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Some of Them Want to Use You, Some of Them Want to Get Used by You

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It was useless to think that they could’ve won. Avdol and Iggy were already dead from trying to protect Polnareff, who was far too injured to give his all to a fight. Kakyoin’s insides had basically become his outsides, and Jotaro and his grandfather were slowly weakening in their ability to fight on.


Polnareff would be the first to succumb. As he stood at the bottom of the stairs facing up at the man he had come to know as Dio, there was a strange sense of fear that spread throughout his enraged body. He didn’t want to think about how weak he was, about how much blood he had lost in the fight against Vanilla Ice, but as he looked up at the dramatically dressed vampire, his head began to feel a little woozy. 

“Polnareff, it’s been some time since you’ve been in my company,” Dio purred in his trademark voice, “I’ve been told you couldn’t defeat any of the Joestars or their friends. While I’m certainly disappointed, I’m a gracious man, so I’ll give you a choice: come back and serve me again and help me defeat the Joestars, or I’ll tear you limb from limb until there’s nothing left for them to identify you.”

There was a war waging in Polnareff’s mind. Obviously he didn’t want to submit to Dio, not after what Iggy and Avdol had done to protect him, but there was that little voice in the back of his head that was aching to just give up and give in. He was so tired. Nonetheless, he clenched his fists and summoned his strength to pose dramatically.

“Not in a million years, you soulless monster! You’re a despicable excuse for a person! I was already under your control once, I’m not going to do it again!”

“Oh really?” Suddenly, Dio’s voice was coming from behind him. Polnareff whipped around to see the vampire leaning against the stone wall without a care in his decrepit heart. How had he done that? Was that his Stand?

“Because I believe,” Dio continued, “That you were most happy following my lead. Yes, in fact, I remember you were so eager to follow me that your knees gave out at the slightest suggestion.”

Polnareff took a step back. He didn’t remember any of this when he had first met Dio those few months ago. “You liar! I still have my pride and dignity! You can’t just make things up and expect me to come willingly back into your arms! 

“Oh, but Polnareff, don’t you want to be back in my arms?” Dio’s melodic voice cooed, now behind the Frenchman as he felt Dio’s strong, muscular arms wrap around his waist. “I remember how you would beg me to go after the Joestars. Under me you were so thirsty for blood; it’s a shame to see how far you’ve fallen.”

“Shut up, shut up!” Polnareff yelled, squirming in Dio’s tight embrace. Try as he might, he couldn’t brute force his way out the hold Dio had on him, but his main concern was that he hoped Dio hadn’t noticed how his body reacted when the other man had pressed against it. It wasn’t that Polnareff was especially turned on by Dio, although he would agree that there was a kind of sensualness to the vampire that could turn even the straightest of men, but during the entire trip from Japan to Egypt he’d barely had any time to jack off, what with the enemy Stand Users attacking them at every turn and having to share a room with at least one of his friends. But as he felt Dio press his broad, muscular body against his own, he also felt the sizable bulge the vampire kept hidden in his mustard yellow pants thrust gently against his own ass. 

Polnareff moaned for only the splitest of seconds, his hands quickly jumping to cover his mouth.

“Oh, Polnareff, I had no idea you felt this way about me. If you had just told me earlier I wouldn’t have let Vanilla Ice hurt you so badly!” Dio chuckled, lips dancing just a centimeter from Polnareff’s ear, the vibrations tickling and slightly arousing him. Polnareff felt one of Dio’s hands trail down his stomach while the other stayed firmly in place, making sure he wouldn’t be going anywhere. The hand that had left to explore found just what it was looking for. Dio’s hand began gently massaging Polnareff’s crotch, sending sparks through his lower half, almost making him forget about the massive hole in his leg.

“H-Hey, w-wait a second, you can’t do this!” Polnareff cried, trying to pry Dio’s hand from his waist, but it was no use.

“On the contrary, I can and I will. I’ll make you mine, Polnareff, even if I have to fuck it into you!” Dio growled, starting to gently nibble on Polnareff’s ear, “And then when I’m done making you my slave, I’ll move onto that little red-headed twink. It’s so obvious that he’s been lusting to have his needy hole filled by some Joestar cock, so I’ll assume that he’ll be fine settling for Jonathan’s instead of Jotaro’s.”

Even though it wasn’t about him, the idea of Kakyoin being bent over a table having the life fucked out of him made his own cock jump in excitement.

“Oh my, Polnareff, you really liked that, didn’t you? Your body seemed to enjoy the idea of your little high school friend getting fucked by your lord, hmm? I can’t believe you’d think of fucking a minor like that, you little slut; if anything, you’re the despicable one.”

Dio began to rub Polnareff’s crotch at a much faster pace; and Polnareff had to admit, if he didn’t do something fast, he might just give in. Just a little. Just a little bi-

Suddenly, Dio roughly clawed Polnareff’s light gray slacks away from his bloody legs, allowing his half-hard dick to spring up through his boxers.

As Polnareff gasped from the sudden turn of events, he hoped dearly that Jotaro and the others didn’t walk in on him right now. Not that he wouldn’t like their help defeating Dio, but to see him like this, with his body aching to be touched, would probably scar them for life. 

“Please… Dio, stop this!” Polnareff whined, still trying in vain to remove himself from Dio’s vice-like grasp.

“Not at all mon chéri, I still have so many different ways to convince you, you simply must stay for dinner!” Dio crowed, as if adding that pseudo-innocence to his sentence made this situation any better, “That being said, if you swear your life and body to me, I’ll happily let you go without any harm to your precious body.”

Polnareff whined as he forced out another objection. “Ngh, no! I swore to my friends that I’d kill you, and I’m going to do everything in my power to- ah!” 

Dio was growing tired of the silver haired man’s indignance. In a wave of lustful anger, he swiftly tore Polnareff’s boxers away and swung him around to bend over the railing of the stairs. Now that he was in a much less cramped position, Polnareff quickly brought Silver Chariot out and had them charge at Dio’s exposed back. But to his horror, what must’ve been Dio’s stand: a huge, bulky male, similar to Star Platinum, phased into existence and wrapped it’s own huge arms around Silver Chariot’s torso, stopping the attack in under a second. 

