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It was supposed to be a nice surprise. A little pick-me-up after such prolonged stress. 

Yagi was never good at talking about his feelings. At some point, maybe even right after you first met, he had silently designated himself as your rock and refused to acknowledge or share any of his personal strifes. To him, relationships weren’t built on a mutual desire to help each other out – no, he would help you through your problems. You didn’t have to worry about him. He was fine. He could handle whatever came his way.

But you had been dating for a while and it had gotten easier to pick up on the little quirks he exhibited when something was eating away at him. The way he clasped his hands together when he stood off in thought, the way his brows furrowed with unspoken concern, the way his at-rest frown would deepen.

If you attempted to broach the subject of what was on his mind, he’d deflect. He’d place a hand on your head or lean down for a quick peck on the forehead, mumbling something purposefully incomprehensible then immediately changing the subject.

Yagi Toshinori was the king of deflection.

Progressively, over the course of about a month, Yagi lost a bit of spark from his face. He looked… ragged. New worry lines were sprouting and he always seemed to be edging the line of total exhaustion. The most infuriating part – he wouldn’t tell you what was going on. You assumed it was something work related, that All Might was running him down and that Yagi was too kind to recognize his limits. The man not only worked as the great hero’s personal secretary, but he had also picked up extra hours moonlighting as All Might’s teaching assistant at Yuuei. You had caught him more times than you could count hunched over his coffee table in the middle of the night, marking up homework, grading papers or creating lessons. He was acting like the actual instructor!

He’d never take a day off, even though that was what he desperately needed. Some R&R to recharge his battery.

So, you came up with your scheme.

Well, calling it a scheme was a bit of an overkill. You planned on essentially cornering him and forcing him to relax by means of a massive guilt trip. You were going to bring the tears, you were going to smother the man with worry. Confident with your wiles, you were certain he was going to cave to your demands.

It wasn’t your proudest moment, convincing Yagi’s landlord that you had given a key to his place but you had just forgotten it. It felt like you were breaking into his apartment, but it was an innocent white lie and you couldn’t see Yagi getting too angry. It was all for a surprise. A surprise for him. You honestly had the best intentions.

On the way to his apartment, you had collected your weapons: a half-dozen bath bombs of varying colors and scents, some lavender oil and a couple face masks. Your sweet Toshi was going to be rested and rejuvenated come hell or high water.

The hours passed as you sat in his living room, waiting. It wasn’t odd that he stayed late at school – that was just Yagi being Yagi. Then it started to get dark and you sent him a nonchalant ‘what are you up to tonight?’ text that went unanswered.

He was bad at answering his phone anyway, so you didn’t think too much of it when another hour of silence passed.

You’d just have to be patient.

A series of wet coughs interrupted your social media browsing, sending you into a mild panic – they were coming from his bedroom

Your eyes fell on the front door that hadn’t been opened. 

Those coughs were undoubtedly Toshi – they had his wheeze and everything – but how did he get in? His apartment took up the entire upper floor of the building, he would have had to scale three stories to reach his balcony.

With visions of robbers swirling in your head, you snuck down the hall to his open bedroom door, heart in your throat. Glancing around the corner, you were surprised to see not Yagi standing in the center of the room, but All Might, dressed in his full regalia.

Oh. You stood straight, ready to let the hero know you were there–

A cloud of white enveloped All Might as he launched into another coughing fit. That… wasn’t normal. Perhaps he was injured and came looking for Yagi for help? You stepped into the room, prepared to slip into the role of good samaritan to make sure All Might received any medical attention he needed.

The vapor was already dissipating and you could see the vivid colors of his costume–


There was no question who was suddenly standing before you, back still turned, hacking away.

Dressed in an oversized hero costume.

That All Might had just been wearing.

All Might.

An awful feeling flooded your body as you stood frozen, mind reeling from what you just witnessed. Your hand was covering your mouth. When Yagi turned, he yelped and stumbled backward, sputtering nonsense at having been startled by the almost-ghostly presence in his bedroom. His surprise immediately morphed into horror when he took in your face and realization struck on what you had just seen.

You both stared at one another, unable to express the sudden rush of emotions that overpowered your minds.

