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It had been a little over three years since the Promised Day, Kamui was in his first year of university of Clamp Campus and he had been living with Subaru since his second year in high school in the older male’s apartment.





After the fight between the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven, the onmyouji, Sumeragi Subaru, had completely disappeared from the radar for over a year. Not even the 12th Head of the Sumeragi Clan knew where her grandson had gone.


In that year Kamui had been feeling utterly hopeless and useless. Sorata, Aoki, Saiki, Fuuma, Kotori, Hinoto, his aunt and his mother were gone. From the Angels; Nataku, Satsuki, the former Sakurazukamori, Kanoe and Kakyo were the ones who didn’t make it. While the world had been saved and all the disastrous phenomena stopped killing people, Kamui had never felt as utterly alone as he had during those long months. Yuzuriha had returned to the Mitsumine Shrine with Kusanagi for his rehabilitation and for the fresh air of the countryside. Arashi in her mourning had gone to Mount Kouya to pay her respects to her lost love, Sorata, and then she had returned to Ise.


Karen also hadn’t been able to stay, since she had promised Aoki to take care of his family if something happened to him and had been helping Aoki’s wife and daughter settle down in one of the more rural and the more undamaged part of Tokyo. She had been busy with the move, she was also searching for another job after quitting as a soapland girl.


Kamui had been allowed to stay in the dorm that they all had been living in happily by the chairman, Imonoyama Nokoru, but all the silence had been driving him crazy. The violet-eyed teen was used to having noise and happy abundance echoing throughout the whole house that the Seals had shared. Now it only reminded him how utterly alone he truly was.


While he still dragged himself to school and studied so much that he was in the upper echelon of all the students, it wasn’t because he wanted to have high grades. It was because he didn’t have anything else to do that could distract him. At nights he couldn’t sleep because of the nightmares of the Promised Day, Fuuma killing Kotori with his strings and how he held her decapitated head, his mother burning alive in their house, his aunt dying while giving birth to his Shinken, Saiki’s death, Sorata’s death and how he wasn’t able to save them. Then there was also the moment of when Subaru lost his right eye to Fuuma and the betrayal afterwards. He also often dreamed of the moment he killed his best friend, making him wake up screaming.


So he studied. He studied to forget, to give his mind a little peace in the concentration of comprehending a subject. When he wasn’t in school attending lessons he was either wandering around Tokyo aimlessly or studying. He didn’t have any close friends in school and the only friend he had made during the whole Promised Day shebang was Segawa Keiichi. But he had also moved to his parents’ hometown to bury his father and mother in the family grave and had decided to stay there with his relatives.


Kamui remembered having perfected his mask whenever he stepped outside the door or when Nokoru, Suoh or Akira decided to pay him a visit, but they all had noticed how thin and pale he had become, his cheeks more sunken than ever and his eyebags had gotten darker every day that passed. They were worried, but they couldn’t do anything when Kamui insisted that he’s fine when he clearly wasn’t.


Sometimes when Kamui was alone and he felt utter despair he had taken a utility knife and cut thin lines parallel to his wrists into his skin. The pain had given him a grounding, to feel something else than hopelessness and feeling despondent, it kept him from remembering, it was also a form of punishment for himself.


That had been the scene Subaru walked in on when he returned to Tokyo, a lifeless looking Kamui with a knife in his hand and the teen’s wrists bleeding profusely. The male with a golden and an emerald eye rushed forward to Kamui’s side. He had been keeping tabs on the people who were alive after the Promised Day, and he had been aware that Kamui was going to school and was suffering from nightmares. But he had underestimated just how affected his former Leader truly was of it all.


Subaru took the knife out of the immobile boy’s hand and tried to get a response from Kamui, but the younger male didn’t even twitch or jerk, he didn’t even acknowledge the sight of the onmyouji. Subaru also has had time to grieve, or is still grieving, but to Kamui so much had happened in the span of a year, even less than that. The 26-year-old male was also aware that while he had had a family, a place to return to in Kyoto, to his grandmother, Kamui didn’t.


Kamui was alone, having been an orphan a short while before coming back to Tokyo after 6 years, then he witnessed his first love being murdered by his best friend and then he had to kill his said best friend.


Subaru mentally shook his head; this wasn’t the time to think about what had happened in the past.


He picked up the despondent teen and took him up to the bathroom on the second floor. After setting Kamui on the toilet’s lid, Subaru took out the first-aid kit and wet a few towels with water to clean the slit marks on Kamui’s wrists. He was horrified by how many slit marks covered the thin and pale arms; some were even in the middle of being healed. He used the disinfectant and gently smeared the substance on the wounds. The mismatch-eyed male noticed how Kamui didn’t even flinch, despite the fact that Subaru was gently applicating the disinfectant, it should’ve stung quite a bit with these many wounds.


It only proved how out of it Kamui truly was. A small mercy was that he hadn’t put himself in a self-comatose state as he had in the beginning when Subaru met him for the first time after Kotori had been killed by Fuuma.         


He wrapped the thin forearms in layers of bandage and was going to give Kamui some painkillers but reasoned that the teen had been cutting his arms to feel the pain and didn’t bother with it. Subaru once more lifted Kamui up in his arms, noting how abnormally light he was, before carrying his former Leader to his room.


The room looked exactly like he remembered it did before he betrayed the Dragons of Heaven and joined the Dragons of Earth to fill in for Seishirou’s position. The only differences were that the desk was overflowing with books and papers and looked well used; while the bed looked like no one had slept in it for days, and Subaru honestly believed that was the case and couldn’t really be upset with Kamui for it. And the general atmosphere of the room; no, the whole house fully emitted loneliness and sadness.


He settled Kamui on the bed before he went to the drawers to look for some clothes, there was nothing left in the drawers, he checked Kamui’s hamper and saw that it was overflowing with dirty laundry. Subaru momentarily left the room to check his old room in the house. While he hadn’t been living here full-time like the other Seals, he knew that he had left some pair of clothes in the room assigned to him. The mismatch-eyed man soon found some drawstrings pants and a white button-up shirt that would somewhat fit the small built teen.


Returning to Kamui’s room Subaru proceeded to change the boy out of his school uniform and into the clothes. While undressing Kamui, Subaru saw how truly malnourished he was and wondered how no one had noticed ‘til now. Or perhaps they had noticed but hadn’t been aware how extreme it was, because he’s quite sure that Nokoru would force-feed Kamui if he knew. Fuck, Subaru could see the boy’s ribs for God’s sake.


Subaru raised his ungloved and star-marked hand and touched the skin at the ribs to determine how thin it was, he inwardly winced at how clammy Kamui’s skin felt to his touch. He dressed him in the clothes he had found and tucked him into the bed and under the comforter for warmth.


Downstairs the new Sakurazukamori tried to find something edible and nutritious to eat, but all the cupboards, drawers and the fridge were empty. After searching for fifteen minutes, Subaru finally found some canned soup that hadn’t expired yet. He took a deep bowl and warmed the soup in the microwave. While the soup was heating up the onmyouji located a tray, a spoon and filled a glass with water for the teen.


The microwave beeped to signal that the soup was done, and Subaru placed everything on the tray and carefully walked up the stairs and into Kamui’s room. He put the tray on the bedside table before checking Kamui. Who was still unresponsive and stared with empty eyes into nothingness.


Subaru was easily able to prop-up the numb boy and sat himself at the edge of the bed before he took the tray with the soup and tried to feed him. Kamui didn’t really swallow but it did flow down his esophagus effortlessly as did the water. Afterwards he tucked Kamui back in bed again and this time it seemed like Kamui’s body agreed with Subaru’s opinion and unseeing violet eyes finally closed and as his breathing deepened.


Subaru was finally able to rest easy. It had been a shock to find Kamui in that state and dangerous. But it awakened some thoughts. Did Kamui want to die? But then again, Kamui could have easily ended his life since half a year has passed since the Promised Day. Then what kept the boy living?


He continued to watch Kamui, caressing his cheek every now and then, it felt much warmer now than before. Soon enough Subaru rose to his feet and sat on the lonely desk chair, contemplating on what he should do now.


Having knowledge of just how deep Kamui’s misery is, Subaru just couldn’t leave him alone. But he also had a duty to the tree, what if it suddenly started desiring Kamui’s blood? Would he be able to kill the boy?


No, he couldn’t. Or more like he didn’t want to. The reason why Subaru even stood here right now was because Kamui was able to make the onmyouji “feel” again. Even with Hokuto and Seishirou gone, Subaru hadn’t been able to live like he did before or even worse than that. Because Kamui existed. Kamui who had been concerned for him and shared his pain, and even when he had betrayed the boy and totally crushed his heart, Kamui had still been worried for him.


Kamui had managed to do what none had been able to do for almost a decade. Kamui had managed to worm his way into Subaru’s heart and his roots digging deep into the mismatch eyed male’s metaphorical heart.


Subaru also knew that he couldn’t live in the house with Kamui, not without attending the university section of Clamp Campus, otherwise he would be unwelcomed here. The fact that the other Dragons of Heaven and the Chairman of Clamp Campus had been quite displeased over that he had changed sides and quite wary that he was the current Sakurazukamori. Moreover the latter reason than the former because Arashi had also changed sides once.


And he didn’t know if Kamui would be happy living with him in his apartment. With his head swirling with these thought it was only a moment after that he also fell under the Sandman’s spell.





A few hours had passed by and by the time Kamui came to, it was already the next day late in the morning. Fortunately for him so was it Saturday, meaning no school that day. Unfortunately, so had he almost a heart-attack instead.


On his desk chair sleeping was his former comrade and tutor (and love). Kamui thought that he was dreaming or hallucinating but even after pinching himself; the dream or illusion didn’t disappear. So it was the real Subaru sleeping in the chair.


He took a look over what the onmyouji was wearing. Subaru was wearing all-black, he had a long-sleeved turtleneck, trousers, combat-shoes and a black long trench coat hanging over the chair. His green-black hair was also longer than before.


Ripping his eyes away from the male, the violet-eyed raven noticed that he no longer was in his school uniform, and neither was he wearing his own clothes. He had meant to do his laundry yesterday, but then he had seen a photograph of Kotori, Fuuma and himself in the living room downstairs and…


Kamui blinked. He couldn’t remember what had happened afterwards. His fingers were tracing up his arm, trying to find the familiar wounds that kept him from falling off the edge, grounding him to reality. To his dismay he found bandages covering his wrists up to his elbows before horror settled in. Subaru was here and been here a long time from what he can see if the man had fallen asleep in the same room as him, and Kamui never bandages his wounds after cutting his arms, consciously or unconsciously. Which meant that Subaru had been the one to do it.


Subaru had seen his self-inflected wounds. Oh God! Kamui wanted a hole to swallow him up. Subaru had seen them! The man must hate him for resorting to self-harm! Now Subaru would disappear again without ever glancing back and leave Kamui behind, thinking that he’s a useless and wimpy brat!


So caught up with his own thoughts, had Kamui unaware of that Subaru was already awake, as if sensing Kamui’s distress in his sleep, and had been watching his expression change from dismay to horror(?). When violet eyes met his mismatched ones, Kamui’s eyes widened in what was clearly surprise and startled Subaru by almost flying off the bed. It quite looked like he was trying to escape. Or Kamui would have escaped if he hadn’t managed to tangle his feet in the bedsheets and stumbled off the bed instead; his face kissing the floor.


Face burning red in embarrassment, Kamui didn’t move a single muscle when he heard the onmyouji stand up and walked the short distance between them. Kamui was bewildered when he felt arms around his waist and was easily lifted up on the taller man’s shoulder. He struggled when Subaru went towards his window with the intent of opening it and leap away with him on his shoulder.


“This is kidnapping!” he shouts as he keeps hitting the black clad back, but his punches were weak from exhaustion and by not using his strength for a long time and only gave the feeling of a child’s punches to the older raven.


“Is it really considering kidnapping when I’m taking you to my apartment to feed you and then return you back, so you don’t collapse from malnourishment?”


“And why would you care if I was to collapse or get sick?! You already left! So why would you start to care now?!”


It was true. Subaru had left, and Kamui had forgiven him, but not forgotten. He could still remember when he had confessed his feelings to the older and former Seal and Subaru had rejected him brutally by stating, that the only one he truly loved and cared for was Sakurazuka Seishirou and his sister, Hokuto. Kamui was only his charge given to him by the chairman and that he had misguided his form of affections for Subaru as love. Because Subaru had been the only one who could understand his pain and been able to comfort him. It had left the already weakened Leader more broken than ever, but Kamui still kept strong and fought for his wish of bringing Fuuma back to his former self. Ignoring his own broken heart.


Kamui didn’t want the male’s concern and worry now. It would only give him false hope that he wasn’t alone, only to have that ripped away from him once again. He didn’t want to hope or wish for anything anymore. He was done with it for a lifetime.


Subaru stopped at the anguished tone the boy had before depositing Kamui back on the bed instead. Who grunted at the sudden vertigo and feeling the soft mattress against his back. In an abrupt movement he felt a larger frame pin his body down. Kamui connected his eyes with golden and emerald ones again before his instincts kicked him into going, making him struggle against Subaru’s hold on him. But as earlier; he didn’t have much luck because of his lack of rest and nutrition making him quick to tire.


When Kamui stopped his attempts to flee, Subaru caressed the pale and despondent face with both his hands carefully. As if Kamui was something preciously fragile that could break anytime. Making sure that he was still there with him. It wasn’t long before Subaru leaned down and carefully placed a kiss on Kamui’s forehead and connected it with his own forehead and stared into broken and sad violet eyes.


“I care, Kamui. I truly do care about you, Kamui.”


Tears sprang up in the corner of Kamui’s eyes and started to slowly flow down his face. Hands raising to grab ahold of the black turtleneck, Kamui burrowed his face into Subaru’s shoulder and finally released all the anguish he had tried to keep inside himself all this time.


In a smooth movement, Subaru rolled them both so that Kamui was lying on top of him, while the younger one released his feelings onto his shoulder and shirt. Subaru kept his right hand weaving through Kamui’s hair, while his left rubbed soothing circles on his back. Soon enough did Kamui succumb to darkness, and for the second time, since the Promised Day, he fell into a dreamless state, not plagued by nightmares for once.





The second time Kamui woke up, he was no longer in his room in the dorm of Clamp Campus. He was sleeping in a queen-sized bed in an empty apartment, where the only furniture except the bed was a lone chair and there were also an answering machine-phone on the floor and a lamp beside it. The big windows, beside the headboard of the bed and behind him, were uncovered and Kamui could see the sun was high-up in the sky. So it was at least sometime in the afternoon.


He heard a clinking sound and looked up just in time to see Subaru walking from the small kitchenette with a bowl of herbal porridge on a tray.        


He could feel himself salivating at the smell of the food and his cheeks turned pink when a loud grumble was heard from his stomach. Kamui saw how the pale pink lips quirked slightly upwards in the corner of Subaru’s mouth as he neared the bed.


Placing the tray securely on Kamui’s lap, Subaru took the lone chair in the room as he watched Kamui devour his cooking. Subaru wasn’t a good cook, that had been Hokuto’s area of expertise, but he could at least make some simple meals. But it did make him inwardly pleased that Kamui seemed to like the rice porridge he had made.


Subaru also took the time to assess Kamui while he was distracted by the food. The eyebags seemed to have lightened up a little bit, but his eyes were slightly red and puffy from the crying earlier. It didn’t change the fact that Kamui was still quite thin and would be for a while, but a few weeks of healthy meals and proper sleep should take care of that problem.


While Kamui was done eating, Subaru took the tray and returned to the kitchenette to brew some green tea for the both of them. He walked back to the bed and carefully gave Kamui the cup, but instead of sitting on the chair, Subaru sat beside him on the edge of the bed. He still needed to check the wounds on his wrists and they had to talk.


Kamui was nervous now that he no longer could distract himself. The silence between them was suffocating. It hadn’t been like that before. In the past Kamui could still feel comfortable and relax in the silence and peace they could hold whenever the other was there, but now everything felt heavy between them.


“Tha-thank you for the porridge. I-it was delicious…” he stutters, trying to fill in the silence.


“You’re welcome.”


Was the simple response and Kamui drew a little more into himself. He started to pick on the bandages on his arms, not looking at the other person beside him.


“I s-should go back now. Nokoru-san should be coming to the house soon to check on me…” he said and slowly started to inch towards the foot of the bed.


In a flash Kamui once more found himself picked up on the shoulder and was carried like a sack of potatoes towards what looked like the bathroom.


Subaru had predicted earlier that Kamui would try to run away again, so this was one of the few ways that he could keep Kamui to stay somewhat still while they talked. The bathtub was already filled three quarters with hot water and a lavender bombshell – that he had gotten as a gift from a client – he quickly undressed him and ignored the squeak of protest that Kamui let out as he dumped the younger Seal into the tub.


Kamui had tried to hold onto his borrowed clothes but Subaru was swifter and had managed to strip him before he was dumped into the bathtub. And no, he wasn’t only red from the warm water. He drew his legs up to his chest, trying to hide as much of himself as possible. He tried to not look at bicolored eyes and focused on the steam rising from the water.


Subaru thought that it was quite cute over how Kamui was so overly self-conscious around him. And the flushed expression was tempting him to tease him a little but decided that could wait for a later date.


Finally fed up with the silence and the impromptu bath Kamui started talking.


“Why did you dump me in your bathtub?”


“If I didn’t do something like this you would have found a way to run away,” Subaru said as he casually sat on the edge, “But not even you can run away without clothes on and wet if you don’t want to get seen and sick.”


A moment’s pause.


“And you’re a little dirty.” Kamui turned redder at that. Sure he hadn’t bathed or showered since Thursday night but that was because he was distracted when he came back yesterday and slept through most of the day and today.


Subaru reached for the shampoo and squirted a small amount on his hand before taking a small bucket and dipping it into the bathwater and letting the water flow down on the boy’s locks and then lathered it with the shampoo.


Kamui kept quiet the whole time as he let Subaru wash his hair and enjoyed the hands that kept massaging his scalp. The hands moved gently and lulled him slowly into drowsiness. Not even when water was once again poured down onto his hair did he stir. But when the hands trailed down his arms over the bandages and unbinding them he jerked up in caution.

He avoided the eyes that kept checking over the wounds on his wrists and forearms.


He still didn’t look at the other when slender fingers gripped his chin firmly and moved his face towards the other male’s face.




It was such a simple question and Kamui didn’t need any more to know what Subaru meant.


Why did you hurt yourself?


“I…” Kamui started but he didn’t know how to answer even though he knew why he had started cutting himself. Frustrated tears started to collect in his eyes, and he stubbornly rubbed them away.


Subaru waited patiently for the other to talk, knowing it wasn’t so easy.


“E-everything kept happening so quickly. I don’t have anyone. Kotori was killed by Fuuma, as was Saiki and Sorata! My mother died as the shadow sacrifice for the Earth and my aunt died giving birth to my Shinken! Fuuma and the other Dragons of Earth kept destroying the Barriers around Tokyo leading to many injuries, deaths and destruction.”


Kamui didn’t mention his confession, the rejection and the feeling of betrayal caused by Subaru.


“My best friend kept hurting and torturing me, and all I wanted was to bring back the old Fuuma!” Kamui was now openly crying, choking on his sobs and tried to keep them at bay, but the dam had already broken.


“Then Aoki-san and Nataku were killed while trying to help Karen-san, Kusanagi-san was hurt protecting Yuzuriha! Sorata died while fulfilling his fate of protecting the woman he loves! I… Fuuma was killed by his own wish by wanting me to kill him, but I was the one who killed him in the end! I couldn’t protect them! I couldn’t protect them from Hinoto’s dark side and from their Fates! Even though I have the so-called God’s Authority?! It doesn’t mean anything if I can’t save anyone!


I kept going to school because, because that’s the one thing Kotori wanted to do, to be able to study and the go into the dying fabric business and study colors and patterns to make her perfect indigo color, Fuuma too wanted to finish school to be able to help his father and sister.”


‘And because you also had to drop out to become stronger to take on the former Sakurazukamori, while you truly wanted to become a veterinary or an animal caretaker. And I thought that I should finish school for the both of us,’ was his unsaid reason, and over his dead body would he ever admit it to anyone. Not even to Subaru.


“But whenever I wasn’t in school or studying I would be reminded of their deaths and the house was so quiet and full of our memories together making it more difficult to return there. It felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness and every little thing felt like it was spinning out of control. Then one day while I was cooking and nicked my finger on the knife while chopping onions… the, the pain stopped it all…” he whispered lowly in the end, making Subaru strain his ears to hear it.


“The pain, it gave me some ground to stand on. I didn’t sink, and nothing felt like it was out of my control. While I concentrated on the pain; all my worries, regrets, shortcomings, nightmares and loneliness were kept away. The pain kept it all away.”


While speaking so had Kamui freed his arms from Subaru’s hold and kept going tighter and tighter into a ball, hiding his face in his knees.


Subaru didn’t say anything the whole time Kamui spoke, though he did inwardly flinch when the teen had paused for a moment and then continued to speak. Knowing that Kamui had kept what pain Subaru had caused him to himself, though the pain was clearly evident in his features.


When the boy in the bathtub was done speaking, Subaru did the only thing that he could think of that would be able to somewhat comfort his former Leader. He gathered Kamui in his arms, not caring that he was going to get wet, and sat down on the tiled floor and placed Kamui so he sat sideways in the 26-year-old’s lap, with the younger one’s face nuzzled into his chest.


Subaru knew that anything that he could say would sound empty to Kamui, so he would let him know that he would be there. That he would always be by Kamui’s side where Kamui could run to, where he could feel protected and safe. Subaru would become the grounding, the foot-hold, that Kamui needs. He hugged the violet-eyed angel tighter when he felt the hold on his shirt again and Kamui once more cried into his chest.


They both sat down on the floor for a while till Kamui’s sobs finally subsided and he was only sniffling.


Placing both his hands on the wet cheeks, Subaru kept wiping away the salty tears that flowed down, while his eyes softened considerably. Kamui’s violet eyes finally meeting his mismatched ones, and Subaru was attacked by the feeling that Kamui looked very adorable with his flushed cheeks and teary eyes. He slowly leaned down and pecked pink lips, and watched as comprehension spread across Kamui’s face as violet eyes widened and the pinkness in his cheeks turned red.


Kamui hadn’t been able to process the quick kiss on his lips fast enough, and when he did he flushed in pleasant embarrassment, before he processed that he was naked. He is naked and sitting on his crush’s lap and had gotten the other totally wet. Meaning Subaru has seen all of him and he lets out a squeak as he folds into himself again, trying to keep some of his modesty intact.


Subaru lets out a quiet chuckle at Kamui’s sudden act of shyness. Stretching his arm, he was able to grab a hold onto the big and fluffy towel that he had placed on the metal bar beside the tub, before covering Kamui with it and stood up with the teen in his arms, making his angel let out another cute squeak as Kamui surrounded his neck with his thin arms as a measure to not get dropped and fall down onto the hard, cold floor.


Ignoring his own wet clothes, Subaru carries Kamui back to his bed and went into the kitchenette to make him another cup of hot tea. After giving it to Kamui, the older raven walks back into the bathroom and unplugs the bathtub and strips off his wet clothes, opting to take a hot shower instead. The water in the tub had also cooled.





Stepping back into the room dressed in only a pair of drawstrings pants was Subaru with a towel around his neck, catching the small drops of water from his damp green-black hair. On his bed, Kamui was still cupping the mug of tea between his pale hands, sipping slowly on the hot drink and enjoying the taste. He was still only covered in the towel from his shoulders to his toes. Subaru felt a little like he had picked up a stray kitten as he watched Kamui drink, while he himself dried his hair a little more with the towel on his shoulders.


Quietly, Subaru slipped behind the other raven, so Kamui was sitting between his legs and his chest was behind the boy’s back. The only indication the other gave him to acknowledge his presence was the small tightening on the mug in his hands. Subaru took the towel that was around his neck and started to dry the black-blue strands with it. The tenseness in Kamui’s body soon gave away and he started to relax against Subaru.


When Kamui’s hair was dried, Subaru pressed his lips to the crown of his head and let them linger for a while and took in the natural scent that came from the younger male. Kamui smelled of lavender, green tea and something else that belonged solely to the teen.


Kamui was slightly startled when Subaru kissed his head, not used to the other being so affectionate towards him. He could feel his face burning again and up to his ears. Before the Promised Day they both had been comfortable with each other enough that they could clearly talk about anything. Subaru; a little about his past, his older twin sister, and about Seishirou. Kamui could do exactly the same thing, but the difference was that Kamui was the only one in love with the other and knowing that it is one-sided. (When he had confessed to Subaru it had been a in the heat of a moment thing.) But they never touched each other physically, except the occasional hug or hand-holding when the other was hurt.


He wasn’t used to being treated like he is something precious, he is the Kamui, the one who wields God’s power and authority. He has always been treated like he was something great, when he truly just was a weak child blinded by what others had said to him and about his own Fate. The days up to the Promised Day had been a real eye-opener to him.


Distractedly Kamui looked outside and was surprised that it was already dark. It was dark outside!


“Holy sh-!” he managed to stop before he cussed out loud and abruptly stood up, almost spilling his tea and would have whacked Subaru’s chin and right cheek with his head if the man hadn’t avoided it with ease.


“The chairman! He’s checking up on me today!” Kamui panicked and here he had been leisurely sitting and sipping on tea.


Feeling arms sneaking around his waist, Kamui was dragged back between the older man’s legs. He could feel his bare back meet Subaru’s warm chest as the other nuzzled his face into his unruly hair.


‘Wait a minute… my bare back against Subaru’s warm chest…?’


Kamui looked down his own body and was horrified that he had dropped the towel covering him when he had stood up. This time his whole body turned red as he hastily drew up his knees.






“Umm… t-that is I h-have to go. The chairman was, is, gonna check on me today and I have to return to the dorm… My phone is also there so I’m not able to contact him because his number is programmed inside it…” Kamui began and bit his lower lip when Subaru nuzzled his neck with his nose. “T-that is, could I please borrow some clothes? I will wash them and all before returning them…”


Kamui shivered when the man nibbled on his right ear and blew in it, almost making him jump out of the arms holding him, if it wasn’t for Subaru’s tight hold on him.


“That won’t be necessary,” Subaru began as his hands traced abstract patterns on the pale skin, “I have already contacted Takamura-san that I had you sleeping in my apartment in the morning and didn’t know when you’d be able to return.”


Kamui turns his face towards the other male in surprise.


“H-how did they take it…?” he asks carefully, and Subaru huffs in amusement at that.


“As well as you probably think,” and his lips quirked a little upwards, “But they, Imonoyama-san, Takamura-san and Ijyuin-san; acquiesced to leave you in my care in consideration of that I managed to get you to really sleep and eat. Though… Kasumi-san happened to find out about it and let’s say she had some… rather ‘interesting’ words about it but ultimately also allowed it.”


What Subaru didn’t mention was that the slightly younger female had quite threatened him if he would ever hurt Kamui again she would burn his whole body ‘til only his ashes remained and she would do it slowly and watch him die in agony. Subaru had been quite amused that the woman had the guts to threaten him, the Sakurazukamori, and had approved of her concerns. He also would have done the same thing if Kamui had been “kidnapped” by someone like himself.


“Oh, she also mentioned to use protection and that you both will have a ‘talk’ when she visits you next time.”


Kamui groaned and hides his face again, and Subaru smiles at his antics. He placed his chin on top of the pale shoulder and leans forward so he could cuddle the lithe frame of the teen’s. Subaru himself didn’t know that he could be this affectionate and quite liked to cuddle with Kamui. The time spent away from Kamui had made him want to touch the boy in his arms. And Kamui also needed all the love he could get.


What he felt for Kamui was love but it wasn’t as twisted as his affections for Seishirou had been and it had confused him thoroughly. These new emotions had also scared him. These feelings had scared him and he had lied to Kamui when he had blurted out his feeling towards him. Subaru had lied that he only felt responsible for Kamui because Nokoru had placed him in his care and that the only ones he cared for were Hokuto and Seishirou. Subaru ran away, from the Seals, from Kamui and the feelings he held towards a boy nine years younger than him.


But after the Promised Day when he had to hide himself for a while – to completely become the Sakurazukamori – and let the rest of the underworld and magical world know that there is a new successor to the old Grave Keeper of the Sakura Tree. And under all the time he hid himself from the others, Subaru couldn’t stop himself from thinking about the violet-eyed teen that had been burdened with the Fate of the World. The same person who had shared his grief and whom he could share parts of his past with; the boy who he had drawn so many parallels with his own past-self. The only difference with him and Kamui was that Kamui had kept on fighting, going forward even though he was betrayed, hurt and tortured from almost every angle and corner of his life.


Subaru had been glad when the first report on Kamui had come to him, and he read that he had kept going to school despite all and was smiling. But now he realizes that it all had been a mask Kamui had donned to keep everyone from worrying over him.


Well, in the end after he came out from hiding his first priority had been to check up on his former Leader that he had missed immensely. He hadn’t planned to show himself to Kamui this fast, if ever, but when Kamui hadn’t turned on the lights in the house even after the sun had started to set, and he knew that the boy was inside, Subaru had started debate with himself if he should go inside to check in on him.


Now Subaru was grateful that he is such a worrywart. Because the shock of seeing Kamui bleeding and with a knife in his hand had shaved a few years off of his life.


Subaru flopped to his left side so that his head was on the pillow, while his left bicep served as a pillow to the teen in his arms. He covered them both with the blanket and placed his right arm so that it was lightly placed over Kamui’s waist after he had dragged the naked teen closer to himself. Subaru hushed Kamui when he opened his mouth to protest.


“Shush, just sleep for now.”


Kamui relented and while he is still embarrassed that he is lying naked in his crush’s arms and feeling the warm skin against his naked back, Kamui was tired. The emotional rollercoaster that had been today had mentally and physically tired him out, though he had slept most of the day, and he was soon lulled back into slumber from the warmth covering him and the arm on his waist holding him.


Moments after Kamui had fallen asleep, Subaru tangled their legs together intertwining their bodies even closer and soon he too was dragged into the land of dreams.   



Chapter Text


The morning after had been awkward for Kamui. He had woken up early from having slept too much these past two days and his body had become restless. But he had frozen in his place as he opened his eyes and stared straight into a familiar yet unfamiliar sleeping face.


He remembered what had occurred the previous day and flushed at the memory of crying like a child in front of Subaru twice. Now that he thought about it, it had been liberating to finally let out all that he had held in for so long.


Feeling an arm around his bare back and clothed legs tangled with his own, made Kamui realize his state of undress and his already pink cheeks turned darker. He stiffened when a clothed leg accidentally brushed against his exposed morning wood, and he had to bite back a moan at the friction. Kamui tried to get some space between his and Subaru’s bodies so the older man wouldn’t notice his little “problem” and possibly make Kamui even more mortified than he already was.


“Kamui?” came the sleepy mumble from Subaru as his wiggling and squirming had woken the older man up.


The Leader of the Dragons of Heavens stilled when he heard the sleepy mumble and slowly let his gaze face towards sleepy and half-lidded mismatched eyes.


Noticing the watery eyes and the flushed face, Subaru placed his right hand against a red cheek.


“What’s wrong?” Subaru asked in a husky and sleep-laced voice, but one could still hear the worried tone it contained.


“I-it’s nothing… I… I just need to go to the bathroom…” Kamui tries to excuse himself and prays that Subaru wouldn’t realize his real reason for escaping his arms.


The arms around the lithe body loosened their hold and Kamui took it as the other’s consent and took the towel that was on the floor to cover his body and rushed towards the bathroom, leaving a perplexed Subaru at his hasty exit.


Sluggishly, Subaru sat up on the edge of the bed and opened up the sliding floor-to-ceiling window beside his bed. He reached towards his trench coat that was slung over the chair and took out his cigarettes and lighter from its pocket and lit one up. The golden and emerald eyed man slowly inhaled the smoke into his lungs and exhaled, seeing the smoke drift as a pleasant breeze swept inside the room.


It was still quite early for a Sunday morning and the morning traffic hadn’t really picked up yet. His keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of his shower running. Puzzled, he noticed that it had been more than 15 minutes since Kamui disappeared into the bathroom. Standing up and walking towards the bathroom he knocked on the door.




When he didn’t get a response from the other, Subaru tried opening the door, which was surprisingly unlocked, and stepped inside the bathroom. His gaze swept over to the crouched form of the teen under the showerhead in the bathtub and quietly walked over. Reaching towards Kamui, Subaru hissed as the freezing water hit his bare arm and quickly turned off the shower.


“Kamui?” he tries again but Kamui didn’t respond, though Subaru noticed the sudden tenseness in the shoulders. He placed his right-hand on a cold shoulder.


“What’s wrong?” Once again so wasn’t he given a response.


“Are you hurt?”


Finally Kamui shook his head, indicating a ‘no’ to the man.


“In pain?”


Another shake of the head.




A pause and a small nod.


“And you’re troubled by it?”


A nod.


So, Kamui was worried and troubled about something that required him to take an ice-cold shower.


“Do you want to talk about it?”


A headshake.


“Am I able to help?”


More frantic headshaking.


Sighing in resignation Subaru readied himself to pick up the smaller male lest he wanted to let him freeze and catch a cold. Kamui after having had had that freezing shower and sitting in a crouch all this time couldn’t even struggle because of how heavy his limbs felt. And he also wanted to find a cave and become a hermit when Subaru muttered a small “Oh” as he finally saw what it was that made the teen take a cold shower.


A light blush rose up on Subaru’s cheeks as he saw what Kamui’s problem is. But decided if Kamui didn’t want him to say anything he wouldn’t and took the discarded towel on the tiles and bundled up the smaller male in it again before picking him up again and deposited him on the bed. Kamui immediately took the blanket and covered his whole body with it, trying to hide himself from Subaru’s mismatched eyes as much as he could.


Subaru let Kamui do as he wanted; he understood his embarrassment. The thing was, what to do now.






‘Ignoring me again, huh.’


“Kamui, it’s a totally normal physiological reaction for males to have, teens even more so, because of the influx of hormones, especially in the mornings,” Subaru tries,

as he sits beside the bundle on his bed.


A muffled reply came from under his blanket.


“What?” Subaru asked and leaned closer to where he thinks Kamui’s head is. 


Freeing his burning face away from his small, self-made sanctuary; Kamui didn’t look at the other as he mumbles his response again. 


“I-I know it’s normal! But i-it won’t go down!”


Kamui ducked under the covers again after his sentence was said.


Subaru stared blankly at nothing, not expecting that. That, that was a problem if it didn’t even go down, especially with a freezing shower like the one Kamui took.


“D-did you try to imagine something that would make it go down?” Damn it, he’s the adult here and shouldn’t be stuttering like this, not when Kamui was embarrassed enough for the both of them. Subaru took the shaking of the bundle as a yes.


Steeling himself, Subaru really hoped that this wouldn’t make him seem like a predator and possibly be sued for statutory rape if someone ever found out about it. He managed to wrench the blanket and towel off of Kamui. Making him look like a deer caught in headlights, before placing Kamui in his lap again with his chest to the younger one’s bare back. Subaru knew if he said that Kamui could take care of it and that he wouldn’t mind, then Kamui wouldn’t do it. Too embarrassed that Subaru is aware what he’s doing inside the bathroom and wouldn’t be able to let it out. But it would be unhealthy for Kamui’s body if his erection didn’t go down and the fastest way was to take care of it.


With that thought in mind, Subaru licked his right hand and wrapped it around the erect member, startling a gasp out from pink lips. He started stroking it slowly until it was fully erect and precum started gathering at the tip. Kamui tried to get his larger hand off his member but Subaru caught one of Kamui’s hands in his and wrapped both of their hands around the hard organ. His larger hand encompassing the smaller one.


Kamui tried to hold in his own mewls and moans by covering his mouth with his free hand. But a loud moan escaped when Subaru thumbed his slit.




Kamui felt as he was falling and tried to grab ahold of something, abandoning the idea of muffling his sounds. He couldn’t find anything and his left hand latched onto the arm of the hand that was pinching and playing with his left nipple, making more pleasure course through his frame.


Subaru couldn’t help but take in Kamui’s aroused expression as he touched the male in his arms. The cheeks flushed a pretty cherry red, and violet eyes half-lidded, glazed and watery from the pleasure he bestowed upon the lithe body. He let the hand that had been playing with Kamui’s nipple grip that pointy chin and turned Kamui to face him and kissed him passionately. Delighted at the gasp that made Subaru able to explore the wet cavern of his Kamui's mouth. As Subaru instigated the intense but sloppy – because of inexperience on Kamui’s part – tongue-play between them he upped the pace on the boy’s cock, swallowing down all the moans that came from Kamui.


Precum was now flowing freely down the shaft, making it easier for their hands to go up and down it. Kamui had to break the kiss and weakly leaned onto the other as he tried to breathe through all the pleasure.


“Ahhnn…nngg… n-no, don’t do that…” he moaned as he felt fingers travel between his legs and caressed his twitching entrance.


Soon Kamui found himself sucking on two fingers, lathering them both thickly with his saliva. He heard a husky moan from behind him, and slightly tilted his head to watch the taller male’s expression. His heart skipped a beat at the man’s eyes. Both golden and emerald eyes were flashing in lust and something else, the blush on Subaru’s cheeks highlighted how pale he was and Kamui moaned at that. Pleased that he could make Subaru have an expression like that.


The fingers left his mouth with a small pop, and he watched dazedly as they traveled down his body and under his testicles and rubbed his perineum before going lower and one slender but long finger slowly pushed inside him ‘til the knuckle. Kamui squirmed at the weird feeling but got used to it after the finger kept moving in and out of him.


Subaru had started grinding his own hips lightly against Kamui but kept on pleasuring the teen on his lap. When he felt Kamui relax against his finger he carefully let his middle finger join the other in to the knuckle. The fleshy walls around his fingers tightened and he released Kamui’s hand that had been under his and kept pumping the organ to make him loosen up a bit. His fingers searching for that one spot that would make Kamui scream.


“Nnngh… aah.. haah..” Kamui moaned as the fingers inside him started to move and stretch his hole, it was a bit uncomfortable but soon enough it started to feel good.


“Subaru~!” he mewled out when the other hit a spot inside and he couldn’t keep himself from coming at the sheer pleasure he got from it.


White ribbons of cum spurted out, covering his heaving chest and the hand that had been wrapped around his finally limping member. Subaru kept rubbing his fingers on that spot inside of the pliant body, milking the teen through his orgasm. He let out a low moan when he felt himself reaching completion, and slowly withdrew his fingers from the relaxed body, earning a soft whine from Kamui.


Subaru took a moment to gather himself before he let his mismatched eyes roam over Kamui, whom looked pleasantly dazed, and Subaru couldn’t help the slight twitch down there that came from seeing Kamui covered in his own cum.


Ignoring his own sperm-covered hand Subaru carried the still dazed youth into the bathroom and used the shower head to wash off the drying cum on them before setting Kamui down in the plugged tub and started to fill it with hot water. He stripped off his dirty pants and underwear and joined Kamui in the tub. Subaru managed to slip behind Kamui and arranged so that Kamui was sitting comfortably between his bent knees – his legs being a little too long to be able to stretch them out – and leaning against his chest.


After shutting off the running water, Subaru finally relaxed. He’s contemplating over what had happened. Subaru had only meant to jerk Kamui off, but he hadn’t taken into account over how hard it had been for himself to not just take Kamui then and there. Not even when he and Seishirou had had sex so did he react like it wasn’t enough. Like he wanted to take and take and see the other loose himself in pleasure at his touch and would never tire of watching it.


Fortunately, so did Subaru have an iron-willed self-control and managed to stop himself from going too far. It was far too early for that in this forming relationship with Kamui. Even though the teen was sexually allowable, he still felt like sex predator with Kamui only being seventeen. Still a minor according to Japan’s laws.


It would take some time to come over the age-difference and the guilt that came with feeling like a cradle robber, although he still wouldn’t let Kamui slip out of grasp if he could help it.


While being lost in his thoughts, so had Subaru started to play with Kamui’s wet raven hair, making Kamui snap out of his pleasured haze. When his mind caught up with everything that had happened this past hour he blushed crimson, inwardly groaning at how he could let the Subaru see him in that state.


He shuddered when he felt lips kissing his left shoulder and hands around his waist and turned to his left side to see mismatched eyes peering sideways at him. The older male’s face slowly neared his, giving him time to avoid if he wanted to, and despite feeling unnaturally shy, Kamui closed the last bit and gave Subaru a peck on his thin and pale pink lips, surprising him a little before the lips quirked upwards.


Before Kamui had time to turn around, Subaru kissed him firmly on his lips, and prodded his tongue against his closed mouth, which opened hesitantly, giving Subaru the invitation he needed. The more experienced tongue slowly coaxed Kamui to let his to come and play. Unsurely the younger’s tongue started to intertwine with the other wet organ and they kept a slow but passionate dance going on between them. Letting Kamui get some more experience in the art of kissing.


When the oxygen started getting too low for Kamui, Subaru broke the kiss but gave a quick peck in the corner of Kamui’s mouth before he lowered his mouth to the place where the neck met the shoulder and marked it with his lips. Leaving behind a bright red mark and nipped at it lightly before he hugged his little love and nuzzled into the shoulder.


“S-Subaru…?” came the quiet questioning voice. Said male hummed as a sign that he had heard him, currently too comfortable to move his face away from the thin shoulder, peppering it with light butterfly kisses.


“What are we?” Kamui asked softly and emphasized the ‘we’ with a sweep of his hand. 


Subaru finally lifted his head and turned the boy around in his lap so that Kamui straddled his hips, making the water around them splash over the edges, and gently placed his right palm against a pink cheek and caressed it with his thumb.


“Whatever you want us to be,” he said gently, “But be aware that the moment that you say you’re mine, I’m as equally yours. And I won’t let you go, no matter how much you want me to. I will not be able to do it Kamui. Because as you know, I’m a weak man when it comes to the matters of the heart, especially if someone else holds that heart.”


Kamui bites his lower lip before he placed both his hands gently against Subaru’s cheeks and leaned down, pecking the pale lips with his own. His cheeks turning crimson, but Kamui didn’t take his hands off the other but he did avert his eyes.


“You’re not weak Subaru. You’ve just been hurt too much and wants to hold onto something tangible in all the pain and sadness you have, are, going through.”


Subaru placed his left hand on top one of hands holding his cheeks and nuzzled into the warmth, as his heart fluttered from Kamui’s words. Making the smaller male’s breath hitch.


“A-and,” he cleared his throat and tried to not stutter out anymore words as he whispered, “My feelings from before still hasn’t changed. No matter how much I tried to, I couldn’t forget them.”


Kamui took a deep breath and exhaled out slowly, then locked his violet eyes with golden and emerald eyes.


“I love you, Subaru. Always have since I met you and always will.”


After having confessed his feelings for a second time, Kamui promptly averted his eyes again, still remembering the past rejection and unconsciously waited to for the rejection once more.


On the other hand so was Subaru having a hard time controlling himself from claiming Kamui completely this instant. His heart had skipped several beats when Kamui confessed to him again and was looking too adorable with his shy and flushed expression. But his eyebrows furrowed when after telling Subaru about his feelings, Kamui averted his eyes. Then realization hit Subaru, he knew why Kamui was avoiding his eyes. He was expecting Subaru to reject his confession again.


‘Well, time to prove him wrong.’


Subaru yanked on the pale hands on his face, making Kamui let out a startled yelp, and the abnormally thin body fell down on his. Letting their bare skins glide against each other, and he grabbed the weary face of the teen and leaned down to fully kiss Kamui like he was going to devour his everything. Breaking the kiss, Subaru didn’t widen the distance between their lips as he whispered to Kamui, his breathe caressing the pink lips.


“I love you, Kamui. And this time I won’t run away nor let you go.”


Tears sprung up within Kamui’s eyes, and he stubbornly tried to blink them away, not wanting to cry again. He tentatively wrapped his arms around Subaru’s neck. Holding onto the older man as his life depended on it and didn’t let go until Subaru stood up with Kamui still clinging onto him and was drying him with a new towel and then dried himself. They managed to do their necessary hygiene before walking out back to the main room. The whole time Kamui kept close to Subaru while covering his whole body with the towel while Subaru just had one tied around his waist before walking to an in-built cupboard.


After fishing out some clothes for himself and ones that would fit the shorter male and a pack of unused boxers, Subaru put them on before giving Kamui the other pair of clothes and the new pack of boxers. He gave the teen a small peck on the head when the other muttered a small thank you, and the teen turned a familiar shade of pink as he walked to the kitchenette to make a light and nutritious meal for the both of them.





Since the morning, when he arrived at the classroom, his classmates had been staring at him like he was some unknown entity. Even the teachers had stared at him when he answered questions meant for him.


It had been worse when his class had P.E. Usually he didn’t participate, not really feeling well most of the time, but he had been feeling a little better these past few days since he finally got some healthy meals inside him and had gotten a relatively great amount of sleep the whole weekend.


After eating their late breakfast, Subaru had treated and re-bandaged his arms and then driven — yes, he has a driver’s license and a car, he just doesn’t usually use them — them to the nearest grocery shop near Clamp Campus so Kamui would be able to make some healthy meals for himself to eat. When they arrived at the dorm house Kamui lived in, Subaru helped him to carry everything inside before programming his cellphone and landline phone numbers into Kamui’s cellphone.


Subaru would have stayed longer if he hadn’t sensed that Nokoru, Suoh and Akira were nearing the house and kissed Kamui one last time for the day and managed to drive away before the Clamp Campus trio arrived, leaving a blushing and confused Kamui in the living room.


The teen had gotten a thorough scolding over letting dangerous men inside the house from both Nokoru and Suoh, while Akira had smiled and sweat-dropped as he watched his friends behave like mother hens. Kamui had wanted to say that he didn’t let Subaru into the house the first time, the man had let himself in and Kamui had woken up with him being in his bedroom. But he wasn’t stupid enough to say it and complicate things further for himself and Subaru. Kamui was also scolded for not contacting them when he’s going to sleep over at someone else’s place. Again, he hadn’t even been conscious when the onmyouji took him to his apartment.


Somehow Kamui had been able to not mention what his and Subaru’s current relationship is, when he said that the trio would be seeing the older male a lot more in the future. Making Nokoru contemplate on upgrading the security system around the premises but Kamui managed to persuade the blonde to not do it. One; it wouldn’t work, ‘cause Subaru was the Sakurazukamori and had a few tricks up his sleeves; and if Subaru truly wanted to, no security system would be able to stop him. Two; Subaru didn’t want to hurt Kamui, no matter how much he had changed, it remained true if Subaru had to hurt someone he would do it rather sooner than later to prevent as much pain as possible.


When the trio were about to leave, it flabbergasted Kamui that it was Akira that gave him pepper-spray instead of Suoh.


“Takamura-senpai thinks it’s dishonorable for someone who practices martial arts to carry something like this on themselves if it isn’t required for a mission,” explained Akira as he too left.


Kamui shook his head, now wasn’t the time for idle thoughts. Luckily, he had managed to change into the long red track pants and the white long-sleeved track shirt – which effectively hid his abnormal thinness and the bandages on his arms – without someone seeing him.


Their class were having Track & Field today, and they were separated into girls and boys groups with another class. Kamui’s group consisted of thirty boys mixed with the other class and they were having the 100 meters dash first. The teacher would time them and write down their times on his clipboard. They were divided into groups of three, a total of ten groups and they had to run the distance three times.


Kamui was in the fifth group and when it was his turn, he silently bristled when the teacher took one look at him before dismissing him totally as someone non-athletic. If there’s something that Kamui truly doesn’t like, it’s when people underestimate him because of his physique.


The violet-eyed teen got in position and when the whistle sounded he took off in an instant, leaving the other two with their jaws hanging open. He finished the sprint without even feeling winded. Huh, who knew that he still had some stamina and strength left even though he hasn’t done anything but studying this past year.


“S-Shirou, time 10.02 seconds!” the teacher stuttered, bewildered that the frail looking teen was that fast.


Indifferently, Kamui walked back behind the start line and ignored every gaze directed towards him. He clicked his tongue under his breath.


‘Doesn’t people have better things to do than to stare at people like some morons.’


Fortunately for Kamui, so was this his last class for the day and he could go back to the house and shower there without needing to change back into his school uniform. And without people staring at him constantly.


Kamui let out a quiet sigh, hoping that the class could end sooner so he could go back and hide inside the house and finally relax.





Kamui had just stepped out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist and one hanging on his head and walked downstairs to get something to drink before he dressed and heated up some left-over dinner from yesterday that Akira had made. Because he was busy drying his hair as he walked downstairs, he hadn’t noticed the other person in the living room as he opened the fridge and drank the milk directly from the carton.


“That can’t be hygienic.”


Kamui choked on the milk as the familiar voice filtered through his ears. Coughing, he tried to get out as much milk as possibly from his lungs and turned a teary violet eyes towards his boyfriend, who was now leaning on the frame of the kitchen entrance, giving him a concerned look.


Subaru had arrived to the lights switched on in the house but he saw no Kamui. Who should’ve been home by now. Then he heard the sound of running water coming from upstairs and concluded that the house’s only occupant was currently taking a shower.


The raven haired man took a seat on the sofa in the living room and fished out his cigarette pack and lighter from his pocket and was going to light one, but then heard footsteps coming from the stairs. From his position he could see his younger boyfriend only clad in a flimsy towel around his waist, showing off pale, thin and soft looking thighs and nude upper body.


Subaru noted that Kamui hadn’t noticed his presence yet and followed the other quietly to the kitchen and leaned against the frame of the entrance. Watching Kamui drink from the milk carton and couldn’t help but comment out loud that it couldn’t be hygienic.


Concerned, he watched as Kamui coughed up a storm and strode over to pat his back in comfort.


“Subaru?” Kamui managed to get out between coughs and the older man hummed in reply.


When Kamui’s coughing fit ended, the younger raven realized just how underdressed he was at the moment, silently lamenting the fact that he is unusually often without clothes in front of Subaru.


“Please wait a moment,” Kamui started as he shyly averted his eyes and used his hands to somewhat cover himself, “I will just go upstairs and get dressed.”


Gazing at Kamui’s retreating form when the younger boy hastily fled upstairs, Subaru let out an amused chuckle. Kamui was still quite shy even though Subaru had already seen most of his body.


While Kamui was still too thin, his skin color had taken on a more healthy nuance. And the eyebags under his eyes had lightened up considerably. It would take some time ‘til Kamui was up to the optimal weight he should have, but Subaru was nothing short of patient. He would make sure that his little love would be the healthy spitfire he had been before all the events of the Promised Day happened.


‘Love is really blind,’ Subaru thought if he was consciously encouraging Kamui to be a rude punk towards others.


