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"Aw man!" You groaned as you bitterly reclined on Izuku's bed - having to suffer at the taunting laugh your best friend uttered at your defeat.

You may be a good gamer, but Izuku is at his prime in this online rpg game. You couldn't believe you fell for his trap! 

He was a knight and you were an archer - clearly you had the advantage! Just the thought of getting defeated by a weaker class made you more sour and annoyed at your best friend's victory.

He's totally rubbing his success on your face without knowing it. Even more with that irritating laugh you've grown fond of.

Yeah dude, you had your epic comeback - big deal. Big deal… well at least it is to you.

You sneak a glance at your best friend's frame. Izuku have his shaking head on his bed, a hand on his stomach - and a phone raised in victory as he stared at the results on his screen. Your melancholy softened with comfort from the sight of his giddy smile and tone of his comforting laughter. 

Izuku looks… nice

Especially with how the color pink covered his freckled cheeks in a saturated array. The way his messy hair framed his side -- heightening the shape of his nose and add the glint of satisfaction in his lidded eyes.

Your heart beat fastened.

He almost look dreamy… almost looked..

Your breath hitched at the sight of his tongue swiping on his pale lips.

You quickly looked away, eyes wide and fully aware of your own thoughts. You did not just think that way about your best friend.

You didn't!

You shy a peek at the young Midoriya.

...Though, you'll admit; you like seeing Izuku that carefree.

The perfect set of teeth appeared, catching you in their set of pearly smile - you felt more than hear the short laugh that came from Izuku's throat.

Okay. Maybe not too much.

You let out a groan in your embarrassment from your swirling thoughts than your own defeat as you threw your phone on his green covers, taking his pillow and smothering yourself in it.

"No fair, you cheated Izu-kun." You grumbled, sending a playful glare at him.

Midoriya's green eyes turned to you, eyebrows furrowed and about to rebuke your sore words, before blinking rapidly at the sight of you holding his pillow against your face.

"Wha- I- did not!" Embarrassed and offended, Izuku meekly grabbed the pillow you're holding and tugged it off - your head bouncing on his mattress as he tried not to think too much about the way your unkempt hair splayed around your face. 

On his bed. 

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Izuku raised his pillow away from you, pouting like a child at the thought of you not accepting your own defeat. "You just used the wrong move [Y/n]-chan!"

"I don't care -- give my baby back!"
You cried at the loss of your pillow-child - you were enjoying the smell of pine and fresh laundry damn it - as you stretched your arm towards it. "Give them back!"

"No," Izuku easily divert the pillow opposites of you, holding you down by your shoulder as you stubbornly leaned forward towards the item in his hand. You forced yourself to shrug of his fingers off your collar-bone as your short hand tried its best to get the pillow in its hold, "gimme!"

Izuku narrowed his eyes at your attempts and stubbornly shook his head. "Not until you accept defeat!"

You put a hand on his face and shoved him down the bed by his chin, trying to catch the pillow that's just an inch away from your fingers. "Never!" 

Damn… your… short hand!

You quickly got cut off by the arm wrapping around your waist, pulling you down on the floor with surprising strength. "Oof!" You felt your unlucky side getting pinned on the edge of his soft comforter.

You blinked, surprised as you tilted your head to him. Your cheeks are flushed from the act. Izuku watches you with an unamused look. 

"Don't be stubborn." His green orbs narrowed with disappointment as he cutely frown from your fight.

You can feel your blood rushing towards your neck as you stared at him - suddenly becoming aware of how close Izuku's warm fingers are your chest.

You want to react, put some distance between the two of you, but your body warmed up at his contact, and try as you want, you find yourself not moving an inch away from him. You felt glued on the spot from the confusing emotions that swirls in your chest, even more so as you become more aware at the situation Midoriya had put you into.

And the way he stares at you.

There's something with the way his emerald eyes stubbornly bore into yours makes you feel ... defeated, weak?

You don't know, but it makes you curl your toes in weird anticipation.

Just the way he's looking you down… it makes your chest feel lighter, warmer than listening to him laugh.

You find yourself gulping.

Your shaky vision landed on his lips, mind going blank at the way his tongue poked and wet them. The flush of his lips almost looking slick and endearing, tempting you to move closer as your fingers twitched at the thought of touching them, smoothing them by the pad of your digits and feeling them under your touch. 

You unconsciously leaned forward, half registering the fact that Izuku did the same.