Yagi broke the silence first, with a strangled voice and aghast eyes, he could only think of a single question.

“What are you doing here?”

His voice snapped you out of your daze. The hand on your mouth moved, journeying to join the other hand that you had wrung in your hair.

“Oh my god,” you croaked. “Oh my god, it all makes sense.”

Every weird little habit Yagi had. The secrecy. The deflection. The long hours. The strange, fanatical devotion to All Might. The bruises. The injuries. It all made sense.

Yagi was All Might.

The revelation made your stomach churn and you swallowed loudly, unsure if you were about to vomit.

“W-why are you here?” he asked again, a fear in his voice. “How did you get in?”

“You’re All Might. Oh my god. You’re All Might.”


Yeah, you were definitely going to be sick.

You turned and bolted from his bedroom. You could hear Yagi’s quick footsteps behind you – he was terrified that you were trying to run outside and away from him. He slowed when you turned into his bathroom instead.

You didn’t vomit like you thought. You kneeled, facing the porcelain fixture, but nothing came out. Whatever emotion that was pummeling your gut was also twisting your stomach up into a terrible knot. You wanted to throw-up. Maybe it would make the feeling go away. Or, at least, ease it.

“H-how did you…”

“I wanted to surprise you,” you groaned, rubbing your eyes because it suddenly felt like you wanted cry instead of vomit. You had no idea what was going on with you.

“Surprise me?” 

You plopped on your ass, wrapping your arms underneath your thighs.

“You’re All Might,” you said to him, face screwed up in –


That’s what you were feeling. That’s what had poisoned your insides.


How many times had Yagi asked about your life? How many secrets had you shared with him? How many times had you attempted to be an open ear, to learn something personal about him, only to have your questions be brushed aside or ignored?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you asked, voice and heart both broken. 

Yagi’s hands reached out toward you, but he didn’t make the effort to touch. He couldn’t.

They fell to his sides.

“Did you think I would tell someone?” you asked, sniffing loudly as you felt pooled tears breach your lashes to travel down your cheeks. You wiped them away – it wasn’t the time to cry.

“I-I…” he swallowed. “It had nothing to do with you.”

You were looking for something, he saw as you watched him with such bleary eyes. He rubbed the back of his neck, averting his gaze.

He didn’t know what to say.

“It’s something I keep from most people,” he offered before faltering. That wasn’t good enough.


Shit. Your fell face even more at his admission that his second persona wasn’t something he had kept hidden from everyone. He had purposefully not told you.

“There are different reasons why I didn’t tell you,” he said, shoulders sagging. “To protect All Might. To protect you. It was better if you didn’t know. I can’t hold the form for long now and it gets shorter every day. Soon there won’t be an All Might. All that will be left is… me.”

He paused.

“You’ve only known just me. I didn’t want you to… miss All Might. When he does die.”

You did not like that word.

Your hands were back in your hair again.

“So the attack on the school,” you said. “That was you. Oh my god Yagi, you fight people. You get hurt!”

He was wringing his hands as you mentally replayed every image and video you had seen of a bloodied or injured All Might. There wasn’t a lot, but it didn’t matter – it hadn’t been some far-off effigy that had been getting hurt. It was your Yagi.

“I’m going to have a heart attack,” you squeaked, grasping your chest. Your heart was squeezing. It felt like it was going to burst.

Yagi sighed, shaking his head at your theatrics before joining you sitting on the bathroom floor.

“I was going to tell you. But…” he groaned, studying a papercut he had gotten earlier on his knuckle. “I didn’t want to. And then I thought it had been too long and I didn’t want you to be mad…” He looked at you almost accusingly. “Or react like this.”

You gaped at him and he winced.

Silence engulfed the bathroom as you rubbed your legs, processing.

That’s what you needed, time to process. Yagi, meanwhile, was waiting uncomfortably to see what else you were planning on doing. Would you end things with him over a perceived lack of trust? Would you leave and refuse to speak to him for a few days until you settled down?

Maybe you’d take a breath, hold his hand and let him know everything was fine and you forgave him since it must have been a hard secret to keep.

