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Slice of Life - Bedroom

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Shoutas voice was gravel as he begged, eyes glazed and unfocused. Toshinoris hands tighted on his thighs, lifting his legs higher. The muscled hero took a second to appreciate the other beneath him, eyes stopping on his thick, weeping cock that stood tall.
Toshis own cock was rock hard, precum lazily running from the slit, onto the puckered ass of the aroused teacher below. ''Its alright.., I'm here, Shouta'' he murmured to him, rolling his hips forward to slid just an inch inside Aizawas tight hole.

Toshi moaned at the heat.

Shoutas breath caught as he felt the intrusion, and he pushed down on his shaft, pushing it deeper inside. He was filled with Toshis large girth, comfortably warm and stretched. A low moan tumbled from his mouth as finally the number one was fully hilted inside him.
The #1 stilled, letting Shouta adjust to his cock spreading him. His hands were curled in sheets beneath, his legs had wrapped themselves around Toshinoris waist.

A noise of impatience.


It was a single command, tone brimming with heat, that snapped his willpower.

His hips pulled back, almost entierly, before snapping back, his length once again engulfed in the heat. A steady rythmn started, with Shouta moaning wantonly at every thrust, arm thrown over his face as he lost himself in the moment. Toshinori wasn't much better, Hands planted firmly on either side of the other, head bowed as he pistoned himself into the deliciously tight hole. A gentle touch got his attention, Shoutas free hand reaching up to graze his chest, nails just barely scratching.

The hand moved, fingers now fiddling with his erect nipples, sending small tingles of pleasure through him. Toshis hand mimicked his partners, Large palm spread wide as he explored heated skin, rubbing the sensitive nubs on Shoutas pecs to draw deeper, needier moans from him.

''T-toshi- Fu-aahh'' The teacher tried to speak, hand moving from his eyes to join his other hand on Toshinoris chest, grip a little harder, nails digging into the tanned skin.

The gentle smile sent his way made him flush, and the giant above him crooned
''Yes, dear?''
He tried again, breathy and desperate.
''Toshi, I-ahh.. I'm close!''

With his words, the atmosphere changed. Toshinoris blue eyes seemed to pierce him with possessiveness, and his smile held a sharpness to it.
It sent a wave of arousal through him, and Shouta was helpless.

''You want to come for me, Shou..?''

A whispered question, gentle and dangerous at the same time, paired with the hero seeming to thrust deeper, harder- desperately almost.
''Y-yes, Sir'' Shouta was breathless, the coil of pleasure in his stomach wound tighter. Hands grasping.

''Then Come.''

That was it. A second more of toe-ing the edge, and Shouta unravelled. A loud shouted moan filled the room, warm wet strings painted Toshinoris chest. His ass clenched tight around the #1's cock, his own length twitching and bouncing with the force.

He was left in the aftermath, boneless and all too pleased as Toshi continued rocking in and out. His thrusts were becoming unfocused and messy, signalling Toshinoris own orgasm on the horizon.
The giant was curled above him, eyes clenched shut, mouth just barely open, gasping.

A choked gasp of the Erasure heros name and Toshinori tumbled over the edge, slamming himself to the hilt, locking up as his cock pumped Shoutas ass with ropes of the heros cum, the arms holding him up shaking slightly with the pleasure that flooded him.
Eventually he regained control, and tiredly slid himself out of the teachers hole, a wet, satisfying sound filling the room. He pushed himself to the side, and fell beside his partner, steam pouring from him as his meager control on his quirk slipped, reverting to his true form.

They lay next to eachother, breathless, sweaty and content. Hands blindly moved until they found the oher, fingers tangling loosely as they recovered.

''I love you, Shouta''