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"The Good Nurse"

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May 2013, 


5:30 pm was the time the red numbers flashed on her radio. The exact time she heard the gates close behind her as she entered the grounds of Mount Massive Asylum.  She, Helene Caghlier, was a nurse, a psychiatric nurse to be exact, that had been transferred to help deal with the ever-growing influx of patients. The patients that were housed within this place were among the worst that any could imagine. Mount Massive was filled with the type of patients that one would normally see or read about in books. The cases that “regular” hospitals couldn't deal with nor wanted to deal with. 


The list went on and on from what her former employers told her before her initial date of transfer. The drive up here was very beautiful as it was surrounded by beautiful scenic landscapes and not another town or city to be seen for miles. Helene found it rather nice despite the ominous looking building that plagued the scenery. It looked like a castle from a horror movie rather than a hospital. The two tall tower-like structures gazing about the property like a pair of ever-watchful eyes. It did not help that the lights from the windows in the tower glowed eerily as the sun continued to set. One by one the street lamps that filled the grounds and walkways were illuminated. The barren trees swayed in the breeze that blew over the mountains and down into the valley. She could hear the creaking as she drove on up the road. Helene half expected to see Michael Myers standing out in the distance awaiting her with his gleaming knife. 


The breaks of her car screeched slightly as she pulled to a stop in the designated “Employee Parking”. Her Mount Massive Asylum permit hanging from the rearview window. The last thing she needed was her car to turn up missing in this place. Grabbing up her bags one by one she exited the car. Grunting as she placed her backpack on her shoulders followed by the large duffle bag as she turned and saw a man in a black suit walking up to her.  Administrative personnel no less , she thought before his hand was extended to her. “Jeremy Blaire Miss Caughlier. I am the head of Mount Massive Asylum. I am glad to see you made it here safely. Please follow me and I will show you where your rooms will be.” His voice was straight to the point as he gave her had a hard grip and a rough shake. 


“Thank you, Sir,” she said politely not wanting to piss off the suit on the very first day of the job. He responded with a huff before turning and walked off without waiting for her to follow. Helene grabbed up the last of her bags and started to carry them. Everything she owned was stuffed into two duffle bags and a sad was that? Three bags and that was it. That was all that she had in the three bags. Giving her head a quick shake the thought was removed from her mind as she continued to follow Jeremy Blaire to the personnel/staff dormitories.  


The “dormitories” as he called them, were located just off the main administrative building. It consisted of a long rectangular building with two floors and heavy doors lined the walls. The room was half the size of her old bedroom and reminded Helene of an inmate's cell rather than a dormitory. The bed itself looked more like a prison cot than a bed. She sighed and placed her things down before she looked out of the barred window that allowed the setting sun to gleam through her room. “Apologies for such a small space. Renovations on the Asylum are still being conducted. For now, this is where you will sleep.” Helene could practically hear the ‘I don't give a shit I'm higher up than you’ tone in his voice as he spoke. 


Helene shook her head before letting her eyes continue their stare out the window. She found the scenery outside far more pleasant than her present company. It was safe to assume that Helene did not know the way Jeremy Blaire was looking at her in that moment. His eyes tracing the lines of her body slowly undressing her with his eyes. He wondered what her body looked like under those clothes. His mind continued to wander as he thought of the things that he would do to that body. Gripping her hair, his hand slapping her skin leaving a red handprint behind...his belt around her neck-- “SIR!” A guard ran up to him ripping him from his lewd thoughts.  


“What is it?” He asked clearly annoyed at the mental interruption as he turned to the guard. 


“We are having an issue with a patient.” 


“Which one?” Jeremy’s annoyance was clearly growing. A patient? He was being bothered by a problem with a patient? 


“Chris Walker-” The guard started breaking him from his trance of the beauty before him.  


“For god sakes didn’t you chain him up?” He turned snapping at the guard who instantly cowered. 