He sincerely hoped the last scenario would play out.


He looked up, releasing a questioning sound.

“How? How are you All Might? You told me you’re quirkless. That’s obviously a lie.”

He deflated.

“It’s not a lie,” Yagi mumbled, choosing his words carefully. Guilt gripped him. There was one more secret. And he wasn’t prepared to share it with you. “I don’t have a quirk when I’m like this.”

“So what, All Might is your quirk?”

“No. I can only use a quirk when I’m All Might. But it has an expiration date. It’s… complicated. I-It has to do with my injury.” He paused. “Like I said, there will be a point where I won’t be able to keep up appearances as All Might. And that will be that.”

You didn’t say anything after that and Yagi was tossed back into the limbo of ‘should-I-speak-or-wait?’ He was trying to keep his focus anywhere but you, but it was difficult. Every few seconds he’d look up from the bath mat, his hands, or shower curtain to catch a glimpse of your face.

It was infuriating not being able to read minds.

“Are…” he adjusted the pantleg of his costume, repositioning the boot that was connected to it. “Are you mad?”

You let out a barking laugh, fixing him with a glare.

“I want to wring your skinny little neck,” you snapped.

He cringed. 

You softened, rubbing your face. 

“I’m not just mad, though. I’m… sad. I don’t think you understand how awful it is, finding out such a big part of you… like this.”

“I know, I know.”

“No, you don’t. You don’t know, Yagi. I’ve tried to get you to open up to me. Haven’t I?” You were looking at him pointedly. “Haven’t I?”

“Yes,” came the dejected answer.

You crossed your arms, staring at the timeworn bathmat between you. He was looking at his hands.

“Are you going to leave me?”

You sighed at the question and the pathetic way he asked it, eyes flickering up to the man who now refused to look at you.

“I should,” you mumbled. He didn’t outwardly react. “I should. I don’t think I can handle seeing you get hurt. I thought you worked at an office, at a school. Somewhere safe. I thought it would only be health things I’d need to worry about… the coughing and the blood. It’s so much worse than that. Now I’ll have to live knowing there’s a chance you’ll end up being killed. Or injured even worse than you are now.” You exhaled a bitter laugh, shaking your head. “Even after all this… baggage, I’m still only worried about you.”

Yagi kept quiet, hands balled into fists as each of your concerns sliced at him. Oh, the things you didn’t know. 

The hurt that waited on the horizon.

Selfish man. Selfish. Selfish. Selfish.

“But I’m not,” you sighed. “I’m not going to break up with you. Oh, this hurts. This hurts so bad, Toshi. You’ve proven you don’t trust me. But I don’t want to leave. I guess I’m just a sucker…” you trailed off. “Just a sucker.”

Remorse for everything that had been said and left unspoken spurred him to grab your arm and tug. He was trying to pull you toward him and, with a miserable breath, you relented. You crawled to him, nestling between his legs while he buried his face against the top of your head, encircling you in his long arms.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked.

“I know.”

“If I could do it over, I’d tell you.”

“But you still have secrets,” you said evenly. He froze around you, confirming your suspicions. “I can see it in your face, Toshi. I can tell. There’s more. There’s more you’re not telling me.”

You could feel his heartbeat against your cheek. Loud and uneven.

“It’s not about trust,” he said in a near-whisper. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“That’s the most infuriating thing about you, Yagi Toshinori. I hate that you’ve made yourself into a martyr. I hate that you don’t share with me. Your ‘protection’ only makes my life a million times worse.”

He opened his mouth – you could feel the movements of his jaw against your scalp. But he didn’t speak. It closed and you were both thrown into another bout of silence. 

“I wish you weren’t so locked up.”

Yagi inhaled at your comment, breathing in the scent of your hair. He did too. He wanted to be able to lean on you. He was certain you’d be there for him. You’d proven it time and time again. But that’s not who he was. Yagi Toshinori, All Might, was a protector. He was a symbol. He had to carry his burdens alone.

“I know,” you heard him mumble.

You waited for him to say that’d he try to do better, for you, but he didn’t. 

He wasn’t going to say it.

“Well,” you inhaled deeply and loudly. “Tonight sucks.”

