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Somehow the master bedroom has been transformed into something even more lavish than usual. An abundance of romance radiates the moment Xie Lian is carried into the vast room as Hua Cheng cradles him in his arms to signify that this is his new bride.


Such a thought has Xie Lian blushing again, although he doesn’t have much time to entertain the embarrassment that comes with it. His chest overflows with warmth, and it only grows as Hua Cheng sets him down on the loveseat in front of the king size bed.


“Ge ge, you’re so beautiful in this dress but…I find myself wanting to have you wearing less.”


Hua Cheng says in a soft tone, a hand caressing Xie Lian’s cheek, and a loving smile slowly turns into a mischievous grin.


“What is it you have planned now?” Xie Lian questions, knowing that the demon has something up his sleeve because he always does. It’s his style.


The grin remains even as Hua Cheng leans past the side of the bed to pull out a present wrapped in red. As Xie Lian takes the box, he shakes it lightly to attempt and discern its contents.


“Can you put that on for me? The helpers in the adjoining room can help you remove the dress, but the rest I want you to put on alone.”


A possessive undertone in Hua Cheng’s statement sends a shiver down Xie Lian’s spine. He’s quick to obey.


“You’re so spoiled.” The prince mumbles while walking to the room nearby. Hua Cheng smiles to himself, it is true after all.


Soon after having the elaborate dress and adorning accessories removed and stored for safe-keeping, Xie Lian is left alone in the room for some privacy. Although his thoughts are racing as fast as his heart upon opening the box to see what Hua Cheng has given as a wedding gift.


Well, it really might be more of a present for Hua Cheng if anything.


Xie Lian swallows thickly while pulling out each little piece of the outfit. The lace lingerie is something he’s seen off-handedly (not on purpose), but he never imagined himself wearing it. Although as he starts to tug on the red panties, he finds it feels quite nice against his skin, and upon having the bra on as well, he can’t help feeling a hint of shame but also arousal.


Imagining how much Hua Cheng will like this too has him growing hotter. He bites his lip while grabbing the last part of the outfit, a thin, red robe that accentuates the coordinate to perfection. Staring at himself in the mirror, he decides to remove the hair pins keeping his hair up, knowing full-well that they would fall out in the midst of what’s to come.


With his long locks framing his face and draping over his shoulders, he appears ready to go back into the master bedroom. Gently his feet pad across the marble flooring as he opens the door, securing it with a lock, and turning his attention to the bed to see a shirtless Hua Cheng sprawled across it.


Moving closer to the bed, his cheeks darken on instinct, already feeling his husband’s gaze boring into him with terrible intent. They’ve done this many times now, but that look never fails to rile him up.


“You’ve outdone yourself.” Hua Cheng says while moving to shift closer to the edge of the bed so that he can reach out to take Xie Lian’s hand. Upon having him almost falling onto his lap, he gently runs his fingers through those long, brown locks of hair, fingers sprawling over the lace of the bra, purposefully scraping his nail against the nipple that is already hardening beneath the fabric.


Xie Lian inhales sharply, watching Hua Cheng as his desire is evident.


“This was your idea, so I believe it’s you who’s outdone yourself.”


The reply is a little cheeky despite how nervous he is, or more, he’s overwhelmed with anticipation. Hua Cheng grips at his waist, gradually helping Xie Lian move onto the bed with him. There’s so many things Xie Lian wants to say, but they seem overruled by how they crave one another. It can be felt with how Hua Cheng pushes him to lay down, his heart and body surrendering the moment they start to kiss.


Pale hands wander over his body with purpose, and Xie Lian parts his legs to enjoy the weight and warmth of his husband against him. Throughout all of this, Xie Lian is nearly panting by the time Hua Cheng breaks the string of kisses in favor of nipping on his lower lip, staring at him with an unrivaled hunger.


“Ge ge, you’re so pretty. How lucky am I that I have you forever?” He speaks in a rougher tone, grinding down against him to feel the way that cock beneath the lace starts to hardens even more than it already has. The tip peeks out, a bead of precum forming.


Xie Lian breathes harder when lips find his neck, starting to darken the marks that are still there from the day before. He grips at the sheets beneath, helplessly arching into every touch that Hua Cheng bestows upon him. Fingers graze across his chest, playing with the hem of the lace, before pushing underneath to press and rub at his bare nipples. 


He gasps at that, unable to restrain a whimper as Hua Cheng brushes his mouth down past his collar, descending to drag his tongue down to his where his heart is beating rapidly. The demon spares a glance at him, lips curving into a smirk.


The idea of Hua Cheng doing these sordid things to him forever only makes Xie Lian harder. He shudders as the lace is pushed up to allow that wicked mouth to lick and nip on his sensitive nipples, one of the many weaknesses that Hua Cheng has grown addicted to abusing.


“I want to worship you forever.” Hua Cheng’s voice is hot against his skin, shocking to Xie Lian’s senses. He can’t help pushing a hand into dark locks, gripping as a means of encouraging him to keep going.


“Show me how.”