Or that was at least what Sorata had told him once, when the now deceased teen had commented that Kamui was like a well-behaved kitten in front of its oblivious owner when he was with the Sumeragi Head. While towards others the kitten hissed and clawed at anyone else as it could and rudely snubbed them. Subaru had raised a delicate eyebrow at that and hadn’t seen what Sorata meant with that analogy. Kamui was a polite, if a little sensitive, and kind teen. He was just a bit misunderstood.


Sorata had just stared at the older spiritualist and then started laughing hysterically. Confusing the other Seals in the room and making Arashi look concerned and wondered if the other had finally lost some screws. Kamui looked as lost as the others when the oldest teen collapsed in his fit of laughter – Arashi being the second oldest teen and Yuzuriha the youngest – and managed to get out “oblivious owner of a kitten”.


Every other Seal then understood why monk from Mount Kouya was laughing, except Kamui and Subaru, they had also had that conversation and comparison with Sorata and they all tried to keep a straight face when both Subaru and Kamui looked adorably confused. Not knowing they were the ones making the other Seals amused.


Subaru had understood it a few days later when he had accidently seen Kamui looking annoyed as a teacher scolding him for ignoring his teachers during lesson time and speaking rudely towards them, when the onmyouji was having an hour off before his next lecture. Kamui had kept his silence until the teacher had turned their back towards Kamui and Subaru almost choked when he had seen that Kamui had given the teacher the finger. The teacher was blissfully unaware of Kamui’s rude gesture, while Subaru finally understood as Sorata’s analogy of Kamui being a two-faced kitten and him being the oblivious owner rang true. Kamui would never do something like that if he had known Subaru was in the vicinity.


Later that day when they had their tutoring session at the gazebo, Subaru had discreetly asked Kamui if something interesting had happened that day. The teen had glared – pouted – at the table and said that a teacher had scolded him for speaking out of turn during classes and then ignoring the teachers when they turned their attention to him. It actually had been some lame male classmate, who had taken a liking to make trouble for him as much as possible. Though Kamui had admitted to Subaru that he had given the teacher the finger when the educator’s back was turned towards him.                   


Subaru had patted him on the head as silent comfort for that. And silently wondered if that classmate was having a crush on the violet-eyed beauty of class 3-A. Kamui’s face had reddened at his gesture and obviously changed the subject back to their original goal of tutoring.


The golden and emerald eyed man chuckled at the memory. Thanks to that analogy from two years ago from Sorata, Subaru had many times compared Kamui as a misunderstood kitten that was starving for affection but didn’t know how to show it to anyone else but Subaru, who he could relate to.


The onmyouji was pulled from his reminiscing when Kamui came back downstairs, dressed in black ripped jeans and a loose black tank-top with a large silver cross printed on it and white socks on his feet.


“D-do you want some tea? Or is coffee better? I also have some food that Ijyuin-san made and if you could wait a moment I’ll heat it up…”


‘A skittish kitten indeed.’


Subaru smiled at his young love before replying:


“I will have some tea, please. I also ate a little while ago so there’s no need for bothering you to feed me. It’s better if you eat it.”


“It isn’t a bother at all,” Kamui protested and watched as Subaru stood up and walked towards him.


Kamui unconsciously took a step backwards as the other neared him. An eyebrow rose at the boy’s action and then the corner of thin, pale pink lips quirked upwards in a teasing manner on the owner’s face. As many steps the older male took forward, the younger one took as many equally backwards. They continued this cat-and-mouse game even in the kitchen, at least ‘til Kamui hit one of the countertops and Subaru finally managed to sneak an arm around the small of his back. Subaru leaned forward, making Kamui to tilt his head upwards and had to hold onto the black trench coat to not fall backwards as he had to arch his back to accommodate to the man’s larger height.


Subaru attacked Kamui’s lips like a starved man who hadn’t had a meal for weeks. Kamui felt a slick tongue prod at his lips, he instantly parted his lips. Subaru’s tongue lightly traced his teeth before it began to re-familiarize itself within his wet cavern. Kamui tried to engage himself into the battle of dominance, also wanting to familiarize himself with Subaru’s orifice.


He tried to remember what Subaru had liked from the kisses shared between them yesterday and sucked on the slick muscle in his mouth and then intertwined his own tongue with the older man’s. He tightened his grip on the trench coat to press his own lips more firmly against his boyfriend’s mouth. Subaru let him dominate the kiss and Kamui moaned at the taste of tobacco in the onmyouji’s mouth and he could also discern the taste of something fresh.


‘Mint?’ Kamui concluded and continued to explore the oral orifice.


Kamui felt saliva drip down in one corner of his mouth and he didn’t know if it was his or Subaru’s but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Opening his eyes, violet orbs met with lustful golden and emerald. They had an unearthly shine to them and Kamui couldn’t help but be mesmerized by them. Sadly he had to break the connection between their lips to gasp in mouthfuls of oxygen.


Subaru watched as Kamui gasped for air and threaded the hand – that wasn’t holding that slim waist – through silky black hair and set the smaller male up on the countertop. Now the shorter boy was a little higher up than the green-black haired man, and Subaru placed light kisses on the pale collarbones in front of him. He still wanted to wait until later before he claimed him. At least after Kamui was fully healthy again. 


When Kamui finally could breathe normally and was feeling lips on his collarbones he slightly tilted his head to the right side, giving the other more room to work with. Subaru gladly took the chance and placed another bright red mark on Kamui’s neck beside the other hickey from yesterday. Indicating that the violet-eyed beauty was his. He would have continued to kiss the younger addicting male if not for the loud rumble from the boy’s stomach had reached his ears and the blush that adorned Kamui’s cheekbones stopped him.


Chuckling, Subaru gave the other a light kiss on the lips before he let Kamui’s feet slide down back to the floor. Kamui hurriedly filled the kettle with water before he went to the fridge and took out his dinner and placed it in the microwave. After hearing that the water was already done he brew the tea into two cups. He placed one in front of Subaru, who’s already sitting at the dinner table, and his own mug on the opposite side.


During the dinner they made some small talk over how their day had been. Kamui expressed his annoyance over how his classmates and teachers were behaving and hoped that it wouldn’t last. Subaru mentioned that he had gotten a small lead on a spirit wreaking havoc in one of the more southern neighborhoods, but that he had to investigate some more under the night instead.


After washing the dishes, Kamui made a new batch of tea for them and went to the living room where Subaru currently was in, taking a smoke. He served the tea to the older male and took out his homework from his schoolbag that he had left in the living room. They both worked on their respective works, Subaru’s being case files and details of the one he’s currently executing. He couldn’t really help him with his homework anymore because he dropped out in the beginning of his sophomore year in high school.


They worked in a relative silence till Kamui was done with his homework. They then switched on the television, watching the news. Changing the channels several times until Kamui found an old movie — that he had once watched with his mother, when he was younger — playing and stayed on that channel. During the movie Kamui had moved closer to the older male and was leaning on Subaru. Who wrapped an arm around Kamui’s shoulders as he continued to read his files.


It was peaceful for the both of them, neither male really being the talkative type and was comfortable with the silence. When the ending credits finally finished, Kamui was half-asleep against Subaru, barely able to keep his eyes open.


“Kamui go back to your room and sleep. You’ve school tomorrow,” Subaru says as he helped his little love to stand up.


Kamui grabbed a hold around his waist, refusing to let go of him. Subaru sighed a little but thought of the action more of cute than annoying. He petted the black hair and coaxed Kamui to look at him.


“Kamui go up and sleep. I’ll stay with you ‘til you fall asleep and I’ll be back tomorrow morning too if you really want me to.”


“Really?” came the sleepy reply.


“Really,” Subaru promises.


Kamui finally let go of Subaru and trudged towards the stairs and walked to his bedroom to change into his sleepwear. When Subaru joined him in the room, Kamui was dressed in another black, loose and plain tank-top and boxers and was crawling underneath the sheets. Subaru went to lie beside Kamui, though he was atop the sheets and used the back of his right hand to pillow his cheek and placed his left arm on his love’s waist. The sleepy raven snuggled closer to his warm body and quickly fell asleep at the feeling of safeness in his arms.


Subaru stayed a little while even after Kamui had already fallen sleep before he had to really go if he wanted to catch that spirit tonight. He kissed the crown of the boy’s head and carefully and silently slipped off the bed and out of the room, closing the door behind him and went to retrieve his coat from one of the kitchen chairs. Luckily, so hadn’t the chairman changed the locks to the house and he still had his own copy of the key and checked that all the windows were closed and locked before he went outside, the door automatically locking itself behind him.


He gave the house another lingering look, or more like the window of Kamui’s room and then disappeared in the night. The only thing that could be heard in the silence of the night was that of his coat making a fluttery sound in the wind.

Chapter Text


Subaru had kept his promise to Kamui and on Tuesday morning the first thing the teen had seen was the older man’s sleeping face that was awfully close to his own. He could feel the other’s deep breaths his lips, which only was one inch from the other pair of pale pink ones. Kamui debated if he should give the other a small peck on the lips or not in fear of waking the older man. In the end he decided to take a chance and lightly pecked the older raven on the lips before he slid out of the bed.


Kamui took a fresh pair of underwear and his school uniform before going to the bathroom to take a quick shower and change clothes. After finishing his necessities and being dressed, he walked downstairs to prepare breakfast. He made some simple grilled salmon, miso soup with tofu and prepared two bowls of rice. Kamui then prepared his lunch box with some simple sandwiches.


Kamui quickly ate his food before grabbing his schoolbag from the living room. He had just managed to get his shoes on when Subaru appeared in the hallway looking freshly awake. If his disarrayed hair was any indicator.


“There’s breakfast on the dinner table, you don’t need to heat it up, it’s wrapped,” Kamui said as he bent down to grab his bag but before he could even take a step his chin was turned sideways and a pair of lips descended on his.


“Good morning, and take care,” came the greeting, a husky morning voice murmured it against his lips.


A light flush spread across Kamui’s cheeks and leaned upwards to peck the taller male’s cheek.


“Good morning, I’ll be going now!”


Subaru gave a small smile before he released the other and watched as the teen reluctantly left for school. Kamui for once felt that maybe it was going to be a nice day today as he soaked up the morning sun. Well, if he could ignore all the stares that is.







It was in the middle of August and Kamui thought that he was going to die from the heat. Since his Summer Vacation started he had been sleeping over at Subaru’s apartment, not having another place to live at during the summer, nor someone else to visit.


Strokes of misfortune had struck upon Kamui. First; the true reason why Kamui was living with Subaru temporarily was because the water pipe in the dorm house broke and Subaru had been graceful enough to let Kamui stay with him until it was fixed. Which would take until the end of August because the repairman noticed that all pipes were rusted and would also break if they all weren’t changed.


Two; Subaru had been called away for an assignment in Kyoto and another one as the Sakurazukamori and had been gone for one and a half week already and the older male wouldn’t be home till Saturday. Three days from today.


Third; the electricity had stopped working because of a short-circuit in the whole building. The building’s janitor had called the repairman and they would arrive sometime when they had time. There were a lot of short-circuits in other buildings and houses because of the heat and they were shorthanded.


Kamui was lying on the cold floor in his boxers with the windows open, trying to get some fresh air in the hot room. It was too hot to wear anything but Kamui still wasn’t that comfortable to walk nude in Subaru’s apartment, especially when the man wasn’t even there. The teen had been aghast when he found out that Subaru didn’t even own one electronic fan. Not that it would be any help when there wasn’t any electricity.


Groaning, Kamui changed his position when his spot had started to warm up, he had already eaten all the ice-cream in the fridge, which was luckily only two small tubes of chocolate and vanilla and didn’t have any more cold treats to keep him from overheating.


The teen kept lying on the floor till evening when finally, the electricity was back on and the sun had started to set. The first thing Kamui did when the aircon was back on was to take a freezing cold shower that could wash off all the sweat from his body. After the shower Kamui put on a new pair of purple boxers and a dark blue t-shirt that belonged to Subaru.


Subaru’s apartment was still pretty bare, which meant that Kamui didn’t have much to do except maybe read some novels or play some games on his old portable game console. He’d already finished his Summer homework two days ago and couldn’t work on that anymore. The library also wasn’t an option when it was so hot outside.


One of the few good things that had happened to him under the Summer was that he’d finally regained a healthy weight and wasn’t abnormally thin anymore, well, for him that is. His physique is still petite but it wasn’t as extreme as it had been in May. Both Subaru and Akira had made sure that he ate correctly and according to a routine. His arms had also healed but the cuts had left some white, thin scars that couldn’t be seen if one didn’t look closely. They would be left as a reminder till the day Kamui died, remaining as horrible souvenirs from when he was at one of his lowest moments in time.


But Kamui didn’t care. They also represented the start of his relationship with the only male, no person he could fall in love with after Kotori. To him they were a treasure, a mark of the beginning of his happiness with the older man who he has loved since two years ago. And he didn’t care that his boyfriend was the feared Sakurazukamori. To him Subaru remained Subaru no matter what. The only person who understood him and his pain, the only person he would entrust his heart with again and now knew that his feelings were reciprocated by the older man. No matter how many people frowned at them, as long as he and Subaru, especially Subaru, were happy was the only thing that mattered to Kamui.






He could feel how his blade pierced flesh, muscles and bones, making the blood spurt everywhere and covering his face and clothes. He managed to catch the falling body and they both sunk to the ground. His tears clouded his vision but it all was colored red. Totally red. His hands, the body in front of him, the floor, even the sky was colored that horrible crimson color that he hated.


The other’s hand raised to cup his left cheek and gave him one last smile.


“Don’t cry Kamui. My wish was to be killed by your hands to atone for everything I have done. Now I’m not able to hurt you anymore.”


He grabbed the falling hand on his cheek and screamed in anguish as mahogany eyes closed.





Kamui woke up with a start. His heart was beating like crazy and he had a hard time breathing. He tried to scramble to the small in-built closet but tripped on the floor in his haste. He managed to crawl towards it and took the first garment that his hand touched when he opened the closet’s door.


Subaru’s scent enveloped him and he finally somewhat calmed down from the familiar smell of tobacco, mint and vanilla. He stumbled back to the bed and curled around the garment, imagining the older man’s arms around him and their weight grounding him.


A few nights after in their new relationship, Kamui had had a similar nightmare and reaction. The teen had unconsciously stumbled into Subaru’s former room, trying to search for the man. Subaru had been out of town at the time and wouldn’t be back before the afternoon of the next day, so he couldn’t calm him down. In the end he had collapsed on the floor and somehow found an old shirt that belonged to Subaru and as he inhaled the scent that still clung on the cloth Kamui had slowly calmed down. Being reminded that he wasn’t alone anymore, that he had someone that cared about him and would keep him safe.


Since then Kamui had always made sure to have something that belonged to Subaru and had the male’s scent on it. So that the older male didn’t always have to be so worried when he had to leave town for a longer period of time because of work or duties.


Kamui had been fine for the first few days because the bed smelled like Subaru, then when the scent had started to fade away. Kamui was reminded that he’d left all the other garments he used to calm himself down after a nightmare in the dorm house. Not wanting the older male to know that Kamui used them as a calming medium to help with his nightmares. He also had counted on Subaru being in the apartment with him during at least the night sleeping beside him.


So after two days with continuous nightmares, Kamui had daringly taken one of Subaru’s few t-shirts and put it on himself. It had in an instant calmed him down as he was enveloped in the feeling of safeness from Subaru’s scent.


Soon enough Kamui had fallen asleep as he clutched the garment even closer to himself and buried his nose in the cloth. Feeling like Subaru was there with him and holding him closely in his arms.






Two days had passed since that night and Kamui was coming back to the apartment from having been out with Karen, who had finally managed to get a day off from her new workplace.


Kamui had asked what the former soapland girl worked as, and apparently she had managed to secure a position as a sales clerk for cosmetics. It fit her Kamui had thought and mentioned as much to the red-haired woman, who had been pleased and pinched the violet-eyed teen’s left cheek for being so sweet.


Then the atmosphere had changed from easygoing to a more serious one. Luckily they had been sitting in a more secluded part of the café, where they were drinking some coffee and eating cakes, and didn’t disturb the other customers.


“How far have you and Sumeragi-san gone?” Karen had asked with the straightest face the teen ever had seen anyone have.


Kamui almost fell off his seat at the question before turning crimson.


“W-what do you mean?”


The red-haired woman had waved her index finger and tutted at him.


“Tch, tch, Kamui-kun. I’m a woman and I know these things. Also, it would take a lot longer for you to come to a café in Shinjuku if you’re living in the dorm house at Clamp Campus and not mere 30 minutes. And the only person in town that you know and feel comfortable to live with can only be Sumeragi-san.”


Kamui sunk lower in his seat as the female hit the nail on the head and had correctly known the relationship between him and Subaru.


“Are you mad?” he asked, avoiding the other’s red eyes.


Karen softened her expression as she spoke.


“Mad? No. Worried? Yes,” Kamui’s eyes met hers finally since the conversation started, “He’s the Sakurazukamori. Who’s a notorious assassin in the underworld and dangerous to all spiritualists. I’m worried that he will hurt you.”


“Subaru won’t hurt me. Sure, he has to kill people because he’s the Sakurazukamori, but he doesn’t want to kill. That’s the difference between Subaru and the former Sakurazukamori. Sakurazuka Seishirou liked killing people, was raised to kill people. Subaru wasn’t and detests it. And while he might still be connected to the Tree, the Earth had been purified w-when I managed to create m-my k-kekkai,” Kamui protested and tried to collect himself to not break down in the middle of the café.


He still had a hard time to talk about the Promised Day and all the events up to it without turning into an emotional wreck. It would take a long time, if ever, before he could talk somewhat calmly about it. Karen placed a hand on his clenched fist and he calmed down enough to continue.


“Because the Earth was purified the Sakura Tree no longer need the blood of the innocents to keep it alive, which means Subaru only does the work of being its protector from external sources. Though he’s to kill people that will disturb that purity, but it doesn’t mean that he enjoys it. Subaru isn’t like that.”


Seeing the boy’s serious expression and determined eyes, Karen had to accept her defeat and relent to the fact that Kamui wouldn’t leave the older black-haired male for anything. She knew love when she saw it, having felt it for Aoki Seiichi herself, and knew that nothing could separate the two males.


Karen sighed and changed the topic to something lighter.


“Alright Kamui-kun. I’ll trust you and give the support you need.”


The violet-eyed teen relaxed when he heard that.


“But you still haven’t answered my first question,” the red-haired female said and leaned closer to the teen, “So, how far have you two gone?”


And immediately a crimson flush spread across pale cheeks.


Luck seemed to have been on Kamui’s side, he had managed to divert the topic from his and Subaru’s sex life to Karen’s own budding relationship with Kigai Yuuto, and her work, school and other things to catch up with. When it was time for Karen to leave to meet up with Yuuto, the red-haired pyrokinesis had whispered:


“Next time we meet I’ll give you some goods that I’m sure both you and Sumeragi-san will surely enjoy in the future.”


And she laughed quietly as the pale teen’s ears turned crimson and made a hasty retreat to the cashier, paying for both himself and Karen before rushing out of the shop, ears and face still red.






Kamui had stopped by the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner the next day when Subaru would finally be back and placed them inside the fridge and the cupboards. He was going to make chicken curry.


Finishing with placing everything in their right places, Kamui heated up the leftovers from the previous day and ate in silence. The teen thought back to Karen’s question over how far he and Subaru had gone.


Except the first day of their relationship, the older male had been adamant in not touching the younger teen in any sexual way except for kissing and platonic cuddling, and sometimes they did have some heavy make-outs and light petting but nothing further than that.


Kamui understood Subaru’s reluctance to go further with the teen, still dealing with their age difference. And if it ever got out before Kamui came of age, Subaru would be the one to take most of the damage. The man could even be accused for statutory rape and be demanded to never appear in front of him again, and Kamui didn’t want that.


There is also the fact that Kamui had been extremely underweight and Subaru hadn’t wanted to do anything that could worsen his already failing health at the time.


The teen shook his head. If they ever had sex; both of them had to be comfortable with it, though he still wished that Subaru would touch him a little more. He was still a teenager. He couldn’t even count of how many times he had used the older man for his imaginations, when some of their make-outs had been too heavy for him to calm down even after his partner had left and he was still hot and bothered.


Now when he thought of it. Kamui hadn’t been able to take care of himself since he started living with Subaru. Too embarrassed to do something as private as that in someone else’s place. But before he knew it, he was already sitting on the lone bed in the room with a hand palming the bulge in his grey capris shorts. His hand flew away immediately when he realized what he’s doing and where, but he shifted uneasily and gasped when the fabric of his underwear rubbed against his hard-on.


Debating with himself if he really was going to masturbate in Subaru’s apartment, in said male’s bed. Then he recalled his first morning in the apartment in the beginning of their relationship and his blood boiled hotter than before. Biting his lower lip, Kamui carefully slid off his purple t-shirt and the black vest over it. He also took of the armbands on his right wrist – a little conscious of the scars – before he took off his shorts, leaving him only in his navy blue boxers. Hesitating for a moment before he decided to take them off too.


Now Kamui was sitting as bare as the day he was born in his boyfriend’s apartment about to touch himself when the owner was away. The teen’s face burned crimson just at the thought of the older male being his boyfriend and that he’s going to do something so audacious to the other’s ignorance inside his apartment.


He licked his right palm to make it easier for his hand to move, coating it generously in his own saliva. His other hand traveled lightly from his throat and traced his own collarbones with fleeting touches as if to recreate the feeling of Subaru’s lips, his fingers found his erect nipple, stiff from having met the cold air that blasted through the room. Kamui circled his fingers around the pink areola before lightly pinching the bud.




He bit his lower lip to muffle the sound, still paranoid that someone would be able to hear him if he didn’t keep quiet. He traced his right hand along the same path as his left went only on the opposite side, when he reached the other nipple he tugged at both of them harshly.




He continued with it for a few minutes ‘til both of them turned a light shade of red from the blood rush. His right hand then continued its journey downwards and trailed down his pubic hair, ignoring his half-mast for now, the teen fondled his balls and finally gripped his hard member. It became fully erect in an instant and he squeezed the base, and bit back the sound that’s about to erupt from his vocal cords.


He started to move his hand slowly up and down, imaging that it wasn’t his hand and closed his eyes. He thumbed his own slit and couldn’t hold back his voice any longer. Kamui moved to lie down on the bed as he pleasured himself.


“Aaaah…haaa. Ngggh…S-Subaru!” the teen moaned out quietly, still trying to suppress the sounds somewhat.


When Kamui moved to his left side, his left cheek brushed against something soft and a familiar scent filled the inside of his lungs. The closed lids opened and Kamui saw that the garment that he had used two nights ago was Subaru’s old trench coat, the white one. He buried his face into it, making himself lie half on his stomach and half on his side with his hips raised as he continued stroking his shaft.


“Nnngh… S-Subaru… Subaru…!”


Kamui called out to the man that he loved, imaging that it was larger hands touching him. It was easier to picture it when he could smell the other’s scent. Kamui recalled that Sunday morning again and the sensations the older man made him feel. He placed his left index and middle fingers inside his mouth and wetted them too. Slowly he traced them between his buttocks.


‘I can’t believe I’m doing this!’


Kamui hadn’t ever tried putting fingers inside himself, his only experience is from when Subaru had done it and it had been in his mind since then but he hadn’t been able to do it.


‘I’m glad that Subaru is first coming back tomorrow. Sparing me the embarrassment of being seen like this’


The teen could feel his own blush become more apparent as he carefully slid his index finger inside himself and didn’t stop until it reached the knuckle. It still felt weird having something go in that way, but Kamui started wiggling the finger and tried to relax his muscles. He moved the finger carefully outside and then slid it equally as slowly back inside again and moved it in circles, loosening himself up. When he felt that he was loose enough, Kamui let his middle finger join the other inside him.


He winced at the burn of the stretch, but bravely continued. He tried to distract himself by fondling his erection and breathed in Subaru’s scent again. It took a few minutes but soon he got used to the fingers inside him and started to pump them in and out of his body. The teen was moaning out loudly as the fingers inside him started to feel good, in addition to his own hand stroking his hard member. He started imagining that it was his boyfriend’s fingers inside him instead of his own, the same applied to the hand on his shaft that was dripping precum down on the fabric of the coat.


“Subaru… Subaru…S-SUBA-AAAAHH!!”


Kamui had found that spot that Subaru had hit and had made him cum on the spot, he tried to hit it again and again, but his fingers were having a hard time reaching that spot when he wanted them to. The teen managed fastened the pace on his dick and when he hit that place again, he moaned out loud as he came.




He continued to stroke himself during his orgasm until no more cum came out. Kamui let out a small whimper when he withdrew his fingers form inside himself and clutched onto the garment that had caught most of his cum, the rest was on his own hand and stomach.


The teen didn’t care anymore if he dirtied the fabric, it was already dirty and covered himself in it as he came down from his high. He missed his boyfriend; the phone calls were nice and anticipated but it made him miss the older man just more. He sniffled quietly into the collar of the coat and curled himself further into a ball, trying to imagine that it was Subaru holding him. He could already smell the familiar scent from the older man’s cigarettes and see the smoke coming from the ashtray on the chair.


‘Wait a second… I’m not seeing things am I?’ Kamui thought as he could really see the heavy smoke and smell the brand of cigarettes that Subaru smoked was too strong to be his imagination.


Stiffly, the teen uncurled himself – and made sure that the coat still covered his naked form – and sat up on the bed. Violet eyes widened as they followed the smoke to its source and paled when he saw those ivory hands that he had just fantasized about touching him.


Pale pink lips slowly inhaled the toxic poison and led it down to the owner’s lungs, before the man exhaled. The man’s cool golden-and-emerald eyes never leaving the undressed youth on his bed as he asked:


“Already done with your fun?”






It was late at night when Subaru arrived back in Tokyo, he had managed to complete his work earlier than he had initially thought, and now all he wanted to do was to take a long, hot shower to wash off the grit and dirt from his traveling. Then cuddle and kiss Kamui and fall asleep with the teen in his arms.


Subaru had called the raven haired youth every other day since his departure. Kamui had also mentioned the day before that he would be back in the evening after meeting with Karen, another Seal and a Dragon of Heaven. Subaru absently wondered what the two had been talking about. The woman was a little crude thanks to her former line of work but really motherly like towards everyone she met.


When Subaru opened his apartment door he had expected the darkness and took off his boots and black trench coat and hanged it up on the clothes hook beside the door. He saw the familiar black sneakers that belonged to his boyfriend and knew that the teen certainly was home.


Subaru was going to go to the bathroom to take a hot shower to clean himself. But he heard muffled sounds coming from where his bed was and went there instead, thinking that Kamui was having a nightmare and trashing around in his sleep.


What he saw instead made stunned him. In the dark room, only the moon’s shine illuminating the room, he could see his little love pleasuring himself while burying his head into his old trench coat and calling out his name.                


“Nnngh… S-Subaru… Subaru…!”


The older male felt his own dick twitch at the calls and hardened a little when the violet-eyed youth sucked on his own fingers and then proceeded to finger himself open, while calling out his name.


“Subaru… Subaru…S-SUBA-AAAAHH!!”


He could see how the younger raven’s pink entrance tightened around those slim fingers when Kamui found his prostate. Subaru noticed that the younger male seemed to have a hard time reaching that spot continuously but made up for it with the hand stroking his erection and by smelling at his old coat. Kamui increased his pace and when the boy arched his back and moaned out his name one more time before the older raven saw the boy’s cum splutter out and hit his white coat and covered the teen’s hand and a little of Kamui’s stomach. 




The onmyouji lit a cigarette to calm himself down and to not attack the boy on the spot and in the figurative sense eat him up. Subaru watched as the teen kept pumping himself until the orgasm subsided. The emerald-and-golden eyed male heard the small whimper the younger made when the fingers withdrew from the twitching entrance.


The man was still wondering when Kamui would realize that he was there. Still, he was amazed that the skittish teen managed to convince himself to touch himself in Subaru’s apartment when the youth had shied away from it the first time on that Sunday morning. He also knew that this was probably the first time the teen had done it in his apartment. Usually not comfortable enough to touch himself if not in the privacy of his own room or bathroom. Which begged the question; what had Kamui imagined, making the teen cast away his previous shyness?


Subaru was brought from his thoughts when he saw his boyfriend cover himself in the dirty coat and curled into himself and let out a quiet sniffle. Making a pang of sadness shoot through his heart. His little love looked so small and sad there on his bed in the illumination of the moon outside.


Seeing the form stiffen all of a sudden, Subaru automatically schooled his expression to look indifferent as he leaned on the wall – only his eyes were showing what he’s feeling – watching how the youth’s eyes trailed the smoke to his fingers holding the cigarette and the teen paled as violet orbs met his mismatched ones. The older man deliberately inhaled the toxic poison from the cancer stick slowly and to calm his own hard-on down a little as he exhaled and let the smoke out from his lungs.


“Already done with your fun?” he asked and saw how the other turned crimson thanks to his keen eyesight.


He strode calmly forward, as if he wasn’t affected at all by his lover’s unintentional erotic display and stubbed his cigarette in the ashtray on the chair. The teen was still frozen stiff and violet eyes grew wider and wider the more he neared the immobile form. Climbing onto the bed and swiftly pinning the other underneath him and leaned down, forcing the still frozen pink lips to open and ravaged the wet orifice without much trouble.


Subaru cupped both apple crimson cheeks in his hands, tilting his lover’s face upwards a little so he could kiss the other more firmly and deeper. His tongue moved with complex movements and with more dexterity than the other, making his young lover unable to keep up with him and could only let the older man ravage his mouth and dominate the kiss. Subaru swallowed all his moans and Kamui arched his back when he felt his older boyfriend grind their hips together, the fabric of the white coat rubbing against his still sensitive length.


“S-Subaru… nnng…” the teen moaned between kisses as his limbs finally unfroze from their immobile state and clutched onto the back of another black turtleneck that the other male always wore. Kamui could feel drool dripping down from the corner of his mouth and down his cheek and onto Subaru’s hand that was cupping his face.


Subaru took his right hand from Kamui’s face and unbuckled the belt around his waist before throwing it away in some corner of the room, not really caring at the moment where it landed, before unbuttoning his pants and pulled them and his boxers down low enough to free his erection from its tight confines. The older male let out a sigh of relief when the pressure on his cock wasn’t too tight anymore. The next thing the golden-and-emerald eyed male did was to discard the garment that hid his lover’s lithe form from him.


As if sensing what he was to do, Kamui suddenly let go of his shirt and clutched onto the fabric to his chest, it was the only thing that was covering him from the older male’s heated gaze. Subaru broke the kiss, both of them had red cheeks and were panting hard. Kamui was gulping in large intakes of oxygen, still a little dizzy from the sudden kiss from his boyfriend. Who’s supposed to return later in the day and not be here in Tokyo, with him in the apartment.


Kamui gasped when he felt teeth dig into the skin of his neck, almost drawing out blood. Then a wet tongue licked the place as an apology before the mouth latched onto the same place and sucked on it. While Subaru distracted the teen, his left hand had managed to grab a hold on Kamui’s wrists and pinned them above the youth’s head. When the older male was satisfied with his work on that slim neck he sat up again, making Kamui aware of the situation with his hands.


“S-Subaru…” the teen tried to plead with his eyes. Though the male had already seen all of his body, Kamui was still not used to it and blushed crimson when the garment covering him was flung off to the side to the farthest corner away from them. The lights were off from earlier and the only illumination they both had was the light of the moon. But Subaru’s eyes had better sight in the darkness than Kamui did from years of experience and from tracking down his predecessor.


The teen tried to move his hands only to remember that they were still caged by his boyfriend’s larger one. The violet-eyed youth averted his eyes from the form above him and bit his lower lip when fingers traced his reawakened hardness, suppressing the moan that was about to come out.


Subaru took time to appreciate the view of his lover. While Kamui was still thin it was more because the boy inherited more of his mother’s genes than his unknown father’s. The boy’s hips were slim and the moon light reflexed on the pale skin, making it glow. His little love’s nipples were red and erect, probably from having played with them before Subaru arrived. His mismatched eyes traveled down the chest to the still cum covered stomach and organ between the teen’s soft thighs.


Raising himself to lean on his hindlegs while releasing the teen’s wrists, Subaru stripped off his own turtleneck, giving Kamui a front view of his own body, though he still was clad in his black trousers. When his sight came into focus again the first thing the older male saw was his boyfriend gawking at him, then violet eyes went downwards and widened when they probably saw his hard cock. Kamui was leaning on his elbows and must have been wondering why he was suddenly released.


In a swift movement, Subaru had his lithe lover straddling his lap, rubbing both their erections against each other and they both let out a moan. Subaru took one of Kamui’s hands and moved it to their dicks and made the boy try to envelope both of their hard members in his hand. The redness in Kamui’s face became more prominent and he moved his other hand to join to fully envelope the hard organs and rubbed them together.


Subaru moaned in appreciation, finally getting some stimulation himself. He held the slim waist in front of him and steadied the boy in his lap and moved his fingers to the teen’s mouth, his intentions clear. He saw unsure violet eyes and leaned up to kiss that worried frown away.


“Don’t worry. I won’t go any further with you today. I don’t have the right supplies here to make sure I don’t hurt you,” he consoled the younger male.


The stiffness in Kamui’s frame relaxed and he took the offered fingers into his mouth and lathered them thickly in saliva. Subaru let out a quiet groan as he watched his lover in a seducing way trail his tongue between the three fingers before sucking on each of them with half-lidded violet eyes. Then the teen took all three fingers inside his mouth and eagerly sucking on all of them, while making sure to not lose the pace on their dicks.


Subaru could almost imagine how that mouth would feel around his dick, and those big violet eyes looked up at him as the boy sucked him off. Groaning loudly at the image the older raven removed his fingers from the eager mouth and with his left hand that was around Kamui’s waist, he parted the round mounds. Letting the cold air of the room hit the twitching hole.




The teen moaned out his name as the older male caressed the skin around the pink entrance and suddenly plunged two inside instantly.




Kamui almost came from his boyfriend immediately hitting his prostrate but managed to hold it off. His breathing was heavy and fast as the fingers moved inside him gently, his muscles already loose from earlier. Subaru’s fingers were as slim as his own but they were longer, making them able to reach deeper inside him and easily kept rubbing that spot that made his hips move.


At least their combined amount of precum made it easier for Kamui to move his hands and hips. He thumbed both of their slits and the pair of them let out their respective moans. The third finger soon joined in and Kamui groaned at the burn but tried to relax his body again. He could feel how those swift fingers stretched and widened him and they kept rubbing and hitting that spot inside him, making him increase the pace of his hands and hips.


“S-Subaru… nnngg… aaahhh… i-it feels sooo…ngggh good…” the teen managed to get out between moans and pants as he stared down at the older male. Moaning again when he saw the mismatched eyes shine in pure lust and love.


Subaru on the other hand moaned when those soft walls clenched down on his fingers every time he hit Kamui’s prostrate. He was a little disappointed that he hadn’t thought of buying lube and painkillers for the morning when he now had an all willing Kamui writhing on his lap, moving those hips against him and on his fingers. Sure, he could probably put it in now but he knew from experience that it hurt and burned extremely without lube if one wasn’t used to taking it up. Especially if it’s one’s first time.


Subaru still could remember that humiliating burn and pain from the past and tried to focus again on the current pleasure he’s feeling. Leaving his duty to mark the teen’s chest with red bruises, he pulled the teen’s head down and engaged both their tongues in a passionate play, drool running down on both their chins. He pumped his fingers four more times into the soft body before he felt the other break their kiss again and stiffened and at the same time gripped their dicks a bit too tightly.




This was the second time Kamui cummed for the night and he felt all his strength leave him and he slumped down against his boyfriend, who was still pumping the fingers in and out of him easing him through his climax. Though he’s still tired Kamui sat up and swayed a little before he steadied himself and reached for his lover’s still hard member.


Subaru thought that Kamui’s pleasure filled face, when the younger reached climax, was one of the most beautiful things he had seen. The teen’s cheeks were flushed cherry red and his violet eyes were glazed over in lust and pleasure, his mouth open as the younger male tried to breathe. The boy’s cum covered both of their stomachs and the teen’s hands, ignoring his own need he kept pumping his fingers into the obliging hole and helped the boy through his orgasm when the lithe frame of his lover fell down against him.


When a hand returned to his aching dick he moaned out in appreciation. After a few more pumps he too reached completion and the hand kept stroking him through it. Panting he also slumped forward being careful of not making the teen fall.


The moment Subaru slumped forward, Kamui didn’t know what to do with his hands. They both were dirty with their cum, the problem was soon solved by Subaru catching the hand that had Kamui’s cum on it and licked the appendix clean, while looking straight in the younger’s eyes. If Kamui wasn’t so tired he would have immediately gotten hard by the seductive sight alone. Hesitantly he brought his other hand up to his lips and carefully licked at the white liquid. Violet eyes blinked and he tried to lick it again. Because it looked like cream Kamui unconsciously expected it to taste sweet but it had a salty thang to it. And it was thicker than cream. It wasn’t good but he could swallow it with little difficulty.


While Kamui was tasting the cum on his hand, Subaru managed to compare him to a kitten giving a new treat a curious and tentative lick. He didn’t want to know how his little love managed to look so innocent while doing something so naughty. Almost immediately, Subaru’s – surprisingly dirty mind that he himself didn’t know he possessed – brain conjured up an image of his violet-eyed lover down on his knees, licking curiously at the older man’s hard dick while looking innocently up at him while wearing cat ears and a tail.


Deciding that the image was too destructive for his already failing control, Subaru used his discarded shirt to clean off the rest of his cum on Kamui’s hand and the cum on their bodies. The teen had shyly let him clean up the liquid between the youth’s thighs while blushing crimson. Subaru had kissed him deeply as he tried to clean the boy without seeing what he was doing. Finished with the quick cleaning of their bodies, the older raven took off his trousers and underwear all the way down, and violet eyes avoided the sight of his bare body.


Inwardly chuckling over how cute Kamui was being, Subaru kissed the teen’s crown before he flopped both of them down on the bed and covered their bodies with the blanket. Which he would have to wash later, he added as an afterthought.


Kamui automatically curled up against him and entangled their legs and placed his head on the left side of the older man’s chest. Feeling the strong beat of Subaru’s heart and the arms around him, lulled Kamui into sleep faster than he thought and tried to keep his eyelids from closing but it was a losing battle when they were getting too heavy. Soon the teen was slumbering and his boyfriend joined him shortly.

Chapter Text


It was the UV-rays that kept waking Subaru up from his slumber, and idly thought that he should probably invest in a pair of curtains just to keep the sunlight out of his apartment in the mornings, if it meant that it would stop waking him up every time he wanted to sleep in. Slumping back to his previous position Subaru noticed that something was strange. He looked down and saw tufts of black hair under his blanket. Uncovering the sleeping form that was being kept in his arms, he huffed out a laugh when Kamui’s sleeping face was revealed.


He must have curled up under the blanket to avoid the morning rays, using Subaru as his shade. It was then the strange feeling resurfaced in his mind. It was normal for him to sometimes wake up with Kamui in his arms but something was different. The blanket fell lower down, exposing swollen and plump pink lips and a bitemark on a pale shoulder, he then noticed that he also was as naked as Kamui. Gulping Subaru traced his hand between the pale mounds of Kamui’s behind and was relieved when he didn’t feel any wetness on his finger after putting it slightly inside the pink entrance. His finger also slid easily inside which meant that the muscle wasn’t swollen.


Subaru’s mind was still too sleepy to recall what they had done during the night. So when he remembered he felt a crimson blush burn on his cheeks. He hadn’t known himself to be the top of a relationship, at least in the means of sex, with his only experience being the bottom. But the thought of Kamui being underneath him and writhing while he pleasured his lover was so very appealing to him that Subaru almost got aroused from the thought alone.


One of the few things he was going to buy the next time he was in the drugstore was lube and condoms. He knew that he himself didn’t suffer from any sexually transmitted diseases — he had checked it at a doctor’s office — and Kamui had never had sex with anyone and had only exchanged sexual pleasures with him, so there wasn’t any risk factor from that. But he didn’t know if Kamui would like to be filled in that place. So it was safer to do it with a condom the first time and then maybe, if Kamui wanted to, bareback.


Subaru kept drawing lazy circles on Kamui’s back and felt the younger stir and a sleepy violet eye opened. Subaru smiled at him and kissed his forehead. Kamui, still too sleepy to notice both of their state of undress, snuggled closer to the taller raven and tried to fall asleep again. But something kept him from falling asleep, the nagging thought annoyed him and made him open his eyes again. Kamui tried to feel what was wrong and immediately felt that both his body and mind were oddly feeling freshly rejuvenated. Blinking his eyes again Kamui slowly looked upwards at his boyfriend’s relaxed face and then looked downwards and under the blanket. And instantly blushed.


He was used to see his older boyfriend half-dressed in only pants, shorts or boxers. The last one most when they slept in the same bed because of the heat generating between both their bodies. Kamui mostly slept in his boxers and a loose shirt, keeping some of his modesty. But this was the first time since that Sunday morning that he’s slept naked against the older man. Not to speak of that Subaru, while often half-naked, never slept naked in the same bed as Kamui.


While his own body hid the other’s private parts didn’t mean that Kamui couldn’t feel them. Then he recalled the previous night and curled up and buried his face into his hands. Acting so shameless in the older man’s apartment while he thought that the other was away. He then remembered what had transpired afterwards and the thought that it happened sent blood flowing in two very different directions. Feeling hands tugging at his wrists before his hands were gently taken away from his burning face.


Subaru had watched silently when his little love curled up on himself and that the younger’s ears had turned red. The mismatch-eyed raven sat up when he thought that Kamui was going to suffocate himself and took the slim wrists in his own hands and gently directed his hands away from hiding his lover’s beautiful face and gem-like eyes. Subaru leaned down and kissed each wrist languidly, his lips lingering on the almost invisible scars on each limb. Slowly Subaru trailed his kisses higher up on Kamui’s left arm, up to his shoulder.


Changing his position, Subaru was now hovering above Kamui with his elbows placed on each side beside the younger raven’s head and he continued his mission to mark that pale skin with his own brands. He made a particularly large kiss mark just above the boy’s left nipple and above where his heart should be located. Lifting himself up, mismatched eyes connected with violet ones, and simultaneously they both leaned towards the other and locked their lips together.


They kept it lazy and unhurried ‘til the need of air grew between them. Subaru was the first one to break it and placed one kiss on the teen’s temple and smiled.


“Good morning, Kamui.”


Kamui returned the smile with his shy one and lifted himself up to kiss the older man’s smooth chin.


“Good morning, Subaru.”


Pecking Kamui one last time on the mouth before his mild case of OCD demanded him to brush his teeth and shower, then wash the dirty sheets. He gave a considering look towards Kamui, who’s snuggling against the sheets again, probably trying to fall back asleep, thinking that Subaru was going to take a morning smoke or something. Well, if Subaru had any say in it that wouldn’t happen as long as they both were dirty.


Subaru got off the bed before lifting Kamui up in his arms. A little surprised that Kamui was lighter than he expected and used a little too much of his strength, almost making the boy fly over his head if Kamui hadn’t yelped and looped slender arms around his neck tightly.


After the little heart-attack inducing incident that clearly woke Kamui up. He found himself being scrubbed down on a low-seated bathing stool. A loofah was spreading the soap over his body making the detergent fluff up in bubbles. The teen squirmed when the sponge touched his sides and made him let out quiet laughs, though he blushed when the older man directed the soft sponge to his thighs, almost touching his private parts. His blush turned darker when the loofah was abandoned and there were hands going towards his nether regions.


“I-I can do it myself!” he hurriedly said as he stopped the hands from reaching his lower body.


Kamui could almost see the indulgent smile the older male had before he let him clean himself while Subaru went to turn on the bath water to fill the tub. When he was done, Subaru was back and rinsed his body with a loose showerhead that was beside the sink. The older male then proceeded to wash the teen’s hair with the same shampoo that Kamui always used, before he rinsed the raven locks again. Kamui’s boyfriend even used a conditioner, making the teen’s already silky hair more shiny and smooth after rinsing it with cold water.


When Subaru deemed him to be up to his standards of cleanliness, Kamui went to the bathtub and gladly sunk into the warm water. Sighing as all his muscles loosened themselves, Kamui opened his eyes to see his lover dumping the white bedsheets, the blanket’s white cover and a white trench coat into the washing machine and turned it on, Kamui burned crimson over why the coat was included. He sunk under the water and held his breathe as long as he could before resurfacing. He swiped his hair backwards; though, a few stubborn strands remained in front of his forehead.


Turning his head, the sight of a pale and slightly muscular back met his sight. Blinking his eyes a few times, Kamui realized that this was the first time he has seen Subaru’s back and he crossed his arms and leaned on them on the edge of the bathtub to get a better look. His eyes traced over faint white lines that adorned the man’s back. His eyes trailed to the right side of the older raven and saw a light scar on the arm. He quickly averted his eyes from the place when he realized why Subaru had that scar and didn’t want to make the other uncomfortable by staring at it.


But before he could take in more of the man’s body, Subaru turned around and Kamui closed his eyes quickly, making it seem like he wasn’t ogling at the older raven. He felt the water shift and another body brushed against his when Subaru climbed into the tub and lowered himself behind the youth that was still leaning on the tub’s edge. Seemingly enjoying the hot water.


The corner of Subaru’s mouth quirked upwards. He had felt the other’s curious gaze on his back, his senses not letting him be ignorant of such a fact, especially when the teen contained a greater spiritual power than even himself. Subaru closed his eyes and let himself relax against the edge digging into his back, finally feeling clean. Opening his mismatched ones, they gazed over to the teen who seemed to be dozing off on his arms.


Subaru reached over to Kamui – startling violet eyes to open and a hand to rub the corner of one eye – and made him to sit on his lap, sitting on his left thigh with it being between the slender legs. Kamui seemed to be too relaxed to care as the teen made himself more comfortable and leaned his head back on Subaru’s shoulder.


Both males were relaxed and quite happy to be in the other’s presence. Finally feeling like they were home.






The week passed by idly and soon it was the start of Kamui’s second semester of being a sophomore in high school and the end of August. There were five days ‘til school began again. Subaru had been able to get some free days, not having any spirit cases to solve or duties to attend to, or people to assassinate. The last work reason was the one the onmyouji avoided the most, feeling quite uncomfortable with the idea of killing people even if it was for the good of the world.


Well, Subaru had decided to take his boyfriend to a private owned beach and spend three nights and three days at the hotel that owned it. It was partly a vacation date for the two of them and partly an apology for leaving Kamui alone most of his Summer Vacation and a chance to spend more time together.


Kamui had insisted that it wasn’t necessary to spend his money on an expensive hotel and he was simply happy that Subaru wanted and could spend time with him. Subaru had convinced him that it was necessary and Kamui had reluctantly relented. If his only goal was to spend time with Kamui, he knew himself that he didn’t need to go this far to please him, they both being people with minimal needs and disliking the idea spending money on unnecessary luxurious objects.


Unfortunately, so had Subaru gotten several complaints from his neighbors because of the noise he and Kamui made during the night. Looking on the bright side, so didn’t his neighbors know exactly what he, a 26-year-old man, and a 17-year-old high schooler seemed to do behind closed doors. He’s pretty sure that Suzuki-san, who lives in the apartment opposite to his, has some form of grudge against him because he rejected her and would gladly report him to the police station the first chance she got if she ever got wind of what his and Kamui’s true relationship is.


While reading and listening to the complaints that was sent to him through his landline phone and mail box, made Subaru realize just how thin the walls of his apartment were. For nine years, since he was seventeen, he’d lived alone without anyone ever visiting his place. Most of the time he wasn’t even there himself and before Kamui started to visit him, Subaru only came back to the apartment to sleep, otherwise he was always out working or tracking down Seishirou or training to increase his powers and knowledge.



Okay, so he might have an ulterior motive for taking Kamui out to the beach, and if he could he would have planned to do this in his apartment. Subaru didn’t even want to consider doing what he had planned in the dorm house, quite sure that Imonoyama Nokoru had upgraded the house’s security system to include security cameras with voice recorders. It’s one of the reasons why he had mostly kept his relationship with Kamui non-sexual when in the Clamp Campus’ dorm house, and only kissed the teen inside the latter’s room. Which is the only place where he hasn’t felt like anyone was watching or hearing them.


“Subaru, I’m done!”


The older male looked up from the novel he’s been reading on the hotel bed to look at his boyfriend. And kind of regretted that he chose the beach even though it was his own idea. His teenage lover was wearing purple swim trunks that ended in the middle of his thighs and a white beach hoody that was left unzipped, showing his pale torso for the world to see. Yeah, Subaru regretted choosing the beach, because now his boyfriend would attract all kind of people wishing of doing quite inappropriate things to the beautiful boy with violet eyes. Not including Subaru himself. Well, it was probably only for today and he would be with his little love most of the day.


Marking the book in the place where he stopped reading, Subaru stood up from the bed and kissed his boyfriend lightly on the mouth before slipping inside the bathroom to change into some more beach appropriate clothes. He came back out with an attire similar to Kamui’s but his trunks were black with green linings on the side, they also ended above his knees.



Kamui didn’t know what to think when his boyfriend suggested that they spend the last few days of his Summer Vacation at a beach and stay at a hotel for three days and nights. He hadn’t thought it was necessary, neither he nor Subaru were much of people persons, they both would rather spend their time together at some quiet location. But he did miss seeing the ocean, being a former resident of Okinawa and having lived on the island for six years made him miss hearing the sounds of the waves at some place near the water that was desolate from other people.


Subaru had also looked quite determined to take him here so he had reluctantly agreed to it. They had set out earlier in the day so they could first check-in at the hotel and then change to their swimsuits in their hotel room. Kamui had gaped when he saw the large king sized bed and the balcony also had a table with an ashtray on it and two chairs with a view over the ocean. The bathroom was also quite big, the bath was like a mini pool and there was a big shower covered with a glass wall and door.


Kamui had gone and changed clothes first and when he came out from the bathroom, he saw his boyfriend stare at him from head to toe before marking the page of the book he was reading. The quick kiss startled him and when he was going to reciprocate the older male was already closing the bathroom door, leaving him confused in the middle of the room.


Deciding to shrug it off, Kamui walked out to the balcony to take in view of the sea. The sea breeze felt good against his skin and the nostalgic scent of sea water filled his lungs. Though he didn’t really have any close friends in Okinawa he would like to go back someday just to see the town he lived in and visit his mother’s grave. Maybe Subaru would come with him and then he could show the older male around. Smiling at the thought Kamui hoped that it would happen sometime in the future.


Hearing the bathroom door open, Kamui turned around and was met with the familiar sight of a shirtless Subaru wearing black swim trunks. He had somewhat gotten used to seeing the man without a shirt after several doses of exposure. Subaru motioned for him to come back inside and after closing the balcony’s sliding glass door, violet eyes noticed the bottle of sunscreen the other was holding.


