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Destined to Thrive (ABANDONED)

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Harry pressed a few tender kisses to his egg before closing her up in her box again and handing her back to Hagrid. He tied her back onto his hip and gave Harry a firm nod of approval.

“I’ll contact ye when she’s ready,” Hagrid promised, “Visit anytime.”

“I will,” Harry replied with a soft smile, “In the mean time I can return to school now that I’m properly mated.”

Not until we find Draco,” Snape snarled.

Harry rolled his eyes, “Guess we better get looking.”

They stepped out of the hut and walked to the gates and Harry smiled and laughed. Draco Malfoy was standing there on the other side with a smirk on his face. His tentacle cloud was grey rather than black and it swirled around him in soft billows, forming what looked like a skin-tight leotard across his body. It sparkled in the light of the setting sun making him resemble a dancer.

“Hello brother,” Harry smirked at him.

“Evening, brother,” Malfoy replied, “Do you see now? You should have taken my hand that day. Weasel betrayed you and nearly destroyed your life. I’d have-“

“Handed me over to Voldemort?” Harry asked.

“So we could drain him together,” Draco replied, eyes flashing with zeal.

“I doubt it,” Harry replied, “You’re damaged, Draco. You need medical attention and I know how you can get it.”

“I’ve killed six people since I escaped,” Draco replied, his face changing to show a haunted look, “And I’ve been killing steadily before then despite my dear Godfather’s attempts to keep me caged.”

“You’d been free the whole time?” Snape growled angrily.

“I know a way to keep you safe,” Harry told him, “And to get you the help you need.”

“How?” Draco snarled, “I can’t even go to St. Mungos! I’m a wanted criminal!”

“And now,” Harry smirked, “You’re my catamite.”

“Your what?” He asked with a laugh, “You can’t fuck me, we cancel each other out!”

“And you are the perfect lure for other gay wizards,” Harry soothed, reaching through the bars of the gate to stroke Draco’s cheek, “With you as my catamite I’ll have all the handsome men I want and you’ll get a Get-Out-Of-Azkaban-Free card.”

“A what?” Draco gave him a confused glare.

“Of course,” Snape sighed, “I imagine this is Luna’s idea?”

“I’ve been wanting another harem-mate for a while now,” Luna smiled happily, “And I think we’d look pretty on either side of Harry, don’t you?”

“Quite,” Draco considered, “And me being your catamite would free me from previous prosecution since your survival is paramount. Bravo, Potter.”

“Please,” Harry slipped through the bars on the wings of his smoke and slipped his hand behind Draco’s head, “Call me Master.”

Draco smirked just before they slid their lips together in a slow, sensual kiss. When Draco’s tongue invaded Harry’s mouth Snape let out a growl of disgust and walked through the bars as well, tugging them apart by their ears. They winced but laughed at him.

“Enough, you two,” Snape growled, “Lest I lose my lunch!”

“Better get used to it,” Harry smiled as he wriggled free, “I’ve got plans.”

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Draco asked, pulling out of Snape’s grip as well.

“Absolutely,” Harry slipped an arm through Draco’s and smiled, “Let’s go to the Ministry of Magic and get your sentence discharged, get you patched up at St. Mungo’s, and then we’ll head back to Spinners End and paint two walls of the guest room- one pink… and one blue.”

The ministry was less trouble than St. Mungo’s was. The staff took one look at Draco and had one of two reactions. Lust or terror. Harry sat back and fed off their desire while they treated Draco. They had to approach him wearing special gloves and outfits, but they only protected their fronts so Harry was happily lapping up their ardour. Harry wasn’t even certain the special clothes were doing anything from the other side. Draco was wrapped up in strange smelling bandages, his shadows contained within, and laid down in a bed looking as if he’d had a terrible accident. Wards were slapped down onto the bandages and weaved throughout them until Draco let out a soft sigh and seemed to drift to sleep. Snape let out a shuddering breath where he stood beside Harry.

“He’s not slept in weeks,” Snape said softly.

“He needs this,” Harry replied, leaning back against the older man. Snape hesitated a moment and then slid his arms around Harry’s waist.

“Do you really intend to breed with Draco and some other?” Snape asked softly, “To create another incubus?”

“Yes,” Harry replied, “In fact I intend to do it over and over and over again.”

“Why?” Snape asked, “I doubt you love him.”

