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King's Keys [ABANDONED]

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Kikyo sat in the empty stairwell leading up to the rooftop, leaning her head against the door to the outside. Her stomach grumbled, begging for something to fill its greedy void. We just ate yesterday, she told it. It's not like we can die of starvation. Chill. But her stomach protested on.

Her eyes were sunken in, dark circles around them. What's the point of stealing food when I could just never eat again and I'll be fine? I'd rather that than end up with a bunch of weirdos in jail.

She dug through her backpack that held every possession she could ever hope to own, relieved there was still a full pack of cigarettes at the bottom. She sighed, pulling one out of the pack and a locating a green lighter. She stood, opened the door, and walked out to the rooftop's edge, sitting with her legs dangling off the side.

Her mind wanders back about a month ago. A kind gentleman, maybe in his fifties, had found her sleeping on the stairwell. At first, she had been prepared to fight, or run. But he said nothing, simply giving her his wallet full of cash. Somberly, he had walked out the door to sit on the edge, just like she was now.

Kikyo had joined him, sitting a safe distance away. Before she could say her standard line, he said it for her. He looked to her with a smile, "a young lady like you has so much to live for. You're not planning on following me to my death, are you?" Kikyo had shaken her head, holding up the wallet, "don't you have grandkids or someone to give this to?"

The man smiled at the ground below, "some people are born into families that take care of them for life. Others are less fortunate and I would guess you fall into the latter. You keep it. Maybe my good karma will bring you some luck."

With that, he had slid himself off the edge, landing with a harsh cracking sound.

The smoke from her cigarette danced into the night air, a cool breeze blowing through her hair. Something felt different. She heard footsteps behind her and turned. It was the boy. The one who didn't jump. "Hey, kid." She greeted him, "gonna jump this time?" Katsuki dropped himself next to her, "not this time."

The scent of his cologne drew her in. A blush colored her cheeks. Fucking stop it. You know what would happen if you start crushing on this kid. She scolded herself. "So why are you here?" She questions. Katsuki grumbled, "because I fucking want to be. Is that a problem?" Kikyo leaned back, her hands behind her head, looking at the stars above them. "So you gonna tell me your sob story or what?"

The blond surprised her by leaning back, too. "My husband's an asshole. He fucking knows I hate kids but he wants to start a damn charity for some snotnose brats." Kikyo shrugged, "why don't you let him? Just because he wants to do it doesn't mean you have to."

"We're a fucking team, that's why. We have a damn public image to keep up and it's driving me fucking crazy." Kikyo smirked, "you? A public image? Who are you, Ground Zero? That's the only public image I can think of that swears so damn much." Katsuki doesn't answer. Really, he didn't care if this girl knew who he was.

The silence was interrupted by a loud growl in Kikyo's stomach. Katsuki looks at her, "come on, let's go." Kikyo raised her eyebrows as Katsuki stood up. "Go where?" She asked. Katsuki turned away from the girl, "I wouldn't be a fucking hero if I let someone starve, would I? You might not be able to die from it but I'm just doing my damn job."

Kikyo was glad it was dark out to conceal her blush. She had never had feelings like this before. Why now? Why with someone who's already married, and to a guy? "Let's go." She agreed.

Katsuki took her wrist in his hand and jumped off the ledge.

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Four years ago, despite the many trials and tribulations, Class 1-A graduated into a time of peace. Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo, or, rather, Ground Zero and Deku, were the first hero team in history to rise to number one. It took a lot for Katsuki to let go of being a solo hero, but as a team, they both lowered crime rates to almost zero, and raised enough money to create their own charity. He knew this would help both their marriage and the morale of the citizens of Japan. Two of the most powerful heroes joined together as an unstoppable force. 

Peace, however, can only last so long when evil waits in the darkness like a viper waiting to strike. 

Izuku stood in the arts and crafts room in his hero outfit, watching the kids learn different knots. He had about twenty kids in the program, all aged from five to ten, and three interns to help out with lessons and maintenance. He suddenly felt a tug on his sleeve and looked down. A little girl stood there pouting, "where's Ground Zero?"

Izuku knelt down to talk to the five-year-old directly, "he's going to be late, Kiyo. Is everything okay?" The girl points to a table of three boys, "they're being mean." Izuku pats her head to calm her down, walking up to the table and sitting at an empty spot. "Hey," he greets them with a smile. "Why are we being mean to Kiyo?"

The biggest boy, Eito, looks at the girl with malice, "she kept burning her rope! It was going to catch fire, see?" He points to a charred piece of rope in the center of the table. "Did she burn yours?" Izuku asked, seeing his knots tied messily, but no damage had been done to his own. "No," Eito grins, "I did all mine faster than everyone else!" Izuku picks up the charred rope, "if it's not your problem, you have to mind your business, Eito. Please be nicer to your classmates, okay?"

He gets up from the table, hoping his words would be sufficient. Going back to Kiyo, he hands her the burnt rope. "Do you need help?" He asks. Kiyo nods, "yes, please, Deku-San." Izuku chuckles, "please, just call me Deku, okay?" He's only had to say it about a hundred times.

Izuku goes with her to sit at a table with a pile of small ropes. "You can do this, Kiyo. What's our little trick?" Kiyo looks intensely at her hands holding the rope, "not letting the egg explode in the microwave." She loops one end over the other without problems, then twists the other end. Kiyo stops and drops the rope, frustrated, the part she was holding in her left hand crumbled into ashes.

Her quirk is Heat-Touch. Anything she touches with her hands can be burned to a crisp. Fortunately, she's only ever burned a few people but none of the injuries were ever serious. But her uncontrolled quirk makes it hard for her to make friends. Plus, the foster home she lives in is at a loss regarding how to raise a kid that burns everything she touches.

Izuku remembers his conversation with her foster parents. The mother, a nice older lady, had told him, "we just don't know what to do. We have to pull her out of Hero Works at the end of the month. She's going to a different home across the country. They specialize in raising kids with dangerous quirks." It had angered Izuku, but he kept his words polite, wishing them well. He was just glad they could still have her around until Christmas break.

A sudden gasp pulls Izuku out of his thoughts, "Deku! Look!" Kiyo grinned, holding up her first basic knot, unscathed by her hot hands. Izuku smiled proudly and gave her a thumbs-up. 

The door to the room swings open as Katsuki marches inside. Kiyo drops her rope excitedly, "Ground Zero!" She wiggles herself off her seat, running to greet him at the door but keeping a distance from him. The last time she had touched him, her heat had activated his nitroglycerin sweat. No one got seriously hurt, but she had learned her lesson quickly.

"Hey, kid," Katsuki looked down to her. He was wearing his hero uniform, except he had left his gauntlets behind. "Look what I made!" She points over to the table she was working at, "I didn't burn them!"

Katsuki reached down and pat her hair, ruffling her hair with a soft smile, "you're getting better at controlling your quirk. Good job." He let her lead him to the table and the three of them sat down.

Kiyo holds up the knots she tied, but her smile dropped to a frown, "do you think if I show them these they won't send me away? I want to stay here with Ground Zero and Deku!" Her emotions got the best of her, the ropes curling up at the heat as tears welled up in her eyes.

Katsuki sighs, "sometimes life isn't fair, kid. But your new home will help you learn how to control your quirk." Kiyo cries, "but you can do that, too! I don't want to leave! Ground Zero, don't let them take me away!"

This brat needs to learn she needs to do what's best for herself. If her foster parents can't help her, she needs to go somewhere she has the support she needs outside of the program. Katsuki thought.

Izuku frowned, his heart breaking as she whined. 

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There was snow on the ground outside the house of Izuku and Katsuki, both of them had taken the day off in order to plan for Christmas. Katsuki kicked his feet up on the table, leaning back his chair, sipping a hot coffee and reading a list Izuku had made. "Tell me again," he grumbled, "why the fuck we're doing Christmas at our place?"

Izuku shrugged, "I thought it would be nice. Come on, Kachan, you know what it means to our Moms to get a break for once." Katsuki chucked the list back at Izuku, "you forgot we need those gift cards for our parents to pay them back for our wedding." Izuku tilted his head softly, "we're really doing that?"

Katsuki slammed his hand on the table, "yeah, we're doing it. Besides, we have more money than we know what to do with. You're the one who bought that stupid waffle maker the other day when we already have fucking twelve!" Izuku argued, "you're the one who keeps breaking them! The charity is doing great, and our interns at work got bigger bonuses than ever. I think I can afford a waffle maker."

Katsuki and Izuku never realized how much money would be shoved toward them for being the number one hero team. Corporations paid them to use their costumes, their faces, their quotes. Plus, every pro hero gets a base pay and a bonus for each villain apprehended. They had started a charity for Japenese youth called Hero Works, which trains even quirkless children basic skills they could use every day, or if they decide to become heroes someday.

Outside their window, across the street, the could see children throwing snowballs at each other. Izuku's gaze softened, watching Katsuki watch them play. As they got older, he had noticed Katsuki grow a soft spot for kids. "Hey, Kachan?"

"What is it, nerd?"

"If it were possible for us to have a kid, would you want one?"

Katsuki scoffed, "spend the next eighteen years raising a fucking snotnose brat with you? Hell no. It's not even possible anyway and we're too busy with work to even think about it."