“Useless! You poor fool, there’s no way you can defeat me! I am more powerful than you could ever imagine! My strength is ten times that of yours!” Dio roared as The World crushed it’s arms around Silver Chariot, making Polnareff feel the crushing weight on his own chest. He quickly retracted his Stand into his soul and for the first time since Avdol died, Polnareff started to cry. His hands weren’t even tied behind his back, they were grasping the railing so tightly his knuckles turned white. He assumed he must look pretty pathetic right now as his bloody legs began to tremble as Dio almost romantically stroked his back and buttocks.

“Shhhh, shhhh, my dear Polnareff, don’t cry, you wouldn’t want your friends to see you in such a depraved state, would you?”

“Sh-Shut up!” Polnareff growled, “I’m not- I’m not submitting to you, no matter… no matter what you do!”

Those were a poor choice of words. As if on cue, Dio’s dead eyes lit up for a moment before Polnareff heard the sound of a zipper being undone. Turning his head back around, there was now a massive, fully erect cock aimed directly at his exposed ass. Polnareff gasped at just how large and girthy it was, completely forgetting that it used to belong to someone else.

“Y-Y-You’re not going to use that- that thing on me, are you?” Polnareff wailed, body stuck in place from fear.

Dio chuckled heartily. “What? Not big enough for you, you dirty whore? You know, I’ve heard some Stands are anatomically correct; if you want, we could see just how big The World truly is.”

Polnareff didn’t even have time to answer as he felt one of Dio’s fingers gently prod against exposed ring of flesh, not quite entering. He gasped, which allowed Dio to slip his fingers into the Frenchman’s mouth, letting him taste the saltiness of his sweat and the metallic tang of blood. 

Once he’d wetted his fingers enough on Polnareff’s tongue, sadistically fingering the tender hole in his tongue left by Enyaba’s Stand, he removed them from his mouth and roughly inserted two of them inside of Polnareff’s obviously virginal hole. Dio started scissoring them over and over again as Polnareff unconsciously began rutting his hips back and forth, as if inviting Dio to give him more.

“I knew it, you are a dirty little slut! You really want me to give it to you, huh?” Dio growled before pulling his fingers out to a whine from the man beneath him as he positioned his (well, technically Jonathan’s) sizeable cock before Polnareff’s aching entrance.

Polnareff, now knowing his fate had been sealed, did his best to make the experience as comfortable as he could. 

“You’re not going to go in dry, are you?”

Dio pulled away for a moment. “Hmm, I suppose I shouldn’t. After all, I wouldn’t want my servant to be in any great physical pain when fighting my adversaries. But I’m unfortunately all out of any lubrication, so we’ll have to make do with something a little more... unorthodox.”

Polnareff then watched in horror as Dio bit into his own wrist, not reacting to the pain in the slightest, and dribbled his blood all over his cock, making sure that there was enough to cover most of the length. Polnareff shivered as he thought about how disgusting this would look to any onlooker. For his sake, he hoped Jotaro and the rest had come across another Stand user that was preventing them from seeing this mess of a situation.

“Please, D-Dio, I don’t want it…” Polnareff weakly cried, tears resuming their fall down his face. He had lost, completely. He’d failed Jotaro, Mr. Joestar, Kakyoin, and most of all, Iggy and Avdol, who had given their lives to save him. If they saw how far he’d fallen from his usual cocky machismo, Polnareff knew they’d be heartbroken.

That being said, they wouldn’t be as broken as Polnareff’s body was about to be. Because as Dio lapped up the remaining blood from his wrist, it quickly healed, and he pressed the tip of his engorged member into Polnareff’s awaiting orifice, making sure to grab his hips tightly to keep him from running. The Frenchman moaned quietly as he felt the warm blood drip down his thighs, Dio’s thick member pushing in all the while. The big, warm cock felt like it could tear Polnareff apart, but as Dio started to thrust in and out, it suddenly started feeling… good? There was some spot inside of him that was being rubbed against by Dio’s cock, and it was sending pleasure coursing throughout his muscular body. 

“Please, D-Dio, I can’t do t-this. It feel too good! I don’t want them finding me like t-this!” Breathed a now very horny Polnareff, who could feel his cheeks getting quite warm.

“Oh you don’t, do you? That’s a shame, because once you’re my slave along with the others, I plan to show you off to everyone. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to see a man like you reduced to being Lord Dio’s cock hungry whore?”

As much as he hated it, those dirty words sent shivers through his body, making the steady flow of precum dripping from his cock ever more present.

“Y-Yes, sir…” Polnareff moaned before quickly clamping his mouth shut. He wasn’t giving in already, was he?

Dio slowed his attack on Polnareff’s hole and leaned over his increasingly sweaty back. “I’m sorry, what was that, you naughty boy? Was that, by chance, an affirmation of my power?” Dio boasted, digging his sharp black nails into Polnareff’s tender flesh as he started to roughly pick up his pace, “Polnareff, I want you to tell me what you want.”

“G-Get off me, please!” 

“I know you know that’s the wrong answer. Now tell me, who’s your master?”

“No one! P-Please, I can’t take anymore of t-this!”

Dio drove his cock deeper into Polnareff’s hole, shocking the much younger man, as he hadn’t realised how much Dio had left to go before completely bottoming out.

“You useless, pathetic worm!” Dio shouted, bringing a hand down to harshly slap Polnareff’s rather toned and plump ass, sending a shockwave of pain throughout his body, mixing with the pleasure to create something truly extraordinary, “You’re mine, you idiot! Now I want you to say it!”


“Say it!”

“I won’t!”

Dio brought his hand down on Polnareff’s ass again, this time hitting it hard enough to leave a red welt, “Say it! Or I’ll hurt you so badly you won’t be able to walk for a week!”

“Y-Yes, sir…”


“Yes, sir!”

“Good boy. Now, address me by my proper title.” Dio cooed, his voice returning to his usual melodic tones.


