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It all began when they were filming for the comeback. 


Jimin was never the sort to bring his airpods along, the notion of it seeming too rude towards the people around him. 

He always wondered if perhaps someone wanted to talk to him but were prevented due to his ears being plugged by the damned things. The very thought horrified Jimin, how something as tiny as a machine with music could upset someone, could ruin someone's day. He couldn't help it, he loved to please people (though sometimes his alter ego outshone and flipped everyone off in his way, but those were only under extreme circumstances; such as posting a shirtless picture when some dumb fan asked him to cover up. Always justified.)


But carrying airpods to a shooting was out of the question. He couldn't do that. So he took his airpods out of his satchel, leaving only his glasses, his wallet and his phone, and headed to the car. 


Soon after, however, Jimin realized the drawbacks of his sacrifice. The car ride was estimated to be about an hour and a half long. An hour and a half of no sounds except the car horns accentuated by the sound created by the friction between the gravel and the tire. An hour and a half of Jungkook sitting beside him with his airpods on and gently tapping his fingers along the beat of the music. And an hour and a half of Jimin struggling with his threatening car sickness because he had nothing else to focus on. Being kind came with a price, and Jimin loved to hate it. (Even though he'd repeatedly pick this option.)


As he sat beside Jungkook, he began tensing the muscles of his arms and legs, a technique he learned to keep his blood pressure intact and avoid falling sick due to motion. It was a DIY remedy, muscle relaxation, something he picked on from hours of surfing through the internet, with his airpods on and Alec Benjamin lulling his mind. Fuck, he thought, he should've at least kept them for the car ride. 

As Jimin continued to tense his limbs, he saw Jungkook shifting in his seat through his peripheral vision, mind always subconsciously keeping an eye on the maknae. He couldn't help that either, his mind attuned towards his boyfriend almost obsessively. (And he took great pride in it.)


'Jimin-ah', Jungkook whispered to the older, the prospect of hyung non-existent at this stage of their relationship and Jimin had no intentions of protesting. 'Are your airpods broken? I saw you take them out.' 


Jimin opened his mouth to explain, to let Jungkook know of his intentions. The whole reasoning behind his actions was detailed and thoughtful. It made sense to think of others before himself, made sense to sacrifice something in order to gain the other. Jimin formed sentences in his mind, the tip of his tongue curling to spill out the words, only for him to be stopped by Jungkook. 


'You left them so you won't wear them during breaks and allow people to talk to you, didn't you?' 


Jimin's mouth remained hung open, his eyes staring into Jungkook's as he tried to speak up but instead flushed from head to toe. It was a sort of effect that only Jungkook had on him, making the Park Jimin blush. 


'Yeah', Jimin replied in a small voice, eyes darting away from Jungkook's to look at his feet. Jungkook's perception always amazed him, how the maknae understood Jimin's motives without even listening to them, understood his intentions as though they were his own. As though he knew Jimin like the back of his hand. 


'I know you like the back of my hand, hyung', Jungkook confirmed Jimin's suspicions, his front teeth peeking between his soft smile, eyes filled with endearment. It didn't take a high IQ to know he was in love, didn't take Jimin long to figure out either (even though he waited three years for the maknae to confess, always so careful as to not scare him away. The habit kind of stuck.)


'Here', Jungkook said as he reached over to one ear, plucked out an airpod and handed it over to Jimin. 'Share it with me, it'll keep you distracted.'


Jimin weighed the pros and cons of it. Over the years Jungkook's taste in music went from resembling Jimin's to almost being the opposite. Not a bad opposite, Jimin won't dare dislike anything related to his Gukkie. It was a 'meh' opposite; Jimin had no comments over it. He strictly believed that if one had nothing good to say about something, then they shouldn't say anything. 

Hence, Jimin said nothing.

He took the device and plucked it in his ear, body already relaxing as Jungkook pressed play and a soft beat began to play. 

He was currently listening to his 'Jimin-ssi Playlist' (which is pretty self explanatory); a playlist of all the sappy love songs that reminded him of Jimin. It was his way of being romantic and Jimin loved it (though he resorted to cringing and gagging in person.)


As the ride neared its end, Jimin looked over to Jungkook and found the maknae snoring soundlessly, his hands tucked between his thighs and a soft pout forming on his lips. He wanted to kiss him so bad. He always wants to kiss him so bad. 

Jimin resorted to lay back on the headrest, head tilted to stare at Jungkook's face, lips itching for a touch, when suddenly the song changed and a chorus of Do Me Do Me Do Me began chanting in his ear. 


