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Here We Go Again [Boxman Edition]

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Boxman had escaped the board meeting. He was sure that they would look for him in the workshop and the lounge, and the living room. Boxman wandered down halls he hadn't really wandered down since he moved out. He had heard a few loud bangs from this part of the factory earlier. The smell of sulphur and moss was strong, it was familiar but he couldn't place it.


Boxman was humming to himself when there was a fire ball down the hall. Boxman had ducked for cover before looking down the smokey hallway. Moss and Sulphur. He knew now. He stood and ran down the hallway, he skidded to a stop in the door.


“Was that a bio destabilization!” Boxman yelled.


He saw Venomous jump.


“Boxman!?” Venomous wiped soot off his face with his equally sooty sleeve.


Boxman smiled, he hadn't smelt and felt an explosion in a while. He hadn't see the other man working with his weird equations and chemicals in even longer. He tried to keep himself from jumping up and down in excitement.


“I didn't think that you'd be put in a lab this far away from the main factory but look at you! You look like a real scientist! I like the new lab coat!” Boxman chirped.


Venomous smiled. “Uh, thanks.” He looked Boxman up and down. “I never thought I'd see you looking so dapper. I like it.”


“Oh this old thing?” Boxman tossed the jacket off into a pile of soot. “I just wear it for board meetings. This is much more exciting though.”


“That's going to be hard to get out.” Venomous pouted.


“Good, I don't want to attend another board meeting and if I look bad enough Ernesto might let me sit them out. Just because I'm former CEO and he enacted past presidents into the company by laws doesn't mean I want to do anything.” Boxman said, he ran a hand through his hair, effectively messing it up. Boxman really did hate the stuffy meetings, and dressing up for them was worse than any of the meetings he'd ever had with previous investors in his lab coat.


“If you don't mind messing up the suit, then maybe you could help me!” Venomous asked.


Boxman lit up. “Absolutely!”


Boxman felt his mind yelling with excitement. The table was pretty much clean from the explosions. It could have been any experiment in the world and he was happy to just be able to sink his hands into science. Real and labouring science.


“Excellent!” Venomous smiled. “I've having a bit of trouble with bonding the bio-life with the metal. Have you changed anything with the designs?”


Boxman thought for a second. “Who is this for?”


“It's for your new little project.” Venomous clarified.


Boxman lit up and pulled a blueprint from thin air. He looked at the design on the page and quickly pushed the soot off the table. Boxman spread out the large spread, looking at the lines and the specs on the page. He had been working on this one for a while. He had been given a simple task, all he needed to design was a vacuum cleaner. Well he was about 6 months deep in development at the moment and he didn't car if he had passed his dead lines.


“Teagan is going to be a sweet little run about! I am making him an absolutely loveable little guy! He's gonna have a really good pack bond! I'm also going to make sure that he can protect himself around his older sibling though!”


“I was told this was going to be a vacuum cleaner.” Venomous raised an eyebrow.


Boxman puffed and huffed, he looked at his blueprint. “There is no reason that just because there mainstream job is being a vacuum cleaner doesn't mean that I can't put extra work into making sure my design is absolutely perfect.” Boxman laughed a little as his mood shifted again, he looked at the blueprint and smiled. “I made him with the ability to be anything the little guy wants to be be. Well at least the promoted unit.” Boxman leaned on his elbows and looked over his blueprint. He had been in a frenzy making this bot, almost as much as he had been in when the other kids where drawn up. Maybe this bot wasn't for the same things, but he did put his soul into every one of them. Maybe he'd add in some more functionality. He'd love the guy to become part of the family's he'd serve, but Boxman also knew Hero's and Villains would find a place for Teagan in there homes, you could get a earthling to pack bond with anything.


“After all these years, I still adore your passion.”


Boxman looked at Venomous, his mind wandering off of Teagan and to the man next to him. The words made his ears buzz happily and it made his heart rock.


He started to sniffle.


“Boxman? Are you okay?” Venomous asked. Boxman felt his emotions rising wildly in his chest.


“I'm just so happy!” Boxman started to sob. He was suddenly overwhelmed with everything. Being loved, finding Venomous, the date, the board meeting, his bundle of joy, all of it.


“Father! You can't just leave in the middle of a board meeting!” Ernesto called, kicking in the door.


Venomous jumped.


“I'm sorry!” Boxman wailed. He suddenly felt disappointed in himself for failing Ernesto and running off. How badly had he made Ernesto feel. How could he just run off like that.


Ernesto put his hands up and scooted towards Boxman slowly. “It's okay father. Did you just need a moment to calm down?”


“I'm sorry!” Boxman ran to Ernesto, hugging Ernesto and burring himself in the bots suit jacket. Boxman had already forgotten why he was crying but he still just felt overwhelmed.


“It's okay, Father.” Ernesto rubbed Boxman's back, he looked at Venomous. “He's been getting a bit emotional when it comes to, you know.” Ernesto gestured at the blueprints.


Boxman didn't like that Ernesto was talking about him while he was right there but now he was just so proud that Ernesto was able to handle to handle the meeting on his own, and started blubbering away into the suit jacket about it.


Now he was fine.


Boxman coughed and pulled himself off Ernesto.


“I was, just seeing where the explosions I heard where coming from. I thought that'd be more important than sitting through profits.” Boxman stated, he walked to the table and collected up the blue prints, making sure they where still clean. Boxman looked at Venomous and now felt a bit embarrassed he had started to go through one of his mid blue print mood swings. “Sorry about that. I get like a 8 months pregnant mother when I'm starting to get to the stress of forging the first prototype of a new little one.” Boxman held his blueprints and smiled, looking at them softly. He'd make this one of the best first prototypes yet.


“There's no need to apologize, I understand.” Venomous sighed.


Boxman smiled at Venomous, knowing he didn't.


“Well, if you need a hand with the bio components, I should be able to give you a full break down of the metal's and synthetics that are going to be used in there framework and exoskeleton!” Boxman chirped.


“That would be great; thank you.” Venomous smiled.


“I'll get right on that!” Boxman chimed, he held his blueprint tight and skipped out of the lab. “I'm going to do a write up on your synthetics! You're going to have perfect exoskin! Yes you are!” Boxman blabbered to the paper.


Boxman skipped to his workshop, humming and happy with thoughts of chemical compounds for new rust proof metal and maybe a new chip resistant paint. Maybe he'd finally start on the first pieces this weekend. He'd need to start soldering on the boards soon if he was going to get done with Teagan by spring.


He put the blue print down on his drafting table. He stood and walked to his work bench, looking back he pulled out a few chip boards, wires, and capacitors. Yes Teagan would be done by spring.