Dio chuckled as he continued to thrust in and out, his balls slapping mercilessly against Polnareff’s body. “Not quite, slut. Be more specific.”

“Lord Dio?”


“Could… could you go a little slower? It feels really hot…” Polnareff blushed, trying to avert his wet blue eyes from Dio’s piercing yellow ones.

“Go slower? If you’re feeling hot, then it’s working.” Dio growled. 

And with that, Dio picked up his pace again, pounding relentlessly into Polnareff’s abused ass, making the Frenchman grip tighter onto the bannister as his legs felt like they were about to give out.

“Ngh, p-please! It f-feels too good! I’m g-gonna… oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” Polnareff whined as he felt his own cock crave attention. He’d reach down to stroke it, but he didn’t want to give Dio the satisfaction that he was actually getting off on this. He could tell that he was getting close to cumming, and he knew that Dio knew it too. He felt Dio’s hand slap his ass as he heard the same words again.

“Who’s your master?” Dio moaned between thrusts.

Polnareff chose not to respond. It would probably be better that way.

“Answer me, whore!” Dio yelled, scratching his exceptionally sharp nails down Polnareff’s pale back, causing blood to spurt up in long dark lines. Polnareff screamed in agony, his salty tears leaking into his mouth, mixing with the blood from biting his lips too hard.

“You are! You are, for the love of god don’t hurt me!” Polnareff cried in a burst of energy. When he realized what he had said, he started crying again and mentally prepared himself for the storm to follow.

“Good, good,” came Dio’s voice, obviously marred by lust, “You’ll be such a good slave. If you do well now, I might even let you have some fun with your friends when I’m done breaking them.”

As much as he hated it, the thought of having sex with the other members of his party didn’t sound half bad. Maybe it was from his aroused state, but the thought of getting pounded by Jotaro excited his body, making his dripping cock twitch with excitement. He wasn’t even sure if Jotaro was into guys, although when the two of them shared a room a while back, Polnareff had been able to catch a glimpse of Jotaro in the shower, and to put it one way, the “Joestar Curse” of being taller and larger than everyone else didn’t just stop at height and body shape.

“I-I’d like that, Master… I’d l-like that a lot.” Polnareff swooned, his mind finally beginning to fall under Dio’s all-encompassing love spell; as was his tender body, now getting closer and closer to cumming all over the staircase.

Dio continued to thrust harder and deeper, his animalistic grunts only matched by Polnareff’s horny whimpers and the sound of flesh on flesh. “God, you’re being such a good little slut. I want you to beg for me to let you cum, I wanna hear you scream my name, you dirty whore!”

And this is where Polnareff gave up his sanity. With one last look at the door he had come in, vainly hoping that his friends would save him, he let his last bit of decency fall away.

“L-Lord Dio! Oh g-god, you’re so good inside me! I want more of you! I want you to fill me u-up,” Polnareff moaned loudly, his breathing quickening, “Please m-make me your slave! I’ll gladly s-serve you, I’ll do whatever the fuck you want, just please let me c-cum!”

Even through the haze, Polnareff could hear Dio cackling maniacally as he continued to thrust, seemingly never getting tired of breaking in his new servant.

“Good, good,” Dio grunted, reaching around to grip the tip of Polnareff’s leaking cock, gently thumbing the slit, “And you promise you’ll give yourself totally to me? You’ll obey my every order?”

“Yes! Oh g-god, I mean, Lord Dio, I will!”

Dio moved his hand up and down the shaft of Polnareff’s cock in rhythm with his thrusting. “And you’re aware that if you’re lying, I’ll torture you so slowly you’ll wish you were dead?”

Polnareff could barely speak by this point from the extreme pleasure, so he just nodded his head, his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Then cum for me, whore. Let me see how much you love your master!”

As if on cue, Polnareff came, and he came hard. He felt the thick, hot liquid leave his cock, the euphoria of getting fucked filling his senses as his legs shook and his mind went completely blank for a few seconds. He then heard Dio moan loudly and then felt the outcome, the hot cum filling Polnareff’s ass until he felt like he was going to burst.

And then just like that, it was over. Dio pulled out, letting Polnareff sink to the cold stone floor, a mixture of Dio’s cum and blood spilling out of the Frenchman’s hole as he laid there, slightly shaking but very much conscious.

Polnareff felt a hand gently caress his sore shoulder, and assuming it was who he thought it was, he looked up into the cold, dead eyes of his new Lord. 

“You did very well; I’m almost surprised, not everyone can take me the whole length and survive.”

“T-Thanks…” Polnareff weakly groaned, trying instinctively to cover his shame.

Dio cupped one of his sharply nailed hands under Polnareff’s chin and raised it, which had become wet from tears and saliva. “Now, we’re going to get you cleaned up with a new outfit and then we’re going to go deal with your friends. How does that sound?”

Polnareff stole a glance towards one of the windows. Avdol , he thought, I’m sorry.

“Yes, Master, I’d like to help you with that.”

“Very good… Very good indeed…” Dio purred, kissing the broken man on the lips to seal the deal.

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Kakyoin knew it was going to be a bad idea to split up. As he, Mr. Joestar, and Jotaro combed Dio’s castle for the rest of their friends, he had an overwhelming sense that they were being watched. By what, he didn’t know, but every time he turned around, he almost expected to see someone standing behind him, ready to pounce.

Kakyoin had only seen Dio for a brief moment before getting a sword through the stomach. The white-hot pain was enough to make him pass out for a few seconds as massive amounts of blood poured from the gaping wound. Kakyoin dragged himself from the present danger over into the next room. Where was Jojo and everyone else? Had they left him here to die? Was he going to die? Was this his punishment? All these questions and more raced through the young teen’s mind until eventually, he stumbled to a corner of the castle, hands over his crimson stomach, and prepared to die. He could feel his eyelids slowly getting heavier and heavier, his limbs harder to control as his vision faded and he fell into a pitch-black world.


“Mon Cheri? Are you awake?” A soft, heavily French-accented voice cooed. Kakyoin could feel a large hand stroke his cheek, stirring him from his drowsy state. 

