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“I've been wondering
What if you were never there when I got home?”
—coldrain: Just Tonight



Closing the door to the flat behind feels freeing after the day that lies behind him. The fact that he’s home at last, back in the comfortable warmth of their sanctuary is enough to make the tension headache that has clung to him all day disappear. His supervisor had been a total pain in the ass. Again. Deadlines here, changes there, and to cap it all off, he ended up being responsible for another group of incapable trainees. 


All Jimin wants is something to eat and maybe some nice, rough sex with Namjoon later tonight, thank you very much.


Then again, a little peace and quiet seem to be too much to ask for. 


“The fuck?” Jimin stalls as he hisses out the words, still holding onto the door handle because the sounds coming from the living room are screaming sex. Literally. 


Unnerved, he rolls his eyes. The living room is supposed to be off-limits for sexual activities. It was one of the first rules they established after they'd decided to share the apartment, ultimately to save expenses. ‘They’ includes Jimin, his best friend Taehyung, and Namjoon, Jimin's boyfriend of three years.


Jimin tries to listen more closely to the over-exaggerated moans and slaps of skin against skin, relieved when he’s sure that the sounds aren’t real. Since Namjoon won’t be home for quite a while, it can only be Taehyung. There. Behind the closed door. 


Namjoon has been working overtime on an important case that will go to court next week. It would genuinely surprise Jimin if he found Namjoon on the couch, his dick in his fist, knowing that Namjoon’s dislike for porn exceeds Jimin’s own dislike for mangoes (and that means something).


Something about the whole situation puts Jimin off. It doesn't make any sense for Taehyung to watch this kind of stuff on the TV in the living room while he has a perfectly fine TV set of his own in his room. Maybe he’s just out for Jimin in some kind of twisted prank. Maybe he wants to find out if Jimin dares to enter the room despite the obvious sounds coming from the surround system, that has been made for great soundtracks and voices of brilliant actors, but most definitely not for cheap-ass fake moaning. 


Jimin takes his time getting out of his shoes and jacket, neatly putting them where they belong. This is so not like him. Usually, he would just kick off his shoes into one corner and throw his jacket into another one. It’s like something is holding him back, some kind of warning and the reluctance that comes with it.


“Don’t be stupid, Park Jimin,” he huffs to himself. It’s his own apartment. So, damned be Taehyung and his stupid prank. He’s pretty sure that Taehyung is hiding behind the door that leads from the kitchen to the living room anyway, biting his fist to keep himself from giggling. Proud of his stupid joke. 


Jimin takes one deep breath, wondering at the same time what he needs to steel himself for when he finally opens the door to the living room. 


The couch isn’t empty. 


Jimin stops dead in his tracks. There’s nothing that could’ve prepared him for the sight he's met with. It doesn’t make any sense, it doesn’t.


Taehyung is sitting on the couch, his eyes closed, his head leaned against the backrest. His light brown hair is falling back, exposing the forehead, his thick brows furrowed with a sense of determination. The light of the late afternoon is falling through the blinds, getting caught in his hair, on his smooth skin. His chest is moving fast, heaving from the ragged in- and exhales which are escaping his slightly parted lips in small gasps and whimpers. His sweatpants and briefs are pooling at his ankles while his long fingers are wrapped around his cock, the pink head peeking from his fisted hand, moist with precum and flushed from arousal. 


He doesn’t seem to give a single care in the world about the fact that someone could walk in on him as he pleasures himself with lazy pumps of his hand. He’s completely unaware of Jimin standing in the doorway, clueless of Jimin watching him like a creep.


It isn’t just the sight that makes Jimin’s dick twitch with awakening interest. The feelings that are rushing through him are layered with shame, mixed with the raw lewdness that comes with voyeurism. He can’t decide if he wants to stay, or if he should leave. Doesn’t know if there is an ulterior motive behind the whole set up, or if it’s just Taehyung being Taehyung. The moment stretches, becomes a little eternity. Even the sound of gulping, the nervous bobbing of Jimin’s Adam’s apple seems too loud, too treacherous. 


Jimin touches himself lazily through the heavy fabric of his tight jeans in a futile attempt to calm his growing bulge. He has never thought of Taehyung in a sexual way before. Not as explicitly as the display in front of him anyway, but Jimin isn’t blind. 


Taehyung is beautiful without putting any effort into it, enticing with the aroused sounds coming from his parted lips. It is as if something cracks open deep inside of Jimin, something he has been trying to keep sealed for a long time. For the longest time.


Jimin’s heart hammers against his ribcage at the sudden epiphany, his feet find their way to the freestanding couch as if they're acting on their own will. He pads closer from behind where Taehyung can’t see him, slowly advancing, almost like a cat towards its prey. 

“Do you need help?” Jimin purrs against Taehyung's bare neck, his skin is soft, warm, where Jimin’s lips touch it for a split second.


It’s as if the world holds its breath for a moment before Taehyung winces, shies away from the touch, away from Jimin. The muscles in his neck tighten visibly before he whirls around, his eyes widening, his hard cock bouncing from the sudden movement. 


“Fuck! Min! Are you out of your mind?!” Taehyung tries covering himself up with his hands, his fingers are shaking, his eyes big with the shock of being caught in the act, filled with uncertainty as he looks at Jimin but tries to look away at the same time.


“I’m serious, Tae.” Jimin walks around the couch until he's standing in front of Taehyung, not breaking eye contact with him for a second. His heart is still racing, but despite his inner turmoil, he repeats with almost stoic calm, “Do you need help?”


“You almost scared me to death.” Taehyung gulps heavily, his Adam's apple jumping up and down the smooth line of his throat. He doesn’t seem to be sure if Jimin is joking. 


Jimin himself isn’t sure if he’s serious, but he can’t deny the urge that seems to unfold, the need to do something about Taehyung’s waning erection, to take care of him, tease him, make him listen. He kneels down, placing his hands on Taehyung’s knees. 


“I can’t. We can’t. What about Namjoon?” Taehyung stammers as he reaches for his boxers to pull them up while he’s still trying to cover himself with his other hand, gasping when Jimin is faster than him, his hands stopping the fabric before Taehyung can pull it over his knees. 


“You know that we’ve been searching for an addition for a while.” Jimin has to admit that Taehyung is right to some degree, he should talk to Namjoon about it first. While Taehyung does know that Namjoon and Jimin have been searching for someone, he doesn’t know exactly what for. 


Somehow, they never considered Taehyung as an option. Somehow, he seemed a little too vanilla, too soft. There was always the fear of ruining their friendship. The fear of rejection, even condemnation, once Taehyung would find out what Namjoon and Jimin were living out behind their closed bedroom door. 


Yes, he should talk to Namjoon, but for now, he wants to expand the boundaries, test the waters, take the opportunity before it’s gone, feed that dark part inside of him. 


He grabs the remote to shut off the TV and the fake sounds of lust with it. “I promise you won’t need that cheap porn anymore,” Jimin grins. “I can provide better than that.”


“You are crazy,” Taehyung sighs, but Jimin can hear from his voice that Taehyung already imagines where this could go, hears that little spark of interest that Jimin knows too well himself. 


It was what had led him to Namjoon back then. Curiosity and that seemingly bottomless need that he hadn’t been able to fill until Namjoon made sense of it for him. 


“Would it be so bad if I was?” he asks, gently pushing Taehyung’s closed legs apart without giving him time to answer. 


Despite the spark of interest that Jimin heard in Taehyung’s voice earlier, it’s still surprising that there's barely any resistance. His legs are opening up easily for Jimin, revealing that Taehyung is back to full hardness without any physical help. 


“Oh, Tae,” Jimin breathes, his heart stuttering when Taehyung worries his lower lip, his eyes fixating a point somewhere behind Jimin as a dark blush creeps over his cheeks. 


Taehyung’s inner thighs are soft, supple where Jimin touches the warm skin. It’s dimpling under his touch as he lets his fingers wander upwards, towards Taehyung’s groin. It’s easy. Almost too easy. 


“Hmm, I really want to take your dick,” he points at Taehyung’s precum leaking cock, touching it at the base before he quickly lets go again, “into my mouth.” Jimin sucks his index and middle finger into his mouth and pushes them deeper, suggesting what is yet to follow, implying what he is capable of.


Taehyung’s gaze flutters downward, fixating on Jimin’s mouth, his lips, the fingers vanishing between them, and now there's a hint of lust clouding his dark eyes. It’s a foreign sight on Taehyung’s soft features, but it’s also the confirmation Jimin needed to go on. 


He lets his hands wander further up Taehyung’s exposed, smooth thighs, his nails leaving small red trails on the soft skin on the way up, and the touch is enough to make Taehyung inhale sharply. Jimin pulls him closer to the edge of the couch when he reaches Taehyung’s hips and makes him spread his legs wider, so he can settle in between them for good. 


Experimentally, Jimin digs his nails into what he can reach of the soft swell of Taehyung’s ass cheeks as he pulls him that little bit closer. Fascination mixes with deep satisfaction when Taehyung’s cock kicks, a bead of precum gathering at the slit. 


Maybe he is out of his mind. Maybe he is crazy. Then again, he would be even more insane to let this opportunity to explore that other side of him pass. He suspected that it had always been there, buried under the satisfaction he gets when Namjoon dominates him, but this is different, pleasing in a way he had never considered before. 




Jimin reaches out, admiring the way Taehyung’s cock is pressed flush against his stomach before he bends it towards him so he'll be able to reach better. A string of precum leads from the slit to a spot on Taehyung’s stomach. Jimin watches as it snaps back, dripping down Taehyung’s cock.


Pursing his lips, Jimin blows his breath against the head of Taehyung’s length, and he doesn’t need to wait for the reaction. Taehyung lets his head fall back against the backrest, his whimpers starting to get desperate quickly when Jimin does it again and then once more, his breath cool on the moist patches of skin, creating the most unfulfilling sensation. 


“Shit. Don’t be such a tease,” Taehyung whines.


Jimin pauses for a second before licking up all the way from the base to the tip, making Taehyung moan in relief. He retreats before he blows air against him once more. Taehyung shivers when Jimin’s breath hits the moist stripe of saliva he has left on his cock.


“Please.” Taehyung reaches out to touch himself, but Jimin gently slaps his hand away, and Taehyung places it obediently next to his thigh without another word. 


It's interesting how quickly Taehyung is begging for it, how easily he listens, gives in. Jimin can't deny that he likes it a lot, even more though because Taehyung doesn't seem to realize that he's subconsciously submitting to Jimin like this.


“What do you want, Tae?” Jimin lets his chin rest on his arms which are lying on Taehyung’s thighs, expectantly looking up at him, as he ignores his twitching cock altogether. “Hmm?”


“T-take it into your mouth.”


"Take what into my mouth?"


"My c-cock, take my cock into your mouth, please," Taehyung rushes, his cheeks deeply flushed as he's forced to voice his desire out loud.


Jimin can’t help himself when the answer he has been waiting for comes so quickly. It seems so easy. Can it really be that easy? His dick is already pressing hard against the fabric of his tight jeans, spurred on by the newly found power. He loves playing with Taehyung like this, wants to draw it out even more, but then again, he finally wants to get a real taste.


“Fine then.”


Jimin licks up from the base once again, but this time he doesn’t retreat. He knew that Taehyung was uncut, contrary to himself and Namjoon, or practically every other man he’s ever had sex with. Somehow, it’s almost like unwrapping a present, he thinks. Gently, he pulls down Taehyung’s foreskin so he can suck at the sensitive glans. He lets his tongue twirl languidly around the slick skin, collecting most of the precum which has accumulated around the slit. Taehyung moans quietly with relief, his hands clutching at the sleeves of Jimin’s shirt.


He can feel shivers running through the muscles of Taehyung’s thighs as he takes more of him in. Torn between touching himself and giving some additional attention to Taehyung, Jimin decides selflessly and closes one hand around the base of Taehyung’s cock to make up for what he isn’t able to reach, while he’s cupping Taehyung’s balls with the other hand to give them a soft massage. He lets his tongue swirl around the tip once again before he takes him even deeper, the flushed, leaking head almost touching the back of his throat. He starts swallowing around the erection, lowering his head to take in all of him, and there’s a lot to take in.


“Fuck, Min—,” Taehyung cries out, his hips hesitantly moving up toward Jimin’s mouth.




“Yeah. Fuck, Jimin.” 


Jimin’s heart falls at the unexpected voice. He shouldn’t feel guilty. He shouldn’t feel this way. He knew he could come in any second. Basically, they are in an open relationship. They— Why, why is Namjoon home early tonight? Jimin’s thoughts start running in circles. Would he have given into this if he'd expected Namjoon to come home this early? Would he have dared to go this far? Suddenly, he’s not so sure. For the first time in what seems like a whole eternity, he can’t read the tone in Namjoon's voice. Is he disappointed? Does he like what he sees? 


Taehyung is frozen to the spot, the only movement is his chest heaving with his erratic breathing when he looks at Jimin in panic. Only then Jimin lets Taehyung's softening cock slide out of his mouth and dares to turn towards the voice, wiping saliva and precum from his chin with the back of his hand. There is no way he can talk himself out of this.


His boyfriend is leaning against the doorframe that leads from the entry to the living room.


“Joon— I—,” Jimin wants to apologize, but then he sees Namjoon’s hand. Deeply buried inside his opened black suit pants. Involuntarily, Jimin bites on his lower lip as a wave of arousal hits him. How long has Namjoon been watching them? His lips feel tender and wet from sucking Taehyung’s cock, and he can still taste precum on his tongue. Slowly, he gets up, while Taehyung is still sitting on the couch behind him, staring like a deer caught in the headlights.


“Joon—,” he says again, more urgently. “Hyung—”


“You could have waited for me,” Namjoon says as he breaks away from the doorframe, lowering his eyes as he slowly starts walking towards them.


Jimin knows this look. It makes his heart go faster, his breath shallower, sending delicious shivers of anticipation down his spine. He knows the look of his dom when there's a punishment waiting for him. It is what Namjoon has become the second Jimin saw the look in his eyes.


“Bedroom. Now. You should know better than doing it in an off-limits room,” Namjoon says, as he comes to a stop in front of them, and Jimin’s breath hitches at the pain when Namjoon reaches out to squeeze the outline of his cock between his thumb and index finger. “You haven’t touched yourself yet? Good boy. Leave it like that.”


Jimin’s jeans are still tight against his cock, and Namjoon calling him his good boy is enough for him to feel like he’s going to combust any second. The teasing touches and Namjoon’s words don’t exactly make it any better. Jimin loves to wear those jeans since his ass looks really nice in them, but they aren’t made for situations like this.


"But I wasn't a good boy, was I?" he asks, trying to look into Namjoon's eyes, but he's avoiding Jimin's gaze.


"No, you weren't. You know what that means."


"Yes, hyung. Yes, I know." Usually, he would call Namjoonsir during their scenes, but it seems too much with Taehyung present. It seems too much when he's oblivious to it all, being thrown into cold water as it is.




Taehyung still hasn’t said a word. He’s worrying his lips as he looks at Jimin, he doesn’t even dare to glance at Namjoon. Jimin is pretty sure Taehyung is trying to figure out what is going on. There's confusion in his eyes, but also a spark of interest. He wants to assure him to come with them, wants to see more of the natural submission that radiates from Taehyung. He seems to be even more submissive than Jimin himself, and that isn’t something Jimin has ever expected.


While Taehyung has been Jimin’s friend for fifteen years, the subject of BDSM has never come up. Jimin is sure that Taehyung would have talked with him about it if he’d ever tried before, because they usually talk about everything, and in Taehyung's case this includes his sexcapades. But he hasn't. Jimin contemplates for a split second if he should simply tell him what is going on, ask him if he’s okay with it, but then again he doesn't want to interrupt the natural flow of this. 


Whatever this is.


“You heard our hyung,” Jimin says, as he holds out his hand to Taehyung. “Bedroom. Or do you want to go back to using your hand after you had my mouth on you?” It’s bold, it’s risky, but there’s this spark in Taehyung’s eyes again. He could back out if he wanted to. He could say ‘stop,’ and Namjoon would stop right away. It’s what makes Jimin feel at ease, the trust he shares with Namjoon, the faith in Taehyung that he would say so if he wanted an out. 


“Are you sure?” Taehyung wants to reach for his pants to pull them up again, but Namjoon makes a disapproving sound.


“You won’t need those for a while if you want me to take care of you.” Promise darkens his voice in a way that makes Jimin's stomach twist with expectations. 


Taehyung stills, the blush on his cheeks is prominent even on his darker skin tone. Then he nods. “Okay.” 


He doesn’t see the minuscule look Jimin and Namjoon are sharing. It’s something they wouldn’t usually do in a scene, but for Taehyung’s safety, they do. 


I trust you, the look says. We gotta talk about it, but I trust you.


“Come on, Tae.” Jimin grabs his hand and pulls him up from the couch, which causes Taehyung to step out of his pants involuntarily. “No promises we won’t bite, but that’s on you to decide.”


The idea of sharing Namjoon had always felt different as it seemed so far away. Now that it’s here, this moment, sharing Namjoon - Jimin doesn’t quite know how to feel. The ambivalence of the situation is driving him crazy. There’s a rush that is slowly settling in his bones, but it’s accompanied by an uneasy feeling stirring deep in his stomach. 


Yes, he and Namjoon talked about trying to add another person to their sex life, but Jimin had always been scared by the idea of letting a total stranger into the most intimate area of their lives. So maybe it is a good thing that with Taehyung it is someone they both know and trust.


Namjoon is getting rid of his suit pants while they’re walking to his and Jimin’s bedroom. Jimin wants to reach out, touch the visible outline of Namjoon’s cock behind the elastic fabric of his black boxer-briefs. He loves touching Namjoon, loves the heaviness of his erection in his hand, but Namjoon is having none of it, pushing back Jimin's hand, as he walks by him, not even granting him a look.


I see how it is, Jimin thinks. Neglect has always been one of Namjoon’s favorite ways to punish him during scenes, but he also knows how to rile Namjoon up, how to make him touch him, and he enjoys doing so immensely.


The light outside changed from the orange glow of a late summer sunset to the grey dusk of an early fall night. Jimin turns on the light in the bedroom but dims it to a subtle orange glow instantly as he watches Namjoon climbing into the king-size bed first, watches him leaning back against the headboard as he frees his cock from the tightness of his underwear. Languidly, he pumps it to get it back to full hardness. Namjoon looks so good in the dim light, so sensual, and Jimin just wants to crawl up to him, touch him, feel his warm, soft skin under his fingertips, taste it with his tongue, but he knows this is a lost cause for now.


“Come here, Taehyung,” Namjoon beckons. “I bet you’re good at giving head. Come here. Pretty sure you're a sloppy one, hmm? Show me.”


Jimin can make out the heightened confusion in his even features once Taehyung can tear his gaze away from Namjoon's impressive cock. He isn’t used to Namjoon being like this - demanding and controlling. And how should he be? This side of Namjoon had been reserved for Jimin until now.


Some uncertain seconds tick by before Taehyung climbs into bed to join Namjoon, crawling forward until he can settle between Namjoon’s legs, taking the exposed cock into his hands without any visible hesitation.


“Aren’t you eager,” Namjoon praises, gasping quietly as Taehyung’s mouth takes him in. There’s something about Taehyung’s eyes, the way they seem glazed over, gone. Jimin can’t look away from him, enticed by the way his lips are stretched wide around Namjoon’s cock, saliva and precum dripping from the corners of his mouth. He’s sloppy, uncaring, just as Namjoon asked of him. 


Jimin opens the buttons of his dress shirt as he sits down on Namjoon’s left side. He feels left out, and it shouldn’t get to him as much as it does, knowing that Namjoon ignores him deliberately by his own choice. 


The lewd sounds, the image before him makes Jimin’s jeans impossibly tight. He reaches for the top button of his jeans, desperate to ease the pressure, but Namjoon stops him instantly. So much for ignoring him— Namjoon is still attentive towards him, and knowing that is enough to ease the bitter jealousy in Jimin’s heart at least a little.


“Leave your pants on for now,” Namjoon says, a smirk on his lips, but his eyes are stern. He bites up along the side of Jimin’s neck, the last nip harsher, almost breaking skin, but Namjoon licks over the sensitive patch of skin to soothe the sting at once.


“Prep him for me,” Namjoon whispers into Jimin’s ear, tugging fierce and demandingly with his teeth at his earlobe. He's not saying his name, nor a pet name. It messes with Jimin's mind, makes his heart race with the familiar feeling he usually gets during their scenes when he’s entirely at Namjoon’s mercy. He obeys, rushing to get Namjoon’s favorite lube and a condom out of the nightstand drawer.


Taehyung is still eagerly licking and sucking Namjoon’s cock. Jimin watches for a second longer, wondering if his lips look similarly obscene when they are stretched around Namjoon's thick girth before he settles down behind Taehyung, running his hand over his right ass cheek. 


It’s as supple as his thighs, jiggling when Jimin gives it a testing squeeze. He feels empowered by the fact that he’s allowed to do that, allowed to scrape his nails over the soft flesh as he remembers that Taehyung liked it when he did it to him earlier. 


Taehyung whimpers softly, muted by Namjoon’s dick in his mouth. Spurred on by the reaction, Jimin continues exploring the firm flesh on the backside of Taehyung’s thighs, ghosting over his balls, massaging the perineum on his way up to spread his cheeks with both hands. Jimin stalls, breath hitching in his throat when he can feel an obstacle in his way.


“What the— Oh Tae, I didn’t know you were that dirty.”


Namjoon looks up, his interest sparked by Jimin’s words.


“I don’t think he will need a lot of prepping,” Jimin chuckles, as he lets his fingers run over the base of the plug he has failed to notice earlier. “He has a pretty plug in his little hole.” It’s hardly surprising that Taehyung had been so sensitive to his touches. Teasingly, Jimin pulls the plug out a bit before he pushes it in again, humming contently when Taehyung has to let go of Namjoon’s cock to gasp for air. 


“Aw, no, no, no,” Namjoon chides, “Stay down there, or do you want me to hold you down?”


Taehyung quickly shakes his head no, and continues sucking on Namjoon’s dick. Namjoon seems almost unfazed by it all, but Jimin sees the small beads of sweat that are forming on Namjoon’s hairline, betraying him. 


Judging from the wet sound and the dribble of lube that runs down Taehyung's perineum, he is sure Taehyung has lubed himself up nicely before he has put the toy in. It is a pretty plug, Jimin has to admit. Black silicone with a dark grey sparkling stone enclosed at the base. Maybe he can talk Namjoon into getting him one of these too. 


Jimin lubes up his fingers thoroughly, trickling some of it on Taehyung’s rim to tease him. The cold fluid on his hot skin makes Taehyung flinch, moans are emerging from his lips, still muffled by Namjoon's cock, and Jimin can't hold himself back from thinking how good Taehyung looks with his ass up in the air, how well he fits into the picture.


“I’m going to remove it. Okay, Tae?” he warns him, closing his hand around the base of the plug, teasingly rotating it in small circles. It is obscenely hot how Taehyung lets out a string of profanities against Namjoon’s cock. Jimin admires Namjoon’s stamina, he would have long come with all the attention Taehyung is giving to him.


Jimin is tempted to touch himself, he is longing so much for friction, any friction, his briefs are soaking wet where the tip of his dick is straining against the fabric. He’s well aware that Namjoon’s gaze is on him constantly, and it will only prolong his punishment if he acts against Namjoon's demands. If he needs to, Jimin can play this game too.


So Jimin continues to give all his attention to Taehyung, carefully pulling out the toy, surprised by the size of the bulb which only becomes visible now. Taehyung is writhing underneath him, his moans interlaced with whimpers when he finds himself clenching around nothing. Jimin can’t help but admire the way Taehyung’s pink hole looks so open and ready, lube trickling down the perineum, making him look wet and ready for more.

The sudden desire to fuck Taehyung himself instead of prepping him for Namjoon takes Jimin by surprise. Just imagining Taehyung's wet insides clenched around his cock, makes him leak even more precum into his briefs. Fingering him, making him relax has to be enough for now. Jimin starts by pushing one finger in, but instantly feels that there’s already space for more. 


“More— hyung, I need more—”


Namjoon chuckles when he hears Taehyung calling Jimin hyung. "Now that's interesting," he hums under his breath, but Jimin catches it anyway, and he can't help smiling to himself. 


