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All Might was laughing, head thrown back and hands on his waist as the villain's explanation of his quirk petered out. Usually heroes were a shuddering, hand-wringing mess once his love touch took effect but All Might appeared just as chipper as ever.

The villain's mouth went dry and he stepped back, certain that all the stories about the number one hero being an unstoppable force were true. Decades of successes flashed before his eyes -- but it was his first failure that was stepping toward him threateningly.

“Now then,” All Might said, gripping the villain by his arm and hoisting him high off the ground, searching over a sea of gawkers in an attempt to find an officer. “Let’s get you taken care of, shall we?”

What the villain didn’t know was that All Might was feeling the effects of his quirk. But experience as a professional hero brought with it a level of stoicism when it came to hiding discomfort.

But it was hard to hide it. His smile grew tighter as he worked to keep his simmering blood from erupting into a full-blown boil, painfully aware of the lower body strain that was growing heavier and thicker at each passing second. The cup of his suit would hide most of it, he reminded himself in an attempt to remain calm.

All Might’s eyes lingered on his audience, falling on individuals with attractive faces, thick lips and large assets that were appealing…

He jerked his head away, relieved to see the arrival of the police who prevented him from openly ogling at bystanders.

The cops were ones he had met previously. Friendly officers who were eager to chat with him, complimenting him on a job well done, completely unaware that the simmer within him was starting to spill over. The villain was right -- it was getting worse as time passed. Panic squeezed in All Might’s gut when he realized the crook was probably telling the truth about self-satisfaction being an ineffective cure as well.

He needed to leave. Needed to lock himself away until his… affliction passed.

How long was this going to last?

“Well, I have to run! Sorry that I’m not able to stick around!” All Might said quickly with a forced laugh, ever-so-slightly shifting his legs as his heroic constraint slipped and uncomfortableness set in. People were voicing disappointment, asking for pictures, shouting questions or just calling out for him to do a classic zinger before leaving. Sweat trailed down the back of his neck as he offered his apologies again.

Any other day it would have bothered him to leave his fans so unhappy. But the love quirk was fully embedded in All Might’s bloodstream and he physically couldn’t stay on scene. His sole nipple had grown hard and the normally soft fabric of his suit was grating against it, sending ripples of pleasure across his chest. More importantly, his cock was pressing uncomfortably against the encased fabric of his suit’s cup, struggling and leaking for attention and release.

All Might’s mind was growing cloudy as the focus of his body shifted from escape to libido. He was like an animal desperate to rut -- all his thoughts revolved around sex. The sweet feeling of burying himself in something tight, warm and wet. Pumping until his legs were jelly and his mind was clear.

He should have called you. Later, whenever he looked back on that afternoon with a mixture of mortification and lust, the fact that he did not call to warn you was a major regret of his.

You were a hero too. You were understanding. You obviously cared for him. The decent and honorable thing would have been to beg for your assistance.

But deep down he knew why he didn’t call. Because he feared that if you dismissed him he would have lost control and gone somewhere else for release. Gone to someone else. And that would have destroyed him.

There were a series of bangs on your front door that made your house shake and your stomach drop. You sat up from lounging on your couch, afraid that you were going to open your front door and find a SWAT team waiting for you.

But it was just All Might. A tight-faced, sweating All Might whose fist was clenched and raised, fully prepared to continue banging on the door if you hadn’t been moving fast enough.


I’m sorry!” he cried as he stumbled his way into your apartment, kicking the door closed behind him.

Large arms hurriedly grasped your waist, lifting and moving you so you were pushed with your back against a wall. You looked up at his face with furrowed brows, baffled by his unexpected appearance at your doorstep and odd behavior.

His face strained as he continued to repeat ‘I’m sorry,’ gradually losing annunciation and dissolving into barely-legible mumbling as he grew lightheaded from your smell, the feeling of your body in his hands and memories of past trysts together.

“Sorry? Toshi what’s going--?”

Your foremost feeling was concern as you took in the sight of an obviously distraught All Might. He whimpered, trying to keep himself in control as he bent down to taste your mouth, a shiver of pleasure rippling across his body that settled in his cock when your lips met.