Now, Jimin is not that good in English - mind you - he has his fair share of difficulties with the stupid language. He once sat through a ten hour flight and tried to study enough to help Namjoon during their interview scheduled after two days, but couldn't help much at the end. Suffice to say that English Language was not exactly Jimin's cup of tea, and he felt no shame in owning up to that. A basic language like that had no weight in Jimin's life. 

But he knew it enough after years of not only taking English lessons, but admiring sensuous music and following Rnb artists who usually sang about sex as well.


(And the song that currently played in his ear was about sex. Totally about sex.)


Jimin's first instinct was to laugh. He hadn't expected his boyfriend to be a fan of such music, what with the EDM and the loudness of it, mounted by the fact that the artists is begging for cock. Or strap. That wasn't important. 

What was important, and what evaporated all the humor from the situation, was that it was part of this playlist, the playlist that Jungkook created solely because the songs reminded him of Jimin. There was a sudden spike in Jimin's curiosity, mind wondering what was about this song that made Jungkook add it. 


Hurt me so good, make me wanna be bad.


The very line and the image of Jungkook jamming to it made Jimin's cock twitch, his thoughts revolving around a very naked Jungkook with his very long hair on his very bare bed riding his very hard cock on this very song-


The car came to a stop. Jimin forcibly shoved away his fantasies as he saw Jungkook stir and sit up before him, eyes bleary as he checked out his surroundings, then widening as he made out the song playing in his ear. He whipped his head to Jimin's direction, mouth open and eyes round, an explanation ready on his lips. 


'Don't bother', Jimin said with a smirk, as he handed Jungkook's airpod back and got out the car. He may have looked confident but inside his mind the circus had broken loose. 


He needed to do some research on what the song preached, and fast. 




The second time it happened was during Bangtan's group dinner date. The seven men now living separately, in apartments they bought with their hard earned money, had agreed on meeting for dinner at least once every two weeks, away from the camera lens, away from the sets and crew, as normal men in their 20s.


Extremely normal men in their 20s.


The group had been nearing the end of their meals, Jungkook and Jin indulged in their usual bickering as Taehyung scrolled through his phone for movie timings and Namjoon and Yoongi discussed the album. Jimin sat beside Hoseok, his thigh over the older's as he basked in the meaty scents of their private room and the low music currently playing Troye Sivan's Bloom. 


(Another song about sex, though not so overtly.)


'Hyung', Jimin spoke up as he placed a piece of meat on Hoseok's rice bowl, the older whisper-yelling a Park Jimin is such a cool guy as he stuffed it into his mouth. 'If suppose, Yoongi hyung likes a song.'

'Okay', he encouraged with a mouth full. 

'And the nature of this song is…' 


'It's um, adult.'

'Yoongi hyung curses all the time, what are you on about?' 

'No not…' 

'Spit it out, Jimin-ah.'

Jimin hesitated. 

'Sexual. The nature of the song is sexual. How would you feel about it?' 

Hoseok gave Jimin a pointed look. 

'Well I mean, Yoongi hyung sort of came out as bisexual in one of his songs, so I suppose I'm glad.'

'No, you're not getting it!' 

'Then fucking explain, son!' 

Jimin groaned. 

'If the song is much more than that, you know, talking about wanting rough sex and all…' 

'I'd still be glad', Hoseok chuckled. 

'Hyung!', Jimin whined, this conversation was at a dead end from the very beginning. 

'Idiots', Taehyung spoke up from Jimin's side as he locked his phone and looked up at Jimin. 'If this is about Jungkookie's obsession with 'Do Me' then I hate to break it to you pal, but you're too damn vanilla for him.'

Jimin gaped at Taehyung, eyebrows furrowed as he chewed at his bottom lip. 'How the fuck do you know about that?' 

'It's on his Spotify playlist.'

'I'm sorry, what?!', Jimin gasped at the revelation. 

'Did you not see his playlist?' 

'I- I didn't-- what the fuck.'

'Did you not see the fans losing their shit over it? It's a very explicit song. Screams bottom.'

'Stop talking, oh my god', Jimin groaned again as he lowered his head onto the table, mind once again flooding with scenarios of Jungkook looking up the lyrics to the song (because he always does), analyzing them (duh), and then proceeding to not only add it to his normal playlist, but also the playlist that he keeps for himself which reminds him of his lover. That song. How does Do Me remind him of Jimin? Is that what he wants from Jimin? Is he trying to send a message? Does he not like the way they make love now? Jimin groaned yet again, this time making sure to bang his head on the table in order to not bang Jungkook on it right that instant.

