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Father's Greatest Fear

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“Stay here for a while, okay Mini Chips?” You say, kneeling in front of your daughter. Heeyoung, hugging her rabbit doll nods and shows her best smile. Today, you have to bring Heeyoung to the LFG because her nanny calls in sick and Kiro isn’t home for a week for his new album’s promotion in Japan.

“Be a good girl, mommy will come back soon. If you need anything, Miss Cindy will be at the front desk.” You kiss her cheeks and forehead, getting up and gathering your files. Heeyoung watches you walk away to the meeting room, and start to play with her doll. Sometimes later, she got an urge to go to the restroom. She walks out of the waiting room to see if Cindy is there, but she is nowhere to be found.

“I need to loo.” She mutters and walks to find the restroom. Fortunately, she found the restroom before she reached her limit. After she finishes her business, she realizes she forgot where the waiting room is. She wanders around, trying to find her way back until she reaches the pantry. She saw a lot of staff there, chatting and eating as it was lunchtime.

“Hi, little girl. Where are you come from?” A voice reaches her ears, and she turns to see a woman. As soon her eyes meet hers, an internal voice of the woman starts to fills Heeyoung’s mind. She has been caught off guard. Her eyes’ shade turns from pale blue to dark blue.

‘Who brought this child to this office? She must be fearless.’

Heeyoung diverts her eyes to another place, but she realizes the staff already notice her and their eyes are all on her. Multiple voices surging into her mind, merciless. As she is still unable to control her evol, she starts tearing up. Getting scared with all the voices taunting her. She runs away from them, ignoring the call from the woman who greeted her. She hides in the corner where no one can see her.

“Mommy…” She sobs, burying her face on her knees. Hoping you will find her and comfort her. Victor walks past and abruptly stops his step, looking at an odd sight in his company. A child?

“Whose child is this?” Victor asks Goldman, looking at her closely. Blond hair, a girl around the age of four, crying in the corner like a lost puppy.

“I believe it’s Mrs. Zhou’s daughter. She told me she has to bring Heeyoung today due to nobody taking care of her.” Goldman explains, looking at the same sight. Victor let out a sigh. That idiot. He gestures Goldman to the meeting room to inform you. He walks to Heeyoung, kneeling in front of her.

“Heeyoung,” Victor calls her softly. Heeyoung slowly peeks at the voice, afraid of reading his mind. Noticing the different shade of Heeyoung’s eyes color, Victor closes his eyes.

“It’s alright. I close my eyes. You can look at me.” He says. Heeyoung finally looks at Victor, sniffling her sobs. Victor reaches out his hand, caressing her hair softly.

“It’s alright. I’m Victor. You want to see your mother?” He asks, soothing her. She nods but realizing Victor won’t see it, she answers softly.

“Yes. Do you know my mommy?”

“I know her so well. I also know your father.” Victor says. “My father is famous. Everyone should know him.” She says proudly. Victor’s lips curled into a small smile. How similar she is to you and Kiro. Victor opens his eyes slowly, meeting with her original colored eyes, pale blue.

“Ah! Don’t look at me!” Heeyoung covers her face, unaware her eyes change. However, to her surprise, she doesn’t hear his internal voice. 

“It’s alright. Your eyes have turned back to normal.” Victor assures her. Heeyoung finally meets his gaze.

“Let’s go to your mother.” Victor holds out his hands, carrying her. Heeyoung immediately hugs his neck, she still stares into his eyes.

“How old are you now, Heeyoung?” Victor asks, trying to make the little one comfortable and keep her eyes on him as he walks past his staff. All the staff was gaping their mouths, frozen in the places to see the unusual sight of their CEO carrying a child in his arms. He looks at Heeyoung, it has been a while since he met her. Looking like her father but perky and beaming with joy, fearless as her mother.

“Five…” She answers after counting with her small fingers as she grins at him. “You grew up so fast. I remember attending your first birthday party.” Victor smiles, gazing at her softly.

“Really? Mommy and daddy said that I will always be their Mini Chips.” Heeyoung starts to feel comfortable and opens up to him. He looks at her, puzzled.

“Mini Chips?”

“Yeah. Mommy is Miss Chips, Daddy is Mr. Chips, and I am Mini Chips” She chirps, giggling. Victor let out a small throaty chuckle. Such an idiot couple.

