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Blinded By You

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even though the ocean looked quiet and peaceful enough, the noise that the waves made when they hit the shore was too much. the air was fresh, everything covered in a divine white mist that jungkook could almost taste as he inhaled. 


only if his insides were as peaceful as the outside was. 


the boy had screaming thoughts in his mind ready enough to give him an exploded brain. and now that he pondered over his own choices, he realized he was entirely wrong for coming to the sea at first place. 


his eyes didn't lie to him when he spotted a painfully familiar face at the corner, seated over the rock and hidden from all the general people who were here to enjoy the scene. the pale blue hoodie covered a good piece of him - enough though no one would pay attention to him. but that wasn't something that could be implied over jungkook; his thought process only had a set of words to function with. 


park jimin. 


jungkook didn't know what drew him to the boy in the first place. he was a new student at economics major - a first placer with his grades, talent, looks and manners. he had nothing he lacked. this being pretty obvious, he knew he wouldn't have to try hard to make friends at this new place. 


but he completely back tracked from his own plan when he'd seen jimin - seated at the back, face covered with a hoodie and spending majority of his class time staring out at the seaside that gave out a scenarist view. no one cared for him, never even paid a heed of attention as to what he was doing but jungkook was intrigued. 


he knew there ought to be at least one weirdo in a class and in his lifetime, he'd seen many. but jimin was different and jungkook had realized that the moment he'd seen him for the first time. 


luckily, he got a seat with jimin. but even in those stretched out 12 months, he failed to get even a word out of the short boy. jungkook had believed he knew about jimin more than anyone else around the campus did - and the said knowledge only consisted of knowing that jimin liked to doodle a lot, stare out the window yet listen to the lecture attentively, completely shut everyone around him as if he were alone, never smile, look at everything with his eyes full of wonder and had smelled richly of fresh rain and ocean. 


jungkook had tried talking to him, initiating casual 'hellos' and 'how are yous' before and after the class. jimin had replied with the shortest syllable possible and never cared to ask jungkook back - even out of the sake of humanity - if he were doing okay. 


but that didn't give out the fact that he caught jimin looking at him in the corner of his eyes. the short boy had sneaked a few looks at jungkook - someone who was continually trying to gain his attention. 


after a whole year of being unsuccessful, jungkook had been at the brink of letting it go. jimin just wouldn't talk and maybe he had reasons. who was jungkook to indulge? he had worried if jimin was self harming or anything but the boy seemed perfectly fine, hydrated and healthy. jungkook would've had let it go.


if only last night hadn't happened. 


the whole junior batch was invited to a party by one of their very respected teacher. particularly, that teacher had always praised jimin's grades - not like they were rusty at all, the boy was just too good at studies. almost enough that jungkook once considered adding a tutoring session with jimin to get him to talk but even after getting their teacher involved, jimin had declined, saying he didn't had time on his schedule - and so, it was mandatory for him to invite jimin. 


now what jungkook didn't expected was for jimin to actually show up. 


just like any other party that was thrown - followed by the fact that 'jimin would never come' - this wasn't any different. their teacher's big house accommodated the whole class and the liberal man even allowed them to enjoy themselves to their fullest - alcohol consumption kept aside. 


jimin had been there, quiet as always and secluded in a corner by the pool. his hoodie was black today, worn under a denim jacket and black pants. he had a glass of water in his hand, not even considering choosing something from the range of drinks their teacher provided. 


jungkook had known there wasn't gonna be any avail talking to him so he kept to himself, clearly noticing that jimin had seen him. 


it had been the last hours of the party, things had gotten heavy, drinks getting to their brains and making everything blurry. jungkook doesn't remember who started the upraor but it was there, a group of students - supposedly a group that that despised jungkook - were carrying his helpless body by the pool and had thrown him in. 


he remembered water filling his system, his body unable to even swim upwards and the weight of his wet clothes dragging him down. everything felt stuffed and jungkook could see his own life ending in front of him. his thoughts continuous around the axis of 'maybe this is how i die'


and that was when jimin had pulled him out. not just the casual pull, the boy had jumped into the pool, securing his arms around jungkook's baggy figure and pulling his out.


