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He’s in a mood tonight. You notice it immediately when you go to let him through your front door after hearing familiar banging on your windows. Considering your apartment is a couple stories up from street level, there’s really only one person it could be. And at this time of night…

When he enters, he’s not full of scalding rage or buried doom and gloom: he’s in a grinning good mood. You relax at seeing that — it’s always easier to interact with him when you don’t have to coddle him through one of his episodes.

As soon as he steps into the threshold of your apartment, he’s trying to steer you to the bedroom because he’s All Might and of course he’s looking to dip his feet into a pool only he has access to. But you’re pushing back, stubbornly remaining still while gesturing to the laptop and notebook open and waiting on your living room table. You have work to do, he’ll have to wait.

All Might? Wait?

“My dear,” he says in a grossly sweet voice, forcing you to twirl as he drags you into his chest. “Let me save you from that work. Let me be your hero.”

All Might? Save?

You laugh, pointing out that in no way, shape or form could All Might ever be a hero. He looks pensive, shruggingly agreeing with your assessment, before a devilish smile takes over and you’re smothered by his arms as he lifts you up into his chest.

“Maybe tonight I’ll play the hero,” he growls in your ear as he begins to move with you still cradled against his chest. You roll your eyes but curiosity and procrastination win out over responsibility and you don’t put up a fuss, even when he settles you on the edge of your bed.

A hero, huh? What kind of hero?

“The kind of hero that saves a poor little thing like you from big bad men,” he says and, for good measure, flexes his arms. The muscles go taut beneath the tight black fabric of his shirt. Your eyes remain fixated on them.


“You’re safe now,” All Might croons, fake sugar still in his words, as he dips out of his pose and captures your chin in his hand, directing you to return your gaze to his shadowed face. “Because I’m here.”

His cadence darkens.

“So now I’ll claim my hero’s reward.”

Heroes don’t save people expecting rewards, you inform him. Asking for one is very… unheroic.

His hand moves away from your chin to nudge your body back onto the bed. The air around you grows warmer as he leans his body over you, its temperature blazing like a furnace. You swallow — he’s settled two massive forearms on either side of your head but your eyes are focused on his face and the smile carved into it.

A large, hungry smile.

A smile that couldn’t possibly belong to a hero.

“I never said I was a respectable hero,” he informs in a rough murmur before pouncing for the too-soft lips he had been craving.

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The prank itself will be something simple.

“I learned a magic trick,” you tell him over your shoulder, washing off a plate, your insides already churning with stupidly excited energy. He’s going through your refrigerator, trying to find something light he could indulge in. At hearing your declaration, he grunts in disinterest.

“Come on,” you say, drying your hands on your pants. He looks over, still hunched down in front of the fridge, quirking a brow. “At least let me show you!”

Fine, he decides to entertain you.

It’s a simple trick, you tell him. He watches as you set a coin beneath a water bottle, dropping a dishtowel on top of it.

“I will now make the coin…” you pause for dramatic effect, wiggling your fingers over the setup. “Disappear.”

He rolls his eyes.

You tug the dishtowel away. Bracing the water bottle with your hand, you stare directly down through the opening of it, trying to hide your nervous and giddy smile. Putting on an air of smugness, you turn to him, gesturing to the water bottle.

“See!” you chirp at him. “Magic!”

Slowly he lugs over, casting a bored look to you before gazing down as you had done earlier.

The coin was still th–

Quickly you squeeze the bottle, watching a stream of water burst up and strike All Might unexpectedly in the face. You begin to cackle, surprised his superhuman reflexes hadn’t warned him.

It was because he was relaxed. He trusted you.

He lunges for you but, somehow, you manage to dodge his swipe. You try to get away, running out of the room. You’re laughing and working to keep the couch between you, but there’s absolutely no hope of getting away. You know it.

You don’t even see him leave the kitchen but instantly you’re already in his arms.

“Trying to be funny?” he snarls. You barely register his anger, still too wrapped up in your good time.

You had done it!

“I can’t believe you fell for it!” you manage to get out through the cawing.

The anger he held at being tricked fades as he watches your face, enthralled by your large smile and bright cheeks.

You’re pretty when you’re happy.

But he can’t let your prank go without some sort of retribution.

Your world shifts as you lay across his lap. He’s sitting on the couch now.

“Alright kitten,” he coos down at you, rubbing your entire backside with one large hand, glad for the excuse. “Ten seems fair, don’t you think?”

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The credits were rolling.

“That was stupid,” All Might grumbled, inhaling and shifting life back into his limbs. “I’ll pick the next one, your–”

He stopped when he realized you weren’t moving with him. In fact, your dead weight was pressed against his side, a slight snore punctuating your breathing. 

It wasn’t surprising, really. The movie had been terrible enough to lull anyone to sleep. Even he had felt his eyes grow heavy toward the middle of it, when the boy’s parents were killed. But on principle, he had stayed up to finish it. 

So he knew to never watch it again. 

He was still looking down at you, nestled against him so comfortably, debating what to do next. The urge to just get up wasn’t as strong as he thought it was. In fact, he didn’t want to disturb you at all.

But god, did he have to take a piss.

Bodily need took precedence over any personal feelings he had for you. Carefully, he leaned down to lift and shift your body off him…


After his needs were taken care off, he leered over your sleeping form, debating what to do next. Wake you? He glanced at the time – he still had another half-hour or so of time to kill. He didn’t want to end the night early…

“Wake up,” he said, shaking your shoulder. You were groaning, blinking the sleep from your eyes as you looked around in confusion, brain trying to comprehend your existence. Clouded eyes finally looked up at a frowning All Might. 

