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Steven heard the honking of John's car horn. He ran down the stairs. "Bye Mum, Dad."
"Hi baby." John leaned over and kissed Steven.
"Hi Johnny." He shut the car door and took John's hand. They didn't talk much on the way to school. They just held hands. When they got to the parking lot Steven noticed a look on John's face that said he was having second thoughts.
"You're going to be fine. You got me, Kev, and Dave behind you."
"Hi boss." Kevin said as he walked toward the car. He leaned into the window and kissed Steven on the cheek. "Hey Stevie."
"Hi Kev." He blushed a little.
"Hey he's mine." John joked.
"Yeah, but who's going to take care of him while you're at Oxford?" Kevin respond.
"Cut it out guys." Steven said.
The three of them walked to the front stoops laughing and joking. John stopped. He noticed everyone was staring at them. "Fuck'em." Kevin said. Steven took John's hand.
"I'm okay, Stevie." He did not try to pull his hand from Steven's. Then the crowd began to applaud and cheer. John looked as if he was going to pass out. Steven just smiled. Kevin put his arm around. Steven's shoulder. The crowd went silent in shock at what had just happened. They followed the trio into the halls.
"I'll see you two at lunch." John said as he looked around to see who was looking. He gave Steven a peck on the cheek. "I love you" he whispered.
"Back at ya."
"He's all yours Kev."
"Aye, boss." Kevin saluted. Kevin and Steven walked down the halls talking and laughing as if they were old friends. Everyone they passed did a double take, sworn enemies laughing together. Kevin dropped off Steven at his first class. "Wait for me. I'll walk you to your next class. Oh yeah, thank you Stevie."
"For what Kev?"
"For making me truly happy."
"I didn't do that. You did that yourself."
"You helped a lot,Stevie."
"Stevie?!" a voice from behind them laughed. Kevin raised his fist in attack mode then he saw it was Mark.
"Sorry Mark, I'm a little protective of Steve these days.I thought someone needed an ass-kicking. Bye Steve, Mark." Kevin left for his class.
"Wow, Steve I can't believe Grainger is taking up for you now."
"He says it's his self imposed penitence all the times he picked on me."
"People are talking about how weird it is to see you two as friends." Mark said.
"Good maybe they'll leave Johnny alone."
"So, how was your weekend Steve?"
"Well, it started out like shit Friday by Sunday night I was in heaven. How about yours?"
"Cool, I hope you don't mind but I told Wendy and Jess what you told me. I thought they should hear it from me or you before they picked it up from the rumor mill."
"Thanks Mark. Jess knew first anyway. How did she take the news about Kevin?"
"She said that about the time you said he started dating Bryan was about the time he became a jerk to her. She still can't believe you two are friends now."
"Speak of the devil." Steven said. "Hi Jess."
"Mr. Carter are you corrupting the whole of the athletic department?"
"No just the star. The other followed suit." They both broke out in laughter."
"Wow, you and the jerk friends."
"Yeah that's a story you've got to hear first hand." Steven grinned wickedly.
"How about lunch?" Jess asked.
"Sorry booked with my boyfriend and my bodyguard."
"Yes your ex."
"Oh from beating you up to protecting you."
Meanwhile Kevin caught up with Dave. "Dave."
"Hi Kevin."
"Did you have fun at the boss' yesterday."
"Yeah wicked and so were you." said Dave.
Kevin laughed. "So how do you like Bryan?"
"He's great. Steve thinks you guys are a beautiful couple. I think you look great together."
"I love him so Dave. More than anyone I've ever loved before." Kevin confessed.
"I can tell you're the old Kevin I knew a couple of years ago. I like him a lot better."
"So do I." Kevin said. "You going to join us for lunch?"
"Why not I may as well be the fag hag." They both chuckled.
At lunchtime they all met at the cafeteria. They got their lunch and went out on the lawn to eat. John sat close Steve. Dave and Kevin sat across from them.
"Damage reports?" Kevin asked.
"None here Kev." Steven replied. "Just a ton of questions."
"Ditto." Said John.
"Mr. Dixon, how did you respond?" Steven asked.
"With the truth. I told everyone you seduced me, took advantage of me, and made me your sex slave." Everyone howled with laughter. Steven leaned over and kissed John.
"I am so proud of you." Steven stated.
" I was called to the headmaster's office." John added.
"What happened boss?" Kevin inquired.
"He asked if I thought it was a good idea for the head boy to be seen in public with a person of `Carter's character`. I told him I would hope so and that I would be proud to be seen with you. He asked me why. I told him that you were a wonderful person and I was in love with you. He turned pale as a ghost. He said it was too late in the year to replace me as headboy. Then he asked me to be a little more discreet. I told him how discretion almost loss you. Then I asked if he had heard a word of you speech. Or if he was more worried about his school's reputation than his actual students. And with that he dropped the subject."