He's good with the kids at work, even though he didn't even want me to start the charity to begin with. Plus, Kiyo really likes both of us. I bet it would be a dream come true for us to adopt her and she can stay with the program.

Izuku shrugged, "I guess." Katsuki looked at him from the side of his eye, "why, you want one?" Izuku blushed a bit, "well, the kids at Hero Work seem to really like me. And I really like them, so..." Katsuki raised an eyebrow, "but you know it's not possible to actually have one together. You dream too big, Deku." Izuku wasn't sure how he would react to the suggestion, but he took a deep breath, "well, I was thinking we could-"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door. Izuku gets up from his chair, figuring it might be someone they knew. He walked to the door and opened it, but there was no one to be found, only an unmarked box. His stomach lurched as his nerves stood on end. What was this? Who had dropped it off here and just left? Was it poison? A bomb? Or maybe it was harmless and it was some kind of fanmail or a mistaken address?

"Who the fuck is it?" Katsuki yelled from the other room. Izuku yelled back, "come here, Kachan! Someone left a package." He heard the sound of Katsuki's socks padding on the floor behind him, "what the fuck do I care about a package? It's probably fan mail from the kids."

Izuku shook his head, "we always make sure to mark it as fan mail. This box is blank. It could be dangerous." Katsuki shrugged, "the only way to find out is to open it." He bends over and takes the box in his arms. "It's too light to be a bomb anyway."

He takes it in the kitchen, and they both hold their breath as Katsuki opens the box. Inside, was a letter and printed out photographs. Izuku inspected the pictures. Some of them were people he didn't recognize, others were pictures of Bakugo's parents, tied up against a chain-link fence next to Inko Midoriya, and another picture of a few he recognized as his classmate's parents. Behind each photo was scribbled the name of each person.

Rei Todoroki, Inko Midoriya, Mitsuki Bakugo, Masaru Bakugo, Mr. and Mrs. Iida, the Kirishimas, The Kaminaris, The Yaoyorozus, The Urarakas

He sifted through the pictures as Katsuki read the letter, "in exchange for the parents of Class 1-A's top students, we demand they turn over Katrina Koroatsume, now known as Katrina Kirishima, to the residents of Farmstead Island. We will be waiting." Bakugo burnt the letter to a crisp with his hand. "Where the fuck is Farmstead Island?" Izuku pulled out his phone to look it up, "it's an island close to Indonesia, not too far from the Island that stadium was in."

All Might had explained to them after their kidnapping, Class 1-A had been transported to an island near Indonesia. That much the villain had told them was true, but the area they were fighting in was actually a huge man-made stadium meant to contain the zombies King Karnage had made. "Do you think it's him?"

"There's no fucking coincidences, is there Deku? Of course it's him. We need to go." Bakugo grabbed his jacket, "I knew we'd have to meet up with her again." 

Izuku looked at Katsuki with a question on his face. Katsuki doesn't explain, only runs out the door. Their house was only a few blocks from the rooftop, so he sent a blast to the ground, the pair flying through the air. 

"Where are we going? We need to group up with the class!" Izuku questioned. "Shut up! They're after that shitty copycat, aren't they?! I know exactly who knows what the fuck is going on!" Their feet landed on a rooftop, the sun setting rapidly. Katsuki sat on the ledge, his ears locked on to the door behind them.

Izuku sat next to him, "what are we-" A voice cuts him off. "Are you gonna jump this time or not? You're really cheating death, aren't you?" Katsuki turns his head and greets her, "Kikyo." The girl smiled at him softly. She took a step toward them both. Izuku's eyes bounce from Katsuki to the girl. Did she just say Kachan was going to jump? When? How do they know eachother?

She joins them on the ledge, again a safe distance from Izuku. "Brought a friend this time?" She puffs on a fresh-lit cigarette, "I've never seen a double suicide before. Please tell me you're for real this time so I can be alone up here when they clean up your bodies."

Katsuki huffed, "that's funny last time you didn't give a fuck if I jumped or not, you crazy bitch." Kikyo flashes a toothy grin, "oh, but this isn't something I've seen before. Two lovers jumping into the abyss of death." She sighs wistfully, "I wonder what that must be like."

She turned to the pair, "but you're not going to jump, are you? So why are you here? Come to fill my ears with the song of your misery?" Katsuki couldn't help but notice she had changed since the last time he saw her. A bit of a crazier tint in her voice rather than the smooth, almost sultry tone she had last time.

"What do you know about Katrina Koroatsume?"

The girl nearly chokes on smoke, her face freezing up and her eyes as wide as dinner plates. "How do you know that name?" She demands. Katsuki growls, "answer mine and I'll answer yours! Or do you want me to explode you?!" His hand glows with explosions.

"Please do," she invites, "just make sure you get every last cell, okay?" She gives him another teasing smile. Katsuki rises from the ledge and sends a volley of explosions her way, blowing her back a few feet.

"Kachan!" Izuku protests, "you'll hurt her!" Katsuki smirks, pointing out the grin on her face, "damn idiot likes it!" Kikyo stands up on her feet, "fine, I'll tell you. I don't care. Just don't attack me unless you plan to kill me, 'kay?"

She returns to her spot on the ledge, swinging her feet, "actually," she points a single finger in the air, "if I do tell you, you have to promise to kill me. Your quirk would be perfect for it!"

Izuku was lost in their conversation. Why did this girl want to die? On top of that, she seemed fixated on just the idea of death. 

"Fine," Katsuki agrees, "once I'm done with you, if that's what you really fucking want. But I'm not a murderer. You have to earn it." Izuku was alarmed at their deal, "w-what? Kachan!" Katsuki shot him a look. But it wasn't a condescending one. It said, trust me.

"So what do you know of the Damsel Maidens?" She begins happily now the deal has been struck. Katsuki shook his head. Izuku put his chin in his hand like he does when in thought, "well, I heard someone call Kat one, but I thought they were just making it up." The kidnappers did refer to her as a Damsel Maiden as they were trying to sell her off to the highest bidder, but he never understood what it meant.

"The Damsel Maidens were all women who were born quirkless. We gave ourselves quirks by making deals with demons." She pulls down her sleeve and shows them her tattoo. "Hey! That looks like Kat's!" Izuku points out.

Kikyo explains, "this is the Kuse rune, it marks everyone who's gotten their quirk from a demon. There's only a few of us remaining who isn't dead, and that includes Katrina Koroatsume. The contract is as such; anyone who gains quirks through these demons must remain a Maiden forever. They can't marry, or have kids."

Katsuki shoots her a look, "what if they do?" A grave look passes by Kikyo's face, "their family will suffer. That's what demons thrive on, is suffering. It doesn't matter who. Make the Damsel Maidens suffer by denying them love, or make their families suffer if they break the contract. Either way, they will always win."

Kikyo continues on, "the quirk you get is random, which is why, like me, you can get stuck with some pretty shitty quirks. Or like King Karnage, who accidentally killed his Dad with his quirk, Deathtouch. He was the bastard son of one of the Maidens, and my older brother."

Izuku felt like he hit a brick wall, "King Karnage is.. your...." Kikyo frowns, "so you've met him?" Katsuki grumbles, "we were fucking taken hostage by him. Damn bastard almost fucking killed me."

Kikyo looked down toward the street, "I'm sorry. He has a sore spot where his heart should be. His entire life has been centered around killing Katrina in the cruelest way possible. You see, she killed his mother, my Aunt Tutso."

Izuku tried to wrap his head around it, "so, you're siblings, but his Mom was your Aunt? So that means your Dad..." his voice trailed off. "Yeah, he was a cheater and a liar." She confirmed. 

Kikyo went on, "here's where the story is even more fucked up. My Aunt Tutso was the one who adopted Katrina. So she's my adoptive cousin. No one really knows what happened, she just went crazy one day and slaughtered everyone she could with that damn overpowered quirk of hers. Only a few of us were smart enough to escape. We all decided it was best to go our separate ways after that. Except, well, I've been trying to find my younger brother. My Mom was pregnant with him when all of this happened. I just wonder if he's still alive and if he knows anything about his family history."

Izuku didn't believe what he was hearing. The sweet, smiling Kat he knew was a mass murderer? Of her own family? But all the rest made sense. That was why she told no one about her past. It explained the tattoo, her deals with demons, and why Class 1-A was targeted by King Karnage. But still, he couldn't turn his back on a classmate so easily. "Do you have proof of any of this?" He asked.

Kikyo shrugged, "there's only one person in Japan who might have photos of all of us together. Will that be enough proof for you?"

Izuku replied, "who is it?"

Kikyo flicked her cigarette over the side of the building. "It's my Mom, actually." She lights another cigarette, "I don't know where she ended up, but the last I heard she was married to this guy... what was his last name..." she thought hard, snapping her fingers when she remembered finally. She pulls out her cellphone and scrolls through a menu.

"The last time I caught up with her, she went by Inko Midoriya." She holds up a picture for the pair to see. Izuku stared wide-eyed at the photo, "th-that's your Mom?!"

Katsuki's eyes threw daggers at the girl, "what the fuck are you playing at?" Kikyo looked confused, "do you know her?"

