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Rewriting History

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Renesmee only caught sight of the edge of the man's robes before he blasted her with something, and she felt herself falling. She should have never gone out hunting alone, even if an elk was her version of a pint of Ben & Jerry's. She especially shouldn't have been out alone while angry and emotional. She was usually so much smarter than that. "Sorry." She murmured as she fell into unconsciousness, even though her parents were too far away to hear it.

She woke with a grumble to a bright light being shone in her eyes, and a very familiar voice. "Hey, are you all right? Miss? Can you hear me?"

"Grandpa?" Nessie said, blinking a few times, a hand rising to her head, which was aching and, judging by the wetness and the smell, bloody. Whether it was hers or the elk she had been eating before she had been startled by the member of the Volturi, she didn't know.

Charlie Swan laughed at that. "I don't think so, I'm not that old yet." he moved the light out of her eyes. "I'm Charlie Swan, Chief of Police here in Forks. Do you know what happened to you?"

Nessie blinked again, confused. That was definitely her grandfather, but something was off. He smelled different, and he looked different, he looked...younger. "Someone was chasing me...I don't remember anything after that." She shook her aching head. "What's the date?"

"February tenth, two-thousand-five." Charlie replied, steadying the poor girl as she stood up. "We should call your parents and take you to the hospital to get you checked out."

Nessie stopped in shock when her grandfather told her the date. 2005? How could it be 2005? She wasn't even born in 2005." parents." She said finally, losing her usually impeccable balance a little. Her parents weren't together, her mother was still human. "Carlisle." She said after a minute. "I need to find Carlisle." Her other grandfather would be patient enough to hear her story, and have enough experience with listening to the future from Aunt Alice that maybe, just maybe, he would believe her.

"Dr. Cullen?" Charlie said in surprise. "He's probably at the hospital, so that makes it easier. What's your name?"

"Nessie." She answered quickly, and then rethought her stance. "Vanessa Wolfe." She murmured, using her oldest pseudonym as Charlie shuttled her into his police cruiser.

Renesmee did not find the hospital pleasant. While her one grandfather had gone off to find her other grandfather, she had been escorted to an exam room by a nurse. It would have been fine if the nurse had just left her there to wait, but the nurse wanted to take her blood pressure, pulse, temperature and clean the wound on her head.

"I just need to see Carlisle." Nessie said, avoiding the woman as much as possible. "I'll be fine." She knew her heartbeat was strange, her blood pressure stranger, and her body temperature far above normal.

"Chief Swan is getting him, I only want to get some information for him, Miss Wolfe." The nurse said kindly as the girl all but sprung away from her.

"Carlisle can do it." Nessie said stubbornly, trying to keep more space between them."I want Carlisle." She sounded a bit more like her chronological age than she would have liked, but her paranoia was justified.

"I'm not going to hurt you." The nurse said softly. "No one will hurt you here."

Nessie was saved from another round of jumping around the room demanding her grandfather, by him opening the door and entering the room. Without really thinking it through, Nessie quickly sprung and hid behind him, using him as a shield between herself and the nurse.

"What's going on, Sarah?" Carlisle asked, his voice calm and was aware that the girl behind him wasn't normal. She didn't smell human, and he could hear her strange heartbeat. It put him on guard, but at the same time, his compassion made him realize just how frightened she was.

"She won't let me touch her, sir." Sarah replied, looking a little put out. "She just kept asking for you."

"I'm sure I can handle it, Sarah, thank you." Carlisle replied, taking the blood pressure cuff from the rather put-out nurse as she left.

Threat gone, Nessie moved away from Carlisle, jumping up on the exam bed. "Hi."

"Hello." Carlisle said, a little amused, and approached her, taking her blood pressure. "Who are you?"

"It's complicated." Nessie said with a sigh.

Carlisle raised an eyebrow at the blood-pressure cuff, and took a note on his pad. He wasn't charting this. "What are you?"

Nessie made a face, looking around. "A hybrid. Half..." She gestured to him. "And half..." She gestured toward the door.

Carlisle was shocked enough to drop his stethoscope back around his neck. "I've heard legends, but...I never thought it was possible."

"Yeah well, here I am." Nessie said, biting her lip. "But...I'm not supposed to be here. I was having some elk, and I caught sight of a Volturi guard...I started running...and I woke up in 2005." She paused for a moment. "I'm not even born yet!"

"You think you've traveled back in time?" Carlisle asked, doubt in his voice.

"Pretty much." Nessie admitted. "I wonder if maybe that was the guard's power...Alice can see the future, maybe he can...move someone in it? Manipulate it somehow?" She sighed. "Or maybe I watch too many cheesy sci-fi movies with Emmett."

"You know my family." Carlisle said, listening but not sure whether he believed it.

Renesmee was never one for talking, and her words weren't getting her anywhere. She reached out and touched his cheek, trying to prove it.

Nessie standing against a growth chart, as Carlisle took careful notes. "You're still growing quickly, sweetheart, but not as fast as you used too. Looks like Nahuel was right. I think Edward's home, why not go see what he brought you?"

Nessie curled up on a couch beside Emmett, eating popcorn and watching a cheesy late-night movie, half-asleep.

Nessie dancing with Alice in the forest.

Nessie playing the piano with Edward.

Nessie falling asleep as Esme stroked her hair while waiting for the hunters to come back home.

Nessie, terrified, running and jumping to avoid the member of the Volturi, the way he gestured at her, the guilt for acting out, and then being woken up by Charlie Swan.

Carlisle stared at the girl as she dropped her hand from his cheek. He went with the least astounding revelation."You can project your thoughts."

"Only through touch." Nessie admitted. "I like to talk that way. Less chance to be misunderstood." She looked at him, a little lost. "Help me, Carlisle, please."

Carlisle felt something in her expression, the lost little girl in her eyes, tug at his heartstrings. "All right, I'll do what I can, though I don't know how I can help, if nothing else, we can give you somewhere to sleep."