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Electrifying Zing

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Namjoon went out of the club to get a breather — if breather meant lighting up a smoke, then yeah, a breather. He was usually okay with the overwhelmingly loud music and the scents mixing up in his nose, but today was different. The night view felt like dragging him outside the club. And for now, the fresh air (perhaps polluted actually) outside was much better than horny alphas’ and omegas’ stinky scents inside the club.


So he breathed in and breathed out the smoke. He quickly threw it to the ground, stepping on it to make sure the light was out. If Hoseok was to catch him with a lit cigarette, he would be dead. Hoseok was an omega, and not that Namjoon was really scared — maybe a bit — but Hoseok has always taken care of him. He was in debt, really, so he has to play by Hoseok’s rule of no smoking.


Namjoon sighed and took out his phone, sending a quick text to Hoseok who was inside; told him that he would be leaving soon and would walk to their apartment. Hoseok would usually reply fast, probably scold him that it’s cold outside and that he shouldn’t be walking home this late, but he doesn’t.


He doesn’t really mind. He saw the omega with an alpha and their pheromones stinked. He scrunched up his nose at the thought and with a final look at the club, he left. Namjoon didn’t mind walking at all since it would give him a lot of time think about things, and mayhaps an existential crisis every now and then.


The reason he was dragged out to a club was because he had just gone out of a relationship. Namjoon really thought it would last, but alas, Hoseok was right once again. He had always known that the omega was bad for him. Now, Namjoon was starting over, congratulating himself for not imprinting on his ex or else it would’ve been messy break up  and breaking of bonds.


He was supposed to find somebody to hook up with, but Namjoon wasn’t in the mood. For the most part, it’s been a long time since he was in the mood.


As the alpha walked around, he caught a whiff of something sweet. Now, if Hoseok was here, he would’ve told him to ignore it, but he was always a curious man, if he had to admit. And besides, the scent was alluring, begging for him to be noticed.


But something in the scent made him stop.


Metallic taste; blood. Despite the sweet scent, underneath it all was the smell of blood. The metallic (but sweet) smell of blood. Namjoon swore he could even taste it in his tongue with how strong it was. Namjoon hated how he took a small step forward, hesitating, and was now on a full on sprint.


He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but knowing that somebody was hurt and just leaving them there all alone didn’t settle quite well in his stomach. He’s always had a hero complex. Maybe. Perhaps.


By the time he arrived, there’s blood all over and two men are lying on the ground. For a moment, his breath was stuck in his throat, unable to say a word. If they were dead, that only meant that the murderer was lurking around, waiting. But they weren’t dead, fortunately. Namjoon could see the falling and rising of their chests, so he let out a relieved breath.


“Stay away from me!”


He startled at the voice in the darkness, and with a single whiff of the scent, he immediately knew the sweet scent was coming from the person.


“Did this?” Namjoon calmly asked, squinting his eyes to find where the voice was coming from. From his place he could see a body crouched, shoulders shaking with the person’s head bowed down. He wondered what had happened.


“They were coming after me! I had to!”


Namjoon nodded his head quickly, “Okay, okay. I understand,” he licked his lips as the scent got sweeter and alluring with every step he took. The realization struck him quietly. The person was an omega.


In (pre)heat.


“Come out of there and let’s get you home okay?” Namjoon knew how to deal with omegas, seeing as Hoseok is one, but one thing he didn’t know was how to deal with a rogue omega.


He knew he should be calling the police, but the police were filled with alphas, and it was most likely the wrong choice to do.




Namjoon knew that was coming.


“You’re an alpha.” The word was spat harshly with so much disgust and fear. It made him shiver with how strong the omega’s feeling were just through their scent.


From nearby, he could hear people — most likely alphas — growling. The boy was putting out so much scent, it must’ve travelled far. He stopped the growl forming in his throat. The feeling surprised him, the feeling of growling possessively over someone he didn’t even know. He scolded himself mentally and cleared his throat.


“Look, kid,” he gulped, “You either go with me, or alphas will come in here to get you again. Please come with me.”


He was desperate. He could save this omega. He can.


The omega turned out to be a boy, looking up at him and even in the darkness, Namjoon could see big doe eyes staring back at him. The boy stood up, limping and dizzy looking.


Namjoon gulped, not knowing what he should really be doing.


He knew this was a bad idea. His alpha was restless inside, tugging on his heartstrings and begging to be released. That wasn’t going to happen. Over the years of living with an omega, he had mastered control.


The boy finally left the shadows, and Namjoon didn’t have time to actually be mesmerized by his beauty, because the next thing he knew, the boy was fainting. Not before the words: “Please save me,” came out of his mouth.


Namjoon caught him right on time before the boy could even touch the ground and looked around cautiously. He eyed the dark streets, eyes travelling from there and to the wound and battered omega in heat in his arms. This was the most dangerous thing he has ever done, not even the time when he stopped an alpha perpetrator on the streets, playing hero.


“Fuck,” he spoke out loud in realization of the situation, fixing the omega and shrugging off his jacket, quickly draping it over the fainted omega, “I’m so getting kicked out for this.”


Would Hoseok really kick him out? Namjoon wasn’t sure.


And with that, he sauntered out on a sprint with a sleeping omega in heat in his arms. He sets up another appointment to the night, promising to take a long and nice walk under the moon next time. Without distractions. Without a fainted omega in his arms as he ran through the silent streets of the night.


As he arrived at his shared apartment with Hoseok, he laid down the bloody omega in Hoseok’s room. He couldn’t have put him inside his room. It was bad enough the boy was wary about alphas and their scent. Namjoon stared at the omega, before noticing their lips were bleeding. He hurried to get their first aid kit, looking around the omega and finding lots of wounds.


Despite everything, Namjoon wondered how the omega held up against two alphas. So he saved the question in the back of his mind for later... or for next week, depending on the boy’s heat.


Sending a quick sos text to Hoseok, Namjoon sighed as he opened the first aid kit. It was going to be a long night.



Hoseok arrived five hours later. At 6 A.M. in the morning. He barged in his own room, seeing as Namjoon was nowhere to be seen in his own room.


“I’m sorry Joonie! I didn’t see your message and I was with someone and – ”


His apologies were cut short at the sight. And what a sight they must’ve been. Namjoon had stayed up all night, despite his alpha screaming and screeching at him, watching the omega sleep disturbingly. The boy was close to a full heat, and Namjoon congratulated himself for not jumping on said omega.


He must’ve looked like hell with the way Hoseok was looking at him. And he doesn’t mind, because he was so ready to sleep everything off and probably hope that everything was just a dream.


He stared once more at the omega sleeping on Hoseok’s bed, knowing the smell would stick on the omega’s bed for weeks. He felt bad, but if the kid was to put on the couch, he would have to leave the apartment or else his alpha would be out of his control.


He sighed and turned to the man at the doorway.


His tired eyes laid on the man before him, “Please help him.”


His words must’ve snapped Hoseok out of his trance as he nodded so fast Namjoon was afraid his head would fall. Namjoon stood up, dizzy and leaned on the doorway. “I’m gonna be in my room if you need me.”


Judging by his roommate’s face, he wanted answers. But it could wait.


“Leave it to me, Joonie.”


“I trust you, Hoseokie.”


With one last look at the boy turning in his sleep, he closed the door. He faced his door and breathed in deeply before letting everything out. He’s surprised with how much control he had tonight.


Namjoon hummed, eager to finally let his alpha rest. To have full control on it again.


My Omega, it cried.


His thoughts wander back to the alleyway where he had found the omega. If it had not been him who found the boy, he would’ve been jumped again and judging from how tired and weak the omega was when he arrived, he wouldn’t have had he energy to fight back.


The thoughts of alphas touching the omega made his alpha bristle in displeasure. Another new feeling, because he’s never felt this way before about his ex.


Shaking his heads to erase the thoughts and to avoid further stressing him out, Namjoon twisted the doorknob and locked his door. He jumped on his bed, smelling his own boring scent.


But it’s as if the stench of the omega’s preheat was stuck inside his nose. Ever so slowly, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply again.


He laid down on his bed, his eyes closed. He reminded his alpha that the omega wasn’t his. Would never be his. He closed off his thoughts about anything remotely related to the sleeping omega next door.


With a restless alpha, mind, heart and body, he slept.

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When his eyes opened to the sunlight peeking through his blinds, his mind slowly processed from the sleepy daze he was in. Namjoon didn’t want a minute to process, instead, he wanted to go back to sleep. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, and was surprised at how he hadn’t messed his bedsheets. He probably hadn’t moved an inch since last night. 


Namjoon groaned as he stood up, feeling his body ache at the action. By now, he was supposed to be engulfed with his own scent, but faintly, he could smell another omega’s scent. It only proved that the events last night did happen. He happened to come across an Omega in preheat last night, and had taken him home. Namjoon probably was stiff the whole time, uncomfortable with the unfamiliar scent running around their home.


He realized that he had left Hoseok alone to take care of the boy. Namjoon scrambled to get up, not caring that he had slept in the same clothes he had worn last night. He opened the door and saw Hoseok standing in front of his own room with a frown. His omega friend was holding a tray of food, and when Hoseok heard a door open, he looked behind him.


The alpha met his eyes.


His scent was full with worry.


Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows, “What’s wrong, Seok-ah?”


“The boy won’t eat. He needs to eat for his heat,” Hoseok explained, looking back at the door tightly shut, “He won’t let me in though.”


The omega’s eyes travelled back to him. “Why don’t you do it, Joon-ah?”


His expression must be priceless, seeing the smirk come out of his best friend’s face. Namjoon shook his head quickly, “Are you crazy, Seok? I’m an alpha .”


“And I’m an omega,” Hoseok snorted. “Look, you were the only one whom he was comfortable with. He let you bring him home and tend to his wounds. He won’t even tell me his name,” The man pouted and Namjoon really doubted if he really was a man more so than a boy, “And I’m an omega .”


Distraught, Namjoon reasoned out weakly, “Aren’t omegas supposed to trust one another?”


Hoseok gave him a deadpanned look and shoved the tray to his hands. “That’s the point, Joon-ah,” he said firmly, “He doesn’t trust me.” He turned around and left the poor alpha to his own thoughts. They both knew it was a bad idea to let an unmated alpha close to an unmated omega nearing their heat. But it was the only way Hoseok could take care of the said boy, an Namjoon was more than willing to make things faster in order for everything to go back to normal.


Namjoon took a deep breath and stepped closer. He knocked on the door not too loudly and mumbled a gentle, “Hey.”


He cleared his throat when no one answered back. He kind of expected for no one to answer anyway. “I’m the alpha from last night.”




That was a good sign that the omega was awake and alive. Namjoon sighed in relief. He stared at the door. “You need to eat, okay? Open the door a bit and I’ll slide in the food. Deal?”


Once again, he doesn’t expect an answer, but the door creaking to open was enough for an answer. The door opened a bit, and Namjoon didn’t even have time to look at anything because it was all dark. Namjoon shook his head at the strong scent and quickly crouched down to slide the tray of food inside. The door quickly shut and he almost fell back to his butt, but luckily catching himself before he could.


He situated himself in front of the door, sitting down and leaning his back against the door. He heard quiet munches at the back of the door, and he smiled. The boy was seriously hungry.


“What’s your name, kid?”


Silence answered him.


Namjoon sighed because he shouldn’t have had his hopes up. He stood up and stretched, getting ready to leave. “Do you want me to get Hoseok? He’s also an omega, you can trust him,” he quieted himself before speaking again, “Two knocks for yes, one for no.” 


He lit up when he heard two knocks. He was ready to leave as he turned around in order to finally get breakfast that was cooked by none other than his roommate, Hoseok. That is, until he heard a faint whisper from the back of the door. It was so quiet, mumbled under breath even, that he had to strain his senses in order to hear it. Namjoon’s left flustered by the time he arrived at the table. Hoseok was waiting for him with a confused expression.


“What happened?”


Namjoon shrugged, his heart beating fast as he thought about the boy’s name.




“Oh, and he’s looking for you.” Namjoon said before adding, “And his name’s Jungkook.”


The smug smile that broke out on Hoseok’s face was annoying, but neither could he stop himself from smiling.


It was progress.



Namjoon, unfortunately, had things to do other than take care of an unknown omega in heat. Right after breakfast, he went straight to the cafe he had been working at. The door dings, a signal that a customer has arrived. Namjoon looked up from his phone — no, he wasn’t waiting for Hoseok’s text about Jungkook — and saw Jimin with a frown on his face. Now, seeing the beta with a frown on his face was something he still hasn’t accustomed himself with. He willed himself to stand up properly.


“What’s wrong, Jiminie?” Namjoon asked as soon as the beta stepped forward to give his order. 


Jimin sighed, “Remember when I asked you to be my friend’s blind date?”


Namjoon hated blind dates.




“Well,” Jimin huffed, and Namjoon pushed in his usual order. He knew the boy wasn’t going to end his story any time soon. “We kind of got into a fight yesterday and now he won’t answer my calls and texts. He might not show up, hyung, I’m sorry.” The beta sulked with an evident frown on his face. Namjoon groaned because he hated seeing the boy upset.


If there was one thing Jimin was afraid of, it was displeasing other people.


“It’s okay, Jimin,” he said slowly, as if talking to a child, and maybe he was, “You know I don’t really do blind dates.” He looked back from what he was doing, getting a glimpse of the beta’s reaction before turning back and focusing on the order.


“Yeah, but,” Jimin bit his lip, “I really think you two would get along.”


It took Namjoon a few minutes to reply. He neared he counter with the finished in his hands and sighed. “Once you reach him, I’ll be open to have that blind date.” There was no turning back now. Seeing the smile light up on Jimin’s face was worth it. 


“Really, hyung?”


“Yeah, yeah.” Namjoon dismissed and shoved the drink in the boy’s hold, “Now go away.”


Jimin laughed and waved, “See you around hyung!” And left.


Everything is quiet and peaceful again. Namjoon knew there won’t be any more customers for the remainder of his shift.


Time to check his phone again. He had lots of time anyway.




When Namjoon came home, the apartment reeked of Omegas. Not that Namjoon had any problem with it seeing as he’s roomies with an omega, but the stench had his alpha rolling and grumbling. He mustered up all his energy to calm himself down, taking off his shoes and going to the dining table.


There he saw the boy — Jungkook — sitting, quietly eating a homemade snack by Hoseok. He froze in his place, not knowing what to do as he felt his alpha stirring completely awake by the sweet scent the boy was giving off. The boy finally looked up, his big, innocent eyes looking straight at him that Namjoon was ready to run. For a second he smelled fear from the boy, who hesitantly moved away from him, but it completely went away when he was recognized.


“You’re the alpha from last night,” The boy softly muttered. There wasn’t any maliciousness coming from said omega, just a tad bit curiosity falling off his tongue.


“Well, technically it was early today,” Namjoon said, scratching his neck in embarrassment, “You feeling good now?” He awkwardly asked and cringed at himself. No, the omega — Jungkook — probably wasn’t feeling good due to his heat. 


He saw Jungkook nod timidly.


“Thank you for yesterday..” 


“Namjoon, Kim Namjoon,” He introduced himself, “Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself hours ago.”


Jungkook shrugged, “It’s fine. You already know my name,” then he groaned, his scent getting stronger. Namjoon stilled himself and stuck himself on the spot. As much as his alpha was screaming at him to touch the omega, he stood his ground.


The boy eyed him suspiciously, “How are you not jumping me right now?”


“Believe it or not,” he started, “I have really good control of my alpha.”


Jungkook’s eyes flashed with mischief, his voice dripping low, “Oh, do you now?”


If it hadn’t been for Hoseok coming in with the laundry then he might’ve really jumped on the boy. Hoseok stopped rambling as soon as he saw Namjoon standing. He also froze and glared at the alpha. Under the scrutiny of the omega’s face, Namjoon didn’t move. Without even sparing a glance at the other omega, Hoseok said, “Jungkook. In the room. Now.”




“Take the food with you.”


And with one last questionable look from Jungkook, the boy disappeared in his room. 


“Namjoon-ah, you should’ve told me you were coming home!” Hoseok shouted, dropping he laundry down on the floor, “You don’t know what you both could’ve done to each other. He’s still in heat!”


“I know, I know. I’m sorry.” Namjoon apologized quickly, finally letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Hoseok pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head at the alpha’s recklessness. “Did he say anything at all?”


Hoseok sighed and shook his head, “Nope, not a word. Did he talk to you?”


“A bit,” Namjoon confessed shamefully, “But nothing about himself really, or for anyone for that matter.”