Taking in Xie Lian’s breathy, desperate tone, Hua Cheng intends to do just that. With renewed vigor, he’s biting and sucking the nubs, thumbs caressing down Xie Lian’s slim frame until they touch the panties that hug his hips and ass in such a cute way. It has his own cock twitching in his pants, that insatiable need for his prince growing to be unbearable.


He doesn’t stop favoring his attention to Xie Lian’s chest until his nipples are fiery red and slick with saliva. Hua Cheng finds the sight far too alluring, his possessive streak rising at the prospect of claiming his husband again.


“Ge ge…do you think I can fuck you while you wear this?”


Xie Lian stares up at him, body wracked with a need for more of Hua Cheng in every way. His cock is leaking heavily against his stomach, the lace stained that is all too pleasing to the demon.


“This is your wedding gift…so we should enjoy it as best we can right?”


It’s treacherous how unhinged Hua Cheng becomes with such permission. The kisses Xie Lian falls prey to make him feel as if his lungs are on fire, his body pliant to how Hua Cheng grips and rubs against him. With trembling hands, the prince reaches to undo Hua Cheng’s trousers, palm rubbing at his cock the second it’s freed. He eats up the groan that Hua Cheng makes, and soon he finds himself being moved off the sheets and turned over on his hands and knees, the robe ripped off to allow Hua Cheng access to more skin to mar.


Xie Lian barely manages to get his bearings before he’s crying out into the sheets from the way a warm mouth trails down his spine, hands pulling aside the lace and spreading his ass cheeks before he feels a lick against his hole. Hua Cheng growls at the initial taste, and Xie Lian fists into the sheets the second he feels that tongue pressing inside. Something about this is degrading for certain, but he can’t help giving into how good it feels, especially since Hua Cheng does it with unerring devotion.


The prince gasps hard at the way that tongue rakes in deep to flick around, and soon enough a finger joins in to tease him open further. Anticipation has him strung so high, his body trembling at the way Hua Cheng continues to spread him open little by little with that clever tongue. It’s hot and slick against his insides, and his ass twitches at the need to be filled up. 


Hua Cheng is always deadly serious about wanting to worship him. He feels it in every rake of nails against his skin, the kisses pressed over his skin and hole, and marks that are messily left on his ass as those fingers curl inside to repeatedly hit that perfect spot. Xie Lian is a shaking mess, knees weak as trails of precum stain his thighs and the sheets beneath.


“Mmm…my prince…I can’t get enough of you…”


With the tip of his index finger, he drags it beneath Xie Lian to trace over his balls that are practically soaked with a mix of precum and saliva. A whimper is drawn from Xie Lian at that, and he can’t help pushing his hips back against that hand.


“P-Please…San Lang, I want it-“ He grips harder at the sheets, feeling how Hua Cheng pauses. Those fingers withdraw, only to curl back inside moments later with a renewed intent, the slickness of salve only serving to make his insides even hotter than before.


Hovering against his back, the demon kisses over the back of his neck, enjoying the sounds Xie Lian makes for a while longer.


“What do you want? Tell your husband what he can do to serve you?”


Desperation clouding his thoughts and his body craving only what Hua Cheng can give has Xie Lian growing completely unrestrained in how he speaks.


“Fuck me, San Lang please fuck me.” Practically whining out those words evokes something primal in Hua Cheng, because seconds later he’s rubbing his slick cock between Xie Lian’s cheeks, finally pushing into that tight heat with a groan.


“I can’t hold back when you get like this.”


Hua Cheng’s mutters lowly against his shoulder, and Xie Lian shudders at the way another mark is placed there in the midst of him gripping on his hips and building up into a steady pace. The way his ass is stretched over that cock, the head of it grinding against that spot effortlessly, it all has Xie Lian bending to the demon’s filthy whims every time.


The steady slap of skin grows harsher as it melds with the slick sounds from how much precum and saliva smear deep within Xie Lian. 


“Nghh ah- I’m already so close…” Xie Lian barely gets the words out, almost choking on them, and he knows it won’t take much more for him to come untouched.


“You’ll be good for your husband and come.”


It’s not even a question. He feels Hua Cheng’s breath against his spine, the low murmurs of approval rumbling from his chest with the way he spreads apart his husband’s ass cheeks to pound into him with every intention of savoring how beautiful he looks being marred with sin.


Xie Lian is rendered into an incoherent haze of whimpers and gasps, the noises growing more broken at how that cock head abuses his prostate. He’s trembling, hips grinding down against the sheets for friction as his orgasm has him crying out. The streaks of cum smear against his front, staining the lace more, and he can hear how Hua Cheng voices such praise the entire time.


With bated breaths he bites back a whimper as that cock is still lodged in deep and filling him up so nicely. Hua Cheng knows how to play him so well, can string him up until that pleasure is coiling and only he can grant Xie Lian that release.


A hand runs over his cheek, pushing away the locks of brown hair that fell over his face. He kisses against the palm and then over to each of those long, slender fingers, licking and kissing to prey on some of his husband’s own weaknesses.