There was so much left unsaid. So much between you that needed to be unpacked. The gash had been carved out, it would take time to scab, to heal. It wouldn’t happen overnight. Not with a single conversation.

Several minutes passed.

You were tracing the cracks in his tiles.

“Why did you come over?” he ventured to ask.

“I wanted to surprise you with a spa night.”

It was funny how far away that idea seemed. Yagi squeezed you a little tighter.

“Spa night?”

“Bought you a bunch of bath stuff. Was going to make you relax in the tub, give you a nice massage. The works.”

“That does sound nice.”

“You seemed so tired. Guess I know why, now.”

For a moment you both teetered on the edge of falling back into the pit of angst you had seemingly pulled yourselves out of. 

“I’m sorry I ruined your surprise.”

You tapped his chest, pulling away, untangling yourself from him. You stood and he followed.

“Yeah. Maybe another night,” you said.

You returned to the living room, Yagi hovering as you gathered your purse and the plastic bag that contained the elements of his spa surprise. You looked inside of it, briefly longing for what could have been, before holding it out.

“Here. You should hold onto this. It was all for you, anyway.”

It was all for you.

“You can stay, you know,” he said, bypassing the bag and wrapping his long fingers around your wrist. “It’s a Friday. You have off from work tomorrow. I don’t have to leave until… later.”

Ah, yes, his ‘Saturday afternoon’ work meetings that he always had to disappear to.

You looked between him and the bag before blinking slowly and nodding. You’d stay – you wanted to anyway. An ache had opened within you and being with someone was temporarily sating it.

Though it was hardly past 8 o’clock, you called it an early night. Yagi offered you one of his comically oversized shirts while he changed out of, and presumably hid, his All Might attire. Then he left you to go fix himself a quick meal – his hunger was starting to make him lightheaded.

You laid in the darkness, eyes adjusting and outlining the dim shapes of furniture, while you listened to Yagi quietly move around his kitchen. The ding of a microwave. The running of the tap. Silence. The clinking of dishes. The closing of his bathroom door. Eons later he crawled into bed beside you, tossing and turning before settling into a comfortable position, back-to-back.

Yagi’s balcony was on the edge of one of the city’s green spaces. There were no lights for you to stare at. Just a navy blue night sky brightened by a moon you couldn’t see. It was too bright to see the stars. But you did watch as, high in the sky, the blinking lights of an airplane soared by.

The mattress shifted as Yagi rolled over on his back. You kept still and quiet, pretending to be asleep.

He was watching you. 

He knew you were awake. 

Had you been asleep, he would have heard your soft snores.

His arm rested across your torso as he rolled over once more, spooning you. It was perfect, the way his tall, lanky body fit against yours. How you always felt swallowed by his frame in the best way.

The urge to cry settled over you as felt his chest rise and fall against your back. His hand was pressed against your stomach, fingers tentatively stroking the material of your borrowed shirt. 

You wish you knew the words to say to make him understand. To sum out the emotion that plagued you. But everything was convoluted and conflicting. You hated him yet wanted nothing more than to bury your face into his neck. You wanted to be his protector but you wanted him to come in and sweep you away from your afflictions.

Your hand landed atop his, fingers brushing against his knuckles. 

“I’m sorry.”

Even in the silence of the room his voice was quiet. You could hear the movements of your tongue in your mouth as you mimed a response but no sound came out. 

At receiving no acknowledgment, he wiggled closer, praying the contact would lift both of your spirits. You were normally so affectionate and it was killing him, this hurt you were going through. The shut-out he was being forced to endure.


One simple word escaped him, a heavy plea that carried a surprisingly amount of emotional weight to it. 

What he was doing to you, that was the only way he knew how to handle things.

You didn’t forgive him. 

But you turned toward him, sighing and pressing your face into his throat. His other arm slipped between your body and the mattress, pulling you into an embrace. His Adam’s apple bobbed against your forehead.

After he started stroking your hair, he finally elicited a reaction from you – your attempt at digging through the melancholy that had blanketed you. You reached, placing a hand just below his ear, your thumb barely stroking against the curve of his jawline. 