“I guess we have to wait until his heat finishes. You’re so lucky he didn’t jump you.”


He’s lucky I didn’t jump him , Namjoon thought but refrained from speaking out loud. He’s surprised at how thin his patience had gone during that time. Usually he had better control of his alpha, but with that kid it seemed going awol. Ignoring his own thoughts, he asked, “Until when does his heat finishes?”


“Three days.”


Namjoon internally groaned at the information relayed to him.


Hoseok saw the way his face turned and laughed, “Think you can handle that, big alpha?” He teased.


Namjoon was already considering asking Jimin if he could stay over at theirs.


“Yeah.” He cleared his throat when his voice cracked, “I can handle it.” He confirmed.


Hoseok’s laugh rang in his ears as he laid down on his bed and thought about how the fuck he was going handle an omega in heat. 


How was he going to handle Jungkook?


His name wandered in his mind as he decided to take a nap. He was going to get screamed at when dinner time comes around, but all he could think about was;


Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook.

Chapter Text

Namjoon’s nap had turned to a full sleep. He rushed to the shower because he smelt different from usual, the omega’s scent clinging to him like actual skin. It was a bit uncomfortable, because it shouldn’t smell like hishishis and home.


He forcefully took his thoughts elsewhere. A deep and loud sigh rang through the bathroom, and he didn’t even care if the water was ice cold. Hoseok or Jungkook must have used up all the hot water.


Namjoon left the shower, drying himself as he faced his dresser. There was something missing. His eyes squinted and roamed around inside the dresser, looking for something specific.


Where the fuck was his favorite hoodie?


“Seok?” Namjoon called out.


“Yeah?” The other boy called out from the other room.


“Have you seen my favorite hoodie?”


It took Hoseok a while to reply. “What did it look like again?”


“The white one,” he spoke loudly, enough for the other to hear, “The one that had a big fish art!”


“Mm,” he heard the boy think out loud, noticing the weird reaction but ignored it, “I don’t think so, sorry Joonie.”


He sulked and closed the door after grabbing some clothes.


“Okay, thank you.” He must’ve worn it and threw it in the laundry basket already.


“Hurry up! You’ll be late for work!”


“Okay, okay.” He quickly dressed up and after, he asked, “Will you guys be okay here?”


Namjoon swore he heard Hoseok scoff. “We would be more okay if you left the damn house already!” Not wanting to anger the omega more, he went to the door.


“Okay, okay. Sheesh.” And with one last look at the locked door in front of his, he left.



you :

is he okay?


seokie :



seokie :

the boy is MIGHTY FINE


seokie :

DANDY* fine but u know how it is


you :

you’re weird


seokie :

and ure weird for jungkook wbk



can’t hear you






The door chimes, interrupting Namjoon from texting back a reply to Hoseok. Seeing Jimin’s frown for the second time this week was a bad way to start his morning. Just what the hell did his friend do again? Namjoon stood up straight and gave his award-winning smile. Hoseok always said that his dimpled smile made others smile.


And it slightly worked.


“Hi, Namjoon-hyung,” the younger one greeted with a small and tired smile.


“What would you like today, Jiminie?”


“Two black coffees. Please.” Jimin pleased and Namjoon studied his face and saw dark circles under his eyes. Namjoon shook his head and typed in a different order.


“I think tea is much suited, dont you think?”


Jimin’s eyes closed, defeated, and nodded. “Okay. Yeah. Sure.”


“How about you tell me over tea?”


Jimin looked around hesitantly, “Won’t you need to attend to the customers?”


His weakest argument: “You’re also a customer, Jimin-ah.”


At least it made him laugh. Namjoon smiled and punched in the order, taking a self note to pay for his own tea later. He turned around and started working on the tea. He saw Jimin sitting on one of the tables near the counter, head almost falling off due to lack of sleep.


Namjoon shook his head once again and quickly finished the tea. He turned to the door and knew there won’t be any customers any time soon. He carefully walked towards the table, where Jimin was already dozing off.


He sat quietly and laughed, “Your head’s going to fall off, Jiminie.”


Jimin sat up straight at his call out and shook his head, “Ah, sorry hyung. Haven’t been able to sleep well last night.”


Namjoon frowned, “What’s stressing you out? Is it your friend?”


“My friends,” Jimin corrected without hesitation, “One is missing and the other one is panicking and now I’m taking the toll of being his punching bag and it honestly sucks because he’s such a protective hyung and I-”


“Woah, slow down,” Namjoon laughed and urged the younger one to drink his tea, “Calm down and start talking again.” The other one nodded, slowly drinking his tea, cautious with it being hot and sighed.


“Like I said, my other friend won’t answer our calls and texts. My friend thinks he’s missing, and he’s really overprotective of my other friend,” the beta said solemnly, blowing on his hot tea, “He’s pressuring me to look for him, but how the hell am I gonna know where a twenty-one year old boy goes to?” Jimin sighed loudly and laid his head against the cold table top, “I’m so tired, hyuuuuung.”


That was interesting and saddening st the same time. Why didn’t Jimin ask him for help?


“Maybe I can help searching for your friend,” Namjoon said, eyeing the door as he sipped his tea, “Just tell me his name and number.”


With that said, Jimin sat up straight with a hopeful smile, “Really hyung?”


Namjoon nodded, “Of course, Jimin-ah. You can always ask me for help.”


Jimin nodded and took out his phone, “His number is ———.”


Namjoon also took out his phone and dialed in the numbers Jimin announced. He nodded as he stared at his phone, his hand hovering over the keyboard, “Okay. What’s his name?”




His hands froze.


“Jeon Jungkook.”


Namjoon stared at his phone and then stared at Jimin. He closed his phone and silently chugged all the tea down his throat, wanting nothing but to drink coffee and get everything done with. “I think I know where your friend is.”


“So fast?” Jimin was a bit concerned.


Namjoon took his coat, calling over, “Soyeon! Take over for me!”


He ignored the loud, “What?!” from the back and tugged Jimin to come along with him.


He’s finally going to get this all over with.




i found jungkook’s friend



woah really?? hurry up then, this kid is demanding AF



u like getting laid shut up






joon, he doesn’t even want me to touch him



or do anything to him for that matter



what why??



doesn’t it hurt??



he doesn’t care



he’s all about that having a special someone

with him during heats, preferably his mate



doesn’t look like he’s mated tho












stop calling me whore and bitch ))’:



and yeah okay i get you



well anyway i’m bringing his friend now, maybe he can help



don’t you have WORK



i suddenly can’t read






Namjoon and Jimin stood in front of his shared apartment with Hoseok. Before knowing and going inside, he turned to Jimin. “Okay, before you go in, please promise me you won’t freak out.” He pleaded, because he knew that it would be bad to have the beta freaking out.


Jimin glared at him. And apparently, he was also scary when he was angry and threatening.


“If I see a scratch on that boy, I’m tearing you apart, Namjoon.” Namjoon lets the name slide, not bothering to correct the younger beta. He nodded, hoping that Jungkook’s wounds had healed or else he would be skinned alive.


He breathed before knocking.


“Namjoon? You know you didn’t have to..” Hoseok’s word faded, “Knock.”


Hoseok stared down at the beta at his side.






Namjoon looked a the two with bewilderment. “You know each other?”


Hoseok glared at him as if t was the most obvious thing in history. “I’ve been telling you about Jiminie in our dance studio. You weren’t listening, were you?”


Before he answered his rightfully wrong answer, he racked up his brain to the moments Hoseok had talked about Jimin but he couldn’t recall.


Jimin spoke before he could, “Why does it smell like..” he sniffed and froze, “Heat.”


He bolted inside before any of them could move. Namjoon and Hoseok followed through, not needing to lead the beta. Hoseok did point at the door where Jungkook was inside, sitting on a stool, “Your friend’s inside. Unharmed.”


Namjoon shot a look at his friend. “Please don’t ever say those exact words ever again. You make it sound like we kidnapped Jungkook.”


Hoseok pouted but Namjoon ignored it as he watched Jimin opened the door. Namjoon made himself very conscious of the smell and the surroundings, making sure to take steps back, away from the stench. He didn’t know whether he was welcomed to see Jungkook again or he should be leaving. Hoseok’s face made him stay, however.




He stood tall with attention, “Yes, Jimin?”


The beta poked his head out of the room with an angry expression, “Why the fuck does he have bandages all over? What did you do?!”


“What did I do?!” Namjoon gasped, offended, “I didn’t do shit to him. He was already like that when I found him—” he sulked, and Jimin frowned.


“Jimin-hyung?” A small voice entered the conversation.


Jimin turned around and saw Jungkook curled to himself, looking up at him. The beta was quickly at his side, and Namjoon somehow saw how Jimin cradled Jungkook in his arms like a baby. So maybe it was cute, sue him.


“Hi, baby,” Jimin cooed, “Did Namjoon-hyung do anything to you? You can tell me.”


“HEY!” Namjoon shouted, still clearly offended. Hoseok laughed in the background, knowing that this time Jimin wasn’t serious.


Jungkook felt completely awake when he heard Namjoon’s name. Namjoon caught the slight action and looked away, hating the way his alpha purred in affection.


“Namjoon-hyung?” Namjoon almost crumbled at the name. “Namjoon-hyung saved me from other alphas, Jiminie,” The boy softly explained, his eyes lingering on his for a moment before looking back at the beta in front of him, “He would never hurt me.”


Jimin hummed meanwhile Namjoon was fighting off the heat coming to his face. Jimin glanced at him for a moment, but Namjoon could not keep the eye contact due to his embarrassment. Jimin hugged the omega and nodded, “Okay, that’s good.”


“Now, up,” Jimin told Jungkook.


“Hey, hey,” Hoseok moved closer, “You can’t take him yet.”


Jimin looked at him, “Seokjin-hyung’s worried sick. We need to get him home.” He turned back to Jungkook, who was still lying on the nest he had made, “And we can’t afford to bother your guys anymore.” Jimin said sadly, and Namjoon sighed, but he wasn’t going to let an omega in heat roam the streets. They weren’t going to make it home.


“Without getting jumped by alphas, Jiminie? That’s impossible.” Namjoon explained, looking at Hoseok for help.


Hoseok jumped in, nodding along, “Yeah, Jiminie, he’s safer here.”


“Is he really?” Jimin doesn’t look at him, doesn’t mention him. But he knew what Jimin was saying. Namjoon had certain limits, and when the dam breaks, all hell will break loose. Namjoon gulped down his fear and nodded in affirmation.


A hand touched Jimin’s hand, “I’ll be okay here, hyung.”


Jimin crouched down, looking hesitant at the idea of letting his friend stay. Namjoon understood his hesitation, seeing as having an alpha near an omega in heat was just full of bad ideas. But he could do this, he could handle it. (Hopefully).


“Are you sure, Kookie?” Jungkook nodded mutely, “Do you want me to get Jin-hyung?”


“Yes,” Jungkook said in a heartbeat. “I’ll tell him I’ll stay here until after my heat finishes.”


Jimin sighed in defeat, standing up and stretching, “Okay, I’ll call him. Meanwhile you rest, okay? Or do you want me to relieve you?”


Namjoon hated the way the blush suited Jungkook’s cheeks perfectly.


“Hyung, no.” Jungkook firmly said, embarrassed as he hid his face into the hoodie he was wearing. Speaking of hoodies— “No relieving.”


Jimin laughed, and Namjoon knew how mean that was, “Okay, okay, I know.”


Then he turned to the two of them. “I’ll just call Jin-hyung to come by and talk to Kookie.” He said and opened his phone while looking at them for permission, “Will that be okay?”


Namjoon nodded quickly, telling Hoseok to close the door quickly. Jimin laughed, closing the door simultaneously with Hoseok and left outside to go make a call. Before the door was tightly closed, he met eye to eye with Jungkook, who looked beautifully flushed as he bit his lip. It was just for a second, but Namjoon almost broke. He felt embarrassed, knowing that his patience can be worn thin. Yet Jimin didn’t look like he was going to change his mind soon so he let out a sigh of relief.


The smell was out of his system, but he couldn’t happen to forget the way Jungkook clung to his hoodie. His hoodie. His favorite hoodie. Then he remembers the other clothes that Jungkook used for nesting and froze.


He looked at Hoseok, who was busy playing on his phone innocently.


“Hey, Seok-ah..”


“Yes??” Hoseok still wasn’t looking at him. As if knowing already what he was going to ask. Goddamn that man. So that why he was doing laundry on a Friday. Wednesdays were their laundry day.


“Where’s my other laundry??”


“I don’t know? Didn’t you get them already?”


“I mean my other laundry, Seok.”


“Mmm.. have you checked your cabinet?”


Namjoon pinched the bridge of his nose at how bad Hoseok was at covering up his lie. He sat next to him, snatched his phone away.




“Why is Jungkook nesting with my clothes, with my favorite hoodie?”


Hoseok whined, “Look, the boy begged to have your clothes okay? They smelt nicer and calmer, he said.”


Now, Namjoon couldn’t fight off the blush rushing through his face, “Did he really?”


The omega laughed and stole his phone back, “You sound happy with that news.”


“I do not!” Namjoon weakly and quietly protested, eyeing the room while hoping that Jungkook hadn’t heard the conversation. He doesn’t hear a thing inside the room, which was both good and bad.


“You totally do!” Hoseok teased, grinning smugly.


Namjoon was saved from a bad teasing when Jimin entered once again.


“Jin-hyung will be here in an hour, maybe an hour and a half since he got caught up with something,” Jimin said, sitting in between them and grinning. “In the meantime, what do you guys want to do?”


“Movie marathon..?” Namjoon suggested silently.






And now they wait.


As they watched a film, he tried to focus on the movie and not how far the blush would go down if the boy blushed once again, not how those soft-looking lips would feel against his, not how the other's flushed skin would feel against his cold skin. Namjoon frowned, his alpha stirring inside him.


That was not good. 








Chapter Text

Seokjin-hyung isn’t exactly what he thought of. Namjoon didn’t say it out loud, but he thought Seokjin-hyung was easy to anger and really scary. But he wasn’t, instead, he was at ease with the older beta being there. Seokjin had stared him down when he opened the door, probably noticing his Alpha scent and barged inside without consent. Outside, he wasn’t fazed, but his Alpha was growling menacingly. He did not like this Seokjin-hyung character. For now.


Seokjin went straight to Jungkook’s room and locked the door behind.


So they wait once again.


Namjoon was a bit uneasy. Too many unfamiliar people were in his home, not only that, they kept interacting with Jungkook, his Omega.


Quickly squashing down the unpleasant thoughts, he tried to calm down, not wanting to look and smell threatening. Omegas could smell it, so Hoseok definitely caught a whiff of danger lingering his scent. To Jimin, however, it wasn’t noticeable since Betas couldn’t really smell that much.


Thank god for that.


A deep breath did the trick.


Once everything was cleared, Seokjin went outside and sighed begrudgingly as he looked at him, “Thank you for saving Kookie from the alphas,” he had murmured and paused, “He told me to trust the both of you, and I will.” There was something left unspoken.


But I will castrate you if anything bad happens to Kookie or if any of you touches him without his consent .


Namjoon gulped at the silent threat hanging in the air, but Jimin had laugh it off and explained why he should trust them. His alpha was stirring inside with uneasiness due to the Beta acting like an alpha. In his household. But he withdrew the feeling and nodded.


“He’ll be fine here. We’ll take care of him.”


And just like that, Seokjin smiled. But it’s cynical and creepy that Namjoon almost growled. He doesn’t like being threatened, hell, all alphas didn’t like it when someone was feeling all high and mighty with them. Once again, he swallowed everything and took control.


“Will you now?”


He hated how he sounded like Jimin a few hours ago. Yet, he nodded in confirmation, fully confident on what he had said. Whatever Jin was implying, he wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t touch the damn boy without consent. 


The man seemed satisfied and smiled happily. The overwhelming scent had disappeared and everything had gone back to normal like a flash. Namjoon blinked. 


“Is everyone up for dinner?”


Hoseok jumped and nodded frantically, “Yes, please!”


Seokjin laughed and grabbed along Jimin, telling him to help him get the ingredients he had bought in order to make Jungkook’s favorite dish. It’s ramyeon. He should’ve known. Hoseok nudged him so he looked towards him.


“He’s scary, huh,” The omega commented.


Namjoon shrugged and looked back at the door, “When he wants to be, I guess.”


The omega laughed, “I could smell your pheromones. You were feeling threatened, by a Beta!” 


