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Bittersweet Lies

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Peter Parker was amused. Not angry, not annoyed but amused. Eugene 'Flash' Thompson was claiming that he was Spider-Man and Tony Stark -Iron Man!!!- believed him. Flash's face was plastered all over news headlines and he was the topic of every TV News Program. As Peter walked into Midtown High, he noticed multiple reporters clamouring to see the famous teen and Peter rethought his idea of staying silent because wow those flashes hurt her senses which were permanently dialled up at eleven. But when he saw Flash's face slightly hint towards him panicking, Peter smirked and continued walking towards his first class. Physics.


Peter suffered through the day while watching Flash be more obnoxious then usual. Luckily, Flash couldn't bully him anymore as people would expect better from a hero. His excuse for bullying was that he needed a way to protect his identity and if he bullied people no one would expect him to be a hero which Peter had to say was a pretty good lie. As the bell signalling the end of the day finally rang, Peter rushed out and ducked into an alley to change into his Spider-Man costume. With the sound of wind rushing past him filled his ears, Peter let out a whoop of joy to express the exhilarating feel of swinging around Queens. Crime was light, so Peter finished up early and ducked into the same alley to change back and he walked home to the apartment he shared with his Aunt May.


Peter's next day at school passed much like the previous, save for one incident. Peter and Ned had been animatedly chatting about Star Wars when Peter's enhanced hearing picked up on a conversation Flash was having. "So when am I going to get the suit so you can have an upgrade?" The voice asked, "You're not going to be Spider-Man in that onesie."
"I'll give it tomorrow Mr. Stark," Flash replied, "I just need to get it from my hiding spot." Peter pondered on what to do. Was he going to play Flash's game? The guy was a bully, but no one deserved to be embarrassed for a lie like that. So with that last thought Peter decided he'd play the game for a little while longer.


After a successful round of patrol, Peter walked to Flash's house and dropped a package in the mailbox. The next day when Flash checked his mailbox, he found a brown package with a note inside. The note read: I'll play your game for now Eugene. If it gets too risky though, I'm calling it off and outing you. ~Spider-Man. Flash excitedly ran back into his home, relieved that he wasn't hard pressed for finding a Spider-Man costume as in the brown package was the famous Spider-Man suit.


A figure looks at the CCTV footage of outside the Thompson residence. "What are you doing little spider?" She mutters to herself, the computer's light bouncing off her red locks of hair.

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Peter was having fun watching Flash struggle with answering questions about Spider-Man. Flash was obviously lying through his teeth when answering. Midtown High had also just employed a new teacher for Spanish as the old teacher had changed schools. Miss. Reidley looked like she didn't belong in a classroom as she always had an impressive poker face on while teaching. Not even Midtown High's reputation for most of their students to be smart-alecks deterred her while teaching. (That was the main theory floating around the school on why Ms. Gonzalez had ditched and Miss. Reidley had been hired.) What Peter found the most unnerving about her was how she looked at his as if she knew everything about him; including Spider-Man.


Days passed, everything was normal until Tony Freaking Stark showed up, casually talking to his aunt. "Hey there Mr. Parker," he started, "a certain spider told me you were incredibly smart. An IQ of 250 is spectacular huh?"
"Uh y-yeah. Um, w-why are y-you here?" Peter nervously replied. Had Mr. Stark found out about Spider-Man? Was he going to have to out himself and be forever bullied by Flash? " how about it?"
Tony sighed, "I was saying, how would you like an internship at Stark Industries? You wouldn't be doing anything big yet but you'd learn from professionals."
"Y-yeah but uh, shouldn't you ask my Aunt first?" Peter asked while gesturing to his aunt.
"I've already said yes honey, don't worry."
"Great!" Tony exclaimed, making Peter and his Aunt jump, "You'll start next week at 4:00pm on Monday!" And with that Tony Stark swept out of the room leaving a star-struck teen and an elated aunt behind him.


