skin and Jungkook wonders if it's one of his 'weapons', looking this attractive to lure innocent victims into their death. But before he can think further into it, his gaze goes further down, his toned chest still decorated with the same red handprints, a bit smudged today, and Jungkook can't but wonder if it was because of him and their midnight cuddles only a few hours ago. A lot of bracelets made out of shells and other small objects are adorning his arms and legs.


Jungkook can't help but find himself thinking that out of all the things in the forest, V is truly the most beautiful one.


He was so ingested in checking the other out, he didn't even realise that V was holding something in his hands until the other brings it up, showcasing it to Jungkook. In his hands are lying two dead fish. Jungkook is shortly confused but his stomach seems to answer the obvious to him by growling from hunger. It's food.


V then comes even closer, pressing one of the fish into Jungkooks hands before he brings the other up to his own mouth and bites right into it. Does he really want Jungkook to eat this raw fish?


He could try to make a fire, but that would take forever without the proper tools and would V even like that? A fire? He doesn't want the other to think of him as a source of danger. In the end animals don't really enjoy fire close to them and V seems to have a least a few animalistic parts to him.


So Jungkook, with s small smile on his face, carefully holds the fish back out for the other to take. V furrows his brows in obvious confusion and Jungkook just shakes his head trying to communicate his dislike of the raw animal. “Sorry,” he says as V takes the fish out of his hands. He puts it onto the ground before he jumps back up a tree and once again, he has vanished from Jungkooks sight. The boy sighs. He needs some food.


He goes over to the small stream and leans down, gathering some water into his hands and bringing it up to his mouth, drinking the cold liquid. It's nice. Fresh and not salted like he read in a book before, natural water sometimes is. He just goes down for another sip when V appears back next to him, this time three..fruits in his hands? Jungkook has never seen anything like this. They have some similarities with the apples they have in their village, but are bigger, more oval, and the colour is off.


V sits next to Jungkook and puts two of the things between the two of them before holding the third one out for him to take. Jungkook carefully take it into his hands and slowly brings it up to his mouth, while looking at the other in question. When V just nods at him, a small smile on his lips, Jungkook bites into it.


And gosh, if that's not the most delicious thing he has ever eaten in life! It's orange inside and very soft, unlike apples and also very juicy, some of it's liquid running down Jungkooks chin, but the boy couldn't care less. He is too hungry and this fruit is too yummy. So he takes another bite, enjoying it enough to let out a little moan and only when he hears a deep chuckle from beside him he realizes he even closed his eyes, opening them again so see the happy man next to him. He can't but smile back at him. Is he really the monster?




After Jungkook devoured all three fruits (the other declining to eat one as well, when Jungkook offered), he cleans his face and hands with the water of the stream before leaning back on his hands, taking a deep breath and enjoying having a full stomach and sun shining onto him.


When he looks over he sees the other still staring at him with a small smile on his lips so Jungkook returns it.


And then he decides to try something.


“What's your name?”


No answer is coming and the other just tilts his head again.


“Can you understand me at all?” He asks but once again doesn't get an answer.


At least not a verbal one. Instead V slowly comes crawling closer to Jungkook until they are face to face and Jungkooks breath stops for a second. But this time, not out of fear, but because of the sudden close proximity with the other man.


They look deep into each others eyes and Jungkook whispers out a small “What?” But V just continues staring at him with his deep brown eyes and Jungkook can't help a small blush creeping up his face as he feels naked under this piercing gaze.


Then V brings up his hand to the others face and before Jungkook can react, he smudges something wet just underneath his eyes and over his nose in a long horizontal line. And the next second V jumps up and has vanished into the forest again.


What just happened?


Jungkook leans over the water surface to look at his reflection. And there it is, a red line along the underside of his eyes. He painted on Jungkook just like he does on himself and the boy can't but wonder if it holds any meaning.


He sighs and stands up.


With the other gone, there is once again not much left for Jungkook to do, so he decides that this time, he will take a closer look at the forest. Just the little part which he has seen for the last day is so beautiful, he has the strong urge to look at the rest of it.


He doesn't quite know which way he should go, as he is surrounded by nothing but trees and bushes. There is no path which could tell him where to go and maybe it's a bit freaky, but Jungkook enjoys the freedom is holds. In the village, there is no spot he doesn't know, hasn't seen millions of times already, but here everything in foreign. And as much as it should probably scare the young man, it excites him just as much, if not more.


He decides to walk into the direction just behind the den. He doesn't have any sort of orientation at that point, lost it when he was wandering through the dark forest by himself, and being dragged by V for some minutes definitely didn't help his case. So no matter where he goes, he shouldn't feel guilty, for what reason anyway? And still, without even knowing if he is right or wrong, telling himself that is was just a random decision, he can't fool himself when he chooses this way because something in his head tells him that this direction will lead him deeper into the forest and further away from the village.


As unconscious or not this decision might be, it scares him a bit that he rather would stay in this so claimed dangerous forest with a deadly beast than going back to his former village, so he puts this thoughts far away in his brain and decides to do the needed self reflection another time.


He walks for a few minutes, maybe hours? He can't say for sure, he also doesn't care, the only thing he knows right now is that everything around him is wonderful. Everything is colourful. The leaves of the trees are different vibrant colours of green. Flowers of every colour. He even sees a few small animals which he never has seen before. It's crazy but so amazing. When some kind of insect flies right into his mouth and has him choking for a second there, he can only blame himself and his stupid big grin which won't leave his face as he takes in his surroundings.


At one point he can hear rushing of some kind so he hurries to find out what it is, pushing away leaves as he walks along the forest. The sound is getting louder and louder and then Jungkooks breath gets taken away.


After pushing away a few more leaves the sight of a stone clothed hill with a waterfall leading into a small lake opens up in front of him. Jungkook doesn't think he was ever happier than he is right now.


How can a place this wonderful exist right next to where he spend the first twenty years of his life without him even knowing? One single tear rolls down his face, but he swipes it away quickly.


He takes a few careful steps onto the moss grown stones as he listens the the sound of the water falling down and birds singing in the distance. He didn't know water could make such a beautiful sound.


He starts climbing up the stone wall in hopes to get to the start of the waterfall, wants to see where it comes from. It's a bit tricky as some of the stone are a bit slippery from the water next to it, but Jungkook, even though he never climbed up stones, loved climbing the tree they planted in the fourth district. When he was younger, he even cried when they cut the trees that were especially good to climb, his brother comforting him and some lumberjacks laughing at him, because “That's what we planted the trees for, boy. That's what trees are for.”


After a while he manages to come to the top of the stone wall, where a river is going so far into the distance and into the depth of more jungle, that Jungkook can't see the end of it, but knows now that the waterfall is a part of a river.


When he turns around to take a look from his high position over the forest, he is surprised to see his village from here.


It's far in the distance, but not hard to oversee. Where all around it he can only see the top of trees and the blue sky above it, the village looks like a big dirty spot, not fitting into the beauty that surrounds it.


His village... Jungkook takes a seat at the edge of the small hill.


It feels weird looking at it from outside. It's just seems unreal. He could go back. Theoretically speaking that is, as he is healthy. But would they believe him? And even if, how would he explain having survived this long in the forest without any injuries. No, they would most likely kill him. Besides why should he go back? In his village he was a weirdo, not even his mother liked him. His brother is barley home anyway, and most likely...dead soon, as no one survives missions into the forest for long. If you choose to become a soldier, you choose the respect of all and a death within weeks.


There is Jimin, kind and honest Jimin, but even though Jungkook never said anything, he knew that the elder liked him a bit too much. Too much to be friends. With Jungkook out of the picture he might finally be able to live a happy life without him holding the other back any longer.


So he is better staying here, far away from everyone and all alone.


Well, not completely alone, there is V.


The monstrous beast.


But it doesn't seem right to be calling him that as he did nothing but be friendly to Jungkook so far.


The young man sighs once again and lies himself flat on the stone, arms behind his head as the sun is hitting his eyes. He closes them, takes a deep breath of fresh air and then the pleasant sounds of the water and the warm rays of the sun put him to sleep.



The sound of the forest gets him awake again. Jungkook slowly opens his eyes, the sun has already started going down and the air has become colder. Jungkook puts his hands around himself for some warmth as he stands up. He probably should go back to the den, that is if he can find it. He should probably hurry before it gets even darker.


Jungkook just goes over the the spot where he climbed up earlier, when he can hear something rustling close by. He doesn't care that much any more, as he realised on his way here, that the forest isn't silent. It's constantly making sounds.


So he just wants to get down when all of the sudden something jumps right at him, making him fall down, his back painfully hitting the surface of the stone ground.


He lets out a noise of pain, but has no time to focus on it as some wild animal is still sitting on top of him. It looks kinda like one of those cats from the village, but bigger.


Jungkook just wants to push it off gently when the animal takes it claws to slice them over Jungkooks chest, ripping his chest open. Jungkook screams and tries to push the cat off of him with all the strength he can muster. He can barley manage to succeed let alone get up as the pain in his chest is too painful, the cuts to deep. Jungkook catches for breath, a hand put on the wounds in a lose attempt to stop the blood from flowing out of him.


He turns around to see his attacker already in the air, as it's jumping at him once again. But before it can reach Jungkook, something else comes flying at them, pushing the cat away from him. It's V, Jungkook realizes quickly, as the other lands on his feet next to Jungkook, a small stone knife in his hands as he crouches down in front of Jungkook, looking right at the animal with a angered face Jungkook hasn't seem on him before, letting out a deep hiss.


The cat hisses right back at him, but when V takes a step closer towards the animal, it is quick to turn around and run back into the forest.


When V turns his attention towards Jungkook, the boy is still lying on the ground, clutching his chest, and trying to breath. The pain is too much for him and he has seen enough soldiers come out of the forest with blood all over them to know shortly before they collapse and die, to know that it's not a good sign when all you can see when looking down your body is red.


V puts one of his hands onto Jungkooks bloody chest, joining his own and Jungkook looks up at him, pain written all over his face. Their eyes find each other for a second and Jungkook can't deny that seeing the others brown eyes looking at him helps comforting him.


But then V looks away from his eyes again and back onto his chest and in the next moment, he rips Jungkooks shirt open, or what is left of it after the attack. He doesn't know the reason why the other does that, but what he does next surprises him even more.


V brings his head down low and without a warning starts licking all over Jungkooks chest, hurting Jungkook with the touch to his wounds. As he looks down he sees the others face smeared with the red of his own blood, and his last thought is that maybe the other feeds on blood, before everything around him goes black.




Everytime Jungkook wakes up and is once again not in the small bed of his room, but outside, with nature surrounding him, he is confused. He is lying inside the den of the tree he already got acquainted with a fur on top of him.


He slowly sits up, a small headache greeting him as he does. Jungkook groans. It's light outside, but it doesn't seem like the morning sun, but more like it's close to dawn...


and then it all comes back to him. The attack. V. His wound.


Jungkook throws the fur off of him and looks at his naked chest, no indicator of there ever being a wound before. What is going on?


He stands up, his legs a bit wobbly and takes two steps out of the den.


“V!” He yells, but no answer is coming.


“V!” He tries again and this time, he hears a thump behind him. Jungkook turns around and there, right in front of him, close enough for him to feel the others breath hitting his face, is indeed V. Jungkook takes a step back to get a somewhat approximate distance between them.


V is looking at him without concern, his head lightly tilted to one side, not looking bothered at all.


But Jungkook can't deal with that nonchalant behaviour right now. He needs answers. “What happened yesterday? How come I'm still alive”


V only continues staring at him.


Jungkook points at his naked chest. “What happened?”


Again no answer.


Then V comes closer towards him and just when Jungkook thought he might get some sort of physical shown answer from him, the other only puts necklace made of shells around his neck. He smiles at Jungkook.


But this is not want Jungkook needs right now. He is on the edge of going insane. “I can't understand you.” He voices and puts his hands over his eyes, his body lightly shaking. “Why am I still alive?” Jungkook tries one more time, looking at the other, desperation clear in his voice and eyes as he takes his hands away from them again.


This time, V answers with jumping at the tree and climbing it up and away, leaving Jungkook behind.


“Great,” he mumbles to himself and crouches down, not knowing what to do. But before he can sort any of his thoughts, V is already back, this time holding some strange fruits in his hands, holding them out for Jungkook to take. But the boy just shakes his head, “I don't want food, I want answers.”


A few tears slips out of his eyes. “But you can't understand me.” He mumbles into his hands.


V then crouches down next to him, putting one of his big hands onto Jungkooks cheeks, pushing the tears away.


“You were alone. Needed help.”


Jungkook stares at him with big eyes.


“ do understand me!”


The other just nods.


“Why did you never talk to me?”


“Words. It's weird for me. I learned your language, but without any human here, I don't talk.”


Jungkook is at a loss of words. He can't believe the other can understand him, they can talk, could talk. He has a deep voice, is one of the first things he notices. It's charming.


Jungkook shakes his head in a try to get his thoughts straight again.


“What..what are you doing here?”


“I'm the god of this forest.”


“The god?”


“Hmm,” the other nods.


“This is so crazy,” Jungkook mumbles to himself. Here he was, thinking that if the other could only understand him, maybe everything would make more sense, but now that they can communicate, he is just that much more confused.


“Is V your name?”


“People have given me many names. You call me V.”


“What do you call yourself?”


“I don't.”


“You..don't..?” Jungkook is confused, “You don't have a name?”


“As I said, I have many.”


“So..what do you enjoy being called then?”


“The forest has named me Taehyung, it's the dearest to me, so I treasure it the most.”


So maybe Jungkook can't get his head around everything this conversation might bring, but he won't let that stop him from asking everything that comes to his mind anyway.


But before he can say something else, Taehyung takes him by the hand and help him up and over to the small stream where he gets softly pushed down again. As they sit there, their feet in the water, Taehyung takes some of the water and brings it close to Jungkooks face. Jungkook needs a second to realize that the other is washing his dried tears away for him.


“I-” Jungkook clears his throat, “Why do you kill the people coming into the forest?”


“Village can't go out. They're evil.”


“I'm from the village,” Jungkook reasons and V, Taehyung, just turns to look at him for a moment before he speaks again.


“You're different.”


“The other monster thought differently.”


“The other?”


“The one before you, I guess. When I was a child I was attacked in the forest.”


“It was always just me.”


“That has been over fifteen years ago,” Jungkook chuckles a bit as he says it but when the other only nods, his laughter dries in his throat.


“You can't be that old.”


“I am a god. I don't age.”


Jungkook just looks at him for a moment. This is all so surreal.


“I remember you,” Taehyung than goes on.


“So you know you attacked me!”


“But I didn't kill you.”


Jungkook nods in what he thinks understanding, “Because my father saved me.”


“Because I didn't intend to,” Taehyung corrects him.


“You hurt me.”


“As a warning.”




“To never come back into the forest.”

“But I did.”


“You did.”


“And you still didn't kill me.”


“You're no danger to the forest.”


“But my father was?” Jungkook just has to ask, but Taehyung only looks at him in confusion, so he elaborates, “The man who came to get me when I was a child.”


“He was evil. Killed lots of animals. You never did, never intended to hurt the forest in any way.” With that said Taehyung gets up again, holding out a hand which Jungkook takes and then he gets pulled up, too. Taehyung leads him over to the den, the sky already dark by now.


“Let's sleep.” Taehyung says as he lies himself down onto one of the furs.


“I have more questions.”


“Another time.”


With a little pouts gracing his face, Jungkook lies down inside the den as well just next to the elder.


“Come to me,” Taehyung offers and opens up his arms.


Jungkook hesitates for a moment. It's weird. Now that he isn't afraid of the other any longer, all he can think about is how he is cuddled close to a very attractive but strange man, their naked chests pressed against each other.


But he also knows that if he isn't embraced by the other, he won't survive the night in the cold forest, so he slowly rolls over and puts himself right inside the others arms. Taehyung closes them around him right away, pushing him even closer and fuck, his warmth is so nice. Jungkook puts his hands up against the others strong and warm chest. “How are you so hot?” He mumbles quietly against the skin in front of his lips.


“It comes with being a god,” the other answers


“It's amazing,” Jungkook slurs already about to fall asleep when he feels Taehyung softly caressing his hair.


“Hey, emm, “ Jungkook speaks up once again.


“Hmm?” The other only makes a deep sound in question, and Jungkook can feel the vibrations of it inside against his hands on the others chest. “I'm Jungkook, by the way, just, you know, if you want to call me or something.”


And then he can hear (and feel) the other chuckle lightly in this deep baritone and Jungkook thinks that not even the sound of the waterfall was as beautiful as this.


Taehyung softly strokes over his naked back.


“Sleep tight, Jungkook.”


Chapter Text

Jungkook wakes up on a strong chest. And it is GREAT.

“Hmmm” he sleepily murmurs cuddling further into it.

“You sleep quite a lot,” a deep voice remarks, a chuckle underlining the statement, but Jungkook couldn't care less at this moment. He keeps his eyes closed, not ready to get up just yet.

“You're just so warm, it's nice.”

“I'm glad you enjoy it,” the other says and then the hand in his hair is back, stroking him again. Jungkook wonders if the other has a lot of animal friends he does this to, but whatever the reason, it feels good.

When Jungkook finally decides to get up, it's because he is suddenly very aware of the fact that he is very naked. With only some dirty pants, some thin shoes and a shell necklace around his neck.

He gets up from his former position and waits for the elder to do the same. And god, the morning sun really does the others body justice, his skin shining golden and his defined muscles standing out. And with only jewellery and a short skirt on his body, Jungkook really gets to enjoy the view on full display.

“Hungry?” Taehyung intervenes his thoughts, which is probably for the better.

“Yeah,” Jungkook says and if he thinks about it, in the last three days all he had to eat were those fruits, so hungry is not even cutting close to what he feels right now, “Very.”

Taehyung smiles softly at him. “Anything you want?”

“I..don't no much of the stuff you have here.”

“Okay,” Taehyung just takes the white fur from the den to put in on him like a cape again and next the bone necklace and his mask on top of his head to join his look. “I get you something.”

But before he can start climbing away again, Jungkook uses his chance to stop him, “Wait! Can I come? I wanna see where you get the fruits from.”

“All from different places,” Taehyung explains.

“Still. I want to know where to go to get food.”

Taehyung seems to think about that for a second before he speaks again, “It might take time. Away from here.”

