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Father's Greatest Fear

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“Uncle Lu, papa always calls mama a dummy,” Taehyun tells Lucien who’s currently babysitting the mini Victor as you and Victor have to fly to Spain for a business meeting. “Oh? Do you know why?” Lucien asks, smiling. He glances at Taehyun who’s focusing on his book.

“No…” He looks at Lucien, searching for an answer. Lucien pats mini Victor’s head, focusing on his driving. “Well, it is not nice to call someone a dummy. Do you want to eat McDonald's?” He looks at Taehyun when he stops at the red light. Taehyun looks at him, confused.

“What is Mcdonald’s?”

“Oh, my poor child...” Lucien let out a chuckle. How can he forget that Victor has a strict meal plan for his son? “You will know soon.” Lucien drives to the nearest McDonald’s. Well, once in a while won’t hurt, right?

“This is so good! Why did papa never bring us here?” Taehyun munches down his burger happily. Lucien watches the toddler with amusement. “Eat slowly, or you will have indigestion. We don’t want that, do we?” Lucien wipes off some ketchup smeared on Taehyun’s lips. Taehyun grins, eating at a slower pace.

“Say… I saw you shy away from a girl just now. Do you perhaps, like her?” Lucien watches the Taehyun flinch and scowls at him. Lucien let out a chuckle. A Victor clone.  “What? No. I want to marry mama one day!”

“Oh… Is it…? Why is that?” Lucien smiles, drinking his coffee. The toddler happily lists down how his mother is the best woman in the world while Lucien listens. Both of them agreed to keep their McDonald’s as their little secret while Lucien promised to bring him again if they spend another day together.

“Papa, someday I will marry mama.” Taehyun casually drops a bomb while eating their favorite dessert. Victor stares at his son, shocked.

 “Why?” His voice’s quivers. Never did he expect that his son boldly said those words. You walk to the dining table with a tray of drinks in your hand, oblivious to the tension between the father and son. 

“Because mama is beautiful, kind, smart, and will always love me.” Taehyun scoops another spoonful of pudding, eating it happily. Victor’s eyes twitch, you are his only idiot. “Aww, thank you, sweety. However, mama already has your papa.” You smile, giving Taehyun his glass of milk.

“Well, can’t I share you?” He asks, sipping his milk. Victor’s pudding is long forgotten, and the spoon in his hand almost bends with his firmer grip. You look at your husband, looking stoic and cold as ever, but you know how he is inside.

“No,” Victor says, forcing himself to smile. “Why? Uncle Lu said it’s good to share.” Taehyun asks more, oblivious he is pouring gas on his father’s flame. You sip your coffee, surpassing your laughter.

“Because your mother is a dummy. And I don’t want it to rub it on you” like how she rubs it on me. He continues his last words to himself, or you will end with your usual idiot grin. “Hey…” You pout.

“Mama is not a dummy. You are.” Another bold statement from Taehyun. You take a deep breath, trying to hold your urge to laugh at your husband. Finally, he meets his match, and it’s his own mini version of him.

“What did you say?” Victor asks solemnly. This kid. “Papa is an idiot.” Taehyun spats, gripping his little spoon. You hold your smile, what a cute sight.

“Now, Lee Taehyun. It is not nice calling your father an idiot.” You say, caressing your son’s hair, calming him. “Mama, when I grow up, will you leave papa for me?” Taehyun looks at his mother. 

“Well… I love your papa and always will. One day, you will meet a beautiful woman that you can pour your love to when you grow up, Lee Taehyun.” You carefully explain to your son. Victor sips his coffee, hiding his fainted pink cheeks. How can you say those words easily?

“Does papa love mommy?”

“He loves me so much that he becomes an idiot too.” You say, laughing. All of the memories of how Victor becomes an idiot just to make you fall for him, tickle your heart.

“Who are you calling an idiot?” Victor scowls, his cheeks are getting redder. “You.” You keep on laughing.

“Tch.” Victor pulls your arm and kisses your cheek, and you abruptly stop laughing. Victor smirks as soon he sees your cheeks red. Taehyun watches his parents and laughs.

“Mama, I think you are right. papa really does loves you.” Taehyun grins before he continues to finish his pudding. You and Victor look at each other, smiling.

“Papa…” Taehyun calls him after Victor finishes reading him a bed story. A routine of Victor to his son every night. “Yes?” Victor caresses his son’s jet-black hair. Taehyun is a spitting image of Victor but his personality is similar to yours. It can be confusing. Taehyun yawns, looking at Victor.

“I think I will let you have mama.” He says, hugging his grumpy sushi cat plushie that you gave him saying it looks like Victor. “What made you change your mind?” Victor asks, putting the book on the shelf. “Because… Mama deserves someone cool. Like papa. I want to be like papa when I grow up.” Taehyun says sleepily.


“Papa loves mama so much. Uncle Lu said I will meet someone like mama as long as I will be like papa. Papa will always be number one in mama’s heart…” Victor smiles, watching his son muttering himself to sleep.

“Dummy… I love you too.” Victor whispers, kissing Taehyun’s head and walks out. He looks at you, waiting in front of their son’s room. “So, Taehyun gives up?” You grin, hugging Victor’s arm as both of you walk to the bedroom. Victor shrugs.

“He will speak about wanting to marry you again later.” Victor pushes his hair back, sighing. “Well, at least he will look up at you to be the best man.” You smile, kissing his cheek. Victor turns to you, hugging your waist.

 “Do you think I’m the best man?” Victor smirks, caressing and massaging your now swollen back due to your seventh-month pregnancy. You grin. “Pft, best human ever.” You peck his lips, giggling. Victor shakes his head, kissing you slowly.