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When Kevin got home he found a note that said his family would be out of town until Monday night. He quickly picked up the phone to call Bryan.
"Hello love."
"Hi baby," Bryan answered, "what's up?"
"I am. The folks are out until Monday night."
"I'll be there in fifteen minutes."
"I can't wait to be careful love."
"I will. Keep it warm for me Kev. ``I love you."
"For you alone. I love you back, Bry."
Bryan's parents traveled a lot so Kevin got to spend a lot of nights at Bryan's house. He was excited with the thought that Bryan was going to be spending the night in his bed for a change. Kevin was in a state of euphoria he'd never felt before. He was happy about John and Steven getting back together. He told Steven earlier that he never felt right picking on him because he knew that he himself was also gay. But he had to keep up his front. In turn Steven told him he had heard about the softer side of Kevin Grainger. Steven added that he liked it much better. From the outside seeing Kevin and Steven getting on so well seemed a sure sign of armageddon. They had become true close friends in just one day. This friendship please John to no end. He did not have to worry about Steven's safety from that aspect. Kevin was thinking back on all that afternoon the Basingstoke Four walked and talked sometime to their lovers sometimes to the others. Kevin was amazed at Steven after they talked. He said he wished he had gotten to know Steven instead of beating on him. Since they were in the same year Steven and Kevin made a deal with each other. Kevin would be the muscle and Steven would be the brain. Steve would tutor Kevin. Kevin would be Steven's bodyguard.
Kevin was sitting on the couch watching a football game when the doorbell rang. He went to the door knowing it was Bryan. He opened the door "Hello mate."
"I'm just a mate now?" Bryan joked
"Of course not, love," he kissed Bryan, "come on in. I'm watching a football game."
"Cool." Kevin sat back down on the couch. Bryan sat close to him. Kevin leaned into Bryan's chest. Bryan put his arm around Kevin. They watched the rest of the game like that content and at peace. After the game was over Kevin turned and gave Bryan a long kiss. Bryan took his cue and followed Kevin to his bedroom.
The next morning Kevin was awakened by the phone. He reached over Bryan to answer it. "Hello?"
"Hey Kev what up?"
"Hi Dave, not me, long night." he said sleepily.
"What's this buzz about you, the boss, and Carter?"
"You left out one Faircloth." Kevin added still half asleep. "I'll make some coffee come on over and I'll tell you about it first hand."
"Okay I'll be there shortly." Dave hung up the phone
"Shake your ass babe. We have an early coming out session." Kevin whispered into Bryan's ear.
"Do we have to?"
"Yes, it's Dave he's caught wind of the mall yesterday. He's a good mate we won't have a problems but I think he should hear it from me." Bryan pulled Kevin down for a kiss. "I'm gonna make coffee."
"I'm up." Bryan moaned
Kevin went into the kitchen to start the coffee. He was thinking how calm Dave sounded on the phone. How funny he thought Dave was the only straight one of the "School Gang".The coffee was almost done when the doorbell rang. Kevin went to answer it.
"Hi mate." Dave spoke.
"Hi. come on in. come into the kitchen."
"Bry, the coffee's done." Kevin yelled. He turned back to Dave. "How do you like yours?"
"Black two sugars." Bryan made his way to the kitchen. He didn't know the score, so he didn't let on.
"Bryan my, mate Dave." Bryan gave Dave a firm handshake.
"So you're the last of the `school gang` I haven't met."
"So what up Kev?"
"Well Dave, Bryan is not just a mate he's my boyfriend." Kevin grinned Dave stood speechless for a moment.
"So it's true Johnny and Carter are lovers too ?"
"Ain't it a ripper?" Kevin chuckled. "Here's the kicker. Steven and I are best mates now. He's such a great bloke. I wished I hadn't picked on him and got to know him better instead."
"Whoa slow down Kev. You're telling me Steven Carter, your sworn enemy, is now your best mate? How did this come about?" Kevin told Dave about talking to John after prize day, talking to Steven yesterday morning, and the infamous Basingstoke Four luncheon and walk afterward. Needless to say, Dave was floored by the information."
"So how long have you and Bryan been dating?" Dave asked slowly
"Almost a year. " Bryan answered as he walked over and gave Kevin a kiss on the neck.
"Wow, neither you nor Johnny could tell me?"
"We're jocks and everybody knows jocks aren't queer." Kevin and Bryan both laughed.
"Hey I'm cool with it. I'm just hurt you didn't share with me." Dave said.
"Look Dave We're gonna get Steven and go to check on John. He was going to tell his folks last night. You want to come along? I know it'd mean a lot to him if you were there."
"Okay I'm in."
"I'll call to see if Steve is ready." Kevin dialed Steven's number.
"Hello Mrs. Carter, this Is Kevin is Steven in?"
"Hi Kev. How goes it?" Steven asked.
"Great the folks are away until tomorrow night and Bryan stayed the night."
"Cool, have fun?"
"What do you think pillock? Have you heard from Johnny?"
"Yeah. It didn't go too well. We still going over?"
"Yep are you ready? We're just about to leave."
