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Tempting crazy love

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" I said no dad! The only thing I have ever asked for is my freedom. Now you are going to send your dogs to follow me every where I go ?"

Taehyung normally loves morning... He loves to enjoy his favourite watermelon juice chit chatting with dad in their big ground after spending hours in gym.But the news of appointing bodyguards for him ruined his peaceful morning.

" They are just going to be there around to make sure you are safe TaeTae"

"I'd rather get killed instead o-"

" Kim Taehyung! You are going to listen to me this time whether you like it or not. I didn't ask for you permission .I informed you that bodyguards will be appointed for you from now on"

Kim Taehyung.. When his dad calls him by with full name he knows it's his limit. But he isnt gonna give in.Not today. He loves his dad to death.Mr.Kim the ruthless CEO of the biggest business line in South Korea has only one weakness and that's his son. Taehyung's safety is like a religion to him. That's why an anonymous threat about Taehyung has made fear-for-nothing-man act like this. But he cant sacrifice his freedom just because of some shit like this. 

" I am sorry dad. I can take care of myself. I am not a baby . This might be an empty threat. This isn't - " " I am not risking it when it comes to you TaeTae. They won't disturb you for anything. Do anything you want as usual. Do your job.Hang out with friends. Do clubbing. Have fun with anyone you at nights. Ignore their existence . " " You can't be ser-" " Sir. They are here. " Butler Choi interrupted. Mr.Kim looked over and nodded . Taehyung sensed someone's presence right behind him. He fisted his hands. "Mr.Jeon. Nice to meet you again. Taehyung meet your body guards. Jeon Jungkook will be in-charge. Kim Nam- " Mr.Kim stopped seeing Taehyung's smirk. Yeah. Let's meet in-charge. Taehyung stood up grabbing the half filled glass and threw watermelon juice at the man who was standing in the front of four men. A jaw dropped but it wasn't victim's. The in-charge didn't even flinch. He just continued to look ahead of him. It was Taehyung who got shocked.

The sexiest man standing right infront of him...God must be on a vacation when he created this masterpiece.. His impassive eyes are the sexiest eyes.He has seen ever... Perfect nose..  So fucking kissable lips... Sharp jaw line... Perfect muscular body covered in black and white suit... Taehyung felt a twitch lower down.. 

Oh shit.. Kim Taehyung getting hard.. infront of dad..because of a bodyguard whom he supposed to reject. How could he let go this delicious food without tasting it... ? A watermelon drop ran along his long neck and disappeared behind white fabric. He let a shaky breathe out... His boxers felt tight..

Fuck it

"Kim Taehyung !" 

" Fine . I'll give it a try .If they are too much I am gonna reject them "

Just for tonight .. And you'll never appoint another bodyguard after you heard beautiful son got harassed by his own bodyguard. 

He rushed away  taking out the phone to call Jimin. He has to take care of problem in pants first. 


"Good.. yess..goood.. gorgeous .. amazing.. superb.." Alex complimented every pose as he posed in pink seethrough silk feminine shirt and tight white pants. A silver choker on his neck as an  long silver earring shining on left ear.

Taehyung shifted his gaze towards Mr.Sexy in black and white. Some top models are here and there yet his bodyguard far more handsome than any of them. His impassive eyes were some where else before they landed on Taehyung only for a second . Taehyung's heart skipped not one but two beats. Being this handsome must be a must be a sin. 

Lisa who was standing beside him asked something from Mr.Sexy in black and white and he glanced at Lisa giving a short anwer bowing a little. He staighten up quickly Lisa blushed and tugged her hair behind. Jisoo whispered something to her ear and Lisa giggled like a school girl infront of her highschool crush.Taehyung frowned.

" Sexy .. wow.." Alex still clicking .

" Director-nim can I have a break?" Taehyung flashed a beautiful smile at director Kang.

" Break..? Er.. Of cause of cause Tae! " They don't have fucking time.But who is he to say no to this is gorgeous ?

Taehyung walked towards Mr.Sexy in black and white.Taehyung was aware many eyes are on him.. on his curvy body.But whom he wants to look at him doesn't look at him. Mr.Sexy eyes on every where but not on him. Fucking frustrating.

Look at me..

Taehyung was right infront of him but he moved away giving space to Taehyung . Taehyung passed Lisa and Jisoo without usual greetings .He isn't jealous .He doesn't care if Lisa and Mr.Sexy date next day. But not before Taehyung has him.. 