“Oh my god! Heeyoung!” Speak of the devil, here comes the idiot. Victor looks at you, trotting to both of them. You walk out from the meeting room as soon as Goldman informs you about Heeyoung’s trouble.

“Mommy!” She beams happily. You look at Victor, who is looking at you as if he will devour you at any moment. You gulp but immediately shrug him off and check on your daughter.

“I’m so sorry, Victor. I shouldn’t bring her bu-” You try to explain, but Victor cuts you off.

“I know. Just… Don’t leave her alone again. I don’t mind having her around.” Victor says, still holding her.

“Mommy, Uncle Victor found me. He said he will bring me to you, and he did. I found you, mommy!” She happily explains it to you. You smile.

“Thank you, Victor.”

“Thank me with your presentation. Now, wipe off that idiot face of yours and get inside.” Victor walks inside the meeting room with Heeyoung in his arms.  “Why do you call my mommy an idiot?” Heeyoung asks, confused. Victor whispers at her ear.

“Because she is. But a good idiot.” He puts Heeyoung on the chair near him, smiling just for her.  “Hehe” Heeyoung let out a giggle, and the presentation started as if nothing happened.

A week later, Kiro finally went home and took a long break with his family. He notices how Heeyoung always wants to follow you whenever you have to go to the LFG.

“Hey, Miss Chips. Did something happen when I was away?” He asks after you put their daughter to sleep. You lay on his arm, looking at him.

“Hmm?” You hug him, snuggling over him.

“Mini Chips is always excited to follow you to LFG when you have an appointment with Victor. Did they build a daycare or something?” He continues, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Oh… Well… Victor said she could come anytime she wants, and I think she takes it seriously. Since it’s her summer break and as long she behaves, I think it will be fine. Do you not like it?” You explain, observing your husband's reaction.

“No-no-no. It’s just odd for me to see her hypes up over something other than me.” Kiro pouts. Mini Chips always hypes over him, but now she always follows you to LFG, and it’s making him weird. You smirk, figure out your husband’s feelings.

“Kiro, are you… Jea-” He cuts you off right before you finish the word, pulling away and covering his ears. “La la la la I do not hear that!” Denying his feelings. You laugh, pulling him back towards you. You kiss his lips slowly.

“You are too cute.” You giggle. Kiro frowns, hugging your waist. “Are you gonna keep saying that?” He asks, kissing you back before topping you.


“Should I show you something… not cute?” He smirks, earning his favorite sight of you blushing. You gaze into his eyes, wrapping your arms around him. “Well… I would love to see it, Mr. Chips.” You purr. He leans in, whispering to your ear.

“Maybe it’s time for Mini Chips to have… Mini Nachos.” For a moment, you try to register the words your husband just said.

“Oh my god, Kiro.” You laugh hard. Kiro grins, proceeding his way to you.

Few days pass and the three of you sit together at the dining table, eating your dinner. Heeyoung looks at her father, trying to read his mind. However, she knows she couldn’t read his mind just yet.

“Anything you want to tell daddy, Mini Chips?” He looks at Heeyoung, smiling. The little one tries to put some words.

“Well… Daddy… I- I think…” She starts, her voice soft and barely reaches Kiro and you. “Hmm?” He waits, still smiling.

“When I grow up, I want to marry Uncle Victor.” The dining table suddenly has gone silent. You can see Kiro’s eyes watery.

“Heh? What about daddy? You say you want to marry daddy someday.” Kiro pouts, frowning with his daughter's sudden change of mind.

“Daddy already has mommy. I will marry Uncle Victor. He is like a Prince charming, daddy.” Heeyoung says happily, biting her green broccoli. Kiro frowns more. This can’t be, where’s the Mini Chips that always chirped she wants to marry him?

“Him? Prince charming? Why do you say that, Heeyoung?” You ask calmly, patting Kiro’s back softly. Heeyoung grins, happy with the thought of her Victor.  “Because he is handsome, loves to smile, and always nice to me.” Her answers made both of you stare at her in disbelief. Victor? Smiling? Kiro leans over to you.

“Did she meet Victor or someone else?” Kiro asks, whispering. You shake your head, confused. “The only person she clings on whenever she follows me is Victor. But I didn’t see him smiling.” You whisper back, eyes still fixated on your daughter.