They both were quite pale so they had to smear themselves in sunscreen to avoid getting burned, especially when they would be out in the sun for a long period of time. Taking off his hoody, he let Subaru help him with spreading the sunscreen on his back and did the same to the other before doing the rest of his body himself.


When they both were covered in the UV protecting lotion and Subaru put on an unzipped dark blue hoody, they finally went down to the beach.





Two young males walking beside each other made quite the sight for other tourists and local residents. Both males were strikingly beautiful people. The teen was of average height and had unruly black-blue hair with mysterious and slightly large violet eyes, an effeminate face and a slender body with a small frame and pale skin. The teen possessed slightly plump pink lips making the boy’s lips look very kissable. The man walking beside the teen had mismatched eyes, the right eye was a golden color and looked like it belonged more to a sneaky and mischievous person, while the left eye was a dark emerald color matching with the man’s slightly mysterious aura. His face was also on the effeminate side but a little more masculine than the teen’s. The man was slim but taller than his companion by almost a head, and with a light build with skin so pale like the man hadn’t been out in the sun for years.


They both were wearing swim trunks and hoodies of different colors. Many heads turned to stare at them. Especially the women’s gazes were appreciating the free eye-candy they got. Both males settled under one of the hotel’s beach parasols and spread out their beach blanket on the sand. The teen looked quite comfortable on the blanket, napping while his companion was reading a book beside him under the shade of the parasol.


After an hour the older of the two woke the younger one up and said something before getting up and leaving the teen alone under the parasol. Yawning the violet-eyed boy sat up and stretched his arms up in the air and looked at his surroundings. Every person on the beach could recognize beauty when they saw it and the teen was quite the beautiful specimen, the same could have been said for his companion, if the older male’s cold face and glare didn’t scare them off that is.


Now they could at least enjoy and appreciate a rare beauty when the boy’s guardian(?)/brother(?)/cousin(?) wasn’t there to stop them. Alas, the people’s enjoyment was cut short when a gang of thugs – about the same age, and maybe a little older, as the violet-eyed beauty – approached the boy and almost all of them towering over the teen even when he stood up, looking ready to fight. All members of the group had lecherous grins on their faces, making their objective quite obvious to everyone in the vicinity.


Someone was going to call one of the security people of the hotel stationed at the beach, when one of the rough looking people was reaching out to grab the smaller teen but a pale hand grabbed the offending limb by the wrist. The audience of the scene watched bated breathes as the boy’s older companion had finally returned and was holding a plastic bag. The hand that was holding the plastic bag dropped the bag before it was covering the teen’s eyes. Making the other protest but a sharp call of the boy’s name seemed to calm him down and the teen pouting instead while crossing his arms.


Mismatched eyes glared at the group of thugs – making a shiver go down everyone’s spines, except the teen he’s holding – his intentions were very clear what he would do to the thugs if they overstayed their welcome were reflected in those dangerous eyes of the mysterious man. He spoke in a clear, sharp and dangerous tone.




The leader of the thugs was going to say something but when those mismatched eyes became sharper and the thug thought better of it and left with a wounded ego. His minions followed him and threw pathetic glares towards the teen’s older companion, who just watched them go with an impassionate face and bored eyes.






“I could have taken care of it.”


Subaru glanced at his now pouting boyfriend sitting on the blanket with his knees up to his chest and the older man took a swig of the cold mineral water in the bottle in his hand and sat beside Kamui before answering.


“I know.”


Kamui stared at him from the corner of his eyes, trying to read that blank expression Subaru still had.


“Then why didn’t you let me take care of it?”


Subaru’s blank face was destroyed by the small quirk of his lips.


“You would have sent them to the hospital, which would lead to having the police coming here and we would have to spend most of our time of our vacation at the police station as they investigated what happened. Meaning, we wouldn't currently be sitting here and relaxing in the sun if that happened.”


Kamui pouted some more – knowing that his boyfriend was just stating the truth – before taking the offered bottle of water, quite thirsty himself. He took a quick gulp of the water and gave the bottle back to Subaru before standing up and stretched his sluggish body. The teen shrugged off the white hoody from his arms and placed it on the blanket. His older boyfriend raised one eyebrow, displaying his question.


“I’m going for a swim,” Kamui explained, “It’s been a while since I was on the beach and swam.”


Subaru didn’t even have time to answer before he took off. Subaru let out an amused huff. Even though Kamui didn’t say or look like it; Subaru could practically feel the excitement emitting from his body. He settled himself to watch over his lover in case something happened.


One bonus was that Kamui had quite the beautiful form of the front crawl. The teen looked so free in the water to him.


Kamui who stepped into the water shivered at the initial feeling of the change of temperatures and started to wade deeper into the water. He ignored the stares the other people on the beach seemed to give him and when he was chest deep into the blue water he started to swim out a little farther to not disturb the younger swimmers. Being at a reasonable distance from the beach, Kamui started to swim laps along the beach, front crawl style.


Feeling the water rush along him made Kamui feel nostalgic. He used to swim like this at the beach near his house in Okinawa with his mother watching him and always had food prepared after his exercise. Blocking out all the sounds Kamui continued to swim ‘til he felt his limbs starting to tire and finished his last lap before turning to float on his back. The sun shone its bright rays directly against his eyes, he blocked it by using his right hand the back of his hand turned towards him and watched the sun between his fingers. He started to relax and let the waves hit his body and carry him wherever they wanted as violet orbs hid themselves from the world’s sight.


Opening his eyes, and turning upright, Kamui noticed that he had floated out quite a bit from the beach and began swimming back. When he neared the beach and found where his boyfriend was sitting, he let his feet touch the sand underneath the sea and shook his head free of water before running his hand through his wet strands to direct them to the opposite direction and get them out of his eyes.


Soon enough he was once again beside his boyfriend, who held out the water bottle again, and Kamui gratefully took several large gulps of the still cold liquid. He grinned back at his sitting partner and was going to thank Subaru when someone bumped harshly into him from behind. Because of the sudden force and his tired limbs from the swim, Kamui hadn’t been able to regain his balance and fell forwards and towards the unsuspecting Subaru who was reading his book again.


Subaru hadn’t expected the sudden impact and flinched slightly before a shiver ran through his spine at the unexpected wet coolness on his torso as he fell backwards. As he stared up at the black and white striped pattern of the parasol, he thought that at least he managed to save his book from getting wet as he felt a familiar weight on top of him.


The lithe frame of his lover was lying on his chest and stomach, while the Kamui’s face had almost hit his left shoulder if they both hadn’t shifted their bodies quickly enough and the teen’s legs were half lying and half kneeling over his legs, making the wet material of the purple trunks drip water down on him.


“S-Sorry!” Kamui apologized lifting himself up from the other before scrambling off the man, his cheeks flushed pink.


Subaru just sat up and patted Kamui on his head, letting him know that he wasn’t the least bit upset. Kamui relaxed his tense shoulder at the mismatch-eyed man’s gesture and sat down beside him again and reached towards the plastic bag and took out a bag of potato chips. Kamui gave some to Subaru, who ate it directly from the teen’s fingers and the familiar red color burned on pale cheeks.


They both spent the rest of their time on the beach with Kamui eating up the chips and occasionally fed some to his boyfriend, who was still reading, creating their own little world under the black and white striped parasol.






They were walking back to the hotel after having eaten at one of the beach restaurants. Both males were happy over how their day went by peacefully, if they ignored the earlier incident with the thugs and all the staring, and both longed for a shower to wash off the salty sea water, sand and grime, one more than the other.


Surprisingly it was Subaru who offered Kamui to go and take a shower and a bath first, the teen gladly took the other up on it and went inside the bathroom.


‘It’s unusual that Subaru lets me have the shower first and not together with him when we both are dirty…”


Shrugging off his boyfriend’s unusual behavior, Kamui took off his swimming trunks and hoody before opening the shower’s glass door and stepped under the large showerhead, letting the warm water wash away some of the salt water, grime, dirt and sand from his body. The teen washed his hair with the shampoo that the hotel provided and made sure to repeat the process to really remove all dirt from his hair. Washing his body next by using the provided body wash, he meticulously washed his body, especially the areas where he still could feel where some sand was lingering.


Subaru’s cleaning habits had really rubbed off on him, Kamui thought amusedly when he finished and sunk down in the warm water of the mini pool bath and let out a low moan in appreciation when his all muscles loosened up. He let himself sink deeper in to rest his head on the edge and relaxed.






Kamui’s boyfriend on the other hand was digging through his suitcase. Trying to find the items he had buried under his clothes so that Kamui wouldn’t be able to see them. He found them at last after a few minutes of searching and placed said items into the drawer of the nightstand before taking out his pack of cigarettes and lighter from his trench coat’s pocket that was hanging on the coat-hanger that was besides the front door.


Subaru slid open the glass-window door that separated the balcony from their hotel room and lit up his cigarette. Inhaling the nicotine settled his nerves quite a bit and he slowly let the smoke exit his lungs as he leaned on the railing. Occasionally he let the small residues of his cigarette off in the ashtray on the table beside him. While his need of a shower was great he didn’t want his boyfriend to suspect anything and had to repress his need of feeling clean.


As the sun started to set, its light dyed the sky in dark yellow, orange, red, purple and dark blue and also dyeing their room in its orange glow. The balcony had really the perfect view of the sea and the sunset, Subaru thought as he distractedly watched the sun sink lower down in the horizon.


He didn’t know how much time passed when the bathroom door opened and his lithe framed lover stepped out, steam following the boy out from the door. Subaru stubbed the rest of his cigarette on the ashtray and stepped back inside and closed the glass door after him.






Kamui was drying his hair with a hotel towel and wore the white yukata for sleeping sloppily, not used to wearing them or tying the obi. Subaru thought of fixing the appearance of the sloppily dressed teen, his upbringing demanding him to wear traditional clothes perfectly, but suppressed the urge.


Violet eyes glanced towards the older male when the owner had heard the sliding glass door close before he continued to dry his hair.


“The bathroom is free,” he said and finally his hair was somewhat dry.


When the older of the two ravens slipped inside the bathroom after giving his head a quick pat, Kamui flopped down on the bed. It had been a while since he had been this tired. The trip here was over a three and a half an hour's drive, and he hadn’t wanted Subaru to drive in silence so he’d stayed awake the whole trip despite being tired. Then they spent the whole day at the beach, Kamui swam, and even managed to get his boyfriend in the water for a short while. Well, after throwing sea cold water at the man and then have the other chase after him playfully helped ‘til he slipped and dragged Subaru down with him into the water.


Kamui’s eyelids started to droop as he reminisced their day at the beach, the warmth of the sun, the sea breeze, the sound of the waves hitting the shore and the small smiles shared between him and Subaru.


He didn’t even hear when the bathroom door opened. Too lost in the ocean of dreams with the time spent together with Subaru.





Subaru had stepped out of the steaming bathroom – after hanging up his swimming trunks besides Kamui’s purple ones on one of the drying bars – with only a towel wrapped around his waist. The white yukata that the hotel provided had been a little too short for him and he couldn’t wear it. The sight that greeted him was his young lover sleeping deeply on the bed.


Because the yukata hadn’t been properly put on its disheveled form revealed the pale skin it was supposed to cover. The only thing that kept the white fabric from totally revealing Kamui was the messily knotted grey obi. Long, lean legs with soft-looking thighs were displayed clearly. The white fabric teasingly covered his private parts and was splayed under the sleeping form. The upperpart of the yukata was half sliding off the lean shoulders, showing off the flat stomach and those two perks of pink flesh on Kamui’s chest.


Gulping Subaru tried to rein in his urges and went to switch off the main light in the room. He walked back towards the bed and turned on the nightstands’ lamps that were on both sides of the bed. Lightning the room in a dim and soft orange.


Sitting beside his sleeping lover and on the edge of the bed, Subaru started raking his fingers through the soft and silky black-blue hair. It seemed like his plans for the night had been foiled by his own little love and he did not have the heart to wake up the tired teen. Leaning down to place a kiss on the crown of Kamui’s head, Subaru hadn’t noticed that violet eyes were sleepily peering at him.


Kamui tilted his head and caught the surprised look on the older male’s face as he connected their lips instead. A pink tongue prodded at thin pink lips and plunged inside and past the caught off male’s lips. Kamui lazily trailed his tongue over the straight teeth and then explored the inside. Another tongue joined his and Kamui surrounded his lover’s neck with his arms, dragging the older man further down so that Subaru had to place his elbows beside his face on both sides to keep himself from falling.


They continued to kiss languidly, not in a hurry and just wanted to enjoy the taste of each other. Both males hadn’t been able to kiss the other the whole day because they were in public view. The population was more accepting of same-sex relationships nowadays but it was still frowned upon to show their affections in public so they did not kiss the whole time they were outside if they didn’t know if they were alone.


Moaning into the kiss when the other nipped at his lower lip and sucked at it, Kamui felt the other shift positions. Subaru was now hovering above him the arms were still in the same position but Kamui was lying between his kneeling legs. He broke the kiss when the need of air became too great for both of them. Kamui gasped when he felt a wet lick from his chin down to his throat and then lips lightly sucked at his Adam’s apple. He tilted his head upwards and arched his back, giving the other more room to work with.


Hands were traveling down his body, exploring every nook and cranny of his torso ‘til they reached the obi and paused. Kamui looked down to connect with golden and emerald eyes silently asking him for permission. He nodded almost imperceptible and felt that those hands slowly untie his sloppy knot and slowly parted the rest of his yukata.


Kamui blushed at the fabric slowly gliding off his skin and moaned when his thighs were squeezed and massaged and the lips on his neck kept marking him, making him let out several quiet gasps and mewls. The hands and mouth left his body and he heard the soft thud of something hitting the floor. The warmth above him suddenly vanished and Kamui leaned up on his elbows to see his boyfriend opening the one of the nightstand’s drawers. Though he did not see what the other was getting out of there he had a pretty good guess over what it was and felt his face burn red.


Subaru soon returned to his lover on the bed, who was looking at him with his big violet eyes and flushed face, making his blood burn hotter. He placed the items on the bed where they were easily accessible before he returned to Kamui, who is lying in the open yukata. And staring at him and his bare body.


In a swift motion he parted the slender legs by the knees and kneeled between them, Kamui tried to reflexively close his legs but Subaru’s superior strength kept them open. He kept his mismatched eyes on violet ones as he raised a single leg by the ankle and kissed the place and watched in delight as the flush on his lover’s face deepened. Subaru continued to kiss up the slowly until he reached the boy’s inner thighs and bit at the flesh lightly, and Kamui let out a gasp, and sucked at the place, leaving a bright red bruise after himself. He repeated the same process on the other leg by kissing the ankle and then upwards to the inner thigh and marked the place.


This time he continued his ascending kisses, but Kamui groaned when he skipped his private parts by kissing around them. Subaru left many red marks on the torso, wanting to fill Kamui’s body with his mark. Subaru could still remember the cold fury in his body when that thug had tried to touch his Kamui and continued to place several red bruises on the arching body that was moaning his name. He paused at the protruding flesh on Kamui’s chest and licked the one to his right and heard his little love let out a small mewl when he blew at it.


“Nnnghh… n-no it feels weird…” the boy gasped when he felt the other nip at his nipple before starting to suck at it.


Kamui gripped at the sheets beside his head as he squirmed under the attention his chest was given. He let out a particularly loud moan when the hand that had been lightly stroking his right inner thigh pinched the other bud and rubbed it with the thumb, tugging at it.




Soon the mouth switched targets and started to nip and suck at his other bud while the other hand on his thigh gave the same attention to his left nipple.


“Nnnnghh! Aaaaaahh…”


When the man felt satisfied with the attention given to the now red flesh and had marked the area on the chest with more bite marks, he nipped at the neck next before marking it with several small bruises on the lower side. Then he started to descend butterfly kisses on the pale skin up to a red ear and nipped at the lobe and at the same time he grinded his lower half against the other’s, making them both moan out at the friction. Subaru sucked at a spot right under the ear and mentally filed away the spot as one of the teen’s erogenous zones when the other mewled.


Continuing the slow rhythm of his hips, Subaru finally caught the lower plump lip between his teeth before he connected it with his own lips. He kept swallowing down every little moan, mewl and gasp from the other as he kept grinding their hips together.


“S-Subaaah….ru… nnnghhh… Subaru… Subaru…” the teen moaned between kisses and arched his back as the older man ravaged his mouth and sought out his tongue to intertwine them.


His hands had abandoned their grip on the sheets and were now gripping on sweaty shoulder blades of the body above him. When Kamui felt the coil in his stomach tighten even more and tried to warn the other and broke the kiss.


“S-Subaru… I-I’m gon..naaah! Uuunnggh c-cum…!”


Suddenly all the pleasure stopped and the weight of the other left him, making him feel the coolness of the room on his heated body.


“Subaru?” the teen questioned when he saw that the man was retrieving the items he had placed on the bed.


The large pillow behind Kamui’s head was plucked out from it and violet eyes grew bigger when they felt the older male lift his hips and turn him on his hands and knees and the fluffy pillow was placed under his hips to keep them elevated and his legs open when his arms tired of holding up his weight. Weak from pleasure. Kamui blushed at the position, all his private places were displayed openly to the older male’s mismatched eyes and buried his face between his arms.


The lips returned to nibble at one of his red ears.


“Relax Kamui.”


Subaru’s voice was husky from arousal and it sent shivers of pleasure running down Kamui’s spine. Before he heard the sound of uncapping and then cold, slimy fingers traced the outline of his entrance and caressed the skin around it. The other hand was holding his hip, keeping him still.


Soon a slender finger pushed inside the willing body and Subaru felt his lover tighten around it temporarily before relaxing. He kept pushing it in and out of the tight muscle to lubricate it properly before his middle finger joined the index finger in its mission to stretch the entrance. He paused his movements when Kamui clamped down on both of the fingers and slowly relaxed when Subaru started to kiss and mouth at his nape.


The two fingers started to thrust inside and out slowly while doing a scissoring motion, stretching the pink entrance gently and slowly. Soon a third and a fourth joined the others inside the young body.


“Nnnnnh… haaah…”


The panting noises continued and slender hips started to rock with the movements, finally starting to feel pleasure from the action. Kamui was glad that the pillow was under his hips, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to keep them up any longer. The soft friction of the fabric relieved some of the stiffness in his length as it rubbed against the softness of the pillow. Subaru lowered himself and placed fleeting kisses on the pinking shoulders, he moved on to the blades and the directly on the spine and down it while reaching for a small square packet, which Kamui noticed.


“S-Subaru…” Kamui whispered, his voice hoarse.


The older man stopped his descent on the pale body and looked at the flushed face of his lover’s face, which was turned towards him. Glazed over violet eyes were pleading him. For what he didn’t know but his question was soon answered when the teen’s lips parted.


“I-I want to feel you, w-without the c-condom… I want to feel all of you… inside me, please…”


The words pierced through Subaru’s heart and cock and he had to suppress the urge to simply fuck the boy senseless for those words and stopped reaching for the plastic foil.


He continued his descent and took his fingers out from the stretched entrance. Kamui whimpered at the feeling of emptiness and his hole twitched, trying recapture the feeling of being filled. Subaru placed kisses on each mound before he parted them, revealing the stretched and twitching orifice. He kissed it making Kamui let out a loud gasp at the unexpectedness.


“S-Subaru?!” the teen exclaimed in shock, “T-that place’s dirty.”


“No place on you is dirty, Kamui,” the older of the two stated, his breath hitting the pink flesh, making the teen shiver.


Subaru raised himself on his hindlegs and took the bottle of lube to lather his aching and hard shaft in the substance. He groaned in pleasure, happy to finally get some sort of relief on his hardness. When he deemed himself ready, Subaru held his cock and directed it to Kamui’s hole.


Slowly he pushed inside in a slow motion and didn’t stop ‘til he’s half-way inside. The sight to the older raven was quite erotic. His lover’s face was turned sideways gasping and moaning as he tried to relax his muscles around his length. The insides of the teen were twitching so much, like the muscles didn’t know if to push him out or to suck him deeper inside. It was arousing to see the pink muscle stretching around his girth. And he had a hard time waiting for Kamui to relax and continue his route inside the tight but hot and twitching insides.


Subaru was larger than his finger had been, and Kamui could feel the burn of the stretch as his insides accommodated to the man’s size. A few minutes passed in silence and all they could hear were each other’s breaths before he relaxed, Subaru didn’t even need any response from him to continue to push inside his body as slowly as he possibly could. When Kamui felt Subaru’s hips touch his backside, he moaned in relief when the other stopped and he could feel the hands on his hips tighten their grip as Subaru moaned his name.




Subaru slowly began to withdraw his hips and when it was only the head inside he pushed back in at the same speed. He continued the same pace for a time till Kamui loosened up more around him and slightly increased his speed. He didn’t want to end their first time so quickly. Subaru wanted to savor their first time together and let them feel each other fully.


“Haaah… nnnhhh… Suba…ru…” Kamui moaned as he felt Subaru open him up slowly.


He could feel every ridge of the organ rub against his insides. His walls tried to capture the moving object like they didn’t want it to leave, then the cock inside him rubbed at that spot and he screamed out his lover’s name in pleasure.




The mismatch-eyed male knew he had found the little bundle of nerves by the call of his name and kept grinding the head of his cock against it, making Kamui writhe underneath his hand as the hips he was holding tightly tried to move. After some contemplation, Subaru withdrew his erection fully from his lover’s body. Kamui gasped at his unexpected action and whimpered at the sudden stop of the pleasing stimulation.


Subaru took the pillow under the teen away, noticing that the fabric was wet with precum when the soggy material came in contact with his hand. He grabbed a hold on one slender leg before swiftly turning the other on his back. Giving him the front view of the beautiful face and body of his little love. Kamui’s face, neck and shoulders were flushed red from both arousal and embarrassment. The mysterious violet eyes were hazed over with pleasure, lust and love. The pink and plump lips were swollen and a little red from him biting at his own lips. His nipples were still red from Subaru’s earlier attentions, while the slender body was full of red bite marks and bruises.


The man unconsciously licked his lips and saw that his boyfriend’s clouded eyes followed the motion. He let his gaze travel lower and saw the hard length between his lover’s slender legs dripping with precum. He lightly let his index finger trace the cock from the base to the tip and he rubbed the slit, making his boyfriend mewl out in pleasure.




He gently yanked on the teen’s arms and helped the boy sit slowly up before he himself sat down on the bed made Kamui straddle his lap. The boy’s knees on either side of him. He slowly lowered the slender hips onto his hard cock and Kamui gasped at the feeling of being filled again. But this time Subaru reached far much deeper when he fully sat down in the man’s lap.


Kamui’s cock rubbed against Subaru’s stomach giving it some gratifying friction.


“Nnaaah!” he moaned out in appreciation and pleasure.


Subaru started lifting his hips slowly upwards and then down. He mewled when the other hit his prostrate again and moaned when the head of the cock kept rubbing against it. Subaru started to move his own hips to match the slow pace he had on the slim hips and soon they were moving against each other. Matching the other’s movements.


Tongues joined in their union and the kiss was sloppy and wet as they kept whispering the other’s name against their connected lips.






They kept the slow pace going for a long time ‘til Kamui felt like he couldn’t keep holding himself from falling off the edge.


“S-Subaru… I-I’m gonna come…” he whispered against his lover’s lips.


The mismatch-eyed male kissed him deeper but still kept the slow pace of their bodies.  


“Me too, Kamui. Me too.”


The coil in his stomach tightened so much till it burst and Kamui moaned out his boyfriend’s name as his come spurted between their torsos.




The teen’s walls tightened impossibly tight around him and clamped down on his cock and Subaru watched his little love cry out his name in pleasure. He felt his own climax coming soon and after four more thrusts, Subaru came inside his lover.


The older male kept up the movements of his hips, milking both himself and Kamui dry and gently lowered him back on the bed before he slumped against the smaller and tired form. Not caring that they both were dirty. When Subaru regained his breathing pattern, he lifted himself off the teen and kissed the other deeply.


“I love you, Kamui.” he said against the pliant lips and the teenager gave him a tired but love-filled smile.


“I love you too, Subaru.”


The man kissed him one last time before he fully lifted himself and withdrew his limping cock out. Kamui let out a keening sound as the feeling of fullness disappeared, his body still tingling from the pleasure. And Subaru almost hardened again when he saw his cum leaking out of Kamui’s swelling entrance. Kamui had already started to nod off and Subaru forced his sluggish limbs to move.


Subaru switched off the lamps and pried the comforter under them out and covered them both with it, not caring that they both were dirty. He slid his arms under Kamui and rolled over, so that he was lying atop on him. Kamui’s head was placed against the left side of his chest and his arms were wrapped around his lover’s waist. A few minutes passed and his eyelids grew heavier every second that passed and soon he joined Kamui in the dreamscapes.



Chapter Text

The lithe frame of a boy moved when he felt his body getting restless and soon pale eyelids opened themselves to reveal mysterious violet eyes. The teen blinked his eyes a few times before he raised a fist to rub at the corners of his eyes. When the sleepy spell left him, Kamui noticed that the bed was softly moving up and down, and it was also unusually warm and hard. The moment he looked upwards; the previous night’s activities were replayed in his mind. Making the youth’s whole body burn crimson.


His body felt oddly refreshed, sore and tired in a good way. Kamui tried to move his legs but stiffened when a shot of crippling pain raced through his nerves from waist down. He slumped softly back down on his still sleeping boyfriend and once more blushed at the night’s moments.


Somehow he had managed to only come from his backside without almost no touching of his manhood, and it had been his first time. Kamui remembered the slow rhythm of their bodies as they glided against each other and the moment when they both reached the climax of their love making. His hole clenched at the remembrance and his blush burned deeper when he felt something run down from his thighs and onto his boyfriend.


He rolled off Subaru and nearer to the edge of the bed. Kamui managed to sit up with some small grunts of pain. But when he tried to stand a spark of sharp pain raced up his spine and his knees collapsed onto themselves. He landed on the floor with a loud thud and thus waking up the sleeping man behind him. Who looked around with startled and hazy mismatched eyes.


Looking down on the floor beside the bed, Subaru saw his boyfriend whimpering in pain as the teen sat on the mat covered floor. Immediately standing up, Subaru picked up the smaller male and returned to the bed. Kamui seemed to be avoiding his eyes and kept looking at everything else except the man holding him, an almost permanent cherry red color on his high cheekbones. Hiding his smile at Kamui’s awkward fidgeting, Subaru leaned in to kiss him when a hand covered his mouth. Confusedly he looked at Kamui, his confusion clearly displayed in his eyes.


Kamui shyly took off his hand and pecked Subaru on the lips, much to Subaru’s confusion and when he was going to turn the kiss deeper, Kamui withdrew.


“Morning breath… my mouth is dirty…” Kamui explained and looked away as the blush spread down to his marked chest and shoulders.


Grumbling inwardly at the reason, Subaru conceded before picking up Kamui again. If he wasn’t going to get his kiss because of morning breathe then he’s going to fix it.


Yelping Kamui immediately grabbed onto his boyfriend’s broader shoulders to not fall down. He was surprised when they both went into the bathroom and a toothbrush was shoved into his hand. Kamui looked at his lover’s face – who had placed him on the toilet lid – and was taken aback when he saw Subaru openly sulk as he brushed his own teeth and washed his mouth with mouth wash. Imitating the older man, Kamui also brushed his teeth and washed his mouth.


Kamui was then picked up once again and this time they both went into the big shower area. His feet touched the floor and he almost immediately collapsed, whimpering at the pain in his lower back. Luckily Subaru caught him around the waist and lowered the both of them to the floor after turning on the shower water and taking a smaller and moveable showerhead.


Subaru made Kamui sit between his legs and kissed him sweetly on the mouth before lowering his right hand and spread his legs farther apart. Kamui blushed at his position, especially when he felt fingers travel between his buttocks and entering his hole. He winced at the first finger, the muscle swollen from the unusual use of it, but Subaru slowly worked him open as he tried to hold in his whimpers and moans of both pain and pleasure.


When he saw thick globs of white liquid exiting his hole Kamui didn’t think his blush couldn’t get any deeper than this. He was proved wrong when his dick twitched to life from the stimuli from his backside and the water, from the moveable showerhead, hitting his lower body. Kamui cursed his own teenage body for being easily aroused because of his hormones. He turned his head to hide his face into the crook of his boyfriend’s neck as the older man continued to clean him down there, seemingly oblivious of his younger lover’s distress over his own body.


Subaru was having a hard time from stopping his own cock hardening from his lover’s arousal and flushed face that kept moaning into his neck as he cleaned him. He kissed Kamui’s head when he finished scooping out all of his cum from his little love’s body and washed it away with the showerhead. Subaru took Kamui’s trembling fist and directed it towards the erect member.


“Touch yourself,” he ordered the blushing teen in his arms. If he wanted Kamui to get comfortable with their sexual escapades, he had to continue to give him exposure to it.


Kamui tentatively took himself into his hand and moaned at the stimulation. Stroking himself to full hardness in little time. Kamui was also painfully aware of the mismatched eyes watching him pleasuring himself and could feel the burn on his face as his other hand fondled his balls. It didn’t take him long to reach the edge. He cummed into his hand and he arched his back, temporally forgetting that Subaru was behind him.


When everything came into focus again, Kamui could feel the hardness poking his behind and blushed in realization that Subaru had kept watching him. Flustered he moved to turn towards his lover, but then he was lifted up onto the older man’s lap and could feel the hard cock grinding between his buttocks. The hard pants caressed his red ear and soon he felt Subaru’s ejaculation coat his backside.


Both males slumped against each other, trying to regain their breathing to normal. The first one to recover was Kamui, and he shakily sat up from his leaning position on Subaru, ignoring the twinges of pain. Subaru recovered soon after and slowly stood up with Kamui leaning against his body and turned on the bigger showerhead above them, washing all of the semen and other bodily fluids off of their bodies. When he was done, he toweled both of them dry before returning to the main room and set the teen – who’s covered in a towel, while he has one wrapped around his waist again – on the loveseat in their hotel room and stripped off the dirty sheets of the bed and dumped them in a hamper back in the bathroom.


Subaru was glad that he had asked for extra bedsheets, so that he could change them himself. He then opened the small hotel fridge and took out two bottles of mineral water and then went to the nightstand drawer to take out the painkillers and some ointment that would help Kamui with the pain.


The older male placed everything on the nightstand before going back to the loveseat to retrieve his blushing lover.


Kamui let Subaru pick him up again and took the offered the painkillers and the bottle of mineral water gladly when he was set back down on the now clean bed. He took two pills and saw that his older boyfriend was looking a little embarrassed as he held up a small container. Kamui tilted his head to the side to show his curiosity.


“What’s that?”


“Healing ointment.”


The words were direct and to point but his face was red, making Kamui realize his lover was feeling as shy as he was, though the older male had without a second thought cleaned his insides in the bathroom and then ordered him to touch himself.


‘So Subaru has a change of personalities when it involves us getting intimate?’ Kamui thought as he remembered all the other times Subaru had taken the lead when they’d exchanged sexual pleasure and blushed.


Shyly the teen parted his legs while avoiding the man’s gaze. Letting him know that he could apply the ointment.


Subaru was quick to take the invitation, wanting to spare his lover from further embarrassment and took a small glob of the cold substance on his index finger and lightly pushed the tip inside the red muscle and spread it. Taking a new glob of the ointment with the same finger, Subaru spread it on the outer rim of the entrance this time.


Kamui shivered at the cool substance entering his passage and when the cold semiliquid on his rim came into contact with the cool air of the room it sent a shudder through his spine. The moment Subaru was done applicating the medicine, Kamui closed his legs. Subaru saw this before smiling gently at him and kissed him on the nose. Kamui returned the favor by also kissing Subaru’s nose.


Subaru stood back up and took out some underwear for the both of them, and helped Kamui put them on, before he picked up his jeans from his suitcase and put them on. He then took out a white button-up and a black sleeveless turtleneck, like he used to wear when he was younger. He put on the turtleneck and gave the white shirt to his lover.


Subaru called the room service and ordered that breakfast is sent up to their room on the 7th floor, room 713. He went back to his lover sitting on the bed patiently waiting for him. When he sat down, Kamui immediately snuggled into his side and tilted his head to connect their eyes.


“So, what are we going to do today?” Kamui asked the other, who hummed as he thought about it.


“Well, first we eat breakfast and if you’re up for it later, we can go explore the town we’re in. I don’t think that you want to go to the beach in your… condition.”


Kamui blushed, knowing it was true. He had seen his reflection in the bathroom mirrors, his chest, stomach and lower neck were full of kiss marks, even his thighs and back were marked with the small red bruises. He pouted a little at not being able to take a swim again ‘til the marks disappeared. He also considered talking to his boyfriend about where the older man could place them. Kamui didn’t mind that Subaru liked marking him, a side-effect from having an unrequited love and being tortured by the man he had loved for almost ten years had made Subaru possessive over him.


Rather, Kamui liked it when his lover acted possessive over him, Subaru knew how to hold back and trusted that Kamui wouldn’t do anything to hurt him. Though it was a little embarrassing when he had to change clothes for P.E. and someone in his class had managed to see one of the marks on his neck that the other had left when they had been a little too intimate the previous day. Kamui had managed to play it off as being bitten by a bug before his classmate got the wrong (right) idea and spread it around school. Apparently he’s been popular since that time in Track & Field when he scored higher than any of the other boys and he regained his health.


When Kamui had found out about the poll of the most popular boy in the high school section of Clamp Campus, and in the end won it without even being aware it existed ‘til that moment. Well, let’s say that Subaru hadn’t been too happy when he found out when some of the teen’s possessions disappeared from school or whenever he saw the younger male throw away some love letters addressed to him into the trashcan. One time Subaru had even happened to walk into a confession scene when he’d promised Kamui to eat with him at their usual gazebo that was hidden from plain sight and a little more private.


Subaru had been grumbling (sulking) almost the whole time as they ate and had kept silent, at least ‘til Kamui kissed him fully on the mouth and declared that the only one he loves is Subaru and no one else. They both had been startled by the sound of the bell, signaling the end of the lunch break, and Kamui had to scamper away before he was late to class. Leaving a stunned and happy Subaru behind.


Back to the present Kamui opened his mouth to discuss the topic of the kiss marks with Subaru.


“Subaru…” he called his older lover, who’s reading another book again.




“Y-you know that I don’t mind the h-hickeys, right?”


Subaru turned to his younger boyfriend who was looking abashedly at him and raised a curious eyebrow, prompting the other to continue.


“W-well, when school starts again and I have P.E. and I kinda have a favor to ask…”


“What is it?” Subaru asked without hesitation, knowing his little love seldom asked him for anything, except help with his homework sometimes.


“The hickeys… that is… ummm… it’s not like I’m asking you to stop making them!” he hurriedly explained while flailing his arms a little when he saw the other’s face turn neutral before continuing sheepishly, “I just wondered if you could perhaps put them in places where no one can see them and are easily hidden? I mean it would be bad if our relationship became known, right?”


Kamui’s voice had become quieter and quieter while he spoke and looked down, feeling bad for asking Subaru to not do as he wanted when they were being intimate.


“Where do you want me to place them?”


Kamui looked up and was startled when Subaru was leaning close to him.


“S-somewhere where people can’t see them…” he repeated.


“And where would that be?” Subaru asked and started to nose at Kamui’s neck, while the hands started to reach under the shirt and touch the boy’s flat stomach with fleeting fingertips.


“I-I don’t know...” said the teen abashed.


The older male hid his smile in the pale neck of the youth as he ran his hands down to the ends of Kamui’s boxers, fiddling with the material.


“Should I tell you where I could place them?” Subaru asked lightly and Kamui had a feeling he’d hit upon Subaru’s personality switch button.


Before Kamui could tell him that it wasn’t needed, he was already falling and losing his balance and would have fallen on his back if he hadn’t used his hands to keep him upwards. Violet eyes grew bigger when they saw an ivory skinned hand holding one of his legs in the air while the other pushed the fabric of boxers higher up on his thigh.


“Subaru?” Kamui questioned quietly, looking at the man who’s smiling angelically at him and it kind of scared him and it gave him a feeling that he would be utterly mortified by the end of this incident.


Subaru didn’t say anything as he leaned down to the teen’s right inner thigh and sucked at the places where the light blue fabric had hidden his skin. Sucking at the soft skin for several moments until he was satisfied, the young man tilted his head upwards to look at his shy lover.


“Here’s one area where I could place them and no one would see them. The next place would be… aah here.”


Subaru slid his hands inside the fabric through the leg holes and grabbed handfuls of the teen’s pert behind, fondling and massaging the mounds.


“S-Subaru?!” Kamui yelped, embarrassed at his boyfriend’s suddenly bold move.


“I could mark you here too, where no one would be able to see it like you wanted to, and only I would be allowed to see your most private parts full of my marks. Hmm… maybe we won’t even leave the room today so I can show you.”


The mismatched eyes shone at the thought and Kamui shivered at the dark promise, though he didn’t know if it was because of fear or excitement.


‘Maybe it’s a mix of both.’


The green-black haired male took his hands out of the boxers after giving one more hard squeeze to Kamui’s behind, making the other let out a breathless gasp. This time Subaru let one of his hand’s fingers slide up inside the white shirt, tracing the area where his lover’s heart was beating in a frantic pace. His other hand was sliding behind the boxers band and traced the area above the teen’s crotch. Kamui’s big violet eyes were entranced at his movements and let out a quiet moan when the fingers traced around his member.




They both jumped away from each other at the loud voice and knocks on their suite’s front entrance. Subaru quickly took his hand out of the shirt and boxers, schooling his expression like he hadn’t been molesting a seventeen-year-old high school boy and had been touching the teen’s private parts barehanded, and strode to the door with an impassionate face. Meanwhile Kamui hid himself from plain sight so the staff member wouldn’t be able to see his haggard appearance and burning face.


The 26-year-old opened the door with a cold face, kind of pissed that his time with his violet-eyed beauty was interrupted but reined in his unusual response to the disturbance so he didn’t hurt the unknowing personnel.


The service-man still looked a little scared when he opened the door when the staff’s brown eyes met his mismatched ones.


“H-h-h-here’s the breakfast you ordered, sir!” the hotel worker shakily said towards the scary man, who didn’t look like it but the brown-eyed male could feel that the other was angry by the way that golden eye shone. He gently pushed the trolley with the food on it towards the tall but lean male and made a polite yet hasty exit, when the tall customer thanked him and took the trolley inside the room. He didn’t even stay to see the door close but he could hear it behind him.


Back in the room, Subaru rolled the trolley towards the low table in front of loveseat and was going to place the plates on it after taking off the round metal covers. Hearing the sound of the balcony’s glass door open and seeing that his lover was standing there sheepishly, probably hiding outside so that the personnel person wouldn’t have been able to see him.


“It’s nice outside today. Can we eat on the balcony instead?” Kamui asked the older man with hopeful eyes and a small smile.


Subaru did as the other wanted and walked outside with the plates and cutlery and went back to retrieve the orange juice cartoon that was on the cart and the bottles of the mineral water they had drank from earlier. Walking back to the balcony, golden and emerald eyes took in the sight of his boyfriend enjoying the sea breeze blowing through his hair and caressing his youthful face. His eyes were closed and the sunlight made the white shirt Kamui had on slightly transparent and highlighted the shadowy figure of his little love as the fabric floated around the slender body as Kamui leaned on the railings of the foggy glass balcony.


Subaru placed their drinks on the table and went to hug his lover from behind, his arms hanging loosely around the slim waist. Kamui tilted his head towards him and he leaned down, capturing pink lips with his own in a sweet kiss, satisfied with just that for the moment as they both watched the sea for a while. Subaru wondered if every morning could feel like this or like the other ones that he had shared with Kamui could feel like pure peacefulness and contentment if they were to live together. Or at least something similar.


They started to eat when both their stomachs rumbled, demanding for food. Their meal was quiet as usual but the atmosphere was anything but uncomfortable.






When Kamui finally felt like he would be able to walk around without his knees collapsing on him, he put on a pair of brown capris trousers and changed the large, white button-up shirt to a turtleneck – to hide all the kiss marks on his neck and shoulders – that was white, looser than his lover’s and long-sleeved.


The older man had smiled innocently at his choice of clothes. Kamui concluded that the previous day on the beach must have pushed Subaru’s buttons a little too much if his body looked like some bugs had had a party on it was any explanation.


Before Kamui could open the door to exit their hotel room, Subaru caught his arm and turned him around. He kissed him passionately and ravaged his mouth before he leaned in and whispered in his ear and then bit it. Subaru opened the door and left the blushing teen to catch up to him in the hotel’s lobby after Kamui had reined in the flush on those red cheeks. The man was smiling the whole time but the golden and emerald eyes held a mischievous glint to them.


The staff member from earlier shivered when he saw the same scary man smiling like a cat that had gotten the canary. The image was so scary that he fainted and had to be carried away to the hotel’s infirmary.   





“I will fulfill that promise later when we return back here. And be prepared, I will not be as gentle as the previous night.”


Kamui shivered again when he heard those words even after his boyfriend left. He was still having mixed feelings about this new side of Subaru. But he somewhat, maybe a little, looked forward to the evening.


What? He’s still a normal hormonal teenager with a colorful imagination even though he’s mankind’s savior.






Kamui was sulking in his seat as he watched his boyfriend getting hit on by another woman. Subaru had offered to get them something to drink at a café they passed by and Kamui had gone to find seats for them inside.


First the barista had subtly flirted with the handsome and tall black-green haired young man as he ordered an iced coffee with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for his younger companion, and a plain black one for himself. The man had played oblivious to her flirting and had ignored the number on his cup when the drinks were done. It satisfied Kamui somewhat that Subaru didn’t even bat an eyelid when the female had leaned a little too much forward, revealing the skin of her chest a little too much between the unbuttoned top buttons of her work shirt.


Kamui was happy that his boyfriend was fully gay and wouldn’t leave him for some loose woman. Now he also knew how Subaru felt with all the girls, sometimes even guys, in his school confessing their crushes to him.


Not even moments after Subaru had placed their ordered drinks on the table another female appeared. She had waist long black hair cut in the same style as Arashi. Her make-up was light but well done and highlighted her big doe-like umber brown eyes. She looked like the kind of female Subaru’s grandmother would set the man up with for an omiai if the older Sumeragi hadn’t know that her grandson is gay. The female was dressed modestly in a white one piece dress with ruffles and two thin straps on pale and small shoulders held up the garment.


Kamui didn’t like it when she casually and lightly placed her hand on his boyfriend’s shoulder, saying that there was a speck of dust on it. Subaru also looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. The teen hadn’t been listening on the small talk the girl had tried to engage his lover in but he did catch the end of it.


“If you have some time free how about we go out for coffee?” the black-haired female asked.


“I have to politely decline your invitation. I’m only here for one more day with my companion and we will be going back to Tokyo the day after tomorrow,” Subaru tried to turn down the offer, knowing that the female was after something more than just coffee.


“Oh! Then we could perhaps have the coffee tomorrow? I’m sure your brother won’t mind,” the surprisingly stubborn girl tried again.


Both males looked surprised that she thought that the two of them were brothers, but when they thought about it, it wasn’t that surprising. Why else would a man in his mid-twenties be hanging out with someone who is obviously a teenager. And Yuzuriha had once commented that they both were similar in a sense.


Kamui jumped into the conversation, tired of being ignored and having some woman flirt with his lover.


“In fact, I do mind,” he said and when the female looked like she was going to argue with him he continued, “I haven’t been able to spend much time with my nii-san since he’s busy with his work and I normally have school. And a few days ago, he finally came back after working for two whole weeks. Our time here is meant to spend our vacation together.”


Kamui placed the glass back on the table and stood up. Grabbing his boyfriend’s hand and dragged the quite willing man with him out of the café, not listening to the protesting female, and went out on the streets. Kamui kept their fast walking pace for a while ‘til they had put up a good distance between the café and themselves.


Subaru easily kept up with his quick strides, since he had even longer legs than Kamui, and let his shorter lover lead him randomly between people. He didn’t care about the people seeing the two of them holding hands. Here in this small beach town no one knew them and they could almost be as affectionate as they wanted. But both of them liked to keep their affections towards the other mostly where other people couldn’t see them.


Subaru’s little love soon slowed his pace down to what was their normal walking speed, still holding Subaru’s hand. It looked to Subaru that his boyfriend was sulking if that frown on the latter’s face was anything to go on. Subaru spied a deserted part of the park where they were currently walking in. It was hidden behind large hydrangea shrubs and the older man easily maneuvered the both of them behind the maze of flowers.


Subaru, who had taken the lead, turned towards his lover. Kamui adamantly looked at the ground while still frowning and the older of the two cupped the younger one’s cheeks in his larger hands.


“What’s wrong Kamui?”


The teen didn’t look at him first but after a few moments looked straight into golden and emerald eyes. They held the each other’s gaze for a few seconds before Kamui suddenly lunged forward, capturing Subaru’s lips in a passionate kiss. Slender arms looped around his neck, pulling him further down, so Kamui could deepen the kiss. Violet eyes were hidden behind pale eyelids and they were so close that Subaru could almost see every single eyelash on the younger’s eyelids.


Subaru placed his hands on each side of the Kamui’s waist, pulling him in closer and tilted his head down more to give Kamui an easier time. Kamui was standing on his tiptoes to give Subaru one of the best kisses in the world.


Here they were in a separate part of a public park in a small beach town, hidden by blooming hydrangeas. To the both of them it was like only the two of them existed in the world. No sounds except their own panting breaths and low moans could reach their ears. And they could see no one except the person in front of them.


Both their tongues fought for dominance, intertwining and trying to go deeper inside their partner’s oral orifice. In the end it was Kamui who ended the connection of their lips when he no longer could keep standing on his tiptoes and broke the intense kiss to stand back on his soles. The raven haired males tried to regulate their breathings and were still embracing the other. Kamui leaned his head on Subaru’s shoulder, and brought his arms down to encircle under Subaru’s arms and grabbed the short black jacket, that the taller man was wearing, on the back. Subaru meanwhile leaned his head on Kamui’s, nuzzling into the silky and unruly hair of the younger male.


His keen ears picked up rustling from the bushes and saw a little girl peak at them. Subaru brought his right hand up to the younger male’s hair and discreetly held his index finger against his lips to signal the girl to keep quiet and to not tell others about them. The little girl held her hands to her mouth and silently giggled at the man’s action and nodded, instinctively knowing that she had walked into a private moment like her parents sometimes had at home and quietly left them alone.


Subaru started petting the black-blue hair he was nuzzling into. And both of them were content to stand there surrounded by the beautiful blue and lilac flowers.


“So…” Subaru started but didn’t stop playing with the other’s hair and Kamui hummed in reply, “Why the sudden kiss? Not that I’m not happy, but it was quite bold of you to do it outside where someone could have seen us.”


Subaru was glad that the other couldn’t see the upward quirk of his lips as he kept his voice as normal as possible. He’s quite sure that his boyfriend would have retreated into his shell of shyness and tried to change the conversation or tried to distract him with something else.


“I didn’t like that they were flirting with you.”


Kamui didn’t move his head from its position on Subaru’s shoulder but the 26-year-old could see that the teen’s ears were red. And then Kamui looked at him, their eyes connecting once again.


“You’re mine, and they were flirting with you even though I was with you. I didn’t like it.”


Blunt and to the point. Kamui felt like a child, who almost had his most favorite toy taken away. Not that Subaru was a toy, but he had already lost his first love to death by her own brother’s hands, then he had lost said brother by killing him himself like the other had wished. The man in front of him had also rejected his love for him and then disappeared from his life for over a year. All Kamui had felt during that time was misery. Now that the man was back, and to boot it his boyfriend, he didn’t want to let go of the older man at all.


Subaru however was happy. Nine years of unrequited love and the loss of his sister had made him possessive over the one he loves so it was reassuring that Kamui felt the same way towards him. To express his feelings Subaru hugged him tighter to his body. They both promised themselves that they would never let the other go, no matter what. Even if it’s an unhealthy way of their relationship, but if they were to be separated they both knew they wouldn’t be able to keep their own sanity intact. They kept each other grounded and they wanted it to continue for eternity.


So, in a park, away from all other people’s eyes, they promised that they would never be separated again. Come hell or high water.






They had returned back to the hotel after going to the town’s aquarium and watched the penguins in their artificial habitat. Kamui had snorted when one of the big-chested penguins had slipped and fell down on its chest. They had then gone to see the dolphin show, where they both unfortunately got soaked when one of the dolphins thought it would be fun to splash both males with a load of water. The staff members had apologized and in compensation they got free tickets to the aquarium that wouldn’t expire ‘til next year’s summer.


Well, because of that they both had to take a shower when they came back to their hotel room. And that’s how Kamui suddenly found himself naked in the shower leaning forward with his hands to the wall and his boyfriend on his knees behind him, making sure to fulfill the earlier made promise to mark his most private parts fully with his brands.


The lights in the bathroom were so bright that Subaru could see every part of him clearly, furthering the embarrassment Kamui was feeling.


“Subaru… th-this position is embarrassing…”


The older man sucked another mark on the teen’s pale thigh, right under the buttock and hummed.


“But you like it. See, you’re hard.”


A pale hand gripped Kamui’s hard member and caressed the tip of the head.




Precum had already started dripping down from the tip and Subaru continued with his marking till his younger boyfriend’s knees started to shake. The sign that Kamui was almost no longer able to keep up his own weight. Mismatched eyes took in the pale mounds and thighs, several small red bruises covered the skin. He could see the dripping length between Kamui’s legs, wanting to be touched. The still swollen – but not as much as in the morning – pink entrance kept winking at him and Subaru wanted to continue but knew that his boyfriend no longer could keep himself standing.


Carefully he rose from his position on the floor, as to not hurt his knees, and swiftly picked up the aroused boy in his arms, bridal-style, and dumped the wet male on the big bed. Kamui landed with a soft thud and only managed to turn to his side before one of his legs was grabbed and they were spread. Showing his lover his aroused state as if he was on display.


“S-Subaru!” he yelped and tried to cover his erect manhood. But Subaru easily grabbed both wrists and pinned them to the sides of the smaller male’s hips.


Subaru leaned down and kissed the tip of the stiff shaft, making Kamui let out a small mewl as his blush deepened further. The heterochromatic eyed man placed butterfly kisses from the tip to the root, where he went further down and took one of the balls in his mouth and sucked on it.




With that little suck, Kamui let out a loud moan, liking the sensation. Then the real deal began. Subaru licked him from his base to the tip and slowly took his head in before tonguing the slit and slowly descended. Hollowing his cheeks, Subaru began a slow pace up and down on the hard organ. He released his little love’s hands, which immediately flew to his hair, unsure whether to push him further down or away, and Subaru grabbed the slender hips to keep them pinned down. Kamui writhed in pleasure and let out several unrestrained moans.


Kamui’s toes tangled in the sheets under him, his legs over his boyfriend’s shoulders. He looked down and violet eyes met with golden and emerald eyes that shone with pure lust and were watching his reactions and expressions. He didn’t know how long the older man kept bobbing his head up and down. But soon a euphoric feeling shot through his spine and coated his whole mind white.


