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Y is for: Yanking

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“Ngh, fuck, Deku,” he groaned as he pushed her farther down onto his cock, bucking himself up into her mouth. She moaned around his length as he did so, looking up at him with half lidded eyes. He threaded his fingers through her hair and yanked her off his cock, leaving her breathing heavily.


“K-Kacchan,” she whimpered, wrapping her hands around his cock to jerk him off. As his grip slackened, she dove forward to take his head into her mouth, sucking on it greedily.


“Goddamn,” he grunted as he dug his fingers into the blanket, tugging her off his cock again, though she kept her tongue out for him to rut against. “Like you’re trying to suck the fucking cum right out of me.”


“Mmm, maybe I was,” she purred cheekily, a lazy but lustful smile on her face. He growled low in his throat as he forced himself back into her mouth, muffling any other words she might have spoken. She hummed around his cock as he thrusted in and out of her, causing tears to prick at her green eyes.


Deku had a thing for being pulled around; being manhandled, having her hair yanked, being forced to do things, it turned her on to no end. And to be honest, he liked it too. He liked being rough with her, knowing how desperate she was for it, and having his way with her. He groaned as he rammed in and out of her mouth, her hot, wet mouth and throat felt utterly perfect around him.


Mnmh!” she moaned around his cock, eyes wincing a bit as she gagged. He pulled her off of him as she coughed slightly, a few tears traveling down her flushed face.


“Shit, you alright?” he asked, being left breathless from her actions.


“Mhmm, yeah,” she nodded, coughing again. “I-I’ll be fine.”


“Y’sure?” he asked, gently brushing her green hair back as he pet her head. “We can stop here if you want.”


No,” she whined, pouting up at him. He chuckled fondly at her and reached down to pull her into a sweet kiss by her jaw. As they kissed, he moved his hand down her neck and tightened his grip, just enough to stifle her blood flow. She whined as he increased the pressure ever so slightly, her face flushing even more.


“K-acchan,” she moaned, her mouth hanging open as she panted. “Please.”


“Alright, baby,” he purred, knowing that the sweet nicknames made her weak and wet. “Keep that mouth open for me,” he instructed as he placed his semi softened cock back in her mouth. She easily took his cock into her mouth, her lips wrapping perfectly around his girth. He dropped his head back as he groaned, moving his hand back to the back of her head for better leverage.


“Mnh, mm,” she moaned, sending vibrations through his cock as she swirled her tongue around it. She pulled off, gasping for air, her eyes dark and heated as she looked up at him. God, her eyes made his knees fucking weak and his cock twitch with interest.


“I didn’t tell you to stop,” he growled lowly, narrowing his eyes at her. She bit her bottom lip enticingly at him, a move she knew drove him crazy.


“I just wanted to tell you how yummy you taste, Katsuki,” she cooed, causing him to audibly grunt. “Mm, tastes so good,” she praised, licking up the underside of his cock. “Love having your cock in my mouth. So big and hot,” she moaned as she took him back entirely into her mouth. He groaned as he was enveloped in her mouth again, her head bobbing up and down at a rapid pace.


“Fuck yeah, Deku,” he moaned, a wide smile on his face. “You take me so fucking well. Love how hot your mouth and throat are, ghh, fuck,” he growled as she played with his balls, trying to make him cum as quickly as possible. “Fuck, fuck.” She continued to suck and pleasure him, her moans increasing as she went on.


“Oh fuck, m’gonna cum Deku, gonna cum down your hot fuckin’ throat. Grr, fuck, fuck, ngh,” he groaned and grunted. He let out one final moan as he pushed her head all the way down, cumming down her throat. As soon as she pulled off again, she coughed a bit as she caught her breath.


“Was it good, Kacchan?” she asked, cocking her head to the side.


“You know the answer, you little shit,” he scoffed, eliciting a giggle from her lips.


“I know,” she teased, a cheeky smile on her face. “I just like when you tell me how well I did, how good I make you feel.”


“You make me feel amazing,” he told her, cupping her face lovingly as he pressed a kiss to her lips. “And don’t you ever fucking forget it.”