"Th-that can't be your Mom... that's my Mom... how did you get a picture of her?" Izuku's voice shook. "I'm an only child. You're lying." Kikyo looked from the photo to Izuku, "you guys look nothing alike. You're not my little brother. You're not Izuku."

She knows my name? How? How is this possible?

"You weren't born quirkless, were you? You must have a tattoo like mine if you've got a quirk. All children of Damsel Maidens are born quirkless no matter who the father is, that's part of the curse."

A scene plays in Izuku's head, back when he was young after he had found out he was quirkless. He was at the computer, sobbing as he watched the video he had once loved. "Do you think I could be a hero, too?" He had asked.

Katrina's voice sounded distant as he was lost in thought, "but one-half of the top hero team couldn't be my brother. Our family... it's not possible. Our families were meant to be miserable."

I get it now. There was a reason why my Mother had apologized that day. It wasn't to say I could never be a hero. She was sorry that I had been born quirkless... because of her. Because she knew that what she had done put some kind of curse on me.

"Hey!" Katsuki's voice snaps him out of it, "Earth to Deku! This is a load of fucking garbage." Izuku shakes his head, then snaps his gaze to Kikyo, "I don't know if what you're saying is true but if she really is your Mother, you have to help us if you can. She and the other parents of our Classmates are being held hostage on Farmstead Island, and we think your brother is involved."

Kikyo shook her head, "when the Maidens broke apart, we swore that we'd stay out of each other's business to avoid any further situations. I'm afraid I can't help you."

Katsuki growls, "that's your own fucking Mother and you don't care?! That's a load of shit. You're lying! I'll kill you, you moron!" Kikyo looks at him rage calmly, "you already promised you would. I told you what I know so just do it, okay?"

The sandy blond smirked, "I said I'd kill you when I was done with you. We're not done here. You're going to help us get our fucking family back, and then we'll see." Kikyo frowned, "fine. If that's the deal. But just know I'll be trying to die every step of the way if I see a good opportunity."

Katsuki grinned, explosions popping in his hand, "I won't let that happen. You ready to go, Punkass?" Izuku couldn't help himself, great, now he's got a nickname for her. We're stuck with her for a while.

Kikyo nodded, "let me just grab a few things and I'll be ready. I wanna be in my best outfit when you kill me." She gives Katsuki a smile and bounces to the door to the stairwell. Izuku raised an eyebrow to Katsuki, who sighed. "It's a long fucking story. Basically, she's a girl who just wants out of a hard life but nothing can kill her unless every cell is destroyed. Trust me, I'm doing her a fucking favor." Katsuki pulls out his phone, "I'm telling everyone to meet us here." 

Izuku's concern didn't waver, "but only villains kill people. I can't let you kill someone, Kachan." Katsuki shook his head, "but do heroes let people suffer? No, we fucking save people no matter the cost. You saw her stupid fucking grin." Katsuki reached and gripped his hand tight, their silicone rings tapping together, surprising Izuku. "We vowed to be heroes together, didn't we? So let me be a hero for this damn girl, Izuku."

He's really serious. Where did he even meet this girl? Who is she to him?  There was a twang in his gut. Is this jealousy? I have no reason to be jealous. Kachan doesn't even like girls! I have to shake myself out of this. There's no reason to have extra drama when I need to be focusing on saving our parents.

Kikyo emerges from the stairwell once more, a backpack strapped over her shoulders. She was wearing a black tank top and ripped black jeans. She had a holster with a pistol strapped to her hip. She looks at Izuku, who was staring at it, "oh, come on. A girl's gotta have some kind of protection, right? I don't exactly have a quirk that allows me to go on the offensive." 

Kikyo put a hand on her hip, "so what's the story here? How do you know Inko got kidnapped?" Izuku explained, "we got a package in the mail with pictures of her and other parents of our Classmates chained up to a fence. It came with a letter that said we had to trade Kat for the hostages on Farmstead Island."

Kikyo crossed her arms, "so why not just trade the girl and make this whole thing easier?" Katsuki huffed, "the fucking loser is hitched to a friend of mine. I wouldn't be much of a fucking hero if I let his wife be kidnapped again, now would I?" The goth lowered her arms, "well, I got news for you. He's already screwed if he's married to her. Most guys don't survive a year with a Maiden before a demon kills them off."

Katsuki squinted his eyes, "Shitty Hair can take care of himself. They've already been married since the birth of their fucking spawn." Kikyo raised an eyebrow, "no way they have a kid together. He'd be really fucked and so would the kid. Kid's at least gotta be quirkless, right?" Katsuki shook his head, "nope. Got her quirk a few months ago. Think you got your facts all fucked up. Your little cult probably lied to you."

That is true, Izuku thought, Kat and Kirishima have been living a happy life for years now. Plus their daughter has a quirk.

The first to get there was Todoroki, using his fire as a jet to land on the rooftop. "Hey, Todoroki!" Izuku greeted him. There was an ice-cold flicker in his eyes, "you know where she is?" It's been a while since his childhood friend had truly scared him, but the hardness in his voice shook him. "W-we think she was kidnapped by someone involved with King Karnage. They're on Farmstead Island."

Todoroki turned his back to the pair, "I'm not going to wait for the others. Catch up to me when you get there." Izuku stood, "wait! We shouldn't split up. We're stronger in numbers." Kikyo spoke, "that place is locked up tight. You'll never get in if you plan to just storm the place."

Todoroki turned to her, "and you are?" She answered coldly, "Kikyo Koroatsume. The only person who knows what the fuck is going on." She swivels her head to Katsuki, "how many fucking friends did you invite to this party?"

"As many as I damn please!" He snapped. Izuku explained, "we contacted everyone with missing parents." He counted on his fingers, "so that's Kirishima, Todoroki, Momo, Iida, Kaminari, and Ochako." Kikyo's arms curled on themselves over her chest as she crossed them again. "So nine total? Is that bitch coming too?"

Katsuki shrugged, "how the fuck should I know?" Kikyo mutters, "watch your fucking back if she comes. Don't want her going psycho and killing us all." Izuku frowns, "she almost died protecting us. I don't know what happened before but obviously, she's changed."

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That morning, Uraraka had woken up peacefully, the warmth of her boyfriend curling around her. The weight of his arm around her plastered a smile on her face. I never want this to end. I'll just stay here forever. But she knew she'd have to leave his grip soon. She peeled open her eye and looked at her phone to check the time. It was early, but not early enough to bother catching any more sleep. She slipped out of bed and looked to her man, who was covered in blankets, with a smile. He was always such a sleepyhead.

She yawned and stretched, her feet automatically shuffling into the small kitchen, over to the coffeepot which was already set to start brewing five minutes before she woke up. She grabbed her favorite Ground Deku mug she got for Christmas last year and poured cream and sugar in the bottom, mixing them together as the coffee dripped into the pot.

Christmas is coming up soon. Her gaze shifted to the bedroom door. This will be our first one together. I wonder what it will be like? A shard of glass pierced her heart, what if it's painful for him to not be with his ex this time? They were together for years before the break-up. 

She remembered the day when she saw Kat's transformation, her green curly hair had disappeared to be replaced with someone else's. She sighed, Deku was cute and all but I'm glad it worked out the way it did. I'm happy.

She stirred in her coffee, the steam wafting up to her nose. The floor under her feet was stone-cold. Her gaze shifted to Deku's mask in his hero costume. I wonder if they're still okay. He seemed really happy the last time we talked but neither of us has really had the time to catch up. He doesn't even know about our relationship. 

She pulled out her phone and shot a text to her parents, something she made a habit of after moving almost a whole city away. Thanks to the money she was making and her pull with certain advertisers, their company was back in business and they were doing well for themselves. They're probably busy. Maybe they'll send something back around lunchtime. I'm probably going to be working until dark, anyway.

But the text she had gotten later on wasn't from her parents. A name flashed on her phone as she picked it up curiously. "Katsuki?" She muttered to herself as she sat with a sandwich in her hand on her dinner break. She opened the text, a group chat had been created between her and a few of her old classmates. It read, anyone with missing parents me us here. It had a location attached as a file to the message. 

Missing parents? What are they talking about? I just talked to them a few days ago. But a lurking feeling settled into her stomach. Her parents weren't the type to ignore a message from her for so long. Not only that, but the text was only sent to specific people. Did they know something she was unaware of? She had to find out.

On her way back to the apartment, she called her boss and told him what was going on, "I think something happened to my parents, sir." She explained, jumping on her motorbike. The man on the phone was silent for a moment, "keep me informed, Ms. Uraraka." He hung up and she sped off.


Momo and Iida arrived not too long after Todoroki, both of them asking Izuku questions about the mysterious box and letter. Iida asked, "did you see who dropped it off?" Izuku shook his head, "by the time I answered the door there was no one there." Momo's look of worry deepened, "they didn't look hurt in the pictures, did they?" Izuku reassured her, "they all looked fine. I don't think they want to hurt them."

Todoroki stared off to the horizon, "they're villains, they don't care if people get hurt or not." Izuku shrugged, "they have no reason to do anything to them. All of our parents will get out of this fine, okay?"

They heard a car screech to a stop below, two figures walking into the building. After a few minutes, the pair burst out of the door Kikyo had always used. Kirishima walked up to them, Kat close behind him. Kikyo stared at the sandy-blond haired girl, her red eyes softly glowing in the fading sunlight, god damn it, she thinks, why's she gotta have that stupid quirk? "Sorry it took us so long." Kirishima put a hand behind his head, "took a while to find an emergency sitter."

