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The next morning Kevin went for his morning run. He found himself on Steven's street. He decided to knock up Steven. Mrs. Carter answered the door. She had a puzzled look on her face. She recalled Kevin from yesterday. "May I help you?"
" Yes ma'am. I'd like to speak to Steven,please. It's kinda important."
" I don't know if it would be a good idea."
" I promise I won't lay a hand on him or say anything to hurt him, Mrs. Carter."
" I'll call him. " Steven came to the door with a surprised look on his face to see Kevin.
" Grainger,what are you doing here?" he said annoyed.
" Carter, I've got to talk to you."
" What could you possibly have to talk to me about?"
" Come take a walk with me."
"What if someone sees us together? Wouldn't that jeopardize all you built these last years?"
"I deserve that Carter but things have changed now. Please?" Kevin begged. Steven was taken aback to see Kevin begging him. This must be important."I won't hurt you at the threats of being headless and ball less."
"Ok." Steven yelled into the house " I'll be back shortly Mum." Kevin and Steven walked down the block a ways before Kevin finally said something.
"It's about Johnny. He loves you very much. I feel it's my fault he did that to you. I need to apologize."
" Slow down Grainger. Let me get this straight. You are apologizing for Johnny?"
" No for me . John would kill me if he knew I was talking to you about this."
" Why are you talking to me about this?"
" Johnny told everything last night from the afternoon coffee to the night of the ball to yesterday."
" And you're still this calm?" Steven's head was reeling. Kevin leaned over and pecked Steven on the cheek.
" I'm dodgy too."
" But... you ... me" Steven was at a loss for words.
" You see the only reason I picked on you was my gaydar went off. I was afraid I'd lose John as a mate if I told him. I also love him very much. If I had said something maybe he would have been my lover. Anyway to throw him off the scent I picked on you. When you made that speech I got jealous because you did something I don't think I ever could do. Once I found out about you & Johnny I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders. But that's not why I'm here. Johnny needs you before he comes completely unglued. I think you should ring him up."
" I can't do that." Steven replied " If I do he will have to come completely out."
" If he told me don't you think he's well on the way?"
" You got a point. Does John know about you?"
" He now had reason to suspect. ``'' Why?"
" It might have something to do with a passionate kiss I gave him last night. But don't worry that was all. I'm no competition for you. Listen Steven. May I call you Steven?" he nodded yes "I want to be your friend because you mean that much to John and he's my best mate. " Call him." Kevin said in a most sincere voice "I gotta finish me run."
Steven stood there his whole world spinning wilder than ever. "What have I done?."