“Oh,” Jungkook just mumbles a bit disappointed. It's not just that he wants to explore the forest further, get to know more about it. He also doesn't want to be completely relying on the other.

Taehyung must have sensed his discomfort, because he steps closer towards Jungkook. “Let's go.” He then steps in front of Jungkook, kneeling down in front of him. “What?” Jungkook asks blushing, knowing what the elder is implying here.

“Get on me.”

“'re sure?” He stutters, but steps closer anyway, putting his hands on the others shoulders and when Taehyung nods he jumps up, two strong hands immediately going to his butt, to hold him secure as he swings his own arms around the others front and presses his chest close to the white fur.

And then, Taehyung jumps up. If Jungkook had his disbelieves in the other truly being a god, it vanishes the minute the other starts making his path through the trees. He is unbelievingly fast and Jungkook knows, has caught glances of it before, that the other is just running and jumping and swinging his way through the woods, but it feels like they are flying.

“This is amazing,” he whispers and can hear Taehyung laughing a warm laugh at the boys bliss.

Jungkook could probably have continued this ride for much longer, but going in such a fast pace also means that it doesn't take them long to get to where Taehyung had intended for them to go. So sooner than later, the elder comes to a halt on top of a tree and lets Jungkook slip off of him so they sit beside each other on a strong tree branch.

“See those?” Taehyung then asks him, pointing to another tree, a different looking one just next to them. It's smaller then the one they are sitting on, the tip of the tree only reaching as far as they are sitting on the other one. It has long thick leaves and lots of yellow longish things hanging on it bundled together. Taehyung reaches out to grab one of those yellow thingies and gives it to Jungkook. “It's a banana.”

Jungkook looks at it, “It's weird. Why is it curved like that?” Taehyung can only chuckle at his words as he gets himself a banana as well.

“You peel it and then eat the inner pulp.”

Jungkook does as he is told and once again is surprised at the taste of the new food. “It's good!” He voices, his mouth still full of the banana and Taehyung sends him a smile.

They continue eating a bit until they feel full and Jungkook leans back on the branch, swinging his legs in the air, his stomach nice and full. “I wish I could take some, you know, for when I'm hungry and you're not around.”

“Wait here,” and without another word, Taehyung is gone leaving a confused Jungkook behind. He looks down the tree and realizes he is actually not that far up and probably could manage to climb down the tree if he wanted to, just to go against what the other said, showing him that he can manage just fine on his own. But before he could do anything, Taehyung is already back with what seems to be some kind of net and a some long leather strip in his hand.

“Village people threw this at me before, trying to capture me,” he holds up the net and with a few quick movements he rips it into a smaller piece and then threads the leather band through some of the openings before giving it Jungkook. “You can use it as a carrier.”

Jungkook doesn't know what to say. Everything happened so fast. He voiced his concerns and five seconds later he has a very nicely functional bag in his hands. “Thanks.”

They put a few banana in the net together. “Don't take too many or you can't finish them all before they go bad.”


“I have more to show you.”

Jungkook climbs back on top of Taehyung and the man takes him for another ride through the forest.

They stop at a few spots, Taehyung showing him all kind of different locations and different fruits and Jungkook picks a few of each to put into his bag. The next thing he puts into the net are a few carrots. Jungkook knows carrots, they grow them in the village. But he wouldn't have recognized them here in the forest, barley believes the elder when he tells them what they are. Where he came to know carrots as long orange vegetables, here they have all shapes and forms. One so small and thin, it is barley one bite. Another one just as small, but really thick this time. And even more surprising for the young villager? They have all different kind of colours. White, green, some are even purple! PURPLE! Jungkook has never seen this colour before!

“Humans tend to change nature for what they feel is better, but they are wrong. Nature is perfect and humans destroy this individuality to create a standard. I believe it's coming from fear. Fear of diversity and the unknown.”

Jungkook takes this information in, he doesn't have anything to respond with. He always accepted the fact that all carrots look mildly the same, never even thought about the possibility that the farmers changed their appearance just so that the others would like them more.

When they move on, Jungkook is quickly back to leaving those thoughts behind as he finds joy once again in all the amazing things they find. He gathers cherries, an apple, a tomato and blueberries. It's crazy what nature has to offer.

But even more than the fruits and vegetables, Jungkook is amazed by the places. Each stop of their food journey has him looking at different trees, different plants. Each smelling differently and being in different surroundings.

“Have you always lived here,?” Jungkook asks the other as they are currently walking next to each other through the undergrowth as Jungkook suggested they walk for a bit so he can see more of the forest.

“Yes. It's my home. And I am theirs.”

“Hmm,” Sometimes the other says things and Jungkook can't quite get his head around the actual meanings, but he thinks he doesn't need to. He understands that the forest is very special to Taehyung and that the elder will do anything to protect it, that he is a part of the forest.

“What's your home?”

Jungkook thinks for a moment before he answers, “I don't think I have one. I thought I did, but I guess I was the only one believing that, or maybe just wishing that.”

“Why did you come here when not for killing me?”

“How did you know I didn't come to kill you?” He asks right back. It's not teasingly, no part of his voice sounds challenging. It's an honest question.

“I felt it.”

Jungkook stops to look at the elder. “You can do that? Do you feel my intentions right now?”

“It's not intentions I feel. I feel what the forest feels. Feel how a person is connected to it, feel if they are bad for it. Feel if they are greedy in a way.”

“Hmm,” Jungkook mumbles as he thinks and starts walking again, Taehyung following him right away. “So you'd only hurt whoever would hurt the forest?”

“And whatever is part of it,” Taehyung agrees.

“So I don't need to fear you?” Jungkook then asks looking at the other. It's a stupid question, he already knows the answer to it anyway, and still, he wants see if there comes a warning with his answer. A 'for now' or a 'we'll see'.

But it doesn't. Everything Taehyung says is, “I wouldn't hurt you. I want you to seek comfort in the forest and not be afraid of it. It won't harm you.”

“The animal that attacked me did though, isn't it part of the forest?”

“It attacked because it was hungry and you were in his territory. But I protected you. Will protect you again if needed.”

Jungkook looks away from the others eyes and just keeps them to the front, a small blush spreading on his cheeks.

“Here,” Taehyung then says and when Jungkook looks over to him, the other is handing him the stone knife, which he saw the other using before. “I'll be there if you need me, but you can take this. Words don't mean much in your culture, I know. Might even be scared of me still, so you can feel more secure with it.”

Jungkook is already holding the knife in his hands, when he realizes the others words entirely. “I'm not afraid of-”

But before he can finish his sentence, Taehyung stops in his tracks and the next second he jumps up a tree, putting his mask back on on the way up and then he is gone.

Jungkook stops his walking. He really needs to get used to that quicker.

Not quite knowing what to with himself, Jungkook decides to just roam this part of the forest a bit further. If Taehyung is done with whatever he has to do right now, he will find him, did it before.

So Jungkook just walks.

He walks for hours. Every now and then eating some of the fruits from his net all the while enjoying the nature surrounding him. And even though no matter where he goes, even if everything is kind of the same - bushes and trees all around - it still never looks the same. While Jungkook still up to this day sometimes went to the neighbours door step, thinking it's their house, before catching himself and realizing he needs to go one door to the left or right, because all the houses in the village look the exact same, in the forest he might never know his way around for another reason. It's not only huge, but also constantly changing.

So it comes to quite a surprise for the young man when he suddenly finds himself in the middle of the small clearing, the den of Taehyung right in front of him.

It's crazy how much he must have walked, hours have passed by when it only took Taehyung a few seconds to get them that far away in the first place. Funny, how he got back to the den all on his own.

With Taehyung still not being back, and his legs too tired from all the walking he has done, Jungkook goes over to the stream, takes his shoes off and puts his feet into the cold water. “Hahh,” It really is refreshing.

He sits like this for a bit, plays a bit with the water, then he leans over a bit further in the intend to wash his feet, when he gets caught by his own reflection.

It's weird seeing himself like this after such a long time. His hair messy and sticking in all directions. The red line Taehyung has drawn under his eyes is still there, just a bit smudged by now. His chest is naked, only clothed by a necklace made from shells. He looks like a completely different person than he was a few days ago. And maybe he is. The forest has given him so much new experience in such a short amount of time and Jungkook is unbelievingly grateful for that.


When Jungkook hears a sound from behind him, he turns around with a smile on his face. But when his eyes land on what's in front of him, it falls down right again.

There, in the middle of the clearing, is undoubtedly standing Taehyung. But there's a difference.

Since coming here, he thought it being weird that the villagers see the other as a monster, but right now Jungkook thinks it would be weird to be calling him anything else.

V is standing only a few meters away from him, the brown mask still shielding his face from view and a stone knife in hand.

But even worse, all over his lean body is the red colour of blood.


He had run away, left Jungkook behind, to kill someone from his village, someone Jungkook most likely had known. He can only pray it hasn't been his brother.

The other slowly comes closer towards where Jungkook is still sitting next to the stream. He can't move his body, his eyes big and once again he is afraid of the other. Afraid of what he is capable of doing.

But Taehyung only sits down next to Jungkook, takes off his mask and starts cleaning himself with the water of the stream.

Jungkook turns slightly, watching the blood getting washed of the elders body as it slowly dissolves in the flow of the water.

“You found back,” Taehyung states, but Jungkook is still too out of it to answer. He just slightly shakes his head before he gets up from his spot. The other follows him, confusion clear on his face. “What?”

Taehyung takes a step closer towards Jungkook, but the boy puts his hands up to signal that he wants to keep the distance and continues shaking his head.

“Jungkook?” It's the first time the other said his name since he first learned it and maybe Jungkook waited for that moment since that last time, to hear it in this deep voice, coming from the others pretty lips. But not right now. Not when all Jungkook can think about is if he ever used that mouth to bite someone to death.

“I..” Jungkook begins to stutter, taking a few more steps away from the other, “I want to think. Don't follow me.”

He turns around before the other could say something and jogs into the thickness of the forest.


Jungkook keeps going for a minute or two before he stops and leans himself against a tree, letting a sigh out his mouth.

He looks up into the sky. It's already gotten dark and Jungkook can see the first star making it's appearance in it. In the village they can barley ever see the stars. There's too much light there.

Jungkook sinks to his knees. He can't postpone it any further. He needs to make a decision now, before things get out of hand. A final decision which he has to feel comfortable with. A decision about what is supposed to happen. Can he really live with someone that murders people?


When he returns to the small clearing, an hour passed, happy that he remembered the short way, Taehyung is sitting inside the den, dressed down in nothing but a loincloth and some paint on him. He looks up as he sees Jungkook, but doesn't move to get closer to him. He must hesitate on Jungkooks behalf and the young man can't but feel touched at the other consideration.

Jungkook goes over and takes a seat on one of the furs, keeping a short distance between the two of them.

First he doesn't say anything, doesn't really want to talk, afraid of the possible outcome of that conversation. But Taehyung doesn't start talking either and just looks at the younger. So Jungkook takes a deep breath, before he voices his concerns.

“You killed someone today?”

“Yes.” Jungkook doesn't know what he expected. The other to lie maybe, or delay his answer for a bit. But Taehyung doesn't seem to make much of a secret out of it, answering straight ahead.

“Why?” Jungkook is not looking at the other, can't bring himself to do so. He just puts his arms around his knees, pushing them up to his chest, making himself as small and invisible as possible.

“They're bad. Come into the forest to hurt animals, kill trees. I am here to protect the forest. No one is allowed to hurt it.”

Yeah, Jungkook kind of figured that. Thought that this comes as a package deal of being the god of the forest and all.

“But why do you kill them? Can't you to them?”

Taehyung snorts, “Humans don't want to talk.”

“We're talking about it right now.”

“I said before, you're different.”

“You could have tried it.”

“The forest did. Tried lots of times. But people don't listen to the forest.”

Jungkook doesn't say anything to that, so Taehyung keeps going.

“Where village is now, forest was before. But humans came and killed it. Killed it more and more and it wouldn't stop. So forest called Taehyung. Forest is nice. Let humans keep dead part, didn't take it back, but had me protect the remaining of it. The forest wants to stay alive, too.”

And Jungkook can understand. Can understand him just too well. He has seen the beauty that this forest hods and everything in it. He might not have any spiritual connection to it, but if he saw someone treating it badly, even after only the three or four days he has been here, he would feel attached enough, to try to make to person stop their actions.

But would he go as far as murdering someone because of it?






The answer is easy. He wouldn't. Couldn't deal with hurting someone let alone killing them. Would try talking the person out of it. Maybe make up spooky stories to keep people away.

But does it bother him to know that the other is killing to protect what he loves?

Isn't 'V' the spookiest story of them all?

And still people come into the forest anyway.

“People are greedy,” Taehyung then says, as if he had read Jungkooks mind. “They are allowed to stay. They can do what they want inside the village. I never stopped them from doing that. But if they try to hurt the forest, I have to hurt them.”

“Hmm,” Jungkook mumbles to himself, turning to Taehyung for the first time since they started talking.

“What about me?”

Taehyungs eyes were on him the whole time, now seemingly happier as Jungkook is looking back at him. But he doesn't answer, just tilts his head in question. Something Jungkook got to learns is just something he does. Choosing actions over words.

“Why am I still here?”

Taehyung stares deeply into his eyes. Somehow communicating with him without using any words at all.

Looking back at this very moment, Jungkook must have, if only unconscionably, already known that there is no bad part in the elder. No part that would ever harm him or anyone else without a reason.

Because having the elder look at him this intensely makes Jungkook only feel warm inside. There is no part of him left that's scared at the elder. And that should have been enough of a clue.

“I'm not keeping you here. You're allowed to go wherever you want.”

“I can't go back into the village. They wouldn't take me,” Jungkook looks away from the others eyes again as he says that, not strong enough to hold Taehyungs gaze. He even feels a bit ashamed of the expulsion of his home.

“Go somewhere else. You're free to move to every part of the forest and beyond.”

“I wouldn't know where,” Jungkook mumbles a bit. Pitying himself just a bit at this sad reality that is his life right now. When he gets surprised by the others next words.

“Then stay.”

“Why?” Jungkook looks back up at Taehyung. Why would an immortal being want a bothersome human like Jungkook in his forest?

“To stay with me.”

Jungkook can't stop a small blush from forming on his cheeks. He knows the others words must not hold any special meaning, but he still feels happy hearing them. It makes him feel wanted.

But Jungkook must make sure. Doesn't want the other to only offer this possibility to him just to be nice, just out of pity. He doesn't want to be a burden. Not again. Never again.

“Do you want me to stay?”

“I was alone for many centuries. I'd never thought I'd ever be able to talk to a human again.”

Jungkooks smile grows big on his face and upon seeing that Taehyung smiles a crooked smile right back at him.

“Sleep now,” Taehyung then says and lies himself down onto the fur beneath him.

“But, wait, why are-” Jungkook tries to keep their conversation going, scooting a bit closer towards the elders lying form. Taehyung only puts one of his hands over one of Jungkooks on the floor, slowly stroking over it. “Too curious.”


“Curious like an otter.”

“What, I-?”

“Shh,” Taehyung pulls the other a bit down to get him too lie down, “I'll show you one tomorrow. They sleep close together, too.”

And Jungkook knows this is a lost case. The conversation, that is. Because as he lies down next to the other, snuggling up close to him and the older softly stroking his back, he himself for the first time in forever, feels not that lost any more.

Chapter Text

Taehyung stays true to his promise. The next day, after eating some fruits for breakfast, he takes Jungkook once again onto his back and brings him to a river. It's a big one, different then the small stream in front of their house. Maybe it's the one leading into the waterfall further back, Jungkook wonders.


“Be very quiet,” Taehyung whispers and pushes a few leaves away from their view to show Jungkook what he brought him here for.


Only a few feet away from them are lots of small little brown animals. They're long and cute and swim happily in the blue water of the river or sit at the riverside snuggling themselves cutely into the grass or just as adorably running around chasing each other.


“Oh god, they are so cute!” Jungkook whisper yells, can't stop himself from slightly jumping from excitement.


“It's you,” Taehyung then says, “You're an otter.”


That makes Jungkook stop and look at the other. It doesn't seem fair to compare something is adorable to a grown man like him. “I always thought myself more of like a wolf or something, you know.”


“Pfff,” Taehyung stifles a laugh, a few of the otters looking up at the sound.


“What? Don't you think I am wolf like?”


“Have you ever seen a wolf?”

“Yes. Once,” Jungkook starts telling as Taehyung lets the leaves he was still holding go back into the original position and they walk back into the forest, leaving the otters alone for the moment. “They came from the forest and attacked our sheep.”


“You're not a wolf.”


“Why not?”


“Because you're an otter. Curious and cute. Very excited about little things and enjoys to cuddle.”


Jungkook folds his arms at his chest, pouting as he looks away, “I don't enjoy to cuddle. It's too cold for me otherwise.”


“You want me to get you many furs?”


Jungkook stops to think about it for only a second, before he mumbles so quietly, he is surprised Taehyung even catches it, “Don't want you to go out of your way for that.”


Taehyung just laughs and strokes through Jungkooks hair once before they come to another part of the river.


The water is glistening from the bright sun and with nothing but the flow of the water and the rustling of the wind in the leaves to hear, Jungkook is once again, amazed by the beauty that nature holds.


“Let's get fish,” Taehyung exclaims and without waiting for an answer of the younger, he steps into the small waves, the water reaching up to his knees. Jungkook hurries to take of his shoes and pulls the end of his pants up so they won't get wet. He goes after Taehyung into the water, the cold liquid surrounding his skin and he takes a deep breath of the fresh air.


He knows he won't be able to catch any fish as Taehyung is doing as he bends down and grabs into the river with his bare hands, pulling out one fish, two, three and a fourth before he goes back to the riverside. Jungkook remains a bit longer in the river, looking away as he hears the sound of Taehyung killing the fish with his stone knife.


When Jungkook goes back out of the water, Taehyung is already nibbling at one of the raw fish, making Jungkook gag a little at the sight. But as he sits next to him with the intention of making an offering, the other stops his motions.


Taehyung stares right at his leg, now freed from cloth, exposing the claw scars there he once got from the elder.


“Does it hurt?” Taehyung asks but Jungkook just shakes his head. The next thing Taehyung does comes without a warning. He leans over Jungkook just lightly, before he grabs the legs and bends it upwards, making Jungkook falls onto his back with a small chuckle on his lips as the other is looking at it as if he has never seen legs before.