“Villain quirk,” he said throatily against you. His tongue forced its way into your mouth, passing over teeth before wriggling and dancing with yours. The sensation was heaven, he groaned into you, one arm wrapping around your back to lift you higher so he didn’t have to bend, another tangling in your hair. “He made me… I can’t help it. I need... Please. Let me... Please.”

Emotion caked each word and you were worried he was on the verge of dissolving into hysterics. Could All Might have been hit by some kind of lust quirk? It would explain his horniness. They were rare but were often the plot points of various daytime talk shows and, of course, pornos.

Well, it was a good thing you liked the man.

And it was not… unpleasant to have him so hot and heavy for you.

Burying the thought as something you would never ever admit to him, you rubbed his chest and responded to the advances of his tongue. Poor guy was probably beating himself up over what was happening, a literal prisoner of his desires.

“It’s okay Toshi,” you murmured lightly when his eager mouth momentarily broke away. “It’s okay, hon!”

He let out another heavy groan against you, thankful for your understanding but distressed he had put you in such a situation. He clenched his teeth, breathing through his nose as he looked toward your ceiling. It was the last hurrah -- he was doing his best to summon the personal strength required to shut down the villain's quirk and reclaim control over his impulses.

You frowned, watching the muscles of his neck grow tauter, feeling the strain of his body against to yours. Rather than accept the situation he was going to try and overcome it, you noted with a sad admiration.

“Oh Toshi, you’re a hero. You’re my hero. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to give into it. I don’t mind, honest!”

Your hand trailed lower, rubbing against the topmost part of his groin. He sharply inhaled at feeling the pressure against the cup of his suit, his hips jerking toward your touch.

“You don’t have to fight it,” you were saying so sweetly, making his skin tingle and vibrate at each syllable. “I’m here to help.”

“Oh honey,” he breathed, crushing his mouth against yours, his entire body pushing you into the wall.

Each breath of his was a groan of varying intensity and he closed his eyes, his whole existence torn between the throbbing flesh in his suit and the feeling of you in his arms. The hand in your hair pulled away, pressing against your pelvis and passing under the elastic of your sweatpants and underwear. He savored the feeling of the soft, plush skin that led all the way to your pussy.

A shock traveled across his cock. There was no time teasing or admiration of your body, he squeezed his fingers together and began roughly rubbing his hand back and forth, focusing on your clit.

Your eyes went wide at his aggression, a delightful tremor goading you into grinding against his hand.

Honey,” he repeated hoarsely, sucking on your bottom lip. God, he loved your lips, how plump they were. How soft they were. He began to nibble on your mouth, licking and kissing his way down your chin and to your throat. Internally you laughed, glad that he was still predictable even when he lost his mind.

He was shamelessly humping against your leg, cock screaming for attention. It took every ounce of self-control to keep from ripping it free and shoving it in you.

No. He was All Might. He needed to wait.

He sucked on your neck, humming into you, licking your scent off your skin. Your whole body was shifting and you were letting out soft grunts and breaths as the coils in your body began to turn and build energy.

“N-no hickies,” you gasped out, unintentionally raising your chin higher to expose more of your neck to the predator toying with your clit. He let out a sound of objection at your rule. He could not imagine a more beautiful sight -- you heaving and spread before him, every inch of your skin tarnished with blemishes that he created. Bruises and love bites and…

You went rigid, your orgasm quickly appeared on the horizon, catching you by surprise. You bit your lip, mewling and curling your toes as his hand picked up speed.

Hng, Toshi,” you moaned, one of your hands grabbing onto the back of his head, the other slapping against the wall as you ground your cunt harder against his hand. He increased the pressure, his teeth clamping down on your throat as you whimpered and twisted.

“Let me hear you. Please let me hear you,” he pleaded once he released from his bite, rough tongue tracing the indentations of teeth left on your skin.

Ah, a-ah!” you gasped out, your only warning before the levees burst, filling your gut with warmth as your body bucked against him.

“So good,” All Might shuddered against you as he removed his hand from your pants, unconsciously rubbing his cock through his suit. “You’re so good to me. So beautiful.”