Your nose twitched at the familiar smell of pine on his hair - relaxing and coaxing your nerves to be more closer - telling you how much your chest would lighten if you just, close the distance between the two of you. 

Your mind coax you to raise your eyes, asking you to meet his orbs, persuading you of sweet essence that'll coat your chest and you did. You were surprised that his eyes are already staring at you with an unfamiliar light in them, burning with an unknown fire as they revel in yours - with each second passing, a kindle of longing sparks brighter.

Your stare softened with his; you never thought of how beautiful his eyes are up close. 

The warm breath fanning coming from heightens your senses, flushing your cheeks with a distracting blush as your lips quivered in thought. Izuku's scent and stare are inviting you with a silent promise, and you want to lean more- just a little bit so that it can close the distance between you. 

The small voice entertaining your fuzzy emotions as it whispers inside your mind to do it. Do it and feel the electricity from the bridged contact ash his taste burns your insides - do it and drown yourself at the sensation of his scent on yours, do it so you can relish at the feeling of his lips above yours. 

Do it, so you can see just how much you can enjoy yourself. 

You had your eyes halfway closed as your lips ghosted above his, your heart hammering inside your ears as it clenched itself into a pleasing grip - reveling at the small warmth coming off from his mouth as you lean closer.

'Just a little more,' the voice inside your mind coaxed, before feeling Izuku's warm sigh above your lips - pressing into yours as you jerked away with so much force that Midoriya blinked at the speed; almost unsure if having your face  near his was just a figment of his distracted imagination or not.

He almost believed the latter until he blinked several times and directed his attention on you; breath hitching from the expression on your face.

A heavy blush decorates your nose and cheeks, eyebrows furrowed cutely as your eyes shake with an obvious fond confusion sprinkled in bright [e/c] pool. 

The boy had never seen you this nervous before and it make his heart recoil in a satisfying grip.

Izuku watched as you grumbled under your breath, he could feel the warmth of your face from his space as your face grew darker, warmer. You crossed your arms in front of you - unsuccessfully trying to remove his fingers that were curled above your waist as your warm hand grazed above his - sending a shock of welcomed electricity in his wake as he soaked the heat coming from them.

A grimace displayed on your face, catching Midoriya's attention as he silently question why are your eyes pointedly looking away - not at him.

"You know…" You sighed, eyes glazed in a moment of lovestruck momentum that caught Izuku's stare. "You have warm lips."


Izuku didn't reply, but he let out a choked noise from your statement.

Your eyes raised from the floor, brimming with curiosity before settling down on Izuku: the sight of your best friend's visage quickly melting your heart into a warm-giddy puddle. 

His face is painfully red - expression in muddled shock; clearly as embarrassed as you. His eyes are avoiding you as he looked from side-to-side, sputtering incoherent noises as he raised a hand to cover his mouth.
There's a lace of satisfied excitement under his nature - the way his fingers squeezed your waist says it all.

Your body shuddered in response, giving away your silent thoughts as Izuku's grip  kept tightening in reaction - holding you down in a wa so possessive. He breathed shakily, "I-I..." 

You unconsciously bit your lips in anticipation, toes curling at the feeling - a tempting heat spiraling in your stomach.

What will he say? What will he do?

You leaned closer, the smell of pine and boyish musk flooding your chest with contempt. You made a sound - too quiet for you to distinguish but it was enough for Izuku to hear.

He pressed his lips on yours, a soft - tentative touch that's innocence and pure. A silent warmth that basks your senses with fireworks on your face. 

They're rough, almost dry, but they're also soothing to the point for your own tightened coil to lax. 

This shouldn't feel so good. This isn't sane, this isn't normal - yet somehow you want more.

You let out a warm breath through your nose and opened your mouth, coaxing him in with a tilt of your head. He followed, accompanied with a hum that vibrated on his throat, as his teeth grazes your bottom lips. 

The hand on your curves gingerly entwined with your hair, pushing your head closer to his as Izuku all, but devour your mouth with his own - his tongue laps yours with a warm promise as his lips coax yours with fervor. The taste of sweetness and passion mixed together as warmth pooled in your cupped lips.

You broke away, breath short as you panted for more, one hand on his chest as the other on his thigh. You didn't know what came in to you - and guilt and embarrassment quickly swirled with the indescribable feeling in your stomach. 

You opened your eyes just a fraction - only to freeze when Izuku's lidded green fluttered to yours. The lingering promise set something unusual above your thighs. 

