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Jimin looks gorgeous like this—

—cheeks flushed, hands gripping the bed sheets in pleasure, legs spread and thighs resting over Jeongguk's shoulders, folds glistening with how wet he is, how wet he gets with Jeongguk's mouth and tongue on him.

"Please," Jimin cries, overwhelmed with how good Jeongguk eats him out, lapping at his folds and sucking on his clit with expertise that only comes with determination and hours spent between Jimin's legs. "Oh, please, Gukkie, oh—"

Jeongguk sucks harshly on Jimin's clit one last time before coming up for air. His hands rub up and down Jimin's thighs soothingly, looking up at his hyung with wicked eyes and glistening lips pulled into a smirk. "What do you call me, kitten?"

"Guk, please," Jimin pleads, eyes wide and teary as he looks down at his boyfriend, wanting nothing more for Jeongguk's attention back on his pussy where he wants, needs it most.

"C'mon, kitten," Jeongguk practically purrs. "I'll still eat you out if you address me properly."

"No," Jimin mutters into the pillow. Immediately Jeongguk's hands halt in place.

"Nuh uh," Jeongguk tsks. "How do you get what you want, Jimin? Address me right."

Jimin body trembles as he struggles to overcome his embarrassment. Eventually the desire in his veins has him complying, each moment without Jeongguk's tongue on him feeling like torture. "I—please, hyung, please lick me! Make me cum, hyung, please."

"There you go, sweetheart," Jeongguk praises, making Jimin shiver, before he dives back in.

Jeongguk's favorite thing is this—Jimin beneath him, falling apart at his touch as he gives him pleasure the elder has never known before him. Jimin, so sweet in his mouth, Jeongguk's ears full of Jimin's pretty moans and his nose full of his sweet, musky scent. He works hard to get Jimin close to the edge with his tongue alone.

"Hyung," Jimin moans helplessly. "Please, Jeonggukie hyung, wanna cum."

Jeongguk pulls back, replacing his tongue with his thumb to circle against Jimin's clit. "You wanna cum on my mouth or my fingers, baby?"

Jimin bites his lip helplessly. He's trying to concentrate through the sensations as Jeongguk leans up to lick at Jimin's nipple, but it's so hard. Jeongguk smiles as he leans back. "Or maybe you want my cock, huh, sweetheart? You want me to fuck you 'til you cum?"

"I want—hnn, oh!" Jimin gasps as Jeongguk slides a finger into his wet heat unprompted. Suddenly the decision is much clearer. "Want your cock, hyung. Wanna—fuck, wanna be fucked. Please fuck Minnie, please, hyung."

Jeongguk thrusts his finger inside Jimin harshly to pull another whine from his lips. "Such a good kitty," he murmurs, kissing down Jimin's torso to take his place between his legs once again. "Don't even have to ask you to beg for me. You're just so eager, aren't you, kitten... so eager for my cock."

Jimin's so wet now, Jeongguk can easily slip another finger in, eyes fixated on where Jimin's pussy sucks his fingers in so well. He fucks him quickly, not even searching for his prostate, tongue lapping periodically at his clit and between his folds around his own fingers.

"I am," Jimin admits shyly, breathlessly.

"Just mine, right baby?"

"Yes." Jimin huffs as Jeongguk clearly avoids hitting his spot. Jeongguk wants to keep teasing him, but the heat of Jimin around his fingers has his own dick aching, pleading him to get inside his boyfriend sooner rather than later. "Just your cock, hyung. Nobody else fills me up, fucks me like you do."

Jeongguk groans at the words. Jimin knows just what to say to please him and make him hot.

Jimin is already naked, so Jeongguk makes quick work of getting himself undressed. Jimin whines pathetically when his fingers leave him, but he's soon distracted by the sight of Jeongguk's uncovered body. His smaller hands grip at Jeongguk's biceps automatically, running over the muscles and then down his chest with something akin to reverence.

Jeongguk hovers for a moment, letting the other beneath him feel him up to his content, up until the smaller's hands drift towards his angry-looking, flushed red cock. The brief contact has him hissing through his teeth.


Jimin shakes his head. His hair is starting to cling to his forehead with sweat. "Wanna feel you."

"Okay, sweetheart."

With that, he pushes Jimin's thighs apart and gently, slowly, inch by inch eases into his boyfriend.

The heat and slickness is almost overwhelming in its pleasure, and Jeongguk nearly holds his breath the entire time until he slides to the hilt. Only Jimin's reaction keeps him from cumming, the battle of sheer bliss and frustration screwing up his face as pitiful whines spill from his mouth. It's almost hot enough to bring him closer to the edge, but it's the primal desire to thoroughly wreck the boy beneath him that lets him hold it together.

"Fuck," Jimin breathes.

"You like it that much?" Jeongguk laughs, a little mocking, a little endeared. Jimin huffs in annoyance.

"I'd like it better if you fucking moved," he retorted. Ah, the return of his stubborn bratty hyung. Time to show him who's the boss here.

Jeongguk smirks, pulls out to the tip, and thrusts in hard. He sets a brutal pace that knocks the air from Jimin's lungs in little hiccups.

He purposely doesn't angle for Jimin's prostate, so every time he grazes it accidentally has Jimin panting. Almost unconsciously, Jimin's fingers reach out for Jeongguk's chest, thumbing at his nipples as he gets fucked further into the mattress. Jeongguk groans a little at the sensation.