“Why, mommy, daddy?” She blinks at both of you, also confused with her parents’ reaction.

“A- Anyway! You can’t marry Victor. I’m the only one who can.” Kiro puffs his cheeks. Heeyoung shakes her head.  “No. I will marry Uncle Victor.” She said, firmly. Her eyes turn into the deep blue shade. That night, Kiro lays on your chest, crying over how his only daughter is growing up and starting to forget her daddy while you comfort him all night. 

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“Daddy~!” Bomi runs to Gavin who’s waiting for her at the school gate. Gavin turns to look before catching his daughter using her evol by controlling her air pressure to jump on him. “Wow, you are getting good at this.” He chuckles, kissing his daughter’s cheek. Bomi giggles, kissing him back.

“Are you gonna be home for a while?” Bomi asks, pulling away to look into Gavin’s amber eyes. Gavin smiles, gazing into her eyes lovingly. He knows how their daughter always misses him when he is out for a mission. 

“For now, yes. So I’ll come to pick you up at school and be with you all day.” Gavin says. “Yay!” Bomi cheers, hugging him tightly. Gavin chuckles, so much of your energy.

“Let’s go home.” Gavin ambles, holding Bomi tight as she snuggled against him. “Can we… Fly?” She whispers anticipating. Gavin glances around before pressing his unused in-ear device.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Gavin speaking. Welcome to our best aviation flight, Bomi Airlines. Always on time, always safe. This is a nonstop flight from Kira Kira Kindergarten to Bai’s Residence. Please hold on tight because we are ready to take off.” Gavin announces, earning giggles from Bomi. She holds her father’s neck securely.

“Daddy, can we stop for ice cream?” Bomi asks cutely. Gavin let out a chuckle, pressing his in-ear device again. “Seems we will have short transit to Convini as our Lady Bomi craves for ice cream. Seat tight and let your captain give you the best experience of your life.” As soon he finishes, he lightly takes off his feet from the ground. Elevating high until out of non-evolvers sight.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at our first stop, Convini. Please hold on tight.” Gavin aims to land carefully near the alley. Stepping on the ground softly. He fixes his hair and Bomi’s, grinning at each other. Both of them walk inside the convenience store, heading to the ice cream aisle.

“Let’s buy one for mommy too,” Gavin says, choosing your favorite ice cream. Bomi nods, picking her ice cream. Gavin pays, and both of them walk out, with ice cream in their hands. Bomi eats her ice-cream happily.

“Daddy, let’s walk.”

“You sure? Then, ladies and gentlemen, we will have a new route to take to reach our destination. Hand.” Gavin takes out his hand, Bomi happily takes her father’s hand and swings it. Both of them walk home while finishing up their ice cream.

“We’re home.” Gavin opens the door, Bomi rushes inside, searching for you. “Welcome home- Oh wow look at your hair. Did you both fly?” You laugh, seeing Bomi’s messy hair. You kneel to receive your routine from Bomi. A kiss on the cheek. Bomi grins, trying to fix her hair.

“Go change, then we can have lunch together.” You caress her hair, smiling. You look at Gavin, who is watching you, smiling. “Okay, mommy~.” Bomi trots to her bedroom. You get up and walk to Gavin, hugging his waist. Both of you grinning like an idiot.

“Welcome home?” You say, puckering your lips. Gavin let out a chuckle, a hint of blush visible on his cheeks. “I’m home.” Kissing you slowly as he pulls you closer to him.

“Thanks for picking her up.” You mutter on his lips. Gavin shrugs, swaying your body left and right slowly. “Ehh, no biggie. It’s my job too. Thanks for taking a day off.” Gavin grins, kissing you more. You grin, cupping his pink cheeks.  

“I have to see you, of course. I missed you.” Gavin chuckles, taking out an ice cream before handing it on you.

“You want some ice cream? I make sure I keep it cold enough for you.” He smiles. The ice cream is still cold as if it’s just got out of the freezer. You giggle, nodding your head.


“And then, I help a baby Birb fly.” Bomi chirpily tells Gavin her adventures while he’s away. Gavin listens intently, caressing her hair. “Bird?” Gavin reconfirms, looking at Bomi.

“Birb.” She nods enthusiastically before she continues her stories. Gavin blinks several times, looking at you confusedly. You smile, shrugging your shoulders as you walk to the laundry room to wash Gavin’s clothes.