Yes, it is interesting, but what is even more interesting is the excited drop of his stomach when the honorific falls so casually from Taehyung's lips.


Jimin adds his middle finger, and after a few seconds, Taehyung starts pushing back against his hand. He’s obviously trying to get Jimin to touch his prostate, but Jimin doesn’t want to give it to him just yet. He keeps his fingers straight, carefully brushing past the small happy spot he knows Namjoon can hit so perfectly well with his cock. It's worth waiting for, and Taehyung will realize it soon enough.


Namjoon sends Jimin an inquiring look. He nods, knowing what Namjoon is asking for. “Yes, he’s ready, hyung.”


“Come here, baby,” Namjoon whispers, and Jimin only realizes Namjoon is indeed talking to him when he looks up and catches Namjoon looking at him with a look Jimin can’t quite place, but he seems mollified enough.


Sweet relief is running down Jimin’s spine when he sees the small smile playing around the corners of Namjoon’s lips. He’s fed up with being just some kind of bystander, fed up by the punishment. Jimin draws back his fingers with a wet sound, trying not to let the desperate sound Taehyung makes get to him when he rips open the package of the condom he has gotten from the drawer earlier.


Jimin doesn’t even ask for permission to touch Namjoon. He just comes closer, pushes Taehyung gently away from Namjoon’s cock, and positions the condom on the tip, then he rolls it down with his mouth. All the way down. Until he can feel Namjoon’s length pushing past the back of his throat. The deep, lustful sound Namjoon makes, and his fingernails scratching softly over the back of Jimin's neck are worth it. Namjoon finally touching him with his hands makes worth the artificial taste of the latex, the tears pooling in his eyes, caused by his exertion to evade the gag reflex.


Namjoon places his fingers under Jimin’s chin and pulls him up gently, away from his cock. His lips are ghosting over Jimin’s for a second, then he shoves the bottle of lube into Jimin’s hands so Jimin can slick up Namjoon’s cock. He knows he’s doing something right when Namjoon stops him again soon, his breath ragged and his eyes so dark and full of lust that Jimin just wants to push Taehyung away and claim Namjoon all for himself.




Namjoon's focus is back on Taehyung too fast for Jimin’s liking, and he’s falling back into his hated position as a bystander. Taehyung waited patiently, sitting on the balls of his feet, his hands on his thighs. Somehow, it’s almost unbelievable that he’s never subbed before. He’s perfect, and the glint in Namjoon’s eyes tells Jimin that he’s thinking the same.


“Please, sit,” Namjoon says as he pushes Taehyung’s hair back from his face. He sounds like he’s offering Taehyung a seat in his office. Jimin doesn’t even know why the wording attracts him so much. He has to bite back a moan when Taehyung follows the order and positions himself over Namjoon's cock. Fascinated and incredibly turned on he watches how well Taehyung takes Namjoon in, sliding down on him in one fluid movement, but then again, Taehyung has always been a size queen.


Suddenly, Jimin gets pulled in by Taehyung, and he’s unable to react when he feels his lips hot, swollen and wet on his own. He can taste Namjoon’s precum on Taehyung’s tongue, and it’s almost as if Taehyung mirrors what he has previously done to Namjoon’s cock. He holds Jimin close, his hand buried in his hair as he moans into his mouth, sucking on his tongue. 


Jimin can feel a groan building up in his throat, but it is quickly swallowed by Taehyung. He’s clawing his hands into the silken fabric of the bedspread, as he tries to hold back from touching himself, but it brings no relief. Namjoon pulls him back from Taehyung, starting to roll up his hips to meet Taehyung’s eager movements, and all Jimin can do is watch, the feeling in his chest cold and bitter. 


“You’re such a good boy, Taehyung,” Namjoon says lowly, nipping along Taehyung’s flushed neck up to his jaw. “Fucking yourself so well on your hyung’s cock. I think you deserve a reward.” 


As soon as Jimin sees Namjoon change the angle of his hips, he knows what is coming, and at this moment he would give anything to be in Taehyung’s place.


“F-fuck, hyung,” Taehyung sputters, “Right there—”


Their dark voices mingle together, and while Jimin just wants to keep listening to this sinful cacophony, he also wants it to end so it’s finally his turn.


He reaches for Taehyung’s flushed erection, pumping it in the rhythm of Namjoon’s thrusts. The pace in which Taehyung is bouncing up and down Namjoon's cock makes it hard for Jimin to keep touching him, but then he can hear how Taehyung’s breathing changes, and it's all the warning Jimin gets before he comes all over Jimin’s hands and his own stomach with a ragged moan. Jimin keeps milking him, only stops when the last bead of cum spurts weakly from Taehyung's pulsing cock.


Namjoon thrusts up into Taehyung once more before he pushes him on his back. Taehyung gasps in surprise when Namjoon slides out of him. Carelessly, Namjoon flings the condom to the side, finishing himself off with a few pumps of his fist, his cum scattering all over Taehyung’s stomach, mixing with Taehyung’s own.


Jimin can only stare at the men in front of him. Both flushed and panting as they are spread across the silken sheets, light sheens of sweat covering their tanned skins. He has to suppress a moan when he sees Taehyung collecting some of the mixed cum from his stomach, licking his finger clean to get a taste. He looks so wrecked, as he sucks on his finger, so wrecked and beautiful. Jimin wants it too. Wants Namjoon to wreck him, to use him.




What about me? Jimin is about to complain, but he doesn’t want to seem as needy as he feels. He can feel the amount of wetness from his precum soaking the heavy fabric on the front of his jeans by now, leaving a stain, and he’s feeling dizzy, the longing to be touched, to please overriding every other thought.


“Don't worry, you will both get fucked tonight,” Namjoon says, when he collected himself, shifting to be able to look into Jimin's eyes, a hint of his tender side sparkling through. He must have noticed the urge and disappointment in Jimin’s expression.


Namjoon’s hands are slightly shaking from the heat of the afterglow when he reaches to touch the front of Jimin’s jeans. Carefully, he opens the row of buttons for Jimin, firmly stroking along the outlines of his leaking cock under the thin fabric of his briefs. The long-awaited friction causes a strangled sound to emerge from his lips, but before he can fully enjoy the touches, Namjoon’s hand is gone again.


“Strip. I'm not sure you're worth it yet.”


“Yes, hyung.” Jimin hates him a little. Hates how he riled him up just to let him fall again a second later but loves it all the same because he knows how much Namjoon likes to watch, and he loves it when Namjoon is giving in to his need to dominate. Later, when they'll lie cuddled up in their bed together, he will be the kindest boyfriend anyone could imagine, he will tell Jimin about his day, will listen to Jimin’s rant about his own, and hold him until he’s fallen asleep.


They’ve established a balance of living out their kinks in the bedroom over time. Jimin remembers how glad he was when he found out after their first times together that Namjoon had those light BDSM tendencies and was able to satisfy the kinks Jimin didn’t even know he had, becoming his dom whenever Jimin needed him to.


Jimin gets up from the bed, finally kicking off the ridiculously tight jeans that have been bothering him all night. He turns around to face the two men on the bed again. Both are leaning against the headboard, their breathing still uneven. Taehyung is cuddled against Namjoon’s chest, looking comfortable and satiated. Jimin envies him. Envies that he gets to touch, feel Namjoon’s skin against his, share his warmth. He wants to join them, but he also wants to get off. 


With both thumbs hooked under the waistband of his briefs, Jimin pulls them down, sighing at the sweet mixture of pain and relief as the elastic band rolls over his cock before he can finally let it spring free. The cool air is soothing and maddening at the same time. Namjoon hasn’t allowed Jimin to touch himself yet, so there’s nothing he can do while he lets his brief slide down his legs.


Jimin is used to doing this for Namjoon, but with Taehyung watching it’s different. It makes him a little more excited, but also a little self-conscious. His dick isn’t small per se. While it’s shorter in comparison to both Namjoon and Taehyung’s cocks, it has a nice girth, and Jimin has to admit it looks nice the way it’s standing upright, the glans wet with precum, ready for anyone to suck it clean.


“Touch yourself.”


He closes his eyes and lets his splayed right hand roam over the plains of his chest, briefly rubbing over his taut, aroused nipples. His hand wanders down over his sternum to his abs, down his v-line, until he finally allows himself to wrap his hand around his cock. The first real friction for hours almost makes him black out. It feels so good. He knows he could come with a few more tugs, a little pressure on the sensitive spot under the head. All the waiting, and watching Namjoon fuck Taehyung has riled him up so much, he’s more than ready.


Then he hears a soft moan and his eyes fly open.


Namjoon is lazily pumping his reawoken erection with one hand, while the other is buried in Taehyung’s lap, mirroring what he does to himself. Taehyung just lies there, watching Jimin, too fucked out to do anything else.


They are doing practically nothing, but the sight makes Jimin dizzy, a small string of moans escaping his lips. He needs to stop touching himself, or he will come early like a pubescent kid. He gives into two more pumps of his fist before he climbs back into bed, reaching for the bottle of lube. He’s waiting for a sign from Namjoon, but this time he doesn’t have to wait. 


“Go ahead, baby,” Namjoon says as he hands Jimin the tube. “Show us how well you fuck yourself on your fingers.”


Jimin squeezes a fair amount of lube onto his palm, spreads it over the fingers of his right hand and turns around on his knees, propping himself up with one hand, so he can face the mirrored door that leads to their inbuilt wardrobe opposite of the bed.


Without waiting for the lube to warm up he reaches back, lets his hand slide down between his ass cheeks, over his puckered hole and then slowly pushes one finger in, not looking away from the mirror and the two men behind him once. As soon as he knows that he can take a second, he starts fucking himself on his fingers. Pushing back onto them feels good, but it’s not enough, it will never be enough. His fingers are too short of reaching his prostate in the position he’s in right now, and he needs to be touched there. He's only vaguely aware of moaning Namjoon's name.


"Am I worthy, hyung? Will hyung finally touch me? Haven’t I been a good boy?" He doesn’t care how far gone he sounds, how desperate. He forgets that Taehyung is there, forgets that he’s being watched. 


“Fuck, baby,” Namjoon chokes and Jimin knows that it won’t take long now until Namjoon will be all over him. In the reflection of the mirror, he can make out Namjoon reaching for the bottle, lubing himself up for him. 


He wants him. He wants him now. The need to be touched is overwhelming him, his mind just blacks out. “Joon,” he sobs, “Hyung, please?” It’s taken so long this time until he finally reached that stage where nothing matters anymore, where he would do anything to get his needs fulfilled. Anything.


Finally, finally, Namjoon gets close to him, his hand caressing along Jimin’s arched back. “You are doing so well on your own, are you sure you need me, baby?”


“Yes. Yes. I need you, I need hyung's—,” Jimin's breath hitches in his throat when Namjoon gently pulls Jimin’s own fingers out of him, intertwining their lube-slick hands, as he gets closer. He can feel Namjoon’s hardness ghosting teasingly over his hole, and he wants to scream at him to take him finally.


“What do you need, baby boy?” Namjoon asks nonchalantly as he lets his whole length slide along the crack of Jimin’s cheeks.


Jimin whines at the sound of the pet name. It’s always been his favorite, and Namjoon knows how to use it against him. 


“Hyung's cock. Inside me.” He had to learn to voice his desires out loud, had to learn how much it’s giving to Namjoon when he does so. “I need you to fuck me.”


“I need you to fuck me. What?” Namjoon asks darkly, the underside of his cock pressed flush between Jimin’s cheeks, his hands squeezing hard into the flesh of his behind.


“I need you to fuck me hard, please. Sir.” He needs him so much, he can’t even muster the strength to care anymore. He’s vaguely aware of Taehyung’s gasp that is almost a moan, of his fist sliding wetly over his cock as he watches them.


“That's right, baby boy. Let’s give Taehyungie a show, hmm?” 


It takes one smooth slide off Namjoon’s hips to bury himself in Jimin. He’s going to black out. He’s shaking, the only thing he can hear is his own heart pounding in his ears, everything around him forgotten. He feels so full, so fulfilled.




Namjoon’s voice is far away, but with a gasp, Jimin realizes that he has indeed stopped breathing as air is filling up his lungs again. He knows that Namjoon is waiting for a signal from him. When they are at this point, Namjoon would never choose his own desires over Jimin’s. It fills his heart with love and makes it hard to breathe again for an entirely different reason.


He leans back into the pleasure that is Namjoon, pushing against him a little to let him know that he’s okay, that he’s still with him.


“You feel so good, baby,” Namjoon breathes, his voice anchoring Jimin again. His fingers dig into the skin of Jimin’s hip, pulling him closer with each thrust. The wet sounds that emerge each time Namjoon thrusts into him deeper and deeper are almost enough to push Jimin over the edge.


“Come for me, baby boy.” Namjoon’s hand reaches around him, pumping Jimin’s dripping cock firmly, while he’s continuously brushing against his prostate. “Let go.”


Jimin's orgasm is shattering through him without a warning sign. He marginally notices the whimpers and cries that are escaping his mouth, completely dissolved in the pleasure as Namjoon fucks him through it.


“Jimin, I—”


“Come inside me, hyung,” he moans, not caring about the overstimulation that is already kicking in, making him whimper with every thrust, but Namjoon is already there. He's tensing, moaning Jimin’s name as he comes deep inside him. Jimin can feel him pulsing, can feel the hot, slick cum filling him up.


Namjoon collapses next to Jimin, instantly putting his arm around him, stroking the tousled hair out of his face to make sure he is okay and Jimin can feel a weak smile spreading over his lips. “I love you,” he whispers so that only Namjoon can hear him and Jimin gets a kiss on his forehead in return. Namjoon is smiling so fondly at him that his dimples are showing. It’s when Jimin knows that everything is alright between them, that Namjoon loved what they did tonight as much as he did.



“Fuck, you two are so hot,” Taehyung murmurs from behind them. He came again as well, he is a mess - cum all over his stomach, his cock still in his hands, his eyes following Namjoon as he gets up and walks to the door.


“Told you,” Jimin says weakly, “You won’t need that stupid porn anymore.”


“You told him what?” Namjoon chuckles, almost out of the room. 


“Nevermind,” Taehyung says, hiding his face. 




It doesn’t take long for Namjoon to come back with a water bottle, three warm washcloths, and a towel. Gently, he helps cleaning them, and only when he’s sure that Jimin and Taehyung are thoroughly cleaned and tucked under the duvet, he joins them. 


When Jimin wakes up again, Taehyung is gone. He shifts to be able to look at Namjoon, to find that he’s awake.


“He could have stayed,” Namjoon says, kissing Jimin’s temple.


“I wouldn’t have minded either,” Jimin agrees, cuddling up closer to Namjoon. He feels lighthearted, unable to stop his lips from smiling, albeit tiredly. “I really wouldn’t have minded.”

Chapter Text

“Joon? You up?” Jimin shifts so he can face his boyfriend. He’s been lying awake for the better part of twenty minutes, contemplating if this is the right time to bring up the thing™.


It’s just another boring Friday morning, but Jimin has always loved waking up next to Namjoon. He looks soft in the morning light, with his hair askew and pillow lines on his face. Jimin slings his arm around Namjoon’s waist, nuzzling his head against Namjoon’s bare chest. If Namjoon wasn’t awake before, he surely is now.


“Hmm?” Namjoon starts to play with Jimin’s hair, a curious, tender look in his eyes that are still clouded with sleep as he blinks them awake. 


Embarrassment makes Jimin hide his face in the crook of Namjoon’s neck. Suddenly, it feels like it’s the wrong time to ask, although it shouldn’t. He shouldn’t be embarrassed at all, knowing that he can talk to Namjoon about anything.


“Jimin. Talk to me.” Namjoon sounds worried, alert, even though he was asleep peacefully just seconds ago. 


“I just wanted to ask— Oh god, I’m sorry. I can’t. It’s nothing.” Frustrated, he stops talking. He really shouldn’t act like this. It makes the whole thing much worse than it already is. This isn’t something he should have brought up first thing in the morning when they both have to get up in less than ten minutes.


Gently, Namjoon pulls Jimin away from his shoulder so he can look at him, check if he’s okay, but Jimin can’t stand the inquiring gaze. He avoids Namjoon’s eyes, worrying his lower lip.


“You know you can talk to me about anything, baby. What are you so embarrassed about that you can’t even look at me properly?”


Jimin squirms, then he starts talking. This time for real.


“You know. The other night? When I, um, prepped Tae for you?” Jimin pauses. He hates the insecurity in his voice. “I wanted to fuck him myself.”


The last sentence is mumbled out in a rush. He’s hoping that Namjoon has understood what he said anyway, as he doesn’t want to repeat himself, the thought of having Taehyung right in front of him, hot and wet and ready, going straight to his cock. 


Jimin hesitates before he dares to look up again, not sure what kind of reaction to expect. But Namjoon just smiles. He looks kind of relieved as if he’s expected much worse.


“That’s it? Why didn’t you ask back then?” Namjoon chuckles, ruffling Jimin’s hair. 


He ducks away but finds himself grinning against his will. “I kind of liked being kept waiting, and the dom part of you had a plan I didn’t want to intercept.”


“Nothing was set in stone that night. Not with Taehyung joining us. I would have liked watching that. You know how much I like to watch.”


“Joon—.” He hides his face again, complaining. Oh yes, Jimin knows, and while he doesn’t mind doing all of these things, talking about them is an entirely different matter, even after the three years they’ve been together. He remembers being so nervous on the day of their first kink negotiation that he had thrown up in the bathroom of the restaurant where they’d met up. 


“What?” Namjoon laughs, “Does it really surprise you? You know how much I enjoyed myself that night. Almost came all over myself just watching how he fucked himself on your fingers, calling you hyung for the first time since you introduced him to me.”


Jimin can’t help moaning a little at the thought, and without any warning Namjoon’s hand slips into Jimin’s pajama pants, eagerly wrapping around his cock. Namjoon inhales sharply when he closes his fingers around him, discovering Jimin’s hard-on.


“Fuck, Joon. We have to get up in three minutes.”


“I accept the challenge. Shouldn’t take too long, considering how hard you already are just by thinking about it.” Namjoon pulls Jimin’s pajama pants down to gain better access. 


He’s using the perfect amount of pressure, rubbing exactly the right spot with his thumb, and Jimin defeatedly lets his head fall back against the pillow, not able to stop the helpless whimpers from spilling from his mouth. 


“Is that what you’ve been thinking about lately?” Namjoon asks, “Fucking his sweet little hole? I can’t hold it against you, baby boy. He felt so good on my cock. So hot and wet. Would you like that too? Him riding you? Slamming down on you? Hard?” Namjoon squeezes Jimin’s cock so hard that it almost hurts, but it’s the good kind of pain. 


Jimin already feels the familiar sensation building up in the pit of his stomach, all caused by Namjoon’s words whispered into his ear and the very vivid image he has of Taehyung’s wet and waiting hole. With an urgency that startles himself, he comes all over Namjoon’s hand, gasping desperately as the sizzling pleasure runs through his veins, numbing his limbs in just the right way.


“Apparently, you’d like him to do that very much,” Namjoon hums, obviously pleased with himself, as he wipes his hand and Jimin’s lower stomach clean with a tissue he got from the nightstand. “And I’m completely fine with it, as long as you’ll let me watch.”


“Of course. I wouldn’t do anything without you. You know that, Joon.”


“Oh yeah? So it wasn’t you who started without me last time?”


“That was different. I was just trying to help a friend out, and I wasn’t trying to hide it. We weren’t trying to hide it.”


“I know,” Namjoon says softly as he leans down to kiss Jimin tenderly, settling everything that might’ve still lingered unspoken between them. 


All Jimin needs to do now is talk to Taehyung, and somehow it scares him even more than speaking to Namjoon.





When Jimin and Namjoon get to the kitchen to have breakfast (or simply black coffee in Namjoon’s case), Taehyung has already left for work. It’s not unusual for him to get up at three o’clock in the morning to make his shift at the bakery. A share of pancakes is sitting on the counter, waiting for Jimin. A sticky note with one of Taehyung’s weird smileys on it is attached to the clingfilm Taehyung wrapped around the pastries. Jimin feels guilty all of a sudden. What if Taehyung doesn’t even want to do what Jimin has in mind? 


It would be a lie if he said that everything is back to normal after the night they shared. They haven’t actually talked about the happenings from two weeks ago, and daily life at their shared apartment had become a little awkward during the first few days after that night. They are more aware of each other, more careful with their words. Taehyung sometimes starts stuttering when he talks to Namjoon, just as he had when they first moved in together. It’s been getting better during the last few days and here comes Jimin with his fucked-up idea. 


“Stop worrying, Jimin,” Namjoon reaches out to squeeze his shoulder, fingers lingering to massage the taut muscles underneath. “If he doesn’t want to, he’ll tell you. And if he wants to— All the better.”


“Stop reading my thoughts, it’s unnerving.” Despite his words, Jimin leans into Namjoon’s touch.


“I simply know you too well, baby.” Namjoon empties his cup and gets up to shrug on his suit jacket, looking smart and intimidating with his glasses and the three-piece suit. Every inch a lawyer.


Jimin can’t help feeling proud of Namjoon every day when he leaves for work at his newly founded and already thriving law firm. He put everything into it, had been on the verge of breaking down during the first year. By now it’s up and running, and if Jimin isn’t the proudest boyfriend in the world, he doesn’t know who else is.


Jimin gets up as well to kiss Namjoon goodbye. He still has another thirty minutes, before he has to leave for his own job as an editor at a daily newspaper. He’s been working there for two years already and still feels like everybody’s intern - although all the real interns are shoved into his direction. Simply put: He hates his job.


“See you tonight. Text me if the senior editor keeps coming at you again.”


“Will do,” Jimin promises.


He loves how Namjoon’s mouth still tastes like coffee when he kisses him. It’s something so entirely Namjoon it warms Jimin’s heart every morning, something he can’t imagine living without anymore.


For once he uses the spare time to clean up the kitchen, welcoming everything that takes his thoughts off the matter for the moment. Shit, what has he gotten himself into? 





Once Jimin settled down at his desk and made it look like he’s working, he pulls out his phone and sends a text message to Taehyung before he can back out.


Tae, can I ask you something?


TaeTae: Sure, spit it out.


No one’s looking at your phone right now, right?


TaeTae: No, why?


Um. Would you be up for another round?


TaeTae: Are you saying what I think you’re saying?



Although it would just kind of be you and me this time?


TaeTae: Namjoon?


He wants to watch.


TaeTae: Okay?


Okay as in: Yeah, sure. Or okay as in: Fuck off, Jimin?



TaeTae: Okay as in: Yeah, why not, I had fun last time?



Jimin lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. He chuckles. The last answer sounds so much like his friend. And then his phone buzzes again.


TaeTae: Tonight?


If you want to? I’d have to ask Joon first, though?


TaeTae: I’m all in. Let me know what he says.


Jimin suddenly feels giddy and excited at the prospect of his idea coming true a lot sooner than he planned. He opens Namjoon’s and his KKT chat, and of course, his boyfriend - albeit surprised - is all for it as well. He lets Taehyung know and then finally gets to work, the hated files starting to pile up on his desk already.





It’s already dark outside by the time he leaves work and Jimin is taking his sweet time going home. It feels awkward, strange, really. The last time they just kind of eased into it, but having everything planned out like this puts things into a different light. He hopes Namjoon isn’t there yet, but when he opens the door to their flat, the shoes Namjoon put on this morning are placed next to Taehyung’s white sneakers.


Jimin puts his shoes next to the other two pairs, and when he walks into the living room with dragged steps, Namjoon and Taehyung are sitting next to each other on the couch like it is any other night.


“Hi,” he simply says, as he lets himself fall down between them, trying to figure out what they are watching. It’s an American sitcom and Jimin hates sitcoms. He hates the canned laughter, the over the top acting, the non-existent character development. “Ugh, that again? Really?”


“We were only killing time waiting for you, Min,” Taehyung says, unable to keep the ring of promise and excitement out of his voice although he tries to act nonchalant as if they didn’t all know what Namjoon and Taehyung had been waiting for.


He’s about to say something cheeky, something to make Taehyung lose his coolness when Namjoon lets his lips ghost over the side of Jimin’s neck, down to his clavicle, and Taehyung is quick to mirror his actions on his other side. Shivers of anticipation are running down his spine. He feels a little ganged up on, but at least the awkwardness of the situation dissolves into nothingness by diving right into it. 


