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Fuck his life.

The one time Bakugou Katsuki forgot to bring an umbrella to the grocery store was the time the world decided to let down hard fucking rain.

Shitty ass rain. He can't go now, his groceries will get wet and he'll be drowsed. Buying an umbrella wasn't a smart choice, they had lots at home and it'd be a waste of his allowance. He'd have to fucking wait for the fucking rain to fucking stop then. Fuck.

Bakugou groaned. He set his groceries down on the ground in front of the store and glared at every unfortunate thing his eyes landed on.

Minutes passed and he was ready to blast his way through the rain. Fuck the law. Fuck the rain. Fuck the groceries. Fuck th-

A soft sound snapped him out of his thoughts and he looks to side to be met by eyes focused elsewhere. And he knew those eyes and that hue familiarly from moments in class observing from a corner.

Bakugou glared to the side at the girl who was holding the umbrella above both of them. One glance at the same dismissive look on her face and his chest was warm despite the wind slapping his face. But he'd be damned if he ever admitted to it.

His classmate spared him a glance before returning her gaze to the road ahead of them. She took one of his bags and carried it in her arm to her chest allowing more space for them under the protection the umbrella provided.

"Let's go," she said, voice flat yet stern.

Bakugou scowled, taken aback by the sudden feeling of her fingers brushing against his. "What do you think you're fucking doing, shithead?"

She raised a brow. "This is for dinner, right?" She eyed the bags in both their hands, "It's a quarter past six."

Bakugou flinched and cursed. She was right and he was gonna get a mouthful if he went home any later.

"What do you want?"

She turned to him, brows furrowing slightly. "I wanna avoid a shittier than usual Bakugou tomorrow, if you don't mind."

"Why yo-"

"Come on, poprocks, let's move," she prompted him forward by catching the back of his head in her umbrella. "You're lucky my mother insisted I take the large ass umbrella."

"I don't need your fucking help," he scoffed but walked up to her nonetheless.

She gave him a small smile (had his heartbeat always been this loud?) before starting to speedwalk to the station. "Bakugou, scooch closer. The groceries will get wet."

"Fucking speed up then." Bakugou didn't move. How could he when just a few millimeters and their shoulders would be touching and he knew if she went any closer he'd stop functioning -only because he didn't like physical contact, especially with this abominable being who calls herself a woman, and it just so happened that, the beast she is, had these, these goddamned eyes that could color his cheeks with just a glance, and a smile that could make his heart skip a beat and she could punch him and he'd fucking thank her and now her skin's pressed to his and he's--


"Your groceries are getting wet."

If she felt Bakugou tense up she didn't say. Instead, she passed the umbrella to her hand that's holding one bag, hooked her free arm around his before returning the handle to the hand originally holding it. Nudging his arm forward, they began to walk faster. He felt her body moving beside his and he's sure he's losing himself. Small sparks erupted from his palms and he stiffened.

What. The. Fuck. Whatthefuck, whatthefuck, whatthefuck??! "What the fuck, woman?"

"Bear with this or face a mother's rage," she deadpaned.

Tsk. This fucking girl. What the hell was he gonna do with her?

When they reached the station, Bakugou didn't even realise until she unwound her arm from his and closed her umbrella, droplets of water splashing as it folded. He couldn't focus properly the whole time what with her being so close and her arm around his and-

"You gonna be okay, princess?" she handed him the bag she was carrying.

"Fuck off."

She chuckled a little as he hastily grabbed the plastic from her and Bakugou can't help the little quirk of the side of his lips as the sound rang in his ears.

Slipping her hands in the pockets of her jeans, she let a soft smile trace her lips. "See you tomorrow, Bakugou. Don't get sick, alright?"

"Take your own advice, shithead. You still gotta get home and the rain's getting heavier." Bakugou played with the idea of walking her home but decided against it since she did rush to get him here. It wouldn't make sense if he accompanied her home them go back to his station. He felt so fucking wimpy having to be escorted there.

So he should...

She smiled softly. "I'm only a block away from here. I'll get by."

They lingered for a moment unsure of how to go on from there.

"Hey," she wrapped a hand around his arm and for a second there, he thought she was going to pull him closer and-

...And? He turned red at the thought. But his arm was still in her grasp and she hadn't moved for a while.

He felt her tug at him and he inched forward. Her hand slowly slowly reached out to his face and he was sure she was moving closer and he felt his quirk activiting slightly and her hand touched his cheek and

She lightly tapped it twice. "Your ride's leaving."

Bakugou blinked. "Fuck!" He raced to the door despite his red face and the small smirk he saw on that shithead's lips.

His embarrassment flared as he caught a glance of the amused look on her features from inside the bus. That fucking-

Bakugou saw her quiet laughter roll on her shoulders as she lightly ducked her head and covered her mouth, with a slight pink on her cheeks to complete the sight. And he stood there slack-jawed in the bus which somehow seemed ten degrees warmer.

Bakugou groaned. He wanted to either slam her face into the ground or into his own.