“S-Subaru? W-wha-AAAH!” the teen couldn’t even finish his sentence when the same sensation once again shot through him and again repeatedly.


Subaru had inserted three of his fingers inside the pink hole, all of them lubricated, and continued to rub at the little nub inside Kamui and stretch the pink passage, making the teen scream out his pleasure.


“S-Suba……! I…nggg am… gon…haaah…c-cum…!”


Just when Kamui was on the edge of his climax, everything stopped. The warmth left his dick and the fingers were no longer inside him. Violet eyes closed at the sudden stop and he arched his back in vain to search for the same pleasure.


“Haaah… Subaru…?” the teen questioned in his haze of unreachable ecstasy.


The breathe in his throat got caught when he saw the man hover above him, and Kamui felt like a virgin on sacrificial altar to placate a god. He could see Subaru’s eyes shine with inner and unrestrained lust and shivered when his lover said the same dark promise from earlier.


“I told you. I won’t be as gentle as last night, my Kamui.”


Kamui shivered at the deep voice, but he also intuitively knew that Subaru would never truly do anything to really hurt him. Though he doesn’t know if he will even be able to stand tomorrow even if he takes painkillers again. He was dragged out of his musings when Subaru put his leg on his broader shoulders and leaned down to fully kiss him and dominated his mouth, bending him in half at the same time. His boyfriend also swallowed his moan mixed with pain and pleasure as the other shoved his hard dick inside him, hitting his good spot on the first thrust.




Subaru couldn’t almost hold back from pulling out and then thrust back into his little love’s hot body. But he did. Though he told Kamui that he wouldn’t be gentle tonight, he still couldn’t stand to hurt his lover unnecessary while he could prevent it. He kept still while those soft walls kept clamping down and massaging his hard cock inside the teen. Subaru kept kissing Kamui and let his hand pump his manhood in slow strokes to take away as much pain as possible and to relax him. When he felt the walls loosening on his member, Subaru gave one more lingering kiss to those pink and plump lips before kneeling straight up on the bed while holding Kamui’s slender hips, letting the thin legs slide down to his waist.


He started gently like he did last night but after a few moment he steadily increased the pace, making his lover writhe and squirm in pleasure as he thrust deep and fast into Kamui’s body.


“Subaru! Subaru! Aaah…! D-deep! Nnng… I-it’s too deep…!”


Kamui kept moaning as his boyfriend continued to thrust hard and deep into him. He felt like he was sinking again. The only thing grounding him was his boyfriend’s hands on his hips. Kamui tried to move his hips to match Subaru’s pace, but he was unable to keep up with the movements. He could only moan and writhe in pleasure under the body of his lover.


Kamui couldn’t even warn the other of his incoming orgasm when a pale and slender hand started to pump his member in time to the thrusts. Kamui came with a soundless scream on his stomach and chest while arching his back.


Subaru grunted when the warm walls around him clamped down on his hardness but kept up his pace as he watched his love’s beautiful face conform into the expression of absolute pleasure. Kamui’s flushed face, his mouth open in a soundless scream, back arched and violet eyes glazed over in bliss. Kamui went limp in bed and the older male increased his pace even, stimulating the tired teen all over again.


Kamui wasn’t even able to form words anymore as his older boyfriend kept pleasuring his fatigued body by hitting and grinding against the nub inside him. His cock hardening once again despite coming only a few moments ago. It was almost too much when Subaru fisted his still sensitive dick and started stroking it again and he let out a pleasured whimper.


Subaru watched as his little love came once more only a few moments after and this time he let himself go over the edge, filling the lithe body with his essence. He continued to thrust inside ‘til his climax subsided and collapsed atop on Kamui. Who only let out a small grunt at his added weight.


After regaining some of his strength, Subaru lifted himself and pulled out from Kamui. Who let out a keening sound when he withdrew. Subaru watched as the white liquid seeped out from the pink orifice and felt himself hardening again at the sight of a sexed out Kamui with his cum dripping out of the teen’s body.


He grabbed one of Kamui’s legs and put it on his shoulder, making the lithe framed male’s lower body twist sideways and inserted his dick inside the snug entrance.


“S-Subaru?!” Kamui squeaked when he felt the man push inside him again.


“S-sorry Kamui… But I can’t hold back,” he said a bit apologetic as he once again started a fast pace.


Kamui mewled at the stimuli his current oversensitive body was rained upon. Everything felt hot and he could see the sweat drip down his lover’s face and the golden and emerald eyes still shone with unadulterated love and lust. They always continued mesmerize him when Subaru let his feelings reflect inside those normally impassive eyes. Only when Subaru was with him could he see those eyes mirror the feelings inside his lover’s heart, letting him know that only he could make the man feel those kinds of things and no one else. And Kamui would be lying if it didn’t stroke his ego a little.


“Should you really be thinking about other things when we’re doing this?”


A voice, husky and seductive with lust, whispered to him and Kamui was brought back from his thoughts and immediately flushed when he saw his boyfriend’s face in front of his. Lips only mere inches from each other and pale pink lips quirked up in a teasing smile.


“Apparently I’m not doing it properly if you’ve time to let your thoughts wander.”


Kamui was going to protest but let out a moan instead when the other grinded against his sweet spot and thumbed the slit on his manhood.


“S-Subaru…!” the teen gasped and then the man moved teasingly inside him. Making only shallow and slow thrusts and purposely didn’t hit his prostrate and stopped touching his shaft. The older man was driving Kamui crazy with unattainable pleasure.


When Kamui tried to move his hand down to his erection it was gripped and pinned above his head and Subaru only grinded gently inside him and avoided the spot which would make Kamui feel so good.


“Subaru…” he pleaded silently, looking at his lover with violet eyes watery from arousing his body too much.


Subaru looked down at him with gentle eyes, but the smile on his lips was teasing the teen as the older male leaned down and kissed him passionately. Kamui let out a moan in the other’s mouth and tried to grind down on his lover but the older man’s grip on his waist and hands made it impossible.


“What do you want Kamui?” Subaru asked him after their lips separated and pulled out, and Kamui made a noise of distress at the action.


The teen tried pleading the older man with his eyes and a call of his name but the other didn’t do anything but lightly touch his side with the hand that had been on his waist.


“Tell me Kamui. What do you want, and what do you want me to do?” the older man questioned the teen, who tried to look away from the other’s intense eyes but couldn’t do it. Too mesmerized by the light in them.


“I…” Kamui started and whimpered when the older male teased his opening with the head of his dick but didn’t enter him.


“I… I want…you inside me…” the violet eyed teen mumbled quietly, finally being able to look away from the other as the blush on his face deepened to scarlet and spread to his ears.


Subaru laid down on him and nibbled at his red ear. He kissed down to the juncture between Kamui’s neck and shoulder and bit down and sucked a new bright red bruise over it.


“Say it Kamui.”


The command was gentle and hopeful, Kamui realized. Subaru wanted to know that Kamui wanted him too and wanted him to tell him. To ease his mind and insecurities.


“I want you, Subaru. I want you to touch me, be inside me…” Kamui managed to say out loud and gulped, “I… I want you to th-thrust into m-my body h-hard and f-fast… I want you to… m-make me and you feel good together and…c-cum… I-I want to cum with you. I want you to make love to me…”


Earlier Kamui didn’t think that his face could burn any hotter, but after he said those things to his lover, he could almost feel smoke coming out of his ears. Subaru on the other blushed at the words, though it was he himself that had coaxed Kamui to say them. He could also feel elation fill his heart. Kamui did want this. Wanted Subaru to touch him and love him.


Subaru hugged Kamui tightly to him. He kissed both of Kamui’s eyelids, nose, cheeks and lastly on the mouth. It was sweet, only their lips pressing against each other. Kamui mimicked his actions and they smiled at each other. Their needs temporary forgotten.


However they were reminded when their groins touched each other and they both moaned out loud.


Rising up on his hand again, Subaru reinserted himself inside his little love. There was a loud squelch sound coming from their union. Kamui almost didn’t hear the sounds of skin slapping against skin as his boyfriend once again commenced the rapid pace of their love making. He could only see his boyfriend’s flushed face that was lightly dripping in sweat and hear the low grunts and moans the older man let out.


His orgasm took him by surprise but managed to moan out his lover’s name at the same time he felt the other climax inside him. Filling him up with the man’s essence again.




“Kamui!” the man responded and embraced his little love closer, waiting until their climaxes subsided.


A few moments later Kamui squirmed under the larger body. Subaru almost didn’t want to move from his position. It was warm and comfortable inside Kamui and it felt good to be connected with him while both their bodies were flush against each other. But Subaru knew that he should clean them up and that his partner was feeling too full inside with him releasing twice inside his body and his soft dick was still inside.


Subaru littered the pale skin on Kamui’s neck with a few butterfly kisses before raising himself up on his hands and slowly pulled out.


Kamui let out a moan of relief when Subaru withdrew his cock inside of him. He had been feeling too full and hadn’t been able to completely calm down because of that. He was so tired that he didn’t mind when the older man picked him up and headed towards the shower in the bathroom. He obediently sat on Subaru’s lap and let the other clean him inside and out, too tired to react in anyway, having climaxed once in the morning and now thrice this evening.


Subaru washed both their bodies before going to the mini pool bath. Still having Kamui in his lap. He liked being physically close to his small lover no matter how little their touch was, enjoying the warmth and comfort the other emitted. Subaru let Kamui fall asleep on his lap. He was tired from their activities and the warm bath and Subaru’s body heat had lulled him to sleep. Subaru just let a smile of fondness show on his face as he watched the slumbering boy on his lap. He leaned slightly down and kissed the younger male’s temple, letting his lips linger a few seconds before he stood up with Kamui in his arms.


“Su… ba… ru…” the teen mumbled sleepily and cuddled closer to his body.


Said male smiled gently at his sleeping lover before drying the both of them and headed back to the bedroom. He managed to get off the decorated cover of the bed without dropping Kamui and set the sleeping youth down on the bed. He took out the same ointment from the morning and applied it to the boy’s anus and to the rim of it. Kamui just shivered in his unconscious state as he did it.


Subaru placed the ointment back in the nightstand’s drawer before sliding in beside the younger raven and covered themselves with the comforter. Subaru laid on his side with an arm over Kamui’s waist and entangled their legs. He shortly fell asleep and they both continued to sleep into noon of the next day.






The last day of their vacation was spent cuddling inside their hotel room because Kamui wasn’t able to stand up even after taking painkillers. His knees still felt too weak to carry his own weight. Subaru hadn’t certainly minded spending the day with his boyfriend inside their room cuddling either in bed or on the loveseat watching some movies on the free channels.


Though the same staff member from the day before had still been scared of the man when he delivered their meals, still remembering how scary the dual-eye-colored raven had been the previous day. Kamui had to keep himself from laughing when he saw the man’s face while seeing his boyfriend’s dispassionate face as the teen greeted the worker. However the brunet did seem oddly curious about the teen residing in the same room as the scary raven.


That didn’t escape Subaru’s notice and he almost glared at the other man if Kamui hadn’t been there to quickly send the brunet off every time he came up with their food.


That night they didn’t do anything but cuddle and fall asleep in bed. They had to leave early in the morning after all.


Come morning and they both took their packed bags and checked out of the hotel and took Subaru’s car out from the underground parking lot and drove back to Tokyo. The drive back was silent and Kamui seemed to fidget in his seat. And when Subaru asked what was wrong Kamui stammered just out that it wasn’t anything big and it would just take a while for him to get comfortable. Subaru let it go for now, but if Kamui continued he would talk about it with him.


Communicating with one’s partner is one of the main principles in a relationship after all.


Kamui had stopped fidgeting after finding a comfortable enough position on the passenger seat. The drive was over three and a half an hour back to Tokyo. They listened to some music and Kamui mentioned that the Sports Festival would probably be sometime in the end of October. And what teachers he hoped he didn’t have during his second term, the violet-eyed youth also mentioned that Nokoru had signed him up for training with Suoh after school as extra curriculum activities. Since the school required him to join some sort of extra activities and the P.E. lessons didn’t really make him even sweat Kamui had thought that it would be good for him to learn a proper fighting style instead of the brawling skills he’d picked up.


Subaru internally winced and honestly thought that the suggestion of Suoh training with Kamui had been Nokoru’s plan to teach Kamui how to defend himself from him in case need be, not being aware of their true relationship. The older raven also suspected that Ijyuin Akira had somehow caught on what his relationship with Kamui truly was and let them be.


The hours passed by and it was noon when they arrived at Kamui’s dorm house. The pipes had been changed and fixed during their time at the hotel, so Kamui had been able to move his things back before they went to the beach. Both were sad that they temporary time of living together had ended, but Subaru was also a little thankful. He knew he wouldn’t be always able to hold back his urges if Kamui lived with him full-time. Though after having made love with the teen, he felt oddly energized.


They kissed inside the car for a few minutes, knowing they wouldn’t be able to see each other since Kamui had school next day and Subaru had to take up some cases again. When they ended the kiss both of them were panting hard. Kamui gave a last peck in the corner of Subaru’s lips before unbuckling his seatbelt and opened the car door. Taking his duffle bag out from the trunk, the teen gave one last wave of goodbye to his boyfriend before walking up to his dorm house’s doorstep.


Subaru didn’t drive off before he saw his little love enter the house. Giving one last lingering look on the house before driving off to his apartment.


It was time to plan and prepare.   

Chapter Text




It had been a week and a half since school started up again, and Kamui was already tired of all the attention he seemed to bring. Somehow the stares had increased since he came back and it was driving him crazy because he didn’t even know why.


Kamui had also made sure that the hickeys his boyfriend had left on him weren’t seen, so the increased attention to him wasn’t because of that. Kamui had been hiding on the small roof above the entrance to the school’s roof. He was high up enough to not be seen and had been spending most of his breaks either there or at the gazebo where he used to have his tutoring sessions with Subaru.


So when a group of female schoolmates in the same year were talking while he stared at the clouds, usually he would tune them out because there were certainly things he didn’t want to know and some talks were just purely private and not meant for his ears. But this time he couldn’t help but overhear their conversation when they mentioned his name.


“Hey, hasn’t Shirou-kun in 2-B recently become really pretty somehow?” a girl of the group asked the others.


Kamui nearly lost his balance at the inquiry and was flabbergasted.




“Yeah, I know right!” another girl answered, “Like in our freshman year he was this really gloomy and skinny kid, right?”


The other girls nodded silently in consent. And the same girl continued.


“But since like May or something he suddenly started to get better. His complexion isn’t as sickly as before and if one would have taken a closer look at him, he was quite pretty even back then.”


All girls nodded again.


“Well, he’s gotten even prettier since our Summer Vacation ended.” A third girl commented.


“He probably got laid or something.” A fourth girl joked crudely and silence befell over the group, considering the joke seriously.


“I really can’t imagine what kind of person Shirou-kun would go out with, nevertheless sleep with,” the first girl spoke again.


“Shirou-kun is almost as pretty if not prettier than us girls.” A fifth girl said and everyone in their group nodded again.


‘As pretty or prettier than a girl?!’ Kamui thought horrified, an arrow shooting through his heart.


“Maybe a girl shorter than him and, I don’t know, pretty in the innocent way? I mean, Shiro-kun is pretty but he’s so aloof and cold so he seems to be the type to protect someone important to him?” the second voice commented.


Kamui’s thought that the girl had hit bull’s eye with the comment as he was reminded of Kotori. She had been pretty in the innocent way. His heart still ached at the death of his first love, though he had moved on when he fell in love with Subaru. But she still was an important friend from his childhood and his first love.


“Hasn’t he gotten confessions from some of the guys in school?” the fourth girl thought out loud.


Kamui winced at the remembrance. Subaru hadn’t been especially happy with those confessions and would be unnaturally quiet ‘til Kamui would repeatedly nuzzle into him and fill the man’s face with kisses to soothe the older raven’s insecurities of Kamui leaving him for someone younger and the same age as the teen.


“Yeah, I saw one once. It was Katakuri-senpai from the Volleyball Club. He seemed to like how manly Shirou-kun is despite his looks. The gap between his appearance and personality seemed to have attracted Senpai,” the third girl spoke.


Kamui remembered the guy. He had been one of the easier ones to turn down of the guys.


“Somehow I can imagine Shirou-kun easier with a guy than a girl,” the second girl commented absentmindedly.


The other girls looked at her wide-eyed before thinking it over in their minds.


“That’s… true,” the fifth girl said after some hesitation, “It’s easier imagining him with a guy.”


“Then what kind of guy would Shirou-kun go out with?” the fourth one asked.


They all pondered at it for a minute before they all commented.


“Someone kind.”


“Someone handsome.”


“Someone taller than himself.”


“Someone older so they can handle his personality.”


“Someone who’s the opposite of Shirou-kun.”


All the girls spoke after each other.


Said teen on the other hand was blushing, all those things were just like how his boyfriend was. Well, towards him that is.


“Well if that someone is taller than Shirou-kun and older…” the fourth girl said and started to whisper to the others but Kamui could still hear them, “Does that mean Shirou-kun is the uke?”


The girls and Kamui blushed. All for different reasons. The girls from their imagination. And Kamui for remembering his stay at the hotel with his boyfriend.


“That would explain why Shirou-kun got prettier. Isn’t there some after-effects from having sex. Like one’s skin gets smoother and post-pheromones?” the second girl questioned.


Kamui touched his face. Had his skin become smoother?


“Yeah,” the first girl responded, “But Shirou-kun being the uke? With his personality one would think he would be the seme.”


“Right?!” the fourth girl answered before she mock-swooned, “But in reality he’s the uke because only a person with an understanding personality would be able to tame him and the only one who could see his cute side.”


The girls giggled at that.


“And Shirou-kun is kinda short,” the girl continued.


“True.” All the other girls stated.


A second and third arrow shot through Kamui’s heart.


‘Short… cute…’ Kamui thought depressed.   


“I also think that Shirou-kun would look better in a skirt and the female uniform than most girls.”


The fourth girls statement sent another arrow into Kamui’s heart as the other girls said that she had a point.


Before the girls could do more damage to the violet-eyed teen’s pride as a male, the school bell rang, signaling the end of their break. The girls hurried to the roof’s entrance. Kamui waited a few moment to make sure that none of the girls were still on the roof. He jumped off his perch and opened the door.


While Kamui walked downstairs, he let his thoughts wander to the earlier conversation the girls had. Sure, in the end of his third year in middle school and his whole freshman year in high school, he had been depressed and down. But it was justified. He had recently lost the founding of his life in just a year, lost his first love, comrades and had killed his own best friend. Of course he would be gloomy because of that and the nightmares that followed, he hadn’t been able to eat because he would only remember the ones he’d lost and how they had shared meals at the same table, leading to him to not being able to stomach anything. Resulting him into become unhealthy skinny.


His nightmares wouldn’t go away for years and he would always remember that awful year forever. But now he has support and someone he cared for that he knew would stay by his side and not leave him suddenly. And he would do the same for Subaru.


Subaru had been brooding over his former love for almost nine years. And it was only recently he had been able to let go of the former Sakurazukamori. But the older male had nightmares as bad, if not worse, than Kamui’s. Who could only try to comfort the man in his sleep by hugging the other lightly and carefully thread his hand through black-green hair. Knowing that waking up the other male would do more damage than good when the nightmares were as horrible as they were and could make the other a little volatile.


Kamui had no idea how his lover could be so quiet when he was having a nightmare but speculated that it had to do with how long Subaru had been having them. While  Subaru sometimes slept over at his dorm, Kamui would always make a cup of green tea for him. Subaru had once told him that green tea reminded of his childhood in Kyoto with his sister and grandmother and how they all would drink it while eating Japanese snacks for teatime in the afternoons when they were children.


The violet-eyed teen had made sure to have the same type of tea as the one in Subaru’s childhood and had even bought a pack for the older man’s apartment in case the other needed it to calm down after a nightmare and Kamui wasn’t there to help him. They never talked about their nightmares, but they could pretty much guess what they were about and both ravens gave each other silently comfort.


Kamui then started to think about the other part of the girls’ conversation. He knew he didn’t look that manly, but he was a man! 100% male. He didn’t like being called cute or something similar to the word – though he didn’t mind if Subaru called him that. He knew that the other wouldn’t mean it as something demeaning, it was just what Subaru thought Kamui was.


Then he remembered that the girls had mentioned that he was the uke. Only knowing about the term because Sorata had barged into his room one afternoon after seeing one of Kamui’s lingering gazes on Subaru one too many times. The next day the older teen had a bag full of shounen-ai and yaoi manga and some were even R-18 rated. Kamui had accidently opened one of those and immediately landed on the sex scene when the seme had put it inside the uke. Kamui had blushed crimson, and in his haste of getting the book as far as away from himself, so he had flung it at his door, which was opening at the same time and the manga had nailed Subaru straight in the face with the book still open on the same page.


The older seal had calmly caught the falling manga in his hands. An eyebrow lifted when he saw the page and what kind of manga it was. Subaru had then looked up and seen Kamui’s crimson face and startled face and hands in the air and concluded that the teen had accidently thrown it at him. Though he couldn’t help but comment at the scene he had seen in the manga.


“It really hurts and one’s rectum can tear if one does it dry without any lubrication for their first time.”


Kamui hadn’t been able to say anything, too embarrassed to form any words, even Sorata seemed chastised and scandalized.


“OH NO! I almost gave Kamui false information and would have made his anal passage in danger!” the older teen had shouted out loud enough that Kamui thought that everyone in the house had heard the brunet.


He had also died a little inside when Subaru’s other eyebrow rose in surprise before giving him an inquisitive look, wondering what in the world Sorata meant by that. Kamui just shook his head furiously at the older man, insisting that he didn’t know what Sorata was talking about. And then smacked the older teen on his head for being so embarrassing. Subaru had then proceeded to change the subject to save Sorata from more brain damage caused by the embarrassed and temperamental teen.


Kamui would never mention nor admit it to anyone, but he had read all the manga and books Sorata had given him back then and he still had them. Kamui had even reread them when he and Subaru had started to date. Fortunately, so hadn’t Subaru found his stash when the male had been searching for more knives or harmful objects that Kamui had used when he’d been cutting himself.


It still was hard refraining from making those lines on his wrists, especially after a nightmare and Subaru wasn’t there. But Kamui made do with stealing some of the older male’s shirts whenever he visited, he also made sure to return those that had stopped smelling like his boyfriend without the owner’s knowledge. Kamui was hopeful that Subaru just thought that he had misplaced his clothes when he did his laundry. Or that was at least what the man had thought ‘til he caught the teen with his white trench coat.


A blush rose on his pale cheeks at recalling that incident and Kamui willed the redness away as he neared his classroom. Slipping inside the open door, the raven-haired teen hurried to his seat, only a minute earlier than this class’ teacher, who came in looking ragged. It seems like the educator’s wife was pregnant and the male was suffering from the mood swings and cravings at odd hours. Kamui silently wished his teacher good luck and hoped that the man wouldn’t be bitter enough to take it out on his students.





“Subaru, do I look like a girl?”


The onmyouji almost choked on the tea in his mouth if he hadn’t composed himself as years of training had done to him in controlling his expressions and feelings. The golden and emerald eyed man looked at his lover, who had his hands intertwined together with the elbows on the table and was leaning his chin on the hands, deep in thought. Sighing, Subaru decided to ask the teen why the sudden question.


“Why are you wondering about something like that?”


“I overheard some girls saying that I had apparently gotten “really pretty” and would “look good in a skirt or the female uniform” and would look better in it than most females in school.”


Kamui grimaced when he said his reasons. Well, at least he found out why the increase in attention to him. Additionally, so had the love letters from guys also increased – which he threw away into the school’s incinerator before his training with Suoh.


Subaru gazed over his lover’s hunched form. True, his little love had become more beautiful than before. And because of his deceased twin sister, he also could see why the girls said that Kamui would look good in female clothes. Kamui was pale, his face a bit effeminate, making him a bit androgynous, and he was a little small for his age. The teen hadn’t even grown an inch in since his last year in middle school, so if he would wear female clothes the younger raven would look like a slightly taller than normal girl.


“Well, I have to admit you do look a little like a girl. But that would most likely be because you inherited most of your genes from your mother. I remember hearing that boys resemble their mothers more than their fathers sometimes, it is just more apparent in your case.”


The onmyouji’s words made the teen more depressed about his looks.


“But the same could be said for me,” Kamui looked at his boyfriend and the latter’s lips quirked slightly downwards.


“When Hokuto-chan and I were younger, we looked so extremely alike that people often made the mistake of calling us twin sisters.”


Violet eyes widened at the admission that left the older male’s lips.


“It didn’t help that before we reached our teenage years, so did nee-san force me into her clothes, not the ones meant for me; a male, but the ones she meant to wear herself to see how they would look and what she had to fix. Well, I still hadn’t had any major growth spurts and grew to about 172 centimeters (5’8) in middle school, which wasn’t that much different from my sister’s height. It wasn’t until after I was eighteen that I had another growth spurt and grew taller.”


And as an afterthought Subaru added:


“Though I did learn how to walk in high heels because of Hokuto-chan.”


Kamui looked intrigued at the disclosed information and wondered if his boyfriend had any pictures of the times he did wear the female garments.


Subaru either didn’t notice the teen’s interest in his admission or tried to ignore the hopeful violet eyes on him and continued.


“You don’t have to rush Kamui. While you might be small now you will most likely have a late growth spurt like me.”


After saying his sentence the older man finished off his tea and looked at younger boyfriend who’s deep in his thoughts. The younger male’s tea had cooled off and Subaru stood up and threw it down the sink and then filled their cups with still warm tea from the pot. When he placed one of the cups in front of the teenager and retook his seat on the opposite side and took a small sip from his own cup, Kamui finally looked up at him.


Subaru inwardly flinched at the hopeful puppy-eyes his lover made and dreaded the question that would be leaving the other’s lips.


“So… do you have any pictures of the time you tried on your sister’s clothes?”


Subaru groaned out loudly in defeat as the question was voiced out loud. He couldn’t deny his little love’s request when the teen looked like that at him. The green-black haired male would feel like he was kicking a kitten or puppy if he did refuse to show the pictures to his boyfriend.


“I will show you them after the next time I visit Kyoto,” Subaru sighed and let out an exasperated smile when the teen whooped out loudly at his acceptance.







Subaru inwardly grimaced when he saw Suzuki-san talking to the landlady, outwardly so was his expression blank as always as he watched the two females chatting with each other.


His landlady was an older woman about the same age as his grandmother and while she wasn’t a bad person, she liked to gossip about everyone’s secrets. It was a well-kept unofficial rule between the residents in the apartment complex to not tell the woman any secrets they heard about each other. Though when Suzuki Miyoko moved in five years ago that rule extended to the younger woman too. She was their landlady’s granddaughter after all and liked to gossip as much as her grandmother.


“Oooh! Sumeragi-san!” the landlady beckoned him to them when she noticed the tall raven waiting for them to finish talking. Subaru on the other hand dreaded the conversation that would be spread around the other tenants after he left the building.


“Good morning, Yamada-san, Suzuki-san,” he greeted them politely and slightly bowed.


“Oh dear! You don’t have to call me Yamada-san, just call me Ume-san or Grandma Ume! We’ve known each other for almost nine years!”


Subaru didn’t want to call her that. He didn’t really feel that close to his landlady. Suzuki kept quiet as she watched the other two interact.


“Well, what kind of business do you have with me today, dear? You almost never talk to the other residents or me, except for greetings,” the old woman sighed.


Subaru decided to just get it over and done with, not wanting to prolong his own suffering in the presence of the two females.


“I will be moving out and back to my old apartment in one month. I have already informed the owner of the building and all that’s left was to inform you and to pack. Thank you for your hospitality for all these years.”


Subaru bowed deeply this time and politely left the two flabbergasted women with the new juicy gossip that one of the tenants that had lived in the building the longest would be leaving. The onmyouji knew that the moment he came back, his imminent leave from the apartment complex would be known to all the other residents.


He sighed as he went to the garage outside where his car was and ignited the vehicle and drove to his old apartment that was closer to his boyfriend’s school. While he hadn’t really taken anything from the place except some of his clothes and toiletries, and he knew that the place wasn’t that dirty with him having hired a cleaner to clean the place once a week so dust didn’t collect too much. He had also covered every furniture with white sheets to protect them from getting dusty and dirty.


What he had to do was to prepare himself. His old apartment had a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. It was also the place where he and Hokuto almost spent all their time if they weren’t at the vet clinic or in town. That apartment had many of his memories shared with both his sister and former love, Seishirou. Furthermore so was all the furnishing in the rooms, except his bedroom, chosen by his sister.


It was the reason why he hadn’t wanted to live there anymore. The whole place had just reminded him of memories before Hokuto’s death and Seishirou’s betrayal. But he couldn’t throw anything out. His sister had been so proud when she had finished choosing all the furniture and decorated the place and he couldn’t bring himself to destroy one of her last works. The same could be said for the clothes she had made for him when they were teenagers. All of the things in that apartment were mementos of Hokuto. His one and only twin sister.


But now he could hopefully live there again. With Kamui’s help he would be able to overcome the sadness and the memories that lingered in the apartment and make new, happy memories..


Subaru steeled himself when he arrived in front of the door. Taking a deep breath, the onmyouji finally opened the door that he hadn’t touched in nine years.







Kamui let out a quiet sigh as he listened to his teacher berating all the boys in his class for starting a water fight with the whole male population in the high school. Kamui had also been pulled into the fight because a water balloon that was meant for a brunet male, which said person had dodged. Unfortunately so had Kamui just turned the corner, departing from his usual gazebo, and had been hit with the waterbomb straight in his face.


Silence had befallen over the whole school ground and all males were watching as the usual cool and aloof raven-haired and violet-eyed teen’s eyes were blazing with annoyance and proceeded to trounce every male student’s ass that was participating in the water fight. There was now a new respect for the frail looking teen amongst his fellow male peers for that moment and they silently swore that they would never try to make Shirou Kamui angry ever again if they didn’t want their asses handed to them on a silver plate.


Luckily so had the fight been after school hours and Kamui had managed to slip out of the scolding unnoticed, he’d had years of practice with that, and walked back to the dorm house in his wet uniform.


It was the end of September so the air was a bit chilly for him to walk back like that, but it wasn’t like he had any choice. It wasn’t like he had known that his fellow schoolmates would start a water fight and that he would be dragged into it. He sighed when he recalled how the other male and female students had watched him in awe as he beat every male up with harmless water attacks smoothly and swiftly, ending the disastrous water fight in a matter of minutes.


Kamui hadn’t been paying attention when he bumped into someone. Resulting into the other’s clothes also becoming wet from the drenched teen’s clothes. The person Kamui bumped into hissed silently at the coldness that seeped through his black long-sleeved sweater. They both recognized each other and Kamui blushed in embarrassment of his older boyfriend catching him drenched and walking outside in the wet clothes.


Subaru on the other hand had been about to ignore the person bumping into him. Till he recognized the lithe frame of his lover’s drenched form.


“What the..? Kamui! What are you doing walking around all wet?!” the older male took of his black trench coat and draped it over his cold boyfriend’s shoulders.


Kamui thankfully clutched the warm fabric tighter around his shivering body. Taking in the familiar scent of cigarettes and vanilla. They both fell into step, deciding to walk to Kamui’s dorm to warm up the teen. The violet-eyed raven grimaced as his older lover asked why he was drenched.


“Some idiots decided it would be fun to have a water fight on school grounds after classes since it’s Friday and every male student in the high school department had been dragged into it. The girls managed to vacate the grounds and escaped inside to the classrooms. I skipped my last class since it was Home Economics, we were supposed to make curry today and I already know how to make it. Well, I was leaving our usual gazebo to go back after my school bag, and then someone nailed me with a water balloon in the face when I turned the corner.”


Kamui said and watched as Subaru’s face almost looked reprimanding but didn’t say anything about him skipping class. The older male already knew that the younger male knew how to cook, the teen was much better at it than him. He continued to listen when the younger raven sighed exasperatedly.


“The water fight ended with me beating all the other males’ asses in the game in my annoyance. In my defense, I had just woken up from a nap and was a little cranky.”


And didn’t Subaru know it. Kamui was not really a morning person and was it was strangely cute to see the teen trying to squirm away and under the blankets the times when Subaru had to wake him up in the mornings, when Kamui forgot to put on his alarm, so that the other didn’t become late for school.


“We all received a scolding but I managed to sneak off since I wanted to change my clothes as soon as possible.”


Kamui grimaced as he remembered the teacher also scolding him though he was a victim that had decided to end the idiotic game his schoolmates had started.


Subaru chuckled when he heard that and patted his boyfriend’s head.


When they arrived at the house, Subaru ushered the younger raven to go and take a hot shower while he prepared some warm tea and heated up the ready-made food Kamui had in the fridge. Kamui just had just arrived downstairs ten minutes later with a pair of ripped light blue jeans and a white graphic t-shirt. His hair was still wet but he had a towel on his shoulders, absorbing the drops running down his locks. As usual they both ate in silence and Kamui sighed in contentment as he sipped the hot drink, his body finally warming up from the inside and chasing away the last bit of coldness that was lingering in his body.


They hadn’t seen each other much this past month with Kamui being busy with school and Subaru was almost always busy with his work as an onmyouji, additionally so had he been packing up his meager belongings in his smaller and rented apartment and had moved into his former apartment that he owned. Though Kamui didn’t know about that and they both had missed each other through the time they’d been separated.


The movie, that they were watching, was played on random channel filtered through their ears as they cuddled on the couch. They both were sitting sideways on the sofa in the living room with their feet on the soft cushions. Kamui was lying with his back to the older raven’s chest and between the latter’s legs. Subaru had fallen asleep during the movie his head lying on the armrest while his arms encircled Kamui’s torso.


‘He must be very tired’ Kamui thought and did his best not to move so he didn’t wake up his sleeping boyfriend. He hid his smile as he carefully cuddled closer to the older man’s warm body.


‘He said he would be busier than normal these weeks and I thought I wouldn’t be able to see him at all. So I’m happy that he’s here even if he’s sleeping. He must have been quite busy if he is this worn out.’


Kamui didn’t notice when his own eyelids started to get heavier as he watched the movie, and soon he joined his lover in the spell cast by the Sandman.


They both had been sleeping for an hour or two ‘til they both stirred when the doorbell rang and someone was knocking on the door. Both woke up with a sleepy haze still lingering in their minds. Kamui reassured his lover that the other could fall back asleep and switched off the tv had been on since they fell asleep.


Standing up, Kamui walked towards the door. When he opened it he was met with a few of his schoolmates. They all had red cheeks and stunk of booze, making Kamui inwardly grimace.


“Hahahaha! I told you that Shirou lived in this house!” a very drunk male teenager said.


‘Yoshida,’ Kamui’s now awakened and sharp mind supplied, identifying one of the drunks.


A few girls giggled when they saw their handsome and pretty school idol open the door. The guys shoved themselves inside the house, ignoring the protesting and very sober raven. They invited the girls inside who took the invitation despite the scowl that appeared on Kamui’s face as they all entered uninvited.


The guys whistled when they saw the inside of the house and the girls were staring in awe.


“What are you doing here?” Kamui asked, not even bothering to hide his irritation.


Another one of his male schoolmates turned towards him.


“We were hanging around the school grounds here when we all remembered that you lived alone in one of the dorm houses and thought that we should come hang out with you!”


Kamui raised one of his eyebrows. Yeah, drunkards were not his thing. He heard footsteps on the second floor near the stairs and looked up to see his boyfriend walking downstairs as if he had been on the upper floor the whole time. His classmates were staring at the older handsome, raven-haired male with mismatched eyes and a blank face with flabbergasted faces. They had thought that the violet-eyed teen lived without any adults supervising him and that he would be the perfect accomplice for their illegal drinking. And they could continue their little party at Kamui’s dorm house since he lived there all alone.


“Who are your friends, Kamui?” Subaru asked as he stared at his younger lover’s peers.


“Just some very drunk people that will be leaving now,” Kamui said in a bored tone while accentuating the two words of drunk and leaving.


“Maybe it would be wiser to call Imonoyama-san that some students managed to sneak into the school’s premises during the night while being drunk?” the older male suggested.


Kamui smiled devilishly and his schoolmates were stunned and scared when they saw that expression on the normally aloof teen.


“Oh, I think that Nokoru-san already knows if the car in the driveway is any sign,” the teen purred darkly and his classmates paled when they saw the door open again and the chairman of their school arrived at the opening with a rare scowl on his face.


Nokoru saw the drunk teenagers and immediately sent for their parents to be notified and for them to fetch their inebriated children. The parents were disappointed in their children and Nokoru informed them that their punishment for sneaking inside the school and drinking illegally on school grounds was for them to be suspended for two weeks starting on Monday. Their additional punishment from their parents were that they were grounded at home for two months for behaving so irresponsible.


The other teens gave Kamui a glance, begging the teen for help, but he only shook his head. He truly had nothing to do with this and had been disturbed from his sleep. The parents apologized both to Kamui and Nokoru, Subaru had disappeared back upstairs, leaving only the raven-haired teen and the blonde adult in the living room when the parents and his classmates left.


They both were silent for a few moments ‘til Nokoru started speaking.


“You know he’s the Sakurazukamori.”


“I know. And I don’t care.” Was his determined answer.


Nokoru had suspected his and Subaru’s relationship and had confirmed it after the Summer Vacation with Kamui. But they hadn’t had any time to discuss it properly since the blonde male had a meeting he was obligated to attend. Kamui had also made sure that the man disabled all the CCTV:s and voice recorders in the house during the summer break when the pipes were changed and fixed.


The blond man uncharacteristically pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed.


“He’s dangerous.”


“Subaru won’t hurt me.”


“And how do you know that?” the blonde didn’t mind that they were both males nor their age-difference. The man was the epitome of free love after all, though he himself preferred women.


“I trust him that he won’t, at least not intentionally. And…”


“And?” Nokoru prompted.


“I love him and I believe in him. I know that he would rather hurt himself than letting me get hurt.”


The confession of love didn’t surprise Nokoru, but the determination blazing inside those violet eyes told him that Kamui truly believed in his lover that Subaru wouldn’t hurt him. He hadn’t seen that shine in them since the Promised Year. And the only reason why it had returned was the man, who’s currently inside the teen’s room. Nokoru knew that Subaru wasn’t that dangerous but almost every politician or high up enough person had been warned about the notorious Sakurazukamori and he couldn’t help it and get worried about the violet-eyed teen when he found out that the current Grave Keeper of the Sakura was always visiting Kamui.


But he had to concede his defeat when he saw those shining and rebellious violet eyes. He ruffled Kamui’s hair and quietly made his retreat back to his mansion. Now leaving only the two ravens inside the house.


Nokoru hoped that the both of them would finally find happiness with each other, knowing that both men had already lost so much.






Kamui opened his bedroom door and was swept away in an intense kiss. He hadn’t even been able to reciprocate with how deeply his boyfriend was kissing him. The kiss was over before Kamui even realized it and he was hugged tightly by his boyfriend. Thin arms embraced the older man around his waist.


“Subaru?” Kamui questioned after a few moments of silence.


“Please, just… just let me hold you like this for a little while longer.”


Kamui didn’t answer but tightened his hold on the taller raven. Letting his lover know that it was okay.


Subaru had heard the entire conversation between Kamui and Nokoru, he’d silently bristled when the blonde insinuated that he would hurt Kamui and had been about to intervene. At least until he heard Kamui say that he trusted and believed in him and then confessed his feelings for him to the chairman, knowing that it could have brought trouble upon himself if the blonde didn’t accept it.


Subaru knew that he wouldn’t be able to let Kamui go, not ever would he be able to do it. He would die if he ever did. Not in the physical sense but his mind and sanity wouldn’t be able to live on if that ever happened. If he was what grounded Kamui to reality, then Kamui was what grounded him to his sanity and to the world.


The young man had been truly elated when his lover had confessed his feelings to another person, thinking that Subaru wouldn’t be able to overhear them. Now, most of his insecurities had been truly laid to rest. Though he would still be a bit possessive of Kamui.


“Let’s go to bed,” the mismatch-eyed man finally said while kissing the crown of Kamui’s head and let the younger male go.


“Okay, I will just go change in the bathroom,” Kamui said as he watched his lover take off his black sweater.


Subaru raised an eyebrow at that before he caught the escaping boy around the latter’s waist with one arm.


“And why would you do that?” Subaru asked, honestly confused, “We have already seen everything about each other there is.”


The man leaned down and placed a kiss right under the violet-eyed youth’s ear, making sure to not leave a mark. Kamui blushed, knowing that it was true, but he hadn’t seen the other for over a week and was a little shy.


“I-I also need to use the toilet…” he tried to excuse himself again.


“Don’t lie,” Subaru reprimanded the younger raven, “You went there before you came into the room.”


The flush on Kamui’s face deepened at being caught. He let the older raven strip him ‘til he only was in his boxers. But wanting to be a little mean and tease his lover, Subaru also took them off and Kamui was dragged into the bed while being as bare as the day he was born. Kamui was dragged under the bed’s comforter with his equally nude lover. Kamui anticipated that they were going to be intimate again. So he was greatly surprised when his boyfriend just spooned him and fell asleep in the matter of minutes.


It took a while until Kamui finally processed the situation. Apparently so did his lover just want for them to share the bed tonight without wearing anything. Somehow, so was this more intimate than having sex, Kamui thought as he felt his lover’s chest expand and compress against his own. He continued to listen to Subaru’s deep breathes and carefully tilted his head upwards and placed a kiss on the man’s smooth chin. Kamui returned to his previous position and closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep once again.






The next morning so did Kamui fiercely hug his older boyfriend when Subaru gave him a key to his old apartment. And the truth why the older man had been so busy this month and past week. He also offered Kamui to move in with him before Christmas, knowing that Kamui didn’t really like living alone in this too big house as the single occupant.


Though Kamui blushed when Subaru revealed that he had gotten letters of complaint after the night he caught the teen “having fun” and had realized how thin the walls were. His old apartment is soundproof so they wouldn’t have to be worried about disturbing the neighbors during the night.


Kamui tried to hide his continually flushing face and his boyfriend just chuckled at his misery.  




Chapter Text




In the beginning of October it was decided that the Sports Festival would be held the 30th while on the 31st of October, Clamp Campus would be holding a Halloween party and a competition to decide the best Halloween costume. Every age and department were welcomed to it.


Kamui didn’t really like it, not having had any good memories from previous years and last year he had managed to get out of it. And Kamui would have skipped it this year too if Nokoru hadn’t come by his dorm to personally invite him to the party. He hadn’t been able to refuse, since he did live on campus and attending the private school thanks to the blonde man.


‘Damn, now I have to figure out what costume to wear.’


Kamui also hadn’t been happy when it was decided who would participate in which event to represent their class. One person could only compete in two events. Kamui had been chosen for the last event of the Sports Festival; the parkour obstacle race. He’d had the fastest time on the school’s normal course of the boys in the class when they once had it in P.E. class but that wasn’t why he was unhappy.


Another event in the middle of the day was the cheering competition between classes. Five boys and five girls teams. Kamui wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t been for that the girls had decided that they all should cross-dress to liven things up and make it a little funny. He also hadn’t imagined the shiver that went through his spine when the girls’ gazes turned towards him.


Yeah, he definitely wasn’t going to tell his lover about that event. He had only mentioned to Subaru that he was going to participate in the parkour obstacle race which was the last event of the day on the phone. Subaru had said that he most likely would be busy during the day but could probably make it in time for the race.


Kamui had hid his sigh of relief when he heard that. Hopefully so wouldn’t the older man see him cross-dress in a cheerleader outfit while dancing in front of the school. At least so were the boys allowed to wear their normal underwear or tight running shorts to save a little dignity to not have to wear something like panties.


The girls in his class had even prepared wigs for all the guys to wear and made sure that the dresses fit them. When Kamui had come out from the changing room in his outfit, his entire class had fallen completely silent, making him more uncomfortable. The long, raven-colored wig was also itchy.


“Oh god! Is Shirou really a girl?!” a guy shouted in surprise, and at the same time breaking the silence.


Kamui slapped the guy on his head.


“I’m 100% completely male!” he shouted indignantly.      


The whole class laughed at that. It was true. The violet-eyed teen looked effeminate but he was more manly than some of their older schoolmates with how calm he mostly was ‘til something ticked him off. Like the water fight in the end of last month.


Kamui had also been busy with cleaning the dorm house and organizing what he would take with him to Subaru’s apartment and what to either sell or throw away. He would be sharing the same bed as the older male and the apartment was already furnished so he wouldn’t have to worry about that, though his things would be placed in the guest room in case he had to study late into the night.


They also needed their own spaces sometimes.


He had hesitated with the manga and books that Sorata had given him two years ago, but ultimately decided to take them with him. They were one of the few things, no matter how embarrassing they were, that the deceased teen had left for him. The rest had been sent back to Mount Kouya and some were left to Arashi.


Subaru had also taken the rest of his clothes from his room in the dorm house. He had also had an amused smile when he found some of his missing shirts in Kamui’s dresser and the teen had refused to make eye contact with him.


They both had agreed that Kamui would move in with Subaru in October. They had already informed Nokoru about the change and the blonde had made it so that Subaru was made Kamui’s legal guardian ‘til the teen came of age.


A few days before the Sports Festival, Kamui had safely moved in with his lover and they had celebrated with going out to eat sushi. The violet-eyed teen had been able to hide his cheerleading uniform from Subaru, and the older man had no idea that Kamui was going to participate in the cheerleading competition and he wanted it to stay that way.


Though Subaru had helped Kamui coming up with a costume for the Halloween party. He was going to be dressed up as a vampire, a classic for every Hallows’ Eve, but it was a mix between looking like a nobleman and a vampire. Subaru had some of his old costumes that his sister had made for him and they should fit the younger male.


Kamui had tried it on. The coat was a black long-tail one that was cut up like a reverse V at the backside while the front had the same cut but it was made by overlapping the left side with the right. There were golden clasps holding the two sides together. Kamui also had a white button-up underneath and the sleeves could lightly be seen under the coat’s sleeves. Around his neck was a double layered cravat, the bottom layer was longer than the upper and both were ruffled. Over the cravat was silver chain with a necklace that was formed as two wings intertwining with each other. His cloak was black on the outside but the inside was colored wine red.


It hung off his left shoulder and the only reason it didn’t fall off was because of the golden chain with gold clasps holding the cape up. The collar was high and lopsided. His trousers were also black and formfitting. Kamui also wore white gloves and dress shoes. Luckily so didn’t he need to put on colored contact lenses, according to Subaru so was his eyes were mysterious enough to not need them. The fake fangs, though, felt kind of weird when they overlapped with his lower lip.


Subaru was also coming as his plus one and was going to be dressed similarly to Kamui, except his cloak was royal blue on the inside and hung off the opposite shoulder. If Subaru had been younger they would have looked like twin brothers, Kamui mused quietly.


The older Dragon hadn’t planned to come to the party with how busy his job was and had wanted to rest at the apartment. And Kamui wasn’t going to force the other to come, but when he saw Kamui try on his costume he knew that he had to go so no one got into their heads to do weird things to his violet-eyed lover because of how ethereal Kamui looked in his costume. So what if he was acting overprotective, it was his privilege as Kamui’s boyfriend.


Well, looks like it would be some interesting days to come now that they’d started their cohabiting life together.





Kamui was awoken by his alarm clock ringing quietly beside him. He immediately pushed the button to stop the annoying sound and to not wake up his tired lover, who’s amazingly still asleep. The violet-eyed teenager stretched his arms into the air and yawned soundlessly and shook off the last traces of sleep inside his lethargic mind.


Carefully extracting himself from the bed, Kamui went out to the living room and then into the hallway, where the door to the bathroom was to take a quick shower and do his necessities. When he’s done he went to the other bedroom to put on his red track uniform and hid his cheerleading outfit inside his bag. Today was after all the Sports Festival and Kamui was not looking forward to it. Though some of the prizes were tempting.


After making sure that he had everything he needed, the high schooler went to the kitchen to prepare his and Subaru’s bentos and breakfast. Honestly, the older raven was only able to make rice porridge, heat up soup, and grill some fish. Everything else always and somehow ended in disaster when the older man tried to cook. Kamui had laughed hard when he once came back from school in the middle of the day – when most of the Dragons of Heaven lived in the same building – to the dorm house and he saw the older Seal in the kitchen covered from head to toe in flour. Apparently the man had wanted to make matcha flavored cookies and it had ended up with the flour exploding on him.


In the end so had Kamui helped the then older Dragon of Heaven make them and carefully observed whenever the man did something so nothing else managed to explode. It had been quite the experience for Kamui. He had always pictured that Subaru was so perfect and unruffled by everything. So when he had happened to see him completely helpless in the kitchen it kind of made the then emerald-eyed male seem more human to him.


Kamui snickered when he recalled the embarrassed flush on Subaru’s face when he had caught the other looking like a kid with his hands inside the cookie jar.


Violet eyes shifted to the clock on the microwave and saw that he had to eat soon if he wanted to be at the meeting point for their class in time. He quickly finished the rest of the breakfast and wrapped up his boyfriend’s portion and placed the green bento box next to it and quickly ate his own breakfast portion.


After finishing eating, Kamui walked back to the bedroom where his lover was still sleeping and gave the man a swift but light kiss on the lips and whispered a silent good morning, careful to not wake up the tired man and went back to the living room to retrieve his things. He had just managed to get on his violet sneakers when he was embraced from behind.


“Go’ mornin’,” came the sleepy greeting from the raven behind him as the other kissed his temple.


“Good morning,” Kamui greeted back and turned around in the man’s hold and kissed the taller raven chastely on the lips.


“I have to go now. Breakfast is on the countertop and I also made a bento for you. I will be back a bit later than usual since it’s the Sports Festival today.”


Subaru tightened his hug briefly before releasing the teen.


“Kay, I don’t know if I will be able to come later but I will try.”


Kamui kissed Subaru once more though this time on the older male’s chin.


“It’s alright if you can’t make it. You’re busy.”


Kamui tried to make his voice as unconcerned as possible when his boyfriend said it would be a possibility that he wouldn’t be able to watch his school’s Sports Festival. Inwardly he was relieved, now there was a much smaller chance that Subaru would see him cross-dress.


“I’ll be going now.”


“Take care and be careful.”


They smiled at each other one last time till Kamui left for school. The violet-eyed boy just wanted the day to just be over and done with.





Subaru had just taken a shower when the ringtone of his cellphone reached his ears. He retrieved the device from the living room table and one of his eyebrows rose when they saw the name of the caller.


“Hello,” he greeted.


“Good morning Sumeragi-san.”


“Good morning Imonoyama-san. May I ask why you have called me?”


Nokoru chuckled on the other side, making Subaru a bit wary from earlier experience.


“Well, a little birdie told me that your client canceled on you today.”