Namjoon starts sucking at the skin just above Jimin’s collarbone, and beyond the sweet pain, he can feel a love bite blooming on his skin. It means something. Something more and he is well aware of it. He’s still Namjoon’s, and Namjoon is still one hundred percent his. It’s their secret message, as they’d decided to hold back tonight, leave their Dom/sub dynamics out of it.


Although they barely started, Jimin is already a whimpering mess, caged in between them. His position makes it impossible to give back any of the attention he’s receiving to either Namjoon or Taehyung. He wants to make them feel good, touch them, taste them, but when Namjoon notices his restlessness and breathes, “Just relax, baby,” into his hair, he leans back against the pillows. 


The delicious burn of Namjoon sucking and biting at his skin, the sweet kisses Taehyung peppers all over the side of his neck are two sensations like day and night, he can’t decide which he likes more, but then realizes with relief that he doesn’t have to choose. Liking both is fine too. He gives in to the feeling of the diverse touches, allows himself to feel them with everything he’s got. 


Urgent hands are opening his jeans, and he’s unable to figure out who they belong to as Namjoon distracts him, kissing him deeply and roughly. Jimin moans into the kiss when a hand applies pressure on his clothed cock. He’s so hard already, but how can he help it, when all the attention is on him?


He feels the couch dip on his right, and then Taehyung is gone from his side only to kneel between his legs. Jimin lets his legs fall apart to give Taehyung easier access, moaning against Namjoon’s lips when Taehyung starts mouthing over the outline of his dick through his underwear, sucking a wet spot into the fabric where the tip of his cock strains against it. Namjoon breaks their kiss and leans back to watch Taehyung as he frees Jimin’s cock.


Taehyung’s lips close around the head without much preamble. His mouth feels good on him, hot and wet, and the way Taehyung is looking right now with Jimin’s cock in his mouth, his gaze flickering up to him every now and then while he continues licking and sucking on the head like it’s a lollipop, is almost too much for Jimin to handle. 


He wants to praise him, degrade him only to build him up again. The novelty of this train of thought that forced itself on him while watching Taehyung excites him more than he likes to admit. He needs to talk to Namjoon about it rather sooner than later.


When Taehyung starts going down on him for real, his cheeks hollowing as he starts to swallow around him, Namjoon captures Jimin’s lips again, sucking his tongue into his mouth, mirroring what Taehyung is doing to his cock. Overwhelmed, he lets out a ragged whimper, most of it gets swallowed by Namjoon’s mouth.


He’s getting back all the attention he was deprived of last time.


Remembering how well Taehyung took Namjoon back then, Jimin doesn’t hold back, rolls his hips up to fuck into Taehyung’s mouth, watching how Taehyung takes him in deeper without complaint. It’s like a promise of what is yet to come later. 


“Slow down, Tae.” Gently, he pushes him away from his cock because he’s feeling a little lightheaded already, and he doesn’t want to spoil it for everyone by coming from foreplay alone.


“Maybe we should move this?” Taehyung asks throatily, looking positively sinful as he wipes precum and saliva from his chin, his cheeks the prettiest shade of pink.


Namjoon hums in agreement and pulls Jimin up from the couch with him.


Jimin has a slight feeling of déjà vu when they walk to the bedroom together – Taehyung’s this time – while they’re carelessly shedding their clothes on the way there. Namjoon is the only one who is still dressed when the door closes behind them. It’s something Namjoon always uses to emphasize his dominance in scenes, and it suffices to make Jimin feel small, insignificant. He loves feeling this way, it makes him want to give the world to Namjoon, please him the best he can. 


Namjoon sits down in the armchair opposite from the bed, taking his place for tonight. It’s fine with Jimin that he retreats to watch now. The intensity and attentiveness of his gaze, the knowledge that Namjoon’s eyes won’t leave him when he turns around to face Taehyung are enough. 




“I heard you wanted to fuck me tonight?” Taehyung breathes against his sensitive ear, his words sending shivers straight down Jimin’s dick.


“Who told you?” Jimin chuckles, but before he can say anything else, Taehyung brings their bodies together, wrapping his large hand around both of their cocks, sliding them against one another with the most amazing friction of skin on skin. Jimin silences their moans by placing his lips on Taehyung’s, guiding them closer to the bed.


There is something lewd about the fact that he can still taste his own precum on Taehyung’s tongue, but Jimin can’t help to melt into Taehyung’s kiss as well. He seems to sense how to move his tongue to make him feel good, and Jimin wants to keep kissing him, wants to enjoy the feeling of intimacy a little longer. 


He isn’t sure if this is too much, if savoring this kiss is overstepping boundaries they hadn’t thought about setting before. Should it make him feel this good? Can he allow himself to feel this good from kissing his best friend while his boyfriend is watching? Can he allow himself to give in to this affection when this night was supposed to be about sex alone?


But it’s how he wants things to continue for a little while longer. Exchanging kisses, eager hands teasing one another’s sensitive spots, one another’s dicks, slowly moving towards the bed. It isn’t until the foot of the bed is digging painfully into Jimin’s calves that he remembers that he is supposed to be in charge tonight. 


A sudden rush of excitement runs through him. He is in charge for once. He’s never felt the need to be in charge when he was with Namjoon before, always loved the chance to let someone else make the decisions while he let himself fall into Namjoon’s mercy, but it’s different when it comes to Taehyung. He wants to test the waters, wants to see if he can make Taehyung obey him as easily as he obeyed Namjoon.


“Hands and knees, Tae,” he says. 


It’s a simple demand. Taehyung could say no. He could laugh at Jimin and do whatever else he wanted. But Taehyung follows his lead. Facing Namjoon, he gets on his hands and knees without questioning Jimin. He just listens. Like a good boy. Like the best boy. Kneeling and waiting for Jimin to continue telling him what to do.


Jimin admires Taehyung’s beautiful skin tone, as he lets his hands run from Taehyung’s neck to his supple butt cheeks, his spine like a road to happiness under Jimin’s fingers, his skin still moist and dewy from the shower he must have taken when he came home. God, Jimin wants to wreck him. He has imagined this all day, and now he simply gets to cup them in his hands, gets to spread Taehyung’s cheeks, so he can let his tongue run up from Taehyung’s perineum up to the tight ring of muscles. The sound that Taehyung makes at Jimin’s actions reveals that he hadn't expected this.


“Hmm, Jimin,” he groans when Jimin sucks at his rim, carefully sliding the tip of his tongue in. It’s enough to turn Taehyung into a moaning mess. He relaxes quickly, allows Jimin to delve deeper, push his tongue in further, every satisfied sound he can get out of Taehyung like music to his ears.


Jimin takes the chance to glance at Namjoon when he withdraws briefly, leaving Taehyung whimpering at the sudden loss of pressure. Jimin is more than satisfied to see that Namjoon’s hand is already working his cock, his suit pants opened just enough to gain access. 


“More. I need more,” Taehyung pleads, trying to get back Jimin’s attention.


“If you want it so bad, shouldn’t you say please ?” It takes all Jimin has to play this down when he is the one who can’t wait to fuck Taehyung senseless.


“Please. Please fuck me.”


“See? That wasn’t so hard. Lube?” It comes naturally to Jimin, it almost sounds like he knows what he’s doing. Most of it he’s mirroring from the way Namjoon had first talked to him when he tried to show Jimin what it could be like subbing for him. 


“On the nightstand,” Taehyung is quick to answer.


Curiously, Jimin eyes the display on the nightstand he failed to notice earlier. Taehyung doesn’t come unprepared. There’s a bottle of lube on top, as well as a condom and a gadget that is unfamiliar to Jimin. It looks like a syringe, but the whole front part is rounded. Slowly he gets the picture. “Is this—?”


“A lube applicator,” Namjoon concludes with his dark voice from the other side of the room.


“Don’t tell me, you didn’t use one of these before? I already filled it, so you just need to squeeze it in. You will see, Min. You’ll be able to fuck me so well.”


Jimin’s heart stops, then accelerates at Taehyung’s words. He really doesn’t have it in him to wait any longer. Knees trembling, he reaches for the lube, coating the fingers of his right hand thoroughly, then he comes back to kneel behind Taehyung. Teasingly he sucks on his rim, diving in with his tongue once again before he slowly pushes one, then two of his fingers in, replacing his tongue. Taehyung feels so tight and hot, giving him an inkling of how he will feel around his cock instead of his fingers.


Jimin can’t help to steal glances at Namjoon every now and then. Completely relaxed, he sits in the armchair, his cock fully exposed and shining with precum. It’s not often that Jimin gets to see his boyfriend like this. He gets lost in the moment, lost in Namjoon’s lust-clouded eyes, forgetting to move his fingers for a few seconds. Yet, he’s contemplating if Namjoon is indeed okay with this and it must have shown on his face.


“Go on, baby. I know how badly you want this,” Namjoon says quietly.


Gently, he keeps exploring Taehyung’s insides with his fingers, curling them to elicit the most beautiful sounds from Taehyung as he keeps brushing them against his prostate. He loves how responsive Taehyung is, how refreshingly unashamed he is about voicing out his reactions. He wants to make him scream, wants to make him beg until his voice is gone, until he’s crying in frustration.


Fuck yes. He wants this.


“‘S so good. Again, please— Hyung—”


There it is. The change from Jimin’s usual nickname to the honorific that Taehyung doesn’t have to use, but still does and Jimin can’t help but like this. Like this immensely. He’s getting the hint of what Namjoon gets out of it when he has Jimin calling him sir


He continues massaging over the sensitive spot, making Taehyung cry out with every touch. “You like it that much, hmm, Tae?”


No answer, only more moans, when Jimin pushes his fingers in deeper.


“Answer me.” Jimin is hard. So damned hard. His precum is already dripping down his dick, making a mess of the sheets, and he can’t help to reach down and touch himself, spreading the clear fluid over his cock.


“Yes. Yes, I like it,” Taehyung groans.


Jimin can’t wait to use the applicator and then finally get his cock into the wet, hot mess. He lets go of himself and reaches for it, fumbling with the pre-filled gadget, suddenly not sure how to use it correctly. 


“Push it all the way in, then start squirting the lube out slowly, while you’re pulling it back out,” Taehyung says when he notices his tentativeness.


Jimin does just that. The novelty of the whole situation makes him excited. He remembers the last time, and how well Taehyung had been lubed up behind that butt plug - this must have been how he had done it back then. 




When he pulls the applicator out again, it’s empty. Lube is trickling from Taehyung’s clenching pink hole, down his perineum, dripping onto the sheets, and Jimin likes this sinful image way too much, it makes his insides tingle and his cock twitch, the hardness almost painful by now.


Silently, Jimin reaches for the condom. It’s a quiet agreement he has with Namjoon on this. They both know that Taehyung is clean. They all went to get checked together when they moved in together and Taehyung gets tested after every new partner, but there is an intimacy in getting fucked bare. An intimacy they want to keep between them for now.


Jimin can’t help to tease Taehyung a little now that he’s almost there, despite the urging desire that is burning inside him. Somehow, he came to love hearing Taehyung beg. He lets the underside of his cock slide through Taehyung’s crack teasingly, pushing only the tip of his erection in before he lets it slide out again.


“Are you being a tease again?” Taehyung groans desperately, but Jimin just hums and repeats his previous action.


“Come on. I know you want this.”


Taehyung might be right about that. Jimin wants to hear more of his begging. And at the same time, he wants to give in. Of course he wants to. But—


He squeezes Taehyung’s ass cheeks with both hands and lets his cock fuck into the crevice it creates. “I could come from this alone, you know? Maybe I don’t need to fuck your hole. Maybe this is enough?”


Taehyung makes an almost inhuman sound. Desperation and impatience mixing into the panicked groan. “Hyung, please? Please fuck me?” Taehyung’s hips grind back on him uselessly, his ass gliding over the underside of Jimin’s cock. He’s so wet, the lube is continuously dripping from his hole, making a mess of them, a mess of the bedding. 


It’s when Jimin decides that he can’t possibly wait any longer. He allows himself to push in, doesn’t stop until he is completely engulfed in the wet heat. The amount of lube makes it easy, so easy, and Jimin marvels at the way the slick fluid doesn’t stop trickling down between them.


Taehyung surrounds him so snug and tight, that all of a sudden, Jimin feels like he’s going to come right here and now. He needs to breathe, steady himself. He’s good at holding himself back. Namjoon edges him for hours if he has a particularly sadistic day. He wonders what it would feel like to edge Taehyung, a cock ring prolonging his erection, his hands tied together, but he isn’t given more time to think about the matter. 


Slowly and sensually, Taehyung rolls his hips against Jimin’s, and it feels so damn good. It’s been a while since he’s topped. He still isn’t entirely sure why he wanted this so badly, but the way Taehyung feels around his cock gives him an idea at least. Taehyung’s is clenching around him, and Jimin wants more of this, more of this amazing friction. He pulls back, leaving only his tip inside Taehyung’s hole and as he digs his fingers into Taehyung’s hip, he pulls him back onto his cock. It makes him proud to hear Taehyung’s reaction.


“God, Tae, you feel so good—,” he gasps, building up a steady rhythm Taehyung can’t escape from. He definitely likes how Jimin digs his nails into his skin, adding that little bit of pain to the pleasure, clenching every time Jimin tightens his hold on him.


Then he looks over to Namjoon. His eyes are dark, full of lust, observing them, his cock is so pretty in his large hands. Dripping and thick and— Jimin thinks back to this morning, remembers Namjoon’s words which had riled him up so amazingly fast.


He felt so good on my cock. So hot and wet. Would you like that too? Him riding you? Slamming down on you? Hard?


And, god, yes. Jimin wants that, and he wants it now.


He pulls out completely, makes Taehyung cry out in frustration at the sudden loss.


“Shh. This is going to be better for both of us.” 


Jimin leans back against the headrest, his legs stretching out in front of him while he’s motioning Taehyung to sit on him so they can both keep facing Namjoon.


Taehyung slides back onto Jimin’s cock effortlessly, straddling his lap, as he goes all the way down. “Fuck, hyung,” he whimpers, “You’re reaching so deep like that. You’ll make me come so fast.”


“Ride me, Tae. Ride me hard,” Jimin says, as he looks directly into Namjoon’s eyes. He can see them blaze up, a sense of pride visible in his eyes.


Jimin tries to meet each of Taehyung’s fast and eager moves as he slams himself down on him. It feels like he’s sinking into him deeper and deeper each time, and the way in which Taehyung cries out whenever Jimin is fully buried inside him is evidence enough that he’s brushing Taehyung’s prostate with every single thrust.


Jimin reaches around Taehyung so he can wrap both of his hands around his cock. He pumps his length in the rhythm of their thrusts, bathing in the building sensation of his nearing climax.


“Hyung, I’m going to come. I can’t hold back much lo—” Taehyung tenses, the rest of the sentence slips with an incoherent moan from his mouth, as he comes undone under Jimin’s hands. He clenches around Jimin so deliciously, and the added friction is more than he can take.


His orgasm is sizzling through him, heat pooling low in his stomach and then it’s like he’s drowning in Taehyung, drowning in the pleasure, everything around him dissolving into white noise. Jimin comes hard, deeply buried inside Taehyung.


Taehyung slides down from Jimin’s cock and collapses next to him, his head resting on Jimin’s legs. He looks beautiful, the tanned skin all sweaty. He has a wide, wrecked smile on his face and Jimin is so relieved that Taehyung apparently enjoyed himself as much as Jimin did.


“Thank you,” Jimin says softy, smoothing Taehyung’s hair from his sweaty forehead, but Taehyung only shakes his head.




When Jimin looks at Namjoon again, after catching his breath, he sees that he hasn’t come with them and is still pumping his cock.


“Stop,” Jimin says before he can complete the thought in his head. “Let me.”


The way Namjoon is looking at him, as he stops touching himself, tells Jimin that it’s the right way to finish all of this. The only way. He doesn’t care how tired he feels, the heavy feeling of the afterglow tingling through his body, as he gets up from the bed and kneels down in front of Namjoon.


Namjoon’s cock feels amazing against his lips, heated by the friction and the long wait, glistening wet with precum. Jimin licks some of the droplets away, paying extra attention to one of the veins on the underside because he knows Namjoon loves it and his ragged groan is proof of that.


Jimin is surprised when Taehyung suddenly joins him on the floor, kneeling next to him, despite how wrecked he looked only moments ago. Cheekily, Taehyung leans forward, to lick at Namjoon’s cock too. Jimin only hesitates for a split second, before he joins Taehyung again. Their tongues are gliding across Namjoon’s cock, sometimes meeting in an open-mouthed, sloppy kiss.


“Fuck, look at you two,” Namjoon murmurs.


Jimin likes the way Namjoon’s hands are playing with his hair. He licks his way to the head, closes his mouth around it and dips his tongue into the slit ever so slightly before he hollows his cheeks and starts sucking. Namjoon is pulling his hair now, his hips slightly grinding into Jimin’s mouth. From the corner of his eyes, Jimin can see how Taehyung continues to lick the parts of Namjoon’s cock, Jimin can’t reach.


“Baby, I’m going to come, so if you don’t want me to come inside your—”


Jimin interrupts him, letting his cock pop out of his mouth so he can speak, “Don’t you want to give me a taste?”




It doesn’t take much longer until Namjoon let’s go. Jimin feels cum hitting the back of his throat, and he swallows what he can, continues sucking until he is sure there isn’t more to come.


Before he can even think straight, Taehyung pulls him into a kiss, licking into Jimin’s mouth eagerly. He remembers how Taehyung collected some of Namjoon’s cum last time to lick his fingers clean like it was the most delicious thing he ever tasted. It makes Jimin wonder if Taehyung really has some kind of kink when it comes to cum. It’s hot in all the right ways, and Jimin is the last person who would judge anyone for their kinks.




Together, the three of them lie down in Taehyung’s bed, cuddled against each other, not caring about the drying stickiness on their bodies for the moment. Jimin lies in the middle, halfway draped over Namjoon, while Taehyung is spooning him, his arm slung loosely around Jimin’s waist, not caring about his nudity even now that the afterglow has faded. 


It feels so comfortable, so warm and right. Jimin blinks one last time, looking into Namjoon’s eyes before he can’t hold his own eyes open any longer and he drifts away, quickly pulled under by the exhaustion of the day paired with the amazing feeling that is still buzzing through him.





When Jimin wakes up again, it’s dawning outside, and they are still together in Taehyung’s bed. Either Namjoon or Taehyung must have spread a blanket over their cuddled-up mess of arms and legs during the night. It’s different from last time when Taehyung left their bedroom as soon as he could, feels good and complete.


Taehyung is breathing evenly behind him, but when Jimin looks at Namjoon, he is glad to see that he is awake as well.


“Morning,” Jimin whispers.


“I really like this,” Namjoon says equally quiet, as he starts caressing Jimin’s neck. Lazily, he circles his other hand over the three of them. “I don’t know about you, but I’m having those thoughts lately. I’ve got the feeling that we could be more.”


“More?” He can’t deny that he thought about it as well. Maybe searching for someone else was futile to begin with. Maybe the solution had been right in front of their eyes the whole time.


Namjoon simply nods. There is a naturalness about the way the three of them are arranging their lives together. Thinking about adding something more doesn’t feel wrong at all. 


Yet, Jimin can’t fathom how they should bring up the whole thing while talking to Taehyung. The risk of scaring his best friend away is too high, but Jimin knows that he doesn’t want this to be the last time they wake up together. 




Chapter Text

He doesn’t know how long he’s been tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable position in bed. Each time he thinks he'll be able to fall asleep, something about the way he lies in bed irks him. The pillow seems too thick, the blanket too thin, the stand-by light from his TV is too bright in the dark room. He gets up to pull the plug out of the socket, then returns to bed with a sigh. 


It’s been like this during the past few nights, and slowly the lack of sleep takes a toll on him. He needs to get up very early for his job at the bakery. The alarm is set for three o’clock most nights, and still lying awake at half-past eleven is not healthy. It most definitely isn't, but the thoughts won’t stop spinning. His mind is replaying the same scene all over again, evoking this strange set of feelings that he shouldn’t even think about having. 


They are wrong. They aren’t his to feel.


Trying to stop himself from thinking about it achieves the exact opposite. His mind leads him back to that particular morning barely a week ago. When he woke up to Jimin kissing his cheek, Namjoon’s fingers caressing his hair, both of their bodies warm and welcoming. He had enjoyed the intimacy and the comfort too much for his own good, so he pretended to be asleep for a few more minutes, bathing in their small affections before he ‘woke up’ with a yawn. Just as he had feared, they left his bed too soon after, and then it was a day like any other.


Ever since that morning, he’s been on edge, hyper-aware of either of them casually touching him or brushing against him while preparing food in the kitchen or being cuddled up next to each other on the big couch in their living room. The latter is nothing new, as he has always been close to Jimin, and cuddles and hugs are something they share daily. Namjoon is a different story. He has this air of authority around him, and although Taehyung knows he isn’t as cold and calculating as he comes across, he’s still more reserved around Namjoon even after three years of living together.


Taehyung has to admit that he’s acting differently towards them, and most likely they have noticed it too. He’s longing for their touches – not even in a sexual way – and at the same time, he knows he shouldn’t. He doesn’t want to jeopardize their very well working living arrangement. Even more than that, he doesn’t want to risk losing his friendship with Jimin. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. Sometimes, it’s like Jimin is the only one who understands his train of thought, his unconventional view on the world.


He feels itchy. Too warm, then too cold again and eventually, he gets up with a frustrated groan. He can’t take it anymore. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t, knowing that what he’s doing is wrong, he lets his feet lead him to Jimin and Namjoon’s bedroom at the other end of the hallway. 


The dark wood of the door feels like a dead-end road. He stands there for a minute, his hand reaching for the handle and falling to his side again multiple times. His bare feet are getting cold, as cold as his anxious heart. It’s silent inside, peaceful. He shouldn’t disturb their peace and quiet. Instead, he should return to his bed and forget about everything. Every touch, every longing.


Then his hand is on the handle, pushing down. It creaks - not much - but still very much audible in the silence. Shit. He’s about to close it again, run away when—


“Tae? That you?” Jimin sounds confused, sleepy, maybe scared too, and this is the last thing Taehyung wanted.


“C-can I come in?” his voice is shaky as if he’s about to start crying any second. This is not him. He isn’t a crier.


“What's up? Can't sleep?” More awake, less scared.


“I just. God, I sound like a little kid. I felt kind of lonely and—”


“Hop in,” Jimin interrupts him, holding the blanket up so Taehyung can slip underneath. “Come on, it’s cold.”


He can’t talk himself out of this now. Shame and relief are battling inside his mind when he takes the last few steps towards the bed. Jimin cuddles up to him immediately once he has climbed in, and Taehyung can’t help but feel relaxed and reassured with the way Jimin presses against him, solid and warm.


“Is hyung sleeping?” he whispers, not keen on waking Namjoon if he’s indeed asleep.


“No, hyung isn’t sleeping,” Namjoon murmurs, and Taehyung’s stomach clenches. “You're welcome to stay.”


Namjoon often sounds way too formal, even in situations like this. It’s hard to get used to, and when the three of them had just moved in together, Taehyung had always thought Namjoon didn’t like him. He had shared his concerns with Jimin back then, and Namjoon had come to him at one point, apologizing for making him feel this way unintentionally. 


“Thank you,” he says quietly, but Jimin hushes him by putting his index finger on his lips.


“It’s okay, Tae. Everyone gets lonely sometimes. We’ll always be here, you know? If you need us.”


Taehyung tries his best not to cry at Jimin’s words, so he just nods and snuggles that little bit closer. Jimin’s thumb is caressing his shoulder, his hand a warm comfort, and suddenly it’s easy to fall asleep. So easy to let go.




It only seems like minutes until the alarm on Taehyung’s phone goes off. The happy girl-group song echoing through the silent darkness of the room seems strangely out of place. Jimin grunts sleepily next to him, and Taehyung quickly dismisses the alarm, apologizing as he sits up. He’s reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort that has been given to him so generously, but then his feet touch the cold floor.


“Have a nice day at work, Tae,” Jimin says quietly, his voice halfway to dreamland again.