Namjoon looked back and growled, “Shut up, he was being cocky like Jimin. Why do everyone think of alphas the worst?” He said, frustrated. The omega jumped out of his seat, hearing the nearing footsteps of their guests. 


“Don’t worry, Joon, you’re probably the best alpha in the world,” the older teased and Namjoon decided to tease back.


The omega was already walking off when he snorted, “I don’t think that’s what you said to your alpha a day ago.”


Hoseok stopped in his tracks and looked back with a glare. Now, Namjoon hated it when Hoseok got mad for two reasons. First; you’ll feel the absolute worst because of guilt, and two; he would stop talking to you and just glare at you. It’s scary, although Hoseok didn’t seem to be intimidating— he is. Namjoon wasn’t easily intimidated, but Hoseok seemed to do the trick.


An unspoken rule between them was to never mention their Worth It hookups as they like to call it. Maybe occasionally making fun of them, if worth their time. Namjoon hadn’t seen Hoseok be so sensitive about his hook-up. 


And with the way Hoseok was looking at him, Namjoon already knew.


“Is Hoseokie in love?” Namjoon teased, hooking his arm around Hoseok. “Was he that good?”


“Please shut up,” Hoseok mumbled, frowning and Namjoon knew it may have not gone good; the Morning After.


It’s a cycle. Hoseok hooks up, gets attached too easily, and it’s bad the Morning After. Namjoon frowned because he hated it when his friend gets hurt, especially from his hook ups, but it’s unavoidable. Hoseok doesn’t necessarily attach himself all the time, it just happens. 


“Was he a Worth It?” He whispered underneath his breath.


Hoseok nodded, groaning, “Definitely,” then he snorted, “He was a dick the Morning After though.” 


“Maybe he just can’t decipher the reality of having a beautiful omega in his bed,” Namjoon said with a grin, watching as Hoseok laughed. It was times like this that Namjoon had a goal in mind: to make Hoseok happy, even for just a bit. The thought of the alpha being snappy towards Hoseok had rumbled his alpha in its sleep. Though it’s not really evident on him, he was protective, especially towards his close friends.


“Decipher,” Hoseok repeated and snorted a laugh, “Only you would use that word in broad daylight.”


“Oh, shut up,” Namjoon scoffed.


“Yeah, yeah, dorky alpha,” Hoseok said with a teasing grin, “We need the monster to be unleashed because we’re going clubbing after the Jungkook situation.”


Namjoon stared at the omega. “For the love of god, shut your mouth Hobi and don’t ever use those words.”


Hoseok laughed. 



Namjoon was going to kill Hoseok.


He had left a note saying he was out for errands, and perhaps a miracle hook up since apparently the alpha who had been rude to him asked him out for coffee to apologize. Hoseok, charmed and attached, went out willingly. At least he left breakfast for them.

Now, Namjoon was stuck in the apartment with an omega in heat. 


It’s going well so far.


That is until Jungkook left the room and the whole apartment stinked.


When he heard Jungkook’s door open, he stilled. He was in the middle of reading when he smelled Jungkook’s scent around the house. The scent is absolutely refreshing to his alpha. It’s of banana milk and peaches. It wasn’t as strong as yesterday, seeing as the heat was starting to fade and Jungkook was starting to get less needy.




He sighed and looked up, seeing the boy tucked in another of his hoodies and a pillow crushed close to his chest.


“I’m hungry.”


Namjoon blinked out of his haze, and realized what has been said. He quickly stood up, “Oh, sorry sorry. Seok-ah left breakfast for us. I was waiting for you to wake up.”


He ignored the red blotchy cheeks of the boy.


“You didn’t have to,” Jungkook softly said, sitting on the opposite side as he pushed over his plate, “I could’ve eaten alone.”


Namjoon brushed it off, “Nonsense, I can take it.”


And he could. Maybe.


Jungkook stared at him long and hard before nodding and agreeing, “Okay.” 


If you say so , was unspoken.


But there wasn’t any hint of doubt in his words. It was like he had fully trusted Namjoon and his self-control.


Which was bad.


Real bad.


Namjoon gulped everything down and tried for a smile. “Let’s eat.”


The pillow which was what Jungkook was carrying was put down on the seat next to him.


They ate in silence, it’s awkward and annoying. Every time Namjoon would look at the kid, the boy would pretend that he wasn’t looking already. He wondered if something may have gotten on his face, but the other wouldn’t really speak about it.


Desperate to break the ice, he asked, “So, uh, you’re in a decent headspace for now, right?”


“For now,” Jungkook shortly replied, nodding as he focused too hard on his breakfast.


Namjoon hummed, “What do you study?”


Jungkook looked up, big doe eyes staring straight back at him. It gets him uncomfortable.


“Dancing major and minor in music production.” Jungkook quietly said, shoving another spoonful of food in his mouth. Namjoon hummed again. He tried not to think about Jungkook’s figure and how it was perfect for dancing, and music production? Hot as hell. Maybe he should get back to producing music too. He had missed that.


Jungkook’s eyes were still on him.


“And you?”




“Uh, well,” Namjoon laughed, “I studied Engineering actually, but never really liked it. For now I’m just a barista.”


Jungkook whiffed, “So that’s why you always smell like coffee,” and he sniffed again then looked down, he doesn’t say anything. Namjoon have always wondered what was his scent. It varies to other people, so he wondered what Jungkook had smelled on him excluding the coffee mixes.




Jungkook looked up. “And?”


Namjoon shrugged and leaned back to his chair. “What do I smell like besides coffee?”


Jungkook’s face lit up, before shrugging also. Namjoon pushed back the laughs bubbling in him. The boy was just too damn cute for his own good. He was too transparent.


“Something burnt, like ashes.” the boy had muttered under his breath.


Namjoon tilted his head, not hearing what Jungkook said. “Please repeat it, I didn’t -”


“I-I said something burnt, like ashes.” Jungkook said quickly, flushing, biting his lip from saying, like My Alpha.


Namjoon was surprised. It was the first time he had heard that. Hoseok couldn’t really care less about his scent, so he never asked. “Doesn’t that smell displeasing though?” Because ashes might not be the most attractive thing to smell.


Jungkook shook his head, eyes peeking underneath his lashes, “It’s very comforting. To me, at least.”


Speechless and embarrassed, Namjoon looked away. God, the boy’s straightforwardness might just kill him one day. He was too honest, too transparent. Jungkook’s innocent eyes cling on him, following his every movement. The way Jungkook said it didn’t bother him, but it definitely did something to his alpha now rumbling and purring with pleasantry.


They finished eating without one of them talking.


Namjoon gathered up the plates and put them in the sink. He rolled up his sleeves, planning to wash the dishes. It’s quiet and Namjoon even thought that maybe Jungkook had already went back to his room.


“Can I smell you?”


He jolted in his place, and was lucky that he wasn’t holding any plates or else he’d have to face Hoseok’s wrath for a day. The man loved his plates way too much.


Namjoon looked back, seeing the omega go shy under his gaze. After being bold enough to ask such a question, Namjoon wondered what the fuck went through the omega’s mind. Though, he must give a definite answer and not keep the hopeful omega waiting.


“No, Jungkook,” he said, trying to be intimidating, but his voice sounded a bit strained, “You know that’s dangerous.”


Jungkook pouted and Namjoon did not stare at his lips at all.


“I just want to smell you,” he whined, “We’re not going to scent mark each other.”


Namjoon pinched the bridge of his nose, not caring is his glasses were getting wet. “It’s dangerous, Jungkook.” He now felt the neediness of the omega. He was slightly panicking inside, not knowing whether he could handle this or call for Hoseok’s help. The latter seemed more logical.


“You already have my hoodie,” And my clothes, Namjoon thought, casting a side glance towards the needy omega. The boy shook his head and looked at the hoodie he was wearing with a frown. Namjoon could almost think he was really genuine.


“It doesn’t smell like you anymore.”


He hated how he was affected by those words.




Namjoon was done for. He could resist Jimin’s and Taehyung’s puppy eyes, but Jungkook was a different story. He was too cute, too pitiful and looked so sad. Namjoon looked away and breathed deeply. 


He was defeated.


“Just this once,” Namjoon said, tired with the war going inside him. He wiped his wet hands and sat on his chair again. “No imprinting though, okay?”


He heard Jungkook mutter, and he was sure it sounded something like:


“If you can control yourself.”


Ugh, he was going to regret this.


Jungkook hasn’t moved an inch.


Namjoon sighed in irritation and opened his arms, “Come on, now. Let's get this over with.” The boy looked delighted with his words and scurried over him. He had expected a small hug, but the boy hooked his legs on the other side and sat on his lap.


He could only stare at the boy in front of him, straddling him. He froze, not knowing where to put his hands. With how close they were, Namjoon could smell the heat starting to take over. He refrained himself from growling and demanded Jungkook to smell him already. Jungkook had laughed and nodded at his so-called eagerness. Eager to finish it, yeah.


Jungkook leaked his face to his neck, sniffing deeply. Namjoon coughed, his arms dangling at his sides. Suddenly, his arms were caught and was placed on Jungkook’s waist. “Jungkook- ”


The boy turned his face up at him, eyes closed as he let out a hum, “You can smell me too, you know.”


He hesitated, but with the way his alpha was practically roaring at him to do so. He was sure he could keep control. Just a small whiff. He could do that.


“Just this once.”


Jungkook’s eyes opened and he smiled, as if in a daze, “Just this once.”


His hands tightened their grip on his waist as he cranes his neck to smell the other. And oh god, did he smell good. It was heaven . The smell of heat was faint, but definitely added to his mixture of banana milk and peaches. It was a weird combination, but soothing. Something he never thought could happen seeing as coffee and tea were mostly the ones that could only ever make him comfortable.


Namjoon sniffed. And again. And again. And again .


The omega already smelled like him; his alpha was purring in delight. The thought of making the omega his never sounded so appealing until this moment. He fought off the growl growing in his throat when the boy shivered as he accidentally touched his bonding gland. 


That seemed like a delicious idea: marking the omega everywhere.


When he felt Jungkook nuzzle his neck, he had regained consciousness. In a flash, Namjoon pushed the omega on the table, trapping him as he held his hands up beside his head. 


The omega didn’t seem too bothered by getting pinned down and had only whimpered with his glazed and hooded eyes. Namjoon pushed off the thoughts of how he looked good right then and there. He shook his head and glared, despite his eyes were also hooded and laced with lust.


He leaned in, growling softly. “Jungkook, go back to the room. Now.”


“But- ”


“You’re testing my patience.”


“I’m- ”


Jungkook. Room. Now .” 


The boy slid off away from him, grabbed his pillow and with one last look he muttered a small, rushed, “thank you for the food,” and ran away to his room. Namjoon fell on his chair, pushing up his glasses and rubbing his face tiredly. He felt guilty using his Alpha voice on the kid, but he was about to lose control and maybe his dignity if he hadn’t.


He smelled himself and groaned. He smelled exactly like Jungkook and a faint of his own smell. 


Hoseok was going to kill him.


Time to take a shower.



Hoseok didn’t kill him. And neither did their scent faded out with the water. 


Hoseok had come home smelling of strong ginger ale— most probably the smell of the alpha — and of sex. He was shining bright with his smile on point. Namjoon didn’t have to ask why he acted that way, though he did become curious about the After. 


“Look who’s going to have another date,” Hoseok sang, shaking his phone in his hand with a big grin, “It’s me!”


Namjoon was a bit shocked at the news, but it quickly disappeared as he smiled for his friend. Hoseok seemed genuinely happy and that was more important. “You scored a date with him? He wasn’t too cranky after sex?”


“He was really shy,” Hoseok said, looking at his phone, “He’s so quiet and cute. Like a cat.” Namjoon snorted as he was glared at. “It’s true!”


“Just glad he didn’t kick you out like last time.”


“He asked me to stay the night, but I couldn’t leave you two alone. Looks like I regret it a bit.”


Namjoon slowly looked at him. “You smell it huh.”


Hoseok grinned maliciously, “You mean both of your hormones in here? It stinks.”


“Oh my god,” Namjoon wailed in despair, putting his face in his hands, “I swear I didn’t touch him, well I did , but not in a violating way. He just smelled really good, and my alpha couldn’t take it. He almost even presented to me! God, I’m so stupid, but I swear he’s okay and please don’t tell Jin-hyung or Jiminie, they’ll kill me, oh fuck —”


“Calm down!” Hoseok said, laughing as he grabbed his shoulders. “We knew it was going to happen anytime soon anyway.”


“What do you mean?” Namjoon croaked, closing his eyes.


“Oh come on,” Hoseok said, rolling his eyes, “You two look at each other with so much sexual tension. It’s disgusting, really.”


“I don’t like the kid.” and he’s in heat, Namjoon wanted to say but only narrowed his eyes towards his friend, focusing on the omega next to him. His friend laughed once again and suddenly Namjoon hated how bright Hoseok was today. After Sex Hoseok was sometimes good and sometimes bad, depending on the situation. 


Hoseok shrugged as he typed in his phone, “Didn’t say you liked the kid. Maybe attracted is the right word.”


“Sexually attracted?” Namjoon added, sighing.


“You tell me. Is it only about sex?”


Namjoon huffed, “Shut up.”


“We’re totally going clubbing after this, and you’re going to find someone to hook up with.”


He doesn’t say anything, doesn’t tell Hoseok that ‘hooking up’ with a stranger was less appealing now that his alpha was only focused on one omega. He breathed deeply in order to calm himself, opting to go for a stroll, praying that he would actually have the patience and control not to claim the omega.


“Don’t forget to buy lunch!”


Namjoon grunted and walked away. 


Why was he even attracted to Jungkook? He wasn’t like this towards other omegas before, what’s so different about the boy? Why was his alpha so damn attached? He had mastered his control and suddenly this omega boy comes around and breaks everything he built.


Namjoon sighed and looked up at the sky.


He was fucked. 


He knew he had imprinted on the Omega already.

Chapter Text

“That’s right,” a voice cooed from behind him, “Take what you want, Omega, my Omega.” The voice turned into growling and grunting.


“Jungkook,” the voice said, “Come.”


“A-Alpha..” Jungkook moaned and laid spent on the bed, heaving and panting loudly. He hadn’t expected the man to give in, and what an experience that was. Jungkook bit his lip as another wave of heat hit him. The Alpha smelled delicious, strong, safe that he couldn’t help burying his face further into his scent gland.


Being in his arms felt right, and Jungkook wanted more.


He wished the Alpha also wanted him.


The conversation outside continued on, and he was opting to ignore it, but heard Namjoon’s voice and focused on it.


Jungkook curled himself closer in the sheets around him. He had heard the other two’s conversation. The thought of his— his? —Namjoon-hyung being with someone else made his heart tighten a bit. He brought the pillow— Namjoon’s pillow — closer to him as he let himself be flooded with the only scent he has known— Namjoon.



The next day, his heat is already fading and coming to its end. Jungkook was a lot calmer today as he stared at the ceiling that had become very familiar to him. He had already set his mind that he wasn’t going to step foot outside the room, seeing as Namjoon apparently didn’t like him, and he knew exactly why it hurt.


Jungkook sighed and clenched the sheets and pillows to his chest. It hurt. It already felt like rejection. He bit his lip, trying to calm down his rapidly beating heart.


A knock shook him out of his own thoughts. His head peeked up from the messy sheets, clothes, and pillows from his nesting.


“Come in,” he croaked, throat dry from the lack of hydration. He hadn’t gotten the chance to drink yesterday. A deep sigh came out his mouth unexpectedly when he saw that it was Hoseok. The other omega rose an eyebrow, a teasing smirk planted firmly on his lips.


“Good morning, Jungkook,” it was always pleasant with Hoseok, “I have work today, so it’ll just be you and Joonie in the apartment today. So if you need to go out, please make sure Namjoon’s not out too, though-”


Jungkook flushed in shame and embarrassment. Of course Hoseok knew, their scents were enough of an evidence. That must’ve been so embarrassing for the Alpha, no wonder it had been so quiet during lunch yesterday. Without realizing he had been deep in his thoughts and with Hoseok watching, he cleared his throat.


“I’m sorry,” he said in his hoarse voice, throat restricting in pain. Hoseok was quick to hand him a glass of water, in which he acknowledged and thanked with a nod and a smile. “I didn’t mean to cause any problems with your mate.” He doesn’t know where that came from, but it had been circling his mind for days.


Hoseok stared at him and laughed out loud. What?


After calming down, Hoseok wiped the tears at the edge of his eyes, as he breathed slowly. “Namjoon is not my mate.”