You sighed.

“Come back,” you muttered to him, stifling a yawn as you sat up fully. You were patting the couch next to you. He raised a brow.

But did as you asked. 

All Might watched as you rolled and stretched your shoulders before scooting down further on the couch. Then you were laying down, resting your head on his massive thigh, curling your legs behind you as you flipped your blanket back over your body. 

After some additional minor shifting, you finally settled down with a deep, chest-expanding sigh.

Well, almost settled.

You blindly reached up and around you, searching for his hand. Once you found it, you gave it a soft squeeze before placing it on your head. 

“What are you, some kind of dog?” you heard All Might comment. Uncaring, you rested your hand back on his thigh, rubbing and squeezing it affectionately.

Shhh,” you hummed to him. “You know I’d do it for you.”

All Might frowned.

It took a few breaths before you finally felt his hand moving, lightly stroking your hair. As time passed and you teetered on the edge of consciousness, you felt him going so far as to push stray strands out of your face. Though his palm was roughly as large as your head, he was surprisingly gentle with his movements. You found yourself smiling.


You internally bristled with adoration for the man – he was watching your face.

“I like when you come over,” you said to him, one eye opening slightly so you could peek up at him. 

Slowly you watched his self-satisfied grin split his face.

He did love compliments.

“Of course you do,” he purred back, pleased with your acknowledgment. His hand moved away from your hair, stroking the skin of your neck he had exposed. Your eye closed again and he kicked his feet back up on your table, reaching for the remote, his light caressing never stopping. Even when you drifted back to sleep.

It was a shame, really.

Thirty minutes was not long enough.

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“What are you doing?”

The sudden, loud question made your heart plummet. You gasped, head whipping around to gape at the monster who had stolen away into your bedroom.

All Might.

Relief swept over you, glad to see that particular monster staring at you. You took a steadying breath, the initial fear dissipating.

“Getting rid of some clothes,” you said, gesturing around you. You were sitting on the floor of your room working to split a massive mountain of clothes heaped in front of you into smaller, more manageable, chunks. A little… spring cleaning that you never got around to.

Sure it was fall but it was better late than never, right?

“How long is this going to take?” All Might growled and you shot a warning glance at him — you had an inkling he had other plans in mind. None of which, you were certain, involved watching you clean.


“I mean…” you shrugged, looking over your toil. “It’s hard to tell. An hour?”

He snorted a ‘tch’ and walked over to you, nudging your seated form with a socked foot as he glowered down. “Do this later. I’m on a schedule.”

‘I’m on a schedule.’

You tossed the holed sweater you had been examining on top of the designated trash pile, offended by his lack of tact.

“No thanks, I want to finish this before I go to bed.”

All Might’s scowl darkened. For several minutes he remained towering over you, hoping his silence and imposing presence would goad you into focusing your attention on him. When it became clear that tactic wasn’t going to work, he scoffed and left your side.

To go sit cross-legged against the wall instead.

You continued your work quietly, ignoring his burning glare and the annoyed bobbing of his foot. You couldn’t give into him all the time. What kind of precedent would that set? He was like a child.

No, sometimes you had to just put your foot down.

“I don’t live to serve you, you know,” you said haughtily at him, your side-eye obvious. “It’s rude to come over and expect me to drop everything for you. A heads up would have been nice.”

“This wasn’t planned,” he said. “I was… around.”

You frowned at his rudeness, unimpressed, tossing away a pair of ratty leggings. “If you want,” you said, returning to your haughty voice. “You could always attend to me, for once.”

“Attend?” he purred, scowl replaced by a hungry smile, shadowed eyes flashing in delight. “Sweetheart, you know I can attend to all your needs.”

You winced at your own wording — you had meant to sound queen-like. Royal.

But that was not the way he took it.

“I meant helping me with this,” you said, holding up another sweater. “You could bag up the trash clothes for me. That would be a big help.”

The wild glee left him.

“I didn’t come over here to play maid,” All Might answered, tone turning cold again.

You rolled your eyes, reaching in the pile for something worthless you could toss at him. A little floral number caught your attention — instead of tossing it, you shot it toward him like a rubber band, watching as it struck him in the chest.

Good shot!

Though he hadn’t been paying attention, he perked up when he felt something enter his bubble of personal space, immediately grabbing whatever it was that had struck his body.


He stared at the crumpled fabric in his hands.


You had thrown underwear at him.

You had thrown underwear at All Might.

He slowly lifted his head back in your direction.

You met his eyes with your chin raised, a slight smile on your face.

“You’re no help!” you chided lightly.

It had been lighthearted. Playful. Truth be told, sorting clothes was boring — but you weren’t going to make stopping for him easy. You at least wanted to tug the line a bit before reeling him in.

But All Might was in no mood for games.

“Oh kitten…” he shook his head, casting one last quick glance at the panties in his hand for final confirmation. Yes, you had thrown underwear at him. “Kitten… you really shouldn’t have done that.”

All Might shifted

You were on your back.


You inhaled sharply, blinking wildly as your mind worked to right itself. You weren’t just on your back — you had been picked up, turned and placed on top of the big clothes pile that had been in front of you.


All Might was there, lifting and spreading your knees wide so he could settle himself between your legs. A ruthless smile marred his face as he glared down on you. A heavy hand was on against your chest, holding you down against the clothes that were oh so important to you.