“You too.” He means it. Jimin’s supervisor has been giving him a lot of crap recently.


When there’s no further reaction, Taehyung tip-toes out of the room. Jimin and Namjoon are able to sleep for at least three more hours while he always has to leave in the dark, but at least he’s the first one back this way. It’s the end of the week already, so it’s just today and then two days of sweet nothingness.





Taehyung spends the whole morning at work thinking, trying to figure out if what he did last night was wrong, how he could have avoided barging into their privacy like that. He kneads the bread as if it’s his enemy, earning a suspicious look from his co-worker.


Would everything still be the same old, same old, if he hadn’t had the terribly stupid idea to watch that porn on the living room TV, instead of just watching it on the smaller one in his room? Would he still live alongside them? Not knowing how Jimin’s mouth felt on him, how perfect Namjoon’s thick length felt slamming into him, how good both of them tasted on his tongue? Not knowing how it felt to wake up next to both of them, feeling safe and welcomed.


Would he want to reverse all of this, just to get rid of this stupid longing inside of him?


The answer is no .


Even though he knows it should be yes .


This is when he knows he’s developing a crush on both of them. Namjoon and Jimin both.


He’s screwed. He is so fucking screwed.






Home from work, he curls up on the couch and is soon stuck on a sitcom. He knows Jimin hates the show, but Taehyung feels like he needs something mindlessly stupid. But before he can even get behind the ‘plot', the lack of sleep finally gets to him, and a second later he’s out like a light.





“Shh, let him sleep, Joon. He’s been so tired lately.”


“I just wanted to tuck him in.”


A blanket is being spread over him, Namjoon’s hand touches the crown of his head for a split second, and the small gesture is enough to stir butterflies in Taehyung’s stomach. Someone switches off the TV, footsteps retreat into the general direction of the kitchen, and then all he can hear are mumbled words, obscured by distance.


Sleep pulls him under again, and when he wakes up, it’s to a delicious smell. He blinks a few times before he realizes Jimin is holding a plate right under his nose, smiling expectantly.


“We figured you’d be hungry once you’d wake up. So Namjoon whipped something up.”


It’s more than something. It’s freaking lasagna. And Taehyung loves lasagna.


He sits up, staring at the filled plate. He doesn’t deserve this. He really doesn’t. But how can he decline when Jimin smiles so openly and warmly at him. Namjoon sits on the other end of the couch already, smiling at him as well. Unable to say anything, Taehyung simply starts stuffing his face, moaning at the delicious mixture of the sweetness of the tomatoes and the salty tinge of the seasoned ground meat.


“If I’d known it would be this easy to get a sound like this out of you just by cooking—”


“Joon! We’re eating!” Jimin complains, pretending to be scandalized as he covers his face with his hands.


“Sorry, not sorry,” Namjoon grins.


Taehyung just sits there. Cheeks probably as red as the tomato sauce. Jimin bursts into one of his epic laughing fits when he looks at Taehyung, and he lets himself pull along. It’s been a while since he laughed so wholeheartedly and it feels so damn good. He feels freed and careless, and maybe that is exactly what he needed today.


“Do I need to get you two an oxygen tank?” Namjoon asks while Taehyung and Jimin are still trying to get their composure back, but it all but fuels their hysterics again.





Later that night, Taehyung tries to tell himself that he’s fine with things as they are. They decided on watching the newest Marvel movie, as they hadn’t managed to see it while it was still played at the theater. There’s microwave popcorn on the table, cold beer in their glasses, and the sweet knowledge that neither of them needs to get up early the next day.


Jimin is lying stretched out between Taehyung and Namjoon, his head on Namjoon’s thighs, legs laid across Taehyung’s lap. It’s such a casual situation, but Taehyung still feels connected to them on a deeper level. He massages Jimin’s calf absentmindedly, loosening up the taut muscles while he’s trying to follow the plot.


“You should become a professional, Tae,” Jimin sighs, moving his legs so that Taehyung can reach the previously ignored left calf. “Why knead bread, when you can give perfectly fine massages to people. Or you know what— I’d rather you become my personal, professional massage therapist.”


“How much do you pay?” Taehyung asks jokingly.


“Enough?” Jimin says with a wink.


Namjoon chuckles at the randomness of their conversation, and Taehyung keeps kneading Jimin’s leg, loving the fact that Jimin doesn’t object, loves every sigh and sharp inhale he can pull from his lips.




Even the longest Marvel movie comes to an end at some point. Namjoon heads for the bathroom first, and before Taehyung can even think about leaving the couch too, Jimin is there, ghosting his lips over Taehyung’s before he sits back again, his eyes inquiring but otherwise unreadable.


“What was that for?” Taehyung doesn’t know where to look, what to do with his hands now that he isn’t busy with Jimin’s legs anymore. His lips are tingling, although Jimin barely touched him. 


“Payment for the massage,” Jimin says matter-of-factly. 


“I massaged you through half of the movie. That’s worth more than just a peck.” Fuck. What is he doing?


“Okay, sure. Proper actions require proper payment.” Jimin leans in again without further warning. This time Jimin’s lips find his with soft pressure, the smooth curves of his lips moving against Taehyung’s, searching, teasing, a slight nibble against his lower lip, asking for more. Taehyung gives in too easily, parts his lips to let Jimin explore further without thinking about it. His hand slides along the nape of Jimin’s neck, up into his hair as he pulls Jimin closer.


It’s different from the kisses they shared before. Slower, more intimate, not as heated and rushed. It stills his craving for touch, for attention, and releases a deeper need for it at the same time. He can’t win. Not like this. 


Suddenly, it feels wrong. Taehyung doesn’t know what he needs to do, what they all need to do to make it feel right. There’s this stupid burn at the back of his eyes, and he knows he needs to get out of there at once.


“I can't. I-I'm sorry. I—,” Taehyung chokes, removing Jimin’s hands from his shoulders. He can’t bear looking at him as he gets up from the couch and runs into his bedroom where he lets himself fall on his bed, punching his pillow as if it is the source of all his fucked-up problems. Then he starts crying. Big fat sobs are shattering through him, and he feels so, so stupid. What did he think? Why did he let Jimin kiss him like that? Why did Jimin kiss him in the first place? Why did he let him play with his feelings?


He winces when there’s a sudden knock on his door. Hastily, he tries to wipe the tears from his face, but it’s a futile attempt. 


“Kim Taehyung. Open your door.” Jimin sounds upset, worried. 


“’S open,” he croaks, although he doesn’t want to face neither Jimin nor Namjoon right now. He doesn’t think he’s able to take it.


Jimin comes in, sitting down on the edge of his bed with a carefulness Taehyung doesn’t recognize. Namjoon is there too, leaning against the doorframe. “Tell me, we've known each other for how long?”


“Fifteen years?” Taehyung takes a wild guess. He tries to get rid of the embarrassing tears on his face, but that doesn’t stop new ones from running down his cheeks.


“Exactly. You are not okay. I can tell.” Jimin is trying to reach out for him, but Taehyung quickly shakes his head.


“I'm sorry. I can't talk about it, Jimin. I really can't—”


“You never call me Jimin.” Hurt, Jimin lets his hands fall to his sides. Taehyung hates seeing him like this. This is not what he wanted. 


“You don't call me by my full name either, Min.”


“I’m sorry, Tae.” Jimin smiles softly, but there are tears in his eyes.


Taehyung feels like he doesn’t deserve this smile, feels like he should be the one to apologize.


This could be his chance. They’re both here. Both ready to listen to him. But he can’t. He isn’t ready, too scared of what’s going to happen once he tells them what he’s feeling, what he has imagined. This isn’t only about him. It will affect every single one of them.


“C-can we talk tomorrow?” he manages to say. He can’t know if he’s ready to talk tomorrow, but he sure as hell isn’t right now.


“Sure,” Jimin says. Namjoon nods in acknowledgment, although both of them seem hurt and it’s Taehyung’s fault. Then they leave together, wishing him a good night.





Falling asleep is a near impossible endeavor again, and he wishes so much for a few hours of peace and quiet, without his mind playing through endless scenarios. He stares up at the ceiling for what feels like hours as he tries to fight the real, physical ache around the general region of his heart that makes it hard for him to breathe.


Soft moans are starting to sound along the hallway, sneaking into his room from under the door. Taehyung swallows heavily. He’s used to hearing them every now and then, but it was different before. He can put pictures to the sounds now. He reaches down and wraps his hands around his cock. How is it that the sheer sound of their moans can make him feel like this?


He flips onto his stomach, pressing his face into his pillow to muffle his own moans, as he continues to pump his erection. He remembers how Namjoon slid into Jimin so easily, despite his size. Jimin’s ragged moans which barely reach his room, are proof that this is quite exactly what is happening in the other room. The moans have something desperate to them, closer to sobs than actual sounds of pleasure, but Taehyung already feels the familiar heat accumulating right below his abdomen. He comes into his boxers, whimpering into his pillow, his chest heaving with how fast his breath is going.


Everything’s just taken a turn for the worse. His bed feels too big, too empty, too cold. He feels dirty when he reaches for a tissue to clean himself. He should have looked away, cover his ears, whatever. Now, he feels like a voyeur of the worst kind. 


He shouldn’t have.





Taehyung sleeps terribly, dreams about Namjoon throwing him out of their apartment, and when he wakes up around nine in the morning, he feels like he hasn’t slept at all. His head is a fuzzy mess, his eyes are swollen from crying, and he just wants to stay in bed, doesn’t feel like he can face either of them today, not after what he did last night.


He takes a shower in his enclosed bathroom and then goes straight back to bed, starting Netflix on his phone, to take his mind off of things. It doesn’t work too well, but at least it gets him through half of the day. Occasionally, he dozes off over a particularly dull episode, but there isn’t much to miss anyway.


It’s half-past five in the afternoon when a message pops up on his phone. It surprises him a little that it’s from Namjoon.



For how much longer are you planning on playing the hermit? 😉 

Come outside, please. We need to talk. (There also is leftover lasagna.)



He gets up and pads into the living room while everything inside him tells him not to go, but he also knows he can’t keep doing this. He can’t avoid them forever if he doesn’t want to make their daily life at the apartment awkward.


Namjoon and Jimin are both sitting on the couch, waiting for him. Jimin’s eyes are red as if he’d been crying. 


“You’re avoiding us,” he says before Taehyung can even do as much as sit down.


“What is this? An intervention?” Taehyung snaps, settling down at the far end of the couch, and he regrets it as soon as the words left his mouth, and he sees Jimin’s reaction.


“No,” Jimin whispers, looking hurt, so hurt. “No, it’s not.”


“What changed, Taehyung-ah?” Namjoon asks, after a moment of silence that seems to stretch into eternity. “You avoided us today, and you’ve been acting off all week. Was it too much what we did last week?”


“It’s—” He hesitates. “It’s not that.” He pulls his legs up, resting his chin on his knees as he hugs them close to his body, creating an armor of sorts, something to shield him. “I liked what we were doing. You both know that.”


“Then help us out here, Tae,” Jimin begs.


“It was the next morning,” he breathes, barely audible. “I didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want it to end.”


“Tae—,” Jimin says softly.


“I know, I’m sorry. I suddenly have those stupid ideas.” He needs to stop talking himself into a corner he can’t come out from. “I don’t want to mess things up, just because I can’t tell sex apart from— other things and— lately I wanted it to be other things, I wanted it to be more, and it’s so stupid and egoistic of me, and maybe I should just move out and—”


“Stop,” Jimin says, and when Taehyung looks up to him, he’s smiling. They are both smiling, sharing a knowing look Taehyung can’t quite place. It’s not the reaction he was expecting. He expected betrayed looking faces, disappointment, disgust, incomprehension, but sure as hell, not smiles and warm eyes.


“I don’t know how to put this,” Namjoon starts. “We wanted to talk to you about this particular morning, because Jimin and I, we were both able to feel that something was different, and we liked it too, Taehyung. It’s not just you.”


Taehyung feels like his breath has been knocked out of him. He feels dizzy, not sure if he’s heard correctly or if it’s his delusional mind making things up.


Jimin leaves his position on the couch to sit down next to Taehyung, smoothing Taehyung’s fringe from his eyes, and then rests his small, cold hand against Taehyung’s heated cheeks.


“We wanted to talk to you about it yesterday evening, but then you ran out after I kissed you, and I was so worried that it was too much for you to handle, that we were expecting the wrong things from you altogether.”


Namjoon joins them, sitting down on Taehyung’s other side. It’s already more than he can handle, tears are welling up in his eyes all over again. He’s not used to having all those feelings all at once, and when Namjoon presses a gentle kiss against his temple, he just crumbles, clinging onto Namjoon, crying into his shirt. The built-up tension of the last few days dissolves in another surge of sobs, but Namjoon holds him tight, lets him cry while Jimin – or at least Taehyung thinks it’s Jimin – is rubbing calming circles against his back.


“I hope you won’t start crying each and every time we touch you,” Jimin murmurs as he hands him a tissue so he can clean his face whenever he’s ready, but Taehyung can hear him smiling, and the sound of it suffices to make his tears slow down. He still hiccups on a stray sob every now and then, and he still doesn’t feel ready to leave the refuge that is Namjoon’s hug, still doesn’t know if he’s dreaming or imagining it all. 


Eventually, he looks up again, trying to dry his tear-streaked face.


“Oh god, Tae. You look horrible,” Jimin laughs quietly, trying to break the tension.


“I bet, I do,” Taehyung says, “I’m so sorry about your shirt, hyung.” 


Namjoon waves his apology away. Instead, he ruffles Taehyung’s hair affectionately. The warmth that starts spreading through his body has nothing to do with the heat of embarrassment he felt before. He could get used to this. He really could get used to this.





“We need to figure things out,” Namjoon says when they’re sitting around the kitchen table half an hour later, all of them indulging in the leftover lasagna.


“There can’t be any jealousy,” Jimin agrees and Taehyung nods to that. “There can’t be secrets either.”


Taehyung and Namjoon both hum in agreement.


He still feels like he’s floating, can’t believe they’re discussing the matter now, while they are eating together. It makes everything real and palpable, and just the littlest bit frightening. Can he kiss any of them whenever he wants to now?


“Of course, you can,” Jimin laughs, accompanied by Namjoon’s low chuckle, and Taehyung can’t believe he said that out loud. This is when he realizes that he hasn’t kissed Namjoon yet. He had always been afraid to be rejected, been afraid that sex was all that mattered to Namjoon, that he didn’t want more than that. 


Apparently, Taehyung has been wrong about a lot of things.


Hesitantly, he speaks up, he can’t help but feel a little inferior to the pair of them. Although he’s known Jimin for much longer than Namjoon has, they share a bond of emotional depth, of unconditional love. “We need to make sure that nothing changes between us if this doesn’t work out. I know I shouldn’t be the one to bring this up, especially not after today, but I just think this is important and that we needed to talk about this at least once.”


“You’re right, Tae,” Jimin says. “ I’m afraid, too, I guess we all are. But I can’t see why this shouldn’t work out. We have to try. Right?”





This night, sleep comes easily.


When he’d wanted to go into his own room after they decided to put an end to another movie marathon, Jimin looked at him as if Taehyung had lost his mind. They had been closer than usual on the couch, all of them searching for proximity, for one another’s warmth. There'd still been a careful air around them, but that hadn’t held them back from cuddling. 



Now Taehyung is lying in the middle, caged between Namjoon and Jimin, and he’s practically suffocated by all the warmth and comfort. But in a good way. In the best way.


Jimin’s head is cradled in the crook of Taehyung’s neck, arm slung lazily around his waist while Namjoon is hugging him from behind, holding Taehyung safely against his upper chest. He revels in the knowledge that he can have this every night now as Namjoon laces his fingers through Taehyung’s.




Taehyung wakes up to Namjoon, caressing his hair. He blinks his eyes open slowly, realizing that he’s alone with him in the huge bed, realizing that this isn’t a dream, that everything that happened the day before wasn’t a dream. 


“Morning,” Namjoon says, his voice still rough from sleep. “Jimin went to get us some pastries for breakfast.”


“For real? He knows what I do as a job, right?”


“You deserve to rest for once too, Taehyung.”


Maybe Namjoon is right about that. It feels good to lie in bed, having someone caress his hair. He tilts his head slightly, so he can look up at Namjoon and is surprised when he meets his gaze. It catches him unaware, and Taehyung can’t help but bite his lower lip. Suddenly, he doesn’t know where to look.


“Taehyung,” Namjoon whispers, “You don’t need to be shy around me. I know you are a lot closer to Jimin as of now, so it will be easier with him at first, but I want this as much as he does.” He pauses. “And I’m going to kiss you now.”


Taehyung’s stomach gets wrecked with butterflies when Namjoon is suddenly draped halfway over him, propping himself up on his elbows left and right from Taehyung’s torso. He’s barely able to catch his breath before Namjoon’s lips meet his.


The kiss is new and different, and Taehyung loves the determination with which Namjoon is exploring his lips. He lets them part slightly, and Namjoon follows his invitation, letting his tongue slide against Taehyung’s, slowly and sensually. Taehyung knows that Namjoon has to feel his erection awakening as his thigh is placed snug against Taehyung’s crotch, but he tries to ignore it, instead he tries focussing on the kiss, Namjoon’s taste against his tongue, the way he nibbles on Taehyung’s lower lip, only to let his tongue slide over his lip soothingly after. Namjoon makes him feel like he belongs and takes all the awkwardness away.


They only back away from each other reluctantly, when Jimin calls, “I’m home!”


Taehyung tries to cover up the slight bulge in his pants the best he can when they walk towards the kitchen, but a look at Namjoon’s sweatpants shows that he isn’t unfazed by their kiss either, and Taehyung can’t help but feel a little proud that he made Namjoon feel this way.


Jimin’s knowing smirk when he looks at them coming into the kitchen, says it all. 


“I guess you two had a nice time waking up, while I was running through half of the city to find an open bakery,” he says as he walks up to them, giving both of them a peck on the lips. “Breakfast. Now. I’m starving.”


Taehyung is hungry as well. He's only eaten the leftover lasagna the day before and not much of it either because he was still shaken. But now he digs in, munching happily on his croissant, knowing that everything’s alright between them, that he won’t feel lonely anymore. 


They have all the time in the world to figure out this new situation, their new bond. Taehyung feels ready, he feels excited, because he knows, he just knows they are going to make this work, and there is nothing that could make him happier right now. Nothing.




Chapter Text

Taehyung wakes up to soft lips pressing against his own. He sighs into the gentle touch, while his eyes are slowly blinking open. For a few seconds he’s disoriented, he doesn’t know what time it is or if he’s in their bed or on the couch. Then he feels the rough woven fabric of the couch under his fingertips, sees the light bleeding in through the blinds, playing around Namjoon’s outline who has taken a seat next to him. 


Naps on the couch after work have become a habit. Most of the time, when Namjoon comes home a few hours after Taehyung, he lets him sleep until Jimin arrives as well, cooking something in the meantime so they can all eat together. It feels strangely domestic, a new routine they didn’t have before, but Taehyung wouldn’t want to miss one of their dinners for the world.


It’s been a little more than a week since the three of them confessed to each other, but Taehyung still hasn’t gotten the hang of acting naturally around Namjoon. Jimin and Namjoon both have been going out of their ways to include him, to make him feel like he belongs with them. It would’ve gone well so far if it wasn’t for Taehyung’s inability to stop his mind from spinning, doubting himself, and his place in their relationship.


“Welcome home.” Taehyung’s voice sounds unused when he mumbles the words against Namjoon’s lips that are back on his now, trying to steal another kiss.


“Can I join you?” Namjoon sits back up, his hand resting on Taehyung’s biceps as he watches him. 


“Sure, hyung.” 


It’s the first time Namjoon has asked if he could join him for his nap, so Taehyung quickly scoots closer to the backrest, making room for Namjoon to lie down next to him. Namjoon offers his broad shoulder to Taehyung, and he takes the chance, snuggling up to him while one of his legs is entangling with Namjoon’s.


Breathing in Namjoon’s scent is laced with familiarity by now. The expensive perfume mixed with the clean smell of starch from the white dress shirt Namjoon is wearing gives Taehyung a warm feeling of comfort. He’s sure he will doze off again any second.


“You know you can drop the honorifics if you want, right?” Namjoon says once he made sure that Taehyung is comfortable.


“But you like it when—”


“Taehyung. I like it in certain situations, but it doesn’t mean you need to call me hyung all the time.”


Taehyung feels heat creeping over his cheeks. Firstly, he loves it when Namjoon calls him by his full name. Secondly, yes, he noticed. There had been a moment, almost a month ago, when Jimin called Namjoon sir, during that overwhelming first night. Taehyung still isn’t sure if he heard correctly, or if his fucked-out mind had made things up. He hides his face against Namjoon’s chest, trying to block out the thoughts which force themselves upon him.


“Hmm, you two are the cutest,” Namjoon chuckles. “Both of you are shameless in bed, but once you’re required to talk about it, you’re all blushes and squirms.” He rubs the part between Taehyung’s shoulder blades as if he wants to try calming him down, kissing the crown of his head, his nose nuzzling through Taehyung’s hair.


Taehyung feels really brave when he stutters out his next thought, glad that Namjoon can’t look at his face from the position they are in. 


“You like being in control in bed, right?”


Silence falls, and Taehyung is scared that he overstepped his limits with his question. Suddenly, he feels warm all over with embarrassment. It’s nagging, probing. But then Namjoon sighs, his hand still a welcome weight on Taehyung’s back. 


“I can’t deny that, but I like vanilla sex all the same.”


“Vanilla?” Taehyung thinks that he has heard of this one, but he isn’t sure if he got the meaning right. Something seems wrong, Namjoon is stilling, becoming rigid. 


“Taehyung, do you know anything about BDSM?”


Taken aback, all Taehyung can do is shake his head.


“Shit. I’m sorry, I thought you were familiar with BDSM, because of the way you reacted during that first time.” It became a habit for the three of them to refer to that accidental first sexual encounter as that first time. “Vanilla sex is just sex without kinks playing into it. If I had known that you didn’t know anything about it, I would never have— Damn, Taehyung. I’m really sorry.”


Taehyung doesn’t get why Namjoon sounds so upset, stunned about the turn their conversation’s taken. He wouldn’t even have dared to think that the way Namjoon had acted towards him, and towards Jimin too, had anything to do with that kind of lifestyle. 


“You don’t need to apologize,” Taehyung says, hoping that his voice won’t betray him. “Everything was fine. I liked how you talked to me and ordered me around, so I don’t see the problem?”


“We didn’t talk about it beforehand. That makes it a problem. I’m supposed to take care of you when I put myself in this position, and that includes talking about it with my s— with the people involved.”


“But you didn’t hurt me or anything.”


“BDSM is not about hurting someone, Taehyung. It’s about trust and taking care of the person who trusts you with everything. Jimin and I, we are mostly into the ‘D/s’ part.”


“Which means?” 


“You already figured that out without knowing. Dominance and submission.”


“Okay,” Taehyung swallows thickly. Yes, he had already figured that out, kind of. Not knowing of the terminology, but seeing how Namjoon and Jimin had acted around each other back then, the way Namjoon had talked to him. He had loved the sensation of feeling small in a way, insignificant, although he didn’t know what was happening.


“Taehyung?” Namjoon draws circles on his back again. 




“Are you okay? I didn’t plan to drop it on you like this. Jimin mentioned that you were most likely clueless, but—,” he trails off.


Taehyung tries to collect his thoughts. The three of them didn’t have sex again since they – he’s not sure if he can call it that – became boyfriends. It’s become something special, something meaningful, something they want to do when the time is right.


Two weeks ago, Taehyung was constantly on the verge of breaking, unable to understand why he wanted what he wanted. It suddenly hits him that he is indeed lying here, in Namjoon’s arms, waiting for Jimin to come home to them to enjoy their weekend, and he just presses his face against the soft slope of Namjoon’s neck, overwhelmed by his feelings.


“Taehyung,” Namjoon says when Taehyung doesn’t answer, too lost in figuring out what it means that his heart hurts with an intensity he can’t place. “Please know that I would never expect anything from you that you don’t feel comfortable with.”


“I know, hyung,” he whispers. Only realizing then that he used the honorific again, but he doesn’t know how to call him without it. Jimin calls him ‘Joon,’ but it’s something that belongs only to them. 


