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“That was so manly! You were great out there, Ashido! Those villains didn’t stand a chance!”

Kirishima praised her as soon as Mina left the training ground of their Hero Class. This shouldn’t have been a big issue, she and Kirishima have been friends for years, the boy always compliments her after practical classes.

But today, when Mina went to tell the usual ‘Thanks, Kiri! You’re gonna kick their asses too!’ the words got stuck on her throat. She couldn’t say a thing because suddenly, out of nowhere, she noticed how handsome Kirishima is.

He’s so strong, the skimpy outfit he calls his hero uniform does nothing to hide the growing form of the boy on the cusp of becoming a man. If Mina was a little bit less dazed, she’d think that’s terribly unfair the female heroes get shit about their clothes when the male heroes can go around half-naked as if it’s no big deal. Because suddenly it is a very big deal, it’s a deal that makes Mina’s brain stop working altogether.

“Ashido? Are you alright? Do you need me to take you to Recovery Girl?” Kirishima asks, his face worried and his voice soft.

Oh yeah, Kirishima isn’t only hot — he’s caring, gentle, loyal, fun and respectful. Why hasn’t she realized all of his qualities until now? It’s a very inconvenient time for her to have this epiphany, they’re in the middle of class.

Mina tries telling him that she’s fine, just a little tired and overheated. But the boy walks up to help her stand straight (when did her legs give out?), and that does nothing to help with the overheating issue.

“Professor Aizawa!” Kirishima yells by her side. “I think Ashido is sick! I’m taking her to the infirmary!”

Her protest dies on her tongue when Kirishima hoists her in a princess carry with his — thick, strong — arms. Mina’s face must be bright red now so she hides it behind her hands.

“Don’t worry, we’re going to get there in no time! Just hang in there, Ashido!” Kirishima says as the hero he’s training to be.

That brings a soft smile to Mina’s face. It’s nice to see Kirishima so assertive and sure of himself. She still remembers when he was a sweet and gentle boy, but too self-conscious to stand out. Since middle school she liked watching how he tried so hard to overcome his fears and his doubts. And she likes, even more, to see that he achieved this.

Kirishima is a friend that has always held a special place in Mina’s heart. It’s actually no wonder that she likes him so much. Wait! That’s it! That’s why she lost her voice and her mind just now, she likes Kirishima!

She means, sure, she always knew he’s her favorite boy friend. She just never realized he could be her boyfriend . Mina has been so caught up with school and friends, that she never stopped to think about her own love life. Isn’t that embarrassing?

But looking back, it makes complete sense that the one she’d fall for is Kirishima. Who else would it be?!

They’re friends, they have fun together, they support each other. Kirishima has always been there for her. He’s been her biggest cheerleader, always singing her praises and betting on the girl.

There isn’t any other man in the world Mina would have preferred falling in love with because she trusts Kirishima with her life —  so trusting him with her heart doesn’t seem so scary.

“Hey, Kiri! Stop!” Mina tells him.

They are already in the hallway that leads to Recovery Girl. The boy halts his movement instantly and looks at her with a very worried expression.

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

His concern is so clear that it warms Mina’s heart and she can’t help but smile at him.

“I like you. Do you want to be my boyfriend?” 

The words come out easily and happily, just like their relationship has always been.

Kirishima’s face goes as red as his hair and he drops the girl on the floor in his panic.

“Ouch!” Mina cries when her ass hits the cold floor.

“Oh no! Sorry! I-! I’m-! You-!” Kirishima frets in complete freak out mode around her without knowing what to do — if he helps her up, if he can touch her.

“You could just say no! No need to throw me away!” Mina complains pouting and massaging her thigh where it hit the ground.

Kirishima kneels down on the floor and hides his face with both of his hands.

“Mina! You can’t throw that on me out of nowhere!” He whines pitifully.

The boy is shaking, and he looks like he could be crying.

“I’m sorry, Kiri. I just thought-... It’s alright, though, we’ll always be friends.” Mina tries calming him by petting his hair.

Kirishima opens his fingers to peek at her without uncovering his face.

“Of course we’ll always be friends. We’re going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, right?” He asks with a shaky voice.

Mina’s face goes red matching the boy.

“I mean… if you want to…” She says unsure.

“I like Ashido since middle school…” He says and then he closes his fingers hiding behind his hands again. 

Kirishima seems to be trembling even more and that makes Mina smile brightly at him.

“Hey, Kiri,” Mina says getting her face really close to the boy’s hands. “If you are my boyfriend, does that mean I get a kiss?”

A high pitched “Yeep!” comes out from behind the hands. Mina pouts at his reaction but, before she manages to step away, Kirishima opens his hands to reveal his face, snatches a kiss on the corner of Mina’s mouth, and proceeds to hide behind his hands again shaking like a leaf.

Mina chuckles at the boy’s antics. Well, she has time. She’s sure Kirishima will feel more confident in the future and they have their whole lives to learn how to kiss properly.