The pile was deflating. You were sinking deeper…

You understood All Might was fast to feel his speed

Something was being stuffed in your mouth.

Your knee-jerk reaction was to reach up and remove it. But he had caught the movement of your arms and prevented you from removing the impromptu gag by pinning them above your head with the massive palm that had, nanoseconds earlier, been holding you down.

“Oh kitten,” he said again, watching you attempt to push out the balled-up panties with your tongue. You were fighting back a gag  he had really stuffed them in there. The fabric was making your mouth uncomfortably dry. “What a stupid, stupid thing to do.”

The repetition of his phrases was making your stomach clench with anxiety. 

It also didn’t help that he was tugging down your sweatpants.


Oh no — you weren’t…

You felt when All Might paused, quickly noticing skin beneath your sweatpants. No any other articles of clothing. No barriers. No underwear.

You weren’t wearing underwear.

Why hadn’t you put on underwear after your shower?

A smile.

A slow, pointed smile.

A flash of blue eyes.

It suddenly dawned on you what you were anxious about. It wasn’t fear that had settled in your gut. It was something more… carnal.

“Attend to you? Isn’t that what you wanted me to do?” he asked unnervingly soft. “Don’t worry, darling. I am here. To. Serve.”

As he spoke, the softness of his voice died until he hissed the last line at you, baring seemingly fanged teeth. You blinked rapidly, watching him removing your pants completely leaving you bare for him.

He actually licked his lips.

You furrowed your brows, your whimper not making it past your loaded mouth.

He shifted his gaze from the delight waiting below to your captured hands. After a very brief second of consideration, he fixed you with a serious stare.

“Don’t move these,” he commanded, nodding toward your hands.

Your wide-eyed, blank look did not inspire belief in him.

“Don’t move these,” he repeated with a little more zest, squeezing your wrists in warning. You gave a quick nod, appeasing him, keeping your hands clasped together above you while his arms wrapped around your thighs. He was pulling you toward him while he wriggled down onto his stomach.

God, you really wished you didn’t have underwear stuffed in your mouth.

His massive tongue rolled up your thigh and you shifted, feeling it creeping up ever-closer toward the spot growing shamefully wetter. You braced for the pain of teeth, expecting it, but there was none. Just warm, dampness. Appreciative, you hummed down to him. 

He chuckled against you when he heard your sound.

Just when you thought he was going to stroke your core with that beautiful tongue of his

All Might switched legs. 

You let out a muffled complaint that went ignored. His fingers dug harder against the fat of your legs, creating the most wonderful looking divets of pressure against your skin. You protested again at the squeezing and he sighed, placing a kiss on your leg before meeting your eye. 

A smirk.

“Darling,” he admonished, disappointed with your naivety. “This is not going to be an easy night for you.”

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You were cold.

Even wrapped in one of your thickest blankets with your little apartment space heater turned on full blast, you were cold.

It was the kind of cold that permeated all of your layers. That dug itself into your body. That burrowed and settled in the very marrow of your bones.

You were cold.

A shiver barreled up your spine, your body shuddering along as it traveled.


“Knock it off.”

You glared at the gruff-voiced man sitting next to you on the couch — he was glaring back, though his look was a lot more… vicious.

“I can’t help it,” you complained, pulling your blanket around you tighter. “I’m freezing!”

But he wasn’t the sympathetic type. He fixed you with a hard look uttering just one word in warning:


You pouted, looking away and feeling a little dramatic in your mild discomfort and the way it had clung to you. All Might rolled his eyes, attention returning to the cake baking competition you had been watching. The theme was sharks. The competitors were purposely horrendous. You seemed interested and he wasn’t bothered enough to put up a fuss.

Until your body rocked violently again with another deep-rooted shiver.

“I told you I can’t help it!” you argued when you heard him make some kind of rumbling sound of irritation. “You think I want to be like this?”

“Put on a sweater.”

“I’m already wearing one!” To prove your point you turned back toward him, revealing your bundled body beneath the blanket. A sweater, sweatpants, fuzzy socks — he couldn’t possibly blame you for lack of trying.

“Put on another one.”

You looked at him, shoulders sagging in hurt defeat. It stung, how blasé he was to your struggles, as insignificant as they were. Some kind of… support would have been nice.

He frowned, having caught your reaction. And when you turned back silently toward the television, his frown deepened.

Now you were upset.


The blanket was being tugged off of you.

You let out a cry, distressed that All Might would take away one of your precious layers after bitching at you to add another one. And, when you watched him wrap it around his own shoulders, your indigitation flared to a full-fledge wildfire. He was going to take it!? How dare he—

He lifted the arm closest to you, creating an opening in his blanket robe. Though his vision was trained on the television, he was gesturing with his head for you to move closer.

You froze.

As quickly as your rage ignited, the rains of blissed affection arrived to quickly smother the flames. With a satisfied smile, you scooted closer to him, nestling yourself against his solid form as he lowered his arm around you.

You were enclosed in a radiating warmth.

You shuddered and sighed as you melted against him — soft signs of contentment that he paid no mind to.

Outwardly, at least.

The chill was receding, an all-encompassing comfort enveloping your body instead. You settled your head against his torso, a hand lightly resting on his chest, rising and falling with his body as he breathed. You rubbed soft circles, feeling the granite of his muscle. And his smell. You found yourself inhaling deeply, a gluttonous attempt to get more of him.

It was heaven. A simple, tender type of heaven.