Taehyung stopped infront of the dressing room and Mr.Sexy opened and stepped in first in. Taehyung followed him in and closed the door. 

Mr. Sexy going around the room inspecting everything just like he did earlier in the morning . Taehyung leaned on to the door . Mr.Sexy was done within few seconds and turned around to leave.

Their eyes met. Taehyung felt trapped. His impassive eyes are finally on him.. He felt like he is exposed .. His breathe hitched. Those eyes were staring into his eyes like he was seeing Taehyung 's soul.. 

A shiver ran along the back spine. His breathing was erratic. He wanted to take this man under his spell but it's him who is under this man's spell.

He wants him... He wants this man to touch him.. His body was shaking needily 

Taehyung started to unbutton shirt without taking his eyes away from those captivating eyes with shaky hand. He fucks alot. But he hasn't ever been this needy for someone.

" I'll wait for you outside sir" Mr.Sexy said in a low but intimidating as fuck voice and Taehyung bite his lower lip to stop himself from moaning  His cock is awakening . 

What the fuck is happening to him... He never been this needy for anyone.

" What's your name" Taehyung asked in a shaky voice.

" Jungkook.Jeon Jungkook sir " Mr.Sexy replied totally calmed and unbothered for Taehyung's dismay.

Mr.Sexy isn't affected by his beauty...

 "Jungkook...  A manly name.I like it" Taehyung said in a musical voice as letting the shirt fell on to the floor revealing his tanned toned upper body.. the piercing on the belly button ... and his small waist.. 

Jungkook's jaws clenched.Taehyung smirked internally .Just another man. Next minute he'll worship every inch of this body .. just like others...

Taehyung looked at him with half lidded eyes biting lower lip seductively. Something passed on Jungkook's eyes for a second.

"Thank you. And excuse me sir. I'll wait  outside." Jungkook bowed a little .

Taehyung blinked . His fingers on the zipper stilled .

"You don't have to go outside. Be here taking care of me Jungkook.. " 

"It's safe here.I checked the room sir" 

For fuck's sake

Taehyung walked towards him slowly swaying his hips.. He stopped couple of inches away from Jungkook. His heartbeat  began to speed up.. Being this handsome must be a sin... and he is making Taehyung a sinner...Taehyung wants this man.. All of him..  He wants to own this beauty for hours..Jungkook looked confused but he didn't stepped back.  


Taehyung couldn't wait any more.  He pulled Jungkook from the collar and crashed his lips with Jungkook's as his body pressing on Jungkook's big muscular body. 

No words can express how he felt at that moment. He licked Jungkook's lips.. Sucked his lips. His hands moved to hair ..ran finger through hair and grabbed a fistful hair. He felt precum leaking down there.. 

Jungkook didn't kiss back. He locked his body for few seconds and he pushed Taehyung away  gently. Taehyung pressed himself to Jungkook trying to kiss him again. Jungkook turned his away avoiding the lip kiss.Jungkook was rejecting him.But Taehyung wasn't thinking straight... He buried his face in Jungkook's neck.. That muscular scent driving Taehyung insane..He inhaled deeply rubbing nose on his neck with a sinful smile and sucked a spot.. He shivered with lust and desire.Jungkook pulled away gently .

Jungkook thought Taehyung 's mind finally registered that he doesn't want this..But Taehyung was staring at him with slutty eyes licking his lips. He looks like an erotic fine art.. So beautiful and irresistible.. " Take me Jeon..." Taehyung said in a seductive velvet voice without taking his lustful eyes away from Jungkook's. Taehyung saw Jungkook 's jaws tightening. Taehyung smirked internally. Who can resis- " If you want to have sex with someone call someone else Mr.Kim. We are here take care of your safety. Not your sexual desires and fantasies. " Jungkook's gaze is hard and his voice is so dominant.... There he said it loud and clear Taehyung just stared at him for a couple of seconds before inhaled deeply .His lips parted but he had no words.. "You rejected me..." He whispered in small voice.. Finally... He understoo- "Ah.... fuck... That's the... hottest..thing I have.. ever heard......nnng" Taehyung 's eyes were half lidded and his lips shaking...He shivered.. Taehyung took one step closer and Jungkook stepped back at the same time and Jungkook's back hit the wall next to the door . Within a second Taehyung's face was so close to Jungkook's. He breathing erratically literally on Jungkook's upper lips. " It's leaking precum already Jungkook.. What are you doing to me... ? " Taehyung whispered burying his forehead on Jungkook's shoulder holding on to Jungkook. His legs were giving up. His hands were fisting Jungkook's suit jacket . A moment passed and suddenly Taehyung felt a strong arm draping around his waist from the back .Jungkook.... Jungkook touching him...A cold shiver ran along the back as face heated up..Taehyung raised his head slowly and met Jungkook's hard gaze... Jungkook lifted Taehyung in bridal style and Taehyung let him as draping a arm over his shoulder. Taehyung felt Jungkook placing him on a sofa. Jungkook straighten up. "I'll be outside Mr.Kim " He bowed a little. "What...? "