You laughed, the corners of your eyes crinkling as he continued his declarations of love and adoration between sucking on his fingers. He could have given a Victorian poet a run for their money as he described your beauty, his saliva-slick hand returning to your pussy and prodding your entrance.

“You’re such a dork,” you cooed, smoothing down his flyaways. His head leaned into your touch, sighing and watching your face.

His first finger slipped inside you.

“I love you,” he hummed, thumb flicking your clit as his hand pumped in and out of you. Goosebumps erupted over his flesh as he imagined his cock stretching you, of your inner walls gripping him so tightly. But he had to ease you into accepting him. He had to do that for you.

“Go ahead and add a second one,” you said with a breathless laugh, excited about a quick and rough rendezvous. Being held against a wall and taken… it was a scenario that had crossed your mind before and now that it was happening…

He shuddered again, obeying.

A guttural moan escaped from you, eyes shutting as that feeling of fullness began to nip at the base of your skull. Your heard All Might release his own groan at hearing you, his face nestling against your neck. The feeling of his hot breath against you made your body temperature rise.

You chuckled as you rocked against his fingerfucking.

“Do you know what I love?” you said soft and low, tilting your head closer to his. You lightly stroked one of his upright bangs, forcing down another giddy laugh. “Besides your, a-ah!, long fingers?”

He was putty -- whimpering, gaspy putty as he listened.

“Your voice,” you purred in that bedroom tone you used only when you wanted a reaction from him. As expected he released a desperate sound, burying his face deeper into you. Fuck even though he had just added a second finger he was already pressing a third, final finger into you. He heard your sharp breath and he sucked at your skin, desperately probing for that sweet spot while he continued to thrust into your leg, growing frustrated that his cup prevented his cock from being directly touched.

“Every sound you ma-ke--”

A cry ripped through you; his fingers had found what they had been looking for, cutting your teasing far too short. Your head fell back, lightly smacking into the wall behind you as an additional, hot pulsation exploded through you.

Honey,” he was leaving open-mouthed kisses against your skin, shivering at each needy mewl you were letting out. He was attentive to a fault -- now he knew what angle his fingers needed to be at to leave you a trembling, moaning mess.

Toshi!” you wailed, convulsing as your second orgasm shot across your belly and up your spine. He was babbling something sweet to you, but your focus was on the tiny aftershocks that reverberated across your being.

“-utiful,” you caught, his voice in your ear. “I don’t deserve you. I can’t wait any longer. You’re too much… I need you. Please, I can’t wait.”

He was moving you away from the wall, sitting you on the back of your couch. He took a step back to tug at his suit so he could finally free his cock. You quickly dropped your pants and underwear, watching with a raised brow as he worked to squirm out of his laughably skin-tight attire.

Though every fiber of his being was telling him to just rip it off and get straight to the fucking, common sense berated his lack of patience. A few seconds of undressing would save him a trip to the tailor and a significant amount of money. But it was hard. It was so fucking hard.

He met your gaze sheepishly, intuition telling him what you were thinking. He didn’t have to be All Might. But it was always a self-conscious struggle whenever he wasn’t buffed up.

Sometimes his arm needed a little twisting.

“I’d love for Yagi Toshinori to come over and fuck me.”

The neck of All Might’s suit had been pulled around his broad shoulders when he floundered, looking at you with a pathetic, desperate face. You were using that voice again, sultry eyes trained on him as you purposefully rubbed your thighs together and shifted your legs over each other.

“I hate begging…” you pulled down the straps of your cami, revealing your unrestrained breasts. “But I hate waiting even more.”

The words were lame, you knew it. But when you’re horny anything can be appetizing when the right tone of voice is used. And All Might was famished for you.

Please Toshi. I can’t wait either. Please use me.”

His shoulders drooped and he looked so wretched. But he was in no state of mind to argue and, in a cloud of white, All Might disappeared and a disheveled Yagi was left standing, drowning in an oversized costume.

A smile split your face and you reached toward him. The poor man was not suave -- he was trying to rush toward you, kicking and flailing as he undressed. After tripping and nearly falling over, he eventually shed his clothing save for his drenched and heavily-tented underwear.