“Everything's still new. It will take some time to figure it out. For all of us.” Namjoon says as he continues caressing Taehyung’s hair. “About the BDSM part,” he pauses as if he’s waiting for a reaction, an answer, anything from Taehyung, so Taehyung nods. “I don’t know if you realize, but there’s— you have a natural way to submit yourself. I don’t know if you want to explore this side of you further, if you would be open to try playing with us at some point. But if you feel like trying, we’re here to talk, to explain. You don’t need to decide right now.”


“Okay,” Taehyung whispers. His heart is beating too fast, it’s as if his body has already decided for him, but then a horrible thought worms its way into his mind. “What if I don’t like it? What if this isn’t for me?”


“Taehyung, calm down,” Namjoon says softly, “I can only guess what you’re thinking right now, but as I said before, we don’t expect anything from you. You shouldn’t feel obligated. If it isn’t for you, we won’t like you any less, so please don’t rack your brain about it, hmm? We want to be with you. I want to be with you.”


“I’m trying.” He is. Taehyung knows Namjoon is patient and loving. He had the chance to observe how his relationship with Jimin evolved during the three years they’ve been living together, but he still can’t believe he’s meant to be a part of it now as well.




Another kiss is placed on the top of his head, and it doesn’t take long until he can hear Namjoon’s breathing even out. Warmth and comfort never fail to make Taehyung fall asleep, and so he presses himself even closer to Namjoon and slowly drifts back to sleep.







When Taehyung wakes up again, it’s dark outside, but the lamp in the corner of the living room has been turned on, spreading a soft, warm light throughout the room. Jimin must have come home while they were sleeping. Taehyung sits up carefully, trying not to wake up Namjoon, who is still asleep, snoring lightly.


“Hey, sleepyhead.” Jimin sits on the other part of the couch, his laptop on his thighs with the screen illuminating his face.


“Hey, Min. Why didn’t you wake us?”


“I still had some work to do. I ordered in Chinese food. It should be here any second. I hope that’s okay.” He looks tired. The deep shadows under his eyes stand out against his pale skin and his ash-blond hair. It makes him look like he hasn’t slept for days, and Taehyung can’t stand seeing him like this, instantly gets the feeling that he needs to do something about it.


He gets up, tiptoeing his way around Namjoon as he joins Jimin on the extended part of the couch. Taehyung takes the laptop away from him, ignoring his protest as he places the device on the coffee table before he pulls Jimin into a bone-crushing hug.


“Tae. Can’t. Breathe. What are you doing?” Jimin yelps, giggling at the sudden attack.


“You looked like you needed a good, long hug.” Taehyung loosens his arms around Jimin’s shoulders a bit when he finally feels him responding to the hug.


“Who needs a good, long hug?” Namjoon asks, his rich voice still sounding sleepy when he joins them.


“I do, apparently,” Jimin wheezes as he tries to wriggle out of Taehyung’s grip, but he has no chance against his strong arms that are steeled from kneading bread almost every day.


Taehyung and Jimin both let out an oof when Namjoon throws himself on top of Taehyung, squashing both of them underneath him.


“Seriously, Joon?” Jimin laughs, and they turn into a mess of arms and legs and tickles and giggles until the doorbell rings, and they have to get up to accept their ordered food.





It’s another lazy evening. They eat and then start a new series on Netflix. Well, at least Namjoon and Taehyung do, wearing their Bluetooth headphones, so they won’t disturb Jimin, who still hasn’t finished his work for the day. Taehyung notices the worried glances Namjoon steals at Jimin now and then, and Taehyung is concerned as well.


Jimin hasn’t been happy with his work for quite some time. Recently he can’t even relax at home, his laptop is always somewhere near him, and he’s typing into it with a frown that never leaves his face, just as he’s doing now. Taehyung already knows that it’s impossible to talk him out of it, tell him to put the laptop away and continue whatever he’s working on the next day. He has been Jimin’s best friend long enough to know that Jimin is not one to give up easily. He always pushes through even if it means that he’ll end up unhappy.


When Taehyung looks at Jimin again a few minutes later, he nodded off, his laptop sliding halfway down his legs, his head hanging down towards his chest with his neck bent in an unhealthy angle.


Taehyung takes off his headphones and touches Namjoon’s knee lightly to get his attention before he points at Jimin.


Sighing, Namjoon looks at his watch. “Maybe we should all call it a day. I nearly dozed off as well. You go ahead, I’ll bring Jimin with me when I’ve gotten ready for bed.”



Taehyung already changed into more comfortable clothes when he came home, so he simply pulls off his sweatpants after he brushed his teeth in his bathroom, and then goes back to their bedroom, slipping under the covers in his oversized shirt and loose boxer shorts.


It’s past his usual bedtime on weekdays, but early for a Friday night. He still has trouble keeping his eyes open as he scrolls through his Twitter timeline, waiting for Namjoon and Jimin to join him. It doesn’t take too long for Namjoon to enter the bedroom, carrying Jimin in his arms.


Namjoon places Jimin gently in Taehyung’s waiting arms, and then lies down behind Jimin, closing his arms around both of them. Taehyung loves how it has become a natural routine to sleep in the same bed together. 


“He didn’t even wake up when I picked him up,” Namjoon says quietly, “I’m worried about him.”


“Yeah, I am too. I wish we could do something to make him feel better.”


“I wanted to take both of you out for a date tomorrow anyway.” Namjoon’s smile is evident in his voice. “He wanted to try out that new amusement park for a while now, maybe it will take his mind off of work for a few hours if that’s something you’d like to do too, Taehyung.”


“I’d love to. I haven’t been to an amusement park since I was a kid, and still way too small to go on all the cool rides. And having my two amazing boyfriends with me, what could be— oh— oh, shit— sorry. I—” Taehyung bites on his tongue, wishing he could bite it right off. God. Why is his brain to mouth filter so freaking messed up?


“Damn, I wish Jimin was awake. He wanted this so bad,” Namjoon says softly, his eyes are full of mirth and warm when he looks at Taehyung.




“You to voice it out like this,” Namjoon says. “Boyfriends.”


“But— It’s only been a week and—”


“I wish I could take all of your doubts away somehow, Taehyung.”


“Sometimes, I just don’t get how you can be okay with it. With sharing. So suddenly,” Taehyung mumbles.


He really doesn’t know, and that’s what’s been bothering him the most. He can’t wrap his mind around how it can be so easy for Namjoon and Jimin to let him into their relationship. Yes, they have been living under the same roof for quite some time, and some parts of their life together had already been close to a relationship in one way or another. Especially with Jimin. 


“You are stupid, Tae,” Jimin murmurs sleepily, “Sharing is caring.”


“You did not just say that,” Taehyung groans, hiding his face with his free hand. “Why are you even awake, Min?”


“Tae, listen. We talked about this for days on end. We are sure. And— Joon, help me out here,” he whines, his voice still roughed up from his nap.


“We want to make you happy. We want you to belong. And you calling us your boyfriends, it’s amazing. It tells us that you trust us, and you want to be with us, just as much as we want to be with you,” Namjoon continues.


“He did what?” Jimin almost screams, suddenly very awake.


“You missed it by seconds, baby,” Namjoon says.


“I’m not saying it again,” Taehyung scowls, he’s still hiding his face. Too embarrassed to look at either of— his boyfriends. The frown on his face morphs into a smile, and there’s nothing he can do about it.


Jimin pulls Taehyung’s hand away from his face and comes closer.


Then his lips are on Taehyung’s. Soft but urging. Taking all his worries away. The whole atmosphere is changing, the air in the room is almost buzzing with want and anticipation.


Taehyung reaches out to cup Jimin’s jaw and then lets his hand wander from there to the back of his neck, toying with the tickling hair on his hairline. The kiss deepens quickly. Jimin allows Taehyung to explore willingly, then he returns the favor, licking teasingly over the roof of Taehyung’s mouth before he starts sliding their tongues together with slow deliberation.


Jimin is a fantastic kisser, they both are. As if Namjoon heard his thoughts, he nudges Jimin slightly.


“Scoot over,” he says softly, and Jimin climbs over Taehyung to his other side – keeping one leg between Taehyung’s – so now he’s in the middle, caught between them. Jimin keeps kissing him, one of his hands caressing Taehyung’s lower stomach under the hem of his oversized sleeping shirt.


Taehyung wonders for a second what happened to calling it a day, but how can he complain?


Namjoon comes closer, peppering kisses along the side of his neck, his fingers caressing the sensitive skin of his right thigh. Taehyung gasps when Namjoon’s hot mouth lingers where his neck meets his shoulder, sucking and biting gently on the skin, and he knows what he’s doing, knows the meaning it holds.


“Namjoon,” he whimpers, breaking away from kissing Jimin. He realizes it’s the first time he’s calling Namjoon something else than hyung. It came naturally to him, but he can feel his cheeks heating up nevertheless.


“You're ours now,” Jimin whispers against Taehyung’s lips when he sees how Namjoon marks him.


It takes Taehyung’s breath away. The sensation of Namjoon sucking on his skin, the look in Jimin’s eyes when he says those words, it’s overwhelming, and all he can do is bury his hands in Namjoon’s hair, as more helpless sounds are escaping his lips.


Jimin’s hand, which had been lingering on his abdomen, slides down, over the fabric of his boxers, and Taehyung can’t help uttering out a desperate sound when Jimin starts to palm over his awakening bulge. Involuntarily, he arches his hips up to meet Jimin’s touches.


“Oh, Tae. So hard from just kissing?”


“And you’re not?” Taehyung reaches for Jimin’s crotch, tracing the outline of his hardening cock, making Jimin gasp with the sudden contact.


Namjoon looks up, a satisfied smile on his lips as he gets up on his knees next to Taehyung. His right hand is still on Taehyung’s thigh, only a little closer to his dick than a moment ago. “Now that you’ve established how hard you two are. Anyone caring about touching me, too?”


Taehyung whimpers from the loss when Jimin’s hand leaves him be to reach for Namjoon instead. Jimin pulls the waistband of Namjoon’s silky pajama pants down, and it’s quite a sight how Namjoon’s cock springs free without the restriction. 


If it didn’t sound so stupid, Taehyung would say that Namjoon’s cock is drop-dead gorgeous. Jimin’s small hand can’t even reach fully around the half-hard base. Taehyung still remembers how it felt buried deep inside him, filling him up so well, and he wants it again. Wants it so bad.


Namjoon groans as his dick comes alive under Jimin’s hands. Taehyung is aware that he’s staring, but he can’t bring himself to look away as Jimin leans in, bringing his lips to Namjoon’s, using his free hand to guide Namjoon where he wants to be touched.


Taehyung leans back, simply enjoying the view of Jimin and Namjoon kissing above him while they’re touching each other with visible desperation. It has been a week for them as well after all.


Taehyung touches himself through the fabric of his underwear but decides soon enough that he needs more and pulls his boxers down far enough so he can wrap his hand around his freed cock. His thumb glides over the tip, collecting the already accumulating precum to make for an easier slide. An involuntary moan escapes Taehyung’s lips, and suddenly, the attention is back on him again.


“Tae, you are so beautiful like this,” Jimin says quietly.


“’m not,” he mumbles, embarrassed.


“Of course you are, angel.” Namjoon leans down to him, pushes the bangs out of his face so he can kiss Taehyung’s forehead. “How do you want us?”


Taehyung isn’t sure he’s breathing anymore, his heart rate is doubling. He knows what he wants, but saying it out loud is a lot. Then there’s still the fact that Namjoon asked so openly, calling him angel .


“Want to get fucked by you, Namjoon.”


Something raw and proud is flickering through Namjoon’s eyes when Taehyung finally gathers the courage to voice it out. But then he looks over to Jimin, worried that it isn’t okay for him.


“I’m fine, Tae. You could blow me while I watch Joon taking you, though. Please? It’ll be enough for me tonight.”


Taehyung nods. Of course, he can. He loves giving head, loves that he can make someone feel good with just a few flicks of his tongue, loves the taste of cum on his tongue afterward, knowing that he did well, that he was the one who made it happen. He hasn’t gotten to finish either of them off like this yet.


They get rid of the last pieces of clothing before they change positions. Jimin is sitting up against the headrest, Taehyung kneeling between his spread legs. He’s kissing Jimin again while Namjoon is getting the lube from the nightstand drawer.


“Have you been with anyone since you last got tested?” Namjoon asks suddenly, startling Taehyung with the unexpected question. He breaks his kiss with Jimin, meets Namjoon’s gaze, and doesn’t quite know how to read the look in his eyes.


“No, I haven’t. Just the both of you.”


“Do you want me to use a condom, Taehyung?”


“No, I— I— fuck. I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you. All of you.”


Taehyung catches the look Namjoon and Jimin share with each other after he has stuttered his answer out, and it is one of deep understanding and love and trust. There’s a reason he had become Jimin’s best friend when they both happened to be in the same class in middle school. Only a few days into their friendship, they blindly understood each other. Taehyung is sure he can get to this sort of understanding with Namjoon as well at some point. Taehyung is more than glad he belongs to them.


“If that’s okay?” An afterthought.


“Tae,” Jimin’s husky voice takes him back from his thought-clouded mind, “Need your mouth—”


Cock twitching at Jimin’s words, he obliges, kissing his way from Jimin’s mouth over his lean neck, resting shortly on his collarbone – too alluring to ignore it. He ghosts over Jimin’s nipples with his tongue, which is eliciting quiet gasps from Jimin, so he stays there for a while as well. Anything to make him feel good, to get his mind off of things. Continuing his way over the smooth dips of Jimin’s stomach, Taehyung leaves kisses and wet trails of his tongue.


Before Taehyung can reach his destination, he hears the cap of the lube snapping shut, and a few seconds later he feels Namjoon’s fingers probing gently over his rim. It’s hard to keep focusing on Jimin when Namjoon slides in the first finger. It feels so intimate, so good to have Namjoon’s long finger inside him, he pleads for the second soon, needs the stretch, needs to feel full.


“You really want this, hmm?” Namjoon says.


“Y-yes.” A breathless sigh. 


Jimin tugs gently on Taehyung’s hair, trying to divide his focus between him and Namjoon. So, Taehyung finally gets to Jimin’s cock, running his tongue around the tip once, then twice, to lick up the precum. He is rewarded with soft moans, subdued by the back of Jimin’s hand. Taehyung reaches up to pull it away from his mouth.


“Don’t. I wanna hear you.”


Jimin looks so perfect, so heavenly. His cock is glistening, slick with precum and saliva, his cheeks flushed, his lips swollen and wet from kissing, and Taehyung couldn’t look away, even if he wanted to.


His attention is torn away from Jimin again when Namjoon curls his fingers, and finally, finally touches him where he needs to be touched. He keeps brushing against his prostate, each touch better than the one before as the sensation builds up. 


“Please,” he moans against Jimin’s cock, “Please, Namjoon.” The name is still foreign on his lips, but it’s getting easier each time he uses it.


“Patience, angel,” Namjoon murmurs, and then the cap of the bottle clicks again. When Taehyung hears Namjoon groaning behind him, he has to turn around, wants to see how Namjoon lubes himself up. Taehyung leaves his hand on the base of Jimin’s cock, stroking only sporadically.




Namjoon’s head is tilted back, his lips parted, his long fingers pumping his cock, and Taehyung is sure he could come from watching this alone.




“I’m ready, just— Please.”


Namjoon gently spreads Taehyung’s cheeks with both of his hands, pushing in, slowly and carefully until he’s fully buried inside Taehyung. Taehyung has missed the feeling, although it had only happened once before. Namjoon fills him out so well, reaches so deep. He lets his head sink down on Jimin’s hip, not able to do anything else, even breathing is too much.


Jimin caresses over his hair and whispers, “Take your time, Tae.”


Namjoon stills for a while to let Taehyung become accustomed to the stretch, to let him breathe. 


Soon Taehyung is testing the waters with soft rolls of his hips, encouraging Namjoon to start meeting them. He thrusts into him slowly, but deep. So very deep. There’s something about the slow pace, which makes everything— more. More intimate, more intense. Just more.


Namjoon is holding onto his hips so Taehyung can get back to Jimin. He flattens his tongue against the underside of Jimin’s flushed cock and finally goes down on him for real, swallows around him as his cock is hitting the back of his throat. Jimin whimpers lowly, full of lust and desire, and although Namjoon tries to hold him back against him, he is pushed forward onto Jimin’s cock with every thrust of Namjoon’s hips. It’s lewd in all the right ways. 


Jimin’s moans, that are reaching a higher pitch by the second, are proof that he thinks so as well.


“Tae, ’m gonna come,” Jimin gasps. 


Taehyung goes back to sucking on the head, his tongue rubbing over the spot just under it. Jimin gets pushed over the edge by his touches, his cum hits the back of Taehyung’s throat, and he swallows it all, keeps milking Jimin until he writhes underneath him from oversensitivity.


“Love your taste,” he says breathlessly.


“It was good, Tae. You’re so, so good,” Jimin whispers, caressing Taehyung’s cheek. 


Taehyung basks in the praise, god, he loves how Jimin looks underneath him.


Suddenly, Namjoon pulls out of him completely, and Taehyung can’t help to whine at the sudden loss of fullness.


“I just want to see your face when you come,” Namjoon says, as he turns Taehyung around so he can face him, sealing his lips shut with a kiss. It’s not very refined, they are both too riled up to care. Their breaths are mingling, their tongues a playful mess. They only stop when Namjoon closes his hand around Taehyung’s almost painfully hard cock, making him gasp for air.


Taehyung recedes then, his back leaning against Jimin’s chest, and Jimin wraps his arms around him at once, caressing the planes of Taehyung’s torso. Namjoon pulls him up against him by his hip, and then he’s finally back in, his cock hitting Taehyung’s insides at a different angle. Taehyung wraps his legs around Namjoon’s hips, luring him even deeper. They both groan loudly at the new pleasure.


“You are perfect, Taehyung. Look at you. So beautiful,” Namjoon groans quietly, his eyes locked with Taehyung’s.


Taehyung doesn’t get what Jimin is doing at first when he presses down slightly on his lower abdomen with his hand, but with the next roll of Namjoon’s hips, he understands.


“Fuck, how—”


Namjoon’s cock presses directly into his prostate every time he thrusts into him like this. Jimin doesn’t lessen the pressure on his abdomen, and Taehyung can’t think clearly anymore. It’s too much. The pressure, the fullness, the proximity. It’s when it overwhelms him, his mind clouded with lust. Peripherally, he can hear Jimin gasping behind him, and when he looks down at his stomach, it’s painted with white ribbons of his own cum.


Jimin holds Taehyung up when Namjoon tenses over him, shuddering as he releases inside him, Taehyung’s name on his lips, his face a piece of art.


“Fuck, Tae. You came untouched, that’s so hot,” Jimin whispers as Namjoon slides out of him and is lying down next to them on his back, his head cradled against the dip of Taehyung’s hip joint. Somehow, Jimin managed to tangle all three of their hands together. And it feels so good, just lying there, basking in the afterglow. Knowing that he is more than welcome.


“I never did before. It was all you.” Taehyung can feel his cheeks flush again.


“Yeah, well. We are your boyfriends, so—” Jimin smiles at him softly.


“Yes, you are. Best boyfriends a guy could want.”


Jimin, smiles even wider, now that he heard it from Taehyung himself.


“Let’s get cleaned up before we fall asleep,” Jimin yawns after a while.


They do so, taking their sweet time showering together and when they are finally back in bed, sheets changed, it’s almost three in the morning. They fall asleep almost immediately, and when the morning comes, they start all over, only leaving the bed for minor necessities such as food for the rest of the weekend.




It’s a newly found intimacy. Taehyung thinks that it’s the best weekend of his entire life. Forgotten is the planned trip to the amusement park, but there are so many weekends yet to come. So many memories they can make together.


When they go to sleep around nine o’clock this Sunday evening, Taehyung feels deliciously sore in all the right places. He’ll probably feel it all week, but there’s nothing he would want to exchange for this weekend. The time together dissolved most of his worries, made him feel that he belongs with them. His boyfriends. He would have never thought a label like this would make him happy. But it does.



Chapter Text

“I can’t believe him,” Jimin fumes as he hangs up. He looks deflated, setting down his phone on the coffee table with much force than necessary. For a moment, he just stands there, his breath going hard. “My senior editor wants me to cover this huge press conference down in Busan because he’s too lazy to go himself.”


“When do you have to leave?” Taehyung asks. He gets up from the couch, and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist from behind to calm him down, his nose nuzzling against Jimin’s neck before he lets his chin rest on his shoulder.


“Two weeks from now, for three days, and over the weekend too, of course. It would have been your weekend off too, Tae.”


“I guess we can’t help it if it’s for work,” Taehyung says, although his heart is sinking. It isn’t like Jimin hasn’t had to leave for work before, but it’s different now. It’s been almost three months, and they’ve been looking forward to this weekend, planning a real date for once, then spend the following Sunday in bed. Lately, it’s been hard to find days or even hours they can spend together. It hadn’t seemed so complicated before their lives changed, before Taehyung became more to Jimin and Namjoon. “I’ll miss you.” 


“I’ll miss you, too,” Jimin sighs, “both of you. I’ll be back in no time.”


“The timing couldn’t be worse,” Namjoon mutters, his eyes dark with anger. “Taehyung has been working for the past three weekends, and I’m having this huge case coming up, I will barely be at home.”


“At least I can visit my parents then,” Jimin sighs, and Taehyung knows he has already given up. There’s this tiredness in his eyes that is always there when he talks about work. Jimin turns around in Taehyung’s arms to kiss him. Short and sweet. Apologetic. “You and Joon need to make the most of this, hmm? You should go on the date anyway. There are a lot more weekends we can spend together. Don’t let my fucking job spoil all the fun.”


It’s the first time Taehyung is going to be alone with Namjoon for more than a day, and strangely he feels nervous. Then Namjoon joins them, hugs both of them to his chest, and Taehyung hates himself for doubting the stability of their relationship sometimes, even though his heart knows there’s no reason for his insecurity.


“I’m going to make the weekend worth your while, Taehyung,” Namjoon says, his voice heavy with promise. Taehyung loves the way it makes him feel, loves the tingle that runs down his spine when Namjoon’s words vibrate against his ear.




“Tae, can you come to the kitchen, please?” Jimin calls, and Taehyung turns off the PlayStation with an exasperated sigh. He can’t believe he has lost again. For two freaking days, he’s been trying to get past the boss of the level, but no luck so far.


“What’s up, Min?” he asks as he pads into the room, but then he sees Namjoon sitting on the kitchen table as well. They both look rather serious, and Taehyung’s stomach clenches uncomfortably at the sight. “Is something wrong?”


“No, no. Everything’s fine,” Namjoon says, “We just wanted to ask you something.”


“When I’m in Busan next week,” Jimin starts, his hand painting nervous patterns along the wavy grain of the wooden table, “would you like trying to do a scene with Joon?”


“You mean as in—,” Taehyung’s voice trails off. He’s not even sure if what he wants to say is the proper terminology.


“Yes, as in a D/s scene,” Jimin completes his sentence.


“I’m still sorry for throwing you into Jimin’s and my kinks when you had no idea what was going on at all. I wanted to do it properly this time. Talk everything through,” Namjoon says softly, regret in his eyes.


“We are not into any of the harder stuff, I guess Joon has already told you about that,” Jimin adds. “You know that it’s only a bedroom thing for us, but we should talk about your limits anyway.”


Taehyung is glad he read himself through all the links Namjoon sent him after that one afternoon on the couch, on which Namjoon had apologized to him for the first time. He manages to keep his face relatively calm, despite the thunderstorm that’s roaring through his head.


“I can tell you what I’m okay with. If that helps?” Jimin offers, his fingers lacing with Taehyung’s.


Taehyung simply nods, squeezing Jimin’s hand. It calms him down a great deal that Jimin blushes slightly, and starts playing with the hem of his oversized sweater with his free hand.


Jimin starts listing what they've done before or are planning to do in the near future. He’s hesitant at first, fidgeting in his chair. “Power exchange – of course, that’s the main part of everything, edging, breath play, sensory deprivation, cum play – I’m sure you’ll like that –, orgasm denial, use of toys, light bondage, sensation play. Those are the ones that we do quite often. One thing we both don’t like is degradation and humiliation play, so you don’t need to be afraid that Joon’s going to call you his slut.”