Kat smirked at the sight of Katsuki, "hey, Kachan. Been a while since Kameko's seen her Uncle, you know!" Izuku chuckled nervously, these two have had it out for eachother forever. She's so sweet except when it comes to him or she's in a fight. Kat crosses her arms, "I came across a pretty good quirk a few hours ago. I don't want to lose it to that lame quirk Izuku's got so stay away from me, Kachan."

Katsuki scoffed, "like I would even want to get near you, copycat freak!" Kirishima came between them both, raising his hands defensively, "who are we waiting for?" He asks. Izuku answers, "just Ochako and Kaminari."

Kikyo put a hand on the grip of her pistol, her eyes squinting aggressively at Kat. Kikyo spits, "good job, KopyKat! Look at the mess you fucking caused." Kat looks confused at the girl, "do I know you?" Kikyo's face twists angrily, "bitch! How could you not remember?! You killed our family!" Kirishima jumps to her defense, "hey! You got the wrong person. Kat's never killed anyone in her life!"

Katsuki yells at Kikyo, "hey Punkass! Once everyone gets here you're telling them all the same bullshit story you told us. Then we'll see if it's fucking true."

They didn't have to wait long for the last two alumni. Ochako and Kaminari floated up to the roof hand in hand. "Hey, guys!" She greeted them with a smile. Their hands stayed locked together as they landed.

Wait... Izuku looked at the pair, wearing matching black and yellow jumpsuits. Kirishima waved to them, "hey! Kaminari! It's been a while! How's Kyoka and you doing?" He clearly didn't pick up on the same thing Izuku had.

Kaminari gave him a fake smile, "she broke up with me because I wasn't serious enough for her. But I landed someone better!" He raised their tangled hands together, making Ochako blush. Kirishima gave him a thumbs up, "woah good for you! Too bad we all had to catch up like this!"

Katsuki growled at all them, "alright you idiots! We've wasted enough fucking time waiting for you losers. Tell them what you told us, Punkass! Then we need a fucking plan. I'm not letting any of you morons screw this up."

Kikyo huffs, "why doesn't that bitch tell us herself!? She knows exactly what the fuck happened!" Kat holds her hand up nervously, "I don't know what you're talking about!" She denies.

Katsuki stormed toward her, "listen, Punkass!" His hand bursts with more explosions, "you wanna fucking die, you're gonna cooperate! We don't have time for this!" Kikyo looks him in the eye seriously. "There's a lot more to this damn deal than I thought, blondie," she groans, "why can't I just throw myself into a fucking woodchipper or something?"

Katsuki grabs her by the shirt, pulling her to him, "because I'm the only fucking thing strong enough to kill you right now." He could feel the eyes of his former Classmates on him, questioning what they were seeing. He releases her and repeats himself, "tell them that bullshit story you tried to sell us."

Kikyo pulls out another cigarette, lighting it up as she talked. As she told the story again, Kat looked horrified. Kikyo finished with, "how long are you gonna keep up this-" she cut off her sentence sharply, squinting her eyes. "You fucking erased your memory, didn't you? Little fucking scumbag couldn't even handle the guilt. Ryuk would do anything for his little fucking brat." Her gaze jumped to Katsuki, then back to Kat.

Kikyo sighed, "you know what? Whatever. All that fucking matters is I get to die. To do that, I guess I have to help you get your parents back. Right, Blondie?"She gives him the side-eye. Katsuki growls at her, "my fucking name isn't Blondie!" Kikyo shrugged, "it is until you stop calling me Punkass. So that's the deal, right? I get your damn parents back and you end my miserable existence?" Katsuki grumbles, "we'll fucking see. Like I said I'm no murderer. You gotta fucking earn it."

Ochako asks gently, "why would you..." Kikyo snaps on her, "because I fucking do, okay?! I was born with a miserable Regrowth quirk and Blondie over here is the first one strong enough to kill me to fucking volunteer!"

The feeling in Izuku's gut returned, something is off about this girl. I don't trust her. What's her connection with Kachan?

"Listen up, Kiddos," her gaze shifts between the group, "Farmstead Island has the best security a villain can come up with. Trust me, I tried to break-in before to try to get to their munitions factory. So there's only one way we can do this." Her eyes land on Katsuki again, "you have to become villains."

Iida pushed up his glasses, "I come from a family of heroes. I could-" Kikyo cut him off, "I thought you idiots would say something like that. Damn heroes always getting in your own way. To get into the ranks of villains, you not only have to act like them, you have to become one of them."

Todoroki steps in, "if they figured out who our parents are, don't they know what we look like? We couldn't slip behind enemy lines." Kikyo crosses her arms, "you really think that's going to be a problem? Please, look at me. Think I look like this when I take off my makeup? I could make all of you look like completely different people. But all of you need to act the part. I can't do all the work here."

Momo speaks nervously, "I don't know, you guys. We all grew up to be heroes. Can we really become villains?" Katsuki had enough, "listen up, you morons! These are your fucking parents! Do you want to save them or fucking not?"

Kikyo pipes up, "if all of you think it's going to be that hard, there's another option but it's a pain in the ass." Izuku asks, "what is it?" She digs through her backpack and pulls out a book, sitting cross-legged on the ground. "There's a demon I can bring out. He's called Tateru, he makes things for mortals in exchange for life. Since I'm trying to die, it doesn't really matter if I do it or not."

She places the book on the ground, a picture of a rune on its open page. "This part always fucking sucks." She digs the blade into her skin. Kirishima cringes, remembering what the pain was like when he did it for Kat. The scar still hadn't faded much in the last few years. Izuku furrowed his brows, "can we really just rely on demons for everything? Seems kind of...lazy."

Katsuki looked to Izuku, "if the damn girl wants to slice herself up to help us, so what? We save people, no matter the cost. But don't get any bright fucking ideas" Midoriya looked down at the ground, this again? He doesn't need to bring it up. As she finished, the rooftop under their feet trembled. A blue light was glowing a few feet away from Kikyo. Out of the light rose a small skeleton with feathered wings and rotting lips.

"What do you want, girl?" The demon didn't stand on ceremony. Kikyo smiled at him, "two things. Both worth a year off my life, okay? Hell, I'll even throw in a couple of extra months if you want 'em. Hopefully, I'll be dead sooner than my clock says."

The demon scratched its bone chin. "The clocks never lie, my dear. You've got enough to bargain with." Kikyo struck her deal, "first, I'm gonna need some of that stuff my brother gives to his guys. You know what I'm talking about. I'll need eight."

"Easy enough." The demon makes eight syringes appear out of the concrete. "What else?" The demon urges her. She points to Kat, "I think that bitch is under some kind of memory spell. Can you lift it off her?"

The demon looks at Kat. Kirishima hardens his body, "hey! Leave her alone!" Tateru walks right through Kirishima like a ghost, putting his bony fingers on Kat's forehead. She steps away in fear, and he turns to Kikyo. "Only Ryuk can reverse her wish. I can make things, but I can't undo things that have been done. Is that all?" 

Kikyo dismisses him and the demon bursts into a ball of flames. Kikyo suddenly groans in pain as the rune heals on her arm. "Fuck! This fucking hurts like all hell!" She screamed until the area healed up into a nasty scar. "That's what's shitty about my quirk. Even healing normal wounds is painful as fuck."

Kirishima held Kat close to him. "What's the big deal?" He defended her, "Kat's the sweetest girl I know! None of this is true!"

Katsuki covered the distance between himself and Kirishima in seconds, landing a harsh blow to his unhardened face. "We don't have fucking time for this you fucking morons! Let's fucking go!"

Kirishima wiped the blood from his split lip, "fine. Whatever." Kat pushed Kirishima away, "dammit! Now I'm quirkless again. Eijiro-Kun!" She whined. Todoroki sauntered over to the pair, sighing and reaching out his hand, "here. Since you like it so much." Kat grinned wide and poked his first finger with her own, "you're the best, Todoroki!"

Kikyo put the syringes in her backpack carefully. "Have you guys even thought about how we're getting to Farmstead Island? We can't exactly book a flight." Momo immediately suggested, "I can always fly my Dad's private plane." Kikyo stared at her for a minute, "your Dad has a private plane? You're kidding, right?"

She was, in fact, not kidding at all. It didn't take long for everyone to finally be on their way, thousands of feet above sea level. The plane was the perfect size for a small group. Momo spoke over the intercom, "I suggest everyone gets some sleep. It'll take about ten hours to get to the island. I'm putting us on autopilot, there's pullout beds at the back of the plane."

Chapter Text

They each had small capsules to sleep in just big enough for a couple. Katsuki grabbed Midoriya's wrist and pulled him inside one, shutting the curtain. They laid face to face close together since the cubicle didn't allow much room. Katsuki's face looked bothered. "Deku," he begins, his eyes squinted. "You know I'm fucking gay, right?"

Izuku's mouth twisted as he tried to contain a laugh, "Kachan!" He says between laughs, partly nervous and partly out of genuine comedy, "you only married a guy! Of course, I know!" Katsuki's hand grazes his husband's cheek, "then why the fuck are you jealous? You have it written all over your fucking face."