The onmyouji did kind of want to know how the blonde knew that, because it hadn’t even been half an hour since he was informed of the change. The other part of him decided that it would be best for him to never know and pretend that it didn’t happen to keep his sanity intact.


“And you’re free for the whole day, no? I was going to invite you to Clamp Campus’ Sports Festival since you’re probably bored being home alone. Also there’s an interesting event I want to show you.”


Subaru thought it over. While the cheerful blonde’s intentions reeked of disaster, Subaru thought it would be a good chance to blend in with the audience to see how his lover mixed in with his classmates. He would probably regret this but he’d been quite busy recently and could probably spend some more time with Kamui.


“Alright, I’ll come. Where should I go?”


“Don’t worry about it Sumeragi-san! Suoh will be picking you up at the gates! Well then, goodbye for now and see you later!”


The golden and emerald eyed male didn’t even have time to bid farewell to Nokoru before the latter ended the call. The 13th head of the Sumeragi clan stared blankly at his phone before shrugging his shoulders. Better to not dwell on it, he thought as he went to his bedroom to get ready to go out.





Kamui was not having fun. Not with the girls in his class nitpicking on the make-up on his face. The wig also itched. It was styled as a high ponytail and Kamui looked in general just miserable. His male classmates that would also be suffering with him made the situation better for themselves by really looking like males in drag and were looking forward over how hyped the crowds would be when they saw class 2-B’s program.


Kamui was the only male that looked good in the short red top with a yellow star in the middle of it and yellow linings. The top reached only his midriff, showing of his pale stomach. The skirt reached to the middle of his thighs and was colored in a mix of red and yellow plates. Fortunately so had the males been allowed to wear short tights under the skirt. They were also holding one red and one yellow pompoms.


The females were dressed in black gakurans and had their hairs, if they had long hair, in ponytails or were wearing a short-haired wig. On their heads was the white ribbon with their class’ name and the kanji characters for good luck.


They all had been training for their routine during almost every break, except lunch, and after school to figure out how they should do it and what positions everyone should have. Kamui also had learned how to fake his cheerfulness while dancing. Hiding his true feelings for the whole event. Everyone in his class had tried to repress their laughter the first time they saw it but they couldn’t help but let it out in the end when the dance was over and their violet-eyed classmate shuddered at how his own acting disturbed himself. Kamui had let them laugh their hearts out, kind of understanding why they were laughing.


Since Kamui was the shortest amongst the cross-dressing males he would be on the front and was paired with the shortest female in their group. There had been some trials and errors during the whole time they practiced but as they say, practice makes perfect, so now Kamui and his pair were completely in sync. Though he would have liked it better if he wasn’t wearing the cheerleading outfit.





The speakers let out and Kamui took in a deep breath as he prepared to put on his overly preppy act, making him cringe inwardly at himself.


His team ran out on the outdoor stage on the school grounds and went into the formation as the cheerful music started. The dance went on fine and the audience laughed when the males sent them blow kisses as a part of the program. Kamui kept on his happy act as he lifted his partner up. But when he put her down, he made the mistake of looking over to where the chairman was with his friends. The violet-eyed teen almost faltered when his eyes connected with calm golden and emerald ones in the crowd. He managed to catch himself before he stepped out of tempo and dutifully continued with his act.


When 2-B’s cheerleading dance was done the crowd was cheering out loudly and they all waved cheerfully back at the audience. The moment when the winner for the event was announced – which had been class 3-C’s cosplaying cheerleading squad with Kamui’s class on the second place – Kamui bolted, hoping that his boyfriend was still within the crowds as he picked up his bag that contained his bento, a change of clothes, some make-up remover and cotton-balls.


He ran to the first place his brain picked. Which was the hidden gazebo. It would even take Subaru some time to arrive here if he was still somewhere in the crowd and that’s also taking into account on how long the distance between the outdoor stage and gazebo is. And Kamui ran much faster than the average person.


Arriving to the gazebo, Kamui leaned down to place his hands on his bent knees and panted. He caught a whiff of a familiar scent of cigarettes and slowly looked up. Just to see his lover already sitting casually on the bench and smoking as he regarded him. Frozen, Kamui could only watch as the older man calmly inhaled the toxic smoke and then exhaled.


“Only the parkour obstacle race, huh?” came the question.


Kamui averted his eyes as he stood straight up. In the corner of his eye he could see Subaru beckoning him to come to where he was. Kamui tightened his grip on his bag’s band and cautiously walked forward.


“I-I thought you said you didn’t know if you could make it…” Kamui said as he stood in front of the other with one arm in front of his torso and holding on his other arm that was hanging by his side.


“The client cancelled on me two hours before the event began.”


The statement sent shivers through the teen’s spine. He was glad that the cheerleading event was the last one for the first part of the Sports Festival and now they had a two-hour long lunch break to catch up with family and friends. He had no idea how this conversation with his lover was going to go.


“S-sorry…” Kamui decided that he should apologize first, knowing that he himself was the cause of the tense atmosphere between him and his lover.


“For what?” Subaru said casually as he picked Kamui up to sit on the table in front of him, making the younger male yelp out in surprise. It had been a while since the older raven had picked him up like that and it took him off guard.


“I’m sorry for not telling you about the cheerleading competition.”


The teen was holding onto his lover’s shoulders and had his legs tilted to the side and closed. Careful to not give the other an eyeful of what was under the short skirt.


Subaru hummed in acceptance at the apology. His hands sliding up from the knees and traced the uncovered skin on the teen’s stomach. The younger shivered when he felt the older male’s skin meet his in light caresses. He let out a squeak when Subaru’s hand slid under his skirt and between his legs and palmed his crotch.


“S-SUBARU?!” Kamui yelped and tried to make his lover withdraw the hand grinding against his member.


“A small punishment should be acceptable.”


“WE’RE OUTSIDE! SOMEONE COULD SEE!” the teen whisper shouted at the man. And tried to not moan at the friction that was slowly making him erect.


“No one else comes here except us.”


“I-I will do anything you want later if you stop now!”


The hand stopped its circling movements. Subaru tilted his head to the right side and gave an angelic smile.


“Anything I want?” the man asked for confirmation.


Kamui would have thought the other’s expression cute if it hadn’t been for the hand under his skirt and the ominous feeling he got from the repeated words. He nodded hesitantly.


“B-but could I make up for it after the Halloween Party?” Kamui tentatively asked.


Subaru seemed to take a second to consider the request before nodding. He could “play” with his lover later.


“Alright, but what will you do about that?” Subaru asked.


“About what?” Kamui questioned confusedly.




And Subaru pressed his hand against the half-hard bulge hidden by the skirt. Kamui blushed. He had forgotten about that.


“I-i-it will go down by itself!” he managed to stutter. He got a raised eyebrow at that.


“Are you sure?”


The teen nodded furiously and bit back the whimper when the hand withdrew, lessening the pressure on his crotch.


“I-I should change…” he whispered after a few moments of silently staring at each other.


He swung his legs over the other side of the table and slipped off it. Kamui picked up his bag that had fallen beside the bench when his boyfriend had picked him up.


“Where are you going to change?”


The violet-eyed teen flushed when the older raven looked curiously at their surroundings. From what Subaru could remember there weren’t any changing rooms or bathrooms anywhere near this place.


“I had planned to change here…” came the mutter from the teen.


Subaru’s eyebrows rose to his hairline at the admission. Just a few moments ago Kamui had reprimanded him that they were outside. Though just changing one’s clothes was more innocent than what Subaru had been about to do.


Inwardly shaking his mind clear of obscene images, the mismatch-eyed man averted his eyes when Kamui asked if he could look away while he changed. What Kamui didn’t know, since his back was facing the other, was that Subaru was able to enjoy the small unconscious show of him undressing by watching him in the corner of his eye.


Kamui was still a bit shy of changing in front of him even at the apartment, and Subaru tried to expose him to as much as possible to more intimate moments between them. Slowly but surely so was the raven haired youth getting used to it. Though they hadn’t had sex for a few weeks since they both had been busy and too tired to do anything but kiss and cuddle.


When he saw that Kamui was just about to finish changing Subaru made sure that he looked like he hadn’t been watching the other at all and lit another cigarette. Inhaling the nicotine filled gas inside his lungs, the green-black haired young man let out all his unfilled needs out with his exhale.


“By the way…” Kamui started as he sat down beside the other and took out his lunchbox from his bag, “How did you get here before me Subaru? It’s quite a bit of a distance from the outdoor stage to here, and you were in the crowd…”


The man looked at the teen who tilted his head to the side in confusion as he pondered how the older raven managed to get to the gazebo before him. Subaru stubbed his finished cigarette and took out the lunchbox Kamui had made in the morning for him before answering.


“I made my way over right after your class’ performance was over. I didn’t have any interest in any other performances besides yours.”


‘I also had to leave to stop myself before I could go backstage to drag you out from there and back to the apartment, locking the bedroom door and wouldn’t be able to let you go before morning comes.”


Was the man’s unsaid thought and was glad that he had trained to not let his thoughts to express themselves on his facial features.


“Oh…” the teen let out and a light pink color spread across his cheeks over the reason why Subaru had left the event earlier.


They both ate their lunches in silence. Kamui sneaked some small glances at the male besides him. It had been some time since he had seen Subaru eating at the gazebo. They had only eaten lunch there once before and that had been sometime during July, when Kamui’s lover had had a rare day off. Though they’d stopped when Subaru’s onmyouji jobs had started to take the older male out of town and when he came back he was too tired to come visit him at school during the day.


Eating together like this reminded Kamui of the times they had held their tutoring sessions at this very gazebo. He remembers that one time when the sun had hit the other at just the right angle, making the back then 24-year-old look like an ethereal spirit with how pale the other was and how his hair contrasted perfectly with his ivory skin. Kamui had thought that Subaru looked very beautiful at that moment, it was then he was enlightened. That had been the moment the Leader of the Seals had realized his true feelings for the older Seal.


Kamui’s face flushed a pleasant pink as he reminisced that afternoon two years ago but continued to eat and peak at the other raven eating calmly. Unknown to Kamui, so did his lover notice the boy make small peaks at him. Subaru was tempted to reach out to the cute creature that is his little love but composed himself. He could touch his young lover after they finished eating. When they did finish eating, Kamui didn’t even have time to blink before he found himself in his lover’s embrace.


Blushing while the older man cuddled the teen in his thin but fit arms, Kamui silently hoped that Subaru wouldn’t demand anything too embarrassing from him during his so-called punishment. Though Kamui had inwardly shuddered in an ominous pleasurable way when his lover had said punishment, and he would have let the other to continue if he hadn’t been so conscious of where they were. Also, if Kamui let Subaru carry out whatever he had planned now, Kamui was sure he wouldn’t be able to participate in either the parkour race, nor the Halloween Party the next day.


They remained in their cuddling position till the bell rang, signaling the start of the second part of the Sports Festival. And five more events before the last competition.


Reluctantly did Subaru let his violet-eyed boyfriend go, he also promised the younger one that he would watch the last event and proceeded to follow his little love. But not before pecking him on the mouth and strode calmly back to where all the events were held. Subaru was kind of looking forward to seeing his lover compete against the other students.





Kamui did win the parkour obstacle race, but sadly so did his class only manage to get second place, not able to snag first place because they lost some of the events to class 3-C that won the whole Sports Festival and was allowed to go on their class trip to a country of Europe as the prize. Kamui didn’t really mind it that much since he hadn’t even wanted to go to another country since he would probably get lost and wouldn’t find his way back because he didn’t know the language. There’s also the probability that even if he did manage to ask for directions in his limited knowledge of English, he bet that he would probably only get lost again or be directed to some shady part of the city that his class would be visiting.


Though if it was Subaru coming with him, Kamui wouldn’t mind that much. The older man was fluent in English since some of his clients could only speak the western language and some simple Japanese. So Subaru had to compensate by also switching to speak in English and write reports in the same language to explain to his clients what had happened and what the onmyouji had done to solve their problem.


Well, the prize of second place wasn’t that bad and the one Kamui had wanted. His class had received several buffet coupons to each student and the violet-eyed teen had gladly taken those of sweets and treats. Kamui snickered silently when he remembered his lover’s appalled face when he’d eaten a whole cake by himself once on one of their dates.


“What’s so funny?”


Violet eyes looked up at the male he was lying underneath as the other massaged his back and legs. He had managed to pull a muscle during the race when someone had poured oil where he was going to land and had slipped. His lover had been none too happy with the poor idiot who decided to cheat was shown some minor illusions to confuse the person after the race.


Kamui moaned in appreciation when Subaru found the spot that bothered him the most. The older man proceeded to reduce the teen to a puddle of goo with how skilled the man was with those hands and fingers. Before either realized it, so had the younger raven’s breathing pattern gotten deeper and his eyes were closed. Subaru noticed it when he brushed past a spot that would have made Kamui squeak out in surprise because that was one of the Kamui’s ticklish points.


‘The day must have really tired him out.’


Subaru carefully lifted the teen up in his arms and moved the younger raven to the bedroom, where he stripped off the boy’s clothes and left him only in his underwear. He was lucky that his lover was the type of person that’s a deep sleeper and didn’t mind getting moved in his sleep, well, if it’s Subaru moving him that is. Subaru tucked in his sleeping lover under the comforter and changed his jeans to his pajama pants and took off his usual black shirt and slipped into the bed beside his little love. He caressed the younger’s silky tresses and his eyes closed to join his lover in dreamland.





The day had started like normal. Kamui was the first one to rise because he had to go to school. He would go do his necessities before preparing breakfast and lunch for both himself and his lover. Then if his boyfriend managed to wake up earlier he would join Kamui at the kitchen table and they would eat together. Afterwards the older raven would see Kamui off to school.


But today was an exception. Kamui did wake up first but this time his boyfriend also woke up with him. It surprised Kamui since usually Subaru would go to bed later than him thanks to his irregular schedule. Sometimes the man wasn’t even in bed and slept on the couch because he’d been too tired to reach the bedroom. It hadn’t happened in the week that Kamui had started to live with the exorcist, but Kamui had seen the man lying on the floor in his formerly rented apartment when he’d come and visit in the mornings.


Kamui blinked a few times as he watched his lover stretch his body and let out a tired yawn. Subaru noticed his little love’s stare and smiled gently at him while leaning forward to kiss Kamui on his forehead. A light shade of pink spread across the violet-eyed teen’s cheeks at the action and he mimicked it but placed his kiss on the man’s cheek instead.


“Good morning.” They both greeted each other.


“You can use the bathroom first while I make breakfast,” Kamui said while getting out of the bed but an arm around his waist picked him up and his stomach met a lean shoulder.




Yelping at being picked up once more he didn’t see his lover’s still sleep hazed eyes. Subaru carried him all the way to the bathroom and let him down in front of the mirror. They both started to brush their teeth in silence. The older raven still had the same tired and sleepy look on his face and almost fell asleep while he brushed his teeth and Kamui had to strain his muscles to not let the other fall down since Subaru was leaning on him.


“Subaru, Subaru! Wake up! Gyaah!” Kamui said loudly before yelping again when his boxers were yanked down by the older man who sleepily ushered him under the shower while absentmindedly taking off his own clothes.


Subaru proceeded to wash them both squeaky clean and by the time he was done, the teen was beet red from embarrassment, while making a mental note to himself.


‘I should always give him a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to wake him up! Oh God! He isn’t even aware that we’re in the shower and where he’s touching me!!’


Kamui let out a breathless gasp when one of his lover’s hands brushed against his nipple and tried to not let out anymore sounds as the older man went on ahead to wash his body and hair. He had learned early on in their relationship when Subaru was like this it’s easier to go along with him rather than fight it.


He still remembers the one time he had slept over at his boyfriend’s apartment in July and the man had been half-asleep when the same things happened and he’d tried to resist. Subaru had lightly smacked his behind once to make him behave. Kamui had blushed hard after he’d let out a quiet moan at the action and was grateful that Subaru was still so out of it that the older male hadn’t noticed his reaction.


Kamui was thankful when his lover was done washing him and instantly escaped, with a towel tied around his waist, to his room. He was blushing hard as he saw his swelling cock and tried to will it away.


‘Think of kittens and flowers. No, it isn’t going down! Ummm… old naked grannies!’ Kamui shuddered in disgust at the mental picture but was disappointed when his erection didn’t go away.


‘Z-zombie apocalypse! No… uhhh Subaru in drag! But he would look good in it… Nonono! Eumm… Nokoru-san in drag and acting all girly!!’ the shiver that made it through his spine in concealed horror at the image and what would happen if the man truly did it and the blond male would be able to do it flawlessly just to mess with people – namely Suoh. Though Kamui was glad that his member had returned to its normal limp state thanks to that.


He hurriedly dressed in his uniform and went to the kitchen to make coffee for his lover to prevent more embarrassing situations. Subaru stumbled into the kitchen dressed in his normal jeans and long-sleeved black shirt just as the coffee finished and Kamui quickly poured some of it in a mug and shoved it in the man’s hands. Golden and emerald eyes blinked at the ceramic, seeing their own misshaped form in the brown liquid, slowly the man lifted the mug to his lips and sipped at the bitter drink.


Satisfied with that Subaru would soon regain his self-awareness again, Kamui turned around to take out some milk, yoghurt, berries and eggs from the refrigerator. He would make some simple scrambled eggs and oatmeal with berries and yoghurt for them, he would also use some of the eggs to make egg sandwiches for them as their lunch.


The teen was slightly startled when he felt arms surround his stomach loosely and a warm body pressed against his back and an ivory cheek nuzzled against his own. His boyfriend was apparently done with his coffee and wanted just to lean against him to snuggle. Kamui really hadn’t known that Subaru was the cuddle-type. It might have something to do with that they’re lovers and in love with each other. Still, Kamui had gotten used to it eventually as the older man continued to seek affections from him too and now he would gladly just snuggle with Subaru a whole day if they could.


Quickly finishing the scrambled eggs and put them on two plates and started to make their oatmeal in the microwave. In the process of moving he didn’t have to struggle as his lover moved to take the plates and place them on the table and started to set the cutlery and glasses and took out orange juice from the fridge. When the oatmeal was done, Kamui took a spoon and put half of the yoghurt in one bowl with oatmeal and did the same in the bowl, then he placed the berries on.


He took both bowls and went to the table and placed one of the bowls with oatmeal in front of Subaru, who was waiting for Kamui to finish, and sat in his seat.


“Itadakimasu.” They both said at the same time as they placed their hands in the form of a prayer.


“When does the party start again?” Subaru asked, halfway through breakfast, he is eating slowly because he still isn’t used to eat healthy and stomach filling meals. For years he had mostly smoked and eaten store-bought food, and sometimes made something simple. He wasn’t as talented in the culinary arts as his sister had been.


Kamui hummed and swallowed the last of his food and drank some juice to clear his throat before answering.


“It starts at 18:30 if the invitation the chairman gave me is correct,” the teen answered before glancing at the clock, “Shoot! Sorry Subaru! I have to go now if I don’t wanna be late!”


Kamui quickly finished his juice before taking his dishes to the sink. Before he went to the hallway where his shoes and schoolbag were he kissed his boyfriend swiftly on the cheek and rushed out of the apartment while grabbing his bag and put on his shoes. Luckily he didn’t need to wash the dishes since he did most of the cooking, Subaru would wash the pans and rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher.


He rushed to the bus stop that would take him closer to the Campus and hopped on and swiped his card over the monitor. Since it was the Sports Festival yesterday today his school schedule mostly included cleaning up after the previous day’s festivities and having a half-school day. Meaning he only had classes in the morning and the afternoon was going to be spent on cleaning the school.


Everyone had to clean, except a few clubs and volunteers. The cooking club didn’t have to clean because they would be baking and cooking for the Halloween party the very same day. The art club was going to make decorations while the beauticians committee would decorate the big ballroom of Clamp Campus where the party would be at. Some of the more physical clubs had volunteered to do the heavy lifting and building things for the party, while the music and orchestra clubs was busy practicing for their performances at the event.


Kamui didn’t belong to any club since none of them were interesting to him. But he was wondering if he should get a part-time job. Subaru wasn’t always at the apartment and was usually very busy and sometimes would be away for days out of towns since some of his clienteles lived in other parts of Japan. And Kamui didn’t want to spend all his time just studying and if he started working he would be able to afford things of his own instead of letting his lover always pay for him.


He would be starting to study in some university — hopefully in Clamp Campus — in the next year and half, and he had heard some of the supplies and the tuition costed a lot of money. Even if he managed to get a scholarship, he still needed to buy books, materials and other things. He didn’t want Subaru to pay for it all even if the older male said it’s alright. Also, if he worked he would be able to buy his boyfriend something for Christmas and his birthday.


Plans made, Kamui decided he would get the newspaper on his way home and look if there were any part-time openings, he could also look around the campus or on his way home if some café or bakery needed a part-timer. He could also ask Nokoru, Suoh and Akira if they knew some places that were searching for part-time workers.


Though he also had to tell his lover of his decision to work, he didn’t think it would take much to persuade the older man if he pointed out why he wanted to work. But he wouldn’t mention it was also for buying his boyfriend a present on important days. It would ruin the surprise.


If he managed to get a job soon he would be able to have his payday before Christmas and he could go shopping for presents when Subaru was out working. Kamui couldn’t stop the smile that made its way onto his face, making a few people stare at him with hearts in their eyes as he obliviously rushed to his homeroom class.





Subaru on the other hand was still staring blankly at the spot where his lover had been before the teen had rushed out to make it on time for school. He sighed, disappointed that he hadn’t been able to see the younger male out and wish him to have good day. Slowly he continued to eat his breakfast. He didn’t have any work that day since more of his clients had cancelled on him the day before and didn’t need to hurry. His grandmother had also ordered him to rest during this weekend since he’d worked almost too hard these past few months he’d been back.


He couldn’t really remember how he had woken up this early but was happy that he had somewhat eaten together with Kamui this morning, since usually he wouldn’t be able to wake up before the teen was putting on his sneakers to go to school. He faintly remembers showering before breakfast but nothing else really.


Shrugging his shoulders Subaru decided if he couldn’t remember then it probably wasn’t anything important. Being completely unaware of the fact that he had practically molested his younger boyfriend in the shower.


‘I could clean the apartment while I wait for Kamui to come back,’ the onmyouji mused, ‘Kamui probably wouldn’t mind if I cleaned his room and I should check if I have more of Hokuto’s things in the storage room.’


What Subaru didn’t know was that he was going to find something that day to remind himself of what the teen had promised him the day before.


Chapter Text



The moment Kamui came back from school he was met with his boyfriend’s eyes inspecting him from head to toe and nodded to himself in confirmation as if he had decided on something. The violet-eyed youth was curious but when he tried to inquire about it, Subaru just said it wasn’t anything important and returned to read his book on exorcism. It just left Kamui more confused and curious, but he decided to brush it off. If Subaru wanted to talk about it with him, the older man would have already mentioned it.


Kamui decided to take a bath after cooking dinner. He made hamburger steaks with baked potatoes and vegetables.


When he was done and had set the table, he called out for his lover, who was still reading. Kamui fondly rolled his eyes when he saw Subaru continue reading his book while walking into the kitchen with ease. Kamui wondered if the golden and emerald eyed male had ever walked into something while reading.


Post-dinnertime, Kamui walked into the bathroom to take a shower and a bath. He plugged the bathtub and turned on the water to let it run and fill the tub while he took a shower. In the shower he washed his hair and body meticulously to get rid of the day’s dirt and grime and the smell of cleaning supplies that he had used. After being done with the shower he turned off the water to the tub before sinking into the hot water.


Kamui moaned out in contentment as the hot water engulfed his body. It helped in loosening his muscles and he enjoyed the bath immensely till he had to get out before the heat got to him. He dried himself with one fluffy towel before wrapping it around his waist and took out a smaller one from the cupboard in the bathroom to dry his hair with. Fortunately he had gotten used to being at least half-dressed while in the presence of his boyfriend and didn’t mind it that much anymore.


The youth didn’t notice the other man’s appreciative stare as he walked into the living room with only a towel on while he dried his hair. Kamui opened his room’s door and went to the closet to take out his costume and some clean boxers. He put every garment on correctly and he was happy that he managed to get the cravat on right. Though it was a hassle to walk with his cape being so long that it got dragged onto the floor.


Walking out of the room, Kamui was met with the sight of his boyfriend being dressed in the same style of clothes, except that Subaru’s cape being royal blue inside while Kamui’s was wine red. The  former Leader of the Dragons of Heaven had to suppress the flush that threatened to appear on his cheeks as he for the first time saw the older man dressed in a formal attire. Shyly he made his way to his lover who was leaning on the backrest of the sofa waiting for him.


They both had decided to take Subaru’s car to the campus since it would be bothersome to walk outside in those clothes and the public transports would probably be full of people since it was Halloween. And it wasn’t like Subaru was going to drink any alcohol so it would be safe for him to drive them back.


Subaru gave Kamui’s outfit a once over before leaning forward to kiss him on the mouth. The man prodded his tongue against pink lips that immediately parted, granting him access to the wet cavern that was his little love’s mouth. Their tongues intertwined and played with each other as they continued to exchange breaths. One of Subaru’s hands made its way to raven locks so he was able to make the kiss firmer and deeper as he cradled the boy’s head in his hand. Their moans were swallowed by their partner and Kamui felt the need of air getting bigger and lightly pushed at his lover’s chest. Getting the signal from his young lover, Subaru slowly ended their lip-locking till there was only a small string of saliva connecting their lips.


Encircling his arms around the lithe frame of his lover Subaru drew the youth closer to himself. As if hiding the young male from the world that had made his little love suffer. Soon he felt slender arms surround his own waist as his lover’s head leaned more firmly under his chin, accepting the fact that the older man felt like hiding them both away.


“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” Kamui said, breaking the silence in the apartment.


Subaru grunted in agreement but instead of doing as he wanted – to remain in the apartment with Kamui and cuddle the night away – outwardly he said:


“We have already accepted Imonoyama-san’s invitation. And I do not want to know what he would make us do if we cancelled on him.”


Both males shuddered at the notion of Nokoru making them compensate for ditching the party. Reluctantly Kamui broke their embrace and sighed in resignation as he saw the time and gave his lover a wry smile.


“We should go now if we don’t want to be late,” he said and after a moments of pause, “Well, at least we’ll be suffering together.”


His lover chuckled in sardonic amusement.


“Yes, we will,” the man said before leaning down one more time to kiss Kamui, temporarily forgetting that they had to go. Well, his little love gladly reciprocated his kiss, so Subaru didn’t really mind that they were going to be late.





There were several things that Kamui regretted in his short life. He regretted that he couldn’t save his mother from the fire when their house in Okinawa was burning down, even though she was to be the Shadow Sacrifice for Earth. He regretted not being able to save Saiki from Fuuma when he was possessed by his dark self. He regretted not being able to save Kotori from her imminent death. He regretted that he was so weak that he let the Dark Kamui kill Sorata and leading to Arashi being without her loved one. He regretted that he let so many innocent people die on the Promised Day, especially Aoki Seiichirou, Nataku, Yatouji Satsuki, Kanoe, Kuzuki Kakyou. He really regretted killing Fuuma and then in his grief killed Hinoto too like Fate had wanted and ended the fight between the Dragons of Heaven and Earth.


While he regretted many grave things, he also had smaller regrets. Like now. If he had known that his lover would be hounded by almost all females from the University section of Clamp Campus, he wouldn’t have brought the golden and emerald eyed man with him. Though the Kamui was oblivious to all the appreciating stares directing towards him by both genders from the people in the grand ballroom of Clamp Campus.


The stares however weren’t missed by four males; Subaru, Nokoru, Suoh and Akira. The dark-blue haired man came forward to stand beside the unaware and slightly sulking teen as a small protection from the chairman’s associates who had been giving too many lingering looks towards the beautiful youth.


On the other side of Kamui was Akira happily chatting with the teenager, who’s was sipping on his drink, about cooking and exchanging recipes. Nokoru was still greeting and chatting with his business partners and didn’t yet have time to join them. But Suoh kept a watchful eye on the blonde, making sure that his friend and boss wasn’t threatened by anything.


Subaru meanwhile had a hard time getting away from the horde of women that he had been faintly acquainted with during his brief time in Clamp Campus’ University. He wanted to glare at everyone surrounding him and all the people staring at his little love but his upbringing as a gentleman made him resist the urge, knowing that it wasn’t appropriate for the occasion. Tuning out the girls that were amazed that he was there, Subaru watched how his love’s cheeks got redder the more time that passed. His worry increasing when he saw Kamui sway slightly.


Kamui was feeling floaty. His mind was in a slight haze and he saw Akira’s face grow more concerned the more his sight got blurrier. Soon the room felt too hot and he excused himself from the two other males, saying that he just wants some fresh air to cool himself down. The violet-eyed youth didn’t notice some of his schoolmates following him outside, but his lover had.





Kamui’s mind was foggy as he became somewhat aware that he’s lying on some mattress in one of the school’s storage rooms. He saw hazy shadows around him and instinctively knew that he had to fight them, though he didn’t understand why. It was hard to fight them when all his limb felt like lead but he somehow managed to get free from them and stumbled out of the shed and into another larger body. He was going to fight the other till he heard a warm and familiar voice shush him as he was being embraced by the other’s warm arms.


“Sshhhh.. Kamui. It’s alright now. Just go to sleep.”


Doing as he is told the boy finally let himself fall into a deep slumber, feeling safe in those deceptively thin but strong arms.





Subaru was seeing red when his boyfriend was roughly dragged into a storage shed by some teenagers in the high school department. He was following them and going to interfere when he heard grunts of pains coming from the shed that had previously been filled with haughty laugher. The mismatch-eyed man hurried towards it and stumbled slightly when he bumped into a smaller framed body. Relief flowed through his body when he saw that familiar face of his little love.


Subaru noticed the tenseness and readiness to fight in his Kamui’s body. He was startled when he stared into cloudy violet eyes but instantly embraced the younger male and shushed him to go to sleep. When Kamui immediately fell asleep in his arms, his gentle golden and emerald eyes went rigidly cold as his gaze swept over the cowering high schoolers in the storage room.


They were all scared of the tall raven-haired man with heterochromatic eyes. Their horror only grew further when they saw the cold golden eyes of Clamp Campus’ vice-chairman and the blue eyes of the chairman, who had an uncharacteristic blank face on his face as he regarded the cowering teens and the rumpled clothes of the former Leader of the Seals.


The blond haired male already knew who they were. The same people who’d barged into the dorm house Kamui had lived in before he moved in with the Sakurazukamori.


“Everyone here. In. My. Office. Now!” The chairman ordered. Inwardly sighing that all he had wanted was to have a happy Halloween Party without any incidents. He had disregarded the fact that someone had spiked the punch bowls. It was within his expections. But not that some teens would try to assault their fellow schoolmate; and on school grounds no less. Nokoru turned to the two ravens and bowed in apology.


“I’m very sorry Sumeragi-san that this has happened on my watch. I will firmly punish them as they should be. You can take your leave with Shirou-kun. Please have a safe journey home.”


Subaru nodded and bid a polite farewell as he scooped up his inebriated and sleeping lover into his arms and walked towards his car. He nodded briefly to Suoh and the dark blue-haired man nodded back.


The raven haired man made sure that his lover was seated firmly in the passenger’s seat with the seatbelt on before sitting behind the wheel and drove safely back to his apartment.





When Kamui awoke again it was already nighttime and he was feeling terrible. His head was pounding and his stomach churned in protest. He also couldn’t remember anything. He couldn’t recall what had happened after talking with Akira. He couldn’t even remember how he got back to the apartment.


‘Probably Subaru’s doing.’ The teen thought.


Kamui could feel the bed dip on one side as his lover sat beside him and petted his hair.


“Kamui, I have some aspirin that should help with the headache and a homemade concoction that my grandmother once made for me the first time I got drunk.”


The violet-eyed teen slowly sat up, not wanting to upset his stomach any further and took the offered drink. He almost gagged at the taste but continued to drink the green, thick liquid. He then took the aspirin pills and the glass of water that his lover was holding out to him, glad to wash away the foul aftertaste in his mouth.


“What happened?” he asked when he was done.


His lover’s face became extremely blank, making Kamui curious.


“Someone spiked the punch at the party with some very strong liquor and you became very drunk since you drank many glasses of the drink during the party.”


“Did, did I do something weird while I was drunk?” Kamui asked.


An innocent question but Subaru’s mind immediately got a flashback of when he arrived back at the apartment with his still affected lover.     






Subaru had just managed to close the door to the apartment when the teen in his arms decided to wake up.


“Subaru?” Kamui sleepily muttered and the man hummed in confirmation as he gently set the younger male down now that he was awake.


The teen was regarding him with half-lidded eyes and suddenly he got his arms full of an unnaturally giggly Kamui. Subaru froze as his little love continued to giggle and bestow his chin and neck with kisses. Subaru decided that they shouldn’t be doing this in the hallway in front of the front door and lightly pushed Kamui back to take younger raven to bed to sleep off the alcohol.


Kamui whimpered when he pushed him back and started to cry, scaring Subaru as he watched tears pour down on red tinted porcelain cheeks.


“W-what’s wrong Kamui?!” Subaru tried to keep himself from panicking and his voice showing his increasing desperation as the teen continued to sob.


“S-Subaru doesn’t love me anymore!” Kamui cried out between sobs, making Subaru dumbfounded and more panicky.


Acting quickly he lifted the teen in his arms and carried the other to their bedroom where he sat down on the edge of the bed with his boyfriend on his lap, who was still crying. Subaru cupped Kamui’s cheeks, making violet eyes meet his gold and emerald ones.


“Of course I love you. I said it earlier in our relationship that I was never going to let you go. I will always love you, Kamui,” the older man said gently.


“Always?” Kamui asked when he finally stopped sobbing but tears still clung at his eyelashes.


“Always.” Subaru promised as he wiped the stray tears away with his thumbs.


Giggling again, Kamui started to kiss his lover again but this time on the mouth since he could reach it. The kiss started gently and Subaru could faintly taste the lingering taste of alcohol in his lover’s mouth. He was startled when Kamui grinded his hips against his, making him break the kiss to stop the inebriated teen.


“Kamui we shouldn’t do this while you’re drunk,” Subaru managed to resolutely say as he took a hold of the youth’s hips and stopped them from moving.


Kamui whined in protest and, to the older man’s surprise, pushed him down on the bed and made himself comfortable between his older lover’s legs. Subaru’s cloak spread underneath them. Subaru hadn’t had the chance to change out of his costume yet.


Kamui frowned as his own clothes restricted his movements and sloppily removed them until he was naked. His costume thrown onto the floor. He hastily undid the cravat and unbuttoned both Subaru’s coat and white shirt and unclasped the cloak from his shoulders. He kissed the man down from his neck to the prominent collarbones, to the chest and lingered on one pink nipple, making Subaru let out a quiet moan as his mind tried to process his current situation. The drunk teen continued to descend towards the flat stomach until he reached the black dress pants.


Kissing the skin above the black trousers, Kamui managed to unbutton them with his right hand and get them down low enough so the older man’s forest green boxers showed. Kamui kissed and mouthed at the bulge covered by the cloth. Subaru let out an undignified yelp at the action, his face flushing red.




Subaru felt his heart skip a beat when his lover looked up at him with his big violet eyes and flushed face. Kamui looked so innocent but was doing something so very naughty and erotic that his brain almost fried itself at the image. His hands flew down to grip at black-blue hair when suddenly his boxers were down his hips and the tip of his shaft was inside the wet heat of his lover’s mouth.


Kamui continued to take in as much of his lover that he could into his mouth. And covered what he couldn’t with his hands. Subaru moaned out loud when his little love started hollowing his cheeks and sucked at his hard shaft as Kamui’s mouth moved up and down his hard member. Spit flowed down and made it easier for Kamui to move both his hands and mouth. Kamui could taste the precum in his mouth and he let his tongue caress the slit on the head of his lover’s cock.


Moaning at the stimulation his dick got, Subaru almost protested when the younger male took his mouth away, at least till he saw Kamui straddled his waist and was trying to insert his cock into himself. Kamui managed to get the head in but he cried out in pain because the stretch hurt too much. It had been over two months since they were this intimate with each other, and Kamui had forgone to prepare himself for taking in his lover’s cock into himself.


“H-hurts… Subaru it hurts…” Kamui cried but still tried to take more of his lover into his body.


Subaru immediately stopped Kamui from going lower, afraid that the teen would tear his rectum if he continued. He forcefully lifted Kamui’s hips off his aching manhood and took the younger male into his arms as he comforted his unusually emotional and reckless lover. Soon enough Kamui fell asleep again and Subaru was left painfully hard with his nude lover in his arms.


Sighing, Subaru decided to ignore his aching arousal, as he tucked himself into his boxers fixed his trousers in place but left them open, to dress his sleeping love into some clean underwear and a pajama shirt. He then covered the sleeping boy with the comforter. He took his discarded cloak and Kamui’s costume and folded them neatly before placing them in the closet.


He walked quietly out of the bedroom and to the bathroom, on the way he slid off the black coat, his white shirt, the undone cravat and the black trousers and placed them on the sofa’s backrest. After closing the bathroom door, Subaru took off his boxers and turned on the shower. He could no longer ignore his still hard cock and took himself into his hand to stroke the aroused flesh. The image of his boyfriend’s lips around his girth and on his knees and sucking his length filled his head and it didn’t take him long ‘til he came in his hand.


Subaru let the water wash away everything. His anger from his Kamui almost getting assaulted if the teen hadn’t fought back and won, the frustration of letting Kamui get dragged away from him and the need to mess his lover up so much that the boy wouldn’t be able to stand for the next few days. He let the water take it all away and into the drain.


‘Well, this year’s Halloween was interesting,’ Subaru thought as he switched the temperature of the water from hot to ice cold.



Flashback Ends.



“Nothing much,” the man decided to say after a few moments of silence.


Kamui didn’t look like he believed him and was going to protest.


“Just…” Subaru started and Kamui listened intently, “Just never go drinking without me or anyone you really, really trust.”


Not really understanding the odd request, Kamui was going to ask Subaru to elaborate, but a yawn made it past his lips instead. Subaru let out a quiet chuckle at the adorable sight and pushed Kamui lightly down on the bed again.


“Go back to sleep Kamui.”


Obeying the gentle command from his lover, Kamui soon fell asleep again. A smile graced his face though when in his sleep he felt those familiar arms and heat around him.






“…i … mui… amui… Kamui…”


He could feel someone shaking his shoulder while calling his name. But he only snuggled the comforter tighter around his body and buried his head into his pillow. The sleepy boy let out a weak groan when he felt himself get picked, comforter and all before he was dumped into the bathroom.


“I left some clothes for you to wear in this bag.” Was the last thing Subaru said to him and walked out of the room.


Emerging from his cocoon, Kamui did all his necessities while being in his drowsy-state. It wasn’t till he came out of the shower and went to the bag that his boyfriend had left on the floor that his mind became clear. Pulling the zipper so he could see what his lover had left for him to wear, the skin of his body became paler when Kamui saw what was inside.


‘Maybe I can sneak into my room without Subaru noticing…’ Kamui hopefully thought and wrapped a towel around his waist, thinking that the older raven had gone back to the bedroom to make the bed.


“You still haven’t changed?” came the lazy drawl beside the door when he tried to quietly open it. Jerking slightly at the voice, violet eyes slowly looked upwards, from the lower position he had taken to have a better sight of the hallway. Kamui’s violet eyes met with his lover’s face in profile though the lone gold eye was regarding him from the corner of the older man’s eye while he was leaning on the wall beside the door. Kamui flushed when his lover caught him and righted himself while he fiddled with his towel.


“W-why those clothes?” questioned Kamui meekly as he tried to not fidget under the gaze. He wasn’t prepared for the hand gently gripping his chin that made him face his lover’s now turned face.


“You did promise to do anything I wanted after the party.”


The smile that Subaru gave Kamui scared him, as did the foreboding feeling that crept up at the mischievous glint in the mismatched eyes.


“You can either put them on yourself,” his lover bent down to whisper the rest in his red ear and bit it, making Kamui let out a small yelp, “or I can help you put them on.”


Subaru managed to get one last nibble to Kamui’s ear before the younger one hastily retreated back into the safety of the bathroom. Leaning his back on the door, Kamui slid down until his knees were up against his chest and tried to calm the mad blush on his face. The bag with the clothes was still lying open and innocently on the floor within an arm’s reach from him. Slowly he pulled the bag towards him and held out the garments.


Kamui had nearly forgotten the promise made to his lover after the cheerleading competition. And he had only just in the shower gotten the onslaught of memories of what had happened the night before when he had been intoxicated. He groaned quietly, ashamed over how he’d acted so irrationally emotional. Worst of all he had fallen asleep in the middle of his lover comforting him after he had tried to put his lover’s cock inside himself.


Looking at the garments again, the pale teenager once again took in a deep breath, trying to swallow his pride. He’d promised and if this was what Subaru wanted, then he could (probably) do this. Kamui stood up and swallowed the thick lump in his throat and proceeded to dress in the garments his older partner had given him.






“Su-Subaru… I’m done…” came the soft voice from the entrance to the living room and said male looked up from the newspaper that he had been reading, only for the unlit cigarette in his mouth to fall down as he saw his little love.


Pale legs were covered by black thigh-high socks and right over the black socks was the hemline of a simple white skirt. On the teen’s torso was long-sleeved, mint-green ruffled blouse to hide the fact that the younger male didn’t have breasts. The wig’s, from the cheerleading tournament, hair was let down and loose, and reached the high schooler’s lower back.


Standing up from the couch that he had been sitting on, Subaru strode calmly to the blushing teen while trying to stop himself from discarding his plans for today and just devour his delectable lover now. Kamui didn’t look at Subaru as he lightly wrapped one arm around his waist and felt the free hand trace the thigh-high on his right leg and stopped just where a sliver of his skin showed between the hemline of the skirt and the black cloth.


Kamui let out a shudder at the touch, and the flush on his face deepened as the older man’s hand traveled further under the skirt and traced the side of his lacy, minty green underwear.


“Thank you.”


Violet eyes looked up towards gold and green eyes at the sheer gratitude the man’s voice contained.




The hands retreated and cupped the flushed cheeks so Kamui tilted his head upwards, and lips slowly connected in a sweet kiss.






Kamui was trying to not fidget in his seat as he looked on as his lover ordered their breakfast from the preppy waitress. Though both Subaru and his classmates thought that he could pass as a girl, he is still nervous that someone will recognize him or realize that he’s a guy. It didn’t help that his lover’s punishment was to spend the day dressed as he is while they are on a date. The hand playing with the edge of one of his thigh-highs on his left leg didn’t help his sanity either.


“Is that okay with you, Kami?”


His fake girl name was Kami. They both decided to use it as a precaution in case they encountered people from Kamui’s school or some acquaintances. The name Kami had come from his title as The One Who Wields the Authority of God. It was easy enough to remember and only the letter “u” taken off from his real name.


“Y-Yes, Subaru-san.”


Kamui had to discreetly clear his throat to make his voice as high-pitched as possible. He ignored the light glare the waitress sent his way as he looked at his lover.


The waitress said that she would soon be back with their orders and tried to subtly make sultry eyes at Subaru. Who ignored her and focused his full attention on his cross-dressed little love, who’s shyly shifting under his hand that were almost skirting under the white hemline of the skirt as he caressed the pale and soft skin.


“Subaru!” Kamui hissed in a whisper embarrassedly as soon as the waitress left, “We’re in public!”


Kamui grabbed the straying appendage and tried to push it away from his skin and Subaru relented. An arm gently laid around Kamui’s shoulders instead and he was tugged closer to the other’s warm body. Pale hands were still holding onto the white skirt but Kamui let himself lean onto his lover’s side, enjoying the close proximity.


They usually weren’t as affectionate outside their apartment if they weren’t alone, but with Kamui dressed as the opposite gender they could be as lovey-dovey as they wanted without any disrespectful glares on their personas because they’re two guys dating each other. (It’s also lucky that Subaru looks younger than what he really is so they also don’t need to deal with the judging stares because of their age difference. Which would send Subaru into his usual distress that Kamui should be with someone younger and not with someone as old and jaded as Subaru.)


Even as the waitress returned with their breakfasts and drinks, they didn’t widen the proximity between each other and contentedly ate their meal in silence. They both ignored her flirting attempts towards the taller raven and in the end the girl huffed and walked briskly away as she saw the younger raven shyly feed the older male and got fed in return.




“Hmmm?” Subaru hummed as he drank his coffee, not moving his hand from Kamui’s shoulders.


“Why am I wearing f-female clothes?” he asked quietly.


The lone golden eye glanced at the violet-eyed youth beside him, before the heterochromatic eyed man turned towards Kamui and let the back of his fingers gently caress the teen’s left cheek before turning his hand and cupping the rosy cheek while he let his thumb rub small circles on the cheekbone. Subaru was inwardly smug that he is the only one that could make the normally prideful teen to flush so adorably and the only one to have seen all of Kamui. The one to make the usually apathetic youth to become so conscious of him.


But what he didn’t like was that everyone at the Sports’ Festival was able to see Kamui so cutely dressed up. He didn’t like it when others tried to defile his Kamui. Kamui is his lover, boyfriend and partner. Only Kamui was able to make Subaru feel human emotions again.


Honestly, Subaru hadn’t planned to take Kamui out today, he had originally planned that he and Kamui would be inside their apartment and watch movies and cuddle meanwhile he would tease his lover with small touches till the night. Making the younger man feel frustrated. And then he would slowly make love to Kamui, teasing him more until he reached the edge of climax with his hands and then Subaru would stop and let his younger lover calm down. Only to restart stimulating the smaller body again, and just stop to begin the process all over again and again. At the end of the night, Kamui would be begging him for completion.


“Subaru?” Kamui called his lover’s name when the man had been quiet quite a while after his question. Unaware of his lover’s thought processes, Kamui was worried when he didn’t get an answer after a few minutes from Subaru while repeating his name twice. He reached for the paler and bigger hand and gently squeezed it, and finally so did his boyfriend react to the small touch.


Subaru took a moment to collect himself and to let his own body cool down a bit. Quietly clearing his throat the older male turned his attention to his lover, feeling a bit guilty when he was faced with the teen’s and innocent face and violet eyes looking at him in worry.


“Sorry, I got lost in thought,” Subaru apologized, “The clothes you are wearing are ones that Hokuto-chan once made for me as a joke when I was a teen,” Subaru explained. What he didn’t mention was that they were meant to seduce Seishirou at the time at a cross-dressing competition his school had had in the past. Fortunately, so had he been called away for a job at the day of the competition so he didn’t have to wear them.


“Hokuto-san made these?” Kamui wondered out loud as he took in his clothes once again. They were very well-made so he had honestly thought that they were store-bought.


Subaru smiled at his lover’s wondering words said unconsciously for him to hear and in remembrance.


“Yes. Hokuto-chan made them, and I found them in the storage room yesterday while I was cleaning. I never had the chance to wear them and Hokuto-chan…” he trailed off but Kamui understood what he meant, his twin was killed, was the unsaid continuation of his sentence. It was still hard for Subaru to talk about without feeling depressed and sad.


“Well, when I found them yesterday, I remembered that you promised me that you would do anything I wanted. And because I am too big now to wear those clothes without ripping them, I thought that they would suit you quite fine since you did look quite good as a cheerleader.”


The teasing at the end of the sentence flustered Kamui, and he did remember that he promised his lover that he would do anything in exchange for the punishment that he would have received at the gazebo. Kamui didn’t question his older lover anymore and forced him to keep his teasing remarks to himself by shoving food inside Subaru’s mouth every time he opened his mouth to say something.


What Kamui didn’t know, was that it was a deliberate act on Subaru’s side just to make Kamui feed him. And he happily accepted the food that his lover fed him ‘til their plates were empty and their drinks finished.


Subaru kissed his lover on the cheek as thanks for feeding him and left two one-thousand yens on the plate where he could place money if they had cash on them, before they left the café. Outside on the street did they both reach out to hold hands, they were going to go to the mall to purchase a few things for the apartment, like more cutleries and a pair of curtains, because those that Subaru currently had in Kamui’s room were a bright pink color that burned Kamui’s eyes immediately the moment he stepped inside the room. They also had to buy a bigger bed to Subaru’s room. While they both fit inside the full-sized one (i.e. 134.5cm x 190.5 cm; 54” x 75”) it was a little tight for the both of them. So they were going to choose a bigger bed today.


Kamui kept having the nagging feeling that he was forgetting something very important.






They were walking through the cosmetic department of the mall and Kamui had an inkling that he had forgotten something important. It wasn’t until he caught the color of pink hair in his peripheral vision that he remembered what he had forgotten with horror. Subaru felt Kamui stiffen as the teen walked beside and looked down at his lover.


“What’s wrong Kami?” he asked quietly, and he used Kamui’s fake name in case someone heard them.


“Karen-san is here!” Kamui whispered frantically while trying to look as natural as possible and not look like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, “I knew she worked as a sales-clerk at a cosmetic store but I had forgotten that she worked in this mall!”


Subaru temporarily stiffened before he forced himself to relax and to look natural as he and Kamui increased their walking pace slightly, hoping that the pyrokinetic woman didn’t notice them, or worse recognize them. It had been a good call on Subaru’s part to dress himself differently than normal, and that he chose to wear his old top hat with a green dress-shirt with a sleeveless, black vest over it and some stone-washed jeans with black vans. Kamui hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away the first time he saw Subaru dressed in the outfit. His boyfriend had looked younger and a little more playful than normal so it had taken Kamui awhile to get used to it but he had. After mentally drooling for a few seconds.


They both managed to not get caught by the pink-haired female and put quite the distance between them and the cosmetics department before they let out their respective sighs of relief. Mismatched eyes met with violet ones and both owners started laughing quietly at their nerve-wracking close call just a moment ago. The couple proceeded to walk to the department for furniture to choose their new bed.






It took a while, but soon enough they found the perfect bed for their shared room in the apartment. It was a king-sized one (i.e. 193cm x 203.5cm; 76” x 80”) that would fit the both of them better than Subaru’s old one. The bed would be shipped later today to the apartment where the builders would be taking down Subaru’s old bed and be sold as a second-hand one and then build the new one and also the two nightstands that the couple chose, and the new comforter, pillows and bed sheets, the lamps, and Kamui’s new pale blue curtains for his room in the apartment. Subaru gave the workers the spare-key to the apartment and told them the address. So, while he and Kamui would be going to watch a movie at the cinema while they let the workers do their thing in the apartment.


The older male also wasn’t worried that someone would steal anything from his apartment, because he had spelled the most valuable things that both he and Kamui owned and the apartment itself so he would know if something was taken. He and Kamui would then later make the bed and dress the comforter, the mattress and the pillows. And Kamui would also put up his new curtains in his room.


“Ah! Sumeragi-kun!”


