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The Queen of Hearts

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It took him almost a whole week to recover from his four-day heat and in the end, he decided to stay off the medication for good. He wouldn’t need to suppress his heats as long as he had his two loving alphas to take care of him, both sexually and emotionally. And he’d rather not go through another four days of sexual desire that was so strong he couldn’t form coherent sentences until he’d been fucked at least twice in a row and filled up to the brim with his alphas’ seed.

As for their honeymoon, as Jason had missed out on all the sweet relaxation he’d been promised, Bruce promised that they would try again the next year, when Jason’s heats had finally developed a fixed schedule.

None of them noticed that something had changed until about two weeks after they’d returned to Gotham. He was in the kitchen with Alfred, preparing a complicated fish soup that the butler had described as “fit for a king”, when Dick cheerfully announced his return from work. He’d barely stuck his head into the kitchen, when he froze, frowning slightly. “Babe? Are you okay?” The concern in his voice was obvious, as he approached them, his face scrunched up in a way that made him look like an overgrown puppy.

Jason gave him a questioning look, placing the kitchen knife on the cutting board and turning to face his husband. “What are you on about?”

Dick’s glance flickered back and forth between Alfred and Jason, a clear expression of confusion on his face. “You can’t tell me you don’t smell that, Alfred?”

The butler raised an eyebrow and nodded his head once. “I did not believe it was my place to say anything. So, I kept my suspicion to myself.”

Feeling more than just a little out of the loop, Jason raised a hand and waved it between the other two. “Hey, I’m right here. What the fuck are you two talking about?”

Dick grabbed his hand and squeezed it; a strange mixture of emotions displayed on his face. “Little wing, your scent is different from before. It could be nothing, but you know…”

He left the last part of the sentence open and Jason felt dizzy all of a sudden. He wanted to ask if they were trying to mess with him, but Dick looked very serious and Alfred wasn’t exactly the pranking type. “I’m gonna go get some fresh air…” was all that he got out, before he was out of the kitchen, practically running down the hallway and to the front door. He didn’t have the mind to grab his jacket, simply stormed outside and let the door slam shut behind him.

It was cold outside, but he hardly felt it, as he sat down halfway down the stone stairs. It wasn’t that he was angry, and he felt a pang of guilt at running away from Dick. But his mind was too full of contradictory thoughts and emotions. A part of him was terrified, another insisted that he wasn’t ready for this at all. There was a small piece of his mind that was blooming with tentative joy but the most part was overtaken by a crippling uncertainty and insecurity. The idea of bearing a child of his own was something that had never really crossed his mind before. Sure, it had come up in conversations with doctors over the years, but he’d always been certain that it would never come to that.

He buried his head in his hands, hiding his face, as he heard the door behind him open. “Can I join you?” Dick asked carefully and the guilty feeling returned. As confused as he was, he didn’t want to make Dick think that he didn’t want to be around him.

“Yeah,” he croaked, and he realised his voice sounded like he was about to cry. Dick sat down next to him, gently placing a warm blanket around his shoulders. The gesture made Jason’s heart ache with affection. Of course, Dick made sure that he was safe and healthy first. He allowed himself to sink into his alpha, laying his head on the other’s shoulder and uttering a small sigh, as Dick wrapped his arms around him. “Sorry.”

The other shushed him, clearly not wanting to hear any of his excuses. They sat in silence for a while, until the sound of a nearing car reached their ears.

Bruce was clearly speeding, only slowing down, once he’d reached the driveway. Jason watched him practically jump out of his car and run to bridge the short distance between them as fast as possible. “Jason are you okay?”

Jason only nodded silently, and Bruce let out a deep breath of relief. He allowed himself to sink onto the stairs to Jason’s other side, then he took of his scarf and wrapped it around his omega’s neck instead. “Dick told me what’s going on.” There was no question if Bruce noticed the change in his scent too, the expression on his face said it all. He instantly knew that both of his alphas were head over heels at the news of his possible pregnancy, but they held back in expressing it, so they wouldn’t pressure him into a hasty decision.

Dick was the first to break the silence. “We should do the test and see if it’s really… you know?”

Jason didn’t answer, unable to break free from the maelstrom of emotions in his head. Bruce’s hand came to rest against his cheek, wonderfully warm on his cold skin. “Jay. You know we will support you, no matter what you choose. Neither of us is going to blame you, if you don’t want to go through with it. If you don’t think you’re ready, we understand. We have plenty of time in the future if you change your mind. And if you want it, then we’ll happily be there for you every step of the way.”

Dick nodded enthusiastically. “Of course. We’ll be here whatever happens. We’ll love you just the same either way. Whatever you choose is perfect for us!”

The words were incredibly comforting, like a healing balm for the cracks in his mind. He nodded slowly, his hand finding Bruce’s and interlacing their fingers. “Thanks.”

He couldn’t begin to believe just how amazing his alphas were. Not only did they leave the choice up to him, they also promised to support and love him, no matter what he chose. He wouldn’t have to fear disappointing them, was free to make the choice that was the best for him. He managed to force a small smile upon his lips. “Dick is right, we should figure out if I’m really… pregnant… first.” The term felt so strange on his tongue and yet it seemed so natural. He instinctively pressed a hand to his belly, though there was of course nothing to feel yet. There were so many questions on his mind: What if he fucked up badly enough for Dick and Bruce to stop loving him and he’d end up all alone with the kid? Wouldn’t he be a horrible influence on his child? What if – and that possibility made him feel sick to the stomach – what if there would be complications? After all, his body wasn’t exactly normal after his untimely death and subsequent dip in the Lazarus pit. Who knew if he could even have a child?

