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Be happy. " were the last words John heard from his lover. He sat on the bench with tears in his eyes and running down his cheeks. Through the tears he saw Steven walk away out of his life.
"Hi Boss." The voice startled John. "What's got you down?" John didn't reply. Kevin looked up to see Steven disappear over the sports field.
"It's not that queer fuck?!" Kevin sneered. John's sadness instantly turn to anger. Before he thought about it he had Kevin by the lapels.
"If you ever say anything bad about him or touch a hair on his head I'll separate your head from your body. Got it ?"
"Whoa slow down Johnny." Kevin replied.
"Don't call me Johnny!" John realized what he was doing and let Kevin go."Sorry." he sat back down
on the bench and started to cry again. Keven sat down beside him.
"I'll ask again. What's got you down?"
"You won't understand."
"Try me." Kevin said in an understanding voice that John had never heard from him. Then things got stranger. He felt an arm around his shoulder.
"John, you're my best mate. I'll kill whoever hurt you like this."
"Then I guess you'll have to kill your best mate." John sobbed. Kevin released the hug and gave him a strange look.
"Er, I don't understand." Kevin managed to get out.
"I just ran the one person I ever really loved out of my life." Kevin began to get a clue.
"You mean you and Carter were lovers?"