His laughter dies quickly in his mouth though, when Taehyung starts licking the scars up and down Jungkooks leg. Jungkook is taken back to the other time Taehyung licked over his wounds to heal them. “How do you do that?”


“It's not working. Too old,” Taehyung then says instead of answering him and lets go of the leg he was holding prior, the scars still as prominent as ever.


“It's me. I'm the forest. The forest is life. I can help heal wounds, but sometimes it doesn't work. Some cuts are too deep, too old.”


“Hmm,” Jungkook nods in understanding. He is not mad at the wound as it always worked as a warning for him. A warning to never come back into the forest, a warning, which, thinking back about it now, maybe he should have been mad about, as the forest is the best thing that ever happened to him. But then again, if it weren't for his fear of the woods, he would have grown up with the ideals of the other villagers, maybe even would have joined the soldiers. And then, as it was supposed to be, be killed by V.


So once again, he can't be mad about the scars.


“Eat fish,” Taehyung gets him back out of his thoughts holding a fish up to Jungkooks face.


“I can't. It would make me sick,” Jungkook explains, “But if you'd let me, I'd have a way to make it eatable for me.”


Taehyung just nods at him in permission, his eyes focused on Jungkook as the boy gets up to gather some branches to put them in a pyramidal position before building a ring of stones around it. Then he takes a bit dry grass, puts it in the middle and two more sticks that he starts rubbing against each other.


It takes a while and Jungkooks hands slowly get sore, but he did it before, knows he can do it again.


Taehyung is watching him the entire time and when at one point, a few minutes later, a spark gets onto the grass, a little fire quickly inflames, the elder gets close to Jungkook.


Jungkook feels proud of himself, grinning widely as he looks over to Taehyung who is just next to him by now, but when he sees that the other isn't looking at the fire with curiosity any more, like he did as Jungkook was still trying to make it, but is wearing a rather furious expression now, Jungkooks face falls as well.


“It won't hurt the forest, see,” Jungkook points at the stones around it, “It will stay inside the stones and we are right next to the water, we can put it out very quickly if needed.”


Taehyung now looks at Jungkook, his eyes glad by anger and maybe Jungkook should feel alarmed about it, maybe even afraid, but he trusts the other too much by now. So he just gets another stick and puts one of the fish on it before holding it over the fire. “We can grill the fish like this, make them tastier,” and after a short pause he adds, “But we can also put the fire out again, if it makes you unhappy.”


Taehyung slowly starts settling in a more comfortable position again next to Jungkook, his eyes never leaving the fire but he is slightly shaking his head, “It's fine, if you need it, but not often, okay?”


“Yeah, sure, sure, I don't actually need it, you know. Just for meat and fish or maybe if I'm cold.”


“You're cold?” That makes Taehyung look up and away from the fire and onto Jungkook instead. The younger can't help a small blush. “I mean, not right now, not much anyway.” It's not a lie, he isn't cold per se. But walking around in nothing but some thin pants when he was used to shielding his body from every little wisp of wind before, it does take some getting used to.


Taehyung still moves behind Jungkook so he can put his arms around the boys middle and pulls his back against his warm chest. “Never need to be cold when I'm with you, little otter.”


Jungkook can only hope the other can't feel his racing heart beat from not only the cute nickname, but also from being so close.




Funnily enough, when the fish is ready, and Jungkook feeds some to the other behind him, Taehyung loves it a lot, requesting more and more of it.




When they are done eating, the both of them get back into the river and they starts fooling around. They splash water onto each other and try to make the other fall down. It's not long until they are both completely wet and sitting next to each other in the middle of the river, laughing their hearts out.


“That was unfair! Obviously you'd be quicker than me!” Jungkook tries to reassure the other about their little fight.


“You're just slow,” Taehyung teases him right back.


“Nuh eh!”


“Yes you are. Slow like a human.”


“Well, I am a human, so...”


Taehyung doesn't say anything after that, just looks at Jungkook with a smile on his face.


Jungkook didn't realise before how close they were actually sitting together while they were playing around, but now, that the atmosphere has calmed down and the elder is looking directly at him, Jungkook can feel his heart beating fast again.


If Jungkook would be brave enough, he could just lean over and kiss the other. They are close enough. And boy do those full lips of him look inviting.


But that's stupid. Would the other even know what it meant? A kiss? Did he ever kiss someone before?


Jungkook was so lost in his own thoughts (and the others deep eyes) that he didn't realise that Taehyung was leaning closer towards him, until he could feel his breath on his own face. Jungkook holds his breath. Taehyung leans even closer, putting his own forehead against the youngers one and both of them close their eyes. They stay like this for a moment, none of them saying a word as they just enjoy the close proximity of the other. And just when Jungkook was about to say fuck it and steal a quick peck, the other presses a short kiss himself to the closed eyelid of Jungkook, before he lifts himself away again.


Jungkook opens his eyes a bit confused about the action. “..What?”


“In my world it holds symbolic meaning,” Taehyung explains, but it only confuses Jungkook even more.


“What kind?”


But Taehyung only smiles at him and then, Jungkook didn't see it coming, the other pushes him once more, so he falls back into the water.


When Jungkook emerges again to the surface, he can hear the other laughing and running away. “Wait! Taehyung! What kind?”Jungkook jumps up and starts running after the elder.


They run out of the water and back into the forest, Taehyung waiting a second for Jungkook to put his shoes back on, before the boy starts chasing after him again.


They laugh and run along the forest, Taehyung slowing down every few seconds, so Jungkook can catch up to him, but never enough for the younger to actually get a hold of the god.


When Jungkook starts running a bit faster, thinking that he might catch him soon, he stumbles over a root, about to fall over, when Taehyung is by his side in an unhuman speed to catch him from falling. He shouldn't be surprised any more. “Clumsy,” is all he has to say, a smile still prominent on his face. Jungkook, who has a death grip around others neck, as it was the only thing he could reach when falling, slowly gets back to a standing position, leaving his hands a bit longer than necessary on the others warm body. “Like an otter?” He jokes but Taehyung shakes his head no.


“Otters are not clumsy. They are quick and love running, love playing- oh look!” Taehyung points to something behind Jungkook, and when the younger man turns around he finds a bush with pink berries on it in front of him.


“It's raspberries,” Taehyung explains, “They are my favourite.”


Jungkook tries some and immediately his eyes light up, “They a re really yummy!”


Everything is still so new for him.




Any other topic is forgotten by both of them for the time being as they continue their day playing around. Even the kind of intimate moment they shared while sitting in the middle of the forest only comes back to Jungkooks mind when they are back in their den, sitting next to each other on the furs there.


“Why did you kiss me eye?”


“Kiss?” Taehyung tilts his head in confusion, a action Jungkook had witnessed many times by now.


“Put your lips on my eye?”


“Oh, it's..hmm..” For the first time since they started talking to each other, Jungkook finds the other at a loss of words.


“It's to show that you are special to me. That I treasure you.”


Jungkook blushes a bit. He has heard the other use that word often before, but only when talking about the forest, which seems to be from the highest importance to Taehyung, and now he used the same word to describe their relationship with it.


“How do humans show that?”


“Also with a kiss, I guess, but, hmm, not one the eye..”


“Show me,” Taehyung beams at him, scouting a bit closer to the younger.


“I, Taehyung, that's kinda...” Jungkook looks away a bit embarrassed. He doesn't want to take advantage of Taehyung when he doesn't even know what feelings are actually needed to share a kiss.


“You don't treasure me enough?” Taehyung then concludes for himself, looking down into his lap, sadness clear in his eyes.


“Wait, no, no! I just, I thought, Taehyung, I just don't want to make you do something you don't want to!”


“But I want you to.”


“But, ahh, man, fuck it,” and there goes Jungkooks last restraint. He goes onto his knees so he can lean closer towards the elder, putting his hands onto the others face.


“Close your eyes,” Jungkook whispers and Taehyung does as he is told. And wow, the other is amazingly beautiful. But that is not the point right now, Jungkook needs to stay focused on the task at hand. Kiss this beautiful, beautiful man.


He takes a deep breath and with one last look at Taehyungs face, he closes his own eyes and then closes the gap between their lips and presses them together in a tender kiss.


Taehyungs lips feel as soft as they look like.


But as quickly as it started, it ends again as Jungkook leans away, not sure where to keep his eyes.


He doesn't see how Taehyung opens his own eyes again, misses the way he softly smiles at the younger and stares a bit too long before he lies himself down.


“Sleep now?”


“Hmmhmm,” is all Jungkook gets out in between pressed shut lips and he carefully lies down on the others chest, Taehyungs arms immediately going to hug him towards himself.



The next morning when the sun is shining into their den, Jungkook opens his eyes to find the other looking at him. “ 'morning,” he mumbles still half way asleep. Taehyung strokes through his hair for bit before he slowly rolls them over so he is one top of the younger, pressing a short kiss to Jungkooks mouth. “Morning, little otter” he casually says before he gets up and out of the den, leaving an overwhelmed Jungkook behind.


What did just happen?


Chapter Text

It's been a few days since Jungkook has arrived in the forest by now. A few days since he stopped being afraid of V as he discovered the truth behind the so called monster. A few days since Jungkook taught the other what kissing is.


Something that - for the better or worse, Jungkook is not quite sure how to feel about it - the other chose to continue doing. Either in the morning after waking up, or in between their meals, sometimes when they are playing around, the other, seemingly out of nowhere, leans over to leave a soft kiss on Jungkooks lips.


Jungkook still has to get used to it. It's not something bad per se, as Jungkook definitely enjoys the feeling of the others soft lips on his own, but every time it happens, his heart starts racing like crazy and he is not sure if that's necessarily a good thing for his health. But there is no way Jungkook would ever tell the other to stop, not only for his own pleasure, but also because he doesn't want the other to look hurt again, like he did the first time Jungkook declined him a kiss.


And what does it matter anyway? Jungkook likes it, Taehyung seems to like it, that should be enough. Even if it doesn't hold the same feeling for the elder as it does for Jungkook. He still looks forward to his morning kisses.


But when he wakes up this morning, there is no morning kiss. In fact, there is no Taehyung. It's weird, waking up alone. Especially after cuddling every night for the past weeks.


So Jungkook sits up, a bit more groggy than usually, ruffling his morning hair and letting out a big yawn. He stretches his lips and then he gets up. He takes a look inside the den. Taehyung must have put his white fur over Jungkooks body when he was leaving him behind. That's a really nice gesture, but more than that, it means that Taehyung is not out fighting or killing villagers as he always makes sure to wear the fur and his mask for the battles.


Jungkook got used to the other sometimes running off and coming back with blood all over him, even helps him to get all of it off nowadays, but still... He rather the other kills as barley as possible.



But with the other not around, Jungkook just takes an mango into his hand as a breakfast and decides to walk to the waterfall which he actually has found not so long ago, but already feels like months since he has found it, because of everything that is happening. So days in the forest seem so much longer than they ever did in the village.


So Jungkook walks through the forest, trying to remember how he even got to that magical place, when he can hear the water of the waterfall in the distance, guiding him the way the where it is.


His steps get larger and his pace faster as he is excited to see the waterfall again, trying to envision the beauty that it was holding the last time.


But nothing could have prepared him for what he is about to find, after making his final step onto one of the stones surrounding the waterfall.


Jungkooks eyes grow big and his mouth falls slightly open by the view in front of him.


There, only a few feet away, just in the middle of the waterfall, is standing Taehyung. Standing Taehyung completely naked.


The sun is shining right onto his toned body, his skin glistening with water droplets on it and he is truly looking like the god he his.


And, well, he is also long.


Jungkooks face turnes red, but he can't bring himself to look away. The sight in front of him is just too breathtaking.


He has seen Taehyung nearly naked many times by now. He even falls asleep on this perfectly sculpted chest he is staring at this very moment. But it has never been like this.


Where usually paint and jewellery made of bones and shells are decorating his body, there is nothing left but naked skin and the tattoo on his arm. His hair is wet and his hands are roaming his own body in the action of washing himself.


And Jungkook knows he shouldn't look. Knows it's creepy that he is just standing there, staring at someone showering without their consent. But the other is just too ethereal and before Jungkook can get a grip of himself and turn the fuck around, it is already too late.


Taehyung looks up, his eyes landing directly on Jungkook.


But instead of looking angry, the elder keeps his face neutral and Jungkook doesn't know if this is even worse when Taehyung starts coming closer to him. He is already making up an excuse in his head, when Taehyung reaches him. But still, the other stays silent.


“I, emm..” Jungkook begins but Taehyung shushes him, very effectively, one has to admit, with a kiss to his lips. Jungkooks head must be as red as a raspberry by now.


Taehyung then puts his hands on the rim of Jungkooks pants and slowly starts pulling them down. The younger isn't sure what the other is planning on doing, but at this point he is too embarrassed to ask and just lets him continue.


When his pants are fully off, Taehyung helps him step out of his shoes as well, and when he gets back to face the other, Taehyungs eyes the boy in front of him up and down, taking his whole body in and Jungkook is very close to putting his hands in front of his private parts, but instead he stays strong and lets the other look as much as he wants.


The next thing Taehyung does, is to take Jungkooks hand in his own and lead him towards the waterfall. As they get closer, walking over wet stones that have Jungkook concentrating to not slip on them, the first few water droplets are hitting his skin. It's cold, but Jungkook enjoys it. It's so fresh and smells like the forest, it smells like Taehyung.


Taehyung leads him right to the middle of the downfall, where the water is running down on the both of them. And once again, Jungkook can't help but stare at the other. The water running down his skin is really enlightening his beauty in the simplest way, but it is enough to get Jungkooks mind go wild.


Taehyung puts his hands on Jungkooks face, whipping along the underside of his eyes, before his hands travel further down. He lets them slide along his neck and then down his chest. He runs them over Jungkooks nipples, having the younger take in a quick breath and then further down his stomach.


“You are beautiful,” Taehyung comments and Jungkook doesn't know if he wants to laugh or cry. A god, looking like every humans wet dream, just complimented him, HIM, about his looks, a boy, that not even his own mother favoured. But Jungkook decided against saying anything, he just wants to enjoy the others warm hands meeting his skin for a bit longer.


Taehyung continues to let his hands wander up and down Jungkooks chest a few more times and Jungkook knows he does it to get him clean from all the dirt the past days have left on him, but Taehyung does is so gently, Jungkook has to force himself to keep his eyes open and away from any naughty thought that wants so desperately to cross his mind.


It all goes well, until Taehyung steps closer to put his hands around Jungkooks body to clean his back down to his butt.


“Fuck,” Jungkook mutters when the other starts circling one of his large hands over his butt cheeks and he puts his own hands against Taehyungs chest as he leans his forehead against his shoulder.


“Hmm,” Taehyung murmurs deeply right next to his ear, which is definitely not helping Jungkooks case.


When Taehyung lets his hands travel to the front again, grabbing at Jungkooks thighs, and the backside of one of Taehyungs hands comes in contact with his dick, Jungkook has to push the other away. Taehyung tilts his head.


“S-Sorry, just, I'm clean enough, I think.”


But Taehyung doesn't seem to mind, neither does he seem as affected as Jungkook. He only takes the others hand into his own again before leading him into the small lake in front of the waterfall.


They go deeper and deeper, the cold water helping Jungkook to calm himself down. But when Taehyung keeps pulling on his hand as they already got to a point where they can't stand any longer, he has to let go of the other. Taehyung turns around, swimming on the spot, so Jungkook explains, “I can't swim.”


And how should he be able to do so? It's not like they have a lake inside the village.


To Jungkooks displeasure though, a wicked grin forms on the others face and before Jungkook can register what's happening, the elder already pulls Jungkook towards him.


“What!? NO!” Jungkook instantly clings to Taehyung, swinging his legs around the others hips, but Taehyung only laughs and swims deeper into the middle of the lake.


“You're mean,” Jungkook comments, but when Taehyung only smiles at him, putting his hands onto Jungkooks butt to keep him steady, the younger can't do anything but lean his head against the others shoulders and enjoy being carried like this.


He is mildly concerned about his dick being pressed against the others stomach, but seeing that Taehyung isn't mentioning it, he forgets about it quickly and just relax in the others hold.




Taehyung swims around with Jungkook clinging to him for a bit more, when the elder starts speaking, “You should learn how to swim.”


“Why? I never needed it.”


“You live in the forest now.”


“Hmm, can't you just always carry me?”


“What if you fall into a river?”


“Won't you save me?”


“I will.”


A smile lights up on Jungkooks face. It's funny how such simple words can make him feel so happy inside.


“Maybe another time,” Jungkook says and cuddles himself up against the others body again.



Soon enough Taehyung swims them back to the lakeside.


He sets Jungkook onto the stone next to his pants, before he get his loincloth to bind around his hips.


Jungkook looks at his pants. They are really dirty. And now, lying so close to the waterfall, they are also wet and muddy. Jungkook pulls a disgusted expression.


Taehyung must have seen this as he comes over and takes the pants into his own hands. “Wait here,” he says and then he is gone. With Jungkooks pants.


Jungkook puts the necklace he got from the elder around his neck before he sits himself on one of the stones. He closes his eyes to enjoy a the sun rays hitting his skin. He wonders if his skin got tanner since he has gotten here.


“For you.”


Jungkook opens his eyes again to Taehyungs voice next to him. The elder is holding some kind of cloth towards him and Jungkook takes it.


“It's made from linen,” Taehyung explains.


“Thank you.”


Taehyung comes close to him again, helping Jungkook to put the item on. He raps it around his waist once so that it's shielding him like a short skirt and then overlaps the cloth in the front, so a bundle of fabric is hanging down like a waterfall, hiding his crotch.


Jungkook turns around to look at himself in the surface of the water. And where Taehyung looks strong and masculine in his dark leathered loincloth, he actually looks somewhat soft and pretty. The light coloured cloth is sitting nicely on his hips, complementing his thighs. It does feel a bit unusual for Jungkook, that his junk is just hanging freely behind the cloth as he was used to wearing pants that hold his privates in place, but this is nice, too. And more importantly, it's not mud ridden.


“I like it a lot, thank you, Taehyung.”


Taehyung answers him with a smile.