technically, as soon as jungkook made it to the oxygen filling his lungs, he should've woken up but he didn't. he knew he didn't because he'd opened his eyes to jimin's soft and cool lips pressed against his. his body was slumped over jimin's legs, whose face hovered over him and the first expression jungkook saw were the lines of worry that obscured jimin's forehead.


he may have blower air into jungkook's mouth. just an easy act to save someone's life and jungkook would have been completely fine with it if that were the case. but he was sure - could have bet anything on it - that jimin had sucked the water out of his system. 


this wasn't something everyone could do, he was sure of that. upon opening his eyes, jimin had looked at the position, jungkook in his arms and their faces just inches away. and just then, he'd left immediately, without leaving any traces of answers behind him. 


jungkook had spent the night restless, tossing and turning on his bed. he tried hard to forget jimin and get his mind off things but jimin's face would be there, this close that it had never been, worried for jungkook. he's saved jungkook. he'd been there when no one was. and he'd done something no one could do.


jimin, indeed was different. 


seeing him now like this by the sea, jungkook wasn't surprised. he had just thought jimin would leave - even the city. because this was the closest he'd gotten to anybody and this might as well have been a horrible experience for him to just leave jungkook there by the swimming pool on his own. 


and now that jungkook saw him, he knew he was off limits. he needed to talk to him now. even if he didn't want to, jimin had to tell him what was so awful about jungkook for him to ignore him life this for a year now. 


just as he expected, the boy immediately turned for a run upon spotting jungkook coming close, in that secluded space of his. 


"jimin, wait" he runs, blocking jimin's way and even reaching out to hold him if he moves but the boy beckons, hiding his face from jungkook. 


"what do you want?" his voice always sounded smooth, calm and collected - from the handful of times jungkook had heard him speaking. 


"i... i just wanted to thank you" jungkook doesn't think of anything long to say. he wants to keep it simple if jimin was finally talking to him "you saved my life last night"


"i just pulled you out of water because you were gonna drown yourself with that drunk head" jimin speaks the most he'd ever done "that doesn't sound heroic at all to me"


"yeah you're right" jungkook quickly adds "pulling me out wasn't heroic at all. but sucking the water out of my system was sure heroic"


at this, jimin looks at him, his narrowed eyes widening at jungkook's words. 


"w-what are you trying to say?" he begins nervously "i d-don't know" he takes a step again, turning on his heels to walk away but jungkook reaches out, this time holding on to his wrist. 


the ocean makes a roaring sound behind them, waves crashing against the shore and the wind blows over jungkook's hair out of place. 


"jimin listen to me" he pleads "i know you're different. i... i know what you did wasn't... wasn't something anyone could do" he senses the short boy furrowing his brows, clearly wanting to move away "look, i'm not going to judge you. i never have and you know that"


"so what?" jimin spits yet again. 


"please don't shut me out like this" he is surprised with the edge of plea that covers his wavering voice. 


jimin pulls his wrist away from jungkook. for a brief second there, jungkook sees the violet that shines in his irises - disappearing as soon as it appeared and in that split second, jungkook labels himself at mistake and looks at jimin biting his lower lip, face scrunched. 


"stay away from me, jungkook" he says each word with his teeth gritted "please"


he's on his heels to move again but jungkook takes a run, pulling on his arm until his body collides against jungkook. 