It dawns on Taehyung that there was a lot he didn’t know, a lot that has never crossed his mind.


“Is there anything you wouldn’t want to try of what Jimin has mentioned? Anything that scares you or that you feel uncomfortable with?” Namjoon asks. He took notes, pushing the list towards Taehyung, so he can have a look at it. He added three columns behind each article. Yes, soft limit, and hard limit.


Taehyung’s mind is reeling, he is a little overwhelmed by the flood of thoughts and images that are running through his head. To be honest, he feels turned on just by listening to Jimin talking about all those things. He is curious, is intrigued, and from what Jimin has listed, there’s nothing he wouldn’t want to give a try.


“No, it all sounds—,” Taehyung struggles to find a word, “—good to me. The only thing I’m not sure about is breath play, so can I put it as a soft limit? I would definitely like to try sometime in the future, but maybe not the first time?”


“Your limits are your limits, they are not negotiable when you set them, Taehyung. Neither Jimin nor I will try to talk you into something you don’t want to do.”


“I know,” he says. And he does. He trusts his boyfriends. Completely.


“D-Do you want me to call you sir ?” he asks, looking at Namjoon.


Namjoon laughs lightly. “If you want to, angel. We don’t have to talk about it right now, but if you don’t want to call me sir hyung will be enough.”


“I can’t wait to come back home from that stupid presser and—,” Jimin trails off, his eyes glazed over with something more, and Namjoon nudges him.


“I know you can’t wait, baby. But there’s still the possibility that Taehyung won’t like any of it.” Namjoon turns to face Taehyung again. “Jimin hit the jackpot, you know? He’s pretty sure he’s more a switch than a sub, and lately, he won’t shut up about how perfect everything is with you coming into the picture.”


“Joon—,” Jimin objects, blushing more deeply now.


“No, it’s fine, Min.” Taehyung says hurriedly, “I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to, um, dom either of you.”


“Didn’t think so,” Namjoon chuckles.


“So you want to try? Be our sub?” Jimin asks.


“Yes. Yes, I’d like that.” 


They both look relieved as soon as he answers, and Taehyung himself feels something inside him settle down. 


“Well then,” Namjoon says. “There’s one more thing I’d like to talk about. Jimin didn’t mention it because it’s something I wanted to ask you personally. Would you consent to be spanked should you disobey me during the scene? It wouldn't be a punishment, per se. Just something to put you back in your place as a part of the play.”


Taehyung’s stomach feels like it’s exploding with butterflies. To be honest, he’s been thinking about this a lot lately. Namjoon asking about it so directly, makes his already half-hard cock twitch with excitement and interest. He doesn’t even know why this is something he so desperately wants to try, but he nods anyway.


His voice sounds strange to his own ears when he answers, “Yes, I want you to spank me then, sir.”







Taehyung loves his job most of the time, but he hates night shifts. It’s unsatisfactory to prepare all the dough but not being the one who gets the finished product out of the oven. He doesn’t know how he’s managed to keep his thoughts at bay during his shift, but on the way home, Taehyung’s body is brimming with excitement and nervous anticipation. If he's honest, he’s been feeling this way ever since they've talked about what’s going to happen tonight.


It’s just past eight in the morning when Taehyung opens the door to their apartment. Jimin has most probably left for the train station already, so the plan is to take a shower, getting rid of the flour dust, and then head to bed for the next seven hours.


He almost jumps out of his skin when he walks into the bathroom, naked and ready to get into the shower, and there’s Jimin, standing in front of the mirror, fixing his hair.


“Fucking hell, Min,” he huffs, “I didn’t see your suitcase in the hallway. I assumed you'd already left.”


“The briefing has been postponed, so I figured we could make use of the time.”


There’s something about the way Jimin walks towards him, his hips swaying, his eyes darting over Taehyung’s naked body, shining with determination.




“Do you want to give Joon a little surprise tonight?” Jimin’s hands splay out over Taehyung’s bare chest, caressing the muscles as he waits for a reply from Taehyung.


“What exactly do you mean with a little surprise?” Taehyung asks although he might have an idea already, or the shadow of an idea, with the way in which Jimin leans in now, mouthing over his neck, nibbling on his jaw just the way Taehyung likes it.


“Let me fuck you before I go, Tae?” He says as casually as if he was asking Taehyung to pass the salt. 


“As if I could say no to that,” Taehyung laughs but then gasps in surprise when Jimin cages him in between the door and his body, claiming Taehyung’s lips all at once. His cock is already reacting to all the attention, twitching excitedly when Jimin bites down on Taehyung’s bottom lip. He can’t help but moan into the kiss as Jimin starts grinding his clothed erection against him. Surprisingly, Jimin is already harder than he is.


“Have you been waiting for me to come home?” Taehyung asks, feeling dizzy at the thought of Jimin playing with himself so he would be ready as soon as Taehyung stepped through the door. He imagines how Jimin thought of him coming home, his hand palming over his crotch occasionally, getting more and more impatient with each passing minute.


“Maybe?” Jimin chuckles almost innocently, the sound vibrating against Taehyung’s lips.


Sometimes Taehyung feels stupid about the fact that it's so easy with Jimin but he still feels slight discomfort and insecurity with Namjoon. Taehyung tries to shake the feeling off all the time, and he's getting better at it. It's just so hard to believe sometimes, that he got this lucky, that he has those two amazing men in his life who care equally about him, who both want him to be happy and feel accepted and loved.


Jimin rips him out of his thoughts again as he turns Taehyung around with steady hands, so he is facing the door, both hands pressed against the frame.


"Spread your legs for me," Jimin says, with a calm, steady voice, and Taehyung listens.


Jimin comes back in no time, his fingers slick with lube when he’s prodding gently but impatiently at Taehyung's rim. He knows what Taehyung can take, and the first finger is quickly followed by the second. Jimin’s fingers might be short and chubby, but he knows how to work them, knows what Taehyung likes. Taehyung is desperately holding onto the doorframe, his knuckles whitening with the effort to keep standing.


"Shit, you're always taking them so well. Like your pretty, little hole's been made for this."


Taehyung basks in the praise, revels in the dirty words. Jimin has had the best teacher with Namjoon, and when it comes to dirty talk, he knows exactly what's pushing Taehyung's buttons.


Taehyung makes his insides clench around Jimin's fingers as an answer, and the low moan he can elicit from Jimin's lips like this is everything he needs.


"Come on, Min. You know I can take it." He turns around to face Jimin again, Jimin's fingers slipping out of him with a wet squelching sound.


Jimin laughs silently. "I'd love to hear you talking like this to Namjoon tonight. He doesn’t like his subs talking back, you know?"


Fuck. Tonight. He almost forgot about tonight in the heat of the moment. Hiding his face from Jimin by looking down at the floor, he tries not to let through how much the thought of Namjoon coming home later today excites him as he reaches out for the front of Jimin's suit pants to open his zip and free his cock.


What Jimin's pretty cock lacks in length, it makes up in girth, and Taehyung's mouth begins to water, just thinking about taking him in. He kneels down and wraps his lips around Jimin’s cock without further ado, mirroring Jimin's impatience, as he reaches around Jimin’s hips to take both of his soft ass cheeks into his hand, pressing him towards him, towards his mouth, down his throat. Giving head is something that he loves. His gag reflex is almost non-existent, and he knows how to make the most use of it, swallowing and sucking at the same time, enjoying the way Jimin tries to hold back his moans. Taehyung would love to finish Jimin like this, but then all the prepping would be for nothing, and he wants to feel Jimin, wants Jimin to bend him over the washstand, and fuck into him, impatient, fast and dirty.


It's as if Jimin has read his thoughts when he pushes Taehyung back by his shoulders and pulls him up, claiming his lips for another rough kiss, while he’s motioning both of them to the washstand until Taehyung bumps against it.


"Turn around, arch your back."


Something tells him, this is a sneak peek of what is waiting for him tonight. He's not sure if Jimin does it intentionally or if he's testing out the waters. Either way, Taehyung loves it. Loves when Jimin, who is a small cuddly fluffball most of the time, turns into this other being.


Taehyung's dick is already aching with the need to come, even though Jimin hasn't touched him yet, precum is leaking from the slit, trickling down his length. His hand is almost on his cock, he can already feel the relief of the touch wash over him when Jimin stops him by swatting his hand away.


"Nuh-uh, Tae. Don't." There’s something about the tone of his voice, making it very clear that he tolerates no dissent. So Taehyung lets his hand drop again, his cock still throbbing with neglect.


Jimin spreads his ass cheeks, and Taehyung gasps when he feels the blunt tip of Jimin’s cock pressing against him. He still doesn't quite get how his planned trip to the shower and then to his bed ended with him bent over the counter, his cock spilling precum, leaving clear wet spots on the marble countertop.


It's all forgotten once Jimin bottoms out, and only stays pressed against Taehyung's back for the briefest time before he pulls out to slam back in. There's no time to breathe between the powerful thrusts of Jimin's hips. There’s no time to breathe at all. He's taking Taehyung so well and hard that he has to strengthen his grasp on the countertop, so he doesn’t topple over, which is prohibiting the sheer possibility of touching himself.


"God, you're so tight, Tae. How are you still so tight?"


Maybe, Taehyung should feel offended at that, but he loves to get fucked by either of his boyfriends far too much to complain, and he wouldn't want to change their roles for the world. So all he does is deliberately clenching his insides around Jimin's cock, making it even tighter for him.


"Fuck, Tae. That's it. You're such a good—," he tenses, stops in mid-praise, and Taehyung can feel Jimin pulsing inside him, his cum spurting out hot and wet, filling him up so well. Jimin pulls out almost immediately after he’s come. But once his cock slides out of Taehyung's clenching hole, it gets replaced with something solid, something colder than Jimin's dick. It's soothing against his tender insides, heavy.


"I don't think you own a glass plug yet?" Jimin says, his voice still a little ragged from the exertion, but smooth like silk.


Slowly, it dawns on Taehyung what Namjoon's surprise is. It's him. Taehyung. Filled with Jimin's cum to the brim.




"Don't touch yourself."


Jimin walks away after he let his hand run teasingly over Taehyung’s perineum one last time, and Taehyung is only vaguely aware that the desperate whimper he hears is coming from himself. He’s still standing in the same position, his thighs shaking when Jimin comes back to the bathroom. He's changed his suit pants for newly washed ones, not looking the slightest like he fucked Taehyung into next week a few minutes ago.


"I'll know if you touch yourself. So don't. It will make you feel so much better tonight."




"You’re allowed to take a shower. Sleep until Joon comes home. Just make sure you don't spill my cum." Jimin's gaze finds his in the mirror, as he draws lazy patterns on the skin of Taehyung’s lower back.


"So dirty, Min," he manages to say as he turns around.


"Don't try telling me you don't like it. Because I won't believe a word."


Jimin is right. Taehyung loves it. Loves that Jimin will take part in his scene with Namjoon, even though he won't be with them physically.


"You know I do."


"You're incredible, Tae. Really. I'd love to stay, see you getting wrecked by Joon. I'll miss you two a lot."


Taehyung knows that Jimin doesn't only mean sex. They are so much more than that. It had been more than that even before their relationship evolved into something more, something better, something fulfilling and enriching.


“I’ll miss you too. We’ll miss you too.”


"I'll be back late on Sunday. Make sure Joon takes you out tomorrow," Jimin says with a wink. “Not being able to walk is not an excuse to skip the date.”


Taehyung draws Jimin closer by his loosely bound tie and kisses him gently. They never had to kiss each other goodbye for more than just work. And even though Taehyung knows he'll have Jimin back in less than 72 hours, his throat still tightens suddenly.


"Hey, I'll be back in no time," Jimin whispers when he notices Taehyung’s glassy eyes.


"It's fine. I'm fine," Taehyung croaks. "Go. You'll miss your train."


Jimin hugs him one last time, and with a small kiss on the corner of Taehyung's mouth, he is gone.







Six hours after Jimin left, Taehyung is a nervous mess.


Anticipation rings through him, butterflies wrack through his stomach with the expectation of what is yet to come.


Then again, there's the glass plug up his ass, and he swears he can feel Jimin's cum squishing inside of him every time he moves. The obscenity of it only adds to his arousal, to the exciting thrill of anticipation. To be honest, he can't wait to see Namjoon's face once he figures out what is waiting for him behind the plug.


Namjoon had told him to be ready for him, kneeling in the middle of the bed. Naked.


So here he is. Kneeling on the silky sheets, hands on his thighs, waiting for Namjoon. The previous ache in his cock is back, and he doesn't even need to look down to know he's already sporting a semi.


He's getting hard from kneeling on the bed, while his boyfriends had been wondering if he would like this. Taehyung isn’t sure if he wants to scream or laugh hysterically.



It’s already dawning outside when Namjoon comes home. He has taken his time.


The sound of the front door opening resounds loudly in Taehyung’s ears and sends shivers all over his body. His cock twitches again, and Taehyung is sure that once Namjoon enters the room, he'll be rock hard. He doesn't know if it has to do with the fact that Jimin has forbidden him to come earlier, but it feels like the smallest breeze is enough to make the aching, the longing, the hardness worse.


As soon as he hears Namjoon’s steps sounding in the hallway, Taehyung feels the irrational urge of hiding. Hiding himself, hiding his nudeness, his vulnerability. He stays in his spot, waits until Namjoon finally comes into the room.


"Look at you," Namjoon coos, his eyes darkening. "Waiting for me exactly like I told you to. Such a good boy." His gaze flies to Taehyung's crotch, raising an eyebrow. "Did you touch yourself?"


"No," he answers curtly, his mind too occupied with Namjoon calling him good boy .


"No, what?"


Only when he hears the tone in Namjoon's voice, he knows he did something wrong.


"No, sir. I didn't touch myself. Got this hard just from waiting for you."


"Good." Namjoon leans down to meet his lips but leaves Taehyung again after a soft peck. "What's your safe word, angel?"


"Sunflower," Taehyung says without a second of hesitation, holding Namjoon's gaze. He wants to show him that he's ready, that he's eager for whatever Namjoon’s plans are for the night. Namjoon grants him the smallest nod as his eyes darken again, a smirk playing on his lips.


"Here are the rules for tonight. You aren't allowed to touch yourself or come before you ask me for permission. And I'll decide whether you deserve to cum— or not."


"Yes, sir. I understand."


Satisfied with Taehyung’s answer, Namjoon leaves again, heading for the walk-in closet opposite the bed. Taehyung can hear him rummaging around, but it doesn't take long until he comes back, holding something behind his back.


"Close your eyes."


Taehyung obeys willingly. His heart has picked up its pace since Namjoon has left him, and now it palpitates strongly in excitement.


"Stretch out your hands."


Something soft but firm gets wrapped around his left wrist first, then around the right one. Namjoon holds Taehyung's hands in his, his thumbs caressing his palms with slight pressure, and the small touches feel intense on Taehyung's skin. It's nothing more but Namjoon's hands on his, yet the tiniest of moans escapes his lips.


Namjoon pulls Taehyung towards him by whatever he's applied around Taehyung's wrists at the sound, covering Taehyung's lips with his.


"You look so gone already, and we haven't even started," Namjoon breathes against him, their air mingling until they are both breathing the same air. He bites down harshly on Taehyung's bottom lip, before he pulls away again, leaving Taehyung yearning for a real kiss, a real touch.


"You can open your eyes."


Taehyung's gaze flies down to his wrists as soon as his eyes are open. They are bound together by two black padded leather cuffs, linked by leather straps with a metal o-ring in the middle. Taehyung loves the tingle that shoots up his spine, loves how those items make him feel like he gave away all his power, gave it away to Namjoon.


"I bought them especially for you," Namjoon says. "Knew they would look perfect against your skin."


"Thank you, sir. They are beautiful." They are. The leather is soft and has a matte shine to it, fitting perfectly around his wrists.


"You're welcome, angel." Namjoon lets his hands wander over the leather once again, making sure the cuffs don't sit too tight around Taehyung's wrists. "Let's make use of them then."


He motions Taehyung to the headboard of the bed, reaches between the mattress and the board until he lets out a satisfied hum, a small leather string with a trigger hook attached to its end in his hand when he straightens up. The other end of the string vanishes under the mattress, it’s most probably connected to the bed frame. Taehyung wonders if it's always been there, a secret kept from him.


He's slept in this bad so many times, but he never knew. He wonders if Namjoon used to chain up Jimin here too, while Taehyung was lying two rooms away from them in his bed, oblivious to what was happening down the hall.


Namjoon opens the ring between the two cuffs, which seems to have a carabiner mechanism, and moves Taehyung's hands behind his back, fastening the cuffs together again. Taehyung can hear the trigger hook click, securing him to the strap. 


The small sound changes something inside him.


He realizes he's entirely at Namjoon's mercy like this. Unable to touch himself, unable to reach Namjoon, unable to move at his free will.


The feeling alone leaves him panting, his bare skin hot and sweaty, his fringe already sticking to his forehead, while Namjoon is still wearing his white dress shirt, the tailored suit pants, and the Oxfords he usually wears to work, the jacket is all he has shed for now.


The only thing that reveals that Namjoon isn't untouched by what they are doing is the outline of his cock, straining against the fabric of his pants.


God, how much Taehyung wants to take it out of there, suck on the tip, lap up the precum, feel Namjoon's taste on his tongue. His salivary glands react at the thought, and he wets his lips, which are dry and unsatisfactory to lick over. He wants something wet, something hot in his mouth.


"Sir," he whines.


Namjoon tests the strap with one last pull before he comes back to stand in front of the bed, facing Taehyung with curiosity sparking in his eyes. "What is it, baby boy?"


Taehyung almost stumbles over his words when Namjoon calls him that. He might even like it more than good boy.


"W-wanna suck your dick, sir. Can I? Please?"


"Look at you, begging sir to fuck your mouth."


"Love sir’s cock."


"I know, angel. And you have been very good for me so far, it’s only fair you get a reward," Namjoon says, opening his zipper, slipping his hand into his underwear to get out his hardened length.


It was an understatement when Taehyung said he loved Namjoon's cock. Looking at it alone makes him feel as if all the blood in his body rushes to his own erection, making him lightheaded, his thighs trembling with the exertion of kneeling for such a long time, and the excitement to finally be able to get closer to Namjoon, being allowed to touch.


It is different, more difficult being deprived of using his hands. Taehyung begins by licking along the underside, knowing that he maybe shouldn't tease Namjoon like this, but he wants to test his boundaries, wants to see how many of the teasing flicks of his tongue Namjoon will let pass.


"Taehyung," he growls soon after, "I know you can do better than this." He buries his hands in Taehyung's hair, tugging on the strands to get his attention, and Taehyung looks up at him obediently. "You know exactly what you're doing, am I right, baby boy?" 


Taehyung nods.


"Use your words."


"Yes, sir."


"Will you stop teasing and do what I asked you to do?"


"Yes, sir."


Namjoon lets the head of his cock smack against Taehyung's lips, "Open up then, be a good boy for sir."


Taehyung doesn't need to be told twice. Namjoon's cock down his throat is all he wants. The weight against his tongue makes him forget that his own cock is hanging hot and heavy, still aching for friction of any kind. He spreads his knees further to gain more balance, the movement reminding him of the small secret he still holds. Namjoon's surprise. The weight of the plug makes him moan, the sound vibrating against Namjoon's erection. 


Oh, if Namjoon only knew.


Taehyung lets his coyness fall and takes Namjoon in the way he knows he loves. He sucks at the head, flicks his tongue against the slit before he flattens it against the underside, gradually taking him deeper, swallowing around the girth, his lips wonderfully spread.


"You're doing so good. Let sir fuck your mouth, hmm?"


Taehyung's mouth is too full, too filled up with Namjoon's dick to speak, so he simply sucks harder, looking up at Namjoon with burning eyes. He wants Namjoon to use him. It's a thought, a feeling that is entirely new to him, but he lets himself fall into the dizziness, embraces the need to please, and Namjoon's encouraging groans are enough praise for him. He makes his jaw fall slack, pressing his tongue against the underside of Namjoon's cock as he takes what his Dom is giving him. It's another thought that still hasn't settled inside his mind.


Namjoon is his Dom for the night, and maybe for many nights to follow. Taehyung whimpers at the thought, heat spreading through him, engulfing him in the best possible way.


He only realizes tears are flowing from his closed eyes when Namjoon touches him gently on his cheek. He's already overwhelmed, and they have barely started. His eyes fly open, and he meets Namjoon's gaze to tell him he's okay, he's okay with losing all his control. 


Taehyung knows his voice will sound rough and used with the way Namjoon presses himself down his throat, holding Taehyung in place by his hair with sharp tugs.


"I'd love to come right now, paint your beautiful red lips white, leave you lying here, looking all wrecked and still unfinished."


Taehyung whines at Namjoon's words. He'd love to have Namjoon's cum paint his lips, but he doesn't think he can handle being denied his orgasm a second time today. His cock is wet with the leaking precum, he can feel it dripping down his shaft, making a mess on the sheets.


Namjoon pulls back, just when Taehyung thinks he can't possibly breathe anymore.


He knows that he must look obscene with the saliva and precum running over his chin, unable to wipe it away with his hands still cuffed behind his back.


"You're a mess, baby boy. Let me clean you up first," Namjoon says softly, getting some tissues from the nightstand. He wipes the fluids away from Taehyung’s face before he is reaching around him, carefully opening the leather cuffs, and Taehyung feels almost disappointed when they are gone. Namjoon checks his wrists, lets his fingers run over the skin to make sure he’s alright, and Taehyung is so oversensitive, so on edge that the small touches on his bare skin are enough to make him moan.


Namjoon tuts at him, shaking his head. "You're an impatient little thing, you know that?" He's drawing his hands back again, and Taehyung wants to groan with frustration, and maybe he does.


"Hands and knees, Taehyung." Namjoon's voice is void of the lightness it had held only seconds ago.


Taehyung knows that when Namjoon is kneeling down behind him, spreading his legs apart, it’s the moment when he’ll discover his and Jimin's secret, and just as he thinks it, he hears Namjoon sharply drawing in his breath through his teeth.


"Oh, someone has been playing dirty again, hmm?"


Taehyung can hear from Namjoon's voice that he hadn't expected this. Yet, Namjoon still doesn't know what the plug is hiding.


"It wasn't me, sir," he tries, "Jimin— He—"




Taehyung's heart sinks at Namjoon's tone. He can't place it. What if Namjoon hates it, what if he's going to punish him for this, what if he'll end the scene because this is something that wasn't part of the initial plan?


Namjoon tugs playfully at the plug. "It's a new one, hmm? It seems like both of your sirs are showering you in presents today. Nice, dirty presents, for our nice, dirty sub. It fills you up so well, baby boy."


Taehyung doesn't know what sends him reeling more, Namjoon turning and twisting the plug or his words. Namjoon's wonderfully obscene words. Taehyung’s breathing is labored, his mind clouded. He’s turning around to look at Namjoon, but suddenly, Namjoon's hand is at his neck, pressing him towards the pillows.




Taehyung follows the order without thinking and lays his head down on his crossed arms. He's painfully aware of his vulnerability in this position. His back is arched, his ass presented without any way to hide.


"It looks so pretty in your little hole. Don't you want Jimin to see it too?" Namjoon asks, and Taehyung's head whips around.


Namjoon is holding up his phone, the camera pointed down at Taehyung's ass.


"Sir," he complains, but at the same time, he can feel a frantic rush running through his veins. He can already imagine Jimin's face when he opens the picture, can imagine his hand slipping inside his pants, jerking himself off in his lonely hotel bed.


"I'll send him more. Later." Namjoon discards the phone again, places it on the nightstand, and ignores the buzzing that follows soon.


It's only fair. Yes, this might be their night. Namjoon’s and his. But Taehyung can't deny that he misses Jimin, misses his snide comments, his soft kisses, his—


Namjoon rips him out of his thoughts. "Has he lubed you up nicely? Prepared you for me?"


Taehyung doesn't know what to say. It's almost funny that Namjoon's thoughts are not going past prepping, not considering other possibilities. Not even considering that Jimin could have fucked Taehyung hard, leaving his cum inside him, and Taehyung aching with the need to come.


"It makes me want to eat you out until you scream, and I still won't let you come." Namjoon husks against one of Taehyung's cheeks, his tongue leaving a small stripe of wetness.