“This is much better” you murmured, not even wanting to watch TV anymore, eyes drifting shut instead. Your senses were overwhelmed in the best way and you wanted to focus on what was next to you.

The corner of All Might’s mouth twitched upright.

His arm pressed a little tighter.

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All Might could tell you were distracted by something. 

There was no… spark when he arrived at your apartment; no excitement or feigned annoyance at his unannounced presence, just lethargic acceptance. He frowned, standing off by the door as he watched you repeatedly switch your attention between your laptop, cell phone and the television. But you weren’t watching anything, not focusing and comprehending. Just staring.

Sure, your apathetic behavior was not ideal. But what annoyed him the most was your lack of interaction with him. You weren’t engaging with him.

And that just wouldn’t do.

“What’s wrong with you?” he grunted, eyeing your figure on the couch. You sighed but refused to look up at him.


He ran his tongue over his teeth, growing more irritated when he realized that single word answer was all he was going to get from you.

“Obviously there’s something wrong. You look like you’ve been sucking a lemon.”

He watched you look away, clenching your jaw and shaking your head at his brash prodding. Were you close to tears? He honestly couldn’t tell – there were varying emotions fluttering across your face, ranging from anger to dejection. 

“What, you sad?”

Again, silence and head shaking.

He didn’t like that silence. 

He didn’t like the… empty.

Something was obviously bothering you. And it bothered All Might that it was distracting you from him. That you weren’t just going to be normal for him.

He wasn’t a complete imbecile – he was well aware the inner turmoil that often churned beneath silence. Many times he had experienced the same kind of… slump, for varying reasons. Though the boisterous and boorish side of him wanted to try and force a return of your happiness, a considerably more subdued part of his brain took over.

With a loud, drawn-out sigh he plopped on the couch next to you, making the furniture wheeze and you flinch. But it held his weight and didn’t buckle.

Uncomfortably he sat, hoping that you would make the next move. That you would guide him toward what he should do next, tell him what you wanted him to do. But you didn’t – you had fixated your eyes on your laptop, repeatedly refreshing a social media feed that wasn’t as distracting as you hoped.


Your laptop was being tugged out of your hands. 

Though you tried to hold onto it, you failed and could only watch as it was placed on the coffee table in front of you. Before you could protest or release any lashing words at him, All Might’s large forearm draped itself over your shoulders. He pulled you into him, forcing you to nestle against his side.

“What are you doing?” you asked, voice and mind tired.

It was his turn for silence. 

With a disgruntled sigh, you glared as he put his boot-clad feet on the coffee table, reaching for the remote you had balancing on the arm of the couch. After flipping through the shows listed on Netflix, he settled on an American reality show about alligator hunters.

Your initial displeasure about his heavy-handedness faded as the tacky show ran on. It wasn’t particularly… good, but All Might appeared interested enough. 

His massive palm shifted from just hanging to gripping almost the entirety of your upper arm. Casually, as if he didn’t want you to catch him in the act, he began rubbing it. The motions weren’t extreme but there was no denying what he was doing. A small sign of affection. 

Despite yourself, you relaxed into his grip.

It took almost half the episode before he eventually spoke up, his eyes still fixated on the television. 

“You shouldn’t get into your head so much,” he grumbled. 

You glanced up at him but he refused to look at you. 

You waited for an insult to punctuate his statement but nothing came. 

It was just a small piece of advice from a man who constantly battled the thoughts in his own mind. But you didn’t know about that. To you, he was the unshakable All Might. 

You settled deeper against him, lulled in by his breathing, focusing on the weight of his arm around you and the movements of his hand. 

At least, for a quiet moment, you found some solace in one of his rare shows of benevolence.

Chapter Text

Your apartment was dark.


All Might took out his phone, glancing at the time. You should have been home from work hours ago, assuming you hadn’t gone out.

Maybe that’s what it was. You had gone out with co-workers or friends.

The disappointment increased.

He sat on your couch.

Should he text you? Maybe you were on your way back or were somewhere nearby, which would make the night salvageable. You always came running when he–

A stifled, breathy moan caught his attention.

His head turned toward the direction of your bedroom, throat tightening. He stood and, with light footsteps, made his way to the hallway. He noticed it then, a dull light peeking out from beneath your closed bedroom door.

As he approached, he realized a new sound was cutting through the silence. 

A soft buzzing.

The… need in your gut had sprouted up around lunchtime. It was a sudden realization of emptiness that struck you as you ate, a feeling that you couldn’t shake for the rest of the day. As you sat at your desk, trying to focus on filling out lab reports, you found yourself squeezing and shifting your thighs together, enjoying the pressure but still uncomfortably aware of the…


You thought about texting All Might, asking him to swing by later. To fill the empty.

He would fill the empty so nicely.

Or… you could spend some relaxed alone time with yourself. Without a fuss or a mess. Just lazily getting yourself off at your own leisure.

The decision was made quickly.

You bit your lip as you shifted in your bed, grinding your clit against the purple wand in one hand while you twisted your bedsheets in the other. A shiver broke out across your body at the endless and relentless vibrating you were pressing harder against.

Another whiny moan escaped your closed mouth as you turned your head against your pillow, rolling your hips slowly. For the first orgasm of the night, you had watched porn. For number two, you were relying on your imagination.

All Might was thrusting into you wildly, growling and grunting in your ear. His massive cock was stretching you wide, planning on filling you up so nicely.