"you just can't tell me what to do" jungkook replies, face barely inches away from jimin "i want to talk to you, get to know you. and i don't care who you are, jimin. for me, you're someone who was there for me when no one was. you might have no idea how much it means to me but please... i... j-just don't shut me out like this. it's been a year"


jimin's eyes soften, like they'd never been before and for once, jungkook feels like he may be pondering over his words. a whole year of efforts and maybe, just maybe jimin can see through jungkook's intentions... 


hesitant enough, the younger boy wraps his arm around jimin - the process too slow for him but he's unsure of what he's doing, even down to the last moment. jimin's tensed muscles relax under his arms, his head resting against jungkook's shoulder and he lets himself be held. 


secure and safe, his secret stays within the boundary of his lips.







things doesn't go on a fast pace even when jungkook had succeeded in talking to jimin. it takes him a long time to get jimin to answer him in class - even if it is the hushed conversations only they can hear - or hold his hand under the desk.


jimin never pulled away and that's the only thing that made jungkook smile. 


jungkook was a determined boy, making his mind over anything and he wouldn't stop until he has it done. with jimin, he made it his top priority to see the blank boy smiling one day. trying hard and hard each day. he had made jimin walk him home, buying him an icecream and watching the unamused boy stare at his cone owlishly. but then jungkook had dropped his, and there, jimin's lips had curled slightly into what jungkook assumed was a smirk. 


even that was a beautiful sight of jungkook. 


another few months into their friendship and jungkook had jimin finally opening up to him about his secret. the younger boy had never forced it, he wanted jimin to be comfortable in his own skin. with their friendship leading this far, he never questioned or brought the fact into their conversation that jimin had somehow miraculously sucked the water out of his system. he never inquired about jimin's family or friends - knowing that the boy lived alone and being alright with that. 


but it was that one night when he'd called jimin - now having acquired his number too - he'd left his notes in jimin's backpack and now that he came to the obvious realization that he'd be needing them for tomorrow's assessment, he wanted them back. 


jimin never picked his phone, giving jungkook a whole new edge to worry about and before he knew, the boy was already on his feet, walking towards jimin's apartment. 


he knocks once, twice and worry deepens in the pit of his stomach. 


"jimin?" he speaks as he knocks again "open the door, it's me!"


and only then it is that the door opens with a slight creak, jimin appearing from behind, disheveled and face blotched with tears. 


jungkook didn't need to be told twice. he was already reaching out and embracing the boy, sensing jimin's small fingers dig holes into his arms as he sobbed against his chest. 


"jimin what's wrong?" he asks as he guides the boy towards the couch "please tell me" he cups his face in his hand as he takes in jimin's beautiful features. 


the boy was always so pale, yet beautiful. his eyes dark yet shining. his lips a blushing shade of pink and adding on to everything, his tears appeared like tiny pearls at the rim of his eyes in the dim lighting of his apartment. 


"i'm sorry, jungkook-ah" he says "i can't keep it in anymore. i... i know you never ask and this makes it more difficult for me" his sobs die down to snivels as he speaks "i want you to know who i am. it's only fair"


"only if you are comfortable with it" jungkook says, arms secured around jimin's shoulders. "i told you i don't wanna bother you into telling me something you don't want to. i'm with you because you make me happy"


jimin bites his lip before starting "my family... i don't know where they are. probably dead. it's been twenty years" he begins and jungkook tightens his arms around jimin "i had always loved the sea, jungkook. the ocean. my mother told me to never get close to it but i never really cared. it was twenty years ago from now, i went by the sea and it... it swallowed me in. i died" 


jungkook waits a beat, brows scrunched together. what was jimin even saying? 


"i was dead for twenty years, jungkook" he feels jimin's fingers digging into his flesh more tight as he progresses "then i came back, stronger than before. it's hard to believe, i know. but trust me, i'm not just a 19 years old kid" he looks up at jungkook to seek response and the boy nods, urging for him to go on "i don't know why did it happen. my skin didn't ruin off, my bones were intact. for over twenty years under water, i was perfectly fine when i woke up by the shore. the ocean gave me these powers" he pauses, breathing hard "i... i can control water and that was how i was able to save you that night"


for jungkook it was getting hard to breathe with every passing second. a few minutes ago, jimin was a mysterious kid to him yet someone who was his friend and now in a span of few minutes, jimin was dead, alive all over again, and a water controller. 