He needed to talk to him. 

And then maybe spank him. 


'I don't know what to do!' he yelled out loudly, the group silencing at his outbreak. Jimin whipped up his head, his eyes meeting Jungkook's curious ones.

A pause. 

'Do me', Jungkook said after a moment of staring into Jimin's eyes, a small smirk playing on his lips.


The group broke out into disgusted groans, complaining about keeping it in their pants. Jungkook's eyes remained fixated on Jimin's, only looking away when Jin yelled at him to clink their glasses together. 

Jimin knew for sure he was screwed. 


Hoseok snorted beside him, chugging down the soju in his glass, and then reaching for the bottle and handing it to Jimin. 

'Drink up, son. You'll need it.'

And indeed he did. 




Drunk sex is Jimin's least favorite kind of sex, which says a lot because Jimin loves sex. Adores it. Breathes in it. Could do it non-stop for days (he definitely has the stamina for it.)

But drunk sex with Jungkook bothers him a tad bit more. 

Jimin had developed a habit of savoring every second he would have with Jungkook, a result of their quickies when they lived in the dorm and were always forced to get it done with as to not attract attention. Their first time was probably the only time they didn't rush, Jimin was adamant on going slow and keep himself from hurting his Gukkie, the consequences of getting caught seeming worthwhile. Jungkook's pleasure always came first. 

And so does Jungkook himself, but Jimin doesn't gloat. 

Along the time they were dating, booking hotels was too risqué, and neither could they ask the members to get out of their homes for the couple's sexy times, and hotel rooms during tour never comfortable enough either. It was tough, and they had to adjust to erratic thrusting and hushed moans. Which is why when Jungkook bought an apartment for them, the first thing they did was have sex on every piece of furniture. 


Long, slow, loud, and good sex.


Ever since then, Jimin had vowed to himself that every night with Jungkook would be savored, that he would not take another love making session for granted.

Hence, the reason why drunk sex bothers him too much, because he barely remembers most of it the next day. 


As Jimin moaned out with a last thrust, drilling deep inside Jungkook and kissing him senseless, he could already feel himself slipping out of consciousness, already regretting for drinking too much, for not being careful with his Gukkie. Jungkook kissed back with an equal fervor, nails that were digging into Jimin's shoulders now relaxed as he sighed into the kiss and untangled his legs from Jimin's waist. 

Jimin gave him one last kiss before rolling off the maknae and panting as he laid beside him, mind screaming at him to say what's been on his mind for weeks now. So he does. 



Jungkook hummed in response. 

'Do I satisfy you?' 

Jungkook made a confused noise. 

'Sexually, do I satisfy you?' 

Jungkook took a long moment to reply. 

'Jimin-ssi', his voice low and teasing the way it always becomes post-sex, but this time having a tinge of shakiness in it. 'Have you ever explored your kinks with other people?' 


Kinks. So Taehyung was right. 


Jimin cleared his throat before replying, sobriety coming back to him with each passing moment, a sharp ache settling in his chest. 'I have, yes.'

'How is it like?' 

'It's… Fun.'

Fun? Park Jimin has lost his mind. 

'I see.'

Jimin stared hard the ceiling until his eyes teared up. Blinking away at the moisture he rolled back onto Jungkook's chest and asked. 

'Guk, am I too soft? Do you want more? I keep having the feeling that our sex is just-- it's not-- you're not satisfied.'

Jungkook looked at Jimin with hooded eyes, signs of sleep depravity clear from the bags under his eyes. Their lives were not easy, Jimin was aware of that. 

'Hyung', Jungkook began, 'I am extremely satisfied with everything you give me. Sexually. And non.'

'Yeah but-' 

'And', Jungkook continued cutting Jimin off, 'I wouldn't trade even a fragment of it for anything else.'

Jimin kissed the space between Jungkook's pectorals, the confession in no way helping the ache in his own chest. 

'But', Jungkook went on, 'I think I'm at a point in my life where I would like to explore myself in more ways than one. I think I have a good grasp on the artist in me, but I'm still far from owning up to my sexuality. I still don't know much about my sexual nature, and I think I want to discover that part of me.'