Is… is it okay to want more?

You leaned forward, closing your eyes with parted lips.

The voice inside your mind says it's okay.

"[Y/n]-chan! Izuku-kun! Dinner's ready!" Inko-san shouted from below, sweet voice loud and clear with the open bedroom door.


"FOOD!" You squealed, latching off Izuku's momentarily slack hold and rushing off the room with so much questions in your mind.

So... That just happened.



Izuku watched as you leave the room in a flurry - your face as warm and as red as his own. Yours no doubt more appealing to look at than his.

He gulped down the unfamiliar emotion on his throat, a shaky hand settling down on his chest while he stared at the open door.

Why… what is this feeling?

His mind replayed the feelings that just happened a minute ago; you, in his arm - reacting so delicately and endearing to his act - the way your lips chased his with equal weight. The way you looked at him - lidded [e/c] eyes fastened on his..

You looked and tasted so loving

His heart is beating so wildly and uncomfortably as he thinks of you.

Izuku grimaced, feeling a bit worried about having a heart attack, before noting on how pleasant it also feels.

You should feel pain and discomfort if you're going to have a cardiac arrest-- but this, this felt different. A nice different.
The way his heart throbbed in his chest by the looks of you and stomach curling by itself from your warmth in his hands. It's not painful - it's just pleasant, electrifying even. 

No. It's satisfying. Yeah, that's the word. Satisfying

And to think it's all because of you.

Izuku immediately made a face.

No. This is stupid.

What happened between the two of you just happened - there's no implication that you felt that way to him. No - the thing just sort of happened and nothing else.

But the way your lips trembled and [e/c] eyes softened when he caught it--

Izuku shook his head, trying to find a logical reason out of this hole he's digging himself in.

He put his hand on his face, digits fleeting with warmth from his face as his fingers started curling on his hair in bright confusion. He held the pillow you were fighting for against his chest, propping his chin up on the fluffy surface before closing his eyes.

He needed to relax. He need to clear his mind. To let him properly think on what just happened. 

There's no way he have feelings for you -- it would be disastrous to your friendship! That kiss already did a lot of damage!

Oh kami, just the thought of you rejecting him or not talking to him because of an awkward situation he'll create..! Granted, he's awkward in nature, but to think he'll make it more uncomfortable for the both of you makes him feel the vile comes up his throat.

He couldn't lose you! Not when you're the only friend he has, the only person that cheers him up - the one that comforts him and sees him more than a quirkless deku -- Unless

Unless you like him too.

He made a hopeful expression.

Do you?

Of course you do. You kissed him back! That counted for something, right…?

He inhaled deeply, trying to forget the feeling of dread collecting in his stomach and the pessimism that poisons his mind. Before getting a whiff of something sweetly addicting.

He buried his nose on his pillow, eyes growing heavy at the soothing smell.

Strawberry and your familiar scent… it makes his shoulders sag in relief as he hugged the pillow closer to his chest.

Izuku let out a satisfied sigh from the feeling of your scent gathered in his lungs, enjoying just how much sweet your aroma is- imprinting your smell in his brain before taking another dragged intake - mind lamenting on how nice you smell.

Izuku could get high from this.

He let out a satisfied groan as he nuzzled on the white sheets, nose digging in the sweet fabric as his arms tightened its hold around it - imagining that he's not hugging his pillow, but has you safely cuddled in his arms.


Izuku's eyes snapped open and threw the pillow at the corner of the room.

It felt like it burned his skin. The fact he just think that it was you…! 

Izuku groaned as he covered his warm face with his hands out of quilt and humiliation. He shouldn't be thinking that way about you! Ugh!!!

'Kuso! That was creepy of you Midoriya!

What would you think if you knew he almost thought of you in that way?!

The aspiring hero sputtered, turning around and suffocating himself on his covers - only to stop and taking a long tentative whiff on the green sheet.

His blanket even has your own scent on it. 

Unsubtle images played in his mind as he tried not to think of your hair splayed around your face, him holding your waist against his --

Kami... Izuku could feel his head blowing away from his neck. 

"Izuku-kun? You coming or what?" Your head peaked in the room. Your best friend  quickly straightened at and screamed in reflex, "Y-Yes!"

You gave him a weird look - making his stomach fall short, before relaxing at the sight of your toothy smile.

Izuku could feel his breath hitch at the way you grin at him.


How can you act like nothing happened between the two of you?