"i know no one was going to believe me and what would i even do if i made them believe me? they'd use me. i know how much the world has changed. so i isolated myself from everyone. enrolled in a college like a normal teenager of my age, started working part time for money and things were going okay. everything was fine until you came in" he sighs "i've never wanted to be around someone this much ever before. you make me think as if i matter, as if i'm not a complete waste. as if... as if i'm still a human beside my powers" he leans his head against jungkook's chest. "you make it so hard for me, jungkook-ah"


"jimin?" he raises jimin's head to look at his face "i told you it's you who matter to me and i'm always gonna stick up to my word. i'm never gonna leave you alone, not even if you want me to. i stayed with you for over a year even when you clearly pushed me away. i don't know why. i just can't stay away from you"


"i'm a mess" jimin inhales and his breathe hitches "i'm not normal"


"you're completely normal" jungkook pulls him close, resting his face in the crook of his neck "you make me so happy, jimin. you make me feel at home"


"don't leave..." jimin mumbles as he snuggles himself closer to jungkook "stay with me tonight"


"i will"








jimin hadn't had a peaceful sleep in years. but he couldn't say this wasn't the most peaceful he'd felt in past 40 years. he had forgotten how it had felt to sleep warm and cozy and wake up the same next day. he only remembered going to sleep cold and waking up with his teeth clattering because it was never warm enough.


he didn't know how this piece of miracle found it to himself in this crappy world. but jeon jungkook was here, right in his arms, lips parted and breathing slow as he had his head placed against jimin's chest. they'd fallen asleep on the couch last night - limbs tangled at weird angles that would give them obvious pains the next morning and not even the blankets covering them in this cold october night - but jimin was warm, cheeks flushed pink and limbs too relax when he had woken up. 


he watched the boy wrapped around him sleep for good minutes before he stirred and woke up, looking at jimin with his big doe eyes. those curious pair that had stared at jimin for more than a year now. he almost thought he'd be annoyed, change his seat in class and isolate himself from jungkook just like he'd done to everyone else. but the younger boy was stubborn, sticking behind jimin like a lost puppy. he'd made each day harder for jimin to stay away from him. when all jimin wanted to do was hold him close, nuzzle him and spill all the heavy secrets that made his heart ache. 


that night by the pool was just a spark to the already lighted fire. 


he'd seen that group of crazy students dragging jungkook towards the pool. he didn't know that was jungkook when he'd seen them throwing someone into the pool. jimin waited for a long lost beat to see if the person would make it back safe and sound. but he didn't. 


he didn't want to go help, he swears. but it was the water that called out to him, his eyes turning the lightest shade of violet as he had reached the pool. upon seeing jungkook, his heart had sank. he had been immediate with pulling the boy out, crying there for minutes for jungkook to wake up but he didn't. 


he had tears in his eyes, sure that he'd lost someone who truly meant something to him. but then he'd dived in, lips against jungkook's cold and wet lips, sucking all the water that his lungs had taken in.


things would've been the same only if jungkook hadn't opened his eyes and looked at him. 


since then, it had been hard for him to ignore jungkook. the boy had initiated friendship that jimin had to accept. he was warm in that hug and had craved for that feeling since forever. he sounded selfish but he wasn't gonna say no.


and last night, the realization had hit him hard. he'd never told jungkook anything about himself and the younger boy had practically opened his life up for jimin. he hated the fact of who he was. he wanted to be normal for once, be with jungkook and fall in love with him. but he couldn't. he wasn't even a human if he came to think. 


so he'd broken down, until jungkook had somehow came in, holding his pieces back together and collecting him in his embrace.


jimin told him everything. not much surprised when jungkook accepted him without judging or grimacing. the boy continued to give him warmth and comfort even though all that jimin said sounded pure supernatural. 


in the next few days, things turned out different for them. jimin would now smile around jungkook, knowing that the boy was the sole reason for his smile. he wasn't creeped out of anyone now - he had jungkook by his side, a constant ray of hope that he believed he needed now to survive. 


jungkook liked to record things, take pictures and videos of the moments he treasured. he's found himself giving over to jungkook's hobby and had allowed the younger boy to take his pictures. it wasn't even normal how jungkook's camera roll filled up within hours. jimin had whined then, told him how meaningless and pointless these shots were. "you took like 20 pics in 5 seconds and half of them are blurred. this doesn't make any sense" he had said. 