Jimin closed his eyes at Jungkook's words, the realization of Jungkook's age settling in for the very first time in the duration of their relationship. Jungkook had always been so mature, so ahead of his years that at one point Jimin forgot that he is only a twenty-two year old who's only ever been sexually involved with one man: Jimin himself. The burden of his words made Jimin feel breathless, the idea that Jungkook still had a long way to go in discovering the real him while Jimin had most of it figured out was too overwhelming. Jimin was always so careful with Jungkook, and after some time he unconsciously began to turn a blind eye to what Jungkook truly needed at this stage; to be a normal man in his 20s.


'I wanna do it with you', Jungkook slurred. 'I mean, obviously with you. There's never been anyone else and neither will there ever be.'


Now this confession, Jimin had to agree, had hit him with the same intensity as when Jungkook told him he's gay for Jimin (his exact words being I don't know what my sexuality is but I'm really gay for you ). This confession succeeds in dulling away Jimin's ache, because this confession reveals something that had strengthened his love for Jungkook. 


Jungkook trusted him. 

And it meant a lot because Jungkook has never been the trusting type. 

Kind? Shitload. 

Genius? As fuck. 

A gentleman? Born as one. 

But trusting? No, that wasn't him. 


'Only if you want to', Jungkook murmured nervously, 'I don't want to force you into anything that you're not comfortable-' 

His rambling was cut off by Jimin's hasty kiss, a combination of teeth, spit and an occasional bite to Jungkook's lower lip, tongue sliding over Jungkook's front teeth because Jimin knew how it knocked the breath out of Jungkook. And it surely did. 


'Dumbass', Jimin whispered against Jungkook's lips, 'you have no idea what you're up for now.'


The promise aroused Jungkook to new extremes, mind already preparing itself for the main course not too far away. 




They were at another shoot, with another fifteen minute break, where Jimin and Jungkook shared Jungkook's airpods yet another time. 


Bad Guy by Billie Ellish played in their ears as they sat side by side, though Jimin left enough space between them. For the angels, he joked when Jungkook raised a brow at it. 

It was for no angel, on the contrary actually. Jimin just had a plan forged for his beloved boyfriend. 


He grabbed Jungkook's phone, Jimin's fingerprint unlocking the phone because Jungkook found it romantic . He scrolled through Jungkook's spotify playlist, searching for that particular song. When he found it, his finger hovered over it, mind racing at the very idea of what he was about to do. 

He pressed play. 

Jungkook's eyes widened the slightest bit, something easily missed if Jimin hadn't been staring intently at the maknae searching for a reaction. 

Jungkook glanced at him shortly before averting his gaze straight ahead, focusing at nothing in particular while trying his level best to not show any signs of familiarity, his own thoughts scrambling to process that Jimin had caught on his attempts at hinting what he wanted. 


Jimin didn't look away, covering the distance between them with a swift slide, lips mere centimeters apart Jungkook's ear as he whispered, 'How do you want it, baby?' 


Jungkook gasped slightly, his thighs closing in on reflex as he shoved his hands under himself. He was in a defensive position, almost begging to be messed with. 


It was enough of a reaction for Jimin, the very first phase of his plan being carried out way better than he had expected. 'Can't wait to get you home, all the things I've been wanting to do to you', Jimin whispered, lips now touching the shell of Jungkook's ear, thigh pressed flush against Jungkook's, a hand draped really close to his crotch. The fact that they were one breath away from someone barging into their makeup room creating a thrill of its own. 'That is, only if you want to wait. We could just do it here.'


The shiver that went through Jungkook's body was so apparent that it made Jimin laugh and horny at the same time. 


'The things you do to me, Guk', he whispered softly, a contrast to the connotations of the words, as he lightly bit Jungkook's ear eliciting a soft moan from the maknae's lips. 

Jimin pulled back immediately, his control wearing thin. He had to wait, and so did Jungkook. 


'Hyung', Jungkook called for him softly, the name inviting him to do as he pleased, to do whatever he desired right there, no matter the consequences. Jimin truly had a hard time as he walked backwards to the door, a smug smile on his lips, a look that promised Jungkook; good things come to those who wait. 


Good things indeed, Jungkook told himself. 




The ride back home was another roller-coaster of torture for both men. Jimin's promise still hanging thickly in the air as Jungkook sat at the very back of their seven seater van, Jimin and Hoseok sharing the middle seats and the managers at the very front. Jungkook didn't take his eyes off of Jimin's head even once, his fantasies going wild over the past hours, body itching to have Jimin's hands on it, craving his touch. 


He's always wanted Jimin, his hunger for him remaining insatiable even after all this time, and arguably doubled now that he finally got a glimpse of that side of Jimin. He was bordering insanity and he loved every second of it. 