There was no sunlight in the room he was in, only by the light of a candle could he see Polnareff, his kind eyes boring into his Kakyoin’s own. While he was certainly happy to see his friend, he couldn’t help but get the sense that there was something… wrong with Polnareff. While his smile seemed genuine, there was an air of coldness filling the room that made the teen uneasy. As his eyes adjusted to the dim light, Kakyoin could also see that there was another distinct change. Instead of his typical black tube top and light grey slacks, Polnareff was now dressed in a tight-fitting sheer black crop top and matching high-waisted black shorts that cut off barely at mid-thigh. He could even see that the jagged red heart earrings that Polnareff usually wore had been swapped out for golden versions. He could see a large scar on his friend’s thigh, but in the light of the candle, it looked more like a light pink line.

“Are we in heaven?” Kakyoin blurted out before his brain had any time to process what was going on.

Polnareff chuckled and sat down at Kakyoin’s feet. “No, we aren’t. We’re somewhere arguably better.”

“Oh? W-Where are we? Where is everyone?” Kakyoin asked. As he tried to sit up, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. Peeling away the heavy velvet blanket, he saw that the stab wound was still there, except now it had been patched up with very precise needlework. Kakyoin also noticed that the green school uniform he had been wearing when he fell asleep was gone. In its place was a simple black t-shirt and shorts, which was nowhere near as slutty as Polnareff’s outfit, but Kakyoin felt self-conscious all the same.

“Did… did you do this?” Kakyoin asked, gesturing to the stitches going up his stomach.

Polnareff shook his head. He looked off towards a door on the other side of the room, and audibly sighed.

“He’ll be here soon.” Polnareff muttered.

“Who? Jojo?” 

Polnareff shook his head again. He got up from the bed and took out a box of matches, to which he used to light a few more candles around the small bedroom.

Suddenly, the memory of what happened came rushing back into Kakyoin’s clearing mind.

“Polnareff! W-Wait, we need to get out of here! Dio could be here at any moment!”

“Yes,” Polnareff monotoned, his back still to his friend, “He could be.”

“What? Are you insane? What the hell are you doing in that getup anyway?!” Kakyoin shouted, his voice conveying his fear.

Polnareff turned around slowly, staring at Kakyoin without saying a word until:

“I’m sorry, I can’t let you leave.”

Kakyoin got up from the bed and took a step toward his friend. “What? Leave? Where are we, anyway? Where’s Jojo and Mr. Joestar?”

Polnareff took a step closer to Kakyoin, who took a step back as instinct. 

“I’m sorry, Kakyoin, I can’t let you leave.”

“Well, fuck you then!” Kakyoin yelled as he sprinted to the nearest door. 

But that was a mistake, because as he turned the knob to open the door, the door flew open, letting in the moonlight to illuminate the giant frame of Dio Brando. Kakyoin took a second to process the situation and fell backward into Polnareff’s arms, who somehow moved behind him without the redhead noticing.

“Ahhh, Kakyoin, I have to say, it’s been some time since we were in each other’s company. How have you been?” Dio smiled, arms extended as if expecting a hug.

“Dio!” Kakyoin shouted in surprise as he brought out Green Hierophant and sent the Stand flying at the vampire. 

To his horror, Dio batted the green Stand away and turned his focus back on the two men in front of him.

“So, Polnareff, my dear, I see you’ve made all the necessary arrangements. Very good; expect to be rewarded later.”

Kakyoin felt the much taller Frenchman tense up as he held his arms around the smaller man’s chest. 

“Oh, don’t worry,” Dio continued, stroking a sharply nailed finger on Polnareff’s cheek, “When I make a promise, I go through with it.”

Kakyoin’s mind was racing at a mile per second. Whipping his head back and forth between the two hunks of man, he tried to wrap his head around what the hell was going on.

“I’m dreaming. That’s it, I must be dreaming!” Kakyoin croaked, “This can’t be real; the real Polnareff would never-”

Before he could finish his biting remark, he felt Dio’s surprisingly soft lips press forcefully against his own. He felt Polnareff tighten his hold again as he tried to gently worm his way out of the firm grasp.

“Oh, no, my dear, you’re not going anywhere. You see, I’ve recently taken an extra special liking to you and your friends, and I intend to see my plan all the way through.”


“Of course, who wouldn’t want to have a delightful boy like yourself in his personal harem?”

Kakyoin shrieked and tried to use Hierophant Green on Dio again, only to feel the cold, hard steel of Silver Chariot’s rapier against his warm neck before he could even get close to his adversary.

“Good, good, Polnareff, I see you’re adapting to your place quite well…”

Kakyoin again tried to wiggle out of place, but it was evident that he wasn’t going anywhere. As the fear rose and his breathing quickened, he felt Dio kiss him again, this time deepening the kiss, even feeling his tongue prod in gently. Kakyoin wouldn’t admit it, but it felt kind of nice to be getting this kind of affection. He thought about way back at the beginning of his journey when he was under the control of Dio’s flesh bud; he had grown a bit of a fancy towards Jotaro as he stalked him throughout his school day.

That being said, that timid crush paled in comparison to what was happening now. 

With one swift movement, Dio instructed Polnareff to lead Kakyoin back to the plush bed, which would’ve been completed much quicker if Kakyoin hadn’t been kicking and screaming all the while.

“Polnareff, I don’t know what the hell happened to you, but we need to get out of here right now! Jojo and Mr. Joestar are looking for you- looking for us! Please stop this!” Kakyoin yelled, trying his best to push back against Polnareff, pushing him onto the bed. He didn’t know what had gotten into the Frenchman, but he knew that whatever it was, it had to do with Dio.

But while Kakyoin’s abilities were focused heavily on speed and agility, Polnareff beat him by a long shot in brute strength. In no time at all, he was pushed back into the soft silky sheets of the honestly really nice feeling bed. But the feeling of Polnareff’s strong hands closed around his wrists made him feel so weak. When had he gotten so weak?

The otherwise strong-willed redhead looked up at Dio, who had crossed the room to stand on the other side of the bed, looking down at Kakyoin, who seemed just ready to start crying.