With a low, indiscernible noise, Hua Cheng slowly withdraws from that warm body that welcomes him so, only to help his prince turn and gradually sit on his lap instead. Xie Lian lets out a shaky breath as he’s seated on that thick cock once more. In this position he can intimately feel the way the lace brushes against his hole, but that cock is still unrestrained in the slightest.


“I want to adore you forever. I love feeling you, love all the sounds you make just for me.”


Hua Cheng fucks up into him with selfish purpose, wanting to lavish his husband with endless reverence. It’s beautiful yet obscene how he gropes hard on Xie Lian’s ass, not even sparing a beat in how he thrusts at the pace they both crave.


His mind echoes with a resolve to speak of how much he wants Hua Cheng in return, but he’s spellbound in this heightened euphoria. Instead, he clamps down around Hua Cheng’s cock, moaning ‘San Lang’ in a needy tone, feeling how those fingers dig harder into his skin because of it.


The sounds alone have Xie Lian’s cheeks darkening, knowing his cum from earlier makes it messier. It’s dripped down past his balls and against his hole, adding to the slickness coating that cock that’s spread him open nice and wide. Hua Cheng is addicted to it. He growls out these truths as his mouth finds Xie Lian’s chest again, teeth dragging down the lace so he can circle his tongue on his nipples that are still sore and sensitive from his earlier teasing.


“A-hah you’re insatiable – “ His fingers tangle in Hua Cheng’s hair, voice rendered to nothing but gasps and whimpers of the demon’s name. “- don’t stop-“ The lace strains more against his neglected cock that’s already grown hard again from how Hua Cheng incessantly strikes that submissive chord within him, leaving his body to betray him for indulging the obscene.


“I’ll never stop.”


Saliva glistens on Hua Cheng’s lips as he pulls back, and Xie Lian immediately leans in to kiss him hard. He’s clinging onto Hua Cheng, the kisses growing messier as their desperation intensifies. He’s undeniably submissive to how his husband grips at the back of his neck to greedily steal every moan and taste for himself.


The bed creaks loudly as he’s bouncing on Hua Cheng’s lap, the smacking of their hips meeting with vicious repetition. He drags his nails down Hua Cheng’s chest, panting against his mouth as he matches Hua Cheng’s thrusts with his own desperate ones, body shaking from how Hua Cheng asserts his strength to ram up at the perfect angle.


“Can I-“ Xie Lian starts, whimpering hard at how Hua Cheng has him pressed in so close that their chests meet, grinding down over his cock which has the lace rubbing a delicious friction against his own length. “- San Lang, I want to feel your cum in me-“


The thin, red string falls back into Xie Lian’s line of vision even as he’s completely ruined. He cries both from the pleasure and the undying love he feels from Hua Cheng. Completely depraved are the acts that this demon has embedded into him, that lust that has him endlessly begging for Hua Cheng to lay claim to all of him.


Knowing his husband is in dire need of this feeds into Hua Cheng’s possessive tendencies. “You’re so pretty how can I say no to you?” That lone, dark eye stares at Xie Lian as if he intends to devour him whole. 


“I’ll fill you up with my cum forever, you’ll like that won’t you?”


Xie Lian is helpless to the hands that keep groping his ass, that cock splitting him apart once again as Hua Cheng mutters the most loving and filthy things to him. The moment he says he wants to feel Xie Lian’s cum on him too, the lace is pushed down in Xie Lian’s hasty strokes over his length. It’s when Hua Cheng licks and kisses up his neck to ultimately bite down hard with a growl that Xie Lian begins to unravel.


He grips onto Hua Cheng, leaving his own marks in the wake of how the rush of pleasure takes over his senses. Ribbons of cum smear into his hand as he doesn’t stop fucking into his hand, just as Hua Cheng doesn’t stop fucking into him. Streaks of it land on his chest, tracing down to their thighs, and the knowledge of that has Hua Cheng tilting his head to watch every second of it. He can’t restrain his own groans, not from the way that ass enveloping his cock starts to clamp down around him.


“Ge ge- you’re so greedy for my cum.”


Having his body completely wrecked for a second time has Xie Lian shuddering, that underlying need still making him ruin Hua Cheng in the very same way. He lets out a broken moan at the way Hua Cheng thrusts in deep, still fucking him even as cum starts to fill and mark him inside. As if to completely rile up his husband, Xie Lian shifts his hips to grind down against him, reveling in that feeling of warmth inside which shows his own possessiveness.


A god craving the forbidden, yet he’s shamelessly desperate in how he moans softly for Hua Cheng, legs spread wide so that he can feel the thick cum dripping down his thighs. The demon is mesmerized by the sight, at how beautiful his prince is decorated in lace and cum.


“Mmm, how’s that for a wedding gift?” Xie Lian asks rather breathlessly, smiling as his husband leans in to kiss over his lips in a slow, gentle manner.


“I admit it was a little selfish on my part, but now I know I have to expand our collection. I consider it a privilege as your husband.” With a grin, the demon hums while trailing his finger down over the lace bra.


The idea of Hua Cheng buying even more lingerie for the future has Xie Lian blushing.


“Absolutely spoiled.”


Spoiling Hua Cheng every day of their lives together is the least Xie Lian can do given the demon’s undying devotion to him.