Soon, Monday came and Peter slowly crept into Stark Tower. A receptionist saw him and waived him over, recognising him from the badge they were supposed to give him. They introduced him to a tour guide called Scarlet -who was quite lovely- and he got the official Stark Industries tour along with added tidbits like. "That's the noticeboard where the interns challenge each other. We also have a monthly challenge set by Mr. Stark -but everyone knows Ms. Potts (or occasionally Dr. Banner when the challenge is more specific) sets it- and this month is Spider Month and everyone is pulling their hair out while trying to find out how Spider-Man's web-fluid was made. Apparently Spider-Man accidentally spilt a strong adhesive onto his gloves one day and got the idea of being a superhero and then had another accident in his chemistry lab and created his signature web-fluid and since he had no clue how he did it, they created the challenge together. I, for one, think this a whole load of lies and that he and Mr. Stark created Spider Month to troll us with our failures," Sighing deeply, Scarlet continued with, "Oh! On the topic of Mr. Stark, Ms. Potts convinced him to let us R&D interns have a scheduled 'lab time' with him once every month or so. Which is why everyone loves Ms. Potts better."

As the tour concluded, Scarlet showed him to his personal space (Desk 26) in Floor 1. Table 20 in Lab 1 (which was located on Floor 6) was also Peter's. Peter was a wide eyed kid in Disneyland. Scarlet told him that since he was new, he wouldn't get big projects but he would get small projects to test whether he could find the problem in them. He was also told by Scarlet that he was completely welcome to take part in the Spider Month project which was literally called Replicating a Super Spider's Tool though there was only a week left. The second Scarlet left, Peter ran to his desk and hurriedly drew up blueprints for his weapon in mind. He then practically sprinted to his table and started putting the weapon together. Two days later -after extensive testing- he was satisfied with his end project and created more copies of it.

~And a skip to the day of showcasing the tools~

Peter was nervous. A scientist from the higher labs was going to come and judge the challenge and all the interns were sweating buckets, especially Peter. What made them all nearly faint was Tony Stark and Flash Thompson (not that anyone cared about him) were just casually standing there. The setup for the showcase was like a school science fair with tables neatly arranged in rows and one intern per table. Mr. Stark, Flash and Alex (the scientist was really casual) would walk around to each one and spend 10mins there. After that, they would go and have a private discussion to discuss the finalist. The finalists would then have to hand in their projects for a review before the winners would be chosen.

Tony was bored. He was only here to judge because the kid had wanted to see what the minions, no, interns had come up with. He was about to make an excuse to disappear when a flash of red hair caught his eye. 'What in the world was Natasha Romanoff doing at this boring competition?' he thought. Noticing Tony staring at her, Nat smirked and disappeared into the shadows. Confused by her appearance, Tony decided to wait a little longer to see why Nat was here. The Black Widow never did anything without a reason. That reason was shown when he got to what was probably the only table without something Spider-Man themed.

Tony recognised the intern; he was that Parker kid with the hot Aunt. He was a newbie but he had incredible potential if his teachers' words were anything to go by. The kid certainly was smart for thinking outside the box as while every other intern had made variations on either web fluid or sticking gloves, (and funnily enough, none of them worked) the kid had made Widow's Bites.

Peter was staring at Mr. Stark terrified. He didn't know whether making something Spider-Man themed would've been better instead since that was what all the others had done. When Alex made a 'start talking!' motion with his hand, Peter stuttered through an explanation of how he had made these Widow's Bites to conserve energy better but still produce a good charge. After explaining for 5 minutes by demonstrating the charge by measuring it with his personalised ohmmeter (which could measure greater charges than a normal ohmmeter) and also showing how its specialised charger worked and how it could also charge on sunlight, Peter answered questions for the trio who then moved on to the next station though Peter didn't miss the small glare from Flash (that was not intended to be noticed) or the approving nod from Alex.


Natasha Romanoff slunk around in the shadows, clutching a small note in her hand. When the little spider wasn't looking she darted out and grabbed the Widow's Bites and their charger and swapped them for the note. Smiling to herself, she left to go and test them on Clint. The Bird-Brain did deserve it.