It was the last turn to their apartment, a mere two minute drive left. Jungkook's heart raced inside his chest, his lungs contracting from excitement, his body pulsing for release. 

Jimin was no better, he was sure of it. And that only worsened his own feelings. 


The car stopped, the two men said their goodbyes as they headed to the sixth floor. Either could hear the other's heartbeat if their own wasn't so erratic. 

Once the door was unlocked, once the shoes were off and the bags were discarded, Jungkook almost sprinted over Jimin, only to be stopped by a single finger between them - Jimin's finger - the older's eyes dark and lustful, his chest rising and falling evenly. 


Jungkook didn't know true arousal before this day. 


'Wash up, and sit on the bed. I'll meet you there', Jimin ordered, his voice staunch but low. Goosebumps erupted on Jungkook's skin, and he already knew this night was going to blow him away. 

Quite literally too. 

If angry Jimin was frightening, he wondered what his dominant side would be like. The mere glimpse at it advising him to do as he says, too aroused to talk back or test the waters, even though he was sure he would be a bratty sub once this thing developed. 

He was very sure of that. 


The younger washed up, just as Jimin ordered, didn't bother to clothe up, resorting to just his black underwear because it's gonna get ripped off anyway.

Jimin walked in their master bedroom after some time, his hair partially wet and his robe hanging open from his shoulders. 

He didn't even bother with the underwear. 


'Here are the instructions, Guk. Listen to them very carefully and nod if you understand. If you have a question, raise your hand. If you like to add something, add a 'please' at the end of it. You can address me as 'Jimin' and nothing more.'


Jungkook nodded. 


'Your safe word is peaches. Is that alright with you?' 


Jungkook nodded. 


'Tonight we'll be exploring through various things; spanking, mild verbal humiliation, edging, and overstimulation is on the table. Is that okay?' 


Jungkook squeezed his legs together, Jimin's character and the things he had planned to do already spurring a boner. 

He nodded. 


'If at any point you want to stop, and I mean any point, you will use your safe word. I might ask for you to repeat it during the scene, to see if you're okay. Do not ignore me at all, Guk. You must answer whenever I ask you anything. Understood?' 


Jungkook nodded. 

And then he raised his hand. 



'I-- What if I--' 

Jimin walked over to the younger, crouching before him as he rubbed soft circles over each thigh, before speaking up much more softly than before, 'What is it, baby?' 


Jungkook could've sworn he got whiplash. He swallowed hard. 


'What if I don't-- like anything?' 

'Then you use your safe word.'

'Will you go-- slow?' 

Jimin smiled softly as he reached up to run his fingers through Jungkook's thick raven locks and tucked his hair behind hair softly. 'I will never hurt you, baby.'

'Not even if I want you to?' 


And there it was, Jimin's shift of attitude within a second. Jungkook was beyond fascinated. 


He swiftly got up and walked over to the top of the bed, sliding in as he sat against the headboard, thighs spreading as his cock came to life. Jungkook stared at it whilst he sat at the edge, patiently waiting for instructions. 

Jimin smirked, because he and God both knew that Jungkook could have come by that very sight. 


'Turn on the speakers, and put Do Me on repeat, and take off your underwear.'


That struck a chord inside Jungkook where he hadn't expected. Struck it really hard.


Jimin's eyes darkened. He did not ask again as he got up and did as he was told. 


The song echoed in the room, Jungkook's nerves were as good as pudding by now as he stood naked in front of Jimin. The older motioned him over with a slight wave of his hand, as if using his words was a waste. It was a huge turn on for Jungkook and the younger finally sprinted over to his lover to straddle his lap. 


Jimin held onto his chin, slightly tilting his head to the side before he dived in and smashed his lips onto the younger's, actions holding no restraint, no carefulness. He wasn't going to hold back tonight, and the revelation made Jungkook moan longingly into the kiss. 


The younger began to roll down his hips on Jimin's thigh, breath hitching at the delicious friction to his neglected cock that finally got its much needed attention, only managing till a third roll when a sharp slap landed on his ass. It made him halt his movements, the impact not hurting one bit but the shock of it made him shiver. Before he knew it, a whine escaped his lips as another slap landed on the same spot, this time leaving the soft skin tingling with pain. 


'Did I give you permission to move?' Jimin spoke against the shell of his ear, his breath tickling Jungkook in the most erotic way. 

Jungkook shook his head. 

Another slap, the hardest one yet. 

Jungkook jumped forward at the contact, a loud whine slipping his lips, hips bucking into Jimin's. 