“It’s a bird, right?” He asks again. Bomi starts to frown when her father keeps cutting her words. “Yeah, but I call it Birb. It’s adorable.” Gavin’s mouth shaping an O, nodding. She named the bird, Birb.

“Bomi, you went on a field trip, right? Who did you meet there?” You ask from the laundry room. “Oh! Oh! Daddy, I met Uncle Kiro!” Bomi excitedly flapped her arms. Gavin laughs, ruffling her hair.

“Uncle Kiro? Huh? Isn’t Kiro your ‘Oppa’?” He smiles. Since he is always away on the mission, you brought Bomi to work on her school holiday. So, Bomi has been close to Kiro and calling him oppa. He remembered how she gushed over Kiro and how she wanted to marry Kiro when she grew up. It pained him, but he is a cool father. He knows sooner or later, his baby girl will find a man. He will judge him carefully.

“Oppa? He’s my uncle.” Bomi says, remembering how Kiro almost cried at her mother when she finally called him uncle instead of oppa. Gavin grins, feeling content with the news. “So, you don’t want to marry Kiro now?” Gavin asks, neatly braiding her hair. Bomi shakes her head, letting Gavin do his job. 

“Uncle Kiro has many fans. He can live with that.” Gavin laughs, what a smart way to talk. “Then, who do you want to marry, now?” I shouldn’t ask her that. He saw a huge grin on his daughter’s face. Oh no. 

“I want to marry Uncle Eli!” Instantly, the temperature in the house drops rapidly. Gavin stares at Bomi, blankly. “Gavin, did the heater break?” You ask, feeling the chill, walking out from the laundry room. You look at the frozen father and the happy daughter. Uh…

“What?!” Gavin unintentionally shouts, surprised with Bomi’s answer. Eli?! That Eli?! The image in his mind of his comrade grinning and doing finger guns irritates him. “Gavin, you will freeze us to death.” Scratch that, I will be the only one that froze to death with Gavin and Bomi abilities to control their temperature.

 “Daddy, you will freeze mommy.” Bomi tries to raise the temperature again, but battling with her father, it is not an easy task for her. “I’m sorry.” Gavin rubs his face while controlling the temperature back to normal. Okay. He rather hears his baby say she wants to marry Kiro than Eli.

“Why do you want to marry E- El- Li?” Gavin looks at Bomi. His face twitches as he tries to smile. “Because he is funny… He can do that thing… and-” Bomi starts listing why she likes Eli. Gavin only stares at her, blankly. He doesn’t listen to any of her words.

“What about daddy?” Gavin asks. “Oh, I can’t marry daddy. Who will take care of mommy?” Bomi smiles, continuing gushing over her father’s comrade.

‘I’m gonna kill him.’


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Hanbyul, Hanbin. Please, this is already the 15th time you creeped out your caretaker. Don’t you have anything to say?” You sigh, slumping on the couch after seeing your kids’ new caretaker off, forever. The twins innocently stare at you.

“Mommy.” You look at Hanbyul, the eldest twin. Her eyes glimpse like her father.

“It’s the 17th time. We are just trying to help you evaluate if she qualifies to be our caretaker.” Hanbyul says with a smile like Lucien. You let out a groan.

“It’s a harmless test, mommy,” Hanbin adds. Looking at his mother. Lucien walks to the living room with two mugs in his hands. He sips his drink silently.

“Harmless or not. You both are using your evols freely. Lucien, talk to them.” You turn to look at him as he sits next to you. He smiles, looking at both of their kids.

“You both are getting very good at this.” Lucien grins before you hit his shoulder. You look at him, disbelief. The twins grinning ear to ear hearing compliments from their father.

Ever since Hanbin awakened his ability to camouflage with his surroundings, the twins turn into tricksters. Hanbyul with her father’s brain and Hanbin with his mother’s cheekiness to try everything and they are unstoppable.

“Don’t encourage them, Lu!” You hiss. Lucien chuckles, caressing your back.

“Mommy, Hanbin is still getting used to his evol. I just help him to practice.” Hanbyul tells, giving you her puppy eyes. Hanbin nods agreeing with his sister. You let out a huge sigh.  

“You both are really…”

“Now, now. Kids, get inside your room.” Lucien interferes, signaling their kids to let him handle their anxious mother.

“Yes, daddy.” Both of them scurry away to their room.