What if it was All Might and Endeavor? You were clinging to a snarling All Might, his hands knotted possessively in your hair while warm flames licked your back. The villain was reminding you over and over that you were his, glaring at the hero whose cock was prodding your ass.

Or… back to just you and All Might. What if you were the proper height to kiss him while he was inside of you. Your mouths were pressing together, nearly sharing the same breath, his hands gripping and kneading your ass as he fucked you slowly.

That’s it.

With a shudder, you silently came, hips rocking with exaggerated jerks as you kept the Hitachi pressed against your sensitive clit.

Though it quickly became too much.

Breathing deeply, you turned your wand off and tossed it aside, rubbing your face as trembling aftershocks buzzed throughout your lower body. You felt like you were vibrating.

A comfortable fatigue was beginning to nip at your skull – one more orgasm and you would sleep so well. You removed the arm that had ended up covering your face, waiting for the sensation to return to your clit so you could start round three–

You gasped and scampered up your bed, noticing a large figure standing at the end of your bed.

“All Might!” You cried, quickly realizing who it was.

He was glowering at you, arms crossed, standing silently.

Mortified at having been caught getting off (and praying he didn’t somehow gain the ability to read thoughts), you pulled the sheets over your naked lower body.

“You need to. Stop. Breaking. In!” you stressed, hand falling and striking your bed in tired frustration. “You can’t keep doing this. It’s my house! We really need to talk about some basic respect–”

“You’re not finished.”

His voice was guttural and rough.

He wanted you to keep going.

Noooo,” you were shaking your head, cheeks burning brighter over his voyeurism. “I wasn’t expecting you. Let me get pants on and I’ll–”

The sheets covering your body were flung off – All Might was returning to his crossed-arm pose. You fidgeted beneath his glare.

“Go on,” he growled.

“All Might–”

“Go on.”

Your pleading look was not acknowledged.

He just continued to stand.

Stand and silently command you to continue with a dark look.

With an unhappy groan, you reached for your Hitachi again, aware your stomach was already doing flips of excitement over being watched. By him. 

You were starting to get used to the conflicting feelings All Might usually inspired in you – a constant battle between libido and embarrassed inhibitions.

Your wand sounded louder than normal as the buzzing started up again – you looked at him, hoping he would pull back and let you keep your dignity.

Of course, that was all a pipe dream.

With a loud, tight-throated swallow, you trailed the large vibrating head up and down your slit before settling against your clit once more.

Though All Might’s attention was on your sex, yours was on his face.

Who would have thought a frowning face would be such a turn on?

It wasn’t just his face though. He was… tight. He was on edge.

He was turned on.

Swallowing again, you trained your eyes on your cracking ceiling, trying to imagine you were alone. But your unignorable audience, coupled with the lingering sensitivity at having just came moments earlier, was making your insides churn. The flames of another climax were already being fanned.

You captured your bottom lip between your teeth.

A reactionary sharp breath ripped through you as you kept the wand pressed against your overworked nub, body growing hotter. As the seconds ticked by, your lower body was moving again. Your legs were curling, pelvis adjusting as your breaths grew louder and heavier.

All Might’s gaze moved from your clenching, empty sex to your face. It was screwed up, eyes slightly rolling as you started a steady rocking motion against your Hitachi.

There was no need for fantasies this time around.

Your head was turning, hips lifting off your bed as you pressed harder against the wand, desperate for more pressure.

All Might!” you gasped out, purposefully. For him. A small gift.

He exhaled sharply.

You were being louder than normal, interspersing soft cries and gasps between your panting. Putting on a show – the need to cum overpowering any reservations you had.

Ngnh,” you clenched your free fist in your hair, thighs clamping together, toes curling. “I’m–”

You swallowed, releasing a strangled gasp as you twisted on the bed, wearing an almost pained expression. Each second that passed, something in you was being pulled tighter.





It snapped.

You bit down on your hand, hiding your gaspy whine as your body quaked in response to the waves of warmth cascading out to your extremities. Then they were barreling back into your core.

Pants continued to rack your body as you came down from your high. You tossed aside your wand again, wanting to catch your breath in case he had any other plans.

You were right earlier. After orgasm number three, you were ready for bed.

The mattress sank as a considerable amount of weight settled down beside you. With a pleased hum, you turned to press against All Might, slightly surprised when he immediately caught you in a kiss.

Cupping his face, you grinned and returned his affections, pressing your lips lightly against his, though he was ready for something much deeper.

A strange shifting below caught your attention. You broke the kiss to glance down your bodies, catching sight of his hand palming his groin through his pants. You were glad to see that he was watching your face, aware of where you had been looking and what you had seen. 

You traced his jawline with your fingertips, grinning at him.

“It’s only fair,” you said faux-sweetly, earning a snort of amusement from him.

You stroked his cheeks with your thumbs, kissing the tip of his nose as you listened to the sound of a zipper and the dull rustling of heavy fabric.

A breath of relief at freedom.

Your fingers moved to follow the lines of his face.

He was touching himself.

“Keep doing that,” you said quietly, leaning into him. Hungrily, he crushed his mouth against yours, tongue immediately bypassing lips and teeth, searching for yours. You hummed in satisfaction, hand moving up the side of his face to stroke at his hair.

“Come suck me,” he said throatily against your lips, breaking the kiss.

The grin was back and you shook your head.

“No,” you said, resting your face against his. “I want to kiss you.”

“You want me to make a mess in my hands?” he grumbled.

“Let me have this.”