The elder puts the rest of his jewellery on and Jungkook his shoes. Maybe it comes with being a god, but the one thing Jungkook couldn't refrain from wearing are shoes. The forest has to many branches and stones and all sorts of things lying around on the floor, without some protection for his feet, he probably would have hurt himself many times already.


Afterwards they sit down one one of the stones, looking at the beauty that is the waterfall in front of them.


“Hey, Tae?”




“Was there ever another person in the forest with you?”


“There were good humans before. Went right through it or travelled around it for some time. Most of them left or went back into the village. Some had a change of mind and I stopped them from ever leaving again.”


Jungkook knows what that means, knows that Taehyung must have killed those people.


But with every day he spends with the older and inside the beautiful forest, he understands it more and more.


“Was there ever someone you befriended?”


“A human?”


Jungkook nods.




Jungkook turns his head to look at the other.


“I talked to some of them, but no one ever stayed with me. They were so happy that they could leave, I wasn't about to hold them back.”


“But why would they leave if they could live in a place like this?” Jungkook asks honestly confused as he points around himself with his arms.


Taehyung looks at his manners with a fond smile on his face. “I don't know that.”


Then none of them says another word. At least not for a few minutes, when “Hey Tae?”




“I..just want you to know that I am really grateful for everything you've done for me. Everything you showed and taught me. I, I just was never as happy as I am here in the forest with you.”


Once again, Taehyung doesn't answer verbally. He only smiles at Jungkook as he leans over, giving the younger a kiss.




They walk around the forest one night as Taehyung recommended that it is just as wonderful during the night time.


It is a bit colder though, so Taehyung gave Jungkook his fur and even offered to carry him on his back, so he can receive the elders warmth, but Jungkook declined. It's his first real night that they don't spend inside the den, so he wants to discover as much as possible on his own.


“There is a light,” Jungkook points out and Taehyung follows his direction.


“Is it the village?”


“No. Come,” Taehyung takes his hand and leads him to the source of the glow.


To Jungkooks amazement the light is coming from little animals, flying around the night.


“Oh my god, this is so cool!”


“They are fireflies.”


“Is there something that doesn't exist in this forest?”


Jungkook goes around the spot where all the fireflies are gathered for a few rounds, following some as they fly around, looking at some that land on leaves and being surprised when some turn off their lights at seemingly random.


Taehyung sits on the ground next to him, watching the younger enjoy his new discovery.



After a while Jungkook comes over to Taehyung and sits down next to the elder.


“This is just so amazing. I mean, how is it even possible that they can make those lights all on their own? It took humans centuries to figure that out!”


And after a short pause he adds, “Can you talk to animals?”


Taehyung just looks at him with a funny expression, “Do you think I can?”


“I mean, I never saw you doing it, but you're their god, aren't you. So I figured, maybe?”


Taehyung laughs. “I can't. I'm not their god. As the god of the forest, I am just part of it. Humans like to put gods above themselves as a greater power. But in the forest, we're all one. I'm neither above nor below the fireflies or the river or the trees. I am just a part. And my part is it to protect it.”


“Oh, but can you like, command other animals to form an army or something if needed?”


Taehyung starts chuckling, “Sometimes you think like a human.”


“I mean, I am one, so...”


“No. I can't. I can't speak with them. But through the forest, we are connected. I can feel them and they can feel me.”


“Do you feel me?” Jungkook asks curiously.


“Do you want me to feel you?” Taehyung asks right back, a light teasing in his voice. And Jungkook hates that this sentence is holding a double meaning the non-human must not see, but makes his thoughts run wild.


“I mean,'s just, ahhh, you know, what, forget it.”


Taehyung laughs again. “I can feel your presence inside the forest, your feelings towards it, but as you are not a part of the forest, I cannot feel you.”


“Oh..” Jungkook doesn't even know why that disappoints him. Does he even want Taehyung to feel him? What does that even mean?


“I can feel you, when I touch you,” Taehyung then explains further as he saw the youngers saddened expression.


“Oh.” Jungkook voices once more, but this time, it doesn't hold sadness, instead it is clad with curiosity.


He scouts closer to the elder and in an action of braveness, he straddles his hips and puts his hands on Taehyungs shoulders.


They look into each others eyes, the light of the fireflies helping them see each other in the darkness of the night and Taehyung puts his arms around Jungkooks waist to pull him even closer.


And then Jungkook leans in to close the gap between them and kisses Taehyung. But this time, instead of leaving it at one peck, Jungkook keeps kissing him. He opens his mouth just a bit to kiss the other more intensely. But Taehyung leans away.


“Why differ the kiss?”


“Oh, emm,” Jungkook feels embarrassed. What is he supposed to say? I really like you and want to make out with you, make it get all hot and maybe start grinding on top of you. He settles for an explanation less intense, “There are different types of kisses, I guess? Like some are more intense than others.”


“Oh, so a longer kiss means you treasure the other person more?”



“Hmm, no? I'd say it kinda depends on the situation? The atmosphere, you know? Like, for example, when greeting someone, just a small kiss is cool, but when it's dark and two humans are alone and really, like really enjoy being with each other, they can kiss deeper and longer, it's kinda hard to explain.”


“Hmm,” Taehyung still seems confused, but so is Jungkook, so instead of getting deeper into the topic he just goes in for a close hug with the elder and keeps it at that.



PS: You remember the scene when they are swimming in the lake?

When I say they are otters, I mean it!


Chapter Text

One day Taehyung comes back to the cosy den with a black fur in his hands. “For you.”


Jungkook takes the fur into his hands and looks at it. His own fur, that's cool, but...”Did you kill an animal for that?”


Taehyung nods. “Got meat as well.”


“But..” Jungkook doesn't understand, “Why would you kill an animal? Aren't you supposed to protect them or something?”


Taehyung settles next to Jungkook and binds the fur around Jungkook, a string with shells holding it around his neck.


“I kill them for food or if they attack me. I kill a sick animal if I see one.”


“Hmm,” Jungkook makes a thinking noise. In his mind, Taehyung was only ever killing fishes. And even that has seemed a bit strange to him.


“I do it so I survive. Humans on the other hand, they kill if they feel like it, more than they can eat, taking animals and reproducing them without caring about their feelings to kill them after a life in captivity.”


Taehyung then takes out a bowl that Jungkook got to know is the shell of a coconut with something red inside. “Is that..?” Jungkook can't finish his sentence as Taehyung already has put two fingers inside. He takes them out, some red liquid on them and draws a line under Jungkooks eyes like he did before and then more over the youngers exposed chest and arms.


Jungkook can only watch.


“The drawing are to show that you are a part of the forest. But the blood, it is to honour the animals.”


Taehyung continues drawing on him in a peaceful silence. But Jungkook just has to know, has to know if the last line he had under his eyes, if it maybe was from someone he once knew.


So with a quivering voice he asks, “What about human blood?”


It doesn't take Taehyung a second before he replies, his voice a little confused. “Why would I do that? What reasoning would I have to wear human blood on my skin. I want to be closer to the forest and it beings, not your people.”


Jungkook lets out a sigh of relief and puts his own fingers into the blood and begins drawing on the elders chest himself.



♥ ♥ ♥



Jungkook and Taehyung are currently sitting next to each other on top of some stones up hill from the waterfall, looking over the forest as the sun is setting. The sky is painted in a mix of reds and oranges and it is magnificent. Jungkook is still amazed by the magic that is nature as he slowly runs out of words to describe the beauty of it. He never was able to do it justice with a some simple words anyway.


The only thing ruining the view from being perfect in every way, is the brown spot in the distance that is the village.


“Do you miss it?” Taehyung asks without taking his eyes away from the view.




“The village?”


“Oh, emm, no? Not really.” Jungkook pauses and thinks about it for a moment, “Actually, I don't think I miss it at all.”


Taehyung must like this answer as a soft smile is forming on his face, but Jungkook continues speaking, “The only thing I miss is Jimin.”




“A friend. We are pretty close,” Jungkook halts for another second, “Were close. He must think I am dead by now.”


“Would you want him to know that you are still alive?”


Jungkook lets his legs swing over the edge of the small hill they are sitting on. “Yeah, I guess. He was pretty sad that I was leaving, especially knowing, or believing to know, what was about to happen to me.”


Taehyung doesn't say anything to that and Jungkook is glad. Were Jimin, or even his brother came quickly to comfort him whenever an unwanted subject came up (like him being the reason for his fathers death or his mother low key hating him ever since), Taehyung just sits next to him. Jungkook doesn't need the pity of people and he didn't realise until meeting Taehyung how much more he feels reassured and understood with someone just sitting next to him and listening if needed.


“But it's for the better though, I think, for the both of us.”


“How come?”


“Thinking back, I'd say I forgot what happiness felt like, true happiness that is, but here in the forest, I actually feel alive again. Where I was only doing what was expected of me in the village, repeating everyday over and over in the same exact way, in a way just keeping myself alive as that was what everyone was doing. But here, here I actually am living,” he turns his head to look at the elder, “And I am so unbelievably thankful for you letting me be a part of this world.”


Taehyung turns his head as well, so they are facing each other. Both are wearing soft smiles as the setting sun is playing on their skins.


The moment is broken, when Jungkook thinks about the origin of his monologue and he turns his eyes back to view the village. It's too far to actually see any of the people inside, but Jungkook can imagine it. Knows that during the sunset Jimin would be about the get water for his family. They always went together. He wonders if Jimin found someone else to get water with now that he is gone.


“It's better for Jimin, too.” Jungkook closes his eyes, so he can have the others face clear in his mind. He doesn't want to forget him.


“I was kinda holding him back from a lot of things.” Once again Taehyung decides to stay silent and just listen to him. It makes talking easier for Jungkook.


“No one really liked me in the village, that's why Jimin was my only friend, it actually was kinda your fault,” Jungkook laughs quietly as the realisation hits him, “But Jimin stuck with me. Even though people really liked him, he is a really nice guy, you know, but hanging with me didn't really make him approachable for many. Now that I'm gone, he might even be able to find love.”


“Love?” This time Taehyung actually asks a question and Jungkook opens his eyes to find confusion written over his face.


“Yeah,” Jungkook sighs, “I never told him that I was aware of his feelings, but that's just because I didn't want to hurt him. But I knew that he was in love with me. It was obvious in many way,” Jungkook lightly chuckles once more as he thinks back at some fond memories, “He really wears his heart on his sleeves.”


“He loved you?” Taehyung asks again and Jungkook questions if it is bothering the elder, so very hesitantly he repeats himself with a small, “Yeah.”


“No, Jungkook, I don't understand.” And god does it feel nice to hear the others deep voice call out his name.


“Hmm? What's not to understand?”


“Love.” Taehyung simply says and that's when it hits Jungkook.


“Oh. You don't know what 'love' means?”


Taehyung nods and scoots a bit closer to Jungkook, showing his interest in an explanation.


“Yeah, emm, I guess you could say that 'love' is what you call 'treasure'?” Jungkook voices it more than a question, unsure of how to explain the feeling of love to a god.


“So, you and me, we love each other?” Taehyung tries to understand and never has Jungkook felt the blood rush into his face in such a quick manner.


“NO NO NO!” Jungkook puts his hands up in defence, but then he thinks, “Well, or, I don't know? I mean, maybe I-” He stops himself, “You know what, it's maybe a bit different that the word 'treasure'.” Jungkook settles on that, yes, lets starts somewhere else, that seems safer.


“It's a feeling you have towards another person. A very intense one. A good intense,” Jungkook looks at the other to see if he can follow him. When he sees Taehyung eagerly nodding at him with big eyes, Jungkook tries not to be affected by the cuteness and takes it as a good sign to go on, “Well, it's when you always wanna be with that one special person and..and you'd protect them no matter also feel really good inside whenever they are around.”


Yeah, that might not be what the lexicon in their library would state love as, but Jungkook feels confident, that that's an actual somewhat solid explanation for 'love'.


That is, until Taehyung speaks up again.


“But then, I love you?” Taehyung asks, regarding Jungkooks previous admittedly rather uncalm reaction to the others first love confession.


“Okay, no, maybe it's even more than that,” Jungkook looks up into the sky trying to think of a different ways to explain it.


“It's someone you feel incomplete without. And if they are close, your heart starts beating like crazy, but at the same time you feel kind of calm? Happy, like as if you were supposed to be with the other.” Jungkook makes some gestures with his hands, trying to get his point across all the while Taehyung is sitting nearly motionless beside him, just watching the other getting lost in their explanation. When Jungkook is done, Taehyung is still wearing the same small smile and with the same small voice he says, “Then I love you, little otter.”


Jungkook is so red and his heart is jumping around in his chest and if he'd fall down the hill right now, he'd probably had less adrenaline inside him then in this very moment. He tries once more.


“It's a really deep, emotional connection. It's as deep as what you feel for the forest.”


Taehyung stays silent and Jungkook thinks that that must have done the trick and he can try to get the redness out of his face again. But then Taehyung puts his hands on either side of Jungkooks cheek and brings his own head close to the youngers before letting their foreheads rest against each others.


Taehyung presses a short kiss onto Jungkooks left eyelid and when Jungkook opens it after the small peck again, the other is staring right into his soul with those dark eyes of his. And then Taehyung whispers, “I love you.”


A small tears slips out of Jungkooks eye but Taehyung is quick to kiss it away, just like the next that is coming. He presses another kiss onto Jungkooks eyelid, before he brings his lips to the youngers mouth.


He presses his lips onto Jungkooks and this time, he doesn't lean away after one kiss. Instead Taehyung starts moving his full lips against the trembling ones of Jungkook as he starts deepening the kiss.


Jungkook brings his own arms around the others neck, pulling the other even closer towards him. The kiss gets more urgent as the seconds go on and Jungkook takes the bravery of nibbling at the others lips. Taehyung seems to enjoy it as Jungkook can feel him slightly smiling into the kiss.


The older lets his hands wander from Jungkooks face down over his chest and onto his hips where he pulls him closer with such a force that Jungkook falls with a small shriek right onto his back. But none of them minds and it only allows Taehyung to crawl right on top of the boy, pressing their chests together as they start kissing again.


Taehyungs hands start roaming Jungkooks body. First they glide over his shoulders to his arms and then lower to his thighs where he grabs them in a strong hold, surprising Jungkook a bit with the sudden force which leads to him opening his mouth further and Taehyung using the chance to slip his tongue inside. Jungkook hates how quick of a learner the other is and how much he doesn't hate it at all.


Taehyung lets his hands wander further behind the others thighs which only leaves Jungkook to put his legs up and around the others torso as Taehyung starts kneading at his ass. When he slips those naughty hands under the soft cloth that was covering Jungkooks butt cheeks the next moment, to get a nice feel of him without anything separating them any more, Jungkook has one of his own hands go the the strong back of Taehyung to hold onto the skin, maybe even leaving a scratch mark there. His other hand starts wandering up and down one of Taehyungs muscled arms, enjoying the tense he can feel there every time Taehyung grabs at his ass.


Jungkook just starts letting out little moans, when all of the sudden everything stops.


Taehyung sits up straighter, letting Jungkook laying behind one the stones.


The younger puts his elbows down to support his weight as he blinks up at the other, “Are you okay?”


Taehyung doesn't say anything, he just sits there, his skin glowing in the evening sun and his mouth all swollen from kissing. His hair is all messed up and even his eyes, still dark and intense, but now a bit off, too.


Jungkook doesn't want anything more than continue what they were doing only moments ago.


And judging by the other looking Jungkook up and down as well while licking his lips, it's safe to say that Taehyung must think so too.




“I..I need to go.”


Jungkook can see the other struggling a bit to get up from his former position and onto his legs as he reaches for his mask. Sure, Jungkook is sad, that their moment had to end like this, but at least he wasn't the only one affected by it.


The younger man is already sitting up a bit further himself, knowing that he has to get back to the den alone now, when Taehyung leans down once more, pressing another short kiss to his lips before he runs off and is gone.


Jungkook looks a bit puzzled after him before a smile stretches onto his lips.


What did his life become?


Chapter Text

Taehyung knows the other is fast asleep on his chest as soon as his breathing evens out. He lets one of his hands run trough the boys soft locks before he slowly pushes him off of himself. He puts all the furs he can find on the younger, including his own white one and hopes that this will be enough the keep Jungkook warm for as long as he is gone.


He puts on the old pants of Jungkook which were cleaned in the river and also a few leftover linencloth to wrap around his upper body, trying to make is as much a resemblant of the shirt Jungkook was wearing when he entered the forest for the first time as possible. He ends his transformation with taking all of his jewellery off. That must work.


He leans down to kiss Jungkook on his eyelid and then he runs off towards his destination.


It's a simple plan. Nothing should go wrong.



He is only a few trees away from the lights of the village when he halts on one of the branches to look at some of the humans there.


Not many of them are on the streets. The fields are empty. It's late and just like the human in his own home, most of them must be asleep right now as well.


Taehyung gets down the tree and then, without much thinking, he runs straight out of the forest and into the fields. He runs so fast that no human could possibly see him in the dark of the night. He runs along the empty fields, then some streets, and when he reaches the first house, he stops right behind it.


From here on he will walk.


He goes around the house and just like he saw it from the forest, the street is completely empty. A few lanterns a lightening his path as he roams along the village.


From the distance he can hear music, so he decides that that's where he's gonna go.


Going around a corner, he can make out the place with the music. It's a single house, small, but Taehyung can see through the window that it has many people inside, sitting together around tables, drinking some yellowish beverage from large glasses.


Taehyung steps inside.


The music is even louder now that he is inside the house and Taehyung can't really say that he enjoys it. He enjoys the sound of water falling down a waterfall, or birds singing in the distance or the slight snoring of Jungkook more.


But Taehyung isn't here to enjoy anyway.


He sits down on an empty chair at the first table he sees.


Immediately three pair of female eyes land on him and in just a second, they turn big.


“Who are you?”


“I've never see you before.”


“OH MY GOD! You're not from our village!”


They ask him a few more very high-pitched questions, so Taehyung lets them talk.


When they seem to have settled down, he tries to answer what he understood from their hectic parade of questions.


“I indeed come from outside the village and-” He can't finish his sentence as the women start talking very excited again.


“This is so crazy!”


“How did you do it?”


“Did you kill the monster?”


“You must be such a good fighter?”


“Will you stay here?”


“God we have to bring you to the mayor!”