“At this rate, we won’t find a caretaker before the Gala Night at Cannes.” You let out another sigh. You wouldn’t mind if the twins are on their school break, she would bring them together and enjoy family time. You hold Lucien’s hands, looking at him with puppy eyes.

“Can’t we just let Gavin take care of them for a few days while I find another one?” Lucien smiles, the memory of his daughter told him she wants to marry Gavin instead of him fusing his anger again.

“No.” He says with a quivering smile. You squint your eyes at him, knowing him too well that he’s mad.

“Do you have any other solution, then?” You pull away from him, crossing your arms. Lucien stays still for a moment, giving a thought.

“How about, I take them to my office after school?” Lucien suggests, leaning close as he starts kissing your jaw. Taking care of them won’t be hard. Just leave them in his office while he goes for his class and the conference.

“Wait, you won’t come with me?” You push him away, looking at him in disbelief. Who will be my date that night?

“About that…” Lucien says guiltily, caressing your lips. You nudge away his hand.

“Who will be my plus one?” You ask disappointedly.

“I thought Victor would be your plus one?” Lucien asks with a smile. You know he’s trying to make a joke.

“But you are my husband, Lucien.” You half whine, pouting.

“I’m flattered with that, my butterfly. However, I have an important  conference that requires me to attend.” Lucien pulls you closer, leaning in for another kiss, coaxing you to trust him. You sigh, leaning in accepting his kiss.

“I will get the earliest flight to Cannes after the conference. Meanwhile, I will take care of our little caterpillars while you find another caretaker.” He says after he pulls away slightly, licking your lips.

“You sure can handle those two?” You pant, still unsure of leaving the twins alone with Lucien.

“I’m pretty sure I can handle them quite well.” He grins, confident with it. It’ll be easier than taking down enemies. He pulls you into his embrace, kisses your head.

“Hmm… Okay.” You sigh, snuggle close to him. “I’m still upset that you won’t come with me.” You mutter, hitting his chest. You don’t want to be stuck with Victor for the entire night of the gala. He will keep calling you, idiot.

“My butterfly… Let me make up for it. Do you know you look sexy when you're mad?” Lucien says in a low voice, tilting your chin as he kisses you again. You chuckle under his kisses.

“Eww! Daddy and mommy are smooching!” Hanbin shouts, appearing nearby the large vase, beside him Hanbyul frowning as they both got busted. Hanbin evol wears down as soon he sees his parents making out. Both of them run away to their room. You pull away, laughing while Lucien smiles before letting out a throaty chuckle.

“Pfft… I wish you good luck.” You say to Lucien, before pulling him into another kiss.

After sending the twins to school, Lucien drives you to the airport. Both of you stand away from your staff, taking some time alone.

“I promise you, I will come as soon as I finish the conference, okay?” He holds your hand, kissing it. You pout, wrapping your arms around him. He gazes at you lovingly, wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m not worried about you not coming with me.” You say, fixing his tie. Lucien let you continue your words as you start fidgeting his tie. “I’m worried about you taking care of them alone.” You gaze into his dark purple eyes. You fidget his shirt’s buttons, showing him your anxiety.

“Give me a good reason why you are worried about me?” He moves a strand of your hair behind your ear. You let out a sigh, patting your husband’s chest.

“Both of them are Lucien’s kids with evols, and both of them have a lot of things inside their sleeves. I never leave them alone for too long, and I’m scared if they get too cheeky and ruin your day in the office.” You voice out your concern.

“I can take care of them. Trust them and me. If it makes you at ease, we will video call you every day, reporting our routine.” He comforts you, caressing your cheek. You sigh, leaning your forehead on his chest.

“Fine… Just call me if you need anything, Professor Lucien.” You mutter, snuggling into his warmth. You both stay idle for a while before you hear Minor calling you. You reluctantly pull away.

“I'm gonna miss you…” You fix his shirt. Lucien smiles, he loves when you play with his shirt

“Ahh, I miss you already.” You finally laugh, hugging him one last time.

“No goodbye kiss?” He teases, smirking as you pull away from him.

“Come here, Lu.” You giggle, pulling him for a kiss before Minor and Kiki shout about public display of affection in the airport and how they didn’t get paid enough to see their boss smooching.

“So, kids.” Lucien puts his car’s keys on the desk. The twins sit on the sofa, looking around his office.