"My Johnny's all grown up ." Steven faked a sniffle. John punched at Steven.
" Sorry sir you are not allowed to touch this man in a violent manner or I will have to intervene." They all broke into laughter again. The lunch bell rang. John hugged Steven
"See you after school. I love you so much. Steve."
"Love you back Johnny."
"Come on Steve." Kevin said.
"Yes sir." Steven answered. "How are you set for final exams, Kev?"
"Literature is a bitch. I think Trig is okay. So I guess Lit and History could use some work."
"Okay be at my house at four this afternoon." Steven ordered.
"Great Steve, you're the best." Steven stopped at his classroom Kevin sneaked him a peck on the cheek. "See you after class. "
Kevin got to his next class, he could think of was his family. His new one and his real one. He thought how much he loved the others of the Basingstoke Four. Then he thought about how his mom, dad and brother was going to take his coming out. He knew his dad would would blow a gasket. His mum would think it was her fault. And his brother wouldn't care one way or the other. Summer was coming. John would be spending more time with with Steven. He could spend more time with Bryan. His thoughts kept returning to Steven. His love for Steven was growing by the minute. He could not keep him off his mind. He was in love with Bryan. He really loved him. But Steven was truly something very special. He loved Johnny too. He knew John and Steven were mad about each other. He would not do anything to break them apart. The biology teacher rambled on. Kevin could not concentrate. When the bell rang Kevin was the first out of the door. Steven was waiting outside his classroom door when Kevin walked up.
"You ready?"
"Yeah Kev."
"Steve you might add biology to the list." Kevin sounded troubled. "May I walk you home after school? I need to talk to you."
"Johnny was suppose to drive me. Since it's you I don't think he will mind."
"Great. Well here you are. I'll see you after school."
"Later Kev."
After school everyone met at John's car.
"Hi boss."
"Hi Steve, Kev." He kissed Steven.
"Johnny, Kev's going to walk me home. I think he's got something heavy to talk about. You don't mind do you?"
"Hell no, you got a lot of work with that bloke before you refine him."
"Thanks boss. ``I love you." Kevin said.
"Love you too Kev. Come here Stevie." John held Steven close to him. "You know I love you. Call me tonight."
"You bet. I love you back." With that he and Kevin walked off."
"So what's bothering you Kevie." Steven asked.
"I don't know. Today in bio all I could think about was you. Well the Basingstoke Four, you and my family. I think everything that's happened this weekend has come crashing down on me."
"What do you mean?"
"Well Steve I can't get you out of my mind. I find everytime I see you, talk to you, or just think about you I feel more love for you. I mean not in a sexual way. I don't know what I mean. I guess it's like a respect or admiration. I want to be with you, and talk with you all the time. I'm confused because I love Johnny too. What really scares me is that I might actually fall in love with you someday. I would never do anything to hurt either of you. God knows I don't want to lose Bryan. He's my whole world. I really love him Steven. I've never felt so many emotions in all my life."
"Kevin I love you too in a special way. I feel something in my heart I've never felt for a friend before. Mark has always been there so I my love for him is automatic or old hat. You have given me a new feeling. It's a love I can't explain either. Like you said it isn't sexual. May I tell you something I've never told anyone."
"Shoot my Friend."
"I'd always thought you were gay. I kinda liked you. But you were such a jerk. I saw the way you would look at Johnny. I thought you were so cute."
"Damn, you mean I could've been your lover?"
"If you had played your cards right possibly. But that's a long lost ghost. Strange and funny how time played a trick on us. Kevin started to cry.
"Kev what's wrong? They came to a bus stop. They sat down on the bench. Kevin was still sobbing uncontrollably. Steven held him to his chest much as he had John that night of the ball. He stroked Kevin's head until the sobs subsided.
"I'm sorry Steven, I was thinking of all the time I spent hurting you. I could have been loving you."
"It's okay Kev I've forgiven you. We love each other now. That's what's important."
"You see what a great bloke you are. John is so lucky. I could never deserve a bloke like you."
"Hey, Bryan's a great guy."
"I know and I love him so. That's why I don't know what to make of these feelings for you."
"We're friends Kev. That's all we can be. Look we got enough on us right now. I can't handle breaking two other people's hearts. Johnny would not survive it. The Basingstoke Four would explode into nothing. I know you could not hurt Bryan that way. My feelings for you and your feelings for me cannot be acted on. We both have relationships with strong possibilities. Let's put this out of our minds. We can do it. Come on I'll fix some tea so we can get to studying."
"Thanks Steve. You're my hero. You know how to make things right." Steven drew Kevin into a hug. He held him tight. Then kissed him lightly on the lips.
"One for luck." Steve said. They walked on to Steven's house.