If Hoseok noticed his sigh of relief and that his scent was full of happy, comfort, relief, happyhappyhappy, and that his scent was overly sweet, he didn’t mention it. But he did smirk smugly, and it seemed Jungkook kept getting embarrassed only further.


“I know it’s weird for an unmated Omega and an unmated Alpha to be living in one place and not get mated with each other, but believe me, I’ve tried,” Hoseok said with a smile, “That man is oblivious as hell and I’ve realized that I’m not really that attracted to him, also he’s not attracted to me.” He shrugged nonchalantly.


Jungkook wet his lips, clearing his throat, “H-How about your..”


Hoseok grinned, “Our cycles? My Omega isn’t attracted to Namjoon’s smell,” he wrinkled his nose teasingly, but Jungkook was overcome with the urge to defend the Alpha — his Alpha. “And Namjoon is a gentleman, he gets out of his way to schedule our cycles and goes to a hotel whenever he’s in a rut or I’m in heat.”


Hearing all of this brought a sudden a warmth in his heart. If Hoseok won’t shut up about Namjoon, he might just fall in love through and through.


“But.. he’s not mad at me right?” There were sadness, disappointment, badbadbadomega, and fear evident in his tone. Jungkook couldn’t help it; he may have fucked up his chances due to yesterday’s scene.


“No,” Hoseok said quickly, smiling gently at him, “I’ve never seen that man get mad. I bet he’s just avoiding you so he won’t sport a boner.”


HYUNG!” the scandalized voice was high and squeaky as Jungkook glared witheringly at the other Omega, who was enjoying it too much for his sake.


“Sorry,” Hoseok said without actual remorse, “It’s the truth though.”


“Shut up.”


“Now,” Hoseok spoke quietly and scarily calm, “Since you’re obviously attracted to Namjoon-ah,” Jungkook can’t seem to have a rest from making his face look like a damn tomato, “Just be careful, okay? Especially now since you’re in heat.”


Jungkook took a moment to sink it all in. The man was lecturing him after the episode yesterday, so he nodded dumbly. He was right— he couldn’t risk getting pregnant just because he had a crush and a huge attraction towards the Alpha. Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows at him, making him wonder what was wrong.

“I’m serious, Jungkook,” Hoseok lamented, “Please be careful.”


Jungkook pursed his lips. Yes, he knew. He kept nodding. “I know.” He repeated out loud for the other and older Omega.


Hoseok seemed satisfied, but there was still doubt dancing around in his eyes. Jungkook doesn’t blame him, an Omega in heat can be dangerous. “Stay here, I’ll give you your breakfast. Also if you see Namjoon go near the kitchen, shout and tell him to step away from my precious kitchen or else he’s dead, alright?”


Jungkook was confused, “You told me to be careful though?” The statement ended up being a question.


Hoseok rose an amused eyebrow. “I didn’t tell you to avoid him though.”


“That’s the same thing.”




“Yes, it is!”


“He’s good at keeping his alpha in control unless you provoke him,” is what Hoseok gave him as an explanation, sending him another amused look before fetching his breakfast of today. The door closed and Jungkook stared at it for some more.


He startled when a knock came out of nowhere. It definitely wasn’t Hoseok.


“Uh,” he heard his Alpha say, and he tried not to laugh at how awkward the Alpha was, “Jimin’s asking if you’re doing okay? Do you want him to come visit here?”


“He can visit me, heat’s mostly done anyway.”


There was silence, and he didn’t hear the other reply. Jungkook frowned, scared that the Alpha was still mad at him because of yesterday despite Hoseok’s encouragement.


One minute in and- “You’re okay, right?”


Jungkook cursed at how his heart started beating faster. He could smell the Alpha faintly on the other side of the door. It was full of worry and affection. He wanted to roll on his scent seeing as the sheets and clothes in his nest didn’t smell like the other man anymore.


His scent helped calming down an agonizing and slow heat which he was really thankful for. Though it was still embarrassing to think he had pleasured himself during heat with the man’s scent straight to his nose. To think that he’s had fantasies of the Alpha mounting him — taking him then and there.


The Omega bit his lip in order to stop the moan as he rutted on the sheets.


“I-I’m okay.”


“You sure?” God, his voice was sexy as fuck.


Jungkook didn’t know why he nodded, “Y-Yes!” He reached to his backside, slick already dripping down his legs, “I-I’m sure!”


“Namjoon? Get out!” He heard Hoseok, but didn’t stop his ministrations, fingers rapidly being pushed inside as he thrusted his hips. Now he couldn’t help but moan out.


“I didn’t even go in!”


“Don’t even go near this door, you understand?”


There was lots of shuffling and finally came to a quietness. Hoseok knocked. “I’ll leave the breakfast here okay?”


Jungkook didn’t answer, he didn’t have to. He was too busy focusing on his fingers and the need to have a knot inside him. Whenever he was reminded of a knot, he’s always reduced to begging and the urge to pull the Alpha inside here— inside him— only grew.





Jungkook was hungry. He had already eaten breakfast, and it was now time for lunch despite being a bit late: 1:45PM. Jungkook stared at his phone, trying to ignore the cracked screen which was due to the fight with the other Alphas. He liked taking care of his own things, so he was quite mad and frankly, quite traumatized.

He wondered what would have happened if it weren’t for Namjoon rescuing him. But he didn’t want to talk or even think about the possible scenarios that could have happened. Jungkook was really thankful for his knight in shining armor.


He had also heard of what Namjoon had done for him when the Alpha brought him into his home. Usually, Alphas are territorial, they hated unfamiliar scents at their place. Namjoon had somehow gotten over that just to help him, and had even surprised him even more when the Alpha had stayed next to him despite him going into heat.


Jungkook sighed dreamily. Any omega would’ve swooned with Namjoon.


Shaking his head from such thoughts, he focused on his phone and decided an online delivery from McDonald’s wouldn’t hurt. For a while, he stared at his phone.


Right. He didn’t know their address.


Contemplating, his brain worked its gears, but finally, his stomach roared in hunger. Sighing, he stood up and slowly went in front of the door, hesitating. Nothing bad would happen, right?


With a deep breath, he opened the door moderately, just enough for him to peek his head out. From his perspective, he could see Namjoon reading again, occasionally fixing his glasses that kept slipping off. His scent must’ve wafted its way through the apartment because Namjoon was looking at him straight on.


He gulped.


“U-Um,” he licked his lips in nervousness, looking down because he couldn’t look into those eyes and not think of any dirty thoughts, “W-What’s your address? I-I will.. order a-a delivery.”


Why was he even stuttering?


The Alpha’s stare and scent was too much at once.


The hardness in the Alpha’s gaze dissolved into a gentle stare. A smile slowly worked its way on his face. He took off his glasses swiftly and he should have not seen that action to be hot.


“I’ll order for you, what do you want?” Namjoon took his phone out from his pocket while still looking at him.


Jungkook’s eyes widened, “You don’t have to—!”


“I want to.”


Jungkook gulped again, noticing how Namjoon’s eyes dropped from his eyes to his throat. “J-Just a Burger McDo, please, thank you.” He hurried out of his mouth and slammed the door shut. That was probably disrespectful, but now wasn’t the time to think about that, not when Namjoon looked at him like that.


Gathering his bearings and thoughts, he plopped down on his bed and breathed in the faint scent of Alpha on the pillow. He decided to doze off, dreaming of the same Alpha he wants to be his.


When he finally came to, it’s because of the door bell ringing. He opened his door and saw no Namjoon in sight.


“Uh.. Namjoon-hyung?”


No answer.


Then he looked at the bathroom. He could hear the indistinct sound of the shower, the water dripping and hitting the wall. Jungkook frowned as the doorbell rang once again. He moved closer to the bathroom door that was slightly opened, ready to knock but heard something he never thought he would ever hear.


Namjoon was moaning.


Jungkook flushed.


Then, it halted.




Jungkook choked on air and cursed inwardly at how strong his scent was. “N-Namjoon-hyung! The delivery is here! I’ll go get it!”


“Wait! Jungkook, no!”


Jungkook wasted no time to hurry to the front door.


He opened it and almost staggered back at the scent of another Alpha.


“McDonald’s Delivery.” The man grunted and pushed the delivery he ordered to him. Even with the cap hindering him from seeing his face, Jungkook could feel the man’s eyes on him, raking up and down appreciatively. Jungkook scowled and quickly took the plastic in his hands.


“Money?” The man showed his palm out and grinned wolfishly. “But I can take another sort of—”


The alpha didn’t even get to finish his sentence because the money was slammed in his hands and furious growling was heard behind him. It was both threatening and scary, it even made Jungkook tense up despite not being the one which the growls were directed at.


Stay. Away. From. My. Omega.” Namjoon slammed the door so hard that Jungkook flinched. The other alpha looked horrified and straight out terrified. Jungkook didn’t know he could be that scary, and yet here he was now, not bothering to look back due to the fear tickling his scent.


Namjoon moved closer, his breath fanning his neck, making him shiver. He could feel droplets of water on his shoulder but still didn’t budge.


“Not gonna hurt you, Omega,” Namjoon grumbled, “Go eat.”


When Jungkook felt Namjoon moving away, he finally turned around but regretted that decision. Namjoon was… half-naked and wet, with a towel hanging on his waist and another on his shoulders. Jungkook put all his strength not to ogle at the man in front of him, but found himself failing as he stared at the man’s back.




Jungkook knew his scent spiked lust because Namjoon tensed in his position just as he was about to dry his hair.


Namjoon sneaked a look at him and softly growled, “Omega.”


Jungkook took a sharp intake of breath and with haste, he ran towards his room, shouting, “THANK YOU, ALPHA!”


He leaned on the door, trying to support himself but only slid down to the ground as he felt his knees weaken.


Oh shit. Jungkook’s eyes flew open.


Did he just call me his Omega?




He was screwed.

Chapter Text

That night, Jimin arrived with a packed sling bag, staring at him with his neck craned upwards, “I’m spending the night with Kookie.” And that was it.


He was shoved past, and he growled. The Beta looked unamused, muttering a small “sorry” before going on his merry way to Jungkook’s room.


He let it be, ignoring the dull sting of jealousy inside of him


He shouldn’t be jealous.




Jungkook smelled Jimin as soon as he walked inside the apartment. Jimin might be a Beta but he had the sweetest scent Jungkook had ever known, though of course he much preferred his Alpha’s. An acquired taste.


Even though he was glad for his best friend visiting him and making sure he’s okay, he still felt panicky. It has been five hours since his last encounter with Namjoon, which had resulted to Namjoon calling him his Omega and him calling Namjoon Alpha . Jungkook sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time.


Jimin shot him a look that meant he couldn’t escape the questions.


“What’s wrong?”


Jungkook bit his lip. Might as well spit it out. “I like Namjoon-hyung.”


It seemed like Jimin wasn’t expecting it, but had quickly gotten over the shock, giving him a smug grin. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes meaning he was going to play dumb.


“Everyone likes Joonie-hyung,” Jimin made sure to use the nickname, watching in amusement when the younger Omega’s scent was hinted with slight jealousy, “I mean, look at him.”


Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows together, trying to know what the older Beta was playing at. It was bad enough that he felt slightly jealous already, because Jimin seemed so casual with the Alpha- his Alpha. Conjuring up a deep breath, he pouted towards the Beta. “Yeah, yeah, I know.”


Jimin rolled his eyes, then his face contorted into something serious.


“It’s only been a week,” Jimin said as if he was talking to a child, Jungkook hated it when the older man became like this, “You don’t know if you really like him.”


Jungkook glared.


“My Omega is craving him.”


“Heat effects.” Jimin answered back.


“You know that’s wrong,” Jungkook frowned deeply, “Even if I was in a heat daze and begging, I can still know if the Alpha seems… wrong .”


Jimin sighed, “And Namjoon-hyung feels right?”


Jungkook blushed and looked down, nodding.


Jimin pursed his lips, silently unwrapping a lollipop and shoving it in his mouth. He shouldn’t say things that will hurt the Omega, but he has one theory though it’s more likely a myth.


The Beta shrugged, “Did you know he was supposed to be your blind date?”


Jungkook shot up with wide eyes and Jimin seemed unnerved to have the attention all to himself. Jungkook’s face continued to be red, hope radiating both from his aura and scent. Jimin had missed this.


“R-Really?” Jungkook was shy all of a sudden, and Jimin would’ve fallen for it if it weren’t for Jungkook’s recent match in boxing and the fact that he took out three alphas while in preheat. The boy was a wildcard indeed.


With a soft smile, he nodded. When he saw how comfortable and how close the Omega was from dozing off in happiness, he was about to ask something but was interrupted with a knock on the door. 


“Jimin-ah, Kook-ah,” Jimin rolled his eyes as the Omega flushed at the nickname, “There’s dinner here. Hoseok made it.”

Jimin turned to the Omega next to him, whispering quietly so as to not be heard by the Alpha outside, “Your heat’s almost fading right?” Jungkook nodded. “Well, let’s join dinner.” At that, Jungkook pulled back his wrist when Jimin insisted.


“That’s dangerous, hyung!” Jungkook shouted in an angry whisper.


“Your heat is practically gone, and don’t tell me you want to miss out on having dinner with Namjoon?” Jungkook frowned, seeming to think over the idea seriously. Due to his heat, all their encounters have either been full with sexual tension or separated with closed doors. Jungkook felt a bit bad.


“Fine, but once I feel dizzy, I’m leaving.”


“Oh, you don’t have to. Just tell me and I’ll drag you back here even if you beg for Namjoon’s knot.”


Please shut up, hyung.”


Dinner was… awkward, mostly because Jungkook didn’t know how to act around the Alpha without getting turned on. Curse his heat, really. He would’ve liked a normal blind date like what Jimin had in mind, even though he was quite against it. 


“So,” Hoseok cleared his throat which made the attention brought to him, “How do you feel now that you’re about to leave this shitty apartment?” He was teasing and Jungkook laughed. To be really honest, he knew he would miss this place.


“I’ll miss this place,” Jungkook said without any other explanation, “But I do miss home too.”


The conversations start from there. Jungkook kept stealing glances towards the Alpha, who seemed far off and uncharacteristically quiet, too quiet. The Omega frowned and looked down at the food, appetite lost due to frustration and sadness. The Alpha’s eyes dawned on him for a while before turning. The look was unreadable and it only made Jungkook even more melancholic. 


Once they were done, Jimin was the first to retire from the dinner table, going straight to his room. Jungkook, however, tried to help Hoseok cleaning the dishes, just to pay back the kindness but the man told him off. Jungkook sighed and on the way to his room, he bumped onto Namjoon.


Namjoon held him before he even had the chance to be out of balance and fall on his ass. The Omega gulped loudly, disregarding the way his heart was thumping loudly and fast. Jungkook hoped the older man didn’t hear it. 


“Jungkook-ah,” Namjoon breathed nervously, he didn’t even take notice at how his thumb is caressing the Omega’s hand. Jungkook’s breath hitched. “I’m sorry for using my Alpha voice on you. I know I did it more than once already, but I couldn’t help it, I just felt really protective especially when that pervert delivery man came and-”


Jungkook preened under the touch and because of the words being spoken of his Alpha. The thought of the Alpha being protective and possessive was.. kind of nice.


“-and I know you were only pressured to call me Alpha because I called you Omega and we might have imprinted on each other, and I’m sorry-”


On a second thought, his Alpha was dumb .


Huffing, Jungkook stood on his tiptoes, leaning closer and closer to the Alpha. Ignoring his ramblings, Jungkook put a chaste kiss on the other’s ips. The Alpha stood frozen, not knowing what to do. With a roll of his eyes, Jungkook led the Alpha’s hands to his waist and pushed the kiss deeper.


His Alpha kissed back.


Happiness rolled off of him like a tidal wave, and he couldn’t help but pull himself closer as he wrapped his arms around the Alpha. Suddenly, the kiss was broken apart and he could see Namjoon struggling.


“W-We can’t do this.” 


Jungkook could hear his heart break as the man left, going into his room and vanishing.


With dejected and rejected feelings, Jungkook went inside his room reluctantly. Jimin took one look, and he broke like a dam. Jimin rushed to his side, asking what was wrong. Jungkook tried spewing out words but the only actual thing that made sense were: “Joon...doesn’t like me.”


Jimin looked ready to murder Namjoon, but stayed with the Omega. 


The sobs have finally subsided with Jimin shushing and cooing at him with encouragement and an occasional, “Fuck Namjoon-hyung and his Alpha ass.”