Izuku tries to shrug it off, "I'm not jealous. I just... wonder how you know her." The last part wasn't a lie. Katsuki's gaze burns through Izuku, "does it fucking matter?" Izuku wanted to drop the subject, but his curiosity was too great. "It matters to me, Kachan. She's claiming to be my sister! How would you know someone like that? Can we really trust her, Kachan?"

Katsuki grabs the back of Izuku's head, pushing his face into his chest to avoid eye contact. Izuku didn't mind too much, Katsuki's cinnamon-roll like scent always comforted him. His warm, muscled chest the solid rock in his life.

"I don't know how the fuck I lucked my way into meeting the stupid Punkass," Katsuki's voice rumbled in his chest. "I never told you how I found out you lied to me about All Might. How he risked his damn life again for me and lost his power completely."

Even a year ago, he wouldn't be able to talk about the situation so calmly. But now, they had found a way to become better than All Might, and become the Symbols of Peace, together. That was more than he could ever hope for. It was their faces plastered all over the magazines, TV screens, on posters in every kid's bedroom. It was them that reduced the crime rate once again and created a new era of hope for Japan. He had made even with his own demons.

"I knew you were hiding something from me. Everyone was. I was pissed. So I had a conversation with that Copycat loser." Katsuki mindlessly twisted Izuku's hair in his fingers. "When she was the one who told me I really was All Might's end this time, instead of the man I was supposed to be able to fucking trust, I-"

Katsuki stopped himself before getting too emotional. "I ran as far as my quirk would let me fucking fly. I landed on that damn rooftop and she was there, asking me if I wanted to fucking jump."

"Did you?"

Katsuki put his face in Izuku's hair, "that's a stupid fucking question, Deku. That fucking suicidal freak wants nothing more than to die. I can't fucking relate to that. But she didn't give a fuck about my problems. I don't want anyone's fucking sympathy."

He remembered their talk in the little overnight diner they had grabbed dinner at. He somehow genuinely had a good time while pouring out his damn soul to the stranger. She had basically inhaled her food like she had been starving for weeks. For all Katsuki knew, she had been.

"She talked me through a lot of shit," he admits. "But nothing is going on, Izuku. I promise." Izuku took a moment to absorb everything he heard. "I trust you, Kachan."

Katsuki pushes Izuku's face away from his chest, looking into his eyes. "Deku..." his gaze searched for certainty. "Remember what we were talking about this morning? About kids?" Izuku nodded. Katsuki went on,  "when we get back, why don't we adopt Kiyo?" The suggestion surprises Izuku, "do you mean that?" Katsuki nods, "do I ever do anything I don't want to?"

Izuku blushes happily, smiling with tears in the corner of his eyes, pulling Katsuki toward him again in a tight hug, "thank you, Kachan! W-we'll have a daughter together." Katsuki gives a small chuckle, "yeah. We'll raise her to be the hero she wants to be."

Izuku suggests, "maybe Kiyo and Kameko can have playdates? I don't think she's ever had a friend before." Katsuki nods, "Kameko's healing ability can help if Kiyo accidentally burns someone again."

Izuku falls asleep with his head against his husband's chest, a smile on his face. Katsuki lay awake, not relaxed enough yet to fall asleep. Maybe it would be fun to have a family of our own. Kiyo could just stay at the program when we do hero work. It'll make the nerd happy, so whatever.

Chapter Text

As they woke up hours later, they heard Kikyo demand, "alright, kiddos! Wake up! We have two hours to prep for landing." The alumni slowly emerged from their sleep chambers. Katsuki clambers over Izuku, stretching groggily. Soon, everyone was sat in an area that seemed like it was meant for business meetings.

Kikyo stood at the front of them all. "Since all of you were too busy arguing over the bitch," her eyes gazed coldly at Kat. "I didn't have a chance to explain very much. So here's your chance and I'm only going to give you one. Got it?" The former class nodded silently. "King Karnage runs a group of villains who's only quirk is permanent quirk erasure granted to them by demons."

Momo raised a hand up, "I thought you said the quirks you get are random?" Kikyo nodded, "normally, yes. But my brother, just like our little copycat friend, has a Shinigami who fancies him more than the rest of humanity. So he has a big advantage there. But every quirk has a price."

She explained, "if we all keep up the act, they're not likely to use their quirk against you. Every time they do, it means a year is taken from their life and given to Shijo, King Karnage's Shinigami. Not only do you have to act like villains, but your quirks need to be concealed at all costs."

Momo piped up again, "what about Iida? It will be hard to hide having engines for legs."

Kikyo squinted her eyes, "pants. You all have things I'm going to have to hide. I'll have to pretty much paint new skin for you." She nodded to Todoroki.

"That being said." She continued on, "this is that last time any of you will be able to use your quirks until we bust your parents out of there." Izuku looked down at Katsuki's hands and arms, covered in veins of scars. We should come up with a story for that. Hopefully, the villains don't know about his injuries.

Kikyo dug in her bag and pulled out a pair of scissors and a black bag. "We've got two hours to make all of you into different people. We start with the hair and work toward the makeup." Kirishima grabbed a strand his long red hair, "I've had mine like this for years! No way!" Kat teased him, "oh, come on Eijiro-kun! It might be a nice change!"

Katsuki grumbled, "if she fucks this up I'm gonna kill her." Todoroki, a seat in front of the couple, says, "aren't you going to do that anyway?" Katsuki squinted his eyes, "mind ya damn business, half-and-half!"

Kikyo tapped her arm impatiently, "no one is going to come out of this looking better. You're going to come out of this looking different. That's the point. You have to look and act the part if we have any hopes of getting out of this alive and still have our quirks at the end."

Katsuki raised an eyebrow at her, "hey, Punkass! I'm not going to have to stop you from getting your quirk erased so you can die before we're done, will I?" Kikyo shook her head, "Kat and I both got our quirks from Shinigami, so we're the exception. The only one that can reverse that is the demon who gave it to us."

After their debriefing, the boys all had their hair cut short. Even the small change made them look different than before. Uraraka stared at Kaminari, his hair cut into a more hipster style, one side longer than the other. He looked good like this. Momo had hers sheared shorter, one side shaved.

Soon, everyone had a new look. Katsuki looked like he was going to blow a gasket, his hair in a bowl cut like it had been when interning with Best Jeanist. "Not this shit again!" His eyes had murder written all over them.

Kirishima looked at his friend pitifully, "come on, Bakugo. It doesn't look that bad." Katsuki's look melted as he saw Kirishima, his hair now only a few inches long. "Not as bad as yours, Shitty Hair."

Kikyo's voice cut through them, "I've set the plane to land at the bottom of a cliff with a tunnel leading to the gate to their compound.  That's where you'll inject yourselves with the little concoction I got you all."

Iida says somberly, "I still don't like the idea of a chemical turning me evil." Kikyo spits, "well, it's the only option you've got! Don't screw this up for me, or yourselves. Besides, it only lasts 48 hours and it doesn't change you by too much."

Kikyo went on, "so we've got an hour left. Does anyone have a quirk they need to use before landing?" Momo speaks yet again, "I've already been creating these. I assume we may need to be armed" She had a pile of small, black guns. "Sorry," she apologizes, "this is the only type of firearm I can make in bulk. They're loaded so everyone, please be careful." She gets up to pass them around to each person.

The guns were short, six-cylinder revolvers loaded with .45 ACP. The writing etched on the side read, Smith & Wesson Governor. Izuku held one in his hands as Momo passed them all out. His mind flashed back to the training course they had all taken a month before graduation. The class was designed to teach new heroes about what to do if they ever found themselves needing to use or disarm someone of a firearm. Each student had slowly built confidence in handling them, but their deadliness still made him nervous. 

"They're good short-range self-defense weapons. Remember to hold them correctly or you could hurt your hands." She instructed them. Katsuki sent a look to Kaminari, "oi! Pikachu! Don't shoot your foot this time!"

Kaminari now has a missing right pinky toe from a shooting practice accident. It didn't bother him any, but it's been a joke ever since. "Hey!" He said defensively, "come on, that was years ago!" Uraraka put a hand on his shoulder with a smile, "it was your own fault, you know!"

Kikyo went to check something with Momo in the crow's nest. As they left, Iida looked to his former classmates with heavy concern. "Katsuki," he looked to the blond, "can we really trust this stranger? Going into enemy territory and becoming villains seems like an extreme plan. Are you sure she isn't sending us all to our deaths?"

Katsuki almost looked bored at the question, "I've explained this to Deku a hundred times. For her own reasons, the Punkass wants to die more than anything. She knows that if I go down or she fails this mission, she won't get the opportunity. We need to focus on rescuing our parents. Unless someone else has a better fucking idea, I suggest we follow her lead."

Izuku agrees, "I know it's hard to think we've worked this hard to become pro-heroes just to end up having to join the ranks of villains. But you're all talking like it's going to be permanent. At the end of all this, everything will go back to normal."

An announcement from Momo rings over the intercom, "everyone strap in. We'll be landing soon." 

Chapter Text

Kikyo blew cigarette smoke in the air as she tied a tourniquet tight to Bakugo's arm. He scowled at the discomfort. She had a needle filled with green liquid in it. "This will wear off in two days, so make sure either you're out of there or can act like real villains after that." The needle dug into his skin, his veins burning. 