He fell quiet at your soft request, head tilting into your touch when you started rubbing and tugging on his visible earlobe. As he stroked himself closer to the edge, you kept on with your tender touches.

“Let me cum in your mouth,” he said. If you didn’t know any better, you would have called it a whine. 

You shook your head, pushing against him, trying to guide him onto his back.

He acquiesced.

Your tongue traced over his bottom lip before you captured it between yours, sucking it. Somehow you managed to avoid the domineering clashing of his teeth,  repeating the same licking and sucking to his upper lip when he settled his head back against the bed.

The jerking of his hand was getting more pronounced.

No, he needed something deeper than your fleeting lips and fingertips.

His free hand weaseled to grip the back of your head, pushing you harder against his mouth once you dipped in for another kiss. 

You eagerly melted into him, enjoying the way his tongue buried itself back in your mouth, following the curvature of your teeth before stroking the insides of your cheeks. All before finally wrapping around and twisting along your tongue.

A grunt.

“Take it in your mouth,” he said against you. 

In response to his second attempt at changing your mind, you straddled his torso, careful to keep the contact with his lips. You could feel the arm that was working his cock bump against your side. 

“Did you like watching me earlier?” you asked. A harsh exhale from his nose struck your face. The churning in his gut taking starting to pressurize.

A grunt.

“I was thinking about you,” you continued, watching his face contort through your lidded eyes, his mouth pulling taut. “Even when I get myself off, I think about you.”

A snort.

A grunt.

You shifted your head so you could kiss along his chin but it wasn’t what he needed.

“Keep talkin’ kitten,” he ordered, a slight strain in his voice. After placing two more pecks, you listened to his demand, returning to speak against his mouth.

“I thought about your cock,” you said. You felt his body tense beneath you, the words doing what they were supposed to. “How your cock fills me up oh so nicely.”

“But you won’t take it now.”

“No,” you said, launching into a series of pecks against grimacing lips, trying to hide your smile. “I want to kiss you when you cum. And you’ll give me that tonight, won’t you?”


He grunted again.

“That’s right, I know you’ll give it to me,” you said, throat growing tight as you felt the bed began to shake from All Might’s exertion. His arm was still brushing against you – his speed had picked up considerably. “You’ll give me whatever I want, won’t you?”

He refused to answer.

You offered him another deep kiss, which he greedily accepted. But, before your tongues had a chance to dance again, you were pulling away slightly.

“You’d do anything for me, won’t you All Might?”

Again, no answer.

“Come on, honey bun,” you cooed, nuzzling against his face.

He groaned.

“Will you do anything for me?”

Yes,” came the low, slightly strangled response. You smiled against him, digging your arms between his head and the mattress as you assaulted his mouth.

Very quickly your heated kiss became sloppy – he couldn’t concentrate, his cock taking precedence above all else. So you took control, sucking and swirling your tongue around his, mewling into his mouth.

The bubbling was getting worse.

“Don’t hold back, sweetheart,” you said. He made a rough throaty sound at your choice of nickname. “Cum for me.”

And he did.

With a guttural growl, All Might reached his climax, great globs of cum coating his hand as he continued to jerk his cock through waves of pleasure. Not that you could see – you were still focused on his mouth. You loved the way his jaw set just as he came, his face frozen in a hot-breathed grimace.

It had been exactly what you had hoped for.

His body rocked beneath yours as a much calmer hand coaxed his cock to release anything more hidden away.

His breathing was ragged.

“Have I told you how handsome you are?” you asked with a smile, pressing your cheek against his. 

All Might rolled his eyes. Instead of answering, he offered you a hand messy with cum.

“Help clean me off,” was all he said.

Chapter Text

“Stop,” he grunted, jerking his head away from the curl of your fingers as they danced across his cheek.

You hummed at him, face nuzzled beneath his sharp chin, your body shifting to drape better against his. To his irritation, you weren’t heeding to his warning to leave him alone – you had begun kissing his throat, your rejected hand falling instead to rest at the side of his neck, thumb brushing the cartilage of his Adam’s apple.

Despite uncomfortable alarm bells going off in his head at your closeness while he was like… this, a shudder traveled across his slender frame, eyes fluttering closed as your affections continued to deepen. When you cooed his name, teeth grazing his jaw, he found himself teetering on the edge of surrender.

Maybe he would just… let it go.

Let it happen.

But a slow stirring deep within his groin startled him out of his daze and he flinched away. A large hand pressed against your chest and you were roughly pushed back, bright eyes clearly glaring at you even in the dark.

“Enough,” he hissed, the animosity in his voice making your skin prickle with warning. You sat up on the bed, frowning as you looked over the man you often shared it with – a petulant, wild-hair scarecrow.

This form, his actual form, was one you had met only relatively recently – it was his blown-up, bombastic alter-ego who had been courting you over several anxiety-inducing, yet oddly passion-fueled, months.

You still didn’t know the various intricacies of his life but you knew enough. You knew both forms were originals, both were him. But the one he identified with the most, the one he was most comfortable in, had become a mask ruled by time constraints.

It didn’t matter to you though, what he looked like. The same man you had (surprisingly) grown to love was still there, the same spark, though in his smaller size it was surrounded by bigger walls and sharper thistles.

The last time you implied as much, that you liked him regardless of his appearance, he scoffed at you.

So you had been trying to show him–

And failing at it.

“All Might,” you murmured and he rolled his eyes at your hurt tone. Without a word he pulled the comforter over his shoulder, turning so his back was facing you. “Yagi…”

“Shut up and sleep,” he grumbled.  