Peter has only turned his head to talk to his fellow finalists for a second before his project was gone and replaced with a piece of paper. Furrowing his brows, he read the writing on the paper: I don't know what game you're playing little spider but I'm going to ignore that for now. You need help with your fighting skills, meet me behind your school at 5:00pm every Friday in your suit for training. Thanks for the Widow's Bites by the way. ~The Black Widow. Peter nearly dropped the note. His heart was about to leap out of his chest. Glancing around, he noticed no one. Looking back down at the note, he decided he didn't want to make an assassin angry, so he made one of the smartest decisions in his life. He decided to listen to authority for once.

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After the weekend, Peter was almost bouncing off the walls. He could do it for real, except he didn't want to freak Aunt May out and he couldn't do it at school, because he didn't want to freak his schoolmates out. By the time Friday rolled around though, he was about to screw his identity because of the sheer amount of nerves pent up inside of him. MJ and Ned has noticed his odd behaviour but just chalked it up to him getting an internship at Stark Industries.

The second the bell that signalled the end of the day rang, Peter rushed out of his class when the teacher let him and ran to the alley conveniently located behind his school before he realised that he had a problem. He had given the suit to Flash. Just as he was about to leave a note and run away in embarrassment, his Miss. Reidley walked in with a smirk on her face, holding a suitcase while twirling the Widow's Bites that HE (!!!) designed around in her other hand. "Miss. Reidley? What are you doing here? Wait," he started, comprehending his situation, "You're the Black Widow?!?!?!"
Miss. Reidley -no- Miss. Black Widow Ma'am smirked and replied with, "Yes I am, little spider and I'm going to teach you a few tricks but first, this package is for you. Or more accurately, your alter ego."
"What the..? This is the coolest thing I've ever seen..." Peter stared wide-eyed at the suitcase's contents, "This is insane. Insane. Look at this thing. Look. Look at the eyes," he blabbered to Nat, "This is the greatest day of my life."
"Put it on kid." Nat ordered while turning the opposite way. After Peter put the suit on, he found out that there were a ton of controls in it. They had a very strenuous training session in which Peter demonstrated what he usually did on patrols. Slowly, after months passed without any hinderance (except for Ned finding out and helping him hack the suit to disable the 'recording everything' protocol and erasing all the previous footage) Nat decided to question Peter.

They were sitting on a rooftop when Nat asked, "Little spider, why are you letting Eugene," she spat his name out like venom, "pretend to be you?"
"Oh! Um, he doesn't deserve to be called out for his lie. I mean, wouldn't you agree mama spider that it would suck if you were embarrassed like that."
"This doesn't have anything to do with the fact that Eugene bullied you right?" Natasha asked dryly. Peter panicked, "What? Pfffft, no. Not at all!" he blurted, his voice dangerously raising in pitch at the end of his sentence. Noticing that he didn't want to talk about it, Nat just held him softly while reminiscing over past memories. She usually wasn't one to dwell on the past, but she found that ever since she met Peter properly, she was always thinking about the times she had spent with him. It took a while, but eventually she had gotten Peter to confess to his aunt about his extracurricular activities. Together, the trio had sorted out curfews and rules for Peter's activities and had also laughed with him when he got a letter stating that he would have won the Spider Month competition if he had managed to hand in his project for the final review between the finalists. His life was good until a certain Anthony Edward Stark got suspicious when he discovered that he couldn't find any footage from the Baby Monitor Protocol.

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Tony Stark was about to confront Flash after his school finished about the missing footage from the Baby Monitor Protocol when FRIDAY reminded him of the meeting he had with all the Avengers on different ways to rectify the Accords. When he arrived at the meeting twenty minutes late, he noticed that along with King T'Challa, Princess Shuri was also there. Knowing the teen's genius, Tony asked her whether she'd like to tinker in his personal lab rather than stick around for the meeting. Immediately, her face lit up and she sprinted while asking FRIDAY for directions. That was when Tony remembered that it was Peter's lab session that afternoon. He dismissed the thought as he knew that Peter wouldn't mind hanging out with the other teen genius instead.