“I don’t,” Harry mused, “Not yet, anyway. I imagine our affection will grow as we raise our children together. No, my goal is a bit more altruistic than that. Since I emerged everyone’s been saying the same thing to me over and again: that my very life makes being gay okay. I don’t want being gay to be wrong ever again.”

“You’re going to flood the world with male succubae to make homosexuality acceptable in the wizarding world?” Snape breathed against his neck, “I could kiss you right now.”

“Mm,” Harry agreed, turning in his arms and plastering himself against Snape. They kissed slowly while Harry shivered in desire. He had to feed, and soon, but not on Snape. He was still recovering from Draco’s regular feedings. Harry broke the kiss, “Stay with your godson. I need to take Luna out and catch myself some fast food.”

Snape chuckled lightly, “Go on. Don’t forget it’s officially a school night.”

“Oh, I’ll be home,” Harry purred, “I wouldn’t miss a chance in your bed with you for the world.”


Luna squealed in pleasure as the man from Flourish and Botts pounded into her body. He’d thrown her over his roll top desk in his back rooms and was having her fast and hard while Harry’s shadows moved over their bodies. He experimented with pressing one between the man’s cleft, moaning in pleasure as fissions of desire washed up his body. He could take this man, here and now, but he wouldn’t be able to find release with him. Not unless one of his mates were nearby.

What if they are? Harry wondered, What if I’m holding back for no reason?

Harry pushed forward, his shadow forming a slick limb and sliding into the man’s body. He stilled in shock at the pressure on his prostate and came with a strangled scream. Luna made a disappointed sound and Harry sighed as he pulled back out. The man was looking horrified with himself, but Harry was at least well fed.

“It’s fine,” Harry replied at his stammered apologies, “I’m fed and she’ll find someone else.”

“I can… do other things,” He suggested. Luna’s eyes perked up so Harry nodded his approval. She’d be drained magically, but she wasn’t worried. She laid back on the desk and the man knelt before her and suckled on her clit and lathed over her slick bits. Harry didn’t much like to watch, but he didn’t know this man so he wasn’t leaving Luna defenceless in his arms. Once she came enough times to gently push him away with a sigh of satisfaction Harry’s tentacles scooped up her clothes and gently redressed her where she stood swaying on her feet with a lazy smile on her face.

“Thank you,” She said politely to the man.

Harry held her hand as they passed out of the room. They took the floo back to Grimmauld place and Luna asked him a rather relevant question as they were dusting themselves off.

“So who will you have carry the baby for you and Draco?”

“I’m not sure,” Harry replied, “From what I understand it has to be someone with mate capability, obviously, but who appeals to us both. We’ve never really gotten on with the same sort.”

“Your mums managed to find two different couples to bed down with,” Luna replied, “I wonder who the succubae were?”

“I don’t know, but Snape does. If I could just find them…” Harry shook his head sadly, “What am I thinking? They never tried to contact me. Ever. Obviously they don’t want to be a part of my life.”

“Oh, Harry,” Luna sighed, taking his hand, “You really need to work on that rejection thing. Honestly, so many people do want you. Why bother with the few who don’t?”

“Because for some awful reason they’re the ones who I want,” Harry replied mournfully.

Luna pulled Harry in for a sweet kiss and hugged him gently for a while. When they broke apart Sirius was standing in the doorway looking broken and fiddling with one of Harry’s shirts.

“I did your wash,” Sirius muttered.

“I don’t wear clothes anymore,” Harry pointed out.

“Oh. Right. It looks like… Anyway… I just… I need to talk to you, Harry.”

“About what?” Harry asked. He and Sirius were still on fragile footing.

“Remus came back here last night a bit… off.”

“He’s back?” Harry asked eagerly, “I need to talk to him.”

“He said he took advantage of you,” Sirius stated.

“Son of a-“ Harry huffed, “When will you guys remember I’m an incubus. I consent. I consent to all the sex. All of it.”

While he was a werewolf,” Sirius growled out.

Harry grinned, “Yeah, he made me howl. Apparently he’s my second mate, or at least mate material. So, where is he again?”

Sirius sighed, “Up in his room. Harry, there’s something you should know.”

“What now?” Harry asked irritably, stopping to glare at him.