“Tell me a story,” Jungkook mumbled.


Jimin laid down next to him because Jungkook loved his cuddles.


“You know that story our parents always tell us? That we were destined to be with someone?”


Jungkook nodded.


“Well, if I remember correctly it went like this..”


Jungkook fell asleep when he heard that fated soulmates, destined mates would feel a spark with one another. It made him hope, even for just a bit.


It was the last day.


Namjoon was at the edge of his seat the whole morning. He was left alone again because Hoseok hadn’t told him that his second date was today, and Jimin had left in the wee hours of the morning, saying that he had to get to his job. Now, he’s left alone again.. but maybe not so alone. His eyes wandered to Jungkook’s door. The boy hasn’t come out of the door ever since Seokjin called that he was getting him in three hours.


It was almost three hours. Jungkook’s heat must’ve died down by now.


He sipped his coffee one last time and stood up. Every step he calculated the seconds he took, and finally, he had reached his destination. It’s in front of Jungkook’s door. Namjoon breathed deeply, held his breath and knocked twice on the door.




It’s about twelve seconds when Jungkook replied. “Mm.”


“Are you ready to leave? Are you okay now?”


“Yeah, I’ll be out in a second.”


Namjoon nodded, trying to ignore the foul scent of hurtpainfear rolling off the Omega’s smell.





Jungkook wasn’t okay, but he opened the door and smelled the alpha— his alpha! , his omega cried. He hated how he had already put a claim on the older man, he hated himself for it. He hated how he was still hoping that maybe they could be something more. Jungkook pushed away the bitter thoughts, opting to spy on the other man, because that was the only thing he could do: adore from afar. Jungkook poked his head and saw Namjoon reading book. All his time in the apartment, he had only seen Namjoon’s nose stuck in books.


It was both cute and alluring.


By day one Jungkook had already known Namjoon wasn’t like any alpha. He didn’t give in to his alpha that easily. He was always in control and a bit strict.


Maybe a bit stuck up, or a goody-two-shoes, but that’s what makes him attractive. It was weird, at first glance you’d think Namjoon was some kind of tough Alpha and all punk, but from the whole week Jungkook has known the man, he was a perfect Alpha; understanding, kind, gentle, heroic, brave, strong- Jungkook could list so much more.


Jungkook seemed to only understand a bit of him.


Namjoon wasn’t like any other alphas. That’s what he understood the most.


Day two was the worst. Hoseok had come in, told him that everything was going to be okay. But nothing helped him, soon he had smelled Namjoon’s scent on Hoseok. And it was the only thing that calmed him down.


Now that was weird. But neither of them asked about it. Which he was thankful for. Hoseok had been so patient and strict with him. Especially around Namjoon. He had even given Namjoon’s schedule to him, so as to not cross paths.


When he started smelling a different alpha on Hoseok, he was happy. He didn’t know why. Maybe it was the fact that alpha scent wasn’t Namjoon’s. At first he thought a couple had taken in him, and maybe the alpha who had helped him that night wasn’t single, that’s why he had resisted his preheat scent.


Turned out Namjoon was really, really good at controlling himself. (And very, very single. As frustrating as it sounds.)


Until a day ago and also yesterday..


He had broken Namjoon’s composure, and he was kind of proud of it. 




Reality broke into him once again as he breathed. He blinked his eyes, finding himself in front of Namjoon. His hairs stood in attention and when Namjoon reaches out for him, he backed away. Jungkook saw the pain flashing thru Namjoon’s eyes as quickly as it faded. It was still uncomfortable and awkward, especially what happened last night.


“The food on the table is cold. Want me to heat it up?”


Jungkook slightly nodded, avoiding eye contact as he silently followed the older man. From his point of view, Namjoon looked so tall with his slightly broad shoulders and straight posture. He hid a secret smile, and found himself back where he was yesterday.


Eating with Namjoon, except they’re actually alone.


The tension in the air was suffocating, but he didn’t need a reminder of that.


Jungkook watched as the older one started moving. When the older moved, he had a glimpse of his one true fear besides confrontation: microwaves.


“I’ll wait for it in my room.” He quickly said and turned around without waiting for a response. But he did hear Namjoon asking him to wait, or maybe asking him to stay and finish eating with him. But he couldn’t.


God, he was such a child.


He curled himself in the corner. He had already fixed everything up. Seeing as the clothes reeked with his scent, he was planning to bring them to a laundry shop to finally wash away his stinking scent. He hadn’t told Namjoon yet, but it should be fine. Now that he thought about it, the clothes he was wearing was another one of Namjoon’s. It looked like he wasn’t going to lose any clothes any time soon.


Namjoon knocked again. Jungkook didn’t really know why he had to when he could’ve just went straight in.


“Come in.”


Namjoon opened the door, and Jungkook smiled tightly at the sight of a confused hyung with a hot and fresh breakfast in his hands. Both of them stayed quiet when Namjoon handed him his breakfast and when he started to take little bites of it.


He sat on the bed and started eating.


“Sorry we don’t have any trays,” Namjoon broke the silence surrounding them, “We didn’t really have any use for them.”


Jungkook merely shrugged, chewing, “It’s okay. I can eat like this.”


Silence fell over them again. Looks like Namjoon had already finished his breakfast, but it was so awkward when he caught Namjoon staring at him eat. He suddenly felt so small and insecure within the other’s vision. 


“So, you’re leaving today,” Jungkook nodded at the alpha’s awkward words. The pain was only growing bigger whenever the man continued to talk. 


Then, it was silence again. 


Namjoon hated the awkward silence. He had really fucked up big time yesterday night. He didn’t know why he said those words, but if they had continued, it would have been especially with Jungkook being in his post-heat state. 


“I’m sorry.” Namjoon spoke, shoulders hunched and eyes showing his pain. Jungkook tried to ignore the clench at his heart. He shouldn’t be weak now.


“I’m sorry too.”


“What do you want me to do?” Desperation .


“Just once more.” Jungkook murmured, letting his head fall on Namjoon’s chest. “Last one.” He muttered again and felt the older still within his proximity. He frowned and looked up, seeing Namjoon flustered and irritated a bit.


“You know what happened last time,” Namjoon said low, grinding his teeth, “We can’t let that happen again, Jungkook.”


Jungkook gulped, knowing that his next words could either ruin everything or finally let everything fall on its own pace.


“What if I want it to happen again?” Jungkook tried for suggestive and maybe seductive, but his voice wavered and was full of innocence. His big doe eyes all glossed up and ready to cry. The look was too innocent that Namjoon couldn’t hold himself back from pushing the younger one on the bed.


Namjoon growled into Jungkook’s neck, just right about his scenting gland, “You’re playing fire with fire, Jungkook.”


Jungkook smirked with his confidence striking up but it didn’t erase the lingering pain, hands caressing Namjoon’s face. “Might as well play then huh? I was always good at playing.”


Namjoon didn’t move an inch, making Jungkook frown as he moved his face towards him. He smashed his lips against the alpha’s, shocking the said man. Namjoon didn’t let his cool consume him much longer as he furiously kissed back. His hands tightened around the omega’s waist, and Jungkook moaned in delight.


Suddenly, Namjoon pushed the chair back and stood up, leaving Jungkook with no choice but to wrap his legs around his hips. The breath was forced out of him as he was pushed back against the wall.


They pulled back from their passionate kiss, gasping and panting as they looked over at each other with lust glazed eyes.


A spark ignited.


Namjoon pulled away in shock as if something had burned him. Jungkook fell down on the ground with an open mouth, his doe eyes as big as saucers, staring right at him. Namjoon stood frozen in front of him as he did not know what to do. A lot of things were running in his mind, yet he couldn’t comprehend what really happened between them.


They were taken out of their stupor as they heard furious and loud knocks on the front door.


It’s Seokjin.


“Yah! Namjoon-ah! You better not have touched Kookie!”


Guilt sank down Namjoon’s stomach as he urged Jungkook to wash up his face and get his things. Jungkook quickly stood up, avoiding the other as he went inside the room to wash off the scent and gather his things. Namjoon breathed in and opened the door to see Seokjin with his hands on his waist.


“Jungkook’s in the room, he’s ready to leave,” Namjoon said first and foremost before Seokjin had anything to say to him. Seokjin narrowed his eyes but nodded as they waited in the living room for the young omega to finish.


Jungkook finally emerged from the room with a nervous smile. Namjoon had to turn his head away, so as to not remember the events that had happened earlier. Though it seemed impossible, he could manage distracting himself.


“I-I’m ready to go.”


Namjoon didn’t bother to stop him from bringing his clothes and washing it up since it stinked with omega heat. He also didn’t bother getting back the hoodie Jungkook was currently wearing. Seokjin must’ve noticed and sniffed, a sour look on his face.


“Oh god you smell more like Namjoon than your own.”


Namjoon hid his face, the heat taking over his face. Jungkook’s ears reddened in embarrassment as he sniffed himself, though not really having the need to seeing as he had been holed up in his heat with only Namjoon’s scent to comfort him.


Seokjin sneezed, “It doesn’t even smell that good.”


By this time, Namjoon knew Seokjin was irking him and was about to say something back until Jungkook had beat him to it.


“It does smell good,” he said with a frown, grabbing his things and the laundry, “Come on, let’s go.”


Seokjin shrugged and continued babbling, not noticing the tension in the room. Namjoon watched as Jungkook walked to the room.


Don’t look back.


Don’t look back.


Don’t look back.


If Jungkook were to look back, Namjoon would be screwed for life .


Jungkook stopped. Namjoon prayed silently.


Jungkook looked back, uttered a soft, “See you, hyung.” And left in a hurry.


Namjoon relaxed in the couch, hating the way his heart flourished with hope even though he was praying for Jungkook to continue walking without looking back. Of course the brat had to break that.



“So... what you’re saying is you and Jungkook zinged .”


Namjoon should really stop their subscription on Netflix for his good sanity. And Hoseok’s. Namjoon groaned while Hoseok grinned. Zinged was, in short, a feeling when you meet your soulmate in the movie, Hotel Transylvania. It has got to be the worst comparison Hoseok had used.


And soulmates don’t exist.


“What you’re implying is a myth, Seok-ah,” Namjoon said, shoving the potato chips in his mouth. “It’s impossible.”


Hoseok had simply shrugged and said, “Anything’s possible.”


Now, Namjoon was stuck once again in a loud and annoying club that Hoseok had found. Hoseok had even let his alpha tag along, which went by the name of Min Yoongi. He was stuck with the ever quiet date of Hoseok while the said omega went away to socialize.


Namjoon observed the other alpha in confusion, “Why aren’t you with Hoseok?”


Yoongi shrugged nonchalantly. “Not a party person.”


The other alpha almost snorted. Of course Hoseok was attracted to a person completely opposite of him. “Aren’t you afraid he’d be snatched up or flirted with by other alphas?”


Yoongi tilted his head and Namjoon was suddenly reminded of a cat. “Hoseok hadn’t told you?”


Somehow the question didn’t sit right with him as he shifted in his seat, “Excuse me? Tell me what?” His question died down and his hearing focused on the beat of his heart as he stared at the dance floor. It was Jungkook and another boy- an Alpha. They’re both laughing. He grinded his teeth, jaw tensed as he watched them interact. It wasn’t settling that good in his stomach. It had been a week since Jungkook’s heat, and seeing him for the first time like this in a whole week… it showed how possessive and ruthless his Alpha could be.


“Namjoon?” Yoongi waved his hand over his face. He blinked, trying to relax his face. “You okay? You look like you wanted to kill someone.”

Embarrassed, his face darkened with a blush. “Sorry, I just- look, I don’t really like most Alphas that Hoseok hooks up with, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same with you. Especially if you hurt him in any way.” He risked another glance at the dance floor, chest tightening, “I will fuck you up.”


“Noted,” Yoongi said with a smirk.


Namjoon nodded. “Gotta go outside and smoke.” He hurriedly gets out of there, breathing in and out deeply to calm himself.


He felt like crying.




Namjoon breathed, and suddenly everything is lighter.


That’s when he realized that he was definitely screwed for life, and that was okay for him. As long as Jungkook stayed by his side, that was just fine.

Chapter Text

“What are you doing here, Jungkook?”


Namjoon heard a step and a breath. “Hoseok-hyung invited me.”


Namjoon might have to say sorry to Yoongi in advance before he plans a murder for Jung Hoseok. Namjoon threw the cigarette on the ground before blowing into the air once more, stepping on it harshly. “You followed me.”


“I had to.”


No, you didn’t.




“You know why.” Yes, Namjoon exactly knew why and that was what scared him the most. Grunting, he nodded, making sure the boy knew he was clean and sober. Though he was too sober for this conversation, he might add.


Footsteps grew louder and closer. 


“Why are you avoiding me?” Jungkook didn’t ask. It was a demand. Namjoon gulped visibly but didn’t look back, knowing how upset and scary Jungkook must look right now. He shrugged moments after, shoulders becoming hunched due to the cold shrilly air of the night. 


A whimper resounds in the air.


Fuck , Namjoon thought. He wouldn’t handle Jungkook crying if he looked back right now. So he stays still, worried for both of their sanities. Hands circled around his torso, tightening in a clutched hold as Jungkook sniffed.


The silent whisper tickled his ear. “Please look at me.”


Namjoon is a weak, weak man. He admits it. 


Namjoon heaved a sigh and turned back, making the boy’s hug loosen. He’s met with golden brown eyes staring back at him with such wonder and innocence. Those said eyes also looked glossy and ready to burst into tears. Namjoon could smell the very faint smell of alcohol on the boy, making him sigh loud.


He was really too sober for this shit.




“You felt it. Please don’t lie,” the latter pleaded in the midst of the quiet night and the loud music blasting from the club. “You felt The Spark .”


It’s not real , Namjoon had wanted to say, It’s just something parents used so that we’d believe someone was made for us. That maybe so, but it didn’t stop him from falling for those Bambi eyes and eyelashes long enough to flutter close. 


Namjoon coughed, “We have to get you home, Jungkook.”


The omega whined and shook his head, “No! You haven’t even accepted me. You’re avoiding me.”


“I’m-” Namjoon stopped and licked his lips, wanting to taste the remainders of the alcohol he had drank inside, “I’m not avoiding you.”


Jungkook pouted, and Namjoon had to use every ounce of strength left within him to calm his alpha down. This was Jimin’s and Hoseok’s doing. He knows their work like an expert. He hadn’t noticed until now the pinkish of Jungkook’s glossy lips. 


He was begging to be kissed. 


“You are!” Jungkook glared at him, trapping him as he hugged tightly. “You saw me in the club awhile ago yet you ran away here, why?”


Well, there was no point of lying.


“The alpha,” Namjoon said as his voice croaked, as if being forced to say it. “You were having a good time with the alpha in the dance floor. Couldn’t face you,” he admitted, quickly adding before Jungkook even had the chance to open his mouth and avoiding the younger’s gaze, “If I did, I might’ve punched the guy and wouldn’t stop.”


Jungkook shouldn’t be so flattered, shouldn’t be so turned on by it. He should be bothered by it (not hotly either) or be mad about it. That was his friend Namjoon was talking about, and if Jimin and Jin heard those, they would try to protect their Alpha. Jungkook bit his lip from smiling too much. Namjoon was unbelievable. 


“Knew I’d be weak for you,” Namjoon might be a bit drunk after all, because why else was he spilling his guts out? “Knew I’d cave in.”


Jungkook grinned. “Yeah?”


Namjoon exhaled, leaning closer and wrapping his own arms around the other’s. “Yeah.”


Jungkook tiptoed and pressed a chaste kiss on the other’s lips before whispering, “That was Taehyung, Jin and Jimin’s alpha so you better not beat him up because those two Betas can pack a punch.”


Namjoon laughed breathily. “ Thank fuck.


They’re both grinning like idiots, but Jungkook loved every moment of it. Namjoon pecked his cheek, pausing slightly with his breath fanning the other’s cheek. 


“It’s time to come home.”


“I’d love that.”



He knows exactly how they got in his— technically his and Hoseok’s— apartment. After dragging the poor yet willing boy in his car, he quickly drove. He hadn’t even gotten his license yet and Hoseok was going to kill him for leaving him. But the way Jungkook was kissing his neck made all his worries melt.


So maybe it can work. Maybe .


It had been a hellish week without Jungkook near him. After Seokjin had taken him back, and his scent quickly fading, it was like tons of bricks had landed on his shoulders. For once, he didn’t want to go to work. And the worst thing that happened was he had snapped at Hoseok for making fun of him being miserable without his mate. They had to scent each other the whole night for how sorry Namjoon was.