She takes off the tourniquet and moves to Midoriya, then Iida, Momo, Todoroki,  and the other former classmates. She grabbed Kat's arm roughly, "you better fucking make up for all the trouble you caused, bitch." She stabbed her with the unclean needle and pumped her with the liquid.

Midoriya felt something change in him, images of past fights blew through his mind. The corpses littering the floor in the tower, blood flowing from their bodies. He started chuckling cruelly. It was so funny that he had killed so many humans without even blinking an eye. Suddenly he felt an arm shove him against the wall, Bakugo behind the arm. "The fuck are you laughing at, loser?" His eyes are dark and brooding. Midoriya kept laughing as he felt the pressure at his chest.

Kikyo grounded them all, "you guys ready? Get a hold of yourselves before we go out there. Who are we?" Bakugo let Midoriya down. Iida pushed up his glasses, "we're villains, of course." His face was cold and calculating. Kikyo pressed on, "and what are we here for?"

Momo answered, pulling out a pistol from her chest. "To kill and dismantle these villains."

Kikyo shook her head, "wrong, try again." 

Midoriya licked his lips, "to infiltrate their ranks and save our parents."

Bakugo smirked, wrapping his arm around Midoriya, "fuck yeah, babe. That's what I'm talking about. Don't giggle like a fucking school girl."

Kikyo wasted no time, opening the hatch of the manhole. They reached a large fence, greeted by men with guns at the gate. "Who the fuck are you?" He asked, pointing his gun at them. Kikyo answered, "we were sent by King Karnage to join the cause." There was a confidence in her voice that made the guard lower his gun. "What's the password?" He asked.


The guards look at eachother and nod toward the gate, "get your uniforms at the farmhouse, change, and report to Kara in the bar. We'll be watching you."

They open the large gate and Kikyo leads them inside. Kat smiled at the guards, "ooh! You boys are cute! We'll have to go out sometime!" Kirishima grabbed her arm roughly, "come on! You're always holding us up!"

Kat whines, "but they were so cute! I only wanted to hurt them a little!" As they passed through the gates, the smell of liquor and other unnamed odors hit their noses. A street had been crudely carved out of the earth between makeshift shelters. In the center of the town was a farmhouse with a rice field behind it. They followed their orders, walking straight through as people stared at the newcomers.

Each hero had something dark settle in their heart. A desire to kill, to hurt, and to take power for their own gain. It was a primal need to hunt their prey and become fearsome predators. This was the effect the drugs had on each of them. 

Kat frowned as they walked up the steps to the entrance of the farmhouse. "This feels so familiar," she looked around, her eyes dancing from the well on one side of the yard, to a broken fence on the other. 

Kirishima urged her, "come on, babe. Let's go." The front door led directly into the kitchen, where five men played poker with glasses of whiskey for each man. One of them looked up, "guess the King brought us some fresh meat. Anyone feel like joining in?"

Kaminari smirked, pulling up a chair next to the grisled men. "What's the game, fellas?" Uraraka frowned, "hey! You're not smart enough to even hold the cards! No way you're playing poker!" Kaminari turned to his girl, "I got this, babe. Why don't you go with everyone else? I'll join you later."

Two of the men looked at eachother, one of them saying, "anyone ballsy enough to defy the missus can play with us. Blackjack's the game, kid." 

Uraraka huffed, "fine, whatever." A man with a thick mustache slurped his drink down, "uniforms are the first door on your left. Grab one for your buddy here. They hate individuality here."

Kikyo doesn't say anything, walking up the creaky stairs. She heard the group talking behind her, but didn't pay attention to what they were saying. If he's not lying, I'll be with them soon. I just have to get through this. The pain in her bones ached deeply. Each time she regenerated an injury, the more her body hurt. Even just healing a paper cut made her chronic pain a bit sharper each time. This is hell. Why do I have to rely on a hero to kill me? It's not exactly reliable.

I just want to die and see my family. I wonder if Dad is there? Or maybe he'll still be alive. Kikyo pushed open the door to a room filled with tables, bins of clothing on each one marked with sizes. The uniform each of them slipped on was a simple black t-shirt and black pants, an image of a bird printed on each sleeve.

Kat blushed as Kirishima stood in front of her as she changed, "if anyone looks at me I'll rip them apart!" Uraraka and Momo took turns behind the boy's backs, leaving their old clothes in a designated bin. They each wore the holster belts Momo had made them.

Katsuki wrapped an arm around Izuku's neck with a wild grin on his face, "what do you think, Deku? Looking pretty good in uniform, huh?" Izuku smiled back, "of course!" Kikyo shot them a look, "who's Deku?" Katsuki grumbled, "do I really have to call him by his villain name?"

"Yes. Come on, let's go. We have to figure out where we're going." Kikyo led them down the stairs, where a child, about ten, was waiting at the base of the stairs. "Hey, newbies!" He called, one of his front teeth missing, "Kara told me to come get you."

There was a sudden commotion at the poker table. "Oh, come on, kid! That's the second round you've won!" Kaminari held several bills in his hand, winnings from the games. He had a big smile on his face, "guess I just got lucky. Why don't we do this again sometime?" One of the men grinned, "listen, kid. Money is only good for poker and extra food rations around here. Come back and play again."

Uraraka threw a uniform at him, "hurry up and change. You're lucky you won something, idiot." The child looked at Kaminari, "hurry up. They hate when I take a long time." Kaminari frowns, "whatever, short fry." The boy crosses his arms, "my name isn't short fry. It's Kid. Just hurry up!"

Katsuki huffs, "what kinda fuckin' name is Kid?" Kid shrugs, "it makes sense cause I am one." Todoroki kept his usual calm demeanor, "for now," he points out. Kid shrugs again, "I'm not planning on living long enough to be more than just a kid. I'm sure the adults will tell ya but I'm not going to."

Kikyo crosses her arms, "never met a kid so young start talking about death like this. I think I might end up liking you, Kid." Katsuki rolled his eyes, "Punkass talking about death again. You make me sick."

Izuku retorts, "I'm sure she feels the same about you." Katsuki balls a fist, "what did you say, you moron?" Kat comes between the pair, "both of you cuties calm down. You can beat eachother up later. We have shit to do."

Kaminari returns in uniform, "these kinda make me feel badass! You guys ready?" Katsuki squinted his eyes, "we're the ones waiting for you, damn moron." Kid already had lost his patience, opening the door and walking outside, "come on!" He urges them.

As they file out of the Farmhouse, Izuku noticed Kat looking like she had seen a ghost.

The bar was a hollowed-out airplane, vines curling around it as if nature wanted to suck it into the ground. When they walked inside, it was empty except for a ragged old man drinking from his own flask, a bartender, and a woman. She had gray hair pulled in a tight bun but didn't appear to be particularly old. She was armed to the teeth with a pair of guns on her hips and a  large hunting knife strapped to her chest.

"Ms. Kara!" Kid grabbed her attention as she swallowed a bright green liquid. The bartop she was leaning against was cracked and pitted with damage. There were three kegs behind the bar labeled 1, 2, and  3.

Kara put down her glass and looked to the group. "You came armed. Good. We don't have the resources to waste on those who are unprepared. You can go, Kid. They need you at Rainbow." She tosses him a silver coin, "go get yourself a sweetcake."

Kara points to the table in front of them, "take a seat." She rotates her stool and crosses her leg over another. This woman seems powerful, Izuku thought, I bet a fight with her could be fun. He felt an urge to challenge her.

As they all sat down, Kara begins, "so King Karnage sent a bunch of kids here, huh? What are you guys, early twenties? Point is, we can't have a bunch of freeloader cowards. We need people willing to work, and willing to kill. I'm assuming he already gave you your quirks?"

Kikyo nods, "yeah," she lies, "his Shinigami gave us all the eraser quirk." Kara takes another sip of her drink, "but he never tells the new recruits why we have these quirks. They're not for fighting out enemies like you would think. They're to get rid of quirks once and for all. No more heroes and villains causing chaos. No more needless destruction like five years ago in Kamino. We all want the world to be like it was before everyone became a superhero."


They go, meet Kara. She has a special task for them to kill some prisoners in order to prove their mettle. Then she tells them everyone has work they have to do and each job rotates. Eventually, they get guard duty over their parents.

Kid has leukemia and the only way they are able to cure it is to keep trading years of his life for a cure but it keeps coming back so Kid decided that next time it manifests to just let him die.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt exhaustion settle into his bones, his body felt heavy and his mind was sluggish, too preoccupied by the horrors of the past 48 hours. The drugs were completely out of his system. Todoroki didn't look much better as they followed Kid down the basement stairs. The plan was in action, but would either of them even have the strength to carry it out? They had to.

Kid's voice was hushed, "we can talk freely from here. The basement is built to be soundproof for obvious reasons." Todoroki asked, "so why are you whispering?" Kid answered, "well, it doesn't make sense to shout during a stealth mission, does it?"