"God," Jimin moans. Even without stimulating his g-spot, he feels satisfied. He loves being full a little too much, he thinks.

"Hyung'll do," Jeongguk says cheekily. His breathing is irregular already, but he has nothing if not impressive stamina.

A few minutes pass like that—just enjoying their connection, the surface pleasure without trying to build to anything, Jimin running his hands all over Jeongguk's shifting muscles, Jeongguk pressing open-mouthed kisses to Jimin's neck that turn into sucking little hickies. It isn't until Jeongguk's cock brushes his spot a few too many times in a row that Jimin starts getting impatient.

"Hyung, please, wanna—" He breaks off, arching his back off the bed in a vain attempt to get his boyfriend's cock where he wants it.

Jeongguk slows down to small, leisurely thrusts. Jimin takes the opportunity to catch his breath, clutching at Jeongguk's shoulders. "Wanna what, kitten?" Jeongguk thumbs at Jimin's bottom lip and he lets his mouth fall open automatically. He almost loses himself in suckling Jeongguk's thumb, eyes closed and mind wandering. "Kitty?"

"Oh," he gasps, a little spark running up his spine. "Wan'—kitty wanna ride hyung, please."

"Okay," Jeongguk murmurs. He can see Jimin slipping further into his headspace, can tell by the way his eyes flutter and his words slur a little more. "C'mon, baby. Gotta turn us over."

Jimin makes a pitiful noise when Jeongguk slips out of him. Luckily, Jeongguk is quick in laying back on the bed and helping Jimin shuffle into a straddling position. His cock slips back in smoothly, like he'd never left, and Jimin sighs quietly.

Jimin reaches for Jeongguk's pecs again, leaning down to press little kitten licks to the nubs. Jeongguk shifts and moans, hauling Jimin up with a one hand on his neck to press his tongue in Jimin's mouth in a sloppy approximation of a kiss.

After a thorough kiss, Jimin finally starts moving on Jeongguk's lap. He starts with little bounces, then leans back to get leverage and starts properly riding Jeongguk's dick.

In this position, he has so much more control. He sets the pace, fast and hard, and angles so every time, the head of Jeongguk's cock hits his prostate dead on without fail. He has to arch his back to keep it consistent, and since his eyes are closed in bliss, he doesn't see the way Jeongguk eats him up with his eyes. He does, however, feel it when Jeongguk tightens his grip around his throat. His eyes open again and he gulps. Jeongguk's stare is dark, trained on the marked skin beneath his grip.

"You'd look so good with a collar, kitten," Jeongguk muses.

Jimin's whole body shivers. He moans helplessly, pushing unconsciously into the hold on his neck and fucking himself down harder. His skin feels so hot, nerves so tingly. He can't stop the images that flood his head—would it be a thick black collar, or a thin delicate pink? Would it have a tag? Or a little bell?

"You like that?" Jeongguk laughs. "I'll buy you one, if you ask nicely. I'd engrave it with my name, mark you as mine. My pet. You'd never wanna take it off, would you? You wouldn't have to. You could let the whole world know who you belong to, if you wanted."

As Jimin goes weak on top of him, Jeongguk picks up the slack by fucking up into him. He gropes his ass a little more before moving that hand to Jimin's neglected clit.

"You're so red and swollen, baby," he comments. His fingers are so expert as they play with him, Jimin is pushed to the edge in seconds. "You ready to come for hyung?"

Jimin tilts his head back so Jeongguk's hand has a better grip on his throat. He grunts in concentration as he pushes down and says, "Yes, please, h-hyung."

Jeongguk smiles, a dangerous little thing. "Good kitty."

Then he plants his feet on the bed for leverage and fucks up into Jimin as fast and hard as he can. At the same time, he relentlessly stimulates Jimin's clit and cuts off his oxygen until Jimin's head is swimming, floating peacefully in the clouds.

Jimin's orgasm moves through him like a tidal wave, crashing into him and sweeping him up and away until he doesn't feel connected to his body anymore. He barely registers the flood of oxygen returning to his brain as Jeongguk lets go, barely notices the way his nails scratch down Jeongguk's abdomen as he moans and whines so loud in his pleasure. He only notices the warmth of Jeongguk coming inside him because it feels so good, so right, and then the waves are pulling him under and he slumps down onto Jeongguk like a dead weight.

He's coaxed gently from the waves by the sweet timber of Jeongguk's voice and the soothing touch of a hand through his hair.

"Take your time, baby," Jeongguk is whispering. "You were such a good kitty, came so well for me. Now come back to me, Minnie."

Jimin blinks sleepily. He's on his back now, and Jeongguk has evidently cleaned all the cum he could off of him. He feels snuggled and warm and still fuzzy with pleasure. "Hmm. Gukkie?"

"I'm here, sweetheart. How do you feel?"

Jimin slings his arm over Jeongguk and sighs. "Safe. Love you."

Jeongguk smiles and digs his face into Jimin's neck to press gentle kisses. "Love you too, Minnie."

Jimin shifts a little and cuddles closer. "Can we really get that collar?"

Jeongguk's fond chuckle rumbles against his chest. "Of course. I'll even let you pick it out, kitten."

"Thank you," he murmurs. Even in his sleepy post-orgasm state, he can't help the thrill of excitement at the thought.

He can't wait to be claimed and marked as his Jeonggukkie's pet.