Thin but muscular arms encircled you while you reached to scratch at his scalp. He was placing heated kisses across your face and mouth, too frazzled to kiss you properly.

You untangled one hand from his hair, stroking the side of his face and neck as it slowly traveled downward. Then it was on his chest, passing and circling his scar before dancing across the waistband of his underwear.

The lower your hand went, the more erratic Yagi’s actions became. He was trying to be everywhere at once, soft noises and pleas never materializing past his throat. You had never seen him so needy and you were full of thrilled giggles.

When you finally cupped his bulge, you felt his whole body tremor and roughly thrust against you. He released a low, drawn-out groan and pulled you into a tight embrace.

“I need you,” he said, his voice hoarse. His throat felt dry despite the excessive amount of saliva pooling in his mouth. He swallowed, eyes rolling back when you lightly squeezed his clothed erection again. “I can’t… no teasing… I’m going to burst--!”

He gasped the last word -- you had snaked your hand through the front opening of his underwear, stroking him directly and short-circuiting his sex-addled mind. He let out another loud moan, ass clenching as started to pump into your touch.

Whatever quirk was affecting him had worked Yagi into a sticky hot mess. You inwardly marveled at how engorged he was. He was shamelessly and eagerly thrusting into your hand, not bothering to muffle his groans.

“You ready?” you asked. His head rolled to the side, his normally piercing blue eyes clouded with a pleading, lusty haze. Instead of speaking, he closed his hanging mouth and nodded.

You watched his face as he dropped his underwear and positioned the head of his cock against your entrance, pressing into it. A tremor ran up his spine -- you could visibly see his body shudder as it traveled upward.

“I a-ahh love you,” he gasped, Adam’s apple bobbing wildly as he pushed deeper, skipping over his usual deep kisses and slow thrusting. “S-so tight. This is… I…”

You gasped, back arching as he continued to split you. Rough hands trailed across your body -- he was still whispering sweet nothings to you as he continued to saw in and out, pushing his large cock deeper with every thrust.

When he was fully inserted, you pressed a hand against his pelvis, silently asking for time to adjust. Though you believed you had already grown used to his impressive size, a brief acclimation period was always required.

Yagi listened, swallowing loudly and petting your stomach, waiting with labored breath for your go-ahead to continue. His eyes were closed, bottom lip worried between his teeth, a bright blush covering his cheeks, neck and shoulders. The muscles of his body were twitching -- you could feel them spasm under your hands and against your thighs.

When you caressed his chest he whined, pressing his body tighter against yours. Due to the height difference, your face ended up against his torso while his head hung high above you. But his hands were there, rubbing your back and tangling in your hair.

You placed a quick kiss on his chest before sighing for him to continue.

“Th-Th-thank you.”

And then he was off.

He tried to keep a considerate pace, tried to keep conscious of your comfort. But you were so fucking tight and were gripping him so nicely that his restraint crumbled. He was picking up speed, his thrusts becoming irregular and unrelenting.

You could hear him huffing and puffing above you -- when you tilted your head up to look at him, you saw his eyes had nearly rolled up into the back of his skull. His mouth was opened wide, jaw shifting with silent cries. The tip of his tongue briefly peeked out of his mouth, only to disappear when he swallowed.

“You’re so fucking big Toshi,” you hissed, reveling in the feeling of his shaking, bony hips striking into you. His brows furrowed deeper and he glanced down, only then realizing you had been watching him.

“You’re so pr-eee-ty,” he choked. His next thrust was unusually rough and you let out a cry. That further stimulated him and he somehow found the strength to rut against you harder.

You were jerkily bouncing with each thrust, breathy gasps escaping with every contact of his pelvis. The room was filled with the sounds of desperate, slapping flesh and squelching from his thick cock fucking you in earnest. Yagi was chanting something incomprehensible, though you assumed it either had to do with how much he loved you or how beautiful you were, as those were the only two thoughts he seemingly could string together.

Shiiiiit,” he growled. His hands, which had found their way to your waist, squeezed tighter. He was close, you recognized and you wetted the tips of your fingers before rubbing your clit.

Yagi could feel drool escaping from the corners of his mouth, dripping from his chin onto your couch and the top of your head. Sweat covered his body. His balls were tightening, cock twitching and legs weakening as he drove himself closer to his release.

