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They walked into the pub and sat at a booth. Kevin went to the bar and ordered two pints. "Here you go mate."
"Thanks." John replied
"So talk Boss."
" I met Steven one day. I had heard the rumors about him. He asked me to his house for coffee."
" But you don't like coffee."
" Shut it." John said bothered." So we went to his house his parents were out. He made me some tea. He had photos of soccer players on his wall. I asked if he was a soccer fan. He said that he just liked the blokes. I found his teddy bear we started to wrestle for it I got aroused. He went to kiss me I freaked and ran away."
"So how did you become lovers?" Kevin asked.
"It was after the ball." A light went on in Kevin's head.
"So that's where you disappeared to."
"After Christina dropped me off I got pissed and went to Steven's house. The door was on the latch so I went in. I told him I had to use his loo, and I did have to. When I came out he look so beautiful I had to kiss him. A shock to both of us. He offered coffee. I said 'I don't like coffee' he said 'you don't like kissing either.' So I told him about the first time I almost made it with another bloke. He held me and it felt good.I kissed him and it felt good. We made love, really made love and it felt right. But I was scared and confused. He made it right.
"Wow", was all that Kevin could say.
"I stayed with him all that weekend. We made love and talked about made me breakfast in bed. God I finally knew what it was to be really in love. I told him if he ever told anyone it would be off."
"Well I guess today kinda ended it."
"Understatement. I need him back Kev."
"So why did you beat him up?"
"I was about to kiss him when you came in. I panicked then I did the worst thing I've ever I could think was how I wish I could hold him and make it better. I know he was talking to me in that speech. I pushed him to it."
"What about Christina?"
"It was a front. I didn't really love her. I just dated her to make me look good." They finished their beer then order another round. They talked a little more and left. John and Kevin walked side by side. John had his head down and his hands in his pocket.
"Well Boss I'll talk to you later." Kevin said as they got to his house.
"Sure, thanks."
"Hey Boss can I tell you something ?"
"I love you too. I always have but I didn't think I could tell you."
"Come here you lug." Kevin walked over John gave him a big hug and held him for a while. "I love you back. You're my best mate. But I'm still in love with Steven."
"I did not say I was in love with you." Kevin chuckled. John gave Kevin a peck on the cheek, he didn't flinch as John thought he would.
"Don't get used to that." John said. Then the night got as strange as the day had been. Kevin grabbed John and gave him a passionate gentle kiss. John was speechless. Kevin stood there with a shit-eating grin. John thought about the look on Steven's face the first time he kissed him and thought he must have the same expression.
"What was that about?" John said as he got his composure back.
"You looked like you needed one."
"Kev do you have something to tell me?"