“Scared?” Dio asked without a drop of sarcasm in his voice.

Kakyoin shook his head. Honestly, he was scared, but hell if he was going to tell that to Dio.

The vampire adopted a sadistic grin and leaned so that he was hovering over Kakyoin’s increasingly sweaty face.

“You should be.”

The redhead’s eyes widened, and he pleaded with his face to Polnareff, who was doing all he could to avoid either male’s gaze.

“You- You can’t do this, Dio! Jotaro and Mr. Joestar are going to find this place, and… and… they’ll kill you!” Kakyoin cried, tears starting to well in his lavender eyes.

Dio smirked as if he knew something Kakyoin didn’t. “They can’t save you. No one can. I’m going to make you mine, Tenmei, even if I have to hurt you.” Dio ran the tip of his sharp index finger on Kakyoin’s lip, making the much younger man tremble as the sensualness began exciting him. He wasn’t actually going to be hurt. Polnareff wouldn’t let him get hurt… right?

Kakyoin glanced up at his friend, who now looked like a husk of his former self, his eyes hungrily surveying Kakyoin’s slender body. 

“Undress him.”

Dio’s harsh words cut through the air like a knife. As commanded, Polnareff released one of his hands from holding Kakyoin down to roughly remove his black t-shirt. He wasn’t without protest though, as when he let his hand go, Kakyoin slapped Polnareff’s face and tried to roll off the bed, but as soon as he was about to hit the floor, he was suddenly back on the bed, a bruise forming around the wrist that had been held so tightly. He tried to escape again, but the same thing happened; before he knew it, he was back on the bed, but now he was already missing his shirt.

The cold air of the room made him shiver as it hit his naked chest, and he tried to cover the pale flesh, but as soon as he moved his arms, his hair was yanked back so that he was staring up at Dio, who had produced a small bag of blood-red cherries from one of his many pockets.

“I’ve heard you’re a fan of these. They’re quite hard to come by in Egypt, so you should thank me.”

Still having a vice-like grip on his hair, Dio gently danced one of the cold, wet cherries across Kakyoin’s lips. He hadn’t even bitten it, but the sweet tang was already traveling across his tongue. But for some reason, the familiar taste was different, and he couldn’t quite place it, but it tasted more coppery than the ones he had consumed back in Japan, but it wasn’t so noticeable that he cared that much. Rather pleased with the sudden addition of his favorite fruit, he opened his mouth and bit down, only to feel a cold, thick liquid fill his mouth, coating every part of it in the familiar coppery notes of blood.

Kakyoin’s eyes widened, and he tried to spit the blood out, but he was stopped by Polnareff clamping his hand down over his mouth, preventing him from opening it.

“Swallow it, whore. There are so many ways I’m going to have myself inside of you, and this is just the start.” Dio growled.

With another tug of his hair, Kakyoin reluctantly swallowed the now warm blood, the thickness of it coating his throat all the way down.

“Good boy,” purred the vampire, “I can tell you’re going to be such a good pet.”

Dio smirked again and took another few cherries out of the bag and crushed it over Kakyoin’s naked chest, the crimson blood spreading over the young teen’s torso. As he felt the warm liquid touch his nipples, he felt a strange pleasure from it, and the thought of what might come next excited him.

“You got off on that, you little slut? You’re disgusting. Polnareff, clean him up.”

On command, the Frenchman leaned up to grab a tissue from the nightstand, only to be stopped by Dio’s commanding glare. 

“Not like that, slave. I want you to clean him with your tongue. Make sure to do a thorough job too, you wouldn’t want to get any stains on the sheets when things get rougher.”

Kakyoin saw Polnareff’s face shift from lust to fear to completely blank in a matter of a few seconds before he hesitantly began lapping up the dark liquid staining Kakyoin’s tender skin. 

Polnareff’s tongue started gently just above Kakyoin’s stomach, which felt a bit strange, but as his swirling tongue started moving up his chest, he suddenly felt pleasure creep into his body. But that only got more intense when Polnareff’s very hot and very wet tongue reached the blood covering his nipples. As he swirled his tongue around the sensitive pink bud, Kakyoin’s dick started feeling really, really good. He never thought Polnareff of all people would be making him feel this way, but as Dio pressed the Frenchman’s head down so that he was forced to suck on Kakyoin’s sensitive chest, he felt like he wanted the experience to go on forever.

As soon as all the blood had been properly cleaned off, Dio released his grip on Polnareff’s head, allowing the silver-haired man to lick his reddened lips in satisfaction.

“Thank you for that, Lord Dio. Would you like me to do anything else?” Polnareff hazily inquired, his body swaying slightly from side to side.

“Yes,” came Dio’s voice, just out of Kakyoin’s view, “Position yourself behind the whore’s head. You’re going to have a very special role breaking in my new slave.”

Even with his slightly aroused state, Kakyoin still remembered why they were there in Egypt in the first place. He wouldn’t dare let Jotaro or any of his friends down, so goddammit he wasn’t about to now.

“Don’t you fucking dare, you monster! I’m tired of letting you control me! You already made me hurt my friends, I won’t let you do it again!” Kakyoin spat, the venom in his words ever present. 

Even though the teenager’s words were full of fiery fury, the vampire only rolled his eyes.

“You know, I remember hearing a similar thing from our friend Polnareff here. Now look where he is. He’d be more than happy to come over here, suck my cock and beg for my forgiveness, wouldn’t you, you dirty slut?”

“Yes, Lord Dio.”

“Then prove it.” Dio purred, his hand already undoing the zipper of his black pants.

Polnareff climbed off Kakyoin, who, for whatever reason, chose to lay there, his body trembling in fear. If he was only against Polnareff, he was pretty confident he could take the Frenchman on, but with Dio’s Stand still unknown to him, he wasn’t sure he’d even be able to make a dent on the ancient vampire. Instead, he watched upside down as Polnareff kneeled in front of Dio, his tongue gently sticking out of his mouth. 