You ran your tongue along your teeth, doing your best to be understanding of his obvious insecurities without accidentally acknowledging them. You sat for a bit but, when it became clear he was finished with the conversation, you sighed.

Carefully, you slid back under the covers, leaving a good portion of empty bedspace between the two of you.

Staring up at the ceiling, you reflected on the scene, trying to pinpoint what you had done wrong to make him jerk away so suddenly.

You’d gone too fast, hadn’t you? He was like a stray dog, nervous and on edge. You had to be slow with him. Patient. Sudden moves would have him growling and snapping at you.

In the dark bedroom, you had no real concept of time. Maybe an hour passed? More than that? Perhaps it had only been twenty minutes, the focus on your internal dialogue dragging out each second.

You knew one thing though – All Might was awake too. He snored when he slept and the room was painfully silent.

Before long, the distance between you became too much to ignore. With slow, deliberate motions, you wriggled closer to him before pressing your forehead against his back, fingers lightly grasping the fabric of his shirt. There were questions on the tip of your tongue and fears that you wanted to address. It was dark and you weren’t looking at one another. It was perfect.

But you didn’t.

Once upon a time, he had actually shared something personal with you, admitting that there would come a point where he wouldn’t have two forms. Just the one.

The one in your bed.

What were you both going to do then?

Yagi had been drowning in his own thoughts as well and feeling you connect with his back didn’t help matters. The overwhelmingly large portion of his mind wanted to just leave.

It was the human part of him, however, that forced him to reach back and grab your wrist, tugging it across him so it was cradled against his midsection.

He was a contradiction – someone who craved touch and shied away from it. You didn’t pull your hand back from where he placed it… but you didn’t do anything more either. You just kept it there, unaware that he didn’t want to cuddle against your arm.

With clenched teeth and his back to you, he was trying to rekindle the earlier spark. Was trying to goad you into something more.

But, as a rational person, that wasn’t your first thought.

Impatient, and on the cusp of changing his mind and recoiling back into himself, he grabbed your wrist again and placed it under his shirt, pressing your hand against his lean stomach, his dwarfing yours.

That’s when you started questioning what was going through his head.

He was moving his palm so that his thumb could brush the back of your hand. Gingerly, your curled your fingers, falling into your own petting motion. Soon enough it wasn’t just your fingers caressing him, your entire hand was moving along his belly.

You were waiting for him to dropkick you out of bed or bitch at you listening to his advances. But all you could hear was his steady breathing.

“All Might?” you swallowed, brushing your nose against his back. “Do you want me to…?”

He shifted his jaw.

Don’t be weak. Don’t be weak. Don’t be weak.

Hurdles were keeping him from telling you what he wanted. His mouth and tongue refused to work together to form a verbal thought.

His answer to your question?

He shifted and guided your hand, pressing it against his groin.


What a strange old man.

“Alright,” you said, nuzzling against his back. “I’ll take care of you.”

Yagi wasn’t particularly thrilled about the way you phrased it – that made him seem feeble and, in his mind, he was anything but (despite what reality said).

“I’ll take good care of you,” you continued in a drawn-out way, digging into the fabric of his sweatpants while he ignored the second set alarm bells ringing in his ears. Anxiously he waited, feeling your steady fingers blindly trace out the shape of his dick. Tracing turned to palming and he felt you sigh into his back.

“Just relax, big guy,” you cooed, dragging your hand up his pelvis so that it was back beneath his shirt. With a ticklish touch, you were dipping soft fingers beneath the waistband of his pants and boxers, testing the waters before plunging in.

The stirring was back.

“This is nothing new,” you said with a grin, starting your slow descent into his pants. “You should know by now I love every inch of you, pretty boy. I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you.”

When your hand bumped against his stiffening cock, all bets were off. He inhaled deeply. Fanning fires flared to life at your direct touch – both the hand on his member and the hand you had slipped up to rub against his back.

“Still so big,” you cooed and he shifted beneath you. “Still so thick. You’re a lucky man, Yagi Toshinori. Having this bad boy tucked away in your pants. A third leg.”

A quiet groan fell from him as you gripped his shaft and began to pump. His hands squeezed into fists while you caught the tip of your tongue between your teeth, listening to the ragged, hiccuping breathing his had already dissolved into.

“That’s it,” you cooed. “Feels good, right?”

A strangled grunt answered you.

“You know I’ll always take care of you.”

He didn’t answer that time – not that you minded. Your focus had turned fully to the thickening rod in your hand. It was the same cock you loved, the one you had grown to crave. It felt the same – the outer skin of his shaft was still soft and incredibly warm, gliding so easily across the blood-filled meat of his organ as you jerked him.

But it was different not being able to see his reactions. All Might was all about holding eye contact, keeping focused on you. Pressed against his back, however, you could hear him. Feel the subtle tremors of his body as he continued to grow harder. Any small change in your pace or grip seemed to produce a new reaction from him – a wobbly breath, a quick squeeze of your wrist. Each time you pulled his foreskin pulled back, pre-cum smeared over the knob, helping keep your grip well-lubricated.

“Ah–” Your ears perked up, warmth pooling in your belly as he released a sound more than just a grunt or groan.

Suddenly, listening wasn’t enough.

When you released him and sat up, he turned his head slightly to look back at you, clenched teeth and bright eyes wondering what the hell you were doing. You were pressing on his side, trying to get him to roll over on his back.