"it makes me happy" jungkook's eyes were wide, true and without any heavy emotion masking them. jimin knew the boy wasn't lying anyway but it was new to him - someone being happy to the cores just because jimin existed? that wasn't what he'd always been. he had been burdensome, he'd been a trouble. 


but he made jungkook happy. 


he never knew when it happened, but deep down, he'd sworn on himself to take care of jungkook. a natural instinct of protectiveness took over him whenever he was around jungkook - watching him smile and immediately thinking of ways to preserve that beautiful pull of muscles forever. if he made jungkook happy, he shall stay happy. 


it was just like any other day with their friendship blossoming. jungkook's roommate left for his farmhouse for a week, leaving jungkook all alone. and jimin found himself invited over for movies at jungkook's lone apartment. 


it had been a cold night of december, everything sounding shivered under the blanket of snow. jimin had arrived at jungkook's apartment covered in thick coats, looking like a wrapped burrito. jungkook had smiled, watching jimin peel off the layers he wore once he was inside the warm walls of the apartment. 


true to his words, the younger boy had the blankets already set in front of the screen. food and warm drinks at their hand. it didn't took jimin a beat to think before he had his arms around jungkook, placing his head on his chest as the movie played out in front of them. the skinship wasn't a question for them anymore. their first encounter was rather this way - jungkook holding jimin to sleep. and ever since then, he'd held jimin - giving excuses that it makes him happy. but in a case where it made jimin feel protected, it was a win-win situation. 


the movie dragged on, jungkook's fingers lazily running through jimin's locks and his chest heaving up and down with steady breathing. his heartbeat sounded beautiful to jimin's ears - and he almost wished it would stay like that.







jimin was too close to him. almost that it felt unfair to him. 


he could smell jimin - salt and ocean and fresh cool breeze. even in this weather when the seas were most likely frozen, jungkook could smell them, feel as if he were standing by the shore. and it was because of jimin. 


he glances down at jimin, only the tip of his nose peeking through jungkook's vision of sight. his lips out in a natural pout. they were beautiful and were always a blushing shade of pink. jungkook had found himself wondering if like his scent, they taste of salt and ocean too... 


"jungkook-ah?" and before he could be warned, jimin was staring up at him. 


"hmm?" he knows jimin has caught him staring at him yet there was no choice but to admit. 


"why is your heartbeat fast?" jimin asks, eyes blinking at him owlishly. 


"i... i don't know. is it?" he chuckles nervously. obviously it was fast when not too long ago, he was thinking of nipping at jimin's bottom lip. 


"it's fast" he says, brows creased in worry. jungkook wonders if this is anything to be worried about "why is it fast? did i... d-did i do something?"


"no, no!" jungkook replies immediately "you didn't do anything. it's just..." he sighs "you smell like ocean. the sea"


"is that bad?" jimin is still staring at him in oblivion "does it make you uncomfortable?"


"jimin, no" jungkook breathes softly "it's amazing. refreshing"


"oh" for once, he looks down "you smell nice too"


"like what?" he asks. 


"sweet" he bites on his lower lip "like all the sweet things in the world"


"i... i didn't know that" he says thoughtlessly and at this, jimin raises his head to meet his eyes. 


it's a brief stare as jungkook switches his eyelock from jimin's eyes to his lips amd watches the older boy do the same. the hum of the characters speaking in the movie becomes their background score as jungkook finds himself leaning in and brushing his nose against jimin's before pressing their lips together. 


jimin sighs immediately, soft, content and relaxing - as if this is the safe haven. jungkook closes his eyes, inhaling jimin's refreshing scent. the cool sensation surrounds him as jimin parts his lips after a beat. he captures jungkook's upper lip in his, tightening his grip around jungkook's waist. the younger boy hooks his fingers around jimin's nape, deepening the kiss. 