Taehyung never had a variety of emotions towards humans. Hate, sure, when they are trying to hurt the forest. Since lately he had all sorts of positive feelings while spending his days with Jungkook. But he felt those happy emotions before towards the forest. But this, right now, must be the first time ever that Taehyung feels annoyance.


“I'm looking for someone called Jimin,” he states, his voice loud enough to speak over the womens chatter.


“Oh, Jimin? What do you want from him?”


“It's important.”


“We can show you, but I can guarantee that you'd have a lot more fun staying with us.” One of them winks at him. Taehyung doesn't understand.


“I don't need fun, I need Jimin,” he tries again. Maybe this is useless.


One of them scoots closer to him and starts touching his upper arm, “We'll bring you to him, but first we wanna enjoy you a bit ourselves. It's not everyday that someone from outside the village comes here.” And then she leans in, aiming for Taehyungs mouth. But the man is quick to hold her back and puts a bit more distance between them again.


“What's wrong, sugar? Are you married or what?”


“Married? What does that mean?” Are him and Jungkook married?


“Oh sweetheart,” another one of the women says, “You don't have that were you are from? It's when you have a special day with a person you love, where you get dressed up all nicely and put rings on each others fingers and then you promise to love each other forever.”


“And then you kiss and dance and kiss even more,” another adds and starts giggling at the end.


“No,” Taehyung simply answers, “I'm not married. But I am in love.”


“Oh, that doesn't matter, then you can have fun with us, kiss us. They don't have to know.”


“But I would tell them,” Taehyung is so confused by these humans.


They all start laughing, “You don't need to.” One of them starts feeling up his muscles again, “Just kiss us.” Then she goes closer to his ear, close enough so she can whisper directly into it, “Fuck us.”


But before Taehyung can reply to that, someone from behind lightly pushes her away from him. When Taehyung turns around he sees a short man with big lips and brown hair in front of him.


“Who is that, Maggy?” The man asks his eyes big now and his voice not as firm as he must want it.


“Oh that's..I don't know his name but he is from outside the village, isn't that awesome, Jimin?”


That lets Taehyung prick up his ears and he stands up instantly, “You're Jimin?”


“Yes?” The other answers a bit unsure, “Who wants to know that?”


“I need to talk to you,” Taehyung takes the other by the wrist, trying to lead him outside away from the music and, well, far away from those woman. But Jimin pushes his hand off harshly. “Don't touch me!”


“Come with me then,” Taehyung tries convincing the other verbally now and even though Jimin doesn't seem too fond of the idea of being alone with the odd man, he obliques anyway. Maybe more for his own reasoning than Taehyungs desperation. “We can talk on the way to the mayor.”


As soon as they are outside and one street away from the noisy location, Taehyung stops in his tracks and Jimin, who was walking two steps ahead of him, turns to take a look back at the other. “What?”


“I need to go back,” Taehuyng simply states and Jimin can only furrow his brows in confusion.


“Where, man? Through the forest again? I mean, how come the beast didn't attack you?”


Taehyung is unbothered by the villagers questioning and just finishes what he came for in the beginning.


“I'm here to tell you that Jungkook is alive and well.”


Jimin stops all his motions. “He...” His mouth opens but closes again.


His breathing gets stronger and his eyes swirl around unfocussed.


“How?” He asks and his voice breaks. Taehyung doesn't answer. He just looks at the other. And for the first time Jimin takes the other in from head to toe.


His improvised shirt, his dirty trousers, the messy hair, the tan skin, the lack of shoes.


And then it hits him.


“You..” Jimins body starts shaking, his voice is quivering, “You..You're..V.”


Taehyung once again decides against answering. He holds the others gaze for a few more seconds, the shorter seeming close to a panic attack, before he turns around and simply runs off. He did what he wanted to do, everything else is none of his concern. He doesn't want to let Jungkook in the cold alone for too long.




As Jungkook opens his eyes, he can already tell that it's going to be a good day. The sun is shining brightly and Taehyung is sleeping comfortably beneath him. Jungkook grins, it's the first time he is awake before him.


He takes his time studying the elders mesmerizing face. His lashes are so long, and his cheekbones so defined. And Jungkook is once again reminded that the other is indeed a god. Not only has the speed and strength of one, but also the looks.


Jungkook leans over to put a small peck onto the others face. Taehyung must have felt that as he lets out a deep growl and slowly opens one eye and when he sees Jungkook in front of him, his lips stretch into a lazy smile.


“'Morning,” Jungkook mumbles and quickly presses another short kiss to the mans lips. What can he say, he is whipped.


Jungkook then proceeds to get up from his position and puts the necklace as well as the black fur on, ready to start the day. He always thought that the other looks especially good with the white fur creating a contrast to his sun kissed skin and wonders if that's why Taehyung got him a black one, to match his milky skin tone.


He stretches himself a bit and takes a mango from his fruit net to munch on it. And GOD does it taste amazing, so sweet and rich and Jungkook swears he is never eating wheat bread or potatoes ever again.


It's only when Taehyung gets up as well, pushing all the furs they were cuddling in aside that Jungkook realises, with a bright red face on his own, that the other is fully naked.


He stretches as well, lifts his arms over his head and into the air, emphasizing his perfect body lines, making him look marvellous in the golden morning sun. Jungkook is still not sure if he's allowed to look at him, really look at him and all his body parts that are being showcased to him on full display. They saw each other naked before, but Jungkook still feels a bit naughty looking at Taehyung like this.


As it seems, he must be the only one having those thoughts as Taehyung casually and without a care in the world comes over to Jungkook and pulls him by the hips against his own body. He looks at Jungkook with a soft smile and then he leans in for a kiss. “I missed you,” he mumbles against the youngers lips and the words don't get to Jungkook right away as he is too focussed on the others wonderful mouth and his naked body pressed against his own. But when it hits him, “What? Missed me? Why did-”


Jungkook can't finish his question as Taehyung pushes him away slightly, the both of them still close enough for Taehyung to keep his hands on Jungkooks hips, but what makes Jungkook stop talking is the concentrated face of the other. His eyes are no longer on Jungkook, but looking somewhere into the distance, his body is stiff and his face clouded by a mix of attentiveness and displeasure. Jungkook has seen this face too many times before, knows that it means that someone stepped foot into the forest.


He waits for the other to quickly get his mask and vanish into the woods like he usually does, but Taehyung continues standing by him, his hands still stiff on the youngers hips.


“Taehyung? Is everything alright?”


That seems to get Taehyung back to the current situation and back to Jungkook as his eyes find the big ones of the younger again. He lets go of the boy and slowly moves back to the den, taking his loincloth and putting it around his hips and then the fur around his neck. But where he normally would forgo all the accessory in order to get going as soon as possible, only putting the mask on himself, on this occasion Taehyung takes his time putting the bone necklace around his neck, a few leather bands with shells on them around his upper arms, and another bracelet out of white small shells around his right ankle.


Jungkook takes a few steps closer towards him, clearly concerned about what is going on, “Taehyung..?”


He gets a reply from the other, but not an answer. “I will lead his way.”




But it is too late, Taehyung already put his mask on and jumped up a tree, gone from Jungkooks view.


Jungkook sighs and sits back down on one of the furs in the den. Sometimes the other is still a mystery to him.




Jungkook is currently trying to make a headband out of a leather string and some brown and white feathers when he hears something rustling in the forest. He looks up and carefully puts the item in his hands away. The rustling is too loud, too uncoordinated for it to be Taehyung.


He reaches for the little stone knife Taehyung has gifted him before. Whatever animal is coming to attack him, he can defend himself. He doesn't need a god to rescue him all the time. He is an independent man who don't need no god.


That's what he tells himself as he gets up on shivering legs, preparing himself for whatever is to come out of the bushes.


To his utter shock, it's not an animal that steps into the clearing, but a very staggering Jimin.


Jungkook mouth falls open and the knife out of his hands, he is too perplexed for a proper reaction. But as it seems, Jimin is not. As soon as he sees Jungkook he comes running at him and the next second he already has tackled him into a huge bear hug. “JUNGKOOK!”


Still a bit out of it, Jungkook carefully brings his own arms up, hugging the elder back.


“What..” Jungkook doesn't want to seem ungrateful, but, “What are you doing here, Jimin?”


Jimin lets go of the youngers body and takes a step back form him again to bring an approximate distance between the two friends. “I-I,” Jimin tries to talk, but he must be as confused at this outcome as Jungkook, because he has some trouble forming proper sentences, “I just can't believe you alive!” Jimin pushes up some of his hair, most likely to give his hands something to do as he takes Jungkook in.


Jungkook, clothed in nothing but some linen around his hips, a black fur on his back and a shell necklace around his neck. Add some blood paintings to his face and chest and there you go. It's not a surprise that Jungkook feels exposed in front of the fully covered man in front of him. Jimin must be aware of this fact as well as he is blushing just as much as Jungkook, shyly turning his eyes away and letting them wander a bit into the forest and the den.


Jungkook quickly fishes another fur from the den and holds in front of his chest. “I just can't believe you're here! I mean, how? This is, wow, I don't know, weird!” Very eloquent, Jungkook, good job there, but just like back in the days, Jimin doesn't seem to mind his stammering as he just fondly smiles at the younger.


“I don't really know what happened. V came into the village and told me that you're alive I had to see-” Jungkook doesn't let him finish.


“V came into the village?”


“Yes! But I didn't know at first, I think no one new, he looked so..normal? I'm not really sure it was really him..”


“So what? You just come running straight into the forest!? That could have been your death!”


Jungkook doesn't even know why he is getting mad right now. He is actually very happy that he can see his friend again, but all those emotions inside him make him lose control a bit.


Jimin only shrugs his shoulders, “I guess, but then again, he came into the village to tell me you're alive, I thought he might want me to come? Does that make sense?”


“I mean,” Jungkook is just as confused at Taehyungs actions, “You're still alive, aren't you?”


“Exactly!” Jimin utters excited, but catches himself quickly and looks left and right carefully, “He is not around, is he?”


“I think he came to get you..”


Then they hear it, Taehyung, V, is landing right behind Jimin. The villager turns around, and when he finds the masked beast crouching not far from him on the ground, Jimin goes into a shock stare again, takes a step back and reaches out to hold onto Jungkooks arm in fear, “Kookie..”


“It's okay, Hyung, he won't harm you,” and with a pointed look towards Taehyung, he speaks on, “Would you?” But still behind the mask, crouching like a predator seconds from the attack, it's hard to tell what is going on in Taehyungs head.


“You sure?” Jimin mumbles with a quivering voice, hiding himself even further behind the younger.


And Jungkook wants to say, 'Of course', but to be honest, he doesn't know that to be true. In the end, he knows it was him who mentioned that he'd like for Jimin to know about his well beings, not about letting a stranger into the forest. So he can't be too sure, if Taehyung is actually fine with this outcome.

But before he can focus on the scaredy cat behind him, another thought strikes his mind. “Wait!” He turns his full attention towards Taehyung. “You went into the village!”


Taehyung stands up and slowly comes walking towards the two friends, taking off his mask in the process, revealing the face both of them have seen before.


It's when he is face to face with Jungkook, Jimin nothing but a shaking limb behind him, nearly ripping Jungkooks arm off with the force he is holding onto it, when Taehyung stops his movements and speaks up in his deep voice, “It was your wish.”


“But not like this! That was dangerous!” He raises his voice a bit to get his message across, slightly mad at the elder.


Taehyung pulls up one of his eyebrows in confusion, “I didn't intend to hurt any of them.”


Jungkook very lightly punches the others chest in front of him, “Dangerous for you, you Idiot!”


At that Taehyungs face turns dark and while Jungkook is not backing away from the angry gazes they are exchanging right now, Jimin is pulling on his arm in fear. “Please don't curse at him...”


And Jungkook nearly forgot that his friend is there as well, so with one last glare at Taehyung, he turns around to Jimin, “Stop worrying, everything's fine.” He puts his hands onto Jimins arms and rubs them up and down, trying to sooth him a bit. He thinks he is somewhat successful with it, until Taehyung steps around so he is right next to them and not even a hand length away from Jimin any longer when the villager goes into a hug with Jungkook again, hiding his face from Taehyung and a possible slow death.


Jungkook begins stroking over his back and lets out a sigh, “Ta-, V,” He isn't sure if the other would be too fond of the villagers knowing his name, so he keeps himself from saying it, referring to him instead with 'V', “Could you leave us alone for some minutes?”


Taehyungs eyes still seem angry, somewhat even hurt, but Jungkook can only handle so many people at once, so there is nothing he can do, when the elder vanishes without another word into the forest once again.



After a bit more soothing, a few more back strokes, Jungkook finally manages to convince Jimin to let go off him. They go over to the small stream, take their shoes off and Jungkook is quick to put his feet into the flowing water. He lets out a sigh, he needed that, so far the day has been surprisingly eventful.


Jimin is a bit more hesitant to put his feet into the clear liquid, “Is it save?”


“Hmm? The water? Yeah, sure, it's actually really nice.”


Jimin hesitates a bit longer before putting the tip of his toe inside the water, but takes it out right away again. Instead he pulls his knees up against his chest and scoots even closer to Jungkook, their shoulders touching.


Jungkook never realised that the other is such an anxious person, but then again, there really is nothing inside the village that could scare a person. The only thing they scared of in there is V, and well, Jimin always was afraid of him.


After some silence and both boys having to deal with their own thoughts, Jimin starts speaking, “Why are you not dead?”


Jungkook wants to laugh at how that sounded, but he can keep himself from doing so, knows it's not the right time for laughter. “It's.. well, a bit complicated.”


“But that's..that's V, right?”




Jimin takes a deep breath at this clarification, “Okay. But is he..forcing you to stay with him? Keeping you hostage?”


This time Jungkook can't hold himself back and he lets out a small laugh, “No, no, he is really not. I actually really like it here. I like him.”


Jimins eyes turn big, he obviously didn't expect such a revelation, “But why?”


“Because it's fun and so much more interesting than the village. I'd never go back willingly!”


“...And what about me?”


Jungkook turns his eyes to meet the sad ones of the elder. Jungkook puts his hand on one of his thighs and strokes it reassuringly up and down, “Jimin, you know that even if I wanted to come back, I couldn't. They would have me killed in an instant...or worse.”


Jimin doesn't say anything to that. They both know he is right.


So Jungkook asks the one question about the village that he has in his mind. “What happened to my brother?”


Jimin turns his eyes from him. “He's dead.”


Jungkook swallows a lump in his throat. He is a bit sad, sure, but he can't say that he is surprised, his brother is, was, a soldier after all. But there is one other thing he has to know.


“Was it V?”


But Jimin shakes his head, thank god, and turns his eyes back on Jungkook, “No. The village people executed him. Thought it's safer after he was in contact with the dude who bit you.”


Jungkook snorts at this ludicrousness, “That's ridiculous. V doesn't infect people, the dude who bit me was just crazy.”


They share another silence between the two of them. It's comfortable and Jungkook has nearly forgotten how at ease he always felt around Jimin. He was his safe spot. But now, as he has another one, a whole forest to call his safe place, it's surprising how less he actually missed being with Jimin. Especially after seeing how much Jimin must have missed him if it got him into wandering into the most dangerous area for humans. But then again, his time here is so occupied by discovering new places, new foods, new activities and a whole new being, that there was really no time to miss him that much.


Still, Jungkook is glad to talk to him again. Jimin will forever be the first good thing that ever happened in his life. The person who had kept him struggling through his existence.


He turns to smile at Jimin, grateful for everything the elder has ever done for him. Jimin returns his smile for a second, before his face falls a bit.


“So, you really like him, huh?”


It's strange, talking to Jimin about Taehyung. Even stranger to talk about his feelings about the other towards him. But it was to be expected as his life changed so much. For the better.


“Yes. I really do.”


“I'm happy for you.” Jimin lays his head down on Jungkooks shoulder like he did so many times before.


“Thank you, Jimin.”


The villager lifts his head again and starts putting on his shoes. “I should head back.”


“Oh, yeah,” Jungkook didn't even think about the others life. A life outside the forest, “Will you be okay?”


“I think so. No one saw me slipping into the forest and if I leave now, I don't think anyone will have missed me enough to let the soldiers search for me.”


After he is done with his shoes both of them get up from their sitting positions and Jimin pulls Jungkook into another hug to with the younger happily replies.


“Maybe I can come again?”


Jungkook shrugs his shoulders, not sure how Taehyung would feel about that. “I hope. I will ask V.”


“Please do,” Jimin grins at him and with a small wave of his hand, he starts walking back into the forest, already stumbling over the first root. Jungkook laughs at the sight. Was he as much of a klutz the first time he came here, too?


It doesn't take another minute before Taehyung comes jumping down a tree and into the clearing. Jungkook is smiling brightly at him. Now that Jimin is gone and everything went smoothly all the tensing was taken from him.


But when Taehyung takes off his mask, Jungkook realizes that the other is not smiling, but rather looking mad. He puts the mask into the den and sits himself down onto one of the furs.


“What's wrong?” Jungkook asks carefully as he goes over to the other.


“He shouldn't have come here.”


That confuses Jungkook a bit. “But I'm pretty sure he never hurt the forest or an animal. We practically spend every second together before I came here.”


“He loves you,” Is all that Taehyung offers as an explanation and it has Jungkook dumbstruck. “Huh?”


Taehyung doesn't say anything just lies down and turns his back towards Jungkook.


“I, “Jungkook doesn't even know what to say to this, why does it even matter in the first place? “I don't think he loves me any more, I mean, he thought I was dead.”


“He came into the forest being aware that it might be his death.”


“..Yeah, guess you're right... But why does it matter?”


Taehyung turns around once again, staring deep into Jungkooks eyes, maybe trying to read him. “Do you love him?”


“Wh-” Then it hits Jungkook and he starts laughing whole heartedly. “Is that it? You are jealous of Jimin?”


Taehyung looks even angrier now that Jungkook is laughing at him and he sits up to be at the same height as the younger. “You send me away. Called me an idiot.”


“Because you had me scared!” Jungkook reasons, “You can't just go into the village where everyone knows one another. If seen by the wrong person, they would have tried to kill you.”


“ were scared on my behalf?”


“Obviously, yes! You..Idiot,” Jungkook just grins, he can't believe that this was bothering the elder and Taehyung smiles again as well.


“So you don't love Jimin?”


“No, you're getting more idiotic by the second, I obviously love you.”


