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How Shinsou joined Class 1-A

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Shinsou was finally comfortable with his life. Granted, all the General Studies kids were nice and all, but not the most active people. They were close, but not nearly as close as the hell class, Class 1-A. He was now a part of the hell class replacing Mineta, and just the fact he wasn't a perv made his relationships with the girls a lot more friendly.

After announcing to the class at his test that he had no intention of making friends, it clearly backfired. Because when he joined Class 1-A for the first time Midoriya did something rather strange. Or maybe not. After all, no one else seemed to be weirded out by it.

Midoriya bounced up to Shinsou's desk. He was grinning and that set Shinsou at ease.

He didn't know any better.

Suddenly, the vibe of the room changed and the aura from Midoriya changed to become almost murderous. Actually, maybe it was excitement. Either way, there was passion in those green eyes.

Midoriya cracked his knuckles. Uraraka giggled behind him, Iida sighed.

"You are going to be my friend."

Shinsou blinked. " I'm sorry, what?"

The resolve was fading from Midoriya and he was turning back into a flustered mess.

"Um, Maybe we can be friends?"

Shinsou was about to protest when Midoriya tackled him, clinging like a koala.

He sighed. Well, at least Midoriya's hair was soft. And he seemed pretty nice. Unfortunately for him, he didn't see the gleaming eyes that came with Deku hugging anyone. Especially a new guy.


The gleam in everyone's eyes shined even brighter.

Shinsou's eyes widened. "Wait guys, don-"


Then Class 1-A rushed at Shinsou and he forgot his previous thoughts of nice people who wouldn't bother him too much and replaced them with Yup. This is how I'm going to die. From affection from all of these damn people.

Ochako was giggling, Tooroki was trying to not be as awkward, and eve Bakugou was forced into the pile by his friends, weighed down from the combined weight of Ashido, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima.

Maybe I can live with this,

After class was over, Shinsou was still packing up his stuff to go when Aizawa came over. He pinned him with a very intense stare, only put off by the fact he was in his yellow sleeping bag.

“Yes, Aizawa-sensei?”

“Other Problem Child, I need you to understand this. This class is overwhelming. And once you’re a friend, you’re never escaping. Todoroki was the first to get sucked in. Good luck.”

With that, Aizawa waited for Shinsou to turn his back before getting out a jelly pack and making his way towards the teacher’s lounge to meet up with his husband before they went their separate ways. He was so quiet that Shinsu never even noticed he left, so wrapped up in his thoughts and opinions of the hell class.

Ojiro seems pretty nice, but I think he still has a grudge against me from the Sports Festival. Midoriya already announced that he is going to be my friend, so I don't really think I can do anything about that. Todoroki seems cool. Literally. Wait it’s already time for my train to get here.


Shinsou sprinted out of the classroom determined to not miss the train. Today was a special day after all.

He got to the station almost on time, but as soon as he ran up, the train was already leaving.

Maybe I can get there on time if I run?

He stretched a little, it was going to be a long run. Shinsou slumped and walked out of the station. Jogging a bit, he headed in the direction he needed to go. He made it about halfway, when he gave up and just walked. On the road several cars drove by, and one seemed to be following him.

Purple cat boi continued walking as calmly as possible, and was about to run when the car pulled up next to him.

Shinsou bolted.

"Wait!" yelled a familiar voice.

Shinsou turned around to see Yaoyorozu waving at him. She smiled a bit sheepishly.

"Hello! I understand you're new to our class, but I saw you were in a bit of a hurry? I can help provide transportation to get you where you need to go. I'm sorry about the dogpile this morning. Perhaps this will help make up for it?"

Shinsou was surprised. He had never had someone offer something like this before, not even for an apology.

"I would be glad to have a ride, but you don't need to apologize. I should've expected it from what I saw of you guys at my test."

Momo smiled. "That's great! Anyways, where do you need to go?"

Shinsou told her his address. On the way there, Shinsou told her about his little sister. In turn, Momo explained one of the pranks Midoriya did on everyone.

"He just walked around with a bat that said Self Love and Care, and another bat that said My Friendship. Every time he saw someone he knew, he whacked them with both baseball bats, and explained that he was knocking self love into them. The first few times he accidentally sent a few people into Recovery Girl's office, and she was quite mad at him."

"Oh really….."

Shinsou realized how lucky he was to not be attacked by the bat of self love and care and the bat of friendship.

They arrived to a nondescript apartment building and Shinsou thanked the raven-haired girl before rushing into the building.

He fumbled with the key a bit, and finally unlocked the door to the apartment.

A white blur rushed at his legs.

Shinsou smiled fondly as he pretended to be defeated by that small tackle.

Leaning backwards and "falling" he groaned. "I have been vanquished! Do not let my death be in vain…."

Eri giggled. Shinsou heard shuffling from the doorway to the bedroom and saw his father figure looming over the two of them.

Aizawa said a short greeting and went back to sleep.

"I guess Dad's tired, huh?" Shinsou said.

Frowning, Eri looked at her brother, worry in her eyes. "Yeah."

"How was your meeting?"

Aizawa grunted. "Fine."