Kakyoin felt like he was about to pass out. He had lost a lot of blood, and no amount of bloody fruit Dio put into his mouth would make up for the bodily trauma he had caused. He was getting closer and closer to falling back to sleep when:

“You know what? I don’t think just one mouth will be enough to handle me. Come here, little Kakyoin, I want to see if that tongue is good for anything aside from licking cherries.”

But Kakyoin was far too out of it to make any kind of effort. He limply laid on the bed, his chest rising and falling in shaky breaths.

“You useless worm! When your master gives you an order, you follow it!” Dio yelled, closing his strong hand around Kakyoin’s neck, tugging harshly, making him crash to the floor, the impact knocking the wind out of him.

“I can’t believe this! For someone that begged to please me before, you’re doing quite the lackluster job at it this time!” Dio laughed, kicking Kakyoin in the ribs, making the teenager scramble to his knees to avoid any more punishment.

“D-Dio, listen, with all due respect,” Kakyoin breathed, “Fuck you. The time I spent under you, short as it may be, was by FAR the worst few weeks of my life. You made me hurt Jotaro, and I lov- I mean like him too much to do that again.”

Dio’s mouth widened into a grin, his sharp fangs gleaming in the light from the candle. “Aww, that’s cute, you’re in love with Jotaro. It’s no wonder, those Joestar men certainly have a lot going for them in just about every way. Tell me, Kakyoin, do you wanna get fucked by Jotaro’s big cock? You want him to make your needy little hole feel good? I want you to tell me what you want.”

As much as he truly despised Dio, the thought of being dominated by his friend sent shivers throughout his body, making his own cock twitch in excitement.

“Shame we weren’t able to find either of those pesky Joestars,” Dio continued, “I would’ve liked to break Jotaro in first. Nevertheless, I hope you can settle for a slightly older, but far superior penis.”

With that, Dio pulled his somehow already erect dick out from his pants, letting it bob between Kakyoin and Polnareff’s heads. 

“I don’t want to have to tell you what to do with it. Do what you’re supposed to, and I’ll consider going easy on you.” Dio ordered, gently running his fingers through Kakyoin’s silky red hair.

Kakyoin lightly licked his lips, staring at the engorged head, his heart beating out of his chest.

“B-But, this is my first t-time. I don’t want it to b-be with you.” He whined, tears forming in his eyes again.

Dio groaned, obviously tired of the teenager’s incompetence. “I see you obviously need someone to show you how to properly appreciate your Master’s body. Polnareff, it seems you have me all to yourself.”

“Thank you, Lord Dio. I’ll make sure to please you.” Polnareff’s monotonal voice chirped before eagerly taking most of the length in his mouth, sucking and licking with vigor, his moans filling the room.

Kakyoin was honestly shocked at Polnareff’s energy. As he stared at his friend’s lust growing, as shown by the tent emerging from his shorts, he thought to pinch himself. There was no way what was happening was actually real. Sure, everything felt real, but this was probably just a really vivid wet dream. He was probably still asleep in some expensive hotel that Mr. Joestar booked, curled up against a pillow in a too hot room next to one of his friends. 

“Pay attention, slut,” Dio jeered, slapping Kakyoin hard across the face, “I want you paying attention since you’re going to be helping him. Matter of fact, why don’t you start now?”

Dio grabbed his head and pulled it towards his cock, letting Polnareff take a short break by removing it from his throat.

But now Dio’s impressive manhood was in front of Kakyoin’s face, and to tell the truth, it was starting to look really appealing.

Kakyoin swore to himself that there must be something in the air, or at least something in those cherries, because he normally would never do something like this.

He glanced towards the door Dio had come from. If he could only make a run for it, he maybe had five seconds before either Polanreff or Dio could do anything.

To give himself extra time, he gathered his strength and punched Dio as hard as he could in the balls and sprinted towards the door, which for whatever reason, had remained unlocked this whole time. Kakyoin could hear Dio yell something, but the blood was pounding in his ears, making him run faster.

“Jotaro! Mr. Joestar! Where are you?!” Kakyoin called out to his friends, trying his best to peek through each of the doors he ran past. To no avail, he only heard silence in front of him and the sound of someone chasing behind him. He knew Dio wasn’t one to run after his prey, so he assumed it was Polnareff chasing him, his heavy footsteps thudding at he heard the clang of metal hitting some doorway.

But Kakyoin kept running. He wasn’t even sure where he was trying to go, but he knew that anywhere was better than this place. He had to warn Jotaro and Mr. Joestar that something was wrong with everyone’s favorite silver-haired swordsman. Had he always been working for Dio? Kakyoin knew that Polnareff had been under the command of a flesh bud when they had first met him, but maybe that didn’t matter since he was always a loyal servant.

Nevertheless, Kakyoin did his best to dodge and weave through the hundreds of pillars and decadent wall linings until he got to the end of the hallway. There was nowhere else to go. There was one door to his right, but that was missing it’s handle and looked like it was bolted into the wall. In front of him there was a large open window, but that led to at least a two story drop, which made Kakyoin realize that he had only one of two options, run or submit. He could hear Polnareff closing in on his location, so he had to act fast. 

He looked down and out the window, noticing that if he dropped (and didn’t break anything), he’d be able to escape through the courtyard. He’d then have to hide until he was able to find his friends. Kakyoin swung one of his legs over the edge and was gearing himself up to take even more damage when he heard his friend call behind him.

“Kakyoin, please don’t do this. I don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore than you already have.”

Hearing Polnareff’s voice was usually a comfort, but now it only inspired fear. Kakyoin’s breathing was so fast and heavy his torso was visibly moving up and down.

With one last look at his friend, whose arms were outstretched, as if inviting him to come back, Kakyoin pushed himself off the ledge and began to fall, preparing himself for the impact.


But instead of the cold, hard earth, he reached his hand out to feel warm, silky sheets. He also realized that he never felt himself hit the ground.

Kakyoin’s eyes opened to see that he was… back in Dio’s room? Even though his eyes hadn’t adjusted back, he could see the vampire nonchalantly sitting in a large plush chair, a glass of wine (or maybe blood) in one hand, a book in the other.

