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When Kevin got home his family had returned from their trip. Kevin was glad to see everyone. They were about to have evening tea. He sat with his family to eat.
"Kevin how was your weekend?" his father asked.
"Wicked, I've got so much to tell you. I wanted to tell you after prize day, but my mates grabbed me and I didn't get home until after you left. Which turned out for the best because it gave me more time to sort things out in my head."
"Kevin, what are you babbling about?" his dad asked.
"Well you know that bloke Steven Carter. The one who made the speech?"
"The faggot?"
"I wish you wouldn't use that word but any way. When he said that there were more parents out there with gay sons. He was talking to you. Mum, Dad, Kyle I'm gay."
"Kevin that's not fucking funny. I will not have a gay son." His dad said.
"Would anyone like more meat?" his mom asked trying to change the subject.
"You have no choice in the matter Dad, I am what I am. Steven is now one of my best mates. He showed me not to be ashamed of what I really am. The funny and sad part is I used to beat up on him because deep in my heart I knew he was gay. I thought it would keep people from finding out I was gay."
"Kevin I don't want to hear anymore of this queer shit go to your room. Now!" Kevin knew he'd better obey his dad before he turned violent.
Kyle came into the bedroom a few minutes later.
"Kev." was all he could say. He went to his big brother and held him for a long time. "I love you big brother. I am so very proud of you. I was hoping this day would come for a long time."
"What do you know about being gay Kyle?"
"Kev., I'm your little brother I know you better than anyone. I know about you and Bryan. I have for a long time. I was wondering when you were gonna come clean with me."
"What do you know? You're a fifteen year old brat."
"Sixteen next month. How old were you when you started dating Bryan?"
"Sixteen." Kevin gave in.
"So why can't I know something about it?" Kyle asked. "So tell me about your new mate Steven."
"Well you heard his speech."
"Yes I did. But what did that have to do with you and Steven becoming mates?"
"I knew Stevie was talking to me. I was still being mean to him after the speech. A few minutes later I went looking for the boss. I found him on a bench by the track; crying. I asked him what was wrong. He only said that he had just run off the only person he had truly loved. I looked up. I saw Steven walking over the horizon. I called him queer. Before I got the word out of my mouth John had me by the collar about to take my head off. I realized John was gay and he had just broken up with Steven. I talked him into going with me to get a pint or two. He told me the whole story of he and Steven."
"Saturday morning I went to talk Steven into giving John another chance. John was coming unglued. He did even realize I came out to him. the night before. I apologize for picking on him and told him I was dodgy too. I promised him from that time on I would be his protector. I guess Steven called Johnny. Bry and I had a lunch date at the mall. When I got to the mall I happened upon John and Steven holding hands. They had made up. Bry joined us. We went for a walk and that's about where we are now. Hey Kyle can I tell you something?"
"Shoot big brother."
"I love Steven. I wish I had been his friend instead of his enemy. He said I could have been his lover if I hadn't been such a jerk. I really love him I always had but I was too afraid to approach him." Kevin started to cry again. Kyle once again held his brother who was in pain. "Everytime I think about how bad I was to Steven I start to cry. Forgive me."
"I don't need to forgive you." Kyle started. "If Steven has forgiven you then the only one left is yourself. You have to forgive yourself, Kev."
"I know Kyle. The scary part is I think I'm in love with Steven Carter. He says he loves me too. The thing is we are both in relationships. Mine is more solid than his but that's beside the point. We both have these feelings. We don't know what to do with them. Neither one of us wants to hurt our partners. John is my best mate I can't tell him I'm in love with his boyfriend. At this point in time it would kill him. Steven and I have decided not to act on our feelings. We made a deal. He's going to tutor me through finals. In return I will be his bodyguard."
"That sounds great Kev. I guess I can tell you now that I have a boyfriend too." Kyle smiled.
"Wow Dad's gonna really have a cow. Both sons dodgy." Kevin had a wicked grin on his face. He grabbed Kyle in a big embrace and kissed him. "Look Kyle let him get over me first then I'll help you tell them. If nothing else we can get a place together somewhere. Then our lovers can come over anytime. Oh, by the way, who is your boyfriend?"
"Jeremy, who else."
"I should have known you two are inseparable. Do you love him?
"What do you think pillock?"
"Boy this week has been too much."
"So Kev do you want to double date some time?"
"Hell we can triple date. Steve and Johnny , You and Jeremy, and Bryan and me."
"Sounds great Kev."
"You know I wonder if the Basingstoke four can expand."
"The what?" Kyle asked.
"The Basingstoke Four; John, Steven, Bryan, and I. It's a name Steven thought up. Because we are sort of an alternate family, a support system for each other."
"That would be great to be a part of something like that."
"I'm sure you would be welcome. I've got to call Stevie. I told him I would let him know how it went with Mum and Dad."
Kevin dialed the phone. "Hello Mrs. Carter this is Kevin. Is Steven in?"
"Hi Stevie."
"Hi Kev. What's up?"
"Do you think we could expand the Basingstoke Four to six?"
"I'm lost Kev."
"Well my little brother is dodgy too and he has a boyfriend."
"Your brother?"
"Ripper isn't it Kyle just told me."
"How did it go with the folks?"
"Like I thought, My dad sent me to my room. My mom tried to change the subject. My brother came out to me."
"You thought you brother would come out to you?"
"No, silly you know what I mean." Kevin and Steven laughed.