Meanwhile, Peter was freaking out. First his day had been dismal with Flash claiming that Peter's internship was a lie, and, as everyone now held up Flash on a pedestal as if he couldn't ever lie, he was painted as the liar of the school. Ned, MJ, and the rest of the AcaDec team weren't so sure of Flash's claims though. Especially Liz, she was the one to convince the team that Peter wasn't lying. After a not-so-good practise, Peter trudged to Stark Tower and went up to his scheduled lab time with Mr. Stark only to jump onto the ceiling when he found the Princess of Wakanda just tinkering with his Web-Fluid Formula 3.1! "Oh, you're Spider-Man huh?"
"Nope! No! W-why would you th-think that? I mean, Flash just-"
"You're on the ceiling you know that right?" Shuri looked at him while raising an eyebrow, "Any argument you make against being Spider-Man is completely invalid. Anyway, how would you like having Vibranium in your web-shooters and web-fluid?" And from there sprang a beautiful friendship that would terrify all the denizens of the Tower. That was Tony's biggest regret, not preventing the Science Siblings from forming. T'Challa also wasn't pleased when Shuri smuggled Peter into Wakanda and then proceeded to terrify all the adults by rounding up all the children to attack said adults with balloons filled with paint. Needless to say, Peter was banned from Wakanda after T'Challa uttered his famous line, "Wakanda nonsense is this?" It really was in everyone's best interests.

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After another terrible day at school, Peter rushed to his internship and made it to his table in Lab 1 to find his first project file there. In it, was a faulty StarkPhone he had to repair and instructions on where to give the finished product and a short paragraph (that Peter had to type) in which the fault should be explained and solved. 'These Stark Industries people really aren't kidding around huh?' Peter thought. After finding the problem -an accidentally cut wire- he went back down the employee elevator to his desk and typed up his paragraph. He delivered it to the Head Intern after a few misunderstandings about his clearance level and went back to find another file on his desk. Joy.

When he opened the file though, he found schematics for one of Hawkeye's -the Hawkeye's!!!- exploding arrows. 'The file looks like it's supposed to go to a higher-up scientist or Tony Stark himself!' Peter mused as he glanced through the file. Nervously looking around, only to find that no one was looking his way, he started fixing the problem (the exploding mechanism was jammed with glitter) and was about to give it back when his spidey-sense tingled. Seeing as the threat was coming from above him, he stepped back just in time to not be crushed by someone falling face-first from the vents. The person groaned and slowly got up with his back facing Peter, then turned around to reveal himself. It was Hawkeye (!!!). Peter was about to spontaneously combust. "Hey there kid!" Hawkeye (!!!) started, "Do you by any chance know where my last exploding arrow went?" Wordlessly (with his eyes as big as dinner plates) Peter handed Hawkeye (!!!) the file and his fixed arrow. He was about to apologise for tampering with it when Hawkeye (!!!) resumed talking, "You see, Stark said that if I jammed it once more he'd make a relatively inexperienced intern fix it. I think that it was so that they were never fixed agai-" Staring wide-eyed at the the arrow, Hawkeye (!!!) slowly looked up to Peter who was still standing there staring. He broke into a smile and dragged Peter with him into the Avengers elevator, telling him to call him Clint, while Peter protested.

It turns out that Hawkeye (!!!)-Call-Me-Clint had taken him up to Mr. Stark's personal lab to gloat about how he now never needed to go to 'Stark' for fixing his equipment anymore. Upstairs, where the rest of the Avengers had asked FRIDAY to pull up the security feed to see how Stark's threat played out, Natasha Romanoff smirked into her popcorn bowl. It was really easy to put glitter in the arrow and frame Sam Wilson. Disgustingly easy.