" What? " Jungkook asked back for once his face looked smug. Why the hell he rejects 'The Kim Taehyung ' ? This is frustrating... Yet his dumb dick gets more aroused towards the smugness of Jeon Jungkook..

All of a sudden the door opened and Jungkook turned around in lightening speed . He relaxed seeing it was just Kim Taehyung's best friend..


"What the fuck! Did you already fuck him TaeTae?! " Jimin asked as walking towards Taehyung who was looking at Jungkook with an unreadable expression.. Jimin has never seen his baby like this. Taehyung gets extra needy somedays.But he never let his guards off.He never looked this vulnerable... Jimin looked at Tae's new bodyguard who made Taehyung needy early in the morning and looks this vulnerable now.

Jimin had to admit it. His bodyguard is so handsome.. Exactly TaeTae's type.. His naughty baby loves sex.Its what make him relax in long days. He could understand him wanting this perfect body. But he never trusts anyone with his TaeTae.

"Baby...? They are waiting for you .If you are finished let's call the stylist. " Jimin said with a small smile as leaning down to kiss Tae on the forehead.

"He rejected me Minnie... " Taehyung said in dazed still looking at Jungkook.


Jimin's jaw dropped dramatically. "He whattt?? "

"Close the door and stay in Jeon "Taehyung said pulling Jimin on to him.



"Harder J ahhhnnng fuck yeah " Taehyung wrapped his legs around Jimin's waist pulling Jimin towards him making him go deeper inside him.His nails digging into Jimin's flesh on the shoulders.

"God baby..." Jimin grunted thrusting into Taehyung's tight wet warm hole harder and deeper.

Taehyung moaned loud shamelessly with slutty eyes roaming over Jungkook's body. Jungkook was just standing there looking ahead of him.Jimin knew what's Taehyung doing. He is fantasizing..

" You want him to choke you with his big rough hands right?" Jimin whispered into Taehyung's ear tightening the grip on Taehyung's neck. Taehyung clenched around Jimin's dick as he choked.

His eyes didn't leave Jungkook even for a second in this whole time. Every touch ...every kiss ... every bite.. every suck...every thrusts was imagined as it was Jungkook.

Jungkook's rough hand choking him... Jungkook fucking him harder as stroking his dick demanding him to cum...

He was so close..

"Ju-nnngkook nnnnggg " He gasped for the air.
Jungkook turned his head and their eyes locked. Jungkook looked kinda he wanted to punish Taehyung.....


Taehyung's lips parted for a silent shaky moan. He cummed hard shuddering in pleasure under Jimin.... for Jungkook ... staring into him..

They continued to lie there enjoying him pulsating around Jimin's dick.

"You may go out now. " Taehyung said to Jungkook.
Jungkook muttered something and went out closing the door with a big thud.

Jimin giggled and kissed Taehyung who was smiling with satisfaction finally..

"I never knew you are into voyarism TaeTae" Jimin kissed Taehyung's lips gently carefssing Taehyung.


"I am mot into voyarism babe.. I am into Jungkook... Jeon Jungkook..."

Jimin frowned seeing Taehyung's dreamy eyes... This isn't good.. Not at all..


" Don't tell me ..You.."


" I need him..."Taehyung whispered. " for a one night stand ..."
Jimin just stared at him with pressed lips..

Taehyung rolled his eyes. He can read his Jimin like a line on palm.

Taehyung chuckled. "Don't worry babe... Kim Taehyung doesn't do romance.. Now take out your thingy out and help me to clean this mess" He spanked Jimin 's ass playfully.