As they arrived at the bottom of the stairs, a room opens up, the walls lined with chain-link fencing. At the back of the room, several people were chained to the fence. They all had their heads down, looking beaten-up and scruffy. Izuku's eyes land on his own mother, trying not to react. There was a pair of teen boys sitting at a table, talking to eachother. One of them looks up, "finally! We've been waiting for you guys!" He tossed a ring of keys to Kid, "lunchtime!" The pair stood and, without another word, walked up the stairs. The trio waited to hear the door shut.

As soon as they heard the click, Izuku rushed to his Mother's side, "Mom?!" He kneels beside her. Her face turns up to him blankly, melting into recognition, "Izuku?! My baby! What are you doing here?" Izuku reaches up with the keys to unlock her wrists. "We're getting all of you out of here." He pulls Inko to stand up.

Izuku recognized most of the parents of his classmates. All of them were accounted for. Todoroki held Rei in a hug, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry, Mom." He apologized, feeling awkward about the physical affection. A whistle sounds from the top of the stairs; the signal that Katsuki and Uraraka were coming down. Izuku whistled back telling them it was safe. As Katsuki came to the bottom, Izuku tackled him in a hug. "Kachan! Is everything going okay out there?" Izuku let go quickly knowing Katsuki would push him off anyway.

Uraraka smiled, "yeah! Momo, Iida, Kirishima and Kaminari are evacuating the other kids out of the compound while Kat and Kikyo kick butt!" Katsuki shot her a look, "tch. Those villains are lucky I don't want my fucking quirk erased." Uraraka, after a moment, locked her eyes on her parents, who she rushed toward happily.

Mrs. Bakugo's voice rang through them, "Katsuki! What took you so damn long? Ain't ya supposed to be a hero?" She walked up to him and patted his head happily. Mr. Bakugo looked to them all, "so it sounds like there's a plan. What is it?"

Izuku did his best to explain it all, "basically, we're evacuating the orphanage before we level this place and disband the villains. Our other friends will join us here to stay out of the way. The safest place right now is this basement so no one gets caught in the crossfire. So everyone, please just sit tight until it's over."

A rumble in the distance vibrated the basement, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. Katsuki looks at the other parents in the room, "this might take a while." He walks over to a chair at the table, pulling it out and sitting down. "Once this is over, we have a plane to take everyone back to Japan." 

Izuku looked to Katsuki, "the others should be back by now." As he spoke, a whistle blew through the halls. Iida, Momo, Kaminari, and Kirishima ran down the stairs, jumping into the embrace of their parents happily. 

Soon, they were all hunkered down as the basement rattled, no noise coming through the soundproof barrier. Izuku, Katsuki, and their parents sat together in the middle of the room. There were so many questions burning in Izuku's mind. But was now really the time? No, I need answers. I know my Mom will explain everything.

"Mom," he said, "who are Kat and Kikyo Koroatsume?" Inko's warm smile quickly shifted to a grave look, "I-izuku... how do you know those names?" Katsuki answered, "they're the ones fighting to keep us all alive right now." Inko looked shocked, then sad, her heart like a stone in her chest. "It's a long story. I think I'm the only one to know all the details. But... I can't. It's... too painful to talk about."

Katsuki sat with his arms crossed. Izuku pleaded, "come on, Mom. I need to know."

Inko sighed, "alright." She launched into the story of Kikyo and Kat Koroatsume.

Chapter Text

A young Inko Midoriya sat in the bathroom of a gas station, looking at the pregnancy test in her hand. It showed two blue lines indicating that she, in fact, was pregnant.

What do I do? I never meant to do this. She panics and throws away the test, walking out of the stall and to the street. The Maidens will surely kick me out for this. Then where will I go? Suddenly, her phone rang. The name on the screen read Tutso Koroatsume. "Hey, sis," she greeted her as she flicked open her phone. 

"Hey, Inko!" Tutso's raspy voice came over the phone, "can we meet up at the bar?" Inko agrees, "meet me there in ten!"

The bar they always went to was called Kyoko's Kavern. It was a simple place with a few tables and a long oak bartop. Most of the patrons there were the 9-5 office workers coming from the various offices. Luckily, they were early to the normal rush so they were easily able to get a bar seat with plenty of room around them.

Tutso looked nothing like Inko. Her blond hair and blue eyes were a steep contrast to her sister. Their usual bartender greeted them, his bald head like a mirror, "the usual?" He asks. They both shake their head. Tutso requests, "you know I love your Shirleys. Can I get a virgin one of those?" Inko held up two fingers. With a surprised look, the bartender goes to work.

"Virgin drink for both of us, huh?" Tutso smiled at Inko, "so I guess we both have the same secret." Inko nodded. "Look," Tutso didn't look at her sister, "I had no idea you and him were having relations. You believe me, right?" Inko smiled softly, "of course I do. We're in this together."

The bartender serves them the drinks and greets the next customers. Tutso took a slow sip, the went on, "here's what we do. We'll hide our pregnancies. I know a woman who will take care of them after their born until they're old enough to join the Maidens with us. No one will ever know." Inko considered this for a moment, "but what if one is a boy? Or both?" Tutso shrugged, "we figure it out from there. Unless you were thinking-"

"Absolutely not!" Inko raised her hands in denial, "I'd never do that." Tutso shrugged, "then that's our only option."

It was difficult, but both women ended up carrying out their pregnancies and births in secret. One child was Kikyo, who was raised at an orphanage until she turned six, and the other was named Toraki, who was forced to be an orphan because he couldn't join the Maidens.

Tutso never let him be alone, though. Every day she would visit him and tuck him into bed, reading him a bedtime story. That's all he knew of his mother for most of his childhood. Each day she was away from her son felt like ripping off a band-aid. "Why don't you adopt a quirkless girl?" Inko suggested, "Kyota said we should be thinking about recruitment, anyway."

Kyota was the leader and founder of the Damsel Maidens. A sweet old lady in her mid-sixties. If no one told you, there would be no indication she was the head of a large cult. They all lived together in a mansion, thirty members at the time, in relative peace if the fact was counted that they often summoned Shinigami to do their bidding in exchange for life. 

The sisters sat in their shared bedroom in the mansion. Tutso shook her head, "she wouldn't be my son." Inko looked at her sister sadly, "no, she wouldn't. But maybe helping a child the way we were helped as kids will fill the gap in your heart." Tutso leaned her head back on the bedpost, "I guess I could at least go to the orphanage tomorrow."

Inko gave her a smile, "Kikyo will be able to come home, too. They can grow up together like cousins should." A shadow clouded Tutso's face, "Toraki is her cousin by blood. Why must we limit ourselves to only women?"

Inko Koroatsume shook her head, "because this would happen more often, you know that. The Damsel Maidens can only get so big before raising suspicion. No one needs to start thinking we're a cult." Tutso shrugged, "aren't we, though?" Inko frowned, "what? Of course not. We're a family. We were adopted by Fuyo, and now we shall adopt children of our own. Besides, it's not like we're hurting anyone. This is a gift, Tut."

Chapter Text

"So it's true then? Kikyo is my half-sister, and Kat is my adoptive cousin?" Izuku took a moment to let it sink in. Mitsuki rested her chin in her hand, "it sounds like this Toraki kid is your cousin, too."

My cousin almost killed my husband, it was a lot for Izuku to handle. "What about my Father?" He asks, "is he really abroad?" Inko looked hurt, "Izuku, sweetheart..." she sighed, "I never lied to you, baby. I'm sorry I didn't tell you any of this before now. I was pregnant with you when the Maidens were all...they... Kat..." she couldn't finish her sentence.

They didn't realize they had an audience listening in until a man standing next to Kirishima, presumably his dad, interrupted, "so what does this have to do with us? Why were we all targeted?" Kirishima had a clouded look on his face. Katsuki huffed, "the villains gave us the stupid choice of either letting you all die or turning in Shitty Hair's wife. What kind of heroes would we be if we started trading people? So we came in the rescue all of you."

A blond woman with the same mark as Kaminari in her hair piped up, "so why don't we just leave?" The ground shook again, "it sounds like a massacre up there."

Izuku explained, "we found out that this organization was committing war crimes against the world. They're a terrorist group out to eradicate quirks and murder anyone that stands against them. We had direct orders from the military to dismantle them."

The rattling stops for a while, the sensors in each hero's pocket vibrates. It was a signal to regroup. The worst was over with. Iida takes charge, standing from his position, "alright, everyone. Let's stick together. Heroes, protect your parents in case there are stragglers. Stay vigilant and follow me." The Iida family were the first at the base of the stairs, followed by each group and trailed by the Midoriya-Bakugo's. The house above the basement was seemingly untouched, unplayed poker cards lying face down on the table, bullet shells rolling on the ground.

As they stumbled outside, however, it looked like a wasteland. Fires sprung up around the wreckage, filling the air with dust and smoke. "We're meeting at the entrance! We'll exit through there and load the plane." Momo informed them, "the plane won't hold everyone, so I will fly most of the group to a nearby island and return for the rest."

They followed the main path, surrounded by rubble and burning wood. "What is that?" Todoroki pointed to something moving a few feet in front of the group, crawling across as it was covered in fire. "It would be best not to look. There's nothing we can do now." Iida said somberly as the group walked past the burning man.

Ahead, was the main gate, Kikyo kneeling by Kat who was laying on the ground. "Kat!" Kirishima burst out of the crowd, running toward his wife. He knelt by her. Kikyo assured him, "she's fine. Not even a scratch on her. This just takes a lot out of her."