You placed a kiss against his neck. 

One kiss led into another.

Yagi let out a soft whine as you dotted his skin with soft kisses, your hand pulling back slightly so that you could instead trail feather-light finger strokes against his face. The touch was ticklish and made him shudder, curling into you.

And then he wanted more.

He was shifting lower and raising your head so he could press thin-lips against yours, releasing a muted sound in his throat at the contact. Both hands were on either side of his face, your kiss growing in intensity when you sucked lightly on his upper lip. 

He was pushing you onto your back when his tongue ventured from his mouth, prodding your lips, licking and tasting them – his way of asking for permission to enter. With a soft huff you relented, submitting to the haze of him that surrounded you.

There was no heat – the passion that normally surrounded your intimacy was absent. It was simply a quiet need. A human desire to cling to a connection that had been bruised.

You wrapped an arm around his neck as his tongue tangled with yours, lips clasping with each other every time your mouths ended an action or repositioned. 

The hem of your shirt was being rustled, moving up against your thigh as he stroked at the bare skin of your leg. His hand was grazing up and down your outer-thighs, traveling up to press against the soft skin of your hip and stomach. Your shirt was bunching up and you moaned into him when a fleeting touch passed across your upper pelvis. 

At feeling your sound he responded with his own, pressing his mouth harder against yours as he moved his hand to rest against your panties.

The kissing didn’t stop, even when you exhaled sharply at a lingering touch that curled against your clothed crotch. When a long, rough finger bypassed the fabric to touch you directly, you murmured something. It wasn’t a word, really. More like a breathy syllable. You were originally going to call out his name but you couldn’t muster saying it in such a way so soon. 

As his finger trailed along your slit, Yagi changed the dynamics of your kiss. While you breathed, your focus trained on the sensation dancing along your lower body, he was placing deep, open-mouth kisses along your lips. 

He was breathing heavily through his nose, inhaling each time he pulled away from one kiss to leave another. Moving away from your mouth to your chin, he grunted when you gasped at feeling him tentatively dig against your clit. 

“Oh honey,” he groaned against your skin, feeling you settle your pelvis against his hand. You clenched your teeth, relishing in his proximity and in the sound of his voice. Seeing you tilt your head toward his face again, he immediately returned to your mouth, sucking on your bottom lip as he gently pressed inside you.

The fingering was more for necessity than foreplay. Generally, Yagi would have much preferred settling his face between your thighs and have you writhing around him. But it wasn’t pleasure either of you were after.

You were growing slicker with each thrust of his finger, enough so that he was able to slip a second digit inside of you. He was poking and prodding your insides with abandon, scissoring the digits as his thumb pressed against your clit. You were breathing heavier against him, letting out soft groans that he was echoing.

Gasping and panting was a weakness for him. He had since moved off your mouth to suck and kiss your neck and throat, but you could feel the vibrations from each grunt and whimper he made. There was also the hardness that was hesitantly pressing against your leg. You were too short to reach down and grasp his cock, but you could rub your calf against it. The next time he lightly thrust against you, you pushed back, brushing it clumsily through his sweatpants.

He hissed at the contact, burying his face against you as he gave an involuntary buck. Yagi had not been expecting you to reach for him.


He melted at hearing you say his name, so breathless and soft. He increased the speed and ferocity of his actions at your cunt, pressing his forehead against yours so he could see and feel your face when you tumbled over the edge. He could feel each puff of your breath against his nose and mouth, could hear your tongue moving as you licked and bit your lips. 

Your body was being pulled tight, lower body pushing rigidly against his hands. He leaned down, leaving light kisses against your mouth. 

With a rush, your climax struck and you let out a breathy cry, jerking as each wave cascaded up, down, then back up again. Yagi was humming against your lips, gently plunging his fingers in and out of your soaked sex, riding out your orgasm. Eventually, your pelvis settled back on the bed and you swallowed audibly, slowly blinking and meeting his gaze.

He didn’t remove his hand right away, instead choosing to partake in one last, long kiss. His sizable tongue was back in your mouth, caressing yours. You intertwined your fingers in his hair, unable to prevent the small laugh and smile that arose at feeling his long bangs skim across your face. 