 'Answer me when I ask you a question, Guk. Or are you too much of a cockslut to forget everything already?' 


To say Jungkook was embarrassed is an understatement. He felt humiliated to the core, and it only made him want to rut against Jimin's thigh again. He fought the urge, however, cheeks burning at the insult and ass tingling where Jimin had spanked him. 'You didn't', he whispered softly. 

Jimin's hand rubbed at the spot, smoothing down the pain with soft caresses, lips resuming to nip at Jungkook's, tongue barging in and licking the roof of his mouth. Jungkook just sat on his boyfriend's thighs and let him control the pace, even though he was desperate to reduce the deadly pressure on his cock. 


Amidst the heated kiss, Jimin's hands grabbed at Jungkook's ass and pulled him flush against his own body, their cocks brushing against each other as Jimin guided Jungkook's hips to roll over his cock in slow circular motions. He reached around blindly for the lube and soon prodded at Jungkook's hole. 


'Guk', Jimin spoke between kisses, 'My beautiful Gukkie, always so trusting, always so loving. Bet you're loving every second of this, huh? Bet you're gagging for my cock. Does my baby want it?' 


Jungkook didn't hesitate once before begging. 

'Please, Jimin-- I, fuck ', he moaned out as Jimin inserted two fingers in him at once, the stretch burning just enough to keep it pleasurable, as his other hand landed sharply on his ass again. The older fingered him thoroughly, his lips never stopping their work over Jungkook's neck, the younger sitting on top with his back arched, his hair falling back, his neck bared, his ass taking yet another terrific slap. 


He truly was a sight, Jimin thought. He felt like he owned the whole world in that moment. 


Three fingers in and occasional brushes to his prostate brought new desires within Jungkook, his cock an angry shade of red as it rested on Jimin's abs, the frequent friction erupting electric waves throughout his body, legs shaking slightly as Jimin sucked furiously at his nipples. He wanted to demand more, but he didn't know if was allowed to. 

'Jimin-- I-- Jimin I really want--' 

'What do you want baby?' Jimin asked he lifted his head and stared into his eyes, fingers mercilessly drilling into his prostate now. He timed it perfectly, always residing with the dramatic gestures. 

Jungkook loved that. 

The younger cried out, the scorching heat pooling amidst the pit of his stomach too unbearable now. 

'Please, Jimin-- I want you-' 

'Want me, baby? You already have me.' Another sharp slap, this one making Jungkook moan out louder than ever. 

'No I-', Jungkook struggled to speak, and Jimin thrived at the very sight of it. 'I want you inside, Jimin. Please, please-- I've been good. I just--' 

'Oh, does my cockslut want it so bad? You think you can't live without my cock, huh baby boy?' 

Burning cheeks and tears pooling around his eyes, Jimin was in heaven. 

'Yes, yes please I want you-- want your cock. Please.'


And if Jimin could ever refuse Jungkook anything, the world would end.


He shoved his fingers deep inside Jungkook one more time before pulling them out and lathering his cock with lube, Jungkook's eyes following every motion, his mouth almost salivating at the moves, a soft sigh leaving his swollen lips as he finally was about to get what he wanted, his raven hair falling around his face. 

Jimin reached up to brush his hair back, a gesture he did quite often, except now he didn't just tuck it behind his ear and moved away. No, this time he tangled his fingers at the back of his head and gripped at it, tight. He pulled back Jungkook's head, once again baring his neck again but slightly more this time as he licked a fat stripe from his collarbone to his cheek, biting at the soft flesh lightly. 


'Safe word, Guk?', he whispered softly, his grip softening for a moment. 

'Peaches', Jungkook replied within a heartbeat, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed after it. Jimin's eyes followed it, his arousal at its very peak now. 

'Are you sure, baby?', Jimin asked as he pulled back Jungkook's head and looked into his eyes for doubt. 

He saw none. And the hard roll of Jungkook's hips only provided a further confirmation. 

He gripped at his hair tightly and pulled it down to his back, holding the base of his cock with the other hand as he guided it towards Jungkook's hole, the tip breaching the ring of muscle and eliciting a soft gasp from the younger. 


'Want me to make it hurt, you filthy baby?' Jimin spat at his neck. 


A hard slap on his ass, followed by two more without pause. 

'Yes, what?' 

'Yes, p-please.'

'Good boy', Jimin replied as he thrusted all the way in, the usual carefulness of letting Jungkook adjust - even though he was very well accustomed to Jimin's cock - no longer there. Jungkook moaned out loud, the song playing in the background mixing with the sounds in the room. He was loud, and Jimin suddenly had the desire for the entire floor to know. 