"But That's all? " Steven asked.
"Yeah I went to my room took keep Dad from getting violent."
"Did you talk to Bryan yet?"
"No, I'm still reeling about Kyle. I needed a more settling voice."
"Why thank you Mr. Grainger."
"Steve can we meet tonight?"
"Hold on I'll check." Steven asked permission.
"Yes Kev where do you want to meet.?"
"How about the Burger King?"
"Okay see you in about ten minutes."
"I love you Steven."
"I love you too Kevin."
Steven met Kevin outside the restaurant they didn't go in. Kevin gave Steven a big hug and a light kiss. Steven drew Kevin back in for a more passionate kiss. He did not realize Kyle was with Kevin.
"Wow!" was all Kevin could say.
"Sorry Kev."
"I'm not but I should be. Steven meet my little brother Kyle."
"Oops." Steven blushed. "He's not so little Kevin."
"It's okay Steven. I think I know how much my brother loves you."
"What's he talking about Kevie?"
"I told him I was in love with you."
"I'm in love with you too Kev. What can we do? I don't want Johnny to hate us."
"Steven who do you love more?" Kyle asked.
"I know Johnny needs me. I've been wanting Kevin since I first laid eyes on him."
"That could be lust Steven." Kyle pointed out.
"I've wanted to love Steven for so long Kyle."
"Is it worth losing Bryan Big Brother? Do you really Want to throw away a whole year for something you don't really know about? What about John? Could you live with yourself if you started to date your best mate's lover?"
"No Kyle I couldn't. We've already talked about this Steve and I we know it wouldn't be right. but I don't think I can be happy with out Steven beside me anymore." Kevin turned to Steven, we need to talk to Johnny."
"Let's wait until school is out. This can wait we've waited this long. There's no need to upset him before exams." Steven said.

School had been out a week. Steven was working with his dad at the camera shop. Kevin got on with Linda's brother at a garage. Bryan went with his parents to America. Kyle and Jeremy worked at a grocery store. Johnny took it easy. Kevin had lost interest in Bryan they broke up before he left for America.
Steven called Kevin, "I think we should have that talk with Johnny"
"Yes I think so too."
They met at the mall. John got their usual booth. The gang gathered.
Steven started. " John, Kevin and I have to talk to you."
"Boss, you know you are my best mate and I love you with all my heart."
"Johnny, I love you also. Well here goes." Steven sighed. "Kevin and I are in love with each other.
"Excuse me!" John exclaimed.
"Look boss we haven't done anything."
"It's just that we have these feelings for each other that we can't explain." Steven said.
"I've always had feelings for Steven." Kevin added.
"Well you had a hell of a way of showing it Grainger." John only used Kevin's surname when he was angry with him.
"I was afraid of what you and David would say. I picked on him to keep hide the fact that I was gay."
"Johnny I too have had feelings for Kevin before I met you. He was such a jerk. I knew he was gay all along. If he had come out before. I think I would have gone for him."
"I need a drink." John walked to the bar and got three pints and a shot of whiskey. He gave Kevin and Syeven a pint and downed his shot .
"Is this how you repay my friendship Grainger? Mr. Carter, do you know the hell you've put me through. Now you tell me you're in love with my best friend?"
"No Johnny, it's not like that. I can't turn my back on you; and I won't. We've agreed to put our feelings out of our minds. We had to talk to you." Steven sobbed
"How can I trust you. What's to stop you from doing something while I'm away?"
"Because I love you more Johnny." Steven said.
"And you're my best mate Boss I won't betray you that trust of a friend." Kevin answered. "We wanted you to know how we felt. We both love you."
"Johnny, do you think I would ask you to be honest with everyone If I wasn't honest with you?"
"Yes Steven I trust you. It's that bloke over there I don't trust." Kevin had a horrified look on his face. John grinned then took the both of them under each arm. "Hey if I love you both it's only logical that you would have feelings for each other."
Just then Kyle walked up.
"Kyle do you know about these two?" John asked. "What do you think?"
"I love my big brother.I told him if he pursued Steven I would not approve but I would stand beside his decision."
"Good that's what a brother should do." John said
"Kevin can I trust you with Steven while I'm away?"
"Yes Boss."
"I don't know if he is a bit cuter, but you're a better kisser."
"Promise?" John asked.
"Promise." John kissed Steven on the cheek. Steven realized what he was about to give up.
"Kevin I love you but look what I got." Steven said. He went over to Kevin and kissed him on the cheek.
"Boss I'm sorry. Will you forgive me?" John hugged Kevin and kissed him.
"If it didn't work out with Steven and me. Would you make him happy Kev?" John asked
"You bet your ass I would."
" Then I am bowing out. I want Steve to be the happiest he could be. I'm so fucked up I'd only make him cazier. I know you can make him happy. He deserves that more than anyone I know."
"But I love you Johnny." Steven started to cry.
"Look Steven I'm going to be off to Oxford soon. You need someone to be with, close by. Kevin I know you better than anyone accept Kyle here. I can see you really love Steven. This is your second warning you hurt him I'll take your head off. I think it would be great for you two to be together."
Kevin and Steven were looking at each other speechless with tears in their eyes. "Boss I couldn't."
"Kev. you have my blessings. Don't fight me on this." Kevin and Steven engulfed John in a group hug both crying in disbelief.
"Don't just stand there Kevin Give your lover a kiss." John chuckled Kevin did.