Taehyungs grin stretches even further and his eyes went soft as well. He slowly leans over to kiss Jungkooks right eyelid. Then his left one. Then he puts his hands onto Jungkooks hips to pull him close as he leans in to kiss him on the lips and slowly push him down into the furs.


Jungkook puts his own hands into Taehyungs soft hair as he kisses him back hungrily. He willingly opens his mouth so the other can slip his tongue inside to deepen the kiss.


Taehyung let his hands wander from the others hips down to his thighs were he squeezes them a few times for good measure, before he lets them wander up even higher and under Jungkooks small cloth. He continues playing with his thighs but with the difference that with every movement his hands now do, they are also brushing his dick and it is slowly driving Jungkook insane.


With a swift motion he rolls them around, so he can straddle the others body, looking down with hooded eyes. Jungkook doesn't waste another moment to press another kiss onto Taehyungs lips before he kisses along his jawline down to his neck where he starts sucking. The elder lets out a sharp breath and his hands come back to settle onto Jungkooks butt this time, pushing the cloth he is wearing up so far, its bundling around his hips instead of his crotch, exposing him completely. So when Taehyung starts taking off the linen with one hand, as the other is still kneading his butt, Jungkook couldn't care less.


Jungkook continues sucking on the others neck for a bit longer till he decides he is done. He leans away from Taehyung to look down on his purple art now blooming on his neck in a wet spot. He grins.


“What has you smiling like that?” Taehyung asks, his voice husky, but a smile visible on his own lips.


“You know how you wear blood of animals to be closer to the forest?”


Taehyung simply nods.


“Now you got some colour from me on your body as well. So you better feel closer to me as well.” He is teasing, they both now it. Taehyung still has his heart racing with his next words. “It's impossible for me to feel closer to you than I already do.”


Jungkook quickly leans down to kiss the others lips over and over again, both of them smiling happily into the kiss. Taehyung very carefully and slowly brings them both to turn over once again, so he is lying on top. He keeps kissing Jungkook but his hands leave the youngers body, only so to get rid of his own loincloth and fur, so he is fully naked as well, before he grinds down on Jungkook.


And oh fuck, was Jungkook not ready to have their dicks press together like this. He lets out a lewd moan which he can't stop himself from coming out of his mouth. But Taehyung doesn't seem to mind at all as he starts grinding even more against his body. Going back and forth to create friction against their lower parts having both man moan at the amazing feeling.


Maybe Jungkook is in heaven. Maybe he died the first day he stepped into the forest and everything happening afterwards is just a part of the afterlife. It would explain so much actually. And maybe Jungkook should think more deeply into it, but right now it is clearly not the time as Taehyung speeds up his movements even more.


His hands grab for Jungkooks waist and when he takes it into his large hands, his finger nearly being long enough to close around his small waist entirely, he lifts him up a bit and Jungkook arches his back in pleasure.


Taehyung uses this as a chance to start kissing Jungkooks nipples. His mouth enclosing around them, sucking and licking and sometimes biting and Jungkook doesn't know how much longer he can hold himself back from it getting to much.


The elder puts one of his legs over one of Jungkook thighs and instead of grinding against his dick, Taehyung is now grinding against his thigh and Jungkook sends a silent thank you to all the hard work he had to do in the village which got his thighs strong and firm.


The sensation is driving him crazy and when Taehyung decides to take one of his hands down to rub on Jungkooks cock, he can't take it any longer.


“Taehyung,” his voice slowly fades out at the end, even speaking becoming to much for all the pleasure he is feeling, “I..I can't.”


With one last bite to his nipples, Taehyung moves his face up higher again, pressing another kiss onto the side of Jungkooks mouth as he then holds his head over Jungkook far enough, so they can look into each others eyes as Taehyung keeps rubbing himself on Jungkook thigh, his right leg coming in contact with the tip of Jungkooks dick every time he moves it upwards and his hand increasing the pace of the rubbing on it.


It doesn't take more than ten seconds before Jungkook comes, white fluids spreading over Taehyungs hand and thigh and when the elder leans down to kiss the parted lips of him hungrily, Jungkook can feel something wet against his own thigh and knows that the other must have come as well.


Taehyung takes his hands off of Jungkook and after three, four more rubs against his thigh, he carefully rolls down from Jungkook and onto his side.


“Fuck,” Jungkook mutters, too messed up to form any coherent words. He looks over to Taehyung, moving as less as possible as he is too spend to do so, and finds the elder looking at him already, smiling softly and Jungkook can only return the smile.


Taehyung presses another kiss to Jungkooks lips and the boy is just about ready to cuddle up to his personal heater, when Taehyung brings his hands to his lips, licking off the cum on it and Jungkook can only watch in horror.


“Don't do that! Oh my god!” He hides his face in his hands and Taehyung starts laughing, putting an arm around Jungkooks form and pulling him towards himself so Jungkook can hide his face against the others chest instead.


All Jungkook wants to do by now is sleep. He is tired from the activity and even though the sun is still out, the time probably around noon, Jungkook really really seeks some comfort in at least a nab. But the sticky feeling on his thigh and crotch keeps him from finding it any time soon.


He pushes the other away from himself slightly, who looks a bit confused at the younger who stands up on slightly wobbly legs, holding his hand out for Taehyung. Taehyung takes it a bit confused but follows Jungkook to the stream anyway.


Jungkook starts washing himself off with the water from the stream and can't help but shudder a bit at its coldness.


Taehyung on the other hand, must have taken this as an invitation to tease him, because the next thing Jungkook knows is water splashing onto his body and a deep laughter from the side when he lets out one or two curse words as the cold hits his skin.


“You didn't!” He then says and tries to splash Taehyung as well, but the elder is too fast for him and can dodge every of Jungkooks attempts easily. “Not fair!” Jungkook whines. His pout his quickly replaced with a shriek though when two arms come from behind and pick him up by his waist and he is carried right into the stream.


“No, wait! Taehyung!” Jungkook clings to Taehyung as if his life would depend on it, but the elder can only laugh at his antics.


Jungkook hasn't touched any of the water so far, as Taehyung is holding him high enough that only his own legs are surrounded by the water up to his knees. And Jungkook knows the stream doesn't get much deeper than this, but he also knows, that if thrown in by Taehyung, it is deep enough for it cover his whole body as he'd lie there, only his head sticking out. And it's so cold.


“No, Taehyung, please don't.” He tries one more time with his best whiny voice, clinging to the other even more.


To his surprise Taehyung actually steadies his hold on the younger, carrying him like a koala, his hands on Jungkooks butt for stability. “Kiss?”


Jungkook chuckles at his cuteness but leans in anyway, pressing a peck onto Taehyungs lips, which he must deem enough persuasion as he carries him back out of the water and into the den, where he carefully sets Jungkook down, himself following right after.


The younger doesn't waste any time before he cuddles back up to him, enjoying the warmth the other provides way too much to stay away for long. Taehyungs arms circle his body and hold him in a firm grip and Jungkook is sure, that's what heaven on earth must be.


After being touched by the cold water of the stream he doesn't feel that sleepy any more, so he lets a finger of his run over Taehyungs chest, using the others compliance to the fullest. When he looks at his face, he is met with a warm smile of the elder, giving it right back. One of Taehyungs hands starts running through Jungkooks hair and everything is good in the world.


Jungkook can't believe that it has only been roughly an hour since Jimin was in the forest talking to him if he really is happy here. What a stupid question. He takes another quick glance at Taehyung and the way the light hits him perfectly in every spot.


“I can't believe you went into the village you hate so much just for me,” Jungkook mumbles and shakes his head in disbelief.


“Did it make you happy to see Jimin?”




“Then it was worth it.” Taehyung says it so casually it makes Jungkooks mind go wild. But he won't let himself think too much about it, not right now at least. Instead he perks himself up to give the other a kiss on the mouth.


“Did you like the village?”


But Taehyung only looks at him, his forehead in wrinkles, as if this question alone would be offensive. And maybe it is, Jungkook thinks then, with him being the god of the forest. Was he just blasphemous?


Jungkook chuckles at his own weird thoughts which seem to lighten Taehyungs thoughts up as well as his face gets back to his former lazy grin. “There was no nature, no animals, just noisy humans.”


“Hmm, yeah, did you speak to any of them, other than Jimin that it?”


“Three women.”


“Yeah?” That makes Jungkooks ears perk up. He wonders who it was. He knows everyone in the village.


“Hmm,” Taehyung murmurs and Jungkook can feel it vibrating in his chest, “asked me to kiss and fuck them.”


Jungkook chokes on his own saliva, “They what!?” He is sure the older doesn't even know what the word 'fuck' means, but still, how could they be so bold!? And with a stranger from outside the village!


“So, emm, did you kiss them?”




Jungkook is relieved at that answer, but then again, he doesn't really know how Taehyung views this kind of topic. Are Gods monogamous?


“I, emm,” Man, how will Jungkook tackle this conversation, “just so you know, if you want to kiss other people..or more, you can, just, emm, let me know I guess? See, humans kind of differ on this topic, some like to kiss many and other only one. And I'm more of the second kind, so like, it's your decision, really, but I wouldn't be too fond of the idea of kissing you, if you kiss others as well. So if you plan on doing, just let me know, okay?” And break my heart this way. But Jungkook doesn't say that, doesn't want the other to feel obliqued in any way. He can understand if Taehyung would want to fool around with other humans as well, if you're pretty like this, you might be better off enjoying... adult times, with as many people as possible.


But Taehyung just looks at him a bit confused before he starts laughing lightly, ruffling through Jungkooks dark locks. “Now you're the one being an Idiot. Why would I even want to kiss anyone but you.”


The butterflies in Jungkooks stomach are going crazy when he leans over to kiss the other once again.


Chapter Text

Taehyung is pulling Jungkook by his hand towards an unknown destination for the younger.


Jungkook is laughing at that, the other seems all excited and it makes him happy as well.


He is a bit surprised though when they come to a halt next to the lake with the waterfall that Jungkook knows like no other place in the forest by now.


“What are we doing here?”


“Wait.” Taehyung says before he is gone.


And then he is back again, Jungkook didn't even have time to look after him and it really is funny how he must have run even faster than usual to be this quick.


He has a big ring made out of all kind of different flowers in his hand. Some pink, some white and a lot of them purple. Jungkooks newly discovered favourite colour. Taehyung puts it like a crown on Jungkooks head, “To dress up nicely.”


Taehyung runs off again and Jungkook can only laugh, reaching up to fix the flowercrown on his head, keeping it from falling off.


When Taehyung returns this time, he is holding the fruit net in one hand and something else in the other, but it is hidden inside his fist and away from Jungkooks view.


“Really, Taehyung? What is going on?” He is still chuckling when Taehyung pulls him close.


“Today is our special day,” Taehyung explains and puts the fruits aside. “See mangos and raspberries, the favourites of the both of us.”


“Okay?” Jungkook is still so, so confused. Is today a holiday of some kind for the forest god? He realized that Taehyung made him wear all the jewellery that he had gathered by now, and put on all of his own, including his newest addiction, a leather band for his forehead with a small white shell on it that Jungkook made him.


“It's our favourite place,” Taehyung points out, “and we can go see the otters afterwards.


“Taehyung, seriously, what's all this for,” Jungkook asks still wearing a smile on his lips, the other must have put a lot of thoughts into whatever is going on, “I mean, I love it, but I really don't understand.”


“I love you,” Taehyung takes Jungkooks two hands into one of his own and opens the other one to reveal what appears to be two small shells. “So I want us to be marrying.”


“Ma-” Jungkooks face falls, “What? Who..How did you get this idea?” His former shock dies quickly as he is amused by the others antics finally understanding what is going on, “Is this because of Jimin?”


“No,” Taehyung answers firmly, “The women said if you love someone you marry them. I did everything like they said it needs to be done. Here are the rings.”


He holds up the two small shells and under further inception Jungkook realizes that they really are crafted into small circles with a hole in the middle. And fuck is this whole thing adorable.


“You don't like them?”


“What? No, I love them, Taehyung!” And with a softer voice he adds, “I love you.”


“So do you wanna be marrying?”


Jungkook chuckles at his idea of how to form a sentence with the new word he learned, but is quick to nod, “I do.”


So Taehyung puts one of the rings one Jungkooks ring finger (after Jungkook explained that it has to go on this one) and then he puts the other shell onto Taehyungs ring finger. They smile at each other before both of them lean in at the same time to share a soft kiss.


“Now we have to dance!” Taehyung exclaims and before Jungkook can even say anything he is pulled against Taehyungs chest as the elder starts moving his feet so he just joins in.


Jungkook is not really sure if one can call what they do 'dancing' but they are holding each other and are moving around, which is probably as good as it will get as he has never bothered to learn a dance and he can't imagine that Taehyung did so either. At least not one of the dances his village created.


They jump around a lot, they laugh a lot, they kiss a lot.


They spend the whole day only eating their favourite foods, watching their favourite animals, visiting their favourite places and when the night comes and they are back in their den, they finish their wedding day with one of their new discovered favourite activities.


Chapter Text

It's a colder day, not because of a seasonal change, but because today the sun in hidden behind clouds. And Jungkook thought that this would be the perfect excuse to stay close to Taehyung and his amazing body heat for the entire day, but the other has been gone for some time now, the reason for that being someone entering the forest.


So Jungkook is left with sticking to his fur and his own arms around his chest to keep the cold away. It will do.


He wanders a bit through some unknown parts of the forest. At least that was his plan. He originally thought about going back to the waterfall, but he learned that when it's already cold outside, being next to water makes the wind even harsher.


But even now that he is mostly randomly choosing his path, walking around aimlessly, it doesn't take him long before he stumbles into a familiar place.


Here it was were they got carrots for the first time and it shouldn't be that much of a big deal, but it was this place where Jungkook saw the colour purple for the first time in his life, which is so weird. How do they just not have this colour in the village?


A small smile stretches on his face, but Jungkook decides to walk further into the woods anyway. He wants to discover something new.


But once again it only takes him a few minutes before he recognizes his surroundings again.


Taehyung brought him here before as well. He was very excited and even woke Jungkook up for it, putting the young man who was still half asleep on his back to carry him in a speed that definitely woke Jungkook completely up, to this place. Taehyung has found an armadillo family that just had lots of new born baby armadillos and it was in fact the cutest thing ever. Such weird looking creatures those armadillos are, it surprises Jungkook to this day what kind of animals and fruits the forest has to offer.


When Jungkook walks further and for the third time in what can't be more than two hours comes to a clearing that he very much is acquainted with, he decides to stop his search for new places for now. At this clearing they found lots of eatable mushrooms, as there are a lot that are poisonous, as Taehyung informed him and Jungkook was once again very glad that the elder knew his way around the woods and all its secrets so well. Jungkook looks around for a bit, indeed finding a few mushrooms and putting them into the net hanging from his shoulder. He then sits down in the middle of the grass clothed clearing looking up into the sky.


It's pretty dark already, but it can't be evening just now. Jungkook takes a deep breath of fresh air. It already smells a bit like rain and maybe Jungkook would be better of to go home again. But then he thinks again, why should he? In the village it seemed like the right thing to do, running back into the house as quickly as possible whenever the first raindrops fell from the heaven. Otherwise he would have gotten wet and dirty and his mother would have yelled at him. It also wasn't the prettiest side, the dirt on which the village was build got all muddy and had Jungkook hating it even more the next day when he had to stomp through it on his way to work.


But in the forest, with all that nature around, the trees and flowers and animals, Jungkook actually can't wait for the downpour.




It starts with a single drop onto his forehead.


Then a second one follows landing on his chin and Jungkook tries to lick it off, wanting to know how different the rain in the forest would taste. But he can't taste much at all.


Soon enough the rain intensives until Jungkook can barley hold his eyes open without water dropping into it.


Everything got really quiet, the only sound that can be heard it the rain splashing on the ground and trees as it falls, but all the former sounds of the forest are suddenly gone.


Jungkook stretches his arms out, already completely wet now anyway, and starts turning in circles, a big smile sprouting on his face. He puts his tongue out and finally he can taste the water. It's, well, water and Jungkook wants to say that it tastes so much better than the rain in the village, but he comes to the realisation that he never even tried the raindrops inside the village before.


He turns himself around a few more times, the grass under his feet muddy and his shoes clothed in it as well. Jungkook doesn't care, doesn't care that he is wet and dirty and cold. He feel so prosperous for being here, nothing could ever destroy his good mood in this moment.




Jungkook is dancing around with his eyes closed when all of the sudden two hands circle around his middle and Jungkook shrieks in surprise. His shock dies down quickly as he sees Taehyung in front of him with a smile on his face and just as wet. He looks really good with his hair pressed to his skin and the droplets running along his face that Jungkook really can't be called guilty when he swings his own arms around him and presses a kiss to his lips. Taehyung seems more than happy to reply to it. He lifts Jungkook up by the hips and the younger eagerly closes his legs around the others hips as he puts more pressure into the kiss, never getting enough of the others godly (hah!) taste.


Taehyung is still smiling when he pushes Jungkook off enough so he can speak, “We should get away from here. Lightening prefers to hit the highest point and in this clearing, that will be us.”


And oh..oh, Jungkook didn't even know. He just nods and tries to get down from the other but Taehyung just puts more force onto his thighs were he is being hold, intending to carry Jungkook back like this. And who is the younger to argue against that.


Taehyung fishes the net with mushrooms from the ground as he runs back unhuman speed to their own clearing, which is much smaller and therefore not that dangerous Taehyung explains, but he puts Jungkook down inside the den anyway.


With Taehyung not pressed to him any longer and the adrenaline from dancing in the rain gone, Jungkook suddenly feels how cold he actually is and quickly puts another fur around himself.


When he looks up at the elder again, he finds him fully naked, just about to hang his wet fur next to the branch where already his loincloth is hanging. Jungkook blushes at the sight. It's moments like this when he can't understand how a being this breathtakingly beautiful wants anything to do with him. But Jungkook might never understand so there is no purpose of thinking about it too much and instead focus on those water droplets running down the others chest and along his V Line and then down even further. Jungkook licks his lips and throws the fur right off of himself again as he crawls over to Taehyung on all fours.


Taehyung is just done with putting all of his wet clothes to dry when he can feel eager hands feeling up his thighs and a mouth pressing kisses along his lower stomach. He glances down and finds big doe eyes looking right back at him. He lets out a short groan at the sensation and lowers himself down onto his knees, so he is face to face with Jungkook. He puts one of his hands onto the others cheeks and wants to pull him in for kiss, but his hand is slept away by the younger and then he is softly pressed down by his chest.