"Please, sir," he begs, arching his back further. "Please."


It sounds so promising to finally have Namjoon touching him. And god, Namjoon has never eaten him out before.


Taehyung isn’t allowed to let his thoughts wander, imagining how it would feel as Namjoon pulls out the plug without another warning. Taehyung whimpers at the loss, he wants to feel full again, needs to feel whole again. When he hears the smallest surprised gasp behind him, Taehyung knows what Namjoon sees without seeing it himself. It's not the clear, glistening lube, but Jimin's cum, that's now spilling out of him a little with the plug coming out.


The toy lies innocently on the sheets now. It’s a rather big glass plug, transparent, safe for the bulb, which is tinted in a light shade of purple, Taehyung’s favorite color.


"Oh, angel," for the first time tonight, Namjoon sounds breathless. "Don't tell me he fucked you before he left."


"He did, sir. Surprised me and fucked me in the bathroom." And then more insecure, "Wanted to surprise you."


"You certainly managed that. That wicked boy. I bet he didn't let you come. Am I right?" Steady hands are massaging his balls, and Taehyung has to bite his lip, has to keep himself from coming right there and then when Namjoon doesn't let go, lets the touch linger. "Am I right, Taehyung?"


"N-no. No, he didn't let me come," Taehyung whimpers.


"And you were a good boy, and listened."


"I did, sir. I listened. I’m sir’s good boy."


Namjoon hums, contented by Taehyung’s answer, and then his hand is gone from Taehyung's balls. Instead, he's cupping both of his ass cheeks, spreading them to gain better access.


Taehyung almost screams when Namjoon’s tongue slides into him. Easily and unexpected. The plug has kept him stretched open, and the wet, hot muscle dragging against his walls, flicking along his rim, lapping up what Jimin has left inside him, is more than he can take.


Exasperated, he bites into the pad of his hand, trying to muffle his scream.


"Don't hold back. I want to hear you."


Taehyung's legs are quivering, he barely notices how he sinks lower and lower against the bed, Namjoon following him down, as he keeps licking into him. The sounds it makes are wet and lewd, right out obscene. Namjoon knows exactly what he's doing, slipping in one of his long fingers aside his tongue, going straight for Taehyung's prostate.


"Suh-sir," he sobs, the constant rubbing against the one small spot makes his knees buckle, he sinks down on the bed completely, his flushed, rock hard cock touching the sheets.


The friction feels so good against his neglected length, but then he makes the mistake to sigh in relief. It's the smallest of sounds, but Namjoon hears it anyway, stalling his ministrations.


"What did I tell you, Taehyung?"


Fuck. He's fucked.


"Is this what good boys do, hmm?"


"No," he mumbles.


"Speak up, Taehyung. I can't hear you."


"No, sir. It's not what good boys do."


"What did I tell you?"


"I'm not allowed to touch myself, but technically I didn't—"


The slap on his ass comes unexpected, taking Taehyung by complete surprise. His heart stutters, only slowly falling back into rhythm again.


Namjoon soothes his hand over the burning skin where the slap has landed.


"Talking back to your Dom, too?"




"I was going with five. But I think ten is more suitable."


Taehyung's skin is crawling. His heart flutters as fast as the wings of a butterfly, as he lets Namjoon manhandle him, so he comes to lie across his lap, pulled away from the wonderful friction of the bedsheets. Taehyung’s chest is heaving with his labored breath, he wriggles on Namjoon's thighs to get into a more comfortable position, but Namjoon lets his hand rest on Taehyung's lower back, holding him down. 






"Good boy. Count for me."


Taehyung's hands are fisting into the sheets as he braces himself, the expectation, the wait for the first spank is worse than Namjoon's hand finally meeting his ass cheek. Taehyung can't help but yelp in surprise, and only then, he manages a feeble, "One."


Namjoon only rubs his skin for a split second before his hand comes down again.




Three, four and five are following in a quick string of spanks, and Taehyung has to gasp for breath when he breathes out "Five," forgetting how to function at all, too occupied by the heat of his skin, by the sharp sounds that reverberate through the bedroom, by Namjoon's quickening breath.


"So beautiful," he hears Namjoon mumble through his clouded mind, his Dom's hand is squeezing and soothing his ass cheeks. Then his hand is gone again, and Taehyung braces himself.




"You're doing so well, baby boy."




His cock his throbbing, caged in between Namjoon's legs, most probably making a mess of the suit pants he's still wearing. Taehyung doesn't know how his voice still manages to come out, how he still manages to count, manages to breathe.


He hears the sound of the next slap before the stinging pain reaches his brain.


"Eight," he sobs. It's all too much, Namjoon being so close, but still far away, whispering sweet, but filthy nothings into his ear between the slaps. He realizes it isn't the pain he wants from this. It's the fact that he gives Namjoon absolute power over him. Grants him the total trust. 




“You can do it, baby boy. One more.”


"Ten," all but a whisper.




And then it’s over.


"You took it so well for sir. My good boy. Come here." Namjoon pulls him up into his lap. His voice is soft as he kisses Taehyung gently on his temple, stroking back the hair that is sticking to his forehead. Taehyung curls up against Namjoon, leaning his head against his shoulder. His breathing is still labored, ragged, but Namjoon lets him breathe for a little while, just holding him.


"Thank you, sir," he whispers into Namjoon's crook of the neck.


Namjoon hums in acknowledgment, his hand still drawing soothing circles over the burning skin of his behind.


Namjoon takes Taehyung's hand to lead him firmly to his erection, which is so hard it presses up against Namjoon's stomach, his precum has left wet splotches on his white dress shirt. "Look what you did to me."


"May I touch you, sir?"


"Of course, baby boy."


Namjoon's cock twitches when Taehyung starts running his hand over it. Namjoon is rock hard, yet the skin is smooth under Taehyung's fingertips. He quickly realizes that touching him is not enough. He wants Namjoon. Inside him, fucking into him until he forgets his own name.


"Want to ride you, sir," he states, pressing his thumb on the spot on the underside, right under the head, where he knows Namjoon likes it most.


Namjoon growls lowly, deep inside his chest.


He makes Taehyung sit up on his lap, facing away from him, his legs straddling Namjoon's thighs left and right. "I can't stop looking at your beautiful skin, the redness looks so good on you, baby boy. I'll send another picture to Jimin, I'm sure he'll come just by looking at your lovely ass. He'll be proud to see you took the spanking so well." His hand is caressing over Taehyung's balls again. 


Taehyung realizes that Namjoon is perfectly aware of what he's doing to him. Giving him pleasure, but not where he needs it the most, where he’s wanted it ever since Jimin left him standing in the bathroom this morning.


Namjoon lets his fingers slide over Taehyung’s perineum, to his hole. Suddenly, warm lube is dripping over his entrance, over Namjoon's fingers, and Taehyung turns his head in surprise. Namjoon is holding a small bottle of lube. He must have had it in the pocket of his pants all the time to warm it up for him. 


Taehyung's body is positioned at the best angle. The excess lube drips down from his hole onto Namjoon's waiting cock. It only takes two lazy strokes from Namjoon to get his whole length slick and ready.


"You're still so stretched out, even after I spanked you. It makes me think you enjoyed it way too much, baby boy. I won't go this easy on you next time. I’ll tie you up. Won't let you come."


Taehyung mewls when two of Namjoon's slender fingers brush over his prostate, testing if Taehyung is still prepped enough, and then the fingers are gone, replaced by the head of Namjoon's cock pressing against him. Namjoon pulls back before Taehyung can even get a glimpse of the promising fullness, lets his cock slap wetly against Taehyung’s rim before he lines himself up for real. Taehyung wants to take him in at once, tries to push himself down on him, but Namjoon holds him back by his hips.


"I'm the one who sets the pace here, Taehyung."


"S-sorry, sir."


Taehyung is sure that Namjoon drags this out even more because of what he's tried to do, pressing in so slowly Taehyung isn't even sure Namjoon is still moving at all, but then Taehyung is able to sit down on the back of his thighs on Namjoon's lap. Namjoon holds him down, his fingers digging into the skin of his hips, as he leans forward, starting to suck harshly on the skin of Taehyung’s neck. It's something Namjoon always does. Marking Taehyung and Jimin as his whenever they have sex, make love to one another.


Sometimes, Taehyung thinks he could come from this little action alone. There’s no difference today, especially with Namjoon buried so deep inside him. Taehyung’s thighs start shaking, his stomach coiling with pleasure. Shit. Shit, he's going to come.


"Sir," he whimpers. "Sir, I—"


Namjoon’s mouth leaves his neck instantly. "Don't you dare come before I get to fuck you properly."


Taehyung gasps. Tries to think of anything that can possibly calm him down, stop the rush of pleasure from spreading further, tries to even his breath, blank out his mind. It hurts, his cock hurts, but he eventually succeeds, his thighs stop quivering.


"Well done," Namjoon says curtly as he gets up on his knees, pushing Taehyung forward with him, holding him up around his waist, so he doesn't topple over.


"Grab the headboard, brace yourself."


Finally, finally, Namjoon starts fucking him in earnest, pulls out entirely before he slams back in, sets a pace that is almost too much to take. Taehyung holds onto the headboard, feeling small and overpowered by the sheer force of Namjoon's thrusts. He would fall over if it weren't for Namjoon's hands digging into his hips, holding him up.


"I want you to scream my name when you come, baby boy," Namjoon says, almost too calmly.


"Are you giving me permission to come?"


Namjoon's hand sneaks around his waist, wraps around Taehyung's aching cock, and with the next thrust, Namjoon's cock is dragging over his prostate. Taehyung can't think clearly, doesn't even hear Namjoon's "Yes, you may come," properly. The wave of pleasure rolls over him, drags him under, his hand slipping away from the headboard, and Namjoon's left arm around his waist is the only thing that holds him upright, his other hand keeps stroking Taehyung's cock harshly, pumping every last drop from him, as Taehyung screams his name as he’s been asked. 


Namjoon keeps pumping him until Taehyung writhes in his grip with the last of his strength he has left. Namjoon pulls out of him completely, lays Taehyung down on his back against the pillows, eyeing him warily while he jerks himself off. Taehyung whimpers in disappointment, he'd hoped Namjoon would come inside of him, mixing his cum with Jimin's.


"Let me come on your face?"


Taehyung's heart stutters to life again.


He knows Namjoon is phrasing this as a question to give Taehyung the chance to voice out his safe word. But he nods as he wets his lips, opening his mouth a little so Namjoon can get some of his cum down his throat as well.


"You look so wrecked, so beautiful, I bet you'll look even better with my cum all over you. You like that, baby boy, don't you? Just thinking about it makes your fucked-out cock hard again."


It would be a lie if Taehyung said his cock doesn’t react. It's the feeblest of motions, and he can't even fathom how, but it is twitching at the thought.


"Sir’s coming, baby boy."


It’s all the warning he gets before Namjoon comes in thick white spurts. Taehyung closes his eyes, feels the warm fluid hit his tongue, his lips, his cheeks, his chin. He moans at the unfamiliar feeling of being used but loved at the same time.


Namjoon lets the head of his cock smear his cum over Taehyung's lips like an over-dimensional lipstick, and Taehyung takes the head into his mouth, suckles to get every last drop of Namjoon's precious cum.


"You are gorgeous," Namjoon breathes. "Fuck."


"You can send another picture to Jimin, you know?" Taehyung doesn't know where his boldness comes from, but he wants Jimin to see this. See him.


"If you're sure, angel?"


"I am."


Namjoon sits down next to him, collects some of the cum from Taehyung's cheek with his finger and feeds it to him, as he holds up the camera to get both of them on the picture.


Taehyung sucks Namjoon's finger clean, looking up at the camera. He can see himself on the screen, can see that Namjoon is recording a video of them instead of taking a picture, and he does look fucked out, wrecked, but he takes what Namjoon feeds him until his face is almost clean again. Only then Namjoon stops the video and sends it to Jimin.


It's like a switch has been flipped once Namjoon puts his phone down. Taehyung sinks against Namjoon's shoulder, failing to keep his eyes open. "Namjoon, I'm tired."


"I know, angel, it's the adrenaline leaving your body. I'll run a bath for you, okay, get you cleaned up, get some aloe on your skin." He kisses him on his lips, soft and gentle, and all Taehyung feels is comfort and love.


"Mh-hmm," is all he manages, and Namjoon hasn't even left the room when his eyes flutter closed.


He wakes up again to Namjoon carrying him to the bathroom, carefully setting him down in the perfectly tempered water. It's soothing on his skin, but he doesn't want to be alone in the tub. 


"Come in with me?" he asks, his voice trembling.


"Of course," Namjoon says softly, finally shedding his clothes before he steps into the tub, sitting down behind Taehyung, and he lets his head fall back against Namjoon's chest instantly.


"How are you feeling, angel?"


"Good, tired."


"You liked it?"


"'Course I did," he smiles, "A-plus, would do again."


"Brat," Namjoon chuckles.


For a little while, they simply sit in the warm water, Namjoon drawing senseless patterns on Taehyung's shoulder.


"I love you, Namjoon."


"Love you too." Namjoon kisses the back of his head and pulls Taehyung closer to him, his chin on his shoulder.


It isn't the first time they told each other. But it's still special. Still, something Taehyung needs to gather up the courage for. He turns his head, so he can look into Namjoon's eyes, wants to drown in them once Namjoon answers his gaze, and leans down to kiss him. The angle is a little awkward, but they manage.





Saturday night, Taehyung thinks this is what they both needed.


They dine at an Italian restaurant, then go to watch an old black and white movie at an arthouse cinema. Namjoon holds Taehyung's hand all the way back from the cinema to their apartment, and one should think this is nothing special, but for Taehyung, it is special.


Namjoon shows him Jimin’s reaction to last night’s video, and Taehyung is laughing heartily at the key smashes their boyfriend has sent back. He’s kept quiet for a few minutes before he wrote, ‘I need more of that. Preferably in real life. Came so hard. I hate you both. ♥’






"You look happy, Tae," Jimin says when they facetime later.


And he is. He's bursting with happiness, smiling even more at Jimin's words.


"Can't wait for you to come home."


"We both can't wait," Namjoon throws in, and Jimin's smile overshadows the tiredness in his eyes, mirrors the love they all hold for one another.

They make love that night. Namjoon is worshipping Taehyung’s body, kisses every mark he left the other day, drags everything out. He makes it last, before he comes deep inside him, staying for a long while, his lips never leaving Taehyung’s.







Taehyung is already asleep Sunday night when Jimin comes home, as his shift at the bakery starts at half-past three in the morning. But the sound of the front door and Jimin's quiet laughter wakes him up when Jimin comes home around midnight. Taehyung quickly stands up, almost runs outside. He missed him, missed his best friend, his lover, his boyfriend.


When he gets to the living room, Namjoon is kissing Jimin, kissing him deeply, the two of them wrapped up in a tight bundle with Jimin’s luggage strewn around them. Taehyung doesn't want to interfere. He’s already on the way to turn back around, an uncomfortable feeling making his stomach clench when Jimin sees him standing there.


"What are you doing, idiot, c'mere," he scolds.


Taehyung pads over to them hesitantly.


"I'm only gone for a few days, and you're getting shy?" Jimin draws him into the hug, kisses him as passionately as he had kissed Namjoon before.


"Missed you so fucking much, Min," he mumbles into Jimin’s hair once their kiss ends.


"I'm back now."


Yes, Jimin is back, and only with him, they feel complete.

Chapter Text

In hindsight, Taehyung should have known.


Jimin loves holidays. He starts buying Christmas presents in summer, decorates the apartment in November, he never forgets Valentine’s day or any other holiday. 


Taehyung should’ve been surprised that Jimin didn’t mention going to a Halloween party this year, because skipping a party on October 31 has been out of the question for him ever since middle school when their parents first allowed them to go to parties. Of course Jimin had dragged Taehyung along to every single one of them, no exception allowed.


Once, in the second year of high school, Taehyung had been down with the flu, and Jimin hadn’t talked to him for two very long, very lonely weeks, because he had to go to the party alone, dressed up as the hunchback of Notre Dame. Taehyung had been supposed to accompany him as one of the bells, and Jimin didn’t care that Taehyung hadn’t been able to walk, or even sit the day of the party.


Needless to say, the apartment is decked out with warm shades of orange and wannabe scary black. At least Namjoon managed to talk Jimin out of the life-sized skeleton, which sent Jimin pouting for a few days. Taehyung was entirely on Namjoon’s side, so Jimin had to stick to cute pumpkins, wrapped up candy, and bats. It’s almost bearable. 


Still, Taehyung should have been suspicious about the silence.




It’s October 31, past seven in the evening, and Jimin was supposed to come home two hours ago.


“Maybe he went to a party by himself?” Taehyung says under his breath without really meaning it.


Namjoon chuckles, throwing the last package of sweets into the enormous orange bowl, which is shaped like a pumpkin (of course). They’ve prepared candy just in case someone will come trick-or-treating. Taehyung is sure they’ll most probably end up eating everything by themselves, but that’s fine too. He snitches a miniature sized Snickers, sighing contently at the perfect mixture of sugar, salt, and saturated fat melting on his tongue.


“He would have told us, but it is strange. He didn’t even prepare costumes for us, so that’s a novelty.”


“Right?” Taehyung agrees with a sigh. “Maybe he forgot and went to get us last-minute costumes.”


“I’m afraid so,” Namjoon laughs, sitting down next to Taehyung. “I was hoping he’d forget about Halloween altogether, but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.”


“No. No, we won’t,” Taehyung agrees, leaning back comfortably against Namjoon’s chest.

Aware of Jimin’s habits, Taehyung and Namjoon took the day off. Two days actually because they had expected Jimin to plan something for them. What they hadn’t expected was Jimin to come home late on the eve of Halloween, especially without letting them know about his plans beforehand.


Taehyung takes another candy bar from the bowl. They haven’t had dinner yet, and he’s hungry. Before he can take more than one bite, Namjoon leans forward and brings the bar to his lips, stealing a bite.


“Hey!” Taehyung complains, but he doesn’t mean it. Not really. Not when Namjoon pulls him closer, his hand on Taehyung’s stomach to gain leverage, licking the traces of chocolate from Taehyung’s finger, sucking gently on his fingertips. He chuckles when Taehyung sighs at the touch and leans in closer, his head falling back against Namjoon’s shoulder.


There had been times in which Taehyung hadn’t been sure if he was allowed to share those however tiny intimate gestures with either of his boyfriends if the other one wasn’t present, or if they hadn’t talked about it beforehand. Eventually, he realized that it didn’t bother him speculating about what Namjoon and Jimin did or didn’t do without him being there. If it was okay for him, why should they think differently?


He laughs quietly at the memory and then tilts his head to leave a kiss on Namjoon’s jaw. The smallest hint of five o’clock shadow tickles against Taehyung’s lips, but he continues kissing him until Namjoon lets go of his fingers and captures Taehyung’s lips instead. Taehyung can taste the dark chocolate on Namjoon, and he wants more of the molten sweetness, licks tenderly into Namjoon’s mouth to chase the flavor. Namjoon is quick to give in, tilting his head to allow the kiss to deepen, his fingers wandering over Taehyung’s neck up into his slightly too long hair, holding onto them.


Taehyung is about to shift in Namjoon’s arms so he can kiss him properly when the doorbell rings. They both jump at the unexpected sound, but somehow they are both hesitant to let go of each other. Weeks of busy work schedules lie behind them, weeks in which quiet minutes and drawn out kisses became a rarity.


“Shit,” Taehyung groans, “Jimin’s going to be so disappointed when he hears that we actually got a trick-or-treater this year, and he wasn’t here to witness it.”


Taehyung scrambles off of the couch, getting the bowl from the coffee table before he walks to the hallway. Namjoon trails along behind him, his footsteps sounding soft on the wooden floor. For once Namjoon is wearing bluejeans and a casual black shirt with short sleeves, completed by fluffy socks he stole from Jimin’s drawer. He seems softer without the clean, tailored lines of his suit. 


Taehyung pushes the door handle down, ready to shout ‘Happy Halloween!’ but when he sees who is standing in front of them in the doorway, he’s having a hard time not to choke on his own saliva. In almost an exact replica of his own sound, he can hear Namjoon gasp behind him, and Taehyung can’t blame him.


Not with the sight that they are granted. Not with—


“Trick or Treat,” a very sparsely clad Jimin sing-songs, a broad, cocky smile on his full lips.


“Fuck,” Namjoon mutters, “and here we were, thinking you forgot about it.”


“Oh, sir,” Jimin retorts with a cheeky emphasis on the honorific, his smile widening even further when he sees their shocked faces. “As if I would ever forget something as essential as Halloween.”


Taehyung turns around to face Namjoon just in time to see his eyes change when Jimin uses the honorific. Dark interest is gleaming in them now, replacing the startled look they’ve held before.


“What do you say, baby boy?” he asks, his gaze steady on Taehyung. “Does he deserve a treat for making us wait?”


The pet name hits him with the impact of a freight train. Butterflies are exploding in his stomach, wrecking through him with enough force to make goosebumps spread over his arms and neck. It’s been so long since they last played, but not long enough to forget what if feels like having his submissive side taking over. His heartbeat speeds up with excitement and anticipation. He lowers his gaze, glancing up to Namjoon through his eyelashes to avoid direct eye contact before Namjoon encourages him to.


“Yes, sir,” he answers, failing terribly at keeping the excitement out of his voice as he looks at Jimin’s costume once again. 


There’s a police cap placed lopsided on Jimin’s ash-blond hair, he’s wearing a cropped mesh top with black fake leather straps holding it in place. The best part is the bottom. A masculine, black garter belt is attached to the very tight, very short boxer briefs, spreading over the soft dips of Jimin’s abs, metal handcuffs are dangling from the strap on Jimin’s right side. Taehyung knows that Namjoon would never allow these cuffs to be used during a scene, but they are a nice accessory, adding to the feel of the whole costume, along with heavy black boots Jimin is wearing. 


“I’m sure the officer worked hard today, right? I think he deserves a treat,” Taehyung says eventually. Then he lets his gaze dart back to Jimin, and he’s breathtaking, just standing there in the bright light of the hallway, smiling at them smugly. He’s even put a little makeup on, subtle smoky lines are accentuating his upper eyelids. 


It should be forbidden to be as good-looking as Jimin , Taehyung thinks not for the first time. The effortless beauty is something that always takes possession of Taehyung’s heart, always makes it impossible for him to tear his gaze away from him. It’s captivating, it’s alluring, and Jimin knows very well how appealing he looks when he spreads his hand over the small patch of skin between the garter belt and his boxer briefs.


“Who knew you were into roleplay, Tae?” Jimin muses, and Namjoon hums in acknowledgment and something close to awakening interest.


Before Taehyung can answer, there’s a sound at the end of the hallway, and only now they all realize they are still standing in the doorway. Taehyung quickly pulls Jimin into the apartment, and Namjoon gets Jimin’s abandoned bag and his winter coat from the hallway before he closes the door behind them all. It gives Taehyung some time to admire Jimin’s costume once more. He bites his lip when he sees that there’s a zipper on the backside of the boxer briefs. The sheer obscenity of the small detail goes straight to his cock. He can already picture Namjoon pulling Jimin closer on the straps of the garter belt, burying himself deep into Jimin without having to take the costume off.


Taehyung smiles to himself when Namjoon turns off the doorbell on the security panel next to the door. Namjoon lets Taehyung and Jimin walk past him before he follows them into the living room, placing the now useless bowl of sweets back on the table. One trick-or-treater is enough for them to handle.

Namjoon tells them to go ahead to the bedroom, and they both obediently say, “Yes, sir.” 


Jimin grabs Taehyung by his wrists, bringing together both of his arms behind his back while he leads him to the bedroom, as if he’s a culprit that has just been arrested.


“Are you going to be a good boy tonight?” Jimin whispers huskily against his ear.


“Now, who’s into roleplay?” Taehyung answers cheekily, despite the arousal running through him caused by Jimin’s gestures and words, hissing when Jimin unexpectedly tightens the hold on his wrists.


“I asked you a question, boy.”


Oh, holy shit. They are really going to do this.


It would be a feebly lie if Taehyung said he hadn’t fantasized about something like this before. About being someone else. About leaving everything else behind, forgetting about reality for a few hours.