“Daddy.” Hanbyul breaks the silence.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Lucien looks at her, smiling.

“Nothing is entertaining in your office.” She says, leaning back on the sofa. Hanbin nods, agreeing with his sister. 

“Of course, it isn’t like my home office. We can go home after I am done with my class, okay?” Lucien leans back against his desk, observing his twins. You told him to watch them closely.

“What are we going to do here?” Hanbyul asks, pouting. She already shows she is bored in her father’s office. She could read or plan something with Hanbin, but right now, she is bored, and she needs to be entertained.

“Well, as this place is not kids friendly, do you want to watch me in my class? You can observe me like me, and your mother observes you on parent-kids day at your school.” Lucien suggests, taking his class documents. The twins look at each other, smiling.

“Okay, daddy.”

The class went quite well despite Lucien’s students diverting their attention to his kids at the back of the class. The twins silently watch their father, giving a lesson about natural chemicals in the human brain.

“Your kids are well mannered, Professor Lucien.” The teacher assistant says as he compiles the students’ assignments. “Oh, yes indeed,” Lucien observes them from his podium. Hanbyul and Hanbin chat with a few of his students.

“Your students are already fond of them. Will you bring them here again?”

“For a few days, yes. After the conference, I will immediately leave for Cannes for my wife while they will be under Miss Jade’s care for the weekend.” Lucien tells his assistant the plan both of you agree. As long there’s no Gavin involved, he will agree.

“It will be a nice change then. Your students will be happy with it. Both of them look exactly like you, professor.” He says before leaving him and the twins in the auditorium.

“How was the lesson for you?”

“How weird, do they just learn about this, daddy?” Hanbyul asks boringly.

“According to our academic syllabus, yes, my sweetheart.” Lucien smiles, knowing Hanbyul is always advancing in her studies, especially in neurology as she usually spends her time in Lucien’s mini-library.

“It’s boring, daddy,” Hanbin says, yawning. Lucien chuckles, kneeling in front of the twins. His gazes on them are so tender that nobody will believe that Professor Lucien has another gentle side of him.

“Yes, I see you nodding off to sleep just now. Tell you what, let’s grab some burgers or takeaways or anything you like, and we can head home and video call mommy.” He caresses his son's head. The twins look at each other before nodding happily. Lucien smiles. This is easy.

“Lucien, what are you doing here? Wait, did you-?”

“I come here legally if you are worried about that. I took the earliest flight today.” Lucien looks at you, wearing only his white dress shirt. He closes his eyes before gazing back at you.

You let him in, looking at his small luggage bag. Lucien walks inside, sitting on the bed. You sit next to him, still confused with his sudden appearance.

“But your conference is tomorrow. What about the twins?” You ask worriedly. A sigh from Lucien indicated that the twins did something out of their own father’s control.

“What did they do?” You ask, afraid with Lucien’s answer. Lucien messily undoes his tie and his upper buttons before telling you the mishaps their twins did in the university.


The next day, Lucien’s assistant meddled with his lesson, whispering to his ear. Lucien’s face remains unfazed, but his mind already wanders around with the thoughts of the twins. Lucien looks at his students and clears his throat.

“Apologize for this sudden disturbance. However, I have something urgent to attend, and regretfully today’s class is dismissed.” He smiles, signaling his assistant to take over as he left the class. He heads to his office where the twins are inside. Lucien looks at the twins, looking innocent as ever.

“Professor Lucien.” A familiar voice greets him. Lucien looks at the fine figure, leaning his back against Lucien’s desk.

“Officer Gavin.” Lucien smiles, taking a glance at his twins. The twins, however, remain unfazed with their father’s glance.

“What a surprise to see you here. I clearly remember we do not have any appointments today.” Lucien asks, closing the door behind him.

“Oh, the twins called me,” Gavin answers, smiling.

“I apologize for this inconvenience. They are quite a handful.” Lucien smiles don’t fade.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I got a few days off, so they didn’t bother me.” Gavin smiles at the twins. He doesn’t mind taking care of them while you and Lucien are away. He has his method of controlling these two pranksters. Hanbyul and Hanbin grin, but immediately erased by their father’s stern look.

“Professor Lucien, the lab has been cleared out. Fortunately, there’s no injury or any severe damages in important tests.” Lucien’s assistant drops by and reports him. Lucien nods, looking at his twins.