“Ahh, Kakyoin, I’m so glad you decided to come back! I wasn’t sure whether Polnareff was going to be able to convince you,” Dio pondered, setting his wine and book on a table, “But I’m glad you took the initiative on your own.”

“On my own? What the hell are you o-” Kakyoin cried, getting up off the bed, only to reveal his feet had been tied together, forcing him to the floor.

“You bastard!” He cried again, fumbling with the rope tied around his ankles, although he was more than surprised to see them come off with little effort.

Standing up, he felt Dio’s large hands caressing his back, massaging some rather sore spots he had gotten from fighting the many Stand users that had been sent after them. Kakyoin moaned briefly as Dio rubbed a particularly tense spot in his upper back. This wasn’t normal of Dio; he was actually making him feel… good? 

Behind the two men, Kakyoin could hear rapid footsteps approaching the room. His assumptions were correct in assuming it was Polanreff, as the Frenchman collapsed in the doorway, severely out of breath. 

“Oh, you got him already. Good... that’s good,” Polnareff groaned between quickened breaths, “Would you… would you like me to… me to do anything, Master?”

“Well,” Dio began, his hands wrapping around Kakyoin’s slim waist, “That all depends on our little friend here and how willing he is.”

Kakyoin glared at Dio, who had tightened his grip on the younger man, his hot breath remarkably close to Kakyoin’s ear. It was obvious that Kakyoin wasn’t going to give up this fight easily, and Dio knew it. He was, by far, more of a stubborn nuisance than Polnareff had ever been, which would make him even more fun to break.

In the blink of an eye, Kakyoin was lying face down on the bed, his head hitting the headboard, his face buried in the soft linen. He could feel Dio holding his arm behind his back, his thankfully still clothed ass being pressed against by Dio’s rather sizeable bulge.

“Darling little Tenmei, you’ve been such a disappointment. First you can’t even kill one Joestar, and now you’re resisting your Master. How would your parents react if they found out their son was such a bad boy?” Dio chuckled, rubbing himself against the teen’s body.

“Don’t you bring my parents into this, you monster! You have no right… no right…” Kakyoin tried to yell back, but as Dio continued to grind against him, his body was starting to get really hot, distracting him from most coherent thought. 

“H-Hey, you’re not allowed t-to do that! S-Stop it!” Kakyoin moaned in vain. Dio paid no attention to his cries and simply ripped the last remaining layer of clothing off of Kakyoin’s pale body, tossing the black garment to the floor.

“So, tell me again, who’s your Master?” Dio asked, leaning over Kakyoin’s back, a sadistic smile spreading across his lips.

“Ngh, not you, t-that’s for sure!” Kakyoin’s lips trembled as he spoke.

“Wrong answer.” Dio countered, roughly grabbing Kakyoin’s hair, pulling him up on his knees, his back pressed firmly against Dio’s chest, “My, my, what do we have here? Has your body decided for you? Does it want to be touched by someone a little more… mature?” 

Kakyoin could feel Dio’s claws scrape gently against his thigh, his body twitching as the multitude of sensations flowed through him.

“My, my, you’re one tough kid, huh? I bet you need someone to show you the ropes; after all, you said this was your first time!”

Dio flipped Kakyoin over so that he was laying on his back, his erect cock now even more noticeable as it bobbed freely in the air.

“Mmmm, delicious. I can smell the sweet blood even from here,” Dio rejoiced, his index finger gently prodding Kakyoin’s virginal hole, “If you stay a good boy, I might even make you a vampire like me. Then you’ll be bound to my service for the rest of your undead life!”

“Don’t you dare you bastard! You’re not going to get away with this!” Kakyoin protested, his determination already starting to fade away.

“Oh really? You and what power? Because I believe,” Dio continued, lathering two fingers in his saliva before slipping them inside Kakyoin’s ass, eliciting a moan from the younger man, “That the rest of those pesky people you call friends will be powerless to save you, or themselves for that matter.”

Dio started to roughly finger the teenager, whose body was reacting in exactly the way you’d expect someone who hasn’t been able to jack off for a few weeks.


“Yes?” Purred the vampire, curling his fingers slightly to rub against Kakyoin’s sweet spots.

“S-Stop that. You’re n-not supposed to make me f-feel good!” 

“Tsk tsk tsk, poor baby. Don’t worry about all that, your Master will make you feel better than before…”

Dio suddenly pulled his fingers out, making the teen feel empty for only the slightest of moments before he felt the large head of Dio’s cock line up with his hole.

Kakyoin marveled at just how big even just the tip felt. He knew that he had crossed the point of no return some time ago, and he knew that Dio was probably going to be merciless with him, but he breathed a sigh of relief as the vampire opened a tube of generic lubricant and spread it along his throbbing member.

“Good boy… you’re being such a good little slave, I can tell. I can tell you want me already, little Noriaki. I know you want your Master inside of you. Do you want him to claim you?” Dio encouraged, thumbing Kakyoin’s swollen pink lips, letting the teen suck gently on the appendage.

Kakyoin, now almost completely entranced by whatever naturally charismatic love spell Dio had placed on his mind, nodded his head slowly, his thoughts only of Dio’s beautiful golden eyes that stared into his own lavender ones.

“Y-Yes, sir…” Kakyoin moaned, guiding Dio’s hand from his mouth to his tender chest.

Dio grinned, a wild glare in his eyes. Kakyoin barely had any time to prepare himself before Dio shoved most of his length inside his body. 

Further still, if Polnareff had been considered a “tight squeeze”, Kakyoin was like a stiff new pair of shoes, and similarly to footwear, he was about to be broken in.

The thrusts came at a rough, yet steady pace, the moans and grunts of both men filling the small, dark room. Kakyoin had seriously underestimated truly how big Dio was; he was being driven into at such an intensity that he felt like he was going to break. It was wonderful. Dio seemed so wrapped up in what he was doing, he failed to give any attention to his other pet. Even through the haze of the pleasure, Kakyoin could see Polnareff timidly watching from behind a chair with rapt attention, his eyes seemingly glazed over. Dio eventually noticed Kakyoin’s wandering eyes, and incorrectly assuming what they meant, ordered Polnareff to kneel on the bed behind Kakyoin’s head.