“Yes! Yes, officer, I’m going to be a good boy for you.”


“That’s right. You’ll be my good boy for the night, and if you do as I wish, I might consider letting you go without pressing charges. Keep your hands behind your back.”


Taehyung wonders briefly what Namjoon is doing in the kitchen, but the thought vanishes from his mind when Jimin starts undressing him, leaving harsh love bites all over his neck and his clavicle once he’s removed Taehyung’s shirt and tossed it carelessly to the side. The bites are going to bruise, they are definitely going to bruise. And fuck, Taehyung will be damned if he doesn’t look forward to getting to look at his skin in the mirror tomorrow. 


Being marked by his boyfriends, letting them mark him, is something Taehyung will never get tired of. He’ll always remember how Namjoon left the beautiful first hickey on the juncture of his neck because it had been something he’d only seen him do on Jimin’s skin before. That was before, when it was all in good fun, but things have changed. It always means something now. It’s a promise. 


Lately, Jimin has found pleasure in leaving marks on Taehyung’s body too. He enjoys to bite down on his skin, close to breaking it, and he knows Taehyung loves it, loves the sharp tingle of pain that gets soothed by Jimin’s tongue a second later.


Today isn’t any different. Taehyung can already feel his cock straining against his briefs. The anticipation of the upcoming scene, the fact that they haven’t really planned it, the trust they have in each other, Jimin’s tongue and teeth on his skin, it all balls up into this delicious mess of arousal, want and desire.


Jimin doesn’t stop until he has undressed Taehyung completely, every move straightforward and methodical. He continues leaving small messy bites all over Taehyung’s lower stomach, his inner thighs, the thin skin of his loin when he pulls down the waistband of his briefs.


“What have I told you about staying away from the culprit without me being present, officer?”


Namjoon’s dark voice takes them both by surprise. Jimin lets the waistband snap back into place and scrambles to stand up straight next to Taehyung, his cock stays caged in uncomfortably by the confines of the tight cotton.


“I’m sorry, superintendent. I didn’t mean to,” Jimin answers, his voice suddenly devoid of all the confidence it carried while he was talking to Taehyung. It’s dripping with obsequiousness, his eyes lowered, his head hanging low.


Just like that their roles are set for the night.


“But,” Namjoon goes on, “this one looks like a nice specimen. Even with all the marks you left on his skin.” 


Namjoon traces the path of bites Jimin has left on Taehyung’s body without really touching him. It’s one of Namjoon’s kinks. Not touching him until Taehyung begs to be touched, pleads for him with tears in his eyes, and he should be far away from this stage of begging, but the need to be touched by Namjoon’s slender fingers is close to unbearable already. Taehyung almost whimpers when Namjoon turns around to face Jimin again without acknowledging Taehyung at all.


“Undress him completely, get his cuffs and the blindfold. You better have him tied to the bed on his stomach when I come back.”


“Yes, sir.”


Namjoon doesn’t leave the room yet, he turns around when he reaches the door, his eyes softening visibly. 


“Safewords. Taehyung?”


“Sunflower,” he answers without missing a beat.






“Thank you.” 


Then he leaves for good, and Taehyung’s body is thrumming with excitement and affection for his Dom, who is always taking such good care of them, but also signaling them that he won’t hold back tonight. 

Once his footsteps can no longer be heard, Jimin’s demeanor changes again. His back straightens, his eyes are laced with this hardness, this steely gleam in his irises. It’s fucking hot to see his dominant site come to the surface again, to see him switch between his submission toward Namjoon and the need to dominate someone else, dominate Taehyung.


“You heard the superintendent. I guess you’ll have to please both of us tonight if you want to get out of here unscathed.”


“Yes, officer. Gonna please you both so well.”


“Let’s see about that,” Jimin snorts, pulling Taehyung’s briefs down harshly. The way the waistband gets caught on his cock hurts for a second, but then he’s finally free, his erection springing up hard, heavy and glistening wet at the tip.


“Oh, will you look at that,” Jimin coos, “Such a beautiful cock. Such a beautiful cock on such a dirty, guilty boy.”


Taehyung can’t help but blush, although Jimin sees his cock like this almost every other day, and compliments him on it most of the time. This is different though. Taehyung is nothing but a nameless culprit. Someone who’s been arrested by the hot officer and his gorgeous superintendent. Someone who should be ashamed by getting undressed by a stranger.


His hands cover his groin, but Jimin tut-tuts as he pulls them away impatiently. The grip is painful.


“Did I allow you to take your hands down?”


Taehyung shakes his head. “No, sir.”


“That’s right. Now, let me see how wet you already are from just imagining what we’re going to do with you tonight.” He squeezes Taehyung’s cock for a second, his eyes lightening up when a bead of precum appears at the slit. Jimin collects it with his index finger and brings his hand to his mouth. His pointed tongue darts out, licking the clear fluid from his finger. Taehyung can’t move, all he does is watch, his cock twitching as Jimin takes his whole finger into his mouth. He’s sucking and licking, moaning around his knuckles as if it wasn’t his finger but something else entirely.


Taehyung curses Jimin’s previous demand inside his mind. He’s sick of keeping his hands behind his back. He wants to trace the outline of Jimin’s hard cock with his finger. The head is dangerously close to peeking out from the waistband, and fuck, does it look hot beneath the shiny blackness of the garter belt. Taehyung’s possibilities are limited. All he can do is look at Jimin, and so he tries to watch to its full extent, imagining that it’s his cock in Jimin’s mouth instead of Jimin’s fingers, and the thought suffices to draw another bead of precum from his cock, but this one is ignored.


“The superintendent likes his boys tasty,” Jimin chuckles after he let go of his finger again with an audible pop, ripping Taehyung from his thoughts abruptly.


“Weren’t you supposed to tie me up?” Taehyung asks. Jimin has apparently forgotten that he’s pressed for time, and as much as Taehyung would like to see him getting punished for once he can’t wait to get tied up, can’t wait to feel helpless and completely at their mercy.


It’s unfair that he’s slapped harshly on his outer thighs for reminding Jimin to do what Namjoon has told him to do, but he takes it without complaint.


“Watch your tongue. It’s officer or sir for you, boy. Get up on the bed, hands and knees, pull out the leather string,” Jimin snaps before he turns around and heads to the walk-in closet.


Taehyung does as he’s told. He loves the tiny item hidden under the mattress that no one but them knows about. It only takes him about two seconds to locate the leather string nestled between the headboard and the mattress. It’s securely attached to the bed frame, about fifty centimeters in length and two centimeters in width, with a trigger hook at the end to secure it to cuffs or chokers. Oh, how much Taehyung would love to have a choker of his own. Jimin has only told him about his own, but he hasn’t seen Namjoon use it yet. 


When they first talked about their limits, Taehyung had named breath play as one of his soft limits, unsure about what it would entail exactly but now that he’s gotten a taste he wants to try. He has imagined the feeling of the soft leather pressed against his neck, tightening his throat, making it hard for him to breathe as long as either of his Doms deem necessary. He hasn’t been able to gather the courage to talk to them about it yet.


He jolts when he feels Jimin’s cold hand on his lower back, too immersed in his thoughts.




Taehyung gets back up on his knees to face Jimin and then stretches out his hands. Jimin has brought his favorite cuffs, the ones that Namjoon got him for their first scene earlier this year. He loves the feeling of the soft leather around his wrist, loves the simple beauty of the smooth leather, loves how they narrow his ability to move at his own free will, especially if they are fastened to the leather strap. Jimin pushes his hair back from where they’ve fallen over his eyes before he lifts up the blindfold.




“Yes, sir.”


Jimin’s hum sounds pleased as he covers Taehyung’s eyes with the silky piece of fabric, fastening it behind his head with a knot that keeps it in place without being too tight. Taehyung’s other senses heighten at once. He can hear Jimin’s heavy breathing, when he leans forward to connect the ring between the two cuffs to the trigger hook. It’s enough to tell him how excited Jimin is about things turning out this way as well. The click is familiar, the feeling in his stomach is familiar too. 


“Lie down, ass up. The superintendent won’t like it if you try to rub your cock on the sheets like the shameful slu—” Jimin stops himself, but Taehyung knows what he wanted to say in the heat of the play. “Shit, don’t tell Namjoon, please. I’m sorry.”


“It’s fine. I don’t mind.” Taehyung can’t place the swoop in his stomach at the word that had almost spilled over Jimin’s lips, but he knows that it isn’t a negative feeling. He hears Jimin sigh, a weak, fluttering sound. “Min. I only placed it on my list because you two didn’t seem too fond of it. It’s fine. I promise.”


“Okay,” Jimin says. He sounds relieved. “Okay.”


“I’ll keep my ass up, sir,” he says, to lead them back where they left the path. “I’ll be good.” Taehyung will try everything to keep his ass up this time to please his Dom, even though his cock is already throbbing. Pitiful. Needy. He has already experienced that Namjoon doesn’t approve of touching himself, rubbing his cock against the sheets. Oh, how he has experienced it. 


He tries to find a comfortable position, lowers his head on one of his arms, his upper body resting halfway on the mattress. Jimin’s hands caress over his ass cheeks, squeezing him, fingers running teasingly through his cleft. The vulnerability of his position gets to him in the best possible way. Maybe it makes him seem the littlest bit exhibitionistic, but he doesn’t care. He knows his ass looks nice like this, protruding into the air. Waxed and ready for whoever wants to take him first.

“Well done, officer.”


Taehyung didn’t hear Namjoon coming back at all, too immersed in his thoughts of being used, being taken rough and hard.


“Thank you, sir,” Jimin answers, his hands stopping to touch Taehyung’s ass.


“Hmm, so, you wanted a treat, right officer?”


“Yes, sir.”


“Look what I got for you.”


Taehyung hears how Jimin is inhaling sharply as he feels him get off the bed again. He wants to know what’s going on, wants to know what exactly it is that caught Jimin off guard, wants to know why he’s moaning not a second later.


“Tastes so good, sir.”


“I knew you’d like it. How about licking it off of our guest? I’m sure it will taste even better licked from his pretty, smooth skin. A real treat. You’ve worked hard for it.”


“Yes, sir. Thank you, I’d love to.”


“Boy,” Namjoon says, suddenly a lot closer to Taehyung’s ear. “I’m going to dribble something on your skin. It’s going to be hot, but it won’t burn you. Do you trust me?”


“Yes, sir.” 


Nobody says anything for a moment. Taehyung is breathing heavily, not knowing exactly what to expect, but then something hits his spine, he all but feels the contact at first before he can feel the heat, a slight burn, intensified by his heightened senses, but before it can run down his spine further, it gets licked off of him.


“How does it taste, officer?”


“More, sir.”


Namjoon chuckles at Jimin’s moaned answer, and Taehyung goes a little crazy at this. He wants to know what Namjoon has dribbled on his body, wants to know what makes Jimin moan like this, his voice sounding velvety and beautiful through the otherwise silent bedroom.


This time he can feel the burn on his right ass cheek, and Jimin is there to lap it up right away, his tongue soothing on his hot skin, his moan vibrating against his ass.


“Here, take this,” Namjoon says silently, “Let’s see how he reacts.”


Something else is coming, and Taehyung can’t do anything but wait anxiously. He’s starting to sweat along with his quickened heartbeat and how fast it makes his breath go. His fringe is clinging to his forehead where it isn’t covered by the blindfold, his whole body is overcome by a surge of heat. Then it’s just Namjoon’s hands on his shoulders, signaling him wordlessly to turn around. So he shifts on the bed, his arms over his head as he lies down on his back, his cock is a throbbing mess against his stomach, he can feel precum dribble down his hip, and there’s more dripping from his tip with every pathetic throb of arousal that’s running through his cock. 


Just short of where his precum drips down on his stomach, is the spot where the heated fluid hits him next, so close to his cock, so dangerously close. He jerks back at the burn, his stretched stomach muscles rippling, but he can’t escape.


“Fuck,” Jimin murmurs. “Just look at him, sir.”


Taehyung shudders almost violently under their gazes, he doesn’t know if they are really looking at him, but it’s like he can feel the heaviness with which they are scrutinizing him. Jimin licks up the side of his hip to his groin, lapping up the hotness and the cooling precum all at once, stopping just where the tip of his cock touches his stomach.


“Tastes even better like this, sir. He’s a tasty one, sir.”


“Yeah? Be a good officer, and let me try.”


Taehyung feels the bed dipping when they change positions, the room goes silent except for sounds that are indicating that Namjoon and Jimin are kissing, quiet smacks, and an almost silent groan deep from Namjoon’s chest.


Before he knows what he’s doing, Taehyung starts begging, his voice nothing more than a whisper in the silent room.


“I wanna try too, please let me have a taste. Please, sir, officer?”


“Isn’t he eager,” Namjoon chuckles darkly. “I’m afraid the treat is reserved for the diligent officer who managed to arrest you today. Treats aren’t meant for bad boys. You gotta work for it.”


There’s another dribble on his skin, the place more delicate, it makes him arch his back away from the mattress, makes him moan loudly before he can hold himself back. His nipples have always been tender to touches, but this is something new. The heat seems even more intense on the sensitive skin, and this time Jimin takes his time to lick it off, takes his time to suck, and tease him with his tongue, but then Taehyung can feel something on his other nipple, and it’s the exact opposite of what he’s feeling on his left one.


Coldness. Prickling, unforgiving coldness.


“Ah, please!” He’s not even sure what he’s pleading for. His body feels like it’s on fire, the extreme opposites of sensations, the dichotomy of hot and cold is driving him crazy, putting his brain into overdrive. Another moan escapes him when Jimin’s tongue flickers over his left nipple, sucking away the heat, playing with the already oversensitive nub of skin, he doesn’t know how to hold back, it’s all too much, the coldness wanders down his stomach, dips into his belly button. He can only suspect that it’s an ice cube. Can only suspect that—




Namjoon chuckles when Taehyung arches his back, trying to squirm away, but can’t. This time he has chosen the other nipple, the one which is still cold from the ice cube, cold and perky and whatever it is that is running over it right now feels too hot, is too much, but then Jimin’s tongue laps it all up, leaving him shaking and gasping for air.


“Turn around again,” Namjoon commands before Taehyung gets the chance to think straight, and he’s struggling with the simple task he’s been given. His shoulders are sore from the position he had to keep his arms in, his whole body is feeling weak and uncontrollable with how much he’s trembling. 


Jimin – or at least he thinks it’s Jimin – gets the ice cube from his belly button, so he can shift. His ass is pulled up by two strong hands on his hip, so he can’t even get close to the sheets.


“Officer, have you seen his cute little hole? Doesn’t it look delicious?”


“Yes, it does, sir.”


There’s something about the fact that they are talking as if Taehyung wasn’t in the room with them. Like he’s just inventory. Nothing. He deserves it, he’s the culprit after all.


“Pink and ready, I bet he likes it messy, wants to get all wet and open.”


“I can prep him for you, sir. If you want to fuck him?”


Taehyung’s chest is rising and falling so fast, it’s as if he’s already being fucked. He doesn’t want to wait. The need to be touched is overwhelming him, he needs more than a flicker of a tongue, or hands on his hips. He needs a cock inside him, needs hands pumping his dick. Needs it now.


“P-please,” he whispers. “Please touch me.”


They are ignoring him. Neither Namjoon nor Jimin is saying a word, and Taehyung is left guessing. He can make out the familiar sound of the nightstand getting opened and then closed again, can feel how the mattress dips and straightens when they move, can hear the cap of a bottle click open. Lube. He’s praying that it’s lube, that someone will finally open him up for what is yet to come.


His prayer seems to be answered when he can feel slick fingers circling his rim without further warning. He can’t possibly tell who it is, but then he hears Jimin moaning relatively close to him, hears a zipper opening, and when the movements of the fingers at his hole are getting uncoordinated, he’s pretty sure it’s Jimin, distracted by whatever Namjoon is doing to him.


Taehyung would love to see Jimin losing his composure, see his face getting that certain look of bliss Taehyung loves so much, but all he can do now is listen to Jimin’s moans, getting a little frustrated at the slow touches on his rim.


“Officer, please. Your fingers, I need them. I’ll be a good boy, I promise. Just please fuck me with your fingers.”


The touches get a little more focused after that. Jimin knows how to make him relax, how to get him ready in no time. His thumb is rubbing gently over his perineum when he enters the first finger, and Taehyung almost sobs, welcoming the slight burn of the stretch. He spreads his legs a little further to make it easier for Jimin, and soon gets rewarded with a second finger, but Jimin avoids his prostate, and no matter how well and thorough Jimin’s fingers drag along his insides to make him relax and open up, Taehyung is aching for a touch against the small bundle of nerves.


Before he can even start to beg for it, beg for Jimin to get his shit together and touch him where he needs it the most, his fingers are gone completely. He can’t help himself when a pitiful whimper escapes his lips at the loss. 


“You knew I wanted to fuck you today, hmm? Couldn’t wait to get my fat cock inside you, wearing that shameful excuse of a uniform.”


Jimin’s drawn-out moan tells Taehyung everything he needs to know. Jimin is getting Namjoon’s cock, while he is being left lying here, left to listen to them.


Taehyung wants to scream. This can’t happen. They can’t just let him lie here while they fuck on the other end of the bed. His cock hurts, his back hurts, he wants to be filled, wants to be fucked, wants to feel needed. He can feel his stretched-out hole clench around nothing, it gets harder and harder to keep his ass up in the air, to balance his body with the mattress dipping and straightening in a certain rhythm. Maybe it’s okay for him to lie down on his side. It should be okay, as long as his cock doesn’t touch the sheets, as long as he doesn’t grant himself some relief, right? But he doesn’t dare to move. It doesn’t feel right to act against his Doms’ demands.


The euphony of skin slapping against skin, hearing Namjoon and Jimin moaning together, the squelching of the lube - without being a part of it’s too much. He can feel his cock dribbling precum on the sheets below him. Never before has he been this hard, this wet, this ready, and yet he’s deprived of everything. He’s been a good boy, hasn’t he? He’s listened to what they’ve told him, he’s done what they asked of him. He can feel tears of desperation on his cheeks, feeling cold against the hotness of his skin, almost soothing in a fucked-up kind of way.


“Sir, there is something I wanted to try for a while,” Jimin says suddenly, his voice is hushed, occasionally interrupted by his erratic breathing, “You said I deserved a treat, so—”


“Shouldn’t it be enough of a treat to get fucked by me?”


Jimin whispers something Taehyung can’t make out, and then their movements stop completely, igniting the tiniest flicker of hope in Taehyung’s tired veins. He feels somebody getting closer to him, and his heart starts fluttering again.


“Look at him, still so open, ready to be used. I wanted you to fuck my cum into him once I finished on his greedy hole, but I like your idea more, officer.”


The spark of hope gets replaced by excited anticipation when he hears the cap of the bottle click once again, and then there’s lube squirted over his rim, into his entrance just how he likes it. Lewd, messy, and wet.


“Spread your legs a little further,” Jimin says, his voice dripping with something more than desire.


Taehyung does so. It doesn’t matter that his knees are hurting, because he knows he’ll need to spread them for Jimin to make it easier for him to line himself up, to fuck into him on the same height, and this is all Taehyung wants right now. Get fucked, get used.


Jimin lets the underside of his cock slide over Taehyung’s rim, teasing, testing.


“Be a good boy and beg,” Namjoon says, “Make us believe that you deserve this.”


Taehyung doesn’t need to be told twice.


“Officer, please, please take me. I promise I’ll be good. I won’t be a bad boy again. I won’t. I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you. I’ll be your good boy like you asked me to. Just please, please fuck me like you mean it, officer. Fuck all the badness out of me.”


“If you ask so nicely,” Jimin says, but then Taehyung can hear skin spanking harshly against skin, followed by Jimin hissing.


“Didn’t you forget something?” Namjoon asks.


“May I fuck him, sir?”


“You may.”


Taehyung is sure he’s going to pass out when Jimin’s cock finally fills him up, pushing into him with one drawn-out thrust of his hip. He’s sure he’s going to come right here and there. But he can’t. He’s tired, yes, but he also wants this to last, wants to feel everything Jimin can give him.


“Arch your back, I can’t reach you like that,” Namjoon says calmly somewhere behind them.


Taehyung’s heart misses a few beats when Jimin stops pushing into him altogether, but he’s merely slipping out a little. Nothing else changes. When he thrusts in deeper again slow but with a changed angle, it’s not only him that’s moaning, it’s Namjoon too, and slowly it dawns on him why Namjoon asked Jimin to arch his back. Namjoon is fucking Jimin. Namjoon is fucking Jimin into him, setting the pace, connecting all three of them through Jimin, and with the changed angle, Jimin’s cock drags over Taehyung’s prostate with every single thrust.


“H-harder, Namjoon, sir,” Taehyung almost sobs, and it’s both a plea and an acknowledgment that he knows what’s going on behind him despite being blindfolded. “Please fuck us harder.”


Namjoon listens, setting a rhythm that works for all three of them. Taehyung props himself up at the headboard as well as he can with his hands still tied together, tries to prevent himself from toppling over. He’s sure he would lose his balance if it wasn’t for Jimin keeping him up with a firm grip on his hips.


“Oh fuck—,” Jimin groans, “I’m not going to last, sir, not when your cock is so deep inside, and the boy so tight around me.”


“Then let go. I give you permission. Come.”


It doesn’t take much more than Namjoon’s approval. Jimin is tensing behind Taehyung, spilling his cum inside him before Taehyung’s own orgasm is wrecking through him so forcefully, he is not able to keep himself upright any longer. Jimin is slipping out of him when he lets himself fall to his side, the blindfold slips from his eyes, he can feel Jimin’s cum trickling out of his hole, can feel his cock pulsing and spurting white ribbons onto the sheets.


Namjoon holds Jimin close to him when he comes, his thumbs under the straps of the garter belt, and it’s the last thing Taehyung sees before his eyes flutter closed, and he lets himself fall into the comforting blackness.






“Hey, angel. You got us worried there for a second.”


When Taehyung opens his eyes again, they are looking down at him. Jimin is wearing a bathrobe over his costume. Namjoon didn’t bother dressing at all. He looks worried, anxious, his hand is shaking when he caresses Taehyung’s sweaty forehead.


“’M fine. Just tired.” His hands are no longer restricted by the cuffs, and so he reaches up, cups Namjoon’s cheek to reassure him that he’s completely fine, albeit sore in certain places, but that’s something he’s used to, something he loves. It takes a few seconds for Namjoon to smile back at him, but finally he does, relief replacing the worried frown.


“Here, have some chocolate, then we’ll go get cleaned up, okay?” Jimin says, holding out something for Taehyung to take.


“’Kay.” He accepts the chocolate from Jimin’s hand. It’s another snickers bar from the treat bowl. “You liked your treat, Min?”


“Best treat ever,” he smiles, cuddling up to them.



“Come on, guys. It’s not even midnight yet, and we’re all watered and fed and looking amazing.”


Taehyung groans as he lets himself sink back against Namjoon, he can’t possibly move, doesn’t get how Jimin is still this energetic. “Do something, Namjoon,” he whines.


“Jimin. No party this year. We had our own party, this has to be enough, right?”


Jimin scowls, his lower lip jutting out adorably, but Taehyung and Namjoon have long learned how to resist his charms.


“Besides, we don’t have new costumes,” Taehyung adds, knowing that Jimin won’t let them wear last year’s costume while he hopes that Jimin doesn’t have a secret stash somewhere. Jimin can’t leave the house in what he has worn earlier today, not with the cum stains anyway.


“Fine,” Jimin snaps, knowing that he has lost against the joined forces.


“Come on, baby. I’ll heat up the chocolate again, and we can just dip in some fruit and watch an old horror movie, hm? How does that sound?” Namjoon tries to save the situation.


“Boring,” Jimin mutters, but he’s looking a little more mollified than a few seconds ago.


“Wait,” Taehyung laughs, shaking his head in disbelief, especially when he thinks back to Jimin saying that it tasted so much better mixed with his precum. “Chocolate?? That’s what it was earlier?”


“Happy Halloween, Tae,” Jimin grins.


“You two are the worst.”


“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Namjoon ruffles his hair, while Jimin finally sits down on the couch next to them again.


Maybe next year he’ll be the one who comes trick-or-treating. 


Maybe Halloween isn’t so bad after all.