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Since the Hawkeye (!!!) incident, Peter had been finding more broken arrows for him to fix when he showed up to his internship. All was well, until one day he found a contraption that looked a lot like his web shooters on the desk. Accompanying it was a note reading: Try to fix this -T.S. After he got over his fanboy fever of having something that Mr. Stark himself touched, Peter fixed the web shooters. It was when he was looking over it that he figured that fixing them mightn't have been his smartest idea. Before he could do anything about it though, he got a text message from an unknown number telling him to try to make the web fluid to go into the web shooters. Realising that he now had two choices: make the fluid and have Peter Parker recognised for something, or completely fail and be 'that kid in the lowest floor'. Just as he was decided to fail, he got another text from the same unknown number. Kid, I know you can do this. The Princess told me. Now make the damn thing and come up to my lab. 10 minutes Parker. -T.S. Resigned to his fate, Peter completed the task and went up to the lab.

Tony was having fun watching the kid's confusion. Hacking into the kid's phone was easy. He should probably update all his employees phones again. But would Pepper mind? Braking off from his train of thought, he realised that the kid was coming up in the elevator. As he stepped in Tony greeted him, "Hey there! I honestly was not expecting you to finish that qui- oh is that the fixed web shooters? Put them on the table there. No Dum-E no don't steal- yeah Parker just there. Well then," Tony clapped his hands, a maniacal grin forming upon his face, "Why don't you and I completely screw up Redwing over here huh?"
"B-But, isn't that the Falcon's? Wouldn't he be angry?"
"Kid, I don't think anyone could be angry at you, you look like you're ten. Besides, what if the diagnostic he's going to run when he finds out that Redwing's broken show traces of the alloy in the White Wolf's metal hand? Nobody would know..."
"Uh, okay then?" Peter managed to choke out, star-struck with the superhero names that Tony mentioned casually. They're the Avengers! There's nothing casual about them!

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Peter was starting to think that the whole secret identity gig was getting a bit too much. He had to regularly keep tabs on Flash so he could patrol at appropriate times, sneakily meet up with his Mama Spider for fighting lessons and to top it all off, he had his Stark Internship that barely anyone believed was real. Thanks a lot Flash! Being in this bitter mood, it took a while before his senses picked up on a robbery at an ATM near Mr. Delmar's bodega. One crime led to another and then Peter was spying on an illegal alien weapons sale. Of course, his Parker Luck loved to show up at the worst times which was why he was being dragged by a van- oh wait there's a flying guy who dropped him midair. Yay. Peter was now contemplating the reason of his existence while Mr. Stark chewed him out from another freaking continent!


Tony Stark was concerned. The Spider-Kid had fallen in a lake, and so far the identity reveal wasn't adding up. Spidey and Dash -Flash whatever- had a very obvious difference. They were two different sizes and if the Dash kid wasn't actually Spidey, the future was looking very bleak for a lot of people. Tony was sure Natashalie had something to do with the sudden disappearances of the leads he had stacked up on Spidey's identity but that was a different problem. He had been conned by a foetus and that just isn't allowed to happen. Tony tuned back in to what the kid was rambling on about, "...find me? Did you put a tracker in my suit or something?"
"I put everything in in your suit. Including this heater," Tony replied as he turned the function on. They argued back and forth a bit more until Tony hung up.

