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I Thought

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Brady set on his favorite rock reading his Bible sad to lose Clifford. He felt

Something in his heart, without turning around he simply stated quietly "I

Thought you went to Barcelona?"

A reply came in the same soft voice, "I thought you were in brainwashing camp?"

Brady stood up and turned around to face Clifford. A puzzled hurt look on his

Face. Clifford look into Brady's blue eyes feeling hurt also. His own brown eyes

Showed the same. In unison they both replied, "I changed my mind."

Within seconds they were in each other's arms in a tight embrace.

Brady whispered into Clifford's ear, "What changed your mind?"

He only said almost in tears "I was at the airport. I checked my baggage in. I was

Going through the metal detector and your cross set it off. I then knew I had to

Come back to you. And you?"

Brady replied "I was talking to Pastor after you left and he said something that

Made me think. He did not condemn me. He basically said if I was okay with who I

Was God still loves me."

"Wow", was all Clifford could say.

"What about you're Mom?"

"That was a little bit more tricky." he smiled.

"Come on give me the dirt."

"You always want the dirt." Brady elbowed him in the ribs. This set them both

Into a laughing fit. It felt so right.