Someone called out to the taller male and both ravens recognized the voice as a tall, dark blond male dressed in a brown suit with a pink dress-shirt underneath made his way towards the taller raven. Kamui instantly hid behind his lover’s body as to avoid being in the blond man’s direct eyesight and dodge the for sure embarrassing questions. The onmyouji also made sure that his slightly larger body hid his little love’s form from his fellow Dragon.


“Good day to you, Kigai-san,” Subaru politely greeted the Dragon of Earth despite him wanting to get out of here as fast as possible with Kamui remaining unseen by the other man.


“Good day to you too, Sumeragi-kun. And,” the blond man smiled and bent to the side to take in the ‘girl’ that was hiding behind the younger man, “Good day to you too, young lady.”


Both Kamui and Subaru inwardly held their breathes, hoping that the man didn’t recognize the violet-eyed teen. Kamui tilted his head downwards to hide his eyes with the wig’s bangs and changed his voice to a higher octave so he sounded more like a girl.


“G-g-good… d-day.. to.. you… too… s-sir…” Kamui intentionally stuttered as he greeted Yuuto with a quiet voice and acting like an extremely shy girl in front of the blond man as he hid more of himself behind the older raven. Subaru seemed to have caught on what he was doing and tried to explain to the Dragon of Earth what he was doing here in the mall with a teenage girl.


“I apologize Kigai-san. This little one is quite shy of strangers, as she and her family has just recently moved here to Tokyo from Kyoto. My grandmother is a family friend to her family, so they asked me to take her out a little to let her familiarize with her new surroundings as we have met a few times in the past.”


That Subaru was able to say the whole fake-explanation with a straight face made Kamui wonder when his lover had gotten so good at making-up excuses and lie straight to someone’s face. He made a mental note to ask Subaru later.


“Oh, is that so?” Yuuto said with an amused smile as he regarded the two, “Well, then I shouldn’t hinder your ‘guiding tour’, right Sumeragi-kun?” the man asked but didn’t expect any answers from the onmyouji and turned towards where the cosmetics department was.


“Have good time on your ‘tour’ Sumeragi-kun, Kamui-kun! Bye!” the man cheerily bid farewell as he walked away to meet up with most likely Karen. Leaving behind an impassive Subaru and a mortified cross-dressed Kamui.


“Did he know the whole time it was me…?” Kamui weakly questioned no one.


“Possibly,” Subaru answered. Also quite mortified that the blond man had seen them and had recognized his little love, “That man is quite unpredictable.”


Kamui just nodded his acquiescence, knowing that his lover was right. The Water Master was quite unpredictable to anyone who had met him. Well, anyone that wasn’t a certain former soapland girl.




Chapter Text




After the incident with Yuuto; Kamui and Subaru had finally made it to the cinema and had chosen a movie. The movie that they had chosen was of the fantasy-romance genre.



It was about a Princess that had fallen in love with her mentor that was also her protector and childhood friend. But said protector had fallen in love with a noble lady from the neighboring kingdom. The Princess’ cousin, the current King of her kingdom until the princess came of age, had noticed her feelings towards her protector and had arranged for them to get married. Which devastated the Princess, since she knew that her protector held feelings for the noble lady and helped him gather the courage to confess his feelings to the Lady. The Princess tried to persuade the King to not make them marry but her words fell on deaf ears.


Marriage in their kingdom meant binding their souls to their loved one for eternity and there wasn’t a known way to break that bond even in death. When one of the pair dies the other will also follow shortly. But depending on how strong their partner is, it might take several years. That was at least the case for the Princess mother, the late Queen, when her husband, the previous King, passed away.


The Protector thought that the Princess had deliberately arranged for their marriage with the King and didn’t know that it was only the King’s idea and that the Princess had tried to stop the wedding. Because of that the Protector started to resent his Mistress that he had sworn to protect. The Princess couldn’t live with the fact that her Protector and friend now hated her and decided to break their bond through the only method known that was a secret knowledge of the Royal Family.


On the top of the Holy Summit in their kingdom existed a Holy Sword that could break the bond of a soul binding. But the price for it was the breaker’s life, because one had to stab oneself through the heart to break the bond. It was also pain free for the one that the breaker was bound to and they wouldn’t realize that the bond had dispersed if they didn’t feel for the bond.


The Princess made sure that her Protector would be out of the Kingdom for work for at least a week when she put down her letter to him and prepared for her long journey towards the Holy Summit.


She rode through dangerous areas and had made sure beforehand to say discreet farewells to her nearest and dearests. She only regretted that she wasn’t able to say goodbye to her Protector personally but the man couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as her anymore so she had to make do with her farewell in her letter to her Protector.


She had found the Holy Summit and the Holy Sword after two weeks of traveling, taking a shortcut that only her family and her Protector knew of. She was tired but bravely continued to the small lake where the Holy Sword rested at the top of the summit. She took the sword in her hands and pointed its tip towards her heart. A final tear slid down her cheek as she plunged it through her heart and effectively severed her bond to her Protector. The essence of life flowed out of her body and into the small lake, dyeing it temporarily red until the water started glowing and purifying itself with her blood.


The Princess’ last wish before the darkness took over was that she hoped that her beloved Protector could finally find happiness now that their bond was severed.


The Protector on the other hand, had returned to the house that he shared with his Mistress – and wife – at night, one and a half weeks later after the Princess had begun her journey. Only to return to the house being covered in darkness. Usually so would the Princess still be awake and read a book in their living room with the fire on, waiting for his return and try to talk to him, only for him to ignore her and go to his own room in the house.


But for some reason so did the Protector feel dread settle in his gut as he opened the door and he couldn’t sense his Princess’ presence at all inside the house. He checked all the rooms in case but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He decided that she perhaps was staying in the palace overnight that day and would go check on her the following morning.


But when he arrived at the castle the next day and asked the whereabouts of the Princess, it became clear that no one had seen her since the day he left for work almost two weeks ago. Soon enough so was the whole kingdom searching for their missing Princess, but no matter how much they searched they still couldn’t find her. The Protector had decided to search their house to see if he could find any clues about his Mistress whereabouts, or if she had been kidnapped. What he found instead broke his heart into millions of pieces of shards.


The Protector had found the letter addressed to him from the Princess.


In the letter it was written the truth about their marriage and that the King had decided it all on his own and that she had been too late to stop it before she knew of it. In the letter she also confessed her love to him and that she knew of a way to sever their bond and explained how. She also apologized that he had to find out via this letter and that she hoped that he would finally have his happiness now that their bond was gone. And hoped that he would stay as strong as ever, even when she no longer was there to watch over him and support him when he needed someone by his side. The last part was her farewell to him.


The Protector cried when he finished reading the letter. The King later found him crying in the house with the letter still clutched in his hands. But before the King had the chance to read it, the Protector swiftly started packing proviants and necessities for the next two weeks while crying. The King couldn’t even stop him before the Protector had mounted his horse and rode away.


It took the Protector less than one week and a half to reach the Summit, being used to traveling for long times without much rest. The moment he stepped a foot on the place where the Holy Sword dwelled, his eyes were drawn to the mound of sand that was covered by a familiar traveling cloak that was pinned down by a massive sword. On the hilt of the sword hung a necklace in the form of an amethyst star.


The Protector recognized it. It was the necklace he had given the Princess when he had still been a teenager and she had turned the tender age of ten. He knew that the Princess always received more lavish and expensive presents than the necklace he had given her on that day so many years ago and had thought that she had done away with it since it wasn’t anything too fancy. But there it was hanging on the sword’s hilt. He realized that the Princess must have always worn it if he hadn’t found it in their house when he was searching for clues. Or even when they lived together in the same building for a while.


Slowly he made his way over to the mound of sand, and with horror clouding his mind that the heap of sand was his Princess’ ashes. He sunk down on his knees and started crying again. Finally realizing his true feelings for his Princess, the one who had supported him so many times and comforted his broken heart every time he had been rejected by the Noble Lady that he thought that he had been in love with. Instead he lost his true love due to him being blind towards his real feelings for the person that mattered the most to him.


Depressed by his own mistake when he journeyed back to the palace with his Princess’ remains and things, he had lowered his guard when he traveled through the Dark Forest and was harshly bitten by a shadowed being that attacked him. He managed to escape the forest safely and treated his injury when he made camp for the night.


The day the Protector returned to his and the Princess’ kingdom, it wasn’t a Day of Happiness that everyone had thought that he would bring when he found their Princess. It was a Day of Sadness when the people and their King found out that their Princess had passed away. They held her funeral and the Protector couldn’t find it in himself to tear himself away from the gravestone that held his Princess’ name that was at the lake where they had always played at when the Princess had still been a young child.


Many thought that he too would pass away soon, since his partner had died. But only the Protector, the King and a few higher officials in the palace knew the truth of why that wouldn’t happen. But no one blamed the Protector but the Protector himself. He promised himself that he would protect his Princess final resting place for the rest of his life and hoped to be reunited with his beloved later in death. But what he hadn’t realized was that he wouldn’t be reunited with his love for a very long, long time and it wasn’t in death.


Because when he noticed the changes it was already too late.


                                                                 The End



The movie finished and Kamui wondered if there would be a sequel out because the ending was a bit ambiguous. Usually, so didn’t Kamui nor Subaru really like this genre of movies that was about romance, but since they were on a date they both thought that they should watch something romantic. And surprisingly so wasn’t it that bad and Kamui somewhat hoped that there would be a sequel.


On the other hand so had Subaru planned to tease his lover inside the movie theater, but he hadn’t counted on the fact that both he and Kamui would be too into watching the film to do anything that he had planned.


‘Oh well. At least Kamui enjoyed it, and I still have the whole day left.’


“Where do you want to go and eat?” Kamui asked his taller lover as they once again walked into the busy streets of Tokyo. He didn’t really have any preferences about where they were going to eat, as long as it wasn’t anything disgusting, like fried frogs.


“There is a very good Oden stand that I know of, but…”


“But?” Kamui urged his lover to continue.


“The oden stand exist in between this dimension and the Spirit’s realms. It is also owned by a fox.”


Kamui almost tripped at that. It was the first time that the exorcist ever mentioned something supernatural to him that his lover met as an onmyouji. Excitement could clearly be seen in violet eyes and Subaru felt like he could die because of an overload of cuteness that his little love showed him. Before either knew it, so was Kamui embraced tightly by his mismatch-eyed lover.


The teen instinctively wrapped his arms around the taller male’s waist and let the man nuzzle their cheeks together. He didn’t know why the older male suddenly showed him his affections in the middle of the street but he let him do what he wanted.


He also ignored the stares they got from other people.





The oden they ate at the fox’s shop had been the most delicious oden Kamui had ever eaten and had complimented the chef as much, making the old fox blush at his praises. Chibi Kitsune had also been very cute and kind to both of them and Kamui had played a few rounds of rolling tops with the little fox.


But it had been weird in the beginning. The foxes didn’t seem to react when Subaru stepped inside the small stand, despite being the new and notorious Sakurazukamori, but the moment Kamui had stepped inside, the older fox had tensed and had behaved overly polite towards the younger raven. Confusing Kamui, until his lover explained that they could probably feel Kamui’s overwhelming spiritual powers and that it reminded them of more powerful Gods. Soon enough so did both foxes relax around him. Though it seems like Chibi Kitsune had gotten a small crush on Kamui’s female self and had given him a small flower as a present and then hid behind the older fox that just chuckled in amusement.


Subaru on the other hand had felt possessive over his lover but also apprehensive because it was a child’s puppy crush on his love. Both ravens also thought that is was adorable of the small fox and Kamui had thanked the small animal for the flower. The couple was now walking to the nearest train station with full and happy bellies to return back to their shared apartment after giving their goodbyes to the foxes and thanked them for the delicious food.


Everything had been going fine when they stepped onto the train. All the seats were full but it wasn’t overly crowded so Subaru and Kamui were standing near a window a little ways away from the door. But after the next stop, people flooded inside the compartment and that’s how Kamui found himself pinned against one of the train’s walls by his lover’s body as they were pressed by people from every side.


Subaru grunted as he was pushed further into Kamui as more people got onto the train. They were now pushed together from hips to chests and Subaru gave his young partner an apologetic smile again and the teen smiled back in reassurance. The train gave a sudden lurch forcing Kamui to grip his boyfriend’s clothes at the sides so he didn’t fall down and possibly be trampled on.


Kamui had to bite back a gasp when the train lurched again and his lover’s thigh accidently rubbed him between his thighs. He could hear the train conductor apologize ahead for sudden lurches but he could only hear them faintly through the blood that rushed to his head as he once more was accidently rubbed. This time he couldn’t quite restrain his gasp, making his boyfriend look at him in concern as his cheeks started to burn.


“Are you alright?” Subaru asks him quietly.


“Y-yes, I’m fine. It’s just a little hot in here.” The lie slipped easily from his lips and it seemed to be enough to Subaru as the man returned to focus on to make sure that the other people on the train didn’t crush them.


Subaru had bought Kamui’s little lie until he once more accidently moved his right thigh and heard his little love’s quiet gasp. He immediately tilted his head down towards his lover’s face, seeing that the cross-dressed boy’s eyes were squeezed shut and he seemed to be breathing heavily. This time he intentionally moved his leg and saw Kamui restrain a mewl at the friction.


The mismatch-eyed male started to move his thigh in discreet small circles and saw how his lover’s eyes flew open at the continuous movement and he leaned down to whisper into a red ear.


“A little hot, huh?” and he emphasized his words by rubbing harder between the soft thighs and hid his Kamui’s body with his own even more.


Kamui hid his face in the taller male’s shoulder and to muffle the small sounds that managed to break free from his mouth while his hands tightened their grip on the man’s sides. Subaru teased him by alternating the way he stimulated the younger raven. A few moments the older man would lightly and teasingly rub his thigh against the heated part of him, then suddenly would all movements stop; even if Kamui tried to grind down on the limb between his thighs, he stopped by his lover pressing his body tighter to the wall, making him unable to move.




The quiet whine from Kamui didn’t deter him and Subaru continued to tease his former Leader until they heard the name of their stop. Subaru managed to move them effortlessly out of the train without anyone noticing his lover’s small predicament. Luckily so did the skirt hide it by being a bit fluffed up. The walk back to their apartment was spent in silence as the violet-eyed youth tried to calm the flush on his face and the heat inside his body. Subaru on the other hand struggled with if he should be happy that he finally managed to tease Kamui like he had wanted or feel like an enormous pervert for touching his lover — who’s still a minor — in a public transport vehicle, where anyone could have seen and found out what they were doing.


When they arrived inside at the apartment; the spare key, that Subaru had given the workers, was on the welcome mat inside. But neither noticed when Subaru suddenly found himself pinned against the door by his shorter lover and his head was pulled down as his lips met with insistent ones. Their bodies slid down the door and Kamui was kneeling between Subaru’s outstretched legs while gripping the collar of Subaru’s green dress-shirt.


A pale hand reached towards the black wig and tugged it off and finally so could the man feel his lover’s silky, black tresses. He let the boy dominate the kiss as he opened his lips. The moan that he let out made his little love break the kiss, and they both were flushed and panting hard.


Kamui’s body felt so hot inside and he wanted his lover to finish what the other had started on the train. Kissing his lover had only increased the heat inside him but also somehow lessened at the same time. He tried to grind his hips against his lover, but it was like the older raven had known what he was about to do and made sure that Kamui couldn’t move his hips. He whimpered at the denial and looked pleadingly at his boyfriend. Subaru hushed him as the older male gently hugged him but his actions and words didn’t match.


“Not now Kamui,” Subaru whispered against plump lips, “We are still in the middle of your punishment.”


A kiss to the boy’s lips as the younger tried to protest.


“I will take care of you later tonight,” one more kiss to the crown of the teen’s head, “But you are not allowed to take care of it by yourself until then.”


A kiss to a flushed cheek.


“Otherwise we will just sleep all night with no kisses today nor tomorrow.”


A gentle smile was sent towards the affected teen, making a shiver run through Kamui’s spine at the sight. While the smile was gentle and warm, Kamui could see the dark and promising lust inside the mismatched eyes of his partner. He let out a pitiful whine and continued to make pleading eyes at his lover, hoping that he could change the man’s mind.


But Subaru didn’t change his mind and said that they should dress their new bed and put up Kamui’s new curtains. Helping the kneeling teen to stand up, Subaru gave Kamui one more chaste kiss on the pink lips before going to make their new bed. Leaving a panting and still flushed Kamui by the door as he took off his hat and winked at him.





Kamui really loved his boyfriend, he truly really did. Subaru was everything he wasn’t and so kind that the man easily got hurt. But it was times like these that he really wanted to reconsider his feelings for his boyfriend. Since they had gotten back to the apartment; Subaru had been teasing him with fleeting touches and chaste kisses the whole evening and every time he tried to go a little farther, his lover drew back. Frustrating him even more, but he dutifully did not touch himself. Because two days without kissing Subaru, when the man is right beside, him would be torture.


His boyfriend had also forbidden him to change clothes, and Kamui was glad that he wasn’t a girl. Since he is quite sure that he had flashed his lover several times since they made their new bed and cleaned the apartment, making Subaru stare at him heatedly after having bent down while tidying up.


Currently, so was Kamui sitting on their new bed reading his textbook for history while his lover was taking a smoke on the balcony. Kamui felt like he could fall asleep anytime now when reading about the Bakumatsu era while waiting for Subaru to be finished with his nicotine dose and come back inside. Putting down his textbook on his new nightstand and Kamui laid down and closed his eyes, planning to only rest his eyes a little. He accidently began to doze off.


Subaru opened the door to their shared bedroom and was met with the sight of his little love lying on his side while cuddling Subaru’s pillow unconsciously with black-blue locks fanning out like a crown on the bed. Taking out his phone, the older raven snapped a photo of the cute scene. He was going to let his lover sleep for a while longer until a thigh high clad leg shifted and straddled over the pillow. The white skirt hiked up higher, making golden and emerald eyes able to the see the strings of the minty green lace panties that he had specifically went out and bought for his lover – though he did get a lot of stares from the female customers and the female cashier when he bought them.


Subaru carefully climbed the bed while deriving himself of his vest and shirt and unbuttoned his jeans and hovered above his sleeping love. Bending down pale pink lips met with the slightly opened mouth that let out gentle puffs of air. The man’s right hand cupped one cheek and tilted his little love’s head upwards, making the kiss firmer and deeper. Subaru saw how blood rushed to Kamui’s cheeks and how the teen’s eyes slowly fluttered open. Observing how violet eyes widened in surprise.




Kamui broke the kiss and felt like his face was on fire as he covered his lips with his left hand.




Kamui squeaked, his voice an octave higher, making Subaru let out a chuckle as he once more captured the plump lips against his own. Large but pale hands reached down towards the hemline of the top that his lover was wearing and slowly lifted it upwards with their lips still connected. Kamui had automatically wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck during the kiss until they were forced above his head as his top was taken off. Then his skirt was slowly dragged down Kamui’s legs. Making his legs close as his older lover lifted his legs to slowly drag the white cloth off him.


Kamui blushed as he was only left in the minty green panties and the black thigh highs. Slender arms were crossed above his face, hiding it from the older raven, who seemed to have frozen above him, making Kamui even more embarrassed. Slightly peeking from behind his arms, violet eyes took in the face of his partner, whose cheeks had darkened as did the gleam in his mismatched eyes as they roamed over his exposed body.


Subaru almost lost his mind from watching how the thigh highs hugged his Kamui’s smooth and white legs with a little bit of skin pudging out at the top. Golden and emerald eyes took in the lacy, mint green panties that had an icy blue bow in the middle at the top. The material was lewdly stretched out by his love’s awakening erection making Kamui look even more tempting in his eyes.


Leaning forward once again to kiss his younger boyfriend, Subaru smoothly pulled put the tube of lube from his jeans’ back pocket – having put it there after making their new bed – and deposited it on the bed where he could easily reach it. Lowering his hips he made sure that they met his lover’s still covered nether regions and made Kamui moan at the friction that he had deprived him from the whole evening.


“NNNGHH! SUBARU~!” the moan easily slipped from Kamui’s lips against his lover’s as the heterochromatic-eyed man started grinding against him, finally giving him the pleasure he had sought after since boarding that train.


Kamui couldn’t help it since it had been a while since they remotely went over the second base, if he didn’t count yesterday night when he was affected by the alcohol. Remembering it made him feel bad for his lover for falling asleep in the middle of it, it made him determined to make it up for Subaru that he managed to spin his and his lover’s bodies around. Reversing their positions.


Surprised by the change of positions, Subaru automatically gripped Kamui’s hips to steady the teen that was now straddling his hips. The older raven almost thought that he would get a nosebleed when he saw his young love starting to creep backwards slowly until Kamui was situated between his jean clad legs. Subaru had a flashback of the previous night, but this time the sight was much more destructive for his mind with his little love being in his right state of mind while only being dressed in those thigh highs and panties. Feeling a tug at his jeans, Subaru instinctively lifted his hips and both his trousers and underwear was dragged down and he kicked them the rest of the way off. He laid bare for his young love, whose face seemed to have gotten redder.


Kamui swallowed the lump in his throat, as he nervously recalled what he did last night as he bent forward and started to lick at his boyfriend’s half-hard cock. He licked it from the root to the tip, where he lightly kissed the head and tongued the slit, making his partner let out a moan. Opening his mouth a bit farther, Kamui lightly sucked at the tip while gripping the now fully hard dick with both his hands.




Hearing Subaru moaning his name made him look towards the man’s face. Violet orbs were startled to see that his lover was sitting up, but his face was flushed and the golden and emerald eyes were feverish. Kamui almost let his nerves take over but he determinedly continued his self-taken mission in making his lover feeling good. He took his mouth off the tip and once more licked a stripe from the head to the base of the cock, pressing harder at the veins on the underside of the dick.


“Nnnghh… K-Kamui…”


The teen could feel one large hand gripping lightly at his hair, and it gently moved his head upwards to the head of his lover’s cock. He let his tongue come out and tasted the slightly bitter precum that had gathered at the slit, making his lover moan again before opening his mouth even further and slowly moved downwards while wrapping his tongue around it. As he went lower, Kamui hollowed his cheeks to make it more easier for him to take in his boyfriend’s dick deeper into his mouth and creating a better vacuum effect. When he reached the limit that he could take, Kamui placed one hand over what he couldn’t reach with his mouth and started stroking the flesh in time with his mouth’s movements.


His pace was slow until he got more used to it and increased the speed. Subaru’s moans and groans reaching his ears as they only spurned him on. He could taste the constant stream of precum in his mouth, especially when he tongued at the slit. Kamui could feel the hand in his hair tighten as he thought that Subaru was going to cum.


“Haah… K-Kamui s-stop. Ahhh… I’m… nnng…g-gonna come…” Subaru tried to warn him between heavy groans and breaths, but it only made Kamui more determined to make the man reach his climax.




With a final suck on the cock in his mouth, Kamui had made Subaru cum into his mouth with his name on pale pink lips. He tried to swallow everything, but since it was his first time trying to do something like this, most of the semen slipped out of his mouth and ran down his chin. When Subaru was finally spent, was the moment that he finally took his mouth of the now limping cock. Kamui rubbed away the cum that he couldn’t swallow with his hand as he observed his lover. Who had slumped back onto the mattress and was breathing deeply with his chest moving heavily up and down with an arm covering his mismatched eyes.


“W-was it good Subaru?” Kamui asked his boyfriend, hesitant, because he had never done a blowjob on anyone besides the man under him.


Taking his arm off his face as he had finally recovered a little, Subaru sat back up again and lifted the boy so that Kamui was once more straddling his hips as he kissed him breathless, tasting himself in Kamui’s mouth.


“It was good. It was really good, Kamui,” Subaru praised his little love when he broke the kiss making his lover stifle a moan at the praise, but Subaru noticed it and continued.


“You have been so good, Kamui,” another quiet moan from the pink lips, “Such a good boy you are. You haven’t touched yourself as you were told, have you?”


The teen on his lap nodded furiously as he bit his lips. Subaru could see the precum seeping through the darkened front of the panties. He lightly cupped the bulge and heard his little love mewl at the small stimuli.


“You have been a really good boy, sweetie,” a louder mewl and slim hips started grinding against his hand but he took it away and his little boyfriend let out a sound of distress.


“Continue to be a good boy for me and take off the rest of your clothes and lie down on your back on the bed and spread your legs, beautiful.”


The command sent a pleasured shiver through Kamui’s muddled mind and he reached down to finally take off those restraining panties. He moaned when his erection was finally freed from the constricting lace and he got them down as far as his knees until he had to sit back to tug them off the rest of the way. He carefully took of the thigh highs, his legs feeling, oddly enough, a little cold from taking them off, making him shudder. Quickly so did Kamui lie down on his back like his lover wanted him to do. Remembering to spread his legs wider this time, his mind far too gone to feel any embarrassment he would have normally felt by being so exposed in front of Subaru.


Subaru had watched as Kamui unconsciously teased him by taking off his clothes slowly and privately wondered when he had become so perverted that he could make such commands that he has told Kamui. When the teen laid down on his back with his legs spread, the head of his cock already rock-hard and dripping with precum down the pale organ and onto the quivering stomach. Golden and emerald eyes were naturally drawn to the twitching, pink entrance, which made his eyes darken further.


The lube was easily reachable for the taller raven and he generously squirted the slippery liquid on his fingers to warm it up. Violet and mismatched eyes didn’t look away from each other, one pair more feverish than the other. One slender finger coated the rim of the passage with the lube before slowly sinking into the warm and soft heat, making the owner of the body moan at the feeling as he tried to relax by breathing through his nose. Subaru slowly inserted another finger inside his little love and bent them upwards.




The pleasure made Kamui arch his back and moan loudly. It was like music to Subaru’s ears as he continued to rub at the small nub. More mewls and moans flowed from the teen’s vocal chords as Subaru stretched him open now with three fingers and hit that spot inside Kamui’s body. Writhing and turning as pleasure attacked his body, Kamui felt like he was almost at the edge. Only one more push at that spot and he would be able to come, Kamui chanted inside his head. But it seemed like his older lover knew what he was thinking and purposely didn’t hit his pleasure spot.


“SUBARU~!” Kamui whined as his lover once more avoided that spot again. The taller male leaned forward and kissed the frustrated teen to make him calm down a little.


“Not yet, my love,” Kamui inwardly blushed at the endearment, “You will come with me inside you.”


After having said that, Subaru slowly inserted himself inside the snug passage, groaning at the tightness and warmth of his little lover as the soft walls suddenly clamped down on him and massaged his dick erratically.


“S-SUBARU!” Kamui screamed as he suddenly climaxed. His cum splattered onto his stomach and chest.


Both males froze. One in pure embarrassment and the other at the erotic display. Kamui crossed his arms in front of his face as he tried to hide his face from the older man. Subaru felt himself twitch inside his love and found himself pushing the wrists above the teen’s head and kissing his younger boyfriend passionately, starting to thrust inside Kamui with a slow pace before going faster. Kamui broke the kiss to moan.


“S-Subaru! W-wait! Nggghh… I just came! Nnnyaah… i-it’s t-aaah-too…oooh… soon…!”


The black-green haired man leaned back and lifted the slim hips up higher to deepen his thrusts as he reached between his lover’s legs.


“How can you say that when you are already this hard and dripping?”


Kamui didn’t know how but he blushed at the comment and moaned as a larger hand enveloped and stroked his heated flesh in time with his boyfriend’s movements. He tried to match the pace of his partner’s thrusts but Kamui felt like his body wasn’t his own in that moment and he could only take what the older man gave him.


“You are so good Kamui. You are taking me in so well. You are so beautiful.”


A hand was briefly placed on the scar covered stomach and gently traced the wicked scars that decorated the slender body. The the gentle touch was so contradictorily to his lover’s hard and deep thrusts that Kamui felt his heart flutter at the touch and the praise.


“Subaru… I-I am g-gonna cum!”


A kiss was pressed against pink lips and swallowed the teen’s moans as Subaru quickened his pace.


“It’s alright, Kamui. I am also going to come.” He whispered against kiss bruised lips.


It took only a few more thrusts against Kamui’s prostrate and pumps to his cock before he came in Subaru’s hand and on his stomach, clamping down on his lover’s dick and felt the hot gush of cum inside him.


Both of them were panting hard and Subaru was trying to not slump down on the smaller body underneath him as he leaned on his forearms and kissed the pliant lips. Kamui kissed back but was too worn out and let the older man explore his oral orifice.


Gathering up enough strength, Subaru pulled out from Kamui’s body, and Kamui mewled at the withdrawal and Subaru kissed him once more before going to the bathroom to get towels damped with hot water. When he returned he cleaned the pale stomach and chest off from the drying semen. He put one towel underneath Kamui’s hips, making the boy come out from his hazed mind and blushed when he felt his lover’s fingers scooping out the cum inside his hole.


“Subaru… I-I can do it myself…”


Subaru didn’t listen to his protests and continued to clean his lover. Kamui thought he was lucky enough to not get hard like the previous time Subaru cleaned his insides.


‘It is still embarrassing though…’


Kamui obediently laid still as his lover cleaned him and dressed him in one of the man’s button-ups. The shirt was too big on him and almost covered his arms and went down to the middle of his thighs.


Subaru went back into the bed and scooped the smaller male into his arms. He kissed his little love’s cheek, brow and lastly the lips.


“Good night, Kamui.”


Kamui blushed at the affections his lover gave him but smiled shyly back at him.


“Good night, Subaru.”


And the former Leader of the Dragons of Heaven snuggled closer into his Dragon’s arms after placing a chaste kiss on pale pink lips before they both fell asleep to the other’s warmth.





Kamui woke up early because of his biological clock being used to waking up in time for school. The first thing he saw as most mornings was his lover’s  beautiful sleeping face. The teen almost felt the urge to giggle at his lover’s cute and peaceful face. He placed a light kiss on the man’s mouth and carefully slipped out of the arms around him.


He carefully tried to stand up. Remembering the first time he tried to stand up after having made love with his lover. A blush covered his cheeks at the memory as stood up. The pain wasn’t as bad this time but he still limped out to the kitchen to make a hot pot of coffee for both himself and Subaru.


After the coffee finished brewing, Kamui poured his portion into a mug with milk and sugar to combat the bitterness of the drink. Just as his lips touched the rim of the mug, a large magic circle appeared in the middle of their living room and a large teardrop was formed in the middle of the circle. Kamui was too shocked to move as the teardrop burst and two people appeared from inside it.


The violet-eyed teen felt dizzy. Because the people who were now in their apartment almost looked like him and a younger version of his Subaru.




Chapter Text




The moment Kamui and Subaru appeared in the modest apartment, the younger twin was inwardly shocked to see a black haired version of him with violet eyes, drinking from a mug. But what set his protective instincts off, was the scent of cherry blossoms surrounding the teen. He knew it wasn’t his counterpart’s scent, because his look-alike’s own scent smelled more sweetly, sacred and holy.


The vampire moved swiftly and the only reason the Seal couldn’t move was because of the shock of meeting his doppelganger. The brunet extended his claws but before he could come near the human, several sakura petals intercepted him and a larger body stood in front of his counterpart. Kamui inwardly snarled, this man smelled like the hunter that was after them. His icy blue eyes slightly widening when they met mismatched eyes. They were the color of golden and green. Completely different from the hunter chasing them.


Now that he took a closer look at the man. He looked like an older version of his brother.


“Subaru?” the black-haired version of him exclaimed in surprise. He stopped.







Subaru had woken up by feeling unfamiliar magic activating inside the apartment. He instinctively tried to reach out for his lover but noticed that the bed was empty of the other’s smaller physique. Hurriedly he put on some jeans and rushed out of the bedroom only to see someone trying to attack his immobile lover. Calling upon his powers as the Sakurazukamori, he commanded the petals to intercept the attacker as he stood protectively in front of his Kamui.




He heard his Kamui call his name in surprise, but now he understood why his usually aggressive lover had frozen. His eyes could see a brown-haired and icy blue-eyed Kamui and a younger version of himself. Both dressed in similar outfits like he and his lover had worn on Halloween. But he could feel that they both weren’t humans like he and his Kamui were.


Kamui, on the other hand, had finally composed himself. But before he could question their counterparts, the younger version of his lover scuffed the brown-haired Kamui and spoke.


“I am very sorry for intruding into your home and for my twin’s rudeness.” He bowed to them in apology.


“Your…” Subaru started.


“…twin?” Kamui finished.


Well, that was an awkward revelation.





They all somehow managed to calm down, until the vampire version of Subaru suggested that Kamui and the human Subaru may want to change their clothes. Kamui blushed in realization over how exposed he felt, only wearing a button-up shirt with nothing underneath. The twins, despite themselves, thought that the blush on the human Kamui’s face was adorable, until they noticed that the teen probably was only wearing a shirt, and that the older version of Subaru was only wearing a pair of jeans. Both smelling like each other.


“Brother?” the younger vampire twin started.


“Yes, Kamui?”


“What do you think of the relationship between our human counterparts?”


The older vampire twin hummed in thought as they both waited for the humans to dress properly. Subaru had seen the red marks on the younger human on the chest because the button-up’s upper buttons were undone, exposing a little of the boy’s upper torso. And the way the scent of cherry blossoms seemed to surround him, and while it was faint, it seemed like the scent of the flowers also came from inside his body too. It caused a pink flush to rise on his cheeks over why that Kamui would smell like that, especially when it was his human counterpart that emitted the scent naturally. He was going to answer ‘til their superior vampire hearing picked up some sounds from the bedroom.


“S-Subaru?! What are you doing?! There are people on the other side!” it was probably meant to be a whisper but the twins could hear it clearly then some rustling and the sound of something opening.


“S-stop Subaru! Nnnghh…”


“Then if you don’t want them to find out, it would be better for you if you can hold your voice in.”




“Well, it would be fine by me if they heard you, to make sure that they know who is the only one allowed to see and make you look like this.”


There were more muffled sounds coming from the other. Both twins were blushing.


“… Well, now we know what their relationship is…” The icy blue eyed male said after the long pause in their conversation. The older vampire just continued to blush as the sounds continued.


“But to think that another version of you, Brother, would be so… bold.”


The older twin turned redder at that and they both continued their silent conversation telepathically as they tried to ignore the sounds from the other room and buried his face into his hands.





Kamui had just gotten into the bedroom after his lover when his upper torso was suddenly pinned against the door, his back touching bare skin. His head turned only for his mouth being dominated and he felt the large shirt being lifted up over his hips. Breaking the kiss, Kamui flushed as he realized what his lover was up to.


“S-Subaru?! What are you doing?! There are people on the other side!” he whispered when he felt the cold liquid on the rim and inside his anus. He held back a gasp.


“S-stop Subaru! Nnnghh…” he tried once more to persuade his lover when he felt the blunt head of the other’s cock enter him.


“Then if you don’t want them to find out, it would be better for you if you can hold your voice in.”


Was the response he got as the other instantly sheathed the entirety of his hard member inside him so that Kamui could feel his lover’s balls touch his perineum.




The youth covered his mouth with both hands as his back arched when the older raven hit his sweet spot and his passage was spread by his lover’s girth.


“Well, it would be fine by me if they heard you, to make sure that they know who is the only one allowed to see and make look you like this.”


Subaru whispered sweetly into Kamui’s ear as he nibbled on the helix. He gripped the slim hips and pulled out only to push roughly inside again. Setting a quick pace for them. He reached around the boy to fist the leaking erection.




Kamui tried to hold in all his sounds as his lover roughly pleasured him. With his sweet spot being hit with every thrust and the rough fisting of his still sensitive member, it didn’t take long until Kamui came. White ribbons of cum decorating the door and some on his lover’s hand.




With a groan Subaru released inside his lover after a few more pumps of his hips as the teen’s muscles clamped down on his cock.


Kamui felt his knees collapse on themselves and he would have fallen down if his lover hadn’t wrapped an arm around his waist and holding him up. Subaru managed to regain his breathing and picked up his little love and placed Kamui on the bed. He managed to clean the door and his lover’s body. He placed several new bruises on the pale body at parts where they could be easily hidden. Subaru tried to get his sperm out of Kamui as best as he could with the tissues and towels that were in their bedroom.


When he was done he dressed himself and the still out-of-it boy before once more picking him up and opened the door. Subaru gave the twins a cool glance before depositing his lover on the chair at the dining table.


“I am going to prepare breakfast. Do want tea or coffee with it?”


The cold voice of the man seemed to have gotten the twins’ attention. It was his counterpart that answered.


“Tea, please, if you do not mind.”


Subaru was about to prepare the food and drinks but the violet-eyed youth seemed to have regained his composure and stopped the man from preparing it. Knowing that their ‘guests’ would get food poisoned if his lover were to prepare the food.


“Wait! I will prepare it! Subaru, you can just go and have a seat and I will prepare breakfast!”


Kamui started to push the man towards the living room, where the twins were. Subaru easily turned around and caught the boy’s hand in his larger one.


“Are you sure you should be moving around like that, right now?”


The twins were surprised at the genuine concern that coated the older human’s tone towards the younger male. They saw how the violet-eyed Kamui flushed red at the sentence before continuing to push the older man into the living room.


“I will be fine!” Kamui exclaimed in embarrassment before scolding the taller raven, “But we won’t be alright if you cook anything! You can do the drinks but nothing more than that!”


The younger twin let out a snort. Before unconsciously letting his thoughts to come out.


“It seems that no matter what version of my Brother there is, he still does not possess the ability to cook.”


The older twin and the 26-year-old man both flushed at the statement but couldn’t refute it; knowing that it was true. Kamui let out an amused smirk at that and began preparing the drinks and cooking a breakfast for four.





The twins explained their circumstances and Kamui and Subaru decided that they would let the both of them stay at their apartment as long as they needed. The twins also mentioned that they were vampires and that was how Kamui’s counterpart had been able to extend his nails into claws. Both of them would be sharing Kamui’s room, since the teen hadn’t yet needed to sleep in there because of school.


“By the way,” the younger vampire started and the older one didn’t know what to think of his younger brother’s slightly quirked lips, ”Vampires have much superior hearing abilities than you humans. If you both want to… fornicate – and don’t want me and my Brother to hear – you better wait until we are outside the apartment or use something else to keep the sounds from escaping the room.”


Kamui felt his whole face burn as his lover just stopped sipping at his tea.


“S-s-so y-y-you…?!” he stammered out as he felt his whole body turn red in embarrassment and couldn’t say his thoughts completely out.


Both twins nodded, one blushing while the other was smirking. They were both interested in the way Kamui turned red. His blood smelling deliciously sweet and tempting to the vampires. The feeling of their fangs extending alerted both the surprised twins and Subaru, who protectively wrapped an arm around the embarrassed teen in warning and protection.


“Sorry about that,” the vampiric Subaru apologized before explaining their reaction, “Your Kamui’s blood, from what we can feel from here, smell incredible delicious to our senses. His blood smells really sweet and… sacred.”


Both Kamui and Subaru stiffened at that. They both knew the implications of the sacred part.


“Though, it is a surprise that he smells so sweet,” the vampire Kamui continued, “Because it’s usually only virgins who tastes that sweet, and the sweetness of blood is dampened in the scent. Which makes it more incredible that his scent is even that sweet.”


The blush that had receded returned in full-force. Kamui didn’t know what to think of that, their counterparts thought of him as something delicious. He shivered suddenly at the presence besides him. Glancing at his lover’s expression, Kamui felt dread when he saw that cold face’s lips turn to a grim line.


The vampire Subaru noticed his counterpart’s grim expression and assured both humans.


“Do not worry. We will not drink from your Kamui without permission from both of you.”


He said the both of them in case the human Kamui would allow them to drink but it wouldn’t mean anything if his own counterpart rejected the idea. The older vampire would also hate the fact to share his younger brother with someone else.


“I don’t mind if you take my blood.”


All heads turned towards the youngest in the room, one in horror, one in interest and the last one in dread.


“Kamui!” Subaru exclaimed. Worry coating his horrified tone. The teen looked at his lover, resolution painted on the young and beautiful face. The twins decided to not interfere and just watch from the sidelines this time.


“Subaru, it’s the best option! The people still hasn’t recovered from… t-the…” Kamui couldn’t complete the sentence but the older human understood what his lover wanted to say, “If people starts to get drained of blood, people might start to investigate! And no matter how slim the chance is, because of the Imonoyama Group, they could still find out about what happened that year!”


Subaru put his hands on those slender shoulders that had once carried the burden of the world and still a part of it. He made the teen face him.


“What is the real reason you want to give them your blood?”


Kamui averted his eyes before looking back in those alluring eyes of his lover. And softly answered.


“I don’t want others to get hurt anymore. I also want to help them. I want to be useful.”


The raw and honest answer shot through Subaru’s heart. Heaving a sigh, Subaru didn’t know what to do. Okay, he would do the same in Kamui’s shoes, but it was still unpleasant to share even a hair strand of his lover. He honestly did not like it, but Subaru also knew that his little love wouldn’t back down on this matter.




Kamui was going to hug the man if his boyfriend hadn’t put his finger on his lips.


“But, I will only grant permission for it if I am there for the feedings too.” He looked at the twins at that and both of them nodded in acceptance at the reasonable condition.


“Yes, yes! Thank you Subaru!” the teen was so happy at his lover acceptance that he kissed the older man squarely on the lips, surprising the twins and Subaru himself.


Kamui abruptly broke the kiss and turned to the twins. Surprising them.


“When do you need to drink blood?”


The older vampire was going to say not at the moment but his twin cut in before he could get a word out.


“If you could let my brother drink right now you would be a life-saver, little one.”


Kamui sputtered at being called that but understood when both their names were ‘Kamui’, if he thought about it.


“I can do that,” Subaru just sighed in acceptance, “If I may ask, what should we call you?”


All older men stared at the teen before realizing that they all had the same names and they called each other the same.


“I refuse to change my name,” the younger twin said, Kamui hesitated but said what he wanted.


“I don’t mind if you call me ‘Kamui-chan’. You too Subaru.”


Subaru started at that. He knew of the two people who called Kamui that. The onmyouji had avoided to call Kamui with the -chan suffix because he had thought that it would only bring forth painful memories for the teen. But he understood now, Kamui wanted someone as important as those who he lost to call him that way again. The mismatch-eyed man smiled gently at his lover.




The gentle expression and that way of calling him caused the heat to rapidly spread in Kamui’s face. Subaru watched as his Kamui-chan’s face exploded red and sweetly kissed the teen on his lips. The clearing of a throat broke the lovey-dovey spell of the couple that both humans had created.


“I do not mind if you both call me with -san,” the older vampire said awkwardly, “I am after all the oldest one here.”


Kamui-chan looked perplexed at that.


“If you don’t mind me asking, Subaru-san, Kamui-san, how old are you?”


Both twins thought that the teen’s curious expression was adorable and thought that it wasn’t too much to ask for.


“We both are about 1900 years old in human years,” Subaru-san answered, making the teen do a double-take at them, even human Subaru’s eyes widened at that.


Kamui continued for his twin.


“Vampires in our dimension has a slower aging rate than that of humans, and if we were to count our ages in vampire years we both would be about nineteen years old.”


Kamui-chan nodded, still trying to wrap his head around over how old the twins were while looking so young.


“Brother, you should drink now. You haven’t drunk any blood for several dimensions.”


Kamui’s voice brought out the issue that the humans had unconsciously avoided. Kamui-chan gulped as Subaru-san sighed in resignation at his brother’s insensitivity and impatience, while Subaru stiffened besides his lover.


Kamui-chan thought that he should just get this over with and went to stand in front of the older vampire.


“Ummm, i-is it okay if you take the blood from my wrist?”


Kamui-chan held in the urge to fidget as he averted his eyes. The older twin smiled gently at the boy before gently taking the slim wrist. The green-eyed male noticed the white scars lining up in parallel lines on the teen’s wrist and inner forearm and the large scar on the palm and on the back of the hand.


‘Kamui-chan must have gone through something terrible things to have these scars,” thought the vampire.


The older twin felt his fangs extend as he licked at skin where the blood flowed the strongest to soften it up. He slowly sunk in his fangs. The first drop of blood that Subaru-san tasted made him moan at the deliciousness. He hadn’t though that the boy’s blood would have tasted this good.


Kamui-chan felt the pain before the euphoric feeling of pleasure took over. He could feel how his blood left his body and he struggled to keep standing if he hadn’t felt arms surround his waist and he was leant on a larger body to help him to stand. It took almost all of his strength to restrain the sounds that threatened to break free from his throat. He could feel the heat gather inside the coils in his stomach, and the only thing that reined him down was the warmth of the body behind him. When the vampire was done and licked the two puncture wounds to close them up, Kamui-chan finally slumped against his lover’s body.


Subaru had been twitching in his seat as he watched his boyfriend walk across the floor to the older vampire twin. His heart burned at the sight of another male – even if it was another version of himself – licking his love’s wrist before plunging his fangs into his Kamui-chan’s body. He saw the pain on Kamui-chan’s face, before the boy started to flush. He saw the teen’s knees shake uncontrollably and unconsciously crossed the floor and looped his arms around his lover’s waist to help him stand and to let his little love lean on him for support. When the vampire released the thin wrist, Subaru scooped Kamui-chan up into his arms and went back to the bedroom to let him rest a bit from the blood loss.


Kamui-chan hid his face in the pillow after his lover had placed him down onto the bed and closed the door. His face aflame as he fidgeted awkwardly, trying to ignore the heat in his body. But his thighs kept rubbing at each other and the movement made the heat inside him increase more and more. Slowly so did a hand of his slide down between his legs and cupped the hard bulge through the stone washed jeans that his lover had put on him. He had only planned to press lightly at the stiffness under the clothes to alleviate some of the heat inside him, but Kamui-chan couldn’t help but grind harder against his hand. Soon the stimulation through his jeans wasn’t enough. Biting the collar of his t-shirt, so no sounds would escape, he unbuttoned the top of his trousers and pulled the zipper down. Kamui-chan could only register the sound of the metal being undone as he pulled out his manhood from the folds of the grey boxers and started to stroke the heated flesh.


He wanted to finish quietly and quickly, before Subaru returned to their bedroom. But pumping his erection did not make him come. Just moving his hand up and down and playing with the head of his cock made Kamui-chan feel like it wasn’t enough. Shimmying his jeans down to his knees, Kamui-chan sucked onto his other hand’s fingers and lathered them in saliva. Reaching behind himself, Kamui-chan took a deep breathe before plunging two fingers inside his entrance without hesitation.


‘It’s good that I’m still loose down there from this morning…’ Kamui-chan blushed as he recalled how he and his lover had a so called ‘quickie’ almost right after the twins arrived. But the images from the time and the previous night helped him in reaching for the edge faster this time.


But due to the endorphins clouding his mind, Kamui-chan hadn’t noticed that his lover had returned to their bedroom and was watching the younger male pleasuring himself while calling out the mismatch-eyed man’s name in quiet gasps.


Before returning to the bedroom, while being concerned for his lover’s condition, the vampire twins had noticed Subaru’s distress and had mentioned that Kamui-chan was probably affected by the vampire venom that both vampires possessed. The venom worked like a pleasuring paralyzer, letting the blood giver feel pleasure to minimize the risk of both parties from hurting each other.


Subaru hadn’t really known what to make of the information. On one hand, the venom was practical since it decreased the chances of Kamui-chan being hurt or feeling pain; but on the other hand and his more possessive side, the onmyouji didn’t like that his little lover would be aroused every time the vampire twins drunk blood from him – what if they decided they wanted more than blood from his oblivious, beautiful boyfriend.


The Sumeragi Head shoved the tidbit of information to the back of his mind for the time being, taking care of his violet-eyed lover took precedence to Subaru. Briskly walking to the kitchen and back to his and Kamui-chan’s bedroom after fetching a jug and a glass of water for his younger boyfriend, he briefly took note that the twins said that they were going to explore the city and used magic to change their clothes to something more simple and casual than the outfits that they had been wearing initially before leaving the apartment.


In case, and just in case, Subaru spelled his and Kamui-chan’s already soundproof bedroom with a silencing spell. Though the older raven haired man almost dropped both glass wares when he opened the door and saw Kamui-chan fingering himself while calling out his name. Subaru had a flashback to the summer days that he spent with his Kamui-chan, and the night that he had decided to return back to his lover earlier than planned. Just as that time, Subaru had walked in on a scene where his teenage lover had been pleasuring himself and playing with his backside while calling out his name. Like now, right in front of Subaru, again.


But this time he wouldn’t sit on the sidelines and watch his little love to finish. Not when the younger male seemed to have difficulty reaching the desired climax if his silent whimpers of distress were any indication. Subaru set the jug of water and the glass down on the nightstand and let his weight sink down on their newly bought bed as he sat down in front of his little love and placed the younger male’s legs over his lap and spreading them for a better sight.


Kamui-chan yelped when he was turned onto his back and had his legs spread by Subaru. He could feel his face heating up more but this time in embarrassment. This was already the second time his lover had walked in on him pleasuring himself.


“S-Subaru?!” Kamui-chan yelped, both in mortification and surprise, wondering when the older man had returned.


Subaru didn’t say anything but he used his own hand to push the slim fingers inside his love’s hole deeper in, hence the loud moan from Kamui-chan as violet eyes widened at the sudden stimuli.




Subaru’s continuous pushes on Kamui-chan’s fingers made him reach deeper inside himself and hitting his own prostate. The black-haired boy writhed as his older lover made his own fingers pleasure his body. Kamui-chan didn’t know why but having his Subaru’s eyes on him like this and staring down at him as if Kamui-chan was his prey made his heart beat faster and Subaru didn’t even need to prompt him this time as he vigorously moved his hand up and down his arousal.


“Subaru! Subaru! Subaru!” Kamui-chan kept chanting as he kept eye contact with those mismatched orbs and finally felt himself tipping over the edge. White ribbons of cum shooting out from his cock and coated his black t-shirt in the white substance.


Subaru had kept watching his little love pleasuring himself as he helped the boy push his fingers deeper inside his entrance, he watched as the pale hand kept pumping the arousal of his lover vigorously and watched the changes on Kamui-chan’s face when he came. The heterochromatic-eyed male saw how Kamui-chan arched his back as he released over the black cloth covering the pale and scarred body. Subaru could feel his own arousal, tight in his pants as he watched his little love regulate his breathing.


Kamui-chan pushed himself up onto his elbows and turned red when he regained himself. He had forgotten that they had guests in the apartment and that he once again had shown his older lover an embarrassing sight (for Kamui only). He silently despaired that his vampire counterpart would tease him again.


Turning his head to the side to partially hide his flushed face Kamui-chan asked his lover:


“W-where are the twins?”


Subaru hummed absentmindedly as he lifted his Kamui-chan up so that the younger boy was straddling his lap with either leg around his waist.


“They are not in the apartment,” the man said recalling what the vampire twins told him, “They went out to explore ‘this’ Tokyo.”


The half-naked teen blushed as his bottom brushed against the hard bulge underneath him, catching onto his twitching entrance. He tightly looped his arms around the older man’s neck and buried his face into Subaru’s collarbone. Biting his lip, Kamui-chan started to grind down onto Subaru’s hardness. Both males let out groans at the friction.