“Good to know. You may leave. I’ll check on my kids first.” Lucien throws his usual smile, watching his assistant left. 

“Did something happen? It was chaos when I arrived.”

“There’s a small explosion in several labs used by my students. My assistant told me the cause remains unknown…” Lucien drags his last word while looking at the twins knowingly. Gavin notices it and crosses his arms, looking at the twins.

“What little devils, aren’t you both?” Gavin smirks. Lucien asks the twins to wait in another room while he and Gavin discuss something. After ensuring the twins won’t eavesdrop, Lucien turns to look at Gavin.

“I thought you should be at Cannes with your wife?” Gavin asks. Lucien shrugs, giving Gavin a can of soda.

“Yes, but I have an important conference to attend.” Gavin scoffs. He knows about Lucien getting possessive over Hanbyul after she told him that she wants to marry him.

“There is no conference. Tell me when, and I will take care of these devils. I know them too well that they can't be left alone without any entertainment. They are… Bright and active kids.” Gavin offers his help. Lucien remains silent, thinking.

“They are angels and I do have a conference.” Lucien protests but Gavin looks at him knowingly. Lucien sighs. Well, the conference is not mandatory. 

“Can you even handle them?”

“I have been through your shits, so I can handle theirs,” Gavin smirks. Behind them, the twins under Hanbin’s camouflaged grinning ear to ear.

‘My plan works so well.’ Hanbyul grins.


“You are right. Two little Luciens with evols causes a lot of mishaps in just one day. Hanbyul observed and calculated while Hanbin did the dirty work. After Gavin left, another explosion happened and some of my students turned blue because of a chemical reaction. I do not know when they initiated it, but, I was impressed with their teamwork and stealthiness.” Lucien rubs his chin. You watch him, disbelief.

“Lucien!” He was always impressed with how the twins develop their evols. It made him happy.

“Forgive me, but Gavin agreed to take care of them for us until we are both home,” Lucien says, looking at you before his gazes divert to your chest.

“We should probably head home as soon as we finish the gala.” You say, worriedly. You try to get up to get your phone and reschedule everything, but Lucien grabs your hand, pulling you back to sit.

“Oh, we don’t want that do we?” He smiles, kissing your neck.

“What do you have in your sleeve?” You try to push him away.

“The kids are with Gavin… I am afraid I have to admit that he can control them better than I do… So, I entrusted them with him until we headed back. The twins are overjoyed with it especially, Hanbyul.” A pained look appears on Lucien’s face. It’s hard to accept his daughter wants Gavin more than her father.

“MmHmm…” You smile, caressing his back to comfort him. Lucien gazes into your eyes and smiles. He leans in to kiss you.

“Let’s enjoy some alone time without our kids screaming mommy and daddy every five minutes. Besides, you are wearing my shirt... Did you secretly sneak it in?” He whispers, caressing your thigh.

“Oh, wait- Lucien, ah!” 

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“Uncle Lu, papa always calls mama a dummy,” Taehyun tells Lucien who’s currently babysitting the mini Victor as you and Victor have to fly to Spain for a business meeting. “Oh? Do you know why?” Lucien asks, smiling. He glances at Taehyun who’s focusing on his book.

“No…” He looks at Lucien, searching for an answer. Lucien pats mini Victor’s head, focusing on his driving. “Well, it is not nice to call someone a dummy. Do you want to eat McDonald's?” He looks at Taehyun when he stops at the red light. Taehyun looks at him, confused.

“What is Mcdonald’s?”

“Oh, my poor child...” Lucien let out a chuckle. How can he forget that Victor has a strict meal plan for his son? “You will know soon.” Lucien drives to the nearest McDonald’s. Well, once in a while won’t hurt, right?

“This is so good! Why did papa never bring us here?” Taehyun munches down his burger happily. Lucien watches the toddler with amusement. “Eat slowly, or you will have indigestion. We don’t want that, do we?” Lucien wipes off some ketchup smeared on Taehyun’s lips. Taehyun grins, eating at a slower pace.

“Say… I saw you shy away from a girl just now. Do you perhaps, like her?” Lucien watches the Taehyun flinch and scowls at him. Lucien let out a chuckle. A Victor clone.  “What? No. I want to marry mama one day!”