"Yes I am." Steven replied.
"By the way Dave's here he's going with us."
"That's great John will like that. John said his folks were going to London for the day."
"Okay We're on the way. Love ya Stevie."
"Love ya back Kev." Dave's jaw dropped at hearing that.
"Let's go guys." Kevin said. It was another beautiful day so they walked. Kevin knocked on the door.
"Hi Mrs. Carter."
"Hi Kevin, Steve just about ready. come in. You two have made fast friends after being enemies for so long."
"I know wasted time Steve's a great bloke. I Really like him. Oh Sorry Mrs. Carter this is my boyfriend Bryan and you know Dave. they both said Hi
"That speech really woke up a lot of people. I'm glad you decided to do right by Steven."
"I'll be defending him from now on." Kevin said proudly.
"Thanks." Mrs. Carter said as Steven came down the stairs.
"You guys ready?" Steven asked.
"Yeah." Kevin said as he came over to give Steve an embrace.
When they got to John's house Steven rang the doorbell. John opened the door. "Hi sweetheart." and planted a kiss on Steven. "Hi Kev, Bry."
"Hi Boss." Dave said
Blushing John said "Hi Dave, Oops,I guess I'm out now. Come on in."
"Yeah Kev told me all about the last two days. Like I told him I'm cool with it. Just hurt you didn't tell me."
"I had to tell myself first Dave."
"So how'd it go last night Boss?" Kevin asked.
"Not good. Dad tried to understand. Mum hasn't spoke to me since. I did find out I have a gay uncle. I never met him. He's been excommunicated from the family . Dad says he's going to try to find him. Dad said he's not happy I lied about the weekend Steve stayed here. He did say if Steven made me truly happy he'd be welcome here anytime." John grabbed Steven and put his arms around him."And he makes me very happy."
"So you blokes fancy a swim?"
"We didn't bring any trunks." Kevin said
"So. No one can see the pool unless they're on the grounds."
"I'm in." Steven and Bryan said at the same time.
" Me too." Said Dave. Everyone was in the pool except Kevin. Who came running from the house dived in and swam two laps of the pool. Everyone except Bryan looked on in shock.
"I thought you said he couldn't swim." Steven whispered to John.
"That's what he told me." John whispered back.
"Okay Kev the Basingstoke Four hold no secrets back." Steven shouted. "I thought you couldn't swim?"
"When you date a swimmer you learn." Kevin grinned then kissed Bryan on the neck as he came up behind him. The boys swam, played chicken fights, splashed each other, and tried to dunk each other. the pool was filled with laughter. After they tired, Kevin spoke up. "I'm hungry."
"So am I." Steven agreed.
"So why don't I order some pizzas?" John suggested.
"Sounds great." They all agreed. John picked up his mobile and called to order three large pizzas.
"They'll be here in 45 minutes." Told the gang. They dried themselves and got dressed. They went in to the lounge and started to watch a video. The pizzas came they ate and finished watching the video. When the movie was over Dave said he had to leave. John walked him to the door.
"Thanks for coming. You don't know what it ment to me." Dave leaned in and gave John a hug.
"Take care, Boss." then he walked off.
Back in the lounge Steven said "I've got a bit of homework to finish before tomorrow. It's been a great weekend."
"Come on. We can make it better." Steven followed John up to his bedroom. They fell on the bed in a long kiss.
"What about the guys downstairs?" Steven asked.
"They know what to do they're big boys." John laughed. When they were finished John turned to Steven and said "I've missed you so much. Don't ever leave me."
"You're the one going away. I will never leave you again." Steven promised. "Well I really have to go Johnny."
"Okay do you want me to pick you up in the morning?" John asked.
"You sure you're ready to tackle school?"
"Hell, Stevie, those who haven't heard about the mall will by the end of the day anyway. So why not beat them to it."
"Okay,who are you, where's my John Dixon, and what have you done with?" Steven joked.
"A very lovely person opened his life and showed him the true meaning of love." Then he brought Steven close to him and gave him a light kiss on the nose. They got dressed, walked back downstairs. They found Bryan and Kevin asleep on the couch in each other's arms. "Look Steve, I'll see you in the morning. Call me before you go to sleep. ``I love you." Then John kissed him again.
"I love you more." Steven walked home.
John woke Kevin and Bryan up. Bryan said he had to get back to the other side of town. "Thanks Johnny it was a wicked time."
"Yeah Boss I had fun too." Kevin walked over and gave John a hug. He and Bryan walked off holding hands."When did Steve leave?"
"I guess while we were asleep." Bryan answered. "Kev what do you think you would be like if I hadn't seduced you?"
"You seduced me? I wanted you from the first time I laid eyes on you. But to answer your question. I'd probably be a wild bloke bullying everyone smaller than me. Since my last victim, Steven has become my mate. I guess I'll be a pussycat." They arrived at Kevin's house.
"Coming in?" Kevin asked
"If I do I'd wouldn't leave and I'd be late for school tomorrow."
"I love you Bry."
"I love you Kevin Grainger. They kissed and Kevin went into the house.