Kamui-chan moaned at the rough friction from his lover’s jeans as he rubbed his bare bottom against the restrained arousal inside the cloth. Subaru was too caught up in his lover to continue their conversation as he unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them. Stopping the lithe hips from moving so he could free his arousal and Kamui-chan took the chance to slide down his lover’s leanly built body and took the other man into his mouth.


Kamui-chan didn’t waste any time and instantly started to bob his head up and down. Subaru gripped at black-blue locks and groaned when his little love teased a sensitive spot on his dick. He could see that the younger male was struggling to take all of him inside that inexperienced yet talented mouth and Kamui-chan used his hands to touch and play with the parts that his mouth couldn’t reach. His little love’s face was flushed and his eyes feverish and Subaru could see those lithe hips wiggle from side to side and it took Subaru a moment to realize why.


But this time he couldn’t do anything but to let the pleasure take over him and his lover made him cum with a moan at last. Like yesterday the younger male had given Subaru a blowjob, Kamui-chan wasn’t able to swallow all of his lover’s cum as he had removed his mouth to breath a little and the white release spurted onto his face, luckily not into his eyes.


If Subaru hadn’t just come, he was quite sure that the image of his Kamui right now would have made him harden in seconds, but currently they both heard their front door open and they sensed that the vampires were back. Both human males hurried to clean themselves up, or more specifically, it was Kamui-chan that needed to get clean, again. Though when the teen squirmed a little too much – because of sensitive he was currently – so did Subaru, unconsciously, lightly smack the boy’s butt, making Kamui-chan to let out a loud moan at the feeling. Both were stunned silent at the sound, one in embarrassment and the other in surprise.


(Though Subaru did take note of it to remember it sometime in the future.)


Both males remained silent as they cleaned up and they didn’t discuss what just had happened – much to Kamui-chan’s relief – before going back to the living room to greet their guests.


It wasn’t until later that night Subaru explained why Kamui-chan had felt so hot after being drunk from. And it greatly embarrassed the teen that he would feel it the next time he fed any of the twins his blood . At least his lover assured him that the venom wouldn’t be as powerful as the first time before resuming their activities.





The next day Kamui-chan woke up earlier than normal and almost cursed at how sore his body felt. Now he at least knew that his lover’s stamina was much greater than he had ever thought, he still lamented the fact that the older man’s libido just had to awaken when they had guests in the apartment.


Kamui-chan was honestly tempted to skip his lessons for the day but there was an interview later that day to a local café near the area the apartment was located in. He hoped he got the job since he honestly felt really bad that both Nokoru and Subaru had to pay for his living expenses since he didn’t have any money of his own.


With an expertise of a pro did Kamui-chan manage to free himself from his lover’s arms around his body without waking up the older man. He painstakingly stood up and rubbed his backside in comfort and put on some jogging pants and another t-shirt and went out of the room to go to the bathroom to freshen up a bit. God knows that he needed a shower after the previous day and last night.


After brushing his teeth, finishing his shower and putting on his school uniform, so did Kamui-chan emerge from the bathroom and proceeded to start on their breakfast. It wasn’t until he finished covering the others’ portions that Kamui-chan felt the presence of someone behind him that was surprisingly sniffing at him. He turned around abruptly only to face a similar face that he always saw in the mirror, except that the hair and eye colors were all wrong and the face looked more regal and mature.


“Can I help you, Kamui-san?” it honestly felt weird for Kamui-chan to use his own name and add a suffix at the end for someone else. Intense icy-blue eyes regarded the younger male for a moment before answering as his lips curled upwards in a lazy smirk.


“You smell even more of that human version of my Brother now,” the vampire stated and the human’s face flushed pink, “You enjoyed last night I assume?”


The teasing remark from the younger twin made Kamui-chan fully blush as he recalled only going to sleep a little over two this morning. Kamui was content after teasing his human counterpart. He didn’t know why but seeing the teen blush was enjoyable and he couldn’t help but tease him a little.


They both ate their breakfast quietly and Kamui-chan had to leave for school soon and he was going to put away their dishes until Kamui intercepted him and told the violet-eyed teen to just go and prepare for school and told him that he would put away their dishes.


Thanking the vampire, Kamui-chan went one last time into his and Subaru’s shared bedroom to say good bye to his boyfriend, who was still sleeping. The man was laying on his stomach with his head turned to right and one arm hugging the pillow while the other hanged of the bed. The former leader of the Seals smiled gently at the sight and went to his older lover’s side and sat on the right bedside. Kamui-chan watched the gentle breathing of his partner, thinking that the older man looked so peaceful when asleep.


‘Subaru looks really cute when he’s like this.’


Violet eyes closed themselves as the owner leaned down to lightly kiss Subaru on the cheek.


“I’m off to school now Subaru.”


The whisper was said softly against an ivory cheek and one last long look was given to the sleeping male before Kamui-chan exited the room and started towards Clamp Campus after saying good bye to his counterpart who was reading the newspaper.





The stares had been following him the whole day. Usually it wasn’t anything new to Kamui-chan nowadays but that Monday morning it seemed like the other students’ watching eyes were more intense than usual. Even his classmates were staring at him like that! They had stopped to do it after they started training for the Sports Festival, and now they were doing it again!


Kamui-chan turned in his seat to glare at his classmates who flinched at the angry stare.


“Why are you people staring at me like I’m some rare animal again?” the violet-eyed teen asked calmly, contradicting his expression and making his fellow class 2-B’s students shiver.


One of his female classmates stood up and started explaining. Apparently so had everyone found out what had happened on Friday, the day of the Halloween Party, and that those students had been expelled. They also knew that Kamui-chan was their victim, but what they didn’t know of was how far the culprits managed to get. They didn’t know about the other students in their school but Kamui-chan’s classmates were worried over how their raven-haired classmate was coping over the incident.


“I kicked their asses before they could even do something,” deadpanned the teen. At the statement all the other students inside the classroom sweat dropped at the obvious outcome.


“Then, what is that red mark on your neck?” a nervous male student asked. Kamui-chan raised an eyebrow.


“Red mark on my neck?”


“Yeah. Right here actually,” the same student said and showed on his own neck where it was placed on Kamui-chan. The mark was apparently place high above the collar of his white dress-shirt on the left side of his neck. Kamui-chan reached for the place on his own neck and tried to recall why the red mark was there.


He remembers lips at the side of his neck as his lover hits his prostate in successive and rapid thrusts. He is crying. He doesn’t think he can come anymore but he doesn’t have the energy to protest as his last climax ends with his cum on his chest and an equally heated body pressed against his and the lips on his neck whispers hotly into the sweaty skin.




Then Kamui lost consciousness.


Kamui-chan almost blushed as he remembers the last moment of his and his lover’s lovemaking last night and it took him everything to not turn red in front of his classmates’ eyes. Taking a deep breath to calm the fire inside his core, the raven-haired teen put on his most neutral mask before answering the other teenagers.


“I was in the forest yesterday, so a bug probably managed to bite me and leave a mark.”


(Subaru, who had been enjoying his breakfast with his counterpart, suddenly sneezed. Startling both twins. He idly wondered if someone was talking about him behind his back before shrugging it off and continued to eat the delicious meal that his small lover had cooked.)


The others let it go at that, believing the violet-eyed teen’s words without hesitation. Kamui-chan mentally sighed in relief and really wondered if he should buy some make-up to hide future love bites from his possessive lover.


When the teacher came in so did the black-haired teen take out his notebook and textbook from his bag and tuned in on the lesson.





Kamui-chan exited the café and did a silent cheering pose in his mind. He got a job as a server and he could start next week when all the papers had been processed. He didn’t notice a familiar black-haired male behind him, who walked up to the teen casually with a grocery bag in his hand.


“What are you doing here Kamui-chan?” asked the older vampire twin, which startled the teen. Subaru-san couldn’t help but agree with his twin that this version of his younger brother was indeed cute. Though it was embarrassing and a bit awkward to smell his counterpart all over the violet-eyed boy even when the man wasn’t there beside his younger lover.


“I could ask the same Subaru-san. But to answer your question, I was on an interview for a job.”


The vampire raised an eyebrow at that and frowned in concern.


“I was just getting some necessities for me and my brother. But shouldn’t you focus more on school than working? You will be a third year in high school the coming Spring and would have to prepare for exams and entrance exams, right? Wouldn’t it be too much for you to be working and studying at the same time?”


Kamui-chan hesitated to answer, he knew that his Subaru would think the same thing and that’s why he hadn’t yet told the other that he had been searching for a job. But Kamui really wanted to do something else than studying all the time. He didn’t have any particular hobbies except swimming, but he refused to join the swimming club in Clamp Campus. He didn’t want anyone to see the scars on his body and he was also traumatized from young when he was locked up in a closet in his swimming wear by his bullies when his class had swimming lessons. And it was also a little too late to join it as he would already be a senior next year.


“I don’t have any hobbies except reading books sometimes, and I have already caught up with the third years’ curriculum so I’m prepared,” he answered the vampire before carefully continuing, “And… I just don’t want to sit alone back at the apartment when Subaru is gone. Sometimes he’s gone for days, even weeks, depending on where and what kind of case he has.


I know it’s childish but I don’t want to be all alone in the apartment while waiting for him. I also don’t like that he always has to pay for things I need. I feel like a burden. I’m not a girl that needs to wait for her lover all the time to get the things I want nor am I a housewife. At least if I have a job, I can at least buy my own things and lighten the burden on Subaru money wise. I can also get him something nice for Christmas or his birthday.”


The last sentence would have been a mumble of words to others, but with Subaru-san’s advanced hearing he was able to catch it clearly. He sighed in acceptance. It truly wasn’t his business in the first place over what the teenager wanted to do in his spare-time. Although the older green-eyed twin thought that his human counterpart wouldn’t like the teenager’s decision if he didn’t like it, they did after all share the same soul and somewhat the same thought processes. And he did think that the last part was quite cute, just like how his younger brother would act like sometimes.


But Kamui-chan was truly refreshing to be around since the teen was a version of his Kamui that couldn’t hide his emotions that well unlike his brother. Subaru-san’s younger brother had even jokingly suggested that they all could have a foursome since they both have taken a liking to Kamui-chan and the fact that the human version of Subaru certainly wouldn’t let the twins have the teen like that even if they could persuade the mismatch-eyed man.


Subaru-san was tempted by the idea, but he knew that the uncharacteristically possessive man wouldn’t let his teen lover to be taken by anyone else but himself. The vampire knew exactly how his human counterpart feels. He too wouldn’t like it if anyone took his younger twin for themselves.


Once, when both vampires were 1465 years old, a noble from another pureblood family had taken an interest in Kamui, and Subaru-san had wanted to rip the man’s head off for even remotely thinking of his twin as a potential mate. Fortunately, so didn’t his twin know of the almost engagement to the other noble. Though, no one — in their dimension — did ever find the culprit who planted the flesh-eating fleas in the nobleman’s bedroom. If they did know so had a smile and a cold aura scared them enough to keep quiet.


Subaru-san’s twin had snorted when their family received the news of the incident. Their father had given the icy-blue eyed vampire a reproachful look, their mother only gave them both a curious glance, but Subaru-san had been the only one able to see the slight amusement in her twinkling green eyes as she returned her attention to her husband.


The human and vampire walked back together to the apartment. Kamui-chan thought that it was lucky that his Subaru would be away for an assignment for almost the whole day and would return in late evening the earliest. At least his bottom was happy for the long wait. He had been acting the whole day as if his body wasn’t sore as hell. Even when sitting down had been more painful than standing, so did Kamui manage to keep the act up. Not even one person had seen through his mask.





Two weeks had passed since the twins arrived in Kamui-chan’s and Subaru’s world, and the couple’s days were peaceful enough for those days. Kamui-chan had persuaded his lover to let him work when he told Subaru, who was also his legal guardian, about it. As expected, so had the man been against his decision to work but Kamui-chan had managed to persuade him. Though Subaru had sulked for a few hours after that until Kamui-chan cuddled and kissed him for the rest of the day and went on a date with him the next day to a newly opened ice-cream shop.


Kamui-chan had also gotten used to his work as a waiter, and he was surprised by the amount of customers the café had, since the day he had been in the building for his interview there hadn’t been that many customers. Now every time Kamui had had a shift in the café the past week the tables were always full making all the workers quite busy and running around. Some customers also left napkins or cups with their phone numbers on, which confused Kamui greatly. Wasn’t that dangerous? What if some random person suddenly decided to call them or thought they were offering some kind of services?


At least he got some good tips even if the amount of gazes on him seemed to have increased as well. When he had mentioned what happens at his workplace over dinner to his lover and the twins all of them were giving him strange looks.


The younger twin had actually burst out laughing much to the surprise of everyone else. Then the icy-blue eyed male ruffled the black-blue locks of the youngest in amusement.


“You truly are an oblivious one, Kamui-chan.” The teen was told by the vampire.


“Like you yourself are any better, little brother,” deadpanned the older twin, remembering all the times his younger brother had been unaware of the affections directed towards him by others.


Subaru just patted his little love on the head, after the vampire was done ruffling the black locks, fixing the disarrayed strands back in place and Kamui-chan enjoying the feeling of the larger hand in his hair. The green-eyed vampire decided to clear his throat to break the loving atmosphere that was starting to form around the two humans.


“Please tell anyone, like Sumeragi-san or another legal adult or your manager, if someone tries more than talk or stare at you, Kamui-chan.”


Tilting his head to the side in confusion, Kamui-chan asked what the vampire means by that.


“It means that some people wants more than just watching you,” the older twin tried to explain subtly, thinking that he had made it clear enough what ‘some’ people wanted.


“What do you mean with the customers wanting more?”


It apparently wasn’t clear enough for Kamui-chan, who had experienced much in life, but was still naïve in the area of love and admiration from others than his lover.


“It means that they want to sleep with you in a sexual way.”


Kamui had decided the best way for the teen to learn something was to be extremely blunt.


Kamui-chan froze at the blunt sentence. Subaru-san choked on his tea, his twin really didn’t beat around the bush. Meanwhile, Subaru wasn’t that worried, since he too learned some time ago that the best way to make Kamui-chan understand was to be as blunt as possible or show him. Like when Kamui-chan didn’t believe that Subaru cares for and loves him. He had to literally show the teen his affections in a more extreme way than he had initially planned.


“WHAT??!” Kamui-chan squeaked in horror when he finally processed what the vampire had announced, “Why would they want to d-do that with m-me?!”


All the older males gave him a deadpan look.


“You are kind.”




“Innocent, and it doesn’t help that you look like someone that descended from heaven.”


Subaru-san, his Subaru and Kamui respectively said making the teen flush further from the praises and when the two other ravens nodded to the last part of the brunet’s sentence. What none of the men did mention was that not all of the customers would use savory means to get the teen.


Kamui-chan was quiet the rest of the night, mulling over what had been revealed to him. He swore to himself that he would be more careful of the customers that did try to get him to sit down with them. Or those who were too nice to him. Kamui-chan did not want his Subaru to worry. And his lessons with Suoh made him capable of disarming and incapacitate several opponents without hurting them, not too much anyways. He was also the better option to face, if Subaru was the one to make an appearance, well let’s say that the offenders will not sleep comfortably for the rest of their life instead of being sent to the hospital.





The second time Kamui-chan gave his blood to the twins was the fourth weekend in November. He had the day off from his part-time job that weekend and on the 22nd and the 23rd that month and Subaru had fortunately no cases those days and was able to oversee the feeding.


Subaru was not happy about it. But he understood why Kamui-chan wanted to do it and his reasons. Still, he didn’t like that his little lover was going to feed the vampires that had taken a fascination to the youngest male, his Kamui-chan.


It was the small things that made the man aware of the affections that the twins had for his lover. Like the way the younger twin liked to make Kamui-chan blush or tease the teen until he blew up or hid. It wasn’t the kind ways that the older twin treated Kamui-chan that made him aware of his counterpart’s feelings, but it had been the way those dark green eyes shone that tipped Subaru off. Those emotions swirling around in both twins’ eyes were easily recognizable to the older human, since he too felt them in the beginning when he had first met Kamui-chan. But his own feelings had grown to a much greater magnitude during the years..


That’s why he hid the burning feelings inside him when he watched his Kamui-chan give his wrists to both vampires, who licked those pale limbs before plunging their extended fangs into the red arteries and sucked the essence of life from the teen. He could see the face of his little love flush and that the younger boy was biting his lower lip to keep in the sounds that wanted to tear out from his voice box.


Kamui-chan could feel the euphoria flooding his veins and through his body when the vampire venom entered his blood. He was glad that he was sitting this time, otherwise so would his knees have collapsed onto themselves. The twins were down on one knee and held his wrists like he was a prince they would bestow a kiss upon the back of his hands. But what the vampires were doing was nothing like kissing a prince’s hand.


The same heat from the first time he was drunk from entered his body and he could feel how it filled him and burned him from the inside out, he abstractedly noted that some of the heat had lessened briefly but it just made the rest of it worse. Moans and mewls wanted to leave his throat, but Kamui-chan clamped his mouth shut as he tried not to wiggle in his seat.


After a few mouthfuls that would last them a few weeks, so did the vampire twins carefully extract their fangs from the teen’s thin wrists. The moment the teeth left the body of the boy, Kamui-chan slumped down on the couch on his side in a fetal position holding tightly on his legs while his knees hid his face and he tried to calm his breathing. But the blood loss and the vampire venom made it hard for him to think.


The others were worried about him. The vampires because the strong reaction Kamui-chan showed when the older twin bit the raven-haired teen the first time. It was unusual for someone being so reactive towards their venom but it should have been fine the second time since Kamui-chan should have gotten a little used to it. But his reactions seemed to have worsened even though they made sure to lighten the effect because they both were drinking from him at the same time.


Subaru tried to place a calming hand on his lover’s trembling shoulder but it made the shaking worse. Worry clogged Subaru’s head as he tried to get Kamui-chan to talk to him and soothe his love.


The heat inside Kamui-chan had increased and he couldn’t help but to shrink into himself as if that could help the in keeping the burning inside him from not to get hotter and burn him from the inside out. He felt embarrassed by his own body’s reactions and how the touch and voice of his raven-haired lover affected him. A violet eye finally managed to open itself a sliver and catch a glimpse of a golden-and-green eyes full with concern.




Subaru was a little relieved when the teen finally looked at him under hooded violet eyes. He made his voice soft and his tone warm, the things of him that was only reserved for his Kamui-chan. He showed his hand to the teenager and let it slowly near him. Kamui-chan didn’t react but he braced himself for the shiver that accompanied the feel of Subaru’s arm around his shoulders and the other under his knees.


When Kamui-chan felt himself being lifted he curled into his lover’s familiar warmth, avoiding the concerned gazes of the vampires that watched on but refrained from involving themselves. They knew that the human counterpart of the older vampire could handle it. They didn’t say anything but quietly retreated back to the bedroom they had been temporarily assigned to while both humans disappeared behind the door that led to their bedroom.





Kamui-chan lied on his back, hiding his face with his forearms as his boyfriend undid his pants and underwear. All parts of his body felt heavy in his mind to even remotely move them and he was too ashamed to look directly at the other male as the man stopped to see the mess inside his boxers.


Subaru froze when he saw the white mess coating his lover’s nether regions and the inside of the black cloth in his hands as he undressed his boyfriend.


“D-don’t stare!”


The embarrassment and silence were finally too much for Kamui-chan to take and could only exclaim his displeasure vocally over being seen like this by Subaru. Who was still frozen and staring at the younger male’s still stiff member that was dripping precum. Subaru tore the cloths away from the soft legs, startling Kamui-chan that he was getting undressed, before spreading them and went down to lick up the mess.


“SUBARU?!” the shout of ashamed horror didn’t deter the older man at all and Subaru continued his actions, until he reached the pink hole under the perineum. He kissed the pink muscle lightly, ignoring the startled gasp coming from above and the soft thighs that tightened around his head.


The older raven licked at the twitching entrance, and Kamui-chan started struggling again against the new feeling of being licked at one of his most private parts.


“I-it feels weird, Subaru! S-stop… please…”


But the man didn’t stop. He continued to lick and kiss the place that would connect him to his little love physically and continued until the muscle started to soften under his tongue’s ministrations. Kamui-chan continued to gasp and mewl aa the slick organ kept licking his hole. It felt weird to him but a squeal tore out from his throat when he felt the tongue of his lover breaching the rim and into his passage.


Subaru groaned as his tongue went inside his lover’s body and tried to reach as far as it could. The feeling of the warm walls clamping down on his tongue made Subaru remember how that same warmth engulfed his cock every time he and his lover was immersed in their lovemaking. How his little love would suddenly clamp down on him and massage his arousal inside the warm but tight passage.


The vibrations from the groans the older man made traveled through the slender body and Kamui-chan mewls out at the sensations. The weirdness that Kamui-chan felt in the beginning gave away to pleasure and he started to push his hips down as if the wet organ could go deeper inside him. Subaru stilled the moving hips and withdrew from the spit covered heat. At that Kamui-chan keened when the dexterous organ left his insides and the air in the room cooled the drool on his hole.


Subaru had in an instant stripped off both himself and his lover of any clothes they had on and reached for the lube in the nightstand and hastily prepared his lover before gently pushing inside his Kamui-chan’s tight passage. The walls moved erratically and Subaru heatedly watched as his boyfriend climaxed. White, hot cum spurted out from the pale cock and landed on Kamui-chan’s chest and some on his chin. But it didn’t stay there for long as Subaru leaned forward and licked it off his little love’s face, making the flush even redder than before.


Kamui-chan didn’t even have time to calm down from his recent orgasm before Subaru started moving fast and hard, fucking him senseless while hitting that deep spot inside him relentlessly. Kamui-chan moaned loudly as he once again released his seed between their bodies this time, but even this time he wasn’t allowed to cool down as Subaru continued to push his hips back and forth.


“S-Subaru….naah…ahhh haaah…” Kamui-chan tried to ask his lover if the older man could stop for a small moment to let his oversensitive body rest for a minute or two, but he was uncapable of any form of speech. Except moaning his lover’s name as he was made to come for the fifth time this evening and this time he could feel Subaru fill him up with his seed.


“Kamui~!” Subaru moaned into the smaller male’s ear as he released deep inside his young lover.


After his climax, Subaru slumped down on the smaller body under him, making Kamui-chan let out a breathless huff as the air in his lungs were forcibly pushed outside because of the additional weight. Subaru didn’t bother to pull out yet, quite liking to be connected to his young partner, who was busy trying to calm down his own body after cumming five times in such a short amount of time. It would have gone better if not for the fact that Kamui-chan could still feel his lover’s dick inside him, making it impossible for him to fully calm himself. There was also the fact that he could still feel the same heat inside his core again and flushed as his manhood was stiffening again and that his lover was clearly able to feel it as he felt the limp organ inside him harden in reaction to his own erection.


Subaru lifted himself from his comfortable position to kiss Kamui-chan passionately while the smaller male looped his arms around the older man’s neck. Kamui-chan reciprocated the kiss and his moans was muffled by his lover’s lips as Subaru started moving his hips again. This time he had a much slower pace than the previous frantic lust-fueled one and he let his young lover feel his shape thoroughly inside, not at all bothered with the loud squelches that was created when he pulled out or pushed inside his little love again.


Kamui-chan, on the other hand, was greatly embarrassed by the lewd sounds as he could feel his lover’s cum inside him starting to froth and bubble as it slowly dribbled outside with the thrusts of his lover’s hips. He closed his eyes as Subaru continued the hot dance between their tongues and only gave Kamui-chan small moments to breathe in air into his lungs. Even without warning to the older male of his impending climax so did Subaru know as he brought one hand down to the sensitive organ of his small lover and started to stroke it in a faster pace than that of his thrusts. With a few pumps to the aroused member did Kamui-chan once again tip over the edge and made their torsos dirtier.


Tiredly Kamui-chan went limp against the bed, too tired to hold onto the other man as he tried to calm his fast beating heart. But his reprieve was short lived when the pace of the hand on his limp dick moved faster as did the hips pushing his lover’s erect manhood inside his hole, painfully arousing him once more before feeling himself getting filled once again with the essence of his lover as cum splattered between their chests.


Subaru didn’t know why, but he couldn’t stop making love to Kamui-chan. After his second orgasm even he would need to recover a bit but he couldn’t stop.


It was like a fog was clouding his mind as he continued to please his smaller boyfriend until Kamui-chan passed out from raw fatigue and Subaru released inside his little one’s body for the nth time that night.


His mismatched eyes glanced down on the limp body and his own. Both their chests were covered in cum from Kamui-chan’s releases. Golden and emerald eyes stared at the abundance of red marks littering his lover’s slender body almost everywhere. He gently put down the pale hips he had been holding as he pulled out of Kamui-chan with a groan. The unconscious teen let out a soft whimper at the motion as Subaru saw his white seed overflow and drip out of the slightly gaping pink muscle and down onto the sheets.


They would have to take a bath, Subaru mused to himself as he regarded his own dirty torso and his lover’s. But to do that they would have to leave the room. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem but since the twins were staying with them in the apartment he couldn’t just waltz out buck naked with an equally bare and filthy Kamui-chan in his arms. The twins would also be able to smell the muskiness from them. But they both needed to get clean so Subaru decided to wrap his lover into the messy sheets as he himself put on some drawstrings pants after wiping his torso as good as he could with wipes.


Lifting his passed out lover, Subaru made his way towards the bathroom but he was stopped when he almost bumped into his vampire counterpart. Who blushed at seeing their state, especially since his nose could pick up their musky scents that covered the other and the unconscious teen in the arms of the physically older man. The older vampire twin silently let the mismatch-eyed human pass by and stepped to the side. Subaru silently nodded his thanks to the green-eyed vampire as he strode towards the bathroom to clean both himself and his Kamui-chan.


(The elder vampire twin stiffly made his way back towards the bedroom they were temporarily given, ignoring what he had just seen when he saw his younger brother’s inquisitive look when the icy-blue eyed vampire saw his red cheeks.)


Subaru closed the bathroom door with experienced ease as his arms were occupied with the familiar weight of his lover. Though he was a little worried that Kamui-chan never seemed to gain any weight despite how much the teen ate as he gently unwrapped his lover from the dirty sheets and took off his own pants and dumped them into the hamper. He then meticulously washed himself and Kamui-chan clean.


Luckily so did he have a set of his pajamas inside the bathroom and he put on the lower half, the pants, on himself while he put the green shirt on Kamui. Like always so was his clothes too big for the seventeen-year-old, but Subaru thought that the younger male looked cute in them and didn’t mind the least in seeing his little love dressed in his clothes.





Omake One



Subaru-san had volunteered to wash the clothes since the humans let him and his twin stay at their apartment for free and could use the washing machine to wash any clothes they had brought with them. Luckily, so did Subaru-san’s human counterpart have drying room where they could hang their clothes and sheets up if it was raining outside as it currently was.


But when Subaru-san came to the bottom of the hamper he found some unusual garments. One was a green ruffled, long-sleeved shirt and the second and third were a simple, white skirt and black thigh-highs. It was the fourth garment that made him blush up a storm, though. In his hands were a pair of minty-green lace panties with a small, icy-blue bow on the front. The older twin could heard the door behind him open, but it was already too late for him to hide what he had been holding.


To his surprise, he saw his human counterpart at the door, whose bi-colored eyes went to the underwear in the vampire’s hands and then to the ruffled shirt and skirt. Still red in the face the green-eyed male stuttered out an explanation.


“T-t-t-they a-aren’t o-ours!” the human was quiet for a moment before answering him nonchalantly.


“I know.”  


“Eh?” The older twin looked confused and Subaru took a little pity on his vampire counterpart.


“Those clothes and the underwear that you are holding? They belong to me. Well, my sister made them and those panties belongs to my Kamui.”


The vampire remained silent for a few moments until his chaotic mind processed what his counterpart had told him. It was a that awkward moment that the vampire Subaru’s Kamui walked into the room to see if his brother needed help, only to pause when he saw what his twin was holding.


“…Brother? Why are you holding a pair of women undergarments?” The older twin spluttered out incoherent sentences that not even his younger brother could decipher, and the icy-blue eyed vampire raised an eyebrow at the man standing beside him.


“They belong to my Kamui.” He said and stepped forward to gently take the garments back to his and his Kamui’s bedroom to dry, leaving two flabbergasted vampires behind over how unflappable the human was.


That night the older vampire hadn’t been able to look the violet-eyed Kamui-chan in the eyes as he always recalled what he found out earlier that day and couldn’t help but imagine the young teen in those garments and underwear. His younger brother just gave his human counterpart a long and considering look before nodding his head as he seemed to have come to a conclusion.


Their behavior confused the teen and the youngest male asked if something had happened, fortunately for Subaru-san, so did his human counterpart intervene and distracted the boy, who would have worried for the older vampire’s health when the green-eyed male turned an unhealthy shade of red.


The human Subaru knew that if his Kamui-chan ever found out that the twins had found out about his small cross-dressing stint, he was quite sure that even he wouldn’t be able to survive Kamui-chan.


Well, even lovers kept some secrets from each other after all. At least some that prolonged their lives. Or so that they weren’t made to sleep on the couch.

Chapter Text


There were snowflakes raining down outside. It was the first snowfall for winter that year and Kamui watched them falling idly from his seat in the family restaurant that he was sitting in. The place where it had been decided that he would meet with the fiery fire lady, Kasumi Karen.


The vampire twins that had lived with Kamui and Subaru had left in the evening on Sunday. One day after Kamui had given both of them his blood. They said that his blood would keep them satisfied for a few more weeks before they would need to find another source of food. Though both vampires had managed to annoy the raven haired onmyouji when they left by giving the youngest male a kiss each on Kamui’s cheeks. Embarrassing the teen as he watched them leave quickly after that. Fortunately for Kamui and his sore bottom, so hadn’t his lover had any major bout of possessiveness and let him rest that night.


Subaru was currently out of Tokyo and in Kyoto for the next few days as some matters required his opinion and approval as the 13th Head of the Sumeragi Clan. So Kamui had been quite free since it was his day-off from his work at the café. He and Karen hadn’t been able to meet for a while because of their busy schedules. And as always after a meeting with the Fire Mistress left Kamui forty shades of red especially when she gave him his and Subaru’s early Christmas presents and some extras. Karen wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas with him and Subaru since Yuuto had invited her and Aoki’s wife and daughter to come back with him to Hokkaido to spend Christmas and New Years at his family home with him and his sister.


Kamui understood that both Dragons would rather avoid Tokyo over that time, especially since all the surviving Dragons remembered quite clearly what had happened two years ago and wanted to spend time with the people they almost lost during that time. To assure themselves that they are truly here and to grieve the ones they lost.


Subaru on the other hand hadn’t celebrated Christmas since his twin sister had died, since the happy and colorful holiday had been one of Hokuto’s favorites, because then she could make the most outrageous outfits and claim that they were her presents to her friends and family and they would have to wear them unless they wanted to be seen as rude.


Both black-haired Dragons had decided that they would spend Christmas Eve and Day at the apartment instead of going away, though they might go out and see the Christmas lights in Tokyo. Kamui was just glad that he wouldn’t be alone those days and that Subaru would be with him.


Though, when Kamui came back to the apartment and opened one of the extra bags that Karen had told him it was alright to open early, and Kamui wanted the ground to open up and swallow him down when in his hands he held a red, strapless Santa dress with white fur linings at the hemlines; white long gloves, red stockings and white panties left in the bag. He blushed beet red and stuffed the dress – which suspiciously looked like it was in his size – back into the bag.


Then Kamui realized the other extra bags that Karen had given him might be something equally embarrassing, so he also opened them. And surprise, surprise. Another was full of sexy lingerie, which also looked like it was meant for the violet-eyed Dragon of Heaven, while the last bag had Kamui almost hurling it back. Yeah, he was so not letting Subaru see these bags. He hid the bags in every place that he could think of, not knowing that Karen had already predicted his actions and taken precautions in case Subaru found one of the bags.





The day Subaru finally got back from Kyoto, he was so tired that he stumbled through the front door and almost collapsed onto the wooden floor of the apartment, if Kamui hadn’t heard the door unlocking and caught his lover. A fond sigh escaped Kamui’s lips that were quirked upwards as he helped the onmyouji take of his shoes and coat and guided him towards their bedroom to let the exhausted man sleep on the bed.


Kamui managed to get of Subaru’s shirt, jeans and socks off before tucking the older man in and closed the bedroom door and went back to the other bedroom where he could study in peace, and not disturb his sleeping boyfriend, for the end of his second semester’s exams. He still had to study some more after all.


Sitting back down on his desk chair in the other bedroom, Kamui readied himself for another late studying session; then it would just be the exams left and then he only needed to survive the insanity that was the annual Christmas Party of Clamp Campus and its chairman.


“Subaru is lucky that he managed to sneak out of getting invited…” Kamui muttered as he solved several questions in his textbook. Not noticing how his eyelids got heavier and heavier after every question until he fell asleep with one cheek pressed against the open pages.


That was how Subaru found him in the middle of night when he had woken up with a dry throat and was going after a glass of water from the kitchen when he noticed the lights were still on in the other bedroom. He had planned to tell his small lover to come to bed already. It would be bad for Kamui to have too little rest during the night because then he would probably fall asleep in the middle of his exams. Which would make these late study sessions useless if he couldn’t finish the tests.


But when he opened the slightly ajar door and he found out that it was unnecessary. A smile appeared on his face as he took in the cute sight of his little love having fallen asleep on his book. Subaru was going to gently lift Kamui off the chair and take him back to their shared bedroom, when he noticed a red shopping bag peeking up from behind the study desk.


Reaching for the hidden bag, black eyebrows rose when Subaru recognized the mark of the shop. A red rose at the bottom of a heart surrounded in ribbons. It was from a known shop that could be found in Area 2 of Tokyo.


‘Why does Kamui have a bag from that shop of all places?’


Subaru opened the bag and his golden and green eyes widened slightly at the sight inside and a red flush rose on his cheeks. He also noticed a small spell on the side of the bag that wouldn’t be noticed because it used a very small amount of magic that someone who wasn’t very used to magic wouldn’t notice. The onmyouji easily dispelled it and found a note that was addressed to him.



Merry Christmas, Subaru-san!


These are my additional presents for you and Kamui-kun!

There are two more bags like these with a few things that

you two might enjoy together! And I know that Kamui-kun

will try and hide them because he’s such a shy sweetie!

Good luck in finding them Subaru-san!


With Best Regards From: Kasumi Karen <3



Subaru was both embarrassed and curious over what the Mistress of Fire had gotten them. He also understood Kamui’s need to hide these bags as he took in the red dress with fur linings and looked into the bag and saw the gloves, stockings and panties. His mind in an instant conjured up some… very interesting scenarios and he could already imagine the shy blush on his Kamui’s face as the slender teen wore the garments with a Santa cap on his head.


He quickly shoved the dress back inside the bag before it affected him a bit too much and put it back behind the desk. He would try and find the other bags tomorrow after Kamui had gone to school. But now he had a lover to pick up and take back to sleep in a bed, just like Kamui wouldn’t let him sleep on the floor whenever he came back exhausted from a job.


His arms carefully picked the light teen up, careful of not waking the sleeping raven and easily turned the lights off and walked back to their bedroom and stripped Kamui so that he was only wearing his boxers like Subaru before he tucked them inside the thick comforter. Pressed flush against each other. Subaru could feel something inside him lighten up as he held his lover inside his arms again after a few agonizing days of working with his clan’s politics and arguments.


But when Kamui was in his arms, it felt like all Subaru’s troubles flew out of the window and he could relax. Soon enough so did Subaru fall back into slumber, but much easier now when he had his Kamui’s familiar warmth pressed against him.





Kamui woke up to the familiar feeling of his lover’s arms around him and he almost didn’t want to rise up and leave the warm comfort of the other man’s arms but he did have a test today. With a soft groan he snuck out of the loose hold on him and shivered when the opposite temperature outside the blanket hit his warm body and made him shiver.


“Subaru must have taken me back to bed…” was his sleepy mumble when he rose from the bed and prepared to go to school. Unaware what his still sleeping boyfriend had found out yesterday.





Subaru had managed to find the other two bags. Though the last one had even him blushing up a storm. It had been the largest and Kamui had put it inside one of the boxes he had yet to unpack. Subaru was surprised when he recognized one of the books in the large box. It was the manga that had nailed him in the face with two years ago when he was about to ask Kamui if they could move their tutoring session to another day since he had been called in for another case that needed someone of his caliber. He hadn’t known that Kamui still had them and an unconscious smile appeared on his lips as he recalled that afternoon.


He looked through some of them and a brow rose as he noticed that most of them were rated more for the adult audiences’ tastes and had very graphic scenes depicted into them. Some sides were also folded at the tops, indicating that someone would have used some of the scenes as references. And the most probable person was Subaru’s young lover. The bicolored eyed man could almost imagine how Kamui looked like while reading these books with an embarrassed flush but a determined expression painted on his face because he wanted to learn.


‘But still… I have mixed feelings about Kamui learning more about these kind of things…’ Subaru thought as he read through one of the more raunchy ones. Getting some ideas over how to pleasure his lover more thoroughly as he glanced towards the last bag, recounting everything he found inside it. And he couldn’t help the rueful thought going through his head but he couldn’t really feel that sad about it.


‘I’ve really turned into a pervert…’  





Arms stretched into the air as Kamui left the stuffy classroom after his last exam for his second semester, but before his Christmas Holidays could officially start, he would have to survive the Christmas party organized by Nokoru. A sigh left his lips at the thought.


Last year he managed to avoid it. Well, his mind hadn’t really been in the best state either the previous year and Nokoru had known that a loud crowd of people wouldn’t be good for him. This year he was invited once again and he hoped that he would leave relatively unscathed. Apparently, so had some of his classmates from 2-B been there last year and when Kamui asked them about the party they all had turned pale and laughed uneasily at the question and avoided the topic. It left him with a bad feeling and he predicted that this year would probably be worse.


The young male shuddered at the thought of what Nokoru had planned for Christmas this year. He just hoped he returned with his sanity somewhat intact.





Subaru was in the middle of reading one of his clan’s older books that withheld some more obscure techniques in exorcism and had already read over half of it when he heard the front door of the apartment open. He was about to stand up and greet his lover in the hallway when he saw Kamui stumble inside, looking quite pale and paranoid. If his twitching motions at every little sound were any proof.



Kamui stumbled towards him and unceremoniously slumped down on the couch with his face in the older man’s lap, groaning unintelligently into Subaru’s thighs. Subaru smiled, but he was also worried and started to comfortingly card his hands through the silky black locks. His bicolored eyes softening when Kamui seemed to slowly relax.


“Hey,” Subaru greeted his little love that was still hiding his pale face in his lap, “How are you holding up?”


Subaru wasn’t going to ask about the Christmas Party that Nokoru had arranged, knowing how exhausting they were if you didn’t develop a certain taste of crazy or was good with going with the flow when it came to Clamp Campus’ chairmen/-women. To those that weren’t used to the crazy? Well, they were either very exhausted or traumatized after, or even both.


Kamui answered with another groan and if possibly went even limper against Subaru’s legs.


“Okay, not so good.” Subaru said amusedly and chuckled when Kamui huffed. “Do you want some hot chocolate or hot milk with honey?”


“……’m not a child…” Kamui grumbled, thinking that his boyfriend was treating him like a petulant child. He didn’t see the smile on Subaru’s face as he continued to pet his head.


“I’m well aware of that Kamui. Especially since we have done things that I really wouldn’t do to anyone I consider a child.”


Subaru could see how Kamui’s ears turned red at that comment and how Kamui let out a sound of embarrassment as he this time turned to burrow his head into Subaru’s stomach. Making Subaru let out a huff of amusement as he tried to gently pry his stubborn lover’s arms away from him so he could go and make that hot drink. He too was craving for something sweet for once. When he finally managed to get away, he saw how Kamui snatched one of the couch’s pillows to hold on.


It didn’t take him long until he was done with the hot chocolate; while his was plain with a little sugar, Subaru had put whipped cream and marshmallows into Kamui’s mug. He carefully walked back into the living room with the mugs, not wanting to spill the hot liquid. Putting down the mugs on the living room table, he saw that his little love had started to nod off. Usually Subaru would let Kamui sleep after finishing his exams, since he has the bad habit of skipping on sleep or meals when he had exams or tests coming up, if Subaru wasn’t there to make sure that he went to sleep or ate at least one meal together with him.


Shaking his small lover’s shoulder to wake him up a little more, but Kamui just grumbled and continued to doze off. Subaru considered his options and decided to have a little fun with waking Kamui up, since usually it was always Kamui that woke up earlier because Kamui had school in the mornings. He turned the younger male so that Kamui was on his back and climbed over the relaxed boy.


Leaning down, Subaru kissed those luscious pink lips that let out small puffs of air. Violet eyes opened wide at the sudden kiss. Kamui had nearly fallen asleep and had thought that his mismatch-eyed lover would let him sleep but he was surprised when he felt the couch’s cushions suddenly dip deeper and even more so when he was suddenly kissed. A yelp escaped his vocal chords and it was muffled by the tongue inside his mouth that had taken its chance to plunge into his mouth.


When Subaru was sure that Kamui was wide awake, he broke the kiss and nonchalantly sat back up and handed his little love the mug with hot chocolate. Confusing Kamui all the meanwhile at the sudden stop.


Kamui gingerly sat up and accepted the mug, ignoring the heat that had gathered in his stomach. He was getting used to Subaru’s teasing nature and knew that the man was as stubborn as himself sometimes.


Kamui sipped at the hot chocolate and licked his upper lip when some whipped cream got it. The drink was perfectly sweetened to his tastes and he almost moaned when the warmth from the drink started to warm up his lethargic body. The hot drink, the droning of the television that his lover had switched on, and the warm body next to him, made Kamui slowly relax and forget the previous happenings that evening.


(Kamui swore to himself to never get dragged to another party arranged by Nokoru. At least not right after exams.)


After finishing his drink, Kamui felt pleasantly warm and fell asleep with his head resting against Subaru’s shoulder. Listening to his lover’s soft breathing and some documentary playing on some channel that had captured Subaru’s attention.


Subaru felt Kamui’s head rest against his shoulder and could hear when he fell asleep. Carefully and gently did he make Kamui lie down on the couch and retrieved a blanket to place over the sleeping male before sitting back down and placing Kamui’s head on his lap. Absentmindedly combing his hand through the black locks as he continued to watch a documentary about the survivors after an earthquake and a tsunami.


It wasn’t long until he himself was starting to tire after the documentary finished and Subaru used the remote control to shut off the tv and gently took the couch’s blanket off of Kamui, who shivered at the sudden cold. Subaru was used to picking Kamui up whenever he fell asleep and usually wouldn’t wake up until hours later. Especially if he was as tired as now.


Subaru deposited his lover on their bed and took off the teen’s school uniform and left him in his underwear. It would get too hot under the comforter with their combined body heat. He then took off his own clothes before spooning Kamui with his chest pressed against the boy’s back and wraps an arm around Kamui to press their bodies closer and closed his eyes.





Kamui woke up, still drowsy from his dream. He couldn’t remember what he had dreamed of, just that it had been weird and good. He shifted in the hold on him. Not really surprised finding himself in the bed instead of wherever he fell asleep, knowing that it had been Subaru who had moved him.


He shifted again, feeling oddly uncomfortable in his still sleep hazed mind. Not immediately finding the reason why. He could perceive an odd wetness between his legs and realized that he must have had another wet dream. It hadn’t been the first time and it didn’t bother him until he felt a warm breathe caress the back of his neck. In response he shivered slightly, slowly realizing that he, for the first time since he had started living together with his boyfriend, Kamui had a wet dream in the presence of Subaru.


An embarrassed blush rose on his cheeks.


Even if they had done a lot worse together, Kamui still felt embarrassed and carefully extracted himself from the warm arms and hastily took a pair of clean boxers from their cupboard before quietly rushing out of the room and into the living room before entering the bathroom.


Usually Kamui and Subaru would shower together if they both would sleep in, and today was such a day, but Kamui was a little too embarrassed for having had a wet dream right beside his lover. Who he was sexually active with. Even if Kamui knew that Subaru wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if he had known.


Kamui was in the middle of showering when he felt someone hug him from behind. Knowing who it was, he didn’t even struggle as the other started washing his hair and closed his eyes as he let his lover – who was probably still half-asleep – do as he wanted. Kamui let out a quiet gasp when he felt the hands starting to wash his body and rubbed his sensitive chest accidently before lowering to his stomach and then his arms and back. There they started to fondle his rear and Kamui was starting to wonder if Subaru really was asleep.


His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a finger slide inside him while another hand gripped his shaft.


“A-aaah…S-Subaru…” Kamui’s moans echoed through the bathroom as he felt the hands move and he had to place his own hands on the wall to support himself. The finger hit his sweet spot before another entered and started stretching him, mewling every time those fingers paused to rub his prostate. At the same time the thumb would rub the spot right under the head of his cock. Another finger entered and the Kamui could feel the burn of the stretch, trying to cling to the wall to keep himself standing.



Subaru had actually woken up before Kamui. But he had been too comfortable to move. It was about half an hour later that he felt Kamui shudder against him and he curiously peeked at his younger lover’s face. It was flushed and Kamui was panting hard. At first he almost thought that his boyfriend was having a nightmare. At least until Kamui shuddered again and gasped before he tensed briefly and then relaxed. Subaru could recognize that reaction from anywhere. He shifted his hold slightly to slightly brush his hand down to the front of Kamui’s boxers. As the man expected, he felt a warm wetness seeping through the cloth.


Kamui woke up briefly after that and Subaru pretended to be asleep to see what his little love would do. At first Kamui had looked sleepy and snuggled closer to Subaru, who had to hold back a groan as his manhood was pressed against the boy’s soft rear. It took a little while but soon it seemed like Kamui realized what kind of dream he had had in Subaru’s presence.


As Subaru predicted, Kamui squirmed out of his arms and left the bed after silently opening their cupboard where their underwear were to take out a clean pair of boxers before exiting their bedroom to probably go to the bathroom to wash off the evidence from his dream. When Subaru was sure that Kamui was out of the room, he slowly sat up and stretched his back.


The man also got off the bed and went out to walk towards the bathroom. He also felt like taking a shower since he had forgone to do it the previous evening. Softly he opened the door and saw that Kamui was in the middle of showering.


Quickly he took of his own boxers off and opened the shower door. He was slightly intrigued that Kamui didn’t seem to be bothered when he entered. Like he was used to it. Well, he probably was, Subaru thought, having vague memories of showering together in the mornings sometimes when he was still half-asleep.


Kamui seemed to go pliant in his hands as he washed the soft hair and when his hands roamed over his torso and back. Even when he intentionally rubbed the chest area a little harder than necessary. Hearing the boy gasp silently at the touch. Though Kamui tensed slightly when he started to grope the soft mounds. Kamui probably realized that he was quite conscious by now as he slowly inserted a finger inside his lover’s lower entrance while his other hand went to grip Kamui’s cock. Slowly starting a rhythm that had his love moaning loudly.


When he saw that his young lover had a hard time standing and withdrew his fingers and hand from Kamui and turned the boy to face him while he pressed his boyfriend back towards the wall. He lifted those pale thighs to wrap around his waist. Kamui instinctively wrapped his legs around Subaru while circling his arms around the other neck. Leaning in for a kiss, which the man reciprocated before breaking it.


Subaru made sure that he had a good grip on Kamui and his back was supported by the wall as he let one go of one thigh to properly position his cock against his lover’s hole. He gripped the thigh again and slowly lowered Kamui down onto his arousal.


They both groaned into each other’s mouths when Subaru entered Kamui.


“Ahh…haaah…nnnggghhh…! Subaru! Subaru!” Kamui mewled when he started thrusting into him. Carefully, so Subaru wouldn’t drop his lover and let the water of the shower rain down on their heated bodies.


“Haahh…nnnggghhh! Kamui… touch yourself…let me see how you make yourself come.” Kamui’s blush burned brighter, even though he had done it before it seemed like it didn’t get any easier than the last time. Slowly, he loosened his right arm from his lover’s neck to reach down between their torsos to grip himself inside his palm. Biting his lip, Kamui started to move his hand in the same pace as Subaru’s hips.


Subaru leaned forward to mouth at the pale throat, lightly biting the skin. The sudden pain made Kamui gasp out. The older man then licked and sucked at the bitemark in apology. Subaru was slightly speeding his pace up, while moaning his little love’s name, while he felt those tight walls clamp down on him every time he withdrew and only loosened a little when he pushed back in.


“Ahhh… Does it…haah…fe-feel good… Nghh…! Kamui?” The teen nodded. Kamui did feel good every time they were intimate like this. Subaru always made sure that he wouldn’t be in pain and knew how to pleasure him.


“I-It feels… hmmnngh…good!”


Their slow pace built up the heat in their groins and soon they both neared the edge. Kamui leaned down to coax Subaru away from his neck and into a kiss. They languidly kissed while they let the water hit their bodies.


“Subaru…I’m gonna cum…!” Kamui warns his boyfriend between kisses.


“Me too, Kamui…” Right after that, it felt like Kamui’s walls had an iron grip on his cock as the boy came in his own hand and between their torsos. Subaru had enough of a sense to pull out and grind his arousal against Kamui before he too ejaculated. His cum covering Kamui and mixing with the boy’s.


The water from the shower immediately washed away the proof of their coupling as they both panted harshly. Subaru gently lowered Kamui back to the floor, still holding onto him so that he wouldn’t fall. Kamui was glad for the arms around him, otherwise he would have probably fallen down, since his legs felt like cooked noodles.


“That was quite an enjoyable good morning call.” Subaru said with a smile as he leaned down to place a sweet kiss against Kamui’s lips.


“Mmmhh,” Kamui blushed at the comment but hummed in agreement against his lover’s lips, “Morning, Subaru.”


“Good morning, Kamui,” he greeted back, still smiling, before letting go of Kamui so he could do what a shower was meant to help with.


Kamui leaned on the wall, resting on it while watching the older man wash himself free from their morning activities.


“Enjoying the sight?” Subaru asked as he felt his little love’s eyes on him as he washed his hair.


“Yes…” Kamui shyly agreed, surprising Subaru at the honesty. Making a pink blush appear on his cheeks. He swiftly pecked Kamui on his forehead before picking the smaller male up and put him down in front of the sink where their toothbrushes were.


After brushing their teeth, Subaru picked Kamui up one more time, ignoring the other’s protest over how he could walk on his own and how Kamui tried to snatch up his dirty boxers.


Placing his lover down on their bed, Subaru gave Kamui one of his button-ups. It would be needed after he managed to see Kamui’s back. Which was red from rubbing against the shower wall.


“Turn your back towards me,” he gently requested and Kamui did it gingerly. Careful of with his back now that the adrenaline and endorphins had worn off and he could feel the slight pain from his raw skin.


