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Here We Go Again [Boxman Edition]

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“Father! Do you like your clothes?” Ernesto called.


“Of course I do!” Boxman chirped.


“Well then, I'll have to stop by your house on our way home. That was all I had at the Factory.” Ernesto said.


“What?” Boxman sat up. “Why can't I go home!”


Ernesto suddenly got stressed.


“Boxman, it'll be difficult living alone in your state.” Venomous said, backing up Ernesto.


“On that point, it's not really safe for him to be at the Factory either.” Ernesto said, starting to ponder options.


“That is true.” Venomous sighed.


Boxman huffed and sat there, waiting for the two to make a choice. He could tell that he didn't have agency in this conversation and he had built Ernesto to be a strong and uncompromising negotiator so he probably couldn't win unless he turned him off.


“Well, what if he stayed with Fink and I?” Venomous suggested.


“Are you sure you have the ability to handle Father for a few weeks, maybe even longer?” Ernesto called.


Venomous laughed. “I lived with the man; I think I can handle him.”


“Well, if Father agrees.”


Boxman knew it was either he agrees or Ernesto was going to send an army to live with him in his home.


“One condition.” Boxman leaned back, he crossed his legs. “Mk.II can come with. I bet she's getting lonely.”


“Of course.” Venomous smiled.


“Well then that's all set.” Boxman said firmly.


The door knocked. “Knock knock.” Dr Stein called, leaning back in. She stepped into the room. She looked at Boxman on the bed. “I see you're relaxed, seems the nerve block hasn't worn off.” She walked to the bed, a box under her arm. “I have your sling, there are some rules about the sling.”


“Who needs rules.” Boxman snarked.


“People with kids as large and threatening as yours. Now sit up.” Steiner huffed. Boxman rolled his eyes and sat up on the edge of the bed.


“You know, he's not the one with a desire to always carry two switch blades. He's the one who makes dinner and hugs too tightly.” Boxman huffed as Steiner opened the box. “He also knits.”


“Nice hobby but my brother knits and I've been stabbed with one of those needles.” She said off handedly, he pulled the sling out.


“You can stab somebody with those!” Fink's eyes lit up.


“You can also strangle them with the yarn.” Steiner informed.






Boxman looked back and smiled at Venomous.


“Alright, rule number one, always keep the strap set to the length I set it at.” She slid the sling over Boxman. “Put your arm through- okay good, now rule two, always wear it in public because if you hit your arm on something your gonna wish you did.” She started to fiddle with the length of the strap. “And third, if you don't just let you arm rest in the sling, your shoulder is going to hurt like heck.” She placed Boxman's arm in the sling. She kept adjusting it until his arm was at an angle she liked.


“That all?” Boxman huffed.


“You don't have to wear it around the house. Keep your hand elevated, so pull all the slick stretching moves you want on Snake man over there.”


“Oh I think I can manage that.” Boxman puffed.


“Ice and heat, and take your pain pills, unless you don't think you need them, then suffer.” Steiner backed up and nodded at Boxman. “The nurse will get you for check out. It's been nice, but I have other loser's to sew back together. Nothing as fun as a shattered hand. I'll see you in two weeks, Lord.” She gave him a very lazy and unfeeling salute and walked out. Boxman looked back at Venomous and saw his bright red.


“How unprofessional.” Venomous gasped.


“Well, you said I have to listen to the doctor.” Boxman shrugged, he grinned at Venomous.