“I like when you smile,” he muttered, leaving his lips against yours. His eyes were closed, you realized as you stared into his neighboring face.

You gave him a light peck.

The covers around you slid back as Yagi rose up to his knees beside you. While he pushed down his sweatpants and underwear, you rolled off your damp panties, dropping them on the floor beside the bed.

Self consciously he shuffled down, settling himself between your spreading knees. Even in the dark, you could see the redness of his cheeks and ears. His gaze was flickering between your face and your cunt.

His cock was in his hand, he was pumping it lightly, making sure he was as prepared as you. His Adam’s apple danced when he swallowed particularly hard, still shyly approaching your sex. To help goad him, you raised your hips invitingly when his body nudged against your inner thighs. 

You felt it then, the velvet kiss from the head of his cock as he teased it up and down your slit. You groaned, head falling back onto the pillow, preparing yourself for the impending, familiar sensation. 

Incited by your reaction, he lined up his cock to your entrance, slowly pressing it into you.

“Oh Toshi,” you moaned, feeling his length split you. He desperately grabbed the fat of your thighs for better leverage as he sunk deeper into you.

“… good,” he gasped out, the rest of his sentence caught in his addled mind and throat. 

Then he pulled out, eyes fixated on your joining and the way your cunt grasped his cock before pushing back in, working you to accept more of him.

After a few measured thrusts, he bottomed out inside you. While he waited for you to adjust to his considerable length and girth, he lowered his tall body back over yours, your face pressing against his upper chest. 

Yagi’s breathing had taken on a slight rasp, body shuddering above you. You wrapped your arms around him, scratching lightly up and down his bony back. 

“Honey,” he croaked, shivering and shaking at your touch.

Ever the gentleman, he waited for you to give him the go-ahead, which you did by knocking your pelvis against his. Carefully he drew his hips back before driving his cock back into you, picking up speed after each smack.

You gasped and sighed under him, resting the heels of your feet against his flat buttocks, savoring the desperate sounds he had dissolved into. You ran your hands up and down his chest before draping an arm over him, trying to draw him flatter against you. Your other hand trailed down to your pussy, rubbing at your clit. He jerked when he felt your finger ghost across the top of his shaft.

In the moment, he wanted to say something sweet that would encapsulate everything he felt for you. It would have been the time to do it. Such a personal, private moment.

Instead, he squeezed his eyes shut and leaned against the arm that propped up his upper body.

“I’m close,” you huffed into his chest, the hand on your clit going wild. His pace faltered at hearing that, his tongue lolling in his mouth as a warning sensation traveled up his spine.

“I-I am too.”

You came first, gasping progressively louder until you were quaking beneath him, shocks of bliss jolting your body. He groaned loudly, feeling your insides vibrate and clench around his length. 

“A-ah!” he cried, managing only a few more wobbly thrusts before he devolved into a panting and shuddering mess, unloading inside you. You felt his body twitch, thrusting with progressively weaker movements until he went still, fully embedded in you. 

Then his full weight collapsed on top of you. 

You caressed his chest, feeling his heart hammering away inside of his ribcage, catching your breath while you waited for him to breach his post-orgasmic fog. When he did stir, he shifted so he could place a hand against the side of your face. 

You nuzzled against the touch, moving your hand so it rested over his.

After that he collected himself enough to roll off of you, settling on his back next to you. He was staring at the ceiling, still drawing great mouthfuls of air into his one, overworked lung. 

You went to slid out of bed, to start the cleanup process, but he stopped you. 

Tightly gripping your forearm he pulled you onto his chest, wrapping his arms around your body to better drag you into him. He started with kisses in your hair before he was nuzzling your head back with his nose so he could better reach your forehead, then eyes, then cheeks and, finally, your mouth. Each action was punctuated with a soft, warm breath, the arms around you still somehow drawing you tighter and closer to him. 

But nothing was enough. He wanted more.

“Don’t leave me yet,” he was muttering, mouth desperate and clawing, fully aware of what was in front of him. Of what he wanted to keep. “Please. You’re everything I need.”

Suddenly, you wanted to cry again.