Peter was annoyed.
Peter cursed himself for his idiocy. If he hadn't given the Chitauri core to Ned, his AcaDec team wouldn't be in danger. Neither would his chance of getting bullied. But thanks to his non-existent common sense, he had put innocents in danger and Flash was more likely to be mad if he ever found out about Peter's secret identity. Yay.
Mr. Stark had gotten an audio call through to his suit at the worst possible time. Peter was trying to bust the alien weapons dealers and every loud sound Mr. Stark heard was making him suspicious of whether Peter was on a normal patrol or not. Fast forward 15 minutes and Peter's arms are (figuratively) killing him while he attempted to hold a ferry together. Another 15 minutes later and Peter's getting chewed out by Mr. Stark. Again. Stewing in his indignation and other not-so-nice thoughts and he snaps. "If you even cared, you'd actually be here," The Iron Man suit opens to reveal that Tony was, in fact, there. While Tony marched towards him, Peter realised that Tony had listened to him about the weapons deal and was done with Peter disobeying orders. Glumly, Peter agreed to returning the suit via Nat.
After cooking up a half-baked excuse about a project going horribly wrong in his Stark Internship, Peter rethought his priorities and realised that he hadn't spent much time at his internship or with Ned and Aunt May. Maybe he could put Spider-Man on hold for a little while...
Somehow Peter had asked Liz out to Homecoming. Sliding into May's eyesight, Peter requested her help. He was having an awesome time getting ready and when Homecoming finally rolled around, Peter felt like he could take on anything. That feeling was crushed when he realised that Liz's dad was the Vulture. Three cheers for Parker Luck!
"Hello! Hello! Please. Hey, hey, please. I'm down here. I'm down here. I'm stuck. I'm stuck. I can't move. I can't..." Peter choked out. He caught his breath and looked at his reflection in a puddle, trying and failing to push the debris off of his back. "Come on, Peter. Come on, Spider-Man. Come on, Spider-Man. Come on, Spider-Man. Come on, Spider-Man!" He chants, managing to lift the rubble off. Spotting the Vulture, Peter chased him to Mr. Stark's plane.
Just having warned the Vulture of his suit exploding, Peter dragged the villain out and tied him up, leaving him for the authorities. Exhausted to the bone, Peter climbed onto the Cyclone roller coaster ride.
During the next AcaDec meeting, Peter got a text message from an unknown number telling him to go to the bathroom. After a near-death experience thanks to MJ's unique method of questioning, Peter snuck into the bathroom with trepidation to see Happy Hogan there waiting for him and before he knew it, he was upstate at the New Avengers Facility. Inside the compound, Peter watched a Quinjet fly off with a huge grin. "You don't see that every day," Happy commented. "Oh, there they are. How was the ride up?" Tony asked while approaching them.
In true Happy Hogan fashion, Happy answered with one word, "Good,"
"Give me a minute with the kid," Tony requested.
"Yeah. I gotta talk to the kid."
"I'll be close behind."
"How about a loose follow? All right? Boundaries are good." Dismissing Happy, Tony playfully punched Peter in the shoulder, then put an arm around him. The second Happy exited, Tony spun around to face Peter. "Alright. How long has the Spidey gig been going on?"
Gobsmacked, Peter blurted out, "H-How did you find out?"
"Seriously kid? How long do you think that you could hide the fact that you're Underoos' tech guy?"
"I, uh, dunno?" Peter lamely finished.
"Glad that's cleared up. So! How would the Spider-Ling like to be the newest Avenger? I've got around fifty reporters behind that secret door waiting for some sort of big announcement."
"I think that he'd like to stay a Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man for now Mr. Stark. But thanks for the offer! And uh, can I ask how you found out?"
"The webbing you made matched the webbing I found from one of Spidey's sites. It was too similar to be a coincidence so I did a little digging and what do you know! Your timetable and Spidey's appearances match perfectly. I knew you couldn't be the Crime-Fighter himself with your list of medical problems so, Techie it was! How's that for Sherlock Holmes level detective skills huh?"

"Spot on Mr. Stark," If from a corner Natasha Romanoff mouthed ‘You're welcome’ to Peter, well, that wasn't anyone else's business.

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When Scarlet Rossetti had given the Stark Industries Research & Development Indoctrination, Classification and
'Knighting' (that was a joke in the Tour Department as R&D personnel are practically knights with how they never fail to leap to the rescue with a fire extinguisher at hand to put out yet another explosion's remains) to another new intern she had thought nothing of it. Sure, the kid looked a lot younger than most of the other R&D interns but who knew? Maybe Miss. Potts had convinced Mr. Stark to do some kind of new recruitment thing to attract high-schoolers? That wasn't her department's problem anyway. Besides, it was just a kid who'd probably quit once he realised how crazy the R&D scientists were. (On a completely unrelated note, there was a betting pool on what dubious substances those scientists might be consuming -willingly or not- to be able to make that many explosions. Scarlet firmly believed that they had created their own new substance but that's another story.) With that kind of reputation, Scarlet was sure she'd see the kid run away. What she wasn't betting on, was for that kid to singlehandedly create a reputation for himself as the 'Seamus Finnigan' of the New York HQ of Stark Industries.