Having Jungkook in his arms was a relief and dare he say, he felt complete.


He was suddenly pushed down on the couch and felt a heavy body on him with his lips being claimed hungrily. Namjoon chuckled into the kiss, kissing back with the same fervor and hunger. They should probably talk first, but it-Jungkook- was too distracting.


A gentle squeeze took him out of his stupor as he gently pushes the boy back. “Woah, woah, slow down babe.”


Jungkook flushed bright red at the nickname, and Namjoon lets his eyes wander under the boy’s open shirt. His blush spread until his collar bones, and if Namjoon were to look more, he’d get greedy. His eyes snapped back up, a too gentle smile on his face as he turned them over with the boy underneath him.


“S-Sorry! I got excited and anxious for it, I-I should have asked-” Namjoon kissed him, slowly and languidly. 


Their kiss left Jungkook a mess. Namjoon liked—loved—the scenery underneath him and would want to do more, but they needed to talk things out.


“Well, first, we need to talk.”


“Oh,” Jungkook’s eyes widened as he quickly shuffled away from him, sitting formally and straight. “O-Okay. Talk. I can do that.”


Namjoon laughed and scooted closer, wrapping an arm around Jungkook’s shoulder. “You don’t need to be so formal.” With that, he grabbed the other’s waist and put the boy on his lap. He doesn’t let that damn blush distract him as he grinned. “Much better?”


Jungkook nodded shyly and hid his face in his neck.


“Okay. Well. Since we’re ‘soulmates’ or something, I’d like to get to know you more. I actually wanted to say that maybe it was just because of your heat that’s why we’re attached, but you’re right; I felt The Spark , the myth that every parent told their children,” Namjoon breathed deeply, “To be honest, I wasn’t looking for a relationship just yet, but then I met you! And I would’ve met you a lot sooner if Jiminie continued on with the blind date apparently.”


Namjoon shrugged, “I don’t really care because it seems like you’re just right to me you know? Like a puzzle piece, as corny as that sounds. So like I said, I’d like to get to know you first. Take it slow and stuff. What do you think?”


Namjoon waited for a response but wasn’t given one. Confused, he pushed the boy gently away from him just to see his eyes closed and mouth open for soft snores.


He shook his head in disbelief and amusement, “I can’t believe this kid.”


Without disturbing the boy’s sleep, he stood up with the sleeping Omega in his arms. The soft snores leaving Jungkook was too cute that Namjoon had to look away. He focused on getting them to his room. He settled Jungkook down on the futon as gently as possible. His eyes scanned the boy on his bed, wondering what to do. In the end, he took off Jungkook’s shoes and socks and quickly took off the shirt and replaced it with his. 


The boy whined and kicked at the covers, signaling that it was too hot for him. Namjoon rolled his eyes and stared at the jeans Jungkook was wearing. Okay, he had to remind himself that no, he wasn’t violating Jungkook at all. It was only to make Jungkook comfortable, so he hoped to god that Jungkook won’t freak out when he wakes up.


He takes off the jeans with much difficulty and it was a victory to even have it off. 


“You didn’t even wash up,” Namjoon had whispered before he went to get himself ready for bed. Sooner than later, he joined the young Omega in bed, arm around him as he fell asleep with ease compared to the rough week he’s had.


It finally felt like home.


He smells him before he can actually hear him.




Namjoon’s hand shot up in the air and everything was silent. He cracked one eye open and frowned. “Let’s talk outside later, Seok-ah. Right now, just shut up.”


Hoseok looked like he was about to say something until he noticed a big lump at Namjoon’s back. Namjoon didn’t look back and closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep again.


Last thing he heard was: “Oh my god. Oh my god .”


When he woke up, it was twelve in the afternoon. Never, and he means never, had he ever slept that long. The arms around his torso hold him caged on his position, and he felt the urge to pee coming around. He flipped to his other side, face softening at the sight that greeted him. Jungkook’s hair was a mess, but it looked so soft, and his face was calm, contented, happy, that Namjoon almost didn’t want to go.


Unfortunately, nature was calling to him.


He gently pried the arms around him, hearing a deep sound of disapproval. Quickly, he slotted in his pillow in between said arms. Namjoon combed his hands on the other one’s hair and kissed his forehead.


After all was done, he was met by Yoongi sitting on their dining table and Joseok cooking with his silly and frilly apron on. They both whipped their heads to him, and he felt like he was being stalked like a hawk.


When he sat down, it was Yoongi who was the first one to talk. With a smirk, he asked, “Didn’t know your types were shy and cute boys,” he sipped at his coffee and looked at him, “Hoseok said you liked girls more.”


He shot a glare down to Hoseok’s side. “Well, I wouldn’t say I liked girls more. I’m bi, and I just get any chance.”


“And this one?”


“He’s.. ah, my soulmate. My mate.”


“That’s rare.”




Namjoon looked over to his roommate, ignoring the purple bruise on the back of his neck. Now he got what Yoongi had meant last night. Instead of mentioning it, he rose an eyebrow in amusement and patience, “Didn’t you have something to say to me?”


Hoseok slammed the table, shocking both the alphas, “YEAH! YOU COULD HAVE FUCKING TEXTED ME KIM NAMJOON! SOMETHING LIKE ‘oh hey! jungkook’s staying here and i’m sexiling you!’ but nooooooo- ” Hoseok sat back down with crossed arms and a pout.


Yoongi chuckled.


Namjoon sighed. “Sorry, Seok-ah. Like you said, I was distracted.”


“So something did happen!” 


Namjoon shook his head, confusing the couple in front of him. “Nothing happened last night. We just made out and fell asleep. That’s it.”


“What?!” Hoseok sounded frustrated. “You left me for nothing!”


“Not exactly nothing,” Namjoon mumbled and chewed on his bread, “We’re boyfriends,” Namjoon started, thinking about last night when the Omega fell asleep on him. He smiled dreamily, “I think.”


“Why didn’t anything happen?”


Namjoon simply shrugged. “Wanted him to decide when to get his first time. Like you said back then, it was something he cherished and would want to have with his lover.”


“And you want to be that lover.” Yoongi’s voice had gone soft or was that just him?


Namjoon nodded and was about to say something until the creak of a door resounded and out came a messy looking Jungkook. The Alpha stood up and kissed the boy’s forehead, smiling brightly as the Omega tried to overcome the sleepiness.


“Good morning,” he greeted and the boy looked up with drooping eyes, but he smiled and tiptoed, capturing the man’s lips in a slow kiss.


Someone cleared their throat, and Namjoon turned around to see Hoseok, who had one of his eyebrows raised, wanting to ask what was going on. He merely shrugged and looked back at the sleepy Omega who was dressed in his clothes and drenched in his smell. He forced himself to stop thinking such thoughts.


As he led the sleepy Omega to his seat, he noticed the man became stiff. He followed Jungkook’s gaze, which was towards Yoongi. Ah, right. Yoongi was a stranger, and he must’ve been uncomfortable. Jungkook hid his face on his shoulder, which he didn’t mind one bit.


“Kook, that’s Yoongi. Hoseok’s mate.”


Yoongi rose an eyebrow in amusement. Yoongi now knew that he knew. Hoseok didn’t seem bothered being called like that.


Jungkook shyly bowed his head in acknowledgment. Namjoon pointed towards Hoseok, his roommate. 


“And that’s Hoseok, do I even need to introduce-”


Jungkook was immediately attached to the said man, hugging him and the room suddenly smelled of two happy happy happy loved loved loved omegas. Namjoon and Yoongi resisted growling. They looked at each other for a moment and both understood they had to take the two away from each other.


Yoongi quickly snatched Hoseok away from the kid and Namjoon carried Jungkook. “Now, now. You two together are dangerous. Literally.”


Hoseok, still in a daze, smiled, “His happiness is infectious. He must’ve been happy to wake up in your bed.”


Jungkook flushed bright red. “Hyung, shut up.”


Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows. “But it’s true, right? Waking up drenched in your Alpha’s smell, and being in his clothes full of his scent..”


HYUNG !” It was the same scandalized voice that Hoseok knew well. It made both Alphas laugh at their ridiculousness.


The breakfast doesn’t go by quietly. The two Alphas are tired. At the end of breakfast, Namjoon unfortunately had work to do. Luckily, Jimin had asked Jungkook to meet up probably to scold him after disappearing yesterday. Namjoon got to work first, and waited in anticipation for Jungkook’s (and Jimin’s) arrival. 


So far, none of his customers were shitty.


Focused on the cash register, he was surprised when a hand slammed on the counter and he looked up to see Jimin. Oh, he hadn’t notice them come in. He saw at the back where Jungkook was sitting, who was already looking at him with the biggest smile. 


“Hey.” The Beta snapped his fingers and glared. “You still owe me the blind date.”


Namjoon rose an eyebrow. “I thought you didn’t like the idea of me and Jungkook? And it won’t be a blind date anymore right?”


The Beta scoffed, “I know Jungkook stayed over at yours. He reeks of your scent!” He said in a hushed voice, “Now take responsibility and fulfill your promise.”


“You’re scary.” Namjoon replied but nodded. “I would very much like to attend that not really blind date and take responsibility.”


The Beta blinked. “Really? It’s not a one time thing?”


“I sure hope not.” Jungkook spoke, making both Jimin and Namjoon startle. Jungkook grinned towards him, making him smile too. The boy’s happiness really was infectious. Then, Jungkook glared down at Jimin, who rolled his eyes and grabbed the coffee that was handed to him. He must’ve not realized that he hadn’t ordered yet and that Namjoon just knew what coffee he was in the mood for. Well, he hoped so.


“Jimin, please stop harassing my boyfriend,” Jimin scoffed and left to their table while Jungkook sighed. “Sorry about him.”


Namjoon shrugged, “No, it’s okay, I’ve grown used to it by now.” He scanned the other’s dressing, blatantly checking out the Omega, who was now blushing under his stare, “Well, shouldn’t we have that blind date already?”


Soyeon stared at him, bewildered. “You’re his date?”


Namjoon threw her a dirty look. “Soyeon.”


Jungkook stuttered, flushing even more under the woman’s attention, “I-I’m his..his.. b-boyfriend.”


 Soyeon leaned on the counter, wiggling her eyebrows, “Well? This is a first time. How is our Namjoonie in bed-”


“Okay, that’s enough.” Namjoon pushed off the woman, sighing in irritation. “Please go back to your work, Soyeon.”


Soyeon grumbled off but not before winking at his Omega. He should really talk about that to her. She’s an alpha, and it rubbed his alpha in the wrong way.


When he turned back to Jungkook, the man had a scowl on his face. That was not good.


“Uh, please ignore her she’s-”


“Not our Namjoonie,” Jungkook grinded his teeth, eyes swirling with jealousy. “ My Alpha.


Namjoon was stiff. Oh, that did so much things to Namjoon. Clearing his throat and trying to keep his hormones in check, he asked, “Do you have any plans tonight?”


Jungkook was brought out of his jealous haze. “U-Uh, shit- sorry about that, hyung. I-I just-”


Namjoon smiled, but it looked dangerous and sexy instead of his usual charming and innocent smile. Jungkook flushed. “Would you go on a date with me tonight?”


Jungkook was quiet for a while, then he smiled, his bunny teeth showing and eyes crinkling in delight.

“I’d love to, Alpha .”

Chapter Text

What do you think?”


When there was no answer, Jungkook looked back at his hyung. Jimin was busy typing away in his phone, a faint blush dusting his cheeks as he bit his lip to stop himself from smiling. Jungkook rolled his eyes. Ever since Taehyung had been introduced in their life, it was an instant connection.


Jin and Jimin were already together when he met them, and he wasn’t surprised honestly; two Betas being in a relationship was very common. Though these two liked offering people to be with them during sex. Jungkook never really approved of it, since some people were assholes about it and took advantage of them. Luckily, they had both met Taehyung during the time he had spent his heat in Namjoon and Hoseok’s home.


Taehyung was later introduced to him, and although he was a bit skittish meeting an Alpha, he let it be. He wanted to know whether this Alpha would be good for his hyungs. They had gotten along well, fortunately enough, and Taehyung wasn’t attracted to him like a normal Alpha would be. He seemed very much focused on Jin and Jimin, which he was very much thankful for.


Jungkook sighed. “Jimin-ah, do you think this is okay?”


Jimin stopped typing to shoot him a glare, but his gaze quickly turned back to his phone. “It’s Jimin-hyung to you,” then another quick glance at his attire, “You know, if you’re going out like that, you might as well not go.”


Jungkook frowned and scanned himself in the mirror. He was wearing a loose black shirt and khaki pants. It was good enough for a date, right? When he didn’t say anything though, he heard a loud sigh behind him, making him look back. Jimin had stood up and started walking towards him.


“I’ll dress you up,” There was a glint in the Beta’s eyes, and Jungkook felt his guard go up. He forced it down, since Jimin was a friend and in no way dangerous (unless you count the time someone had curse his relationship with Jin and had gotten few broken bones and a black eye).


“This is just a date!” Jungkook said in defense when Jimin started rummaging his closet for something to wear. “We’re not going to do anything on the first date!”


“You almost did something before your first date though,” Jimin countered with a bored voice, throwing clothes everywhere, “And besides, did you even see Namjoon-hyung a while ago? He was eating you up with his eyes.”


Jungkook growled, “I’m not some Omega eye candy.”


Jimin rose an eyebrow as he started to fix a look for the Omega, “Oh, you aren’t,” he sneaked a look at the other man, “He just wants a taste.”


“You’re making hyung look like a vicious predator,” Jungkook frowned and snatched the clothes that Jimin had laid out for him on the bed, “He’s not like the others.”


“I know,” Jimin agreed, watching the other walk away and go inside the bathroom, “But you know you like it when he gets all Alpha on you!”


“Shut up and wait there!”


When he left the bathroom, he felt shy. The clothes that Jimin had picked out of his closet was... weird, and he didn’t even know they existed until now.


He was wearing a black thin long-sleeve polo, tucked in dark skinny and ripped jeans. He had come out barefoot, so he still had to think about what shoes he should wear. He walked towards the full-body mirror in the room. Eyes wandered his figure.


“I look weird.” Was his first statement as he broke the silence.


Jimin scoffed, Jungkook was sure of it. “That’s because I haven’t fixed you yet.”


From the reflection on the mirror, he saw Jimin with a devious grin.


Not again, Jungkook whined in his head, knowing what that look exactly meant: torture. He shouldn’t have asked for Jimin’s opinion but he never did learn that. Then again, there were times where Jimin’s advices worked.


He was pushed down on the bed to sit, and he mentally prepared himself for a long torture by his Beta friend.




Jin and Taehyung came back simultaneously at Jimin and Jin’s flat. Jimin was confident enough to show Jungkook off towards the two audience. He ushered them to the aisle, letting them sit and be comfortable as Taehyung grabbed a glass of water.


“Is this about his date with Namjoon?” Jin whined, “I wanna lie down on my bed, cuddled up by my two boyfriends.”


Jimin rolled his eyes, but a grin still emerged from his face. Taehyung silently agreed and sat next to the elder.


“Later,” he promised and turned his head back to Jungkook’s room, “You can come out now!”


Jungkook shyly went out of his room reluctantly.


Jin gaped and Taehyung choked on his water.


Jimin grinned proudly with his hands on his hips.


Jungkook had worn the clothes the Beta picked, but had the shirt rolled until his elbow. Two buttons of said long-sleeve polo was unbuttoned. His hair was wild and had hair sticking out, but it somehow worked out for him. His eyes had a bit of an eyeshadow, dark and fierce. He was also wearing black boots.


In all honesty, Jungkook did look hot.


Taehyung was the first one to speak. “D-Did Jimin do that to you?”


Jungkook shyly nodded. He was a bit uncomfortable under the Alpha’s gaze. He wasn’t used to it. It had always been Jin, Jimin and himself, so having another person, an Alpha at that, assess him was a bit nerve-wracking and unfamiliar.


Taehyung whistled low. “Namjoon would take you to a hotel after one look.”


Jungkook flushed bright red, embarrassed and a bit annoyed with the comment. He didn’t know whether to be flattered for himself or be offended for Namjoon. Jin just laughed, breaking the tension in the room. Jimin kept nodding in agreement, and Jungkook just looked away, staring at the clock on the wall as he counted down the minutes when Namjoon would arrive.