Even though he couldn’t completely make out what Dio was saying, he could definitely guess when Polnareff’s own sizeable manhood sprung from his pants, lightly smacking the younger man on the nose. Kakyoin knew what was about to happen, and to be honest, he wasn’t that opposed to it anymore. Maybe there really was a spell that was keeping him here, but the thought of being fucked by these two much larger men aroused him to the point where his own cock started to leak precum in excitement. This was probably going to hurt.


Polnareff was horny out of his mind, and Kakyoin’s flushed, panting face wasn’t helping. He’d already watched his friend go through a variety of horrors by Dio’s hand, and it only made him thankful that he broke way faster than his oddly stubborn friend.

As he took his own length from his rather tight shorts, he marveled at how naturally Kakyoin’s lips took to kissing and worshipping the engorged member. Dio took a break from destroying Kakyoin’s ass to reach a hand around his neck, pushing the teen’s head back, so to give Polnareff easier access to his throat.

Kakyoin was whining and moaning as the ancient vampire sped up his pace again, taking great care to dehumanize him with disgusting words.

In no time at all, Polnareff guided his cock into Kakyoin’s awaiting mouth, trying his best to not choke his friend right away.

“Good, good, you’re both doing so well. It’s going to be hard to deny me with a mouth full of cock, right my little Kakyoin?”

Kakyoin was only able to moan in compliance, having already taken half of Polnareff’s length past his eager lips. He knew how depraved this must look to anyone other than Dio, and he was honestly a little surprised that Polnareff was actually into him. He didn’t want to think about how fucking good Dio felt inside of him. He didn’t want to think about how big he was, or how roughly he was getting fucked. He definitely didn’t want to think about how with every thrust by either man, his body was jolted in a different direction, making his leaky, sensitive cock bounce up and down, the pleasure building all the while. He could feel his body getting hotter, and the constant friction of flesh on flesh was making an orgasm an evermore present reality.

“L-Lord Dio,” Kakyoin heard Polnareff whine between moans, “May I c-cum in him?”

“Polnareff, darling, you’re not finishing already, are you?” Dio cooed, “I’m barely even close.”

“N-No, it’s not that, Lord Dio, it’s j-just that it feels really good! He feels really good!” Polnareff moaned as shoved his entire cock into Kakyoin’s throat, making the younger man gag.

Dio grinned and dug his nails into Kakyoin’s hips. “Good, good. I was worried the both of you wouldn’t be able to keep up with me. Afterall, being a vampire has its perks, like being able to cum as many times as you want, with no breaks!”

Just as Kakyoin thought Dio was slowing down, he felt the vampire’s giant cock change angles. The new wave of white-hot pleasure wracked the teenager’s body. He knew he needed to escape, but maybe… just maybe… perhaps being here with Dio wouldn’t be that bad? Afterall, he was making him feel really good, and as much as Kakyoin didn’t want to admit it, the feeling of being intimate with someone this good looking certainly wasn’t hurting. 

That being said, as the pleasure began to build, Kakyoin could tell that Polanreff was getting close to cumming; his gentleness now replaced by rough thrusts as he continued to abuse his friend’s throat. 

Soon enough, Kakyoin heard a loud, whiny moan as he felt the warm, salty cum fill his mouth. Generously swallowing what he was given, he gave the tip of Polnareff’s spent cock a little kiss as it pulled itself from his throat.

But now Dio had him all to himself. “What a good little boy you are, Kakyoin. I truly didn’t think you’d break this quickly!” Dio purred, lightly dragging a sharp nail down Kakyoin’s stomach, a thin red line forming behind it.

“Y-Yes, Master, t-thank you Master!” Kakyoin whined, his mind being overridden by lust. He didn’t even realize the implications of what he had just said; he was so caught up in the pleasure that all of his thoughts were on how good it felt and that he wanted this to go on forever. To his credit, it wasn’t like Kakyoin had a real grasp on time in the dimly lit bedroom. For all he knew, days had already gone past and this pleasure would be eternal.

Soon enough, Dio had flipped him over again so that he was face down in the sheets, the already harsh pounding becoming almost animalistic as he felt Dio’s large, muscular body press against his own.

“Darling little Tenmei, good little boy, you want your master to cum inside of you? Do you want me to fill you with my love?” Dio prodded, driving his thick member as deep as it could go into Kakyoin’s abused hole.

“Y-Yes, please,” Kakyoin babbled, his face set in a constant ahegao, orgasm quickly approaching, “I want you so badly, Master, I c-can barely stand it!”

“Then swear your loyalty to me, your Lord Dio!”

“Y-Yes sir, I will!”

“Tell it to me, whore!”

“I swear, I swear, Lord D-Dio! I’m yours! P-Please do what you w-want with me; I want to be yours s-so badly!” Kakyoin yelled as he came, the hot fluid spilling onto his stomach and the sheets.

“Good boy.”

And then Dio came, and he came hard. He drove his enormous cock deep inside the teenager as, what felt to Kakyoin, like buckets of semen was poured into him. The pleasure had built up so much, but that would go to waste as Kakyoin suddenly passed out, a smile spread across his lips.


“You did a good job with him, Lord Dio,” Polnareff whispered, gently caressing the redhead’s pink cheeks, “Although I wasn’t expecting him to fall asleep. Do you think he’s actually turned?”

Dio chuckled, gently wiping the streams of white semen flowing from Kakyoin’s tender ass with a tissue. “For the sake of my plan I’d better hope so. I’m sure Jotaro and his grandfather will put up far more of a fight than either of you two, so it’s good to be prepared with some backup.”

“Yes, sir. Are we going after them now?” Polnareff inquired, pushing the still asleep teenager over onto his back so he wouldn’t suffocate with his face in the rich velvety sheets.

“Not yet, darling. We still have some time before Jotaro and his grandfather notice the two of you are missing. And after all, isn’t time always on my side?”