To know just how good he fucks the love of his life. 


Jimin wasted no time, he planted his feet on the bed as he began thrusting up into Jungkook hard and fast, one hand pulling at Jungkook's hair as the other held his hip in a deathly grip. He knew it would leave bruises, he wanted Jungkook to remember this for days. Because one; they don't always have the luxury of spending their time leisurely, and two; it would be such a waste if it didn't keep Jungkook on edge for days and leaving him thirsting for more. 

'Jimin!', Jungkook yelled at a particular harsh thrust, his legs now shaking and his abs flexing. He was close, and Jimin wasn't ready to let him off the hook so easily. 


He let go of his hair as he slowed their pace, Jungkook's face coming into view as he protested with teary eyes. 

'Jimin-- why? I was-- fuck, I was so close', he said as he rolled down his hips. 

'Take it slow', Jimin ordered, the hand that was in his hair now sliding down to his perky nipples, still wet from when Jimin was sucking at them. 


Another slap, this one meant to hurt. Jungkook gasped, his head lolling forward on Jimin's shoulder as he forced his hips to slow down. He didn't say anything, obliging like a good boy. 

Jimin held onto Jungkook's chin as he raised his head, thumb brushing away the tear that had escaped his eye, and then pulling at his bottom lip tucked firmly between his teeth. 

'Baby', he said softly, 'Safe word?' 

'Peaches', Jungkook replied with a soft smile of his own. 'I'm okay, Jimin-ah. I love every second of this.' Jungkook continued to roll his lips in slow, circular motions. It made Jimin groan at the back of his throat, hand gripping tighter at his waist while the other pinched his nipple. 

Jungkook was a dancer and he made sure to make good use of his talents in bed. 

The younger bucked his hips as Jimin pinched his nipple, softly sighing. 'I'm c-close', Jungkook said after a while, his voice cracking at the end. 


Jimin almost wanted to let him come. 



Instead, he guided Jungkook's hips to move faster, the younger now near well bouncing on top, panting as his moans continued to spill out, increasing in pitch after each thrust. Once the pitch was high enough and Jimin knew he was about to come, he gripped at the base of cock, hard, leaving Jungkook to stutter in his movements and thrash over him as Jimin pistoned his hips right where he knew the bundle of nerves were located at. 

The younger yelled at the change of plans, his dry orgasm hitting him like a truck while Jimin abused his prostate mercilessly, wild profanities echoing the room, neither sure who they're from. 


Jimin's thrusts became erratic, his own orgasm approaching quickly as Jungkook begged above him. 

'Jimin-- nngh, Jimin please, let go I-- I want to come, Jimin please let-- aah!' 

He begged and begged and the sounds that he made drove Jimin insane, made him wonder what on Earth was preventing him from doing this earlier. As Jimin continued to thrust into Jungkook hard and fast, he let go of Jungkook's cock as he grabbed at his hips and positioned his body in a way that made every thrust drill right on his prostate. 


Jungkook screamed out his lover's name as he came, hard, legs shaking at Jimin's sides as spurts and spurts of come landed all over Jimin's torso, his hair falling onto his face, sweaty and wavy. 

One look at his face and Jimin came undone, his load painting Jungkook's walls, a hidden art that no one but Jimin was allowed to feel, to see, to touch. 

He halted his movements once he rode out his orgasm, body going lax under the younger as his arms curled around Jungkook's waist and hugged him while burying his face in Jungkook's neck.

The two men panted in each other's embrace, the chorus of Do Me repeating in the background for the nth time. 


Jimin regained composure soon enough, however. His mind resumed what he had initially planned. 

He pushed Jungkook on his back, the younger's brows knitting in confusion, his breath still erratic. Jimin parted his legs, pushed them to his chest, and licked a fat stripe from Jungkook's hole to his balls. 


Realization set in Jungkook like a gunshot. He moaned out from over-sensitivity. 


Jimin licked around Jungkook's softening cock, squeezing his balls in one hand as the other shoved two fingers in Jungkook's hole. 

He wasn't done with the younger yet. 

'Jimin-- wait, it's too-- nngh, its-- Jimin!' 

'Wanna use the safe word, baby?', Jimin asked, though this time his tone was not soft. This time he did not look at Jungkook lovingly, rather this time his eyes had a challenge in them.

He wanted to test Jungkook's boundaries.

And there hadn't been a challenge in the world that Jeon Jungkook would reject. 