Inko asks, "how long have they been married?" Katsuki answers, "two years. Your daughter told us that was impossible but that's the damn truth." Izuku adds, "their daughter was born with a quirk, too. That's not supposed to happen, is it?" Inko shakes her head, "how did she end up happy when she was the one who betrayed the Maidens? She should be the most cursed of us all."

Kirishima picked her up in his arms, carrying her as they walked down another path through the forest. Momo told the group, "the plane is only about a half a mile from here. Is everyone okay to walk that distance?"

As they all confirmed they were okay, they continued down the narrow forest path. Katsuki gave his parents the side-eye their tired expressions weighing down their shoulders, "Deku," his eyes moved to his husband, "should we tell them?" Izuku was wide-eyed. They would tell them now? I guess it would lift their spirits. He nodded.

Katsuki looked at his Mom and Dad, "there's a kid we've been working with at Hero Works. She lives in a foster home now but they're giving her up. Once this is over, we're adopting her." Mitsuki brightened up, "you? With a kid?" She patted her son's shoulder, "good luck, champ! If she's half as much as a pain in the ass that you were, you'll fucking need it!"

"Fuck off, Mom," Katsuki growled. Inko teared up happily, "I'm so proud of you, Izuku! If you need anything I'll always be here for my baby! What's her name?" She asked. "Her name's Kiyo. She's been having trouble controlling her heat quirk so we figured we'd be able to help her."

"She's gonna be a pain in the ass but we can handle a little fucking brat." Katsuki looked at Izuku as the green-haired hero smiled, "just don't let her blow you up this time!" Izuku teased. Katsuki growled, "it's not like I can help it, you nerd!"

Inko smiled, saying to Mitsuki, "they'll fight like this forever, won't they?" The ground under their feet turned to sand as they approached the plane on the shore. Momo stood in front of the group, "this plane holds twenty people. We need about four people to stay behind and we'll get you later."

Kikyo was first to volunteer, looking pointedly at Katsuki, "us two will stay behind, right?" Katsuki tightened his grip on Izuku's hand, "w-we'll both stay. We need one more." Inko volunteered, "I'll stay behind with my family."

Izuku tried to insist, "no! Mom, please get on the-" Katsuki cuts him off, "it's okay. She needs to know what's happening." Izuku protested, "you're really...? Katsuki nods, "our parents are getting out of here and we saved the world from a terrorist group. She fucking earned it. I promised, didn't I?"

Chapter Text

The plane took off, engine roaring. Izuku waved the those who had left. Kikyo looked at her Mother for the first time in years, "hey, Mom." Tears welled up in Inko's mind as she dashed toward her daughter and tackled her in a hug, "fuck! Mom, that fucking hurt!" Inko quickly let go, "what's wrong? Are you injured?" Kikyo rolled her eyes, "this fucking quirk. Every time I heal it's agonizing for the rest of my-" her voice is cut off as she doubles over, clutching her chest and gasping, drool dripping from her mouth. "Fuck! God damn it!"

The fire in her chest was intense as a broken bone healed. "You need to see a doctor!" Inko gasped. "You idiot," Kikyo spits, "think I haven't already? Since it's my damn quirk there's nothing they can do. The best painkillers in the world can't help."

She stood up shakily, looking to Katsuki, "nothing can kill me except him. I hope so, anyway." Inko's eyes stretched, "kill you? Sweetie what are you..."

Katsuki took a step toward the pair, "she's fucking miserable. She has to deal with this pain for the rest of her life. Is that what you want?" Inko looked concerned, "no but... why are you trying to die?" Inko was in denial.

Kikyo looked up to her mother, "because death is less painful. How do you expect me to live like this?" The wave of pain ended and she stood up straight, her bones and muscles still on fire. Kikyo's eyes shift to Katsuki, then back to her Mom, "it's better if I die because...well..." she whispers something in Inko's ear.

Kikyo reached to her sleeve and ripped off the remaining shredded pieces, "let me be with my family." Her tattoo contrasted her pale skin. It was the symbol of a family she lost to tragedy, but one she was always proud to be a part of. Katsuki gives her a serious look. "This is your last chance to back out. I'll give you that much, Punkass."

Inko wipes the tears from her cheeks, "I just got you back, Kiki! You don't have to do this! Tutso wouldn't want this!" Kikyo puts a hand on her Mother's shoulder, "Mom," she couldn't stop the tears now as they drip freely from her eyes. "I'm in so much pain that no doctor or medicine can fix this. Please... don't make me suffer anymore. I want to see Dad and Tutso and everyone. I know we'll become demons but at least we'll be together."

Inko's gaze turns to Katsuki, "but, Katsuki... you're a hero...." She protests weakly. Katsuki turns to her, "that's damn right. What hero would let anyone suffer like this?" Izuku puts a hand on her back, "it'll be okay, Mom." Inko looks at her son defeatedly, then back to Kikyo, pulling her into her arms. "I'm so sorry, Kiki. All of this is my fault. Everything. I should have never abandoned you. I should have left the Damsel Maidens long before that."

Kikyo hugs her tight for a moment, then pushes her away, giving another smile, "hey, this isn't the worst way to die. I'll see you one day, Mom." Her eyes bounce to Izuku, "just not too soon, okay?"

Kikyo turns to Katsuki. He asks her, "you ready?" Kikyo nods. Katsuki turns to Izuku, "don't think too much when you see this." He reaches out to Kikyo, pulling her into an embrace in order to cover her with as much nitroglycerin as possible. Kikyo blushes madly. "Katsuki?" He raised his brows, "what?"

"Make sure to kill every cell, okay?"

"I'll obliterate you into nothing but fucking dust, trust me."

He pops off an explosion toward the ground, shooting them high in the air. He charges up a powerful blast, readying himself.

"I hope he takes care of you," Kikyo says, a grin now on her face. A real, true smile. She wanted this to be her last words. For him to know that she wanted a happy life for him. She was glad she was going to die before falling in love with him completely.

Before he could explode, a pain strikes Katsuki's chest as if an ice pick was being shoved through his heart. His brain seizes up, his body going limp. They tumble through the air, but only for a moment before Izuku catches them.

Katsuki was pale in Izuku's arms, his eyes distant. Kikyo kneels beside him as Izuku laid him on the sand. "Kachan?" Izuku shakes him. "Kachan? What's wrong? Talk to me." What happened? Is he hurt and I didn't notice?

Izuku could hear the beat of wings above them. The sound filled his heart with dread. The Shinigami Tateru lands beside Kikyo, putting a cold, skeletal hand on her shoulder. "You don't think I could let you die, could you?" Inko whimpered fearfully, "Sh-shinigami?"

Kikyo's face was like stone, "so you're going to kill him instead?" Katsuki's breathing was shallow. Izuku looked up at the death god. "What? You're not..."

"I am," he says. "Kikyo here gave me half her life. Her time clock is infinite and therefore I am immortal. It doesn't matter that I saved her. I cannot die as long as she lives. I will not allow someone to end my own life."

Izuku's eyes land on Kikyo's tattoo. He had the answer right in front of him. The weight of the pocket knife in his zipper encouraged him to reach for it. Katsuki gathered enough strength to grab his wrist. "Don't..." he wheezed, "you fucking...dare."

"Kachan...please. Just half my life at least. I need you, Kachan! Please! We vowed to be heroes together. How can we do that if you're dead?!"

"I vowed..." his breathing slowed considerably, his eyes clouding, "til we part. That's what I...wanted."

"I can't let you die in my arms! Not this time! Not for real!" He looks up to the Shinigami, "take me instead!" His tears were like oceans on his cheeks. "I'll do anything! We won't let Kikyo die! Anything!"

The Shinigami shakes his head. "Kikyo's life is my only concern. I don't care enough to save him." Kikyo turned to the demon, "if you kill him I'll find a way to die. I'll fucking off myself."

He shakes his head again, "I'll make sure you don't." Izuku held his husband, his skin losing heat fast. He had to do something, but what? "Kikyo," he looked up to her through an ocean of tears, "help me!" Kikyo stared at the dying body of Katsuki, "even if you summoned a Shinigami and sacrificed yourself, Tateru would just kill him over and over."

Izuku looked at the demon, "please! We won't kill her! Let's make a deal!" He spluttered, "you can have half my life and I'll protect Kikyo for as long as I have left! Is that what you want?!" Tateru shook his head, taking Kikyo by the throat and flapping his wings, "I want to be immortal, human. This fool attacked my Kikyo! He must pay with his life! I've made his death painfully slow."

Izuku dropped his gaze to Katsuki, feeling his pulse drop in his hand that was cradling his neck. His eyes were unseeing, his breath slowing down. 

Katsuki felt like he was drowning, unable to get air into his lungs, his chest felt like it was on fire. He could no longer see anything, numbness crawling up from his feet, slowly up to his knee. He could only feel the pain in his chest and Izuku's hand on his neck.

No. I'm not going to die like this, he thought, I can't leave him. We're gonna be number one forever! We're gonna adopt that fucking brat and live our lives together!

"I...zuku..." his last breath puffed out of his chest.

This time, Katsuki Bakugo's stubbornness and determination to live held no match against the deathwish of a Shinigami. He sank into a dark, cold numbness.