“Chained up?” Helene’s voice piped up as she looked over. They chained the patients here? She had become instantly appalled at the thought. 


“Unfortunately we have had to resort to--” He turned back to Helene as she crossed her arms over her chest. This action alone caused those supple breasts to be pushed upwards. Jeremy felt his pants tightening at this tantalizing temptation. “Harsher methods for this one patient.” He started trying to quickly recover from the temporary distraction. “Perhaps this will be your first test to see if you are good enough to be here,” He started wondering if she would be able to handle someone like Chris Walker. Even if she couldn't, perhaps it would provide him with to speak.  


Helene noticed the look that Jeremy was giving her. Even more so he was not subtle about the licking of his thin rat-like lips. His teeth gleaming in the light as he gazed upon her with a ravenous look. He was a disgusting man that she had no interest in being near more than she had to be. “I like challenges” she responded to him in a defiant manner that made him chuckle. Helene did not smile she simply groaned as she followed Jeremy along with the Guard to go to see this Chris Walker. 


The guard's keys jingled as he unlocked the door leading to the halls to the Male Ward. Helene could hear the inmates screaming in utter confusion, random obscenities, and pleas for help. One inmate charged the door making a deafening bang as his body slammed into the metal barrier between him and open hall. She was certain his body had exploded on impact from the sound of the thud it gave. “Don't be afraid Miss Caughlier. Just remember not to interact with them if you can help it. Never go in a cell alone--” Jeremy was cut off by another booming plea for help and she caught sight of a man being restrained and beaten with batons by several guards to try and restrain him. 


For a moment, Helene began to feel as if she was Clarice Starling. Walking the halls of the ward to where she would soon come face to face with her own Hannibal Lecter waiting for her behind the glass. 


What kind of bedlam had this place fallen into? More to the point...what had she fallen into? 


This was unlike any psychiatric "hospital" she had ever been in. The patients were treated like animals. The conditions of the hospital were par at best. This place was reminiscent of the past where patients were not given proper care. They were seen as monsters...inhuman and a stain on the earth. She could only wonder what horrors her eyes would see the further they walked into the ward. 


Helene saw a patient, a man who stood in a straight jacket merely wandering along throughout his cell. He was murmuring to himself softly. She could barely hear him over the other sounds of the ward that echoed around her. But when he passed the door what she heard broke her heart. He was muttering the Lord's Prayer. Helene would be the first to admit that she was not a religious person. Sure she believed that there was a god, but she did not speak to him as often as her devout family would have liked. But hearing this sad poor man praying to God for some kind of salvation...any kind of salvation from this horrible tore at her from the inside. 


Helene was pulled from her thoughts as a sudden and profound guttural roar broke through the chaos. She couldn’t stop her body from jumping at the sound. It sounded like a wild animal filled with rage and pain.  


Jeremy saw the brief jump she had made which only caused a smirk to become deeply imprinted on his twisted face. Was the little bitch scared? The thought passed through his mind as his teeth ran over his lip. Good, he thought as he was growing rather pleased with himself. This nurse would be no better than the others. She will become too scared and unable to handle the patients. She will beg him to place her at a desk job somewhere in the asylum. Then, he would get what he wanted. He always did. He would have her right where he wanted her. Jeremy was already imagining it, just as he had before, her body against his, and the sounds she would make. Why would he be gentle with a body like that? Oh no, no, no, he would not be gentle. He would leave his mark all over her. His teeth biting into the supple flesh as his hands would grip tight leaving bruises on her milky skin. How he would use that body to his pleasure. Her cunt warming his cock as he would slam in and out in and out. 


“Mr. Blaire!” Helene exclaimed snapping him out of his daydreaming state. He would have to finish that thought at a later time. The chaotic sounds soon returned to his ears. They were close to Chris Walker’s cell. He could hear the large fists beating the door trying to get out. 


“Here comes your test...Nurse.” Jeremy stated in a tone that made Helene crawl in her skin.  


Dr. Lecter is waiting...