While Eri was talking about what the cats had done today, Shinsou got out his present for her : A slightly smushed vanilla cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

"Happy Birthday Eri!"

Eri's eyes shined. "Thank you! I wanted to ask you for something but this is good too."

"I'll the my best to get it. Can your tell me what you wanted ?" Shinsou coaxed.

"I wanted to see your new friends. I think you're really funny, do you think maybe you could take a video and show it to me?" she asked, nervously twisting her hands in the skirt she was wearing.

"I'll see what I can do."

Oh, this was going to be good!


To Shinsou's chagrin he was unable to get permission from Aizawa to let Eri in the classroom. He was too worried that she would get overwhelmed. And considering the over excited people in the class, that was probably a safe choice.The only people she felt safe with were Hisashi, Aizawa, Shinsou, Midoriya, and Mirio.

Still, Shinsou had other plans up his sleeves.

As soon as his voice modifier came back from the workshop (aka Hatsume Mei, paid in guinea pig days) with all of his classmates' voices inputted into the device, he practiced.

And practiced.

Man, he had no idea it was so hard to remember to ribbit at the end of each sentence. Or growl with every word he took. Or be so optimistic with his word choice.

Anyways, even though he didn't need to for the video, he practiced, just to see how everything worked.

The next day, he walked into class, already having informed Aizawa of his plans, his voice modifier already strapped on.

"Shinsou!" Greeted Midoriya. "Why are you wearing your voice modifier this early in the morning?"

He smiled. In Uraraka's voice he said, "I'm testing out the capabilities of it." It was said in such a deadpan voice that most everyone turned to see what made Uraraka seem so down today, only to realize she wasn't even in the room yet.

Kaminari bounded over. "Do me next!"

A little flustered, Shinsou startled. "Oh. Um, sure."

Turning a dial on his modifier, he changed his voice into Kaminari's. And turned on his video recorder.

To everyone's astonishment and nonchalance, Shinsou's first words in Kami's voice is "Dang boi, if you were a vegetable, you'd be a legplant."

Kaminari blushed, Shinsou smirked, and everyone around them burst into laughter, the pick up line was so similar to Kaminari's.

"Can we here our other classmates?" Someone asked.

Shinsou smiled. Oh, this was going to be fun.

He changed back to Uraraka.

Pumping a fist in the air. "Do your best!"

Then Tokoyami.

Hand curled in a claw."What a mad banquet of darkness."

Then Bakugou.

Both hands out, a murderous expression and aura."DIE! DIE! DIE!"

All of these were done with accompanying facial and body movements, and the best one of all was Iida's.

In the most commanding voice he could muster, Shinsou shouted, "SHUT UP AND SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN!".

Iida was scandalised. Everyone was scandalised.

"Wow Iida just cursed, I wonder what happened."

"I bet something exploded again."

"Or maybe this time somebody didn't put the dishes in alphabetical order!"

"Please excuse my language," Iida started. "What the fuck."

Shinsou stopped the video. Man, was he excited to show this one to his little sister. After he edited out the cursing, of course.


Eri loved it. Thought Shinsou did get a scolding from Hisashi about using his modifier that way.


Through that video of his, that also got mysteriously posted on YouTube and is now one of those, "these spot the differences are getting harder to tell apart" memes, is how he became known in the class. Not a bad way to integrate into the hell class if he says so himself. Especially after being shunned for his quirk for so long.

He strikes up an unusual friendship with the self-proclaimed Bakusquad.

Sero's thing was to prank people, and with Shinsou's natural persuasion abilities, even without his quirk, this made pranks all the easier.

("How did he manage to convince all of you to leave the dorm rooms, when there were clearly blown up balloons everywhere ready to be released into the commons?"

"We have no idea, Aizawa-sensei. Though it sure was funny when Kaminari redirected all that static into one big shock!"

"Are you sure you weren't in on this?"

*Nods solemnly.)

Ashido gushed about his ' amethyst eyes ' and his unpimply skin, and 'Omigod you have muscles'.

Yup, that was just life now.

They took selfies together. Shinsou's knowledge of interesting braids helped.

His favorite one was where she did a peace sign and his head was on her shoulder.

Kirishima had asked him what product he used to hold his hair.

Shinsou was sorry to tell him it was natural, but tried his best to help him out. And prevented him from pouring red dye all over his white and red dragon shirt.

Kaminari and Shinsou took turns alternating playful and unintentional flirting and video games. Only on old consoles like the 3DS of course.

And Bakugou and Shinsou's relationship was just him snarking, Bakugou exploding or responding in kind. You know, the works.

"What's got your panties all tied up?" Said shinsou, draping himself over Bakugou like a cat.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Bakugou didn't even look up from his reading, he was already so used to it.

"Does it have anything to do with a certain red head that turned down your offer of studying this weekend?"

Bakugou's eye starting twitching and his hands began smoking. He slammed the book shut.



That was how Shinsou joined the Hell Class.



"Are you Aizawa-sensei's secret love child?"

"Maybe I am…"

Shinsou ran.

Todoroki screwed up his face thoughtfully.

"Another theory confirmed."