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  • Reylo Prompt Fills (@reylo_prompts) (reylo_prompts_twitter_promptfills) by reyloficprompts

    20 Jun 2019


    A big thank you to any fic writers who decide to fill a prompt from @reylo_prompts on twitter! Please feel free to add your fic(s) to this collection so we can make sure we don't miss any while sharing and retweeting them. This collection is loosely moderated, but we'll be automatically accepting all fics that have been inspired by prompts found on our twitter account (@reylo_prompts).

    There is a separate collection for any works produced during prompt events we host. For any questions, please DM us on twitter or email us at To submit prompts, please @ or DM us on twitter, send via Curious Cat, or email Thanks!

    (Open, Moderated)