Subaru took out some Aloe Vera gel to put gently rub on Kamui’s back. Kamui flinched when the cold semi-liquid came in contact with his burning skin but relaxed when he got used to it. He then put on his lover’s shirt, knowing it would be too big on him and most unlikely to irritate his already bruised skin.


“I guess we shouldn’t have any more shower wall sex if your back gets this hurt always.”


Kamui flushed slightly and muttered a soft ‘pervert’ under his breathe only to hear the man behind him to mock sigh.


“I know. But you love this pervert either way.” Kamui feels Subaru embracing him gently from behind, making sure not to press too hard on the sensitive skin of his back.


“That I do,” he answered with a quirk of his lips and easily turned around to peck his lover on the chin, “I love you, Subaru.”


Kamui got a kiss on his temple in return.


“I love you too, my Kamui.”





Later that day when Kamui knew that his lover had finally left the apartment for his next job, he immediately stripped out of the shirt and put on some casual slim-fit, light blue, jeans and a purple knitted sweater with a black undershirt underneath it. Afterwards he searched for his wallet and keys while making sure that all the lights were switched off before he put on his beige winter parka jacket with a hood that had a fur lining and his dark brown winter boots.


Kamui made sure that he locked the front door and that he had everything he needed before walking down the stairs. The former Leader of the Seals didn’t really like elevators, not after the Promised Year. His paranoia prevented him from feeling safe inside the small compartment, especially since Fuuma had once attacked him while he was in one together with Sorata. Falling with the other Seal inside a sealed small compartment for several meters was not fun. Sorata had managed to blast away the upper part of the elevator so they would be able to jump out. Which fortunately was in time, because a few seconds later and they would have both become flat pancakes on the ground. That was not the way Kamui wanted to leave this world.


The teen was okay with them now, at least somewhat, but he still preferred to take the stairs whenever he could.


Kamui was going to go to the mall today. The same one that he and Subaru had gone to when they bought their bed. The same one where Karen works at. The Fire Mistress had a day off today and she had promised to help Kamui find a Christmas present for the onmyouji before she went to Hokkaido the next day with Yuuto and the Aoki family.


“I’m sure that Subaru-san would be quite happy with you all dressed up and all those goods in the bag, Kamui-kun.” The cosmetic clerk told him as they walked through the first floor of the mall, seeing if any of the shops caught Kamui’s attention.


Kamui tried to will the burn that appeared in his face away as he remembered those bags that Karen had given him and Subaru.


“T-those things are something that y-you g-gave us. I want to give Subaru something that I got specifically for him. Not something that someone else gave him…”


Karen giggled at the cute show of possessiveness that Kamui showed with that sentence. It seems like it was not only the Sakurazukamori that was possessive over Kamui. The younger spiritualist was as possessive over his older lover just as much the man was over him.


During their time in the mall, Karen tried to get Kamui into trying some skirts, dresses or cosplay outfits. Kamui thought that she had an unhealthy obsession with dressing him up in indecent outfits and stated as much to the older Seal’s amusement. Karen on the other hand just had a fun time riling up the younger boy. She likes seeing Kamui acting his age when she teases him and see him so in love with someone. Her eyes softened when she saw Kamui look through a shelf of clocks. Unfortunately, so were the clocks way too over his price range.


It wasn’t until they came to the winter section that something caught Kamui’s eyes. It was a dark green cashmere muffler with matching gloves. Kamui knew that Subaru probably wouldn’t use the gloves, but the mismatch-eyed man’s old muffler had gotten ripped into shreds when it had gotten caught onto a branch in the middle of him subduing a rampaging spirit. And Subaru had lightly grumbled over the fact but hadn’t had the time to buy a new one yet.


Kamui could picture the muffler perfectly on Subaru, and his face flushed when he realized that he had been daydreaming while staring at the green garment. Garnering him some attention from the other customers. Karen hid a giggle behind her hand when Kamui came back to earth. Thinking that it was cute how the boy zoned out when he found the one thing he wanted to give to his lover.


“That muffler really would look good on Subaru-san. Don’t you also think so Kamui-kun?” Kamui nodded in agreement, not bothering to hide the slight flush on his cheeks and determinedly walked towards the cashier to pay for the garments.


“Would you like me to wrap it up for you, sir?” the cashier asked Kamui after he had paid.


“Yes, please.” Kamui nodded and watched the woman wrap the muffler and gloves into a dark blue present paper with silvery Christmas trees on it and put on a silver ribbon on it. Kamui received the bag with his lover’s present in it and thanked the cashier before returning to Karen’s side.


The older Dragon of Heaven smiled at him and they decided to go to a café in the building. As they walked there, they were joined by Yuuto, who had planned to have an impromptu lunch date with Karen. The dirty blonde haired man wasn’t too disappointed that Kamui would be joining them since he hadn’t told his date that he would be coming by.


Kamui ordered a café au lait with some simple sandwiches and a cake slice as dessert. Karen ordered a salad with black tea and a tiramisu cake. Yuuto on the other hand wanted some pasta, a glass of water, a strawberry sundae and a double shot espresso. The youngest of them had grimaced at Yuuto’s last choice, remembering when he had tried tasting it from his lover’s cup once. It had been too bitter for his tastes.


“So, Kamui-kun,” Yuuto began while they waited for their orders, “How have you been since the last time I saw you?”


Kamui inadvertently recalled the last time he had seen Yuuto and inwardly blushed. Hoping that the bureaucrat hadn’t mentioned what had happened that day to Karen.


“I have been fine, Kigai-san.” Kamui tried to keep a calm face but the mischievous look on the blonde man’s face made it hard. 


“It really was a coincidence to walk in on one of your dates with Sumeragi-kun. I nearly didn’t recognize you.” A chuckle passed the man’s lips and Karen was starting to get interested in the ongoing conversation.


“Eh? You didn’t tell me that Yuuto-kun. When did that happen?” Karen mock pouted at the older Dragon, who put his hands up playfully in surrender as if to placate her.


“It happened in the beginning of November, right before our own date.”


Karen clapped her hands at that.


“That would have been a perfect opportunity for us to have a double date!”


“I don’t think that Sumeragi-kun would have liked the idea at the time. Kamui-kun too, I guess.” Kamui nodded in agreement and added his own two cents in.


“Subaru and I were busy buying things for the apartment since we both had recently moved into it!”


Karen looked curious before she seemed to realize something and smiled at Kamui.


“I do recall seeing an interesting pair in November while I was working. I could only see their backs but I clearly saw a young and beautiful girl with long black hair in a green top and a white skirt. She was accompanied by quite a tall and handsome older man dressed in grey jeans and a forest green button-up with a black vest over it and a top hat .”


Kamui stiffened slightly at the sentence.


“The only reason I remembered them was because some of my co-workers mentioned that the man had heterochromatic eyes. Yes, his right eye was a golden color while his left was an emerald green. There is not many people in Japan that have those kind of eyes.” The woman sighed dreamily and looked amusingly at Kamui, who was inwardly sweating in his seat.


“The others also told me that the young female accompanying him had some very beautiful and natural colored violet eyes. People who have that eye color naturally are maybe just as few.”


Kamui was definitely sweating now and gave a wobbly smile at his fellow Dragon of Heaven, trying to act oblivious.


“O-oh. Those kind of eyes are not really common. What a coincidence!”


“Kamui-kun…” Karen was definitely amused now and decided to tease Kamui with the presents she had gotten for the two raven haired males, “Well, at least now I know that those items inside the bags won’t be left unused~!”


That did it and Kamui’s face burned into a bright crimson and spluttered incoherently. Making both his older companions smile at him amusedly. They both truly was a match made in heaven with their similar streak of mischievousness.


Luckily, so did the waitress reappear with their orders and they all chatted about Kamui’s time in school, Karen’s current work and some of her more interesting customers, the shenanigans of Yuuto’s workplace and all his female fans. The older couple also managed to get some more teasing in that almost went completely over Kamui’s head. And both adults decided to not tease him anymore, when he unashamedly used the kicked puppy look on them.


All in all so did Kamui enjoy his time at the mall. They went to look at more things but nothing really caught Kamui’s attention. Though he did see Karen text someone a few times. Probably Yuuto who had gone back to his office. The Fire Mistress still did try to get Kamui in new outfits, while she failed to get him into the skirts and dresses, she did manage to convince the violet-eyed raven to try on those meant for males. The magenta haired woman also got him to try on a pair of black leather pants.


Kamui did like them and thought that they looked good on him. He also got a few whistles of appreciation from random passersby which made him turn pink in embarrassment when he showed how they looked on him to Karen. He had quickly retreated back to the safety of the fitting room where he felt safe from other people’s gazes and changed back to his usual pants and clothes.


His face was still a little pink when he got out and gave the leather pants that he had tried on to the person who was guarding the fitting rooms. Kamui looked around the store to see where Karen was, but when he found her in the women’s underwear section…


Yeah, Kamui was not going to open that can of worms anytime soon. Slowly he backed away but two slim arms caught his left arm, and violet eyes nervously turned towards the person that caught him, who had a foxlike smile on their face.


“Come on Kamui-kun! I saw some that would fit you perfectly well!” Karen said softly as she dragged the teen towards the underwear section and showed the teen a pair of lavender panties.


Kamui hoped the ground would swallow him whole when he subconsciously saw a pair of females giggle at the sight of the extremely red boy with an older beautiful woman, who was holding up a pair of risqué panties.





Kamui hid the present inside his room in an unpacked box full of some things he had managed to save from his house in Okinawa after it had burned down. It was just in time as he heard the front door open.


“I’m home!”


“Welcome back, Subaru!” Kamui greeted back from inside the room and quickly closed the closet. Just in time as Subaru peeked into the room to see Kamui looking in one of the few albums that he possessed. His mother had apparently sent Tokiko copies of their photos. His aunt had made albums of the few photos she had gotten from Tooru. He had found them while hiding Subaru’s present and had been looking through them before putting the present inside the box.


“Albums?” Subaru questioned as he saw what the boy was looking at, “Where did you find these?” Subaru knew that the boy only had a few things from his home in Okinawa since it had burned down when his mother died.


He walked towards the teen and sat down beside his young boyfriend, curious to see how Kamui looked like as a child. Kamui flipped to the first page where there was a photo of him and his mother when he was still a newborn. Subaru inwardly melted at the sight of the sleeping baby with chubby cheeks and limbs and only a small tuft of black hair on the head.


Kamui’s mother was holding him inside her arms while he was wrapped inside a baby blue blanket with his name stitched on into the corner. Tooru was smiling gently down at the baby in her arms while he slept.


Subaru smiled at the image.


“You looked quite cute as a baby. Well, you are still quite cute.” The man complimented and watched through the corner of his eye that Kamui flushed slightly.


“I’m not cute…” Kamui mumbled back but continued to flip to the next page.


The next picture was a closeup of Kamui napping on his blue blanket in a matching baby overall. The picture under it showed a similar photo but this time Kamui’s face was scrunched up. On the other page there was an image of Kamui lying on his back, but this time he was wide awake and looking right back at the camera with wide, big and wondrous eyes. Subaru almost, almost, cooed at the sight.


“Sorry, I take that back…” Kamui turned towards him and looked slightly hurt before he blushed cherry red when Subaru continued, completely serious, “You are extremely cute. So much it’s almost criminal.”


Kamui spluttered at the overtop compliment.


That evening they looked through the albums that Kamui’s aunt had left him and Subaru had been convinced that his lover was truly the cutest thing in the world. No matter how much Kamui protested that he wasn’t cute.


Kamui wanted to see photos of Subaru in his childhood too. But he couldn’t muster up the courage to ask him since he didn’t want to rip open the wounds that was starting to heal. Though he really did want to see Subaru in his teenage years when his sister had forced him to wear her clothes. Although he also wouldn’t mind seeing the current Subaru in women’s clothes.


As if knowing what he was thinking, Subaru’s eyebrows furrowed a little while they were eating dinner and looked suspiciously at Kamui, who pretended to not notice his lover’s inquisitive stare.




“What is it, Subaru?” Kamui tried to look as clueless as possible, and slightly widened his eyes to look more innocent. Violet eyes keenly saw the older man’s eyebrow twitch visibly at his expression.


“It’s not going to happen.” The older man deadpanned.


“One day, Subaru. One day I will be able to make you do it.”








Subaru was in the middle of working when his phone vibrated. Signaling that he had a new text. He was already done with mapping out the place and thought that he could take a small break and took his phone out of his pocket.


Black-green eyebrows rose in surprise when he saw that it was from Karen.


From Kasumi Karen:


Subaru-san! I’m reporting about the thing you wanted me to tell you about! Unfortunately so was it a no go. But! I have some other goods for you instead!


Subaru remember that he had asked the red-haired woman if she could tell him if she saw anything that would catch Kamui’s attention. He knew that Kamui was going out to see Karen at the mall before the female went to Hokkaido for Christmas Holidays. Subaru would have done it himself, but he hadn’t had time to go out with Kamui during the day and when he usually came back from a job he was always tired after using his powers if there was a spirit or from dealing with his clients or from his travels.


And the most important thing. Kamui wasn’t the type to window shop for himself. No, if the teen wanted something he would never tell Subaru and try to buy it himself. Even if it took him some time. Kamui was that stubborn. Every time Subaru payed for something, Kamui would insist on paying him back, despite telling him that it was okay and that he could afford it easily. Kamui had even insisted paying him for living together with him. Subaru had put his foot down and told him sternly that he didn’t need to but if Kamui wanted then he could pay him back by using his body.


Kamui had looked too shocked at that and then flushed red. It only took Subaru a few moments to understand why and he too turned red, correcting what he meant. He had meant to say that Kamui can pay him back by doing the chores, like cooking and cleaning. Subaru was capable of cleaning but he could only make some simple dishes without burning his kitchen down.


(Subaru had tried once to make something one level above his skill level and it had ended in a disaster. In the end so had Kamui helped him to make it.)


Well, back to his current problem. He had no idea what to get Kamui for Christmas. They both had decided to stay home at the apartment instead of going out on the 25th though they would go out for in the evening on Christmas Eve to see the lights in Roppongi. They would also exchange presents on Christmas Day and bake a strawberry cake together on the Eve.


Or more like Kamui would bake it and Subaru would help him with minor things. Like cutting the strawberries or whip the cream. Hopefully he wouldn’t accidently cut himself or drop the whipped cream. It had happened before. Kamui had panicked and forbidden him from stepping inside the kitchen if it wasn’t for heating food up or making tea and coffee until his hand was healed. Or if Kamui was there to oversee what he was doing .


Ah. He was trying to get his mind off that he had only a little time left to get Kamui something for Christmas and he still had no idea what to get his lover. Especially since the only Dragon, other than himself, that spent time with Kamui the most was Karen. If the red-haired woman couldn’t find anything that caught Kamui’s attention then it was most likely hopeless for him to find something that Kamui would like.


Kamui didn’t really have any hobbies, if you didn’t count taking naps and studying. Though his young lover did like to read books. Unfortunately, or fortunately, did Kamui read almost anything, but none of his favorite authors or novel series would release a new book before Christmas so a that option had already been crossed out.


Subaru heard his phone ping again.



  From Kasumi Karen:


Here are the goods I promised you, Subaru-san ^^


Image_330, Image_331. …, Image_33X


Subaru saw several images pop up after that. With curiosity gnawing at him, Subaru opened the photos and saw that they were pictures of Kamui inside the mall, looking at several different things. But it was the last image that made Subaru’s jaw almost drop. It was his lover from behind. In tight leather pants. Accentuating all the hidden curves that Kamui’s usual clothes always hid. He swallowed heavily, both his possessiveness over other people seeing his lover in those enticing garments and the bout of arousal that shot through him.


This wasn’t the time to think of his personal issues while he is working. Though, now he at least had gotten an idea of what to get Kamui for Christmas after seeing a certain picture.  

Chapter Text



Kamui woke up to the feeling of kisses peppering his face. Groaning sleepily, he tried to snuggle deeper into the warmth of the comforter, not wanting to open his eyes yet. Especially since he didn’t have school or work and didn’t need to wake up early for once.


But the kisses didn’t stop and soon so could the sleepy youth no longer ignore them and his heavy eyelids opened slowly. The fuzzy colors he saw initially focused the longer he held his eyes open and soon he could see his lover’s mismatched eyes. Golden and emerald eyes were looking at him softly and a gentle smile on pale pink lips.


“Merry Christmas Kamui.” Greeted his most beloved person with a sleep husky voice that sent pleasant shivers through his spine. Even if it had almost been two months since he had started to permanently live together with Subaru, Kamui still wasn’t used to waking up to someone beside him. He had been alone for so long.


“Merry Christmas, Subaru…” Kamui managed to sleepily mumble before he closed his eyes again, planning to fall back into slumber once again.


Subaru, who saw what the younger raven was planning to do, chuckled in amusement and flopped down onto his little love, feeling the boy’s feeble attempts of struggling underneath him before going slack and whining sleepily.


“Subaruuu…” Said man smiled into the black-blue locks and pressed one more kiss to the strands before rising up from the bed.


“Well, if you are that sleepy, I guess I will have to make breakfast today then…”


“NO!” Kamui shot up from the bed, all traces of sleep vanishing as he thought of the horrors of what would happen if he let Subaru make any food. They – especially Subaru – was lucky that they still hadn’t gotten food poisoned the few times the mismatch-eyed man had decided to cook.


Kamui scrambled out of the bed and hastily followed his lover that was already in the kitchen. Only to fall down when he saw that the older man was just drinking a cup of coffee while leaning against the kitchen counter. None of the kitchenware in sight. Meaning; his cunning boyfriend had tricked him to lure him out of bed the fastest and most effective way.


(There’s no way that Kamui would let Subaru be alone in the kitchen after last time, when he almost cut his finger off while chopping vegetables making Kamui panic at the sight.)


Subaru just smiled at the rumpled form of his little love. Who was picking himself up from the floor. His dual-colored eyes taking in the naturally pale skin of Kamui’s collarbones that was teasingly peeking out from the too large sleeping shirt that the teen was wearing. The black locks were in a worse disarray than usual and there were more cowlicks than usual sprouting out in every direction. Subaru had the sudden urge to card his fingers through the soft strands and fix them into place.


“Subaruu~!” Kamui whined. He could have stayed much longer in bed if he hadn’t believed his boyfriend’s hoax and continued to sleep. He could see in the corner of his peripheral vision those mesmerizing heterochromatic eyes rolling themselves in fondness.


“It’s already over ten in the morning. If you sleep anymore you won’t be able to sleep later at night.” Subaru paused for a moment. “If, of course, you had planned not to sleep during the night…”


Kamui blushed at the insinuation. And hastily shook his head in denial.


“N-No! I-I didn’t plan anything like that!”


One eyebrow quirked upwards at that, remembering the bags that he had found earlier.


“You didn’t?” he asked with sad puppy-dog eyes, Kamui flushed deeper when he saw Subaru’s expression. Immediately turning around to avoid giving in to the unusually cute and sad face Subaru was making that moment.


“Let’s bake that cake now!” Kamui exclaimed and went towards the bathroom to take a quick shower and change into clean clothes to escape.


Or well, tried to, as he felt arms circle around him and a warm chest press against his back, feeling hot air hit his ear and neck. Instinctively he tilted his head to the side to make it easier for the nose and lips that nuzzled the side of his neck.


“Well, if you don’t have anything planned then maybe I will take an early Christmas present right now.” The whisper caressed his skin with hot air and Kamui shivered at the feeling.


“W-we can’t! We still have to bake the cake and then go to out to be on time for our reservation!”


He was released with a final suck to his neck and rushed into the bathroom to hide his flaming face. The sound of his lover’s chuckle following him.







Subaru coughed as the flour poofed up into his nose and face as he shifted the white powder – to make it lighter – into the bowl. Meanwhile, Kamui was still measuring the ingredients and making sure that they truly had everything they needed one more time before cracking the eggs and putting the sugar inside the same bowl and mixing them together until they became white and porous.


Subaru had put the baking powder and vanilla sugar inside the same bowl as the flour and mixed them together carefully with a spoon as Kamui poured the melted butter inside the egg-sugar mix and blended them together and then poured the milk inside. They then combined the ingredients to blend it into an even mix before pouring it into the already prepared cake form and put it inside the pre-heated oven.


Kamui then prepared some tea for them to have as they waited and washed a some of the bowls so he could use them again to make the cream that would be between the cake layers together with the red berries.


Together they drank the tea as they waited for the batter to bake for twenty-five minutes before taking it out and turning it around so the top would be as flat as the bottom as they let it cool down. Kamui did make sure to carefully cut the cake into two layers and trimmed them before they cooled down completely. Kamui then got the whip cream out, while Subaru plugged the electronic mixer in and got the bowl as he received the carton and put the cream in the bowl while pouring a little sugar in to sweeten it. Kamui, meanwhile, started to cut the strawberries and make the vanilla mustard that would be between the two layers together with the sliced strawberries.


He did keep a close eye on the older man that was concentrated on making the whipped cream and to not spill anything or push the bowl over. Kamui ducked his head to hide the emerging smile on his face. This was the first time they were baking something together since they had started living together and it filled Kamui with a warmth that he had long forgotten. The atmosphere between them reminded him of when he and his mother would sometimes bake together when they secretly celebrated something important.


When they both were done and the layers were suitably cooled, Kamui generously smeared the vanilla custard on the bottom layer before placing the strawberry slices meticulously in the cream. Then he carefully put the top layer on and then used the whipped cream to make a crumb coat before piping the rest of the cream on the sides.


Both males then put whole strawberries on the top and small mounds of whipped cream between them. They then put tooth picks on the surface so they could use plastic to cover the cake before putting it into the fridge to let it rest. Afterwards they cleaned the kitchen and all the bowls. Making sure that every surface in the kitchen is clean from cake remnants.


After taking quick showers and changing clothes, they then migrated towards the front door and put on their winter coats, they had a dinner reservation to get to and later they would take a walk in Roppongi to see the Christmas lights lighting up the park. Subaru had gotten the dinner reservation as a Christmas/Thank-You gift from a(n), accidental, client, who owned a restaurant chain throughout the country.


From what Kamui had heard from Subaru, so had his client, an older woman in her middle thirties, suffered from the spirit of a stalker that had died in her youth after committing suicide. The stalker spirit had then continued to haunt her for over fifteen years, driving away all her friends and her long-term lover from high school. She even had to distance herself from her own parents and siblings in fear of them getting hurt from all the inexplainable accidents her other associates had suffered from just by being near her. The only good thing for her was that it had turned her into a successful business woman while she kept her distance from everyone else. Not letting anyone close to her for all those years when strange and unexplainable accidents happened around her.


So, when Subaru had happened to pass her on the streets and seen the hovering malevolent spirit hanging around her, he had quietly and politely led the woman to a quiet place where he could free her from the very persistent stalker. When Subaru had explained to her why she and her beloveds had suffered, the restaurant owner had collapsed by the information that it had been someone she hadn’t even really known had tried — and somewhat succeeded — to ruin her life and by relief that she finally could start living her life to its full vibrancy again.


After recovering the lady had fervently thanked the onmyouji and had practically given him a free-pass to eat for free wherever one of her restaurants were and whenever he wanted, for life. That was how grateful she was and when Subaru had refused her offer, the older woman had practically bullied him to at least accept her offer of a Christmas dinner for two on Christmas Eve.


She hadn’t even blinked when Subaru’s wallet had fallen out of his pocket and a photo of him and Kamui was seen with the teen was sleeping in his arms on the couch in the dorm house after they had watched a movie. Apparently being so busy with work had made her meet people from all walks of life and wasn’t even bothered that Subaru seemed to have a male lover almost ten years younger than himself. She told him she has met a couple that has a twenty-year age gap between them and the wife had still been in high school when they had started seeing each other.


In the end, Subaru had accepted her offer when she said that he and Kamui could have a private room, away from prying eyes and other people.


When Subaru and Kamui arrived at the restaurant, they were led by the maître d’ towards their reserved private room by the orders of the restaurant owner.


It was a medium large room with one wall being totally made up by windows. Showing the dark evening sky and the lights outside that were being turned on everywhere as the sun was starting to set. Currently dyeing their room with the orange dispersing sunlight until the maître d’ switched on the dim ceiling lights and lighted the candles that were on their table. Which was a small and round one that had a pure white table cloth put on it. Around the table there were also only two chairs of dark wood and surprisingly soft and comfortable cushioning.


The menus that they were given were burgundy red with old yellowing pages with the text written in old English letters with a small script in Japanese underneath the roman letters. Then the maître d’ filled their glasses with non-alcoholic red wine on Subaru’s request. Especially since Kamui was still a minor.


As their starters they chose fried shrimp roll and grilled mushrooms. They both ordered the House’s Steak that was on the menu as their main course. Which came with either fried potatoes or fries, pepper sauce and salad. Their dessert was the restaurant’s specialty, the triple chocolate lava cake.


The shrimp roll was delicious and the perfect kind of crispy and flavor, especially with the sweet-sour sauce it came with. Though, Kamui didn’t particularly like the taste of the non-alcoholic wine. So they also ordered some soda for him to sip on.


He has had alcohol before. Not counting the time at the Halloween Party that year. But before; while he still lived in Okinawa. He and some other of his delinquent friends had managed to buy some low-alcoholic beers from a grocery store with the excuse that it was for a party that their parents were holding and that they had run out of alcohol and had sent the boys out to buy them. Luckily so wasn’t the age restriction of buying alcohol and tobacco that strict out where Kamui had lived.


That had been the first time Kamui had tasted alcohol. A year before that awful time started. The 14th Summer of his life, under the bright stars on the Okinawan beach with his two friends, drinking beer while listening to his companions chattering and to the sound of the waves.


“Kamui?” His lover’s voice brought him out of his reminiscing of the past. Making him focus on the concerned eyes of his boyfriend. He felt a large hand cup his left cheek and leaned into its warmth. “Is something wrong?”


“Mnnhh,” Kamui hummed negatively, “Just remembering the past a little.”


A smile broke out on his face. Subaru felt his breath hitch as he saw the smile on Kamui’s face. It was one of the most beautiful smiles he had ever seen on his little love’s face. Soft with shyness and happiness lightning up his eyes that is filled with love as Subaru saw his own reflection inside those clear violet orbs. The older man unconsciously leaned forward to kiss that beautiful expression as it only became more entrancing as it pinked the nearer he came.


Only for them to spring apart when they heard the door open and saw that their waiter was coming in with their chosen main course. After the waiter had placed their plates in front of them and left the private room to leave them alone.


The silence between them was slightly tense. Kamui not knowing why the serene atmosphere had changed so quickly. He muttered a quiet “Itadakimasu” before he started eating his beef. He almost moaned over how delicious the beef was together with the pepper sauce. The spiciness just the right amount. He could really understand why this restaurant was one of the most booked ones in Tokyo.


A shiver ran through his back as he feels an intense gaze directed at him. His head snapping upwards as his eyes instinctively sought out for his lover’s mismatched eyes.


Subaru was slightly irked that his to-be kiss with Kamui had been interrupted. But he couldn’t have continued. He didn’t want anyone else to see Kamui as he got to see. Not even on accident. He heard his little love mutter “itadakimasu” and he also let out a quiet one before starting to eat. The silent atmosphere between them tense because of what had happened. 


‘This wasn’t how I wanted the evening to go…’ Subaru thought, saddened by the fact that he had soured the first day of Christmas and one of their few dates somewhere more fancy than usual. Then his ears caught – sensitive from years of training and detecting any signs of danger – the soft moan from his companion across the table. His eyes zooming in onto the pink lips around the fork and the blissful expression of his younger lover. Internally gulping, he tried to control himself from leaning over the table and to start to devour the smaller male. Which caused his eyes to become heated instead. And it seems like Kamui had noticed Subaru’s gaze as his beloved’s head suddenly snapped upwards and sought after the source of the gaze.


Silently Subaru reached over to let his thumb wipe the corner of Kamui’s lips, and briefly caressed the seam of the lips, violet eyes saw a small spot of sauce on the finger before the older man licked it. Making Kamui flush at the intense glow from the bi-colored eyes.




Kamui was pretty sure that Subaru didn’t mean the sauce.







In the end so did the atmosphere between them return to normal and they enjoyed their shared dessert before thanking the hostess and their server and went their way to look at the Christmas lights around Tokyo.


Subaru looked at the bright colors with a bittersweet feeling welling up inside himself, like he did every year since his sister’s passing. But this time it was dampened by seeing Kamui’s face glow in a multitude of colors as violet eyes took in the sight of the glowing lights surrounding them for the first time in ten years as the last time he saw them he had been too young to remember them.


They walked through the large crowds with their hands joined inside Subaru’s pocket, which was hidden from sight by how close they were walking next to each other.


Kamui had forgotten how beautiful the lights in Tokyo could be since it had been about ten years since he last saw them. And what made it a better experience to have again was that Subaru was with him this time.


(Two years ago had been tinged by sadness as the Promised Day was approaching faster by every day that had passed.)


They bought hot chocolate from an outdoor vendor and used their unentwined hands to leisurely sip from the paper cup as they walked. Their bodies pressed close to one another as they silently passed through the park and the streets.


(They avoided the Tokyo Tower, the Rainbow Bridge and the Ueno park for obvious reasons.)


Subaru then led his younger lover towards a more secluded place on higher ground, where they could see most of Tokyo and all the lights of the large capital. Suddenly whiteness started to fall down from the sky in a slow dance.


“Snow?” Kamui questioned quietly as he saw the hexagonal crystals descend down around him and Subaru, and all of Tokyo.


“The weather channel said that it would snow today. I… I used to come here with my sister and grandmother every time she took us to visit Tokyo when we were younger and still lived in Kyoto. In the summers there used to be an ice-cream truck here. I-I wanted to take you here since it had the best sight over the city where we live in. It also holds one of my fondest memories with my family. And now… with you, Kamui…”


Violet eyes looked up at the man as he confessed the reason for taking him up there. Kamui was happy that Subaru was sharing something with him from his past. His dual-eye colored lover was slowly healing but at least Subaru was trying to heal. For Kamui, for himself. For them.


Golden and emerald eyes widened as they saw the warm smile take over his younger partner’s lips as Kamui leaned forward and then upwards to place his lips on Subaru’s in a chaste kiss. Subaru had instinctively leaned a little down and also closed his eyes when he saw those beautiful violets hide behind the thin skin of the eyelids and wrapped his arms around Kamui’s waist. Kamui meanwhile put his bare hands on those cold cheeks of his boyfriend’s and cupped them to let some warmth seep into the slightly pink skin.


The kiss remained chaste as they were pressed against each other, no longer feeling the cold snow raining down on them. Not until one of the snowflakes landed on Kamui’s nose and he had to break the kiss to turn his head sideways to sneeze.


“Perhaps we should begin heading home before you catch a cold Kamui.”


Kamui knew that Subaru thought that his sneeze was adorable, since the taller man had said as much since the first time he sneezed in the man’s hearing vicinity two years ago. At first the onmyouji thought there had been a kitten nearby the gazebo, but when he looked back at Kamui and saw his pink face, the then-green-eyed Subaru had put two and two together.


Subaru wrapped his arm around Kamui’s smaller frame and together they walked back home, idly watching the snow coating their city in white.







Subaru had made Kamui take a hot bath before they would read before bed.


Inside the bathroom Kamui was having an internal battle with himself as he was staring at the bag with the heart emblem on it. He had managed to sneak it out from his room and into the bathroom. Heaving a sigh, Kamui decided to put it on. He had already done it once, so what was it if he was to do it twice, or thrice, or even more.


Carefully he put on the white cotton panties and attached the garter belts before dragging the red thigh highs onto his legs and fastened them into place. Then he put on the red dress. Because it was strapless, the fur lining sat tight on his chest area and Kamui could feel the soft and furry material rub against his nipples while his shoulders felt slightly cold from the exposure. Suppressing a shiver, Kamui put on the final pieces to complete his outfit, a Santa hat and white gloves that reached his elbows.


Seeing himself in the mirror, Kamui lamented the fact that he thought that the outfit looked good on him before making sure that nothing was out of place before taking a deep breath and opened the door. Finally ready to face his waiting lover.







Subaru was on the balcony smoking and watched the slow but thick snowfall as he waited for Kamui to join him in their shared bedroom. Reaching a hand out, Subaru felt a snowflake land on his outstretched finger and at the same time arms circled around his torso and he feels a smaller form pressing against his back.


Gold and emerald eyes unconsciously glanced downwards as he used his free hand to lay it over the smaller ones. Though his brows furrowed slightly when he felt cloth on the hands before his eyes widened as they processed what they were seeing on his lover’s hands.


Carefully he turned around, his cigarette had already burned out and was put into the ashtray that he had taken out with him. Kamui let Subaru face him but he hid his face into his lover’s collarbones as he felt the cold draft on his legs and pressed his too underdressed body into the warmth of Subaru’s. Whose body was always warm because of the magic flowing through his blood.


Subaru felt his cheeks heat up when he saw that Kamui was wearing the garments that he had found inside one of the hidden bags. His shoulders shook either from embarrassment or from the cold air, or probably both. Subaru moved to wrap his arms around the smaller frame of his dressed-up lover.


“Let’s go back inside. You’ll catch a cold dressed as cutely as you are now.”


He ushered his former Leader back inside their bedroom, closing the balcony door after himself and pushed Kamui down onto the bed. Where he lied down obediently with a beautiful blush adorning his usually cold face. Subaru centered Kamui so that the younger male would be lying in the middle of their bed with his head on the pillows. The Santa hat now askew on his head.


Subaru climbed up on the bed and between Kamui’s legs, using his forearms beside his lover’s head as support as he leaned down to touch Kamui’s lips with his own in a chaste kiss. That developed into more fervent ones the longer their mouths remained connected.


One pale hand traveled upwards from the clad thigh and under the furry hemline to reach the white cotton panties. Rubbing the bulge with his palm, making Kamui let out moans and mewls that Subaru swallowed between their kisses. The golden and emerald eyed man could feel the cloth starting to get wetter as he continued to rub the hard bulge.


Kamui could feel his shaft hardening under his lover’s palm and whined when the hand withdrew, only to groan in pleasure when he felt Subaru lowering his hips and starting to grind against him. He could feel the panties he was wearing, starting to constrain against his cock as it got stiffer inside the garment. Clinging to his erection as it got wetter by his precum.


The smooth texture of his lover’s dress pants rubbed against the skin of his thighs as their covered arousals grinded against each other. Subaru broke the kiss with a last suck to Kamui’s lower lip before he moved his lips to the smooth neck and began mouthing at the pale skin. Leaving red marks over the exposed skin.


As Subaru was busy marking his skin, Kamui somewhat got his bearings together. He couldn’t let Subaru do all the work again. Using one of his gloved hands, Kamui lightly pushed at his lover’s shoulder. Taking the cue, Subaru let himself be pushed back and positioned so that he sat on the edge of the bed with his feet touching the floor. Curiously wondering what Kamui was planning when he felt the younger male straddle his lap and softly kissed him before starting to unbutton his shirt, Kamui’s lips following the hands.


Kamui continued to kiss and lick the skin that he revealed as he opened the dark red shirt that his lover had been wearing to dinner together with a dark blue and black checkered tie. Which Subaru had taken off the moment they stepped back inside.


Kamui continued until he reached the lightly muscled stomach and raised himself up to go down on his knees between the black clad legs.


Subaru hadn’t questioned Kamui when his little love had positioned him to sit on the edge of the bed, but when he saw him kneel between his legs, leaning forward to kiss his shivering stomach. The sight of Kamui between his legs, clad in a red Santa dress was something that Subaru had thought that would only exist in his fantasies and dreams. Gold and green eyes watched as white teeth opened the button of his pants and then latched onto the pull tab to drag it down to unzip the chain.


When he was done, Kamui licked the forest green boxers right where Subaru’s erection was straining against the cloth. Subaru moaned when he felt his partner start to mouth at the outline of his cock that he could see inside his underwear. Kamui used his tongue to lick the garment and placed a kiss on the place where the head of his lover’s cock was.


Kamui bit the black band of the boxers and dragged it down, freeing the confined shaft that immediately sprung up in attention, leaving a small trail of precum on a red cheek. Beginning with kissing the hot and swelled up rod. Subaru groaned when he felt the butterfly kisses touch his heated flesh and unconsciously reached a hand down to tangle into the black locks, knocking the Santa hat away in the process.


The teen continued to tease the hard organ with small kisses and licks until he felt the hand in his hair try to urge him to take the twitching cock into his mouth. Deciding that he had teased Subaru enough and Kamui lifted his face and swirled his tongue around the head before wrapping his tongue around it and opened his mouth to take his lover into his mouth. Going slowly down and being careful of his teeth so that he wasn’t hurting Subaru.


A moan ripped out of Subaru’s throat as he felt the wet heat of Kamui’s mouth around his arousal. It had only just started but Subaru was already near the end.


Kamui noticed that his lover was holding back again. Afraid of letting go and lose control over his desires. But having lived together for over two months, and knowing the man from that year, Kamui somewhat knew what to say and do to make Subaru stop trying to hold back.


This would be the first time Kamui was going to make his usually kind lover lose control intentionally.


Taking his mouth off the hard shaft and licking the whole length of it up and down. Making his eyes half-lidded as he kissed the side of his lover’s hardness as he sought contact with those mismatched eyes.


“Subaru… please fuck my mouth,” he said with a breathless voice.


Eyes widened at the image currently imprinting in his mind as he processed the crude words said by his younger lover. The scene was like straight out of one of the manga series that Kamui owned. His mind went blank for a moment before his hand in Kamui’s hair tightened and slowly inserted himself inside Kamui’s oral orifice and started to move his hips.


The teen moaned when he felt the hand in his hair harshly yet gently grip his locks before he let himself willingly opened his mouth to take in his lover’s hard cock again. He could feel Subaru’s hard flesh hit the back of his throat and tears instinctively started to gather in his eyes at the strain. Kamui could feel the black trimmed pubes tickle his nose as his partner moved to go deeper into his mouth. Both of his hands went to grip at the thighs to keep some semblance of balance. Kamui rubbed his own thighs together as his own arousal seemed to get harder and rubbed against the soft material of his cotton underwear. For a moment he felt his brain shut down and his throat tightened as he silently moaned around his lover.


Subaru came with a moan of his little love’s name as he filled Kamui’s mouth with his cum. Kamui swallowed everything and waited until nothing more came out from the now softening penis before easing his head off. Panting and taking in as much air as his lungs needed. A yelp was let out when Kamui felt himself being tugged upwards and into a tight hug.


“Are you okay, Kamui?” Subaru whispered as he tried to regain his composure that had been crumbling way too often in Kamui’s presence.


Kamui squirmed slightly at the strength of the arms around him before settling in a more comfortable position before returning the embrace.


“I…” Kamui had to clear his throat when his voice came out as a hoarse whisper, “I’m fine Subaru. I asked you to do it.”


Kamui could no longer repress the blush that had wanted to appear ever since he put on the dress. Subaru pressed his lips to the side of Kamui’s head and then one chaste one to the swollen lips.


“Now let me take care of you, Kamui,” Subaru whispered against the pink lips as his hands reached down under the dress.


“N-I-it’s alright…” Kamui said as he grabbed the hands trailing up his outer thighs before whispering. “I-I already finished.”


“You…” Subaru didn’t finish the sentence as he switched their positions and pushed Kamui back down on the soft mattress. Flipping the red skirt of the dress upwards and saw the slight transparence of the white panties and the mess on Kamui’s inner thighs. Subaru surprised Kamui with his next choice of word.








Kamui moaned sleepily as he awakened to the morning light of the winter sun. His whole body felt sore and completely drained. An arm around his waist and one under his head serving as a pillow. The familiar warmth against his back almost made Kamui fall back asleep. But something kept him from closing his eyes.


When he tried to move he immediately figured out the reason why as his face burned red. His walls unconsciously clenching on the soft organ that was still inside him. Kamui couldn’t believe that they both had fallen asleep while still connected.


His squirming seemed to have aroused the older man behind him from his slumber and groaned when he sleepily felt the warmth of his younger lover around him. Groaning he used his arm on Kamui’s waist to pull the teen closer to himself. Not knowing that he was pushing himself deeper inside, making Kamui mewl as he felt too full.


“S-Subaru. Subaru, w-wake up!” Kamui tried to wake his still sleeping lover that had a tight grip on him despite being asleep. Kamui would honestly like if he could get out of this situation without Subaru’s awareness, but the man’s strength almost never diminished even while he was unconscious.


“Nnnmmm… five more minutes…zzzzzz…” the man mumbled before he almost fell asleep again if he hadn’t felt pain on the inside of his forearm. “Ouch!”


Golden and emerald eyes opened wide at the hurt he felt in his arm and lifted his head, wildly looking around for the cause before realizing what had happened and furrowed his eyebrows.


“Oww! Why did you bite me, Kamui?”


There were red indents on his arm from Kamui’s teeth.


“B-because you’re going to fall asleep again! A-and y-you can’t! N-not right now!” Kamui couldn’t help but stutter as he tried not to move any more than he had to, especially since his body was still quite sensitive from earlier and every little movement sent stimulation through his body.


It was when Kamui moved slightly when he felt the older man shift behind that Subaru finally realized why Kamui wouldn’t let him go back to sleep as he usually did. Subaru himself didn’t understand how they could have fallen asleep like this. He must have really been tired after making love to Kamui the whole night until they both passed out from exhaustion.




“T-that’s why Subaru, c-could you p-p-pull out now?” Kamui asked when his lover hadn’t moved yet.


Subaru thought about it and used his arm around Kamui’s waist to hold his hips up when he changed their positions so that Kamui was on his knees while he was behind him.


“Subaru?” Kamui questioned and shivered when his dual-color eyed lover leaned down.


“Shhh. Be still Kamui.”


Subaru slowly pulled out watching as his own release from the night overflowed out from the tight and swollen passage. He saw that his little love’s hips were shaking from the strenuous action of holding his hips up. His eyes scrunched up in embarrassment as his chest was pressed against the pillow in his arms. His cheeks, ears and shoulders were beet red. His half-dried cum trailing down the red bitten thighs.


It was an enticing view for Subaru, and as much as he wanted to continue from last night, he was quite aware how tired both he and Kamui are. After pulling out, Subaru gently gathered his Kamui up into his arms and walked out from their bedroom into the living room, passing by the kitchen and then into the corridor where the entrance to the bathroom was.


When he placed Kamui down he made sure that his upper body was leaning on the bathtub edge as support as Subaru placed his knees farther apart. Slender fingers reached towards the red entrance and gently pushed inside to scoop out one of the signs of their love making.


Kamui was too tired to react towards the fingers that were cleaning his walls. Fortunately so were the digits not meaning to arouse him but only to clean him free from his older lover’s semen. He was also getting used to letting Subaru clean him as the mismatch-eyed man wished to do most of the time. Especially since he couldn’t reach as far as Subaru’s fingers could. It was still a bit embarrassing since he could feel his manhood twitch at the feeling of those slender fingers prod at his walls, and if Subaru hadn’t wringed out every drop of release from him. Kamui was quite sure that he would have reacted to them because of his overstimulated body.


When Kamui felt that his lover was done he let out a mental sigh of relief. He let out a gasp when he was lifted again and then set down, but this time inside the bathtub that was filled with warm water and what looked like a spa bomb. Kamui felt the warm water comfort his sore muscles and he sighed in pleasure over how good it felt. Leaning into the hands that were washing his hair, closing his eyes at the gentleness of his lover’s hands in his black strands and scalp.


Subaru used the showerhead to wash away the shampoo before using the conditioner and then using water to also clean it away. He then stood up to clean himself off of any form of dried fluid and sweat before joining his smaller lover in the bathtub. Mindful of the peaceful expression Kamui was currently possessing.


He let out a chuckle when he noticed that Kamui had fallen asleep. As he positioned himself behind Kamui with the younger leaning on him. He used his hand to lean Kamui’s head to the side as he leaned down to place a kiss to the corner of those pink, swollen lips. Before he returned to his previous position and made sure that he had a solid grip on his little love as he enjoyed the bath with his slumbering partner.





“M-Merry Christmas Subaru!” Kamui had said as soon as he woke up again and had dressed in some loose clothes and retrieved the present from the room he studies in.


“I-it’s nothing big but this was the only thing that I thought would suit you.”


Subaru looked at the blue wrapping paper with silver trees that had been thrust against him, before his eyes shifted towards the fidgeting boy that sat beside him. He could see his young partner’s hands shake. His heart sank in realization that it was because of a past incident and that Kamui was subconsciously afraid of rejection.


He let out a gentle smile before accepting the present and placed it in his lap before grabbing his little love’s trembling hands.


“Thank you, Kamui.”


The expression Kamui possessed that moment made Subaru’s heart throb. He let go of the hands and reached around the boy’s smaller frame to pull Kamui towards him. A few seconds later, the youth snuggled into his embrace.


“Can I open it?” he asked, a bit eager of opening the first present that Kamui had given him. When his violet-eyed lover nodded his consent, Subaru let go of Kamui but still kept the teen right beside him on the couch.


The crinkle of paper could be heard as the onmyouji carefully opened up the wrapping paper. His mismatched eyes widening as he saw the well-made cashmere muffler and the matching gloves inside.


“Y-your old one got destroyed during work, and I saw these when I was out shopping with Karen-san. I thought that they would suit you.”


Subaru felt his whole body filling with his over surging feelings for the boy beside him. He reached for Kamui once again and kissed him squarely on the lips. The sudden force of his surge made the both of them topple over and down to the floor.


Kamui had been surprised by his lover’s sudden kiss and the force behind it that he lost his balance and fell off the couch with Subaru on top of him. Their fall broke the kiss as Subaru used his hand to protect Kamui’s head from hitting the floor. Violet and mismatched eyes met before both males burst out laughing.


That day, on Christmas Day, Kamui and Subaru spent the day watching Christmas movies, eating the cake they made the previous day and exchanging kisses as they cuddled on the couch.





OMAKE THREE: What was Kamui’s present?



Kamui looked at the big package he was given and his eyebrows rose in surprise over how big it was. He opened his mouth to protest that it was too much but when he saw those golden and emerald eyes look so hopeful, he accepted it. Opening the package, violet eyes widened when he saw what was inside.


Inside the Christmas package was a large body pillow.


“It has a battery that can warm it up from the inside during the winter when it’s cold. It can also cool itself down during the summer. You like to take naps so I thought that this would make it more comfortable for you.”


Kamui hugged the large pillow to his chest. This was the first present he had gotten since his mother’s passing.


“Thank you, Subaru.” Kamui smiled at the man in gratefulness as he cuddled the long, white body pillow with rabbit ears and eyes.


Subaru placed a hand on his mouth as he watched his lover’s snuggle with the present he had given him. It was even more cute than he had originally thought and unconsciously hid the pinkness that crept up on his cheeks at the display. Though he was a little jealous too.


Leaning forward, Subaru pushed Kamui down on the couch as he laid his head on the younger male’s chest, the pillow dropping down to the floor. He then proceeded to cuddle with his lover for the rest of the day. Pretending that he wasn’t being jealous of a pillow.






OMAKE FOUR: New Year’s Eve



Kamui couldn’t restrain the tears that fell down his cheeks. He had been able to smile during Christmas because he had been together with Subaru. But that day was Fuuma’s death anniversary. It was also Sorata’s and Aoki’s death day. From the Dragons of Earth it was Nataku and Satsuki that had passed away that day. The former Sakurazukamori had passed away in November.


He had spent the day by Subaru’s side as Subaru mourned for his first love and the man, whose love had tormented him for nine years. It had been the second year since that night on Rainbow Bridge. Since Subaru became the new Sakurazukamori. They had spent the day inside in silence. All Kamui could have done was to be there for his lover.


Last year he had also cried into his pillow as he clearly recalled that painful year.


Subaru was silently panicking as he listened to Kamui crying. The teen had refused to eat and even drink. He hadn’t seen Kamui like this since the first day he had seen the boy. Moonlight shining down on an a bloody Kamui as he clutched the head of his first love. It had been such a beautifully tragic scene that one would usually only see in movies. But Subaru had seen it. That image was forever ingrained in his mind as was the how Kamui looked when he went into a catatonic state.


This was pretty close to that time and Subaru had no idea what to do since he wasn’t the best role model for these things. He had tried to just touch Kamui’s shoulder but the boy had flinched away. Subaru tried not to feel hurt by the action, knowing that Kamui wouldn’t usually shy away from his touch, but this time Kamui was too immersed into the past that he couldn’t even recognize him.


“Kamui, come on. You need to at least drink something.” He placed the rim of the glass to the dry lips. He didn’t like the empty look in the usually fierce eyes. He wanted to erase that look on Kamui’s face.


Kamui let Subaru tilt his head back as the older man made him drink the water, letting his guardian touch him. Still out of touch with reality. Subaru was almost sure that he would be able to do anything without Kamui resisting him. Not that he would do it. He wasn’t into dubiously non-consensual things.


Sighing, Subaru stood up from his place on the edge of the bed, watching as tears flowed down from empty violet eyes.


“Kamui,” Subaru started gently as he reached out to him. “Please return. Return to me.”


It seemed like his pleading worked as he saw some of the light to return to Kamui’s eyes. The light was still dim but at least it was there. The relief made Subaru relax a little and hugged Kamui, who slowly reciprocated it. Finally taking in the comfort that Subaru would provide him as he cried in the onmyouji’s arms.


Subaru’s hand drew abstract motifs on Kamui’s back as he comforted the sad Dragon.


As the day passed, Kamui didn’t leave Subaru’s side even if he only went to the kitchen to fetch more water or food for the younger male. While he thought it was cute how Kamui was acting a little like a duckling as he followed him. It was also worrying. Especially since it continued to the next day.


Kamui knew that following Subaru everywhere where the man went wouldn’t solve anything and so on the second day after the Promised Day, he went out with some friends from his work to visit the shrine for the first time for the New Year. Subaru was happy that Kamui was going out but somehow irked that he couldn’t join him since there were many ayakashi that would cause mischief during this time of the year.


Kamui met up with his friends and stood in the very long line up to the shrine. When he and his friends arrived at the water pavilion, temizuya, they drank the water to purify themselves and lit an incense burner as an additional purifying before approaching the haiden. Where they stood outside the offertory box and carefully tossed inside their offering for the god and rung the hanging bell that to by tradition; would purify the space for the god’s arrival. Then they performed the nii-nii-rei; bowing two times, clapping two time and bowed once more before praying silently.


‘Please God, even though I don’t really want to have anything to do with wishes anymore, I wish for Subaru’s happiness.’


At the same time at another location, Subaru was looking up at the dim stars.


‘Please God, listen once more to one of my selfish wishes. I really wish for Kamui’s happiness.’


Both had no idea that the other had practically the same wish.


Fate giggles as they intertwined the fates of the two humans even tighter. Knowing that the two humans were each other’s happiness.