Taehyung props himself on his elbows so he can get a look of what the other is up to, but his head falls back in his neck from pleasure a moment later, when Jungkook starts kissing the tip of his dick.


One of Jungkooks hands is holding the others hip in place while the other is having a strong hold on his dick so he can line it up with his mouth, just like a banana. Unlike a banana though, Jungkook starts licking Taehyungs dick up and down in slow motions, focussing extra hard on the tip of it, being encouraged by the others moans as he does so.


He takes his time loving the taste of Taehyung on his tongue and only puts his mouth around the shaft of him when Taehyung starts gripping at his hair. He takes as much of him in as he can before going deeper every time. He quickly gets to a steady pace bobbing his head up and down and when Taehyung starts buckling his hips up as well, making Jungkook engulf even more of him,

he brings one of his hands down to himself, stroking his own member as well.


When Taehyung comes, he does it with Jungkook's name on his lips and the younger has never heard his name sounding so beautiful and rich. He swallows a bit of his cum and then he crawls up on top of Taehyung, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips.


When Jungkook leans away again, Taehyung is looking at him with delirious eyes and grasps Jungkook again for a deep kiss. He turns both of them over and starts kissing down the youngers chin and neck to his chest where he starts nibbling at his nipples while taking off the boys wet clothes. Jungkook can't help the moans that leave his lips and when Taehyung brings one of his hands down to play with his very hard dick there, he can't help it either when he comes five seconds later.


When Jungkook falls asleep, pressed against Taehyungs body, he can't even remember ever having felt cold before.




The next day the both of them decided that they wanted to go for a swim in the lake (and also wash Jungkooks muddy shoes). But when they get there Jungkook is dumbfound. Right there, where the waterfall is, is..Jungkook doesn't even know, colours, many colours and it's beautiful.


“Taehyung!” He pats the others arm without taking his eyes off the magical happening in front of him, but the elder only lets out a warm laugh, “That's a rainbow.” He explains and Jungkook makes sure to remember this word.


“It's so pretty!”


“Hmm,” Taehyung agrees with a hum as he steps behind the younger, encircling him in a back hug and putting his chin on his shoulder.


“ was never there before.”


“It only comes after rain.”


“Wow,” Jungkook doesn't know what else to say, maybe something like, “I love this forest so much.”


Taehyung chuckles again and then he starts taking the cloth of Jungkook off, slipping it down his legs, leaving him completely naked as he didn't care enough to put anything else on after last night.


He then brings his hands forward and gives Jungkooks dick a little tuck, but the younger is quick to push his hand away, “Ey!” he says, no real anger in his voice and Taehyung laughs even more.


Jungkook then steps into the lake, while the other takes off his own clothes to join Jungkook a second later.


They have some fun in the water, at one point Taehyung even tries to teach him how to swim, but when Jungkook fails at his miserably, both of them only laugh and Taehyung promises to do it properly another time.


After they are exhausted from their playing and cleaned of all the dirt on them, they sit next to each other on one of the stones next to the waterfall and Jungkook takes a moment to look at..his husband? Wow, how weird does that sound? How weird and perfect.


He looks not dangerous at all, instead all handsome and soft and also like the nicest person ever.


When Taehyung catches him staring he only sends him one of his breathtaking smiles before Jungkook settles himself between his legs and leans his back against his chest, enjoying the warmth that comes with it.


“It is kinda weird seeing you without any colour on you.”


“Weird seeing you without it, too,” Taehyung simply states nonchalantly and starts nibbling on Jungkooks ear.


And it's probably true, Jungkook thinks. He barley sees his own reflection anywhere in the forest, so the image he has about himself in his head is pretty much the same it was in the village. His hair neatly brushed, trimmed so it won't hang into his eyes, his skin all pale and clean and his clothes covering all of it.


But it's not the truth any more.


He is just looking like Taehyung nowadays. His hair has gotten long and curly and his skin got tanned from all the time he has spend exposed in the sun with blood and coal decorating it in patterns and drawings.


“Let's change that,” Taehyung then says and before Jungkook can react he already has him lying on his back and starts sucking Hickeys on his neck and all over his chest. It's when he starts leaving them on Jungkooks inner thighs that the boy is completely hard, reaching a hand out to touch his dick, but Taehyung slaps his hand away with a stern look in his eyes.


So Jungkook can do nothing but let his head fall back in pleasure and just take what Taehyung offers him.


After he deems his work on Jungkooks thighs done, he pushes the youngers knees up his chest and lowers his face down. Jungkook wonders shortly if he will blow him now, when Taehyungs tongue starts licking around his butt hole and from then on he can't form any proper thoughts any more.





After lunch, which consisted of some grilled deer, Taehyung disappeared into the forest without a word and Jungkook knows what that means. But he isn't bothered by it any longer, can understand the need to protect this forest just too well since a long time now.


But not wanting to sit around the den all alone, Jungkook decides to walk along the forest a bit. Going, for the first time since coming here, the way that lead him here. All the other spots that are reachable by his feet in an only a few hours in the other directions, he already knows. It's only this one way that he feared to much to walk back. But Jungkook doesn't plan on going back to the village, just into the general direction of it. It will be fine.


He is dressed fully again, even having some blood of the deer they ate on his face and chest to complete his look.


The only thing that is different from his normal appearance are the Hickeys that decorate his whole chest and neck (and thighs, but those are hidden behind linen cloth) and Jungkook shouldn't feel that embarrassed by it being on full view. Who is gonna see him anyway, some animals? Taehyung?


It's kinda sexy if he's being honest.


So he wears the Hickeys with proud as he stalks along the woods.



He finds some weird looking plant, similar to a cactus with lots of..leaves that have some pinkish fruit with some green spots coming out of it and Jungkook takes one, intending on bringing it back to Taehyung first before trying it, not especially fond of the idea of getting poisoned. He didn't bring his net today, but that's fine, it's a small fruit that he can easily carry in his hand and if it is actually delicious he didn't walk that far yet, he can probably find this place again. He turns around to look back to where he came from. He guesses it was about 3 kilometres, give or take a bit.


He just came to the conclusion that if he won't find it again, Taehyung probably will, when something heavy hits his back and Jungkook falls down, face forward. “Ahh!” He tries to get up again, but the heavy thing is lying on him hindering from every motion, “What?” He tries to turn his head to see what is going on but he ca barley even do that. It doesn't seem to be needed though, when Jungkook can hear some voices.


“Careful! It's still dangerous!”


Humans. Those are humans from his village. And they have captured Jungkook. This is not good.


Jungkook tries to wiggle himself free, fights as good as he can, but there are at least five of them and they are binding his hands and feet together. “Stop it!” He yells at them, but they don't listen. Jungkook doesn't know what to do. He isn't strong enough to fight them and some tears start slipping down his face.


They have him fully bound down by now and start carrying him away.


It's not long until Jungkook can see the village from his uncomfortable position. He didn't think he would ever be back in it again, less alone like this.


He tries to shield his face as good as he can, afraid that people will recognize him, but all his effort his useless when they bring him right into district one and onto the stage. After all the time of only being used for performances, now, after seventy four years, someone will be executed on it again, is all Jungkook thinks as more tears fall from his eyes.


They bind him to a wooden stake on the stage, his arms tightly bound around it with no room to wiggle. In between his blurry vision Jungkook can make out that more and more people are coming to watch the happening.


He gets kicked down to his knees and with a harsh pull to his hair his face gets pulled away from the pole and into view.


Murmurs and gasps can be heard from the audience and if Jungkook would listen more carefully, he would realize that they all have recognized him by now, mumbling things like, “I always knew there was something wrong with him.” or “It's a good thing that we already killed his brother.”


Jungkook isn't sure what they are planning on doing with him, that is until someone rips off his fur and the harsh slap of a whip comes in contact with his back. He screams in pain. Another slap follows.


He opens his eyes, not sure what he expected to see, maybe some form of pity or humanity, but the crowd just watches, some still in fear and others, others are seeming to enjoy this show a lot. Another whip to his back and Jungkook can clearly feel blood flowing from his backside.


It's then that he sees Jimin come running to the stage and when he sees Jungkook he hastily pushes his way through the crowd in an attempt to get closer to him. But this is wrong!


So when Jimin and his eyes meet, with his last sense of stability, Jungkook shakes his head at him, “Don't!” He yells and the people must think he is talking to the person behind him slapping him to death, but Jimin understands him. He stops in his tracks and looks at Jungkook with tears in his eyes. Jungkook looks away, not strong enough to hold his gaze.


If everything, he doesn't want to get Jimin punished or killed as well for his decisions. There is nothing he could do anyway, he is just a boy, throwing himself in front of Jungkook or picking up a fight with the soldiers wouldn't do anyone any good.


Jungkook has to suffer alone. Another whip comes, but Jungkook can barley feel it any more. His back is hurting so badly by now, it can't be long until he louses consciousness. But the lashing never stops. It just goes on and on.


With his last thoughts Jungkook silently thanks whatever greater force got him to go into the forest, because it was truly the best time of his life.

Chapter Text

Taehyung kills them one by one. So many came into the forest today from all different sides of the woods, trying to play him like this. But if they think they stand a chance, they are wrong.


He is stronger and faster and so much more trained from hundreds of years of experience.


But today they are smart. Well, smarter than usual. When normally small groups of maybe five or six soldiers come into the forest together, today the decided to send in eleven of them. Armed with all different kinds of weapons. Knives and swords, nets and bows with sharp arrows.


It's not gonna be to any use, V is sure, even if the whole village decided to attack at once, in the end, he would still win the fight. But with each added person, and each added weapon the fight takes longer and does the forest more harm, as the villagers run through it, killing plants and animals with their big boots on the way. It only makes Taehyung more furious though.


But it's nothing compared to what he is feeling in the next second.


V is just biting one guy in the shoulder, the man screaming and blood splattering from his body, another man ramming a knife deep into Vs back, making him let loose of the already dying one in his hold to take out the knife from his back, about to kill the one who attacked him with it, when he can feel it.


Jungkook, his little unarmed Jungkook wandering carelessly through the forest, right into the direction of where other soldiers have entered the forest.


He just wants to jump up into the crowns of the trees when two men tackle him to the ground.


Taehyung can barely focus on their actions as all he can feel right now is Jungkook coming in contact with the villagers and the boy being tackled to the ground, just like he is in this moment.



A deep anger riles up inside him. He tries to wiggle himself free, doesn't care about the fight he is that much any more, just wants to go safe Jungkook, but the other men seem to more of an obstacle than Taehyung would wish for them to be right now.


With no way around a fight, around quick deaths, he deals with them as quickly as he can.


He stops focusing on what is going on in another part of the forest and instead brings all his piled up anger to the situation at hand. The men don't stand a chance.


But when he is done, a pool of corpses to his feet, he can't feel Jungkook any more.


And that can only mean one thing: They brought him to the village.


The grip on his knife tightens in anger.


If they harmed his Jungkook in any way, they will pay for that.



As fast as Taehyung can he runs along the forest until it meets with the village. He doesn't even halts as he runs right over the fields and into the village. He gets on top of one of the houses for a better view trying to find Jungkook.


He can hear screams from people on the streets that see him sitting there. But he doesn't care. If they didn't want him inside the village, they shouldn't have taken what's his outside of it.


Taehyung climbs a few different houses, running around the village, trying to find Jungkook. With no plants, no life inside the village, only sand, mud and asphalt, he can't feel anything, can't feel where Jungkook is, where the villagers are, can't feel how big the town really is or if he has been running this street before. He continues his search to his best abilities, when soldiers come attacking him. They throw nets at him, shoot arrows at him, but Taehyung couldn't care less. All he sees is red. And when someone gets in his way, there is no second of hesitation of taking his stone knife and sliding the person right through the neck or jacking his knife into their hearts. The screams get louder, people are running. With all their noises it's even harder to find Jungkook. He hates how he can't feel him, can't feel anything inside this hateful place without nature, without a connection between everything living.


He charges over the roofs for a bit longer, when he can see a crowd of people gathered at one place and he runs right at it.


There is no thinking. No pity. Just pure hate and anger when he sees Jungkook on a podium being whipped and blood flowing from his back.


The executer can't even react before Taehyung has his knife stuck through his neck, blood shooting out of it in every direction and the man falling to the ground. The whole crowd is screaming, running. But Taehyung has more important things to do.


Seeing Jungkook like this, unconscious hanging around a pole, blood covering his whole back in a way that Taehyung can't see any skin left on it, lets him fall to his knees next to him, pulling him into his embrace while cutting of the ropes from him.


They can't stay here. He has to get the younger back into the forest. Quickly. He takes the black fur which is lying on the ground to rap it around Jungkooks back before lifting the younger up.


It's then that some arrows come flying their way, hitting Taehyung right in the leg and making him stumble to the ground again. He takes it out without a second thought, blood running from the wound and then he hisses at the soldiers as loud as he can. His teeth are snarling behind the mask. He'd kill 'em. He'd kill 'em all.


But that has to wait.


Jumping from the stage, Taehyung doesn't waste another second with the guards and just starts running off and away from them, holding Jungkook close to his chest.


He is not as quick on his feet as without the younger, but still swift enough to not get stopped by any of the villagers.


Taehyung runs right back to their den, putting Jungkook down into it, chest first. He lifts the fur off of him and once again feels like crying. It's such a mess. So much blood. So much loose skin.


It's all red and when Taehyung leans down to lick over it, he has to close his eyes.


He can taste iron on his tongue as it moves over Jungkooks back in quick motions.


The younger makes a few painful noises, but Taehyung takes it as a good sign as it means that Jungkook is awake again.


He licks and licks, spitting the blood right out of his mouth to the side if he catches to much of it.


But it takes time. Time the younger is not having. So when Taehyung is finally done, all the wounds closed again, he rolls Jungkook around on his back so he can face him.


His face is completely pale, even his lips have lost all colour. He looks dead.


“Jungkook!” Taehyung tries to speak to him lining up their faces, but the boy doesn't react.


“Please,” he mumbles, as carefully as he can, stroking some of Jungkooks hair out of his face.


“It's okay.” It's not more than a shallow mumble. Jungkooks eyes still closed, his mouth barley moving as he speaks, but Taehyung hears it.


“Jungkook! Please, don't leave me!”


“It's okay.” He mumbles once again and then “I love you.”


“No! No! No!” This sounds like a goodbye. This sounds like a goodbye and Taehyung can't have that. Not Jungkook. Not him!


He starts crying like he never did before and hides his face in the crook of Jungkook's neck, softly putting his arms on the youngers body. “Don't leave me.”

Chapter Text

They hurt him. They hurt him and now he is as good as dead.


Taehyung should be overflown with anger, but all he can feel is sadness. Sadness and desperation. He knows there is only one thing he can do.


He takes the younger up into his arms once again and carries him to the lake they created so many good memories by before.


He puts Jungkook on one of the stones, carefully taking off all of his clothes before shedding his own.


He then steps into the middle of lake and closes his eyes.


He inhales deeply.


He stands like this until the sky settles and they are enclosed by a welcoming darkness.


Taehyung barley feels himself any more, making himself as close to the forest as possible. Where does it end, where does Taehyung start, no one can tell any more.


It's when achieved this goal, that he opens his eyes again. The lake around him starts glowing in a light blue colour and a few fireflies are lightening up the otherwise dark forest.


Taehyung slowly wades out of the lake with sincere steps, but only to get Jungkook back into his arms before he returns to the middle of the lake.


There he holds Jungkook, letting every part of the boy except his head getting soaked in the glowing fluid.


Taehyung looks at his face, his beautiful face that slowly regains colour, when Jungkook gradually opens his eyes.


He feels lost at first, but when he is met with Taehyungs eyes a feeling of love and trust overflows all of his concerns.


Taehyung is just smiling softly at him, and Jungkook suddenly realizes what happened.


“I..I don't feel hurt anymore?” He voices it like a question. Shouldn't he be dying right now?


A look around him has him gasp, the water is glistening unnaturally and he intuitively clings closer to Taehyung, “What is happening?” He asks, a bit scared of the situation now.


But Taehyung seems very calm. “Trust me,” he whispers and Jungkook just has enough time to nod, because, yes, if nothing else, he trusts the elder with his whole heart, when Taehyung leans over and starts kissing him.


Jungkook can't but reply to it, unsure of what is going on. Will he die? Is he already dead? Is this his goodbye? Is this how forest people get send to heaven?


But Jungkook loses focus on his thoughts when Taehyung deepens the kisses even more as he carries Jungkook closer to the edge of the water, where he can lie Jungkook down in the sand without the water overflowing his body, but without them leaving the lake and the glowing water around them either.


Jungkook brings his arms around Taehyungs neck, enjoying the kisses as much as possible as he is not sure if he'll ever feel them again.


And Taehyung kisses him back just as eagerly.


His hands wander up and down Jungkooks sides, touching as much skin as they can.


Their dicks are pressed against each other and when Jungkok starts buckling up to create some friction between them, he is not even embarrassed for being this eager. He wants to feel Taehyung as much as possible.


So when Taehyung brings one hand of his down to Jungkooks underside and he starts circling around his hole with one of his fingers, Jungkook can't do anything but moan into their kisses.


The elder slowly presses a finger into his opening and even though it is an unknown feeling, Jungkook can't deny that he wanted this for a long time by now. To feel the other completely.


Taehyungs slips the finger in and out of him, curling it up and letting it run around his insides, it's all too much and not enough at the same time. And when Taehyung puts a second finger in him as well, Jungkook is close to loosing his mind. “Please,” he whines and Taehyung must understand his desires as he takes his finger out and lines up his dick at the others rim instead.


After one last glance at one another, Taehyung pushes inside. And Jungkook swears that there must be going something on with the lake because it doesn't hurt as much as he thought it would. All can feel is pleasure, so he clings closer to the other and Taehyung starts moving his hips.


He is rocking them up and down, going as deep inside Jungkook as he can before lifting himself up again until only his tip remains inside the other before he slams right back into him.


Jungkook starts moaning with every press inside and as faster the other goes, the more unsteady they are slipping out of him.


Taehyung has one hand on the underside of Jungkooks right thigh and pushes it up further so he can go even deeper, making them connect that much closer.


