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I'm not human (but you are)

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Wang Jiexi knew Yu Wenzhou and Ye Xiu were suspicious. They had a good reason to be, even if they didn’t really know what that reason was. He was glad at least some people knew, maybe he would even tell them someday. Someday, not today however. Today- Today was a bit of an emotional day. It’s not everyday The Battle God retires.

Wang Jiexi stared at the large screen proclaiming God Ye’s retirement. Excellent Era was saying something of some sort, not that he was listening to their false sympathies.

With being what he is, how could he not have known of the tension between the captain and the team? A general cannot lead without trusted soldiers, a king cannot rule without loyal subjects. Ye Xiu was one of the most interesting mortals he had the pleasure of ever meeting; Jiexi had no plans to give him up, oh no, not at all. Excellent Era had a few things coming their way if they think they could get away with retiring Ye Xiu just like that.

He knew Ye Xiu and Ye Xiu would never give Glory up, never, not till he grew old and his fingers grew stiff, and perhaps not even then. Jiexi slowly smiled.

Maybe he should recruit that twin brother of his...Ye Qiu always seemed so protective of Ye Xiu after all.

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Ye Qiu didn’t like feeling helpless. People in general usually disliked feeling helpless, but Ye Qiu hated it (except when it was Ye Xiu’s own brand of chaos and even then, sometimes--).

He was helpless when his gege was in trouble covering for him (“who let out the mutt!” “It was me father-” slap!), helpless when their parents would never listen to them (“-but mother, father, it wasn’t us-” “No, as heirs to the Ye Corporation, its successor must never be seen as anything less than perfect-”), helpless when Ye Xiu ran away (“gege..”), helpless when─

Helpless Helpless Helpless. He was always helpless, unable to do anything. He was only the spare after all.

But Ye Xiu was his brother, and when Ye Xiu left,

(all to help him, gege knew he didn’t have a plan- how worthless was he-),

Ye Qiu helped hide him away.

(Gege, look, I can be useful too, dontleavemealonepleasepLeAsE).



He loved Ye Xiu.


Some people might have called it unhealthy- if there were anyone close enough to know him that is- and perhaps it might have been. But Ye Qiu didn’t care anymore (he was just so tired of caring- only Ye Xiu mattered, only Ye Xiu-).

So when Wang Jiexi called him for help, Ye Qiu gladly came over. For Ye Xiu, he would do anything.


Even if that meant making a deal with the devil.

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Wu Xuefeng wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when the phone rang. Not one bit. No. Well, yes fine, so sue him, it scared him just a little. It wasn’t like there were a lot people who called him nowadays unless it was something concerning work, but that ringtone certainly meant it wasn’t from his job.

It had been a very long time, almost 5 years was it?, but if Little Captain needed him, he would come right over. Little Captain came first and that damned vice captain habit still wouldn’t fade even after all these years (he wouldn’t admit it, but he was secretly glad to have a piece of Glory with him).

Maybe he should ring a few more friends? Anything to help Little Captain and his dreams.



Everything was coming together.

Wang Jiexi had everything under control and while it may have been a bit too early to reveal himself, he would at the very least check up on Ye Xiu while his plan was getting ready.

When he saw where Ye Xiu was now working, Jiexi could barely keep himself in control. He knew the little lady meant no harm, making Ye Xiu sleep in a storage closet simply for the lack of space, and Jiexi knew she knew not of Ye Xiu’s importance. But... Ye Xiu sleeping in a mere storage closet? It wouldn't do at all. 


“Senior Ye… Perhaps it’s nearly time for you to come out of the shadows now.” 

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It was a peaceful day in Happy Internet Cafe. The sun was shining, bees were buzzing, and no one was making trouble anywhere around the block.
So naturally, Ye Xiu was worried. Well, not worried per say. More like, wary. He had just started up Glory and had only been playing for a few hours and had already gotten 5 bosses. Very abnormal luck, even for the Great Ye Xiu.

Chen Guo, an experienced Glory player though she couldn’t compare to the likes of Ye Xiu, was busy freaking out over the drops Ye Xiu had gotten from the 5 bosses and was acting extremely paranoid.

On the other hand, Ye Xiu knew what it meant when he had such extreme luck.


“Senior Ye,” a calm voice greeted Ye Xiu.

“What a surprise seeing you here in an internet cafe. My, what a coincidence.” Ye Xiu looked up and locked eyes with heterochromia eyes and merely smirked.

“Big-eyed Wang. Can’t say I expected to see you here.”

Jiexi let a smile grace his lips. It seemed Ye Xiu was as hard to rattle as ever. Just one of the many things about him that attracted Jiexi to Ye Xiu, he supposed. But Jiexi was here on business and he couldn’t let Ye Xiu distract him (no matter how much he wanted to be).

“Senior, why don’t you come with me for a while? Until you get-” Jiexi knew Ye Xiu wouldn’t want to move, so asking him to move in with him wouldn’t be an option (yet). “-get a bigger employee room. I’m sure one will open up soon enough.”

Ye Xiu looked at him like he couldn’t tell if that was a threat or not. It wasn’t, at least not to Ye Xiu that is.


It would be quite easy to make someone move out so Ye Xiu could move in… but he shouldn’t do everything alone.

There was a reason why he called Ye Qiu and Wu Xuefeng and not Han Wenqing and Su Mucheng.