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A New Quagmire in Quahog

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Gem p.o.v

Hi I'm Gem Quagmire and I just moved to Quahog to meet the rest of my family. My hair short and black like my dad's I got his nose too, I got my mom blue eyes. I got my lip peiced in the center, the bridge of my nose, and my septum piercing all in my favorite color green. So now you got an idea about my look.

So now let me tell you where I live. My new address is 29 Spooner Street. Next store is my grandparents but we got here late so I haven't met them yet. This is my dad old house but he cleaned it up and made me a new room when he flew back a couple days ago. I love it it green animal prints.

Speaking of my mom she Meg Quagmire and she beautiful and elegant.My mom was the black sheep of the family but she beautiful and smart. I'm close with my parents unlike my parents with my grandparents, but now that we moved to Quahog maybe things will be different. Maybe I'll meet my uncles, my aunt, and cousins. Currently I'm outside hiding from my parents sex noises.

I see a shadow of a person crawling out of the window of 33 spooner street house. I heard giggles.

"I lost the Cool Kwhip," said a male voice coming from the shadow. I walked closer to listen better not noticing the other foot steps heading my way until I bumped into someone.

"Hey you okay beautiful?"said the male's voice. I look up to see a handsome young man with dark brown hair bordering on black, with black eyes, reddish lips, a yellow tank top,red overall shorts with black combat boots, a choker, a nose ring, and yellow hair clips.

"I'm okay," I said getting up. He smiled at me.

"The name Stewie Griffin yours?" The man said. I hugged him tight and began explaining who I was he was excited to meet me telling me was sneaking out of his friend Susie house so they parents stop telling them to date. We spend the rest of the night talking about stuff like who my uncle dating a guy name Brain. Uncle Stewie was intelligent and fun to hang with.

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Lois p.o.v

Ugh Meg back. God she ruins everything especially now with all her money but right now we're about to walk over. I kept staighting my blue dress while Peter kept tuging at his tie. We weren't to happy to go do this but we missed Glen. We knocked on the door.

A breath taking young lady with black short hair, familiar blue eyes, short black dress with spaghetti straps, and black heels was on the otherside of the door. Another beautiful woman in pink dress radiating class stood behind her. Holy Fuck! This my granddaughter and Meg. No how did this happen.

"Hello I'm Gem Quagmire," said the girl. My jaw dropped. I hear Peter whistle next to me. Stewie walked past us dragging Brain and hugging Gem.

"Gem this Brian I told you about him last night." Stewie said smiling. Brain shook her hand smiling.I can't believe this!