Namjoon showed up a little bit later. Even though Jungkook was given time to calm down his nerves, he was still every bit nervous. Why? Well, for one, he didn’t know how would Namjoon react to his new look. And two, he didn’t know where Namjoon would take him. The Alpha had replied in his texts that it was a surprise. As much as he trusted the man, he was still nervous.


Three, he really, really, really liked Namjoon. He didn’t want to mess anything up. He was quite known for messing things especially in his relationships. His last relationship was inexplicably the worst of all. He was still a bit uncomfortable with Alphas, but he really liked his ex back then. So, he pursued a relationship, and even though he felt like he wasn’t ready to have sex, he felt like he was forced to.


It was gritty, reckless and toxic. Jungkook didn’t want to remember any of it.


Namjoon rang the doorbell, Jungkook got up to answer it but he wasn’t fast enough. Instead of Jin and Jimin answering the door, Taehyung had answered it.


“Hey, hyung!”


Namjoon’s eyes narrowed at the Alpha in front of him. He quickly recognized him as Taehyung, the guy Jungkook was with back in the club, and also Jin and Jimin’s Alpha. Gulping down the forming of his growl, he forced a smile. Taehyung wasn’t a threat; he shouldn’t be treated like one.


“Hi,” he stretched out his hand for the other to shake, “I don’t think we’ve been introduced to each other. I’m Namjoon, but you probably know that already.”


Taehyung had a boxy grin on his face. He grabbed his hand and pulled him into a hug which surprised him. Not many Alphas liked contact with other Alphas. “Nice to meet you, hyung!” The Alpha greeted with a cheery voice, and Namjoon couldn’t sense any malice from the other.


Namjoon smiled, genuinely this time, “Nice to meet you too. Is Jungkook ready?”


“I’m here.” A small voice made him step out of the hug and look way past behind the other Alpha. Taehyung grinned and made a way, inviting him inside, but he didn’t move an inch. Jungkook was walking towards him in small steps and he felt his breath hitch in his throat.


Jungkook looked amazing. His neck and collarbone was vulnerable, and it made Namjoon’s Alpha feral and unguarded for a second. He caught himself in a nick of time, stepping back from the apartment because it was full of the scent of his Omega. It was concerning to him seeing as Jungkook both looked stunning and smelled delicious and it had his Alpha raging.


Taehyung didn’t it miss it though. Taehyung shot him a smirk, brief and short before leaving.


Namjoon tried to breathe as Jungkook was in front of him. From this proximity, he could see Jungkook’s eyelashes fluttering, the eyeshadow looking faint but pretty on him. And— was that lipstick on him? Lip gloss, then, since it was shiny and really, really kissable.


Namjoon gulped.


“You look...” he started, and Jungkook’s face twisted to somewhat akin to panic.


“Ugly? Weird? Too much? God, I knew this was a bad—” Namjoon didn’t let the Omega finish his sentence, and moved forward before he could actually think twice about his action. He kissed his Omega, gentle and chaste and although the kiss wasn’t planned, it wasn’t exactly unwelcomed either.


When he pulled back from the kiss, he could taste the lip gloss on his lips. It tasted like banana, and he couldn’t help but smile as the weird flavor flooded his mouth. That, and because Jungkook looked dazed again, staring at him with hooded eyes, making him realized his Alpha hormones had been unsteady.


“You look gorgeous,” Namjoon mumbled before slowly, pulling himself away and stepping farther from the Omega, muttering a small, “sorry.”


Jungkook reverted back to his conscious state, blushing deeply. Namjoon let his eyes trail down to the open collar, seeing the Omega’s blush go down from his face to his collar bones. Namjoon forced his eyes back to Jungkook’s.


“You ready to go?”


Jungkook nodded, biting his lip hard. Namjoon zeroed in the action and caught the other’s chin. “Don’t bite your lip,” he scolded gently, making the Omega stop almost immediately, “Come on, let’s go.” He held his hand, intertwining their fingers.


Jungkook smiled sweetly, tightening their fingers together. “Where are we going?”


“Well, I don’t really know how to drive, so,” Namjoon laughed earnestly, caressing his neck in embarrassment. It was endearing to see an Alpha so flustered, Jungkook wanted to kiss him again, but knew it would be bad, “We’re taking a cab to go there.”


“That’s fine,” Jungkook said and laughed, but didn’t expect a cab already waiting for them down the apartment. “Wait, you already called a cab?”


Namjoon shrugged, “It would take us long to get a cab. Better to be ready, anyway.”


“I’m paying.” Jungkook insisted, but Namjoon held up his phone with a smug grin.


“No, you won’t,” Namjoon said teasingly, laughing when the other boy glared at him. Jungkook also amplified his cuteness tonight; he had scrunched up his nose in distaste knowing that Namjoon had paid for the cab and he even had no idea where they were going.


As soon as they were inside the cab, Jungkook whined, “Just tell me where we’re going so I can stop being so anxious.”


Namjoon chuckled and shook his head. “No can do. But trust me, you’ll love it. Well—” He shot a look towards the Omega with a gentle and heart-fluttering shy smile, “I hope you do.”


Jungkook felt warm inside as he smiled back, unconsciously seeking out the other’s hand and holding it firmly, “Of course I will.”


You don’t know that, Namjoon had wanted to say but stopped himself. He had asked Jimin and Jin about Jungkook, but both of them shooed him off and told him to ask the Omega himself. He couldn’t do that; it was supposed to be a surprise.


Namjoon had heard about a meteor shower tonight and decided to go along with it as their date. The cliché was everywhere: dinner picnic while under meteor showers, would Jungkook even enjoy that? Namjoon knew he himself would.


Sighing quietly so as to not disturb the peace that had settled between them, he glanced at the boy next to him, who seemed to have focused on his hands down on his lap. Jungkook was biting his lip, and when Namjoon caught a whiff of the air, he realized that what Jungkook said earlier was true: he really was nervous about the date.


He smelled exactly what he felt like, he was an open book after all. Anxiousness, nervousness and fear rolled off of him, and it also made his Alpha restless seeing his Omega under distress. So he did the only thing he can think of to calm down the Omega.


He kissed him.


Now, this wasn’t their first kiss of the night, that much was known, but it was nonetheless special. Jungkook looked surprised at his boldness, but gladly welcomed it as he kissed back.


Before he could even think about slipping his tongue in, the driver, who had been really quiet through the entirety of the travel, spoke, “We’re here.”


Namjoon broke off the kiss, grinning as he watched Jungkook struggle to gain control of his Omega.


And once again, the banana flavor stayed on his lips even when they got out of the cab.


Jungkook looked around, narrowing his eyes as he saw the woods. Slowly, he turned his head to the man—still holding his hand—and couldn’t help his impulsive nature to cope with his anxiety, “Are you going to kill me?”


Amused, Namjoon smiled and rolled his eyes, “Come on, we need to get there before it starts. And to see if the squirrels haven’t eaten our dinner.”


With the joke out in the open, Jungkook seemed to relax more, gripping Namjoon’s hands a bit tighter as they go deeper into the woods. With another grin, he joked, “You’re not gonna lead me to your wolf pack, right?”


Namjoon laughed, “I only have one pack member. It’s Hoseokie.”


Then he glanced at the Omega at his back with a small smile, “But I think I’ll be gaining another one.”


Jungkook’s blush came back full force. Not only did those words make his heart beat faster, stomach swarming with butterflies, breath hitching in his throat, but also his Omega purred in delight and satisfaction. Hearing the Alpha imply that he was close to family like Hoseok in the near future had made him happy.


Most people only had small packs, or families as they call it. Usually it’s between lovers, or just family, or friends. Jungkook considered Jin and Jimin, and maybe Taehyung and Hoseok, to be a part of his family. Now, this gorgeous Alpha will be in it, and he has no objections at all.


When they arrived at the spot, Jungkook looked confused.


“A dinner picnic?”


Namjoon shrugged, trying to be nonchalant yet failing. “D-Do you like it? Uh, I didn’t know what to do in first dates so I brought books? Don’t worry, they’re just poetry books because the books I have at home are full of politics, mythology and theories, so I didn’t know if you wanted to read them. And well, Hoseok helped me with dinner seeing as I’m such a disaster in the kitchen, and uh-”


Jungkook laughed, melodious and sweet, wrapping his arms around the Alpha and stepping on his tiptoes as he leaned in for a kiss. He couldn’t seem to take his hands off the man, or lips for this matter.


“It’s okay, hyung,” Jungkook said as soon as he pulled back from the innocent kiss, “As long as you promise not to murder me here.”


Namjoon rose an eyebrow, “Seriously?”


Jungkook merely shrugged and a secret smile was shown a bit. He sat down on the cloth and patted the empty space next to him. Namjoon followed through and his arms was already on the man’s waist, another kiss on the lips.


“We should eat the food Hoseok-hyung prepared,” Jungkook murmured in between kisses but Namjoon was insatiable. “He would get mad at us,” he tried again, struggling not to moan out since they were out in the open.


“Hyung,” Jungkook pleaded, panting and looking flushed. Namjoon licked his lips and forced himself to calm down. Namjoon pulled back and shot the other an apologetic smile, but instead of saying sorry, he opted for: “You’re right.”


Jungkook smiled thankfully and watched as the man brought out the food.


“Wow,” Jungkook stared at the food in wonder and awe; there were different kinds of food and Jungkook felt touched. “Did Hoseok-hyung really cook all this?”


Namjoon looked bashful once again. “Yoongi-hyung helped. He’s also a great cook apparently.”


“I make a mean ramen,” Jungkook added randomly, flushing at the thought of being slightly jealous at Namjoon mentioning Yoongi.


Sure, the man also was an Alpha (and Alpha couples are rare but not uncommon, does that make sense?) but Namjoon really hit it off with Yoongi. They both liked the same things and had the same views on almost everything. It’s only been a day since they were properly introduced. Hoseok didn’t seem to mind, so shouldn’t Jungkook too?


The Alpha smiled, dimples showing up, teasing, “Well at least we can live off ramen together.”


Jungkook didn’t laugh.


It was because Namjoon had also implied that they would be living together.


Jungkook gulped. Namjoon noticed his tense posture and with a worried frown, he asked, “Sorry, was that too much?”


Jungkook shook his head meekly, biting on his lower lip.


“N-No,” Jungkook smiled, “Just caught me off guard, but t-that sounds nice... together.”


“Oh.” Namjoon blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah.”


Silence drew forth as Namjoon got them plates. Jungkook didn’t mention it again, his own blush worsening every time the Alpha brushed skin with his.


As they ate in silence, owls making sounds, leaves rustling in the wind, crickets doing their own thing, Jungkook finally noticed the book inside the picnic basket. Jungkook nudged the man, who almost spilled the food from his plate. Jungkook muttered a “sorry” before tilting his head to the book inside the picnic basket.


“Read one to me.” Jungkook offered.


Namjoon didn’t make a move to grab the book, and instead shoved a mouthful of food. Jungkook waited patiently, watching the man chew and gulp the food finally.


“Yesterday—I was the moon,” (1) Namjoon started, and Jungkook put his full focus on the man, endeared. Namjoon seemed to have memorized the poem in the book, which is very… charming. Jungkook grinned, urging for Namjoon to continue.


“Today—just an eclipse,” Namjoon said, “Something in me travels; some days it’s to the dark, somedays it’s to the light.”


Jungkook blinked and bit into his chicken. “What does that mean?”


Namjoon shot him a smile. “What it means— We are the moon, we travel around a lot in our lives, sometimes it’s towards the bad things and sometimes towards the good things. We’ll never know.”


“And now?”


Jungkook shyly looked at the man. Namjoon stared at him with confusion.


“What about now?” Namjoon asked, intrigued and confused. Jungkook looked down on his lap, plate of food forgotten.


“Where do you think you’re headed now?”


The question seemed to halt their conversation. Namjoon quickly got the gist of it, and tilted his head up towards the sky. It wasn’t weird to see Namjoon think about it deeply, it has always been nice seeing the man in his element. But right now, Jungkook was anything but happy, nervous definitely.


“Good.” Namjoon answered shortly, sparing him a look and a small secretive smile, “Definitely good.”


Jungkook blushed, but didn’t stop grinning happily and looked up, same as Namjoon. Suddenly, he gasped as he saw a glimpse of it. Namjoon grinned knowingly.


“A shooting star!” Jungkook pointed at the sky even though Namjoon was already looking, “Quick! Make a wish.” Jungkook curled himself and clasped his hands together, closing his eyes tightly and wishing:


I want him to be the only one.


His eyes opened, and then he saw it. The sky lit up with lights. It was… beautiful.


Gasping, he looked around and stood up in surprise and awe. “It’s… a meteor shower.”


Namjoon didn’t join him standing up, but he didn’t mind, he was too busy being mesmerized by the scenery in front of him. Namjoon only nodded, confirming his statement. “Yeah, I thought you might like it.”


Jungkook’s smile wasn’t going away any time soon.


“I love it, Namjoon.”


I think I might be in love with you.


Namjoon breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great,” Jungkook looked back at him and held his hand. “That’s really great.”


Jungkook kneeled back down and pressed his lips on the other. Namjoon held Jungkook’s face in his hands, kissing feverishly and passionately, trying to steal away the banana flavor left. The taste was weird— banana and mixed with the food they had just eaten; spicy and crispy. It was also the best kiss of the night.


Pulling back, no one said a word. They laid next to each other on the cloth as they looked up to the lights flashing through the sky. They were so close to each other, so comfortable with one’s heat and warmth being next to them. Namjoon looked at the boy in his arms, awing at the skylights above.


You were the sun, and I was crashing into you. (2)


So, they laid there. Jungkook had to listen to the older rant about how their governance is going down, how the laws for equality didn’t really benefit all, and how his math teacher had been so wrong on a formula that one time in sixth grade.


Yup, he was definitely in love.




“You awake?”


Jungkook looked almost half-asleep, to be honest. But he answered anyway, “Mmm.”


Namjoon smiled fondly and nudged the boy, “Come on, we have to get you home. We’re already here.”


Jungkook looked up and saw his shared apartment with Jin and Jimin from the window of the cab. He stared at it for a while, his breath hitting Namjoon’s chin.


“Is Hoseok-hyung at home?”


Namjoon ignored the way his heart stopped at the word ‘home’.


“No, he’s back at Yoongi’s apartment. At this rate, he’ll be leaving the apartment all to myself.” Namjoon said in a joking manner, but quickly stiffened when Jungkook pressed himself closer.


Feeling brave, Jungkook nuzzled Namjoon’s neck and whispered, “I wanna go home.”


Namjoon gulped and said to the driver with his phone up, “Bring us to this address.”


Jungkook walked to the apartment closely to Namjoon, reveling in his warmth. He knew he would be safe, despite the darkness lurking everywhere in the streets since it was already so late.


Namjoon nervously fiddled with his keys, finally getting it right and turned the key over, a clicking sound was heard. Namjoon gently guided the sleepy Omega to the couch and went off to grab a drink. They hadn’t really drunk much of the soju Namjoon brought, since the last time Jungkook got drunk… yes.


Jungkook accepted the water given and drank it a bit, staring as the man sat down next to him.


“You okay?” the question was asked gently and softly, as if making sure he wasn’t going to get any headache right now.


“Mmm.” Jungkook nodded and leaned closer, laying his head on the man’s shoulder like back in the cab.


Namjoon tried not to inhale the intoxicating scent of the Omega, but it was inevitable. The boy’s shampoo—was that banana too? —smelled good and even the hair was soft to touch. The boy was rolling off the happiness waves, that’s all he smelled like.


Happy, happy, happy, content, loved, relief, safe.




Namjoon’s eyes flew open, he didn’t even know he closed it. Jungkook was nuzzling his face on his scent gland, mixing their scents together and slightly brushing the skin of his bonding gland. Namjoon’s breath hitched at the contact.


Jungkook hummed with content, draping himself over the Alpha and purring when he smelled the stingy scent of ashes, but instead of just burnt, it was burning.


Jungkook looked up underneath his lashes to see Namjoon breathing hard, hand tightening into a fist to fight for control. Not missing a chance, he nudged the man’s legs open and hovered over him, breathless as he watched the man try to control himself, but that’s the exact opposite of what he wants.


He brushed their lips together, pausing as Namjoon watched him intently. He smiled and finally let them kiss fully. Namjoon kissed back gently, which wasn’t surprising to the Omega. He tried making it more passionate, pressing closer but Namjoon stopped him.


“You sure?” Namjoon whispered shakily, heart stuttering in his chest.


“I’ve never been so sure.”