“I’m going to--” words failed him and his sentence ended with a wet cry.

“Do it,” you murmured, inhaling sharply. “Cum in me Toshi.”

His fingers bumped into yours at your clit and he pushed them away so he could take over your pleasure.

He was losing it, not even trying to muffle or hide his whimpers and deep-throated groans.

“I’m… I’m… shiiiiiiit,” he hung his head, blubbering as he felt his gut tighten. He managed four hard, shaky thrusts before he threw his head back and loudly proclaimed, “I-I l-love you!”

You savored how good his twitching cock felt inside of you, hot cum flooding your insides. While he stood frozen, his brain rebooting, you pushed his idle hand away so you could rub your clit. You were close, your neck and back straining as your insides twisted.

He really coated your walls -- you could feel his cum pushing and oozing around his still-impaled cock, trailing and dripping down your ass. The visual of you stuffed, overflowing with his seed was what you needed. With a final, breathy cry you bucked against him, jolting and jerking as you came.

Tension left your body. You fell back, momentarily forgetting you were sitting on the back of a couch and had nothing to lean against. But Yagi was there, mind returning. His arm wrapped across your shoulders, preventing you from falling backward entirely.

He was breathing deeply, long fingers curled around your shoulder. Eventually he shifted to stand a bit straighter.

A stillness filled the room, soft voices from your television the soundtrack.

“I’m…” he cleared his throat. “I’m so sorry.”

Rawness caked his words and you immediately began tutting and fretting over how heartbroken he sounded.

“I should have fought it,” he gripped you tighter against him, hot shame coursing through his veins. “I took advantage of you and… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

He was horrified. How could you not hate him after that? He was an animal and had taken advantage of you.

“Yagi Toshinori,” you reprimanded, lightly slapping against his chest. “Look at me.”

He resisted. You were staring up at the underside of his jaw while he stubbornly kept his eyes forward, ashamed and unwilling to meet yours. Gently you called his name again and after a large, chest-expanding sigh, he finally glanced down at you.

“I was too weak--”

“A villain got into your head and you did the responsible thing. You did the safe thing. You came and you found me,” you said. “Some heroes don’t even get a chance to leave the scene before they lose it. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos. That speaks volumes of your strength, Toshi. I have so much respect for you.”

A spark appeared in his eyes at the heartfelt praise and your face softened. You lightly stroked his chest.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” you said sternly. “I was happy to help. I love you, you big oaf. Of course I would want to help you. I’m glad you came to me.”

“I love you too,” he mumbled, a blush staining his cheeks.

“I know. You told me several times how much you loved me. How pretty I was. How beautiful I was.”

He groaned, shame shifting to embarrassment as he rubbed his face. You untangled from each other and sighed when he pulled out of you, leaving you an empty, dripping mess. His eyes flickered down to your sex before looking away.

“As you can see, I enjoyed myself,” you said with a laugh and he winced at being caught peeking. “I know you probably hated losing control, but I wouldn’t mind if you get hit by another love quirk. Who would have thought a hot, drooling mess could be such a turn-on?”

“Stop,” he whined, entirely red-faced by that point. You knocked into him playfully, reaching for your discarded pants.

“Oh come on,” you looked at him out of the corner of your eye. “Maybe next time I’ll be the drooling one? Would you like that? Me with my tongue hanging out, eyes rolling around while you go to town with me?”

When he hesitated in picking up his clothing, you knew you had him.

“You’re so crude,” he admonished, though the expression on his face revealed he didn’t entirely dislike the idea of you being the mindless one.

You sighed, looking at the mess on the floor and couch. They would need a good scrubbing. But a nice, warm shower was calling your name and Yagi…

You eyed his soiled clothing.

Yagi’s suit definitely needed washing.

“Come on, big guy.”

He looked up to see you standing in the doorway of your bathroom, beckoning him to follow.

“Let’s get cleaned up. I can’t have the great Symbol of Peace leave my apartment looking so… drained.”

Obediently Yagi dropped his suit on the floor and trailed after you.

A shower… a shower sounded like a good idea.