'No', Jungkook replied through gritted teeth, eyes rolling back when Jimin's fingers brushed his prostate. 

It hurt so good. 

'Suit yourself', Jimin almost sang as he dove back down to take Jungkook's now half hard cock in his mouth. 


Jimin bobbed his head at a fast pace, the over stimulation making Jungkook's whines extremely pitchy, his breath occasionally getting caught up in his throat when Jimin's fingers hit his prostate, hole clenching around them, making Jimin moan around his cock and suck with more fervor. 

Jungkook's legs shook violently now, all of it too much for his inexperienced body to handle.

Jimin tapped his thigh twice, a gesture asking for the safe word while he shoved Jungkook's entire length until it touched the back of his throat and swallowed around him. 


Pleasure and pain, a new experience that had Jungkook's toes curling and his body arching away and into the touch at the same time. He only screamed for Jimin to not stop. 

'Don't stop, for fuck's sake please don't stop. You'll kill me if you stop!', he blabbered, his sanity at the edge of a cliff now, almost hanging over it and threatening to fall off any second. But Jimin wasn't allowed to stop, Jungkook wouldn't let him. 


The older thrusted his fingers faster, making sure to rub at Jungkook's prostate at every third thrust, his throat closing around Jungkook's cock and making the younger sob from pleasure. Jimin pulled off once to breathe in heavily, and dove back down, forgetting to breathe out. 


It was insane, hasty, and borderline painful for both men. 


But they had never felt such extreme pleasure before either; Jungkook floating under the attention and Jimin thriving under Jungkook's pleasure. 


Their relationship had found a new dynamic, a new beginning. Jimin knew that this was the breakthrough that they lacked, that now there were no barriers between their souls. Now, neither will ever be insecure because before it was just Jungkook who completed Jimin. But now, Jimin completed him back. 

And it was just the beginning. 


Jungkook's legs closed around Jimin's head, squeezing it between the meaty limbs, Jimin's hand continuing to drill into Jungkook's hole as he hollowed his cheeks and sucked harder. 

The younger didn't stop moaning for even a second. 

He came, unannounced, sloppy and messy, while Jimin's fingers rubbed at his prostate and his cock was only halfway down his throat. The sudden splash of overwhelming liquid made the older choke slightly, mostly due to surprise, but he recovered quickly. 

He continued to suck and thrust until the very last drops of come were milked dry, until Jungkook pulled at his hair and his whines sounded like he was crying. 


Jimin pulled off immediately, his fingers slipping out more gently, his mouth hanging open now at the sight of his boyfriend. 


There laid Jungkook, the Jeon Jungkook, bare in all his naked glory, his luscious long hair splayed around his head like a dark halo, his eyes fluttered shut as his swollen pink mouth was slightly parted, letting out short, staggered breaths. Jeon Jungkook, wide shoulders, slim waist, thick thighs. His chest expanding and contracting, the muscles adorning his torso flexing with every breath, his thick long cock softening slowly under Jimin's gaze. 


Jimin felt like he owned the world before, but now he felt like he had the entire world right here in his arms. 

Jeon Jungkook was his world, a newfound discovery that didn't exactly feel new. 


Jimin got off the bed after gently untangling himself from Jungkook's legs, his carefulness coming back in full blows. 

His feet were soundless on the way to the bathroom, afraid of waking up a passed out Jungkook. He came back with a wet towel, gently cleaning around Jungkook's genitals and then his hole, his touch light as a feather. 


'I did it on purpose', Jungkook whispered. 

'I thought you were passed out', Jimin chuckled. 

'Nah, I ain't no weak bitch', the younger slurred out again. 'The first time you heard Do Me, it wasn't a coincidence. I wasn't sleeping. I wanted you to hear it, it was my way of hinting at-- this.'


Of course, Jeon Jungkook the sleazy bastard. Of course all of this was planned, and of course he talked Taehyung into talking to Jimin about it. He did this because he believed in actions rather than words, Jeon-fucking-Jungkook. 


'You made Tae call me a vanilla softie.' 

'Sorry, that was harsh.'

'You're as good as a sex doll now, hope you know that. The lust demon has been unleashed and no one is to blame but you.'

Jungkook chuckled, bunny teeth on full display as his eyes crinkled around the corners. 'I love you, Jimin-ah.'


Jimin smiled as he lowered into Jungkook's arms, limbs protesting from over usage, and his boyfriend looking so damn kissable. 


'I love you too, baby.'



'I can never walk again, though.'

'That's so sad, Alexa. Play Do Me. '