“He’s had a thing for me for years,” Sirius told him, “He’s bisexual. I turned him down, of course. It’s not right, what he wanted and-“

“It’s not wrong!” Harry raged, “There’s nothing wrong with being gay, damn it! You broke his heart and you think that’s just fine because he’s bisexual! Damn it, Sirius! Look, I get it, you don’t want men but there’s no reason to be so… so…”

“Condemning? Judgmental?” Luna offered with a hand on her hip, “Prejudiced?”

“Yeah!” Harry huffed, then turned and stomped off to find Remus. Luna headed for the shower and Harry let her go. He wanted time alone with Remus anyway.

Remus was in his room, his muscles- as Harry perceived them- rippling as he paced the room with his arms behind his back. He had invited Harry in, but he wasn’t looking at him.

“I swear,” Harry sighed, sitting down on his bed, “If you say you forced me in any way I’m going to slap you silly. Then when I figure out how to get my wand to work properly I’m going to hex you silly.”

Remus paused, “Harry you were…”

“Gagging for it,” Harry stated firmly, cutting him off, “It’s entirely possible you’re my mate. I’d like to find out. I’m sated- no need for anything to be exchanged except for sex. So you needn’t worry about my non-existant virtue. I just want to touch and be touched.”

Remus gave him a steady look, seeming to consider Harry’s words, and then he nodded subtly. Harry stood up to leap at him, but Remus held out his hand to stop him.

“First I want to know something,” Remus stated, “You’ve been keeping secrets. If I’m going to get in over my head with you- and I’m halfway there- than I want an explanation.”

Harry sighed, “From the beginning, then.”

Harry started to talk, explaining Draco and Snape’s situation. When he got to the part about claiming Snape as his mate finally he ended up stretched out on the bed going into great detail while Remus sat on it beside him and stared in shock. He was flushed with arousal, which was a relief to Harry. He had worried Remus wouldn’t want to hear about anything involving Snape, and that would make them living together rather difficult. Finally he ended with their plan and dropping Draco off at St. Mungo’s.

“Then I got a bite to eat with Luna who is currently washing the bloke off in the shower,” Harry replied.

“That’s… interesting,” Remus replied, clearing his throat, “At least you have a solid plan, but do you believe Draco can be trusted?”

“Eventually?” Harry replied, “He’s not stable at the moment, but he is desperate and he has nothing left. His parents are both dead, the ministry has confiscated his home, I’ve gone and seduced Snape away from him, and whoever his mate is he’s not located them. He needs me.”

“You suspect Hagrid?”

“It makes sense,” Harry stretched, “Hagrid is mate material but I’m not overly interested in him. He’s also the one person who Draco would refuse to bed down despite them being his mate. His refusal to take his mate is probably what drove him so far out of control. It’s just not healthy. Trust me on that. We need our mates. It’s… awful without them. Meaningless. I would have killed myself had I not been pregnant.”

“I would have wept,” Remus said softly, reaching out to run a finger over one soft, cupid bow, “You are so beautiful, Harry.”

“You are,” Harry replied, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

“I’m old, skinny, and covered in scars.”

“The scars are still there to my eyes,” Harry replied, but the rest… You’re so muscular. I can see your strength of character in your physical form. My handsome wolf.”

Remus leaned down and pressed their lips together in a sweet, chaste kiss. Harry shivered, surprised at the tenderness. He’d gotten so little of that in his life that it completely disarmed him. Remus stretched out beside him on the bed and Harry found himself wrapped in strong warmth, pressing close as Remus’ lips moved over his almost lazily. When Remus’ tongue brushed his lips Harry’s parted with a soft mewl of need, allowing the questing muscle to stroke into his mouth. Harry arched his back, whimpering as Remus took down his barriers one gentle caress at a time. He was trembling in his arms, moisture collecting at the corners of his eyes, when the man leaned back to give him a worried look.

“Harry… if I’ve done something wrong...?”

Harry shook his head, “It’s good. Good tears. Just… hold me?”

Harry choked on a sob and Remus practically pounced on him, wrapping Harry up in his arms and covering him with his body. He peppered Harry’s face and neck with kisses while he whispered soft, reassuring words to him.

“My sweet, young man,” Remus soothed, “Is this what you need? I’ll hold you always, James. Always.”

Harry didn’t point out to Remus that he’d called him James, nor did Remus notice. He simply squeezed his torso back and mentally noted that Sirius wasn’t Remus’ first crush, but he would certainly be his last because Harry wouldn’t be sharing the werewolf with anyone.