That was all Namjoon needed for confirmation as he pulled the Omega in another fierce kiss, desperately trying to swirl his tongue with the other. Jungkook whimpered into the kiss, copying the older’s action messily.


Namjoon’s hands slid around his waist, pushing him down and rubbing their erections together, earning a mewl from the Omega, their breaths tickling one another’s ears. Namjoon groan as Jungkook continued to grind their hips together, inhaling the Omega’s scent as he buried his nose on Jungkook’s neck.


The Alpha noticed a wet spot at the back of Jungkook’s jeans, growling as he pushed onto the spot. Jungkook gasped, their rutting of thighs getting uncoordinated and messy as they grinded harder.


“You’re getting so wet already,” Namjoon cooed, his hands wandering as they got to the buttons of the jeans. He looked up, silently asking for permission and only got a shaky nod. He unclasped the button and stole the boy’s breath by kissing him again.


The way Namjoon was kissing him tonight can only be described as hungry.


Jungkook sat on his lap, letting the Alpha take off his jeans as he was putty in his hands. As soon as the jeans were taken off, Namjoon’s hands hiked up his thighs, making Jungkook sigh in content into the kiss.


His hands stopped above his underwear, playing with the hem of it. Jungkook, instead of waiting on his Alpha, hooked his own fingers onto the hem of his underwear and slowly took it off.


Namjoon had pulled back from the kiss, heavily breathing as he watched his Omega undress in front of him. Jungkook peppered kisses on the Alpha’s neck, but Namjoon couldn’t seem to divert his attention from the way Jungkook was sensually undressing.


His underwear slid off of him, and Namjoon’s hands were on him again. The only thing left on the Omega was his shirt, but the Alpha didn’t mind as he hiked the shirt up and felt the skin on the Omega’s lower hips.


Jungkook buckled, moaning when the Alpha’s hands touched close to his cock.


His hands caressed his backside, before dipping inside and groaning. Jungkook was so wet, Namjoon could easily slide inside, but he wasn’t going to do that. His fingers dipped and felt something inside, making Namjoon pull back and look at Jungkook in awe.


Shit, Jungkook completely forgot about that.


Jungkook blushed and stuttered, “J-Jimin-hyung said I-I should be ready a-and, uh, w-well…”


Growling, Namjoon caught the Omega’s lips into a bruising kiss in a needy way, and Jungkook kissed back with the same fervor. Namjoon’s hands examined the plug inside Jungkook, pushing it and Jungkook keened at the action.


“S-Stop,” Jungkook moaned. “’m gonna cum i-if…”


Namjoon rumbled, almost similar to a purr, slowly dragging out the plug and earning a long-drawn out wail from the Omega. “Hyung… stop teasing.”


The Alpha choked a laugh, “I should be the one saying that.”


Jungkook held the older’s hand and finally pulled out the plug. Jungkook gasped, his head falling on Namjoon’s shoulder as he breathed heavily. Namjoon stared in wonder, but quickly tossing the plug on the side, gripping the Omega’s backside and sliding it to hold his thighs.


“Bed, baby,” Namjoon murmured in between slow and sensual kisses. “You should be comfortable.”’


Jungkook was both embarrassed and touched. He pulled back from the embrace and was about to stand up, but was stopped by Namjoon who pushed for another kiss.


“Hold tight.”


“What?” Jungkook didn’t have any time to say more as he was lifted up to the air, and as if on instinct, he crossed his legs around the Alpha’s hips, holding on his shoulders for support.


Namjoon grinned as he stared at him.


“You’re stronger than you look,” Jungkook mumbled as Namjoon walked, giving into the urge to slide his hands down to the man’s biceps. Namjoon laughed, stealing another kiss and pushing their hips together and Jungkook moaned into the kiss.


“Pilates,” was the only answer given as he was dropped gently on the bed. It looked new and freshly cleaned, making him raise an eyebrow at the Alpha above him.


“Did you plan this?”


Namjoon shrugged, taking off his clothes nonchalantly, fully aware of the seductive eyes watching him with every move. “Was hoping so.”


Jungkook let his eyes wander down to Namjoon’s waist and to his groin. “Well, you better hurry up or it won’t happen.”


That did the work as Namjoon did hurry on stripping. However, right before Namjoon could take off his boxers, Jungkook had already reached out to stop him. “I-I’ll do it.”


Jungkook sank to his knees, hesitating.


The Alpha looked at him and purred, “Yeah, baby? You wanna suck my cock?”


Namjoon’s eyes stayed on Jungkook’s collarbones, where the blush had stopped. Jungkook’s breath hitched at his words, and had gripped on the waistband of his boxers. The Omega looked up at him underneath his lashes, biting his lip seductively.


“Yes, Alpha.”


Namjoon growled. “You shouldn’t use that word too much, or else…”


Jungkook only grinned innocently, gaining confidence as he pulled off the boxers. Without wasting any moment, he put his lips on the throbbing erection, licking the tip continuously.


Salty, but Jungkook wanted more.


Namjoon groaned as he was engulfed in wet heat. Jungkook was sloppily sucking his cock, and Namjoon didn’t mind the view; the Omega had wet and swollen lips, eyes darkened with lust with ever moan the Alpha let out.


Jungkook looked up, having eye contact and making the Alpha groan and grunt louder. Jungkook swallowed his cock, hollowing his cheeks and sucking harder.


“Fuck,” the Alpha rasped out, holding Jungkook’s jaw as he moved with shallow thrusts, “You’re good at this.”


He pulled off and looked up at the Alpha with an eyebrow raised. “I’m not exactly a virgin.” Despite the confidence in his words, he was blushing, making small licks on the head of the Alpha’s cock.


Namjoon’s jaw tensed as he bent down to press a chaste kiss on the Omega’s lips and grunted as they broke the kiss, “No talking about exes.”


Jungkook rose an eyebrow with a smirk, “I didn’t mention anyone.”


The older man rolled his eyes and surged forward, pressing a harsher and bruising kiss that screamed ‘mine’. Jungkook liked the sound of that despite hating the way Alphas would selfishly and foolishly claim on Omegas and feeling privileged (and just being plain assholes).


But Namjoon wasn’t like that. Yes, Namjoon had a features like an Alpha: tall, broad, strong, dominant, possessive. But he also has things that aren’t in most Alphas: gentleness, kindness, a strong belief for equality, a passion for politics, a complete and awkward nerd about math and physics, politeness, patience.


There are times when they kiss that Namjoon would look at him, wait for him to back out or leave. It was so nice to think that a man like Namjoon would like him.


Jungkook stared back and kissed back. He wasn’t leaving any time soon, or forever if [they] worked out.


“Get on the bed, babe.”


The Omega’s heart warmed at the term of endearment. Nodding excitedly, he jumped back to the bed, laugh bubbling up his throat and Namjoon copied him, grinning with his dimples out.


Jungkook settled on the bed with his back on it, not really knowing how Namjoon preferred it. Namjoon walked back with lube in his hand, looking at him with a hungry gaze. “Don’t you look comfy, my Omega,” The Alpha purred, his free hand running up and down Jungkook’s chest and hips.


The younger one leaned into his touch, sighing, “Didn’t know how you wanted me,” the Omega mumbled, thrusting into Namjoon’s lube covered hand as the Alpha continued to stroke him, fingers lingering on his entrance.


Jungkook nodded without a word.


Namjoon smiled and kissed his forehead, his fingers breaching the entrance as he whispered, “Whatever you’re comfortable with.”


Jungkook squirmed at the weird feeling inside of him. It wasn’t uncomfortable seeing as he had done this a lot of times, it’s just… it’s been a long time since he’s done it with somebody and Namjoon was big.


He wasn’t exaggerating, out of all Alphas and Betas he’s been with, Namjoon was definitely the biggest. Jungkook sneaked another look at the Alpha’s cock, his own cock twitching at the thought of it ramming inside him.


Jungkook moaned as the fingers inside him continued to move in a scissor motion. He thrusted back to the fingers, making sure both fingers were deep. He was so wet that he didn’t even feel the lube—did Namjoon even use lube?


Oh. Oh, god.


Namjoon started a punishing pace, fingering him and slightly hitting his prostate over and over again.


Jungkook was reduced to a moaning mess, Namjoon loved every bit of it. “You look so good, baby,” Namjoon purred, not planning on stopping his ministrations. “Dripping and moaning on my bed.” Namjoon bit back a moan at the sight before him.


The way Jungkook’s mouth fell open, moans and mewls spewing out, shivering and squirming in pleasure.


“H-Hyung! Slow... down. G-Gonna cum…”


“Cum, baby,” the Alpha cooed, loving the way Jungkook’s face twisted in pleasure, “My Omega, come on,” Namjoon rasped, panting due to the exhilaration and nipping on the Omega’s bonding gland, “Cum for me.”


Jungkook does exactly that. With a whimper, he came, arching off his back.


He fell limp and sunk into the covers of the bed, nuzzling into the warmth and basking in the afterglow. Namjoon chuckled at the innocent display. “You’re not gonna sleep on me again, are you?”


Jungkook glared back weakly, hugging a pillow nearby, “One time. That’s all it’ll ever be,” then he sat up, pulling the Omega into a kiss, “You better still be okay to go.”


Namjoon hummed into the kiss, “If you’re okay with it. If you’re too sensitive, don’t, okay?”


Despite feeling weak, Jungkook grabbed the other’s erection, thankful that he was still aroused. The Omega climbed over the Alpha and sat on his stomach, leading the Alpha’s cock to his entrance.


“Come on, Namjoon-ssi,” Namjoon gritted his teeth as Jungkook goaded him on with a smirk, eyes showing his conflict on whether let his Alpha free or not. “Still up to go?”


“Definitely,” Namjoon growled, but paused from making any other movements. Jungkook stared at him with an eyebrow raised. "What? You changed your mind?"


Namjoon rolled his eyes, "As if." then he started looking around for something. He got up and went to his nightstand, checking its drawer and pulling out a condom. Namjoon grinned at him, and Jungook's heart stopped for a moment. The Alpha was too nice and too charming, it's no wonder Jungkook fell in love fast. Yeah, at this point, Jungkook is pretty much deeply in love with the stupidly charming Alpha.


Jungkook watched the man put the condom on himself, waiting for him to join him in the bed. Finally, the bed dipped and he felt the head of the cock on his entrance, giving out a hitched and broken gasp. Namjoon pulled him from his position and sat him on his lap once again, and Jungkook couldn’t stop staring down in wonder as he sank down on the Alpha’s cock, his cock going stiff once again.


And— fuck. Jungkook knew Namjoon was big… and he completely filled him to the brim. Jungkook moaned, thrusting his hips down to get more friction, but Namjoon had his hands on his waist, stilling him.


“You okay?” the Alpha had whispered to ask for confirmation, bringing a smile to the Omega’s face. Settling himself down, Jungkook nuzzled the Alpha’s cheek to assure the other that he was okay; more than okay, really.


Jungkook heaved breathily, kissing the Alpha’s neck and moving up and down leisurely. Namjoon choked a moan, his head falling on the Omega’s shoulder. The scent was so alluring that Namjoon didn’t have a chance to avoid a moan.


It was full of happiness, lust, relief, fear, and above it all—


“Start moving, Alpha,” Jungkook pleaded, getting desperate as the feeling of the Alpha’s cock kept hitting his prostate, “Pleasepleaseplease-”


“Fuck,” Namjoon cursed and threw the Omega on the bed.


He moved in and out slowly, pushing just to tease the Omega. “Alpha,” Jungkook keened, almost sobbing, “please,” Jungkook thrusted back to the cock inside him, “Please lose control, Alpha.”


Yes.” Namjoon grunted out and snapped his hips harsher than he meant, but didn’t stop. Jungkook felt his cock brush his prostate and his walls clinging on it every time it tries to pull out.


Jungkook arched his back, moaning, “Y-yes, nnnh-” he gasped when the Alpha’s grip on his waist became tighter, thrusting into him harder and faster than before, “ah-ah-ah-” Jungkook whimpered when Namjoon focused on his prostate, his cock hitting it with every thrust.


Jungkook buried his face into the pillow, whining, “Alphaaa...”


Namjoon leaned closer to him, lips brushing the Omega’s ear as he murmured huskily, “Yeah, baby? You like that?”


The Omega nodded his head messily, his hair bouncing and mouth hanging off with a pant and a moan and with his eyes closed off. “Mmmnnhes-”


The view was spectacular, the sounds— even better. A feral grin showed on the Alpha’s face, teeth grazing tenderly the Omega’s bonding gland, making Jungkook gasp in surprise with his eyes flying open. Sweat had dripped down that part, but Namjoon found that he didn’t mind the taste as he licked his lips, his grin never leaving his face.


“Alpha!” Jungkook’s eyes roll back, messily thrusting back to his hips, breath hitching. Namjoon eyed the boy, who flushed bright red and his eyes once again wandered back to the Omega’s collarbone where the blush had stopped.


This only urged the Alpha to go faster, sitting upright and only the sounds of skin being slapped, Jungkook’s lovely moans whines, and his own panting and groans.


Yesyesyes-” Jungkook moaned in a mantra, head tipping back in pleasure, “Alpha, alpha, alpha, faster-” Jungkook closed his eyes, crying out as his stomach tightened and oh god, he was going to cum untouched- fuck.


“Close! Alpha, ‘m close, please,” Jungkook rasped out, opening his eyes and saw Namjoon’s face which had darkened and jaw tightened in pleasure. It made his hands clench on the cover sheets underneath, the feeling of pleasuring his Alpha made him feel queasy and high.


His Alpha smelt like burning wood with every excitement and lust spiking up in his scent. If Jungkook were anyone, the smell would be dangerous and perhaps disgusting, but he wasn’t just anyone— he loves Namjoon’s scent, dangerous, alluring and stable. Just like the man himself.


“Nggh,” Namjoon grunted, “Come on, baby. Cum for me one more time.”


Jungkook nodded his head furiously, burying his nose on the Alpha’s neck and gripping his shoulders.


Namjoon smiled and with a rough voice, he whispered, “Cum, Jungkook.”


The Omega arched his back once again and came with a gasp, melting into the covers and going limp. Namjoon leaned back and shrugged off his shoulders, cupping his jaw and pulled him into a sweet and chaste kiss. Jungkook squeaked as he was moved, feeling Namjoon's knot inside of him even more.


“You okay?” the Alpha asked worriedly, looking over him and turning him over to check for bruises. Jungkook’s eyes fluttered open, blinking at his blurry vision and nodding. "Yeah, it's just-" Jungkook shyly caressed his lower stomach where he could feel the knot. "How long do we have to stay like this?"


Namjoon looked down and carefully laid next to him, making sure he wouldn't get hurt. "Usually half an hour." Namjoon put his lips together tightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't ask."


Jungkook smiled goofily, pressing a light kiss on the older's cheek, "As long as you put a condom."


They both laugh, and Jungkook's hazy mind and blurry eyes finally come into the clear.


Once clear, he saw red— Namjoon’s arm was bleeding. His eyes widened in alert, and he sat up in surprise, resulting in wooziness and a headache, but falsely ignored it.


“Y-You’re bleeding,” Jungkook grabbed Namjoon’s arm, making the Alpha flinch at the suddenness. The younger one noticed that it was a bite mark, and the realization dawned on him. He looked back to the Alpha, who looked shy unlike moments ago: confident and feral. “Y-You..”


“You bit yourself.”


Namjoon nodded.


“So you wouldn’t mark me?”


Namjoon nodded once again.


Warmth flooded inside Jungkook, and he tried not to be overwhelmed, really, but when he breathed, tears escaped his eyes. Namjoon was quick to hold him, and he hiccupped. “You’re t-too sweet, Namjoon-ah.”


Namjoon chuckled softly and kissed his temple. “I should be saying that to you.”


Silence followed suit and they laid there. When the thirty minutes had finally gone by, Namjoon pulled out and Jungkook was too sleepy to care. Namjoon came back to bed when he had disposed of the condom, and Jungkook rested his head on the Alpha’s heart, listening to the heart beat slower down, entwined with his. Jungkook smiled, sighing in contentment as he snuggled closer to the warm body next to him and closed his eyes.


“Goodnight, baby.”


For the first time in Jungkook's llife, he feels at peace. No war is raging inside him, his insecurities have somehow faded away in this moment alone with his Alpha. And for Namjoon, he no longer feels lonely; he feels complete with the Omega next to him, their scents mingling and hearts beating as one.


It's all they ever wished for.


You're my moon-- my sun-- and I was crashing into you.