It doesn't take long for either of them before they are coming together, Jungkook at the others chest and Taehyung deep inside the younger.


Taehyung lets himself fall down on top of Jungkooks body, both men utterly spend by their former activity.


They are trying to catch their breaths and when Taehyung leans a bit away again, they share soft but tired smiles between one another.


Taehyung lets on of his hands run over Jungkooks cheek and the younger leans into it.


It's when Taehyung takes his hand away that Jungkook opens his eyes again to find his own skin somewhat glowing. “Taehyung?” He asks, afraid of what is happening to him. But the other simply continues smiling at him, so Jungkook just lies there, observing his skin.


He watches it slowly dissolving again from the lake and then from his skin and simply going to his leg before it vanishes completely, leaving a vine-like purple tattoo where formerly the scares Taehyung gave to him all those years ago when he first entered the forest as a kid where showing. It looks just like the tattoo the forest god has on hiw own arm.


“What..?” Jungkook still can't understand. He looks over to Taehyung, but before he could ask him any questions he feels it. Feels everything.


He feels the other next to him, lying there so unbelievably happy. And he feels the lake, feels the trees, feels the otters kilometres away, feels the grass growing. He feels the forest living and it is incredibly.


Jungkook closes his eyes for a moment trying to take it all in. This is just, it's crazy and unbelievable, but so so wonderful that a single tear drops from his eyes.


But even before the other touches him, Jungkook can feel Taehyung reaching out with his hand and then whipping the tear away.


“This is so...” Jungkook tries but what possible words could ever explain such an enormous feeling?


“It is, isn't it?” Taehyung simply answers and he is not laughing, not even chuckling, he is simply smiling, so very happy about how everything turned out and Jungkook couldn't be able to tell, shouldn't even know that he is smiling with his eyes closed, but fuck, he can feel it.


He then opens his eyes and turns over to look at Taehyung. Beautiful Taehyung. Jungkook can't withstand the urge to throw himself onto him, but the other catches him without a struggle. He kisses him as hard as he can , too fucking happy to care about anything else than the others lips on his mouth right now.


They kiss for what seems hours only breaking apart when they both of can't hold themselves from laughing. Laughing because they are just so so happy and everything is absolutely perfect right now.


“So am I..a god now, too?”


Taehyung nuzzles his face against Jungkooks, “No, but we made a bound, you are connected to me and with that, to the forest. You won't die, until I do.”


“Oh, that's..” Jungkook is lacking words once again, but Taehyung is quick to fill it in for him, “It is, isn't it?”


This time he is chuckling and earns himself a soft punch against his chest.


“But what does that mean exactly? Am I, like, dependent on you now.”


“You are as free as the forest. You can feel it, and it can feel you. I can feel you.”


“Wow,” Jungkook voices eloquently but there was just too much happening in one day. So instead he leans over the other and kisses Taehyungs eyelid. “I love you.”


Taehyung smiles at him, “You wanna try going for a run, my little otter?”



“I can run!? Fast like you now?”


Taehyung can barely nod before Jungkook has already run off and into the forest. Taehyung chuckles at the youngers antics watching his naked butt disappear behind some trees before running after him.


In the end they have eternity to figure out how life for them will go on now. For Taehyung it doesn't matter anyway, as long as he has the forest and everything that belongs to it, like the animals and the trees and Jungkook.





Chapter Text

Jungkook is exhausted as hell. He spend the whole day running around in the speed of light, only coming to a halt when he bumped into yet again another tree as he still had a few struggles to coordinate while being this fast.


It's fine though, Taehyung had kissed every single one of his bruises afterwards.


(“The purple spot is not going away?”


“No? Why would it?”


“I mean, you kissed it, right? That's what your god spit does, doesn't it?”


“Oh, little otter, no. I can only close wounds that way, keeping you from bleeding out. It doesn't heal spots like those.”


“Why'd you do it then?”


“Because I love you.”)


But after taking a quick bath in the stream and changing into his nightwear, which is, well, nothing but a blanket fur, he puts himself on Taehyung, ready to cuddle up to him.


But at the very first touch of the elders glorious naked chest with his own, he comes to a horrible realization. “Wait!” He sits up again and puts his hands on the now alarmed looking Taehyung under him, feeling his chest up and down with his hands and wiggling his ass just on top of Taehyungs hips. “You're not hot anymore.”


Jungkook is not quite sure what the other was thinking has happened, but voicing this Taehyung immediately settles back into a comfortable state. “I am. But you are too now.”


Jungkook pouts. That seems unnecessary. He is only a half-god now, so why couldn't it have forgone this part of the transformation.


Taehyung starts chuckling under him and Jungkook can feel the vibrations on his butt, which instantly gets him in a happier mood (The chuckling of course).


“Come,” Taehyung puts his arms out to pull Jungkook down so the younger is lying on top of him, their bodies touching everywhere and the elder starts caressing Jungkooks lower back as he starts whispering to him. “It doesn't change us sleeping together, it only helps in keeping you alive as soon as the winter arrives. It's good.”


And okay. OKAY. Jungkook might be able to understand why it is a good thing that he has a high temperature body now as well, but he also wouldn't have minded staying pressed on Taehyungs back throughout the whole winter.


With a low voice Taehyung continues whispering into his ear, “Couldn't have fucked you in the water after the temperature has dropped.”


And well, what happened happened, there might be one or two positive aspects on this part of the transformation.






Jungkook and Taehyung are sitting around a fire place that they made a few minutes ago right next to the river. Sticks with fish on it are being held over the heat in the intention of a nice dinner. It might be a bit late for food, seeing that the sun is already setting, but the couple spend too much time of playing around in the gleaming stream, that they completely forget to eat.


It's been a good day with lots of laughter and love, making it clearly on Jungkooks “best days of my life”-list, which, admittingly, isn't that surprising, as all days the boy has spend in the forest have a spot on this list. (Even the one he was captured is on this list, because everything that happened afterwards outnumbered all the bad happenings of the morning)


And still, no matter how good the day, how much fun they had or how much he loves the elder, there is something that has bothering Jungkook for days now.


He didn't think much about it during his first days as a half-god, too excited for this new amazing life. But since the first euphoria had died down and things have settled for a more steady lifestyle, he can't forgo this unwanted feeling in his stomach.


But he is too afraid to ask the elder the question that has keeping him up the last nights. Afraid of the others answer.


He takes the stick he is holding out of the fire and starts playing a bit with the fish on it, not ready for being eaten just yet, as it is still too hot, as he tries to get his mind off of everything else for now.


And maybe it's the weird action of Jungkook poking the fishes eye awkwardly with his thumb, or maybe it's because he is looking down and avoiding to even glance and the other, or maybe Taehyung has just gotten too good at reading him by now. No matter what, in the next moment the elder is scooting closer to Jungkook, putting his own stick on the ground and then an arm around Jungkooks form to hold him close by his side.


“What is bothering you, my little otter, hmm?”


“It's..I don't know,...” Jungkook continues fidgeting with the fish in his hands, but when his playing makes part of the fish drop down from the stick, Taehyung takes the whole stick from him to put it to the side before taking Jungkooks chin in his hands and making the younger look up at him.


“You know, you can talk to me about everything.”


And he knows. He really knows!


But it's just...


“It's just..I...” Jungkook puts his own hand over the one of Taehyung which is still resting on his face, before sliding their fingers together an bringing them down and away from it. He then takes a deep breath, asking that one question that has been running through his head for way too long now.


“Why didn't you turn me sooner?”


So. There it is. The one question. The one question that Jungkook can't find any logical solution to other than 'Because I didn't want you to be immortal and be by my side for eternity'.


But when he looks at the elder, Taehyung only puts his head to the side in that same cute motion he does every time, Jungkook does or says something, the god doesn't understand the meaning of.


Jungkook takes his eyes off of the man in front of him and he can feel a small blush creeping up his face as he tries to explain. He doesn't want to doubt the others intentions in any way and he feels bad for doing so, but he just can't manage to get to the bottom of it by himself.


“It's just, I mean, we're married, right? Which means that we should spend our lives together, but maybe you didn't know, no?” Jungkook looks up at the other one again, trying to search in his eyes for an answer.


His search is interrupted when Taehyung leans over to close the small distance between them and kisses his left eyelid shortly but softly. When he leans away again he his wearing a small smile on his lips. “I couldn't imagine something more fulfilling than spending every moment of my existence with you by my side.”


Okay, wow, Jungkook needs a strong minute to keep himself together. He is here to get a question answered and he won't be swooned over just like that. Not that easy, not right in the beginning. (It does make his heart race as if he was running a marathon and the knowledge of Taehyung feeling that, doesn't help in slowing it down any time soon.)


“So why didn't you then? Turn me, that is?”


Taehyung is still smiling his wonderful smile but at the same time he does look confused again, “Because there was no need. You were healthy.”


“But I was human. I was still ageing and with everyday passing, I was getting closer to death. There was a time limit on our life with each other.”


Taehyung slowly starts shaking his head after hearing those words from the younger, “Only if you think like a human, my little otter. Time is a concept that humans created themselves. To play by it's rules was the decision of your kind, not an obligation.”




Taehyung pulls the other closer and towards him so Jungkook is basically sitting in the elders lap, their faces close enough for him to whisper every next word.


“I never want to live in a world again, that doesn't have you in it. But turning you now or after twenty more winters, would not have changed my devotion to you.”


And that's it. That's the exact moment that Jungkook is so unbelievably thankful for being a half-god now, as he is sure that his former weak human heart would not have been able to survive these words.


It's only when he feels Taehyung kissing along his cheeks and eyes that he realizes that he even started crying.


He sniffs once before putting both of his hands one Taehyungs cheeks to steady the others head before he leans in to press a fat and wet kiss to the other mans mouth.


In the end, that day even made it to Jungkooks top ten list.





It's a lazy morning and the couple is cuddled together under a few furs in their homey den. The forest around them is clothed in a white blanket and some of the trees have lost their leaves and other flowers have vanished till the return of spring. Jungkook has lived through many other winters before, but once again, like so many times before, this years winter everything is new for him.


One thing he especially came to like is that less villagers come into the forest for an attack. While it might be a bit more easy for them to orientate themselves as there are less plants around to block their views, it is not like the forest is fully naked. And with the snow, the cold came as well, making it harder for soldiers to travel through the forest and to attack as keeping themselves warm enough must be considered a main priority. (Also there are enough tasks to handle inside the village as soon as the first snow falls).


So for the new half-god it is quite the peaceful time and even though very different from what he came to know of the forest, not any less beautiful.


Where the snow has nearly immediately turned into mud inside the village, here it continues to paint everything around it in a glistening white. You can find the small traces of animal prints and follow them to watch little foxes cuddled together in their own den or a pack of wolfs howling to the moon. It is indeed magical.


But nothing could ever compare to the beauty that his husband is holding. His hair all messy and his eyes only half open as he lies under Jungkook in all his naked glory, lazily smiling up to him. “Awake already?”


“Hmmhmm,” Jungkook murmurs as an answer, leaning over to press a soft kiss to Taehyungs lips before sitting up, pushing a few of the furs away from himself.


Just like the other, Jungkook is fully naked himself, but it doesn't matter, because just like predicted, his own body provides enough warmth for him to not even be bothered by the snow hitting his bare feet as he stretches himself a bit.


Taehyung sits up behind him and puts an arm around his form as he softly leaves a kiss on the others neck.


“Will you go hunting with me today?”


“I dunno..” After all the time they spend together, Jungkook still hasn't gotten the willpower to kill an animal (other then fishes that is). “It's so much worse now, as the whole white snow will turn red.”


“I will do it then. Any preference?”


Since most of the eatable plants have stopped growing fruits in the winter time, they more often then not must settle for a meat heavy meal these days.


"No." Taehyung nods and already starts moving to get up. He is quick in putting on some clothes and jewellery, before taking off.


It is still weird for Jungkook to feel the others presence even if he isn't around. When he was left wondering if the other will ever return to him on his first days inside the forest, he know clearly feels every action of his husband, knows that he will be back in no time as he has already caught one rabbit.


Jungkook dresses himself in the meantime and goes over to the small stream which borders are now frozen.


The young man once decided to look into the stream or another reflective surface at least once a day, just to keep up with what he looks like. But he broke this intent within the next day already, just forgetting about it as his adventurous life inside the forest went on.


Now he is at a point that he doesn't even care any more. There are so many things more important than his looks for him nowadays and Taehyung loves him no matter what.


It still takes him by surprise every time he looks at himself again.


Taehyung has helped him cut his hair only a few weeks prior with a stone knife Jungkook sharpened himself (yeah, he is able to do this himself now without the need of his god husband!), but his hair still has gotten long again. Wavy dark locks are falling into his face and down his neck. In the village people would have laughed at him, would have called him a 'girl' as if it was an insult. Jungkook can remember how his dad had hit him once after he got his ear pierced (by Jimin). Back then he didn't understand, thought that his father didn't like the small heart shaped stone he put into the hole. And maybe he didn't even understand when he was older, his father long dead, thinking that the man was ashamed of him, when now he can clearly see the reason for his action. He was once again, just and simply afraid. Afraid of his son being different.


And fuck, he is different, so different from all of them, but damn, if it doesn't feel good to be this way. Jungkook loves his long hair. Loves the tiger tooth that is dangling down his left ear after Taehyung helped him pierce it again. Loves the tattoo on his leg. And loves his life.



Jungkook doesn't hear the others soft landing behind him, but he doesn't need to, as he can feel Taehyung coming up to him, putting the two rabbits in his hands down before turning Jungkooks face towards him and drawing a line with blood along the underside of his eyes.


Jungkook doesn't need to turn around again to look at himself in the stream to know that he loves it.







“Just try it.”


“And you're sure it's not poisonous or something?”


“Jimin, I've been in this forest for more than three seasons now and-”


“You mean more than ten months?”


“Yes, same same, anyway, it's just a coconut. You managed so well to open it up-”


“You opened it up.”


“-after WE managed to open it up, you should really just try it. It's so nice to drink something that is not water!”


“You realize I could bring you tea or coffee into the forest, right?”


“And you realize that I have leaves, herbs and even coffee beans in the forest, right? It it's different, it's cold and kinda sweet. Just try it!”


“Ahh, Kooks, I really don't now.”


“You want me to drink something first?”


“Since when have you been this brave?”


“What do you mean 'brave'? I drunk coconut water a million times before.”


“But there was a time, were you tried it for the first time as well, isn't that true?”


“I mean, Taehyung gave it to me.”


“You really trust him, heh?”


“Is that a real question, you're asking me?”


“No, no, I guess it's obvious. He is the love of your life, isn't he?”


“Yeah, he really is my love.”


In that moment Taehyung jumps down from a tree landing directly in front of the two friends, scaring one of them. “Shit, man, he needs to stop doing that!” Jimin throws the coconut out of his hands in shock and Jungkook can only shake his head. Maybe he did that just so he didn't have to try the sweet liquid.


Jimin is still a bit uncomfortable around the forest god, but when the man comes over to lean down to press a small peck against Jungkooks lips, he doesn't even scoot away, so they might be getting somewhere.


“Hello my little otter.”


“Hello my love,” Jungkook greeds right back, making Taehyung get a puzzled look on his face, but a smile none the less.


“Ahh, man, I think that it's time for me to leave.”


“Oh, yeah, sure,” Jungkook brings his eyes back to the young man next to him, “Should I lead the way for you?” But Jimin waves him off, “No, it's cool, I think I remember the way by now.” He stands up and brushes a bit of dust from his pants, “I'll see you soon, Kooks?”


“Yeah, I'll be here,” Jungkook jokes as he gets up to hug the other goodbye.


Jimin offers a somewhat awkward smile to Taehyung and the other answers with a small nod. It's a start, Jungkook thinks, as Jimin starts running off.





Jungkook and Taehyung are chasing each other through the forest, laughing as they do, trying (not for the first time) to reach a certain spot.


They come to an halt at the end of the cliff next to the waterfall. Jungkook first and Taehyung crashing into him and swinging his arms around him to keep the younger from falling.


“I'd thought it be around here, no?”


“Some things are just not to be caught, little otter.”


“But it has to start somewhere!”


“Is that so?”


“Yes!” Jungkook turns around in the others hold, making sure that Taehyung can leave his arms around him in his motion, “I saw the rainbow from the top of that really tall palm tree, you know, by the beach where to ocean starts.”


“I felt you running that far, yes.”


“I didn't want to stay when you know, doing, well, the things..with the villagers. And it didn't take me long to get there anyway.”


“Isn't it great to be this fast?”


“Fuck it's amazing, yes, there are so many new places that I can explore now, even without you carrying me on your back.”


“I love carrying you on my back.”


“I know, love, but..hey, don't try to distract me! I wanted to find the beginning of the rainbow and I am sure it was around here!”


“Do you want to keep looking, or could I persuade you to take a nice swim with me?”


“I mean, we're already here, aren't we?”


Taehyung nods, “Who knows when else we will come here again?”


“Exactly!” Jungkook nods too, “Could be in the evening, could be tomorrow, could even be the day after tomorrow!”


“So a long time from now and we don't want to waste the opportunity right now, do we?”


“No, that would be tragical!” Jungkook agrees as they both start laughing at their over dramatical act.


Jungkook is the first to let go off the other as he runs over to where the water starts crashing down into the lake beneath them.


“Bet I can make it splash more than you can!”


But Taehyung can't even answer before Jungkook already jumpes over the edge and right down into the lake, all the elder can do, is follow.


They swim around, they dunk each other under water, they laugh, the kiss, they settle at the water side.


“God, to think back about the life I was living before...I doesn't even feel real any more?”


Taehyung doesn't say anything and just caresses the youngers hair and neck.






“Do you think there will ever be peace between them and..well, us?”


“It is far from my knowledge to have an answer to this question.”


“..Yeah, it's probably better that way anyway, isn't it?”


“Everything is good now. We are happy, they feel content. Life is in balance.”


“Hmm,” Jungkook snuggles his head to Taehyungs side.


They sit like this for a while, just looking at the waterfall and enjoying natures sounds. That is, until one of Taehyungs hands finds it way to Jungkooks exposed thigh.


The younger doesn't take another moment before turning himself to the other and pressing kisses to his face, neck and chest.


“How was I so lucky to get you to become a part of my life?”


“Because unlike the start of a rainbow, you were to be caught by me, my little otter.”