“I want to see you,” you explained to him. The look he gave you was a strange one – angry. Mortified. Worried.

Swallowing, he hesitated before following through, pressing his back against the mattress as you maneuvered yourself next to his lower body, pushing his sweatpants down to free his trapped cock.

You flashed him a disarming smile, holding his gaze while your hand settled back around his cock again, restarting the steady pumping motions from earlier.

“You’re handsome,” you said softly, pretending not to notice the way his hands twisted into the sheets beside him.

It looked like he was going to snap at you in annoyance but your thumb passed across the velvet head of his dick before petting the sensitive stretch of skin beneath it.

Any complaint he was going to raise died in his throat.

“I love everything about you,” you continued, bringing your free hand forward to tug and roll each of his balls in your palm. “Your eyes. Your hands. Your face. Yagi Toshinori, you are the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.”

‘Liar’ was on his tongue but for some reason he couldn’t get it out.

“Waking up beside you is a dream,” you continued, leaning your head down to drool and spit some of the saliva that had been pooling in your mouth across his member. Bright blue eyes fixated on that, mentally saving that sight for a rainy day.

And then you were looking at him again, that same easy smile on your face and suddenly clicked that you were, without a doubt, the most beautiful creature in the world.

Maybe you weren’t trying to get under his skin. Maybe you honestly, earnestly, liked him regardless–

That was the moment you decided to lean your head down and run your tongue across the steadily-beading tip of his dick. 

At feeling your mouth, all thought disappeared from his mind.

At that distraction, he had also forgotten to fortify himself against the pleasure and he groaned. A loud, prolonged sound that arose from a place deep within his chest. You answered – he felt your stretched lips vibrate as they puckered around him, tongue swirling around the part of him you had trapped inside your mouth. 

He was completely stiff, veins throbbing as blood pulsed through them, overwhelming your senses with the taste, the texture and the smell of him. There was no doubt you were enjoying it as well – in that position, you felt powerful, completely in control of the normally deadly man beneath you.

The muffled groans your villain was producing were louder and more continuous than when you had been jerking him off. In response, your sucking became move vigorous – you were actively doing your best to make him feel good, slurping your mouth along his shaft, using your tongue, stretching your mouth as wide as it could go, trying to fit more of him in that you previously could. You were also starting to taste him more strongly and when you felt him leaking onto your tongue, you made the connection – he was oozing a steady trickle of precum at that point and wasn’t far from erupting.

“That’s it, honey,” you said, breaking off of him to rub your lips across his shaft, pushing it against your cheek when you looked up. He was opened mouth, baring his teeth at you as his chest bobbed in rough, uneven motions.

“You want to finish in my mouth?” you asked, offering him another dazzling smile before leaning and placing a few soft kisses along his pelvis. He unintentionally jerked his hips up toward you and you chuckled at his neediness, licking a long stroke up his member while your other hand returned to cupping his balls.


You heard the cracking of joints as his toes curled in his plain white socks, his left hand flying out to settle at the top of your head. Not pushing or pulling just… resting there. That’s when you choose to pick up the pace, holding his hazy gaze while your hand went into overtime pumping his piston. Heavily-lidded eyes suddenly went wide and he was pressing harder into your hand, watching as you lowered your mouth to seal your lips around as much of him as you could take.

Hands were dancing across the sheets, his legs were shifting and rising beside you. A snarling whine escaped him.

“That’s it,” he growled, fisting the hand in your hair. “Right down your throat.” 

Your mouth was pulled tight around him. He was pulling your hair, lightly thrusting up at you, relishing in how oddly familiar the scene was. That was before the champagne bottle in his gut finally popped and his hips pushed upward.

The first jet, when he came, hit the back of your throat with a force that almost made you recoil. But determination kept your lips clamped tightly closed, and the next rope fell directly across your tongue. That’s where the subsequent loads landed, coating your tongue in heavy waves while you continued to suck, hollowing your cheeks. 

When it was too much, when your body threatened to gag at the overpowering taste of him in your mouth, you swallowed. And you kept swallowing until his hips finally fell back onto the mattress and his harsh grunts turned to into pathetic wheezes.

“That’s it,” you hummed, patting his hip. “That’s it, big boy.”

With a tilted head you looked him over – his cock was already going soft and he looked to be completely worn out. Even in the dark, you could make out the sheen that covered almost his entire person. This was not the man you were used to – the man who could go for rounds without breaking a sweat. 

You had exhausted him.

God damn if he wasn’t gorgeous.

You cleaned him off as best as you could with your hands, wiping sex-spoiled palms on your shirt and deciding it was definitely going to be a laundry day. You worked his underwear and baggy pants up, squeezing his thigh reassuringly when he lifted his narrow hips slightly to assist you in your quest to settle them back around his waist.

He pulled you closer when settled under his arm, doing your best to toss the covers back over both your bodies. A rough hand twisted in your hair. It wasn’t in an unkind way, however — the tips of his fingers were scratching lightly at your scalp.

“I expect you to take over next time,” you said, faux-haughtily. “And I expect to be properly compensated for the effort I put in tonight.”

Instead of some kind of mean remark or sound, he laughed – a low-rolling chuckle that had your head bouncing against his breast. 

“Maybe,” he said, voice hoarse. You heard the clicking of his mouth as he wetted his tongue. “Wasn’t the best but… it was good enough. You might deserve something nice after all that.”

Not too long after, his steady snoring filled the room.

And, for once, you managed to find peace in it.