Jason took a deep breath and allowed Bruce to help him to his feet. They made the trek down to the batcave in silence, neither of them certain what the best thing to say was. The computer took a moment to confirm the result after Bruce drew a few drops of Jason’s blood. But it was clear:

Jason was pregnant.


Evening found them curled up on the couch together. Everyone had enjoyed the meal Jason had prepared and he’d happily accepted their praise, though he hadn’t been able to eat more than a spoonful himself. Anxiety held him in its grip, as he was busy processing the million thoughts in his head. No one had mentioned anything to Cassandra or Tim and if the kids had noticed something was different, they hadn’t asked about it. Jason sighed, his head resting on Bruce’s lap, as Dick gently massaged his calves. Under the kisses and snuggles from his husbands, he found himself melting away. The two didn’t try to engage him in conversation, content to leave him lost in his thoughts, as long as they were allowed to keep him company.

Only once the clock struck midnight, did he break out of his meditative state, startling his alphas into attention, as he sat up all of a sudden. They both looked at him with concern, fearing something to be wrong but Jason’s lips pulled into a reassuring smile. “I’ve made up my mind.” Dick grasped his hands and Bruce wrapped his arms around him from behind and Jason could swear he saw them hold their breaths, as they waited for him to continue. The smile on his lips widened and he finally allowed the overwhelming joy to take over his mind. “I want to keep it. No matter what happens, I want to give it a shot.”

Dick squealed louder than Jason had ever heard anyone squeal and he pulled Jason into a set of sloppy, happy kisses. “I’m so happy, little wing! Bruce, Bruce! We’re gonna be dads… again!” Obviously, their adopted kids counted as well.

Bruce didn’t respond but his hold around Jason’s waist tightened and the omega could feel the older man’s face pressed into the crook of his neck. And for the first time since he’d known the other, he witnessed him cry with joy.



It was a wonderful kind of strange seeing everyone gathered in the same room, seated on couches and armchairs around the colourfully decorated Christmas tree. Presents were piled underneath the green branches, a patchwork pattern of wrapping papers, a mirror to their patchwork family. Bruce and Dick were seated on one of the larger couches, the seat between them reserved for their lovely wife.

Ace was lying in front of the roaring fire, enjoying the wonderful warmth that washed over him, only every now and then lifting his head, when someone offered him a treat. After all, even dogs deserved to feel special on Christmas, or so Cassandra and Tim claimed. The dark-haired Wayne girl was sharing a loveseat with Stephanie, the girl she’d finally introduced to everyone else as her girlfriend. Tim was lounging in one of the armchairs, his legs thrown over the armrest and his nose buried in his book. They were all nursing mugs of hot cinnamon chocolate or coffee out of the mugs that Jason had collected for them. Each of them was painted with the first letter of its owner’s name on one, and a little bat on the other side.

Jason peeked into the room and the sight made his heart ache in his chest with the intense sensation of love he felt. Maybe it was his hormones going haywire, but he had to blink away happy tears, taking a moment to collect himself before he finally stepped into the room. On his hands he balanced a large tray with Christmas cookies, cake and cute gingerbread birds. Everything was topped with careful decorations and a couple hand-made marshmallow snowmen. As soon as the others spotted him, Dick and Bruce jumped from their seats to help him with the tray. “Hey, hey, I’m not that weak.” He gave his husbands his best pouty face but handed over the tray. His empty hands came to rest on his belly that had gotten a little rounder over the last months.

He'd gone through the first stages of his pregnancy, had experienced the daily ritual of throwing up everything he tried to eat; he’d developed mood swings that put Two-Face to shame and food cravings that made even Dick pull a face of disgust. And yet his alphas had stuck with him through it all. They’d massaged his aching joints and swollen feet, has caressed and kissed his growing baby-bump like it was the holy grail itself. They’d suffered through his irritable and snappy moods without once seriously complaining, they’d dealt with his intense surges of libido and his sudden breakdowns. He’d probably cried more over the last weeks than he’d had in years, and all they had done was tuck him into bed and read to him. They took turns going through all of Jason’s favourite stories; hadn’t even questioned his request for Pride and Prejudice twice in a row.

The further he was getting along, the more protective the two got. Whenever he even so much dared to try and pick up something, it was immediately taken from his hand, so he wouldn’t strain himself. Every sigh or pained groan summoned one of his husbands and it was at the same time insufferable and absolutely endearing. They had picked up on his insecurities immediately, reminding him over and over again how gorgeous and handsome he was.

“Watch out for the future whale…” he announced, before carefully settling on his reserved spot on the couch. He shifted until he was comfortable, then let out a satisfied hum. Jason rested his head on Dick’s shoulder, a happy smile spreading on his lips, as the other turned his head to give him a gentle kiss. Alfred finally joined the group, bearing another set of sweets that was welcomed with cheers from the girls. With the lights dimmed, the flames in the fireplace dancing happily and the candles in the tree swaying in tune, the room was cast into a warm, orange light. The radio played the classic Christmas tunes that Jason couldn’t stand on any other day of the year but that kind of belonged with this one.

Bruce’s hand settled on his belly, caressing it softly until Jason felt like he was going to drift off to sleep right then and there. “Wake me up, when it’s time for presents,” he mumbled.

Bruce leant over to press a sweet kiss to his lips. “Of course, my love.”

Sleep hung heavily on his lashes, yet before he could drift of completely, he felt Dick kiss the top of his head, his voice a soft whisper: “You know, little wing, you’re the best Christmas present of them all.”