Meanwhile, the R&D department in NY absolutely loved Peter. They had a Wall of 'Shame' for who could make the most explosions (thanks to Accounting and Finance's need for there to be some kind of punishment because the budget was apparently going crazy) and Peter Benjamin Parker absolutely decimated his opposition at blowing stuff up. (The interns were not-so-secretly filming the explosions so that they could make a sitcom out of it.) Thanks to Peter, the plan to stage a mass prank on Accounting and Finance with Legal could now be started with their attention on Peter. Poor, unassuming Peter who just wanted to be nice and helpful didn't deserve Accounting wrath- wait, are they actually doing that?

Accounting and Finance both knew something was up with R&D and Legal and they'll get to the bottom of it. Soon. Just after they finish cooing over how the new R&D intern was such a sweetheart for volunteering to help with some of their tasks to make up for the budgeting problems he inadvertently caused by his enthusiasm to intern at SI. They'll give him that one task they're collaborating with PR on to ease his conscience then send him away with an invitation to visit agai- hey! They can't do that!

The Public Relations or PR Department in the NY HQ of SI had a lot less work than normal ever since Dr. Stark had cleaned up his act so when an intern obviously belonging to R&D (if the scorch marks were anything to go by) happily trotted into their sector of the Tower holding a file from Accounting (they'll really need to get the story there, wasn't there a rivalry of sorts?) they realised that they needed the entertainment. Deciding that introducing him to other departments would guarantee them some juicy information in their future (even if the poor boy didn't know what he was doing) and some kind of drama for them to resolve and get more praise from the Goddess herself, Pepper Potts, they sent him of with a smile and a wave as he merrily went on his path to Legal.

When Legal saw Peter coming, they first assumed it was because of the temporary alliance with R&D in the never-ending prank war between all the Departments in SI. Instead, to their amusement, they found out that it was because he was sent from PR with a letter to Legal's Head of Department. Laughing internally, they let Peter continue on his journey. This time, to Human Resources a.k.a. HR.

HR was the mother duckling in the crazy nest that was SI. They affectionately watched as the baby ducklings fought and laughed with each other. When Peter came around on his journey of SI, they gave him a metaphorical pat on the head for a job well done, a warning to not disturb Sales (as they apparently had to find a way to make the general populace scrap their outdated phones for newer StarkPhone models) and watched with a soft smile as he walked off to the Tour Department with his last parcel.

Just as Scarlet was finishing up her last tour, she saw 'Seamus' drop off a file, laugh and trot off to pack up for the day. Seeing how everyone was one second away from treating him like a human puppy, she smiled at continued her final spiel to the stuffy coats she had drawn the short straw on. After she learned of the 'Seamus Finnigan' nickname, she knew Peter Parker would be going places at Stark Industries.

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Peter honestly felt sorry for Flash. The guy was now often called out for lying, sometimes by 4 year olds who had truly believed he was the 'Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man' they had idolised for being comedic and kind. Those were Ned's words of course, Peter still tried to keep his head down and not attract attention by loudly talking about his alter ego. That all crashed and burned when Mr. Harrington offered a 'make-up field trip' for the catastrophe that the AcaDec trip was; so far, Peter was fine with the idea but immediately hated it when he realised that the trip was going to be to the new tower. "...and as no teachers are volunteering to join the trip as you all have a history of bad field trips, Miss. Reidley has kindly volunteered to help me chaperone you lot. Now, please behave because we don't want to be kicked out or lose our new amazing Spanish teacher. Thank you." With that, Mr. Harrington dismissed the AcaDec group.

At least Peter only knew three famous people who could mess everything up at the tower.

After the trip he realised how incredibly wrong he was.