that night, they don't wait to see how long they could go. lazy kisses, kitten licks and pleasuring bites were left at each other's neck and lost in this haze, they fall asleep yet again - tangled into bliss. 







jimin had believed his perfect life had started after that. with regular kisses, he had someone to hold his hand and make him feel loved. he was feeling alive after so long - or simply after being dead for more than 40 years now. 


he'd wake up to jungkook's beautiful puffy morning features everyday - sometimes asleep or sometimes awake with a grin, trying to wake him up. jungkook would kiss his neck, a spot right above his collarbone that made his breathe hitch and led them to a session of new things - a spot only jungkook knew about. 


somedays jimin would wake up early, mostly just watching jungkook sleep or if he gets needy, he'd nip at jungkook's skin until he wakes up moaning and whining. 


their nights weren't different either. going to sleep in each other's embrace. jimin had found out how much jungkook liked when someone pet his hair, run their fingers through them. it immediately made his eyes closed and the boy would almost purr under jimin's touch. 


the same could be said for jimin. he could only seek peace when he was inhaling jungkook's sweet scent to his sleep, lips tasting like jungkook, skin drenched in the sweat that was mutual. he was far more needy in this relationship and he knew that. 


everything was perfect. far too perfect that it was untrue. but it was that one night when it had crumbled for jimin. 


the rain of early march wasn't too humid - rather it was cold and harsh. jimin had waited for jungkook to come back home but he didn't. he'd called, checked on all his friends or probable people who he'd talk to. but the response remained negative. 


he's panicked, tears already threatening as they floated at the edge of his eyes. where was jungkook? 


and then he'd received a call from the hospital.








they were here of course. 


jimin knew what he was couldn't be hidden from the world. with him socializing, being with jungkook, things had opened out themselves - not their fault. 


he should've been the considerate one though, should've thought about it when he'd taken jungkook to show him his powers - only to witness the beautiful wonder in younger's eyes. he had been too exposed. and they knew. 


the time had changed. the humans of now only want everything to benefit them and for the wants and needs, they could do anything. when they wanted to get their hands on jimin - a rare someone who controlled water - they reached out to people he knew. 


and he only knew jungkook. 


that night they'd caught him in that alley, probably asking him about jimin and when he didn't tell, they had beaten him to the brink of death. the boy had his head collided against the wall so hard that he had a major nervous wreckage. he was still alive, but declared in coma which no one knew when he'd wake up from. 


"it's either days the person wakes up" the doctor had told him "or it takes years. but in the case of brain damage... i'm afraid they never do"


"jungkook..." he had no choice but to let his tears flow, his hand wrapped around jungkook's - bruised face, head covered with bandages and an oxygen mask over his lips. "i'm so sorry" he snivels "i'm... it's all because of me. i... jungkook i love you so much. y-you... i swore to protect you and i couldn't. i'm such a bad boyfriend. i hate this!" and he sobs. 


jimin waited for days, hell even weeks. jungkook wasn't improving neither was he worsening. the doctor didn't know what to do either. he was just there, lifeless. 


it was then that jimin had made his decision. jungkook had given him a life, a reason to be happy about and a reason to smile. he couldn't protect jungkook and this was the least he could do for him. 


"you made me so happy, jungkook" he whispers, making sure no one was around "it was you who made me want to live. want to love..." he holds on to jungkook's hand one last time, tears cascading down his cheeks that he messily wipes with his sleeves "i wish you find someone who loves you like i did. or maybe more than me. you deserve someone better, not me"


he leans in, pulling the oxygen mask off of jungkook's face. the boy's breathe hitches, his cardiogram trasnisting into straight lines and before that, jimin presses his lips to jungkook.







later that night, the younger boy opens his eyes at the hospital bed, eyes wide with wonder as to why he was here. but the same night, the ocean swallows jimin once again, but this time, it was consented, and it was for good.