“Oh… Is it…? Why is that?” Lucien smiles, drinking his coffee. The toddler happily lists down how his mother is the best woman in the world while Lucien listens. Both of them agreed to keep their McDonald’s as their little secret while Lucien promised to bring him again if they spend another day together.

“Papa, someday I will marry mama.” Taehyun casually drops a bomb while eating their favorite dessert. Victor stares at his son, shocked.

 “Why?” His voice’s quivers. Never did he expect that his son boldly said those words. You walk to the dining table with a tray of drinks in your hand, oblivious to the tension between the father and son. 

“Because mama is beautiful, kind, smart, and will always love me.” Taehyun scoops another spoonful of pudding, eating it happily. Victor’s eyes twitch, you are his only idiot. “Aww, thank you, sweety. However, mama already has your papa.” You smile, giving Taehyun his glass of milk.

“Well, can’t I share you?” He asks, sipping his milk. Victor’s pudding is long forgotten, and the spoon in his hand almost bends with his firmer grip. You look at your husband, looking stoic and cold as ever, but you know how he is inside.

“No,” Victor says, forcing himself to smile. “Why? Uncle Lu said it’s good to share.” Taehyun asks more, oblivious he is pouring gas on his father’s flame. You sip your coffee, surpassing your laughter.

“Because your mother is a dummy. And I don’t want it to rub it on you” like how she rubs it on me. He continues his last words to himself, or you will end with your usual idiot grin. “Hey…” You pout.

“Mama is not a dummy. You are.” Another bold statement from Taehyun. You take a deep breath, trying to hold your urge to laugh at your husband. Finally, he meets his match, and it’s his own mini version of him.

“What did you say?” Victor asks solemnly. This kid. “Papa is an idiot.” Taehyun spats, gripping his little spoon. You hold your smile, what a cute sight.

“Now, Lee Taehyun. It is not nice calling your father an idiot.” You say, caressing your son’s hair, calming him. “Mama, when I grow up, will you leave papa for me?” Taehyun looks at his mother. 

“Well… I love your papa and always will. One day, you will meet a beautiful woman that you can pour your love to when you grow up, Lee Taehyun.” You carefully explain to your son. Victor sips his coffee, hiding his fainted pink cheeks. How can you say those words easily?

“Does papa love mommy?”

“He loves me so much that he becomes an idiot too.” You say, laughing. All of the memories of how Victor becomes an idiot just to make you fall for him, tickle your heart.

“Who are you calling an idiot?” Victor scowls, his cheeks are getting redder. “You.” You keep on laughing.

“Tch.” Victor pulls your arm and kisses your cheek, and you abruptly stop laughing. Victor smirks as soon he sees your cheeks red. Taehyun watches his parents and laughs.

“Mama, I think you are right. papa really does loves you.” Taehyun grins before he continues to finish his pudding. You and Victor look at each other, smiling.

“Papa…” Taehyun calls him after Victor finishes reading him a bed story. A routine of Victor to his son every night. “Yes?” Victor caresses his son’s jet-black hair. Taehyun is a spitting image of Victor but his personality is similar to yours. It can be confusing. Taehyun yawns, looking at Victor.

“I think I will let you have mama.” He says, hugging his grumpy sushi cat plushie that you gave him saying it looks like Victor. “What made you change your mind?” Victor asks, putting the book on the shelf. “Because… Mama deserves someone cool. Like papa. I want to be like papa when I grow up.” Taehyun says sleepily.


“Papa loves mama so much. Uncle Lu said I will meet someone like mama as long as I will be like papa. Papa will always be number one in mama’s heart…” Victor smiles, watching his son muttering himself to sleep.

“Dummy… I love you too.” Victor whispers, kissing Taehyun’s head and walks out. He looks at you, waiting in front of their son’s room. “So, Taehyun gives up?” You grin, hugging Victor’s arm as both of you walk to the bedroom. Victor shrugs.

“He will speak about wanting to marry you again later.” Victor pushes his hair back, sighing. “Well, at least he will look up at you to be the best man.” You smile, kissing his cheek. Victor turns to you, hugging your waist.

 “Do you think I’m the best man?” Victor smirks, caressing and massaging your now swollen back due to your seventh-month pregnancy. You grin. “Pft, best human ever.” You peck his lips, giggling. Victor shakes his head, kissing you slowly.